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255: Case 214: Kevin Hjalmarsson

2022-06-04 | 🔗
*** Warning: This case involves a child victim *** When the body of four-year-old Kevin Hjalmarsson was found floating on a wooden pallet in Sweden’s Kyrkviken bay, police determined that it wasn’t a tragic drowning, but a cold-blooded murder. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Peloton – Learn more about Peloton Calm – Get 40% off Calm Premium subscription Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-214-kevin-hjalmarsson
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Rum, audio boom studios and wooden I'd media. What makes a killer returns were season for jennifer nato so and I'll, be your host as we examined thirteen new killers. This season we'll take a look infamous killers, including dian downs, Gary ridgeway, the green river killer, ted Bundy and Denis raider. The bt k killer, follow a sun spot, a fine or subscribe on apple pod, castles sticker or wherever you find. Your favorite shows araby so still with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, the chicago for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shore notes for this episode on Europe or on our website.
Today's episode involves crimes against children and white bc, double for listeners. Boy you're out kevin, Yelena and loved his bicycle. More than anything, the little boy It was a familiar face around daughter, vic, the small sweetie suburb. He lived in with his mother to race and half sister isabella. He was often seen riding happily around the neighborhood waving to those he knew as he cycled by. the residential area was located on the shores of the sheer vacant by just three kilometers outside central larvae car. It was a close nick Immunity and residents mostly trusted one another. Therefore it was common practice for the local children to play around town without supervision. Provided. They stay clear of the main road sent alike. They never be too far.
Familiar familiar, rattled was never too far away Sunday august's. Sixteen nineteen. Ninety eight was the last day of holidays before school returned for the year, and the sun made a much worse can appearance. It was the perfect opportunity for Kevin. Yell must send to play outside on these bike. After breakfast, he rode over tomatoes friend robin and the two played all morning before Kevin went to his grandparents house for lunch after see doctype where his mother Teresa was busy preparing for isabella's return to school. The following day she a great Let kevin go out again as long He didn't stay out to light by six thirty p m Kevin, hadn't returned home and careers were starting to worry, hoping he just left. Track of time and was busy playing somewhere, she enlisted
vince grandparents to help her look around town, they serve. Kevin's usual haunts, including the playgrounds local school and football field there was no sign of him anywhere. The football field back don t shake a vacant. By a large lake dotted with trees and walking pots. They followed the path towards the lake His grandmother noticed something propped up against a grassy mound behind a small wooden shed. It was Kevin's bicycle he's prized possession which he took with him everywhere, dread washed over Kevin's family. They called Kevin's name, but there was no response. Something must be horribly wrong. There was no way kevin which try to far from his beloved black, like other children in the neighborhood kevin was strictly forbidden from I need a leg, a rule,
Happily, I bade, as he couldn't swim and was afraid of the water. However, asylum I was bobbing in the water, and his family wondered if Kevin might have been interested enough to get a closer look. They trepidation headed towards the like calling Kevin's name repeatedly as they walked at the shore, Kevin's grandfather, glanced over towards an area of rage and slumped in shock there. lying face down on a wooden. Pallet amongst the raids was Kevin.
Kevin's grandfather carried Kevin's lifeless body to shore and his grandmother administered mouth to mouth resuscitation, while waiting for the paramedics Kevin was rushed to hospital, but all attempts to revive him were fruitless. At eleven p m he was officially pronounced deceased with the cause of death determined to be drowning. It was standard credit, call for local law enforcement to look into drowning incidents, and as soon as investigators saw Kevin's body, they knew. It wasn't a typical drowning case for starters, Kevin shoes and one of his socks were missing There were also visible injuries to the front of his neck and abdomen. Waller was Paul
the that these injuries were caused by he's body rubbing against the wooden pilot as it moved in the water. This was unlikely. The pilot, kevin had been found lying on was in water. Approximately twenty centimetres dave when he's grandparents found him only his left hand had been trailing in the water while the rest of his body was a flowed on the palate. Even though Kevin couldn't swim. Don't make sense that he could have drowned in such shallow water. An official autopsy confirmed investigators suspicions. the whites of Kevin's eyes showed clear signs of bleeding, which is a telltale indication of strangulation, There were also bruises, too he's genitals and signs of sexual assault as well. said in his hand aware this was in a tragic, drowning accident at all, but a cold, blooded murder.
The area where Kevin's body was found was cordoned off, although authorities kept it under wraps that they were investigating the boys, there's anything other than an accident. The locals. Who was right next door, so parents into During arrived to a dramatic saying when they returned for the school on Monday morning. Has offices assessed. The area to students approached and handed over a pair of black veil, bryce, strapped sandals and a single purple sock. They belonged to Heaven and the children had found them behind the small shed. Where he's black had been abandoned, The shed was approximately thirty metres from where Kevin's body was found and the path leading up to wet contained similar sand to that It was found in caverns and aware this lead.
Investigators to theorize that he could have been killed me the shed before being moved to the pallid fluorescent clothing fibers were found. The path, although none were detected on the pilot or on cabins body Seven send a made along bruise on Kevin's neck indicated that he'd been killed by some on pressing hard shop object against these throat. Investigators were particularly interested in a stick that was found to me the shed. It was around one centimeter, thick and broken in the middle testing. Build a child sized and brandon the bark, as well as several has attached, leading to the conclusion that this was the murder weapon. Given the proximity of the crime saying to the school, the room until soon went in eliza drops policing.
canvassing, the neighborhood, to question people about what they'd seen on sunday afternoon, making it obvious This was no opening shot accidental drowning on thursday august twenty local suspicions that Something more sinister was at play were confirmed when a press conference was held to announce that the police, when now trading cabins death as a sexual assault and murder Kevin's parents were great store again. They had separated before he was born, but he's father poetry. I had recently moved closer to dot. The vague focus on his relationship with the sun. The two had been growing closer and to have kevin, suddenly snatched away, left portrayed so overcome with sorrow. that he was unable to leave the house cabin
mother teresa shied away from the media to focus on her grief and take care of her daughter, while also trying to process unfounded accusations of neglect. Though much of the community were supportive. Some parents were openly questioning how to raise could have left Kevin unsupervised. She was accused of partying instead of taking care of her child, others cruelly labelled Kevin's grandparents as drugs, and some went as far as to comment. It was no wonder that he died this cruel gossip. exacerbated teresa's, already overwhelming grief, as Most child murders committed by someone known to the victim protocol dictated that Kevin's family were looked into. Not only did they all have verified alibis, but police found nothing to suggest that they were.
anything other than loving and supportive and they were quickly ruled out of the investigation Police had been trying to piece together, Kevin's last known movements, but was no easy task. Doktor VIC was relatively lower socio economic area and many residents didn't trust the police as they felt they had been overlooked when making role ports in the past, eventually, investigators founded who were willing to talk and a timeline was established. The cavern left his mother's house on sunday afternoon. He met up with. It Friend, named name to Robert, just before four p m depair road, that box to the home of Kevin's best friend robin and asked if he wanted to come out, and robin wasn't allowed to so Kevin told robin he come by the next day. Instead,.
Hey and Robert then ran into a thirteen year old. They knew named felix, not he's real name. The boys looked out to felix because he owned and impressive banxxx back with spiderman handlebars, when Robert left to go home Kevin was with felix. He then played in the schoolyard with a group of other local teens and children. None of her report Seeing any strangers or anything suspicious. In the area so Ro local residents had heard screaming at around six p m, but hadn't been able to figure out where the noise was coming from one person gotten into their car and driven around trying to locate the source to no avail. The injuries to Kevin's genital area indicated the crime may have been sexually motivated. There were three
pedophiles who resided around doktor vic, one of whom live to just one hundred metres from Kevin's home. According to witnesses, This individual was saying at around midday on sunday holding Kevin's hand tent hoping he crossed the straight. However, he had a verified alibi for that evening, as did the other two nine child sex offenders. Please ass. There was no evidence linking any of them to the murder weapon day. the press conferences were held to Kate, the public and media are up to date with the latest developments in what came to be known as the Kevin case, but the details of how Kevin died. What withheld? Given the sensitive nature of the crime laid investigator ralph son, the decided that a restrained approach was best to prevent hysteria and cape speculation to a minimum.
Police appealed for anyone with information to come forward, but all thy god a series of false lanes, one woman implicate Did her partner in the crime while another claimed a hitman, had been hired to kill Kevin. There was no evidence to support either of these claims. Questions were soon raised as to whether Kevin had been sexually assaulted at all. The pathologist who'd initially examined. Kevin's body had detected what liquid around the four year olds rectum and had partly based the sexual assault diagnosis on this evidence upon closer inspection, he realized liquid was actually from the thermometer that had been used to determine Kevin's approximate time of death. police were under immense pressure to make an arrest nada.
Lee was Kevin's death starting to make national headlines, the community had become cloaked in fear, Children were no longer allowed to play or walk to school unsupervised with their parents on edge that a child care. I was on the loose adding fuel to the. Fire were rumours and tip off that immigrants were responsible, several the children last saint playing with Kevin where refugees, including thirteen year old, felix. Theories arose that one of the foreign children had murdered Kevin but were refusing to admit to it because their parents had threatened to kill them if they are adopt. These children had fled from war torn countries where they'd witnessed All kinds of atrocities and some believe this could have influenced their behaviour.
low police were rigour to dispel these rumours to quell any growing xenophobia interviewing days, children proved difficult. Not only were their cultural differences, but given the children's experiences with war, some of them had learned not to trust authorities. It was clear to police that some of them went telling the truth. They just couldn't tell if this was because they genuinely had something to hide or because they simply didn't want to get into trouble. It soon came to light that the children who handed in cabin choose to police only knew there were behind the shed because Felix had told them so he's not about the shoes, along with the fact that he was one of the last people saying with Kevin, led to rumours that felix had something to do with. Kevin's death, however, feel
ex tall police. He didn't hang out with Kevin at all. If witnesses claimed they saw the two of them together, they were mistaken. He had indeed been riding he's bam, xbox around town, but pay had gone to the law library at around six pm before heading home. having successfully eliminated kevin's family into nine sex offenders from the investigation police focused on the children who had been saying playing with We need a cavern on the night of his death. However, questioning young children regarding criminal matters is challenging at the best of times nada. They did. The children's limited vocabulary make it difficult to have straightforward conversations, but police, also To avoid asking any leading questions, complicating matters further was the fact that many of the children were allowed to play, needs alike,
They lied and told police they weren't in the area. They change. Their stories constantly sometimes implicating other children, then later taking it back with some parent flatly refusing to lead their children's spake to the police. They were urged to speak with them. children themselves and report anything that could be of interest to the investigation. The police. What used to questioning children regarding such serious matters and they didn't know how to interpret their constantly changing answers on sure what to think of how best to proceed. Diane, listen the help of professionals who are trained in dealing with children, including those with different cultural backgrounds. They brought child and family psychologists on board as well. Social workers and representatives from charity organization. Save the children.
in great hurry, son was a child psychologists, the trained in dealing with the victims of sexual assault, and she was tossed to assist police with the interrogations. It was important that she built rapport with the children, so they felt safe and comfortable enough to talk. Harrison along with some of the others on the interrogation tang spent time playing with the children, And chatting with them over barbecues fishing excursions and sarka games Ways, video game since wait traits were brought into the station to help put the children at ease once that children felt comfortable harrison and another detective would interview them in a pro that room, while others in the team watched on via covert tv screen harrison war and he pay so that enough child psychologist named bents europe,
Are you insane could guide her on how she should behave, what questions she should focus on and how far she could push their children. For many of the children, Kevin's death was difficult to comprehend, although they understood that No longer bay around camp murder was a hot topic around the neighbourhood and cabins best friend five year out I've been dolly and had heard plenty of the stories that were floating around he's seven year old brother Christian had just started school and came home every day. Rehashing everything that he'd heard in the schoolyard police had stopped bought a question robin and christian. Several arms as Kevin visited their home on the afternoon. He was killed, rob
hadn't been allowed to go out and play as his family had guests. Over for dinner, robin and christians The dolly on tell police that, after dinner, the boys had played outside with the children of their guests. They then all left to go on a fishing trip. While they couldn't provide any information about the nodding question. Viner agreed to make note of anything he sounds might mention that could be of any interest to police. Unlike some of his neighbors, he trusted law enforcement and wanted to help in any way possible, according to the book, the story of their kevin case by andreas slat on Saturday august. Twenty, Two six days after Kevin's death viner was driving the boys to blossom sweets. When he overheard christian, say I saw a kevin standing and talking to some big guys on the day that he died,
Realizing this was exactly the kind of information that could be helpful to the police viner immediately re, rounded the car towards the police station jasper for thy arrived robbins suddenly announced I saw murder, Kevin Viner was taken aback. He didn't think he sunset in playing down by the lake on the night, Kevin was killed, but robin insisted he was telling the truth. Vine, I didn't want to take any chances. Perhaps the boys had written to the lake while that will playing in front of the house after dinner, he figured the boys, could tell the police what they knew and the police could then figure out if any of the information was useful at the station, robin and Christian were taken into separate rooms to tell police what they knew.
Robin was accompanied by his stepmother reva shayne vaughan I had to recently married and that he had two main custody of the two boys who will size split that time with their mother, annika the police probe to rub into tell them everything he knew about who killed Kevin. urban was reluctant, eva reassured him. He wouldn't get in trouble if he admitted he had right he's back down to the lake robin denied doing so, but then said they didn't listen. who didn't listen, the officer asked robin responded. The one who murdered a cavern, he said there were two boy is one war all black, while the other war gray pants and a black jumper robin had watched as thy studs Kevin in the stomach.
Given that Kevin had died by strangulation, this was obviously incorrect, but police weren't prepare to rule robins account tad due to his age. It was possible that he was simply getting the details of his story. Mixed up, Meanwhile, in the other room, christian tall police that on the night of Sunday august, sixteen robin had told him that he watched kevin's murder. It became clear to police that the brothers could bade the K. Witnesses they'd been waiting for case file will be back soon. We thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode sponsors. Sometimes it's really hard to get motivated to work here that might be too cold to rainy to worley. The list goes on.
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The news that robin had witnessed kevin's murder came is such a shock to his stepmother reva that she had a panic attack and had to be administered to psychiatric ward. She was overcome with fear that whoever had killed Kevin would target robin next to ensure he silence. She was heavily sedated and held in the hospital for nine die These police visited aver in hospital and asked if she remembered the boys saying anything about saying, Kevin's murder on the night that he died. She recalled that christian might have said something about Kevin's murder on the night had happened. When pushed she also conceded that christians clothing might have been wet.
For the police. This was a major breakthrough that proved the brothers really had witnessed. The murder police took robin to visit the scene of the crime, hoping it would junkies memory, but he story changed, constantly laving, more questions than answers. They took him to Kevin's neighbourhood and if he could identify the killer, but Robin simply knocked on doors at random. They showed robin the yearbook from the local school and asked if he could identify the person who had killed Kevin. He first pointed to one boy, but then changed his mind and pointed to another none of the perpetrators. He singled out shared any physical characteristics, making it clear that robin was just pointing the pitches at random robin then changed his mind completely and said the king,
wasn't in the yearbook at all, with the very little equal evidence to go on police knew that best chance of solving the case was to find reliable witnesses. Robin began telling the police that he's brother Christian had also saying Kevin's murder Christian, initially denied seeing anything, but follow he admitted that he had been with russia on the not Kevin died. They had seen him get into a fight with a group of other local kids. Police, narrow death focus saunter, a young individuals who advanced spotted, in the area on the night of the crime they picked. The children up from school and took them to the station said they could interview them without parental influence, a decision that was harshly criticised.
The spotlight was soon placed on to thirteen year old boys named mario, send martinez who, Being seen near the light career, the time Kevin went missing when questioned by police. They gave a vase advances and constantly changed their stories. Police became
Increasingly convinced that the two friends were lying to cover something up, but they had no evidence to prove it, they searched the boys home, sent confiscated several items of clothing for forensic testing. Nothing of interest was found. The handprint on the stick that was believed to be the murder weapon was compared to several of the children lost same with Kevin, but there were no matches. Instead, it was theorize that that Kevin himself might have held onto the stick while trying to fight off the attack as kevin's prince weren't have taken. These couldn't be determined with certainty one month into the investigation. Police remains convinced that and scenario snoopy more than they were letting on Sunday applied extra pressure during
Their interrogations in a bid to extract the truth, russia became so overwhelming that at one point marios broke down in tears, but at no point did either of the teenagers come any closer to making a confession. police then took an unorthodox approach of what was illegal, to place a wire tap on the home phones of minors. They did so anyway, cut Listening in on conversations between the two friends in the hope of finding the evidence they needed. However, If matteo scenarios had any information, they were remaining tight, lipped. With no evidence physical,
the law or otherwise police reluctantly turned their focus away from attains. They were still convinced that robin and Christian knew something about Kevin's murder. They just couldn't figure out exactly what has requested by police. Their father viner had been taking note of anything. The boy said about Kevin's death at home and reporting it back to. The authorities, the brothers, gave various accounts about how Kevin died and who was responsible. They switched between him being stabbed, kicked and pushed into the water. Sometimes the perpetrator was out other times. He was just a kid. The stories changed so constantly that police started to suspect they hadn't witnessed the murder at all. Instead, they believed the brother
had actually been involved with it. In all their changing stories. One data remained consistent, h telling ted around a floating jedi, which was located just a couple of hundred metres from the boys home. This seemed significant. However, the jetty was roughly thirty may differ from the pallid where Kevin's body was found. The two locations were separated by rough terrain, dense, shrubbery and a stone wall. Heavens body had no injuries consistent with being dragged across such an area. So if he really had been killed on the jetty, then how did he end up on the pallid? In mid september, the boys mother Anita reported that she'd been discussing the situation with robin when hey suddenly made an announcement.
my brother did it with this new information coming to light, investigators the robin: if the person he saw kill Kevin was actually he's big brother christian, robin replied. Yes,. Two months into the investigation leading To guide our ralph sunbury hides fin orca Kristensen, a professor of psychology at stockholm university who had specialised knowledge, interrogation techniques. eggs and had worked with police on murder investigations in the past christians and had also conducted extensive research on the subject of repressed memories, hey believed that certain memories can be lost when an individual experiences a traumatic event, but that they can be retrieved from the sun
conscious later on this psychogenic amnesia, as christians, encoded was a defence mechanism aimed to protect people from extreme emotions that surface during trauma. as stated in one of his research papers, to the same extent, We need mechanisms to identify and recognize unpleasant events. We also need The mechanisms to forget unpleasant experience is christian, soon, river. You did the interrogation reports from all of the children who had been questioned.
And immediately determined that robin and christian aid they knew exactly what happened to Kevin or had been involved in his death. They had a likely repressed the memory and would eventually tell the truth, but it could take some time possibly several months. The truth might not come out all at once, but in dribs and drabs christian soon believed the most important thing: the investigative team do we make the boys feel safe enough to open up when viner realised that he signs when they are being traded as sauce backs. He couldn't take it anymore. The past two months. had taken such an enormous tall and he's mental health that lackeys wife. He too was admitted to a psychiatric ward investigators, visited viner in hospital to question him once again about the not that care.
Was killed, they wanted to know if he recalled his sons having wet clothing when they returned from playing outside that evening. Vine ah said couldn't remember for sure, but admitted it was possible. The clothing robin and Christian had been wearing on the night Kevin was killed, was taken for analysis, but the garments had already been washed said they hold no clues one night shortly after Police visit Viner suddenly remembered that on the night Kevin died, Christian had drawn a pitcher. It was of Kevin's, body floating in the water near the jetty.
By late october, the interrogations has been ongoing for six weeks. During that time, more than thirteen hundred interviews had been held with four hundred and eighty two individuals After eliminating all other persons of interest investigators paste together, the details, Body by robin and christian and deduced the most, Likely scenario the brothers had been playing a game with Kevin when things spiral out of control and argue And likely broke out on the jetty and Christian had accidentally killed Kevin. The brothers had simply been so traumatized by the event that they blocked it out of their memories. Hence why they couldn't give investigators a straight answer about what happened or how Kevin's body got from the jedi to the palate
The fact that Kevin died by a sharp object being pressed against his throat was still classified information. If their brothers revealed they stay. Tile police felt satisfied that they could officially closed the case according to profess us Fen. Ok, christian soon, repress the memories could be revived by leading their children back to the scene where the traumatic event took place and re. Creating this same smells sound tender lied when investigators felt that the boys were close to making a breakthrough in great harrison took robin down to the jetty she wore an EU pay so that professor christian sun could guide her words with them was a child saws. The doll harrison encouraged robin to use the dull terrain,
fact: what happened to Kevin she asked if hay or Christian did something to hurt Kevin Robin replied. No hurry soon encouraged robin to play with a stick, but he ignored it instead, asking if he should push the dull into the water christian was then brought to the jedi hurry soon encouraged him to use the dll to show where Kevin's injuries had occurred. Christian shut down completely saying you can't know. If you didn't say what happened. He eventually said that robin pushed Kevin into the water after a fod on there
Eddie, but he still didn't make any mention of a stick or strangulation. Although the interrogation team were frustrated that I haven't received the confession they were hoping for, they were certain that boys. Memories were now bubbling away just below the surface and would soon be revealed on October. Twenty six at all became too much for christian. He broke down and finally admitted that Kevin wasn't killed on the floating jetty. According to I'll, send berries official report, the interrogation team left. santa bury alone to interview christian with robin and deva. This time Christian walked to the table where a map of the light had been laid out.
He picked up a pen and circled the area of raids where Kevin's body was found. He then indicated to robin that it was ok to spake robin said that christian, Kevin and himself were playing in the soccer field when an argument broke out amongst them, the brothers began, kicking and heating kevin, including in his growing area. They then chased Kevin down to the shore of the lake, where the fight continued and Kevin somehow ended up on his back christian, then grabbed the stick and pushed it against Kevin's throat when he like go robin knelt down and pinched kevin in the throat He was already dead, the brothers lifted cavanaugh
and dragged him onto a rock where they rested for awhile before carrying him onto the pilot in the water. It was at this point that christians clothing got wet When sunbury pointed out to robin that this account differed from his most to rei,. story. Robin replied that was not true. Everything else is true. The following day, a press conference was held to announce that two young brothers had admitted to killing five year old, Kevin yell mason. It was the first time in modern swedish history that a child had been blamed for killing Another child and the authorities knew they had to choose their words carefully. Instead,
labeling it a murder. They announced that Kevin's death was the result of a game that had gotten out of hand due to the age of. Responsible, there would be no trial and their identities would not be revealed. Sunbury urged this investigation only involves victims. I therefore employ the media to show restraint and consideration towards Kevin's relatives as well as. children involved and Their relatives, despair,
a day names being suppressed. There was no hiding robin and christians identities from their fellow residents evolve. Ega the community wanted nothing to do with the boys or their family, and some people wanted revenge. It wasn't say for the family to return home, sir robin christian, viner and deva were moved to a treatment facility outside town, while authorities figured out the next steps. The boys mother Monica was re located near by She was only allowed to see her sons for scheduled visits. A team of eleven staff were assigned to help the family process. What had happened robin and Christian, couldn't grasp the situation and kept asking when
be going home. Robin continuously asked when he'd be able to say he's black again speaking about the case, Ralph sunbury lighter commented. After all, the conversations we had with children are realised that children are fully aware of their actions. In the cabin case, the boy knew they weren't playing a game. They that if they did something in a certain way, it could lead to death robin and christian. What both subject to vat: yes tests, including emma arise and a jays to check for any brain damage. Abnormalities, Authorities were interested in figuring out why the brothers had killed kevin and weather they presented a danger in the future. In a
One thousand one hundred and ninety nine that's special program to auto to project staircase was developed to help christian and robin come to terms with what they done and to help integrate them back into society. As part of project staircase, the boys would move with the liner and eva into an apartment within a treatment facility, while a team of assistance we believe in the apartment. Above this distance would monitor the families movements from nine. I am to white pay. I am taking note of everything from their daily activities to their interactions to the boys, toilet breaks. Robin and Christian would undergo daily therapy sessions where they'd be asked how they felt about Kevin's death. The aim was to help them process. What had happened without fear of judgment, origin
action they'd soon be allowed to return to school. On two conditions an assistant would accompany it. in the classroom every day and they were and allowed to tell any of their classmates about Kevin or their involvement in his death. Five months into project staircase christian was in his daily therapy session when he Suddenly made a revelation. The reason he had taken so long to confess was because his father had instructed him and robin not to tell anyone how Kevin had died. The authorities Was stunned from early on, they had suspected that via non might have been covering something up and that he may have been the one who carried Kevin's body from the jedi to the palace.
Christians revelation only strengthened their belief, deeming viner unfit to be apparent. Robin and Christian would take out of the clinic and temporarily put into their mothers custody vine adamantly denied having any involvement in Kevin's death or telling the boy is to lie about their involvement, thea. Already decided. The brothers would be best placed in foster care and set about finding suitable placements. However, when perspective families found out who, robin and Christian were they wanted nothing to do with them. Nobody felt safe having a child killer in their homes. Eventually, The decision was made christian would live with his mother, while robin would remain with a vibrant via the brothers quits.
One another on weekends. In early two thousand project, staircase, officially disbanded and the families were free to live without daily supervision, for the first time in over a year, however, they bill had to abide by strict rules. under no circumstances was anyone to reveal their involvement with the Kevin case. If an outsider ever found out their sacred across his plan was put in place The boys were also forbidden from returning to our vega until they turned eighteen, but at this point didn't matter anyway. None of their friends wanted anything to do with them.
Although neither brother initially had any recollection of the event, they believed it was possible that they blocked the memories out, as investigators said, has ease began. To pass. The whole situation remained shrouded in mystery christian Robin one allowed to talk about it with friends and their parents same data, to put it all behind them and move forward. but every now, and then, when life felt normal again, an unexpected abusive message would find it swaying into their letter box or e mail accounts to remind them of their dark past. by the time robin was ten he's nibbling concerns had developed into full blown down that he was capable of hurting he's best friend. He just didn't
It is possible that he could have absolutely no memory of such a significant event hey one day, if he'd simply witnessed the crime and gotten he stories make stop. At the same time, he was plagued by the question. What if it was me. over the next few years, Robin started doing his own research about the case using the internet to uncover any information he could get his hands on them. He learned the more he felt he couldn't be responsible if he was capable of such horrific behavior. He didn't want to live,
Robins mental health began to suffer and he considered suicide. In contrast, christian didn't want to dwell on the past. He tried not to think about Kevin's death, but there was some things he couldn't avoid ever since the police interrogations had begun. Chris didn't, sleep had suffered hugely. He became so riddled with anxiety that he tossed and turned or not, and could never fully relax. He was afraid of the dark and would wake up in a panic several times h. Not according to the book. the story of the cabin case- one not not long after his confession- a full forlorn christian, summoned his mother to the clinic where he was being housed because he had something he wanted to tell her
When she arrived, he said I know nothing about Kevin. I wasn't there. When on a car raisins that that hadn't been what he told the police Christian responded, I just invented everything concerned. Annika reported this to the police. but they assured her that her sons had been telling the truth. the interrogation reports were confidential and they couldn't reveal exactly what was said. The police confirmed that christian and robin had provided descriptions of Kevin's, death that only those responsible could know. A couple of years later in two thousand and one the boys parents ass to say the transcripts of the interrogations
after one senior investigator contacted them to raise questions about the way things were handled laid, invest to guide our ralph son. The berry refused on the grounds that deal investigation was classified and the parents didn't push any further from the outset. They'd felt completely out of depth when dealing with the authorities. They had fully trusted the process and accepted that the necessary steps had to be taken to find Kevin's killer, even if it meant a few difficult months. For robin and christian robin eventually fell in love with a woman named mimi and when he was twenty years old, the two welcome the baby boy. However, the sacred about his past continue to hope Ten robin was under strict instructions, not to tell me about the Kevin case and their release.
Kinship suffered as a result by the time son was three months old, robin and Mimi broke up with robin, given full custody. Christian had done his best to push the Kevin case to the back of his mind, but he found it impossible to live a normal life with such a huge sake In these past, by the time he was in his early twenties, the thought occurred to him for the first time. What, if he didn't do it christian was still in close contact with the child. Psychologist. dancing around you and son who had been saying ever since the police interrogations. He voiced here concerns to you once again that hey assured him, he could put his mind a day. There was no doubt that christian and robin were responsible.
Professor regard show very specialised in neuroscience, said: Gumi o university in northern sweden, and he had a particular fascination with forensic psychology. In two thousand and ten, Professor Sherry became involved with a high profile case that shocked Sweden to the core. Stir a very thou, formerly known as thomas quick was asleep, each man who confess to committing more than thirty murders and cannibalize in several of these victims. He was ultimately convicted for aid of the murders and sentenced to psychiatric confinement. However, the confessions worm
aid while bury vow was undergoing psychiatric treatment in a mental health facility, and they only came about after a team of psychiatry. Arrests used recovered memory therapy to extract a vague information from a heavily medicated bury vow that could loosely tie him to the crimes. In the absence of any concrete evidence, the credibility of he's confessions was hotly disputed. And when very valid were attracted. All of his confessions in two thousand and eight there was no ground for the convictions to stand on. Professor should bury was part of the team that criticise the memory techniques used in very vows case and all eight of his convictions were ultimately quashed. It was deduced that the psychiatric team had essentially used lading questions to cut worse, bear
evolved into believing that hey remanded certain details about the crimes when in reality he had no involvement whatsoever berry. Ultimately admitted he had lied about he's involvement in the crimes because he enjoyed the attention and because the medical sure he was on, enabled him to confidently create the false stories in two thousand. Thirteen should bury began looking through the Kevin kay and noticed there were distinct similarities between it and the thomas quick case. Not only did The cases relaunched strongly on repressed the memories, but both investigations had been guided the same memory specialist professor finn, aka christian soon, while chris
citizens work on repress. The memory said saint ground breaking at the time this methodology had since come under fire. research had revealed that the so called techniques used by therapists to recover repressed memories also had the potential to create false memories of experiences. That never happened. Professor should bury started reading about the techniques used to solve Kevin yo, mrs murder and was immediately suspicious with simply no scientific evidence to support the interrogation techniques used against robin and christian races But she also taught him that having multiple long interrogations with children can be dangerous. the harder children oppressed the more luck
they are to tell police what they think they want to hear sure bury, couldn't help, but wonder what if the brothers hadn't had anything to do with Kevin's death? After all case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us By listening to this episode sponsors. It was not like any other the case file tain member Jes. She ate dinner with her family, talked to the kids about school and then suddenly she was gone off to play best veins in her bedroom. If you have fun playing best feigns, it's no sacred, why you say
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in game rewards when you rachel level, five, that's friends without the are best feigns, they key for listening to this episodes adds by supporting our sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Professor Sherry contacted don use of sun. I respected journalist, whom he worked with on the thomas quick case and told him the bad. He suspicions you citizen, wasted no time in look into the Kevin case himself. He immediately shared professor sure Barry's concerns that a severe miscarriage of justice might have taken place.
Christian and robins family had a strict, no media rule and they were near impossible to getting contact with dont use of sun persisted for five months and eventually they agreed to speak with him When the family learned of his intentions to make a documentary about the case, they were hesitate if use of san suspicions were wrong and investigators had acted entirely above board. The family wrist revealing their true identities after seventeen years of secrecy. All their hard work would be undone and christian and robin would be publicly outed as child killers use of sun made them a promise. He pay and he's tame couldn't find any evidence to support their theory of a botched investigation. They'd forget about that
Kim entry entirely the family a grade on the condition that they didn't want updates until you, citizens tame, had completed their research because They Kevin case was classified, the documentary crew had to use Various sources to get their hands on the preliminary investigation they have actually gained access to interrogation transcripts. As well some video footage of the interrogations, More thy uncovered the more shocked they became. It was immediately clear that the interrogation tame had acted on ethically, the european convention stipulates that children should only be interrogated wants and never for a long period of time. Robin and Christian were interrogated a total of thirty times with some interrogation
lasting over four and a half hours there Parents were rarely present. Even when the boys, I'm visibly distressed. During the interrogations. The brothers had singled out a total of nine different perpetrators and dementia, and at least seven different ways that Kevin had died they rarely repeated the same story twice until the very last interrogations at no point did either of the boys mentioned the pallid where Kevin was found or the correct method of Kevin's death It was only when the interrogation tame fed them leading questions that they were able to provide the details, the imf, the guiding seemed so desperate to here, in fact, the majority of the most. The damning statements made by the brothers had been the result of relating questions.
One of the main reasons that robin and Christian had been considered sauce bags was that robin had splendid. Yes, when sunbury asked, if he's Oh brother was the one who killed Kevin after being shocked by this response. Sound very had proceeded to ask robin fifteen more times whether he saw a christian kill kevin of those fifteen times robin replied yes, eight times but seven times higher said no. It was clear from the interrogation reports and videos that investigated became increasingly frustrated as time went by in the on all stages of the investigation. The boys had been taken to the jedi with Olaf's sized doll in the hopes their so called repress. The memories would re surface
When a visibly upset Christian had claimed that he didn't know how Kevin's injuries had occurred, Ingrid Harrison had pushed him saying, but you did see because you were here it's you who knows, because you were here christian. What did you do to Kevin. In the subsequent final interrogations in bed, the guy is not only intensify their use of relating questions, but blatantly fed the brothers information in order to extract a confession. In great hurry soon was receiving directions from the rest of the team in her repays Stop debating around the bush and straight out, told robin where Kevin's body was found and that he had a bruise on his neck. She gave in drew him pitches from their. She pressed they did to ask robin more than a hundred times how the injuries
don't Kevin's neck. Robin repeatedly said he didn't know eventually, with harrison continuously pressuring him to speak about Kevin's neck. Robin finally said that christian pinched kevin on the throat. At no point did he mention helping carry Kevin's body to the pallid. Despite, son literally telling him how and where Kevin had died. Robin seemed incapable of providing this information. The same technique was then used on christian overflow.
And a half hours of questioning. He became increasingly distressed. He cried and repeatedly asked for his mother all love. He asked to sixty one times for the questioning to stop. Instead, the interrogators told him he could only say he's mother if he admitted what happened to cabin. At this point, it was clear that he'd say anything if it men he could leave, but he still could provide the information they were so obviously hoping to He instead detectives showed christian a photo map of the lake and blatantly pointed out the area where Kevin's body was found. One detective asked: did you carry him there, Now realising what they wanted him to say Christian said yes, however, he was still unable to explain how
the investigative tame it didn't seem to. Madame that evening, investigate our ralph son, the berry interviewed the brothers and then wrote an official report. Declare and that they had made a full confession. Interestingly, no Other investigator was present during this significant, the interview, and the only time during the entire investigation that son to bury filed an official report robin and Christian were both interviewed again the following morning, but this time neither of them repeated the confession died supposedly, given the previous day. The reality was there wasn't a single piece of evidence to tie robin and christian to the crime. Their finger and handprints didn't match those found on the stick belief to bay, the murder weapon. In fact, there was no evidence that the stake was the murder weapon at all. Nobody had we
as the brothers at the scene of the crime, nor had they provide Did any insider information until the interrogation team spoon fed it to them? Forensic specialist. also didn't think it was possible that the brothers could have moved kevin from their jedi to the pallid, nor day ever provided any explanation of how they manage to do so. At the time of the investigation, the authorities didn't think that robin and christian needed legal assistance, because they were unable to be prosecuted due to their age. No one ever told the boys parents about their right to a lawyer, and they had never thought to ask. Had a defence.
We are being brought in. They would never have allowed the brothers to be interrogated for so long or so many times. Furthermore, a crucial detail would have never slipped through the cracks at the time of Kevin's death dully on family work closely another family called the groans who had children similar in age to robin and christian. The two families. Thought it would be nice to spend the last day of summer vacation together on Sunday august, sixteen nineteen. Ninety, The growing arrived at the delians house mid afternoon, while the adults chatted inside the three grown children play outside with robin and christian. As the eldest of the group, the girl. ten year old, was put in charge and told to keep an eye. On the younger kids. When police alighted questioned him
was unwavering Lee adamant that robin or Christian never left. He saw it for any period of time. Likewise, he's much. I have been keeping a closer eye on the children from the window and shaken phone to that, none of them ever strayed. From view after dinner, the two families left to go fishing at around six p dot m Christian wrote in the car with a groan family who stopped at a gas station, just the outside of doktor vague to put petrol in the car this was corroborated by receipts as well as the guy station are now during the fishing trip the children, remained within view of the parents at all times,. police had been aware of this alibi since the early days of the investigation. In fact, they'd interviewed the groans a total of fourteen times and they always told the same story.
Police never told varner and eva that their alibi had been verified and the growing family stopped speaking to them. In the wake of Kevin's death. This led to the boys parents questioning their. own recollection of that evening and wondering whether the boys had indeed snetkov at some point without their knowledge. The suspicion against the brothers had been fuelled by viner into avis admission that the boys may have had a wet clothes on the night that Kevin had died and that they may have admitted to seeing Kevin bay killed on the night that had happened. however, these admission said being made while aver and vines were heavily medicated and receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility, police had assisted in asking probing questions, despite knowing full well that they were taking sedative and suffering immense stress.
not only had investigators acted on ethically and overlook the crucial alibi. They'd been quick to rule out a potential person of interest. On may seven, nineteen, ninety nine The nine months after Kevin's death, a fifty year old daughter, vague resident, was walking through the playground neither like when they came upon a horrifying incident. A three year old boy was being right in the sand pit. The witness the perpetrator off, but managed to catch a glimpse of him as he fled the saying it was Felix. The same fourteen year old boy who had been spotted with Kevin yell, my son on the night that he was killed. Felix fled across the nearby border to norway, but soon returned to dot. The vacant turned himself in. He admitted to the crime, but given his age, he was sent to a treatment.
Seventy before returning to regular schooling. Three years later, he was speaking to a classmate about the ripe when he allegedly confessed. I have done worse things than that. According to the book, the story of their having case felix, his family lived in the same apartment com Black says: Kevin's mother is just six days after Kevin was killed, feel exist mother suffered a heart attack. Korea said rush. to help provide, say pr and paramedics were able to revive her, but when to Reyes heard that felix had sexually assaulted, a young child, she immediately became suspicious. Was it possible that Felix his mother knew more about Kevin's death than she wanted to admit and had that caused her heart attack.
There were several factors that made felix appears sauce backed. Not only was he one of the last people saying with Kevin, but he does I been the one who told the other children where they could find Kevin shoes and socks behind the shed feelings. denied being with Kevin on the night of his death, the spot, multiple witnesses, placing the two of them together. He told police that he'd ride around town for a while before visiting the library, then riding home, however, had the police bothered to double check this alibi would have discovered that the library was actually closed on sundays. Furthermore, no witnesses heads Ain't felix riding around town, as hey described before Felix arrived in doktor vic. He spent time in a refugee camp after fleeing war in his home country. He's childhood
they marred by traumatic events, and he also had an intellectual disability after being Revealed as a child rapist, many doktor vague residents, began to wonder if he could have been. The real perpetrator of Kevin's death combined factors, seemed away to coincidental and it was possible that the police could have written felix off to avoid igniting xenophobia amongst swedish citizens. Cabins family voiced their concerns to the authorities, but were advised that Kevin's case was closed, and that was that. Robin and christians mother also found a curious that felix wasn't looked into further. She contacted by the police and the media to explore the possible connection. but it seemed that nobody was interested in what she had to say. Felix has never provide
an explanation as to how he knew that Kevin's shoes were behind the shed near the lake. One year after dawn use of certain and he's documentary tame started digging around. They sat down with robin christian and their parents and presented them with the interrogation videos. The family was absolutely lord, although they'd always suspected that robin and Christian were innocent, they'd been completely oblivious to how the interrogation tame had behaved. Vine I didn't know whether to laugh or cry after digesting what date same christian remarked
Every question mark is a raised for me when the three pot documentary toddled documents from within the cabin case add on Sweden's s fatal network in early may of two thousand. Seventeen robin christian and their parents were extremely chess. They feed the exposure might lead to a backlash. However, they were saved nothing but overwhelming support from the community who were completely outraged at the way the authorities had handled the investigation in a subsequent press conference robin and christians, full names were released to the public for them First time the brothers spoke of the joy and relief they felt after the bungled investigation had been exposed and thanked the media for helping bring the truth to light.
Instead of living in fear of being recognised, they embraced the spotlight and welcome to people who approached to wish them well Robin told her what is this is a new star will just keep trying laid an ordinary life work house car, not much planned beyond that, ordinary life goals. Christian commented They have taken years of my life that I will never ever get back now. New chapter begins. One can finally settled down. I do not need to be afraid anymore. The brothers voiced their concerns for Kevin's family, who would no doubt have old wounds reopened. Christian told reporters, it is tragic both for
who was suspected and also for Kevin's family, who now have to go through all of this once again the story gaining huge attention in the media. The case was formed He reviewed by chief prosecutor Nicholas vagary on hey dissected, the interrogation records reviewed, Kevin's, autopsy report and interviewed over, Eighty people who had been involved in the initial investigation on march seventeen ten months, After the documentary ed bulgarian held a press conference to announce he's a verdict: hey Concluded that there was absolutely no forensic evidence to indicate that robin and Christian were involved in Kevin's death in any way. that they were raven present when he died. Nada. they did. They have a verified alibi from the very beginning, but the entire.
nation methods used against them were entirely on ethical and unprofessional. Vulgarian had no doubts about it, both christian and run then were entirely innocent. The brother. Moreover, the moon at finally being vindicated after the announcement christian told reporters I haven't been able to digest it, so I can only describe it as pure happiness. They subsequently applied for financial compensation for the hardships they faced, but their application was rejected on the grounds that too much time had passed. With the botched murder investigation exposed at raised a serious question, if robin and Christian didn't kill Kevin, then who did.
Chief prosecutor, Nicholas vulgarian, believed there were several possibilities. while he wasn't prepared to completely rule out drowning or that Kevin might have been killed by someone other than the brothers There was more likely that he had died by accident. Joe Judging by the injuries to his body, it was possible that Kevin had been playing by the lake either alone or with another child. When a wooden pallid accidentally fell on top of him, while trying to lift dead, the other child might have pennies moved there. Let and then fled the same vowing, never to speak a word about what had happened. Alternatively, Kevin might have been playing with another child. Who could have said on top of him, pushing his neck into the edge of the pallid and accidental strangling him. The prosecutor
concluded that exactly what happened to Kevin would likely never bayonne covered Kevin's father partner, Tell the media that he would now have to learn to accept a new truth. He remarked for almost twenty years. I thought it was murder. Now it looks like I was child's play ending in an accident believing something for such a long time. Then everything changes it's going to be a process too yet through christian robin and to their parents, wanted to do something to ensure that Kevin yellow. My son would be remembered not just as a name in a news headline, but as the happy friendly and confident little boy, they remembered him to bay
They also wanted to heal the wounds that the case had created for the city of our vega. With the blessing of Kevin's family, they created the kevin found out in an organization that would honour Kevin's memory, while awarding to scholarships a year to vulnerable teenagers in our vega, in a field of their choosing the foundation aimed to reward those who fought against all odds, to succeed, academically. four years after Kevin's death, Kevin's mother teresa was haunted by the accusations that she was a bad parent Those is filled this morning and resentment had blended into one, and she looked back at them as a fog. After the truth was fun.
Ellie revealed she was relieved to find solace with eva Divina, with whom she formed a close bond like them Reyes had reluctantly accepted the police. Explanation that robin and Christian had confessed to killing Kevin, despite questioning at herself for twenty years she was relieved that the truth had been exposed, even if it meant that the mystery of Kevin's death remained. When the initial investigation was underway, nobody made the objections to the way things were handled and after Kevin's murder was solved. Ralph son, the berry was promoted to chief of the month police two years before the documentary tame re examined their case sound very suffered, a head injury that affair. Did his memory yet he recalled that their brothers had being very clear about their confession and deny.
Any wrongdoing, according to the book, the story of the Kevin case after christian and robins names were officially cleared, Christian called the child psychiatry to bend your on you and some who he had worked with closely for twenty years. Wanting an explanation, however, you want so never returned christians balls neda you once in norway, investigate our ralph sound, bury interrogation. Later Ingrid Harrison or professor sven orca christian soon have apologised to the family in march twenty twenty two: robin and Christian, where rage finally awarded compensation of one million krona from the swedish government in recognition of the wrong doing.
announcing the payment. Sweden's justice minister said when the state makes a mistake. The state must take the consequences and try to put things right today Robin and Christian are both. Fathers are role, they h revelling. They refuse to be bitter about this. situation that impact at their childhood and haunted them, but twenty years when they were publicly declared innocent, Their father vine, what tears from his eyes ass, he told reporters, it's absolutely
credible it so wonderful after so many years. Finally, finally, that's all right.
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