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265: Case 224: Evelyn Hartley

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On October 24 1953, 15-year-old Evelyn Hartley set out for a babysitting job in her neighbourhood of La Crosse, Wisconsin. When she didn’t call her parents at 8.30 pm as promised, Evelyn’s father raced to the house to check on her... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: ShipStation – Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Notion – Take the first step toward organised, productive work and life today. Get started for free today Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-224-evelyn-hartley
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arab. Besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. It was around six thirty p m on Saturday october, twenty four nineteen fifty three when fifteen year Evelyn hotly left her home in this city of lacrosse wisconsin, mature were untrustworthy. Evelyn had been tasked with baby sitting that twenty months old daughter of one of her fathers colleagues Evelyn had only been gone for half an hour when her mother Ethel was overcome by an urge to call evelyn right away. she didn't know why, but she felt a need to check in with her daughter, Ethel looks: Asked her concerns to her husband, richard
didn't share her worry prior to waving evelyn said And she would call her parents to touch by said eight thirty richard had no doubt that their daughter, whom they called eighty, would ring in just over now is time as planned, but eight thirty came and went without the promised phone call. Richard hotly dialed. The number for the Rasmussen family, whom Avalon was babysitting for. there was no answer. He tried again and again, but the phone continued to ring out Wondering whether, rather one might have gone to one of the restless neighbours homes for some reason, richard started calling some of them. No one had seen his daughter by nine fifteen ethel hotly was convinced something was terribly wrong.
richard a drug straight to the Rasmussen time, which was less two miles away on echelon, drive from Driveway rigid could say lots on inside the residents he could so he music playing faintly on a radio feeling slightly reassured richard knocked on the front door. Evelyn didn't appear He banged louder and rang the doorbell. Still nobody came. Grabbing the door handle to let himself in richard found. It was locked. He then peered through the front window. Into the homes main living area, it looked Now no one was hurt. She had hurried around to the back of the house where there was a real door. It two was locked. He shed
while pounding on the door, but he's efforts were in vain as richard pay to the perimeter of the house. He suddenly tripped on something mesh screen had been removed from the basement window and was leaning against an exterior wall, the wall do was open and richard was able to maneuver he's body inside as allowed himself into the dark. Baseman he's fate, found a small step plata below here straightened up and turned on allied lying at the I'm up the stairs that led into the house above was
Small black shoe with tassels, it belonged to Evelyn. The straits of lacrosse require that evening, as the annual homecoming football game was under way, The UN's team of lacrosse state teaches college, was too king on their arch rivals, river falls. Lacrosse stay. Hadn't lost a game or season and their beloved captain was being recognised an especial ceremony every
who had been able to get a ticket was dead, lacrosse state teachers college. Now known as the university of wisconsin lacrosse was a big part of the small riverside cities identity. Although it only had nine hundred and forty five students, the college play decision if you can't role in the community it employed a number of its residents, including physics, professor of vigo. Rasmussen Vigo was looking forward to the homecoming gang which he planned to attend. With these, why fence, Seven year old daughter, but he's other daughter twenty months, how generous was too young to join them about a week before the gang Vague I reached out to the families regular baby sit out to save she could watch janice on the night of Saturday october. Twenty four she couldn't help. She was going to the game also.
vegas. Regular babysitter was the daughter of a colleague, so vigo, again asked around at work to find a replacement biology. professor rigid, hotly had studious and kind fifteen year old daughter named evelyn, who came highly recommended when vague last, if she would be able to watch generous in a week's time evelyn a great evelyn soon began to have second thoughts. She had a bad feeling about the job plus she wasn't kane on staying in, while everyone else was having fun at the homecoming gang evelyn Wondered allowed if she could back out of the agreement the wrath reminded her that she made a commitment to the rasmussen and should do the right thing. By sticking to it when Saturday night arrived evelyn pact, several textbooks, so she could start.
while janice slabs and waited vega rasmussen to collect her as planned before leaving He promised to call her parents at eight thirty to check in ass. She always did when she baby sat vague erasmus And take devil on up at six thirty p m and drive her back to his family's house the one set up her textbooks in the living room and ato and rasmussen. Vigorous wife gave her instructions. It was going to be a straightforward noise. Generous, was to go to bed at seven o clock. And then all evelyn would have to do, was checking on her at seven fifteen and cover her with a blanket at six. Forty five p m. The rasmussen said goodbye to evelyn and headed to watch the game. Two and a half hours later Richard hotly stood in the basement of there. Ass message, home
he d let himself in through an open window to find out. Why he's dora was an answering the homes, firemen who door having come across one of evelyn shoes at the base of the stairs richard raced up to the main part of the house, evelyn schoolbooks. were scattered across the living room? brand new wine glasses were lying on the floor as her rather black, shoe smeared across light. Colored rog was a muddy, shoe print them. Are also several drops of blood rigid checked. The rest of the house john s was unharmed and fast asleep in her crib but evelyn, Was nowhere to be found, local police were preparing to go home after a quiet now, When a call came through at nine forty nine about a missing teenage girl, they,
weren't overly concerned believing the girl had a likely gone say a boy and would be found within ten minutes. To office has arrived at the rasmussen residents, where richard hotly Was waiting to make them the office Soon realised how serious the situation was, a dozen more office, more officers arrived along with detectives. The district attorney and the look scanning sheriff. There. smith sense had moved into the house just a few months earlier, The ordinary ranch stall, suburban home, had three bedrooms. It was of a new subdivision and, like me, other residences in the neighbourhood. It was so New that its windows had no blinds or curtains, it sat outcome. two other houses on the street, and there were enough people around that.
Didn't, feel isolated or removed even on a quiet not like this. Outside investigators noticed some one had used a screw drove out to try and pry open three separate windows a flat a bad below one window, featured an imprint of a size. Eleven tennis shoe matching them He should present on the living room rog after failing Jimmy the other windows open. The intruder finally succeeded with the basement window. several red fibres on its surface matched the James Evelyn hardly had been wearing that evening. Whoever had broken into the basement had forced the fifteen year old out via the same route. while it was initially thought, the intruder had placed the step lad our under the basement window to secure their escape. There
Smith revealed that day had prompt the latter there. On a previous occasion, the fact it in such an opportune location for the doktor was merely a coincidence. Traces of odd, were found inside the basement with more just outside about ten fate from the window, a large pool of blood on the ground near by was consistent with the severely injured person. Having laid down there to recover a bloody handprint was smeared across the outside wall of their rasmussen has another was found on the exterior of neighbours garage about one hundred yards away, pool of blood lined and external wall of a third house. Just around the corner, the blood was type. I same as evelyn's bloodhounds tracked the sent for two blocs, but then stopped.
It seemed evelyn had been forced into a vehicle there and whisked away. Alert was issued and descriptions Evelyn hotly was sent out five point. Seven one hundred and twenty six pounds straight brown hair, and a blue wise, Seen wearing red janes rode up at the calf bobby socks, and Why blouse Dennis Rasmussen was in her crib but was not covered in a blanket. This led investigators to assume that evelyn was confronted within the fifteen minute window between genesis bedtime at seven and seven fifteen. Whenever one was supposed to cover generous with a blanket. Evelyn's attack are likely gave her a bloody knows which had caused the initial blood spots So in the living room rog once he outside the basement, the attack had Evelyn with the windows grain causing it
Great orangery, One had lost significant amounts of blood as her of doktor forced her away from the Rasmussen home. She stopped periodically closing her blue to pool in certain areas the bloody handprint swift from evelyn dragging her hand along the buildings they passed. When richard partly saw the blood the next morning. In the harsh light of day, he feared his daughter. Hadn't survived her ordeal. There was simply to march. It was a particular a tragic thought, as Ethel underage had hardly had already lost their eldest son to polio. Seven years earlier, I thought was to destroy it. the late her home until monday, when she was taken, into the rasmussen house and escorted through the crime scene? She and calm ass. She looked at the living room in the basement, but when I thought
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revealed that the pair were fighting on the night of mats disappearance, but was that unfortunate timing or did atkins have something to hide mattie? Is the latest podcast from case file present? a ten part series narrated by laura night, came from the missing since advocacy network maddy from case file present, It is available to strain furry right now. Only on spotify stateroom and until the end of today's episode to hear the trailer people in the cross had been so absorbed by the football game the night prior that it wasn't until they gathered for sunday church that news of evelyn, holly's abduction, spread hundreds of local, sir
and descended on the rasmussen property to offer assistance or go get investigators police had to cordon off two blocks around the house to prevent the same from becoming contaminated although not had already fallen by the time. Evelyn was taken, the moon was bright and straight lamps were led, like the rest since many residents along hash le DR had yet to install curtains or blinds in their newly built hind. Thus they could see directly outside across the straight. A cup who had sat listening to music in a room with a clear view of the rasmussen task. the man had been painting he's basements interior he's was one of the homes that was made with evelyn's blood Many other neighbours were home as well one headache been doing some light night gardening, despite this
no one had say neverland all her assailant coming or going. However, over and sort of bark had been sitting on his front porch at around seven that night, when two or three shop scream suddenly rang out. Over couldn't tell where the screams had originated, but they sounded to him like children playing the final cry, cut off rapidly as though interrupted by something or someone Elvin thought up. errant had intervened to discipline. The unruly children. Elvis wife who was in the kitchen. Also had this screams. She thought they sounded less playful than her husband did to her, it sounded like whoever was screaming, with sending a message of stop get away from me that not
ed Hoffa had been driving through the area to pick up his brother in law on route to the homecoming gang at seven fifteen p m pulled into sunrise drive, which ran parallel to hush le DR he's cause headlights illuminated several people walking along the foot path. It was too young men with a young woman sandwiched between none. The girl was staggering as though she had a few drinks. and paid them little attention as he pulled over and headed inside. His brother in law is house five minutes later Ed. Was driving again with his brother in law riding as passenger. He headed or phone sunrise, a dark green to toned nineteen. Forty, two buick, suddenly careened passed in the opposite direction. Its driver was spent
in baghdad, still manage to catch a glimpse inside has the car with two by. He was so the cause occupants with a three young people had passed on the straight minutes earlier one of the men was driving the other, citing the back say. Next to the woman, she was slumped forward. Her head, pressed against the back of the driver's seat, it looked as though she might have been on well had had written off the incident at the time as young people having fun on money. Day, he was at work when he heard that Fifteen year old girl had been abducted from a house just around the corner and then reported he's recollections to the police. He hadn't been able to get a good look at the car driver. He thought the member
On the wheel might have been a logo college student, but when police followed up with the student they found He had an air tight alibi, peaches car matching. The buicks description were given to petrol stations in the area with employees. Tall to keep an eye out for similar vehicles. Poet, Source also set up an incentive for people to volunteer their vehicles for searching members of the public were encouraged to drive to local petrol, stay genes and allowed the stations employees to check the back seat and trunk of their cars once they had been given the all clear, they would begin in a stick out that read my calories kay the stick. I would displayed in the cause window, along with the date of the search any drive.
Who refused to comply with the search had their details noted by the petrol station employees who pass them on to police thirty thousand stickers were printed and the aim was the surge every car in the county. Ed Hafez, citing indicated that evelyn was taken by two men working together. The quest still remained. Was it an opportunistic or planned abduction. nothing had been stolen from the rasmussen house, but may the men, had broken in only to be surprised by evelyn She had been covering for the families regular baby sitter, some speculated that perhaps. the other girl was the original target. the media wondered whether evelyn hotly was as squeaky clean, as everyone believed, what, if she had a sacred
life and ran away with a boy. This notion was entirely dismissed by investigators and everyone who knew her. It was far more probable that a pair of prowlers had taken advantage of the quiet straits that not to look for potential victims. One woman reported that recently she had been. I includes in her by spain only to look up to say it. Unknown man staring through a window at her. He laughed and said: I'm going to get you. Investigators tracked down a man who was known to spy three peoples windows, They also interviewed a man who had been convicted of sexually abusing his twelve year old daughter six years earlier, Neither of these lines of inquiry lead anywhere
or did interviews with forty eight other men who were wanted for or associated with the various sex crimes bridge hardly any vigo rasmussen were also looked into, but more so out of prison job than anything else. Both men cooperated with authorities and were ruled out of the investigation. The cross or residents businesses and organisations pulled together a reward for information that was the equivalent of almost seventy one and a half thousand dollars. Today, upwards of two thousand people joined the search for evelyn Bodies of water were dragged farming, scale with their fields and hunted. We're on the look out, while in the woods recent may god graves at cemeteries were checked in case evelyn's attack? I had thought to use, as an easy way to dispose of her mind,
If those searching for evelyn were her peers from her school, they would join. by the local boy, scouts and other community groups among The crowd was evelyn's twenty two year old brother, terminus, hey had rushed time from College upon learning of evelyn's disappearance, thomas and a friend, Two covered three miles of lacrosse remit. man halls and then jumping down into the storm sewers to check for evelyn when it grew dark, thomas became up said he didn't want to stop looking for his little sister. Wednesday October twenty eight marked for day since evelyn Lee went missing highway. Fourteen two miles south of le crosses city limits, have been set
the previous day to no result yet on wednesday abroad, And a pair of women's underwear were recovered from the area. The governments were a popular brand and appeared to be evelyn size, given they hadn't bank spotted previously, it was believed that I'd been dumped within the past twenty four hours. They appear to have been thrown from moving vehicle that was flying south. Both governments were stained with type I blood, as roughly forty percent of the population had display the police couldn't be certain that was evelyn's. days later on Friday October thirty one a third search of highway fourteen was undertaken. Close to where the browser and underwear had been found. A search party came across
who size eleven goodridge brand snake is they too had seemingly being tossed one at a time from a vehicle travelling south the patten on the souls of the snake is matched the muddy prince found in their rasmussen. Home They had a distinctive circular where patent as well, which suggested whoever owns them, worked with some kind of machinery the shoes also had taught I blood on them. It was determined that they had been worn by two different people, one who fate was a size larger than the snake. Is this party a model of snake. I was called the hood mogul they'd been available, throughout. Wisconsin, iowa, michigan minnesota, oda and illinois, but hadn't being sorting in wisconsin for about three years.
An unusual marking on the back of the shoes was traced back to what was a motorbike meaning whoever only the shoes, also road. This make a motorcycle reggie strain and sales records for wizard motorbikes were checked, but the line of inquiry went nowhere. Two and a half weeks later rumours had rage, detectives pertaining to a bloodstained jacket. It had been. and about three hundred fate from where the snake is were discovered. Farmers had noticed jack. I lying on the highway showed hours they drove past each day. One had picked it up and thrown it in the back of his truck then promptly forgot about it. The police identified the farmer and took possession of the jacket. It was denham and looked like the kind of jacket worn by people who worked out doors,
it had been caught along the bottom then re hand with the sewing machine using what thread. This has resulted in strange shallow pockets and locked the shoes it had spots of type I blood on it on the front back and the slaves, Smith of blood in the rasmussen home looked to be the result of a denham type fabric being robbed against surfaces. It seemed unlikely that the person who owned the shoes had also won't the jacket. the size eleven choose indicated a tall arena, whereas a size, thirty six jacket would belonged. Was smaller man once again clue in that case, seemed to point to two perpetrators. The jacket had faded spots under the armpits, possibly caused by
safety harness commonly warned by people who worked as stable jack's. They climbed tall structures like chimneys and stable. I to carry out repairs, detect I learned that a local man had manufactured safety, harnesses fatigue, staple jack's, the previous. He bought all here, Member about them was that they were young and possible from the area. Police had the blood, the jacket and choose to it through thirty one different towns within a forty mile radius of lacrosse they were displayed. Local fairs and in public places in hopes. Someone would recognise them as all their laid dried up investigators sought to polygraph test my austrian and school faculty member within the area. This would amount to
a total of around one thousand seven hundred and fifty tasked making it the largest mass. the graph examination in united states history. Students cooperated without compliant. They were asked questions. Such as. Are you withholding any information regarding the evelyn, hotly disappearance case psychologist doktor Carl Smith was critical of the strategy. He told the associated press the this is a dangerous use of a device that is not even recognised in the courts. The test even though allegedly on a voluntary basis, are equivalent to abating. There are actually is nothing voluntary about submitting to the tests. However, because if a pupil fails to submit he will they suspected by members of society.
No one in the low cross community voiced any concerns about the process, but the school board ultimately put a stop to it around three hundred boys had already been questioned. None of Information gathered proved fruitful,. Every night since evelyn disappeared. Her family left all of the lights on in their house, believing it would hope find her way back to them. They use fronted the media begging for them who knew anything about evelyn's whereabouts to come forward. They soon received to phone calls from a man who said, He had information about evelyn. He would give it to them. In exchange for five hundred dollars, cash, it was to be placed inside a paper bag. Then left in the bathroom of lacrosse drugstore
The man said he would leave a letter in the bathroom that revealed evelyn's whereabouts, the fear Well was warned not to go to the police. With the money in her possession Ethel hotly headed into the store. She went up a flight of stairs to the balcony where the bathrooms were located. Ethel looked for the latter. The man said would be there, but there was nothing. She then laughed. The entire time, a thirteen year old boy was following Ethel when she walked out of the drug store. The boy returned to the shops remained for that he met up with a twenty year old man named jack, dufferin, unbeknownst to doctrine and the boy plain clothes police officers were stationed throughout.
Store, despite being warned not to the hotly said tom investigators about the phone call from the start, both doctrine. A boy were arrested with daphne insisting he had nothing to do with it. There was nothing to tie him to evelyn's abduction, but he was convicted of extortion and sentence to one two. Three years after this, the heartless avoided publicity. They decided to leave their case to the police and deal with their graven anguish in private, but they were never left alone. November. Nineteen fifty three richard hotly receive a letter. Postmarks revealed it had been sent from north dakota specific, clearly, the devil's like area it read, just
The note to let you know that miss hotly using my power don't try to try this letter because I didn't leave any evidence I'll. Let you the ransom later. You stupid people almost had me, but I managed to escape. Scribbled on the letter was drawing of a skull and crossbones. Then, Nineteen fifty eight evelyn's ma I received a parcel that contained a girl's Jim shared. There was. Exploiting explanation and apparently no link to evelyn, though one note from send our stated that the shirt would be of some interest to weather. Will that same year, A man with a wild astaire showed up at the hotly time and granted about knowing where evelyn was police handled the matter. But the man returned four days later.
After visiting the heart leagues, he headed to the home of the rasmussen. They had since moved to a new house unable to bear living in place where evelyn was taken. Both families were terrified of the man who appeared to be a religious fanatics, the prone to nonsensical rats. He continued to be fixed, cited by the case, sending long confusing letters investigators and making anonymous coals asking for leads as far as detectives could tell so in that connection to evelyn hotly was an unhealthy obsession with her disappearance. He wasn't the only one that
these were saved, countless letters, phone calls and tip off from paypal. Certain thy knew where evelyn was saw, who had taken her. Some were clairvoyance. Others spoke of having prophetic drains that solved the case. Multiple Individuals falsely confessed to the crime, including at least two men in mental health facilities. On several occasions, teenage girls and young women claimed to be evelyn hotly. Although the hotlines insisted, they were happy with the police as work and believed that they would solve that case. Other locals, where disgruntled some remarks. If you to get away with murder move till across. They were also angry that the f b I hadn't, become involved in the investigation, as they typically did with kidnappings. Fellow cross laurie
foresman had apparently asked for the fbi's assistance from the outset, but described the case as a sex crime, not an abduction. Consequently, the f b I refused to get involved. Eighty four year out how it George knew he didn't have much time left and wanted to spend these money in a meaningful way before he passed solving lacrosse, most enduring and painful mystery saying to like the obvious answer. So in nineteen fifty eight howard hired some private detectives to look into evelyn hartley's disappearance. They hit a roadblock when la crosse police wouldn't share files with them as a result, they wasted time resources and money. Looking into sauce backs, who had already been cleaned,
and how would Georgia's actions became publicly known? He small and modest was ransacked, though nothing was stolen. After he passed away. and their funds dried up. The private invest The guide has had two reluctantly save their involvement in a final report: They noted the innumerable unanswered questions that remained and concluded. the evelyn, hotly disappearance will always be a thorn in the city of lacrosse. His side until solved case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode, sponsors. The strongest teams have to think
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the hardware store was owned by his mother fifty eight year old, Bernice and frank right to help her out before closing time. In one hour, as it turned out no one had been inside the hardware store since earlier that morning, customers had approached finding the shop locked up, they'd assumed, was closed at nine thirty. I am. The stores truck was witness pulling out of the garage at the rear of the property and driving away frank broke into the store he didn't find his mother, but the cash register was open and there was a small pool of blood behind the counter. There was also a receipt written in his mother's handwriting fer. A gallon of antifreeze, Frank recalled that the previous day.
Winning a logo. Handyman had been asking about antifreeze and had promised to return to pick up a gallon. The next day. A few hours later police the man at a nearby grocery store and play. Team under arrest, meanwhile other off says drive out to the man's property. He lived alone in a large, whether board farmhouse that had belonged to his parents, the and sat within a one hundred and fifty five acre farm, much of which was clothed in snow and dotted with bare trees, Overall, it had a grim and gloomy atmosphere, a sheriff step, he made his way towards a shed. He walked in and was immediately confronted by the naked body of banana warden hanging upside down from across crossbar, her wrists were banned with robe and she had been beheaded,
She had also been got it like a deal with her internal organs removed inside Nearby farmhouse policeman, the nieces organs wrapped inside a dress It was also there. The handyman would confessed to entering the hardware store and marching straight to the back where guns were displayed for sale. He taken down, twenty two caliber rifle, which benes ward and ashamed who wanted to purchase stood waiting to ring it up for him. The handle And loaded with one bullet had brought from home, then fired a single shot, into beneath his head. He then taken her body to his house where he mutilated it, he had been busy. Search of the man's farmhouse on cupboard another ten female skulls, some of which had been put on top of bedpost he'd, opposed
the chairs, with human skin, made mosques from women's faces and a bell tat of naples. female genital that had been removed were found stashed in a shoe box. The hand Man was fifty one year out: edward gain better as I said, he come to be known as one of the most notorious killers in american history. With these crimes providing The inspiration for novels and film, such as psycho and so silence of the lambs. game, had a fixation with these mother, who had been a devout christian she'd preach to us About the immortality of the world, women were especially able, she said, with the exception of herself, they were promiscuousness and he used to do the devil's bidding gains. Father died
and then his brother, leaving just again and his mother after she suffered a debilitating stroke, gain devoted himself to her recovery. She died in nineteen forty five at the age of sixty seven. When gain was thirty. Nine. Devastated and all alone gain remit and living in the family home, but boarded up the portions of the house. His mother had used. he's living quarters were reduced to the kitchen and Small room next door, but Nineteen, forty seven and nineteen fifty to gain visited three by cemeteries at not to dig up the graves of recently buried women. Sometimes he took the bodies home with him and mutilated them. He particularly cast on the corpses of a middle aged women who resembled his mother, though body parts
Longing to adolescent girls were also found in his house. He's dream was to create a suit of human skin that looked lucky's mother, so he could wear it and become her As well as admitting to killing Bernice warden gain said he murdered, a tavern are named Mary hogan. She had been. Missing since nineteen fifty four and her head was recovered from his house. The gruesome crimes of add gain led to him being dubbed the butcher of plainfield. Was ultimately diagnosed with schizophrenia and dainty not guilty by reason of insanity? Gay and spent the remainder of his life in a hospital for the criminally insane. It was said that on the night, evelyn hotly disappeared in nineteen. Fifty three and gain
being visiting. Relatives who lived in nor need lacrosse lacrosse was way gain was born before his family re located more than one hundred miles east, the plainfield hot. case. Investigators interviewed gain for more than an hour in relation to the crime. He told them that haven't hadn't been to lacrosse since his family left when he was eight. Evelyn Hartley's dental records were compared to the remains founding in gaines, where a match. The manner in which evelyn was attacked was inconsistent. With that gains modus operandi. He was They confirmed to have killed to middle aged women, whom he knew and who reminded him of his mother. In both instances, him at them with a fly around the rest of the female body parts found in his farm house were the result of his grave rubbing.
In contrast, evelyn was unknown to gain was in there Long age group and the evidence from the crime. Sane was nothing like gains, confirmed, murders in vesta guide as rude and again out as a possible perpetrator in the hotly case. As the fiftieth anniversary of evelyn hartley's disappearance approached in two thousand and three local newspaper, the la crosse tribune, wished a number of articles, reflecting on the case one focused on the efforts of a local history boss, who was determined to solve it A real, tiring, lacrosse by day Andrey Thompson had a fascination with unsolved mysteries that occupied he spare time. When he's business.
Peggy lovejoy told him about their towns. Very young and ongoing mystery andrew was in trade, hay and peggy began, looking into the hotly case with some help from local police They also hired a former lacrosse tribune journalist named susan hassle, as they wish to publish a book about evelyn, and needed a rider soon and gold detailing their efforts ran in the paper. When a local man named MEL Williams, read the article he's mind began to take One night in nineteen sixty nine no visit a bar owned by his brother in the waste of la forge about forty miles south east of lacrosse, a group of paper. Including now stayed until after closing talking and drinking
into the early hours, one of them was clyde, tie way paid us in a small man with a drinking problem and a reputation for stealing. Despite this now found pages and lockable and amusing, as the drinks flowed pay send began, telling a story about how we use to smuggle whisky into a war that how's the alcoholic settled Cool psychiatric hospital. another man who was present name to wadi barclay asked that's about the time you All that hardly go down there, that right. pages and avoided the question, but what he persisted. You hold her from the cross down to another address and back till across her. Petersen initially said, no whitey was insistent.
You did hold her up there, though he repeated Pages and finally, replied: no witness no proof they haven't found. Her have thy. Others, listening in on the conversation asked who the hotly go was what he is blind, evelyn, holly's abduction and implicated while the men in the crime as well. One was a name to jack, a gull, fair, allegedly jack. I evelyn when they attended the same parties. He had. Known she was baby sitting at the rasmussen that nine hey, clyde peterson and the other unnamed man abducted, evelyn, then lighted filled her at a house elsewhere, wider claimed tat had been the one to dig evelyn's grave in a supposed the location in la forge.
the conversation, lasted about seven minutes. Then Why do you notice the device mill williams had brought with him to the bar that night. no was visiting from nashville tennis, say way, re located to in an attempt to become a country music. Star bans were performed. at the bar earlier that evening. So no heads Set up a real to real record out to type there sat, he had. The dawn long after the music stopped capturing the the situation between clyde tie, wait, partisan and whitey barclay about evelyn, hotly madame upon noticing the recording device. What he told me to turn it off and the conversation was dropped. No new jack a gull, fair and believed he was capable of killing someone. He was
To describe him to authors, susan hassle as violent and vicious, but thought little The conversation at that time, due to how drunk the men were maybe I would just trying to big note themselves here. delight I tossed the type recorded at the bar that night into a box along with does And of others, he d made over the years. When the fiftieth anniversary of evelyn hotly disappearance, was making headlines mel retrieved the type he made at the bar thirty four years prior, which had captured the confession. now seventy six years old mill past the recording to those collaborating on the book about evelyn's case they in turn and handed it to the authorities. Investigators described the type as
The best delayed we ve ever had, however, clyde tore away patterson jack, a gull, fair and the third man implicated in the crime world deceased Gulf air had taken his own life on christmas day. Nineteen sixty seven, just slew the injury thomson visited whitey barclays wife shape lathed evelyn hotly had been in la forge the night before she vanished. She took andrea. to meet her husband. By this time. Whitey had dementia, and was living in a nursing home when, No one's name was mentioned. The elderly man froze but did not spake fog was one of the locations. Whether Denham jacket and choose that would believe to belong to evelyn's of doctors had been put on display.
Rumours had spread amongst the locals that the jacket was familiar, they'd, seen an acquaintance of pages. And the gulf is wearing it before some have speculated that it was paid who wore the jacket, he was a small man and it was a small size. The good reach. Sneakers recovered what believed to have been warned by two men at different times, one who is a very tight and the other shorter pay and was known to wear second hand. Clothing. Investigators had made inquiries about claude pages and jack gulf air back in nineteen sixty eight it some unclear how the men came to be on their radar, but they lighter said they'd never been able to substantiate claims. They had killed. Evelyn.
When investigators looked into the man again in two thousand, for they were unable to come up with anything concrete tying them to the case. In her book, where's evelyn author susan, hassle mentions the possibility that the men's bodies could one day big seemed for dna testing. Attempts. Obtained dna evidence from blood found at the crime scene have so far proved unsuccessful. Susan hassle published where's evelyn in two thousand five after extensive research alongside andrew thomson and peggy lovejoy. Well, as coming through archives and police files, susan it the residents of lacrosse who spoke about the loss of innocence experienced by the community in the wake of evelyn's disappearance curfews were introduced.
Doors were kept, locked girls no longer walked alone and family struggle to find babysitters. The restless and family will haunted by the tragedy that has taken place in their home with vigour. Respite And telling a journalist in nineteen seventy, eight, it's not whenever we think of it. I don't know at present our minds constantly. But we don't forget it no matter how long ago it was. Evelyn's remaining family members were to heartbroken to participate in susan hassles book, but some of her friends gave interviews, including her best, friend, a girl named Mary sake: waste the wall mary shed, some of her favorite memories with Susan record evelyn as someone who loved music and would walk down the street play a ukulele and singing married
owing to the heart lease on their many trips to the great outdoors and they would we'll go hocking through the woods together. The girls would have sleep. I've sent a laugh at silly jugs, while evelyn's parents made them popcorn During one slumber, party evelyn and her friends, snuck out of the house at dawn, still wearing the germans and read their bicycles, to the logo swimming pool, it was closed, but the girls climbed the fence and jumped into the pool on the day that evelyn went missing, Mary had passed driving test and obtain a licence that evening she felt disappointed Evelyn was babysitting because she wanted to share exciting news at around the seven p m, she decided to call her and went to the telephone, but because she didn't know how to build a surname rasmussen. She couldn't look up the families,
phone number in a phone book. Mary, told author susan hassle. I put the phone back. I thought I'd with evelyn tomorrow. That was about time it happened. New soon broke. That evelyn had been taken. Mary explain and to susan hassle. Each changed hell I live. I just have a hard time with it. He also warfare that it had to be her and she is it's wonderful person, as of made twenty twenty two evelyn holly's case remains unsolved. There remain, I have not been found
Richard and Ethel hotly passed away without learning what happened to their daughter case far presents a new spotify exclusive podcast maddy. No one has ever prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing net. When someone you love vanishes into thin air family. That experience is, it has to figure it out for themselves. We started ring round, match friends what the hell's doing your work and why hasn't even call I just set the game. Oh my god. Oh my god, something wasn't right. The levison,
grew more worried by the minute he's walking up and down like. page line in its waiting. Any clammy has no motions little towards the end It made out to right it by our cave, the founder of the missing, since advocacy network and host of case file presents podcast. What's missing if the police informed mark and Faye leveson that they no longer considered mat a missing person to find all the cash being transferred to Hamas on any state call. The police are found a great this american, the bush, the receipt showed that two items have been purchased ducks hype and a god and master brand Matic, I think we were in shock for ages after that the world just seemed to stand still. hey how a family took on this system to try and find justice for their son. The very first time might feel like the play and ass. We no longer on the same side, and then he sat there and said to me: was metzler
stop that had a murdered now I just said the bush stops now. Let's means some people in this world never take no for an answer, especially when their fighting for someone they love, nothing's, proving we thought with chance, funny metaphor by one or more intending it wasn't zero. So we got give it a go. then, when against us not finding Madame Maddy, the latest podcast. case file presides available September nineteenth only spotify. It's not a justice system. It's just a system
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