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Merry Christmas

2019-12-25 | 🔗

Happy Holidays Daddy Gang :) WE LOVE YOU

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He met rigorous every Christmas to daddy, gave its call her daddy back tat it again, but not really kind of guys. Mary mother, fucking curse were already your holidays. Right now, you're cosy up to your mom and dad during grandma. Chocolate owner, acknowledge haughty if you're a little while little wild side, the family guys merry Christmas, Daddy Gang. We want me when you guys right now, but we currently. Actually, this is funny, but We are recording this before we leave for Christmas. Sofia- and I are both right, Alex is fucking ups Zan software document and I went home workers moving gases here. I think I'm going to Utah for Erasmus and soviet era. Both can it be right now that you are listening to us we're both in Utah
My family has a house out in Utah and we're we're gonna be all there and it is ironic cause it's like Sophia like, while seeking to be such a nice like Jimmy break can really just like God, I hang out, and I'm like. Oh, I am coming to you talk like I'll, be there will be their labelling out. What are you doing tonight? Oh, so that's funds were both in Utah now and next week is. Can we new year new motherfucker? I am always have the worst fucking years. Any we talk to do this year. We man, let's just quickly, tell my god. The year we met Alex, I were both going through, like breakups gained. We met during the holiday season, yeah and so we had no new year's plans. We were fucking Loser Uzbek and like we were desperately reaching out people trying to figure out what you do and we both ended up is going home in Romania with our families, whose I will never forget, we were sitting in a little did. Jeez side Alley valid place and we were texting every old hook up. We could they
upper planned out with such a low point now, where are we now look bad guys? It's it really is great. You know you look at your glow up for a year. I think its awesome to just think also just about cod. Her daddy the year we had, and I know it were robbing it up this year, but like it so fucking cool. I know we're never like super sentimental serious, but I do want to take a minute to live thank all of you for the report. This year, like twenty nineteen, has been the fucking, you're back, like I couldn't babies day of my life. At best present I received as the daddy you heard me. I mean, I know it's your. We bugging love you guys. I mean the Gluck glove a huge God words Gobbler Rivers, cowgirls cyclic Raw.
Gale history, Ching, Mona, LISA Pussy. I mean I mean you can't make this shit up. We ve, given you guys an arsenal more so happy that we could provide you with it and we are so fucking happiness, the testimony of that. It's all fuckin working daddy mother, fucking game, so you guys we are going to realise one of our. Older episode, but it is one of our fucking favorite is still being or, and this is about to be a being or that I bet most of you have literally forgot in yeah. So we're about to play you guys, one of our favorite first, I gotta ask you, though, Sophia Gallery Do you have any new year's resolutions? please we're like goes our little dark to review. How, like I know, you're kidding. I do oh one of them. Is I We genuinely want, as our meditating have I in saying that- offer the possibility of ivory arithmetic lady- you guys you say medicating,
Do the plays their medicating with meditate? Stop the micro dosing, an indirect unmeditated. I agree. I What are medical? I know this is going to sound crazy coming from us. I think this is everyone's fucking new year's goal, but I really do mean it this time. I think I really actually want to Can I get back in shape like when I heard a guy that I was dating a little bit? It go and he had he was trying to be a dick, but he made a comment. You like your kind of how Europe should really slacken in slagging no eye. He had said to me, like you know I bet like until after you have a baby like you're, never gonna be back in. Prime soccer shape, and I owe her a little bit by that that maybe I'm not talk anymore, but with later I was like, oh and so a kind of did trigger me like I used to be in the best possible shape of my life and now I'm not, and I want to get back there. I will do it with you. I think
try every one that has that goal. Wool tried. If I can be more, maybe we could try to be a little more like health, positive nagging like help as it like mental. How do I get more of like the eating and I have had- I have purchased groceries once yes, in almost nine months so maybe like we could certainly doing every month. Try like at least once yea. Heavy things are happening here on call her daddy. We fucking love, you guys, and we hope that you are also having like a good news. Customers, if you guys don't have family to spend With- you're, going to run out of time. The holidays can be depressing you're here. If you re lucky, we love you guys so sit back, relax enjoy. We were considering a little curse, Miss Jingle Soundtrack released by an Ben. He decided by you guys are probably subscribe
Holly Jolly Chris me back. I we is building our own. The range of living together like this one, can really can you imagine what do I listen to our Christmas jangle? Maybe next year are guys This is all the Eba Goody Mouldy, but Goody, Jingle Jangle, mother fuckers pick up on some wieners and go sack on some clear, merry Christmas bitches. Who is it today who who's? Who is that? Oh, the fight, The founding fathers that others are here, get another episode of call her daddy. Let us please you're sorry look at our lamb, let's tell them and tell them and tell them, sell them
yesterday Alex Nay, were listening to another podcast that someone recommended and we had a revelation? We must sound guys like we smoke crack do seven lines of coke and lay pop out or a hop well, not before we record eyes. We literally, I don't listen to podcast. I just I don't listen to my own end. When will you kid why you gotta irony early, enter a witness protection programmes alarming ever listening to my turned off till after eleven myself so guys we listen to his pard calculate put on the speakers that our apartment and sofia- and I am the first like she what two minutes we looked at each other and we were alike what the fuck. Well. Why in the ice shoe, I think for the most part podcast are, I don't even know how to explain as Josie consumed in just way that just like chill? This is not
calming this? Is it like? We say something and then two seconds later on a completely different topic, I monk, and then he begged me, my Ireland turn around, and I followed the backlog yeah. So anyway, it was. It was just shocking until I know We found there was a girl that road in actually- and she said guys. I need to tell you there, sir, in parts of the podcast that sound like their sped up like something happened like during the process and I'm playing field vat exerts guys is that its soviet? I beg us and other animal like why. Why don't we talk? So I think this week is so heights, like. Oh my god, oppose that clarity. Let's get into area if your five or six I've taken them so guys I apologize. If you are listening to us end like these, Girls are on fast forward, so social media.
Here we go here. We got letters named as quick as it sets out a guy's daddy. Getting a lot of you been writing in and you iser like. Oh my god guys. We I have such a great hack like if you want to post a third drop on your instagram story and have the guy that you're trying to get his attention like. If you want to see him to see it, but you don't want obviously your whole instagram following this year, like your mom and your grandma that follow you use the close friends, no knock it off. Knockit the mother s in right have its it all. Do it's probably the most transparent thing you can do. Everyone knows what you knowing? Let me sympathise with you guys a little bit, because I understand that on snapshot is the whole. You had the whole feature in the beginning. When you
basically shoes people who you want to you. I remember how ever on Snapchat that person doesn't know how many people are seeing yeah with Instagram in this whole, close friends thing you guys have to understand, like I'm on some one that has muse their close friend. You guys are not closing our had. Why does he have me on the an he hardly like flax when he's flying flags on his pda? Like I don't re, why in your close friends. We literally met once so liars gangways. Then I get the idea guys, but I also confirmed with milk Hunter and he was like, I think it so weird. When I go on in a girl has like Obviously I'm never going to complain about an hour shot and a mere selfie, but he's like it's kind of weird when she has spread like I think we haven't even like slid into each other's DMZ Alec. Why am I on its to its aid to transparent, so guys clean? Not this
by embarrassing. I wanted to bring up this a little comments that I overheard. Oh so I was actually talking my guy friend and he was hugging dating ups and he was like there is a rule that every guy lives by any. He said that what he does when he goes to a girl's profile on updating our young. He goes and finds the ugliest picture of and he says this is what she will look like in person. Ah literally he scroll through every picture until he finds the ugliest one and then decides. That's what he's gonna Lopez's origin vague work, and this is why she's gonna look like and do I want to go in a day. I want those variant that actually so intrigue, I'm over here I like it always has to foreigners, are ignored hall the other one is really loved you. I just give him a chance that harm bout. Oh, no, oh fox! So me I got a kind of all rewire ourselves, your daddy being when you go
guys or girls profile gap for on the dating up. You gotta, just when you see here the ugliest whining and no that's what they're, or worse, I they have a really good point, how to read and flash back was, who I think there's like means on insurrection, twitter with regard to the whole, like picking who you want to see your story, his in there that mean where they're like when your girlfriend is like you need to post me more, and so he posts her on her snuff or on his nab tat story. He law it is for a lot of bought her. So she alone he posted MIDI, Elsie's it wouldn't even work on is exactly if I was a girl- and I told a guy like a bay like that, Sir posing pictures together, which I would never never I'm here
stage. If you see our posting with a man at meantime literally have a gun to my head. I would never. I could be vagrant literally be life or death. I would never ass a guide opposed a picture of no no, but if he went and putting on a close and a pic I would be like do. You are young, you dont worry clouds, rabble of your clothes, for I see that many are there. It literally me and like my to buy up, I'm gonna do so. Please you actually now honey, yeah, relax guy. He got into sacks. I've been waiting for you to ask look I didn't we outside. We have sex with right now,
hurry, I like some real I'm into ok replaying hard to get an I'm over. It, go on everyone's that only logical to hold on council you're. Ok, this segment is truly gets me hard, like thinking about giving the daddy gang. This is getting me like, I feel like beyond, say in lemonade when she has the Base Holbein she's, like yes violating every higher or a Daddy gang, let's say together one two: three: how is your trap? A fuck boy, Daddy gang, I want everyone to sit back and relax. Ok, it is because we are going to give you a step by step in detail by detail. Master manipulation like you have never heard, and this is probably a piss people are, for example, only the gang we are and I think, a lot of times people will right into our podcast if they dont,
You're, not fans in their like you guys, are promoting unhealthy shared and you guys are manipulating X Y, see, listen, I I say it with milk hunter all the time. There are two people in this world, those who finesse and those who get financed and you choose which, when you wanna be- and I think that list. I get it like. Oh cheating and all this shit. We know it's not healthy, but its reality like people get so pissed when we're trying to help crack the quota, for example, what we're about to talk about? How do you know how the fuck boy? This is what gonna say, are I I am going to sound like a mean, a mature, reasonable, o grown up. Ok, ok, I am going to say number one. You should never really be trained,
stop a fuckboy. I know it sounds like the opposite of what I just said, but just hear me, I right you. If you feel like you need to trap someone, you probably just need to get the fuck out, but I was doing okay for sure. You should be trying to trap a fuckboy or any man for that matter. You should be going getting a self esteem, masturbating an learning ecstatic by yourself whatever, unlike letting I come to you. If a guy wants you to, let you know my way, That said, a word and tell you how to draw up a thug boy is like a fuckin burning. Outing. Not everyone out here is a fuckin firefighter. But some of us bitches wanna play fucking Hero Euro. I get a lot of times, but don't go for the fuck boy, but we some, I can't help it. I, like I do founding fathers we are working on we hire you, I just needed to tell them Riah, healthier our by it and get back behind. Was there we
a guy so liking, fuck boy, who is really one of like the weirdest emotional things, a girl experiences, because, especially when you're a little bit younger, you have your first run in with your fee love of bee I'd. I don't know it's sad, but it is kind of funny because correct me, if I'm wrong, a lot of girls will act, oblivious like they didn't see the signs when, in reality, a Londoner, even if he's the lying type, that boy will really always kind of show you signed originates denial? I dont want to know and we're done when we convince ourselves to catch feelings, or my personal favorite is when girls are like. I can change him. I thought him from his awful life of fucking abundant, hurt it then, and now do now. So what is a fact boy, oh. I know there's two types of fact: poised to type spares there.
They up go. Had there is the one who is truly a fuck boy to the core, yet as part of their personal enlightened, pretty much, they will never change right like when there are sixty years old there about by ITALY in their core and then the second type. Is there going through a fuck point phase and every girl goes into the relationship, hoping rang out? It's the first
boy failure and they're gonna come out of it. We can change him yeah, I can save hey. I know I know you can't save him, but what you can do is you can match his fuck boy, press owner and fuck with him right lack well quickly. You Alex, I feel, like a guy, is not a fuck boy if he is being up front with you yeah. If you're going in to the relationship and he's sitting you down and he's like, I am not looking for anything Syria, I'm here to fuck, I'm here to have a good time,
down the fuckin aka feelings the hour for young girls will try to sail. Girls will treat me like no like he has a five point. All I know our saying it's, like those girls die. If they ask their friend all like what does he fuck around a lot? Shouted yeah he's such a fuck point that is lit. Let us clarified that it not a fact boy. If a guy has sex with a lot of girls that does not make him a month, point yeah all and then end up just you fucking catching feeling. Sarah sorry battle, that's not, and then, if he's being completely up front with you in the beginning, not a fuck boy he's telling you what's up a fuck boy is the guy that lies to your face they use in Adele, you dad You know what I mean it's when they use manipulation tactics in the right, ass situate to get the Fuckin Puya. Who have we risk that outward I'm home and tell you really are afraid. I don't think I've ever said power eight. So how do you trap
Call her daddy thousand we're gonna teach you how to trap a fuck boy, let's get into it in order to trap a fuck boy, ladies and gentlemen, and I guess guys could kind listen to this too, because if you're fucking with a fuck girl, there are some on at once and he cried. I will provide you Ellison first and foremost is this: is a classic game of mirrors? Are I am so when you are trying to fuck what the fuck boy entrap him? The tendencies of a fuck boy are in inconsistent communication, yeah there's the public flirting too kind like embarrass you. If you're at the bar you you ve, been hooking up, and then you see with another girl, they disregard your emotions, yeah just
inconsistent behaviour or sporadic texting following other people on the ground after you, as just fine idea in your poster, I had others at the same guy, I'm doing like super ain t, one second and then you're here, I'm having written, really Dave Munich Acacia so, like I said a game of mirrors everything we just basically said in order to trap a fuck boy, yeah, you are going to play
the same type of game. You mirror you wear it all sullen Sophia, yes, Milt Hunter. I love you can fuck boy. Mills Hunter told me that he was fucking. This girl arrive, and this is going to be an example of how you can basically chop a fuck boy. So he was fucking this girl and he went and followed for of her sorority sisters like in an hour. Ok, the girl was like why the fuck did you just follow like all my friends and what the fuck a normal girl who is fucking with a fuck boy yeah. She called him out right. You should never never be calling him out on his bullshit,
it makes me sad, you turn a blind eye to what he's doing it's you never never ever ever. Well, now their share girls knock at the fucker, knock it off, listen, girls! I get it in the heat of the moment. You guys just had sex the week that for ass? I am following online you're lying on those lean face on your best friends picture. I get it you! Never! I hold them. This is what you do. Milt Hunter thence I got a taste of my own medicine because another girl, I was fucking. I followed her friends too and instead of calling me out because Cooper. I posted one of my boys on my story with me and I tied him yeah and then I saw too where's later the girl, but I just fucked on a Wednesday. She went and followed my boy- and I was like hold
hold on hard litter, though he was like you can't just go far my fuckin boy that I'm the one you're you're fucking your mimicking there, be he their behaviour and you're, not calling them out. Let's talk, can we talk about that breakdown area? The first step, I think, to trapping a fuck boy. You are never calling them out on their share. Yes with that said, you don't want to look like an idiot ass. You nah, calling them out on those staff but you're not like incomplete law land like fuckin all your of neurons, and you know why you know that girl AIDS, like almost a fuck boys dream, is when it's like. She does everything for him. She fucks him. She leaves everything and then he's fucking around and she never calls mountain he's. Ok, this bit of Bolivia. It there's a line
you, which you don't call them now yet, but you do saddle fucking thing: yeah, we'll talk about these subtlety and yes, you make almost inconspicuous comments about how they are a fuck boy, but they need to be executed so well so from the start from the gecko talking about Saxon dating with them right off the bat I M super open about talking to the guy. Unlike what he's up to because on the first day you can go in there and you can talk about like oh. So how do you do this on offers? Yeah? Unlike have you had girls do eyes and exaggerated yeah and if you don't look crazy aggravated The first day you like, I met you twenty minutes, you have no loyalty, no jealousy. I know I think that something that on a first hang out or something my strategy is come off so, oh
been in an shell and in a way that I'm like, oh, my god, we ok. Can I ask you lost girl, you fucked did she? Oh when she was gone topic, you basically just like Joe Ground and ask them questions, I dont know: if you need to go in there, I just she always always do not. I mean I've asked one hundred percent hawking sex. I always like to ask about like the daddy I might also like ok, we could learn a little more preferred, unlike cheaper King cub. The point of this everyone listening the winner of this is immediately. This guy is seeing we why the fuck you she ok with me telling what I'm doing other betcha exactly we I'm. Why is she? Chile, that's number one tab and then number two is when you're that open with them in the beginning. It shows that there are no feelings, no feeling none none. There are no feelings on your end and then again like what I said you are.
Letting them know that you know how to play the game, and it also sets you up for the future. That then, when you keep making those comments, it's not out of nowhere job and set from the beginning. That's the precedent that when you start to get closer to possibly having those feelings you can drop, the like ok say like that. Throw you fucked, did you and then he's like? Why does she ok with knowing that the lack of unity yes and then giving them just a little bit of that like you have inside. Yes, you how men think and eighty five a lot of times. I also think off the bat you are setting the tone that you are open to talking about him, fucking other girls and kind of throws them off their game. The other thing I want to bring up is: you are also letting them know that, like you know, caught you kind of have some insight.
A into guys mine. Yes, you know what I mean: yeah you're you're, like oh, have you ever had a girl do act wisely, genial, say something that you know a guy fuckin heaps of a girl does rat and angrily and then he's like. Why does this girl hub, like this inside info into a guy you, the fucking post, not clear I bring others you're going to get up all the time all the time. A geyser like how do you know about budget on Sophia's LA la guidance use. Talking tyrant, you Alex, I called it the p and see he's. I exclaimed you like what is the peons Emily can acknowledge the Glasgow. You doktor John Loki, try to cuddle you when you have imposed on Clara ha and the guy. What did he say? He was like how he was like what is the p m c? First of all, I said the boy What are you talking about? you know you know better than I do like Y yeah like what how'd you know that so it's it's a! Let them know that you know the game. You know
you, have insight into our guy thing. Jeff
european area, leaning all with your entertained by talking about and it throws them off got so after your into your first few, hang out with a fuck boy. This is my tactic. You we talked about making comments. Ok, you cannot overplay them and I cannot stress enough girls it you can. You have to read these setting and you have to make sure your tone is not coming off to sarcastic that you come off as bought. Her is seen to be executed perfectly. For example, I used to do this to the guy used to date before we started dating and it fucked with him. I knew he was fucking other girls, but he kept like forcing the whole like I like you, I, like you, know my your little talking to twelve other girls, but like ok, I gotta love it. So what I would do her, he was gonna go out for a boy's night and I would be their beforehand cause. I was gonna go for girls nigh and while they are in all see like tomorrow, however, he's getting ready,
I'm sitting on the bed, he would come out and his outfit that he was gonna go to the bar with, and I will look at him at all like, oh, my God, babe go change and how big? What like you can not wear that shirt. The bar no girl is gonna, go home with you and fuck you gonna, let alone go up and flirt with you at the bar. You need to go to to go to and immediately immediately he's standing there like we hold on he's like why are you? Where are you getting far arguably? Why do you want me to change and what good brother now and then this is where you come in, and you say something so like inconspicuously, you get paid you why either courtesy we? Why you care fanatic about or he's gonna say, I'm not fucking other, Where you mean I'm not gonna the bar to fuck other girl and you're gonna, just brush off his question, and you just gonna, be like Iris Wade, Lou, presentable, baby ouch, God changed or change lopped off that guy's. I can
I advise the heinous mind, a guy about God, their life and uses. This is, I think, another good point we can make is so you say that whole thing you need to go change, no girls, gonna, fuck, you're, not sure. If he comes back, yeah, like what are you talking about and your leg obviously no you're like talk another girl, that's fine! That is, the move, got keeping it going and being like. I know you're talkin, other girls, it's finally like getting so now you looked about her look, but you have to make the job omega. No girls can fuck you're, not sure. Please go change tat. He addresses it. What the fuck and any brush it on an you're like relax, just go to Ojo change, so changed gas that a thug boy cringes. Inside of his skin, he's like why she acknowledging that I could be potentially gotta put
you guys don't underestimate the power of these jobs, like it fucks with them box with them in a way that they they don't know. What to do. You know let's talk to them about. When is a time that you don't respond to a far away so so like, for example, I just said when he says what are you talking about? I'm gonna go fuck this bed general you brush off, so I think, there's there's two instances where you don't respond I like boy. Ok, when he comes out you asking questions about what you're doing wing that's a good one when young is like. Ok, so, like you know, what are you up to our Utah dry or what you know like where to find you do ass. For example, if you had said that to him when he surely go change and human war, I'm not trying to go fuck girls at the are you gonna, guy's name, one side? What are you gonna? Do you? U brush it? Ah rush
Do you ever respond to that? Do not engage in our conversation. I don't know you are this shady Mcshane and you're, like Iowa I think usually, when they hit, With the leg womb. What are you doing our youth irony, knowing through you answers, are casting our second? We are, I do it too I'll be like oh, my guy, like are you kidding me like? I don't have time to do anything. Bail either go you're the only man my lying or you go complete opposite you like, oh my god, I latterly doing the entire try out of New York. So when you- and they obviously know your yakking care, when you answer that mark how ugly you are not you're, not giving them money and their annoyed. Yet I know you're lying guys at our fuck boys must clarify this for people cause people. Maybe I don't know if I M sarcastic and no really tell me girls, you you do not engage so even if you like, no
me the truth and you're like maybe I was a virgin before I met you. I know you are a burden. We vote to. Others be court yard like what the fuck and then you laugh at often her like relax any little Walker, the room or yeah. You can literally that's for me to know, and you ll find out who is, he saw ass, our guy you D Yoke, because you I promise, like I'm, no good pay me. The lad you allow me I ll pay. You early could say than we do like. Are you staying unwell Gallagher? I am it's. It's brilliant! Ok, the second time that you dollar, respond that you shouldn't be responding occur is any time this fuck boy, he's trying to have an intimate moment with you or a theory of conversation Will you come on? Let's get some idea, why, as a fuckin lovers, while, for example, every guy just like you know, like I've, been wanting to talk to you like it's kind of like weird,
getting to like me, like. I really like you you're gag you're. My girl would at those comments those, the times that girls fall into the trap and they get feelings unknowing. Oh my god, like no Amy me as like he I'm! No! No, it doesn't. Like you, I got back where it was the year that boy legal body with you it's true, though. What I do is I act as if it almost made me feel awkward and yet and I hurrying cheese, the topic of conversation it so when looking away no blood when everything come you out of your mouth and like you do that to Latvia and then only looks at you and he's like this girl really doesn't want. If I can go there with me at all yeah guys, the FUCK boys pry on using the lines I like you and you're the line, and I really like I'm here. I just obviously like we don't need to be in. Late incipient but like I think that we could be see out and all that shit they blow smoke right up your asshole and what
I usually get back. Oh my god. I like you too, girl when he says this to you. You are gonna like Sophia said, look like our lady remain on a little bit on really I'm termorrer, unlike you, don't want to go there. You and you too, do not respond in person. You're, like you kind of like chuckle and then you're like a All oil are. Let's watch this naturally, like literally a boy tat that all car. This is the best piece of advice of advice and give because you just said the fat boy likes to blow smoke up your ass. I tell you all of these things to your face visits so cliche, but it is the true as thing and I use this in my daily life. All the time horizon. Everyone like I, don't really want Sophia's advisedly to pursue. This. Is data psych. I know it works, but actions speak louder than words.
This is so huge when it comes to the fuckin way. I've been in this situation I haven't guy sitting there looking me in my eyes I love you, I'm in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you know. That's when you have a guy telling you that you, you know you want it, He did a lot of him. He like, oh, my gosh, of course, but when there are seeing and in their action say differently, he doesn't respond. You he's, like
yeah, ignore either days at a time when those are his actions and that's the only thing you need be drawing attention to you are the ox only thing that matters like fuckin. I love you, gotta get the funny. I got. I love you at any time. Everyone says I like TAT, so I know- and I think that such a good point because listen girls, the whole point of how to trap a fuck boy, we're talking about a mirror, their action yeah when you are avoiding talking about shit when they get a little emotional with it when they try to get you in your feelings and you don't respond or when you make the common about.
Oh my god, don't can fuck you at the bar and then he's a wheat. Why and you're just you laugh at on when you are so casual and milk hunter confirm this guy's fucking hate anything that makes them feel like they are sharing a girl yeah, even if they know they are male thunders like I don't want to know about it, and I want to think about it and when you act like you, don't care, it makes the fuck boy. Think we so there casual with me to this is just about sex. They don't even think I don't even like me. They may not care about me. I'm just here to have fun on here too fucking fucking. Really they look at you like okay, so this girl could give two Fux about and about going serious. Would she just opera is just having fun and first summaries. Then guys, are so attracted to sterling? We know Mary there like irish boner. Oh my god, ghastly older guys, gay. I always they always our thinking. I grow God. There were everyone's right
to settle down so brilliant. Another thing I want to say- and this is a big one, ladies and gentlemen- disappear. Oh my god, this pure the inconsistent communication from a fuck boy is one of their strong suits, something that really almost is the catalyst towards forcing girl with two gravitate towards them, gave its red girls like we at the chase. I wanna either on air ear sitting around waiting for his ties in its driving you raised so disappearing is something that you should just go away for a couple days and not answer them and then literally had much MEG hailing I'm coming over tonight. Legal Spock or something fall off the face of the earth litter. A couple days he's like where the fuck is I've Alex. That is like the main. You can do, and you know why I wanna tell Little MELT Hunter story about us.
All basically tying all of these into one okay. So for research purposes, of course, we reach out to melt hunter when we knew we were wanted to talk about fucked boys, we lock boy desire. So times. Europe rather than by reach out to Managua Gladsome. We're talking about boys, talk to me about a time that a girl kind of crack the code and hence slid in to your heart, a little the user guide, I'll. Do it I'll do for that? Out again? Oh man. I can't live for one minute, but I'll do I can't we ever this story, so he started talking in this girl. They met on updating up their texting, their sexting, all this shit. Ok! Finally, they hang out for the first time- and he said this girl was unbelievable in every aspect of
bed and the way that she hung out with me. So she was, he loves getting his dagger doktor, just putting on record ya know how do you like you, like? You know what I'm really good. I have bad getting. My dick saw getting my dick. Where love I says I said Cooper. She went down on me before we started fucking and she likes suck the life out of my dick. It was the hardest thing she just when ham and it was the sloppiness nasty, is grosses by and she was like down their committed to the game. So she sought to dig they fucked and he said it was an amazing fuck. She was crazy whatever after they fucked. He said that she gave him a unbelievable, massage music. I went through my postmark clarity eyes. She lived with Sars love men, love em large, while I didn't believe
you I know till I saw dating a sky and he was like all my god. I would actually while they are in our side and girls, if you want to give a guy massaging this cry, so she starts giving him a massage, and he said I had gone through my post night and she was massaging me rubbing my hair, etc. Until literally, she massage me to sleep. Oh my god, he said he woke up about. Thirty minutes later something and she was gone. Oh my god, I guess I should to sleep. I let herself out of my mind is blow he was like firing
die, leisure he's a this. Why well best fucking case suck? My dick fucked me right massage me to sleep and let herself out wow now this is the kicker yeah on their second hook up soon. In his mind, he had the images of her sucking day of her fucking him right and he was like. I was apt for the second hook up. We had been talking nasty, we had been sexting, it was getting discussing and I was ready for the second hook up was ready. Try all these new moves on her. He said she didn't suck my dick for that long. It was like a little precepts blow job, but like not as nationals like a quick little identity are later over a try, overdrive, overdrive on that Dat Gluck. No, there was little luck like one bout, one thousand. If so,
and then he said we fucked and after they fucked, she got up started. Getting ready immediately grabbed his face, like his two cheese with her hand, kissed him on the cheek and sad I'll tax. You I get home and walked out. Please tell me she didn't text him. She did not text him when she got home. She did not text him when she got home and Milt Hunter was like, here: infuses Spock where's, my massage. Where was that dick, sucking turbo locks by? I replied Ryan and where the fuck was her getting Easy nasty. What the fuck happened, that is sowing height of lead. He was, again, I am ashamed of myself yeah. He was like she started to make me feel insecure.
Her she didn't tell you he's that you lose that I felt emasculated. I thought you were afraid. The mills hunter now here and re he's feeling insecure and used all my guys. It's no! the game. So what he said he ends up. Do you guys you like for civil use, he's open you like please I say, don't care about her safety, but I use that as an excuse and I texts her and I was like did you get home. Ok yeah, though, mill punter, paused, fuck fuckin slid. And text. That is why I did not hit him up and what he said was. I started to feel. Like aside peace, I wish she literally made me feel: does this bit have a boyfriend ya hold on she mind, fucked the fuck fuck fuck out of his soul, the first
tied up and came back, didn't give a massage and give him this. Is it untaxed em? What he said was he was like if she had a place like this, we probably wouldn't have hung out more than twice because she wasn't even my type physically. While he was just addicted to the fact that he felt like he was chasing her out and he was like we was the dick, not re, what how she was unattainable, unattainable and she was confusing up, and that is what you mean to double: that's what you knew deploy Milt Hunter hold me. There are two ways, basically for a girl to get his real, like attention. Ok, capture his heart, but not really budgets. I kind of he said one, it's those who mirror a lot of what I do, so they kind of are acting like the guy in the situation, and I ll wait what the fuck pay attention
me or to those who are super thoughtful and nice to me, why ok listen to this? He heads ed. I know that's kind of Confusing Zurich. What the fuck he said, one of the girls that he was fucking would just bring him food, He would never asked for it and she would always just grab him something from home or make him something she would bring. She bought him like Tiger Ball, and brought it over and would like massage mature, come over. Fuck him leave and I was like we does it We have clearly not as easy as, unlike stage five cling right. I said that to him in here like Cooper: no man is gonna, be like I'm, not gonna eat this to pull a because she wants to be something. I'm gonna Fuckin, Epipolae, locker and then maybe does not answer for guys are just so unrealistic. Its lately has cried. He evaded food. Give em pussy do he said he had a girl it started to progressively are doing is laundry after cook. Ah, my dear, I never do.
Needed her round so bad, but when she fuckin did that first load of clothes and hit song on that's been cited. Maybe she had, I live rule number one. I will not be doing the thing is: ok, I got this. Ok varies a level of. If you do that and he wakes up the next day in your cell thereafter saxon your way in your local sitting. There like what you gonna do today fuck I wanted to bring this up cause. You mention how the first girl was gone, gone the next day. So after you have sex with the fuck boy here, what is the protocol? You know. I think the answer is inconsistency up you should never do the same thing. I ordered their. There should be times. Were you leave right away. I out of may be leave like four.
I am right and then throw in a couple times. Were you sleep with him at, but you never stay there passed them one dude. Never ever ever. I think so. I d like you, we been within Russia once you. What are you awake? You gotta go you're not like. Let's get breakfast, oh, I think that's so important to because he said, like I just said no thunder said it's if she mirrors what I'm doing or she's nice to me, and he said what is the way to trap a fuck boy, is if you combine those right. So what do we allow exactly? It's a balance because houses IRA's argument Alex Harvest the other day. I was hooking up with a guy like a few months ago and I just heeded sleeping in his but I know I reckon hated it to every single time even hook up. I would be like thinking both gone? I would be gone by, I figure bugging p.
Rise? You really think so. The buck got a guy like that made me feel like a posteriori, so it's like you gotta make yeah yeah. I think that's the whole mixing up. That's the whole name of the game, yeah! It's the inconsistency that drives them to one you more because every fuck boy, I am telling you in your lot right now. Every fuck boy in their life has the girls that are literally being forced, shoved out. The doorway please leave you're saying too long, the girls that are massaging of doing their laundry and then they're saying the next. They are hoping for breakfast and then they also have the girls like we set in the beginning that are down for the fuck they leave. In than ever ask questions and that's fine could maybe that girls not even trying to trap it- maybe it'd dicks, just so good re, but the girl that- trying to drop the fuck boy, whether your intentions are to try to date him we're just to trap in order to fight with him yeah, the name of the game is mirror what they do up
inconsistency and never play your cards. I tell him what you are doing, because you will come off yet you're trying so hard to go to him. Oh make I fuck to bear is alive. That when I was in high school, I would say this and Alex tell me that you didn't say this line either. It is fucking mortifying that I would even say this my loved to walk around and be like you know I'm just not like other girl. I want to die all my god. I don't! I don't have that kind of thing. I am hardly tell me you didn't used to do that high school, you think you're, so black hole. I honestly, I'm not like other girl die, I'm not like most girls, knock it off
Alex Cooper in Sofia frankly in high school Baghdad, knock it before. I got it all that so embarrassing wholeheartedly to improve his gottman girl there, like. I just have trust issues, it's worth it way were girls fusion never advertising, I'm just not like other you're, all of your sound. Then you are every other fucking bitch out that got guts. None of it. I think I'm trying to channel my inner high school. I think you say that because you're like you on him to think Catholic. Such this buck girl, like you're so yeah I'll, and your corner woman boys shut the fuck up now You look so far. Can that's what I'm saying is you can not let them catch. I owe you that you're trying, no the wheat when we said, though, if he's a girl who the fuck are you fucking dumpy like don't worry about what
I'm doing, you're doing what you weren't you. I can do what I wanna do not get a little smirk on your face. It is like Bay relax just do, though, the amount of times yeah I used to tell the guy talk too to relax. They get and secure tall play your hand and let them both eve whatever they want their mind is gonna rate yeah because, like I said MELT Hunter said even though their fucking twelve million girls out there, they don't want to believe that you're fucking someone else, this strategy that we just gave people it's kind of rivers gave them Syria insider information and I don't give a shit. I don't given. I wanna help out. The daddy gave me two, because a lot of girls are like. I want to fuck last October. You know that most pod cancer, like that, is so one health that you know how bad not mature. That's not how you should leave your lie. That's fine!
fine. I agree with them, but that's not going to change the fact that the fucking game were absolutely everything will always be the game. It's always be there and it just if you want to play it or not re or you want to get played instead, yeah. Ok, do you want and eventually worthy get it's gonna fuck, as in the as some guys gonna. Listen to this. We saw dating know, and you know like this thing or things none are no cause. The thing is when they listen to this and they come out with the game where creating a new line. That is what we are talking all ask us, do they're like how Are you leaving all your secrets we will create a new game, a new game heirs to fuck what the fuck is, that The fact that new, I'm no no I'll just empennage new
then a new, why you and I are taken over it- lacked about one in a nasty and once again chaotic- and here is always so a lot of people are always asking us like guys how to space it. How do I space out my sexual intercourse, whether its with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife, husband, your fiance, their several earlier fuck boy asked I'd peace. There is another sorry? I the million ways, but we want to talk about role play in this, has something to do with a wig oh, I get excited guys, girls. I think there is something to be said about a setting a setting yeah. First sacks yeah. I've heard this a million times when people are married and they ve been married for ten twenty thirty years.
Sacks experts which I am nods. Oh, yes, you are jewelry. I am actually yes I've. I might not have the degree by a kind of they always say change up the setting literally, you guys have to do Go get a hotel, a J, a motel euro, how a power Roy play it'd, be a process to an gotta, get the room by the hour. Bilbil gold love it. So women and men Miriam Sofia, and I want to give you guys an idea he laid.
Yes, you are gonna. Tell your man, I wanna meet you for drink wanna meet you for drinks. This is not going to be any normal drink situation, though we're gonna role play tonight, yeah you're gonna be who ever you want to be an all, be whoever I wanna be ladys you're gonna, go weathers on Amazon or to a store and you're gonna. Buy yourself yeah hot wig you're a blonde Go Brunei, fear brunette, go lie. Go red head, go curly straight younger shorter. When are you? Are you? U, where wig rested a fucking nine? Yes, you tell him I'll in place. You told me you at a hotel bar hotel bar. I think that's like sofa go to you and you have to set the rules with your man.
Your woman yeah that the minute they you to see each other. You cannot break character at all. Ever. I think a lot of times couples in Israel are you're like, oh god, hook, hey wait here. We gotta go now. You are literally if your name is fucking Sophia tonight, you're Veronica Herod, Dave you're, Robert FRY, ok, you're gonna do this, you gotta go a hundred per se and go through with it and no little like. Oh, my gosh, like knobs Lena, like I am Veronica Fuckin, throwing acts that in that Lou. Whenever you got a fucking deal that I think this is so fucking heart because listen you bringing in this like you're, a different person, you're wearing a wig you're, giving him like a complete different persona if you're super shy re, be that girl that the competent and sexy etc
him at the fucking bar and fuck his brains out when you add up to the hotel, rather have a hotel room booked slave. Do this, I wouldn't though try Mitchell, verse all sounds so fine, all fine and then so. How do take a couples in new green is, if I know Saturday night, you wanna role, play let's get that hotel room if user, integrating this inter relationship, I know: what's he spoke in kind of crazy but like every other week, and you can be a different woman and a different character and it's so fucking hot and then also you can literally transform yourself in the bedroom as well on these night out, you're, not as vocal with your husband or your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your wife. This is the time for you to olives and become a man your freak Gabby Kyle, never mind that. That's the point of that right and trial moves. Usually wherever it I'll get a look.
Drawn. Have some you got, you can view ever you want to be love. It love. We have a little sex, Tipp up a little sex position that is so high. It's really for our let's get into it. This is for guys. Girls can obviously do it too in a different way, but let's just focus on the guy's, a tip for guys Alex, and I am not going to say which one, but one of us had an experience with a man that la add our fucking world world, funked it sighed decide up and down what this man Dan was the hardest thing, and we have deemed this move yup the Mona LISA Mona, LISA, Mona LISA, we're not talking about the painting fuck. No, you! I thought we were here to educate you. U S thought we were here to talk about. Are you guys know far too low? No one thought we usually off the Mona LISA. You know
they were, the arduous one, two three, the Mona LISA. Oh my god, it sounds amazed at village, guys we're bringing you a move. If a guy did this to me, I am lock. I only worshipping his death like I will actually put your dick in my mouth. Even when its last night, I don't give a fuck anytime any day. Our airlines in me hit the ground. You will ya God ass. So this is what you're going to do your on top of her. You are going to waddle up an plop, your dick in her mouth, love. Ok, MR sounds like a regular face back nano. You are, then
owing to instruct her to touch herself and you were going to say I want to feel you coming with my dick in your mouth. I want to feel your moans on my dick, and I want your mouthful. Make yourself come K. I just came I am a warning now and I need to go where early care, my pants over I didn't know you could do that. I think every single guy really needs to pay attention to this move you literally even if she doesn't fully understand what you're doing take her hand and start putting it down where she needs to put it had your dick in her mouth, this girl is going to start getting herself off and I'm telling you guys when she is coming, there's two things one for the girls going to be great to for you. If a girls fucking coming and your dick is in her
out, and she can't open it to actually have her. Oh, it's, your dick is lily. Basically subjugating her, I mean you're gonna, there's a vibration heard in a day or her moaning and Canada Mean AIDS. It's gonna be amazing. Also, you can do a little glanced back. Ass asked her and watch her touching herself. I think look back also guys you have to understand. Like four girls, some girls aren't always in the mood for a facebook took. This allows them to actually really fucking enjoy and get themselves. In school fact is not usually what we plan to do on a Sunday morning now are really not really like a girl's, favorite pastime press. I absolutely now. This move is absolutely one that girl all I can offer as well. It's girls that lucky I got to do that. You're dead
can my email all I touch my son. I want a moan all over your dick while I'm away, I think a guy would actually cry cry cry of tears of joy that he found an angel. Yes, the fact that one you're offering him to facebook you and too becoming while his dick is down your throat, I mean the ray you're gonna be touching, resolve any can watch, oh my god, and for your initiating all my guys, girls, you knows are known to not do so. I think the Mona LISA is something I want every daddy's member to incorporate into a because they also again, if you do facebooking all the time, switch the fuck up and hit him with the Mona LISA and guys make sure to make her. No, I want to feel you mon on my heart when you are coming you, oh so fuckin hot, and then, if you can kind of like make sure that you come the same time as she does, I mean that's fireworks,
the Mona LISA ah plan B. Let's go right into la la la la la here. I go plan barrier here we go land. I now bucket plant we saw a plan B Sophia our aid plan B. What what an interesting capsule, what what a great, what a great pharmaceutical draw, what a great invention, ya, fun fact: milk hunter has never bought plan b for a girl, but he also said he. I should ve laughing and got it, but if I kind of may lead to keys at ease We also had a pregnancy scare, yeah he's it I'll fuck around with that yeah great quick. Thank you how game so brilliant Andy, there's a million things to say about plan. Be really is that I think the main thing is a lot of girls, in writing in and there like the next day after I had sexual intercourse and plan B. Is the moon
How do I approach this? Do I tell him to buy it? Do I split it with him? Do I go it myself so there's. But if a living for that right, so there's a lot of factory other, are, I know, girls who there in the heat of the moment and you're, getting it on any tears something sexy about saying? I want you to fill me. Tell me up. I like Bellamy vodka yeah boom boom, It is how we ve all done, and we all hope that an air way way way way way like I'm really sob with a general relations were, like everyone actually going free one time, there's like Everything'Ll proven in America. That is a guy to fill me with your comp. Obviously do What the fuck you have by guy value, thou, I've, I've done it. I didn't you.
You're doing mass, that's that's gonna, gonna change the game. The next day you have you ask him, fill me up their young. It changes the game because our let's talk about it first mom, when do you think, is an appropriate scenario to expect the gotta play for pay for plan B. I was I all I would say every single time unless ex yes or hidden, I actually, even if you did that, I would still expect them to pledge Lebanon has probably my age. I know like in college and staff is literally offer a note, for example, out of college. Now, if I was a fucking
the guy I like he came inside me or even if he didn't know MIKE worried about Pre CANA cuz, you didn't use a condom. I think if you are openly talking about it, like you say, like fucking, like a little nervous like I haven't, been taking my pill on the same day or even if you're just nervous when you're depressed and you're like, I think I'm want to take plan b if you've Oak Liza and tell them, I think they should man up and be like. Okay, like I yeah, you want me to pay for it all by no. U, or do you want to go, get it now, however, I know a lot of times. Girls and I've done this before where you leave. You dont want to deal with your, not even if, especially if you're, not really close with one nice day, I, Having a one night see on the next day, you like Alma ATA here, I don't ever want to see you exactly than you had to CBS or whatever pharmacy, and you pick yourself because you're like I don't wanna how to involve them in non share, and I mean obviously, if it's your boyfriend or someone your super close with, I will break
I ll go, get skittles and whatever and also get me a plan b. I you know, I mean only I M one of my ex boyfriend. I remember the first time we hooked up, and this was before we were dealing as being a little promiscuity little guy out there. He took me, no all greens any came back to the car and he like, the plan B, and then he had gator aid. He had all these snags. He was that he was, I usually eat something that which I don't think you need money away. Like still my God, my legs material out about this ox you're talking about is what, if you wake up in the morning, he literally like comes into the room and like hands you the plan B. I might fuck out of here right. I just yeah, I argued Hod stories of girls being like he went and bought it for me and I woke up and he was like here take us in hand to me water and wanted to take the guy. I went on a date with the other week. I don't you know.
We know how these things come up on first dates. It did in here you asked playing out I'm anyway. You is the weird thing when you talk about sex the whole time, but I asked him some water and the conversation between appetizer than the main. I would like so plan B and he told me actually because use he's like a wealthy guy. He was like, I actually make girls, I get it for them and then I make them taken in front of me and I will give you another store, but don't, I think that we are dealing o thou would really upset because it's like they all decisions like who do you think you are right to tell me to put some why my body and what type of utterly your come? No one for me. It's like. Do you think that you are God's gift to earth and rye want too have your child, I will hear yeah. I will fling myself down some stairs budget
I put a hanger up, my daddy so worked because that about ok, but I data the guy and heated the complete opposite of what my ex boyfriend did. He would have me send him a video of me filming myself up the fucker, I'm not kidding putting the plan B in my mouth no and then open my mouth, unlike lift up tie and show him tat, I had taken a view. What of the fact that I even did it I didn't like once or twice in Ireland in the middle filming yours and then I would, if I do I like Sophia, what are you doing? Unlike that pisses me, the fuck eyes? Does he think you one hundred child lie and on top it would be so lucky? On top of that, I'm pretty sure we were using condoms. This ok. This was like high school beginning collar thing, but I still he was cycle down it. Like I d, the video, I actually remember a daddy gang member wrote in and was leg. I remember
bird, this guy that I was hooking up with, came in and like Bobby Plan B and made me, I put it up. Put it up, provide an alien and I ve or how the whole behoves you like. I he made me show him like me, swallowing air and then she was like, and I was like fuck disguised way put it under my tongue. I didn't actually saw
and then a spit it out, which I don't like so bitch what she was like just and socially, and I don't want to see her. She was just going to risk pregnancy, those surveyed him. I love on no, but I think I think this is a really good topic, because, first of all, if a guy ever asked me to send him a video of myself swelling plan B, I would tell him to go fuck himself re, but there is something about some guys and I know the suspect, but haven't you felt in your in your sexual history, Sophia guys with more money? Oh yeah for sure push the plan the guy that made me take the video his daughters. Like a million ya, then I fuckin kids in college, like oh sure we get Donegal hops had hit with a trust fund, is like. I am brought use three of them and geopolitical one today tomorrow and ensure it for a kind of crazy yeah. But then I,
also of this weird thing where I, when guys do say it to you, I get why girls get a little noise cause. It's like bitch. First of all, don't tell me what to do so. Well. I don't want your fuckin kid. I will take care of inner relax. Deny me fifty by got so I mean we earlier. The the dirty talk will indicate the plan b process, but now I'm thinking about it, even if you're trying to be kinky in telling him to do that at the end, of the day the guy is going to decide where his come guides. Sure! Ok, unless you are you know, holding with some do
a lot of girls we let them celebrities an athlete our whole down. I doubt a girl can hold a fucking athlete year, yet ever at Andrews. I'm just saying I really it's it's up to the guy. Where he's going to come, and I think that they should do girls. Are I mean, let's talk about? Why progress? Not he scares the beggars. Doing the fake pregnancy scare us yes. Yes, I want to talk about this, as it is something that I find fastening.
It is an area that is very prevalent. It's so prevalent this guy dated data, this girl, and he said that she had would do it multiple times and every single time he fell for it, and I'm like how white how I actually remember in high school, this girl was dating. This fuck boy, and he and her were always how such a small translation chip and they were always break up our together and then he actually fucked a girl in school and she found out and she lied to him and was like I'm pregnant. I found out yesterday
and immediately, he was just like what the fuck and aid so much history that he got back together with her and then finally, eventually, these girls obviously have to tell him that you're not pregnant and when, finally, he found out in every one found out, he left her immediately and was like that. Bitch is crazy. That's the thing in such a temporary fix if you are trying to trap a guy with a pregnancy, that's vague eventually when it comes out, the guy immediately is gonna, be like feeling a sense of like almost like a Frida like. Oh my wine thing. I got a moment where I realize I don't wanna, fuck and child with this bitch, and now that I know that she won lied and Twoshoes should not actually pregnant. I'm out it's completely just a temporary. It is the only time I think I would maybe do it, because I am crazy at the end of the data also side. No, if geyser wanting to fuck the crazy craziest are the best
then they have to deal with it. They got to deal with the aftermath of the crazy. You know: when would you how it Sophia, I think, they're the you know, I love good block, Lovell Goodbye, I revel in you. Do me a favor they are gets. You are. I also have been in relationships where men have noticed how much I love it and they like to do it right back to me when I play the game right about now today on everything, I'm scared of dry by showing up in her house. You are sadly having I do buggy joined by omega dry by shooting Sophia, when I say dry by mom, you literally career our environment weeks or so. The Franklin in her car sunglasses on put up dry entirely behind so by and bye, there have been times or I've had guys block me and I you know I got on my fitness pow right then MO I try to do the whole thing email. My finnish per I just
that cows fighting. I talked about ending up. As you have observed. One irony I was like I see how many fucking carbs you ve had today and I sliding in if you is hitting me with a block, and I just desk as when someone blocks, you really does something on a one really fucks with you. That's why quick side, no every time an altar asking. Should I reply with a k, or should I leave him on right and not respond? There is nothing dialing. There is nothing more power. Careful in asylum, silence, ya, think about yourself now, he responds, K or Peters, doesn't answer her world. Crumbles. Yo they don't you find. Other tangent is Anville Lass episode. We we were talking about if someone cheats on you and how some people get super vengeful and I'm like if someone sheets on you and you actually disappear- oh my god, and there like. Where did this here
in being now that is almost a hundred times more of a mind, fought leg and generally valued by our appeal to get over the complete island theory like where did So what has happened? A few completely fall off the face of the planned. Yes fuck. All of that hey. I know I did that in high school and I've Mirage waited in silence and the surveillance is gold. Do disappearing silence, it's ok, what I say again. Why was, I think you are Oh ok, so if he Army blocked, ok- and I desperately was just trying to get through to him- I may go. I I mean we ve got in baby and look on. I may throw in a little something I've done some crazy shit when I've been blocked. I just very big Ivan again. That was the old publicity in the oven. Sorry, I I grew you actually. This is something I think I've done. How many times have you I told the car here talking to you, I'm late on my period like I haven't, got it
Finally, why do that and tell me of your kind of whom I already know? Why? Because you kind of desire to see their Riad, it's not even that you're trying to be crazy Miller, thereby aboard I'm bored every glue, I've, I've, literally done it just into directives to freak out of Pure board. I've been like I'm. Finally, finally, just because I'm sitting on the college, I might, I wonder, like how you would you like one you're, asking dinner plans, and in the next thing you know, I'm like, oh by the way, I'm late you just want to see. I've actually done. I'm thinking on one of my ex boyfriend. I remember in the big you can cause again. You can see where there are job and the beginning of the relationship. I told him that cause. It was true I was like but my parents always Braddock and he was like, oh my god and eat. Like we made jokes Valley, he was, I guess I got a push you down the stairs
something- and I'm like you interested you're like so maybe that's not who I want to be with and then fast forward to about like six seven months later, and I told him that- and he was like fuck all right like I guess- should we go like, Lindsey Tessa, like he's in love with a little you hunt ever gonna? Do I got big bring in seas? I need to bring up this daddy gang Member road in he told me that this girl he was dating, sent him a picture of a pregnancy task, a positive pregnancy tests and ones like I'm pregnant. He threw it up on the internet, did a reverse google image search and was able to find that it was a fine. Photo shut, the so let that sink in people, because you're you're sending the picture but of a fake pregnancy you're going to Google lanyard taking a photo from there. You know we that's so smart that he
die. I actually did even know you can do that until at last year someone it was a long story, but I happen to me and guys yeah you can put that photo in Google. And see if it's anywhere I mean allowing Wilhelm home and show you can use that for wholly Pfeiffer, got that you could do not too that's huge. Girls are fucking crazy me. They are so arise, so are guys men can be just as created shrew, especially when their in love they can do so. Craig. I have some crazy, but can stories guys that were in love and they pulled some crazy shit. We are taught him out stories that Daddy Gang members, herein and an you just said: geyser crazy, till yes associated. There was a daddy gang member that road in and said their strategies
and I think we are holding here. Amazingly her. We read every single thing you value added like it's over. I think right, Rwanda, crazy out of the still I never told anyone, that's where you go, I'm like its secrets is well. This poor girl had happened to her. Ok, so a guy went crazy on her. She had a guy up fake suicide, fake niece, Louis. I doubt that the entire your town was la into ADI leave this kid was dead, yes to get her attention and get her back. Ok, so geyser like
it just be crazy with me I'll bet, you're, crazy yo. When that thing will your hard swords, the flutter and you feel they called butterfly- that's love better than you'll. Do some crazy shit when you're on that drug? I think we need to give them zone in detail how to explain that worry, rocked my girl, so just like give you guys little butter inside alike, so Vienna pause couple weeks, we ve been laughing because we have been reading all of your stories and what's happening is usually you guys gave us like a really good so the story ass and then we will follow up. India like we give us more details, all my god we reached out to this girl and she was like. I am so sorry, I'm at work, but like just gimme a couple hours, I've got you. She came at us with like a full blown investigation, journalism. Eleven, it's fine legs, the daddy gang. When will we start talking to you guys are doing journalism for layer, literally investigative turn or by some means it's like a confessional, yes and people.
Just like I do mean hundred evil, but we ve called. We have Co. Uk member, I like it would be easier to tell you about. Unlike our let's get that I met people, writing dirt, oh, my god, I knew psych. I don't think we can say that, but legal, lower labelling so back to this whole, the guy fatal suicide. To get back with this girl who we contacted escrow last night when she got home from work, she hit us with the facts, so I wanted to kindly quickly go through this route. You guys, because I would like this to a t is call her daddy, be okay, so she's with her girlfriends on a free, They know you her and she got the call that her boyfriend tried to commit suicide. He tried to o d on Benadryl.
So all of them were like Bobby heads off one. I don't be a tough line that offer should be a tough one, so it didn't work. We tried it in a work so she's with all her friends milling. Let's get fucking black out like this is ridiculous. My boyfriend is such as to exploit frontier just broken she's, like he's a psycho, so they all just get hammered and he's texting her psycho, I just right kill myself. I'm gonna, kill myself. Why don't you love me anymore, all the sins or she blocked him. Ok, now, blogging rimmed a really kill plough the next morning. This girl get a call from her axes. Muzzle her Lange's saying Tyler hung himself and is dead. So what are you guys? My mom contact? The extra friend said: Tyler killed himself and believed it on her.
For me, this girl obviously feel so bad because she blocked him and, like she didn't get any of the texts of hindering. Like I'm gonna kill myself. Shit got- is so she's morning the loss of her ass. She cries she's blame yourself. She posted even on Facebook. Being like I wish I could have saved you. All this shit o everyone in there now gather grower, and she like these. Higher zip code, new wars like planning the future right. She said everyone, they were writing on his facebook, paying panting our ip broad like the whole fuckin, try, say area literally thought that this kid was die. That's insane fast forward to eleven something at night and this girl gets attacks from someone saying Tyler's not I just talked to ha so this morning I lay off our eggs for a few lines, its he was resuscitated.
As a dane I happen. Sometimes people guy we're like a few minutes combat do so, but the girls were like. Imagine us. I've been posting on Facebook. Wish. I could have saved you, I'm fuckin tweeting the quotes Oh you know I'll miss you and our ip row and then oh by the way, how Tyler's not dead. Nowadays, such I like I'm delighted United behind all may not is there. His goes right. So far will finally the dead guy called her. Tyler calls your offer random number trying to convince her. That he's walking out of the hospital and he's on his way home in a cab, and we need to get back together. I heard you didn't die here.
Memorial service, not only over you and she just said. It was one of the things in this town that this kid had everyone, believing that he fucking kill himself that so many rose from the fuck, I'm not gonna lie. I've been in some Math tabulate item, if you have to know where I have been in relationships or guys, will hit you with like something might have been in. You know, talk to me like a guy. I actually my boyfriend and high school pulled out, I
we european asshole, but an Ellison again. I know that that happens in some relationships were. That should actually goes down I, but if you're using not to get the person's attention. Fuckin relax, we another random parties, roads remembered she wrote in and she was like. Also aside know when we thought that he was dead. A guy that I used to talk too was just texting me from like this random number, and he was asked me if I was ok
and if I wanted to get fucking dinner turns out o my uncle was her act, all my using a change, my number up and he was texting her. So then you should engage to see if she was being hurriedly air. If she well imagine, issues like Hell, let's get dinner and then she shows up in her dead fuckin boyfriend sitting at the diner and she's, like though he begged his dad and then was trying to tax or from a random number meet up with her and see. If she would like do it behaves in Turkey without soon also is he going to be matter when he thinks he died anyway. He's a good dinner. So, like you like, even if I die, you are not allowed to go on a day or a good dinner that these I bet I got. You wound oh God, oh god of Buck and love it. I let's get into court Just now. I saw where she was all the wake right. I've occur,
Is he one word him a hit, em right where it hurts New York city? This is fucking nods. It's only plays. It can happen, yeah story time. Ok, a cougar sugar, Mama story, ready. I am a twenty year old, I'm an awfully at my school and and why see- and I am broke his fuck. So my friend told me about the website seeking arrangements and I decided to give it a try. After about a week of checking my cow, I got a message from a woman who lived on the Upper EAST side. She told me she wanted to take me out for lunch and would pay me two hundred dollars just remain a matter outer branch place and as soon as I got there, she began to pump me full of drinks. Love conversation was really casual. Nargonne extra having a good time,
After lunch we hit some bar and around seven p m. She asked me if I wanted to see her apartment and that there could be some more money in it for me, so I guess I'm alone I said yes, I was, I am arrive, enlarging the scene of her little right refer, so she got Neuber with me. We went back, she lives in the penthouse of an apartment. Building edit is gorgeous. She gave me a tour and then she said she was going to take a quick shower and chain. Oh, my god. She left me alone on the couch, with a bottle of champagne in the living room. When she came back, she was wearing nothing but a silk robe, and when she walked back into the Room, she told me to finish my glass of champagne because he had something to show me in the bedroom. Is we got into the bedroom? She dropped. Her robe got naked proceeded to show me how girls or women are.
Supposed to throw it back after words. She goober me back to school and paid me an extra six hundred dollars home. When I got back to school. My girlfriend was frantic and asking where I had been all day. I gave her a hundred dollars and her not to worry about it, and while I go to the side to my sugar Mama's apartment and pay my girlfriend a hundred dollars to night ass question? Ok, I tag degrade me why we die out of a movie that is out of them. That's the sin, isn't it so far too, I'm so Giles. Also of guys at this sounds weird, but, like I feel like girls, ITALY, we get all joy if we did that with the guy. Oh yeah guy data like a lot of warmth, of border thought, but actually what about that real dude going seeing that shit Hell she drops a robe she's like let's fuck he she hands him money, yeah,
shoe with a story. That's all fine! What is this so he hands the girlfriend one hundred dollars bill for her to shut the fuck up and not ask questions. You in if your boyfriend came home and go where the fuck, if you bet any hand you one hundred dollars, so I don't worry about it. I d like I'd, put it in Walter, but then I would be like warlike by the back door. Story is some Fuckin movie says you're right I, but I love it. Let me hear all my catchy attics out, they're fucking confessed your sins now lock you, you need a little thing that I like to call stitch back, stitch fix you guys, guys it in all my personal styling service that delivers your favorite clothing, shoes and accessories dirt,
actually to you. Ok, they have brand that you know and love plus exclusive styles. You won't find anywhere else. Anywise gaps basically set up with a personal style us if you dont, have a girlfriend perfect cocky attics will obviously have a girlfriend of your cock. Gotta get back by you. Ain't gonna get a personal Silas and she is going to send you hand, pigs box items based on your style and preferences, and then you keep whatever you like in your box and you send back. Whatever you don't like until you find what youth? Yes, you guys, there's no subscription required. Twenty dollar silently is automatically applied towards anything. You keep from your box, so you guys get
started today at stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy and get an extra twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your box at stitch, fix dot com, slash daddy our eye vis, so excited so exciting. For this question, listen- and I'm just gonna proof is this- would lay having were ruining lies. Both ruining lives were also help. Inga help being got; ok, listen! I'm anew listener. After listening to the fourth episode and hearing that all guys keep all nudes, including their accession. I entered crazy mode all got along, I'm not proud of it, but I had to know what was on my boyfriend's phone, not to mention that he hates when I try to take his phone, so he falls asleep and I get in that shit and there they are
the mother, Fucking news, not just his recent acts, but some random bitch I've never seen before sprinkled in the middle of his axes, em white! So now I'm here like what's my next move, help me Alex and an DE news never die. Mother fucker were it's like. Sometimes I feel like what's wrong are we men? Why do we know this shit? So many girls don't know all I know so many girls don't believe it, which is the sad thing and it's kind of crazy because I listen, I bad one word, releasing the guy's secrets and then too girls are getting all upset. This is the thing I have to say yeah as much as it's like. Oh my god, we're cracking the code. They all news is if fucked up that, like I don't
they fucking care of my has all is all new Alex. I genuinely for Irish. She made a comment on an episode that my axe had shown me videos that he hide with his ex girlfriend. I wish see it's crossing boundaries, not cool re. Why were her rare horse over her ally? I genuinely did not care right. He ladys. Why he's with mean folks are obviously has factor he can close his eyes and imagine what it was like. Fucking hurry. What's the big deal for him to have it on his phone even told me that, like hell still jack off to it, time to time. All I remember, people didn't believe you and you're like I dont care Y yeah may ok, I could he's some girl getting upset about that cause. It's like! Oh, my god, he's thinking about her watching her in him have so he
just close his eyes- and I were exactly I just think, like girls, Daddy Gang, listen, if you want to be the girl friend thy is weighed Schiller than most don't freak, every single man, a guy in the office. We literally tone him about this and I was like you're. Never gonna get your needs. Even when you get married, he was like he had a cowboy Hughes. I know I've worked hard for, though it's in its own right not even about the actual needs guides it's legit like a little trophy or they do we issues that it. Yet I do you deny that area is I'm sitting here. Thinking right, I'm like it doesn't phase me and it doesn't pays you I I don't think it should face girls, because at the end of day it's not going to stop right here, make like we know a wry over overwhelm that no change exactly ok. This is really quick. I'm gonna do to goose visitors, the common have hurried goes. My boyfriend just got the ugliest here cut it doesn't count, is cheating. If I fuck around
little while it grows out. I'd die through this girl. They can. I please but consider my boyfriend I heard her bucket as com has while grow out. I want to tell em her and tell her to come over a means. Are this one pisses me the fuck off? Oh guys, guys. I need your help. I M of my boyfriend for a while, so we know each other pretty well. Actually, I'm trying to work on switching things up a little bit surprising because it's always more fun. However, no matter what happens when I try to rub my clear, he always pulls my hand away it's almost like he finds it offensive solely because he think he is in pleasing me himself and obviously that, as in the case, how do I make him comfortable at that?
so we can just both enjoy sex, that much more. The fact that he's swatting her fucking hand awake when I wouldn't hurt. I would slapped him so much about donkey punch, fuck out of here, bitch boy. I would slap you Dick away, I be like your diggers, they may give me cause I'm a little bit about away Swat that went away what guy not happy when a girl is touching her in insecure little bitch, blowing little bitch is what pisses me off, I'm like dude, you literally are your girl is about to get Ah that's urinary side of her she's taking care of her clear. I also on guys understand. I am always that girl, it's like I'm gonna, suck your dick and use my hands and give you like a blow job in avi. Caesar had my hand, but there is no need for me to really give you a full from start to finish,
job, you guys know how to give themselves a hand job better than anyone in the world girls. No, there click better than most Jaso guys. You should never fucking tell a girl that she didn't beat her driver clay, a thousand percent, ok now array or wait. No, actually I'm doing this one first, okay. This is backing well well, well, you're, literally not going to believe this, and I swear it's on a lie. I fucked a fifty year old Ex porn star when I was eighteen years old. His name is undeniably but I'll Yes, it's not. Ok. He literally one a porn award for eating the battle. I wish I was dropped. Joking, but yes, he did live up to that passage and then she goes? He took my virginity. It was fucking grey. He is so sweet and ask me how my vagina was doing the next day after how's your man ever done that he died over three some the next day, but I ended things with him and I'm going to date with the guy, my but it worked out. Socio server J do a thorn in your honor importance. Time assessed with mad
I underline that woman has moving forward. We wait ten year old, she fucked a fifty year old porn. One in a word for it whereas pussy I almost though now I'm kind of like thought, if factor for the every other guy, moving forward every guy that each year I can eat pussy like he ate area, but well can crazy, wow couldn t you girl. This guy road and inside the past few months, I've been hooking up with this girl, but we both live at home, which makes it somewhat difficult the intimate I've always snuck around kept quiet, which auction of being really hot until last week, when we finally got some alone time. When I say this girl was louder, I mean we would have easily been kicked out of hotels screaming. Like someone couldn't hear her front row at a rave, I don't think she was faking it, but it was to the point where I was pretty turned off. I ended up faking, it guys can fake owes to, and now I don't really know what to do. I try to talk to her little bit about it, but she actually said that
it had been brought up to her before and that it probably wouldn't change, I'm not trying to be nasty. But honestly, it's so bad. It makes me self conscious to do. You have any advice, all right, I'm sorry or okay, so I say orgasms. Those are somewhat involuntary like it. I'm gonna be loud during nigh like what five ten seconds of leisure. If there is no reason, I just don't believe it that this girl needs to be screening, bloody murder. During a guy, I'm sorry dude, it's eight or if you want to be loud, any Lowry out, that's fine, but there is a level those guys we always say damaging, be vocal and make noises, and let him know that he's Volga right, but there is also a line of like if you are not shut, the fuck up, which is fine yeah. Said. You don't have the bathroom talking either too I, but your noise level like if you're screaming, yeah and it's like bitch if he pulls out in a second he's going to want to stay.
You'd like I'm the boy. What are you doing? It's? It's not a good look when girls like they're, putting on a show and its nigh mean that the fact that he brought it up to her and she was like- I don't think it's gonna change. I kind of wanna call bull shit on I think that you can. You know you can about salute the value to show your face in and pillage about you and I remember, being in a hotel room with my boyfriend and the couple next door was act. This girl was literally illegally redeeming bloody, Lianour nine. He was like do that so untried. I think there's girls, that you know they here guys like when you're loud, and they just take it to that level. Don't knock it. The fuck, I'm sure when I was younger, I probably was a little obnoxious, but this is the last one because I just have to say it Alex on the topic of you, peeing on the guy all these fucking girl. It triggered everyone. When I tell Mikey
I have a little something worse and that my boyfriend at the time we got very drunk and went home to fuck. I was on top of him and didn't really remember much, but he stops mid fuck and goes what is that smell? only realise I started shooting on him by how they were so. My by or flight mode kicked in, and I say that's what you get for putting in my butt- and he was so fucked up and drawn and he was Oh God, sorry- and we never spoke about again. I was so embarrassed, dude beryllium, umbrella and how quick she had to come up with. I think everybody, my Ho Jon Keith. He was like fuck me, the amateur athletes vagina that is brilliant. I mean it on the risk. If you ask our aid we bodies, I hope, you're home, relaxing their family or, if you're, not with your family. I hope you're at least drinkin. Some ignore drink, didn't fuck and hammered enjoy yourselves have a happy holidays. We who is more or less as they happy holiday. Let me politically correct way,
smile, but whenever politically thrives on a slow, the fuck are we want in July. We love you guys.
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