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Case 02: The Somerton Man

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On the first of December 1948, a body of a man was located along the seawall of Somerton Beach, just near Adelaide in South Australia.

At first, the police thought it was going to be a straightforward matter, but as the weeks and months went on, it became apparent that this case was anything but straightforward… To this day we don’t know who he is, we don’t know where he came from and we don’t know how he died.

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I say very little: media attention and the police thought of as a pretty straightforward matter. A natural death on the beach no big deal too said the other day, the body, and it would all be over. But as the weeks and months went on, it soon became apparent that this case was anything but straightforward and the further Into the deeper went to this day we don't know who he is. We don't know where it came from. And we don't know Harry Dodd. Welcome to the mysterious case from the summit in me. On Wednesday, in the first and disseminating forty eight, the body of an unknown man, was banned on summit in Beijing at Allied Shop, Australia. The young man would come to be known as the summit. In me,
One of astronomy is most battling mistress. It was found on the sand with his head propped up resting against the Saviour too pretty uncomfortable position. To this day, he's identity in closer death, remaining mystery, buckle, mysterious and unsolved cases. There are many theories and a lot of wild speculation and, in this case, there's a lot of information to fuel waste theories and world speculation. Some of my name is family. No identification, in fact, even labels from the clothes he was wearing had been removed to this day. remains unidentified. It was family. The coupled a piece of paper in his pocket containing two words: Timmins should witches persian, meaningful or ended these words relating to a party book which contain what many believed to be safer code only the code, those two phone numbers, that of a local bank and why
the local, let alone woman. He lived only about four hundred metres away from way the summit a meme is banned. a woman said she had no idea who, this summer to me it was but many believe she was lying. Like my stunts all cases, there are plenty more questions than answers, but let's start with what we do know and to do that we need to get back to our delight, not in forty eight The sum of the men arrived at a late train station on the dope for his body was banned, Tuesday, the thirtieth of November nineteen, forty eight, once arriving at the station. He checked his suitcase into the bunker. The suitcase was tagged and her sight is given to the summit of men from a Tom staying fanned on the suitcase tag is determined that he checked it in somewhere around the only trying to robbing to alight around that's all that was from a big city was a train from no one or the other
the robbing into at allied were from smaller country locations, so its family Solomon I thought they came from the open, as a nun identified Mr Mean walking around with a two guys probably would have stood out in a smaller country like I should, but, like all that, I miss too much after checking in the suitcase the summertime and bought a train ticket, the guy from Adelaide Station to Henley Beach. It was a second class one way ticket, although nothing could really be taken away from that. As all tickets on that lawn were second class, there was no first class within the time in taking a sick. I seen there were two departure. Secondly, Badge Wanna, ten fifty I am and the other at eleven, fifty one I am, but some of them. You didn't get on the train as the ticket was found unused in his pocket. Instead of boarding and training, walked across the road and bought a bus to get to go out there supported and eleven fifteen. I am and dropped him off about twenty minutes, walk away from irish mandate on something which now Henley Bay.
where he had the unused trying to get was seven kilometers away from where you expand, says a pretty long, walk authority. He probably bought that train ticket as Henley Beach was the closest train station to where he had to go, not realizing that there was a bus that got him a lot closer so off to talking to someone or even saying Hassan, he bought a bus ticket and didn't worry about the train ticket he jumped on board boss would have been on all double deck. Back then, and made the journey to go no getting their around launched on what did. After getting up the bosses, anyone's guess, because there's no thought of the summit, a man again until about seven fifteen p m that aiming at seven fifty pan, a local business man jumped lines and these war for going for a walk along, something which the sun was standing. There said about this on here, I saw some at a man lying on the beach and popped up against the stable. Relying on the same just like when you spend it.
although he wasn't dead because he writes the on up and then flopped the Dan. I didn't think too much of it. I just put it down to another drunk who had one too many and was near sleeping it off and they continued on their walk. As you may know that this is not a quiet isolated spot, there were plenty of people who use the base and walked along the esplanade. It was a popular location. It was lying right next to a set of stairs which led up to the esplanade in those days when he's regularly, About I can't not a young couple were going for a walk along the esplanade. There was just on dusk. I sat down on a bench right next to the staircase, where the summit a man was lying down below in the sand. And I saw an unknown man in a hat standing at the top of the steps they'll, be looking down at the summit is favours. Never, then a phone and was never seen or heard from again no nice. If he's relates to the case or not,.
They are a couple of them and I perceived the legs of the summit, a man but their view of the top half of his body was blocked by the staircase. I didn't say news, but I did report that by the time they left the bench, they thought his position the changed. They commented that they thought it was strange that he was a meeting for some skate eyes were bad, but I didn't go in for a closer look and, as I thought his position, a change, I thought everything was ok. I got up and left, and they didn't say anyone else before about six. I am the next morning, Wednesday, the first in December to jockeys very trotting or stand on the bridge the right past. The summit Man by John lines and he's worth their initial thoughts were that it was just a junk slipping off a bender. However, when I wrote that at the beach. They realized that he hadn't moved. He was in the exact same spot in his head, propped up against the sable. It's a pretty awkward non natural, looking position.
They went to save II was aura, but he wasn't. The summit to me was dead. now, at this time, John lawns, but is actually back at the beach. It was going for a morning swim with a friend the jockeys and the bit of commotion caught his eye. and immediately recognize the summit. A man is the same person. He and his wife had said the night before Hey rush, Diba and pulled the police police officer. John MOSS was the first to arrive at the scene. He got there at about six because he examined the scene and found a half snake cigarette that had fallen between the summit, a mean shaken his color, but there were no burn, a blister marks on his face of placing the sensory owning. He wasn't stirred his plighting wasn't ruffled what his shovel there's. No debris, your personal items scattered around page basically determine there were no signs of violence at all attack at the summit. A means pockets, fanned the unused train ticket, the bastard
two combs one aluminium and plastic. The aluminium canvas thought to be from America as though that were pretty rare in Australia at the time, while they weren't actually available at all. But I'd take a packet of juicy fruit, chewing gum and a packet of vomit club cigarettes by the cigarettes. He saw the packet of army clubs, one army club, our different brand consult us. It was also a Box of Bryant and May's matches. It was coming at the time for paper to buy an expensive brand of cigarettes cake that box and then fill it up with of cigarettes. It was just an image thing, but the funny thing about the of man is that the consort of cigarettes were the more expensive brand, far more expensive. Club box that he had so this could have any sign of someone who was trying to keep a low profile and emails was cold, and I took the body to Royal Adelaide Hospital where the doktor came out. I'm pretty ass the summer to me that the time a despot
estimated to be no earlier than two I am, but that is not considered They are very rough estimate. Has the methods used to estimate the time of death back then not quite as good as we do today. the post mortem was performed the next day. No one immediately stuck out about the summit. A man was that he was a physical specimen in incredible shape will build classic they shape, but even ass, like someone physically strong. Yet he had very speaking no jealousies, indicating that he didn't work in any job involving manual labor or heavy user decades. His hands were also described as being enormous, His fingernails and toenails were well cared for and along with his impressive up a body physique, he also had
unusually well developed calf muscles with a bulge near the name of the car, and I thought this was a sign that he may have been a professional dancer or a ballet performer or something similar Is this guy do estimated debated forty Fabius out there was it was our caucasian mile is missing about sixteen takes over all about that wasn't alone come in at the time, in fact, is becoming more common than Another unusual thing about the summer, man is that he spleen was three times the size of a normal plane and they seem to kites of pre existing illness. That would not have happened quickly, I'm not at the time of his death. So I thought that he'd been carrying it for Well, it's evidence that he might have already being awakened state when he died in last. Planes can bears. Many illnesses, including viral in bacterial infections, inflammatory diseases even sums cancers concludes that.
he also had the yellow staying hands indicating that he was a heavy smoker. His actual. Was a death. There was not immediately obvious, but there were no signs of fair play. Some was thought to be natural death, his heart, stopping, although his heart was Elsie, said they could put my finger on a straight away. The Palais, certainly when treating it as a suspicion. in the early stages. They were convinced. They wouldn't be too long before reliable friend came forward and identified the body and the case, but be finalized. Alot of people did come forward to try. I don't follow body as a missing relative or friend, but no puzzle. the body was my, a few days, it started to become a bit of a concern and on the tenth of December decision, was made to involve the body to preserve it in the hope, said,. in the coming days or weeks. Somebody would eventually shall open all day. The body in the case could be finalized, but no one ever did
I didn't I belong before investigators. The medical people actually started today. Guy off the natural. This path long to an unnatural, that's path, authorities and he had a healthy heart. There was no sign of heart disease or anything like that said. There is nothing to suggest that his heart, but just talk to your heart attack or something something had to have caused his heart to stop. Building I'm other medical staff work there is that they thought this. Something was poison. Temples was sent away for testing the doktor in charge became convinced. He wasn't my certain that that they would return positive for poison, And he was of this belief because the sum of the man's stomach, kidneys and liver were congested with the larger man of congealed blood, which is what happens when you poison those organs. Don't just fill up with, can do a blood for no reason. It certainly doesn't happen when you die,
I bet, but certain, as I had become near, that poison was the cause of death. They could not find any showing of it. All the tests came back negative for poison. They couldn't detect a trace. There was one other problem too, with the poison theory and not his. There was no sign of vomiting, as is usually the case of poisoning deaths. Dr Robert Cowan is the chemist who tested for the presence of poisons, and he stated found no common poison present, and I do not think any common poison cause death if he did die from poison or think it would be a very rare poison. I mean something rarely used for suicidal or homicidal purposes. There are poisons that excrete from the body quickly, which would leave no trace, and it's possible that some of the men could have vomited elsewhere, even NE bought before eventually making his way down onto the beach.
Where he died to this day. It's never been able to be proven that poison was the cause of death, although it can't be disproved data, but regardless the current to the medical examiner's, then the police had now become certain that death was not caused by natural causes. Tiny. I just had to work out if it was suicide or murder. Once I started to work out, the death was no longer natural. They, on the text of the case and although no signs of fair play when the sums man was found, there was something pretty unusual discovered. all be identifying tags on his clothing had been removed. All gone couldn't say whether, has reminded all now identifying marks. Nothing happened Deliberately removed Had they been removed by the summit, a man almost somebody Else- did it
he was immediately check their Adelaide train station to save those any unclaimed luggage and our long. This is where I found that some of the main suitcase. Inside the suitcase, so it was nothing extraordinary, just the usual run of the mill stuff and a dressing gown, a laundry bag pair of scissors and off a stencil brush a few singlets, some underpants to toss a pair of slippers, a pair of trousers, a sports card shut, some handkerchiefs envelopes, cutting his cigarette lotta rise, razor shaving, brush tail pencils, a scoff, a toothbrush. And I am coming significant or unusual. But what did stand here is that, even though the train ticket bus ticket and other items were found on something made, his luggage received was missing located on his body at all the detectives, but just working on a hunch that maybe there was some I'm playing on Egypt. The train station a tail was found
When was the recite, anyone have any she'd when he checked alleging that cloakroom did you lose it put it somebody take it. The thought on the summit, a man there was no. But then in the suitcase, but how they were able to match it to him was that there was a piece of thread in the suitcase that they matched to the clothing that subject. Man was wearing wears, clothing and being repaired. With this thread, the clothing sizes were also a match, and all said they worked out that the suitcase was checking that the clock room on the Sidious, the diy that Iraq in data like matches up with the ticket said he had. So that was enough to convince Instead, this was definitely the summer to meet suitcase, but it gets weirder because, just like in the summer, the men were all used to identifying labels from the clothing had been removed. All the other.
Fine labels for new items are fighting within. The suitcase had also been well most of them anyway. There are three things that I found, that name the TIGERS, so attached The laundry bag they found a name printed on the label, K, K A and a on one of the singlets was also the name came. This time spelled K a n and on one of the tos there was the name taking K. I n a again the fact that as yet no identification had been, I was really starting to concern detectives. Now this summit, a man's photo imprints for symbolic, Australia and I'd say time how about that but I didn't bringing any results. His identity remained a mystery,
They went to work on the nineteen. Extensive checks were conducted, but I couldn't find any methods. As now listen person reports, no other unaccounted for people, no one Martina. Ninety that could lead to the summons me that's all common at the time for people to be second loudly and clearly had even been Russia. India, during the war, which had only just ended so is all impossible, that the NOME king is in the name of the sum of men at all, in fact, nice belated When you consider all the other tax are being removed from his fighting and from a suitcase itself, but that Israel The nineteen remains if he was drawing Italy's identity or somebody else, was trying to conceal his identity after his death, the obvious thing did
Would they delay those tags on with the NOME king? If that wasn't his name, this would prevent the false laden provide place with a bit of work to try and chase up down dead in past, and when I found the suit case that was found on law So the Son of Man missing his luggage, said it's quite possible that, after his death, someone took that recite when winning got the suitcase and tampered with it rummage through and removed the tag. So the other items like good idea, if the tax will remove some men, we got no but the stiffly possible. This is a days before they say to avail of anything like that, so you could quite easily slipping through the suitcase put it back in four placed upon boy started, doing checks on the clothing itself, and I found that the car
some of the men was wearing was made in the United States. Also, the toy he was wearing had the stripes printed in a certain direction, indicating that it was also made in the United States. This was a man of some of the members from the United States, but certainly some of his fighting was the sound put yourself in the shoes of the detective. Those pretty much got naughty. What's going on, I don't know who this guy is where he came from yeah we dog, if it was suicide or murder, If it wasn't enough already, it was night Hata because they started on the back and get there. Remember that initially thought it was a natural death than it was treated accordingly. Crucial evidence could have been lost Not only was it morning, forty eight and crime scene, investigation techniques- I know Anita level today forget about the same ballpark. It's not even the same game and deny evidence is still unheard of for another forty years.
But I never gave themselves a chance that were chasing little from the very start This is Sarah Riley Otto Part story. Driving cross country with two children is ambitious, to say the least. Then our czech engine like came on. we pulled into arising out of hearts and they tested it turns out. It was a faulty sensor. They referred to a great mechanic. Just down the street and we were back on the road in no time the auto parts That's the guy. She continued the body and the summons mean was starting to deteriorate. The bombing was starting to wear off.
The decision was made to have a plaster cast mold made of these head and upper torso area and that still actually existed. I offer this causes my this summer. The man was buried. He was buried on the fourteenth of June and a headstone was placed on his celebrating. Here lies the unknown man. It was found that Somethin beach first December, not aim for you. boy now, another pretty important, cluett being discovered. Just before the colonel inquest, a piece of paper was found, crumbled up in the pockets of the summit. To me, it had originally been newsboy investigators and on a couple, a piece of paper read two words tomorrow should that's. Listen meaning finished or end ended. They immediately got to work trying to find out where they were sort of came from. That look like that, then ripped out of a book- and I did find the book turns out- Those three words were printed on the last phase of a power treble
book was taught the rebellion of Emma fire. Clamours oppose empowered astronomer philosopher Mathematician believe from ten forty eight to eleven thirty one, the ruby on, although my current home is an english translation of a selection of his poems done by Edward Fitzgerald in the eighteen hundreds, the translations are pretty subjective and others have different interpretations of what homes actually mean, discharge is the most well known as a very popular book. General thing throughout. The book is one of saving the day living off to the fullest and doing without regret. I would eventually track down the actual, but some of the men with these words from, but unfortunately, this book was found until after the inquest The coronial inquest was held out of two days on the seventeenth of June and then again on the twenty first of June, no name. Fourteen on the coroner concluded, the identity of the deceased was quite unknown. His death was not natural and that it was almost certainly not accidental.
It was noticed at the inquest how remarkably clean some infants may choose what that, along with the rest of his appearance, boat, catching and hour's general clean and tidy appearance led the coroner to believe it wasn't a vagrant or a drifter. The inquest was adjourned to next week's state, meaning the case would remain open and continue to be investigated, and it could sit again if further information turned up it was still thought that poison was the cause of death, and two poisons in particular were mentioned. That could have caused the death and remain undetectable a nice. A nice poisons wasn't released to the public for many many years after, as they were easy to obtain at the time, and the last thing I wanted to do was give the public an easy, undetectable way to someone one other media, had well and truly started to take a massive interest in the case of first the maiden, barely passing interest. I mean doing what was initially thought to be natural causes and the page not exactly headline grabbing so
but as time went on the mystery surrounding the identity and the exact cause of the summit, the death was starting to capture the public and media interest. Once detectives had linked the words Timon showed to the but people they made a public appeal. Is anyone had a copy of the book with a page or facebook page missing? Incredibly, on a twenty second of July and on a footing on a maintain forward with a copy of the book, with a piece missing from the exact spot, where those words would have been printed. He said he found it on the backside of it CA, and he has no idea how it got there, never seen it before thought. It was unusual at the time, but didn't think too much more of it until he saw a meteor earlier calling for a copy of the book and, of course his car was parked at some of the debates she brought at the time the summer to me, and often he recalls, even though it was left unopened,
pretty common limits on police had that copy of the book that was handed in analyzed and compared to the cage that was found on the summit, a man that had a piper expert analyze it, and it was saying it was one hundred percent match piece of paper waste was to Mount Hood found on the summit. The men came from this book that had been ended and that had been tossed into the back in the car, so the some of the men had turned the book into a random car that had it's windows down at Somerton Beach walk through it into a car and nodding to have been. Did he want someone the it Will you been followed and how to get rid of the book quickly and was at its best option at the time? No one really nice The identity of the man who came forward with a book is unknown. It requested to remain anonymous and police respect those wishes. The book itself. Very popular and many copies exists, but this particular copy that was ended in is extremely rare.
To this day, another exact copy hasn't been seen and it gets better in the back. His particular copy of the Rubio of I'm a clown that this unknown person standing in the back seat of his car. There were four lines of lettuce hand written on the back some sort of code. To this day it hasn't been broken. There's a link in the podcast subscription to the code as seeing it, for yourself will be better than trying to describe it, but it's full on the planet. The kind was published a paper damage caused by this from a lead. The country got work on mystery, many, and made any kind referencing back to the book of our not fun itself. Tommy but you can't break is being consulted. That now has been on the crack at the next day. Many have gone mad troika. What is significant about the tide is that the second law is cross there and across the lawn is very similar.
The start of the fourth on indicating whatever was being written, was very deliberate and obviously mistakes have been made, but what it does not have, It is such a merry system, a memoir, maybe reminding the daughter of a cell phone or poems in the book or maybe doesn't even reference. The book at all, maybe on the right of his just using the letter to represent a word, a sort of short end. If you will. Whatever it is, certainly a great deal and mistreated the case, then this kind certainly bamboozled police. If I weren't already bamboozled enough, It's also always many people to believe that the summit in May in case. is related to spies. Secret agents, espionage, I believe that such a man may have been a communist spar, Jason Bourne James Bond type stuff,
but the kind together with the missing labels, the lack of body and a few other things in the case that come up shortly. It actually does its anti crazy. until that can be suspended about the sun numbers that were also written down at the back of a book. This item is written in the book, along with the guide. The first pillar until April by the second was track to a local woman, but an energetic. Also there for many many years in his case, a real identity was unknown, shows only by nickname source, which is justified. So you do any rating on the case you often dimension of industry, woman or just them. Well, everyone agrees Jessica, Thompson. and a phone number was in the book, along with the guy that some of the men had torn the words. Tonnage should from not only was Jessica Thomson alike
he lived at something bridge, vandeveer, four hundred metres away from where the sum of the meat was bare so was starting to the purpose. but a man didn't you somethin Bates, randomly Yoda Purvis, the baby. Twenty sixth of July two thousand and fourteen on NEO over seven months, often summoned to me, was fan police knocked on Jessica's door. I started asking her questions about the some of the men and she denied any knowledge I also started asking questions about the remains of I'm not going on poetry book and she surprises, and she says yes, that's more favourable than poetry. I said a voice for luck. Okay, Duenna copy Jessica says. Yes, I did.
In a way turns out. She gave it away to a member of the military that she met in Sydney about four years earlier in nineteen forty five, his name was f Boxall. The place thought dvd case solved. Some of them mean he's obviously off Boxall. and Jessica had given away a copy of the book with a phone number in it and for whatever reason, he's made his way to some of them beach and he's thought that was the thought. Anyway. Police took Jessica down to save the applause, the cost Are they made of the summit man and had the highway was described as being quoted? She couldn't really look at the plastic cast after her. First look at that shape. Stared at the floor, Shanley Godesberg, simple answers to police questions. She looks like she's about to find basically showing all the songs that she
Exactly in the summer to me, it was Jessica was married by now and she had two children, a son Robin and a daughter, Kite brother was born face and Jessica's husband was not the father and son that the Father of Robin actually eats Jessica requested her name not be released. The shame on any embarrassment to come to a family with obeying linked to the summit meeting place. A great but also many users, only known as the mystery woman or just them. Please go to work, only have also theory. That was a long before they bubble burst. I found him alive and well living and still are. Copy of the room by aunt of 'em are calling on that Jessica had given him chatting scrub the short passage in the book when she gave it to a house and scientists just and that's how she came to be known by that particular nickname.
So not only was there no laws, he still had a copy of the rebate on bringing that some two men had a different copy of the rebate, which Jessica's phone number in it, as if this case was in strange enough now this happens. The poor are placed at the time must know what did he say. Just a guarantee of box will come to me in forty five Jessica was living in Sydney shares, train nurse at the royal nauseous hospital. She spent a few evenings at the glistening guns, selling Sidney, which was frequented by many military servicemen. At the time I was here, amid ass a girlfriend of one S, friends introduce them. I got together and if a few notes shed a few drinks and alphas was being put back on active duty for the war. So as a parting gift Jessica gave him a copy of her favorite book. The poetry book then read and of Omar Khayyam Jessica left Sydney. Soon after she didn't complete a nursing exams, she moved to Melbourne February.
Weird before settling in Adelaide Jessica, would have fallen pregnant with Robyn around his Tom and who the father is. We don't know some suspect that could by now Spock so but there's others suspect it could have been the Somerton man. Do you remember when some of the main road, a novel idea on the train from a major city that died was from Melbourne? So it was always a shoe. In the summer, demand came from Melbourne in the summer to make make Jessica in Sydney where she gave him a copy of the rebound as well as she'd given, also, did he then try and track it down in mobile only to find out she was nearly not allied and that's why you're off there to track down a former lava. Whatever the case, it was clear that Jessica was lying to police singing in the summer was I dont. A kite gum later for many years later has only recently in assisting in a city.
It describes as a mother as a woman with a very strong docs on Sheridan went on to say she thought she was probably a russian spy. She found it one day, just a guess by russian he wouldn't say where or why she learned it. This gives further white to those that have always believed this fall angle. You have the code to remove tags, the mystery identity, the mystery cause of death, which many believe to be undetectable poison. The behavior Jessica, being deceptive, is the top. It all off Jessica said to her daughter one day that the some of the men he's known to people at a much higher level than the state police. That's all the time Sixteen in a story which was done a few years ago as a link tonight in the past, there is enough. a pretty significant piece of information that adds further white to this boy angle, in nine, forty six,
few hundred kilometers out about Allied Britain and Spain. Entered into a joint project of Miss HOLLAND, nuclear rubber testing is coming on The Roma testing facility serve this case. Doesn't Involve the spoil angle, there would be every reason for Russians bought a billionaire like the top secret rocket and missile testing facility. That was nearby remember. This was the start of the cold war democracy, this communism, the able read so that stuff Certainly, it is accepted that there were definitely spies in operation in Australia around this time. So now we have these top secret military, be testing facility, so yeah this place. The information to the code, the missing labels, the lack of identity, the unexplained cause of death believed to be some sort of undetectable poison. It can say well these cases
attention of conspiracy theorists one person? I could advance and a lot of questions was Jessica, but she kept the cause of our place to a chest. she doesn't know more about the place and what she went on And it was a little use of a loss when Mr Wayne that's the guy. Did she remained receptive to police. Jerry felt us who is a calm case detective. You took on the case in an honest, and still in this case it is dying, is retirement age, interview, Jesse, he described, there is being very evasive with variances, even in fifty years after the event. not only the whenever the case was brought back into the spotlight always receiving publicity, for whatever reason Jessica, related issues here on holidays won't leave town, but apart from spoils the possible lobster angle which we mentioned. There is another possibility, mobile to adjust finished. Europe was in absolute chaos
behind the Soviet Union controlling Eastern Europe with the USA involved in Western Europe, communism, those democracy, the beginnings of the cold war the role of the Soviet Union. The ace was considered oppressive and this led to a mass exodus of people looking. nay, even find a better life elsewhere. As fairly was a very popular destinations. Those people was considered a safe place. Delete, especially nuclear war, were kept twenties. In the USA. Australia was a little more isolated from other parts of the bone, millions They Billina guided to a standing in these after mobility, in not aim for the immigration policy was in full swing and that was shown. The pig talker displaying government displaced persons, immigration programme, which was specifically designed to helping people to Australia who had been displaced from their homeland when mobile to back. Here. Of course, checks were conducted on IRAN coming in, but he asked
just by those checks. I wasn't comments about these false name, create new identities, a fresh start in a new homeland, that's quite possible that some of them It was one of those millions of immigrants that was flocking to Australia at the time. Ex by one of our will to identify him. not only where there are lots of immigrants flocking to Australia, just stop and think Emily returned soldiers, they were displace and suffering of hops. In Egypt, struggling with what we now know is pages day. What is referred to as show shock, and they said many soldiers, debate, displace become drift, is become estranged from their families and that's another possibility in the case of the summit to me, but of course with someone questions, and so few answers h theory as its iron, rising on the big glaring unfairly theory is the unexplained cause of death. If some of them
and was a displaced, immigrant or return soldier. They happen. He just drop dead with a healthy, are now the sun and health issues apart from displaying, but I know of his cause of death other than a lot of canoe. Appointing the poisoning. The same goes for the loving we have just. There was a form, a lover of the summit, a man that explains. Why was there, but it doesn't explained how he died That's what leads many to go down the Jason Bourne James Bond path. It's easy to explain his death. He was accompanying a spa. That's what sports did kill each other with undetectable poisons. Obviously it was picked off by another spot who caught him in and that would certainly explain the code, in the span in his copy of the Reuben on Poetry Book and what all the identifying labels of enemies from his clothing. But if it's some of the men was a spoiler, where does that leave Jessica?
Sending all this and more was a phone number in the copy of everyone on the moon. think about this case. The lawyer had starts the bird I'm all heads of learning what about this Jessica's fibre book was called how its end, by an foster the book is the story of a girl who has a son out of wedlock family, trying to scare the girls lover off, but in doing so suddenly killed him because he had a pre existing white heart condition and the allocation causing the doll accidentally. could not have been just a guess. What are telling us what happened at the summit, a man without telling us what really happened? Could they could just pay? If I read a book, you nice system, another part of the mystery nine. Forty five three
before the summit. A man case, a man by the name of Joseph George Soul, arm marshal, was banned daily National Park in Sydney. His death was ruled as a suicide by poison honey. Just get a copy of the ruby on over my client and that copy was also very rare and just bought something case. Another copy just like it was never able to be seen. A lady who went on to give evidence of the inquest was found dead thirty days later in a bath face down if it respects slate. That's just they have been a random information, not related to the case, but it still pretty odd.
in forward to today. The case is still as mysterious and weed as it was back then, and it still remains unsolved and is still alive, and there are two people thought to be experts in the case and links to that work have been provided in the podcast description. First is Jerry felt us or a toy decorated detective who investigated the case for many. He's he's got some tough funds in his time, but even I haven't been able to cut the summit. A man has written an excellent book total. Yeah. No, I mean they telling the case we shall recommend checking the second person is that's a delta gamma from Adelaide University. He stumbled across the case. Several years ago. I'm became fascinated, probably obsessed with you guys, He's trying to get a body of some of the men dug up for dna testing is submitted two proposals I found they ve I've been rejected. Some fact. The two experts Jerry felt her son professor there about it.
Scenes of each other, but they combine on both have done excellent work. I recommend checking by tat, There are other actually paid on arena. Ask me anything for a while ago and as a ton of useful in fell on their side as a link that, when the bypass destruction as well is this website, where you can see the original place, statements and colonel documents. As far as using today's technology to correct the case damages happening is, if professor nobody's ever successfully The body dug up the dna testing because the sum of the man's suitcase and all its belongings even a copy of the river, where all destroyed many years ago. when at allay south stream place for doing a clean you saw. Unfortunately, there is nothing really to test. Another son fact about Professor Derek about whose obsessed with the case is doing here,
on investigating the case he met. The daughter of Robin Thomson is Jessica, Thompsons, granddaughter In making the daughter of Robin Thomson, he also met her daughter, Jessica Thomson, great granddaughter, and he married they have three children together. Pretty interesting theory is convinced that the sound a man was a form, a lover of Jessica Thomson and I had a child together that child being Robin Thompson. These days is the sum of the man is a case of a former lava, possibly a jilted lover, who nice tracking down Jessica to someone to beach for reasons unknown, whether he's trying to rekindle the relationship or professor Abbott thinks that duty of the enlarged spleen that the summoned me and I have already been dying and he knew he was dying and maybe that's why he finally truck Jessica down maybe to try and
one last good boy, well whatever, and that went. However, when then he made his ride to the beach and died of natural causes and just hasn't been able to do it. They explained he's not convinced that he was poisoned now, he's racist, conclude and just due to all the circumstances of the case and also because of a particular feature on the year of the summoned me and which is also shared by Robin Thompson, and it only appears in one to two percent of the population. So what are the chances of Byfleet Papal United Sort of Linkedin is fine. The case sharing this unusual feature of very. You certainly look at anything. That's quite possible Firstly, when you learn that is surprisingly enough for Ashley considered to be quite good, identifies people not as good as fingerprints, but pretty clothes.
If that is the case, it still doesn't really explain these deaths. Natural causes was pretty much ruled out by the medical examiners at the time, so many possibilities a spa, a formula of the spicy immigrant, a spy saga role, the same any more theories On top of that, the only thing we do know is: we have no idea the summoned, the man was where it came from or how we do it.
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