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231: Case 200: The Zodiac (Part 4)

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[Part 4 of 4] On March 22 1970, 22-year-old Kathleen Johns suffered a terrifying encounter when her car broke down on a California highway. Was it possible she’d encountered the Zodiac Killer? --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Jess Forsayeth and Milly Raso Writing – Elsha McGill, Erin Munro, Milly Raso and Jess Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Babbel – Get 6 months free with a 6-month subscription. Use promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Scribd – Get your two first months of Scribd’s unlimited number of full-length books, audiobooks, and other content for only $0.99 a month DoorDash – Get 25% off and FREE delivery for your first order of $15 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ SimpliSafe – Get a free indoor security camera and save 20% on the security system when you sign up for the interactive monitoring service Crime Interrupted – New podcast from Casefile Presents  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-200-the-zodiac-part-4
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Hey, don't be a baby, a l, dot c, o n Forward Slash play promo code case file era. Besides do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the show nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. The evening of Sunday March, twenty two nineteen seventy five months after the murder of pulse TAN, San Bernardino, California,
Kathleen Jones was preparing for a long road trip to twenty two rod, was visiting her seek mother in petty Luna as seven hours drive away Kathleen, who was seven months, pregnant preferred to make this familiar journey at night There were fewer people on the roads and they cause. Then, and would allow her ten month El Dorado dislike Catholic got into her one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven chevrolet and set off with the daughter strapped into the backseat by one thousand one hundred and forty five p dot, M Kathleen was driving along the interstate one. Thirty two highway in Pakistan. She glanced up at. a review, mirror a light model, light tank The car was trailing closed behind her. It was being.
driven by a white male wearing black framed eyeglasses. He flashed he's headlights trying to get catholic attention, Kathleen ignored the man and he soon sped up and overtook her nervous that something must be wrong with her vehicle. She decided to pull over and check just in case noticing. This demand promptly bright, then backed up to meet her by the side of the highway. Speaking in a slow, not unless voice. He explained that her left a re will had been wobbling. He offered to fix it and Kathleen accepted the man fetched a ranch and knelt. By Kathleen we, for a couple of minutes, tightening the lug bolts. He then stood up and. her. She was all set to continue. He strolled back to he's,
and drive away without saying another word: cattle started her engine and pulled away from the roadside within moments? Her car came to a grinding halt. She got out to see what was wrong the left retie. I had almost completely full enough off. We finally about still holding it implies, man who made the repairs was still close enough to say that Kathleen had a problem. Hate promptly returned to the scene and offered to drive her to the nearest service station, but professional assistance, Kathleen agreed and together up her infant daughter, leaving her case in the ignition and the headlights on. She, then climbed into the front passenger, save the Means vehicle holding her daughter on her lap, the car
interior was a mess with clothing, rubbish and children's toys scattered about. after continuing along the hallway for some time, the main eventual. He took an exit that led down some quiet country, roads costs Wayne was relieved to say a service station in the distance, but the man Dr Straight past it without so much as pausing. They soon pass more service stations and the same thing happened again and again and confused Kathleen finally asked the man why he wasn't stopping. He simply explained that none of the service stations were ride then changed the subject. by this point. I'd been driving around for about an hour and a half, but the man showed no signs of fighting help. As promised hoping she was.
just being paranoid Kathleen continued, making small talk the main told her that he worked for two months of the year then spent the rest of us on driving around mostly. not Kathleen Ass and he's long drives helping many people who found themselves in trouble. The man simply replied when I get through with them. They don't need any help.
Kathleen, was near terrified certain that the man planned to harm her in some way when he pulled up at a stops on. Sore and opportunity gripping her daughter in her arms Kathleen flung in the door and jumped from the vehicle she. iced into a nearby field. As fast as she could The man made no attempt to stop her. Instead, he simply rage diver closed the passenger door and turned the lights off He sat stationary in the dark for approximately five minutes before flicking he's lights back on, And driving away into the nod, Kathleen lie down flat on the ground. He was pitch black and she had no idea where she was
It appeared she had run into a vineyard and was in an irrigation, ditch surrounded by toll Grass after the man left. The area Kathleen First instinct was too returned to the road. She clambered up embankments and stood near the bottom of a hill by the roadside waiting for a car to come by semi trailer approached and Kathleen frantically flagged it to stop the driver hit the brakes. Tough lanes relief was soon overcome with anxiety. She I did the Semi trailers Mayo drive out with apprehension and begged him, not to comment closer, despite being her only means of escape. She didn't want to get into another car with another mayo, stranger and put herself her daughter and her on, baby in potential danger, eventually,
A female driver arrived on the same and offered to help. The woman Drive Kathleen and her daughter back to Pakistan and dropped them outside the towns. Police station It was around too de. I am almost three hours had passed since castle lanes ordeal began, she was visibly destroyed and it took office is some time to come down Eventually, she was able to provide a statement about the knights of just as she concluded her story Kathleen noticed a nearby bulletin board. She began screaming the attending the Sir asked what was wrong. Kathleen pointed out a piece of paper pinned to the bulletin board and said that the man, my god, that's, the me
who pick us up the office. I looked to see what she was pointing at. was a wanted poster catering to compensate sketches of the Zodiac killer. Kathleen couldn't remember exactly where she left her vehicle, but a deputy was despatched. To the general area on the look out for the nineteen. Fifty seven shiver ally as he traveled two miles east of Interstate five. He noticed a grey smoke emanating from a spot at the head. It was coming from calf lanes vehicle someone had set on fire and the car still smouldering. All that remained was an empty burned out, show.
Although Kathleen had said her left to re wheel was tampered with, an examination of the wreckage showed was actually the right side back at the past and police station interviewing off says, began to wonder about Kathleen story. It had been five months since the Zodiac last known attack and they had been waiting with nervous anticipation for him to make his next move Catholic, an deal didn't fit with these typical land ass. He had never adopted a victim for a considerable length of time, but it was possible. He had changed his approach once again, yet with h re telling Kathleen added small details and a new claims that varied from the original. She said the man took her car case, but
they were still in the ignition and returned to Kathleen. After her car was toad and Finally, she also said the man refused to stop, then lighter clarified that he had stopped at one service station, but it was closed. Complicating matters further was the fact that Kathleen never actually asked the man to stop or let her guide because of this police wondered whether the incident could technically be cool Five as a kidnapping over time, catholic story became more embellished as she added that the man had repeatedly threatened to kill her.
After her opportunistic escape, he stepped out of the car to look for her with a flash law police hoped to verify catholic story with the woman who had driven heard a Patterson. The calf lane had an asked for her contact information a few weeks after tat. lane to encounter a group of friends in San Francisco were chatting when they realise that none of them had seen or heard from their friend Robert Salem in several days on ice Nineteen, they decided to checking on him they at themselves into the apartment in the mid market district, where forty years Out Robert lived alone said their shock he's lavishly burnished home was in total disarray. Drawers had been,
not then did and robbers belongings was strewn everywhere. The place had been thoroughly ransacked. in the middle of the chaos was Robert sprawled on a couch the what jumpsuit he was wearing was covered in blood. He had been stabbed five times in the back once in their chests, and his throat had been slashed. Roberts lefty was also missing, as these friends cost Their eyes up woods, the site before them grew even more shocking screw on a wall in Roberts. Blood were the words Satan, save Zodiac, followed by a crosshair symbol. Despite the message tying, the murder to the Zodiac detectives were quick to rule. Any connection, nothing about the crime, matched.
as already acts ammo investing is theorized that the culprits motive was robbery and they stage to this saying in an attempt to throw police off their part They were ride months later at twenty, Two year old man named Stanley Dean confessed to that crime, while under investigation for another unrelated murder, detective David Tusky, leaved and breathed the Zodiac case. The homicide inspect off the San Francisco Police Department had originally fronted the investigation into pull stones murder once Zodiac took responsibility for the cabbies death Tusky and he's partner. William Armstrong went in hard to identify the notorious serial killer.
Tusky was a notable character at San Francisco pay day. In contrast to the dark playing colored clothing, worn by his colleagues, Tusky stood out in colorful suits and the boat eyes. He embraced his position as the public face of the Zodiac case. A softly spoken friendly man tusks. Worked tirelessly with police departments in other jurisdictions to collate all the Zodiac information and again. The mammoth task of pacing at together they focused on the sauce known features, he's physical appearance The fact that he committed crimes in locations named after bodies of water. he's mention of having a basement, which very few times California possessed the possibility.
That he had a military background. Several day. Tiles alluded to this first de the zodiac was known aware. Wing walk at boots associated with the air force in one he's the letters he talked about coding he's fingertips with aeroplanes cement, which indicated another possible air force link he'd also used at bayonet stall knife in one of these killings, a weapon commonly linked to the: U S military the flying the scene of pulse stones attack. The zodiac had fled into the Presidio park area, which was a former United States Army Post Tusky familiarised himself with all the Zodiac correspondence, then, on April, twenty nineteen, seventy he
saved an unopened letter that had originally been sent to the San Francisco chronicle addressed to the outer door. The newspapers staff wreck. Nor does the handwriting on the envelope immediately and forwarded to police without opening an inside was a letter that began this is the Zodiac speaking a question followed. By the way have you, cracked, the last software. I sent you the There was no no one had yet to the Zodiac killers. Previous saw known as the three forty he's yoletta continue
my name is the sentence ended abruptly a thirteen character line of symbols followed. It was another cypher. Then switching back too plain English again, the Zodiac pounded I am mildly curious as to how much money you have on my head now hey denied responsibility for a pot bomb blasts that occurred And slowly out at the Golden Gate Park Police station, while simultaneous lay claiming that he'd recently tried to detonate a bomb on a boss. He's plans had been thwarted by heavy rain. If he'd succeeded, he said his death toll would be even higher than the ten lives he said he taken thus far include
with the latter was a hand drawn diagram of this supposed the bomb along. the words p s. I hope you have fun trying to figure out who I killed. The letter was signed with the crosshair along with the letters S F Pay day. The San Francisco police Department and equal sign and the numbers zero. In his previous ladder, the Zodiac dimension to seven victims. Now he was claiming he killed TAN. investigators only knew of five David Faraday Betty, Lou, Jensen, darling, Farren, Cecilia Shepard and poor Stein, Either he had killed more people than the police were aware of which,
would be unusual, given his desire to take credit for his crimes, or he was inflating he's killed count to weigh the confused police. Or in crises notoriety the thirteenth, and also, if I was sent to creep dollar jests, but soft is shorter than thirty characters said generally considered unsolvable, as numerous solutions can be derived from them without further import from that kill off the code was deemed too difficult to decipher ended. The Zodiac identity remained a mystery Despite his apparent desire to be identified, the Zodiac went to great lengths to avoid this happening. He's handwriting, while distinct indirectly as often varied in my detail. The letter.
Day was always in cursive. Andy's ice appear to lock check, mocks police believed he was. This: causing he's genuine handwriting so as not to give himself away. given the idea to claim that he's bomb attempt was swamp doubt by the rain and investigation. Was launched into low lying regions of the San Francisco Bay area. If police could find the spot It's where the rainwater pooled, they might be one step closer to locating the killer. When denying responsibility for the police station bombing, the Zodiac had written it just wouldn't do to moving on someone else's territory. Did this indicate the Zodiac had a specific area that he considered he's turf. Whatever the case The my name is letter
was well examined and it's points thoroughly explored, but detectives failed to achieve any major breakthroughs Reports on the Meda ended with the Blake remark. The investigation continues a little lever awake later on April, twenty eight, the Zodiac threats escalated when he sent a car two in greeting card to the chronicle he'd feature image of a small man riding a donkey alongside another small man riding a dragon printed above. The image was the caption sorry to hear your ass is a dragon. This pre printed message appeared to be a play on words which the Zodiac was employing to mock the police's slow investigation.
in the I handwriting was a more personalized Knowed warning of how was finally intending to carry out he's bomb threat? It read. I hope you enjoy yourselves. When I have my blast. There were two ways that the blocks could be avoided. The zodiac added one the chronicle was publish details about he's plans to blow up a boss to he wanted to see the people of Serbia and for an Cisco wearing Zodiac thing to badges. The San Francisco police Department instructed the chronicle to run a brief article about the cod in order to pluck Kate the Zodiac
they were certain. The slightest note was genuinely from him due to the bomb threats which had also they made in previous zodiacal at is that ACE detectives had always been careful to keep those references under wraps out of fear may cause unnecessary panic on thirty one Lauren was made the difficult decision to publicize the bomb threat. Suddenly the risk felt too great It was five hundred and twenty eight a dot m on June 19th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy when the sand of gun shots rang out over straight in San Francisco is the low hate neighbourhood. There were three shots in total, fired in quick succession.
Officers were despatched to the area after receiving a coal from concerned citizen. They pulled up to the block between Scott and peace streets where they found a stationary patrol car. They cause Interior, was soaked with blood and did so lucky pen. Twenty five year out traffic patrolman rigid, eradicate age was slump. Dialogue towards the passengers, Sayd barely clinging to life ratatouille should be preparing to run a check on a parked cars. When a bullet fired from a thirty eight caliber Pistole hating in their head ass, he was still gripping
he's police microphone just as one of the attending offices exited the vehicle to take a closer look, a neighbor laying down a nearby window and shouted get down, they might still be around the office, are quickly doktor down and waited for back up to her. I've. Soon the area was swarming with police. although no one had seen the shooting witnesses reported Being a what cadillacs fading away. From the area seconds after the shots were fired, office heredity was rushed to the hospital, but lighted died of his injuries. he's. Colleagues had no idea who could have killed him and urged anyone who knew anything about their crime to come forward as the days ticked
The people of San Francisco remained on edge. Wonder when nor where the Zodiac would strike. Next, despite their fees, they ignored he's request to wear badges that acknowledged his demands as schools closed for some vacation there was a sense of relief throughout the city at least there would be no school buses on the roads for the killer. The target almost two weeks passed with no reported attacks Then, on Monday June, twenty nine another suspicious them life arrived at the offices of the chronicle. It. all the hallmarks of a zodiacal at all, except that, unlike those before it, this one wasn't specifically addressed to the added up inside was a map of San Francisco.
With the location marked in the man Diablo area, the Eu Pake sat the east of the Bay area and was one of California is most iconic landmarks. Attracting hawk is bird watches, the nature love is the map was a company. By a letter that read this is the Zodiac speaking. I have become very ups, with the people of San friend by area, they have not complied with my wishes. I promised to punish them if they did not comply by annihilating of food school boss, but now school is out of the summer
so. I punish them in another way. I showed a man sitting in a pot car with a thirty eight. The map, coupled with this code, will tell you where the balmy said you have until next fall to dig it out At the end of the letter was thirty, two coded characters along sod designing acts. Crosshair symbol was the number twelve. Next to the ladders. S F pay day equals zero. the killer, was now claiming he'd murdered twelve people, while investigators were no closer to catching him. The lightest cipher was sent to the FBI, but experts were unable the cracked the code, nor were any fingerprints detected on either the letter map or envelope. However,
The handwriting was a match to the previous letters, confirming it to be genuine Zodiac correspondence in to guide, is reflected on the Zodiac claim of having shot a man in a car with a thirty eight caliber weapon, the only racing crime that matched this description was the fatal shooting of patrolman Richard Heredity, the scene of the shoe it was just two and a half miles from where the Zodiac had killed, cabbie, pull Stein and design had recently boasted of killing police members in a letter. Writing is more glory in killing a cop than a kid, because a cop can shoot back. However, several days off the office eradicate was shot a witness reported saying, an Ex convict named Joe Johnson driving away from the same end.
Play thought he was a likely sauce, backed they'd already issued an IP bay, the Johnson's arrest and didn't believe that dessert. was involved in any way. Charges against Johnson were lighted dropped due to a lack of evidence Although the authorities remained dubious about the Zodiac confession, they couldn't confer, or deny whether he was responsible for the young officer is murder. One month passed with no further word or action from the Zodiac, then, on July, twenty seven. another letter arrived at the chronicle in weight. The Zodiac again complained that people want wearing Zodiac themed badges angered. He said He now had a little list of people he planned to kill starting.
With a woman and a baby whom he given a rather interesting ride. A few months prior, Hey claimed that in Canada had ended with him torturing their car case detectives believed the woman he was referring to was Kathleen Johns and the reference appeared to confirm her suspicion, The man who tampered with her vehicle when set at a lot the Zodiac killer, but they also had to consider them possibility that the Zodiac had simply Red Kathleen account in the news and decided to take credit a SEC. And much longer letter also arrived at the chronicle that same day in it, the Zodiac threatened to torment the souls of these victims. If these requests continue to be Nord outlining various torture methods in graphic detail. Once again, here,
who did to having a little list of intended victims. The Zodiac, repeated use of this phrase was a reference to a song from a Gilbert and Solomon Opera, called them a codified the character who sang this song was known as cocoa. The Lord high executioner and he wore a hood very similar to the one they study I had dawned further like bury us our attack to ensure this connection wasn't missed. The zodiac had written a parody of the song describing the tops of people he planned to target next he's lyrics concluded, The chilling words, but it really doesn't matter whom you place upon the list for none of them be missed. None of them be missed. Detectives believed this second, more data
delusion indicated he was worried he's earlier. Reference may have been misinterpreted convinced this must be signal. they can, they wondered whether he may have performed in the Mikado either during school. Or in an amateur production. They looked into drama troops that was staging the Mikado during the time of the Zodiac attacks, but these inquiries the lad and nowhere while this at our featured the Zodiac, the usual spelling errors its tone more bizarre than the others. Some investigators speculated that he's mental state was deteriorating while others wondered if this was just a ruse to trick them into believing he was insane or in any case he's threats felled increasingly empty.
It appeared to detectives that the Zodiac was now more interested in seeking attention through words. Then actions headed is that the chronic I felt that the Zodiac had been too encouraged by all of the media attention. Consequently, they decided not to publish any excerpts from these last two letters This idea can no longer appeared to be committing any attacks and the empty he's threat sounded the less Kristen Raiders were in his letters the evening of Sunday September, six, nineteen seventy eleven months after the murder of Palestine in South, like Tahoe California,.
Twenty five year old done, alas, settled in for her not shifted the Sahara Hotel Casino in South, like Tahoe she was employed as the onslaught nurse, and it was her duty to tend to any patrons who required basic medical assistance. It was a relatively new job, as Donna had only recently moved to self, like TA, her from the Presidio area of San Francisco. Her shift that night. Was fairly ordinary and ended without incident. Donor eventually clocked off and disappeared into the night. The following day the phone rang had the Sahara Hotel Casino one as CO workers answered a man on the other line said he was a relative of donors and explain that being an illness in the family. Consequently,
I wouldn't be able to make it to work. Her employer made note of her absence and assumed she'd soon return. But done I didn't show up for her next shift data and had made no further contact now concerned. Her employer notified the police, I paid a visit to Donna's apartment funding, her one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight convertible parked out the front inside her apartment was spotless done. His clothes and credit cards was still there and to check of her bank account revealed it hadn't been touched. Office has reached out to Danas family who revealed something aligning dead, Beno Illinois,
in the family, and they had no idea who could have called the casino on donors. Behalf donors, unexplained absence now took a sinister turn given that she wasn't the talk to simply leave without an explanation, police suspected, fair play. Intensive searches were conducted throughout the Like Tahoe area, but to know Was I a witness and having seen Donna walking near her apartment with a blunt head man on September seven, but this was never verified. Detective speculated that donors disappearance could be connected to the case of another young nurse. Judah thing had carry, who had been abducted and murdered six months earlier,
Judith savagely Baden body had been found in a shallow grave needs, our whole national forest, but with a little to go on any connection to donors, disappearance was purely speculative. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, two months had gone by with no further contact from this idea killer. Then, on Wednesday October, seven a postcard arrived at the office of the chronicle claiming to be from the Zodiac ACT talked a falling cod. A message on the back had been crafted from newspaper clippings. It read. Dear added, are you hate me, but I've got to tell you. The pace is in any slow. I pay ass. There are reports
city, police pig cops, are closing in on me back on track Perth. What is the price tag now? It also face it across here symbol. Crafted from ran to pay given this card, was significantly different from the idea previous correspondence Detectives were on shore if it was genuine or a hoax, whoever had sent it had also increased the Zodiac, Tal, including a number thirteen to allude to his number of victims. By this time, one knee had passed since the law asked confirm, confirmed: Zodiac attack the murder of care drive, our poor stein, Had been no breakthroughs and both the maid and the public were losing interest. In that case, it would
long before the Zodiac made contact again on October. Twenty six an envelope arrived at the chronicle. With a strange symbol drawn in the top left corner. It was a letter z, underneath the sharp zigzagging lawn bordered by four dots on the back of the envelope written diagonally to form a cross whether words, sorry, no so. this letter was addressed to pull Avery. The journalist who had covered The vast majority of the newspapers Zodiac stories inside the envelope, was a black and white Halloween cod depicting a dancing skeleton the front of the cod read from your sacred pal. I can feel it in my book. It's you wake to know my name and so
I'll clue you in inside they cod. The message concluded with the words, but then why spoiled a happy Halloween, the Zodiac head,
And written his own message that red a you were doomed peekaboo on the back of the cod written in old capitals to form a cross with the words, Paradise and slaves. Paradise had been spelled incorrectly with a let us say instead of an s intercepting this cross, where the words by gun by knife and by rope as this was the first time the Zodiac could had targeted a particular individual in his correspondence investigators couldn't help but wonder, would pull Avery be targeted next.
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shop in the app store and Dental code case file. Don't forget that code case file, but twenty five percent of your first order with door dash subject to change terms, apply shaken but on deterred by the looming threat. Pull Avery embarked on a four hundred and thirty mile trip to Southern California afterwards spread that he'd were saved cod from the Zodiac killer. A Reda had contacted him with a theory to compelling to ignore they'd, been following the Zodiac case closely and recognised. Some similarities to an unsolved murders that had occurred in the city of riverside for years earlier was that possible
said Bain. The early work of the Zodiac intrigued by the theory pull Avery flew to Riverside, to examine the case file for himself. On October thirty, nineteen sixty six eighteen year old Sherry, Joe Bates had being stabbed to death by an unidentified a silent after leaving her college July Library a broken. Why genteel print from a military shoe were found that the same. Kill. Our latest sent anonymous letters confessing to the crime and locked Zodiac. Riding was peppered with spelling the grammatical, arrows. Whole Avery read through the topped confession letter that had arrived at the Riverside daily Enterprise newspaper following Sherry Joys Madoff it in pot
she was young and beautiful, but now she is better than dead she's, not the first. And she will not be the last bay where I am Stalking, your girls now Oh then examined the hand written letters that had been sent to Sherry, Joe Bates, his father, the Riverside Police Department and the river ideally, enterprise newspaper, all three Red Bates had to there will be more when pull rage to the bottom of the letter. He felt a jolt of surprise to of the letter sent by Sherry Joys killer was signed with a squeak. Oh, it looked like the lead, as they are. Did an escape poles attention that the city of Riverside was named for a body of water. Just like this idea,
southern on them. Sherry joys car had also been disabled before her attack, similar to the experience reported by Catholic Johns. Perhaps the Zodiac had inadvertently left evidence that debates crime, saying that could be traced back to him and had never taken credit for the murder because he knew would be he's on doing if there idea was indeed responsible, fishery, sherry death. It would provide some compelling new clues to he's identity. Jerry Jos Killer, had written in his confession that he'd made her pay for the brush off. She had given him in the past. These indicated he may have been of similar age to Sherry, Joe in nineteen. Sixty six, The zodiac would now be in his early to meet twenties, perhaps seed previously
if in riverside and made the move to San Francisco in recent years,. handwriting expert Sherwood. My real examined letters on the three note: Santee, Sherry Joys, Father Riverside pay day and the local newspaper hey concluded. There was a high probability, that it matches the handwriting of the Zodiac killer. following Sherry, Jos, murder. A disturbing poem had been found scratched into a desk at her college, a library which was believed to have been written by her killer Marilla analyzed this too and concluded quote. It is unquestionably the work of the Zodiac. Policing riverside want convinced they re.
And lay bang looking into a local man who they consider prime sauce, backed in sherry joys, murder. However, the San Francisco Police Department and the F b I found the theory campaign. and investigate. I was assigned to re, examine Sherry Joe's case full time on November 16th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy the LOS Angeles Times published an article. Exploring the possible connections four months later, a letter arrived at the newspapers offices it read in part this is the Zodiac speaking like I have always said I, crack proof. If the blue meanies are ever going to catch me, they had best get off their fat asses and do something I do have to give them credit for tumbling across my riverside activity, but
they are only finding the easy ones. There are a hell of a lot more down their riverside police dismissed this final Fine, they had now whether unsolved homicides that could possibly fit with the Zodiac crimes. Sierra Club around in the snow sort victim twelve peak through the Pines pass like Tahoe areas. These were the cryptic words that arrived on a postcard addressed to pull ivory. at the chronicle. One wake light the front, faded and artists impression of the new forest pines housing development in like tat Nevada ride on the border with California.
the promotional image which depicted as snowy neighbourhood framed by pine trees, had been widely circle I did in many northern California newspapers, the wakened prior in the butter right hand corner the Zodiac. Crosshair was screwed in thinking all though there said. The card was notably different to other Zodiac Correspondence is when detective saw the postcard they guessed, which case the message was referring to it had now. in six months since twenty five year old casino nurse done, alas, disappeared without trace from the south. Lake Tahoe area, nothing about her case, fit the Zodiac acts, ammo buddy invested is wearing trade enough to dig deeper. They looked into done history and discovered that she shed a loose can
action with one of the ideas victims at the time of cabbie pull stones. Donna- was living just six blocks from where his body was found. They had also worked at a hospital in the Presidio, the park, where this zodiac was believed to have hidden after killing Paul in Top right corner of the Zodiac Postcard, a single hull had been punch down to a man Section of land in the forest ponds development, believing that this they were gonna. Last his body was buried police white until racin heavy snow fall had thought before lunch. a thorough excavation of the side. However, they found nothing of significance. The nobody acceptance
to draw attention to the area remained a mystery. Rumours began circulating that a detective I have sent the like Tahoe posed, cod in an attempt to further DEC ray or that a family member of donors had centred out of desperation for her case to be solved. Torment Magda Donald Chinee for years had been stewing over disturbing conversation. He'd had with a friend during a hunting trip in nineteen sixty eight. It all started with the words: have you ever thought of hunting people? Not only had the friend described in haunting detail the way he'd carry out a murder, but he David figured out again. equally, who his victims would be. It seemed ass though his friend was through.
Not only by the notion of killing people, but the thought of toying with the detectives tasked with solving he's crimes. Donalds friend, had mentioned how he would send the police confusing lead is why She would sign off with the money car the Zodiac the conversation itself had been enough to Mcdonald feel uneasy. It was. until the Zodiac killer began, making headlines he realized his friend might have gained serious when Donald read about the idea, acts threats to shoot children as they came off the school boss. He remembered daddy's friend, had made a similar comment. He said he would shoot the ties of the boss and then quote. Take off the little darling says they bounce down. When Donald Sore Sketch of the sauce backed he's hot skip debate, it looked to remove,
could play similar to his friend Donald. Couldn't, keep this information to himself any longer. He confessed it in a work. Colleagues who summoned the LOS Angeles, canny, police, too detectives visited demands workplace to take Donald statement. After all, it. In four years he finally them the name of his friend Thirdly, Alan. on August for nineteen. Seventy one laid detectives David, and William Armstrong put up at the panel oil refinery ten miles south. If the valet who they were joined, detective John Mullen acts from Well, I hope Police Department, the trio approach, author lay Alan's employer who been
aware of their impending visit. He took the offices to Alan who had just started working as a junior chemist. Alan looked confused. Has he realized the three detectives? Were there to interview him. When told that an anonymous source had a linked him to the Zodiac attacks. Allen was taken aback, however. This wasn't the first time that he'd bang question in relation to one of the Zodiac murders police had spoken to him after the attack against Cecilia Shepard and. I and heart. No, that like bury s, are, however Alan said he could enable follow this The story in the news because he found it to morbid. For some unknown reason. A member of the public had tipped police off to Alan after the like bury us or attack, Hake
and he was nowhere near the lake on the day in question, but one hundred miles away, diving at SALT Point State Park. He returned to the home. He shed with these mother in Valea at around four p m and stayed there for the remainder of the evening. Police said if there was any one who could verify this alibi. Alan said he'd met a couple at some point but couldn't remember their names. He had also chat. With a neighbor after pulling into he's driveway, but they had passed away one, collider and couldn't confirm this interaction. Curiously, this was a detail. He D neglected to mention during his first police into view. Thirty, seven year out, Alan admitted to having an interest in firearms and said he owned some twenty two calibre hand gowns before detectives. Good
ask him about any other possible weapons. He suddenly Would it out the two knives had my car with blood on them. The blood came from a chicken I killed. The investigators was stoned. Perhaps Allen was under the impression that I had more information about him than they actually did later again without being asked Alan mentioned that he'd been in southern California at the time of sherry, Joe Bases murder. He, denied having any incriminating conversations like the one Donald Cheney had described, but it
We did that. He'd read a short story named the most dangerous gang which had left a lasting impression on him. The title featured descriptions of aboard Hunter, who decided to start targeting humans instead of animals, and it had been speculatively linked to the first confirm desire. The acts are far. As detectives chatted with Alan. They happened to notice. He was wearing a distinctive, looking watch, hey claimed, it had been a gift from his mother, to use only detective Tusky asked if they could take a closer look. Alan obliged handling. and his arm closer to the detectives. The face of the watch was imprinted with across here symbol written across the watch was the brand name Zodiac
Detective John MILAN acts finished topping up his report of the interview with Alan Concluding, with the line. after interviewing Alan. It is the opinion of all three investigators that further investigation should be conducted TED kid off, who had previously employed Alan as Olaf's God and trampoline instructor told the inspectors that Alan was fired after numerous Paypal complained about he's, inappropriate behaviour towards children, It was no surprise to kid, Canada that Alan was now considered a suspect in the Zodiac killings. The thought balance possible involvement had crossed his mind before and he'd recently discussed the matter with another coworker. As far as they were concerned,
was a sexual davy in alone are and a likely sauce backed the other. Former coworker, a man named Philip, was also put aside and questioned by investigated. Hey, remember discussing the Zodiac case. With Alan Food mentioned, he was questioned about the light bury us or attack. In another conversation, Alan told fill out the bad a great idea he had. If a person were to attach a special lot to the barrel of a gun, they would be able to say that target in the dark of nine and shoot them down. Notably, this is one of the tactics the Zodiac claimed I have used when gunning down David Faraday and Betty Lou Janson filler pound a brown coal. Their similar
to the one driven by the perpetrator, who had shot Darlene Farren and Marco. My Joe in Blue, like springs around the time of this attack. Philip was trying to sell his vehicle. He left it parked on display at a service station. For two weeks, with the case inside the station for anyone who might like to test draw that one of the employees who work there at that time, I'm was ass. I lay Alan. But that wasn't all Philip And his wife had visited Alan that his mother's house, when he's only announced he had something to show them. Alan went to his basement bedroom and produce the gray Metal Box in
side was a piece of paper regarding a person who Alan claimed had been committed to a task. Darrow state Hospital in Saint Louis to be spared county sexually abusing a child riddled throughout the paragraphs were symbols. They were material sleep need and resembled the Zodiac saw fit to a T. Philips wife was fascinated by the symbols and asked if she could take the paper home to study it that Alan refused and shoved it back into the box. Alan sister in law, Karen told detectives that Alan openly detested he's mother hated women
and had never had a relationship with anyone he's on an instead, he had a disturbing fixation with the children. Karen admitted that Alan needed psychiatric help, but she did not believe he was the Zodiac However, when looking through the numerous letters sent by the Zodiac over the years, one court Karen's attention on the Christmas list sent to Movin Bela. The zodiac had incorrectly spelled merry Christmas with two asses Karen had received a Christmas card from Alan, in which he had misspelled Christmas, the same way detectives, followed up. Allen's old employer had the service station, who put one concern to rest. Allen had been fired months before
Let's brown coal, there was left unattended at the station due to his habit of having at work, intoxicated missing, shifts altogether and being quote to interested in small girls Alan had an always being an unreliable employ a when he worked it. Holly Springs Elementary school in nineteen sixty six. He had only ever taken one sick day. on November, one the day after Sherry, Jai Bates, his body was discovered in river sod. Despite the four hundred miles, distance between valet springs and riverside, had mentioned two detectives that he'd being in southern California at the time of sherry joys, murder detective searched it. Weiler that author lay Alan owned in Santa Rosa. Forty five miles from
His mother's house in Vallejo, but didn't find any concrete evidence linking him to any of the Zodiac crimes regardless. He had started to emerge as the most promising sauce back so far a background check and Allen had been in the navy in the late nineteenth fifties, but was dishonorably discharged. He also bore a size. Ten and a half shoe the same as the prince that had been found in the like, bury s or attack. The evening of Friday April April, seven nineteen seventy two almost too to have years since the murder of Palestine in Timor, pious Valley, California,. it was just before nine p M, when thirty three
out illegal secretary, Isabel Watson, strolled through the neighbourhood where she lived, As Isabel made her way along pawn he'll road, she suddenly felt a shocking below. A car had knocked her to the ground. Mayo driver leaped from the vehicle alight like order. Schaeffer Eliza Dan. He looked the in his early fortys and was about five point: nine, with the stocky build brown hair and black framed glasses. He apologized profusely to Isabel and offered to drive her Isabel, was unharmed and felt find continue one alone, so she politely declined the offer. Refusal enraged. The man he began
the pommel her in the neck and other back. Isabel screamed in pain, prompting her attack had to flee the saying it was then that Isabel noticed the blood the man hadn't been heating. Her at all, he had been stabbing. Her repeatedly Isabel was taken to a hospital for treatment when law enforcement officers, the lack of this senseless attack. They couldn't help Notice, the culprits striking similarity to the Zodiac Nap Uncanny captain can. Allow was particularly intrigued by this point here. chasing the Zodiac for two and a half years and Isabel Watson,
the attack are perfectly matched the description of the man he was hunting. Speaking to the media, now low said, I think it's a good chance. It was him you get a certain feeling about things. I got a feeling about this. One In September of nineteen, seventy two detective David, Husky arrived at the Sunset trailer Park in Santa Rosa and his way to the pink and white trailer owned by Arthur lay Alan. He knocked on the door, but there was no response. When I was finally showedup, Tusky waved a search warrant in his face and made his way inside. There was a singular raisin fatalities visit, he wanted a fresh handwriting sample.
Even though our handwriting had previously been compared to the idea, acts and dismissed rumours had been circulating that he was a dexterous. according to one of Alan's relatives, he was. Naturally, left handed, but as a child he's teaches had forced him to ride. With these right hand,. knowing the previous sample had been written. With these left hand, Tusky are Stalin to write his sentence using he's non dominant hand. Instead, Alan picked up a pen with these right hand and began to ride. After a few words, he complained that was too difficult. Tusky had to coax him to complete a small sample with Alan, insisting that was near impossible. Tusky wasn't convinced it seemed ass, though Allen was trying too hard to pretend
This was a challenging task after investigators set their sights on author lay Alan years passed with no further word. All action from this the AK, some speculated, he had died, Holbein incarcerated, or perhaps he was feeling the hate from the investigation law that Californians returned to normal as the killer faded. from the headlines. Then, three years later, on January thirty, nineteen, seventy four An envelope arrived at the San Francisco chronicle. The print
Seeing of the line plays rush to wet it. I was unmistakable the zodiac suddenly and inexplicably re surfaced inside was a single pace of unlined paper, one which was screwed. I saw and think DE accesses was the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen. below that the Zodiac had written. He plunged himself into the billowy wave and an Echo arise from this suicides grave. This as yet another reference to a lawn performed by the Lord high executioner in the Mikado, the opera
This idea had alluded to in previous ladders. This latter concluded, with the words p s. If I do not say this note in your paper, I will do something nasty which you know on capable of doing a strange symbol, followed consisting of dots and thick aligns what it meant was anyone's guess. The letter finished with a final tally that read me: thirty, seven s F pay day, zero. The chronicle granted his request by publishing the letter after years of silence mused that the Zodiac had emerged once again captured the public's attention.
Some raiders wondered if the reference to suicide man he planned to take his own, live or stop killing once and for all. Investigators would just designs and as to how they should interpret this unexpected and oh Blake Communication. Over the next few months, three similar letters followed, one was signed from a friend another from a citizen, and the third was sent by someone in the city of San were fell, who call themselves the red phantom hole of they shed similarities to the Zodiac correspondence, but the handwriting differ slightly to account the days differences, some theorize that the Zodiac might be handy dexterous, but investing
is were unable to determine whether any, where all authentic or the work of a copy cat, detective, He was still digging into the man. Many consider the Prime Zodiac Access backed Author lay island in the MID seventies, an investigator took like bury us of all about Brian Heartening to a hardware store where Ellen was working at the time. I and browsed the shelves pretending to be An ordinary customer before taking an item to the till While I rang up the purchase, Brion said They observed him taking in every physical feature, Brian had insane the face of his attack on as the man had been wearing a hood, but he noted that Alan size, build and voice was a match in. ass to guide is wearing tree by Brian
observations on September, twenty seven nineteen, seventy four tat arrived at, Arthur, lay Alan's, try law in Santa Rosa, desperate to apprehend him when their persistent knocking went on. He answered they picked the lock to get inside our wasn't home, but incriminating evidence was based then detectives headed to the lumberyard, where island was now working and arrested him on the spot at the county, jail Helen, sat with detectives without a loyal, present He asked if he would be given a lot of sentence if he simply pleaded guilty. His arrest was the result of a statement provided by one of balance, friends, but she
wasn't naming him as the Zodiac. This arrest was for an entirely different crime. Helen had sexually assaulted her right year old son on multiple occasions, Investigators still didn't have any real evidence to pin the Zodiac crimes on island two spots of all that Brian hot no statements on March 14th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five after plating, guilty to the child. Molestation charges Allen was sentenced to and a half years said the task Darrow State Hospital, a mental health facility for individuals who had committed a criminal offence, later that same year, a small group of radio enthusiasts
thy area began speaking to one another over the airwaves one of the men, Richard Marshall, invited the others. I vow to he's basement apartment in San Raphael. A city approximately eighteen miles, north of San Francisco. Marshal was in his light fortys and was a film bath who work does not. Paradise in silent, Theodor Old Marshal had made several comments over the radio that the others considered strange. They accepted his invitation upon entering he's They were immediately struck by the troubling work on he's walls he had on supply. A large number of explicit images featuring young boys and possessed a large collection of pornographic literature throughout the
Evening marshals behaviour was extremely odd. At one stage he remarked that he discovered something much more exciting than sex, but refused to elaborate also mentioned that he needed to lay low for a while, but did and explain why. One of marshals. Visitors was TED, not he's real name tat had following the Zodiac case closely over the years and begin to one. Their. If Marshall could be the culprit, TED thought Marshall For an uncanny resemblance to the suspect, sketches brought down to his thick framed glasses. Furthermore, the marshal had lived in the Bay area during all of the confirmed, Zodiac attacks and was residing in riverside at the time sherry Joy, Bates was murdered. Ted also found
and marshals remark about binding something better than sex was ear. lay reminiscent of the Zodiac decoded cipher about killing being the greatest thrill quote better than getting your rocks off with a girl, shoal, invited his guests to watch one of his favorite films unless pectoral raw hall, which translating English to the red phantom this was of interest to TED due to the possible Zodiac, let out the chronicle had received from someone using the same name. Moreover, that particular letter had been posted from San referred. The city, where Marshall lived on June, sixteen nineteen seventy six TAT sent a letter to the NAFTA Canny Sheriffs Department detailing he. Suspicions invest
Guide is wearing trade enough to set up a meeting with TAT. When they showed him, some of their confirmed zodiacal at is even more or similarities, emerged TED recognised the ugly shaped pieces of paper used by this idea as matching some he'd seen marshals apartment according to TED Marshal, had a friend who worked in printing and supplied him with scrap paper. Ted also thought the Zodiac handwriting looked similar to that of martial. Who was a dexterous. He often road with a black mark on which the Zodiac was sometimes known. To do Additionally, he owned a royal typewriter same model, Sherry Joe Bases killer was believed to have used. When composing he's confession ladder,
Marshall, had served in the Navy and was skill. During the electric circuit diagrams, like the image of the bomb the Zodiac had drawn, he also spoke with a distinct droll which fit the Zodiac voice, as described by survive, o Brien hot, no Marshal was interviewed by detectives. They found him compelling, but ultimately, concluded that he wasn't a strong sauce, backed due to his fingerprints, not matching any of those file for the Zodiac. Marshall laid off spoke publicly about the case during a tv interview, he acknowledged Hey in the Zodiac seemed to have a number of things in common remarking my innocence. Notwithstanding the details do feared. By
At this point, detectives David Tusky and William Armstrong had been leading the Zodiac investigation for close to seven knees. In September, one. Nineteen. Seventy six Armstrong requested to be Ray I saw and elsewhere, while Tusky remained Committed to their case in an interview, with the examiner Tusky explained what drove him to pursue the case. So doggedly quote, I'll get to him one day and I'll bring him to justice, that's my mode evasion, justice, I'm not a vengeful thought, but when a life is taken, there must be justice. Tough, key acquired a celebrity status within San Francisco police Department, earning
Ongoing praise from the public and becoming the inspiration for police car does in the popular films dirty harry and bullet. The public revealed the Working inspector with one girl riding him a letter that red I imagine and you say a lot of terrible, sad things, but our you to know that in this crazy world of crooked people, you are a very special policeman by light one thousand nine hundred and seventy six detective Toski just seven years to go until he could retire from the police force. He's mission was to solve the Zodiac case before then, as he seventh year on their case approach, urged he told the San Francisco examiner. He was watching these mail box to see if he received an anniversary com. from the Zodiac thought, the anniversary came and went without a word
and another year passed with no breakthroughs. by April of nineteen seventy eight it had been more than Four years since the last confirmed let off from the Zodiac had arrived, and some had started. I wonder if perhaps the killer had died without ever being identified. All that changed on April twenty four. when an envelope appeared at the San Francisco. Chronicle addressed to the editor inside It was a short no written in familiar handwriting that concluded with the zodiacs crosshair signature. It read. Do you read it all this? is the Zodiac speaking. I am back with you,
I have always been here that city pig Tusky is good, but I am smarter and bed on he will get tired, then leave me alone. I am waiting, Good movie about me who will play me. I am now in control of things Return of the Zodiac excited detective Tusky and nerves kicked in. He held a press conference stating I have always felt he was alive and out there somewhere. I still I don't know where he is, but up to now. I know that all our work, all daisies, definitely
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when San Francisco Chronicle columnist almost dead. More than read the latest Zodiac letter he paused there was something odd about it. The Zodiac headed never singled out in individual police officer before and now how he dimension detective tusky by name this stood out to almost dead because of something he was keeping sacred. Almost dead had been riding a murder, mystery series for the paper and Tusky had been kind enough to provide. with valuable insights into homicide investigations. To give you story a moral, authentic feel almost dead was so inspired that he created a character based on tasks. He's raiders were so impressed that three of them right fled.
Ring letters of prize about Tusky and thank Damas dead for writing about him. However, there was thing, about the letters that almost dead couldn't ignore. All three had been talked on the same top RADA. He was certain that the letters had actually being written by detective Tusky himself. Almost dead felt so embarrassed photography that he kept this belief to himself that now, He had a more troubling concern. Could Tusky have also written the latest Azadi ACT letter to bring the case back into the spotlight. Amistad reported he suspicions and Tusky was confronted by his superiors hey admitted to sending the fan mail to honest dead, but steadfastly deny
having anything to do with the most recent Zodiac letter and investigation can fund. He was telling the truth, although they couldn't be certain authority. these were convinced. The latest the letter was genuinely written by the Zodiac killer. However, the damage to toss these reputation had been done on July, ten nineteen. Seventy eight detective tusky was a. Initially removed from. Zodiac case and demoted It was a mortifying full from grace for the celebrity detective over the next few years. The case continued till. As the Zodiac murders were committed across four separate jurisdictions. There were multiple agencies involved. These had a lead
to a messy and unwieldy investigation, which was further hindered by competitiveness, as aged department strived to be the one that cracked the case In nineteen eighty one California Department of Justice was given the relevant files and article one night. The investigation, one Vallejo detective publicly regretted that this hadn't happened sooner stating if the Justice Department had controlled the case. the beginning. The zodiac would be behind bars now, but
December. Ninety ninety the investigation had entered its fourth decade. The valet hope Police Department received word that an inmate in Santa Clara, canny jail wanted to come clean. With some information he'd been holding onto hey, claimed, to know the identity of the Zodiac Killer and a to hand handed over in exchange for a reduction of his sentence. Although sceptical to Vallejo detectives travelled to Santa Clara to visit the man, he was free, dear Old Korea, criminal Robert Spinelli. It was facing charges for armed robbery, Spinelli a great to divulge what he knew, but only
The charges against him were dropped. The detectives flat out refused asking Spinelli how he could be so certain he had the right person. Spinelli said that several days before taxi Rather, Palestine was murdered a man he knew told him. He was going to San Francisco to kill a cab driver. Spinelli refused to share the man's name, but was eventually convinced to do so by he's lawyer them his name was Arthur. Lay Alan investigators had never stop Considering Alan as Zodiac sauce backed this was despite the fact that he's fingerprints did not match any of the possible Zodiac prints on record good and Alan had never been known to wear black framed glasses luck. The zodiac did in nineteen seventy seven
Alan was released from a task Darrow State Hospital after serving a two year sentence for child molestation charges. Now, with the statement from raw, But Spinelli he'd been named in the Zodiac case again more than a deck, Eliza, detectives away, sure whether Spinelli was telling the truth or just had a former score to settle with Alan thought. There were certain factors that sparked their interest: firstly, Alan had never been publicly named as a suspect in their case and, secondly, jury The period Allen was incarcerated. The zodiac hadn't Santa he knew tat. It was only in the months following Release the chronicle received the full in a letter that began I'm back on fairly.
Wary fourteen nineteen. Ninety one police executed a search warrant, a dollar time involved, hope and found it number of suspicious items. Where several mail order catalogues featuring guy and baby traps and Oda Royal top right off with a late type. This was believed today the same model top I doubt that sherry, joy bases killer had used to compose he's confession, handwritten formulas and supplies for bomb making were also discovered and in the properties baseman police found several completed pot bombs they started them as one of the Zodiac letters had mentioned, storing a bomb in these baseman police,
I also found a letter from investigator James Silver of the Department of Justice, which stated that Alan had passed a polygraph examination and should no longer be considered a suspect in the Zodiac case. Police thought this was odd and questioned Alan about it. Hey admitted he'd printed the letter during his time, working in the task Darrow Hospital print shop, but maintained that it was all Take James Silva denied this saying he would never write such a lotta. Nothing was found Todd onto warning of the Zodiac victims, but police confiscated this ladder and he's Zodiac branded, watches evidence. Allen was furious, hey decided, it was finally time to break the silence
in July. One thousand nine hundred and ninety one island gave his side of the story. Two news report is insisting he had passed the polygraph tests that can fund. He was not the Zodiac. he told the San Francisco examiner. This damned thing has been haunting me for twenty two years. No way in Hell. Could I go out and kill innocent tiny barbours no way, but with the police on, do until on proven innocent, and I figured out there face will be around until I die retired Vallejo. Detective George Bow. It was one of the investigative convinced that Alan was the Zodiac and persisted in he's hunt for evidence, thou at tracked down Zodiac survivor, Markham Joe, and took him a photo line up of possible sauce backs Mako scanned his eye.
over the images looking for familiar pages, he singled out a fire of an over white boarding man and said: that's him, that's the man who shot me. It was all that lay Alan investigators contain need to focus on Alan prompting view into all previous correspondence from there the AK. The first saw a false sense of the San Francisco chronicle in nineteen sixty nine, dubbed the for our white. So far, ended with a final line that had never been officially decoded at the time once The son, who was interested in their case said he'd find a solution that translate dead into the words Robert Emmett that he be investigated had searched for a Robin Emmett with no success.
In August of nineteen. Ninety two detectives made a breakthrough: they disk That Alan had gone to high school with a boy named Robert Emmett ROD of far right had gone on to study at the University of California Berkeley, during which time he became a heavy hey and Darwin. Had never gotten along investigators managed track. Robert down in Germany, hey confirm that hey New Alan Ass, a teenager and suspected that Alan held a grudge against him out of jealousy over the years. Detectives had amassed a case file of circumstantial evidence pointing to, while on as the prime sauce back of the Zodiac killings on August, twenty six nineteen. Ninety two
they received some unexpected neves. Fifty eight year old Allen had passed away. Initial speculation was that he had taken his own life, unable to cope with being like The zodiac anymore, though, authorities were disappointed that this aspect had died before any charges could be lied. Alan's death did present. One opportunity It meant that good searches for lay her home again the next morning, detectives design, dead on Alan's, modest spanish mission stall house inside they found a strip of paper containing mathematical calculations and another set of instructions for bomb building. However, that was during a search of a bookcase that detector
if discovered what they were searching for granting amongst the box, was a very I just type written on it. Type was a single letter, Z, detectives, inserted the type into a vcr and pressed apply our appeared on screen holding he's pet dogs. As that, progressed. Alan began ranting about the Vallejo Police Department. Any hope that island would confess to being the Zodiac killer dissipated when, instead of confessing Alan pulled down, he's pants and moon the camera the jack did captain Wrong Conway fronted the media, but refused to discuss the search, sure the findings he did put one room at arrest. Alan
Had not taken he's, I love an autopsy confirmed. He died of natural causes is still the captain was steadfast in his resolve. That detectives would not give up stating it is still an ongoing criminal investigation. Alan's death has not changed that in late, two thousand and important package arrived at the San Francisco police DNA Crime LAB inside the parcel was several stamped envelopes. Scientists assigned to the case carefully removed the stamps from the envelopes Joel Red, plays rush to editor improvements in dna testing meant it was now possible that the saliva used to fix this dance to the zone again, the lives could undoubtedly prove whether
fairly Allen was the killer. The first step was to establish whether a dna profiles could be made from the stamps in the first place, Scientists, wherein lock a partial profile, was extracted from one of the stamps. A day and a profile for Allen was also extracted from brain tissue taken during he's autopsy. It was a long and painstaking process held up by other active investigations which required urgent results. Two years later, the results were finally made public and genetic profile was not a match to the Zodiac stand by only two thousand for the San Francisco police D. Men had been investigating the Zodiac case Finelli thirty, five years,
had become one of the longest running and most frustrating unsolved cases in the cities history. On April, I two thousand for the department announced that, due to their overwhelming caseload, the Zodiac file was being declared inactive, older, they had more dna on file that was yet to be tested. The crime lab I've. A loaded and more recent cases were given priority. All evidence relating to the Zodiac was locked away in a filing cabinet in the homicide office with no intention of it being unlocked anytime, soon, detective if they never Valley and Vallejo kept their Zodiac files open, but for the first time since taxi driver pull stone was did there would be no one in San Francisco actively investigating the cereal killings.
Three years later, it was re open to after the release of director, David Finches, Film Zodiac sparked renewed interest in their case. The movie was based on a book by Robert Gray Smith, a political cartoonist who worked for the San Francisco chronicle during the period that the Zodiac sent letters to the newspaper he'd become fascinated by the case and spent more than a decade trying to solve it Gray Smith was so convinced that that author lay Allen was the Zodiac tat. He came under fire, but twisting facts in order to make Alan local more suspicious. He withheld islands name in the book instead naming him Bob whole star, detective David Tusky was Portrayed by actor mark rough alive, who prepared for the role by spending time with the aging former detective, like Robert Gray Smith, tough.
we remain convinced that Arthur A Lay Allen was the killer. Despite his dna, not matching the profile, taken from the Zodiac stamp. on January, six, two thousand and Tusky stay away from pneumonia him. He San Francisco home Gray Smith PEN, Please I beg you area for the New York Times in which he noted Dave Tusky cared about the victims. Far more than catching this yak and in this he never failed on March three, two thousand seven, almost thirty years after the first, the letter from the Zodiac killer arrived at the San Francisco Chronicle editorial assistant, Daniel King was sorting, threw out photo files as safely
through them. I brought red envelope caught his eye. It was addressed to the editor in a familiar print, the envelope postmarked from Eureka. California, and dated December. One thousand nine hundred and ninety its seal was still intact, meaning is at set unopened for sixteen years inside was a Christmas card depicting a cartoon snowman wearing a Groucho Marx inspired mosque and a pre printed message
add from your secret pal, can't guess who I am yet well. Look inside and you'll find out that I'm gonna keep you guess in happy holidays anyway, the card wasn't signed and there was no personalized message, but a slip of folded paper was enclosed within it contained a black and white photocopy. To United States postal service case on a metal k chain. There was no explanation accompanying the image document examiners studied the writing on the envelope and debated what There was an authentic zodiac correspondence or a hoax research. I tomboy who operates the website. Zodiac killer dot com eventually traced the idea
vacation numbers on the case to a man who want a post office box in Eurasia, the man was looking, Two bought police but ruled out. The Zodiac investigation. The significance of their case remains unknown. over the decades. The mystery of the Zodiac killer has created as much speculation amongst armchair detectives, as it has for the case to investigate is images. Sleuths have formed their own task forces and met at the crime seems to discuss their theory. Websites and online forums dedicated to dissecting. Every detail of the case have many devoted followers. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies haven't given up I hope that the killer will one day be identified
off the lay islands. Dna rooting out as the sauce backed in two thousand and eighteen started, New revelation came to light. The dna samples tested against Alan's had actually been obtained. From the outside of one of the Zodiac stamps. This meant the sample could have come from any number of individuals who have handled the mail in addition to the real Zodiac, the killer, even if Allen was responsible for the Zodiac letters, it's possible that he didn't like the stamps himself. Several imbalance acquaintances have since reported that hey often asked them to lick stamps for him as he couldn't stand. The taste one of these was his former friend Donald Cheney, who was responsible for naming Alan as a sauce, backed in response to these allegations. Donalds DNA was tested against the samples taken from the Zodiac stand,
It wasn't a match: aid are to this day. A range of individuals have been accused of being designed, yak with varying those of evidence and acceptance infamous murderers have been considered, including killer called the means in family, the Unabomber TED Cassim Ski and that they take k serial killer, Dennis Radar, other sauce backs of had connections to confirms or assumed victims, including a Riverside City College lottery assistant staff. Member at the casino well done, alas, worked A british automobile importer and someone who went to the same schools as David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen are repaid and named Lawrence Kane was scrutinised by he's possible ties to both confirmed and unconfirmed zodiac victims,
Alain Farren Sisters claimed Kane was the man who worked in a white car outside darlings home after she claimed to have seen him kill someone Kane also moved to self TAT one month after done, alas, and worked very close by to her a popular sauce, backed amongst internet sleuth. Today is Richard Guy cast a foreigner. U S, army medic got Caskey, had several circumstantial ties, designing a convicted and crime sayings and occasionally went by the nickname, geike a word that can be seen clearly at the centre of this idea. Acts for our white saw a far though the spelling is slightly off,
ultimately no concrete evidence has ever been found to incriminate either of these men. One person made a death bed confession to bang the Zodiac at another did the same, but. so an attorney ensuring attorney client privilege would secure he sacred until he passed away A mariner, a newspaper added up and an identity thief have also been considered as the Zodiac. Various people have come forward to accuse their friends and even family members of being there. idea AG despite years of ongoing investigations, the sauce back to waste, This is the long as ever. given the zodiac was only ever known in broad strokes. Many people could have fit the bill there.
There is the Zodiac hoax theory in which some believe they kill out never existed. those who actually Soros spoke to the killer have identified different Paypal as being responsible in twenty twenty one and independent team of forty form, a law enforcement investigators, military intelligence officers and journalists named the case breakers claim today had identified the Zodiac killer as a disgrace to U S AIR Force veteran named Gary Frances Post. This conclusion, like all the others he's based on circumstantial evidence and has not yet been proven. Complicating matters are the litany of pranks and hoaxes that dawn the Zodiac identity throughout the years. There is a distinct difference,
Dwayne, the Zodiac, who seems to encompass these types and more and the actual Zodiac Killer, the individual responsible for the crimes As the lines have been blood between these two identities over the years, it can be impossible to determine what correspondence or incidents is attributed to Wada in nineteen sixty seven, the father of stabbing victim, Sherry, Joe Bates, Riverside police and the press surprised editorial offices received anonymous hand, written letters warning of more victims, they com. All three letters was signed with a symbol that, resembled the letters a b vs. It was hotly speculated and at some points, firmly believed that they The letters were penned by the Zodiac long before he adopted the title.
These letters led to the belief that sherry, Joe was the first as Zodiac victim and While he lighter made vague reference to her murder, the killer never fully took credit for it. Handwriting experts had compared he's handwriting to the sherry job I letters and concluded they were a match in twenty twenty one day. active fronting. The sherry Joe Bates case came forward with information they had kept to themselves since two thousand, and sixteen that year the riverside police, received an anonymous letter printed from a computer and postmarked from San Bernardino, California, the Yalta claimed to be the person whose and the original hand written letters following shit. Rejoice, murder, warning of more deaths to come, in the new us to let out the author reveal
that he was a troubled tain in nineteen sixty seven and the letters Nothing more than a sick joke, hey denied, kill sherry Joe Obey. The Zodiac killer. Investigate is confirmed, he's the link to the hand, written note, survive dna recovered from a stab and were able to definitively. Rule he mad as being responsible fishery joys, murder, old the hand written letters were deemed a hoax. The pranks dad didn't claimed responsibility for the separate talks confession. This talk to letter is still considered all stand take given that it contains information that only her killer wooden. Riverside investigators have never supported the theory that sherry, Joe Bates, was killed by the Zodiac
they had another primest aspect in mind: a former high school acquaintance of Sherry Jays, who came to their tension in nineteen, eighty one hate being spotted need a library around the time of sherry joys, murder war assume last saw a shoe to the prince, found at the crime saying and under wristwatch locked, the one recovered their by need nineteen. Eighty two detectives were hopeful of arresting this man eminently, but they filed together enough evidence and the suspects name was never released, years later. Detective certainty about this person's involvement was quashed when advancements in dna technology confirmed that hey wasn't the perpetrator.
the only to Paypal, nine to have directly interacted with the Zodiac no longer talk publicly about their crimes, shooting the Volga, Marco, my Joe struggled with substance, abuse and homelessness in the years following he's ordeal, while Brian Heart, no, who was stabbed by the Zodiac at like bury ESA, has chosen not to speak in recent years. In March, two thousand night Brian spoke to Inland Empire magazine about he's decision to say talking saying. There were two reasons why I quit giving interviews one everything that could be said had been said, and the second reason was desired. Yak was a publicity hand. If I'm out there giving interviews talking
Keeping my face in the news on taking the attention away from him. He may view that as a threat to him and decide to eliminate the competition in two thousand eighteen a genealogy website, was used to identify a prolific cereal, ripest and killer known as the golden state killer, whose crimes were covered. In episode. Fifty three of case file After the perpetrators, arrest and increasing were of law enforcement agencies began. Turning to genealogy databases to help with criminal investigations. Investigators have confirmed that the potential dna samples collected from Zodiac, Chrome, sayings and documents have been sent to a private lab in the hopes of full genetic profiling. they created. If successful, they will be able to run it through genealogy data bases in the hopes of link.
The zodiac to a relative, even if the killer is deceased, a match could still be made and the case could finally be closed. The database grows bigger every year and technology continues to improve creating the possibility that the Zodiac will one day be identified. Despite the lack of answers One of the smaller remaining mystery surrounding this idea killer was unexpectedly solved in December twenty twenty two camps, that program programme has sent a mathematician decided to try their hand at cracking. The zodiac's three forty saw from nineteen sixty nine it'd banks just two weeks after a man identified only a SAM called into the gym Dunbar television show claiming to be the Zodiac using code breaking soft,
where that one of the men had created they tested six hundred and fifty thousand possible solutions through us system of trial and error. Finally, after months of attempts An interesting words emerged, hope you are trying to catch. Me was the first fries or the gas chamber was the second. The men had solved the entire message. It read. I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me. That wasn't me on that. Innovation, which brings up a point about me. I am not afraid of the gas chambers Because it will send me to Paradise all the sooner cause. I now have enough slaves to work for me Wherever one else has nothing when they re Paradise, so they are afraid of death.
I am not afraid. Because I know that my new life is, life will be Lazy one in Paradise: death, like previous Zodiac correspondence. The word paradise said being misspelled with sea. Instead of an s. Overall, the code breaking trio would disheartened by the message they had managed to crack. Fifty one years after it was said. it contained no revelation about the killers identity. One of the code, I guess David ran check, tell the New York Times that hated and say how the solution would be helpful to the victim's loved ones, quote
The message in that saw FR, I don't say it is being helpful to then it's more of the same junk that they kill a locked to write about it's just intended to hurt people and to make them afraid And ensuring mystery about this idea. He sees number of victims and, by the time he stopped taunting Paypal. The killer had claimed to have killed. Thirty seven pay police have only attributed five notice to the Zodiac David Faraday, seventeen Betty Lou Jensen, sixteen darling, Farren, twenty to Cecilia Shepherd twenty two and pull Stein twenty nine.
To this day, the murder of sherry, joy, Bates remains unsolved. Other unsolved cases throughout California have since been examined for possible, was zodiac links. The nineteen sixty two shooting murder of cabdriver Right Deva seen Oceanside Bears strike similarities to pull stones, murder and faded a killer who made taunting phone calls to police. Before and after the fact, the nineteen the three shooting murders of rubber, Dominguez and Linda redwoods in Gabby. Oda were also highlighted as a possible Zodiac crime due to it in Having a young couple, what a badge. Robert and the window, where restrained with pray caught. Robe. Much luck, Cecilia Shepard and Brian HOT, nor let like bury ESA, bought unlock.
Lotta Robert and Linda, manage to escape and would gunned down, while fleeing Our asylum is believed to have also been armed with a knife in both crimes. The perpetrator ordered the Now, to tie up the NEO companion at gunpoint, Ryan Heart NO recalled the zodiac had tested and taught and tease restrains, which could be interpreted as a precaution. Measure. He might have learnt from a previous failed attempt. Eight months later, newlyweds Johnny enjoy swindle were gone down by the sea. He notion badge all of these crimes share remarkable similarities, including the fact that they were seemingly random and emotive. Alas,
more recently, law enforcement has considered whether days crimes detailed in episode. One of the series could have been committed by the Zodiac before he adopted the title While there is enough to hint that these crimes might be where the serial killers origin story begins. Opinions Main divided of the many people suspected for several of these crimes is an unidentified man, known only a scene d c. Do you a fake name used by a transient young men and petty criminal who came to the attention of police in nineteen? Sixty three off this dubbing, a man to death during a robbery. he was known to where military clothing and a pair of black thick rimmed eyeglasses sandy desired above all else, to obtain a gun.
Hey has never been located. Compensate sketches of Sandy bear a striking similarity to sketches of this idea that some have speculated that. they may have been responsible for killing Robert Dominguez Centre Linda Redwoods, and that their deaths marked the beginning of the Zodiac attacks. On June, twenty six nineteen six, the three: an open letter to the unidentified kill on known, as Sandy was published in the long pirate record, while Sandy may have no connection at all to the Zodiac case. The words delivered a powerful message that could have been written, especially for the and identity I'd serial killer as well, at our red. If you are guilty, you will pay
even if you remain free and continue to run for many years. It has a way of weighing heavily upon a man. Often MA more heavily than all the retribution a court can exact. So if you continue to run, you must forget, news, with this shadow lurking behind you blocking all your attempts to gang peace and happiness. I am sure you have heard the old saying. Let your conscience pay your guide. Well, it is just as true that your conscience can be your hell. unless you find a way to make peace with it. All these troubles. You will find within yourself in that place,
known as your saw, but you face other problems too. Every place you turn for food work, money in sickness or a native any sword will mean a fight. You will have to fight the fee within you, for you will be afraid that they know and will tell die somewhere along the road. You will stop and think and then you will know that for all of the time. you have been running, you have been in a pretty of your own, making one like Far worse than any devised by modern justice and one built by you, because you he did not find the courage to clear your name or to face. The responsibility
piece of your own actions. The australian federal police, Australia's national policing agency, their work includes counter terrorism, serious organised crime, cybercrime, fraud, child exploitation and human trafficking within human trafficking, its taught ripe to walk between prosecuting someone for human trafficking offence and looking after them the proposal was bleeding profusely, they couldn't hold in business or police Catania. What's gonna happen,
The money that she had my during that weight was eighty two and a half thousand dollars, and that was her worst wake in ten years. The case file, tat has been given exclusive access to the eye of pay case involved to bring new story. If some of the most challenging operations, no right, by me you he endeavour. Interviews with I have pay federal agents and alone how they investigated and interrupted the most serious crimes level of criminal. Just then a level of smartness that people didn't He tribute to her what our jobs in cybercrime is to make it. We do you know about it Jane and insight into how the I have paid disrupted. A major human trafficking seemed again and arrested a sex offenders who talk. the children on line, while the number of victims that he targeted it wasn't just one child or two children. It was hundreds of children. The threat was always there, always
president, like a dark cloud hanging over their heads, they kind of marks. One of the boys where he says you think I'll be caught from investigating counter terrorism and disrupting major drug importation chains to international kidnappings. We Taking inside look at some of the biggest investigations and alone and how the I have paid stayed a step ahead. I was into the house and always met with some other to go. one with him. My pistol mother, one The machete, the sands aside, he's really in trouble. He doesn't stand himself if you give the money like Achillea or should I give them money like a stool kidding when you are talking about a twenty one, you out offender, they still lives that time, a shock to your dad when the place on only knocking at the door, then breaking down.
Crime interrupted is the latest release from case file presents the first step aside. He stay out now with the new episodes, dropping wastefully, listen for Frankie wherever you get your plug costs and be sure to get the full. I thought so you don't be sent episode.
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