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269: Case 228: The Harrison Family

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In April 2009, 64-year-old Bill Harrison, a much-loved member of the community of Mississauga, Canada, was found dead in his home. An autopsy revealed that he died of natural causes. Just over one year later, Bill’s wife, Bridget Harrison was also found deceased in the family home. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Amazon Pharmacy – Your medication, made easy DoorDash – Get 25% off up to $10 value on your first order of $15 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free Matty – New podcast from Casefile Presents SimpliSafe – Get 40% off your order For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-228-the-harrison-family
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The shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website by two thousand and nine, the canadian city of mrs saga, had been home to bill and brigitte harrison for almost four decades. Located in the leafy and peaceful aaron mills district. The harrison's brow and spacious, two story: six bedroom house was gathering place for their family and friends. It played Used to an array of backyard get together and christmas celebrations, but when Bridget returned to her typically live Brilliant warm home late on Thursday April. Sixteen two thousand and nine she found it. Uncharacteristically, dark and quiet Sixty two year old bridget had spent the latter part of the day tied up in a board meeting for work by the time she.
Who'd into her driveway it it just takes past nine p m she. Aren't you a car in the garage and entered her house through an adjoining door? Only to discuss all the lights inside were off and nothing stood within. Gene code out for her husband bill, but was met with silence. She began king, a true on the lower half of the house. For him. After glow emanated from the living room, where brigitte fanned the television playing to no one on the coffee table in front of it. With some neglected, half eaten take out food thinking that bill might have gone to bed. Brigitte headed upstairs to their room. But he wasn't there either as bridgehead made her way
back down stairs something called her eye. The door to the powder room at the left at the staircase was closed. Brigitte tried the handle. It was locked from the inside. She retrieved a pen and used it to pick the lock inside bills, body lay slumped against the fire wall wedged between the toilet. And the door.
First responders gained access to the powder room where they immediately pronounced a bill. Harrison dad, as there was no overt evidence of fair play police it same believed that bill had died from natural causes, a car And I was summoned to the harrison home as sudden death cases require their input two formerly rule out the possibility of a homicide when a car and viewed those body in situ. He noticed a faint bruce on bills, forehead and knows that, are also to linear red marks around bills, throw that would believe to a bank caused by a box gold chain he wore around his neck. The car ultimately agreed that bill harrison's cause of death, appeared to be natural and didn't require any
the police involvement. An autopsy was performed to determine why bill had died given the car his thoughts on the matter, the autopsy wasn't intended to cover residence for police investigation or any subsequent prosecution. It was performed by a regular pathologist Whose knowledge was based in seeking the cause and effect of diseases, the pathologist performing bills, autopsy discovered. Another relatively serious bruise at the front of bill scout, As there was no trauma to the brain or skull the pathologist denoted, using was compatible with the victim striking his head during a sudden collapse. it was also discovered that bill sterner attain shape to vote. It bone in the central part of the chest was broken aware that bill
His death was not being viewed as suspicious the pathologist theorized that bill's body had struck the powder room sink me to fall, causing the fracture and bruising. In his report, the pathologist concluded that bill had suffered from acute cardiac, an arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat that can have fatal results. Bill Harrison's death was officially ruled. The result of natural causes and he's case was closed. Bridget Harrison had lost her husband of forty years. Brigitte was right. in london on ontario, where she had found success as an actress it was backstage during one of her thetis shows where she met bill, who worked in the productions costume department naturally com, wise and level headed bill, complemented brigitte, more passionate and fiery personality
The pair married in nineteen sixty nine and move to missus saga where brigitte begin a new career in education. As a teacher, she was beloved by colleagues and students alike. A determined, a visionary and engaging mentor bridges is promoted into greater rose? She rose steadily through the ranks before earning her car position working directly with ontario minister of education, bill, fanned he's footing in sales and management. The harrison's relationship wasn't without hardships. Bill was black and brigitte was wide. As a result they enjoy judge Went from outside is for being a quote mixed rice couple Bill and Bridget rose above the bigotry to become an inseparable tame known for their warmth and generosity.
In nineteen. Seventy three upon learning They were unable to conceive children. The couple adopted a six month old, black boy named caleb described as a little roscoe caleb taking and curiosity to the harrison's on their toes, but they were nevertheless happy with the life they had fostered together after bills on it, spectre death, brigitte found herself alone in their grand family house. A forty year old, Caleb Harrison moved in to offer he's grieving mother some companionship remove proved beneficial to Caleb. Who had recently been released from prison and needed a place to live, Hey also had two children under the age of ten bridge loved her grandchildren and found solace in their joyful presence. However,
It wasn't long before tension arose between bridget in cairo without bill. Who is this robbed as the families rock and pace k by the two. argued often on the afternoon of Wednesday April, twenty one two thousand ten caleb Eight year old son arrived home from school. Harrison's front door was unlocked a few steps in on the tiled floor at the base of the competent state case lay brigitte harrison's motionless body. She was face up with her. and by her side, sent her head resting on the bottom step. emergency services rushed to the same only to pronounce brigitte the safest she
had passed away only one made up from the powder room where her husband had died a little over a year earlier, brigitte was fully ass with her shoes on a wallet die. Glasses were lying alongside her. They slide police to believe she had been getting ready to leave. The house when she took a nasty and fatal spill down the stairs with no signs forced entry into the harrison home, a responding officer, included in his report. All in all. The same has nothing to indicate fair play or a struggle. The coroner wasn't so sure blood vessels ST bridget's eyes and cheeks had burst There was also bruising and abrasions on her chin and neck, which was hyper extended as though she had been strangled.
Bones in the back of her neck were also broken. This led to the car classifying brigitte death as undetermined. hey order that her body undergo a fool. Forensic autopsy. At this point, detectives for the homicide bureau should have taken control of bridges. Kay they were aware of it, but
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load, your new favorite getaway, best feigns for free today on the app store or google ply plot an earn even more, with five dollars worth of in game rewards when you reach level five, that's friends without the are best feigns. Raising Caleb was no easy fate for bill and brigitte Harrison he school years with difficult caleb would last shouted he's teachers and test their patients. Much to the dismay of brigitte who herself was a teacher. He was also teased by he's. Peas, brigitte had high expectations
the caleb and wanted him to do well, while the mother and son loved each other, they often clash, divert collapse. Behaviour bill did his best to ways tensions with these trademark pacifist city, often acting as a bridge between the quarrelling, bridging Caleb. The family had a lot of great times together, including into state trips, but brigitte and cable never outgrew their habit of disputing one another caleb grew hop into a witty young man that others found fun to be around driven like his parents. Caleb entered the workforce immediately after graduating high school. He began working for a shipping and receiving business as methodical person who thrived in a routine based environment the role suited caleb. He quickly earned
the reputation as a dedicated and todd working employee the year two thousand and twenty Seven year old, caleb crossed paths with nineteen year old militia merit melissa, worked behind the counter of a dull store in the sprawling industrial complex where caleb was employed. Melissa found herself drawn to collapse, outgoing personality and sense of humour she ended and engagement to pursue our relationship with caleb in insurgency. It says that mirrored those of his parents, Caleb, was one half of a mixed race couple with Melissa who was wide the pair married within a year. Melissa aspire to be a mother and caleb was eager to start a family over the next three. and a half years. The couple had a son and daughter together.
They settled in a house that was less than an hour drive from bill and brigitte thy adored their grandchildren. They helped the pair with their schoolwork and varied them to their appointments and sports games Brigitte was such a divided grandmother that she changed her email address to men. Harrison. Yet by then and militias relationship was strained, Caleb drank heavily, and the couple often argued about finances. In june, two thousand five militia called the police on caleb in an affidavit she revealed caleb put me in a headlong and hit me repeatedly in the head Caleb denied the allegations hey claimed that melissa attacked him first by scratching and heating him and he's actions were done in self defence
Caleb was arrested and charged with domestic Assad. He spent not in jail before receiving bio and a suspended sentence these since it an officially signal. The end of his marriage. Caleb moved about conan with these parents militia forbade him from seeing their kids labeling him and incompetent father. One month later, Caleb went to a keg party, as condition of his suspended sentence Wasn't allowed to drink alcohol so he opted to bay a designated driver. Drove his mother's car to the party. Picking up several friends, along the way. However, during their party caleb started drinking those closest kyle avenue that he was devastated to have been separated from his children and that he used it
a hall as coping mechanism when the party stuff winding down at around three, I am caleb decided to drive home his friend And tried to talk to me out of it, but he wouldn't listen. They refused to get in the car with caleb behind the wheel, so he drove off without them. Caleb was around ten kilometers from his parents home when he's coffee it onto the wrong side of the road he collided head on, with a taxi carrying for passengers, both vehicle were driving one hundred kilometers per hour, resulting in a catastrophic crash those involved. Stay and serious injuries, including many broken bones, one passenger had been scout upon arriving at hospital. Forty four year old
a taxi driver. Michael raymond condition deteriorated quickly. He died from his injuries the following day, miraculously every One else survived Le Harrison was two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit at the time of the collision. He was charged with three counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm and one can of impaired driving, causing death. It was released on bail to a white trial under the condition that he remained living with these parents. a judge allowed caleb two children to stay with him at the harrison residence for two days, awake as well as every second wakened. This. Nothing to quell the animosity between caleb and Melissa sure
The after he's released from hospital melissa reported that caleb had broken into her home and physically assaulted her in the back yard. She sell, accused him of assaulting net to children whenever they stayed with him at the harrison heard, of collapse. Upcoming trial, someone began an online petition on facebook or they didn't know the deceased a taxi driver. They were furious that caleb had killed. Someone as a result of he's reckless behaviour, the petition cold for signatures in support. of caleb receiving a minimum of five years in prison quote if we can get one hundred thousand people to join this group. We can present this to the courts to be sure they strong draw that gets a decent santa. Please help us to ensure a bit of justice. He served.
good man lost his life over this. In the wake leading up to the trial. The petition had just over three hundred signatures. Caleb Harrison faced chord in january, two thousand and nine he's lawyer argued that Caleb should receive no jail time, stating that cat was rehabilitated and incredibly remorseful, killops, family and colleagues, attested to he's good character describing him as a hard worker and loving father acknowledging that caleb seemed to be a decent man with many positive attributes. The judge said that the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility required incarceration. He sentenced kylam to eighteen months jail with a further two years, probation
He's licence was also suspended for two years, I love had only been in prison for a month when his father died unexpectedly I love was given. Die relates to mourn with his family in june in two thousand nine. He was released from prison early for good behaviour. Having served to just three months, Kyler moved back into his parents. Erin mills, home to today, with these graving mother, less than a year later, brigitte was found dead at the bottom of the staircase. Caleb was questioned in relation to his mother s, death while he denied any involvement the interviewing officer took note of how calm and unaffected caleb seemed by the sudden loss. Others were interviewed in relation to the case, including kylam sex, was
Melissa merit speaking about the domestic violence she experienced from I love militia said he did some pretty serious stuff to me. If we got in an argument, he would not do anything until I turned my back all went to bed, he was snaky. That's the way he would assault me so on that he has in him a tendency to harm people if they pass him off to it also revealed that caleb didn't have a good relationship with his mother before clarifying I'm not in any way pointing fingers and not saying that's enough to do something to her, unlike her husband's autopsy, brigitte Harrison's was fronted by a forensic pathologist
their approach to examining a corpses. Medico legal as their findings could form part of a police investigation or criminal prosecutions. As such They specialise in examining injuries the forensic pathologist eggs, Meaning brigitte harrison's body noted that the fractured bones in the rear of her neck, when not typically saying in neck compression cases, marks across her chin and neck could have been the result of her body hitting the stereo during a fool. We are also no signs of hemorrhaging in bridge its neck muscles, indicative of strangulation with food funding, supporting both the full and strangulation theories. The forensic pathology just was reluctant to favour radar. Instead, brigitte cause of death was listed as neck injuries.
A meeting between different investigative authorities on the incident led to the regional police concluding at this It is unknown how brigitte harrison suffered these injuries after two weeks, the investor. nation into brigitte. Harrison's death ended their cases. Late detective concluded, quote there has been no evidence to suggest brigitte Harrison was the victim of foul play or any criminal act. Kyler Harrison said audience to continue living at his parents home. He secured a job at an electronics. Come he started a new relationship, retained, shared custody of these children and stayed out of trouble.
told a friend that while he was depressed about his parents death, his two children inspired him to keep going by august. Two thousand thirteen three years had passed since Brigitte harrison passed away. On the twenty second of that month, Caleb finished work and drive to the local softball field, to coaches, daughters, softball tame melissa, had custody, If the kids that day, so she was there, along with her new husband, afterwards, caleb drive home alone,. He watched television and had a drink before finding his gulf. and a eleven p m. He then went to bed. Caleb was a sleigh by so he slept with an oil mosque on and also left a fan running or not to drag out any noise. The next day, Caleb didn't show up the work.
Colleagues tried to call he's mobile phone, but there was no answer at around mid day: a covert I drive to the harrison family home. He was greeted by colleagues house k by she had same. Kyler. Been the two hours she'd been at the house, yet she haven't gotten around to cleaning up stairs where the main bedroom was located. Collapse colleague, headed inside and went up to collapse, bedroom the housekeeper followed close behind whispering repeatedly. I'm scared, I'm scared they reached the end of the whole way and knocked on colleagues door. There was no response the pair let themselves in case
was lying in his bed. He's blanket was pulled up to his chin and he saw a mosque was on He didn't stir when the others called out to him to wake up Forty year out, Caleb Harrison was dead. case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us. I listening to this episode sponsors when twenty year old, matthew, levison failed to return home after a night out clubbing in sydney he's loved ones were worried, sick. Suspicion soon fell on mats partner. Forty five year old, Michael blackens after it was
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The intruder had the element of surprise striking caleb, as he slept in bed and altercation in. During which a shelving unit had they not diver kay. I'm knuckles was swollen and there were foreign skin scrapings under his fingernails, showing that he had put up a fight. Yet he's killer had stage to the same by putting caleb body back in bed as if he had died in his sleep. An autopsy revealed that the high oil burning, Caleb neck was broken, and there was damage to the college of his voice box. This coupled with bruising and abrasions on the exterior of his neck, determined to the cause of his death to be strangulation. Caleb was the third and final iverson family member to die inside the Erin mills house within a four year period. A homicide investigation was finally launched, prompting authorities to reflect on the surgeon
dances surrounding bill. When two brigitte deaths detective tone, The mississauga news. Anything in absence of an explanation may seem strange but there's obviously some very poignant. Events that happened to one family to have three sudden. Deaths occur in the same household. Is unusual It would be remiss if we didn't do add due diligence and look at all three deaths in totality. We haven't If anything, however, everything is on the table. The theory that someone was targeting the harrison family was one held by their loved ones. For years from In the outset they had trouble. Accepting that bill had died from a heart condition.
Just didn't make sense for a man who exercised a daily aid, a healthy diet and was physically feared, even brigitte, suspected that something wasn't right about her husband's death. She'd brought up her concerns the police on several occasions asking why the path. Room door was locked from the side if bill was home alone at the time, and why, where all the lights off. If bill was up and you Seeing the bathroom bothered investigators acknowledge today's questions that was to light bills. Body couldn't back seemed for further tests Has it been banker awake after his death? budgets on timely and unexplained deaths a year later only confirmed suspicions held by her loved ones that a killer was on the loose they pushed. The law.
enforcement to re, open bill and bridges cases. The family was told that their society actions were not enough. The police wanted proof. The harrison's loved ones were at a loss, wasn't at the job of the police to investigate and find said proof now, Caleb Harrison had been murdered. How could you let this happen? one graving family member yelled, as the house This house was typed off by police for the third time. Couldn't understand why authorities never listened to them, they Even highlighted two sauce backs telling police, Nobody else has motive. The acrimony between Caleb Andy's ex wife melissa merit had continued up until his death, but there was a lot more
who were then Melissa was willing to admit short After Caleb had been released from hospital following the fatal car crash, Melissa had police to report that caleb had broken into her home and physically assaulted, her police. Visited the harrison residents to investigate only to find that caleb had broken he's lead in the car accident. He's leg was in a full cost and even with the help of crutches, he could hardly walk There was no way he was capable of the allegations melissa had made regardless melissa contain, You to make several similar allegations around this time when Caleb finally faced court but the original domestic violence allegation against him. He claimed that.
Lisa had been deliberately misleading police officers in what hey called continued attempts to implicate him in acts of abuse and create suspicion about him. Police felt Same way, one officer had even told detectives. I am one hundred percent convinced that melissa is making up the whole story despots. Is melissa, was never charge door disciplined in october, two thousand five four months after a laser and caleb had separated Melissa met a man on and named christopher tour. I at twenty eight years old chris was too is older than Molly saw. The pair were together for just over a year before they held a marriage ceremony.
The union wasn't legally recognised as Melissa, hadn't, formerly divorced from Caleb. Nevertheless, Melis earned chris settled into married life. They had for children over the next five years. Chris was a handy man who also occasionally worked as a security guard It wasn't enough to support these large family said the couples. Government assistance and alone from family and friends. even though she struggled to support them. Melissa, wanted all six of her children under the one roof. This. colluded. Her eldest two children she had with caleb, with whom she shed custody. Melissa made five separate claims to the children's I'd society, accusing caleb bill and brigitte harrison of assaulting the two children whenever they stay. Add the harrison residents.
two clear, her name: brigitte kept a die. Free of all the interactions her family had with Molly saw she- I noted the paypal and degrading way that militia spoke the caleb in front of the children on one occasion, Chris Vittoria, threatened you'll burn in hell for the lies. You ve told on another. He owed out of a car window. You'll pay for this. You fucking bastard,. The allegations that caleb bill and brigitte Harrison were harming the children were determined to have been completely unfounded once again, melissa. Merit was lying. She had even And coaching her children on what to say to the authorities to support her outlandish claims to the growing animosity between them. A judge ruled that kind.
of and melissa communicate through riding only it was crisper tour. I who began the online petition calling for caleb to receive the minimum sentence for his drink driving charges hey road. This is Caleb Harrison the dick that killed someone drinking and driving he's on Fortunately also my wife's ex husband Chris had posted a photo of kyle, upon which he photoshop devil horns and a speech babo that red give may be here and there came to mummies mercedes. Chris and Molly sir attended caleb trial, making faces at the harrison family in court and driving pass them afterwards, with their tongues poking out, one can. Love was sentenced to waiting months in prison. Melissa
certain. She would finally received full custody of their children, but the judge. gave her joint custody with bill and brigitte harrison ruling. It was in the best interest for the children to maintain the lifestyle they are used to. Melissa, was angry, stating in aceh, So when a mile, if Caleb he's not care, caring for their children. Then no one other than myself should beg the day After bill Harrison was found, dead, bridget went to her grandchildren school to check that We're doing ok, the kids weren't there as well of the shared custody order. Melissa wasn't allowed to withdraw her children from school. Without a doctor's note, Such note had been given to the school administration chris for tour. I had
explicitly signed the children out at one p m the previous day, a tape revealed that merely servant. Caleb son had excitedly informed his classmates that he was going on a trip with his family. He didn't know where, as his mother was keeping at a surprise, all he knew was that it would take over a day of driving to get there. Upon learning this brigitte drove timidly servant, creases apartment, no one came to the door, which was lost The blinds were also drawn brigitte report, her grandchildren disappearance to the police they made queries with chris fatigue, arise employer who confirmed that Chris said coding, sick on the day that bill Harrison, he had an shown up since police gained access,
from a lesser and curses apartment, binding at dark and mostly empty dies. DA brigitte harrison received an email from militia merit in it militias I did that she had fled with that family because she was receiving threatening letters from an unknown party. I led our rules that by militia and making the same claims was sent to caleb in prison. It was postmarked April. Seventeen the day after bill died. when bill harrison's funeral was held his gradual. And was still missing the next day brigitte was granted sol custody of the children. despite no one knowing where they were.
Missing persons adds were published in newspapers across the country as brigitte sought. The help of a private investigator to mount seemed to the disappearance. Caleb was paroled. efforts to track militia merit and chris for tour. I had come up a dry, but Van by two thousand nine militia, and Chris had been missing for seven months. Approval to seize and review militias banking records was granted providing a much needed bright through they. Revealed a transaction in the canadian province of nova scotia. Thirteen hundred I am from mrs saga, an arrest. Warrant was issued and the family were finally young covered in an effort to go. One detected LISA had died. Her children's hair and the group were going by different names.
Melissa was charged with parental child abduction and she lost access to the two children she shared with Caleb Harrison. They were placed in caleb care who was granted shared custody with his mother brigitte. Melissa merit pleaded guilty and a hearing was set for April twenty two two thousand and ten. In the late up, brigitte harrison prepared a victim impact statement. She described the seven months. Grandchildren were missing, has the most desperate of her life. The fact that my listened chris said look their run away on the very day bill had died, wasn't lost on brigitte in her statement. She road, some people believing coincidences, some do not.
Brigitte, was never able to deliver a big damn impact statement the day, full militia merits. Hearing was set to begin. Brigitte was found, dead, Melissa was convicted for parental abduction and received eighteen months probation. Meanwhile, her ex husband was growing increasingly suspicious as detailed in the toronto star newspaper, Caleb, paris, and told her cousin No way anyone falls down the stairs and ends up in that position that doesn't look rod that doesn't make sense
caleb had even add the same concerns to police during interviews following his mother's death, a detailed he's rocky history with molly saw while acknowledging the timing of brigitte death as we'd when asked to he thought, was responsible for his mother's death. Caleb replied: I would ask where a lesser and chris were personally when speaking to police Brigitte death melissa merit said she was at home baby sitting as part of a day care business. She was trying to get up and running crease vittoria said he'd spent the day working in he's back yard and running errands shops. Surveillance cameras had captured him in town, yet there was
brave time he was unaccounted for. Chris said he had visited militias grandmother to pick up a drum kid police never spoke with the woman to confirm they. This alibi, Melissa worked to implicate caleb being brigitte death, in interviews she reference to caleb history of violence against her Even though what was known to be baseless, furthermore, Caleb couldn't have killed. Brigitte An alibi placed him at work that day with that, the investigation into brigitte death was closed. Kyler Harrison received so custody of these two children in the aftermath of his mother's death. Putting he's personal feelings aside in mid two thousand thirteen he agreed to a temporary schedule,
the children would remain living at the harrison home, but would now spend every other weekend with Melissa and Chris. It wasn't uneasy arrangement. As my leisure and chris headway. located to a rural town, three hundred and fifty kilometres from mrs saga, but Kalen was making it work in august, two thousand thirteen. The agreement was due to land, molly saw wanted shared custody, but caleb refused, hey had several child support, demands that militia refused to make the day before the custody battle was due to reach its concur, using Caleb Harrison was killed with Caleb dead,
LISA was given sol custody of their two children. In the paper work she described. Kylam staff is tragic and shocking that caleb loved ones were convinced. She was involved some. Why, when molise or sir attempted to attend caleb zweig, they turned her away. Both Laser and Chris maintained that the last time the same color was that the youth softball match they had all attended hours before he was killed afterwards militia Chris I dinner at a fast food restaurant in a shopping mall they went. home to bed and woke up at six. I am molly. sir insisted. There was no way that crease could have snuck out in the middle of the night. Without waking have yet when presenting the sequence of events to investigators. The neither melissa nor Chris mentioned
walmart. This was significant. An undercover officer had posed as a waste to collect data. Confiscate melissa increases household rubbish sorting through it. They found a black pair of salt twelve running shoes inside a plastic bag. They had been worn, But we're otherwise brand new, the show These were sought exclusively in walmart. T national retail superstore investigators obtained Goods from the warmer closest to my lesser increases home Only one size, twelve pair of that particular issue, had been solved in the past two months. The sale occurred, mere hours before Caleb Harrison was killed, cctv footage captured chris
the tour I has, he wandered around the store with the shoes in hand, bank record showed he had made a purchase for the exact amount. The shoes cost While militia and Chris had admitted to waiting dinner at that same shopping, mall that not name I mentioned going into walmart or buying the shoes investigators began covertly following christopher tour. I They watched ass, he went around town and swooped he threw away an empty, take away. Coffee cup they live daddy's dna from the cap and compared to the skin scrapings from underneath Caleb Harrison's fingernails. It was a match. A pair of later, gloves that were wrong cover d militias and christmas trash also contained both Chris and caleb day. Dna.
following these major breakthroughs, investigators, raked the couples home with covert listening devices. It took five months before they picked up and think significant militia merit was heard, telling christopher tour I have to realise that the underlying fact of the matter is that you killed Caleb Chris responded. I know authorities executed a search warrant on a trailer belonging to Molly, sir and Chris. They confiscated alive top and examined its contents in the month. In weeks leading up to brigitte Harrison's death, someone had talked into a search engine.
What, if a grandparent, has legal custody and they die? How long does it take to die from choking and how long does it take for a person being strangled to pass out one month before Caleb was? killed. Someone had searched easy ways to kill and get away with it. Melissa merit and chris Fattore were arrested for the first, the gray, murders of caleb, harrison and brigitte harrison after thirteen hours of questioning and exasperated Chris said emitted that he did unlocked the harrison's he spoke of being told horrific stories of how they traded malicious children, adding It was an awful family, they traded, Children like shit and die, and militia had to live with that every day and I couldn't watch
militias attitude and how sorry she was for everything that was going on the inside Viewing officer then asked Chris: what did you do? I chose the original Joe version how'd, you kill bridging door the. Large understood each other. sure reviews a letter to my way doctor. What did you do.
I had heard probable tries to swedish your man Just stop really will the work. Or soccer in the night. Also have no idea laughter? Was there to his house?
also the measure on the chest A shovel as her into the chevalier beside his bed. I'd rather, would lie sweeter just not into the ground. To my job, you Chris told tat gives I'm telling you right now that melissa merit did not know anything until after it was down the detectives, whereon convinced.
They placed chris and militia in a room alone together and listened in as the couples started whispering chris revealed that hey had confessed to brigitte and caleb murders in a panic he told Molly saw that he wanted her to get unless a sentence explaining on taking the rap for to give you accessory. After the fact I told them. I told you after that, what killed militia aroused? Why Chris replied, because I want you to get our children chris tour, I was charged with two counts of first, the gray matter. Despite he's clean That malaysia was not involved, she faced the same charges when it came to bill Harrison. Chris said that out of all the harrison family he locked to build that best, hey menteur,
and that he was not responsible for bills death. Nevertheless, was also charged with the second degree motor of bill harrison both com, Send him away saw pleaded not guilty. the couples joint trial commenced in november. Two thousand. Seventeen, the ugly custody battle between molly samaritan, Caleb Harrison formed the basis of the prosecutions case. They told the court that Molly, sir and Chris thought they stood to inherit millions from the harrison estate. Chris Vittoria recanted he's confession at trial, claiming it was co worst. He thought that by taking full blame for the crimes molly, so would be free to look after their children, while Chris would maintain a not guilty play when it came to bill and brigitte murders. He sought to plead guilty to the less a child,
of manslaughter when it came to Caleb, hey, stated That he had only intended to rough kyler bob and may be put him in the hospital the prosecution rejected he's play there. We confident that they had enough evidence to prove Chris killed with intent. The difficulty lies in the case against militia merit the other thence against her was circumstantial and her legal tain knew it from their perspective the prosecutions case at best characterized my lisa as an accessory? After the fact, the prosecution argued that Chris wouldn't have committed the murders. Had he not been compelled to do so by the lisa. He was acquitted of bill harrison's murder due to a lack of evidence. Melissa merit was acquitted of Brigitte harrison's murder as the jury.
He was acquitted of bill harrison's murder due to a lack of evidence. Melissa merit was acquitted of Brigitte harrison's murder, as the jury were unable to reach a decision. Regarding her involvement for the murder of her ex husband, Caleb Harrison Melissa was found guilty. unknown parole period of twenty five years. When speaking of the harrison family bill, Harrison sister said I cannot fathom how people who love to their family, love to their friends and love to their community, so greatly could have been dealt such any Ain't dealt such an injustice. We have all suffered from recurring violent nightmares of our loved ones last moments, and we will never forget that terror that played down
We have all suffered from recurring violent nightmares of our loved ones last moments, and we will never forget that terror that plague dost vs, not knowing I hope that one day you realize that you destroyed and innocent family at the cost of your own addressing the convicted killers, one of Caleb cousins said. I hope that one day you realize that you destroyed an innocent family at the cost of your own in twenty twenty. an independent review was launched into why bill and bridges harrison's murders had originally been overlooked. The extended The family issued a statement saying they were haunted by lingering quest. It still be alive, had bills death being investigated properly.
Some of the review was made public. It highlighted a multitude of police areas, including poor communication. No taking and coordination of review was made public it. Dissection, wasn't a multitude of police, even including poor communication note taking and coordination of resources. in bill harrison's case ally it and neck dissection wasn't performed during. He saw even There were signs of trauma to his throat. The performing pathologist had also failed to uncover any trace of heart abnormalities or heart disease, yet
still ruled bills: death as the result of acute cardiac arrhythmia. The pathologists lighter reflect dead. It probably should have tweak to me that something was in ride. Given hindsight, I suspect that he was the victim of fair play. I could have done things differently, but I can't change it now and as far as I'm concerned, given the information I had at the time I did the best I could. Says and post mortem bindings, which indicated evidence of possible strangulation may have been sufficient cause. they considered as suspected homeless I'd. It was recommended that a homicide, detective review all sudden death to ensure no homicides would be met indicated evidence of possible strangulation may have been sufficient cause for the case to be considered as suspected homicide.
It was recommended that a homicide detective review all sudden to uncover. Sure no homicides would be missed in the future. The report stated No time does a police officer wish to be involved in an investigation that fails to uncover the truth. This has been destroyed, melissa merit, increase, voter eyes for children are set to grow up with both of their parents behind bars, Caleb Harrison, son and daughter are left without. Therefore, a form, a neighbour of the harrison family, told the mrs saga news. Those of us who have been around for years know what the kids have already been through, for their very young lives. Many have reported on the love, Caleb Harrison
I'm a neighbour of the harrison family, told the mrs saga news. Those us, who've been around for years, know what the kids have already been through. They've had way too much Very young lives, many reported on the love Caleb Harrison had for his children and how he wanted them to succeed in life. He had said to others. Tat it was his children. They got him through his deep depression following his parents debts. He had both day name's tattooed on his chest. Over his hard Kalen, so bitterly red caleb found his true calling when he became a father. He's fees devotion to his children Impressed all of us who watched him grow up
Case far presents a noose, butterfly exclusive podcast maddy. No one is better prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing nervous. When someone love vanishes into thin air. Case far presents a new spotify exclusive podcast maddy. No one has ever prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing nets oh my god. Oh my god, something wasn't right. The levison The levison grew more worried by the minute he's walking up
we started ring round, match friends what you're doing a working. Why hasn't even call them? I just said oh my god, oh my god, something wasn't right. The levison grew worried by the minute he's walking up and down like a cage line in its waiting, any clammy, the moon has now motions little towards the. mark and say levison. They no longer by lowering our the founder of the missing persons. Did network and host of case file presents podcast? What's may police informed mark and fail everything that they no longer considered MA am missing person I tol fine. All cases been transferred, thomas on any state, Call the police are found a great this american, the bush. The receipt showed that two items have been purchased ducks hype and a god and master brand met. I think we were in ages after that the world just seemed to stand still here.
and then he sat there and said to me was met slog stall that heading murdered. Now I just said the bushes is ass when no longer on the same side, and then he sat there and said to me was met I wanted to make my continuing, but it wasn't zero, so we gotta give it again. It was never gonna win against us. Not the funding not the funding Mary Mary, the latest podcast. funny met by one I mean my intending, it wasn't zero, so we gotta give it He was never gonna win against us. Not the finding madeleine maddy, the latest podcast from case file presents, the September nineteen. Only on spotify, it's not a justice system. It's just a system.
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