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296: Case 252: Margaret Maher, Mersina Halvagis & Nicole Patterson

2023-06-24 | 🔗
*** Content warning: serial rapist and killer, sexual assault, stalking *** When Melbourne women Margaret Maher, Mersina Halvagis and Nicole Patterson were found brutally murdered in the late 1990s, police didn’t immediately link the crimes. The killer left behind no incriminating evidence, indicating he was an experienced offender who knew how to beat the system. Little did investigators know, the story began almost 30 years earlier, when a 15-year-old boy knocked on his neighbour’s door and asked to borrow a knife. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-252-margaret-maher-mersina-halvagis-nicole-patterson

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