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Case 12: Katherine Knight

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The crime scene was described as looking more like the set of a horror movie, than real life. It is one of the most horrific crimes ever committed.

Not only did it shock the small town of Aberdeen in country NSW, where the crime occurred, it shocked the entire nation of Australia and parts of the world. What could possibly drive somebody to do this? A psychiatric illness? Or premeditated, pre-planned, pure evil?

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Looking more like to set up a horror movie than real life. It was one of the most horrific crimes have committed. Not only did it shocked the small town of Aberdeen in country, New South Wales is shot the entire nation, even parts of the world. What could possibly draw somebody to do this? A psychiatric illness or premeditated pre planned fewer evils? Catherine, nor was born on the twenty fourth of October nodding. Fifty fourth she's, a nun identical twin Catherine, was the more feminine of between. sure like to help a memorandum ass, assist with the cooking and cleaning and locked playing with adults. Cathy noise parents were cannot
embalmer, not he married each other and none. Fifty two Kathy's father left school at the age of fourteen to work at the abbot's wire inhabiting country, New South Wales, where he lived at the time He I'm a barber America. They moved the queens, in various parts of New South Wales. Where can continue to work as a sportsman at the abattoirs, it was considered excellent at his job and a very hard work Barbara had a short fuse temper. She was hot headed and of using excessive, fair language. I can run a strict household. The kids did, as I was told, there was no mucking about. There were six kids in the household together, including Kathy after moving around the various parts of the state and in a state by finally settled back in Aberdeen, ignoring sixty nine Aberdeen. Is us All countries here located in the upper hunter region of Michel files about two hundred
would he com it is which is about one hundred and fifty miles north of Sydney, the main source of employment for the people of other day at the time was the local What's wrong. There wasn't much else going on in the small country town that had a population of about fifteen hundred people as Kathy wasn't allowed to have pets, but she loved animals. If she can across an injured animal like a bird with an injured win, Bring it home and look after it until it was better from a young age. She showed that she had a fiery temper on bus routes to and from school. Some of the This is the torment and give our hard Tom Cathy. Nor could look after yourself shows involving more than one fees fought with the boys at school, and she could more than hold around its likely. Cathy inherited have far temper and love affair language from another, Barbara Catholic. School at the age of fifteen should achieve achieved a bare minimum level of reading and writing skills. There's only
I think she wanted to do when she left school follow in her father's footsteps and work at the Aberdeen Albert was the first application was rejected, but she applauded gaining. No name, seventy one and she was successful. The second talk show sixteen years old. When she started Fuck Kathy started as a general laborer mopping up the blood and cleaning up the animal flesh and caucuses. She then moved her way up to become a saucer which she enjoyed immensely. She loved her job and she was very good at it. She was very efficient and precise, with the north. Cathy took pride in her knives. She always kept them in top condition. I should go out. Our coffee was described as generally called knighthood and helpful, with a heart of God. Average. Looking toll swim with red hair and she won't losses, she locked him. Herein lies shows good at meeting she played bingo. There was nothing.
But I feel about her at all. But there was a dark side to Cathy, a very dark side. There was a flurry temper, constant use of failing which and dark violent behaviour. Cathy was somebody you didn't want to get on the wrong side of she was his vindictive. Is anyone could be? If you did the right thing by Kathy. she would do everything in our power to get you back ten times. Worse, whilst working at the other day in Abattoirs in Non in seventy three that Cathy Meadow First husband David tell it was a quick romance and thy quickly got married, that wasn't much of a winning. They hoped an amount about together right to the local registry office, which was in a nearby town called muscle, broke. and then they celebrated the wedding with friends at a local problem, Cathy residing at the time.
It didn't take long for David to get his first taste of the dark side of Cathy. It was that no actually David had drunk excessively all day and he was struggling to perform to Cathy's walking in the bedroom when he fell asleep. She working out by putting a hands around his neck and strangling Cathy, let David. Now she was unhappy despite this insight. The marriage actually started here quite well. That call and helpful heart of gold version of coffee couldn't have been happier. But after better YE things started to turn sailor. Cathy's temper and mood swings started to take off and things got worse and worse and gradually turn very fallen by the time Kathy.
but the first daughter my LISA David had had enough and he took off the Queensland with another woman who also happens to be pregnant, doing there was no names. Seventy six, this left Cathy feeling crushed and heartbroken but also a furious. She decided to take her anger out on their daughter, Louisa. She walked in the local railway tracks and left Melissa right in the middle of them. A local man happened to walk past at the right time and saw militia on the tracks. He quickly ran down and saves her. A train came through not long after that. Later that day, Kathy picked up in action started swinging it around threatening numerous people. Police were called, and I took her to a local hospital for a mental health assessment, but she was released soon.
after. Only a few days later, on the third of August morning, seventy six Kathy went to the house of one of her coworkers Molly Perry. She asked Molly for help telling her that Melissa was sick and she needed a lift to the doctors. Mahler was only too happy to help her out and together with. Mother and younger brother. She put coffee in the car driver to the doctors, about Melissa, wasn't sick at all. Soon, after getting Molly's car cause, he pulled out a butcher's north and held it up tomorrow. Slashing her the cheek. She demanded that Molly drawing her to cassava, which is about a six hour, drive away. Cus costs harbours where David kill its mother, Jane leave. Kathy lighter, admitted her plan was to ask dream what I've had left. Her then kill her and then commit suicide
Instead, I Molly tried to enable a service station to try and get help. Cathy got out of the car dragging Molly's younger brother out with her holding, and also the police were cold and quickly or off that were able to disarm. Cathy using broomsticks, one of the officers received the small caught in the struggle again. Cathy was taken to hospital. First saw catholic assessment, while Cathy was being traded in hospital, Melissa was knocked off. The buck has his parents, Barbara can cut was diagnosed with a personality disorder by suffering from personality disorder. A person can be loving and carrying one met before losing complete control and being capable of dangerous fallen behaviour. The next diving kill it was still up in queens line at the time when you got a call from place about the incident he returned home and visited cutting hospital with his mother dream. A hearing was:
Hospital Wanna North of August morning. Seventy six and it was decided tat. They could be released into the care with Jane and diving. This is only six days after the incident. Jane and diamond were given strict instructions to my show. Cathy took all of them. Medication it. Didn't take long for another volund incident to happen actually happen pretty much straightaway assume They left the hospital they dragged to Cathy's parents, he to pick up Melissa the sin, They got their barber stormed the house an attack David. She grabbed him around the throat and screamed at him blaming him for Cathy's breakdown Kathy responded by getting out of the car walking up to Barbara in punching her in the face knocking at the ground.
Kathy then stood over Barbara and screamed. Don't ever touch David again after this David and Kathy got back together, they moved to Queensland together and Cathy got a job as a mate slicer and an avatar up. Tat. He was in love with a noise so much so she asked time it mountain for her, so she could keep them in the bedroom just in case she needed them, but it didn't take long for the relationship problems the struck again Cathy's mood in temper was still there shoes controlling in demanding and couldn't let David's affair go. There are plenty of arguments
train them and a lot of them are physical. Cathy was the reason they were physical. She attacked David with punches in kitchen pots and frying pans and anything else. She could get a handsome Cathy also had an affair with coworker from the abattoir where she worked That was pay back the David's affair, David actually walking on them in bed together, but regardless. the one at the trial night, the marriage work and not long after having Cathy had another baby. This second daughter Natasha. Kathy would do things like till David together the pub heavy bees, but then and demand him to come home immediately, one not when he arrived home from the pub much lighter than she wanted. She whacked him over the head with a frying pan as soon as he walked through the door it put David in hospital,
didn't press charges, not long after that during another argument, Kathy hold on off up the David's throat and another. Not when Kathy wasn't happy with David, she poured petrol, all libraries close and set them on for. Cathy's behaviour was troubling and becoming increasingly more fallen, barber not actually David, a one time don't plan on her she'll coo you
Finally, in Nani, ninety three Kathy again work David over the head. Splitting him open put him in hospital yet again, but that was finally the end David again didn't press charges, but he called the marriage off once and for all. Cathy responded but cleaning the house. Yet she took everything, including the curtains and the lightbulbs, but David couldn't have cared less. He was happy and grateful. It was finally over thinking. There must be a God looking out for him somewhere, Cathy moved back to a parents' farm in Aberdeen, with their two daughters, Millie, certain Natasha Kathy, and work at the Aberdeen habits, while back to her role as a maid saucer, but in none ninety four she heard it back. She never fully recovered and her employment at the avatar was terminated that wasn't long
Full Cathy was in another relationship this time with David Saunders. Do she met in the everyday bawling com? Just like your relationship with David Keller, her relationship, Saunders started off great. Both couldn't have been happier than that. Doc saw that lurked in coffee was ever present. just waiting to come to the surface one day out of nowhere, Cathy snapped and started accusing Saunders of treating honour for unpredictable violent behaviour night its first appearance, and it would go on like that for the next three years on and off, Cathy would be lovely com one day, I'm pretty
It will involve the next during one of their arguments, category the north and when he had into the back yard and killed Saunders Dog, she slid its throat. She says she did this in retaliation for Saunders kicking or in the stomach. When she told him she was pregnant, Saunders strongly the noises, and he says you never touched on a says she just one yet in the back yard, for no reason started going off when one of the volunteers it started making accusations about him and then Sleepy Stokes thrice soon. After that, has he took an over those who kills and had to be rushed to the hospital? Cathy always maintained with Saunders? Who was the volume one towards her, and she would only actuating self defence and at times, revenge, but soon, as always deny this. Despite the extreme ups and downs of the relationship, I ended up having a daughter,
gathering morning. Ninety eight in nano. Ninety nine Cathy received a compensation payout for her back injury, fifteen thousand dollars. In total she used the money to pay off the house at her as soon as we're living in effectively making it her house not long after that, the relationship hit rock bottom. Several more serious arguments occurred and Kathy was even issued a restraining order against Saunders. Although Saunders maintained it was hey who should have had the order against her and he was proven wrong when Kathy stabbed him in the stomach with a pair of scissors during yet another violent argument, it wasn't serious injury. It didn't even require medical attention, but it was enough to convince Saunders that was over, but it didn't remain either for long now go back together soon after to give their relationship. Another guy.
But after several more volund arguments and Cathy cutting up and throwing at all Saunders clothes. The relationship finally ended for good. Meanwhile, anything David Kellett would send to his girls lot. Christmas presents birthday cards, flowers, six cetera, Cathy, wouldn't give it to them. She would throw them out before the girls have a saw them. She would then tell the girls that that never sent them anything after the relationship ended with Saunders Kathy soon entered another his friendship with John chilling with Kathy, didn't lock to be alone. She always had to have someone and never took along to find a new partner. Just saw her past relationships. The early days were brilliant chilling with says. Kathy was terrific to be with. He thought he had failed A perfect saw me. They met at the Aberdeen Abattoir twenty years earlier, when Catherine just started working. There is a sixteen year old, but nothing happened between them, then in killing worth and adopt moving away and got married
killing worth had only recently just returned to the area and that's when he met Cathy again, as chilling worth banana the area for a long time. He wasn't familiar with what we want. now the legendary Cathy Cavenaugh stories, his mates quickly, fuel remain but chilling worth didn't care. He was convinced copy was the one for him And not long into their relationship, Cathy full pregnant with their first job, Cathy's forefinger after these Cathy's, true colours, started the Sean and the arguments and violent behaviour started after one, for she went to spend a knot with erects David Cylinders and she couldn't white to rub it in tune with space. There are also issues between Cathy Zelda stored on the LISA and chilling worth Melissa, didn't think much of him and the feeling was pretty
such mutual chillingly actually admitted that he hit my research on one occasion. He says he immediately regretted it. Cathy made sure to take revenge on killing was for heating Melissa. She smashed is false: teeth when he had a go at her ever this, she responded by smashing second pair false teeth. Just like past relationships, one minute it was on and all was good. The next minute it was off and was filled with violence. Kathy gave birth to their son in none none one, not long after their son's birth, caffeine chilling with got into a physical, fought and chilling wife was charged with assault Kathy I got a restraining order taken out against him, they separated, but it didn't last long, but I soon got back together, but Kathy didn't withdraw the assault charge. They ended up going to court together that day, John was put on a good behaviour bond and given a fawn by then
together. John was a heavy drinker which contributed to the relationship problems, but he actually did quit and he went on help with the Salvation Army in drug and alcohol. Cancelling withdrew them in none, none, sorry that he got a job opportunity in Queensland for two weeks. He took the job, but he lot Queensland Simon said he ended up staying. His initial intention was to have Kathy and the kids move up there, but when Kathy went up to visit him, another messy fought between them put an end to the relationship for good chilling. When it didn't know it at the time that Kathy had already started. Seeing a new man. John price Borneo, Cathy, had been unemployed, for I is getting by without compensation, pay out and fortnightly gum and pension. She had for kids to three fathers. The eldest was I'd. Seventeen, the youngest, was age to John Process, born on the fourth of April and moaning. Fifty fourth.
Who is the order of six children? John price had a limited education when he left school at the age of fourteen. He could barely rating right, but here was a hard worker. He worked in heavy machinery earth moving equipment trucking in mourning. John married, his wife Colleen and I had three children together. A son and two daughters tragedy struck John Process family. When his father and brother became involved in a heated domestic dispute, his father picked up a gun and started to load it so John's brother picked up a gun and tried to fire a warning shot at him. Unfortunately, he accidentally shot the mother. The death was ruled accidental and John's brother was charged with manslaughter the loss of his mother devastated Jones. He looked for job opportunity elsewhere, so we could move away any family together with his wife, Colleen and kids. They moved to Aberdeen in Norway. Ninety one Joel.
described as an easy going lockable character who got on with everybody. He meant he had a light back carefree nature, you'd do anything for anyone and never expect anything in return. He worked hard and left on one with a b with these might at the end of a hard day. In normal ninety eight, he split up with his wife calling they'd been married for fifteen years. It wasn't a bitter separation at all. To show what kind of person John was after that had separated culling asked him to borrow money to fix a fridge. Instead, he border brain. You fridge, Another song when he found out claim, was going on holidays. He slipped five hundred dollars into a bank account without knowing John was a regular at the Aberdeen Hotel nine to locals as the top pub it was one of two pubs in Aberdeen. It was nine as the top pub as it sat on the top of the hill via the pub town was known as the bottom pub. I'm sure you can work that out, and it was at the
top pub wedge on prostrate. Cathy nor Cathy fell madly in love with John and she was determined to make the relationship lost. She was sick of avowed relationships. She wanted this one. The bay forever causing John struck up a conversation, and that was that no became in autumn very quickly and the common theme threw out tat these relationships continued. The first few months were described this fantastic by them. My very happy together it took about a year for the first major arguments. To begin and I went on and on from there for no reason, Catholic vaguely paranoid the jobless trading on the things that David, Kellet traded on her back in a first marriage, convinced, Cathy, that all our future partners were going to China. Despite a few hiccups, Cathy eventually moved into John process
us, but he wouldn't marry her, and this was a new sticking point in their relationship. John said he loved Kathy, but he wanted to make sure his children go to his house. He didn't want Kathy to be entitled to any of it. That's the main reason. He said that he wouldn't mind slowly, but surely the arguments escalated from verbal and turned physical. The relationship started to deteriorate. It didn't help when John would occasionally slip up and call. Cathy is Ex wife's name calling.
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it made. Her furious inanna. Ninety eight she started secretly filming autumns in John's house. She alleges a stall from them on where he worked at the baton, ridiculous things like a can of bug, spray and old, first aid kit that had exploded. Things like that Kathy says she did this as John used to hit her, and she made the video to hold an iva jean that if you've ever touched her again, she would send the videos to his boss, but the truth was Johnathan Kathy. He wanted her out of ass, it was near time had Cathy to get her revenge most of the stuff on the video hadn't been stolen from the moon and all and what had been
It come from them on was all discarded junk that would have been thrown out anyway, including the old first aid KIT Kathy sent the video to John's bosses at them on and after that, viewed at Chimbonda them into John's house and pointed out all of the items to them in person. The first aid kit was the downfall, even though it was out of date, and I could prove it was the other day and it was going to be thrown out anyway. The more insect John Some nine years of service gone just like that. He had worked hard over used to put himself in a position that earned him a hundred thousand dollars a year, and now it was all gone. John immediately, Cathy out of his house but I believe the bleak didn't lost. It was a long before John became lonely. He started blaming himself for what had happened. He makes good belabour our hearing, but a few months later, Johnny Cathy. What that together,
But this time she didn't move back into John's house still his decision to get back with Cathy actually cost John friendships and a close drama would be son Jonathan, who already heightened coffee before she got on site, and now he guided are even more one now discussing getting back together. Cathy told John. If you take me back This time is to the death. It was a long before the argument started again. An increase in violence most than before the storm or other John losing his job in them on but John D go on to get another job. Coffee was also starting to cause trouble Jones, youngest DORA Lived with her mother calling but visited John Cathy regularly Johnson
this thought I had moved out of time and had their own families Cathy's two elder daughters, middle Eastern Natasha had also moved out of home, but her two youngest kids still live with her. Kathy started telling Jones youngest daughter, things like John, wasn't really had died and other nasty spiteful things Lawlor. When John confronted her about it tat, he was doing the dishes, so she watched him with the north. Cathy stabbed him in the upper left. Chest John, didn't say treatment. I just put a being died on it. I never reported it took place.
The stab wound left a permanent scar towards the end of none. None, no one, Cathy enlisted the help of a nephew and instructed him to steal John's car, which was worth about twenty thousand dollars, but it was uninsured. She told a nephew to burn it. She offered to pay him five hundred dollars to do it, not satisfied with hurting him financially. Kaffee later asked a nephew to throw battery acid on his face. Her nephew refused both requests. Cathy lightest said to her older brother, I'm going to kill pricey and I'm going to get away with it I'll get away with it cause I'll make you out on that.
Well John Frost, desperately wanted to end the relationship with Kathy for a second tone, but he couldn't work out half there was just no way that he could save for a peaceful separation. He was also worried that Kathy might start to target these children if he ended it. During the afternoon of February, the twenty seventh, the two thousand another physical photo could during the fall John CALL Kathy, went for north having already been stabbed, but before he took off and sought refuge at a neighbor's house, John called the police. He had scratches all over him from the fought, but Kathy had bruises as well. John told the police. He wanted, Cathy out of his house. She had her own place in town where she could go and stay. They told him. There was nothing that I could do and he would need a court order. By the relationship had been going for six years on and off
have great cause and dark lies and that not as it happened many times before they made up after the argument and John went to bed. At two thirty am the next morning Monday, the twenty eighth of February John, woke up startled. He could make out the silhouette of Cathy standing over him at the bed. Her arms were behind the back. He jumped out of bed fraught and Kathy had an off, but she didn't John went to work that day he recounted the last day's events to his work nights. I'd never seen him so distressed. He said he thought he was a dead man when he woke up to see Cathy standing over him with her hands behind her back that morning His boss up agenda gowns stay with him for a while, but he refused that no John return home and actually had a simple discussion with Kathy,
great. I couldn't go on the way they were, but Cathy again refused to Ladys House that not the police arrived with a restraining order which they said, Don John John, I took the ordinary out as a result of the fought not before. The twenty ninth of February, the year two thousand began, like most other days, Kathie woke up early and got John organized for work. She cooked breakfast and made his launch Joan, went to work and got permission of his boss to go to the local courthouse to apply for resign restraining order against Kathy. Meanwhile, Cathy went and saw her solicitor and dropped in on a few old friends showing them the bruises she had after the fought with John two nights ago. She told one of her friends that boss does not going to get away with this aren't going to bloody get him. She made an appointment with a doctor and had the injuries recorded.
John saw the chamber magistrates muscle rural courthouse around lunchtime, explained the relationship issues having coffee had, including all the following incidents. He said he wanted to stop Cathy from being able to enter his house after telling a story. The chamber magistrate issued a restraining order against Kathy. That naught John made his way to the top pub Kathy took her children out for dinner. After dinner, she asked Natasha if her, two youngest children could stay the night at her house. Natasha agreed, Natasha being Cathy's, second oldest child. If you forgot
John made his way home about nine thirty Pm Kathy arrived at his place about eleven PM, shared Acadia, John's house and let herself in, but there was no fighting, no arguing John didn't tell Kathy to leave. Instead They had sex. The restraining order were just words and a piece of paper that point next morning, John didn't show up work, something he never did. He always turned up for work. He was reliable, He encoding already know now, who is running like people from work a dream numerous times, but I couldn't get a hold of him. I haven't called the police to save if being any car accidents that morning, but they had.
Ass, he was leaving for work, one of Johns navies, spotted Johns Car, so shocked at the front of his house. That was unusual, John always left for work before him. His car was never there that Tom Jones work. Colleagues decided, I better call a voice police arrived. The Jones here said about ten past I that morning two of the first officers on the scene. Where officer Matthews was actually a working mother broke that day and received a phone call stash it from a work matter, mister prices and offers a furlong guy who got the call from his boss say that he hadn't come in, and somebody bit out there in that Europe is still the driveway and I couldn't rise anybody. You know not thinking the worst. We would just thinkin lawyers, probably Dublin on a Sunday doesn't like an up. I name Mr Prodi Before I knew that it was a hard work in a reliable men so as to be anew,
It will for him not to turn up the work and not to make a phone call. I went up knock on the door. Nancy source and blood on the door and look for a little. Tap into the lounge room, which was dark recently dark. So what looked like a bunch of gardening- and am I couldn't rise. Anybody so decided to go and break into the place saying that we have. This complaint walked round the sod it was made lying on the ground anyway went round the back broken through the door. As we were know so straight ahead, what I thought was a curtain. There was something hanging blocking my entry into the whole way of the house. I thought it look like some time. blanket or some sort of covering that have been placed upon. The archway saw
I remember, I use my left hand to push it aside and immediately. I could feel the coldness coming on my left arm. So I looked down and my left arm was covered in blood. Initially, I thought I'd injure myself breaking through the back door. I couldn't understand why my arm was bleeding. I realize there was a human health. It was a skin was ahead, Skin is hanging from the top dollar. I look at it. solar tools on the ground that ahead fell genitalia, and my first reaction then, was the tutor and his guardian said. I look Scotty closer to us than you can say. I looked through I,
look through from there and the Landrum, and I saw what appeared to be a human being all what was left, and so it was at that point that I realized what had happened for something that I'd never seen before I'd never experienced. I had an immediate idea of what had gone on. It was at that point. I drew my service pistol. It was not everywhere lot of blood from the doe. The kitchen area there's a pot on the stove, the amount of even said to Scott. He will give you one guess where the Hades the table, there was a couple of plates that had meals prepared vegetables and meat cooked sitting. There. Sergeant furlong, I was talking to me saying it's going to be all right: we've got to keep going, we've got to finish this. We've got to do whatever it takes.
He was talking to me- and I was trying to hear if I could hear anybody else, because sometimes a little bit and distress you get that auditory exclusion and you not hearing things AEGIS focused on the threat. It was quite a frightening experience, but once if stepped into that situation, there's just no backing out. So we went to search supplies me when the whole, we heard what appeared to be someone snoring coming from one of the bedrooms So we knew there was someone alive in the house, looked in there and there she was lying on the bed tried to wake. She was obviously drugged on something and couldn't like abruptly. She was very groggy. She was responding, so it carried or outside ample
we're onto the back lawn. I wasn't sure she had tried to kill herself with sleeping pills or whatever, but she certainly wasn't injured in any way now handcuff Kathy and trying to question her, but I couldn't get any sense out of her. There was some empty blister packs like I did, and I worked at Cathy had tried to kill herself by overdosing on tablets. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital where she was kept in the psychiatric ward, obviously cool. I said gray fees for Cathy's youngest children. After a frantic period of searching, they managed to locate them safe and well. At Natasha House crime scene of us are paid a must see. I was then or to examine the same. I got a phone call from vacates J, which is police radio telling us there had been a murder. I said to the operator
Well, how do you know it's a mirror and they said well he's been decapitated. We came in through the laundry at the back of the premises and there was an aroma and it was will escort him a carb thing. It was sweet aura, a non Cita as if mom was cooking, a stew who inside and one of the first things you see as MR prices, skin or pelt hanging from the door from a maid hook. I search through the through the pelt for MR process genitals further into the kitchen. You could see blood. Any on certain items and into the land dream. There's a body down the hallway. There was blood staining going into the bedrooms, you'd see where I think MR price had gone for light switch theirs. Standing on the light, switch and also blood that he is carved or something on the wall. You could see expiration mark on it, but as you go
toward the lantern. These bloodstains are getting heavier heavier. His beak, swamps, ways, blood soaked himself, plotting sliding against the wall. they also getting lower. It comes to a combination of the foyer, whereas to succumb to his injuries is actually open the front door and theirs it's better on the screen, so is nearly made it out, not that it would have helped him. He would have died suddenly, to see the enormity of where it starts in the bedroom and progressively gets worse and worse, dig it that point where he died. The blood who was the way to the whole way, which was one point to me this one when we damn in the body you could see. The body has been there in its entirety. Is a big stay on the floor with a head would have been its veins in first, you can see it. She placed the skin on the carpet to sit there and its quite substantial, staining.
is also an outline of the head says: he's taken the head off there. You can see the cheese walked in carrying it into the kitchen business. drip drip drip of blood all the widely into the cooked up. Until we actually lifted the lid off. It wasn't confirmed to me it was a statement. She had cut the gloomiest maximus off his backside. It's it's a big muscle and she's cut that into five different stakes and she's. Coke them bake them in the US. to the war on one place to another plight and the fifth was out for the dollar believe it wasn't touched the meals they were like.
trophy and they had the names of each person who is supposed to get them. There were two prepared meal was on the table complaint with mate and vegetables. A piece of paper was place next to wage meal and name was scribbled on each piece of paper. One was for John Son, the other fairies, youngest daughter officer, monsieur them
examine the rest of the scene and collected all of the evidence. It didn't take long for news of the murder described. There were a few ontology sighs and I knew she was capable of that amongst the Aberdeen community during the course of their investigation police found that after Kathy had murdered John she cleaned herself up and drive into town and withdrew. One thousand dollars from his bank account to this diet is unknown. What she did with that money. Kathy was charged with the murder of John Pross in a special bedside cheating in the psychiatric. One of the hospital she was being wholly on the seventh in March, two thousand, when interviewed by police. She did not having any knowledge about Jones death. Although she did to me, she was responsible for his death.
She climbed she had amnesia and couldn't remember how it happened. It became clear to police, after speaking with Cathy, that she was intending to man, a defence of butter dwarf syndrome. The shade committed the crime due to use of being the victim of severe domestic violence. Police got to work investigating that angle and, as you have already heard, that quickly realized that yes, Cathy, had been in some extremely violent relationships, but she was the cause of that violence. She wasn't the victim of it. Kathy was examined by numerous psychiatrists. They determine yes, Cathy suffered from personality disorder,
But a personality disorder is not actually considered a soc illness. I found Kathy's violence and righteous were just part of nature part of a makeup. She got a sixth sense of enjoyment out of what she did. Kathy's claims that she couldn't remember anything about the crime were dismissed. She was basically putting on a show. It was found that her actions were premeditated and the timing was planned. She knew exactly what she was doing. She wasn't suffering from a psychiatric illness at all. She was just pure evil, Taphian, usually plied, not guilty and trawl started on the fifteenth of October Two thousand and one the judge assigned to the case was the honourable barrier case. at no time is either a barrister horrors. Adjudge did I ever strike anything of the horrific nature of Catherine. Maronite case
She pleaded not guilty and the trial began in the conventional why she sat in the dock. She was quite small unimpressive The crowd you'd certainly never notice her before the trial got going. Coffee surprised, everyone and change their play. The guilty. I was somewhat nervous about this because our concern that if I took a guilty plea, sentenced her, she would then appeal to the court criminal appeal and say she was in sign of the time that she made the play of guilty. I did that I should get a court experts to examine her and the psychologist came to exactly the same conclusion as the other side. Conscious that same it, namely that she was not in sign. She was quite sign, but she was a bad woman. A sentencing hearing was held and all of the grizzly evidence was heard.
Throughout the whole of the evidence, didn't matter what the witness said, she didn't look at the witness didn't What the photograph Fool Video was. She didn't look at that she sat looking straight ahead. Absolutely impassive. There was never a sign on her face of any reaction to aid, Give the evidence at one point: during the sentencing hearing when some of the graphic details were being presented to the court, Cathy Breakdown, she started rocking violently back and forth and started screaming. She then jumped down to the floor and started threshing a beer. but she wasn't fooling anybody when she wanted an adjournment. She manipulated her behavior so that she got it thereafter.
Resumed the same man that she had before, but I didn't think that she'd switched off in sentencing. The judge found that coffee suicide attempts wasn't a genuine attempt. He didn't believe that she couldn't remember anything about the crime he determined. She knew exactly what she was doing. She acted with planning and premeditation. She had I've only said many times she was going to kill Joan she had even said she would get away with it, because people would think she was mad. The judge found her to be vengeful, violent and believe she was an extreme danger to society. He dismissed her claims of battered wife syndrome fawning at the evidence clearly showed she was the Volant wanting her relationships. As a result, Cathy not became the first woman in Australia to be sentenced to imprisonment for the term
if natural loss no possibility of parallel to sentence any person to life imprisonment is a big thing to sentence Women to life imprisonment for me was an even bigger thing. This was his back Ices, you got so she had to go to jail for the term of her life. She chose. no remorse. She hadn't acknowledged that you at any problem at all such a person if
at least he is not unlikely to do the same again, there's a real prospect of it. The detective in charge of the case was detective Bob wolves. When I was interviewing Catherine, you can catch someone's eye and you say to yourself I'm being bullshit, he it's a combination of catching their eye, catching the expression on their face that you know that this person is feeding you only what she wants to feed you and that's why. I still believe that Catherine would now be provide information as to what took place and why it took place after a while of doing jail time. Cathy said that should finally found pace and she was enjoying a time, but here
basically didn't like the idea of spending the rest of it last there, because she appealed to the New South Wales Court of criminal appeal she claimed his sentence was too harsh. Thankfully, the court rejected her appeal and she will spend the rest of it lost the Hon boss to this day. She has never given a reason for what she did or what she did it and she has never shown any remorse. Every three seconds there's a new victim of identity theft, a criminal could be applying for loans in your name or even selling, your personal info on the dark web. Protecting your identity can be easy, with lifelong by Norton
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