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Case 03: Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman | Update

2018-04-23 | 🔗

This is an update on the Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman case in Case 03 (23.04.18).

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On the twenty ninth of January, ninety, ninety nine best friends, Laura Babo and actually framing had to sleep over. It actually has to celebrate the Sixtyth birthday Ashley's parents, Danny and Cathy Freeman Morose, and the house located in cried Canny Oklahoma about six. I am the next morning a neighbor reported that the Freeman House was on fire budgets services rushed to the same and found the bodies of Cathy and Danny Framing, however Laura and actually were nowhere to be found. We covered story very early on way back in case three, all sorts of theories have emerged over the years. There was speculation nationally and wore a modern noted, Danny
I've eaten, so it would ruin his that Danny was involved in drugs to different convicted motor is confessed to killing water and actually only to lie to recant that confessions. The cases remained unsolved for all of Daisy's. Until now, I'm Craig County District Attorney Matt Ballard for eighteen years, the community in Craig County, including many members of the media, have followed the case of the deaths of Danny and Cathy Freeman. The mist serious disappearance of their sixteen year old daughter, Ashley, Freeman and Ashley's friend Sixteen year old, Laura Bible and the arson of the im family home yesterday there was an arrest in the case. I will be investigated investigator Tammy Ferrari and my
View investigator Gary Stansell through incredible police work identified three perpetrators, two of whom have since died since the beginning of the investigation. Today, charges were filed against Ronnie Dean and who, by law, presumed innocent of the charges. Mr Musick is charged. With acting in concert with two other men as follows: four counts of furs, degree, murder for killing, Cathy Freeman, Danny Freeman, Ashley, Freeman and Laura Bible. Two counts of kid. Thing for the abductions of Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible and a final count of first degree, arson for setting fire to the Freeman Home, the other two perpetrators identified during the most recent course of the negotiations are Warren Philip, whilst the second
more commonly known as Phil Welch and David a Pennington again, Mr Welsh and Mr Pennington died during the course of this investigation. members of Ashley and Loris families were brief. This morning guarding the arrest charges and details brought to light by investigate there Ferrari and standstill. Here again to extend my condolences to the girls families. they've learned It's like young ladies final days were certainly horrific and today his announcement, no doubt comes as little solace to their grief. Ending together. Releasing this statement, however, as we believe there are people with knowledge. This crime, who can assist recovering the girls bodies and bring some closure to the families as set forth in the affidavit for Arrest Warrant Stillwell
Dave Pennington in Ronnie Music killed MR and MRS Freeman abducted the teenage girls and set fire to the Freeman Home Information is also filed with the ever David reveal The girls were kept alive for unknown number of days following the fire, the polar photographs of the girls in their final day. were seen by multiple people and Welsh, Pennington and music made many statements to multiple people about the crimes during their lives. Although the criminal case against Mr Mr Buzek has commenced, we must stay focused on the recovery of Ashley and Laura for the sake of the families and our entire community.
The following is from an article on Fox twenty three dot com. Quite another data claimed the Welsh kept photos in a leather briefcase that showed the girls bound and gagged at his home. During the last days. According to the effort David, multiple people said they had seen the pitches, but the suspects reportedly threatened them. The other data claimed the girls were tied up, drought and right before that, It would, according to Fox twenty three dot com. The affidavit allegedly goes on the site at Welsh, Pennington and Boutique had employed to others that the framing parents had been murdered over a debt Laura and Ashley had entered a room where the Freeman parents were going drugs on the night of the Chron, the suspects had threatened. The laws of may have had information about the crimes, which is why they didn't come forward over the years.
Investigators, don't know how long the girls were kept alive after they were kidnapped. Investigators still need people to come forward. information about where the girls body's night bay. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at one eight hundred four, two, two eight zero. At one, seven or via email at the following address tips at O S, Bay, R, dot, o k, dot g, o v A proper reward of fifty thousand dollars still stands for information regarding the location of the girls I did the investigators are saying there are people out there over this process that are, tried to talk because there's fearful for their lives, you know they can remain anonymous. They can make calls and talk, say what really think you need to do this all back when
thousand fifteen. I took a different approach to trying to find my dollar and I started using longline media curly, smart are we are today in three years, because there wasn't the older generation it was their children and Grand them. That says, I might know something Due to their efforts coming out that way able to move forward, but there are people out there I still fail in my heart that they know something However little little my might be to them. It's like a puzzle piece somebody knows where these girls are and for me I need to bring my daughter home, I wanted to say that. Our greatest in deepest states, Gary Stance and MRS roar for their work and involvement in this case goes.
It was a wild mass before they became involved through all these years and the four fifteen years seemed like was fruitless. very little bit of information and evidence ever came forward. But last three years. The Lord They answered a lot of prayers for us and we just want to thank the law enforcement community. Not just the DA's office in o s I, but it cannot share department or the share. Apartments in law enforcement agencies that we've dealt with through the years in Kansas, too, Around the area, all this different areas- I know I'm probably getting someone, but I just want to thank them all for their for Tish, Haitian and help in this case it for a long time.
I'm going bring her home. and we're going to hold on to that. Thank you all very much.
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