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292: Case 248: Abraham Shakespeare

2023-05-27 | 🔗
*** Content warning: Gun violence *** When 41-year-old Abraham Shakespeare won the 30 million dollar Florida Lottery prize, his underprivileged life changed overnight. Yet, he quickly realised his newfound wealth was a curse. Despite showing limitless charity, he became demoralised by the pressure and expectations thrust upon him by those seeking his money... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: ZipRecruiter – Post your jobs for FREE For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-248-abraham-shakespeare
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Police immediately, zero being on the victims. Long time, boyfriend, a beloved star athlete bought popular opinion, was divided. Despite national attention and several trials, a conviction remained elusive and many thought the case would never be solved. That is untrue. This podcast turned over a new leaf During the investigation of in the shadows, several individuals revealed shocking information previously unknown to authorities ultimate This new insight turned everything on its head and bring you one step closer to deciding who is responsible for the murder previous, Lee only available with a wonder, replace subscription all set episodes of in the shadows are now available for free wherever you get your podcast or You can listen ad free on wonder. Applause, stay tuned,
To hear the trailer at the end of today's episode, our episodes do we see Yes and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, place contact your local crosses centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support and for a more detailed list of content warning. Please say the show nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. When the winning numbers of the florida lottery were announced on Wednesday october, twenty five, two thousand six Three million dollar jackpot went on claimed This was an unusual. The odds
picking the six lucky numbers from a possible? Sixty nine was wandering over two hundred and ninety two million with no claimants the. A lottery jackpot rode over mainly it was added to the grand prize of the next drawer. Once again, Nobody one over the following to wage, the jackpot rode over three more times by wednesday november fifteen two thousand six it had reached. Thirty million dollars.
Forty one you're out Abraham shakespeare lived in florida city of lake land small home. He shared with his mother was in the same underprivileged neighborhood, where Abraham had spent most of his life. Despite experiencing poverty, homelessness discrimination and running with the law Abraham remained good, natured and daisy, going Even though he mostly kept to himself was a familiar and well liked figure in his community. Abraham had no bank account credit card savings. Dropping out of school in the seventh I had left him with few skills or opportunities. He was in a labour pool a net. of independent workers that could be hired on an as needed a basis for various jobs. The tone when the slender african american took on any work available from wash
dishes and sweeping floors to collecting trash and loading trucks. Although he spent most of his time working abraham shakespeare, constantly scraped the bread line into doesn't seeks. He was earning just eight dollars an hour as a truck drivers assistant for a food distribution company. Despite his best efforts, he'd, fallen behind on paying child support for his five year old son. in his rare moments of rest bought Abraham would walk around like hollings worth in the city centre. He'd. Imagine owning one of the expensive houses that overlooked the warder only to reflect on these current circumstances, with disappointment. on Wednesday november fifteen two thousand six abraham and a call a guy named Marco forward set out on a to hunt. and thirty mile route to deliver made too fast food, restaurants, not
After leaving like land, the pair stopped at a convenience store in the city of frost proof, Michael I headed inside to buy drinks and cigarettes. Asking Abraham If he wanted a soda abraham, instead told model, to quote get me too quick picks quit the extra time lottery ticket the play is seeks. Numbers are randomly generated in the lottery terminal and added to their coupon compared the more traditional method. Where a play. I personally selects age number it's a file. stan daisy way to play. The lottery Michael forward purchased to quit picks for Abraham. And Abraham paid him too of the five dollars he currently had to his name Gave the remaining three dollars to a homeless man. The florida lotto was drawn that night
the numbers announced were six twelve thirteen, thirty four forty two and fifty two abraham shakespeare was stunned. He had just one thirty million dollars. abraham, appeared on television to celebrate, he's massive lottery win. He was he's typical, back self, dressed in baghdad, and send a white t shirt. With these dread locks talked under his cab. Him was handed an oversized a novelty check. With thirty million printed on at in large bowed lettering. He had two options: save the prize money in annual increments of one and a half million dollars over twenty years or taken him idiot lump sum: minus twenty five percent in taxes. Abraham chose the second option. As most lottery winners do and walked away.
With seventeen million dollars for Perhaps I could only of unknown poverty that was more than enough as he collected is winnings, hey announced I don't have to struggle no more. Abraham, immediately used his new found wealth to resolve several debts, including the child support he owed. he also set up a million dollar trust for his son. Although lottery winners are advised to seek the services of a financial adviser, Abraham didn't I've had needed one saying Let material things run me I'm on a tight budget. Spot being a multi millionaire, Abraham continue to wait at ease logo. Dennys dinah pick up pennies off the ground in spain. These days, hanging out in his own neighborhood april I'm off to by his mother a new home, but she respectfully declined, so he paid off her existing house instead.
He then established several philanthropic enterprises that centred on assisting those in need. Abraham, rewarded himself with the just a few splotches, including in car, some clothes and a rolex watch that he boarded a discount from a pawn shop. He's biggest indulgence was a million dollar home north of the city in an upscale gated community on red hawk band, DR dissipation two story, residents had full bedrooms and full bathrooms. It faded. le steel appliances, granite canada's walking, closets fireplaces, a guest sway and a double garage, french doors opened out to a private deck with a swimming pool and spa. It was exactly the type of home Abraham had drain. Devoting. Although I money didn't change much that change everyone around him.
In his news of his big wind got out friends. strangers alike, began approaching him with stories of financial hardship god. Does a soft touch who thought with these hard? Abraham willingly helped them pay everything from bills to medical treatments and business start ups. He lost can of how many people he helped saying the Bible states it's better. To give. Then tourists save in abrahams eyes, most of these handouts were loans rather than give yet no one ever made any effort to pay him back question. About when abrahams generosity would be re paid were met with excuses and compliance. Some pay who were upset to learn his money was given with strings attached key flicked also arose in abrahams family over the amount he shed with them.
rather than making him happy. Abraham said he's. Luxury win had made him miserable people constantly stopped him in the street and he cell phone rang non stop during a thirty minute chop with his younger brother, Abraham fielded eight calls from paypal requesting cash he even received a letter from a prison inmates asking for a thousand dollars, while these Request amused abraham. He still sent the man fifty dollars. Abraham sister said he was too swayed nature to say no to any body and become If he's limitless charity, Bring him never had any pace, both exasperated by his instance celebrity and demoralized by everyone's demands. He begins. Leaving all day and cruising the quiet straits of alike land at night.
Abraham also escaped by travelling. He went on a cruise to the caribbean and took a few short trips to new york city, which he grew particularly fond of He hoped the distance from his community would lessen the pressure expectations and hostilities thrust upon him. Michael forward was bidder towards these former colleague, Abraham shakespeare, michael free When we visited the frost, proof convenience store where the winning lottery ticket was purchased without fail, he always bought to quit pigs for himself. Michael asserted that Wednesday november, sixteen two thousand six was no different story. records and cctv. Footage confirmed that Michael had purchased to quake pigs that day Michael insisted that if he had perch
Danny, forever, Abraham shakespeare, then he would have had four tickets in total According to Michael, he talked the tickets into his wallet, which he kept in an overhead compartment inside his truck. Michael said, he realized. His lottery tickets were missing the following day. He and that he d lost them until a supervisor informed him tat, Abraham one, the jackpot, mako confronted abraham and accused him of stealing their tickets. While he'd been left alone in the truck Abraham, allegedly admitted to swiping their tickets from Michael's wallet and was confident that no one could prove it Michael said, Abraham had offered him a million dollars to put the matter to rest, but he'd decide to file a lawsuit against Abraham. Instead, Abraham flatly denied these allegations. Saying Michael forward knows the truth. I know the truth.
The lord knows, hey, doesn't deserve it. It's like a dirty money. That money was meant for him. It was meant for me, according to Abraham. After he's win, Michael, asked Abraham to look out for him by giving him a million dollars, so he could move into state and start a business. Abraham was willing to help but lottery officials. I dont wide him the money yet so he told markets to be patient. He also offered a smaller amount as safe A million dollars was excessive. Michael Confronted Abraham again, two days later, this time the carrying his intention to sue abraham explained when Michael brought up the word court, I backed away from him. I told I don't owe him nothing. I told him if you feel, like you, have a case go on to court, but
the time Michael came very abrahams prize money. There was twelve, In dollars left. Michael sorting, junkie relief, which would immediately free abrahams assets and prevent him from spending any more of the winnings a circuit. George ruled in Michael's favour them I went to court in october, two thousand seven five months after abraham big win the drama. proceedings became public spectacle, Michael ford's attorney. Worked to undermine abraham's character by repeatedly bringing up his criminal past at age. Thirty, in Abraham, was caught stealing from a convenience store and sent to a state run juvenile reform school here and there until he was eighteen, then proceeded to back up a range of offences that included trespassing assault and theft.
As an adult. He amassed seven felony and three misdemeanor convictions resulting in two states in prison. Michael ford's attorney asked the court. Does a leopard change its spots. When witnesses attested to abrahams good character, Michael's council accused Abraham of paying them off for their testimony. In turn, abrahams attorney accused the plaintiff of piling dirt on his client saying Bringing up he's criminal record was an attempt to distract the jury from the pertinent issues. They question Why Abraham would steal the lottery tickets, which were worthless at the time the alleged theft occurred. Abraham had no way of knowing one would win the jackpot. Abraham also had an extensive history of playing the lottery to prove it.
Carried a garbage back into court, stuffed with tickets, he had purchased over the years who was revealed to be alive in sweden Testimony as part of the pre trial discovery process, mako said he d and abraham money in the past to help put food on the table. During the trial mark. denied ever helping Abraham at all. After five days of. Testimony and a little over an hour's deliberation jury unanimously agreed that Abraham shakespeare did not steal the lottery tickets, from local ford, ma who was denied any of abrahams winnings. hams, loyal, told the media. This lawsuit was about great the plaintiff manufacture. Should a story and a plan to try to take advantage of my client.
While Abraham felt Michael had scandalised his reputation, he ultimately forgave him. he didn't harbour any anger, saying that I used to be a real good friend of mine if he only waited acquitted Given him two hundred and fifty thousand dollars easy money. Rejected the jury's findings and began a lengthy appeals process. The file, No hearing was scheduled for Wednesday may twenty seven, two thousand nine tuna, if he's after Abraham one the lottery ma. before its appeal was ultimately dismissed, but Abraham shit. Be it wasn't around to hear the good news. no one had seen Abraham in the weeks leading up to the hearing and calls to herself What's going on answered would spread that he'd skipped town to avoid the spot
and get some much needed. Rest. Since he's lottery, win Abraham had become a father for the second time he separated from the baby's mother. Shortly after the birth and the pair had been embroiled in hostile court proceedings ever since there was gone, that the woman had intentionally become pregnant just to access abrahams money. This field, a belief that he'd fled to avoid paying child support. He also had an unpaid bill with the law firm that forty civil suit. The room and male swung into overdrive some Claimed Abraham was doing business over Saving medical treatment overseas others accused of being on the run from police. Those who knew abraham best denied these assertions there were raven rumours that he died of fate despite some alleged sir,
Meetings of him around like learnt. prior to winning the lottery abraham spencer. Ro days, awake doing odd jobs at a barber shop owned by his long time, friend, gregg smith gregg sulphur, hand the overwhelmingly negative impact that the wind had on Abraham. He sunny disposition faded and he often told greg. I wish I could go back to my own self. Greg had been struggling to stay on top of these mortgage repayments, but he kept this from Abraham he didn't want to be seen as another nature one day, Abraham spotted banking documents at greg's barbershop, realizing. His friend was in trouble. He paid off gregg sixty three thousand dollar mortgage, Greg agree to give Abraham five hundred dollars a month until the debt was re paid.
when Abraham abruptly left like learnt, stopped answering his phone gregg, sent him a text message that red call me it's important abraham message to back bro, I'm on a cruise and I'll be back in town. Soon I just needed. get away because all these people a bothering me about money. Greg told Abraham to call him immediately. Abraham replied I'll call you in the morning, I'm just trying to myself together I was struck by the exchange hams, limited education meant he struggled to rage and ride. He preferred calling, or speaking with paypal, face to face of communicating through tax, Abraham messages were also unusually formal. They didn't we liked. His usual speech and riding patten's greg's wife agreed that the messages were rod
She sent abraham attacks text asking him to come home. He replied. I'll be home soon and I'll call you when I get back days passed, but Abraham didn't call Abraham was a doting father who typically called his eldest son, twice awake these calls also stopped and were replaced by text messages. He sent on acquaintance upwards of sixty text, but still made no calls in his messages. Abraham assured everyone that he was fine and ok. During one exchange he was on characteristically belligerent, referring to himself as a grown ass man who would return to like land when he was ready, increasing Suspicious one of abrahams associates texted, a question that only hey could answer.
There was no response. A few people try report abraham missing but were dismissed because they weren't family Abraham mother Elizabeth, consider doing so. As Abraham, wasn't that taught to go away for long periods without getting in touch by one of her nephews. Cedric Adam said that Abraham was calling him daily. He had also received a birthday cod for Elizabeth from Abraham. It contained one hundred dollars and a necklace along with it, and written message that red I'll be home soon followed by abraham signature. Elizabeth recognized, her sons, handwriting, which temporarily quashed any new going concerns. By november seven months had passed, since Abraham left, lakeland thanksgiving was one of his favorite holidays when
a day came and went without any word Abraham. prolonged silence became too loud to ignore. Abraham shakespeare was officially reported missing. finding him wasn't going to be easy. Abraham was accustomed to living a transient lifestyle at the time he left like land Abraham was dating a woman named courtney, Daniels courtney tone, Police, the last time she'd saint Abraham, was the first week of April. He dropped her at a bus station, so she could. Visit a friend into state that not the couple spoke on the phone for hours, but after that, Corny never heard another word. She soon learned of a rumour that Abraham had left Florida with another woman when she Turned to Abraham's house to pack up her things all of his belongings,
was still there. After winning the lottery, Abraham grew tired of the paperwork and meetings related to his finances. He sought help from a friend a fifteen year said: Judy hagen's who assumed the unofficial role of his assistant. Abraham eventually designated a duty. As he's power of attorney this. And she had control over all of these financial decisions and could handle his affairs. whenever he went away. There is a this decision as absurd do He had no business or legal qualifications, and it was a view by some as a party go regardless. Abraham signed the papers in early april of two thousand nine shortly before he disappeared, Judy tall police. She hadn't seen him since.
Abraham had been scheduled to appear in court in august for a child support enforcement action, but never showed up his attorney howard states or tell them. For that, Abraham was out of the country receiving medical treatment for an undisclosed illness, one questioned by police. How would said the this time. He spoken to Abraham on the phone was in october, almost six months, since he d lost being seen in florida. He was reluctant to divulge the specifics, drew to attorney client privilege, but was absolutely certain, was Abraham he'd spoken to as he was familiar with these voice. Perhaps hadn't, sanded distressed. had been no follow up. Due to the conflicting rumours regarding his whereabouts police, one sure what to make of Abraham shakespeare's disappearance.
they accepted the possibility that he was simply lying low to avoid the struggle of seed faced since winning the lottery in public appeals dying, Kay did they believe Abraham bay? As long as he reached out to confirm he was ok. Pole so also consider that Abraham might have met with fair play at the peak of his affluence Abraham had drawn a lotta via full. Wang he's failed civil suit against Abraham mako ford moved to join. Where he resumed work. As a truck driver hated me Did to police that he'd returned to florida or a couple of times, but maintain It was only for work. Michael said he hadn't saint Abraham since their core battle, and he had no idea where he might have gone. An examination of abrahams bank account revealed. He d made several withdrawals in the months leading up to his disappearance, but none since the
Can't also revealed a harsh reality within three years: Abraham had spent. Given away or loaned almost all of you, Seventeen million dollars only forty five days In dollars remained. while motor still couldn't be ruled out at sea. It's highly unlikely that anyone would kill Abraham for such a small amount. he also had no life insurance, meaning no one stood two legally claim he's remaining money upon his death. Detective David, Less was part of a team fronting the search for Abraham shakespeare. One day he received it, call from an anonymous male who asked for him specifically when detective Well, I saw too, he was speaking to the collar. Replied it don't matter who this is
I'm down here in miami and just want to, let you know, was sore. I behaved shakespeare in a damned stripped club. He raged in his pocket for something and he so I'd day fell out, and I saw it was him detective while us asked when, but the cooler abruptly hung up the coal puzzled, detective wallace, it wasn't traceable, so he couldn't verified. He was also aware that in high profile, cases like abrahams pranks dissolve and stood up a mischief for police. Maybe Someone was looking to insert themselves into the investigation or seeking the five thousand dollar reward for information by christmas. Almost nine months have passed since the last confirmed, citing of abraham, Two days later, his mother, isabel received a call of her own she
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Abraham told his mother not to worry and said that he loved her without asked where you add baby Abraham remarked that it was too noisy for him too. He heard clearly Elizabeth raised her voice. Again. and asking Abraham where he was and when he would be coming home? The online then went dead, detectives traced, the call to bug smith, abrahams long time, friend and former employer gregg was would under covert surveillance and detectives watched as he drive to apply King lot, new likely to more and vehicle arrived shortly after driven by a middle aged white woman with bleached blonde hair. She got it. of her car and handed gregson cash. He then, drive off unaware.
he was being tabled by an unmarked police car when Gregson. Stopped at a red light detective surrendered vehicle and ordered him out. Gregg appeared com, saying More than happy to talk to you all. Greg admitted to calling abrahams mother rent pretending to be missing son. He also confessed to calling detective david wallace to report. False, citing of Abraham in miami gregg was apologetic. He said he'd been paid to make the calls by the woman he'd met in the likely more parking lot, her name was day day more gregson what he was doing, Abraham a favour by making the coals adding. I don't know anything about where Abraham is. Why he's gone, or when he's coming back I've been trying to reach him myself detectives. Also.
I spoke with abrahams cousin Cedric Adam, who said he'd were saved a birthday cod and daily calls from Abraham. Cedric admitted he'd been lying. He claimed, he'd been paid around five thousand dollars to spread the word that Abraham had gone away of his own accord. Cedric desperately need money and only agreed because he thought it was harmless. Just the way Help abraham and debate his aunts worry when asked, You paid him to lie about Abraham Cedric said this woman. Ninety day day more. DJ moore was a certified nurses assistant who ran a nursing staffing agency, called american medical professionals in two thousand and eight she attended a small business conference in florida, where she observed a panel discussion featuring a real estate agent. The agent
Spoke of having once soda has to a lottery went out named to Abraham shakespeare. He had chat changed the way she viewed wealth specifically that money does not equal happiness. The hearing abraham story day day more was inspired to write about him for a magazine article in october, two thousand eight, she age to made abraham. By this point, he's, seventeen million dollars had been whittled down significantly. He had a little over a million dollars left along with the just three million dollars worth of assets. He d quickly realized that he's rags to reaches story was in fact a ring is to rags one. She witnessed at first hand the endless pestering Abraham endured from those seeking what little money he had left. He was untrodden and distrustful when day
a peach tyrannical. I idea in which she intended to highlight abrahams, generosity and kindness Became noticeably update in detail I want a candid interview with Abraham has hey watch the law feed from the various security cameras positioned around his home day day? if he ever got tired of people asking him for money able replied I being tied they don't take. No for an answer. So Just let him keep on keeping on asking in time. We had confided in day day about he's. Daya financial straight he'd, followed Poor advice and failed to invest money wisely day day felt sorry for him. She offered to protect it Perhaps, from being taken advantage of any further though, she was shy and make she pursued. Those who had borrowed money, from Abraham and ensure they made repayments
He also organised for duty hagen to have power of attorney That abrahams remaining money, this meant anyone who wanted funds would have to go through Judy. Abraham had been moving. His money from bank to bank on a whim day day advised him to secure He's left over money in a single bank of america account under his own name. daddy, Abraham and Judy got together periodically to discuss abrahams finances with day day keeping record of the meetings for the bank. She was dismayed to learn that Abraham was using his money for what she had noted as criminal activity. He was removed as an authorized sign or of his can't leave just day day and judy with access. They became Both between Abraham and any unwise financial decisions.
Day day also helped to manage all of abraham assets, including he's property. data encouraged abraham to start living, he's live in their work. Did interview. She asked way I would like to go. He responded. It don't matter to me, I'm not a piggy person. day day off its suggestions. California, a foreign country. Seemingly irritated by days. Prying. perhaps motions for her to turn off the camera. Are you gonna, miss your home day day asked Abraham responded he up, but life goes on. The data you got the sense that Abraham was planning to take off at any moment, one day he told her, he did time to fight passport under the name. Rodriguez
perhaps begin working to break his ties to local and as quickly as possible. He offered So day day his house for a little over five hundred thousand dollars, she didn't have that much money, but the pair reached an agreement data could live in the house and make small purchases for Abraham, such as floods or crews. Tickets as a gradual means of paying off the dead, Bring him then asked for days help to make him disappear, having grown attached Abraham and he's plot. She agreed. When Abraham left like lund day day, spread conflicting rumours about where he gone, and why to prevent him from being traced She also shared alleged sidings of Abraham, so people He was all right here. left to day he cellphone allowing her to send a text on his behalf to his friends and family.
Whenever concerns for Abraham grew day day used money, he had given her to pay people to claim they heard from him. She paid Gregg smith, three hundred dollars to cold detective david wallace. send report a false, citing of abraham in miami. She gave gregg a further three hundred and fifty dollars to call a mother. She gave him broken attorney, client privilege by staging a call to abraham attorney in october. Abraham had told her You handle all the business I got to go when approached by Directives day day became emotional as she divulged what she done she claim do not to know where abraham was but maintained, that two had met up and spoken since he fell off the grid in April two thousand and nine
a day said she had initially been under the impression that she was simply keeping things in order. Rental abraham came home, but over time she suspected he never intended to return. She felt she had misjudged him saying of all this trouble on me. When alone Trying to do is help the man. day day willingly assisted investigators with their enquiries adventure why she admitted there were several other raisins abraham might have fled. She discussed is that the real reason Abraham Hadrian manage his money was to avoid paying child support. He also had a drug problem and might have been lured into dealing in a desperate bid to rebuild his wealth, then Day mentioned in incriminating videotape it ledger delay showed footage of Abraham quote having sex. With a fourteen year old girl, whatever the case
abrahams friends and associates in like learned a great on one thing,. If anyone knew where Abraham was, it was day, day more days admissions, put her directly in the spotlight rip what is confronted her in public police constantly requested interviews and took him uniform rules and business records were taken for examination to quit The mounting suspicion against her day day did her own work to find abraham. She met up with gregg smith. The man she'd previously pay to me fraudulent calls on abrahams behalf day day vented tagrag about the stress she was under and greg. I assured her that he would help until Abraham reappeared. Days, demeanor suddenly change she claude Greg's chest. Looking listening device.
Put away angrily asking what the fuck are you doing. they decomposed herself and apologized. She was right lord, with anxiety and paranoia and didn't know who, to trust She blamed Abraham for leaving her to clean up he's mass and gregg consoled her Data cried and told him I say why Abraham says you're, a good friend I just want to thank You said believing in me and being on my side december, two thousand gnawing came to a close with no sign of Abraham shakespeare, late january. Two thousand ten day day met with gregg smith, again, the pay. Spoke about how the police were purposefully, stirring shit up by intimidating abraham support, network phones had been tat, homes were searched and property seized day day believed the police
we're trying to get them to change their story. Greg encouraged her to remain strong, reminding her that they were in this together of In talking to you, because I'm trying to find Abraham day day said Never been so scared in my life. Tensions were growing in the likely to community people were accused. in day day of ripping off Abraham and she feared violent reprisal. She info greg that Abraham was connected to several gun and drug dealers, and this made her particularly nervous. Day day had told the police who these men were prompting the police to confront them with. These accusations. That was when she realised that the police didn't care if she was killed. Data, he also told gregg that she'd been approached by abrahams cousin, Cedric Adam, whom she previous
They pay to lie about abraham cedric all day day that he'd been in contact with Abraham and said he wanted cedric to have his home on red, hawk, abandoned drive. Today was unsure what to do about this. If it was true said We could establish a line of communication between Abraham and the authorities yet, sir drake wasn't exactly credible. There There was day days, one distrust of the police. She had grown to suspect that, we're trying to frame abrahams disappearance. data and gregg boy burner sulfides, so they could communicate freely one night they met at a comfort in where gregg book the room under a fake name day day was first to arrive anxious about leaving any trace of her presence. She don't plastic gloves.
surgical, mosque, disposable, shoe, covers and a hand at. When gregg showed up put on the same protective outfit data was fed up and decided to take matters into her own hands. She pulled out a laptop and printer with greg help. She started typing a letter addressed to Abraham, shakespeare's mother Elizabeth, but let us wasn't going to bay from day day She was riding at as though it was from Abraham himself. convinced that Abraham wasn't coming back to help her daddy was desperate to redirect the investigative spotlight greg, Advised her don't mention yourself too much, otherwise, we'll come off his suspicious The letter was several pages long and gave very the reasons why Abraham wanted to live on
They rode Like being missing, Not all over the news I been through a lot mom, you know it. I'm just tired. She made up a story that someone had recognized abraham, indeed had to pay a police officer, twenty thousand dollars to katy sacred in rough, To herself, Day day, rode down worry about day. If she goes to jail, Oh, she will be ok is white. Stick there are too many pay, all that? No, why I left. I gave her enough money. She knew what to expect. she should have not got any involved. So now she just has to deal with it remembering that Abraham was illiterate and incapable of rotting long winded prose Day added us,
I can't write a letter. A good friend is talking it for me. I will see you. I promise just give me some time. Greg's, neither was impressed the lead I didn't sound like it had come from day day at all. They printed it off and split it into an envelope the pair what the room down with taos. Then they drive to abrahams mothers home where gregg play The letter in her mailbox, but any hopes that the letter would help day day were dashed when it failed to make the news Elizabeth didn't speak about it publicly and the Palais seemed unaware of its existence. Instead, investigate is up to the reward for information to ten thousand dollars, with the promise that any tips this wouldn't have to testify in future court proceedings
The candy sheriff announced none of this Come stances and none of the investigation we ve completed up to this point later to believe Abraham shakespeare is still alive. They officially named day day more as a person of interest do Day was destroyed, had Elizabeth kept the Better herself or with the police, Escaping it on the download data called gregg smith for guidance. pressing her devastation that police feed Abraham was dead and that she was being Viewed as a sauce, backed buckle that gregg told her, they don't have a body day day, brushed his re assurances aside, saying yeah, but doesn't seem to matter to these assholes they just trying to pay. Something on me and I haven't done anything to the man. I would never
as I do anything to heard another human being. All I have ever done, Please try to help Abraham. I was lighter, gregg agreed to me. day day at a service station implant city, ten miles west of like as soon as gregg pulled up a bit, ably I've a joy to day day rushed over to his car yelling. Abraham's back case file will be back soon. I thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode sponsors dream of a career with better pay benefits, and ours will you're, not sure about going, it is therefore time at miller my car We can help we offer Programs that are affordable and flexible to fit into your busy life most can be. Pleaded in less than two years see what miller mark
it can offer visit our campus at sixty three ninety seven lee highway sweet one hundred then tat. I knew the tennessee or learn more lie in a military m. O t t don t you. About their no simple ass though he had no, but it was mother. Did I get a decent samson galaxy having depressing go check on that, the gambia s economic policy but I'd rather single him as grandison base come at their boost. The you like himself, some galaxy having depressing coquet gratis. When you tell us of enormous quantities, benevolence really sensitive issues, you cocaine is that has been given to this practice in these political body. Inexpedient poster supplicant restrictions that he should at least be given that in the banana tadeusz. thank you for listening to these episodes adds bus
supporting our sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. Data could barely contain her excitement. Someone had her to report, saying Abraham at home, knee wolden like data he had gone to the location herself and spotted a car with a figure inside she was certain, was Abraham. Gregg was flawed, hey. Indeed, they went to the location, but car was no longer there regardless. Day was relieved soon, other alive sightings of Abraham began to spread, but two days disappointment. None of them made the needs.
Greg tried to reassure her that the media were probably just being cautious. Given the cat. was riddled with rumours deflated. Day day told gregg, the police don't care they wanna make made the full gaza Abraham not being around gregg replied. Well, you need your own full guy. You need some buddy. He will take this case, for you take the rap. Suggested day day find someone who was about to serve a long prison sentence and cut a deal with them. What deal you cod is between you and him gregg continued. I'm just saying there are people who will do this for you and get the ahead off us. and day day was excited by greg's proposition share If they had any one in mind, greg said he had a cousin named mark smith, who was about to serve twin,
Five years on drug charges day day, tearfully embraced gregg, grey. for that. He was still supporting her. He will in her eyes an exceptional person. great great leader. I did that he had been with day day since the beginning and would remain with her for the whole way the pair approach to mark smith. With that proposal strange for fifty thousand dollars mark would tell them place that Abraham owed him money for a cannabis deal cause day day had been over saying abrahams money she would that Abraham requested the funds from her, but she refused Confrontation eventually ensued between the two men and Abraham pulled out a gun prompting mark to shoot him in self. Defense might say: The gray to become day day and greg's, full god the money would provide security for his family
Given he was going to prison anyway, he felt he had nothing to lose. while day day was relieved by wash. Saw as a foolproof plan, she was stopped To worry that, maybe Abraham wasn't all right, perhaps here being killed after all and who knew the truth were being threatened to stay quiet. day day suspicions fell on a man. She knew only as ronald the worst of the and drug dealers, abraham associated with it wake of abrahams disappearance run. had initially told day day that Abraham was ok, but I she'd started the sense that something was amiss. Ronald became aggressive, threatening to kill day day and her teenage son menacing notes began appearing at days back door, which she was certain.
From Ronald gregg encouraged a day day to confront ronald even said. getting cheap bribe him to reveal key information. Data, sit at it, but was more attempted by me, smith, being willing to take the rap for abrahams murder. This would take the head off day entirely the And the problem was that mike had made a specific request. He needed a body One would take her story seriously without one, and it would remove any doubt that Abraham was still alive because they didn't have a body day day The murder weapon would suffice, they could plant mike's. Fink prince on a gun and then have marked direct people to the weapon she If I had one, they could use a thirty eight caliber smee than western revolver. although it was registered in days name mark, could say that he'd still
And from her house, or she could say that she'd sought to Abraham better still, they could remove the weapon serial number to prevent it being traced altogether. MIKE was reluctant to go through with the plan without a body he knew of someone who had attempted a similar com, but their support the murder victim had suddenly re appeared all the consumer It is with charged with insurance fraud this rattled day day and she began to doubt the plan Confronting Ronald seemed safer, perhaps She could offer him something to elicit a confession and the location of abrahams body, grey, good day day to coal, run out and find out everything they needed to know. the next time gregg and day day mad. She had an update, she'd gotten contact with ronald, and he told her everything eyebrow.
and had indeed run a fail of the drug dealers and with care as a result, an old had intended to set day day up for the crime and admitted that he'd berry neighbor hams body on her property implant, city and data, and gregg made a plan under the cover of darkness, gregg and mark with dig up abrahams body, day would stay at abrahams like one time with her family established, her alibi, she's suggested that abrahams body be taken out to the countryside and bird. She gave gregg her revolver prepare for marks confession. Before making A final revelation. Abraham was rumored to have been in possession of sixty seven thousand dollars when he was killed, she told gregg and mark to search for it. in the early afternoon of Monday january, twenty five, two thousand ten gregg arrive
That data is house on the regional outskirts of plant city. She supplied him with digging implements and cleaning. rocks before leading him to a thirty by thirty four concrete slab in her back yard. She pinpoint a specific spot saying: that's where you should. big right under their maybe six feet down. Later that night day day was in like lund as planned when she received a call from gregg. Eighth. down the line. What the fuck are you doing. He'd arrived at day days to comment that dig only find a large police presence already there gregg and mark, the way to a secluded spot and cold day day, accusing her setting the mom. I swear to you gregg. She told him. I don't know nothing about this. Greg demanded to made of data
Was reluctant, as it would blow Varela by the gregg, was furious needed a plan bay and they needed at now. Data a great to make gregg at the likely and more parking lot. She's her family, that she was going to help a friend who was having car trouble. The pair setting greg's car frantically discussing their options, gregg suspected the police were tipped off and a warrant to search days, property day day maintained that she hadn't told anyone about this game. All of a sudden to come, Spit into the parking lot and pulled up beside Greg's vehicle, detectives emerged and took greg and data into custody. Day day immediately through gregg under the boss, saying that he had killed abraham, the viewing detectives zuyder each other before one remarked you know that gregg did
kill abraham shakespeare day day. Again to cry, but he insisted that gregg was guilty. Then, She was given use that left. Her speech was gregg smith Working with us, smith was first introduced to data more by he's good friend, Abraham shakespeare day day, his full name was the race done again, more came across his timid and uneasy. Her handshake was gentle and she said go to maintain eye contact, wendy day began. Managing abrahams money. Craig was sceptical. She Wasn't an accredited accountant, all financial adviser she claimed to avert enough natural self help book called organise me now, but it hadn't been published craig bidding too
so as not to undermine abrahams decision, but one to be careful, He never saw his friend again. with Abraham mysteriously out of the picture day day started in gregg to repay the sixty three thousand dollars that Abraham had lent him that he's mortgage there. When Abraham was reported, missing data for to eradicate the dead entirely on one condition she needed greg's help to mislead the police. Day day, new detectives would be onto her From a young age, she was acutely aware of the power and privilege of wealth, and it was ashamed of her own families financial status in her teens. She made her parents drop her off away from her friends, so they would say their trip out car, she saw
luxuries. Her parents couldn't afford, like expensive, clothing, cause and jewelry, and I twenty two day day was involved in a head on collision. The two while keeping in the other vehicle. What killed, but day day made a full recovery. Afterwards days. Mother noticed an erratic shift in her daughters. Behaviour that left her wondering if day day, had an undetected, brain injury. her job as a nursing assistant suited her seemingly kind and patient personality, but it didn't pay well still fixated on money day, established a moderately successful side, business selling, prepaid cell fines and calling plans. Colleagues were cold, days natural lackey for business it was soon revealed that she had skinned sixty thousand dollars off the payroll.
days, money was continued. She was called shoplifting and arrested for writing a bad check. She failed to make her car payments and was a victory for failing to pay rent by mid two thousand one. She owed upwards of fifty thousand dollars. Not long after this day day was discovered in why mama forty miles south from her home in plant city. She was disheveled and distraught with her wrist band, with duct tape, day day told police that three clean cut tattooed hispanic men had carjacked her at gunpoint, they'd, abducted and raped. Her then thrown her in a ditch before taking off in her car. A tip off led to the discovery of days car in a garage thirty miles north in go county and to the complete unravelling of her story.
day day had paid an accomplice to help stage they attack, so she could claim insurance on her stolen car. She was convicted of insurance fraud and falsely reporting a crime and to give years probation. Years later in two thousand and six a day day was accused of stealing sixty thousand dollars. That was given to her to start a new business. The case was closed due to a lack of evidence. After this date, faced two civil lawsuits for unpaid services fronting new venture american medical professionals. She attended the small business conference. That ultimately led her to Abraham shakespeare. We In ninety days of the pair mating in d, more virtually had complete control of abraham money
investigators discovered that the final withdrawals from abrahams bank account as well as these assets, were transferred to the business account of american medical professionals. Around this time day day made. The large withdrawals from this account purchasing jewelry Several high and cause, as well as paying restaurant meals and travel. while day day was seemingly helping abraham reclaim money. He d learned to others. The re payments actually went straight to her data claimed to have board abrahams mansion home from him, but there was no documentation to prove it. When detectives confronted her with this discrepancy and many, others data out at her story with even more outlandish explanations. Some were willing to believe that data is dealings with Abraham would just unscrupulous coincidences and that he was in
aid in hiding others was certain. He had met with fair play, but there wasn't sophia in evidence to support an arrest everything pattern. Turning to day day more at being searched from her efforts to claim abrahams last million dollars, not a singer the thing was found to indicate that she had physically harmed him. It was and until detectives interviewed gregg smith and aloud, he was in cahoots with day day that they formulated a plan. We think day day more does know something they told greg: we need someone to help us get that information out of her. rag was then ass to become a confidential informant. It wasn't a decision gregg made lightly, but hey harboured he's suspicions about day day. He spoke to Judy Higgins,
other person involved in overseeing abrahams finances Judy called a time when day day called her in a panic. Abraham was heading two, the ban, thank and data needed duty to stall him. He can't go to the bank data, told her. Abraham once confided in judy Now you know that what woman got me money she can do anything to me Greg god feeling Abraham was dead, hey toad, detective wallace, I mean whatever I to do I'm all in. during their initial meeting day day launched herself a gregg suspecting, he was during a while. He was able to reassure her. They met. Multiple times over the following weeks. All the while greg, covertly record their conversations, data
spouted off unbelievable stories. Nonstop barely in gregor moments silence one She was sobbing in his arms. The next she'd snap talk imposed. stay and ride along about a different subject. She seemed The loose herself in her convoluted laws and made up a dangerous drug dealer named run owed to implicating abrahams disappearance laid off He talked about ronald as if he were a real person. Brag was disturbed. No, he went along with whatever strange plot data devised to hinder the investigation, all the while hoping she'd reveal what really happened to Abraham. When she wrote a bizarre rambling led out to Abraham mother as Abraham gregg photo was completely unconvincing told her, otherwise, after the pair
dropped it off in the mailbox detectives, sweet din and took it as evidence. Greg enjoyed a lot in his role as an informant he's Community saw him spending time with day day and rumours spread. Many suspected the pair had conspired to get To get rid of abraham, it was fun from the truth, but gregg couldn't defend himself, Lest he ruined everything he was working for, he couldn't let day day get away with it. When she started talking about abraham being dead, the operation kicked up. A notch an undercover police officer was brought into play. Mark Smith, Greg's prison, bound cousin. Using mark as a full guy gregg extracted more compelling evidence from day day specific. lee where they would find abrahams body.
The realisation that Abraham had been murdered was heartbreaking for gregg, but he had seen seated in locating his friend. After learning that gregg smith was a police, informant data more took a long, deep breath she d and implicated mark smith. Learning he was an undercover detective. She burst into tears. And began a long rant. Blaming drug dealer run owed for shooting. Perhaps with her gun it was no use Detectives already had already, I recordings of day day, fabricating the character of run owed to gregg smith. She went on and on about ronald before a detective carter off saying, daddy, daddy there's no ronald. She ten stop.
For telling a new story about a drug deal gone wrong date. Eight find someone hold a gun to her head and she'd pass d out from fee. She came to to witness Abraham being fatally shocked, the detectives Through the shooter was but data started, say She couldn't remember one day: active remarked, you can't tell us because it to you and you're scared. Days ex husband revealed that he delivered a back her to her planty home in April. Two thousand: nine: hey you dead to help a day day dig a large hall. She wanted to burn and bury some re modeling debris. She asked him to return. Hours later to fill the hall with a cement contract apple The slab in days back yard that same month,
she told him. She wanted a solid slab tupac vehicles on eventual. A day day would admit that abrahams body was buried under the concrete slab in her backyard. following two days of excavation work. Abraham shakespeare's remains were uncovered six feet below the slab. Nine months after he disappeared, he'd sustain and to thirty eight caliber gunshots to the chest, but the bullets were to deteriorated to bay compared to days revolver. she continued to give other explanations for abrahams murder, h more outlined fish than the last sheep Ok. Did everyone from abrahams cousin, Cedric Adam turkey's to his attorney, how it states all at one point data claimed shea and Abraham had fought over money and he'd greater throwed as she started to lose consciousness. Some
on short abraham. But she didn't say who. She conceded that it could have been her, but if it was, it was in self defense, justin detectives thought I'd heard at all day day said, a fourteen year old son was responsible. She then tried to convince her ailing elderly father to confess to the murder. In the eyes of detectives, it was clear that day day was a habitual and a shameless liar. Data greater as a professional code. Oddest a devil. The skies. day day, more was charged with the first degree murder of Abraham shakespeare. Days trial commenced in november two thousand twelve six years off Abraham shakespeare, one, the lottery the process
huge positive that day day had fanned abrahams fears of losing his remaining wealth by exaggerate the amount he d lose to paying child support up until that point, Abraham was a good father. Then, day day filled his head with a lies about infidelity and the possibility that he's youngest child wasn't even he is Abraham Until the day days word that she'd protect his money, if aid granted her access to it when he realized. He was being scammed. A confrontation, insured. daddy shot Abraham with her revolver before burying his body in her back yard. She d one about creating conflicting rumours and false sidings to hinder the search for Abraham. There was no shortage of witnesses, testifying against a day day, including the star witness gregg smith, whose covert recordings were applied
and cord day day often broke down in tease bringing proceedings to a halt. She can The winking smiling and gesturing to the jury. On one occasion she apparently went into a fanatic shock. The judge caution to the defence attorneys to control their client. She was so disruptive that, Dodge eventually cut off her mark, refined. the defence highlighted that the case relied on circumstantial evidence, I admit it day day was Davis. They are There was no proof, she'd committed murder, her refusal, to provide a clear explanation of abraham to murder was indicative that her life was in danger and she feared speaking the truth that It's called a no witnesses instead relying on painting the prosecution, witnesses, untruthful or unreliable jury deliberated for three hours before fun
day day, more guilty of the first, a grey matter of abraham shakespeare, the presiding judge, described day day, has called calculated, And cruel saying she was quote, probably the most manipulative person that this court has seen Abraham shakespeare was your pray and your victim money he was the root of the evil that you brought to Abraham. Abrahams mother Elizabeth was a religious person and funding until they against the death penalty. So the prosecution didn't push forward. Instead, Dj Moore was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Elizabeth express my gratitude to the detectives that led the investigation into her sons, disappearance, saying without their dedication and
Assistance, we might never have found out what happened to Abraham. During abrahams memorial service, the large cuts Of mourners gave the detectives a standing ovation. appearing in emotional meteor interviews from prison data more cold. Anyone who believed she was guilty an idiot She blamed her verdict on her legal change. Refusal to let her testify in her own defence. With each new interview came a different version of events pertaining to abrahams murder, then in two thousand nineteen day day more appealed her conviction. She appalling As for her actions, this time, claiming gregg smith killed Abraham after finding out that he was having an affair with greg's wife. Her appeal was rejected.
An investigator involved with the case described. These claims is typical of day day saying. she'll, go down in her grave trying to blame. They saw somebody else. People have asked me if I think she will ever come clean and I say absolutely not. Day day will die, imprison still claiming her innocence. Indeed, a maintains her innocence to this day, yet cheers oh accepts that her ever changing version of events is confusing conclusively and vague. lottery winners are often the target of harassment, solicitations scams, extortions, burglaries, kidnappings and homicides. Therefore winners are advised to keep quiet fire. An attorney and remain anonymous. If an individual is legally required to collect their wings in person. Its common fate
to wear a disguise to avoid the publicity. when Abraham shakespeare, when the lottery regulation And in his home state required all winners publicly reveal their name and city of residence. In may, twenty twenty Who Florida introduced a new law, creating a public records exemption for the names of people who win lottery, processes of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more exemption lasts ninety days from the moment the prize is claimed. This is In sufficient time for winning the planned responsibly, obtain financial advice put their funds into investments or leave their own lives behind one of the big? Sponsors said some point in our lives. We all dream of winning the lottery. Unfortunately, for some that dream becomes a nightmare.
In the aftermath of Abraham shakespeare's murder, only a couple of hundred thousand dollars if he seventeen million dollar lottery win, were recovered. That money was placed in a trust for his sons At abraham, mansion on red, hawk, abandoned drive to welcome, match greater aghast, said the front door One featured the message bless this home the other red, go away. Jim validity was abrahams appellate attorney during his civil sued in two thousand seven. At the time Jim said Abraham shakespeare was a man who was very weary by the time he got to me
I wonder if he wouldn't say he would like to go back to the day before he won that money. On a cherry nine. Ninety ninety one group of teenagers gathered in their usual, hang out a bearing stretch of desert next to a busy highway. Your bakersfield california, a dismal spot littered with trash and shelter since by nightfall it
and into a sort of lover's lane where high school kids drank and smoked. When two boys left there grew and headed into the darkness, they came upon a horrific sing, the body of a young woman murdered just hours before She had no enemies. Me says girls at school teenage stuff. Now any kind of trouble that someone martyr this. Ninety. Ninety one martyr made news headlines for years as it shocked divided a quiet working class community. Of course, I knew about maria case every on, and baker shall knows about maria pay people will church, they were glued. Tutor tv sets italy the paper every day there was a lot of speculation in moscow. He would not be all around catholic people thought he might be. Then he lied being her boyfriend, diaper like he had something to do with it. Justice took its course in a twisted and controversial case that captivated many. But what is the real
killer or yet to be discovered is eagerly. Many for me that doesn't take the valley was here when he was a really here. If you ask the sheriff department- and if you ask the prosecutor's office, they would say yeah, we thought that it's just unfortunate. How thing ended up in this series. We will hear brand new clues in every people that have never spoken publicly before and discover family secrets that shed light on whom they have killed maria rodriguez and why I kind of want oliver families, hidden secrets and all the dark past I wanted to Not tonight, I'm octavia, mechanically forecasts are present in this In the shadows, the story of marie ever dress. you dream of a career with better pay benefits and ours, but you're not sure about going for a time at miller, my car
we can help. We offer programs that are affordable and flexible to fit into your busy life most can be pleaded in less than two years, seaward miller, mark It can offer visit our campus at sixty three ninety seven lee highway sweet one hundred then tat. I knew the tennessee or learn more lie in a military m, o t t don t you. about their no simple ass though he had no, but it was mother. Did I get a decent samson galaxy having depressing go check on that, the gambia s economic policy, But I'd rather single him as grandison base. come at their boost, the you like himself, some galaxy having depressing coquet gratis. When you tell us of enormous quantities, benevolence really sensitive issues, you cocaine is that has been given to this practice in these political body. Inexpedient poster supplicant restrictions that we shall succeed in making the baronet August
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