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326: Case 279: Zebb Quinn

2024-04-13 | 🔗
In early January 2000, residents of Asheville, North Carolina were told to be on the lookout for 18-year-old Zebb Quinn after he failed to return home after finishing his shift at Wal-Mart. A co-worker of Zebb’s, Robert Jason Owens, claimed that Zebb had sped off after receiving a mysterious message on his pager.  Two weeks later, an unexpected breakthrough in the case presents some bizarre clues. But as twist after twist emerges, the prevailing question remains - did Zebb Quinn leave of his own accord, or was he the victim of foul play? --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-279-zebb-quinn

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