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Case 137: Arlis Perry

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19-year-old Arlis Perry took her Christian faith seriously. After fighting with her husband Bruce on the night of October 12 1974, she decided to clear her head by stopping in at the Stanford Memorial Church to pray. When she still hadn’t returned an hour later, Bruce checked the church but the doors we locked. He waited a few more hours before reporting Arlis missing.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Elsha McGill Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Additional writing and editing by Milly Raso Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-137-arlis-perry
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no, Californian city of Stanford laws in the Northwest corner of Santa Clara County. thunder and draw from San Francisco covering any land area of two point. Eight square miles, Dan fairies, adjacent to Palo Alto, one of the principal citys of the affluent and prevent save Silicon Valley, which is, does an incubator for many prominent and influential technological enterprises over the years, including apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla? I stand, for it is home to the prestigious eight thousand data Stanford University. A product coverage Occasional and Anon Denominational College and research institutions many of the city's residents, students or faculty members who live on or around canvas in a range of accommodations, including,
alma trees collapse RO houses, fraternities sororities, single family homes and condominiums established in nineteen. Eighty five, the university was founded by railroad magnates and California, Senator Leland stained FED and his wife, Jane in memory If there were only child, Leyland Junior, he died of typhoid fever at age fifteen. the land began as the stock farm without dotted fields and soon developing the one of the largest university campuses in the United States, despots, staining heavy damage from two separate earthquakes in nineteen o six and ninety ninety nine. The year diversity has managed to maintain its original California mission architecture from the light eighteen hundred characterized embellished, yellow, sandstone, long low
when the wide colonnades open, arches and red tariff quota. Tiled roofs the heart of the campus is the main quadrangle. Do you first, it oldest structure, stretched I was seventeen ache is the main cause are these raged two by mile long palm tree lined road and has an inner and data section, both of which just sprawling lawns, courtyards and interconnected buildings, housing, various departments classroom and administration offices, regarded as a national centre for research. Stanford figures, more than one hundred and twenty research institutes exploring a range of topics from particle physics to international studies, given its proximity to Silicon Valley and its impressive academic and athletic performance records, it is renowned as one of the top universities
the world many students go on to have lost dries careers in their field of expertise with power alarmed including Nobel Laureates Pulitzer Prize Winners presidential middle of freedom recipients, one hundred and fifty thousand visitors, are drawn to the faint grounds annually to explore too many features colluding aid, Maurice Shops and gardens, as well as a stadium, golf course, satellite dish and church. I can trials around the canvas, the outskirts of the views of the rolling countryside and attract by more than fifty days, and a visit as a ye. In the early nineties seventies, just over a year, Ten thousand students wearing road at Stanford University, and they can't a couch in these meant that it's done in the mid nineties, sixties. still a major aspect of college life: students,
Fighting for social and political change would often stage protests citizens and formed community action groups, for issues such as racism, women's liberation and gay rights Leslie Moray per love, graduated from Stanford in nineteen. Seventy two with a bachelor degree in history by the beginning of the, following year twenty one year old was working as a clerk at the North, Santa Clara, canny Low Library in Palo, Alto, Leslie, Hope, To become a lawyer and had recently been accepted into law school at the University of Pennsylvania, though classes had yet to begin. at three p m on Tuesday February thirteen Leslie left to work for the day robbing off in her nineteen. Seventy two orange shiver lay Nova her coworkers
resumed. She was heading directly to her home in the lofty Altos heels where she lived with her widowed mother Florence Leslie never arrived Leslie, always called ahead to let her mother know if she was running like the boy for Florence still haven't heard from her overcome with worry, she reported her daughter missing as. search for Leslie commenced, her friends contemplated hope. Possible whereabouts and said.
said that she might have gone to the wooded foothills of the Santa Cruz Manton since Stanford South this any carrier was popular with HAWK, is in joggers and as Leslie love to paint. It was thought that you may have gone there, looking for a picturesque landscape to capture as a gift for her mother at ten o clock that not Police gaining the foothills about page mill, rode on the southern costs, but the university campus discover delay Please Schaeffer lay abandoned at the gate to an old quarry just off the interstate to weighty exit the car was inoperable condition, but its k was missing. Lastly, blue shoes and out of the blue at she had been wearing that day were fanned inside off. Since immediately suspected fair play as Florence per love had made it clear that thought? I had never done anything like this. Before enough.
Judy Palo Alto policemen had sided Leslie Car Park did the same location for hours earlier. At approximately six p m hay was Asking body area when he observed Leslie in her car speaking to a young man with Long Cindy colored here who was standing by her window, days, your gray, colored car, presumably belonging to the man, was parked nearby. over the following days in intensive search of the out quarry was carried out, the landscape consisted of tree lined semi rural roads, pockets of dense woodland, long stretches of grassy pastures and steep hill side the came on unit conducted a grand search but was unable to detect Leslie sat beyond her vehicle. at about ten fifteen, I am on Thursday February fifteen a police helicopters
in the area caught sight of something down below office, was sent to the location and discovered the The man with the severe chest ruined and soon off shot gun in his hand. It was initially believed that the man was linked to Leslie disappearance, though what connection was quickly run doubt when he was identified. As twenty four year old Palo Alto resident in two former Stanford University student Mock Ross Bout, a coroner concluded market die. the day after Leslie vanished and ruled his death? Is suicide? discovery of he's remains in the area was a mere coincidence. The following day of fraud on the sixteenth authorities on horseback, searching on can't wooded postures west of Leslie vehicle came across her body laying face down hunter, and I
try, her blue skirt had been pulled up around her waist and her pantyhose being removed and stuffed into her mouth it is the less said TAT I had intended to rape her, but did they not to carry out the act when she put out the fire during the struggle he used the multi colored. off, Leslie was wearing to strangle, heard, a death, a car and determined to Leslie Tom, a death as late noon. On Tuesday February thirteen several hours off She was last seen alive. There was no. Son of a struggle will drag marks along the path to wear. Her body was found, leading investigators to believe she had walked. The area of her own accord, all without sensing any danger offices spent days collecting physical evidence from the crime scene.
we send to the state crime LAB in Sacramento for analysis. However, dna profiling was still a decade away and do nothing obtained could immediately identify a suspect. A special task force, comprised of fifteen deputies from the Santa Clara Canny Sheriff Department, was assigned to investigate Leslie murder full time and spent the weekend following up on numerous leads one possible claimed to have seen a group of Stanford University students, neither side of the murder laid on Tuesday afternoon. Another reported seeing a woman, walking with a man up the hill from the abandoned quarry. None of these worries generated any results and, despite requests, the blonde head man witnessed speaking to Leslie at the quarry gagged by the off duty police officer. Never came forward But they're nice day of the investigation of it
eighteen hundred working hours had gone into the case, but not a single clue or suspect. Tat emerged. The task force was gradually whittled down to just to part time offices by April light. Nineteen, seventy three The San Francisco Examiner newspaper was reporting that there was little chance that Leslie murder would ever be solved. On Sunday March, twenty four nineteen. Seventy four JANET in Thailand, was having dinner at a friend's place on this Stanford University campus when she announced that it was time for her to leave JANET lived in a cabin in nearby Le Honda and wanted to get home to fade her to PET Durban pinches and let now for a run. The twenty one year old had recently attended Canada College he nearby redwood city and had taken time added
first studies to work with the Stanford Research Institute and local photography studio and had just started a new job as a teletype. This with the moraine, whether forecasting servers in Palo Alto, JANET, headstrong family ties to stand for university. Her father, Charles Chalk, Tyler was a star football player for Stanford in nineteen forty two and went on to become the schools head, football coach and athletic DORA. Da Janet elected to Hitchhike- I maybe no, it wasn't a long journey from the campus to her house. Her friends begged her to reconsider and stay overnight, but the strong willed independent, JANET dismissed their concerns at seven.
Five p m: she was spotted trying to heat arrived at the intersection of Mayfield Avenue and who know Para Sarah Boulevard, south of the university by seven thirty, five p m. She was gone. The next morning. Her milk delivery driver travelling across the bridge on Sand Hill road three miles west from Stanford University port side of a young woman body in a roadside, Ditch Bruce marks.
And her neck matched the design on her needed turtleneck sweater suggesting something had been pressed hard against it. Meanwhile, JANET Tyler had failed to show up to work that day, causing her colleagues to become increasingly concerned. Janet's roommate had also noticed her unexplained absence and called the friends she'd had dinner with the opening prior news reports were spreading about the discovery of the woman's body and consumed with a feeling of unease. Janet's friends contacted the sheriff's office following this authorities reached out to her parents and asked them to identify the body
Janet parents confirmed that the victim was their daughter. She was mostly closed, except for a raincoat bell and choose which were scattered every quarter mile along the road side from her body. There was no evidence of right, though investigators suspected the crime was sexually motivated. They believed the perpetrator had picked Jenadab, the previous, not under the guise of offering her the lift she desired before attacking and killing her in his vehicle. He and disposed of her body and possessions along the stretch of road where she was lighted, discovered, JANET, had been here
blocking less than a mile from when Leslie per loves car was discovered, abandoned thirty months prior into their bodies were found two miles apart. Both young women had been partially undressed, strangled and left to bear fruit. Despite the parallels between the two murders and inspect Phocaean, Matteo Canny Sheriff Department, told the press. No direct link had been established, stating there are some circumstantial similarities in some dissimilarity is at this point, you can just about draw any conclusions. You want, nevertheless, Many members of the public believed the two women shared the same killer.
Investigators explored several leads in JANET's case, including a witness report of a nervous man saying need the entrance disease feel like not far from where JANET's body was found at about twelve fifteen. I am on the nod of her option, a witness saw the man standing next to a w one thousand nine hundred and sixty four Pontiac Catalina and stopped to ask if he had any problems with his car when he said he did not witness drive away regarded as a slim laid. This inquiry went nowhere, but the next, the month of April, police conceded. There had been no progress in the investigation with one officer remarking. We don't know who we're looking for. We have no motive.
Located in the main quadrangle at the Centre of Stanford University he's, the memorial church regarded as the key Emphasis, architectural crown Jew in nineteen o three the universities, Kofi Annan, Jane Stanford, dedicated the building to the member of her husband to Leyland. She had two objectives for the church. To win Sure that students had an opportunity to develop their ethics as well as their studies and to provide a comfort and strength to the wider community. This danfields, where religious but did not follow a particular denomination and to create the church to be open to all Jane Stanford, was deeply. Can did to the churches, design stating while my whole heart is in the university. My soul is in that church. At her in
direction. Inspirational messages and religious inscriptions were carved into what's walls and enclosed in its frameworks, one quietly, located in the churches, EAST Transect raids relief and is intended as a comfort, solace and necessity to the cells welfare whichever form of religion furnishes the greatest comfort the greatest solace. It is the law which should be adopted by its name. What at will. Built from buff sandstone and lay down in the shape of a cross day or night building has a tariff quota tile, roof round. Turrets LE watches and colorful facade featuring artwork of Jesus Christ, surrounded by work
It is the interior is decorated with mosaic murals, stained, glass windows and purple velvet tapestries, covering the walls. The church can say twelve hundred people and has its five organs. Rows of wooden pews and elected students used the quiet, serene building has a place of reflection and Catholic services are held. This. For old time's awake shortly after five thirty, I am on Sunday October thirteen nineteen, seventy four a stand for dinner Firstly, the night watchman crossed the main ward and arrived at them.
Oreo church to open its doors for the day he entered the building via the West Side door and walked through the name of the church, into the rear raised in transit to the left of the outer. Underneath a stained glass mosaic of a cross. He found the body of a young woman when he found he supervises to report the discovery he remarked. Hey we ve got to stiffen here are less k, dogma, was born on February twenty two nineteen, fifty five in the town of Linen North Dakota. She was the youngest of three children to parents, Marvin and Jane Devout Christians who raised their children to be closely connected with the presbyterian church. In nineteen
the three the dark Emma family, relocated to the state capital of Bismarck. A small, isolated city on the eastern of the Missouri River surrounded by forests and an extensive network of hawking trials Marvin and Jane, ran and automotive company name two documents standard and helped found the Bismarck Reformed Church later renamed the Bismarck Community Church, where Marvin served as a no doubt and Sunday, school superintendent Alice, attended Bismarck LAW school where she was selected for the cheerleading squad three years in a row, she was described by her courage, Marge Hill as a body and enthusiastic cheer later, but also was self contained girl who was easily frightened by violence and hostility. She was a populist student, and often baked cupcakes for her fellow Chee Ladys and the spools basketball team policy
to her parents, religious devotion and was deeply involved with her church community, which led to a somewhat sheltered life, She had a sense of naive it he and was extremely trusting due to always saying the best in people on weekends, are less toward Sunday School and worked for young life, a christian youth organization dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus Christ to add a lesson: and helping teenagers to develop their faith. She was also a member of the International Nonprofit Sports Ministry, fellowship of christian athletes or the FDA was through the FDA that are less met and fell in love with Bruce Perry. A fellow Bismarck HA student who share, Her religious beliefs and athletic prowess sitting state records in track and field for the one hundred and two hundred and twenty yards sprints.
Bruce was born and raised in Bismarck, as the second for children to his home. Make him other donor and dentist Father Doktor Duncan Perry. He's childhood was one of confidence and he grew up into a fun, loving popular teenager, who was fascinated by anthropology and different colors is in nineteen. Seventy three Alison, Bruce graduated high school, based on he's athletic performance burst, was accepted into Stanford University and in road as a pre met, student majoring, inhuman, biology, Alice, remained in Bismarck attending clauses, it Junior college and working as a receptionist that the dental clinic owned by Bruce's father The young couple maintained a long distance relationship and in May of nineteen, seventy four Bruce returned to Bismarck to ask Virilis his hand in marriage. The documents had mixed feelings about the engage,
They weren't unhappy happy about Alice having to move far away from family and friends to California. However, when they saw how, through to the young couple were, they said, boarded the marriage wholeheartedly. The Nothing was held on August, seventeen, nineteen, seventy four at the Bismarck Reformed church after with the nineteen year old newlyweds enjoyed a one wake honeymoon in a rustic log, cabin owned by the documents and in September, Alice embark on this sixteen hundred mile journey to stand fed with burs. They moved in the Quillan Whole instant, feds ask and data village an apartment block designated. The house married couples and Bruce began he sophomore year. There was the first
Time all said ever being away from home and she missed her support network. While Bruce was busy studying and working part time. Allah struggled to adjust to the new she was used to living in a small, close knit community and fanned Stanford lonely and isolating. she wrote a letter high, which read Friends are hard to find. He many times have been tempted to go, knocking on doors asking if anyone needs a friend, but I guess we just have to appreciate each other and trust. The Lord for new friends to Alice accepted a job as the receptionist that appeal well tat law, firm and slowly began to adapt becoming a member of the Stanford Church in spending time with Bruce whenever their schedules aloud. When her husband was busy all it took a long walk, so jobs around the university camp
and occasionally visited the memorial church to pry, often She would head out alone at nought, but stopped after birth. Wanter wasn't safe to do so. On the evening of Saturday October, twelve nineteen, seventy four Alice busied herself around the apartment, while Bruce studied at around eleven thirty p M bears a great deal company alors to post some letters addressed to her family and friends in Bismarck, as it would afford the couples and talked together and he didn't want we're going out alone, nor there was on this day, a national holiday marking the anniversary of Christopher Columbus, his arrival to America and the universe It was a hive of activity with iraqi people milling about and music playing gladly from student residences as a lesson to burst, walked across camp
They got into a minor argument over their car tyres, which had been losing pressure lightly and disagreed over who was responsible for pumping it up by the time they had posts the the letters that was approximately eleven fifty pay an still upset by, but their argument always taller Bruce she wanted to be. At the memorial church alone to pry this was not unusual as they both have visited the church when they needed to reflect and ask for guidance. The building was open until midnight and local, it only half a mile from the Parrys apartment back at the apartment. first, a wider dollars return, but by two
thirty I am, there was no sign of her. He returned to the church, but it was now closed for the night and all the doors were locked. He fruitlessly searched the campus before going home again, finding their apartment empty. At three I He reported or less missing expressing his concern as he knew she had no friends in town and there Nowhere else she could have gone hasten. tested that she might have accidently fallen asleep inside the church and being locked in Bonn mistake. So some officers were despatched to check the building as it was. do securely lot. There were only able to survive exterior but notice to nothing suspicious decision. Waken appeared to be a relatively benign domestic dispute and the office is presumed.
Alice would reappear once she had calmed down approximately two Half hours later Stanford University night, Watchman Stephen Crawford came across solaces body in the memorial church. She was on her back with her arms folded across her chest and her leg spread. Her head was facing the altar and her body was partially underneath First pew within kneeling pillar nearby, she was still Wearing her dark brown jacket, though very tense when had been pushed up to expose her chest, Around aware and blue James had been removed with the pants draped over her love of body and their legs facing towards her head. Knocking on her neck, were consistent with an attempted strangulation Inter glasses were missing
and they were a valueless item, it was speculated per Kilo had taken them as a morbid trophy. Alice had been sexually assaulted, using two thirty six inch along alter candles, one of which was still partial inserted inside her body. The other had been placed between her breasts There was no sign of a struggle indicates Alice had been called off God by her killer. Her term of death was estimate, It will have been around midnight shortly after she, Did the church, the salt with the candles was believed to have occurred afterwards, The pointed end of an ice pick was still embedded in an open headwind, just above her lefty, though the weapons handle had snapped off ass. It was not banned at the crime saying it was presumed. The killer had taken it away.
Although a small bone analysis neck had been broken, it was determined that the or speaking jury had caused her death upon Oh palmprint of unknown origin was also found on one of the attic handles the significant fond before the introduction of dna analysis. Although it was indistinct, the police arrived at the Paris apartment, just after dawn, Bruce answer the door wearing a blood covered sure he explained he used his clothing to stop a nose blade, which was praying to getting during times of high anxiety. He wasn't immediately informed of all us as murder, but was asked to attend the police station to fall. A missing person report Bruce was questioned for two hours within
investigators presenting him with different scenarios to see how he would react. He was staunchly defensive when it was suggested that he had lashed out at all ass upon discovering she was having an affair or had fallen pregnant. Bruce voluntarily provided he's fingerprints and agreed to undergo a polygraph test. All the while repeatedly asking where's my wife when he passed the polygraph, the police. Finally informed him the dollars had been killed Sunday Mass at the memorial church went ahead at eleven o clock the following morning. The congregation which included journalists and grieving students was seated on folding chess placed on the front lawn to preserve the crime saying inside
They were told of Allah, is murder and asked to joining asylum prayer. According to reports, dean of disdain for Chapel Reverend Robert Hamerton Kelly had seen all of his body and expressed his belief that its treatment appeared symbolic as though the murder had been part of its atomic ritual. He told the congregation that he refused to. Let able triumph and church services would continue as normal that evening, a catholic priest, the blessed the building to cleanse it of malevolent forces. The F B, I constructed a profile of Alice's killer disk having him as alone with a possible military background aged between seventeen and twenty two who kept a detailed diary and collected these victims possessions, is trophies.
When asked what he remembered about the night of Sunday October, thirteen burst Perry could recall anyone watching or following him more or less when they went their separate ways in the main quad to people who,
or in the memorial church. When Allah's Perry entered said, she had walked to the front pews on the left hand, side of the altar, then knelt down to pry. She was still day being prayer when they left at midnight, a passer by who had been outside, reported, seeing a quotation man with Cindy Colored, hair potted to the left and to the church around this time he was approximately twenty five years old, had a medium build and was casually dressed in a royal blue, short slaved sure, not watchmen. Stephen Crawford said he had been running the light to look up the church arriving at ten minutes past midnight he entered the rear of the building and couldn't see anyone inside the just in case he Yoda were closing for the night. The church is being
lock. If anyone is he, you have to leave when nobody responded, he closed and locked the door was due to the extent of our last his injuries. It seemed unlikely that her a soldier, in the ten minute window between when the other churchgoers left in the building was secured. There was plausible that went Stephen Crawford called out to see if anyone was still inside. The perpetrator may have already confronted dollars and forced her. Silence this theory aligned with the statement given by another witness some time between twelve fifteen and twelve thirty. I am a man passing the church, thought he heard a noise coming from inside the building towards the choir laughed he paused to listen but heard nothing further, so assumed he imagined it and kept walking
When Stephen Crawford Return returned to the church at around five thirty, I am to open it up again. He approached the West Side door and to notice TAT was partially open. The lock happy doors being broken open from the inside and taste suspected a robbery had taken place after entering cautiously. He discovered Alice's body, though no one else was inside investigators were also informed. There was a window in one of the church, restrooms that didn't lock and might have provided a covert access point. Four Alice's killer that was possible. I entered via the unlocked window and then broke out through the West Side door cruel
ain't that during his shift he entered the church. It too, I am too conductive, retain check at that time, the West Side door was locked and he noted nothing of concern inside As all us was killed shortly after midnight, this assertion didn't fit with the police timeline. There's Crawford would have encountered Dracula who had body if he entered the church. It too, I am. It was believed that cruel. If it did not conducted too, I am check that claimed he did so to cover up his eye negligence.
failing to carry out his duties due to his ability to access the building, Stephen Crawford was considered a sauce back but was ruled out after passing up polygraph task and when it was determined that he's Palmprint didn't match the one on the altar candle fan with Alice's body, Robert Hamerton Kelly Dane if the Stanford Chapel raised suspicions, as he too had access to the building at all times, but hey your site the polygraph and he's Palmprint wasn't a match. In total, more than one hundred palmprints were lifted from various services throughout the church, but none matched the one on the candle. Seven people were dignified, is having visited. The memorial church on the nautilus was killed, including Alice herself. Each person of interest was identified and subsequently cleared, except for this
Jeanne head man in the royal Blue sure the ATLAS Perry K, smart, The third unsolved murder of a young woman on nor Need Stanford University in less than two years at ten thousand dollar reward resulted in a few tip off from the public, but none of it any useful laid on Tuesday up. The fifteen a memorial service was told for Alice inside the memorial church, where the crime scene was still cordon off with Rob reverent Hamerton Kelly told the one hundred and eighty people in attendance Alice Perry died in this church, the victim of violence and perversion, we're in
conflict with evil. There is a battle going on, but only love can win that battle. If it were to turn us from love to hay from love to bitterness, then evil would have triumphed. The reverend described how lawless was nail a part of their place of worship stating she feels the church with a glorious presents the full detailing her devotion the cross and how she and her husband planned to embark on missionary work upon verses. Graduation, firm stand, FED. from his seat in the front. Peer Bruce Perry maintained his composure, but eventually bright Dan, when music by the german composer Bach was played on one of the church organs. He managed to join in singing the follow him before the Reverend told them
owners and not to be overcome with sorrow, bitterness or a vengeful spirit upon the conclusion of the service. Bruce hastily left the church through a rear door Three days later. Alice's food was held in her hand down at the Bismarck Reformed Church, where she and Bruce were wet just two months earlier The many of her family, friends and community the celebration had been the last time I saw her alive, Reverend dawn. The cock officiated rating passages from policies snow Babo that she had underlined and marked with the word noise, including the phrases. The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is my life and my salvation, whom shall I fear, Alice's close friends Peggy, who had been a bridesmaid at her wedding, told the press. Alice was a good friend. I loved her a lot. She was serious and quiet, but she can't a lot about people and what method to her most was her. Lord and Bruce, I have watched her grow up. saying how the Lord has worked in her life- and I now She's with him. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct to consume company combines declaration of a boot. Take furniture store with the comfort and simplicity of shopping online
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offering listeners of case file fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more go to article dot com, slash case file. the discount will automatically be applied at check here. That's article dot com, slash case file to get fifty dollars off your first, chess of one hundred dollars or more a temporary Ice market was placed analysis, burial plot, while her family awaited construction of a permanent tombstone. Two weeks after the funeral, the grave markka was stolen. These prompted Dearie the killer, was a Bismarck resident who'd, follow dollars to California, with the intention of killing her and had then returned to take. The grave markka has another morbid trophy.
The idea that are knew her killer wasn't without merit with some suspecting he was a school and ex boyfriend or an obsessed stalker. The day before I left his murder, a colleague witnessed her in the waiting room of their lower office having a serious and intense conversation with a man in his early twenties Dakota originally thought I was Alice s husband, but later saw Bruce Pair yet a memorial service and realized. He was not the man from the waiting room. Alice and the unknown man spoke for about fifteen minutes and when she returned to work, she seemed to noticeably sad but didn't mention the encounter to anyone. Her visitor was described as approximately five foot ten inches tall with enough letting build broad shoulders and short.
the blonde hair this description bore similarities to the seventh are not done. A fine person in the vicinity of the memorial church when or less was inside praying demand. In the royal blue share. Greece can found TAT had never stopped by a dollar is workplace. Does she had specifically asked him not to visit until she had settled into a new job. she hadn't mentioned any stranger. Canada's though Bruce was certain that you would luckily cape such an incident to herself to avoid upsetting in hay was unable to identify the man. Hollis was speaking with in their book bloody ivy, thirty non solved campus murders, or this Chris and Harry, but bondage speculated that Alice's killer may not have planned to commit murder that not due to the opportunistic nature of her slang.
and the fact that he left behind vital evidence. They proposed that the perpetrator might have been a vagrant new is using the church, has a refuge or a vain. Do he planned to desecrate the Holly Sanctuary quote perhaps he was behaving suspiciously and Ollis confronted him to have. She was attracted to her and an argument begin. In any case, the confrontation had turned physical before Stephen Crawford dented to close the church here in Crawford Approach, the attackers the dollars, either by holding his hand over her mouth or by threatening her with the ice, pick and hid until Crawford left the church. Dean of disdain for chapel reverent Robert Hamerton Kelly had since the gnawed making statements that all. Resembled satanic ritual explaining,
that her injuries and the crime scene didn't have the elements one would typically expect from such a sword. I nevertheless the theory had stock and at one point Sheriff Lieutenant Robert Barter told the media that police were exploring all possibility. These, including that the murder was carried out for this purpose. Some reports, claimed her body was posed with her knees, bent and ankles, drawn together, creating the points of a Panther Gran MA said her James had been arranged in a manner that resembled the symbol of the world's largest sacred society. The Freemasons investigators, dismissed today's assertions by clarifying that policies. Legs were left strike not formed into a diamond shaped. Like many incorrectly believed in business,
words spread that during the year Bruce was living at Stanford on design. I listened a friend had travelled to the neighbouring town of Man, Dan North Dakota, the pair aimed convert members of a local satanic called to Christianity as part of their work with the young Life organization, the alleged cul de sac, says church of the final judgment was a relief. This group associated with Scientology and Satanism and its members what room to carry out rituals in parks and caves throughout Bismarck, one local recalled people visiting the tan wearing praise thrives with the red collars and two net places with upside down crosses detectives ruled out this theory after it couldn't be confirmed that Alice had ever visited the process. Church group they publicly financed
The ritual angle, with a spokesperson telling the press- that's a typical if there such a thing: sexual soccer, Patrick slain, and has no called like overturns times just happened to occur in a church. Alice, Parrys murder bore similarities to the unsolved murders of less labour law and JANET Tyler, as all three women were targeted in Stanford, bisexual psychopath. Furthermore, witnesses had described saying One tat man at both wisely hand, dollars is crime saints shortly before their motives. Yet there were also notable differences between the attacks. Alice was the only victim in which the killer employed the use of a weapon. whereas lazily and JANET, had been strangled with their own clothing or the perpetrators hands. Additionally,
Leslie and JANET were considered a low risk attacks, as both were confronted in. Selected areas with few people about all of this attack was the opposite. It was Incredibly high risk Given the amount of foot traffic around the main Claude on the public holiday, including a watchman whose role was to intimate only check the memorial church throughout the night. Despite this, many Stanford residents were unable to shake the feeling better serial killer, was active in the area. In the early hours of August, sixteen nineteen seventy five ten months after Alice, Parrys murder- you, Highway Patrol Office, that Bob hey would we scouting the SALT Lake City community of green jobs when he spotted a distinct cream, colored nineteen sixty eight months, And Badal cruising Ghana, Residential straight with its lots of office. A high would read:
ignores the driver and ordered him to stop Betty The area at high speed off you're sure chase. The car was or to how, in search of the vehicle uncovered escape mask a second mask fashioned from pantyhose, a crowbar handcuffs trash bags, a coil of rope and always pick and other items ashamed to be burglary. Tools, the driver twenty eight year old TED Bundy was a suspect in a long list of unsolved Besides of women and young girls that had taken place across several states throughout the preceding years, Dundee one of America's most infamous than prolific sexual scientist. Serial killers confessed to thirty homicides, though many, but The true number of these victims was higher. Investing
It is for the unsolved murders of Leslie per Love, JANET Tyler and dollars. Perry suspected Bundy may have been responsible for those debts, as he had studied at Stanford University in the lights these and was familiar with the area. So Lobbies crimes were committed on college campuses and he had visited Caliph news by area on multiple occasions between nineteen, seventy, three and seventy four, the time at the Stanford murders, Burundi was interviewed in relation to wireless Parrys murder, but had a name. tried alibi in the form of a credit card statement, proving he was filling up. He's Volkswagen at a gas station out of tat at the time. He was also questioned about Leslie per love, had JANET Tyler, but was ultimately rode out as a suspect in those crimes to. four years after Alice's murder in nineteen. Seventy eight police in her home state of North Dakota,
saved a letter from Attica Correctional Facility in New York. According to the letter, the process church of the final judgment hired a hitman to kill or less Perry after she had tried to convert them to Christian Kennedy, the author of the letter was identified is twenty four year old, David Berkowitz, also known as son of SAM. He was serving six life sentences for the murders of six women in New York between nineteen, seventy six and seventy seven. On October, twenty three nineteen, seventy nine Berkowitz Centre, policemen from north occurred or a book about Satanism in which he had written, Alice, Perry, hunted stored and sighing. the California Stanford University to sergeant from the Santa Clara Canny Sheriffs Department travelled to New York to interview Berkowitz, hey
No I'd any involvement with Alice is murder explaining. That the only information he had about the crime came from newspaper articles that had been sent to him when asked. If he had spoken to the person who had demanded dollars. Berkowitz became visibly nervous and avoided answering the question after speaking with the police. For thirty minutes, he expressed concerns that other inmates would think he was working as an informant and terminated. The interview the sergeant concluded Berkowitz had nothing of value to offer. Their investigation and disregarded is claims of an authority. A serial killers were investigated as possible suspects in the Stanford murders, including co, Ed kill off and Camper who was act. In the Santa Cruz region, forty miles south of Stanford up until he surrendering April nineteen. Seventy three,
Camp is modus operandi involved. Picking up, he chalking female college students than taking them to us. lighted areas where he would kill them, sometimes via strangulation. although the date of his arrest, rhodium outfit, JANET and dollar, is murders, he was free at the time. Leslie was killed. Two of these victims, eighteen year olds, Mary Pasion de Natal Acaso killed in May one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy two had accepted a ride from Kampala under the pretext of being taken to Stanford University Tampa, who was infamously forthright into meticulous when speaking of his crimes to authorities after his capture did not confess to killing Leslie.
In nineteen eighty, seven thirteen years after Alice is murder, a controversial book by investigative report on Morey, Terry titled. The ultimate evil put the case back under the spotlight. Terry, explore the multiple theories and criticized investigators, but not further exploring the possible link between or less than the process church Hey proposed that she had been followed from Bismarck to California by a church member and take was the main arguing with her at her work place the day before her death, Terry, Behind in on Son of SAM Killer David Berkowitz, as luckily knowing pertinent information relating to the crime
Adding to tarry on the night of her murder are less may have intentionally pick the fight with Bruce, as it gave her an excuse to request time alone to pray. Instead, she had planned to make the mystery man from her past in the church. Even though authorities had dismissed rumours that Ireland is killing was satanic in nature, Terry remains convinced that had been a ritualistic slang. He pinpointed a series of key If behind Bismarck seen a versatile of Mary as a favorite ritual sought for the process, church prompting locals to search the location for evidence due to the influx of visitors, the caves had to be filled in which, in turn caused the panic as people assume, they confirmed that this attack called was operating near by the book censure.
waves throughout the Bismarck Community, local bookstores quickly sought out of their copies and the law. Real master, staggering white list, leading it to decrease its usual check out time from full weight to two weeks just to keep up with the demand in the year after its release, the number of people on the white list stayed at about fifty in April of nineteen. Eighty nine Morey Terry travelled to Bismarck Tahoe. The discussion about his book. The venue had to be changed, at the last minute, because the one thousand capacity auditorium sought out with line circling around the block- reverend to dawn the cock who officiated Alice's funeral, condemned the book, saying it off it. no new information, but simply I've been doubt wounds for her graving family.
Following his watch. Murder Bruce Perry took leave from Stanford University and spent the subsequent months visiting friends into state who watched him to return to his studies. Very slight a tall. The Chicago rate, a newspaper I had getting control of what had happened instead of having the event control me when any these traumatized, they ve got to make that trains mission away from being a victim. Something had happened that was completely out of my control. I had to get away from feeling that, because unpredictable uncontrollable things happen on might as well not do anything He returned to stand, FED and resumed his course, but was overwhelmed by the sympathy he received. He d transfer to Elmhurst College in Massachusetts and study
neuroscience eventually obtaining a degree in medicine in nineteen. Eighty four, Bruce, undertook a residency in psychiatry at the prestigious Theo University, where he studied the brain chemistry of war veterans with major depression accepted a fellowship in child and adolescent psychology at the University of Chicago and came a renowned cyclotron specializing in pay T S day, trauma and empathy publishing two books on the matter: He also re married and had children. In nineteen. Ninety two: he reflected on the impact of all this murder to the Chicago radar quote. I could imagine anything worse to experience and are store. I could live through wavin this and be happy. I felt Oda, I felt very today. Whatever I wanted to Bay, I've thought about the
don't know trappings of our culture and the things we value and don't value and that many of the things I cared about doing well at were really pretty empty. I put more rapid into my relationships, because I knew that's. What's really enduring tests were carried out on the bloodstained sure Bruce was wearing when police visited in the morning of Allah is murder. He claimed the blood was design sourced from a nose blade and results confirm it didn't match Alice's blood type, nor did he's Palmprint match the one on the altar candle. In two thousand for any lingering suspicions that bird was responsible for Alice is death were finally put to rest when he submitted a dna sample that proved conclusively, he was not her killer
In June, two thousand. Sixteen an article published in the New York Post reported that the sea. the four year old man named Bruce but cracking had come over, declined, he was in standards. Memorial church on the Nautilus Perry was killed, A crack and said he was walking past the church around midnight when he heard strange, pollute music coming from inside indented to check it out. On the other, Then he saw a young skinny white male, whom he recognised as a member of Stanford Marching Band. The mail was wearing a light, colored have first all week playing a large silver flute, a young Cohesion woman was lying naked on the altar, with candles burning on either side of her looking upwards. The flute is too didn't happy to see my cracking, but the woman who looked very
similar to Wallace turned her head towards the immense smiled thinking that were playing some kind of game. Mc left the church and didn't give it much thought He later read about Alice this murder, but failed to real and had occurred. The same not he interrupted the flute player and therefore never thought to report it to the police decade. later in two thousand and eleven, while speaking to a retired police officer about strange things he had experienced while on the bed Bruce remember the incident at the memorial church. He searched online for a pitcher of Stanford, marching banned from nineteen. Seventy four, eventually finding a picture of the fleet is quite I finally saw his face and his eyes those intense eyes as soon as I saw the pitcher on you. What with him
First informed, the Santa Clara, Canny Sheriff Department and two detectives track down the fluted. Does he played a concert in thousand dogs, California detectives posed as reported and arrange to meet the man under the guise of wanting to interview him about his career. The musician mentioned the. After a week. He had worn during these days in the Stanford marching bad confirming he had owned the Hare pace described by burst makin. He soon became suspicious and ended the interview saying he would never return to perform in California again. Aspect spokesperson for the Santa Clara Sheriff Department maintained that the musician was not being considered a suspect, but would re evaluate he studied. Should dna evidence come to light. When confronted by the New York posed the unknown
musician vehemently denied any involvement in murder quote. I've never been involved. in anything criminal in my entire life obtain very lucky that way. As forensic testing technology advance Over the years items recovered from the atlas. Perry, Chrome, saying, where routinely re penalised by the candy chrome lab in two thousand six days in a much needed bright through they located. The dna profiles of an unknown mile on their genes. Alice had been wearing on the night of her death over the next two years. Police from the Santa Clara Canny sure So fast tracked down and re interviewed everyone who is in the vicinity of Stanford Memorial Church on the nod of Sunday October, twelve, nineteen, seventy for obtaining fingerprints and dna samples from age.
They rode them out one by one, leaving just one possible suspect remaining former Stanford night Watchman Stephen Blake Crawford was now seventy. Two years old and in poor health. He lived alone in San Jose, approximately twenty five miles from the university surviving on social security and he's left diver retirement funds. He had remained a person of interest in the Alice Perry Investigation over the years, but he had passed. The polygraph he's Palmprint didn't match the one found on an ultra candle used in her attack and with no further evidence or motive to link it to the crime. Police had no grounds to make an arrest They kept in contact with Crawford, occasionally re interviewing him, but nothing ever surface then implicated in.
Crawford had served in the. U S: air force before working as a police officer for Stanford University Department of Public safety in nineteen seventy one department under when a drastic reduction following the appointment of a new police chief, seventy five percent of staff lost their jobs, including Crawford. He was forced to him, in his gun and was re appointed as a not watch campus security. God, a demotion that he bitterly complained about. held the job until nineteen seventy six before leaving to work security elsewhere,
members of a square dance group Crawford, belong to nicknamed him the prevaricator. They he's habit of lying and exaggerating stories. In one instance, he told them he's parents died in a car crash when he was young when in reality they died in separate incidents when he was in his early twenties in nineteen. Ninety two Crawford's Ex wife reported him for forging a fake diploma using length certificate. He had stolen from Stanford University. A search of his time revealed. He had also stolen up to three hundred Reverend valuable books from the university library, including leather, bound latin texts dating back to the sixteenth century, as well as process photos and dot effects from the Department of Anthropology. among the items were a cane belonging to the universities, found off Leyland Stanford and a skull when asked
He he stole the items. Crawford said he simply lockdown things and took them in retaliation for being considered a suspect in the Alice Perry. Murder Given the books were valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That death was considered a felony Crawford, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property and was given a six month suspended sentence with two years probate. soon. He began working as an insurance adjuster than to lift a quiet, somewhat reclusive aloft, having no further running with the law
on the morning of Thursday June, twenty eight two thousand atm detectives arrived at Crawford's grand floor studio apartment to place him under arrest and execute a search warrant in the hopes of gathering further residents to linking to Wallace parries murder when they knocked on the front door. Crawford told them to wait a moment while he got dressed after several minutes. The detective suspected he was intentionally stalling and let themselves in using a Masticate day had obtained from the buildings manager inside they confronted curl food, who was sitting on his bed holding a hand gun the detectives, immediately retreated and moments later the sound of a gunshot rang
Cruel fate was found on the floor with the self inflicted gunshot waned to his head. A search of his apartment uncovered the DAS jacket from a hard that copy of moral Terry's nineteen. Eighty seven book, the ultimate evil in a folder with other papers on a computer table of food away from the bed, was a hastily written suicide. Note dated two years earlier indicating he had expected this moment for quite some time. The note was difficult to raid and made no mention of Alice. The coincided with a time period when detectives recommenced, interrogating Crawford in relation to her murder was suspect. Did that he had targeted dollars to exact revenge against Stanford University following his demotion he's earlier, staving Crawford's dna was complete
did the dna of Alice Parrys Killer, resulting in a match and the forty four year old unsolved case was finally closed. That afternoon police held a press conference to announce the news with Sheriff Lorry Smith, thanking the cull case detectives for their unrelenting work in solving the decades old crime and finally obtained enclosure paralysis, family standing alongside an enlarged photograph of Alice Sheriff Smith told the assembled report is this is the case that eludes us no longer late, detective son Richard Island, ACE kept these pitcher abolish Perry with him as a constant reminder that her life and this case had value.
Alice assisted Karen said she had no doubt the police would solve the case one day and was surprised to learn that girlfriend was the killer. Is he story had changed throughout the years and he was unknown wire, Alice's, Father Marvin had passed away three and a half months prior to the break her mother, Jane, who was now eighty eight years old was heartbroken that her husband had died without even knowing who had killed their daughter. His hey had been desperate to find out the truth, Taking comfort in her religious beliefs, Jane said. I know there is someone far greater that will punish this person. I don't have to do that. Almost. Harry's called case fall had long been associated with the unsolved murders of Leslie per Love and JANET Tyler do
To the similarities between crime, saint many suspected, Leslie, JANET and dollars had fallen victim to the same killer, though that, whenever formerly linked Santa Clara Canny Sheriff Lorry Smith initially stated that, although investigators did not think Stephen Crawford was connected to any other run solved local homicides, they left the possibility. Open quote in homicides. Even called cases we the warehouse of evidence. We keep the evidence for life. Even when there's a conviction. Forensic evidence collected from Leslie, Poah Chrome saying was submitted for re analysis and to that too, resulted in a cage day and. A discovery. The evidence was sourced from underneath the Leslie Fingernails and was a mismatch for Stephen Crawford ruling out.
the possibility that are less and less lays murders were carried out by the same perpetrator. Using similar methods that helped identified the alleged golden state killer. In April, two thousand eighteen detective sent the sample lofty parabolic none. I labs Virginia based too many lab that combines dna testing, with junior logical databases to map and unknown suspect to their relatives and ancestors they met. The dna sample with the members belonging to the get true family, prompting investigators to search through the get true family tree to identify someone whose history aligned with the circumstances surrounding Wesley's murder, in nineteen. Seventy three Jonah get true worked as a medical technician in Stanford University Campus Hospital in the hot transplant unit get true, had a violent criminal history dating back to nineteen sixty three,
his family was stationed in Germany for his father's work with the United States military on the evening in June. I ten year out, get true encountered. Fifteen year out Margaret Williams, the daughter of the army, chaplain. She was leaving a church dance on base the following morning. Margaret was found strangled and right in a field behind the church get your was identified as a suspect immediately and he's arrest soon followed. He admitted to the crime in court, stating I write her, but it did not occur to me that I could have killed. I just wanted to knocker out. He was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison, yet because he was a foreign
and considered a juvenile under german law. The court said that he could be released on parole officer serving two years and return to America by nineteen set. any to get through was living and working in Palo Alto as a security guard, the California Plant Protection services he's criminal past was a sacred those around him. in nineteen. Seventy five to years. After Leslie Perloff Love was murdered, get through targeted contain year out. Member of the scouts explore a true in Palo Alto get through became, involved in their group as the scout later taking their children to dances and other events, while acting as their guardian, he had befriended he's the latest victim oversee,
month period and on the night of January, nineteen arrived at home while her parents were not there. After talking to her for about two hours, get you pushed her under the couch and began assaulting her when she threatened to cry out for help. He put his hand around her neck and squeezed threatening. Don't do that. I have my hand at your throat and awkward heard you get to replace it. Guilty to statutory right and was sentenced to six months jail, five of which were suspended, He was ordered to pay a two hundred dollar fine and these remaining thirty guys in jail on weekends. John Gaiters DNA was obtained from items he discarded and was compared to evidence recovered from the Leslie Pearl of crime, saying
not only was there a match. The subsequent dna report stated. the probability that our reigned in unrelated individual could be included as a possible contributor to these deduced profile was approximately one in sixty four septillion. These figure would be the numbers sixty five followed by twenty four zero is on November twenty two thousand and ten. The now seventy four year old, grandfather, carpenter and scout later was placed under arrest that he, Simon Heyward, approximately twenty one miles from Stanford and charged with the first, the gray murder of Leslie per love over the past forty five years called case detectives had remain. Didn't touch with the pearl of family, updating them on their efforts to find who killer. As the oldest of three children, Leslie
is regarded as her siblings protector. She once shared a bedroom with her sister Diane and the pair traded clothes secrets and laughter when she left for Stanford Diane had cried Leslie Brother, Craig told the media are still miss lively. She was a brilliant kind and loving person Lastly, mother Florence had died for years earlier and I never saw a grave cancelling is she felt the hall in her heart. Could never here November. Two thousand eighteen Diane received it or from a detective sergeant, informing her. We got him. She attended, get truce, Bio hearing that same month and pleaded to the court that he be denied bail, Diane looked directly. I get true who steadfastly averted he's gaze
and told him. The scarf tight around Leslie Neck TAT Day was mine. Diane went on to explain how she could no longer walk alone in the woods where a scarf or let anyone touch her neck. Quiet. I want you to know that murder does not just affect the deceased. The chain has many lives that takes many lives and impacts of family forever, and while justice doesn't he'll all words, it is the least we can do. The presiding jog your great with Diane and refuse to get revile instead, ordering that he beheld in Santa Clara County jail to a white trial. Well get true was in custody, clothing belonging to JANET Tyler.
It also re submitted for a more thorough forensic examination and Siemens dining was discovered within a torn seem in the crash of the green corduroy pants. She was wearing had the time of her death. The dna profile obtained from this dining was found to have a one in thirty four thousand, eight hundred chance of coming from anyone bought John get through On May, sixteen two thousand nineteen get through was also charged with Agenda Tyler's murder. In a statement, JANET's family said Janet lived, laugh with enthusiasm and courage as spunky fun, loving youngest of three children. She added much laughter and joy to our family. She loved animals and cherished her friends
We have missed being able to have her in our lives. Janet's future was brought. It would have been wonderful to say what she would have done. We can't ever know All that we missed, but whatever she pursued JANET, would have served. Others with passion and kindness were grateful today, but the diligent, meticulous work of the law enforcement officers, whose efforts have resulted in today's announcement. They ve done this difficult work with integrity and excellence and with compassion for your family get true, has played. It did not guilty toll charges and is currently awaiting trial. he will be held to penalties, in effect, at the time of the murders, with the maximum sentence for homicide in the early seventies being seven years to live
Given his age and the amount of time that has elapsed since the crimes court officials are prioritizing he's cases, will first stand trial for Leslie per loves murder in September two thousand and twenty. Don't get true is also being investigated, as this aspect in other run solved crimes seen it their account. He sure Smith expects that the modern day and night techniques used to capture Stephen Crawford and John get true will help solve the one hundred plus called cases in the county dating back to nineteen. Forty, six, because we have this technology, we want to hit all of these cases while the suspects are still alive. Shortly after Alice was murdered, Bruce Perry spoke Perviz, light wife to the Chicago radar. Quite
I had a long periods of pain and sadness and of thinking how unfair at Saint I tried to think about what it was that would make a human being. Do this. There was a lot of anger initially, but I didn't know where to direct it, since We know what exactly happened. You sort of had to make something up to get angry at then. I just quit doing. that it was getting in the way of May being able to move on. When I accepted the fact that death was a part of life, it did not matter that much anymore. What the person who killed her looked like luck was luck Bruce Perry is currently a senior fellow of the child trauma Academy in Houston, Texas and in a junk professor in psychiatry and hey view Sciences that Chicago's find their school of medicine. He has worked as a consultant with
the FBI on many high profile cases involving traumatized children appeared on the Oprah Winfrey shower speaking about how adverse early experiences can lead to physical and mental challenges later in life. He believed he's ordeal, helps him identify and empathize with these patients are less Perry, was lighter. that the Sunset Memorial gardens in her ten of Bismarck. On the day of her funeral reverend donned, their cock told the gathering of three hundred mourners somebody's going to say the dollar's didn't have a chance to learn what life is all about. On the contrary, Alice knew exactly what lot is all about that it is full of joy and full of sorrow, but victory and trials and that man is a mere breath. He's days, like a passing shadow,
When twenty two year old, China Callaghan goes missing after a night, adding Swindon a suspect in her disappearance office to lay detective state vote shouts of her body, the suspected then takes the detective by surprise. Ispy asking. Do you want another one case file presents the detectives dilemma attend series narrated by me that dives day Pinta case thirty five operation Mayan Catering Interview, with family members and the late detective state full vulture a moral dilemma arouses you'll have the opportunity to put yourself in the detective shoes and ask yourself what would you have done? The detectives dilemma is available to stream for free only on Spotify. Listen now furry only on Spotify.
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