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270: Case 229: The Killer Realtor

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On Thursday, November 6 2003, a customer was met with a grisly scene at a motorcycle dealership called Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee, South Carolina. Owner Scott Ponder, his mother Beverly Guy, store manager Brian Lucas and mechanic Chris Sherbert had all been gunned down in cold blood. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: Matty – New podcast from Casefile Presents Casefile Truth & Deception – Get the new Casefile board game BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-229-the-killer-realtor
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When twenty year old, matthew, levison failed to return home after a night out clubbing in sydney he's loved ones were worried, sick. So Bishop soon fell on mats partner. Forty five year old, michael atkins after it was revealed that the pair were fighting on the night of matt's disappearance, but was that unfortunate timing or deed atkins have something to hide, Mattie is the latest podcast from case file presence at ten part series I by Lauren night from the missing since advocacy network maddy from case file. Prison Is available to strain furry right now only on spotify stateroom
and until the end of today's episode to hear the trailer era, besides do with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time you made support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence support police, say the show nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. The names of several individuals in this episode have been changed. Super black immodest sports in chechnya, south carolina wasn't just a motorcycle dealership. The black enthusiasm in the small and its surrounding area the store, was I used to hang out with like minded people and even make friends
Thirty year old, Scott ponder who owned the store worked there with his best friend Brian Lucas, who was twenty nine. The dynamic between the pair had added to the friendly. His fear. There were a number of regular customers who dropped by whenever they had spare time. That was agreed. Finally, what no lay was doing on the afternoon of thursday november six two thousand three no had met scott and brian through the store and grew to consider them two of his closest friends the trio, were all planning to go to a motor cross rice, the following not and do not wanted to stop. the store to collect their tickets. He called the shop first at around two thirty p m to check if they suited scots mother fifty two year old, beverly guy, answered the fine. She helped at the dealership, with bookkeeping and other administrative tasks. Beverly.
said would be fine for now to drop in at around three p m. No He's bam w into the stores parking lot said back from a stir of a two lane: highway code, paris, bridge road, super back modus sports, was one of the only retail spaces in the vicinity. It boarded a cattle feed. and was surrounded by rolling hills and mostly residential buildings, no part in one of the five car spaces directly in front of the shop he immediately notice something strange in the doorway of the dealership. Sprawl crossed the ground in a manner that prompted the glass door open was a person was the store manager, Brian Lucas, no lady got out of his car. A shoe
in Brian was playing some kind of prank now moved towards the storefront when he abruptly stalked in his tracks, partially hidden beneath the bonnet of the car park. Parked next to was the body of scott ponder. A pool of blood had formed around him. Closer rob no could say there was blood around Brian as well. The glass from Door held open by he's body had been shattered. Real
using the severity of the situation, no right, past Brian's body and into the store he headed to the sails. and use the dealerships. Finally to call Non one one. Then he saw something else: A third body was sprawled on the floor. Just outside the shy room in the middle of the dealership, it was sky. Some other beverly guy when no got through to annoy one one operetta. He cried out apparel Lee everyone's being shot up here, every these laying down in a pool of blood, his mama In short, the mechanics being shot Although no had only seen three bodies, he believed there would be a fourth somewhere as well. Sure that the dealerships twenty six year old mechanic was always looking at this time of day. Often the garage area explaining
to the upper right are no was told to go looking for Chris. Instead, he should leave the store for his own safety and white outside for the first responders to arrive. no did ass, he was told exiting. The dealership and walking across the road where he sat down in some grass. police, descended on superbike motor sports and secured the building scott ponder. ryan, lucas and beverly guy were rolled. The sakes. as in all lay had predicted the dealerships mechanic wkrisha that was also at the shop. He was found slum diver, a black suzuki motorcycle in the dealerships garage he was dead too often, victims had been shot multiple times with a nine millimeter pistol, including at least
once in the chest and once in the forehead, the headshot implied that the killing said been a deliberate execution rather than a random mass shooting. The perpetrator had missed a very few of their shots, even though some of their victims had been moving. Targets Eighteen, shell casings were recovered from the saying they were dusted for prince but yielded none. Nor were there any unidentified hand or fingerprints elsewhere in the store investigators also had no luck, sourcing, foreign dna, the only clue they came across was a bill of sale for a black suzuki motorcycle. It appeared as those guys ponder had been in the process of writing the bill when the shootings began. It didn't include by his name or any other identifying information such as a credit card number the bill.
was for the same black suzuki that mechanic wkrisha that had been working on pay had been pretty at for his new owner when he was shot and killed, two police, saint seemed likely that the buyer of the black suzuki and the shooter were one and the same based. the locations of the body they put together a theory of the slaying said likely unfolded. The shooter had left the story. After arranging to buy the bike, then they had sneaked into the guy roger via array, adore. They shot Chris sherbert from behind, while he was preparing the motorcycle for delivery. Next, the gunman headed through the show room encountering beverly guy and killing her Scott ponder and Brian Lucas had heard the gunshots and were fleeing the same as the shoe to pursue done brain and was gunned down in the stores. Doorway Scott
made it a little further outside to the parking lot after incapacitating or for victims. The shooter had methodically walked to each one and fired a final shot. Internet forehead investigators, shot down. Paris bridge road for three day says they processed the crime saying the attack was thought to have taken place at around two forty five p m soup back motive. Sports customer no lay had called the store at around two thirty p m and spoken to beverly guy. She just drop, the to to ransom marin softer taking her mother to a came. A therapy appointment beverly was planning to posit. Some earnings at the bank but told not to drop in as scott and Brian would both bay there By the time knoll arrived thirty minutes later, they were all dead.
Although many vehicles drive by the store throughout the day, they weren't that many customize around in the middle of a wait diaphanous, consequently investigate it didn't have many eye witness accounts to go on couple who were known to deal drugs had been saying neither store neither time of the shooting the woman had appeared. Ups and was heading away from super back motor sports says her male partner chased after her offices, managed to track the couple down that clear them of any involvement in the crime. Several vehicles were also spot it in the area. One was red and an early nineties model, perhaps a honda civic cool chevy cavalier. that was a dark blue light model, schaeffer light pickup truck with chrome, exhaust and bed riles, and to that
It was a small ass body. A pale blue pickup truck Office has asked for anyone with information about these vehicles to come forward very quickly. The murders at the super black motor sports were being compared to another attack that had taken place five months earlier. Thirty one miles. South west of chechnya in the town of greed that had been a robbery happily reach savings bank on may, seek staying a bank teller and to customize had been shot and killed execution style in a back room. Just luck super bark shootings. The bank attack had taken place in the middle of the day, with no witnesses around. It did and appear to be random, And similar to the location of super bach motor sports, the blue ridge savings bank was you're a highway in a relatively awesome. Lighted area, a red card
was saying: driving to the bank at one twenty four p m six minutes before the shooting and a red tk was spotted new super bach motor sports as well as of now about two thousand three: the perpetrator of the bank shootings hadn't bank card or identified. However, while money was stolen from the banking green investigated, I almost immediately that the super box, slayings hadn't, been part of a robbery. Nothing had been taken from the store. not even an envelope full of cash that had been left on a counter. Presumably, the deposit beverly had been planning to make the store also had numerous expensive items and a gold plated award that Scott had received, none of which were touched. with the robbery ruled out, as emotive investigators believed.
I will looking at a more personal attack. Scott ponder had opened super black modus boards in january, two thousand, and one and two the business had gone from strength to strength, scott high at his best friend, Brian Lucas, who was a skilled mechanic as well as a fellow motorcycle expert depends. Genuine passion for motorbikes was appealing to customers as one of the largest suki dealerships across to counties and attracted a lot of client, tell in the area. But Scott wasn't satisfied with the jostling locally. He utilised the tonight to sell to customers all over the united states at the beginning of the twenty first century, on shopping was still in its infancy. This puts scarred ahead of the curve.
as well as stocking motorcycles. Super back motor sports so sowed hiv aids and go cards this wide into their cost. I'm a base to outdoor enthusiasts and young families in its first year, store made more than one million dollars in sales. This allowed scott to expand quickly, re modelling and standing. The dealerships garage and taking on more staff had scott success made. He stole the target of a rival business who was looking to get rid of their competition There were also rumours that new killer could have Dana disgruntled custom on one person, who'd race, I visited the dealership, told the media that he'd seen by is quote totally flipped out upon receiving expensive bills.
Investigators also heard stories that super box prices were sometimes considered excessive dealerships custom Base was examined, but no one I stood out as suspicious the investing spot spotlight. Highlighted now lay the friend of scarred and Brian's who had discovered the crime. Saying no had a cell phone, but it stepped over his friends bodies and entered the store to call nine one one from the funding inside ferule. Hang you, the killer, might have still being in the building. Yet no loved it to go in any way. Here. Also told the norm. While one operator that the dealerships mechanic had been shot, even though he supposedly had insane wkrisha beds body rented the garage at all no could
and explain why he used the stores fine instead of his iron, except that he hadn't been thinking clearly due to shock, he had presumed that creates, had been shot as well, because the other three employees all were no was fingerprinted and had his car dusted for prince, he also took polygraph task. None of these results gave offices any further reason to base suspicious now lay was cleared from this aspect to waste. Sheriffs deputies discovered that chris sure that had been scheduled to on court. Several days later, on Monday november ten he had been charged with some drug related offences, some suspected that he was planning to turn states witness and test. Fight against others in exchange for having the charges dropped. If this was the case investigate,
is wondered whether the murders were committed by someone who wanted to silence Chris, but this theory failed to gain momentum, investigators were also interested to learn that scott panda hadn't really nine his father. He had been raised more by. He stepped bother, terry god, scots via logical, father, william dane ponder, had an extensive wrapped shade dating back to nineteen. Seventy six. It included property crimes, weapons violations and drug and alcohol offences in may did nineteen ninety three william had ass, being released from esteem to imprison and was living in his parents, harm on paris bridge road directly across the straight from the store, he son would open almost a decade later. The night of Saturday august, twenty eight nineteen. Ninety three
forty one year old, william, went out drinking with some friends said a nearby bar. He failed to return home five days passed with no word from William. He was then reported missing. He's friends claimed they dropped him off at the intersection of paris, bridge and martin camp roads, but William was never heard from again ten years later, as scott ponder turned thirty and was preparing to become a father himself, he began digging into his biological. this mysterious disappearance. It was nine that Scott was trying to find his dad had around the time he was killed. Investigators wondered if perhaps somebody had. I wanted him to succeed. Prior to his death, Scott had attempted to make a call from
cell phone, which was found with these body, he had managed to dodge the numbers. Three three three: it was dear eyes that he'd been trying to call the number listed as the third favorite contacting he's. Fine he's wife militia brackman. melissa was originally from arizona. She'd bet scots, visa earlier and the pair had commenced. The romantic relationship after a period of being good friends, melissa was currently seven weeks pregnant with the couples first, child. just two days earlier on Tuesday november for Melissa Scott had attended that burst. Prenatal check up together, and had to listen to their babies, hot bade. For the first time. on the morning of thursday november six militia
died in bed a little longer to curb her morning, sickness after asleep in she headed to work. She and Scott spoke on the phone. A couple of time That day, the latest call being at around two fifteen to thirty p m, not long after this Melissa headed out on a work errand. When she received a call from scots credit card vendor the vendor explain and that she was trying to head over to super back motor sports to perform a routine check on scots credit card machines, thought there was a roadblock preventing access to the store she had her a rumour that that being a shooting in the area and wanted to check if everything was ok after hearing is melissa, immediately change direction and headed to super bach motor sports. She repeatedly called scott cellphone
And office number along the way, but none of her calls were answered. Asthma LISA drew closer to the store on paris bridge road. She saw. The area was swarming with police and media helicopters. Her efforts to get to the store were interrupted by officers who was scolded her back home after learning who she was when officials informed molly saw that Scott had been shot and killed at work. She asked to speak with scots mother beverly. It was Then she was told that the entire staff of super bach motor sports were dead, but the time elisa gave birth seven months later, the investigation into her husband's murder had stalled militia had named her son scott junior after his father, but everyone took two calling the little boy scotty
Roughly a year after the shootings investigate is met with malaysia for a regular catch up. She brought baby scotty with her and had to change these diaper at one point after the mating investigators retrieved, the discarded dot, from the rubbish melissa was unaware that the catch up was a ruse. Investigators had received a tip off that scott panda had been sterile and was unable to father children They obtained a day and a simple from baby studies die bar and compared to scott ponders dna, which was taken from the crime saying it wasn't a match. Militia brackman was asked to attend the spartan burg, canny she department this time she should leave scotty at home, deputy
our shared associate, sir, into a meeting room and shut the door. One deputy than informed her your sons, dna does not match up with these fathers. Melissa reappeared, stunned by the revelation. She insisted that wasn't possible and offered to have studies dna test it again. Investigators agreed. The result was the same, however, have been no you'll link was found to exist between scotty and another victim from super back immodest sports testing confirmed that scots best friend Brian Lucas was the father of molasses, son.
Brian had also being married and had two sons with these wife, but he's mother, Lorraine, Lucas had suspected he was an entirely happy in he's relationship about two way: before the shootings, Lorraine had been visiting her son, and I noticed that he's wife seem to be pulling faces as lorraine and Brian chatted. Brian grew unhappy about this than stated. This is my mother. I want you to treat her with the respect. This led to an argument between the cup Brian had also been looking at new houses without his wife's knowledge. On that these murder he had gone to visit one property with a friend of his who was a real time. It seemed plausible two investigators that brian and militia had been having
An affair, perhaps the murders were the result of this sacred somehow coming to light scots stepfather terry guy was especially troubled by the infidelity room, Is he not only lost his steps on in the shooting, but he's washed beverly as well? Terry had suffered depression in the aftermath of the deaths and lost seventy pounds. Due to grief and stress, When he heard that Melissa could have been involved, he sat her down and asked. Did you have anything to do with it? If proof comes out that you did wherever you are rad I'll come and get you and bring you back myself melissa was adamant. She wasn't involved in the slayings and refused to admit that she'd been having an affair
variety months. Investigators continue to pursue this line of inquiry. they ran more dna tests and received Another unexpected resolved, according to their samples beverly guy had an actually bain Scott ponders mother. They compared. Italy's dna to Brian Lucas's sample reveal. Emerge as investigators knew. This couldn't be possible. They worked to discover what had happened. Scott and Brian's dna samples had gotten mixed up when there were taken at the crime scene with scott sample marked as brian's, and vice versa. They sent a likely And because the two bodies were lying almost side by side, this revelation was hugely vindicating. Families have brackman from the beginning. She had insisted that
never traded on her husband and knew that he was her. Babies, father Melissa suffered from endometriosis and Scott had a low sperm can, which had resigned. Tat in the couple needing medical assistance to conceive scotty since the beginning of the investigation, she had been open and honest with the ship, deputies. Handing over love leaded schanz got had written to each other and to answering intimate question about their relationship militia, Had even a great to be polygraph when investing. It is told her that both dna tests proved that scott wasn't scotty's father. She, Willing to have her husband's body exhumed, so another sample could be taken. With the dna bungle exposed molly His name was cleared but still suffered the full out from having being suspected in the eighteen months that have passed since this law.
of inquiry began. One of scots grandmother said I'd believing he d, never father DE child having lost her huh. Bent and her reputation. Melissa, moved back to her home state of arizona. Kelly, since I was a member of the national guard and a regular customer at super black immodest sports on the day of the shootings, he decided to stopping at the store to make a payment on a go cod. He was buying the he's four year old son. Kelly took his son with him, and the pair arrived at the store around to pay em. They spent between thirty and forty five minutes wandering around the dealership. Admiring the latest box and data evades. It was quiet with only one other customer in the store.
The other customer was a white male who looked to be between twenty five and forty years old. He was about six feet tall and one hundred and seventy two two hundred pounds with doc: feathered, hair thin lips small lies and a narrow jaw. Man was wearing jeans and a leather jacket which struck kelly is odd because it was a warm day. The customer was admiring a black Suzuki motorcycle when Kelly sore scott ponder approach, him, hey, This is a good beginning. His back scott said kelly was confused. The black was big and didn't look suitable for a beginner in his opinion, but he figured Scott would know better than hey when Kelly and his son left a few minutes later. The customer was still chatting with Scott.
By the time Kelly arrived at home reports about the quadruple homicide at super back motive, sportswear were live and then use kelly was shocked. Hake, I believe that he just Bain there with these young child right before the attack on folded kelly. Reported what he is saying to the spot and big candies sheriffs department, but it will take more than a month for investigators to tracking down. They eventually came to realize that Kelly ceased was their most crucial. Witness. The man that he'd seen in the deal a ship that day was most likely, the killer, Kelly, helped them created compensate sketch of the sauce backed and the image was widely distributed. But Kelly was unhappy with the picture. He didn't think it was a good likeness of the man at all.
no solid leads resulted from this aspect sketch it was featured on popular television programmes such as america's most wanted and unsolved mysteries tips would trigger. in after eight screening, but nothing that led to a break in the case. Former fbi, agent and renowned serial killer profile on John douglas was brought in to create a profile of the unknown sauce, backed in his opinion, till I was mission oriented the entire attack was Probably over within forty five seconds and the motive was very different to other crimes douglas had investigated quote its Not a type of case, like other serial killers who I've interviewed where it's a fantasy. This is revenge. This his retaliation in two thousand twelve and updated sketch of this aspect was released
which I witnessed kelly see ask said, was a much better likeness of the mystery customer. It depicted a man with dark hair, potted down the middle and a face that was wider at the top and narrowed towards his chin. His eyes were somewhat narrowed and his mouth turned downwards. At the corners in november, two thousand and thirteen the sheriff's office sent out a letter to the database of super bach modus sports customers in the hopes at my job, someone's memory. No one responded to then. more than a decade after the shootings there had been over seven hundred and fifty lades that all fizzled out, but sheriff chalk raw refused to admit to fade, telling the spartan burg Harold journal in two thousand fifteen.
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At the beginning of september, two thousand sixteen a woman named joanne schiff. Let was worried about her son thirty. You're old, charley carver, who lived in anderson, canny, south carolina hadn't, replied to a text message. Joanne had sent him. This was very out. character. The two normally spoke every day when when did some digging. She found out that she, and the only one who hadn't heard from Charlie lightly. His father had spoken to him in days either. charlie and his new girlfriend, You're out alone, Alana Jones had also failed to show up borodino scared, with one of alone as friends on Wednesday august thirty, one Had been excited to introduce charlie to her friend, so it seemed odd they never arrived or explained their absence.
The last time. Anyone had heard from the council was during the day of august thirty one when people tried to call them, their phones went straight to voice mail. joanne. She fled, decided someone needed to check the apartment in Anderson, where the couple lived. Charlie and alone had only started dating a few months prior. it already moved in together. Charlie's car was missing from the complex but alone, as was still onslaught on site today september, three joanne asked the buildings manager if she could check on her son them major agreed to perform a welfare check. She knocked on the apartment door. Nobody answered The manager let herself in the couple were there, but all of their clothing and prescription medication had been
left behind, along with alone as glasses and contact lenses. Long as dog pomeranian named romeo was all alone in the residents with no food or water. It looked as though he'd been neglected for several days. Alone is loved ones. Where adamant that she would never take off without making sure romeo was cared for, the dog was like a baby to her and she loved him dealey. Although the couples, friends and family knew something must be wrong for them to disappear without warning and fail to make contact, police were less cons. and they suspected the pair had just decided to go away together. For a few days missing person reports were filed for by the liner and child
but law enforcement in Anderson canny said there was little else they could do. It didn't take long for the couples loved ones to rally and start searching for themselves. Charlie's father wondered if perhaps they gotten into an accident in charlie's, two thousand to wipe pontiac grown pre. He searched create beds and ravines. Throughout the county. In case they gone off the road. Meanwhile, charlie and alone, as friends started, facebook group seeking information and handed out flies posted with the couples descriptions alone. I was five foot I with short died red hair and green eyes. Charlie was six foot with brown, hair blue eyes, glasses and a neatly trimmed beard,
Photos on the fly, as should the couple both individually and together with their smiling faces press today thou has alone. I snapped selfie. as time war on police joined in the search. They submitted applications to obtain data from the couple cell phones, which a that died or been switched off a month, went by with no answers and people began to fear the worst that the couple hadn't been in an accident but had met with fair play, charlie and alone, his parents all appeared on national television segments to raise awareness about the double missing persons case. Then, on Saturday october, one new posts suddenly appeared on Charlie Cobb as facebook page for the first time in over a month,
It appeared he was using the account to log major life advance retrospectively. He posted that Friday July, one two thousand, and sixteen and alone are discovered. They were expecting a baby girl exit Finally, one month later on Monday august, one they board a house and a month after that, on thursday september, one the couple got married Rather than reassuring their friends and family, the posts on Charlie's page alarmed them. None of these milestones fit with what they knew about the couple and they still and heard anything from them. The posts didn't stop there although Charlie, had never been a big social media user or the means and out of character comments, were suddenly cropping up all over he's page one read
I wonder if I said hello, how many people would say it back? Let's try it hello. Another feature a lyrics from the song hotel, California, by the eagles. last thing I remember I was running for the door. I had to find a passage back to the place I was before. Relax said the knight men we are programmed to receive. You can check out n time you like, but you can never leave one of the most disturbing posts red sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the back yard to cape than nosey neighbours. Guessing these friends was certain. He wasn't making these posts and suspected that the person responsible for the couples disappearance was behind them
they began. Commenting on the posts is that what you did to alone are in their real charlie, asked one person Another added: are you hinting at what you did with them? You What sad that someone like you is using his facebook page when he's family and friends are worried about, with him and alone. Whoever was using charlie's account, didn't answer these questions, but continued to lock and share posts about the missing couple that had been made by their families. Some people close to charlie suspected they knew who was behind the disturbing posts. When, charlie and alone I got together, he had been going through an acrimonious divorce, Charlie and he's ex wife, Nicole nunez hadn't had a good relationship when he decided they needed.
Split up nicole, was upset about it. Her distress only increased when she found it. About charlie's new relationship with alone, Nicole, began stalking. The couple one day, charlie returned home to their apartment, to find nicole inside he'd confided in his father about the incidents and said he was too scared to take further action against Nicole. He was worried that if he was too harsh, something bad would happen, On Wednesday august thirty one, the last, Anyone had seen or heard from charlie and alone Nicole, The strange facebook post that read my beloved husband rest in peace. Charlie's loved ones noticed that the posts that started appearing on he's page from Saturday October one day
spelling and grammatical errors that no call was known to make in one comment directed at another facebook user, person using charlie's account asked how the other individual knew my hobby chow Please, mother Joanne had also received the text messages from nicole stating your son. But wants to see you again. He contacted me they're at the beach one day, a representative at the telecommunications company atm hey, received a call from the late investigator on the charlie cover and ilona giants case. investigate. I was hoping to find out where and when Charlie cell phone had lost, pinged signal towers. When the idea and tat employee play asked for the investigator to spell out their name. The investigator failed to do so correctly.
They were also unable to provide a badge number suspicious. The aid Ain t representative place to the investigator on hold and made a call to the police officers, confirmed that the call was not legitimate and began to trace where it had come from. it was made by charlie, covers ex wife, Nicole nunez Three days later, Nicole, was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer. Yet, despite this development invest, guided couldn't find any evidence connecting the call with the couples disappearance. Meanwhile, the cases real investigators finally had a breakthrough when they actually did receive the data from charlie and alone, as cell phones,
Now that we are able to say which towers the phones had connected to in the hours and minutes before their batteries died. On Wednesday august thirty, one both fine said ping detail in the nearby town of Woodruff, which was located rough, fifty miles northeast of anderson in neighbouring spartan burg, canny. alone is phone had continued to connect to the tower up until Friday september, to which was two days after couple were last saying. The chair, while was in the vicinity of a rural, ninety five I get property. This was significant, as Anderson canny investigators had recently received tip off that alone, a giant was buried on a one hundred acres property in Woodruff. The ninety five acre profit He was the only one in the area that fit the bill. Investigators flew a helicopter. the head to get a better look but sword
sign of the couple or charlie's what pontiac grown pray. Instead, they saw a dense woodland and remains as well as several small. Buildings. There was no electricity there, just some solar panels. Investigators, began to wonder if they were looking at a grow house at term for a property used for the production of cannabis or other illicit substances. as the property was privately owned. They had to obtain a search warrant to take a closer look on foot on them of thursday november three sheriffs deputies, headed out to the rural property armed with a warrant, a toll chain link fence, surrounded most of the farm, with signs attached that red warning private property now trespassing. It was read to say offence like this on similar properties in the area awhile
the gravel path led from the main road into the properties entrance and snakes through the privately owned land. Investigators made their way along the path most of the property was wooded, but they observed a few buildings as they went There was a gardening shed, a workshop garage with what looked like an apartment on top and a thirty foot long grain shipping container as police meticulously combed through the woodland they suddenly made a discovery in At a ravine, a white car that was made with what looked like brown paint had been dumped. In the sloping space branches and foliage had been placed on top of it. As though whoever had left the vehicle there was trying to camouflage it.
Investigators identified. The car as charlie covers pontiac grown pray. The discovery confirmed that the couple had been at their property. Next, the deputies urged the buildings. No one was on the premises. Has offices examine the garage with the first floor apartment on the walls of the Upstairs laughed apartment with several heavy chains with padlocks attached. Next, they looked at the shed before heading towards the shipping can Now it was what is known as it connects box. I kind of car. Go carrier that the u s army had started using during the korean war. There were five heavy padlocks on the connects box, preventing their deputies from opening it up,
Realizing there must be something important inside if someone was so determined to keep it locked, the other. Says began trying to remove one of the locks by hitting it repeatedly with a sledgehammer for fifteen minutes. They tried to break it, but it wouldn't open. Then one of the deputy suddenly called out stop. She thought she could hear a banging from inside the container. Her colleague stopped and listened they heard. Something too, though I wasn't clear if it was coming from the woods or the container too, of the investigator is made their way along the right side of the container, where the noise was allowed on one of them knocked on the exterior steel wall. A knock came back in reply and a voice screened help me get me out of here.
Realizing someone was inside the shipping container, the deputies felt an overwhelming sense of urgency, using a circular power saw and a crowbar. They found on the property they cut through the steel, padlocks and forced open the container doors inside was a long and totally dark hallway using flashlights to say they passed the toll, narrow cage and some storage shelves that line to either side of the container towards the back of the container, a woman wearing gray tracks. Pants and a black sweater was sitting on a mattress with her legs outstretched. She held her hands above her.
had to show she was unarmed. Her wrists were handcuff together. One of her ankles was come to a chain that was attached to the wall. Her neck had a heavy padlocked chain around it as well, which was also tat to the wall, the woman was along a giant footage of the rescue was captured by the deputies, just borrow a girl, just a girl. How ironic We ve got cutters. This is their bitterly. The pyramids. Ok, we're gonna get you and thereby the sailors belong in bulgaria, hanky panky, atropine rancor, just like that if you ve got it, you gotta get around you and not only send you out when you didn't, you put your hands on your ok rearguard, justly vandals. Lot owner of we'll get restless here. Let's get her
and here we are getting bolt cutters, only don't don't. You got the bulk poker with both the foreign embassies program caps here: okay, alright, Ruby, just back Do you have any cookies? I get from someone, someone calls the gloves. Don't wanna get that, but still be kind of flipping just hit the chain right there. It is now just not dead or higher randomly woogie love will get it off you because you are here Do you know where your buddy is trailing? Yes, he said he shot him who didn't fish? Pod kohat charlie carver three times in the chest, wrapped him in a blue pirate, put them in the bud
One of the tractor lots of me down here. I've never seen him again, but he says he's dead and buried. He says there are several bodies dead and buried out here. Is that the dog to be ruined? If they go looking for ghosts of yours as the deputies, used about cutters defray alone. Up from her restrains, she told them that the man responsible, for her ordeal was the owner of the property. His name was taught to cull, have Alone said call have had shot her boyfriend charlie three times in the chest, then wrapped he's body in a blue tom using a tractor he'd, moved charlie to another location of their property and buried in alone on never saw Charlie again call have had told ilona. He had other bodies hidden on the property as well. He scattered red pepper around which he thought would mask the scent of human remains from police dogs.
deputies, let alone are out of the container and into an ambulance, so she could be taken to a hospital for treatment. As, she was being transported to the hospital investigators continue to question her Alonzo jones had met toward call have through a mutual friend in around two thousand and eleven. The two became facebook, friends and occasionally state in touch. Eventually, olano started cleaning, some of the properties listed by call haps agency for extra cash wednesday august thirty one shape Charlie had gone to the rural poverty after call have offered to pay them to some brush. When they arrived, he given them hedge clippers and a bottle of water. While pointing out the areas that needed tidying, call have then
went into the garage to get something when he returned, he was holding a gun before the couple could register what was going on call have shouting. Old charley, as alone I had stepped down at her boyfriend's body in shock, call have grabbed her from behind handcuffed her and bound her ankles. He apologized about killing him. Molly, but said he had to let alone. Oh no, he was serious call have made her watch as he wrapped charlie's body in the top. Then he led her to the storage container where she was forced to stay for the next two months.
alone said she was kept chained up. Almost the entire time call have would visit her at the property between one and three p m every day and move her from the shipping container to the apartment. Then he would bade her and quote: make me do whatever he wanted sexually. Before transferring her back to the container, he delays for a while before returning between five and seven p m and repeating the process all over again, if Laana said no to any sex. Acts call have wanted to do. He wouldn't physically for sir because he claimed he didn't believe in right, bought alone. Oh said, he made it very well known why she was there and she knew That, if she didn't submit to his demands, he would shoot her too.
sometimes call have would let alone a walk around outside for a little bit. He locked tissue The makeshift grave, where he had buried charlie's body, a second to empty gray, filet next to it. Call have told alone, or if she ran away, she would end up there too. I'll have said, olano was beautiful and that's why he chose in her He reassured her that one day stockholm syndrome would kick in and she would be happy living with him too would build a special house with sand proof room where she would be kept permanently. We have had bragged two alone that he was a serial killer and a mass murderer. He claimed that he's victims
Bird in the high to digits petty plant to kill more because he dreamed of taking hundreds of lives. Told call have had always been a troubled child after his parents devil in nineteen, seventy three when he was too he was raised by mother, Regina in south carolina. regina, noticed how he struggled to play with these peas preschool often he would just sit in a corner. The only way he seemed capable of interacting with them was in an angry manner. as he grew out of his behaviour. Worsened call have Deliberately damage other students work and was kicked out of the boy scouts for repeatedly misbehaving when he. These mother and stepfather for a pet durable. They told him no has
we already had a goldfish call, have responded by pouring clorox bleach into the fish tank which his parents, thirty did deliberately to kill the fish. Call have would always insist he just being cleaning the tank and didn't understand that blake was toxic. Another time he was reported to have shot at a dog with a baby gun By the time call help was nine years old. His reputation for having an explosive temper and fixation with sexual content was cemented when people did something he didn't like he lashed out once when he's motherboard him a new set of bedroom furniture, he destroyed at all with a cloth Hannah. Another time he attacked A girl on he scuba soft ass. She said something that made him angry and stabbed her in the leg
mother, Regina sent him to therapy and a mental health hospital, but he's behaviour did and improve, call have hated a step farther and repeatedly asked if he could go live with these biological father in arizona Spent his summer with these father an aged twelve after not having seen him in eight years, bridging Began to wonder refer, sons issues were stemming from not knowing his dad when cold was in his early teens regime finally cave tend allowed him to move. Arizona. on the evening of tuesday november twenty five nineteen eighty six fourteen year old katy was it timing, tempi arizona, babysitting her two youngest siblings, five year old brother and three year old system, whereby the sleeping so it was an easy job kay
He was sitting on a love, sate studying when the door bell rang. She answered it and found fifteen year old, told a call have who lived through. Was down standing on our doorstep, he explained another boy who katy had a crush on, was around the corner and wanted to talk to her. That katy refused to leave Explained that she was baby sitting and shot the front door yet call have wouldn't leave after repeatedly trying to coax katy side. He went around the back of her house to the rear door and said just come out hoping and if she did ass, he asked he would finally lave katy stepped outside color put out a gun and held it to her head stating you're coming with me at gunpoint. He fought
carry out of her back yard and into an alley that ran behind the row of houses. Katy did and even have shoes on and could feel stones and broken glass pressing into her bare fate. Angry and terrified. She suddenly fought back grabbing the barrel of a gun in response. Co have pulled the trigger the gun. Miss fired if it had gone off, the bullet would have stopped, katy in their head. Real. using coal, have wouldn't hesitate to kill her katy didn't fly back again at collapse, urging she walked into he's high, where he was staying alone. While his father was away on a business trip, call have forced katy into his bedroom. beyond her hands with robe and put doctype over her mouth, he held
a knife to her throat and raped her back at katie's house. Her brother workshop and was scared to find he system missing the five year boy called nine, while one and soon police and their parents arrived at the property. As they were gathered inside katy, appeared at the back door. Color. Had seen the police car lives from his bedroom window and panicked, katy had begged to be allowed to leave, saying She would just tell the police they'd been out looking for missing dog color. A venture eventually agreed but said that if she said anything about what really happened, he would murder her whole family. Although katy initially told her parents and the police that she'd been looking for a dog, they could
from her demeanour that something terrible had happened after some coaxing katy began to cry and told the truth. Officers immediately went to collapse house to arrest him call have answered the door with it twenty two caliber rifle behind his back hang out her own hands gun an office. demanded he left the house immediately or she would shoot him call he did ass. He was told then asked I just need to know how much I m going to get for this although he was only fifteen call, have was child Does it not out. He agreed to plead guilty to kidnapping if this actual assault charge was dropped. To avoid having to the trial after a quarter what did psychological assessment call? Hap was diagnosed with border
I'm personality disorder. He said that he did tactics, eighty, because he was angry and wanted to rebel against these often absent father cullen, Some other regina sent a letter requesting leniency in sentencing riding. They don't stop to think that even walked the girl home does that sound like a dangerous criminal. Despite her request, the judge gave cull have fifteen years to be. served in an hour prison in arizona all probation officer noted that told call have was quote. The type of individual one with little or no conscience who presents the group just risk to the community in van two thousand one call have was released from prison at the age of thirty. It wasn't long before he moved
to south carolina. Although he had to add his name to the states. Sex offender registry call have also Said about re building he's alive, he worked as a graphic designer using vocational training had completed in prison and obtained a business degree from the universe. of south carolina upstate in two thousand six. Here flawed for a south carolina real estate licence. The application didn't require criminal background check, but applicants did have to note any convictions themselves call happen. Sprained away, he's felony conviction as being due to a hated breakup he'd had with these girlfriend. During the argument collapse, Doug escaped and then who teenagers had to go looking forward. Meanwhile, he's girlfriends pair
I don't known where their daughter was and called the police always charged with the felony of kidnapping, due to the fact that I did have a firearm on me, regardless that shade I know about it and I told her not to move while we talked they see out, call happ road at. time. Arizona was coming down very hard on minors and anything to do with firearms. Due to the heavy gang activity out. There I received a sentence of fifteen years, but which are served every day. No parole required. He's application was approved and by two thousand and eight Paul had was a successful real estate agent the following year. He registered he's out and company taught call happened, associate the beast that's grew with about a dozen agents on staff. Call that began drive.
Bam, double use and dined multiple properties to cars and a motorbike in two thousand thirteen. He achieved a child who dream by obtaining he's. Pilots licence. His life appeared to be successful, But there were cracks in the facade call. Him was known to boast about he's. Well, and how he was an expert with firearms. He yoke they discussed. He sex offender status while lying about how he received it. Some potential clients instinctively found him creepy and off putting. At work. He was known for openly watching pornography in his office. He had a dog. sense of humour and talked about how he chased people off his property while wearing night vision, goggles and carrying guns equipped with silences according to come,
had he owned an arsenal of weapons no in south carolina. It is illegal for violent felons to wound firearms in the close It neighborhood, where he lived, call have kept to himself in two thousand fourteen he bought the sprawling. Ninety five agar property in woodrow. where alone a giant would be found, two years later, call have paid eighty thousand dollars to install an expansive chain link fans and install de cameras and bear traps throughout the property these weren't intended to deter animals, but humans, An amazon account in told call helps name revealed that around the same time, he'd board padlocks, knives targets tactical gear and gun accessories.
He often left reviews for these items that hinted at how he intended to use them. when reviewing a knife, he rode haven't, stabbed anyone yet I am taking the dream alive and when I do, it will be with a quality tool like this for a padlock. He wrote works great also. If someone talks back, go wild school on them by putting They sent a sock and bathing them, they will I appreciate the hard and steal lucky will the river you for another set of padlocks, made a reference similar to want. Someone had posted on charlie Cobb as facebook page, while posing as him quote now. My locks have locks, places hotel. California, now.
when investigators traced alone a cell phone to the vicinity of the rural property owned by call have data applied for he. So fine data too. They saw that it had been in the same area repeatedly during the two months. That alone, Charlie were missing. This was enough for a search warrant to be granted While one team of investigators went to the rural property, another group headed to the house, where call have lived just eight miles away, call have answered the front door to his red brick home dressed in a blue t, shirt and shorts deputies informed him that I had information Indicating hay was the last person to have seen missing couple olano, jones and charlie cover and had a search warrant for these other property cull happened. Didn't say
bothered and sat on a chair and he's houses foyer, while making small talk with the investigators, one deputy received a cool and went outside to take it it was a colleague who was at call helps rural property, informing him how they found alone out chained up in a storage container. The deputy, when, back inside and confronted call have with this information call have responded by tilting his head to one side and saying: excuse me, the deputy continued She has told us that you shot and killed. Charlie call have was in full and that he was being arrested when us
where charlie's body was and why he had kidnapped alone I'll call her replied. I won an attorney, probably a good thing that deputy retorted before having call have put in the back of a police vehicle it didn't take authorities long to recover charlie covers body from a shallow grave on the property once taught call have learned the body had they found he agreed to make a full confession with some conditions He wanted to talk to his mother before making any more statements and ass. The investigators, the pass along ass, special pitcher to her. I also wanted to transfer some money to the daughter of a friend to help pay her college tuition. Investigators agreed today's turns call collapsed
he targeted alone or in charlie, because he was angry with olano, hey, confirmed thing. She had already told investigators when I asked if the empty freshly dog grave next to china These had been intended for olano. He said yes adding. She came real, close, really asked one investigate she has no idea call have replied more than once call have agreed to taking vesta guidance to the place on these property, where he buried to more bodies both were so badly decomposed that I had to be identified from that. How do I send other identifying pages? They were married couple johnny and megan coxey, who believed in spartan burke and had a son together.
Twenty six year old megan had a history of heroin usage and was charged with neglect in light two thousand fifteen, when her child tested positive for the drug Both she and Johnny were placed in jail until mega and asked her mother to bond her out, so she could work a job she wanted. to fix her life and provide for the family. Her mother agreed, but never heard from mega again. Both she and Johnny, were reported missing on tuesday december twenty, two two thousand fifteen, with few leads. The case A really got off the ground. It turned out that call have had met twenty six years I would waffle house where she waited tables and hey locked to lurk. He gained a refugee.
Patient for leaving generous tips and inviting waitresses back to his home call have had crept out most of the female staff so much that one of the male cook started. Taking his orders instead call have had offered megan money to clean he's property. This was the job she had told her mother about call have told the deputies that Johnny had jumped him with a knife trying to rob him once they were out at the property. he'd kill, johnny in self defence by shooting him in the chest, call have began to panic, kissing you. He wasn't allowed to own guns due to his criminal record and also had illegal drugs on the property, unsure what to do with megan. He put her in the shipping container call have claimed that
sometimes megan was calm, but other times she went quote that shit crazy, hey insisted that he hadn't sexually assaulted megan, but investigators, whereon, convinced. Call have said that after five or six days he struck a deal with megan. He would give her four thousand dollars and drive her to ten, I say, then they would go their separate ways. He said that megan was happy as hell with this arrangement, but when call have checked on her the next day, she tried to burn down the shipping container and was quote going nuts. He terry outside of their container, then shot her in the back of the head. Have assured the investigators that the similarities between the attacks against the two couples were purely coincidental.
the land was supposed to be my sanctuary, not my killing field. He laughed yet. It quickly became clear that call helps a violent acts were not limited to he's rural property in Woodruff. following olano joneses rescue from the shipping container. She told a police officer that call have had bragged about being a cereal law and mass murderer. Then she added. He also told me that a few years back, he walked into a black shopping anderson and shot for paypal. Although alone I thought the shop was in anderson and not chechnya, there was little doubt what case call hap had been referring to domestic errors.
super black major sports was the most notorious called case in spartan bird canny, the same candy where call have had lived and committed he's other crimes. Call have also bore an uncanny resemblance to the second sketch that had been made of the sauce, backed with the same down, turned mouth and squinting eyes. investigators asked call have to walk them through its dealings with the store in two thousand three call him was in his early thirties and two years out of prison. was studying at greenville technical college and that same year he also bought a motorcycle from super bach modus bots tal had soon realised that the black was too big for an inexperienced. Motorcyclists like him He only owned it for two weeks when it was stolen from out the front of the apartment complex where he lived color
received an insurance pay out and decided to buy another back here, started visiting super bach motor sports again to look at different models. After hearing call had planned to replace, stolen The manager Brian Lucas said to him great, Now we have another one to go. Pick up, call happy interpreted this to mean that the store was behind the theft of his first bike. He left the store that continue to shew about what I had said call have became angry, aren't angrier. He continued to visit super bach. Motor sports he would sit on the stores box and eavesdrop on scott ponder and brian Lucas quote. Basically talk trash eventually call her decided to purchase a barretta nine millimeter pistol and went back to the store one fund-
time on the afternoon of thursday november six, two thousand three. He inspected symbolic, swell scoping out the store and trying to ensure that scott Brian mechanic. Chris Sherbert were all there. He delay really chosen a quiet time of day. Has he wanted? No other customers around quote collateral damage. She's, not cool, call, have wasn't, thrilled. When Scott's mother beverly guy arrived telling investigators, I prefer not to shoot women if I can, but her presence didn't, deter him and finally, when all four store employees were the only other people in the building call have told them. He wanted to buy a particular bike
scott and Brian began, sorting out the paperwork, while Chris sherbert took the motorcycle out the back to press ahead after a few minutes call had followed him to the mechanics area. He pulled out his pistol and shot Chris twice in the chest. Chris fell to the ground And lay still call happened. Then headed towards the front of the building justice, scott, Brian and beverly- all moved to the mechanics area. to investigate the sound they just heard. The three of them stood in front of call have, as beverly was the closest he shot her two or three times in the chest. as she fell, scott and Brian ran for the door as they ran, call have shot Brian in the back.
The name that god has he was raging. The parking lot after role for victims had fallen, call have went to wage body and shot them in the forehead This was a daytime investigators had withheld from the press and convince them that call have was telling the truth. A chair. Would reveal his name had also been in the stores customer database that the original aim the gaieties had received tenth anniversary of the murders call have had received One of the many letters that was sent out to supervise customers, asking if he knew when you think about the crime, he had never replied, call have described the slayings being like playing a video game and used
let me start language to data lage action. Hey boasted about how quick them ass, shooting had bain telling the interviewing detectives likely that building in under thirty seconds, I'm sorry but ye gods would have been proud, scott brian and beverly loved ones, was shocked to hear the case had finally been solved. Thirty years later, Tom Lucas, the father of Brian Lucas, had become an advocate for families in the area who lived with unsolved crimes. He had been gathered with some of them the day before call have, can fast and had sensed something powerful at the time When Tom and his wife, Lorraine, received a call the following day to say, the perpetrator was in custody, he couldn't believe it,
I would like to say she went completely non scott ponders wife militia brackman was found by detective who she had a good relationship with hay. Instructed her to sit down then said we got him. Melissa began to cry, She had made pace with the fact that she might never know who killed her husband and the father of her son. Scotty was now nearly thirteen years old, terry guy, beverly, husband and scots don't bother- was also relieved but at the same time, hey sympathized with collapse. Family quote: My emotions are running from joy to crying, even feeling sorry for the family of call had, I feel for them.
There was less relief for the families of Charlie carver, Johnny coxey and megan coxey, who were They just learning that their loved ones were dead. A close friend of Johnny Cox's mother Cindy issued a statement on her behalf, stating cindy came about a year ago, requesting prayer for her son johnny and his wife megan, who were missing. We have been praying about a year now that they would be found, and we would know what happened today. They received the news The family in shock graving and did not comfortable talking to anyone at this time. They have asked for people
to please try and understand and give them time to heal, told call hath a great to plead guilty to seven counts of murder, to kidnapping charges and one count of criminal sexual assault. In exchange for his play, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table on fraud. I may twenty six two thousand seventeen call have was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of peril surviving victim. Olano Jones did not attend due to an ongoing struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. But the court room was packed with family members of those who had been killed day addressed him in turn,. In an emotional voice, Scott ponders wife militia brackman stated.
I have missed motorcycle riding on the back of his back having him there to rub my pregnant belly to feel scott junior care can take him back riding motorcycle writing. I lost so much Her son, scott junior, who had just finished seventh grade, said, always going to wonder what it would have been like. If my dad was here. Megan Cox's mother, Mary cried ass. She spoke of half a seven year old, grandson. Had to look for his mother everywhere after she disappeared, then the day came when we found out where his mom was. It was one of the world days of our lives to tell him that his mom was dead outside court. Charlie covers parents spoke of how they hoped to heal. Now that dares sounds killer was behind.
Was his mother. Joanne said that for a while, she couldn't think of taught call have without feeling furious, but now she I consider it in a sad man. I'd, call, have sentencing he's. Lawyers assured the core that he had no other victims, but some found this hard to believe he's. First serious crime had been committed when he was just fifteen and he second Allowed only two years after his release from prison seemed unlikely that are repaid offender with violent, stray kent and easily triggered inferiority complex, had been a law abiding citizen between light, two thousand three when he committed the super bach massacre and two thousand fifteen when he murdered johnny and megan coxey.
When he provided a detailed confession to investigate. Is he claimed that either also shot and killed a boy in tempi arizona when he was fourteen as part of a gang initiation I'll have said he couldn't recall any names in Ass to guide is in arizona looked into this claim, but one able to verify it deals I looked into other unsolved homicides and missing persons cases between nineteen. Eighty, three to nineteen. Eighty, six, the you call him living in the area. Nothing else appears to have been linked to him. But there may have been another unsolved rape in tempe. That cole have committed sixteen days before call her a ducted and raped his neighbor Katie in nineteen. Eighty six, a college student in her early twenties was attacked in her home. She lived to just
locks away from call have in the early hours of the morning. She awoke to me and standing over her sticking doctype on her mouth he bound and then raped her. The woman were delighted say he was like an awkward fambily teenager as though he didn't know. He was doing katy, I described him the same way after the assault, the main whispered that he would kill the woman. If she told the police then left the victim did call police, however, and they came over to take a statement and evidence She never heard from them again and record showed the evidence was destroyed. Two years later decades later, the story of tall I'll have cereal killings and previous ripe conviction made national news, and the victim wondered if he was responsible for the crimes.
against her as well. I wanna join said call happened, bragged that he's victims numbered in the high double digits, though it was And clear if this was just him boasting following he sentencing in two thousand seventeen he told thirty's in south carolina that he'd actually killed. Two more people, he'd buried them me into state twenty six spot in the county and agree to take investigators to the spot. As of light twenty twenty two, this claim not being confirmed. There have been no updates as to whether any remains were found in thousand eighteen a south carolina. Man named Dustin Lawson played a guilty to thirty six federal firearms charges. After admitting he d legally sold, gowns and silences tat taught call have
Lawson had been aware that call have had a previous felony conviction and wasn't permitted to wound firearms. He was centre to seven years and for months in prison, alonzo jones and a number of victims, family members filed civil suits against todd, call have seeking damages, A job georgia that call have pay ilona six point: three million dollars other. Victims were also awarded. Significant amounts perhaps the various assets were auctioned off and the money distributed amongst the victims, but he's that's one enough to cover the amount he'd been ordered to pay. To this day, the families of collapse, victims communicate in a group chat together. Those who lost their loved ones in the super bach motor sports motors have off its support to the families of collapse, alight of it
gems, terry guy, who lost by these wife and steps on in the super black motors, formed a strong bond with the sister of victim Brian Lucas, the two graved together and found comfort in each other. Eventually they fell in love and married for militia. Brackman There was a lot of sorrow in the fact that her husband never got to make his son scotty butts Gaudy was also away way to live on asthma. they saw told a journalist from this they asked programme. Forty eight hours quote. Got to hold a passive him. Again. I had
His flesh and blood with me. case far presents a noose, butterfly exclusive podcast maddy. No one has ever prepared for a loved one to suddenly disappear. That's the thing about missing nets. When someone you love vanishes into thin air every family, that experience is, it has to figure it out for themselves. We started ringing round match friends what the hell is, you're, not doing your work, and why hasn't? He even calls- and all I just said-
Oh, my god. Oh, my god, something wasn't right: the levison grew more worried by the minute he's walking up and down like a cage line and he's waiting any clammy, the moon has no motions. Little towards the they wouldn't. Let me out of his side no right by law. Our cave, the founder of the missing persons. legacy network and host of case file presents podcast. What's may see the police, informed mark and say levison. They no longer considered map a missing person. I told by non cash, been transferred thomas on any said. Hold the place, I found a great this american, the bush. The receipt showed that two items have been purchased, duct tape and a god and master brand met I think we weren't chocolate ages after that. The world just seemed to stand still here, however, family took on this system to try and find justice for their son. The very first time might feel like the play
and ass we no longer on the same side, and then he sat there and said to me: it was metz lifestyle that had he murdered now. I just said the bush software that some people in this world never take no for an answer. especially when their fighting for someone they love. Nothing is perfect. We thought, with children funny met by one may not intending it wasn't zero, so we gotta give it He was never gonna win against us, not The funding many maddy, the latest podcast for, case file presides. noble september nineteenth only on spotify, it's not a justice system. It's just a system.
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