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Case 106: Peter Nielsen (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 2] After 46-year-old Vitaly Kaloyev loses his entire family in the Überlingen mid-air collision, he becomes consumed by grief. Unable to move on, he pours his energy into finding the air traffic controller he believes is responsible for the death of his wife and children. As Kaloyev discovers whether revenge really is the best medicine, the question emerges – is he a hero or a villain? --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-106-peter-nielsen-part-2
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it's for this episode on your app or on our website in the early hours of July, to two thousand to forty six year old, Ali Collective set alight in the arrival lounge of Barcelona's El Prat International airport keeping an eye on the Flight information board that displayed the schedule inbound flights listed amongst them. who is best Kirin Airlines flood better see to non three seven, which had been You do a raw from Moscow. More than an hour ago, the word delayed had since been noted alongside. the tall he had inquired about the delay to airport staff at an information desk, but I, For him, no explanation with no other. sure, but to endure the white, the tally, purchased. The third coffee returned to we say and continued beautiful watch of the information Board over the following minutes. The hawk empty room began to fill with paper
Report is in the news: crews quickly gathered around the information desk, pointing cameras, microphones and voice recorders at airports. Stop bombarding them with a flurry of questions that Vitaly couldn't quite Nigeria report, I noticed fatality curiously watching the scene unfollow. She rushed to him holding it
microphone as a cameraman child behind the Rapporteur asked Vitale if he was waiting for a fight to arrive from Moscow when he answered yes, the reporter offered her condolences. Confused Vitale asked why the reporter replied. They didn't tell you. Vitaly Kaloyev was delayed architect, Iva, saying the construction of a mansion and blonde has a coastal town. Approximately seventy kilometres north of Barcelona
In his home town of lead, a calf cars in South EAST Russia, the target had designed and help to construct one hundred times, including his own spacious, through story red Brick House near the snow, kept cow Cassius men. Due to his many architecture will accomplish meant, the tally had been specifically requested for the development project in Spain. The tally, strong work ethic coupled with pride he talking he's creations made him a highly sought, after addition to when he s coming development project. Yet by the two thousands he had experienced several career setbacks, whilst than a work sought, the tally fell into appeared and broke his leg, forcing him to take time off work and for goes projects. A lengthy recovery resulted in the default of his construction company, leaving him with
no job and little linkum. Once you like, healed the ever industrious, Vitale began searching for any opportunity to get straight back into the work he loved when he received If the job offer to help build a imagine for a wealthy Russian in Spain, Vitale gratefully accepted, although it was a fantastic opportunity, it wasn't an easy decision By taking the two year contract the target, had to relocate to Spain, leaving his family behind in Russia. The following years were filled with long bouts of homesickness into and colleague aged only by daily fine home. Vitaly immense joy hearing, the voices of his wife forty four year old, Svetlana into their two young children. Ten year old Son Constantine and four year old daughter, Gianna
sweetener, is, was supportive of her husband's career endeavors ass. She too was ambitious and a candid to her job as the department supervisor for a large bank. It was their commitment to work that initially brought the couple together. as Vitale and sweat. Loner attended the same business meetings between He was there on behalf of these construction company, where sweat, launch. attended on behalf of the bank during these meetings, Sweat Mona, carried herself with her trademark cream professionalism, yet the tally caught glimpses of her coin sense of humour smitten. He asked her on a day and the pair headed to the cinema. during their first date. The tolerance for longer both knew that were made for each other. They married the following year. And in ninety ninety one, a few months into their marriage.
Welcome to their first born the son, they named Constantine contain grew up into an energetic fearless boy who enjoyed freestyle wrestling whilst also harbouring a quiet contemplative saw with an avid interesting beauty games, chess and astronomy, Constantine begged his parents for a telescope, which Vitaly promised the boy him once his work in Spain was complete a second pregnancy, sweat Laana, visited her local church and prayed for a daughter in law. hey. Ninety eight: her prayers were answered when she gave birth to Deanna. When Vitali spanish contract reached its conclusion in MID two thousand two, he invited his family to join him in Spain for a month, long holiday,
Although he missed his homeland and was looking forward to returning to Russia, he wanted sweat, Lana Constant, ain't Indiana to see the spanish coast and experienced the ocean for the first time in their lives. In the weeks leading up to his family's arrival, the tall he thought about where he could take them Wet Laana would love strolling through the stunning botanical gardens of Mary, more try and bladders ten year old, Constantine loved dinosaurs And if a tally knew his boy would be, nor at the last saw the models that the Paley until Logical Museum, as for his youngest for Europe, the honor inveterately refer to as he's princess that wasn't a place she wanted to say, but a person her father The owner had memorized fatalities, mobile phone number and called him daily keeping him on the phone for railways issue relate or the happenings at high.
When she ran out of news. She would sing or recite kindergarten poems. The last time the father and daughter saw each other was when Vitale made a brief visit home when he was due to return to Spain Diana tightly grabbed onto his clothes begging. Her that it take her with him. But the time the collar family had obtained their visas for Spain, the initial flights they hoped to book were already sold out. July was the beginning of the summer holidays and Spain was a popular and affordable tourist destination for russian nationals. around noon. On Monday July, one two thousand to sweat: Laana received a phone call from a travel agent, with good news and unscheduled chow A flight to Barcelona had been organised last minute for that evening, and there were still sites available just right
Hours before it was due to depart from Moscow, sweat, Laana, purchased, three tickets for herself Constantine and D on back here in airlines. Flood better see two nine three seven after quickly packing their suitcases. The tree I rushed to dominate over where poor twin back their long awaited journey to be reunited with the tally. Hours later, as Vitaly Cholera visually awaited the arrival of his family adult protein airport. He received the devastating news. Best cure in airlines, flood beta, say to non three seven had collided with a cargo jet in the skies over Lake Constance in Southern Germany, desperate to find out what. His family were ok, Vitaly took the next available flight. Is Europe in Switzerland, which was
than a two hour drive away from like Constance the three hour flight filled and was overwhelmed by the uncertain fate of his family. Vitale struggled to stay still constantly standing to paste nervously up and down the cabin in an attempt to remain calm, Vitale reassured himself that reports of the incident will likely exaggerated.
And that is why in children were probably fine upon his arrival desire. International airport Vitale took a cab across the border into southern Germany, heading straight to the scene of the crash. By the time he was driving towards opening ten hours had passed since the media catastrophe battalion noticed the scar getting progressively darker and the smell of smoke becoming stronger closer to the tangier. The cab driver began cautiously, navigating around a large fragments of metal scattered across the road ways as police officers,
the most the debris flagging human remains, although civilians and relatives of those aboard the flawed when not encouraged, to participate in the search for bodies, the tally couldn't help himself convincing the police officers in charge of the cross sought to lead him. Look for his family rows of apple tree saplings, led to the passage a cabin of the bacteria and airlines to Bolivia, craft, which alone at sod torn wide open with the force of impact, flattening the tubular structure to about half its original size. Rescue work is entered the wreckage to retrieve the remains of the passengers Inside which Vitale would come to learn first hand were mostly children as the cabin was emptied, sweat Mona Constantine Indiana were nowhere to be saying the following morning. The daughter of a farmer who lived through kilometers from opening was driving.
How's the pasture ass. She led them into a meadow alongside a frugal what'd. She spotted something through a low, wouldn't fence resting under a tree with the body of a young girl wearing a pink dress. Crash site headquarters involving an Vitale Calais. I was handed a collection of photographs of the victims who have so far been recovered from the sought. The desperate father was immediately struck by the thirty may achieve a little brand head, go wearing a pink dress, the tally burst into tears and explained Deanna Mighty ANA. Due to the two believes break up in midair, forty passengers were expelled from the cabin during the said. Their bodies later.
Discovered throughout fields and meadows by horrified farmers, a large leafy order trade both for your out the honest for keeping her body intact. Relatively undamaged. Her saw it from scratches and bruises caused by the branches. The tall lighter visited the sought where Deanna was recovered and spotted a pole necklace under the order tree recognising it, gift he had given his daughter the year prior, its chain had snapped scattering the web page everywhere. The tall. He ran his hands through the grass managing to it. The aid of the bait, which he found it into his handkerchief before placing them in his left breast pocket with the promise to carry them always
The remains of ten year old Constantine were located on a rural road in front of a bus stop. When Vitale saw his sons body at the morgue, he began beating his head against the war until he drew blood causing worried staff to Russia out and someone a police officer, fearful that the graving father was trying to kill himself days later. The third and final heartbreak came when the tallest wife, sweat liner, was found in a cornfield the tally, escorted. The coffins Carryings FED Learner Constantine and Deanna back home to Vladikavkaz in Russia, where he was braided by crowds of graving, family friends and support
it's from the local community. Over the following three days, the coffins were displayed at the co lawyer of homestead and visited by a procession of mourners so immense that several surrounding streets had to be blocked off to control the crowd. On the third day, a funeral was held as for Atlanta and her two children were laid to rest together in the cemetery in their home town. The shared headstone fidget, a black and white in each of the trio in their home garden, sweat, Laana, holding.
Bunch of flowers with Constantine and Diana happily by her side after the service Vitale spoke about his immense loss. Saying I cannot live any more. I simply cannot exist in the weeks following the funeral of his wife and children. The Charlie's life slipped by marked by little more than daily visits to the cemetery he constantly dressed in black, refused to shave and stopped working grave induced stress caused his hair to grey making him appear older than his forty six years. The collabs three story mansion felt, cold and empty the unnatural silence inside unbearable for a long time. The tally could
I'll bring himself to go up to the second and third floors where his wife and children's bedrooms were located instead sleeping on a couch in the kitchen downstairs when he eventually headed upstairs, he turned one room: into a shrine for sweat, bona Constantine and Deanna, placing their beds inside and covering aging photos in mementoes on his wife's bed. He displayed her favorite sense and swayed while his sons ventured a chess board, various toys and inside four pages. His daughters create powder, drawings, toys and clothing, as well as her favorite down. The tally was convinced. The ghosts of his family haunted him at night when he managed to fall asleep. He was plagued by nightmares of his children falling from the sky, calling out for their papa each time. The tally with like abruptly rushed to the cemetery in the early morning, darkness and collapse.
detained and beyond as grave to tell them nature and later on. He Papa has come. On the one year anniversary of the e in midair collision, a the service was held in opening where an almost unrecognizable Vitale Collective stood amongst the crowd of mourners still dressed in black he's. Goin tired face was now framed by long unkempt. Bead also in attendance was gonna, go out. Officials destroyed. seeking an explanation for the collision, the tally, Calliope confronted Ellen Rossiya, the chief executive of Sky God. He grabbed Russia by the shop around and shredding photographs of Dane Indiana laying in their coffins Gracias bodyguard, attend the push Vitale away, causing the grieving
are there to remark? You killed my children and you do not want to talk to me the allocation Ghana, the attention of the media are attending the event in an attempt to defuse the situation. Alan Rossiya pleaded to Vitali not to make a sane and invited him to visit scar gods Office, the following day to open dialogue and dancing. questions when Rossiya began to walk away the tally followed asking when Scar God plant a publicly, namely the Anonymous air traffic controller, whose actions allegedly led to the collision. He asked several times. Do you think the controller is the blame? Russia did not respond the following day: the taller raft sky gods, corporate office for his meeting with Alan Russia, where he was told the air traffic
all around Judy the nodded the collision was on vacation and would not be in attendance. Irritated Vitali Used scar, God of intentionally hiding the controller, so he wouldn't be What to release information that approved the company's followed in the collision ensuring nigh avoided any financial repercussions, as the controller still worked, the sky, God Vitale The company continued to employ him to ensure his silence. Russia denied these allegations telling Vitale to remain patient and await the results of the crash investigation Russia also remain steadfast in his refusal to accept guilt or apologise on behalf of sky Guide trained a half months after this meeting
Vitaly received a letter from Skarsgard's lawyers offering a compensation payment of sixty thousand swiss francs for the death of Sweatlana and fifty thousand for the deaths of Constantine and Dianna change, the tally had to agree not to hold the company liable, furious the sky, God put cross unease, loss loss, tally refused the offer, believing that by accepting the payout, he was expected to forget his family and give up hope of holding someone accountable for their debts his attempts to meet with Alan Rossiya to discuss the offering person were few tall scar guides layers informed Vitale that day Jackie would no longer be mating with relatives of the victims of the disaster. The Taliban,
it clear that he wasn't interested in money. All he wanted was for someone to accept responsibility for the tragedy and apologize for the loss of his family in his culture. This was considered the minimum courtesy one would expect, but the apology didn't come. Determined to find someone who would take responsibility for the tragedy, Vitaly hired a private investigator from Moscow to track down this guy glide air traffic controller run Judy the night of the rebuilding in MID air collision. Two months later, in February, two thousand and four, private investigator handed metallic alive and Amber an envelope that contained pictures of the air traffic controller, along with photos of his wife and children. His current address in Switzerland and his full name paid a notion,
The tall he told the investigator that he planned on giving this information to the media who he felt had forgotten about the collision. He believed their interests. Be re ignite it if they learned the true identity of the air traffic controller, yet the tally did not give the photographs to the press. Instead, he found a Swiss based travel agency and asked them to do you mean to a hotel room close to zero international airport on Saturday. They were twenty one. Two thousand and four Tal, a raft in Switzerland and checked into the welcome in a hotel situated in the suburbs of clothing. According to hotel staff. There russian gas kept to himself and did little to attract their attention that breakfast he sat night alone
before spending most of the day in his room emerging, occasionally to head out into town stopwatch, as he flicked through travel grocers, offering tours of the city and God maps of the local area. the hotel's manager recalled he seemed to like any other tourist. the evening of Tuesday February, twenty four two thousand for a Clinton resident looked out their window and noticed a disheveled looking man dressed in black loitering, the street the resident watched as the main in how to cigarette before tossing into the ground and crushing it with his shoe. He then approached the pink wash the building of a new boy unit block and knocked on the first door. He came across the female occupant, pull back a curtain and died the stranger
As a friend who a small emerged from behind his unruly overgrown beard, the woman opened her door slightly asking if he was looking for someone good evening. The man responded in a thick eastern european accent before handing over a piece of paper with the name paid Nielsen written on it, along with the address for the unit next door, the woman nodded and pointed towards the property. By the time the they were cold and arrived to the area. Some fifteen minutes later there was to lay panting Nilsen, had bled to death from multiple stab wounds to his chest. Admin and through neighbours, as well as paid his wife matter, provided detectives with a detailed description of the perpetrator, a burly beaded man aged in his forties or fifties with growing air wearing doc clothing. With a long coat.
Who spoke with a russian accent, the search of the area led to the discovery of a twenty two centre made a long folding north, which had been discarded in the snow, need a nuisance residents. Testing revealed its blade contained traces of paid a nuisance blood confirming a debate, the murder weapon. Several one identified fingerprints were also located on the handle after years of being suppressed, pay no sense. name was finally published by the press. Not only was he identified as a victim of murder, but also as the air traffic all are under investigation for the two thousand and two e billing and MID air collision. Has such a link between the two incidents was immediately drawn by police, who strongly suspected the killer may have been motivated by revenge.
Their assumptions under wraps blurring forspent declined to identify this suspect bore relations, nationality to the media, making their own inquiries. Reporters spoke with paid his neighbors, who confirmed the alleged killer to be a russian made. The media are also cold. Wind. the swiss border police had been put on high alert, indicating there was a genuine concern. The killer might flee the country, this added fuel to presumption the killer was indeed a russian national the murder, an act of revenge for the you billing in media collision as police searched for paid a nuisance killer, global media speculated as to who it might be Initial suspicions were spotlighted on Alexander Savchuk, his wife and two children had perished
bored bash, Kirin airlines, flood beta, see two nine three seven as part of the EU for school trip. The monumental scale of his loss indicated Alexander fit the profile of some unlikely to seek revenge against paid a notion to dispel rumours Alexander appeared on russian television to establish. He was not in Switzerland at the time, is paid his murder and to publicly condemn the killing of the former rare controller, the hunt to find the suspect led police to look beyond the relatives of the year school group, they discovered another russian man had also lost everything in the: U building in midair collision. The time collective, whose physical appearance matched witness descriptions of the alleged killer inquiries led to the discovery that awake before the killing Natalia had obtained a tourist visa fits with one
with airline records confirming he flew into Zurich on February twenty one three days before the crime and had yet to return to Russia. the tally to lawyers became the problem suspect, with the motive for killing paid a nuisance presumed to be an unprecedented case of deliberate revenge by a grave stricken man with nothing left to lose. One tabloid read in the contest: If he ever like Constance Vitali Collapse, entire family perished, his wife and two children. It can be you know that without waiting for the results of the investigation, this man decided to take justice into his own hands. Moreover, in Russia, where the tally, Calais, I've comes from blood feuds, a widespread. use of atomic alive possible involvement in paid a nuisance. Mota came as little surprise to those who knew him the tunnel
brother Yuri told russian reporters that his brother had disappeared a week ago without telling anyone where he was going and his sister. Nor margarita further explained the toleration everything alone and after two years he was in such a state that I would not be surprised if he would behave irrationally put yourself in his place, To lose all your family in a minute, five pm on Wednesday February twenty five. The day after payday Since MOTA five plainclothes police officers arrived to the welcome in no tell having been informed by a local travel agency. Their problems aspect was a current guest hotel staff, directed the offices to room three One six and upon entry they found Vitaly Vitale collective asleep on the bed. His packed suitcase nearby deal
this is therefore the end of the bed. As one shook the tallies leg when he awoke he smiled and asked what took so long The tall he was immediately placed under arrest for the murder of paid a nuisance and discarded two zero police headquarters where he was taken into an interrogation room for questioning in the presence of swiss detective, said the train. later? The tally was asked if he knew the name paid a nuisance. His response was yes is the killer of my children, initially denied involvement in pages murder, claiming at the hotel bar at the time at the killing. Hence Instead, he was only in Zurich for a brief stop, whilst in transit to Spain as he wanted to
Is it a local praise toward supported him at the opening and crashed, saw it in two thousand to two? Thank him with a gift unconvinced, detective traded Vitali hands with a solution which revealed the presence of blood standing. A foreign seek investigation of ITALY's room at the welcoming, also revealed traces of paid a nuisance blood in the bathroom witnesses, including paid his wife MECCA. Positively identified Vitale as the man responsible for the motor. Furthermore, the figures found on the handle of the murder weapon, matched Vitaliano. With this discovery, the tunnel admitted to owning the weapon. Explain I mean that all russian men carried knives on them at all times. In case they came across a task that required the use of one, yet he conceded to purchasing the knife in question in Zurich with evidence mounting against him Vitali.
admitted to confronting pay Darius Ortiz home on the evening of February. Twenty four, however, he stopped short of confessing to the murder Maintaining he couldn't remember the events that followed the confrontation only that he had lost control and had probably killed Peter. The italian system, his intention in hiring a private investigator to obtain paid a nuisance. Personal information was the finally exposed the air traffic controllers identity to the public. In the end, he decided to make paid out before going to Impress believing a conversation with a man might change his attitude. Doctors Vitaly was at a higher risk of suicide and he was transferred from police custody to a psychiatric clinic.
Day. Natalia was allowed out of his room to socialize with other patients in the clinics common area to pass the time he would watch others play back eminent chess, but would never participate himself one day adopt a challenge to fatality to a game of chess and he accepted the tally. One twelve games against the doktor, him the nickname of grandmaster and confirming he was not only mentally sand and stable, but incredibly intelligent as doctors. And whether Vitale was fit to stand trial for paid a nuisance motor, the investigation into the two thousand, building in midair collision was finally completed in May two thousand for twenty two months after the catastrophe and three months after the murder of paid a noose The german Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident investigation released their full report.
it's storming led many to believe their language investigation was spurred by the format control his death to be right to know what they sound like. I should maintaining that the delay in their findings was due to officials being tied up with other investigations. The copper Hence it for one hundred and fourteen page investigation reports detailed all aspects of the crash from me. across and crews involved. Discards And the inner workings of their traffic control through conducting tests, research, analysis interviews and collecting evidence. The report reveals the full extent of paid a nuisance culpability in the catastrophic collision. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct ticking she met company combines declaration of a beauty
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Lawson and his fellow nauseous colleague was seated several feet apart at separate workstations dutifully above having their radar screens typical of the light shift. Swiss airspace was relatively empty with only a few aircraft passing through with such little Non paid his colleague decided to take a lengthy break, which was Usually accepted practice between colleagues tolerated bus, gargoyle management at nine p m paid. His colleague headed to the staff wound to take a nap, an act that would police, a dot m return to the control room in the early hours of the morning. Approximately ten minutes later, to sky God. Authorized technician stop, but it is worth station to inform him that would be carrying out maintenance work on the control. Tat was main right, our equipment, a task that would take approximately six hours, And would require the main telephone system to be shut down.
Such intrusive maintenance work, though uncommon was nice Sorry to ensure everything in the control tower was in constant working order. Upkeep occurred, not as such, disruptions would wreak havoc during the busy day shift. Pay could do little else, but accept the inconvenience at nine hundred and twenty five p dot m. they ve radio communications from the copy crew of era, Lloyd, Flood F, one one. Three five, which was coming into land at the Friedrichshafen Airport, adjourned city on the northern shoreline of Lake Constance. The flight had been scheduled to land earlier, but onyx the delays meant who is now running light and to the crew were eager to return to ground to monitor this asked Peter moved away from his own right ass grain and went to his colleagues on made workstation where he switched the screen to display a space of her Friedrichshafen Airport,
Friedrich softens runways were closed at night, meaning paid needed, find the airport to obtain clearance for the aircraft to land there outside operating hours, however, due to the ongoing maintenance work occurring at sky gods control. Taylor paid his phone temporarily out of order, and he was unable to make the call suddenly pay to receive radio communications from a new aircraft entering swiss airspace. Captain Alexander Grass, politics carrying airlines, flood data say to nine three seven radio gargoyles area control Center, identifying his aircraft and detailing flogging attitude at thirty six thousand feet just is paid turned to his own work station to acknowledge the best curing airlines blood. He was Immediately interrupted by the Aero, Lloyd Crew determined to land, they had started their final approach into Friedrichshafen.
This was a problem. Peter hadn't made contact with the airport said the plane didn't yet have clearance to land. Air traffic control as a used to juggling multiple flights at once, but with the added sure of working alone, the deficient fines and have to physically move between two right, ass grains Peter, was quickly becoming overwhelmed. He focused on what he deemed the most urgent task: ensuring the safe landing of the Arab League aircraft over the following minutes, Peter attempted to call Friedrichshafen Airport twice the tin. A vile he's. Fine one was still down paid a radio through to the era, Lloyd copied and explained that he had no fun connection and requested the crew contact the airport directly. The pilot replied, ok, we'll do
Meanwhile, at Karlsruhe I poured in South West in Germany and the traffic controllers but a danger on their right. Ass grain to aircraft were writing the Germany Switzerland border both cruising at thirty six thousand fate. One was northbound the other moving westerly within In it, the flock parts of bacteria airlines, flood beta, say to non three seven and day hygiene cargo slot. They hijack six one one. Wouldn't you say that, like Constance, resulting in a collision. As this particular section of airspace was underscored, God's jurisdiction, international Let traffic rules prevented the controller recalls why airport from directly communicating with either of the aircraft pots, instead the catch
Let's find scar, gods area Control Center in Zurich to warn them of the impending process, but they couldn't get through Scots Vines phones were still down Inside sky gods area Control Centre, Paden Usin, having dealt with the IRA, Lloyd, flawed, returned to his radar screen, immediately noticed that flights Ptc two thousand nine hundred and thirty seven into Dhx. Six hundred and eleven Rapidly approaching the same location over southern Germany, both flying at the same altitude, realising that were on a collision course paid a radio through to the to the left copied ordering kept. Alexander gross to the sand had. What did that? The true believes in built traffic collision avoidance system was in the process of rectifying the critical situation and had instructed captain grass to assent.
Paid a repeated his demand to expedite descent He's orders were actually directing the trooper live towards imminent collision to the crew that the other aircraft was in the trooper lives to a clock position winning actuality. The Boeing was in the ten o clock position. There was setting the decentralization of era was a result of paid, are becoming confused during this dreadful situation. Captain grass initiated dissent, as instructed by Pedro relieved here, diverted the crisis Peter had little time to settle here, snapped back to attention by the IRA, Lloyd Copy Crew, who radioed in with cold, nation nationwide made contact with Friedrichshafen Airport and had received permission to land. Peter moved away from his workstation to his colleagues radar screen to monitor the landing.
Around half a minute. Later, at nine hundred and thirty six p dot m pay the returns to his radar screen and witnessed the blips of float bait ac tune on thirty seven and if they Hx6211 suddenly disappear, The attempted to re establish radio communications with the trooper left, cockpit crew, but it was too late. And down by the bureau concluded the two thousand to rebuilding and media collision was largely due to two major causes. Firstly, paid a notion was not quick enough in noticing the danger of the collision. Secondly, the Tupolev crew made an error by obeying him and should have followed the commands provided by their take as equipment. Instead, despite these findings, the report determined pay to Nielsen was not responsible for the collision. It was severe
the critical towards scar, God faulting, the navigation company for allowing an air traffic controller to work alone and committing employees to take long breaks, despite such behavior being against regulations. Although scar, God management had informed paid her at the scheduled maintenance work, he was unaware of the detrimental impact it would have on the table. Is technical equipment? Aside from the fund, lines being shut down the radar software was also placed in a restricted mode, causing the system to work slower than usual, given the delay, it was highly likely painted, didn't fully understand the urgency of the situation as it was unfolding. This was indicated in the statements he provided immediately following the crash
He told investigators that he ordered the trooper led to descend two minutes before collision when in reality the order was given just forty three seconds prior. Furthermore, the issues that arise from the maintenance work men Pater spent more time than anticipated, coordinating the Airbus's light a rival to Friedrichshafen Airport. They also Back to the warning, calls from cars were airport about the impending collision. In addition, rightly to radio frequencies available to paid a nuisance. Workstation one was taken up by the airports and the other by the two pillars meaning transmissions from other flock ruse were unable to get through this men. He did not receive the radiation messages sent by Captain Pull Philips aboard the day. Highchair Boeing cargo jet, in which the pilot explicitly reported, he's aircrafts traffic collision avoidance system had ordered him.
The sand had paid a heard these messages and was aware of the Boeing's descent. It would never have ordered the trooper live to carry out the same action. Another factor working against Paedo was that the based optical collision warning system which provide in early alert to control, as when collisions are imminent, had also been switched off the maintenance. In conclusion, the report emphasised that individual such paid Nielsen. Captain Alexander Grass and Captain Pull Philips were not at fault for the cohesion and were in consequential to the poor organization, communication and management conducted by Sky God following publication of the bureau's report, a critical, I was also placed on the International civil Aviation organization when it was revealed that a year and a half prior to the EU in in midair collision a similar.
in an almost occurred in airspace over Japan on January thirty, one two thousand and one the fly positive to Japan. Airlines have on his cross, The coastal city of Yazoo, the traffic controller noticed the imminent danger, but in circumstances bore a chilling resemblance to the? U billing in media collision gave orders that were in conflict with the aircraft's traffic collision avoidance system. Luckily, one of the Let's made a visual contact with the other airlines and made a snap judgment to go against the instructions of the air traffic controller, proceeding to conduct an evasive maneuver. The two aircraft mistake other by me He made it with a ran one hundred crew members in passenger sustaining injuries in the process, some of them serious. This was not the only incident reporting. The International Civil aviation organization.
The two years leading up to the April in midair collision for similar Similan, Miss incidents involving pilots mistakenly obeying I, traffic control instead of their of equipment, had occurred in Europe. The japanese government appealed for international aviation authorities to implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future sensing. The situation was a disaster waiting to happen, but their request was initially met with silence the International Civil Aviation organization, only chose to act after the fatal e billing in midair collision, japanese officials later stated, The international civil aviation organization did not feel it was necessary to get involved with this, and they left entirely up to the japanese authorities. Had it been a collision, maybe would have gotten involved. They carried out
a detailed investigation of the incident in Japan and made recommendations that lead to changes in procedures. Do you believe in midair collision probably would not have happened Following the revelation that paid a notion was not personally responsible for the Berlin in midair collision. The true senselessness of his death became clear flowers, candles and messages of condolence started to appear around the nuisance. Homestead, the former public enemy, now a victim of circumstance, a colleague of pages remarked that was just this that is ten. You can imagine. I knew his family on you how much he loved his kids and wife debate report had no impact on Vitale colored circumstances. Who was Molly charged with the premeditated killing of paid a notion, a crime and a swiss law which was position between Malta and manslaughter.
Support is rallied throughout Russia. On behalf of Attali, bearing signs with the slogan, freedom to collective. the crowds included relatives of the youth school children who firmly believed sky God. Shortcomings caused the chain of tragic events leading to pay the notions motor and thus swiss authority should be pursuing the company and a viewing the tallies actions with sympathy. The trial for the premeditated killing a painting usin began on October twenty five, two thousand and five the tally Calais. I've took the stand where he explained to the court do you believe in MID air collision ended, he's alive cry by the overwhelming loss of his family, the tally stated, I have been lily, in the cemetery for almost two years sitting behind their graves.
Vitaly presented the contractual agreement he received from Skarsgard's, lawyer's dated November 11th, two thousand and three in which the he offered him monetary compensation for the deaths of sweat, Donna Constantine Indiana. In return for not pursuing legal action against the company, the tally explained you is. fury. I did. I ve got guides initiative to haggle leather, he's dead family admitting to the court that he flew into a rage after receiving the letter, smashing the furniture anytime, Quite how well should react to the offer to so my children. They demanded that I'll give up my family. This was an attempt to solve the financial problems of the company at the expense of my dead children. They do not just want the pay me off. They wanted me to give up all the claims to all possible culprits of the disaster so that they themselves could make
Thanks to them, the tally explained he never wanted to cause physical suffering to anybody, and I only have a sword, and ecology from the head of scar, God, chief executive, Ellen Rossiya, whom Vitale called the main culprit of the air crash When Rossiya denied fatalities, request for an apology, Vitali sought out the next person in the chain of blame paid a notion. The tally walked through the days leading up to his confrontation, with paid out. upon arriving Tis Erik the tally, left his hotel room and purchased the knife from enable a supermarket. He then set out on the half hour, walk to the nuisance, suburban flat, where he waited neighbour.
I until he laid eyes on pizza for the first time over the following days, he stalked the former air traffic controller to the bus, stop and watched as the father of three walked. His children around a pond near his own Vitale, hoped to say a hint of sorrow will conscience, something that would make him change his mind, but saw no Think of the sword. On the evening of February twenty four the tally took a seat on a garden chair. Neither Nielsen's patio Peter emerged from the house and questioned who Vitali was to which he responded. I am Russia. Vitale opened the envelope he had brought with him, which contained graphic images of his children's bodies. Distressed pater asked the graving father. What do you want from me pushing the photos into paid his chest? Vitale responded.
You could do this and go unpunished. What would you feel if you saw your children in coffins Vitale? find to say, arrogance and contempt in paid his eyes ass. He swore the photos away, closing them to flutter to the ground. The tally till I have watched as they fell, quite. I only remember that I had a very disturbing feeling as if the bodies of my children were turning over in their graves. he recalled pulling out his north, although still maintained, he could not remember what happened next. Insisting everything went black It took paid a notion, roughly two minutes to bleed to death. As his wife watched on helplessly the tally fled the same. Tossing the murder weapon into a man of snow on his way back to his hotel. His first memory was taking out the envelope of photographs and realized
the images of his children were stained with blood. He looked down at his clothes and realised that he too was covered with blood. The tally down to two bottles of vodka, using some of the alcohol to wash the blood of his hands. He then shall it and put his bloodstained klutz into a paper bag which he took to the streets outside and dumping been afterwards. He went to the hotel bar for a drink before retiring to bed for the night, where he slept peacefully without nightmares for the first time in a year and a half the following morning, the tall he went to the hotel, restaurant and drank two cups of coffee before visiting a local church when he returned to his hotel room, he packed his suitcase. Then, why exhausted on the bed way
fell asleep. He wanted gallus later at five p m. When the police arrived, the tallies lawyer argued for diminished responsibility, asserting the grating father suffered an emotionally field, Blackie out upon his confrontation with paid out in which he lost all control. The prosecution were unconvinced. Vitaly wasn't fully aware of his actions. The leaving the defendant was by burning desire for revenge to inflict Tom on data, as evidenced by the fact he took an off to what he insisted was a peaceful end. After two days of proceedings, the tally collect was found guilty for the premeditated killing of paid a notion and sentenced to eight years in prison. When the verdict was announced, Vitale refused to stared telling the court. I am accused of burying my children,
Why would I stand up outside court fatalities? Brother Yuri shed report his photographs of the bodies of the russian children who died in the in MID air collision and said I had to tend to the trial of my brother today, instead of a trial of those who killed, seventy one people, a government official from the tallies hometown who attended the trial as a private citizen. Report. Reporters sky God can be happy and sleep calmly, Galva Tally will be in prison and Nielsen who bore the brunt of the company. Scenes is no longer with us. During the memorial service marking, the second anniversary of the building in midair collision paid, a Nelson was listed among the victims of the tragedy and a separate candle was laid in his owner.
Now they are turning over. His daughter perished in the crash spoke out in support of the former air traffic controller. Stating we didn't want paid to be killed. We didn't want to have more victims related to that catastrophe because of their children. However, many other relatives of the deceased russian schoolchildren spoken defensive Italian in a joint statement. They rode only. We parents who have lost their children in this terrible accident can fully understand the abyss of grief and the desperation of ITALY to lawyers. After the death of his children and wife, we, the parents of the dead children Are we outraged that a criminal investigation into the plane crash and the death of seventy one people has not yet been completed and the specific guilty persons of Sky God have not been convicted? In fact, none of the perpetrators suffered even administrative punishment.
At the same time, the trial of Vitaly colleagues who was accused of the murder of one swiss citizen took place one year after the incident Tommy cholera is not an avenge killer, but an unfortunate victim of a tragedy that destroyed his whole life, Parents and relatives of the dead wood for school children found at least some strength, communicating and supporting each other in a common grave. Metallica tall Calliope, was alone with his laws. Having lived. as the year in the cemetery next to the graves of ISA, loved ones in this situation of living and cannot calmly and adequately to save the irresponsibility, indifference and cynicism of the perpetrators of a plane crash trying to evade responsibility.
The inhuman cynical attitude towards someone else's grave was manifested in the absence of official condolences and apologies to the families of the deceased and later the remove Let the sky, God Directorate from contact with lawyers defending our interests if in Russia. Had apologize to the relatives of the victims paid a nuisance might still be alive. Terrible plane crash on July, one two thousand two: there are guilty people Who, under the laws of a civilized society, must bear the appropriate punishment? The general director of the sky by company, Alan Russia and the direct organizers of the flight safety device service should sit in the dock, parents and relatives of the deceased children. A white justice.
On August, seven, two thousand and six four years after the U Bowling in MID air collision, families of the victims felt a collective sense of justice. When a swiss prosecutor filed seventy one charges of negligent manslaughter against a sky God employees, four of those charged were air traffic managers responsible for overseeing the area control Center. On the night of the crash, the others were Squad guard officials who had not working at the time of the collision during this has the money the manages denied any called the ability, instead the control is on duty. At the time of the crash for unprofessional conduct, including paid knows him do that claimed poorly handled the events that led to the collision
They claim they had no reason to foresee this guy gods. Practice of leaving not chief control us alone, which had since Bain Ban, could ever prove dangerous state prosecutor's accused sky boy to management of turning a blind eye to breaches of international safety regulations. Specifically the long established practice of being only one control ought to monitor swiss airspace while another took a break. the prosecution, also data. The investigations. Findings that determined paid a new thing was not fully aware of the extent of how the maintenance work would impact his ability to conduct these Judy safely and effectively. They. You'd sky God in management, should have made greater efforts to explain these issues to paid a prior to. We shift the swiss cord agreed with the prosecutions argument that the disaster was caused by
Quite a chain reaction of breaches of duty and casual neglect Judge runner, hula ruled scar guides management had contributed to an inconceivable tragedy. Quite none of the accused can excuse themselves with the idea that another person could prevent the disaster. Stopping the entire Zurich AIR control at not with only one controller, goes completely against the air traffic security principles. Judge drawn up stated, the sky guides manages, could have averted the disaster but prohibit the second control, from leaving paid a noose and align quite the same I have been on coffee breaks, would have been enough to prevent the accident bowl of the accused had the authority to ensure that two air traffic controllers were present in September. Two thousand and seven Judge Reiner delivered his.
It finding all four of Sky Gaza Control manages guilty of seventy one cans of negligent manslaughter in sentences condemned, is grossly inadequate by the victims. Families three of the managers were handed one year suspended sentences The fourth was ordered to pay a fine of one hundred and fifty swiss francs, the equivalent of approximately two hundred strolling dollars. The remaining force guy got officials were rage, acquitted Following the results of the cold case squad, God finally accepted full responsibility for the two thousand two e billing in midair collision, offering thirty victims, families financial compensation, while those who pursued legal action received payment in and out of court settlement in a public statement, Sky God admitted way
For our part, I convinced that this tragedy is attributable primarily to systemic causes in the interplay between Paypal, technology and procedures, sky, God, chief executive, Ellen Rossiya had admitted quite mistakes were made by us and we regret them daily. We acknowledge. Our responsibility has set out in the german Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation report, and we ask the families of the victims for forgiveness, swiss present Kaspar Villiger offered an official apology to Russia on behalf of his country. The government also accepted some of the blame concluding that should not have handed control. portion of various based to a profit foreign company that had obvious management issues. The tally have spent the beginning of his prison sentence in Aceh.
Gatwick Institution, where he spent his days longing to visit his family's grave. After two years he was transferred to a medium security prison during his first stroll through the prison yard. Vitali claimed that almost all of the other prisoners approached him to express their. Spect for what he did. The russian government lobbied on fatalities behalf claiming his mental condition. At the time of paid a nuisance, MOTA was not sufficiently considered upon his sentencing and experts. Archologist testified at trawl that fatality was in a state of effect at the time at the killing, and it was therefore not possum to prove his in ten. Given the tragedy had caused enough political, grave and conflict between the countries. The tally, collective was relate,
though, never right, two thousand seven on the order of Switzerland's highest court. After serving just three years of his ideas sentence the tall he returned to Russia, his business class they paid for by his supporters upon arriving home. He was greeted boy, enthusiastic crowds who lauded him as a euro for seeking justice on behalf of these country. The tally tall gathering report is that he did not regret the murder nor consider himself a hero. He returned to live in the three story: red brick, I'm he designed for his family, local jobs Analysts named Vitaly Man of two thousand and seven in two thousand and nine. The local government appointed the former architect the role of deputy minister of Construction of the republic, a decision that was met with negative reception in Switzerland.
The tall over so many federal and international construction projects, including the build up a television tower in his home town of letter, Kafka's, the cow Cassius Musical and Cultural Centre and the sports policy, its can finally He appreciated his government work as a distraction. They gave him a sense of community involvement, holding the position until his retirement in January. Two thousand and sixteen. Switzerland's government eventually asked Vitaly to repay the costs of using conservation, which amounted to one hundred and fifty thousand swiss francs. The tally refused to do so, stating even if I had this money, I would have given it to an orphan, each or some other charity, definitely not to Switzerland in,
It s an twelve the timely returned to Germany to attend the ten year anniversary Memorial Service of the U billing and media collision as he was still on a swiss watch list. He was detained by german authorities upon his arrival to the country that. Ali was angry, studying he had as much right to attend the ceremony as anyone else. He had served his time improving himself, a respected member. If he's community after being detained for questioning for most of the day, the tally was released when russian diplomats a great to accompany him during his stay in Germany. By this point, he had already missed the memorial service. The tally has since reflected on the fateful night in July, two thousand and two where he awaited the arrival of his family to Spain. Quiet when you're about to see your family. You don't expect anything bad to happen. You will just
I believe, neither in bad presages nor in science, from above. I only believe in what I say. After all that happened. I am annoyed with God. Russians remain divided about the Tories actions, those who admire him on the river, whether they would have the strength to do what aid a member of an organization dedicated to helping the relatives of air crash victim, stated commitment. A hero, those guilty of causing air crashes often remain unpunished. Such a radical punishment is the only way to make them carry responsibility for their crimes. The tally has received hundreds of handwritten letters of support with some coming from his far away as Canada and Australia, and even Germany and Switzerland.
The tally, gratefully raids, every piece of mail and case the letters carefully stored away. A supporter from Moscow wrote to him. If it were up to me, I'd put the entire world and your fate. If more people were like you, the world would be a better place. The Russians are horrified by attali, celebrity status and regard him as a murderer. One critic stated: quite: we live in a very sick society. This is the clean mentality which Stalin successfully and stood in the minds of our ancestors and our people, and now the authorities are appealing deliberately again to this primitive and barbarity, and psychology. In two thousand. Sixteen, on the eve of his 60th birthday, Natali was awarded the highest state metal totaled. to the glory of a satyr. The
it was presented for his role in improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the region, educating the younger generation and for maintaining law and order. Despite the investigation and court rulings, concluding the paid a was not responsible for the two thousand and two building in media collision. Collision timely remains remorseless about taking the former air traffic controllers life. Why he's nobody to me? He was an idiot and that's why he paid for it with his life if ve been smell,
What are the wouldn't have been like this? If he'd invited me into the house, the conversation would have happened in softer tones and the tragedy might not have happened. I think about his children. They're growing up healthy full of life. His wife is happy with their children. The grandparents are happy with the grandchildren who am I happy with, or don't really take offense at people who call me a murderer. People who said. That would betray their own children, their own motherland, protected the honour and memory of my children. It's an interview with a russian newspaper. Vitale insisted he does not want any pity when asked. If paid in Nielsen's death has since, given him closure, Vitaly responded, I don't think so. Killing him didn't make me feel any better,
following the publication of the bureau's investigation into the two thousand to two in MID air collision, a total of Nineteen safety recommendations to limit the chance of such a rare, catastrophic event ever happening again Recommendation advanced pilots that, if conflicting instructions, a simultaneous Lee shoot from their aircraft traffic collision avoidance system and air traffic control that order, given by takers, take precedence standing in the entrance Hall of Sky gods headquarter. in theory is a two made. A high commemorative sculpture made a blue glass and stone. The sculpture consists of seventy two shimmering garden wing symbols that appear to ascend and they send the same time each wing.
Represents a victim who lost their life as a result of the two thousand and two jubilee in MID Air collision, including pay Danielson located in each case. Out of the collision is a monument consisting of several joint still bulls connected by a broken che. Symbolizing the loft thread of so many people abruptly and irrevocably tone on the nod of July, one two thousand to the outward expand several countries, including Russia in Switzerland, with the majority scattered throughout the open and countryside in southern Germany. The monument was inspired by the Pope necklace Boy, you're out Deanna Collective was given by her father, which was found in pieces beneath the oder tree where small body was discovered in. Instead
Jane written in German on a memorial park at the side of the crash translates as follows: in the midst of our lives, we are surrounded by death
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