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Case 102: Britt Lapthorne

2018-12-01 | 🔗
21-year-old Britt Lapthone developed a passion for travel at a young age, so it came as no surprise to her friends and family when she announced her plans to backpack solo through Europe. In mid-2008, Britt took off in search of adventure, lapping up many unforgettable experiences before eventually arriving in the Croatian town of Dubrovnik.  ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Milly Raso and Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-102-britt-lapthorne
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anytime, you need support. Please contact your local local process center for suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine aids for this episode on your app or on website. As her twenty first birthday approached in two thousand and eight Brit, Kathryn may lap Thorne asked her parents for just one crescent, the biggest travel backpack she could carry. Was planning a solo backpacking trip through Europe for the middle of the EEG. Taking the time off to explore the world, do a little soul, searching and find inspiration for her future career. The original t university student had been working hard at completing our international business degree. There was looking forward to I some time away from the books after following a semester of her studies, break the scheduled
I had of her home city of Melbourne Victoria in late June, two thousand and eight embarking on a four month: solo backpacking track that would take us through multiple countries before returning home to Australia. In MID October. He came is absolutely no surprise to those who knew great laptop that she had Ici fate and was seeking overseas adventure. Ass, poor red luck and explore resort, I biography hd, representing a wealth of stories and experiences she had earned around the world, in Britain was eight years old who family lived in China and by age. Ten brute was bought, with logos in Beijing's market when she was twelve He was never guiding the ancient roads of use Pakistan, but her really twenties, Brit lap dog had stepped. Would on almost every continent on the planet having chow but more in her twenty years than most would in a lifetime.
she made it her mission to visit a new overseas destination every year but her wonder, lost and thirst for adventure gridlocked coming back into a strategy. She lived with her parents, dial and alcohol in the victorian suburb of Aden Park a picturesque, semi rural township, forty five kilometers north of Melbourne City. At the end of each one of her trips, it all the knickknacks and photographs she had collected along the way and display the monoplane boarding her bedroom. The board was with photos of bread with friends and to box and with badges tickets, pins, lanyards and caring, h autumn, no matter how ordinary to others was a treasure bridge cherished when she was home. Brick preferred a low k, relaxed lifestyle. She read
kicking her shoes off and getting into her company a stout dressing, gown and slippers settling for on the couch watching television with, among them, endured a bonded over their passion for music and books, and indulging national sweet tooth together to Britain. Family was the most important thing. The family of her life. She looked forward to family gatherings where she took great pleasure in setting. Dining table with the lap, the ones best, crockery, glassware and candles, Christmas was her favorite holiday family celebrated, in line with the traditions of her mother's german heritage. On Christmas Eve, the which share a delicious dinner and exchange presents thereafter. Desert was breeds favorite course cheese especially loved the rich chase, cakes with berries, the more decadent the better. the term boy throughout her childhood brick grew up. Playing with her
Oh brother, Darwin and his friends. She dropped as a passenger on Darren's pay way, black an oversized helmet. Alex done her head and again do hanging off their fate. As breed entered our lessons, became more interested in the typical teenage girl. Fascination clothes make up and perfume. By the time we got our driving licence, her parents hardly saw him, ass. She was always often her own independent adventures in families, old sob, car despots. seeing their daughter wholeheartedly dial and oak I would lay awake at not until they heard the sob coming down the driveway funding pay it's only when they knew their daughter was home, safe. Was an intelligent, friendly and loving young woman, and it was her Spock philosophy that charmed had boyfriend salmon in Bergen. He fully supported his girlfriend's free spirit, referring to her his trip thought after her love for Travel
As the departed diet for British European Backpacking adventure approached, she spent not after not on her computer researching or the place it she wanted to visit. Although she had a general idea of her itinerary, she wanted the Fonda De Taos to be spontaneous and unpredictable. Went to Kate friends and family back I'm up dated through her facebook page, which he used There's a travel login virtual gallery pleaded with status, updates, quirky stories and. It further photos of her life abroad as such, decide from her passport. Value, travel companion. Powershot G9 camera that. Would MR daughter Rashid yet said it across the globe. Brits parents were proud, The headstrong independent, ambitious woman. Their little girl had grown up to be done.
They'll go looked forward to re, uniting with her daughter in Paris to celebrate her twenty first birthday the month after the departure before bread headed off. dial and Erika presented her with an early birthday present, it was the one thing She had been asking them for an olive into black colored black Wolf brand backpack, the biggest one she could carry out. In late June, two thousand eight equipped with their trusty camera brand new backpack and far
thousand dollars in spending money. Bread, laptop departed, Melvin fear She arrived in Dortmund Germany dashed rule yet cosmopolitan city in the countries North West, where her twenty five year old brother darn, was living at the time, Darn was a professional cyclist who had been recruited by german tame after winning the two thousand seven striving ride. Rice championships did left Thorn siblings, had always been close Brit, followed in her brother's footsteps Both attended, kill, more international school in their talents and Eliza, whereby thing septa going to Rmit University in Melbourne to study Business the motivation and commitment. His youngest sister showed towards her studies was something Darren greatly admired, while he's too spokes remained on opened until the evening before an exam Brits, but well worn, bent and doggie it from constant use.
She spoke of one day, opening a spar business with several other friends that had, indeed, decided what you wanted to do after graduating from university. No matter what career path Brit decided to follow Darren had no doubt he sister was going to be incredibly successful Only July brute travelled the Paris wishes with her parents who had journeyed I've had to celebrate her coming twenty first birthday, the family spent delayed up to bridge birthday. He experiencing the city of lots, walking You two full straits and marvelling over the striking parisian architecture and history. Britain delta well to explore the Louvre Museum together. King Army now through the grand gallery, admiring the famous work of the great artists.
upon observing the Mona LISA, they pinched themselves with excitement, Brit loved films and was excited to say, first hand the masterpiece faded in the block past. The movie, the divinity the pair with sewing or of the sheep grandeur of the museum that aid Temporarily got lost in the seemingly endless network of rooms and displays. July. Third, aim: the laptop celebrated Brits. Twenty first birthday restaurant near the arc de Triomphe a photograph capture Britain and darker in a warm in bright, said enough Fresco table there contentedness evident on their smiling faces. The experience couldn't have been more perfect. Diode described it as just happiness.
After Paris, British scolded her parents to Germany, where the close knit family of four stayed in darn small apartment with limited space dial slept on the couch. Whilst Britain her mother, lay head to toe in a single bed, the pair found it rather humorous without telling her daughter quite. This might sound corny bread, but this feels really special to feel your body next to mine, cuz May not happen again by late July. Dial and darker lap dog had farewell to dare to children. Although it was only temporary. As that be saying bridge, again in just a few months time when she returned home to Melbourne on October fifteen by August, Brits sallow backpacking journey had commenced. And she made her waist to Poland.
It was easy for the friendly and talkative Britt Lapthorne Thorn to make friends on the road. In Poland, where she met a fellow, was a backpack named Tower Reynolds and the two enjoyed the sides together before breed set out for her next ass, the nation, the cheque book obsolete Hungary and Austria, followed soon after throughout her trip, break kept friends and family in the loop of travels by periodically posting updates on her facebook page Although she had a mobile phone with her Social media saw it was much more affordable way to keep in touch on her tight budget bridge. Facebook profile was littered with Barbara photographs and excited status updates full of exclamation marks? As she said your travel plans and foreign experiences, dozens of Photos captured the backpacker all who smiles, as she said, put new foods psyched up the views of sprawling cities and parted with
Friends, she met along the way on September five bread Might the three hundred kilometers Journey south from Vienna to Slovenia, where she kayaked and swam in the prison a blue borders of like bled in the Julian out. It was the highlight of her trip so far: bread locked into her facebook account and posted a status updates, the red, Bread is in the best place, she's saying in a while on September, after locking up a couple more days in Slovenia, Britain, to the croatian Capital of Zagreb, a bustling city celebrated for nineteenth century Austro. Hungarian architecture. on September eleven she cut across the border into Sarajevo, Bosnia, where she sent her boy
salmon in Burger a message to let him know she had arrived safely. the rise in Sarajevo, so tired took so long to get here on a dodgy scary. But it was really okay just glad or made it. during a long bus ride from Sarajevo to the senior bosnian city of Masdar Britain. a fellow young female backpacker who shared her sense of adventure. The Canadian named Chris Noteworthy The two immediately hit it off and withdrew to discover that were built into the same hostile in Mostar becoming instant travel bodies. Chris and Brute explored Mostar Mediaeval Straits together and off the going. Some exotic local cuisine, Brit logged into Facebook and posted drinking yummy, coffee. And never eating brains? Again, she loved the ancient city
its location on minaret, a river and its iconic sixteenth century bridge, providing the fairy tale like atmosphere. In an online message to a uni friend, back home, Britt described ah star, as one of the best places she had ever visited, she expressed her wish to stay in Masdar for a few more weeks, but had to keep moving as southern ITALY beckoned her. it was lost in Mostar that Britain met bread, a fellow trot, from her home city of Melbourne. Does the pair exchange. Travel stories and upcoming plans brute mentioned that the croatian coast was next destination. Having made the coastal trip before Brad won't bring that he's experience, hadn't bang in time Only positive he had found the locals to be quite on welcoming and in hospitable, and had also some horror stories from other travelers about their time there one
young woman, who ventured to a croatian island had apparently woken up, in a stranger's car, with absolutely no record action of how she had gotten their brutal Brad's warning seriously, though she wasn't deterred by them. Having traveled constantly throughout life. Brute was now, familiar with the dangers presented, the Sala Fame, our travellers in foreign lands. Tal brought about one of her own on Nerving experiences during a train right through the Balkans strangers kept coming into her carriage, making her feel unsafe, broad could tell bread was a smart switched off traveler and he was confident the girl could out her eye on September fifteen. Bread ventured out on a hot rainy day trip to Croatia's dalmatian caused. The picturesque arrow shawl on framing the Adriatic Sea.
after yet another unforgettable day, brute posted a status updates on Facebook, which red brick had the best day, jumping off cliffs into water, swimming underwater falls and getting soaked in the rain. Upon learning from a friend that the croatian coast was an audio gave way to Southern ITALY, Brute made the Croatians Seaside City of Dubrovnik, her next destination, her friend and travel buddy. Canadian backpacker Chris Noteworthy also had the location on her itinerary as she looked forward, scuba diving in the clear and tranquil waters of the Adriatic Sea, the pair decided to travel together and we're joined by Dominick Dabrowski polish american backpacker. They admitted they hostile hostel in Mostar on the morning of September. Sixteen as Britain
the ones friends and family logged into their facebook account. There were greeted with a status updates from the traveller revealing her next destination, read after the broadening Croatia. Located on the southern coast of Croatia was the port city. If the broadening the star, Many able town nicknamed the pearl of the Adriatic, the city has earned. Status as a UNESCO World Heritage listed sought for its perfectly preserved renaissance architecture. Include the centuries old stone wall encircling the provenance central hub that is withstood for, an employer is worth quakes and invaders. There are only two entrances into the world city leading into it, Thence maze of cobblestones straight line with a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars.
Although what's a relatively small quiet city with a population of just over forty thousand, the province has. come Croatia's most visited city. The Hola Connemara depends heavily on the millions of tourists who visit throughout the year drawn to the It ain't blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, picturesque old town and surrounding rugged limestone mountains. despite being an expensive place to visit the has become, popular hot spot for backpack, is due to its reputation as a safe, laid back destination which provide seafaring access to some of Europe's others. Stand out. Coastal towns. Bright lights, don't arrived to the broth naked, accompanied by her travel companions Chris Noteworthy and dominate Debra Vs Ie. The tree. checked into the debris Nick Backpacking Club, a multi story, hostile perched on a hill, and then you are part of the sea. The small
Yet vibrant hostile was made up of three guest room containing two sets of bunk bed age and included all the. Winter, central backpack at facilities like a communal kitchen and recreation room with internet access are projected screen and the selection of David days. The de broadening backpack is clear. Was privately run by the local perk. If each family who lived on saw it in the ground floor apartment to oversee the hostels daily operations. As breed and travel partners checked in London. Backpack Gara pumpkins arrived at the house Instruct up a conversation with the group that off later the new arrivals headed to the homicide where they enjoyed a safe food new together at a restaurant before embracing deprive nics, not laugh. following day September, seventeen two thousand and eight brute Chris dominating Gara spent the day exploring Dubrovnik solved quarter strong.
Through the narrow streets and hanging out at a cafe in one of the sunlight squares. Later that day, prison this worthy potted wise with the group to attend to scuba diving course on a nearby island, the shape and brick planned to made up again in a few weeks time to continue their journey together that the croatian city of split, where brute had plans to take a transit fairy west to ITALY, brick was in good spirits. As the two said. They good boys, about their upcoming adventures. That evening, while hanging out in the hostile bread made a quick Facebook post causing everyone backer that she had made it safely to the broadening that not the broadening backpack. His club was a hive of activity as guests crowded in the smoke kitchen space to cook and
yeah dinner guests were from a melting pot of nationalities and ranged in ages from twenty to thirty, mostly solo travelers, who intended to stay in Dubrovnik for a short while before departing for their next destination in a day or two's time after the enthusiastic group had some drinks and hung out in the hostels recreation room at around. midnight. There were no closer to settling down for the night and they re Antique Street attention of the hostile loans who requested decade the noise to a minimum still full of. and wanting to socialize message was made for the group to head out on the town. They had heard the local hot spot for backpack it was a lively, not club called Club Fuego and although it was a Wednesday not the club was up. in that sort of its usual wakened hours to cater to the busy tourist season. The well a step
waste in popular Latin saying. Do not club had been a backpack since two thousand and one having depositing reputation for its professional staff and affordable prices open. Eleven, a dot m until six, a dot m, the clock was the perfect place for late night. Revelers agreed to go check it out. The fellow is strivings David babbling, Jason Levy and Lydia Handbook, and the two men, it had befriended over the previous days, Dominic Debra, VS, IE and Garth Hopkins. They were also joined by portuguese backpack. Marine Moreira Juliano AL gusto. after getting ready, the backpack is bordered a local bus to make this Three point: eight kilometer journey to the nightclub that of thirty eight, I am they arrived at club, vaguer, located,
Near the main entrance of Dubrovnik, small town, a stone's throw from the towns, historic port section,. The unassuming two story building was marked by a large black sign, depicting the figure of a dancing female. Her pink dress, billowing You raised her arms in the air. A banner ain't it across the front of the building displayed the words latino club embody yellow lettering and means In dance music, thumped from within clubs, I go interior was dark with dim lauding throughout, except for the bright neon lights, flickering over the massive dance floor. There were crowds of people, every on both levels that the building with IRAN. Two hundred other young club goes surrounding the five different boss milling around the steaming tables and spilling across the dance floor. When brute and her companions entered the bosom long before they became separated through the crowds.
The following morning of Thursday September, eighteen to designate a backpack I D Marilla, who was sharing a dorm room with bread, lap thorn at the depositing backpacking plug hostile work. To find these, island girls, bad name and unoccupied. Has no it hadn't been slept in overnight. Maria had not attended club wagon with the rest of the group, the not prior and assume bread must have had a big nor and was still out potty. But great being the only club gala unaccounted for nothing about it, hey you, if the others in a hostile indicated that were concerned about irruptions. Therefore Marie I didn't think there is anything to worry about when no time descended gridlock, thorntons do not re appeared at the hall though, and her personal belongings, including her all even the black black Wolf Backpack, remained untouched in her dorm room, as the other guests
who had attended club way go in the early hours of September. Right aim pool their recollections together. They determined to the law, nine siding upgrade was inside the club at approximately three hundred and thirty. I am none of them leave. Given Brits, approachable and talkative nature. They can see The unnerving possibility that she might have accepted a lifetime from an ill to local. Already, to danger, while walking through the dark, unfamiliar straits align when they tried calling Brits mobile phone at rang out and went on. He answered, and eventually it stopped ringing altogether. The backpack is determined. It was highly unlikely that Britain moved on to her next travel destination. As her australian passport was
coolly, locked away in a hostile, safe, Lydia Handbook in Austrian who had attended club flag, I became increasingly concerned when bridge still had not re appeared the following day of fraud. Ice attempt at nineteen. After a day outside saying lady, I returned to the hostile and noticed the Brits belonging said. They moved about relieved. She seemed her friend had finally return. However, she soon found out brits things had simply been shifted Assad, whilst the dorm room was banging claim. Brute lab thorns whereabouts remained mystery by the second deny. The backpack is discussed. The next steps They each had plans to travel on goods from two brought me, but it didn't feel right to just up and leave without knowing grit was safe.
They decided to inform the hostile owners of Brits disappearance, hoping they would know what to do. When the perkovic family were informed, that one of their guests had failed to return home to night in a row, they were the early, worried and promised to keep an eye out for Britain had to. I am hostile liner milk. A book of each arose to check your brain was in her bed, but it was still empty No girl expressed her increasing anxieties about bread to her thirty three year old Son, a visa he dismissed his mother's concerns telling her we will see in the morning they just young, crazy, kids, but the next morning there was still no sign of bread. Chris noteworthy Brits, canadian travel
Canyon, who was scheduled to meet up with great in a few weeks time looked into her email account and was shocked to find an email from mutual travel friend Dominic, Deborah Fieschi, notifying her. The brute hadn't returned to the hostile after Nada Dominic same now, read. She doesn't seem like the kind of girl to just go home with some dude desperately racking my brains to see. If I can remember who she was with So far. No luck, please get back to me. Dominique same owl, triggered immediate alarm bells for Chris she tried calling bridge mobile phone multiple times, but it was switched off. So she proceeded to send private messages to bridge Facebook, account desperately hoping for a response.
When her messages remained unanswered appended to create a male dominated. Looking for an update riding. Has she still not been found man? I hope she met back up with you guys by these point dominate group. but I'm crossing my fingers that just some weird she had happened, and she said: okay, I'll keep. You updated concerned guests at the Dubrovnik backpack his club raffled through Brits backpack looking for information to contact her family back in Australia when they couldn't find anything they placed a phone call to the australian embassy in Croatia
and explained the situation. An embassy official made numerous calls, including to Dubrovnik law enforcement. However, local police were hesitant to act as young tourists, especially Australians, were known to party hard in Dubrovnik. They suspected Britain was just another boozy backpacker on a bender who'd stumbled back to her hostel la French Billy nursing. A hang over. The embassy official urged the debris from police to launch an inquiry into Britain LAB thorns disappearance, but their request was denied brute lapse. Thorns typically active facebook fate had gone radio silence. Messages from friends encouraging her to keep them in the loop of her plans when ignored back in Australia Brits boy.
and Simon in Berga, had not heard from his traveling girlfriend. So on September, twenty one Simon sent Britt a message which read: hey Bae, Hope, Dogtown still rockin, and to the bugs on his beak cable off in troop thorn. Brits lack of contact had been noticed by her parents as our regular. Cause home had also stopped, last time, the lack the ones had spoken to their daughter was a few days prior to her arrival in the broadening when she found time to wish father, a happy birthday. They taste it. Because the phone call was daylight, the breed had playfully brushed off their friendly torrents, saying man, I've been travelling on September Twenty two l collapsible and write a message on her daughter's Facebook page hoping to prompt a reply. Typing hybrid.
Missing your travelogue may more. The laptop ones were completely unaware that their daughter had disappeared from the broken ignore club days earlier. It wasn't until September, twenty four, when Britt Lapthorne forty four awake that the local Dubrovnik place with finally willing to formally consider her missing and initiate an investigation. They gave department of Foreign Affairs and trade permission to inform Brits family in Australia, distressed parents Dial and delicate laughed thorn were devastated that I hadn't been informed of their daughters, disappearance sooner dialect. Thong quote on disappointed that the australian embassy knew about this on September nineteen and it took them until September. Twenty four for us to be notified. It's horrific.
there were also shocked to learn that nothing has been done to find break during the first. Seventy two hours of her disappearance considered the most crucial timeframe in solving a missing person case, the odds of finding the person safe and well dramatically, decrease thereafter Dial and elk of feed their daughter had met with fair play, Brit respond tiniest and adventurous, but also clever and self aware. Far from the flaky naive young traveller, the broadening police perceived her debate with Brits family, involved and missing person report was issued by the Tory police and facts through to the astronomer federal police have fainted a pitcher of great lap thorn her distinctive blonde bob, A car with a fringe framed her hazel eyes and trademark beaming smile.
the report described her as a what twenty one year old FE now, one hundred and fifty two centimeters tall weighing forty seven kilograms with a lot colleagues, complexion and a stud nose piercing Who lost known whereabouts were listed his club flag into broadening with her attire, described this summer clothing with black leggings the report Eric derived spread as well travelled wildly sensible, friendly and talkative. Anyone with information was urged to contact Ilka Lapse on board the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade in the de broadening backpack, his club hostile breach cherished twenty first birthday present her leaving grain black Wolf Backpack had being placed on a chair in the lobby alongside a vast.
red and white roses left by well wishes. The only autumn's noted as missing were her wallet containing a small amount of cash and her beloved Canon Powershot, Jane on camera. items it was believed she took with her a club fighter, bank accounts, passport and other travel documents had not being accessed since her disappearance. Tahrir Reynolds who admit in Poland managed a website with over fifteen thousand members dedicate tracing the movements of global travelers, upon learning of bridge disappearance. Tara, created an online group to help find bread riding all week Do we spread awareness in the hope that someone somewhere was around on that fateful, not and may have seen her we're just hoping for clues and waiting for now
spread terribly, especially since all my travel photos are constant reminders of such a horrific thing to happen to such a beautiful saw. It isn't we all worry about her family. I pray for her safe return to them. We oppose the messages in travel forums contacting hostels in doing everything we and on the internet that we can possibly do the outrage for help in finding Brit Lapse. Someone spread far beyond the stone walls of debris, nics, mediaeval Sid, He wants the news that an australian national was missing in a foreign country made it's way down under the strain Maybe a rally to raise awareness of the mounting search for Britain. Thousands of australian reporters and journalists arrived to Dubrovnik eager to cover this
well, that was a real life manifestation of fees straight out of popular Hollywood movies like hostile and taken in taken, the protagonists daughter is adopted, while travelling in France for the sole purpose of being sought onto the sex trade mimicking a very real problem, the plague, certain parts of the world, the illegal trafficking of persons for sex, remains an ongoing issue. In many south eastern european countries, including Croatia, as room is circled. The brute may have fallen prey to this fight, dial laptop stated quite honestly That would be a good outcome, because I want my daughter back alive, the overwhelming astronomy and maybe a presence in the other was quiet and slightly coastal city rattled, the local population, the province.
while regard adverts, low, prom, right and serious crimes were considered. Incredibly rare, unlike other cities, popular with budget backpack, is that were often associated with poverty and Wallace Ness. The broadening was safe and affluent city protected and insulated within its defiant, stone walls. The lap thorns believed the brow. Makes low risk reputation may have caused by the letter a goddamn and rolling wish her usual cautious mindset, while also being to blame for the hesitancy of the local police to take her disappearance seriously. Therein lab thorn quite british, stray smart and seasoned traveller, but she came to deprive Nick really relaxed. She was at the point where she might have been a bit more complacent about mating Paypal, and I think someone could have seen
Whiteness did a broadening police forces wait. Long delay in launching an investigation was heavily criticized the new strategy media, as was the case I'm sure by local police, the brute was just a foreign party go. Who would appear on harm at any moment. Brits, friends and family were quick to dispute. This interpretation of bread, claiming she was far from the person police, were painting, heard a bay, those closest to break described. There is a conservative drinker and although she enjoyed the occasional noirtier, partying and social icing like most people in their twenties, her main focus was unexperienced in all the world had to offer. Her days abroad were not spent in hung over hazelnuts, but on an agenda. Advances as she covered large distances in short time frames and served up as many new experiences as she possibly could.
Brits thirst for travel was not fuelled by alcohol and a tendency for reckless behaviour. She to learn more about the world, its history and how people from different cultures waved to dial his daughters. Willingness to visit places like ash fits was evidence of her strength of character and maturity. Quite she wanted to understand suffering, to see and really get a feeling at the places she was going in Bosnia. She said she wanted to understand what happened to their when Brits. Brother Darren Land. If he sees this disappearance, he rushed from Germany to Croatia arriving in the province to aid in the search upon arrival
He was shocked to discover that local police, the wine taking he sees this case seriously and overall, were uncooperative and reluctant to help police tall dark. There has never been crime in the broadening and today can never bay crime in the province. When Darren inquired about the scope of their investigation, police, They had only managed to interview one backpacker, who had been a guest at the debris. Snake backpack his club at the same time, is bring the other guests had since moved on to other countries, and the broadening police refused attract them down, telling Dara Nosey outside of their jurisdiction. Darn ass to view the Cctv footage recorded in the proximity of club flag at the time was present. There was event, security cameras located throughout the two story: Nightclub Building, including
one in the entry foyer and another directly above the dance floor. Police, informed that observing this footage would be impossible as a mysterious electrical fault. At a ferret on September, 18th, The club's interior camera is defective when Darren pressed the police for proof of this alleged blackout. They changed their story and Steady climbed, a wiring issue had interfered with the performance of the cameras. According to police, the corrupted foot each had been sent to a lab in an attempt to savage it. Benefits were answered As for the vital images had been lost forever, nevertheless, the police, a short there, that I had visited club vaguer in spoken to the clubs bartenders in staff about bread.
Darn later visited club way go only to discover that he had been misled, as the nightclub staff revealed I hadn't been. Spoken to by anyone about his sisters, disappearance during question to the club employees himself, the given the time that it since lapsed their recollections of the early hours of September ideas were fake, hindering their efforts was the fact that the clubs clientele when mostly young foreigners who didn't stained above Nick Long, which made remembering bread from the hundreds of indistinguishable ever changing patrons incredibly difficult. There were recollections of preparing, served at the bar, but no worthwhile information was given that hinted at her whereabouts. One thing was certain: if people. Involved in some kind of altercation or incident. The staff would remember, as such occurrences were unusual at their establishment,
Club, foregoing management, disputed police claims that an electrical thought had rendered dare say, see tv network ineffective in insisting that all seven of their internal security cameras were functioning during the early hours of September eighteen. They had previously, and it also states Navy equipment to police, including. Draw that start all recorded footage over the time period. Great lap thorn was present and had no reason to believe the footage was defective. A club way. Yeah? The answer I recalled seeing someone feeding Brits description, leaving the club in the company of two males and five females. This group had two cars between them and held a lengthy discussion as to who would travel in which vehicle it was clear to the bouncer that none of the women wanted to get in a car with the men, but he didn't know who ended up travelling with who, if he sister had been within this group.
Darren believed she might wind up in the car with the unknown men and they may have involved in her disappearance. A close friend of bread left owns, told the Israeli impress quite a fund. It very unconvincing debate would have got into a car with somebody she didn't know. If that's the case, they must have been some pressure. Hm Darren contacted his parents in Australia frustrated upset by the indifference of the province of law enforcement in helping finding system the laptop and felt the broadening police were being dismissive of their concerns and were trading their family with content sharing his son disappointment dial up so until the astronomy and media daring was extremely depressed after yesterday, seeing the police doing absolutely nothing, obviously telling laws, laws, laws
and just hoping it we go away in a Facebook post, Hell collapse, Thorn pled, the police are doing nothing we are beyond grave. They have been given so much information and doing nothing with it. Please all locals into broadening help us help us help us. The criticism levelled against the broadening authorities by british loved ones was reported throughout the croatian media, rather than prompting them to accelerate their investigation, the broadening police became taught, lived and refuse to publicly.
out any more information in relation to the breed lap thorn case. This left, the laptop family completely in the dark about had the search for their daughter was going or whether the investigation was proceeding at all. The broadening deputy police chief Ivan Cool Creek defended the police response, the Brits disappearance saying we are only human beings, but we are treating this case. Locker would be traded anywhere in the world. I understand the worry of the fair, and I understand that criticism, and I understand that it will force us to do more quality work, but we really are doing the best job we can right now. I can't tell you everything: we have done that this has not been a slow investigation. Deputy police chief cool creek indicated. He personally believed that Britain is still alive and would be found
safe in two thousand and night. There hadn't been a single murder reported in Dubrovnik or its surrounds, which the deputy attested to the fact that the Borough of Nyc was quite the safest and most secure county in all of Croatia. It wasn't just croatian authorities who came under fire during the investigation into Brett, Lock, the ones disappearance. A visibly emotional dial up Thorn told a strongly media that he and his wife had been contacted by the striving federal police and ass to be more info What Australia's relationship with Croatia when speaking publicly about their missing daughter, the distressed couple were confounded when the ice pay gave them a list of rules and undertaking.
To follow to ensure they wouldn't create tension between the two countries dialects own quiet. I just got furious. We screamed at them on the fine. We said you were public servants of a stranger We are australian citizens and we are not going to allow you to sacrifice my daughter's life for the sake of relations. The outcry from The response from a strategy is Prime Minister Cowen ROD, progress the rod empathize with the latter once and other families who have had a loved one guy missing overseas. Quite we take every case eurozone because it could be out it's any day at any one time. There are a million astronomy himself sure how job is to do whatever we can to help families who find themselves in these horrible circumstances.
We will leave no stone unturned through the federal police throughout diplomats through consular officials throughout political content. With the government to do whatever we can do to assist in this really hard and difficult matter in Dubrovnik door unlocked. was still seeking out any clue that might lead him to his sister. He spent his days trolling the city streets, plastering out, missing person post is written in both English and Croatian along the way he looked on the Brits. Facebook account contacting the friends she had recently added or accepted to see what, information they could provide desperate for answers. Aaron visited a logo clairvoyant seeking garden, says the word fantasy search
A voyage reveal domestic vision. The Brits case would be solved way. Investigators like I did two men aged twenty one to thirty one years old, the disappearance of bread, blackthorn, sweat medical dogma throughout the broth, Nick as the lack of information about her whereabouts led concerned residents to seek answers from higher powers. Superstitious local spektakli of the croatian belief in the energy carried but Bora winds, a cool northern gas, the sweep over the Velvet Mountain range out to the age Riyadh exceed when Bora comes in, had dropped. The brave further north and Is up the sky providing uninterrupted panoramic views from the mountains all the way to ITALY locals believed,
that, when the change in weather finally occurred, the mystery of breed lap thorns disappearance would be solved back in Australia. Porch lights in Melbourne's outer suburban streets were kept on as an expression of solidarity for Britain left the ones. for Turkey from the last one family home in aiding park appearance parents were doing their best to remain positive l collapse. Own quote. Every morning I wake up, and I feel there is still a glimmer of hope that British still alive and that's what's keeping us going, but the Latvians hope was severely put to the test. As time passed and still there were no answers as to what happened to their daughter.
they can powder reward of one hundred thousand euros and offered to sell their has to boost the sum hoping it would compel someone to come forward with information that would lead to bring frustrated by the lack of progress in finding he's missing. Dada dial lapses. Boarded a flight to Croatia to conduct an investigation of these iron chewing buckets boyfriend. So I'm in on October, three the pair arrived at the brownie with Dial Geylang, not to leave the city without his daughter refusing to give up her that Britain might still be alive quote. I would like to think she's probably being against her. Will I just couldn't imagine other than for darn and bread there's no purpose in living there. Everything.
Upon his arousal did, the broadening dial was confronted by dramatic scenes. Has police helicopters flew over the surrounding mountains and offices with Tracker dogs, Trode, outlying rural fields, police type, with stronger round key areas related to bridge disappearance, whilst forensic investigators searched broadening backpack his club hostile, who was far from the auto investigation. Darn heading dissipated and spirits were lifted upon, realizing police were taking efforts to find his daughter seriously. However, the actions of police were viewed with scepticism as some Vander suspicious that law enforcement had suddenly wrapped up their search efforts to coincide with dial up there. Presence in town, the broadening officials were unwilling to explain why this intensive search hadn't occurred much earlier with local reporters. Suggesting police had finally succumbed to the pressure.
arising from the australian media and those citizens. Critics believed the grand efforts displayed by the broadening law enforcement werewolf shut up and they hadn't really escalated. The investigation into Britain towards disappearance at all New police vehemently defended, but they ensured was now a full scale. Investigation into Britain Lapse owns disappearance, adamant that doing all they could to way with the search. Although admitting I had no Lades. In that case, the broadening deputy police, J, five and concrete stood firm in his belief that brief would be found alive. Certain there were investigating a disappearance not amount. he once again justified the slow pace of the investigation stating. This is not a crime movie where you quickly arrived at an answer.
To doing everything they can they sort of problems cannot be solved in a day or two, as people may expect. The systematically. As their appeal for information cast a wide international men, Dubrovnik police issued a phone number for anyone anywhere to come forward with details that could lead to bridge whereabouts, relieved, Dubrovnik, police, but finally, taking their daughters, disappearance seriously. The left, the one still harbour resentment that the if it hadn't been made sooner Blackstone Choir, he's pretty still alive. She might be on her last breath do everything possible should be sped up. Evident that the broadening Lauren Foresman LAW enforcement way out of their death, deputy police chief, often cool. I didn't even have a computer in his office and was frustrated to disks.
but the most tip off swear imparted to the media instead of the authorities Haven, the locals didn't seem to be taking the police work serious Lee trudging through areas cordoned off by crime same time with no suspects or useful late. Deputy police chief Cook Creek narrowed, he's focus on the group of international backpack as braided ventured to club Waco with on the night she Valley He was curious to find out why the group had seemingly left the club without their friends and also found it suspicious that many of them had the pod at the broth Nyc within days of Brits, disappearance. the deputy requested helping locating the seven back package from global police organization, Interpol, but the values of the broken police were highlighted once more. When it was Oh that many of the back package had already provided their accounts with the north via the press or social media. Frustrated
But a lack of contact from authorities the individual's took it upon themselves to puzzle. We share any relevant information they had in the hopes it would lead to Britain reports from Brits. Fellow club goers were hindered by patent recollections as many admitted to consuming large amounts of alcohol throughout the night in question. The group spent most of the night. Got it separately throughout the venue. To one another every so often, and it was through these interactions that a fairly uniform series of events was collided the group share to collective sentiment. The breed lap thorn was in good spirits during that time, a club vaguer on the ground floor of the nor Club, British backpacker Garrett Falcons looked across the room and Witness Brit left Thorn chatting happily with a group of people. He didn't recognize.
Portuguese backpacker, Marina Moreira also so bread talking to a group of strangers who she described It is mostly tall men at one point during the night, Marina so bright, and to what looked like a star. Finally door need the clubs main bar area only to re emerge. A few minutes later Paul american backpacker Domini Debra Vs Ie, who had a compass Bread on the journey from must stop the broadening crossed paths with bread several times throughout the noise. Usually on the damsel, whether to acknowledge that China, with a quick ally, Dominic said I could tell she was drunk, but she looked happy but did not say had dancing with anyone in particular, and when I saw her talking to people, it was with people from a hostile and approximately two. I am. Several witnesses saw a bridge
the glass on the damsel, causing it to shadow club. Why go employees confronted bridge over the breakage and requested that she laid the premises break did leave, but some ten minutes later she was saying sorry Not club again either having being let back or snuck back in at this point, she ran into Gareth tokens and asked him why were the Croatians followed by something else? He couldn't He arrived at the lab music in the club, Garth wasn't sure who Britain was talking about, but notice she was wearing her words, Dubrovnik, backpack, his club crew, slyly filled it out of Club Fuego in Dribs, and drabs in May their way back to the hostile. Some reported asking british. You wanted to share a cab, but she wasn't I need to leave yet so they departed without her.
The following morning, the hazy revellers arose with foggy recollections of the night when the Illustration dawned that breach hadn't returned to the hostile they quickly pieced. Together Memories they retained to try and work. way she may have wound up? It was soon determined that, last anyone saw a Brit lap Thorn was in club forego at approximately three thirty. I am on the morning of Thursday September. Eighteen, two thousand a night with some reports stating there were three. Unknown miles crowded around her at the time. Although it was an immediately noticed during initial searches of great lapse, Dawns belongings, Brits mobile phone was lighter, and in her dorm room at the broadening backpack is club indicating she had the behind the night she went here in inspection find records, revealed a cool that they made at two hundred and fifty seven a dot m on September 18th, just talking yellow
for she was lost sight of the club vaguer. The call was placed to him all fine belonging to a veto perk of each the thirty three. Proud living manager of the Dubrovnik Backpacking Club, who operated the hostel with his parents. This phone call immediately car suspicions on a visa perk of each who had left the country in the days after Brit, disappeared on what he insisted was a work related trip. Whilst abroad the province police contacted Perker Vicente requested, he returned to the city, so they could speak to him in relation to Britain lap thumb, Thirty beach plain tea, barely Nubret, having only met her briefly in the hospitals, recreation room at one thousand and thirty p dot m on September, one hundred and forty three Brave conversation about a strategy has perk of each hoped to travel there. One day. This interaction, percolates retorted, the bed
later arose to complain to his mother that the reality groove backpack is were making too much noise and keeping him awake as perk of each lacked the confidence to confront them. His mother spoke to the guests and ask them to quiet down these prompted several of the guests, including Britain Lapse on to make the trip to club fighter. Several hours later, the two fifty seven am call came through from Brits mobile phone to have each claimed he was asleep at the time in these mobile phone was on solid, so he was Aware of the coal and it went unanswered, though he could. Often no explanation is the water. It was trying to contact him. He explained these mobile phone number was used as the main business law and for the debris Nick Backpack, his club, a number rule guests were given upon checking in and told to ring, should then I hope with bookings, inquiries or emergencies.
Adding another layer to the mystery was the lack of explanation as to how exactly Brits mobile phone wound up at the hospital. The left the ones believed without more certainty. The brute would not go out without her mobile phone if she had accidentally left the device at the hostile before she left off. Why get it begs the question as to who made the two fifty seven. I am called to a veto perk of each and why, if we did have a fine with her, the North club. There was no explanation as to why it was used to make a call to a bitter perk of each half an hour before she was lost, say nor how the ended up back in her door deputy
the least chief Ivan could Krieger confirmed that the phone call made from breeds mobile on the evening of her disappearance was of great interest but insisted the key to the mystery lay with the backpacker. She was with the club vaguer as such. After thirty six hours of questioning evades a perk of each was released from custody with police. Officially ruling, he was no longer being viewed as a suspect. In the case, Upon his release evades a perk of each told, a croatian newspaper, that none of the other guests who had attended club, why go with great love, thorn no worried when she didn't return from the club. Quite they thought she was that kind of person he claimed to have spoken to staff at other hostages, brooded stating during her travels, and he said they described The twenty one year old is a very kind polite person, but with a reckless side
Upon mining of events is comments, Helga, let someone was heart, broken and wound a visa to be careful quote. Every mother knows that little girl, I know my little girl and she's, not that kind of girl. I think he's been very clever in trying to put the blame on Britt, Tar Reynolds who travelled with bread in Poland said I'm very angry and upset for perkovic to say such things in one breath he says he doesn't know her and in another may stays assumptions about her and makes me suspicious very suspicious. A visa was not the only member of the curve of each family that exhibited suspicious behaviour during the brig locked. The one investigation as the search for brute continued, the left, the ones were saved and anonymous phone calls
We know the provenance cartel from a local reclaimed to assign a veto. Perker beaches, mother Nokia, at the post office on the day of Grits disappearance, Milburgh of each was attempting to mail a passport to Australia, but left after being advised passports could not be sent through the post. The cooler alleged the passport belonged Great lapse on this information nor those seemingly compelling could not be verified and the last someone's never heard from the all. Over again The official investigation conducted by the broadly caloric Foresman law enforcement lapse owns disappearance lasted just ten days. Resulted in a brief two page report detailing their limited findings: one Piece of information came from a correlation witness who claimed to have seen great laboratory,
often endangering with an English speaking man, a club Kwairyo throughout the night of her disappearance. It was unclear This was my unknown to break or one of her companions from the debris ethnic backpack, his club, hostile. It was the chief of the debris of new police force, often pressing, who fronted the meteor at a press conference after the release of the report. Although report provided no answers as to what could have happened to Britt on Chrissy was confident that Broadening police would still locate the youngest dryly and alive quiet. We, searching for a body we searching for a girl. It is now a matter of time until we find an answer to the mystery. But I am sure that we will answer all the questions as to what happened. And all would do everything as a human being and as a policeman are still.
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we need to ours. Since dialogue. On a raft to the city of the prophet it had been a hellish eighteen days for the Father Equally and emotionally, exhausting experience hindered by deficient police work and complex diplomacy, Despite all the obstacles thrown his way. Dale was by unwavering determination to bring his daughter home. Just a few hundred may disease from the entrance of club flag. Is the broth Nics West Tata situate I did in a spectacular stretch of shoreline, known as Bonanno vote by this They need bays sheltered by a soaring forty made it clear face which frames the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea debates below is accessible virus. They've set of stairs with metal ladders affixed to concrete platforms that allow women to exit the water, launching off from one of the many dark spots.
the area is surrounded by holiday homes and five star resorts popular with tourists. and locals along together to sunbathe play cards Book You accused, while admiring the picturesque coastal views. this rain deep waters at the Bay host, a variety of marine life, making it ideal location for boating and fishing as approached the morning of October sixth, local fishermen, boating off I need one another by caught sight of something floating on the surface of the sea upon realising what they had come across. They immediately contacted Dubrovnik law enforcement. Border police arrived to the location, where they found the partial remains of a human body in an advanced state of day composition. The Roma, He was so severely damaged authority These were unable to determine whether there were those of a male or female
making an immediate identification impossible police withheld news if the discovery from the public, but it did I long for word of the body fanned newborn eyes. I buy too late to the press. Alan Door. Unlocked thorn was still deep in their search for Britain. When the news of the body raged, then They were immediately struck with overwhelming emotion, assuming the body had to be hers. To make the situation even more trauma tossing for the family. They heard about the grim breakthrough via the media, instead of being personally informed by officials. although the body had yet to be identified, dial Lapdog made the difficult call to his boy in Australia in in her. Their daughter may have finally been found. Ilka collapse on quote I don't know whether it was relief, a sort of
felt a calmness there because I said to dial and Darren: I'm sure it's Britain we just have to be prepared for that. However, the broadening police the quick to deny the body was that of the israeli backpacker, as brute. Been missing for eighteen days, and the state of the human means, fanned on one another. By indicated, the body had been in the water. For months deputy, His chief Ivan Cool Krieger held a press conference where he stated we can almost Fisher tell that the body is not brits body. He explained the remains were more likely, those of an illegal immigrant from Albania or Montenegro who had been dumped or fallen over the side of a boat. Some time ago, previous statements. Reignited hopes, breed glapthorne could still be found alive. Back Beckham, her mother told the press
every day, it's getting worse and worse, and I wonder what else we are going to hear why hasn't preparing found, for Heaven's sake, for dial up the discovery of the body almost brought an end to the painful mystery of what happened to his daughter. Quite it is just extraordinary It is your worst nightmare in many ways. With this body we women, had some closure. You know some closure, I cannot lay say I'm going home with bread, but now we are back to square one. As the search for great lobster, one continued her write a letter to the public totalled. Please help me find my bread, which was published by striving newspaper the daily telegraph in a dial road My daughter breed lab thorn is missing there.
no higher for our family right now. It's just lows to extreme lies, I feel shouted a feel, exhausted I'll feel broken. And I wonder if I will be able to go on the next day. In this situation. I just have to keep on driving your family you ve got to do everything we can to find bread, son darn and I ask We got home without her. The answer is we can nor we're still discovering bit by bit what happened the night she disappeared. There are so many conflicting reports that make it difficult to get a true picture. Yet this case should be so simple, hostile, not club the distance between a populated place, lots of traffic, a big,
question difficult to solve: she hasn't just vanished off the face of the earth. That's just not! she hasn't done a runner There was no reason to she loved life, she loved being home. She loved her friends. Bridge story has touched the hearts of many people. Anyone who loves there. Emily can relate to it. There were light to the fear of losing a loved one, a child. I am very thankful for the huge level of public support I have anyone go into that stuff. On my daughter, every two possible to do that. I should have. Nor will I say I could have. Despite the confidence of the broadening police that the body fanned floating in the wood is needed on a knife. Edge Bay was not great lack thorn her family.
done with blood test. Dental records and dna samples In order to rule out the possibility that it could be that Oda, four days later and analysis conducted by croatian forensics determined the lap thorns worst fees to be true, it had been twenty two days, since their daughter mysteriously vanished from floods, way go in the early hours of September. Eighteen, but finally, breed lab thorn had been found. after taking time to address, he's over warming grave doubts that Thorn fronted. The media quote. I came to Dubrovnik to bring home we time play shakedown main objective, which, to bring her I'm alive, though we have the consolation that we are taking her home. We go home with bread on her last journey with us. That is better
no closure at all. it's a very shallow closure and one we will never get over, but we have something we have failed that we have not totally failed forensic experts dainty lucky, Breeds body had been discovered at all. Given there was very little tissue remaining to keep it afloat. Approximately forty percent of Brits remains were recovered. with several organs in dreams missing, as well as of her teeth and hair deputy chief Lay sovereign coup Krieger fronted the press stating to admit that I had based on the state body was in really thought that it was not breed. This left croatian authorities to believe the Australian must have been in the water for the duration of her disappearance and Asylum
Which only raised more perplexing questions for the laboratories, even if great had been floating in the water for the whole lighting day. She was missing. The timing didn't correspond with the severe extent of decay and destruction sustained to her body. fact that no one saw a bridge body during that time was even more baffling to her family, given that another, they was a high traffic area. Popular with swimmers and boat is, and over by an observation area visited by hundreds of tourists daily. These considerations, further substantiated dial up the one suspicions that fair play was involved in Brits. Death. Quite brief, did not jump off it, cliff cut her legs off on the way down and do something else to decompose herself. as an explanation for the rapid today, composition of brutes body dial developed the theory that Britain may have been killed and dumped at sea.
The perpetrators weighing a body down by storing rocks in her clothing. I remain. may have only recently arisen to the surface after the rocks became dislodged. Day was theory, wasn't without precedent and needs Three years earlier in two thousand and five full striking similarities to the one case, badly decomposed body was found floating in the waters of Croatia's Istrian Peninsula Police were adamant. The body had been in the water for at least eight months ruling out the stability with was thirty year old british tourist paid a Russian who had gone me. From a night club in the croatian town of porridge five weeks earlier, however, The remains were later identified to be those of Peter Rushton
they composition was accelerated. Due to the fact he's badly beaten body had been put in a sack filled with fishing light before being thrown overboard to Croatia. The men were lighted charged with his murder. Upon the discovery of bright laptops body. Rumours ran raw further the circumstances leading to her death, some believe Britons, stumbled through the dark towards the West Harbour and accidentally fallen from the coastal cliffs, how they suspected she may have anticipated, in a light noise swim before accidentally, drowning in the surf others share the sentiments of the lapse on family and were convinced. The backpacker had met with fair play to determine Brits cause of death experts aimed to clarify K factors, including Location where she had entered the sea, but this was soon deemed impossible.
As the area of water where brutes body was found was characterized by strong winds and powerful current meaning. The exact entry point could not be identified establish whether Brit fell from a hot oriented. The water at sea level expert studied her Rachel remains, the coastline framing bananas. I Bay faded, stable, jagged, cliffs, deep Sea, Seychelles and rocky outcroppings, the cause of infraction could be from a multitude of possible sources. Break It would appear the same, regardless of whether Brit fell from a cliff was thrown in all the current dragged. Her body into the clear face The rapid decomposition of Brits remains only added more complexities today, yet to be determined cause of death. The broadening police told dial laps on the rays.
he's got, his body was so badly. Decomposed was because quite the water was warm, but the temperature opponent as I base Bordering ice September and early October, could very anywhere between sixteen and twenty two degrees celsius. Significantly. Colder than the oceans media temperatures, which paid twenty eight degrees. Prolonged What a base today composition can cause hair and skin to come away from the body, but experts were at a loss to explain how most the Brits teeth were missing, including the more resilient always, although not an impossible result of day composition, the law of her mala taste was highly unusual the possibility that marine life played upon also also done unlikely Croatia Mood is our home to a variety of marine life, but very few be capable of removing human limbs. Shocks had been known to
when, through the Adriatic Sea, but their presence was extremely rare, A cursory search of the burning eyes I Bay area only uncovered one of great personal belongings, the church they wearing on the night of her disappearance, which was found floating, say a short distance away from her body, the other items bread had on her, including her wallet Canon Powershot, Jane on camera, The remainder of her clothing, including her leggings in shoes, were not found. The possibility that brute drowned couldn't be rodya, but couldn't they confirm? Data has had whenever a covered it was a topic of debate- has breached body was down closed, which is unusual for drowning victims room, she could have gone skinny. Dipping were refuted by those closest to Britain who described, harassed.
Servitude and given the remainder of their clothing was not located at the water s edge, it seemed unlikely, yet some suggested her clothing may have been blown away by the strong Bora wind, cliffs above Bonanno thy Bay, where a local suicides bought but breeze had History of suicidal thoughts or self harming tendencies. On the contrary, was consistently described, is happy and secure with many positive elements in her laugh, including her travels studies, friends, family and a boyfriend. one of the last postcards breed centre, her parents in Australia, noted she wasn't ready to go home yet ass. She was having so much fun. longing for answers. Family anxiously awaited the results of an autopsy sir
I would put an end to the speculation and reveal the indisputable truth of what happened to bring its awake fitted broadening forensic officials to complete the post mortem examination of great left, the ones, but The accompanying report immediately drew outrage from the left, one family, the australian media and members of the public that just two pages alone The autopsy report was noticeably under written and contained an obvious lack of inside it described the damage sustained to brits body, but made no attempt to explain how such damage had occurred. The report blamed the lack of detailed information on the people. State the body within the provided, no explanation as to why there remains had deteriorated so rapidly in one final blow there
bored indicated that no further comprehensive scientific testing had been undertaken and simply road freight locked, the ones cause of death as unknown, had disappointed dial someone slammed the autopsy report is childish, stating quite a great twelve student could do a better job than this. Up until this point, the broadening law enforcement perceived in confidence had been attributed to their lack of experience in dealing with a case of this nature, but now their indifference in determining what happened to brute lab thorn was being viewed as intentional I therefore believe that the debris Nick Police were going to great lengths to sweep the case under the rock to ensure their cities. Positive reputation would not be damaged by word of a foreign tourists, pain. Mode it on their straight.
after the release of the croatian autopsy report. It was announced that the breed lap thorns body would be re examined in Australia by Victorian Carnea. The left thorns fanned solace in this decision dial, telling the media quiet if it can go with what has been investigated in Croatia, fun and good. I, except that. I asked the croatian people not to say this is an insult or anything. It's just a family right. to be able to have a second opinion and for us to rest peacefully in that the correct assessment was done before.
turning to a stranger dial and die. That's on boated in Bonn, and I both by scaring the rocky Bays indian lights, neither location Brits body was found. When asked what our looking for dial said, he didn't wanna sand gruesome, but they were worried. Something had been missed like a leg or an on the spot. Their efforts no further remains were recovered. At dawn on October, seventeen dial and darn lapse on together with bridge boyfriend, Simon sailed out, To the coup morning, Mister Bonteen, IVO by where they later race and scattered what rose petals upon the border where its body was found me inside Ruth Ass, by Indy, rock band, vampire awaken was played from Brits Ipod D up. They song bringing the essence of her vibrant spirit to the somber occasion,
Promising to remember breeders devices the vivacious young woman, she was dying. The one stated. the pain. We cannot bear he's all those things that you wanted to do and will never get the chance. The following day, how Tiber eighteen marked a month to the day since breed lab thorn, went missing. That not more than one thousand people gathered at Flagstaff Gardens in Britain City of Melbourne, Australia to hold it and a light visual in her honor and pay their respects to her family births. Friends, relatives classmates and strangers sat on picnic, blankets watching in silence is the sun set in the springtime scar. As no fell, the park lands were illuminated by hundreds of flickering candles now collapsed.
One told the crowd of mourners quote. I think people, especially backpackers, should get on with their adventures and experiences. They just look after each other. A bit more. I think Britain, Possibly was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person and should not have happened not to bring not to anyone else. Day the entire lockdown family were re united after a challenging and painful period. Apart. A formal memorial service, toddled, a ceremony of love, a bread was held in South Moraine with Ivy six hundred mourners in attendance wearing ribbons of Brits, favorite color purple. The programmes were covered with purple stars and faded, a pitcher bread, her contagious, small and enthusiastic thumbs up perfectly encapsulating her lively,
This analogy stories of british Telecom wooden data. Lessons were re told by loved ones, including the time at age. Five she attempted to lay fine, but only made it as far as half way down the driveway Another story revealed the Brits first, ever mobile phone find totaled more than twelve hundred dollars. Much to the horror, if her father at age, fifteen the industrious bread sought out her first job in a local Chaco Chicken Takeaway Food shop. Each tale was tall with humor and warmth and accompanied by a photo montage reflecting the full and adventurous life. Brick, created for herself after the ceremony. Twenty one purple, inspiralized symbolizing a year Brits laugh dialogues on thanks to cry out for their ongoing support during this unspeakable
tragedy and implored everyone to appreciate the preciousness of life and value their family. A private burial was postponed, as Prince family Why did the results of his second or topsy the second post mortem bit laptop, His body was conducted by David Ranson. An associate professor from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, This examination incorporated a series of tests that the initial autopsy had failed to conduct include it toxic, illogical analysis that revealed no alcohol or any other common drugs or poisons were present in bread system. The smaller nobody tissue that remained was thoroughly examined and no bruises, abrasions, lacerations or incisions were identified. Based on the damage to her skeletal remains. It was determined that the
Mrs stained, the Brits along binds was consistent with wave and tidal action against rocky surfaces. Red fractious were also present, although it couldn't be Determined whether days occurred Maastricht was alive or post mortem damage. To the parts of the skeletal structure was attributed to scavenging marine life. According to professor reigns in the absence of trauma, bridge skull and up, the limbs suggests did said that she might have entered the water at sea level, decision if you can't take composition of brits body coupled with the option. Of crucial remains led to professor rinsing concluding that neither a time of death or cause of death could be unequivocally ascertained although his post mortem report was significantly more thorough than the first ransom, ultimately agreed with the results of the croatian Autopsy and ruled the cause of great lanthorns death as unknown,
On October, twenty nine to designate the police if in charge of the brig left, the one investigation Ivan Crazy was fired according to a police spokesperson. Chris Extermination was part of a new direction for the candies police, designed to curb the police inaction. The prolonged failings of the debris from police had been highlighted since the heavily publicized break left. The one investigation, with the Palais spokesperson telling the media quote, We weren't satisfied with the speed of police reaction in the case of Britain laps on. Although the fact remains that she would not have been saved with a the police reaction. Somebody has. I take responsibility for the fact that there was a five to six day delay before a serious investigation and quality action was undertaken by leading police
These internal changes led to a total turnaround in the Dubrovnik police forces conduct regarding the Britt Lapthorne Investigation for November it s a night dial up the one told the press, hey filled, the languishing investigation was now being fast tracked and believed. Police efforts had improved, gets gaining only Kate weaknesses and the group of backpack is who had been a club for I go with bread on the nod of her disappearance had being tracked down and questioned at length concise. Double reports were distributed to the left, the ones on a weekly basis of keeping the family in the light of any new developments. Anticipated move to Dubrovnik police he entered the warders upon a no vote by to conduct an extensive underwater search for Brits missing belongings, including her wallet, camera and closing
a police spokesperson, claimed the dog mission had been planned long ago. The blamed the delay on unfavorable weather conditions. Nevertheless, the dog was long. I veggie for the lock the one family who hoped the Bible, those that break the camera would be fee on believing it held Vado clues as to what happened to her the night. She went missing. Over the door as emerged from the warders upon a no vote by empty handed in late December to designate the broadening police granted the lab thorns foolish, Just to say, say tv footage captured in the vicinity of club. Why go over the not breed had attended, although the footage from the clubs seventeen nor security cameras had allegedly being lost to do don't electrical fault and again. she wore Memorial was ever same by four high tech cameras, one of which faced club flag, owes entrance
this camera should have provided clear footage of all persons entering and exiting the venue, but upon. retrieved from the cancel. It was discovered that k camera was also dysfunctional between the critical dates of September. Seventeen and eighteen. The only viable existing footage of club Figo was obtained from a council lined straight camera. Located fifty made his down the road. It didn't provided direct view of the clubs entrance, but did pick up the darkened silhouette of the few people moving about in the area, the grain The footage showed a one way palm lined road with why go on the left and a large block of apartments on the opposite side. Dubrovnik police determined that the footage captured nothing of importance. Both tirelessly reviewing this footage, the lock the ones noted an occurrence at four hundred and forty six, a dot m on September, right thing when it died
Then emerged from aside straight and came to a stop at the front entrance of club figure, a person exit at the club and quickly Climbed into the van before it sped off out of shot the low quality of the dock footage. It was impossible to make out the finer details of the vehicle or identify those inside, but given the brute was lost, Cited in the club approximately an hour before the van arrived, the lapse thorns sit at the unnerving possibility that the figure getting into the vehicle could have been their daughter, harry was substantiated by a post on an internet forum that had appeared in September just days after brute went missing warning club. Why patrons to be on high alert. Two unknown men had been acting menacingly and preying on party always in the area.
In a bid to lower young foreign women into their vehicle, the suspicious men claimed to be police officers. The forum Post read quite a blue van stops. two special police get here. They show there are day then try and put you in the van. on behalf of Australia Channel seven current Affairs programme Sunday, nor their training. Estimated report, our Roscoe COD became independent investigations into the brute laptop case. Could Inquiries led him to Dubrovnik where he on covered an ominous pattern of ingrained criminal activity hidden date behind these deemed cities. Walls in doesn't seven in astronomy and tourist was enjoying a naughty out of COD Vega, when she accepted arrived from two local men driving a dark blue there,
when the woman realized she was being driven out of the city and away from her destination. She questioned whether we're going, but the men remained silent. Sensing. She was in danger. The woman left A moving vehicle and ran down the hillside with the men chasing. Close behind. fundraising at nine road. She was rescued by security guard and taken to hospital was formerly reported to the broadening authorities September two thousand and eight australian tourist left club waiter, at around two, I am and begin the short walk to the harbour where cruise ship was docked for the non suddenly a dark blue van carrying several men accelerated towards her a passenger hanging out the open saw door attempted to pull the woman into the vehicle, but she escaped taking refuge in an isolated area away from the road.
seemingly out of nowhere, a group of five to seven armed men emerged and crowded around her chanting police police, immediately recognized one of the men as the passenger and the Blue Van who had tried to snatch moments earlier. The woman's face rushed to help closing the group of men to scatter This incident occurred just four days before Britt Lapthorne vanished and was reported to the australian federal police and the of Dubrovnik officials, In the following months of October, two thousand night, an american tourists was approved. For to local men inside club fighter who flashed what appeared to be a police batch. They told the woman she was under arrest in demand. She labeled them immediately when she refused the packers. The debate open Mayo companion,
a club patrons intervened and the attack is fled. The club in the company of several other men this occurred just ten days after Britt Lapthorne is disappearance, in another incident. A solo thing I'll tourist disembarked Abbas had three. I am in the province of western port area, a short walk from club failure. She was talking on her mobile phone when a group of men circled her flashing, a badge and claiming to be police officers, the group of men fled when a local stepped in to assist the woman. The women targeted shed similar characteristics. They were all female young, blonde, slim and farm or features matching. Those of brick lapses. Although minor details of their ordeals varied, they were all can
didn't know, New Club Vigo by at least two local men, claiming to be police officers. the perpetrators used the distinctive dark blue Van, the same top of- if a code on Cctv footage pulling up the club fire go around the town, Brit lap Thorn vanished the broth. Glory enforcement initially denied knowledge of these alleged abductions, but were forced to backtrack and accept awareness when Ross. Huta presented them with official reports compiled after two of the incidents. Was a report sent to the broken it worn for spent by the striving federal police after they were contacted by survivor? the other was a medical report collected from the hospital one of the other survivors attended after her ordeal detailing the circumstances of her visit, spot. These reports indicating the perpetrators were masquerading as police officers. No action had been tat.
into identify or apprehend the suspects in early February, two thousand and nine Roscoe Heart incriminating findings into the bright labdalum case were broadcast. They dont channel seven Sunday, not programme Identical images of the two main perpetrators were created based on descriptions provided bus evolve is one was tool with short dusty blonde hair, a pile complexion small face narrow, knows, and jeez. The second was shorter and had a square shaped face with cropped, dark, hair, heavy eyebrows, dark eyes and attend complexion. Sunday night's damning expose a quickly John at the curiosity of the australian media and public open to the possibility Brit lap Thorn had been a victim of a well established criminal gang, posing as the borough of Nyc Police,
The identity of the two alleged ringleaders but widely circulated and dinner, confounding revelation. It was quickly discovered that the suspect sketches closely resembled to active broadening police officers, Croatian authorities were quick to hold a press conference addressing the accusations, instead of their usual heart, want denial approach. They accepted the identical matched to the appearance of two members of the broken ex local police. This revelation I've been too many questions, but the spokesperson didn't well on the validity of the claims steady shoring report is that the unnamed offices in question were exemplary. Members of law enforcement crow I shouldn't publication. National revealed the identities of the two police officers at the centre of the allegations with other resources quickly, following suit.
if it's a rude innovation into dragon, pallor Mehta. What those married fathers who worked alongside one another render broke Nix Narcotic Squad Harbour, varying reputations within the force boss, Dragon parliamentary was a long serving officer with a clean record, it's a rude and overtures reputation was marred by an undisclosed disciplinary procedure that resulted in Seville. The motion from the coveted special police force to bait cop. the integrity of rude and over, it was considered dubious as it was rumoured the officer had intentionally law during an investigation in order to clear colleagues of assault. Charges made against them ring age of the alleged abduction attempts, so rude and over which hinder dragon. Pella matter were arrested on petrol, Judy together dressed in plain clothes. The past evade the broad next not spots as part of narcotic reduction efforts
they didn't deny confronting foreign women in and around five vaguer, whilst on duty but maintained. Any interactions were purely part of their undercover drug operations, name all the search to locate. Crucial dark blue Van revealed. There was one vehicle registered in Dubrovnik that fit the description of vague multi purpose vehicle used by the Dubrovnik police force, like Kosovo LAW, recently replaced diving crazy because the broth nics police chief and was working tirelessly to make positive progress on the mishandled, Brit, lapped Thorn investigation. If there was any truth to the allegations that fellow police officers were involved in the abduction and assault of foreign women cycling, I knew he'd struggled to get to the bottom of the matter. The reputation
She d broadening police force was tainted by lingering rumours of corruption and cover ups with residence perceiving day city as a place where organised crime thrived accusations that terminated police chief, Ivan Crazy Caddy, thereunder, estimated ignored or tacitly tolerated, Dedicated to restoring the reputation of the Dubrovnik police force and locating any disgraced offices, police chiefs, a call made a my and shocking move. Relieving seventy percent of command personnel from Judy. Despite the tenacious efforts employed by police chiefs to call out to clear the broadening tarnished police force and renewed investigation into Brit lacked the ones unresolved death ease, passed with virtually no fresh information coming to lie
Seven years after breed laptops body was found in Bonn and eyes. I buy hopes of funding. A resolution to the mystery were renewed when victorian State Carnea aim Grey was tasked with holding a Correia, will inquest into the twenty one year old death all available. Evidence leads reports and witness statements relating to the great Thorn Investigation investigation were compiled and scrutinized during the inquest and in April two thousand fifteen eighteen gray presented his findings in the victorian corn is called current gray concluded the following facts. Between midnight and one thousand, two hundred and thirty, a dot m on September 18th, two thousand and eight doing a rush by boss. The club Fuego with a group of back after consuming an unverified quantity of alcohol, He knew to consume alcohol and became heavily intoxicated. She was
singing the clock between three and three hundred and thirty a dot m. Panes were located eighteen days later, in Bonn on over by one October, seeks to designate no further facts could be unequivocally hesitate. the Nyc police claimed their investigations into the young Australians death involved over five hundred interviews with potential witnesses, polygraph examinations, execution of multiple search words and retrieval of data from mobile phone towers. During the critical time period between September seventeen and eighteen, two thousand and eight, straining federal police had since conducted an inquiry into the broadening law enforcement handling of the case and found police were quote professional and determined in their efforts.
The coroner acknowledged that, while there were several deficiencies in the initial treatment of brutes disappearance, Dubrovnik police had since exists that all available avenues during their ongoing investigations. The possible de, the brute had fallen victim to the same gang of local men, who had attempted to adopt several other young female travellers during their time in the broadening was disputed by car in a grey who determined quote There was no evidence or information fanned indicating the attacks on the women were linked to each other or to bridge death. How The coroner was able to resolve one lingering theory quote based on evidence there is no reason, no basis to conclude the bread at any time acted with the intention of ending harangue life. By therefore conclude that her death was Jude away, their accident or fair play.
When it came to the exact cause of brits death, Carnea Gray, officially ruled the evidence does not what a finding as to when nor how breach deaths occurred. Why therefore, formally fond that the costs will causes of brute lap thorns death remain on us attained? dial up stolen, addressed the cord on behalf of these family, thanking them for their efforts in attempting to establish the truth about what happened to his daughter, Although the last Thorn family would continue to seek answers, dial admitted they had come to terms with the fact and I never know for sure ashore outbreak lost her life. One positive I took from the over warming tragedy was the breach I created a legacy that compelled other young backpack is to be more cautious when traveling overseas,
The realisation that he's got his case prompted dramatic changes in the leadership and practices of the provenance problematic, alluring Foresman was also a source of conflict for dial. Quite I don't like saying this that maybe she didn't die in vain. He saw a court breaks out about a darn. Tell the media headed Bennett seven years and stated. I never really found out what happened to Britt on I was still live in the hope that one day as long as I live I'll find out an answer. One day someone will need to clear their conscience.
There was a sentiment shared by his mother alcove. Quite whoever did this to our daughter. They have to live with their guilt. I heard the torches were tortured every day, but in the end nothing we do will bring out daughter back to us feeling is we ve just had to learn to live with it the upon the conclusion of the coroner's inquest, Dubrovnik law enforcement have since conceded, was highly unlikely that brute lack thorn took. Iran laugh over. A truly entered the waters of bananas and buy prior to her death. Although there is still considered an ongoing criminal investigation? Croatian. Authority surmise breeds death was the result of misadventure,
The conclusion that lapse ones have always disagreed with certain Brit was murdered. Many aspects of the case remain unexplained. Run resolved, including the identity of the person saying on Cctv, footage getting into the blue vain outside club vaguer. The purpose of the two fifty seven I am call made from brutes mobile, find the morning of her disappearance. The whereabouts of her wallet and cannon power- short genuine camera, and what caused the considerable damage sustained to bridge recovered remains. Although suspicion has been cast on a range of people over the years, including the backpack is, who attended, plugged Waco would break the manager of the debris. Nick Backpacking club hostile evaded perk of each entered the debris Nick Police officers accused of attempting to adopt female tourists. There are no formal suspects in their case.
Media coverage of the case cases since wind, but the general consensus from the australian press and public supports the theory that bridge was abducted and killed. Dial up, Thorn quote As to whether we will never find out what happened to bread, I'm not sure, but we gave it everything what we did is we gave it your best shot. She was out daughter, we loved her. We still do what more can I say. We tried To cope with the pain of their daughters, unresolved death, dial, dell collapse. The one focus on the many happy memories I have of bird flu long time afterwards, her bedroom was kept, just as it was when she departed for her being solo european adventure, and sometimes they would seed in Brits out sob car listening to her favorite say days,
He holds onto the small reminders he has of his daughter, including the final text message she sent to him just days before her disappearance, which simply read happy birthday. Dad. Thousands of photographs, chronicling Brits travels across the world as safely stored on a hard drive which are family look at often rightful. There were so many the photo dial holds. Most d is the last image he took off his daughter in Paris on her twenty first birthday, a member He will always remember with over roaming fondness he's after breeds, death, dial, try these doors funnel journey by embarking on his own sallow backpacking trip through Europe for the graving father, the profound experienced delivered a sense of comfort, as though Brit was alongside him. Every step of the way he boarded the same trains visited the same landmarks
and I did the same restaurants bridgehead relishing the landscape she had once described as the best places she had ever seen. oh collapsed on has not been her daughter, good boy, but instead of facing a german expression, meaning until we see each other again. Despite the high profile nature of the breed lapse Thorn case, the broth Nick has successfully maintained its reputation as a safe travel destination, and endless fly of tourists continued to visit the mediaeval city hd further popularized for being one of the main filming locations for the fictional city of kings, landing in the hedge Bio Television Series, game of Thrones Club Way goes reputation was irreparably tarnished following accusations that thriving night spot was a hopping
Firstly, the criminal activity eventually did not club underwent a complete re branding and successfully re established itself. As a popular tourist tanker, which remains in operation today, backing light September to day ass, a knight, the owner of club, vaguer, think I call my observed. The israeli media swarming outside these premises, their intimidating, presents, deterring the clubs usual revellers and leaving it uncharacteristically empty cos
My lifted himself off his boss to and invited the report is India, his establishment telling them. You from a stranger have taught us a good lesson. You lose one is trailing and you care you send people to find her. You press the police to really do something. It is a good example for us, a strivings caring when we suffered the war. Nobody tried to say what happened to look for people. We could learn
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