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309: Case 264: Andrew Gosden

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*** Content warning: Child victim, child abuse, suicide, grooming *** When 14-year-old Andrew Gosden mysteriously disappeared from his home in the UK suburb of Doncaster, evidence emerged to indicate that he’d left of his own free will. But Andrew was a gifted, intellectual teenager who came from a loving and supportive family – not your typical teenage runaway. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-264-andrew-gosden
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Please say the show notes for this episode on Europe or on our website. In many ancient civilizations, the oak tree was considered to be sacred. Believed that the motto code, great healing powers bore, could facilitate communication with the gods oak, Trade can live for hundreds of years; it takes many years for them to bear acorns and thus say coins are often used as a symbol of patients and maturity with their tool. Sturdy trunks de berulle, since sprawling branches. Today, the tray contain Is to be viewed as a symbol of strength, power, stability and protection. From a young age. Andrew drew was fascinated by science. Gift stride, a student he effortless
sword through school winning, mathematics, competitions. A european level he's about average intellect eventually on him a place in the united kingdom's national association for gifted and talented youth, a government scale remained at the country's top five percent of students. When injury read that an acre implanted in a tub could grow into a miniature oak tree. He had to try it for himself He enlisted the help of his father Kevin, who was always willing to support andrews curiosity and encourages the love of learning. Kevin gathered up a few discarded acorns and together the father and sun planted them into tubs at the victorian terrorists. Jaime Bobby a sob
I've been england, south yorkshire region now will they had to do? Was white. On the evening of Friday september, fourteen two thousand seven kevin gaston and his wife gladness both returned home from work to find a typical saying School had only just returned after summer holidays and they couples children fourteen year old, andrew and he seventeen year old sister charlotte, had settled back in their familiar retained for Andrea This meant using his spare time to do the things he enjoyed most playing
games in his family's converted seller or playing sneakers. on the half so to table when he's bedroom although he had a small group of friends, he spent time with that school age It was a shy quieting who was content with these aren't company. He preferred spending time at home alone over going out and socializing and could often be found with these face buried one of these well read books. When Andrew didn't surface to say hello. His parents thought nothing of it. saint Andrew, was busy with one of these hobbes and would come out when dinner was ready it was always a special time than the ghost and family to come together and connect kevin ended. one s, began, unpacking groceries and preparing for the meal. They were being joined, that even aid by the families, vigour and close friend Alan Marie, who lived near by
The girls dunes were anglican, big Heaven and glonass wanted their children to make up their own mind about religion rather than having it forced upon them. Because of this they never baptized. There Children and talking now issue when charlotte and andrew both made the decision to stop attending church I six p m dinner was ready the parents quota to their children to come and join them charlotte quickly from her room. But there wasn't a paper from Andrew. Kevin went to check andrews room as part of the danes posts school routine. He always hung his school blazer and tie on the back of his bedroom chair before putting his trousers and should in the washing machine they say winning was no different. The blaze earned we're on the chair and the rest of Andrews uniform was in the wash, but there
no sign of him anywhere throughout the house Andrew was the type of person who left a note, even if he was just talking to the corner store, but there were no now to be found, although it strange andrews parents, one overly concerned andrew, had friends who lived near by they assumed he gone to visit one of them and had lost track of time. you didn't have a mobile phone. So they couldn't coal or text him he'd headache couple of fines in the past, but had barely used them before managing to misplaced them altogether. He could be quite absent minded at times simply was uninterested in the devices he and rejected his parents, offer of a new one for his recent birthday, requesting an xbox gaming console instead the customs code, the homes of Andrews friends, only to discover that here
With any of them they were also told that andrew hadn't been at school. That day at all,. That friday morning had started out, like any other andrew woke in a little later than usual, but it still managed to get ready in time to catch the boss to school, drew, attended, mikuli catholic high, which was roughly four miles sore a fifteen minute bus ride from the gulls than time at around no five- I am, he said goodbye to his parents and left the house dressed in his school uniform. Shortly after this vicar rollin Marie recall, driving by westerfield park, which was across the street from the ghost in time, he'd, seen andrew in his uniform as he passed by, but hadn't thought anything of it. Given that the park provided a shortcut to the school bus, stop. with Andrews uniform at home, but no
sign of andrew himself. The girl stones didn't know what to think they contacted macaulay hard, An administrator confirmed that Andrew had been absent that day, this was entirely out of character Andrew had a one hundred percent attendance record this, who had been issued him certificates attesting to his flawless turn out one star Member had tried calling the ghost ends that morning to notify them of Andrews unusual absence, but there had been an answer on reflection the staff member realized, they must have accidently dial the number listed, either above or below andrews on the register. Leaving family out of the loop. Although it did and explain why Andrews uniform was at home the ghost and considered possibility that he could have been involved in some kind of incident on his way to school. They
urged the area surrounding their home. Before driving the rude andrew, typically took to school. There was no sign of him anywhere. They called the Go hospitals but no one feeding The teenagers description had been admitted when there was still no sign of andrew by nine p m he's family contacted the police. the gardens were absolutely certain that Andrew had run away. They d Brought him as a reliable gentle and caring young man who would the do anything to intentionally caused them to worry. According to the girl, since their home life, was happy and harmonious both care. and let us work this speech therapists. There. Ring comes, afforded them a modest yet comfortable lifestyle which included family holidays abroad to such places as egypt and tunisia. As far as the ghost
and near andrew. Had no mental health issues did an experience, bullying and had no other problems he might want to escape from Nothing in his recent behaviour had been out of the ordinary if anything he had been so lay quiet hour and even less social than usual, but this wasn't exactly cause for concern. Andrew was the type of person who didn't speak, ass. He felt he had something worthwhile to say Kevin recently asked he saw how the new school year was going answer gave no indication that anything was amiss if he didn't feel comfortable speaking to his parents for have reason they were sure he would confide in his sister charlotte, the ghost and siblings had a close bond. Both were the intelligent and we are on track to be accepted into england, most prestigious universities, the pay
are also shared, a similar tasting music favouring heavy metal, rock and post taco bans, including slipknot funeral for a friend, muse, evanescence and a dragon force. The evening before Andrew went missing had been unremarkable andrew. Kevin had done a puzzle together before the whole family, a dinner together, the father and son than washed the dishes. Afterwards, Andrew watched some light. Hearted television with his mother, he'd been his normal self upon going to bed, although he had seemed slightly irritable upon waking the next morning, while this was out of character, wasn't cause for alarm. He was attacked nice boy after all, as Kevin gaston told the daily mail if Andrew was unhappy or suffering a mental illness
did an amazing job of hiding. It. Andrews bank account revealed that, after leaving home that morning, he walked to a nearby petrol station and used the atm to withdraw or two hundred of the two hundred and fourteen pounds he had in savings a neighbour of the ghost and family had cctv. Camera pointed towards the street its footage from that day river, something highly unusual at around eight thirty- I am just after Kevin and glass left for work. Andrew returned home minutes later, appeared back on the straight no longer wearing his school uniform thought genes and a black slip not banned teacher. He carried a black canvas satchel adorned with band patches that he sister had helped himself on.
Nothing in Andrews room was missing. Besides his wallet case and playstation portable handheld gaming console, he didn't take the council's charges, nor did he take it jumper, despite the temperature dropping in the September evenings. Two andrews family- this indicated that he didn't intend to be gone for long, but the fact that he ditched school and clear these bank account without explanation left them completely baffled. Even if Andrew had run away to his age police immediately categorized him as a high risk of vulnerable missing person. They focused their attention in woods. despite his family's insistence that Andrew was a happy well adjusted. Teen experience had taught police that. Two young runaways were typically trying to escape from some kind of situation at home. They sat age
member of the ghost and family down for an interview to safe. They could uncover any signs that Andrew was being abused or neglected. The goldstone report, adamant that Andrew had an open and honest relationship with these parents who were nay the strict nor controlling Kevin and Gleneesh trusted their children, implicit And supported the need for individuality and independence. Although police took Andrews disappearance seriously of the roughly sir when two thousand a youth sunday. Sixteen who ran away in the uk each year, eighty percent returned within twenty four hours. Ninety one percent returned within two days stood six indicated that it would likely, by a matter of time before andrew goals, then returned home. located eighty five miles, north of doncaster, the seaside town of we
b, was a much loved, a vacation spot for the gas than family andrew adored we'd be. And knew the area well, if he was going to take off, for whatever reason, there was a good chance that this would be the place. over the weekend. Friends of the goldstone travelled to whip it scour the area for any sign of andrew. They checked his favorite horns, asking if any one had seen the team Andrew was roughly five point three and of slim, build with medium length, light brown hair, the swept across his brown eyes, most notably he wore strong prescription. Glasses was deaf in here dear, and had a double ridge on he's up our righty unique trades them him easily identifiable the weekend passed with no sidings of andrew. We need that doncaster who would be, nor did he make contact with his family
the gardens wondered whether ran through, could have gone to london, although the capitals Eddie was one hundred and seventy miles away. It could be reached by train in just under two hours, while the boy whistling city could be seen as an intimidating place for alone Shy team from the suburbs andrew, wasn't completely new to the area he's fast. Had friends and relatives who lived in london looting Andrews grandparents over the years the goldstone said traveled to london numerous times. Andrew knew the city well, and his family thought he would feel comfortable Navigating his way around alone, though it would be entirely out of character. They wondered whether Andrew could have made the spontaneous decision to spend the friday in the city. He'd recently mentioned having an interest in seeing the tooth and common exhibition at the british museum, perhaps ditching
school was inactive teenage rebellion and he then found himself in some kind of trouble. inquiries were made with the local train station when The employer who had been working the sales counter on Friday morning was questioned. She distinctly remembered serving andrew. He had bought a one way ticket to london's kings cross station. The party at nine thirty five. I am, she recalled the end. action because Andrew look too young to be travelling alone, but more notably. Refused her offer of a return trip, even though it only cost around fifty pence more. multiple passengers saurian drew on the train to london. That morning there They nothing unusual about he's behaviour. He had kept his head down for the entire journey absorbed in his place.
and portable one passenger called seeing andrew disembark at kings cross station, but no one could attest to where he went from there ask of scanning through cctv taken from kings cross station on September, fourteen was given to the british transport police. The tree from Doncaster had arrived at eleven twenty, I am but finding andrew Gaston in the crowd would be no easy fate. Kings cross one of the busiest railway stations in the united kingdom, with approximately three hundred thousand passengers passing through each day Those assigned to the job we're running who to locate andrew among the throng. The fact that Andrew had travelled to kings cross was a major revelation, but it right stephen, more questions over Summer holidays, Andrews parent,
had given him the option of going to london to stay with these grandmother, but he'd refused. So Why go there now without asking for permission? ghost in family got their hands on a copy of the latest edition of time. Out of free weekly guide detailing all the latest events happening in the city They scale at age page on the look out for anything that might have motivated Andrews travels, Kevin had recently taken his children to london to watch amuse play love. It was the first major rock concept that danger had been too. and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The ghost thence looked into what other bans were playing in london on Friday September. Fourteen two thousand seven there considered whether andrey could have taken off to the city for awakened of music and saw it saying perhaps
was following the mentality of asking for forgiveness rather than permission american rock and thirty seconds to mars were playing that not bricks than academy. As far as the ghost Then, where aware andrew sound familiar with their music approach. The metal band cold six, were playing at the two academy, islington, which was about a fifteen minute, walk from kings cross. Although the gallstones didn't know if Andrew knew of sixth, the band did have links to Slipknot the significant show to being the last time singer. Mikey goodman would feature on the line up. Furthermore, finnish rock band him were doing. Install assigning at a hate him. They record store on the seventeenth of september. Indian drew was a fan of their music. If music It wasn't the motivation, injuries, parents, one whether it could have gone to london seeking work experience
since the charlotte had done so at andrews age. It was possible. He wanted to follow in her footsteps fact that that he'd only board a one way ticket didn't seem to strange to the gallstones, Perhaps he made a momentary era. Wasn't it entirely sure these plans or intended and the night with one of the families, friends or relatives. The problem with this theory was None of these people had seen or heard from Andrew police, inquiries with each one and found nothing to indicate that date crossed paths with the fourteen year old at the time. Boss and tram travel was free for children under sixteen in london, meaning andrey would have had the means to get around town, but the two hundred pounds that he taken with him. wouldn't get him very far in terms of food and shelter. This led to the past ability that Andrew was sleeping rough making him
rebel to the dangers that lurked in the busy city streets andrew had left home without intending to return, it didn't make sense that he had, brought a change of clothes. At the very least, a warm jumper andrew was a creature of habit who enjoyed home comfort For all his intelligence, he lacked street smart. He also, I looked much younger than fourteen he's family didn, think he would willingly put himself in an uncomfortable, dangerous position that lead to another possibility. Case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode. Sponsors.
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Fordable solutions, engineered repairs and a lifetime. Transferable warranty schedule your outside evaluation at ram jack, dotcom, that's rare, jack dotcom. Thank you Listening to these episodes adds by supporting sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. The danger goes to meet someone in london, that he spent most of his spare time at home. This team with very little opportunities to cross parts with someone outside of school ever since Andrew was a young boy. He attended boy, scouts and church. In slating up to his disappearance, he'd stopped going to both for his family. There was nothing suspicious about this
andrew had cited boredom as the reason for leaving scouts and his parents thought he was locked I, just following in charlotte footsteps. By stopping church, worries were made with members of both organizations. No evidence emerged to indicate that Andrews starts going forward, Other reasons Previous summer of two thousand six andrew had ended summer school as part of their gifted and talented youth programme. It a residential program that required him to spend two weeks away from home he'd, embraced the experience and returned home in a great mood, some speculated whether he could have connected With someone during this time there was no evidence to support this Andrews classmates and take We are also unable to shed any law on why he travelled to london, the
than household only had one computer a laptop that charlotte. recently received for her birthday Had barely touched it in the eight weeks since he did the shine, much interest in computers as far as these, Emily was aware, Andrew, didn't even have an email address at the time social media was still in its infancy and danger had shown no desire to participate. Facebook and myspace where the major networking sites but angel, You didn't have an account with a platform. examination of charlotte's laptop fail to uncover anything to indicate that andrew had been talking to anyone online having conducted any online searches that hinted as to why he travelled to london or what intentions were once he got there viewed as used by andrew, were also saved from school and the local doncaster library. Nothing.
was found on any of them that helps with the investigation. There was no inexplicable activity on the golden families home phone line. then that Andrew didn't have a mobile. This meant the only other way he could have. Access to the internet was via one of these gaming consols andrews xbox. Didn't have online capabilities, but he's playstation portable did. He would have been able to communicate with others using its text voice. Already, chad, chat, pages doing so would require him to have an online account which would in turn requires. to have an email address checks with playstations producer sony revealed. No such account existed for Andrew gaston. The customs worst fear was daddy. Andrew was groomed by pedophile or sex trafficking and lowered to london under false pretences.
To address high intelligence, he was mature his age and had always related particularly well to adults. although Andrew had never expressed it he's family considered the possibility that could have been struggling with sexual orientation and away because he felt ashamed or to walk were to come out. If this was the case, it could also explain why he might be more susceptible to grooming by an odour mail, but with no phone or online activity. Supporting this theory. It remained we seen how Andrew could have come into contact with a predator in the wake leading up to his disappearance that had been us, a change in andrews routine, while he typically court the boss, school in the new academic year. He twice chosen to walk instead of four miles. Trip that took round and our and twenty minutes on foot the teenager could have been
charged by someone. During this time he could have said, currently being given a mobile phone, which he used exclusively to speak. With this person, the two could have made plans the made in london for one reason or another, with the grim. I promise Andrew a ride home. Hence why he had only bought a one way ticket. But Andrews family told the times that these long walks could have just as easily being practice for a future plan of wandering the straits, Kevin into gleneesh caused and travel to and from london numerous times, scaring the straits for their son visit at all the sites that he'd ever shown interest in distributing missing person posts is that every museum train station restaurant- and homeless shelter. They could think of they drummed as much media as possible, doing whatever they could to cape Andrews case in the public consciousness.
several witnesses believed they'd saint Andrew. On the day he went missing. One alleged citing took place at a pace The hot restaurant on oxford street, just a short walk from kings crustacean, though this witness described the boys mannerisms, led the gaston's to believe that deciding was credible, bought the police were unable to confirm it. Another way Ass reported saying someone matching Andrews description, sleeping raffoni, london, south bank district, that I believe to date, saint Andrew, at a chef bank park near the london assembly building the customs. Followed up every laid visiting these locations for themselves to question locals and look for their son.
but not a single clue as to Andrews whereabouts emerged as days passed with no breakthroughs. Offices from south yorkshire police were sent to london to review the cctv footage taken from kings cross station, They stand through hundreds of hours of recordings before something finally caught their attention. at eleven twenty four. I am four minutes after train from Doncaster arrived at kings cross station, the unrest bankable side of andrew duff. Standing these black slipknot teacher emerged from the crowd. The team niger on remarkably exited through their stations main entrance alone before disappearing from view, but the time police on covered deciding andrew had been missing for twenty. Seven
Yes, it was a bit assuage discovery for the ghost in family. They were frustrated by what they perceived to be a quote: slow, chaotic and disorganized police response, cross essentially acts as an interchange station, a plethora of others. stations and bus stops are located there, including an international station with links to other parts of europe Existing cctv footage only confirmed that Andrew disembarked, the train in london I ve no indication as to his movements from there drew hadn't taken his passport with him, making it unlikely that he traveled onwards to another country bought it? entirely possible that he could have gotten off one train and a straight on so another london they can. It is to be one of the most heavily survey cities in the world. According to some sources, the
average person living in london can be called on cctv up to three hundred times per day, but the dismay at the ghost and family police hadn't requested to check the footage. From any other cameras, by the time requests were made to view cctv footage owned by local authorities, know such footage existed as was protocol recordings were only kept for a certain number of days before the types will want to clean by Wednesday october seventeen over a month had passed with no word for andrew Reported on the baby say television programme missing live a woman named philippa was standing on a busy straight in london's covent garden district when she noticed a passer by. Who bore similarities to Andrew gosden, philip, are approached the boy
Try to engage him in conversation remarking that he looked like, missing teenager the boy denied being andrew, exhausted, but philip S, curiosity was pate chief although the boy, until losing sight of him near a cafe, called the poetry place. Philippa reported this potential citing to police. According to the goddamn, It wasn't followed up until six weeks later, the Occasion where philip I spoke to the boy was outside of an office building, say, say: tv cameras were fitted to the entrance of the building, but what working? At the time the alleged interaction took place, when shown a pitcher of Andrew goes, then an employee at the poetry place thought she might have seen him in that. If I, in the company of two girls, although she acknowledged it, could have just been someone who looked similar
as many teenage boys in the area? Had a similar trendy, hair cop weather LE pen citing was legitimate or not couldn't be ascertained. Reported sidings of andrew continue to come in some from as far as south wales according to Heaven goes, then the police were re, thus slack to respond. Today's lades or and follow them up at all. Kevin believed that focus remained on uncovering. Why Andrew had left time rather than what happened from their as christmas approached the police sauce to question kevin gaston under coercion full kevin. This was the last straw, he was convinced that the rays and police want making a greater effort to find his son was because they were
wasting their time and resources on investigating him. As the prime suspecting andrews disappearance a thought, nord away at Kevin. if he removed himself from the pitcher, forcing the police to focus on the search He saw instead One day in the lead up to christmas the gorilla mary went to the gaston's house with some food aid in any way he could, as Alan approached the door. He heard a crushing noise coming from inside. He led sophia using a spare k, their Alan found cabin goddamn hanging from the upstairs balustrade. He aged too caught Kevin down and rush him to hospital where it took. Seven hours before he regained consciousness. Kevin spent the next few months were saving treatment in a mental health facility. Telling the yorkshire post
I cannot begin to describe the depths of misery that this involved no amount of therapy helped because the situation was unresolved able strained, but on the third day, nonsense continue doing all they could to cape Andrews case in the spotlight. peering on numerous television and radio shows and speaking, to win report are willing to listen. Heaven became the family spokesperson. Establishing a website dedicated to the case. Toddled help us find Andrew Where he shared news, along with photos of andrews, happy childhood and blog posts about the impact of him being missing. Police ultimately found no evidence to indicate that the girl were anything other than the close, knit loving and supporting family that they described themselves to be a friend of mine. Andrews who had known the ghost and family for ten years told
The daily mail people, one if something was happening at home, but I know for a fact: that's not true There are one of the nicest families I know. This made Andrew gosden disappearance, all the more baffling according to his teachers, had been a shoe in four cambridge university, but despite intelligence. He d never been equally enthusiastic about he. Studies like Kevin sword andrew, school as a necessity to ensure he had choices in the future. Maybe he gotten board or frustrated with the conventional path set out for him Run away to start a new life. One of the injuries favorite television shows was the rise and fall of reginald apparent the british
Com was about a man who fact his own death to escape the daily grind prior to he's disappearance andrew, had also been rating. The work of famous philosopher friedrich nature: he encouraged people to be free thinkers, find their own value and stand out among the masses as his mother, The telegraph Maybe Andrew wanted this step off the treadmill by, the theory that Andrew had run away to start a new life didn't quite fit. Those close to Andrew knew him to be nothing but sweet and thoughtful. They didn't think he was cable of putting his family through such immense suffering for months, before Andrew vanished three year, Madeleine mccann went missing from her families holiday villa in Portugal. The story had When I did the news in the uk
and endanger had spoken about how awful it was. if Andrew, wanted to disappear for good those close to him felt sure that he'd have left a note or made some kind of contact by now. On top of the fact that he did bring more personal belongings with him was the fact that he had improve more money. Although Andrew had essentially clay, daddy's bank account he left home One hundred pounds in birthday, money on touched in his bedroom. The family also kept a box full of emergency cash for bus fares and the like, but aims who had taken any of it. Give any injuries age and the fact that he looked even younger than he's. Fourteen years it was unlikely that he could have secured legitimate work or study at a new life without had out help he's disappeared, It was also highly publicized if andrew most squatting somewhere sleeping rough work.
getting caught up with the wrong crowd, Seem to mind boggling that someone somewhere wouldn't have recognised in. Before Andrew went missing. He'd expressed his design. to grow he's here long when diet black, if he was trying to evade detection. He could have just diseases I shaved his head, who obliged his hair blonde, even if he did What looks there was getting away from the unique double ridge on his upper right ear that led to the next possibility. The reason that Andrew hadn't made contact to obey and found was because he was no longer alive. If Andrew was indeed being groans, he might have been kid upon his arrival to london. It could have been part of it carefully orchestrated plan involving one nor multiple perpetrators which
Let me ended in Andrew being held captive, full killed by If Andrew had fallen victim to fair play, it wasn't, sisera a premeditated attack. It was just as possible that aim had trouble to london of his own accord simply to have an adventure he could have had every intention of returning home without these family finding out before crossing paths with the wrong person andrews age and the fact that he was traveling alone would have made him particularly vulnerable to opportunity criminals. He could have been the. damn of a robbery gone wrong or place. These trust in a strange, who ultimately caused him harm, alternatively, he's, that could have been the result of an accident if drew, had involuntarily run away, fallen victim to fair play, ball involved in an accident at left ass to one other possibility
drew had never shown any signs of depression or self harm, regardless the possibility that he could have I his own life was considered andrew, had always been a deep thinker. All at saint unthinkable to his family. That was passed. well that Andrew had an in a world that he'd never revealed to any one else. Perhaps He's gone to london to spend one final day enjoying some of his favorite sites before ending things for good saving. He family, the trauma of discovering he's body. This could accept and why he only board a one way ticket and had involved to bring a jacket or the charges for he's playstation portable. Yet he did and explain why he taken this case or why he hadn't left a note for his family, whom he knew would be worried, sick most significantly. The din and explain the absence of a body
The ghost in family remained insistent that Andrew hadn't been bullied he's. he's the charlotte, attended the same school and was an active member of an anti bullying programme. It was an issue often discussed at the family dinner table endangered never mentioned any problems. This was support. by one of Andrews teachers who told the times Andrew. We deep and mature beyond his. He is he's quite happy and self contained in his own company, but he's a loner. He all right he's had a little pussy friends with him. Likewise, the school principle said Andrew was a very likeable self effacing boy, no one got a bad word to say about him. This is not this of school. Where you can get lost in the system is had been any bullying going on. We have known about it,
in the wake of Andrews disappearance, opposed to it on an online forum hosted by british music magazine carrying a coup. Leading to a user who identify themselves only as backs she attended this school as andrew and the two wherein all of the same classes backs road. Andrew did get singled out a lot and only had a couple of friends. People bullied him now that's why he ran away if true, It offered a reason why Andrew had recently avoided taking the school boss and also explain, why he ditched school, completely sort a new beginning or took his own life, but as the waste and into months, none of their belongings andrew left home with on September fourteen surfaced, if Andrew had gone to london or beyond to end his own life chances work
that at least something would show up to prove this theory the same went for the possibility that Andrew had innocently travelled to london to play hooky for the day and been involved in a fatal accident. Most accidents would attract attention, yet no one had witnessed a thing The river thames runs through central london Many if Andrew had intentionally job sore accidentally fallen in someone would have noticed or a body would have surfaced every potential come on just raised even more questions. case file. Will be back shortly, thank you for supporting us by listening. This episode, sponsors
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Dont come thank you for listening to these episodes dad's by supporting our sponsors. You support case file to continue to deliver quality content. By the time Andrew gosden had been missing for a year, a total of one hundred and twenty two unconfirmed sightings had come in from all over the uk. A church, This was held in london to mark the anniversary with Kevin and glenys stone pending an open letter to their son, that red. we have all missed you so much since the day you left not a day Guys by that you are not in our minds constantly. If you, should have a rate this they get about any water under the bridge, and please have no fear about making contact with us. we do not care where you have being or what lifestyle you choose for yourself.
We only want to know that you are safe and well and to help and support you. If we can, we remain is thought of you, as we have always been, and to love. You deeply. In conjunction with the anniversary Andrews face was printed on milk cottons in iceland as part of a widespread missing persons campaign a month Da Kevin and glenda shed their story on baby says popular current affairs programme. The one show. Within hours the intercom bars at the lamps, the police station, a market too, one hundred and fifty miles south east of the london there Station was located in a business park and the desk and manned around the clock, instead, the it is- could announce their arrival virus into call me outside a maid voice said he wanted to report a signing of Andrew caused in an office
Was sent down to take the details, but the Tom they arrived, the man was gone. shortly after an anonymous letter arrived at the baby, say offices, the author claim to have been the man who fled from eleven to station haste that Andrew had been spotted in the town of shrewsbury. One hundred fifty miles north west of london police, were unable to verify this claim or even confirmed that the two informants were one and the same, adding to walk Kevin. Gaston scratch. Does an form of subtle torture. Here, the doncaster press andrew knows that part of the world we ve been on holiday. There but we don't really know enough, there's somebody that no something that way darned, but the law, great goes the more we get. Thinking he's. Probably eight the dead or not free
if he's still alive. I suspect that who white until he sixtyth birthday next July, to show his hand and his birthday came and went with no breakthroughs. Since haven't suicide attempt in two thousand seven he'd been on it. a work plagued by depression, anxiety and post, traumatic, stress disorder, he did everything he could think of to find him on. He relayed messages to enter it through the media begging him too them no. He was safe here, schools across the country and appealed to the gay community andrew that he's family loved him unconditionally, no matter what he attended concerts and music festivals of bans. He thought Andrew might like handing out flies and scanning the crowds Anyone who bore a resemblance to his son Kevin said
I've really just to run out of ideas. Now I suppose since the last hope of finding out what has happened an ongoing concern for the gas was how much Andrews appearance could have changed in two years. With the photos of him as a baby faced fourteen year old, still circulating. They worried if Andrew was still alive, he might be on nice. On the two year anniversary of Andrews disappearance. He Family worked with the charity organization, missing people to produce Every computer generated images of what andrew might look like with the passing of time. The It has brought some comfort to his family with kevin remarking its rays. shoring to look at that and think. Yes, I don't know you anywhere I may two thousand and eleven three and
For years had passed with no development, the ghost And were growing increasingly certain that Andrew hadn't, runaway kevin, told the baby say. We just find it impossible to conceive that he would allow us to go through all this for so long without even some kind of message to, let us know he's ok. Instead, the absence of confirmed sightings led the family to believe that Andrew must be dead. With the help of a friend, the goldstone approach to private firms that specialised in advanced sonar technology typically used to locate drowning victims at sea they arranged for roughly seven miles portion of the river thames to be searched from wool barrier. To tell our brain Jeanne central london.
The sooner revealed a sunken bowed and upturned car and finally a body. It wasn't andrew the result sparked mixed feelings for the gaston's kevin remarked that it was slightly positive because it raised the statistical possibility eddie andrew was alive and well was somewhere, but quote. It still lay gives us in this horrible ongoing, never ending limbo of just thinking. Why did you go. September. Two thousand and seventeen marked ten years since Andrew gosden disappearance, police, launched a fresh appeal for information so Your Andrews dna finger prints, scented, dental and medical records to authorities and health care professionals Given that Andrew relied on strong prescription glasses, if he was still alive many below
if he would have, at the very least sort optical care at some point, perhaps making the switch to contact lenses to further alter his appearance. a police spokesperson urge to doctors. Dentist saw hospital staff who might have to did a twenty four year old man with no records from the previous ten years to come forward. The where was extended to any members of the general public who might currently no andrew gauze them, but they aware of his true identity, appealing wandering directly the Palais spokesperson an added. Please contact us completely. Confidentially and let us know you are safe and well, and we can reassure your family. You have come to no harm. Ghost and became the face of missing people's find every child campaign.
he's age progression, images appeared everywhere from doctors, offices and hospitals to base stations, garbage trucks and shopping centres. The girl stands even consulted with the behavioral analysed to try and figure why injury might have gone to london on the day he went missing and what There were many places they might not have thought to check. At the time statistics released by the national crime agency, revealed that ninety eight percent of children who go missing in england found within one week. This danger, Agustin in the rare to the sad. He was one three thousand people in the united kingdom, who had been missing for more than ten years to mark. The decade along mystery kevin stan raised money for missing people by holding a ten, our vow of silence, one hour
For every year. His son had been missing around this time. Michael Dixon, but he's real name, was treading on line with a young man who went by the username andy room. andy room said he needed help he's partner hedge walked out and he needed two hundred pounds to pay he's rand. Michael, I noticed that ante room was listed as living in lincoln city in the english made ones. Mako didn't leave nearby buddy but the transfer, Andy rue. Some money and de Roo declined the alpha. He claimed he didn't have a bank account because he d left home at the age of fourteen michael asked him. Why wondering? If it was because they had been problems at home. Andy, responded. No, I just felt like it here
and cut the conversation short Michael. Dixon had seen the ongoing publicity about andrew ghost disappearance and began wandering if Andy ruined andrew could be one and the same he reached out to the ghost and family, whose interest was immediately spot we need drew was a kid. He small, nancy demeanor, earned him the family nickname room as in kangaroo. Although, could have been a coincidence. The girl stones were taking no chances. They notified police about this online interaction and and invest, the was launched yours family met with Michael dixon and travelled to lincoln. They may inquiries with logos and thousands of missing persons leaflets Were distributed around town possible, sightings were reported, but none of them tat
to be injure. Agustin meanwhile, lace made inquiries with the chap provider, the name of which has not been made public the website. Administrators had recently made changes to their system during which a lot of the use of data was lost. No information, in about who owned the ante room profile was able to be ascertained the ghost and continue to work with specialists to release age Russian images of what andrew might look like as the years went by if. was still alive, investigate is believed that the best chance of finding him was the distinctive double ridge on he's right ear. If those of andrew were posted on social media sites like facebook and instagram. They should ignition software could pick up this. You naked detail the,
stability that Andrew could have left home that friday to attend a concert in london before mating foul play. Hadn't been excluded since thousand fifteen metropolitan police had begun working with a team of so called super recognises. These are individuals within night, above average. Skill for spotting faces in a crowd. Police peeled for anyone who had attended any concerts around a london on the weekend of september. Fourteen two thousand seven to come forward with. Any photos or videos they might have taken, so that the super recognizes good scandal that anyone It looked like andrew. only twenty twenty, the goldstone report, If the word that Andrews favorite band Slipknot was to ring the uk. If Andrew was still alive and living of his own free will he's family felt certain he'd attend one of the gigs
Andrews missing person posters were displayed at the events. Colluding at a maiden great with the bans, guitarist miss thompson, no new leads were generated. The ongoing search efforts continued to catch the attention of the public who remained gripped by their case. Thirteen is lighter injury. Since disappearance remained a hot topic for online sleuth each with their own theory. As to what had happened. Every possibility had been considered from injury. Falling victim to a serial killer. Take him truck. going to london to buy the lightest playstation portable before an incident occurred then enjoy you worry. Twenty twenty two, a story in the news that no one saw coming South yorkshire police confirmed that on Wednesday December right, twenty twenty one and all
had been made in relation to the injury caused in case who unnamed men aged thirty, eight and forty five had been taken into custody on suspicion of kidnapping and human trafficking. the owner of the two was also arrested for possessing indecent images of children. Seized a number of electronic devices from the pair, but they said that a comprehensive review of the devices could take up to a year both men were therefore released while the Quarries continued police refused to disclose any further detail. telling the media. Our priority at this time is supporting Andrews family. While we work through this new line of inquiry, weary Close contact with them, and I ask that their privacy is respected as
Investigation continues almost two years passed before any sort of update. In late september, twenty twenty three south yorkshire police announced that the two unnamed sauce backs in the injury caused in case had been eliminated from their investigation. A spokesperson said they were confident. The two men played no part adding. The investigation remains open and active, and we would Anyone with information to come forward Kevin ghost and told the thin air podcast that if he sons, disappearances toward him, anything it's that a child can have them. secure, uncomfortable life and still think the grass might be greener. On the other side, he is now an ambassador for their charting missing people.
The guiding young people about how to stay safe if they are thinking about running away from home or what to do with. I already have and want to return. Heaven told woman zone magazine, I hate the eye did that he entered might have had a problem. He felt he couldn't tell me that's. Why are you for all parents talk to your children, let them they can tell you anything and tell them if they, that consider running away or make a foolish decision. There are people who can give them the proper support they need. Although injuries bank account hasn't been touched since these final withdrawal once september, fourteen two thousand seven his family continues to top it all. Just in case He's room has since been re, painted and decorated that he's presidency still strong. His favorite teacher
It's still sitting in a drawer and his prized gem collection displayed on a shelf. The girl students have never changed their locks, just in case July ten, twenty twenty three marked. What would have been Andrews thirtieth birthday, he now been missing for longer than he was around. Throughout these years, Kevin ghosting continue to nurture the acorns that he helped to plants when he son was just ten years old. Just as the injury predicted several of the aid One sprouted and grew into miniature wrote trays care. Gradually rate planted them over the years, keeping one in his own back garden. By andrew's thirtieth birthday, the oak tray stood at six feet tall and had sprouted acorns of its own on here
blog kevin road. As Andrews. Our trade bears the fruit of the acorn. We hope awareness of his case bears the fruit that others, I hoped to find puzzle if solutions in their lives and that other families, Spared the pain that too many of us live with every day. In the sixteen years since andrew gaston, uncharacteristically called the train to london and mysteriously went missing now evidence as ever emerged to indicate whether he is alive or dead and none of the belongings. he left home with, have ever been found. Kevin goals, then finds comfort in the fact that one of his last memories with Andrew was a happy one. Then, Before Andrew went missing the father, Son did the dishes together after dinner as they stood in the kitchen. With details in hand, Kevin gave Andrew a quick hog and told him. I love you
As Kevin rode on his blog, I am That is one of the last thing. So I have said to him Andrew, is never far from his parents. Mines racked with ambiguously ass, cabin, a shame. Italy admitted to the sun that he sometimes felt envious of parents whose children had been murdered. Because, at least today had closure, he described the expense. and of not knowing as an endless cycle of horror, explaining. The pain is like when you have a little kid and you turn your back for two seconds and they vanished. But then you find them again that horrible panic regarding got wrenching feeling you have in that moment goes on and on and on forever for us. Glenn us once described it as someone coming up to you and sticking a knife oh god, Normally it would hurt, but the knife
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