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Case 128: Joan Vollmer

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When 49-year-old Joan Vollmer begins acting strangely, her husband Ralph blames spiritual problems and turns to religion for answers. Rather than seeking help for Joan’s obvious mental health issues, Ralph consults with other members of the couple’s church, who believe they know the truth – that Joan has fallen victim to demonic possession. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched and written by Erin Munro  Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-128-joan-vollmer
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four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. On Sunday January, ten, nineteen, ninety three fifty Four year out pig farmers, wrath, Loma and forty nine year old, wife and Joan returned. from a week long interstate trip, the couple he lived in the victorian country. Chan of Antwerp had driven four and a half hours west to attend the sixth day religious convention in the south, australian capital of Satellite Ralph vat and died, and Christian had been to attend the event. and well Jane, didn't share her husband's fervour. She attended church regularly and so a great to accompany him. The vacation had passed without incident, but shortly after their arrival home Jane, started to behave oddly, she had done
Could he concentrating on tasks? Would frequently change up its throughout the day was restless and stuff To fall asleep. According to Ralph as time In turn, she also started making peculiar noises and adopt different personalities. On one occasion she acted ass though she were a shape chimera speaking, a town in a manner consistent with a farm hand on another. she claimed to be a sex worker while describing the activities she had participated in with supposed clients that was The first time Rafik witness to join behaving in this way. two years earlier, she was hospitalized briefly from mental illness, but it made a fairly quick recovery and debating good health of of scenes. Now Peat has symptoms were returning, Over the course of the next two weeks, they seem to worsen particularly at no time
on the evening of fraud. I January twenty to rest it's time to find a giant waving her arms and dancing in their properties. Patties deeply. troubled by the way, his wife's well being at deteriorated, Ralph pride to God for guidance. The women were reservation. All inland district in Victoria's west predominant, They characterized by draw flat farm land. Two hundred and seventy eight kilometer intermittent river. That bears the same name.
passing through the regions on official capital, city of horsemen, the River ones West, and then, Continues nor to Antwerp Twenty outback, Jan named after the belgian home city of an early Europeans, settler. In the eighteen sixties, to protest missionaries arrived in Antwerp and to build a church and mission, whether young to convert the local indigenous population, the mission, was closed. Forty years later, due to low congregation numbers than today, stands as a tourist attraction. what's the end of the twentieth century, Antwerp was, I'm too just sixty three inhabitants. It had a since the general store, a real, citing and a small station where residents could catch a boss. The horse him twice a week. The two lane dimple La Rainbow Road carved through the town, Sprawling fields which would dotted bus grubs and eucalyptus trays and serve
disused grain sallow stood out against the mostly natural landscape. Ralph been Foma had moved to Antwerp in the light nineteen eighties purchase one of the tens traditional farmsteads when raised peaks Born in Germany, in nineteen thirty eight brought before the house, right of World war, two had emigrated to Australia with these family when he was a teenager here completed primary school in Germany, but the move interrupted his education and he never enrolled in secondary school he's family moved to the Melvin suburb of CORE and his parents Working Factory production, eventually I saved enough money from working overtime to afford a small rural property, rural property land, a region in the states, South EAST,
grew up to be softly, spoken man who found it difficult to trust others and mostly kept to himself, but when he did form friendships. they were extremely strong. He does a farm hand and perform dog jobs for meeting his first wife and settling down in the gates, land town of Vietnam, the couple two sons, but the man Rejected in the meat nineteen seventies following the divorce RAF, remained go until nineteen eighty six when he met and fell in love with the giant. Join Lenore Tyler was a pretty woman with short waiting light brown hair, who was typically d brought the gentle and loving.
Her childhood and early adulthood were marred by sexual abuse and she was lighter diagnosed with schizophrenia, resulting in several stance in mental health hospitals, which left her with a fear of psychiatric care. She's. I'll to make friends and maintain ongoing work. Those It ought to children and had been employed as a nanny for a time has. It woman she married and had a baby, but was left the state of anxiety and blame when her husband took his own life. her life appeared to turn around in her forties when she met wrath. Who later can There really relationship to a miracle. Didn't you couple decided to start afresh laughed together in an entirely different part of the state, settling on the women are raging and purchasing the We need in nineteen. Ninety eight. Then you home, was a single story, whether Board Farm House, with a war
very debts. At the end of a five hundred Meda, the driveway, framed by several trees. There, Or of the property backed onto the banks of the women are a river Joan A gardener immediately said about planting a neat border of garden beds around the house and establish a greenhouse. She also decorated, her new home with the bosses, porcelain, ornaments and cat figurines, couple didn't involve themselves in the local community, but those who met join in town described her as friendly. Neither Ralph nor Jane had been religious when they met but several years into their relationship. They discovered their faith and became Christians Mary dead horse him Salvation Army Church uniting Idee Non and begin attending Sunday Master round
Was a far more impassioned believer compared to his wife spending he's time listening to him send rating religious text. Bojean and preferred to watch television. It was content to be involved with the church, but in the world one local minister, not today fanatical about it. In contrast round was eager to learn as much as he could about Christianity. Most of his life. He had only attended church for weddings and funerals, but after converting he, constantly engage others on the topic. Listening, Enthusiastically to those who claim that deep knowledge of the Bible. In their homes kitchen, he hung a block that Red Cross the head of this house, the UN's guess that every meal, Ireland listener to every conversation.
Within two years of moving to Antwerp, Jane Again, exhibiting signs of a mental health crisis, The spring of nineteen ninety she suddenly became extremely restless was unable slight and struggle to concentrate on tasks. Conversations yet seem to believe is that something was wrong shield, I became fixated on her childhood, discussing it frequently in a child lock voice one day she told Ralph that she had done a painting for him only terror he or she had Katie's car and hast pain. From the beginning, RAF suspected the dark forces were responsible for his wife's changes in baby. He noticed, an expression in Harare that terrified him robbing them as being bright red. Almost the glowing almost like calls when she was either come with a bit of rage outside
frightened Ralph locked himself in the House, He consulted Salvation Army captains at the church. The couple attended singing, guidance on the matter getting his suggestion. There was quite a naval presence in join the captains, instead offered the couple marriage cancelling displeased with this response, Ref schedule that Doc disappointment vagina medical clinic in the nearby town of Dim Boola D, J no practitioner concluded the giant was suffering from mental illness and should be admitted as an involuntary passion to a psychiatric hospital. In light of, but she was taken to Lakeside Mental Health Hospital in the regional city of Belarus, a three Dr Drive, southeast from her home psychiatrists, the darkness to join with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and taught Romania a mood,
The which can cause increased energy difficulty concentrating restlessness and irritability She remained at the hospital for three weeks and by MID October. Her sleigh patent had improved, though, still wasn't back to normal, upon release. Doctors prescribed to join and Anti medication code die redesign which was done commonly used to treat schizophrenia thing. Directed her to take it for twelve months, cautioning her that if she stopped there was a straw. the possibility of relapse within the next two years. Nine days after drains release? She was still struggling with persistent restlessness, so she and Ralph made another doc disappointment. Although join was career in the door didn't know. Did she had difficulty remaining seated and expressed The problem might have been the thigh redesigning as that
The patient was a side effect of the drug dosage was hot and she was also prescribe the second medication to help manage the restlessness the doktor rather, the couple to return in five days for a follow up appointment, but she never saw them again James continued suffering, convinced traffic that the doctors were unable to help here just to join that should submit to deliverance a form of mystery similar to an exorcism in which an individualist cleansed of evil, spirits and payments refused telling her husband there's no Wrong with me, Ralph then turned to his religious friends for advice and was instructed to pray to God to bond the spirits. He did so and when Giants Health improved shortly after wrath. Attributed her recovery to his prayers and she ceased taking
medication. saying giants. Recovery increase giraffes fighting God even further and religion became the focal point of his life. One neighbour. Would you like to recall that while he could have a normal conversation with the join, it was possible to talk to Ralph without the subject of religion being raised in his quest, find a lock minded. People Ralph had become acquainted with, Couple: ninety John Injury and broken back both aged thirty Who had encouraged him to pray for giants recovery. The rock and backs resided on a remote farmstead in the town of Glenn Lee located rough we twenty kilometers west of Antwerp, day met through their involvement in the Lutheran faith Flynn attending services and to answer the portion and Jones
Emily being well regarded odors of another nearby church. They marry And by the early Ninetys nineties had for children over time, they found I'm increasingly drawn to charismatic Christianity fundamentalist movements that emphasizes abilities believe to babies, died by the Holy Spirit, such as Spain, in tongues, performing it goes Being able to heal the sick. During the early ninetys nineties, the cars movement was on the rise throughout the women are raging becoming increasingly popular with individuals who had previously practiced more conventional branches of Christianity. John into an rockin back believed they had a divine calling to exercise demons and began before Miss deliverances fail so established their own press circle. Let their home with groups right
Jim from six to twenty five people. Gathering to sing hymns and study biblical passages, soon Former was irregular at ten day and develop the close friendship with the couple considering them to be the only to truly spirit filled people of their entire congregation. However, there, I backs involvement with the charismatic movement led to clashes with their Luther and Minister, when he pointed out that some of their new beliefs contradicted the Bobo's teachings. They would. I'll give that the Lord had spoken to them personally. Disagreements with the churches. Doctrine eventually lead to them being excommunicated from their congregation in light naughty naughty too. in early January. Ninety, ninety three grand
Enjoying travelled to Adelaide to attend the sixth day charismatic movement convention that the rock and back said recommended to them. wait longer than was characterized by lots of singing preaching and people performing minor miracles such as healing and casting our demons. Throughout all join Saint Moody and with, but the trip passed within, Any significant incidents. When the couple arrived back home on Sunday January, ten Jones Manic, symptoms returned and quickly worsened. She was once again restless and unable to sleep and dick we to Ralph, would snort like a pig, make aggressive facial express since that hey compared to an angry dog swell, I and speak about lewd activities. Ralph attributed joins behaviour. The spiritual problems when he had prayed
Bond, the evil spirit within her two years earlier, Paypal if he had rendered ineffective but failed to ass. The are now he suspects do that had been re awakened by the strong spiritual atmosphere and did nourishment of the convention and was rebelling against it. Over the next ten days, Ralph pride, often for gardens Worried that he was harassing God with concerns that he was already aware of. As a reminder to himself Ralph did the words stop telling father your needs in red paint on an outside wall of the properties, pigsty. on Thursday January twenty one sixty three Roma Carers court, the boss from home, to Antwerp to stay with her friend to join Valmont. Was the middle of summer in temperatures in the region where consistently soaring above forty degrees Celsius, when
I'm a greater Jane. She was shocked to find her friend to dressed in a naughty and heavy dressing gown, but with ice cold hands throughout the visit Giant re, stacked, crockery pulled up flowers from a bouquet Rama had given her and sang in a peculiar voice that Roma described as lovely lucky In gaol. Roma role cell observed that Jane Stomach appeared to be swollen Joe. Told Roma that she was both expecting a baby and that the swelling was due to a cancerous tumor genes. That that there were people on the property who wanted to write her. But when She tried to point them out to her friend. Roma saw nothing. Believing that Jane was heading for quite a nervous breakdown Roma.
Ralph of her concerns on the following morning, her Friday January, twenty two before returning home. Evening Ralph for TAT time from shopping, to find a giant dancing bit food in the paddocks while waving her arms and calling out to him he's goaded her into the house only for joy. To run away and be found delighted that not four kilometers away deeply disturbed Ralph pride to God for guidance as to where he should turn help believing he received an answer to reach out to the rock and backs he found to John and to him to come over. John arrived at the Vollmer residence at around eleven thirty p m he into again had participated in as many as twenty deliverances by this time and upon the state that join within John quickly deduced that she was a victim of the money, possession
She told Ralph that deliverance was no longer an option, but Sorry action in order to save her all we a great and Two of them stayed awake all night, praying for joy and rating passages allowed from the Bible The morning of Saturday January, twenty three again I came back arrived and took her husband's place by joint sod. Won't John. Returned home to the couples children. she found other members of their circle to ask for their guidance and assistance in praying for join at the top of her list. Was layer clubs the seventy seven year old Baptist who resided in the town of Rainbow fifty two column. It is north of Antwerp. The rocket backs considered layer to be something of a spiritual leader, as she claimed to speak directly with God.
after consulting with land over the telephone later came to the conclusion that giant was possessed by not one but ten demonic entities and prevent, It advice on how to expel the evil, spirits. Following lays instructions: rail finally and had a giant sit in a chair at one end of the kitchen, while thyself at the other reciting people go passages, praying ass being join questions. While Stream, music played, in the background this repeated over the next two days round mentally and deliverance sessions commenced during the mid afternoon and continued throughout the not sometimes not concluding and As far as I am. occasionally John Rock and back, would join them in person, but other TA They regularly called him for advice along. with layer and several other press circle members after three
days with no change enjoins behavior what was decided that. I needed someone else to join them and strengthen their efforts David cling now was a twenty eight year old contract harvester, who had grown up in northern New South Wales, but now lived in here The stranger he headed, handed the rock and backs press circles on a number of occasions where he had become a queen. did with wrath RAF as well David, had also met Joan and already harboured some suspicions about her. Even before saving phone calls for Emily and Rock, and back explaining that John was undergoing deliverance. He had seen the volume. Is it a new year's Eve, Craig gathering, full weight, Sylvia and That John had a blank expression on her face during the service at one stage Believed he saw her eyes roll back into her head.
that moment he suspected there was the demonic presence in her and now that had seemingly been confirmed when the group ask him to join them. He filled it with Is duty to assist. On Tuesday January twenty six David made considerable journey across the state border to Antwerp. Upon arriving at the property, he felt that the admin see there was locked out of a quote spiritual battle between God and Satan, prayed and read from the Bible, along with wrath and lay at the tree. maintain their efforts throughout the entire day and into Wednesday is well regular. Checking in with their press circle associates according to David joint became increasingly verbally, abusive and aggressive as time went on
Thursday January. Twenty eight joins restlessness and worse and to the point that she refused to stay seated and resisted degree Its prayers in response graph suggested that tie her fate to wooden plank to prevent her from moving around and making what he described as satanic gestures, they also began depriving Joan of food and water as a way of starving the demons inside her. When she can. I end of her hunger and thirst, they would praise even louder, to drown out her cries. Questioning of giant persisted, and if she didn't proof, satisfactory replies. They slept her face. means of telling her in rafts. Words come on Give us an answer: couple of occasions Ralph became too ass, the witnessing the torment his wife was enduring, including the bruises.
Formed on her skin when he These concerns that this could not be God's will please David pointed out to Ralph that it wasn't his wife. There were physically battling the debt, demonic presence They re assured him tat. They were quote not how join in any way. We were just deal with the evil spirit. Nevertheless, the group were at a loss as to why they couldn't say any improvement in giants obeying despite the growing intensity of their deliverance. A year and force them over the phone that they would need to call for more reinforcements if the demon still remained by Saturday. throughout the exorcism. The group, at all obeying consulting fellow press circle. A ten day Kathleen Nasby over the phone like layer, clubs, Tin castle,
I lived in rainbow and felt it was her obligation to assist with prayers and guidance in there. Faced with the groups, continued failure to exercise joins Damon's Catholics suggested TAT, her son twenty two year out. Mattie pull nasty, join them now You leave to nearly four hundred kilometers away in the mobile suburb of Warren DOT and was implied, It is an assistant. Grandkid borrowed a golf course Had never participated in a deliverance before they Kathleen advised that he was petition highly sensitive to the message of God and the presence of evil having previously detected demons. that resided in a house that he lived in. When set at eight January thirty dawned with no perceivable changing Jain Kathleen pulled her son and he to make the long drive to Antwerp.
There was another hot day with the temperature raging forty degrees by noon. When Matthew pornography pulled up to the property in it, dissipation of his arrival degree had removed all of the kitchen furniture, with the exception of us, go check. The giant was restrained in her stuff. Things had been used to tie her fate to wooden planks that had been nail together. She had barely had anything to wait or drink for days Matthew I just said that when he entered the room Joan was on, it but look at him, which he attributed to her detecting the presence of Jesus in him. ass. They began their days, deliverance, Matthew, blessed somali Oil and anointed those present with it full running around the exterior of the house. Seven times holding up a third Centimeter square shade of cling film in an attempt to prevent evil spirits from entering.
He then decided they needed to destroy items that giant loved as they were, shrines indulges for her devil worship. Ralph David used a hammer to smash giants, porcelain, ornaments, jury, devices while Matthew, ripped the flowers in her beloved a garden and bring me ass one. Matthew, had prepared for the exorcism he re, the kitchen and said to join in the name of Jesus I demand you to sit down while the the three attempted Depinto down John. And was distressed and struggled against them with what they perceived as an inhuman strength. I have several hours. She was repeatedly interrogated while the impressed forcefully Mr Stomach abdomen and chest in an effort to push here, The demons that were inside her David
how to join in ahead block and deprive her eyes opened with these fingers so that she had to look at Matthew, while he preached saying over and over in the precious at the Lord Jesus released. This woman. The slapping continued with the job and were saving approximately twenty heed to the face at one stage. Joy was wrenched open in an effort to remove Damon League continued to call her husband, John, and to lay a clubs than keeping them up to date with proceedings and following their directions. through their questioning of John. The group believe today had our dinner five one of the demons as the late, a powerful spirit that Jesus had once cost from a possessed the man they I know that, when controlled by Laden, Jonah Did a masculine persona.
this contrasts with another spirit, called baby Joanie Old Baby Princess John who spoke in a child, lock, voice and detailed sex? abuses that had been inflicted on her as a young girl. after several hours. The group believe today successfully driven out a number of Damon's, including by be princess, join and another that resembled a pig, but that light gin and another strong mayo Spirit remained hiding in June. when at four o clock in the afternoon was moved to her bedroom for the exorcisms, no stage once in the bedroom took it in turns to sit on Joan and push on her stomach chest neck and tat took forced upon or two demands, Concentrating most of their attention on her up the man before moving up her body by around
thirty p m there focusing on joint neck firmly as urging it when she said they shouted and emitted allowed a groan before falling. Still. Those present interpreted this as the demons leaving and Matthew declared The evil spirits had finally been defeated the others began to celebrate. Ralph noticed that he's I was no longer breathing and filled her wrist for a pulse failing to find on he eluded the others and they attempted to Europe I've Joan via mouth to mouth resuscitation. When this filed Matthew reassured the group that entering a state such as this was normal for an individual who had just undergone a successful deliverance. After consulting with layer clogs than by telephone Matthew, announced that
giant would arise by the next morning restored to perfect health. He told the there's two prior her then departed depend ready to attend to other matters Remaining tree, I put a quill to have a joint body and began to sing songs of God to big tree. The following day, Sunday January thirty, one join had failed to wake as promised Leah Rock and back find delay a clubs than anti catholic Dusky who agreed to visit the property. So they could lay hands on joint and pray for her in person. when the women arrived they pressed there. On giants, forehead and commanded her to rise up and walk to know A Leah Repaid the process three times For leaving in the afternoon
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article dot com, slash case file and the discount will automatically be applied at check here. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars Stop your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. Senior constable Jeffrey on. It was on duty in the town of your parrot on Monday February, one when a coal. through from the local Lutheran Minister requesting an office is present, said a property in Antwerp. Twenty six calumnies, south The minister has just been summoned today himself and was disturbed by what he had found. When constable on it arrived at the volume is farmhouse at around two p m. He was he did by a boarding man who identified himself is David cling not and stated it long story. Entering the house. The pull
Spent saw rap, Volmer, handily and rock, and back seated at the kitchen table, Leon rating allowed from a bottle and run Using a market to highlight passages relating to resurrection can anyone down a whole way to the bedroom. The belong it sort of female body with noticeable facial and down bruising in an advanced state of decomposition lying on the bed. Flies and maggots had gathered on the body under way There was an enormous stain on the mattress and a fellow permeated the room. Comes to belong. It estimated the woman had been dead for several days. Upon returning to the kitchen he saw. Ralph still rating is Babo and noticed. There was quite a strain. yet atmosphere of calm constable on queried Ralph as to whether he would be making funeral arrangements for his wife. The raft response, that wouldn't be a funeral, and he was about
the witness the greatest miracle, as Jim and would soon walk out of the bedroom alive, with a completely restored body shot The belong made no further comment and called for backup. Raffer and to rating he's Babo. David tell other responding offices that join had died, as the group had been physically reading. The demonic spirits from when cool reed as to how giants body had become so bruised, he explained that the data said, given her enormous strength and she had to be false, fully held down. The homicide squad arrange to have the body taken to Melvin for a post mortem examination that afternoon Ralph Liane and David, were all taken to horse and police station to be formally questioned.
They were interviewed for several hours by local police before homicide squad, detectives arrived from Melbourne and commenced the second phase of interviews in his account: Ralph Alma And that he had discovered disturbing things about his wife during the exorcism such is that her parents had sacrificed to of their other children at birth and had backed I her in the name of Satan when she was three years old After this alleged baptism, she became known as baby Princess Joan to those who were shipped Sidon joins family Though avoided the public spotlight following her death denied, these claims. Ralph also said that join had been very destroyed by her admission to like sought mental Health hospital. So high it made her a promise that she would never have to return to Saki care. They said
a factor in seeking divine intervention for his wife instead of medical attention, he stated That he's fellow worshippers Leon, Rock and back and David Cleaner were more sensitive to the voice of God than he was so for them most part he followed there late when it came to extracting information from Joan in gods to the mistreatment and injuries inflicted against Joan Ralph. Instead, Did she wouldn't have felt any physical pain quote. Would have heard my wife terribly but It wasn't my wife we weren't dealing with my wife anymore. This is the whole point See I wouldn't allow anything like that to happen to my wife. You can't believe that she wasn't my wife She was an evil spirit that needed to be dealt with.
Despite having witnessed the day composition of her body. He remained adamant that Joan would be revived Stating his expectation that God would provide her with a new body and quote due account Resurrection job yeah and rock, and back expressed her surprise that join had died due to group pressing on her neck, saying they believed that would doing what was necessary to do so. tell police she'd been involved in deliverances for eighteen months, but had never encountered anything lock. Joints case before. David, cleaner acknowledged that while it would have been appropriate to call an ambulance for John quote in wildly terms, the group been dealing with a spiritual matter. He said God had provided him a message that the case would receive worldwide attention, lady,
to those who had performed the exorcism been criminally charged and possibly imprisoned in Response these consequences, God return giant a lot and quote show haze victorious in this day and age. The three individuals were permitted to return home in the early hours of Tuesday February to Light That day today, gives visited the volume of property and filmed Ralph, as he told them, on a tour of the homestead, providing a narrative of the exorcism and pointing out A particular events had taken place. An autopsy determined that the thyroid costly, Jean Giants Neck had been fractured due to the amount of pressure that the perpetrators had applied and she died Cardiac arrest. Within two days of police, finding her body. But
strain and international media outlets were reporting on the bizarre case. Ralph openly spoke to the journalists who turned out that he's property sharing all of the details about the exorcism in one, newspaper report, published on Wednesday February three. He described at the moment that his wife died quite. There was a great noise of hissing screaming and groaning vast. The noise died down. did her eyes and saw the light leave them. Explained that her death wasn't reported because they had received messages that the Lord would raise her up. giants. Funeral was scheduled for Friday February. Far less than away after her death graphic, formed the media. He knew with absolute certainty that she would be resurrected before her body was laid to rest stating
you will tell God story to people around the world and get sinners to repent. Here They got that the media shared the story and invite The journalists to attend so that they could witness the miracle for themselves. the modern service was held in horsemen, had the Salvation Army Hole where Joan and Ralph had occasionally worshiped roughly sixty of giants, friends and fellow churchgoers attended, but her family were absent, reported We too distressed by the manner of her death the data as many as daddy journalists and photographers, as well as harsh and police officers, monitored proceedings. Salvation Army. Captain Colin CALL presided over the service stating in ten years of ministry. We have never known any experience to base so traumatic.
In the two years we have known, Ralph and Jane. We have known them to be gentle, simple and carrying people. He could shouldn't against alone. Ranger access is to operate it outside the bands of churches, Lorna. in his Salvation Army sister said Joe legacy would be that of a happy caring, loving woman who walked with Jesus. Following the ceremony, the casket was I to horse cemetery for burial where curious spectre. It is gathered around the perimeter awaiting the alleged miracle Ralph had promised after Bible passage was shared giants coffin was slowly lowered into its grave and raft closed his eyes, tilting his head to the sky to pry. When the casket touched the ground wrath began sobbing for the future. Tom turning to his sons but support as.
Finally realised Jane was gone. He will I spoke with report is, after the burial, dear rising that perhaps join hadn't wanted to return because she locked Heaven so much. David Cleaner also spoke with the press. stating that he had nothing to hide, and if the police wanted to speak with him again quote, then I guess I'll find me He revealed that hey and John Rockin back had already perform deliverance on another woman just four days after giants death, but this one had been. Success. Some time after the funeral wrath moved in with the rock and backs helping out on the couples, farm and taking care of their children. While one of his sons took it, with a property at Antwerp, the Rock backs press circle, disbanded that day off maintained their faith regularly
attending services that another church in ocean. Police prepared a report for the coroner and three months the giants, death, Ralph foam. Leon Rock and back David cleaner. Matthew, nasty, we're all child With manslaughter. or for received a vile and were ordered to face a three day. Committal hearing in September, on Monday September. Thirteen, the four defendants h carrying a bottle fired into horse and magistrates corps. To religious experts about this theologian and a catholic church official gave evidence that, while they believed in demonic possession such cases were rare. An improved understanding of mental health had led them to believe many, so called possessions of the past had been misdiagnosed psychological disorders.
giants. Mental health diagnosis two years earlier was relate to the court And tell the rock and backs history with exorcisms had led to them being expelled from their church. The hearing second day lay a club the stand telling them what this she had regularly consulted the defendants throughout the exorcism, while she had never met Joan. God repeatedly confirmed that she was possessed layers, stated that after visiting the property on January, thirty one and delaying hands on joins deceased body, she alone The local minister have much prayer on the matter at various stages, she would shudder and interrupt her own testimony to channel the Voice of God. Exclaiming. I'm sorry daddy's gods, baking. Yes,.
the pathologist to perform two giants, autopsy testified that it was highly probable that her cardiac arrest was a result of the pressure that defendants and placed on her neck. However, as Joan Dodd five minutes longer after the force was applaud. The cause of death could not be determined with that certainty and there was sufficient evidence to prove it was a consequence of the exorcism on Thursday. September. Sixteen magistrate timid done. conceded that, although the for defendant, I dunno all likelihood contributed to giants death. He's decision was the drop All the charges stating I found and the prosecution has not produced enough evidence of sufficient white fur jury to find. The cardiac arrest was caused by application of pressure on the neck of the deceased.
they're, surprised by the magistrates decision. All for defendants were pleased with the result they sobbed. Clapped and embraced their relatives and the newspaper FIFA, if his captured some of them smiling broadly as they left the courthouse. All four remained staunchly committed to their faith and felt vindicated. By the ruling, with wrathful telling journalists. God's will has been done and dusted. Praise and rejoice in the Lord. He gave meteor interviews the following day in which he remarked that God had been on trial, Telling Melbourne newspaper the Sunday age that he disagreed with the finding that hey and the others had most likely contributed to joint death, but that the magic I had been his understanding as he could bay when asked what he would do if he had his time over raft said he would
still choose to exercise: Jane Quote: Still maintain that she was possessed, and it was Its will to take her home. the broader community did not share the defendants views and were deeply disturbed by the ruling giants Death had sent shock waves through Antwerp and the wider women are raging. Although many in the area are identified as religious, the majority of them attended a mainstream church and felt that the lake, the system was not holding extremists accountable for their actions,. A number of local said their grievances to the media. Long time, Antwerp resident Ivan Pollack, telling Sunday Age newspaper, every on reckons. We can do anything to our wives now and get away with it as long as we preach the gospel
nobody's happy about it, everybody's disgusted absolutely church. Paypal pointed out that this sort of event was the risk. People talk when taking matters into their own hands rather and calling it a religious authority. The road Illustration and unusual under college of psychiatrists called for a review of the case meant health workers expressed concern that vulnerable people may be targeted for recruitment by unconventional churches as something both suffering from schizophrenia, believe themselves to be possessed by Damon's, professed Graham borrows chairman of the Mental Health foundation. The age. If people we have a psychiatric disease, they should receive appropriate treatments and the system is not one of them. In the wake of the public outrage Victoria
The director of public prosecutions continue to look into the case. after reviewing the evidence with assistance from at least for legal advisers, the charges against the four acquitted were reinstated on February. Fourteen naughty naughty for Reform Leon Rock and Back David, cleaner. Matthew Nasty Reserve, with notices to stand trial, four main Slota, unlawful imprisonment and recklessly causing serious injury the exorcism of joint farmer had lasted forever awake charge is only related to their actions between noon and four hundred and thirty p dot m on Saturday January 13th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three was leading up to her death. Oh for entered place of not guilty and were granted by all. Once again. trial commenced on Monday October, seventeen nineteen ninety four and was this.
Sessional event for the small single story: courthouse a jury. five women and seven men was sworn in and doesn't of journalists and spectators oversaw the proceedings brought then dismissed the defendants beliefs as outlandish the prosecution, approach was the bringing their own religious experts to testify that the behaviour of the four accused did not aligned with mainstream Christianity. Did you I was told about Jones nineteen. Ninety diagnosis of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and taught the mania for decision. And to cease taking medication and her subjects, Decline after attending the cars Christian Convention, two years later,. The video shot by investigators that the volume of property was also shown revealing the stockings and boards used to restrain Joan as well James destroyed belongings and garden
Merge during the trial, the Ralph had not informed giant family about her cause of death. Brother in law Neville who was married to her sister Dorothy. Evidence about a phone call he'd received from raft three days after giants death, letting them know that an autopsy was being performed when asked here. Death had occurred graph, Molly, said she died slowly. The couple were left to learn that details from media reports. a psychiatrist who are treated Jonah Lakeside Mental Health Hospital provided background on her psychiatric history. A senior catholic official gave evidence that the number of exorcisms perform tat significantly declined over the years, largely Jude, One going advances in the mental health filled healed
so stated that an exorcism typically involved prayer and possibly laying hands on the head of the possessed individual, nothing locked. The tree meant that Joan had been subjected to. Though none of the accused, took the stand, Leon's hassle And John Rock and back gave evidence flying to their joint, had been possessed by multiple spirits and described TAT she had appeared and behaved when, under the influence of the entities he identified as Legion and baby prince Ass John He also asserted that they had no Jane was possessed because she revealed information about the exorcist that she had no way of knowing when men you nasty, had arrived at the farm Jones said twenty two peace part which I was present interpreted as a reference to his age and a problem he previously had with alcohol.
Clubs than was also called the testify and again declared. God was speaking directly to her just ass. She had. at the committee hearing. David Klingons defence attorney tell the court that he's client would have you to not participating in the exorcism has, as quote a serious neglect of his duty, Bali and Rock and backs said exorcisms were not unlawful and her actions could have led to giants death on Tuesday October. Twenty five p. Intended a letter to the court justifying the group's actions. The letter they did that the group performing the exorcism knew that they were acting in God's will, because he gave them confirmation that their actions were prop up. Leon also noted that only God you why John had not been resurrected after her death, and this some good had resulted from this situation, because the story had quote
gone worldwide to highlight the existence of a spiritual realm. Half of all Miss barrister argued that he's Klein was a reasonable person who had turned to his religious community, half the saying, no improvement in giant following her release from hospital in nineteen ninety when seemed to recover shortly after Ralph pride for her to get better. He a trip. It, is to the power of prayer, the defence pointed to references to exorcisms in the Bible saying that long tradition made the money possession entirely highly reasonable to someone of faith, The psychologists call to give evidence about rafts personality and character. Said array I trusted the few friends. He had implicitly It had taken him more than a year to accept that his wife was deceived and wooden Returning.
A month into the trial. The barrister representing Matthew Nasty requested, to have the most serious charge against these client dropped. Barrister argue that the crown had failed to make a case for manslaughter against Matthew, who was now twenty four in studying to be a missionary had the into denominational College in Perth. The trial judge, Justice, Graham crossly, agree There was insufficient evidence to convey it and instead Did the jury to acquit Matthew was manslaughter awake light on both sides they're closing address prosecutor, pay. The giants argued that Ralph should have recognized his wife required professional medical help, but instead quiet common sense gave wages zealotry, which lead well, volatile exorcism,
tell the jury that the defendants had no right to confine join or sought her body adding they had no consideration for Christianity. They went right past that day we're on a frolic of their own and unlawful frolic. The defence urge to jurors to reflect on the evidence without prejudice and set aside sensationalist media reports, they might have read following giants death they, so pointed out that it was possible that Jane had died from an asthma attack or an epileptic fit, as the Buffalo just had not been able to determine the cause of death with absolute certainty. The jury had a difficult task ahead, while the Local community wanted justice for John exorcisms in and out themselves were not illegal Meaning that would have to consider whether the actions performed by the group during the ritual, where unlawful and a man
the main slaughter days, deliberation the jury, returned to deliver their verdict to light on Wednesday November thirty. They found Ralph Valmont not guilty of manslaughter the guilty of One chaotic recklessly causing serious injury and one count of false imprisonment. as per the judges instructions, Matthew Nasty was acquitted. Of manslaughter but convicted on one chaotic false imprisonment, Lee Rock and back and David cling now we're both convicted of false imprisonment and manslaughter making them Only once held directly responsible for killing Jain. When sentencing the perpetrators judge crossly explained that were not being sentenced for performing the exorcism for the undue force they had used against Jane. Has the law
did not allow access is in the name of religion. He knows that, regardless of whether join had suffered from a mental illness or they possessed by demons, The level of violence inflicted on her was rough, unwarranted and absolutely unjustified. well judged. Crossly observed that it was difficult to perceive any remorse in the four as day. Accepted giants. Death was God's. Will He did not use this as an aggravating factor Due to the unusual nature of the case, he stated. you put giant through an ordeal that can only be described as bizarre and quite extraordinary scene jack actively dead. Deal was crew. Yet I do accept. That you said about subjecting her to that ordeal, honestly, believing that it was for her own good and she was true
We possessed by demons. Judge crossly sentenced, Liane Rock and back to two years in prison. Twenty to which were suspended for two years David Clean, No was given eighteen months, fifteen of which were roles. suspended for two years well. Almah was sentenced to twelve months suspended for two years and Matthew, Nasty received three months suspended for eighteen months, The four only Leon and David would serve any prison time. Liane fought to hold them. T, so she was escorted from the court room to begin. A four month sentence. James family had deliberately avoided media attention since her death, the two members gay brief statement following the sentencing one of her sister,
Dorothy commented that giants death had traumatized their family. While another sister, her reign added that she hoped the ordeal was finally over. Quite. it's just something we have to put behind us now,. In May ninety, ninety five or for perpetrators appeal their conviction that the Supreme Court of Victoria, The defendants argue that the crown had failed to adequately show that by pressing on giants neck, they had caused her death and claimed that the fence of manslaughter had not been committed. As Joan consented to the acts that were performed on her. They also submitted that the charge of false imprisonment did not apply, as Jim mental state and behaviour meant she was a danger to herself and others, and she had it great to quote necessary
very restrained. The perpetrators attorneys also objected to some of the evidence supplied by the prosecution colluding exhibits of the wooden planks giants, faded, Bain, strap two portions of the Police interviews with the defendants and as the many regarding the destruction of the farms, garden and giants, Praus possessions. on September seven. Nineteen. Ninety five disappearing Victoria rejected all grants of appeal and upheld the convictions. Little is known about the perpetrators loves following their convictions. Wall appeal, it was maintained. Their faith Ralph. my revengefully married for a third time and left Victoria to live with these new, often Queensland selling, he's into giant Antwerp property in two thousand and one.
An editorial published in Mobile newspaper the age in September. Nineteen. Ninety three to the anxieties felt by much of the public in the wake of James death at read in part. Most distractions call themselves Christians, but most We have no doubt that the boy who tried to exercise the mentally ill join Foma with dangerously deluded. How can such many able thinking persist in the face of a modern medicines ability to diagnose mental disturbance? oh my case demonstrates the dark side of some forms of belief. the dangers of a religious certainty Those who do not question their actions to carry Within them, the assurance of divine inspiration at all times, a cable full of harm. That is as great as it is on knowing.
for the past twenty years, the farm house where Jane was killed, has lain empty. The boy as you purchased it in two thousand, one never moved in again in two thousand and thirteen for just under ready, seven and a half thousand dollars but remained uninhabited. according to an article published in two thousand sixteen by news dot com. Today, you breaking Into the abandoned or residence has become a popular pastime for local teenagers, often Polack, the Antwerp resident who spoke of the community's discussed in the wake of Jones Death Toll report. I can do so that the housemaid people feel unsettled, quote it Antwerp on the map, so spake peoples still talk about what happened in that house. They sixty kilometers, sell a simple
stone marks. Join volume is final resting place, said, hoarsely cemetery. Beneath the rendering of a crucifix and her name, other words. Always in our hearts in God's care,
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