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Case 109: Belanglo (Part 2)

2019-03-30 | 🔗
[Part 2 of 5] After the remains of two bodies are found in Belanglo State Forest, New South Wales police establish a task force to oversee the investigation into the double homicide. Fearing that more remains will be discovered, a wide-scale search of Belanglo is conducted but the murder is ultimately considered to be an isolated incident. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by the Anonymous Host Episode written by Elsha McGill For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-109-belanglo-part-2
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Air episodes, deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local crisis center. The suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine aids for this episode on your app or on our website. On September, twenty naughty naughty to nice. wells police officers gathered under the eucalyptus trees in the rugged depths of Belanglo State Forest the crime scene. In what appeared to be a double homicide the graveside was located a significant distance from the Hume Highway Branching off from the night away down a bumpy red dust. Road Thirty made a high point, trees the kilometers of pon plantations reached an end. The terrain transformed into dense bushwhack intersected by a series of narrow fire trials.
This area was only accessible on foot or via vehicles designed specifically to go off road, meaning the killer had gone to great lengths to take his victims off track and likely owned or had access to a four wheel drive. It is of clothing and jewelry found in proximity to the bodies indicated. There was a strong chance. One of the victims was Joanna Walter's between two year old, Welsh Backpacker, who was last seen, leaving Sydney's kings crossed district five months earlier. If this initial conjecture proved accurate, the strong possibility that the second written could be Joanna travelling companion. One year old, English backpack, a car alarm clock. both women had disappeared in April, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, friends and family. They planned on he'd, shocking, share from Sidney towards Victoria. Before me in their way up to Western Australia to commence fruit. Picking work efforts,
the locate the two missing women at the time they vanished were unsuccessful. Noticed you'll try, survey, the or Caroline was ever found given their heavily decomposed state, the human remains, couldn't be identified until further forensic testing was conducted with there. Since, if missing people in a strategy or at the time police were hesitant to draw any immediate conclusions. The policeman, person fronted. The media saying They sought ruling out any thing at this stage and will be looking at all. Having used to try to identify the bodies. There is nothing at this stage to suggest that it is Joanne and Caroline, but of course, We will be looking at missing persons files to try to find something. two days later, on September, twenty two dental,
Goods provided by the parents of Joanne and Caroline confirmed the remains on covered in the language law were indeed their daughters, when's father right, Walter's, told the media. We are naturally terribly upset how to imagine what we ve gone through, sentiment was shared by Caroline's Father ain't clock who said Caroline was looking for a change of direction and hoped the trip would be a good way of seeing the world, but in doing so she said the dark side of human nature, Ferenc, experts, experts, determined, Joanne and Caroline's remains had been in painting glow since April, meaning what killed shortly after they went missing, autopsies revealed, both women had fallen victim to what police described as ferocious, and sustained attacks. The lack of defence
wanes indicated that were both restrained and remained banned throughout their ordeal, Joann Walters Head upwards of fourteen stab wounds throughout her 20s In gag using three strips of material, which appeared to have been torn from a size, forty one men shirt tied in an over under pool, not a garage luck vice used for strangulation lay on the ground near by. Caroline clocks body, like thirty metres from Joe ends her head wrapped in his sweatshirt, riddled with bullet holes. Bullets had penetrated her skull from close range, and she had also sustained a knife wound. Through her back ballistic experts determined the bullets shot from a twenty two caliber rifle seven bullets recovered from Caroline Skull, and there remain The three were found in the soil beneath her remains tense,
Winchester brain cartridge cases were found three metres from Carolines body discuss, False NATO's from Caroline's body with six cigarette butts five would her preferred brand with the brand of the six unknown It couldn't be established whether it was Caroline who her killer, who had smoked the cigarettes. If there were rolling hired by the perpetrator the amount of time it would take them, the do meant they would have spent an unusually long time at the crime scene. An area of trampled down Bush Nebula was now showing signs of re growth since Testing some of the attack may have occurred there. Forty meters away investigators came across several bricks. Circling a small pile of ash, the remnants The shift fire pit. the crime scene, was a considerable distance from the main road leading in
the greatest believed the killer was logo to the area and familiarity of billing delays layout cleaning the secluded areas, less trouble now Possibilities were rodya with police, Considering many scenarios. including the more than one killer, was involved and that there were more bodies in the forest.
Detectives from the New South Wales, homicide squad joined forces with local offices to conduct a full scale, search of the crime scene, and it's surrounds more than one hundred police officers, rescue workers and sniffer dogs, tractable angular state forest, as Scoured damsel nearby private properties but the she saw us of the forest which consisted of Ghali's Stay pills, Craigs thick trees, and dense shrubbery made. This Joe monumental task display the extensive efforts of everyone involved, nothing else. So significance was uncovered music, the motives of Joanne, Walters and Caroline Clock, the families of other missing packages with dread
Nobody had shade. Sister Anna had disappeared with her boyfriend Gabor nor Kabila from Sidney need nine months earlier, nor that stated, we are very sad that these girls were found dead, because this, They could have happened to one year and above all, in vain to guide us, did look into the files of other missing backpack is defiled defined Anything to suggest that any made a similar fate to that of Joanne and Caroline as such, We are down their search a blank alone and instead, focused on finding the killer, a police, spikes. And told the astronomer newspaper, this just covered a wide enough area for us to dismiss speculation, that there are other bodies, the morgue It is obviously not what they surges form. To find evidence on the two girls found demoted attacks.
force was established with twelve detectives assigned to work on the case for time, but there were was cut out for them, as they had very little to go on just weeks, into their investigation, conceded they had virtually no leads. the link below was frequented by residents of the nearby small southern Harlin's town of Barrow. Therefore as the backdrop provided them with the opportunity to engage in an abundance of outdoor activities, including Bush walks, picnics, camping and four wheel driving, yet Upon the chilling discovery of human remains within the Lange allows debts many I'll be out to never return. On Barrow resident, remarked accomplice, Leave that such a peaceful place could be the scene of something so awful. Violent crime was virtually unheard of in Barrow,
speculation that the killer could live locally, led members of the community to why each other with suspicion one resident said for all. I know it could be anybody that you drink with at the pub it could be anybody You pass in the main street just have a way to night on October, for Two weeks after joining Walter's into Caroline Clock were found mourners gathered in the remote area of Belinda Low, for what the Walter's family taught owed a service serenity, relatives if both young women were in attendance, Where members of the local community The waters and clock families insisted the event. Wasn't a funeral on the moral service but away to thank the australian people for their support and recognise the efforts of police and the Barrow community in finding their daughters.
It also aims to expand the evil that had taken place in the forest to ensure Joanne and Caroline solves could rest in peace and over asked sky stretched above the forest drizzling rain down on the crowds is daily candles and laid rates a wealthy flag. Was draped over the site wage away and was found in some Thirty metres away the union Jack flag, lay where Caroline was discovered. The rain began to a single minister, father, staving gray, began. These opening address, declaring war, come here to this place, a place where, Something wicked happened to call In the power of God said this place will be peaceful again. members of the Sydney Wash choir sang a popular folk song from their homeland move on. We at the conclusion of the service. They sang you'll, never walk alone, during which
the clouds parted and this shone down upon the forest. Following the service, Jo Ann's father said, I just couldn't leave without thanking the australian people for how they've helped us have gone home without this service would have been leaving. Something out where putting this area back to Hell. It was and putting the to rest what was considered to be one of the most widespread and exhaustive investigations conducted by the New South Wales police force. This for Joe IN and Carolines Killer, resulted in thousands of lines of inquiry across the street and the UK. With more Five hundred people formerly intervene detective. Instead, the ball, the garden, who was awaiting Joanne and Carolines Motor Inquiry, stated
investigations have covered literally millions of square kilometers, both here in Australia and overseas, detect if, if travelled extensively threw out New South Wales, intimating quarries in areas such as water, water, neuron, draw Wentworth Nera and southern islands yourself. whilst police have also travelled to Victoria Queensland and Australia is part of their investigations. I can assure the community that dozens of experienced detectives have poured thousands of hours into this murder investigation and we remain calm. as achieving a breakthrough. Despite these efforts, the invest The geisha struggled to make any considerable progress during the new shop, while state government to offer a one hundred thousand dollar reward. But the monetary offer did little to rejuvenate the languishing investigation. Detail. force continued its inquiries. But what began with a team of
twelve detectives working on the case. Full time was rigid. To just three on Over five nineteen, ninety three, a little The one year since joining Walter's and Caroline Clock were found, a local man, Ninety burst prior was driving through Belinda low in search of firewood something he had always done better The motives Bruce Remit the extra observant while collecting wood on the offshore, She came across anything police admit to during their search. on this particular day, Bruce along the upper end of the long acre fire trial. he was in a remote area of dense scrub. Located approximately five hundred metres from wage, a wine and Caroline remains, were found. He park car and ventured off the fire. Try on foot heading deep into well legalize rugged terrain,
the walking inward for about one hundred babies Bruce noticed he'd debate, human failure both on the ground. He continued through the boy for about twenty made is where he made. Another startling discovery several more bones and a human scale. Bruce raised the alarm at the closest arranges her and the police were contacted. upon their arrival, Bruce led them to discovery. a cursory search of the area uncovered more bones: teeth and decaying women's clothing, hidden under piles of sticks and bracken the silver chain, crucifix and bracelet containing small stones were located near the bones. Further away, a pair of pantyhose, were found with the lower Rand's tied into slip, knots having clear we been used as a restrained.
if decomposed fabric was thought to have been used as a gag for the red and yellow electrical type were also recovered from the same. two hours later just twenty two made his west from the first set of remains police, came a pair of men, Santa Cruz, visible, well under a large pile of sticks and branches at the base of a tree under the pile was the skeleton of a second body. parallels were immediately drawn between this double homicide, crime scene and the one established in the same forest. The year prior, both sets of victims were coded in close proximity and had been covered in a similar manner by forest. The brain. Four hundred metres from the newly discovered remains, was a tree trunk peppered with non bullets. I D, which were to damage to be identified, but annoyance, which was confirmed to have come from a twenty two caliber rifle
the same weapon used against Caroline Clark. both prime things were position too close to the remnants of our camp sites in the case The second crime scene, the campsite was one hundred metres away from where the victims lie and included a fire pit built from Bush rocks. Investigators considered whether the killer had camped out with these victims before turning on them stayed in the area of after the lies. Based on the remoteness and proximity of the two crime scenes. Authorities believed this. I'm killer was responsible for all for debts, and today we're still certain. There were dealing with a local who was familiar with the forest superintendent, Claude Small quote, You wouldn't expect a person just driving past to go today's debts.
The recently uncovered skeletal remains was sent for post mortem examination and identification. Meanwhile, speculation ran Roth as to who they might be theory centralized on missing german backpacking Gabor nor and his girlfriend Tanya had shade who alone Same leaving their hostel in Sydney just over a year and a half earlier, please express our opinion that the remains appear to have been in the forest for approximately twelve months. a fellow dating theories. They were those of the german couple yet for it. The testing revealed the remains had in fact spent close to five years in the bush. Land ruling out any possibility that, with the boar and danger investigators, waited for results of the post mortem. They checked
persons records to determine whether any other foreign backpacking had disappeared from New South Wales. Around five years ago. Days later, both by These were positively identified and and at all who many were expecting Given the media, attention had focused primarily on missing international backpackers, not as much Should be mentioned about the December nineteen, eighty nine disappearance of nineteen year old restraining couple, James, Gibson and Deborah Everest Day, Seen in Sydney, suburb hills with the intention to hitchhike south to Aubrey, ever had a broken jaw and fractured skull system. Buy solid object such force, trauma would have led to unconsciousness and possibly even caused the hemorrhage brain damage or death.
Several deep gashes across her skull were caused by a large knife or sword like object markings on the ribeiro of her back was caused by a thirty millimeter wide blade. I'm Gibson was found in the fatal position having been step in a frenzied manner, seven times throughout his body I can show in Walter's into Caroline Clock, not James, nor Deborah, had defensive wounds indicate and they too were restrained, detectives return to that focus to James Gibson's, 35Ml, Rico, brand camera, which is being found on Galston Gorge Road on December thirty, one one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine one day, The couple went missing hosting gorge. Road was located one hundred and fifty kilometres, Northumberland alone, in the opposite, Russian to James and is intended destination Nero agree. James Backpack
It also being found on ghosting go at road months after the couple was disappearance contain upon NATO's. Despite there being No pine trees in that area. Disallow investigators to believe James into Deborah had been killed in Berlin Collar State Forest. On December thirty, nineteen, eighty nine, the debt that will last seen alive, The killer had then gone to considerable efforts to dump James is belongings along ghost and gold road. The next day, perhaps in it, and to mislead police. upon hearing news that James and Deborah were found, the guy Soon endeavours families were left, shouted having contained hope throughout the years that their children were still alive. James's sister Marianne told the media James, but such a good person very, very talented and good fun and gentle the wrongs.
Sort of person to meet a violent end, and meeting was held in Barrow, where local police warned the one hundred and twenty residents in attendance about the dangers of each arguing and jumping or what, alone. Terrified, locals, bombarded police with questions desperate tonight whether they believed more victims lay undiscovered in the forest. All the wall attending Investigators inconspicuously scanned the crowd for anyone who stood out as suspicious Parents of Joanne Walter's into Caroline Clock, made an appeal for the people of Barrow via video pleading. for anyone with information to come forward. sizing the importance of finding their daughters, backpacks, which were still missing and possibly significant clues, Deborah Rivers, brother team, said if anyone knows anything about the murders,
would they feel if it was their sister, mother, daughter, brother or father that this had happened to think of it like that,. Feel great, the Barrow community with many citizens. Stating that were too scared to leave the house homes once kept open by trusting residents were now locked up with local. was hesitant to move about at night alone. For one regional store. Harlan security business doubled his the sale locks and alarms increased. To help solve the murders of joy and Malta's Caroline Clock, James Gibson and Deborah Everest. Did you say whilst police force established task force. Their initial consisting of fifteen detectives to Intel Since analysts and seven forensic investigators all lead superintendent Clive Small, the world.
spected astute detective was renowned phase investigation into the nineteen. Eighty seven shooting of undercover new sapphires police officer, Muckle jury was also responsible for reviewing the rape and kidnapping charges laid against former New South Wales police. Detective superintendent, Harry Blackburn, discovered evidence that proved Blackburn's innocence. Thus, saving him from being sent to prison for crimes. He didn't commit hunt for the killer presented, serious challenges, pataskala say A considerable amount of time had passed since the four murders and police said so far, failed to uncover any evidence to point towards a prime suspect. Small assembled, a tough, reliable team of detectives whom he trusted some had. recently worked on the investigation into notorious serial killer. John Wayne Glover.
Small fronted the media and publicly declared that they were likely hunting down a serial killer or killers quote. There are some similarities. decades, our way heading in the direction of a common offender or offenders we have very conscious of the fact, the two sets of bodies were found in a straight line. Five hundred to six hundred made us apart investigation will be extended to look at other missing, backpackers and missing persons. Warnings about the dangers of hitchhiking were issued with small play, with travellers not to accept, derives from strangers under any circumstances. He's warning seemed to fall on deaf ears, with several back he's telling journalists for this morning herald the murders wouldn't deter them from he talking is. They were wrong type budgets and it was the chief, this mode of transport.
task forces. First, major assignment was to develop a plan to conduct the most thorough search possible of blank. Allow state forest The team used satellite imagery to identify any changes in the density of the vegetation since the late nineteen 1980s. In the hope it would help locate potential burial sides GB yes, was used to plot points on maps and mark locations where bodies and evidence has so far been located. While a command post was established in the forest and staff, the round the clock, Forensic investigators were on standby to attend any newly discovered crime scenes which police certain existed each day. losses containing hundreds of police and state emergency service. Volunteers from surrounding regions arrived to the forest working in teams of forty They traversed the scrub in search warrants on their hands and knees to condemn
the dogs specially trained to working rough terrain, were also coding. an area extending five square kilometers outwards from the known chrome, saints was scoured Things also retracing areas covered in previous searches, anytime, the person located in item of interest? They were advised to yell find after we, the team later of the girl would assess the autumn and make contact with the command post a police. spokesperson provided the media with an update on the search advising we have and nothing so far to suggest that there are more bodies out there. But we certainly can't discount the possibility that there are at the moment consolidating the information that is coming to the investigative unit and sifting through that for late.
the the place pieces of physical evidence. Investigators had that could link them directly to the killer or killers. Whether recovered bullet and cartridge cases that were determined to have been fired from a twenty two caliber rifle to find the noise for not used in the attacks was a far more difficult task. As forensic acts. It's we're not yet able to distinguish whether the same one or several were used in the slayings superintendent. Small stated, You don't have as many opportunities to chase up a knife as you do a firearm for locating the firearm and its owner became a major facet of task forces investigation super tending cloths, more requested. Anyone who owned a twenty two caliber rifle to come forward to eliminate themselves from the investigation is detectives. The gun dealers within the barrel area planes
to question all two thousand two. His gun owners in the southern highlands region and to extend search nationwide, if required,. every line of inquiry was followed up by task force. No major breakthroughs. In that case, things were beginning to Slow down in Berlin color in the afternoon of November. One ninety, ninety three four weeks, after James Gibson and Deborah Everest, were found a group of they were asked to do. One final sweep of their allocated area of the forest deal says were exhausted and disheartened, They had been searching for close to a month straight and to uncover anything of importance. Nevertheless, the group formed directed. trawling in a single file in an area of Bush land like I did approximately forty metres of a fire trial known as mine, is despair
never towards the outer limits of the designated search area. A few Kilometers away from where the full bodies have been uncovered as the officers inspected, the rugged terrain and sifted through the fallen branches and foliage one stopped in their tracks. they raised their hand in the air and yelled find. Mom's are amazing: it tracking down hard to find items. Library, books, socks, you name it, but sometimes help is welcomed care not. Makes it easy to find babysitters near you sitters with the experience Does your family needs like after school pickup and homework help you just post a job for qualified sitters to apply and since all care, dot com? Caregivers are background, checked
you can feel confident about interviewing and hiring together child care help. You need sign up now at care, dot, com. Forensic investigators, cord and off the area near the miners despair fire trial where police, uncovered more human skeletal remains along with Personal items, including jewelry, and point the bones: I sent for forensic testing where Dental what's confirmed, they belonged to missing german backpacker twenty one year old, surmount middle some had been missing for almost three years. She was last seen alive in January, non, say. Ninety one walking towards Hume Highway. With plans to hitchhike south to Melbourne. As in the case of several of the other victims, fanned involuntarily Simone, I've been stabbed multiple times with extreme force. It's a show
and fifty metres from her body. With its front slashed open a with a length of soft wire tied in the shape of a noose. Superintendent club small, fronted the media, confirming that police were of the opinion that surround killer was the same person responsible for the murder of James Gibson. Deborah Everest Joanne Walters Caroline Clock. Leading criminologist, Professor Duncan Campbell from the Australian Institute of Criminology, The agency's Paiva that it would be an unusual case if a serial killer was responsible for all slayings, as quite They don't usually kill across genders and normally kill more than one person at a time. Search of the language. I ran up once again in what was shouting out to be one of the largest homicide investigations ever conducted in New South Wales or father Agent of the forest,
concentrate their efforts on the three for trials within the vicinity of the grey sides. Long I got mine is despair and a tree cave. Three days later, on November, fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three steam was searching a rocky bluff. Approximately thirty metres from the tree K fire trial about Kilometer raised from western man, Schmidl remains were found enough this body to women's brand sandal with a broken strap amongst the forest. The brain. A ten made a walk on woods, underneath a stack of branches and the next will partially burned log play a human skeleton. The area was immediately sued off by forensic investigators who made, Another green discovery, just fifty made us away where underneath appall of logs, they feel. The remains of a second body, the plane.
you get shoes, a watch and jewelry were found close by as a brow with multiple stead marks a pair of black leggings and Pink James. Wrapped in underwear inside the James was a pace of pink color cloth. Nodded a vague shape, reminiscent of the bandanna taught mosques worn by cowboys in movies. I made restraint made from black insulation tape, sash cord and plastic. Electrical toys was also recovered, along with several other pieces of black electrical tape and the blue and yellow robe tied the former seventy centimeter loop, LUCA one end and the twelve and tomato loop at the other. Dental records, confirmed the identity of their remains to be those of missing german backpacker twenty one year old, Gabor nor Gabelle, ah, indeed, twenty year old girlfriend and yeah. I'm shade.
The couple was last seen alive, checking out if they are still in Sydney's kings Cross area. Almost two years earlier in December, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one yeah. I had been stabbed multiple times in the torso internally. I've been decapitated with a single powerful blow to the back of the neck by machete, sword or acts. the spot extensive surges of the surrounding area. The skull was never recovered the boy had been shot in the back of the head six times and is higher than fractured likely caused by forceful press, applied to his neck in an active strangulation. He was act with a piece of material that appeared to have been torn from a child's dress or apron. Curiously, the gag the entire using a reef not which is of particular interest to me. Best together is as the not used
the gag on Joanne Walters was done using a simple over the pool not varieties hinted that it was possible more than one person was involved in the crimes. Doktor paid a broad hers, a forensic pathologist from the New South Wales Institute of Forensic Medicine, had been responsible for conducting the post mortem examinations of all seven. The lingo victims he noted, significant differences, as the killings progressed, the first three victims Jane Gibson, Deborah Everest and cement schmidl had been subject to blur forced trauma and frenzied stabbings later, and you have shade Gabor. Bela, Joanne, Walter's and Caroline Clock had also violent may step that the killer, and ask alighted to include the shootings, ended the competition as news, Read that the Belinda low murder count had risen soup
independent, cloths, more fronted, the media commenting. I think it would be fair to say that, given we now have seven bodies that do have a serial killer. There are, The similarities, the from the road. The distance the bodies, the manner Which they were covered and the fact that I have been after some time would lead us stage. To conclude, they are connected. four bullets recovered from a bore, no good hours remains, was shot from a twenty two caliber rifle the same The forum used against the Caroline Clock I need. Two bullets had left his skull from the same exit wound. The couldn't be located at the crime scene, despite police, sifting, the soil and employing the use of metal detectors, this to the belief. Gabor was shot elsewhere in the Bush land.
Approximately one hundred and sixty meters from Gabor and annual crime scene was a location investigators named area array. The space which appear to have been used by the killer, has a shooting gallery here: some uncovered forty seven used twenty two caliber Winchester brand cartridge shows along with an empty Winchester Brand Weena Model Ammunition Box ballistic experts concluded these books. were fired from a twenty two caliber, Riga Self, letting raffle with a ten rounds. Rotary magazine- and it was this I'm firearm used against both the bore, no Gabelle up and Caroline Clark. never also forty six spent twenty two caliber ably brand cartridges and an empty early brand ammunition box. The aliens were determined to have been discharged from a different firearm. An angel Twenty two caliber bolt action rifle this.
and two ruffles were fired within area array, a router and the insurance. The varied locations of all. Ninety three bullets, indicating the guns were discharged from several directions in a concentric circle, further examination revealed, the guns were fired at or about the same time, ruling out the possibility that the killer or anyone else had returned to the same at a later date to fire. The second gun. Gouge marks. On some of the bullets indicated, a silencer had been attached to at least the Ruger to mitigate the risk of being heard bullets were, fanned embedded in tray trunks, while others were in the soil, amongst the bargain beer and courtiers bottles, so testing, the shooter had used the glass bottles as target practice, listings tame used the batch numbers from the empty Winchester and daily cartridge boxes, founded area right to try and narrow down the hunt for the owner of the weapons.
but it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Batch of Winchester cartridges comprised of three hundred and twenty thousand bullets which had been solved to have a fifty five, the outlets across Australia between June and November nineteen. Eighty eight one year, before the first of the bowling law victims went missing. Bailey brand ammunition had been manufactured and distributed in March, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine guide earlier and then Actually, I had no records of which retail outlets the daily ammunition had gone to for sale. We face new discovery. Investigators learned more insight into the mindset and patents if the killer, who kill us all crime, noticeable similarities With them, having enjoyed equally voluntary deal at the hands of a perpetrator who seemed to derive gratification from the torment of others,
It was clear in a distinct stab wound. Some of the victims sustained to their backs, which would have run Paralyzed at them alive and conscious during subsequent torture. The extent of the I tried. His depravity, was further evident in his treatment of using several victims for target practice. Shooting The most that were restrained with the wound, if at least the one victim indicating that were re position to several times before the firing recommenced. The disarray of some victims, clothing from shirts pulled up to missing pants and underwear that, together the belief that were also sexually interfered with, in each case, Bodies of the victims were concealed under light scrub within two hundred metres of a fire trial in the north region of the forest. There were off and lying face down. I guess the Rocco fallen tree covered by branches, twigs and forest. The brain
exception of James Gibson, who is fair lying on. His saw it in the fatal position It is believed that there was a ritual estate patent to the wage victim was buried, while others believe, if the positioning of age suggested the killer was named, Toddy and well organised as notice progressed. The attacks in he still greatly becoming more cruel and vicious. The killer also became more brazen and confident lay spending longer at the crime scene with each new victim, the first fit James Gibson and deeper Everest were buried deep with the natural forest, but the second Simone Schmidl, had been buried a little closer to the point, plantations, follow Why Anya have Shade and Gabor Neugebauer, who were buried closer again from there
It appeared. The killer realised that there were retching too close to the planned plantations which were frequented by forestry workers, so he returned Deeper into the forest, with Joanne Walters and Caroline Clarke,. superintendent club, small quote, I think sites have been deliberately chosen in the sense that they are all similar like Asians. In terms of geography and conditions. We found a patent to the EAST And that they appear to follow the perimeter of the Pine Forest, all we can do is follow the patent. The discovery of night shift for a ph close to h crime scene suggested two scenarios. The killer lowered their victims into the Bush, under the guise of offering them a genuine, noisy, camping experience. charming them over the campfire before launching into an attack or the killer candidate
saying after carrying out his crimes to read the moment. Some found it hard to imagine a single offender could abduct restrain torture and kill the victims traveling in pairs. One explanation was that the killer simply controlled his targets at gunpoint, while another speculated that The victims may have been dropped with one of the peer killed in this incapacitated state. The other was kept alive and tortured some experts, even theorized the killer, may have forced victim to inflict injury or death upon the other. There was also evidence to enhance the multi perpetrator theory from the two. from fire arms being used in conjunction at area array to the two. Think to not stalls used for gags and restraints as well. the different methods of killing
at least one victim was repositioned and fired upon in a target practice stall set up that seemed plausible that is one shooter fired. The other was responsible for moving the victim's body of the. Victim's belongings. Only small amount of clothing and personal effects were recovered from the crime scenes. The backpacks Deborah Simone Gabor, annual Joanne and Caroline was still missing, and contained a large array of clothes, cooking equipment, tents, sleeping bags, as well as a collection of foreign currency, James Gibson, backpack had been found. A ghost engorge over one hundred kilometers away, but it was empty, most of his possessions. Having concluded that were dealing with a killer characterized by power and control in to get his believed, it possible that at least some of the victims belongings had been kept by him as trophies. They believed,
once they found the killer. There was a good chance, and they would find the missing items. The Belinda, like I said, already become the biggest serial killing spree in New South Wales history and soon intending cloth small was aware they may be more victims out there saying. If you'd asked me this time last month, whether there were any more bodies in the forest, I would never have expected to be back here. Talking about seven bodies were clearly other backpack is missing and we have. file was in a whole range of people The team of intelligence analysts reviewed over six hundred unresolved missing person cases dating back to nineteen. Seventy two narrowing the list down to twenty, they believed would be connected to the political serial killer. to state law enforcement also checked their backlog of case files,
forwarding on any they suspected could be linked to belong alone with before arriving from Victoria Police and another six from Queensland Police, can chapel director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, told the age newspaper but don't think that the killer would have killed at least seven people buses There is no reason why he would have stopped stop unless they are caught I have never heard of therapy or anything else, stopping serial killers, they may be very sociopathic eeg today, Insane the likelihood is that he is either killed, more able or is planning future killings on November. Fourth,
Why was government announced that a reward of five hundred thousand dollars was on offer anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the blank alive serial killer? the significant increase to the existing reward of one hundred thousand dollars made available following the discovery of Joann Walters and Caroline Clock. with the highest reward ever offered in the state. Why was police commissioner announced that a further three hundred police would be added to the group of officers currently scaring, but Angela, and that, which would be extended to cover the entire perimeter of the forty Square Forest As the investigation expanded, the shed at the back of the barrel police station was converted to form the base of operations for one half of task force forces. The remaining officers working out of Sydney City,
filet detective superintendent cloth, small one of the big is challenging. They faced was information management. He was mindful of the investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper serial killings in the United Kingdom during the late seventies covered in episode. Thirty seven of case fall in instance seven. people had nine to the perpetrator to police throughout the investigation, the due to the way this embargo information was mishandled, it was overlooked. superintendent. Small, wanted to learn from these mistakes and ensure nothing of importance from the balloon gallo serial killer case slipped through the cracks Several investigations were now being consolidated and the task force air, including the original missing person, investigations of the seven known victims, as well as other missing persons who also may have fallen victim to the blank low serial killer.
It was a logistical nightmare in persons case had been handled by police departments from different regions with age having their own specific way of collating information Sunday Demands were on the available in hard copy and stored within the police station of origin, while love we're rented onto digital data bases that couldn't be cross referenced with other systems, Joanne Walter's into Caroline clocks, murder. Investigation alone had generated more than seven and a half thousand inquiries. Without Five hundred people question Information had been stored on the New South Wales police task force. Information management system was designed for stand alone investigations and not equipped to handle them. ass, if increasing scale, that was the Belinda low case
The existing task force management system was also unable to search records from government agencies into state police departments or the australian federal police. Recognising this deficiency superintendent small, worked with intelligence, analysts, data management experts that software specialists to develop a more sophisticated system capable of handling the unique requirements of task forces, They can blind elements from twelve existing software packages to create an advanced system that enables them to record mine and Cross reference data from a variety of sources. Naming This new system net map Importing all the existing data from the various old systems into the advanced net map database was a painstaking and time consuming process. it. The short term delays for investigators who were temporarily unable to access information
The payoff was worth the wait with now up and running more than one million pieces of information, including names addresses dates, locations and vehicle date house could be cross. Reference to with these saving potentially hundreds of hours of work, the task force, investigators. On November 16th police a stranger to second search of Gaston Gorge, the area Two hours drive north of Belanglo, where James Gibson's, camera and backpack were found. The speculated that the killer may have another burial ground in the surrounding Perreira Valley, regional PA. Although policing, did they went looking for more bodies, but rather for evidence relating to the seven confirmed victims,
of the one hundred police officers came the designated for kilometer area of rugged Bush land at the side of girls than gold road, scaring described shoulder to shoulder, while police dog I searched the waters of nearby Perreira Craig. A number of items were recovered include in a shared shoes and a purse. the items were all examined: buffer, antique experts who determine The number to be unrelated to any of the blank allows victims The ongoing surge of bilingual I state Forest had become one of the largest ever conducted in Australia. Criminal history, despite this no further evidence or bodies were located and police felt confident. There was nothing else to be found On November, sixteen ninety ninety three, the intent, search searchable angular finally reached its conclusion.
The four hundred officers who had conducted the search bear their heads and observed a moment's silence in memory of the victims. A police checks, when recited the Lord's prayer before lamenting We are reminded of the fragility of life. As we remember those seven young people whose life was brief and who died, in such tragic circumstances. Gold penned by journalist, Frank Walker. In newspaper the Sydney morning Herald spoke The years saw once the haunted by Ngos since the murders of change, Gibson, Deborah First Simone Schmidl and have Shade Joanne Walters and our line clock. He wrote. It makes the skin crawl toward the trials of this creepy place.
taking the same path that the killer killers of seven young back back, it must have taken as he delivered them to their appointment with death. No birds fly from this Many back gum, no one Scary away in the bushes, thing is terribly wrong. He. as the search of the forest slowly drew to an end. The media reported that up to twenty people were being looked at as potential persons of interest in the Bilangilangi killings. The police said to establish any firm suspects. Search for the Roma and dangerous rifles used in blank alone was still under way with the EU. best manufacturer of the Ruger, stating that tens of thousands of the firearms had been imported into Australia, meaning. Identifying the owner of one of them would be no easy feat, however. Ballistic
Experts were able to narrow the search danced slightly as the basis. One of the spent cartridges recovered from the crime scene had enough boarding then taken. This was caused by unknown. in the firing pins averages made between one thousand nine hundred and sixty four and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Task Force AIR obtained the manufacturers, records and created a database of all rigour. Raffles that had been imported into a stronger. They an acquired, the astronomer federal police database that listed all law since the router owners in the country. Vista Basic, been created by the Ifa following the nineteen. Ninety nine murder of former assistant federal Police Commissioner Cullen Winchester, who was shot dead when two caliber semi automatic rigour rifle fitted with silencer tasks with their root out all rigour raffles that were already in police possession or had been destroyed as of December nineteen. Ninety one, the first time
The fire was used against the political over them detective Stan question to license. Firearm outweighs gun clubs and check the gun records. Oh no taxes of registered gun owners in the southern Harlin's area and say don't worry. The rifles to conduct ballistic comparisons. superintendent cloths more from his book inside a stray these biggest Mannheim, quite king from the top down under the bottom up. Would we hoped enable to a dinner for both the number of unaccounted for rubies and a number of points. He could not account for their Ruger. The two- from the strategy ought to expose emissions and highlight mismatches while allowing us to narrow the focus to specific geographic areas and to individual gun owners who couldn't, be eliminated Laborious and time consuming
but we were not in a race after inspecting over two and a half thousand registered firearms from residents throughout New South Wales? Police were yet To uncover the weapon, they were looking for. police. It since launched a toll free hotline for members of the public to in with information nor tips it saved, an overwhelming response with over of the US and the calls made in the first twenty four hours from all over Australia and overseas. how's from every single call were entered into the daughter base. Printing out of age handed to an investigator to be assigned one of three classifications. Now action do, of course, priority. One. Superintendent small was mindful that the most seemingly insignificant detail could be the clue needed to identify the killer, but with so many
keeps coming through. It was not always immediately clear which ones took priority. Woman found to report a man she knew whose family and a property in the southern Harlin's region not too far, from the Lange alive. She had Compelled to provide these details to the hotline purely on the basis that he owned a four wheel, drive vehicle and a keen interest in firearms, owning several The operator operator, his name in Ivan and information was entered onto the database as per protocol and call came into the hotline from a woman based in South West Sidney fight is Mary. She wanted to report, an incident that happened to me sixteen years earlier, that bore chilling similarities to the circumstances of the recent berlingo crimes. in July. Nineteen. Seventy seven when Mary and her friend to raise were writing use old. They were here
walking south along the Hume Highway For a ride back, I'm too camera the pair were, it up by man with black straggly here who appeared to be aged in his thirty's, drove drive the young women along the humor away. The driver suddenly took a right turn near the southern Harlin's town of media gone It was a shortcut. Once they reached an isolated dirt road. He pulled call Raisa under the guise of needing a toilet break grubbing grabbing, Mary body ARM and saying. Okay goes, whose first Mary Forty Moth and she, and to raise managed to escape running into the surrounding Bush land, where they hid under some shrubbery the man search for them over the following hours, slow, driving up and down the dirt road upon failing to find the women he gave and left shaken.
Mary and Torre sought help from the occupants of a nearby farmhouse who To drive them to bear a police station, but they do and choosing not to report the matter Mary story was corroborated by her friend to raise, who also placed a call to the hotline later that day to report the same distressing incident that occurred back in nineteen, seventy seven after the hotline received the harrowing calls from Mary and to raise a woman from Cambric named Joey and Bury found in two report. Yet another disturbing incident that took place on the him all way this three years earlier in January. Nineteen. Ninety One month after change, Gibson and Deborah Reverenced went missing. Joanne, was driving her Toyota to south down the when, before the turn off to bilingual. I state fires she knows
two men scuffling on the side of the road. One was violently pushing the other to the ground and a silver four wheel. Drive vehicle was pulled over nearby the younger man, sustaining the attack and managed to escape the grip of his assailant, allowing him the opportunity to flee He raced up the hallway frantically signalling for help jumping in front of genes car. She approached giving her no choice but to stop He then rushed around to the door of the van before pulling it open and leaping inside Joanne ordered the stranger to get it out of her vehicle that he yelled back in a british accent, I'm not getting out, he's got a gallon Ass was palpable and Joanne instantly understood the urgency of the situation. you're breaking break in the median strip drive across. To perform a. U turn, then, sped off in the opposite direction.
as the Toronto headed towards barrel police station, its occupants caught sight of the young man's attack on the fence re window. He stood alone on the opposite side of the highway. staring right back at them, enable smirk across his face they continued next week and now a best beans affirmation.
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