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Case 140: Richmond Hill

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Just after midnight on November 10 2012, a loud and frightening sound erupted in the Indianapolis subdivision of Richmond Hill. The force was so powerful that it registered on a regional earthquake sensor and homes were left rattling from the impact. Emergency services raced to the scene but were unable to save the lives of two residents, Dion and Jennifer Longworth.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-140-richmond-hill
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Arab besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents, if you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre four suggested phone numbers for confidential support place, they the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website at ten minutes past eleven on the night of Saturday November, ten two thousand twelve allow. And frightening sound erupted, several miles south of the american City of Indianapolis, the powerful.
was registered on a regional earthquakes, Zenza and within minutes. Nor long one was Jean, with over five hundred calls from frantic locals reporting that their homes were left a rattling from the impact. The noise had originated in Richmond till one of many suburban subdivisions in the parity on seven miles south of the city, the relish Every new middle class neighbourhood was Meda. Of one hundred and twenty five immaculate houses similar in design single or double story: family homes with brick, frontage gray, roofing vaulted ceilings and manicured lawns. That. Side by side along a small network of straits borders. On one side by the smoke golf course
emergency services, rush to Richmond Hill and fan the area in complete chaos, properties wherein varying states of destruction windows was shouted rules, cracked, ok. Doors, blown off their hinges and ceilings caved in. installation and dash rained down and rubble lidded distress It's in yards conduct residents. They don't street corners describing being thrown from their beds, sates or knocked off their fate by the impact and slammed against furniture or struck by falling debris. Richmond Hills, proximity to a municipal airport led to speculation that a plain had crashed. Others were convinced a bomb had gone off Oracle in their stolen methamphetamine lab had exploded the level of destruction, worsened toward the center of the subdivision, where the ape
said the unknown catastrophe was pinpointed to field fair way at number. Eight, three, four five. Thirty four year out a day on long worth, had been on the grand a level of these two story home when the forceful impact went off, blasting a hole through the floor and causing him to fall into the basement, he suffered or laceration to his head, but was otherwise relatively unscathed. Yet a fire was advancing and debris prevented his escape. De on cold out from a cavity to the street outside catching the attention of his flame neighbors, they try to rescue him by chipping away at the plot the board, but the materials had compressed and wouldn't bud. Do you want asked about the welfare of his wife Jennifer, who had been upstairs his neighbor, didn't know how to break the news that there
Ass no longer had an upstairs the fires through at an alarming spade. A police officer who had arrived, the same frantically radio to dispatch. We ve got a person. In the basement of a house that burning he's trapped in the back, he spring We need to get a home to the rear as soon as possible, a God. I can't get any closer by it is attacked. The sword belong where tasked with enacts, but the hate made it difficult to stay. Close day on remained pressed against. The cavity still pleading to know with his wife was ok when the firefighters stepped back, despite water, towards the spot
The entire house suddenly collapsed. The blaze was under control by the following morning of Sunday November, eleven eighty times had been damaged. Thirty three beyond repair. They are long worth had been killed along with its thirty six year old wife Jennifer, who had died in the initial blast while lying in the couples bed upstairs twelve other residents sustained
injuries, including broken bones, lacerations and smoking relation the investigation into the tragedy began. A safety command post was asleep place to coordinate the multiple insurance companies and officials that were present including representatives from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, and that debate Men of homeland security, the neighborhood was put on lockdown as Aston Invest, guided sifted through the rubble. Looking for the explosions point of origin ruling, possible causes, as they went. ass. Alongside the long worth's number, eight three four nine Fieldfare way had sustained the worst damage it had been completely levelled with nothing, but a pile of ashen debris remain.
me homeowner forty seven year old, intensive care nurse monster, Roddy Shirley lived at the address with her partner forty two year out, Mark Leonard entered twelve year old daughter from a previous marriage. The family were initially unaccounted for, prompting fees they may have been killed, hesitant Their monster, Roddy and Mark had been ninety miles away at the Hollywood casino in Lawrence Burg for awakened, get away. and Monster Roddy daughter was staying with a family friend, the properties gas, Meda was banned amongst the destruction and displayed rating twice the amount recorded by the households, gas provider three weeks prior, a volume equivalent to three tons of ten t, when speaking If an investigator monster, Roddy and Mock reported that a week before the blast, the distinct rotten
like odour of natural gas, was permeating throughout their home, which was ice cold as the furnace was releasing cold air. They contact the gas company to say if someone could fix it, but decided not to proceed with the appointment An additional right applied to waken cool adds. Mark, though the problem lay with the digital thermostat he purchased and installed an Oda manual model, but it didn't fix the problem Some months Roddy asked him to switch back the next day, the source of the gas. Late was isolated to a fireplace that was originally situated in the families living room as per standard booting code, the home was fitted with a step down regulator, a device that reduces the pressure of gas flow to household appliances bought a pace of black pie.
had been fitted in its place. The on and off switch for. The fireplace was also missing with two marks indicating it had been in additionally removed prior to the explosion in Dance, you ve, search of neighbouring properties, rooftops sewers and cause commenced beneath the fireplace sweet nor the gas regulator were found. Experts calculated. That, it would have taken nine hours for the has to fill with the amount of gas required to cause an explosion of that magnitude. Concluding the fireplace was largely turned on at approximately two p m the day of the blast a forensic scientist examining aerial photographs of the remnants of the Shirley Home, concluded from blast patents that the detonation originated in the kitchen. and within the rubble was the households microwave
a general electric space maker exile model, its door had been. Blown off and were covered elsewhere, meaning the appliance had sustained a build up of pressure from within before exploding, instead of being crushed from falling debris, as no one was home at the time. There was no explanation as to why the microwave had been in use. Remarkably investigators found the appliances instruction manual and learned that it was fitted with a time enabling it to be programmed to begin cooking up to twenty four hours in advance. A metal cylinder showed evidence of damage, indicative of having blown out from inside the mark, a wife. Additionally, concrete samples of the properties Foundation revealed a gasoline was present in two like
means, including the living room where the gas fireplace was located with old days this combined. It was clear that the blast had not been an accident. Monster Roddy Shirley had dreamed of living in Richmond Hill. Since the subdivision was first develop. She had moved to the United States from Porto Rico. In her really twenties seeking better employment and financial stability. Sitting her gold on raising a family in a large home in a nice neighborhood completing her nursing degree in Michigan. She fell in love with a pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ninety John Shirley, and the two. What married shortly thereafter, they re created to Indiana and into their someone monster. Roddy gave birth to their first and only child.
Although Richmond, who was a little out of their price range, the surely manage to get the bank's financial approval to purchase a block of land in the sought after location into the awesome tree. They begin building daydream home a tooth. Story. All bedroom residents spread over two thousand seven hundred and ninety four square fate with an attached to car garage and re patio for entertaining the years John and monstrosities relationship deteriorated and in two thousand and eleven they filed for divorce. As part of the settlement monster, Roddy kept the house with John agreeing to pay. Hopefully, child support into financially contribute towards school, face following her divorce monster Roddy met
And began dating Mark Leonard, a dancer turned successful construction worker with several developments and investments in the works that afforded him a luxury lost There was a whirlwind romance and a few weeks out, the mating monster Roddy Mark moved into her Richmond Hill Home, where they settled into a comfortable, suburban life together in early thousand twelve five months into their relationship. Mark fell into a coma. as a result of a rare, auto immune disease monster Roddy stayed with him as he underwent treatment. Didn't may he was finally allowed to return home. She spent the next few months, nursing him back to health and it was only recently that he was back on his fate. The pair had spent the previous three wakens a white, gather when, on their most recent trip, there has exploded, obliterated
all their possessions from marks, Cadillac Hosty s entirely Davidson motorcycle go to an original Picasso painting, as well as twenty thousand dollars cash. The family had saved. Just over a week after the Richmond Hill explosion, a funeral service was held on and Jennifer long Worth, that Saint Barnabas Catholic Church wedding, had been married. Eleven years prior in lieu of caskets a photo of couple on their wedding day set at the altar along. the basis of sunflowers, which would day on favor over five hundred mourners attended as day on was remembered for his quirky sense of humour, creativity and generosity, As an audio engineer, he helped develop award winning electronic products. The digital sand, then video company,
De Audio labs. Jennifer was a second greatly had a nearby elementary school and was remembered for her compassion and optimism Monseigneur turn evolves. Whoever saw the service said that the couple had their wedding vows to promise to love one another until death, and that now quote, God has helped them live out their vows that evening police announced that the rich man, He'll explosion was officially being treated as a homicide, confident that day, in Jennifer. Long worth had inadvertently lost their lives as a result of a targeted attack on the Shirley household. their investigations. A possible sauce tat emerged after the discovery of an unlikely survivor of the explosion opposing cat named snowball, the pet
long term monster, Roddy, surely daughter, and over the past three weekends, including the date of the blast monster Roddy, had placed the cat in a candle. This was on characteristic of her as monster Roddy wasn't known to board snowball, went away from home Monster, Roddy and marks alibis were checked with records from the Hollywood casino confirming the couple checked in the night before they explode. in their reservation, was for one not entered. I returned to the front desk in the morning to extend this day, but no rooms were available. Instead, the pair remained in the gaming area with cease. To evade capturing them playing black jack before retiring to the boy, whether remained for eleven hours into maidenly checking their fines and watches and who were saving news of the explosion
Investigators at the crime scene had also noticed something peculiar when examining the remains of the surely home Household furniture doesn't disintegrate during an explosion, but smashing into smaller pieces, yet very that size, they weren't many pieces of furniture, strewn about they found several remote controls and television wool mounts, but no evidence of the electronics themselves. In March, the year before, Monster Roddy had briefly put the house on the market and the real issue Photos was still available online These images showed the house had been well furnished, a tip off and subsequent inquiries led police to mock Leonards older brother Bob who had stored some boxes of clothing Photograph personal items and a set of golf clubs in his sons. Baseman Bob had.
His son that the belongings was salvaged from the surely home following the explosion. Yet when speaking with detectives Bob explained that his brother had approached him too eggs before the explosion with the items claiming that belonged two months or Roddy Ex husband, Bauble sir reported smelling gas during a visit to the Shirley High, but was uncertain as the source, the couples ends, relatives and neighbours were questioned with one until resident recalling that, on the day of the explosion, the blog Montserrat he's home, which were typically kept open, were pulled down, Another neighbors said that same day he saw Mark Leonards. What work then parked outside the house at approximately two pay to one men hastily exit at the house before driving away in the van.
Waiting described mark is a scam artist who allegedly used online dating sites to made in situ soda women. He would run and then by picking them up in a nice car dressing sharply and taking them to fancy restaurants, where he would and pretend to answer and urgent Funchal to discuss a business matter maybe it stand. Ass though he had an important construction job in the works. Once the women believed the con, he would ask to borrow money and would then disappear. Another of these games was to take a woman to the casino and after class mean to have left his wallet at time, convince them to place sizeable back It's on his behalf, then. Kate penny winnings. According to my monster Roddy was ok with him dating other women as long is the relationships. What sexual a backward
and check on Mark Leonard revealed a criminal history that began when he was eighteen years old in a dish. into criminal charges for cocaine, possession and drug dealing, as well as reports of stalking and intimidation. he was being sued by multiple women, accusing him of skimming the amount of money, He also had a history of insurance brought related to a car accident. At the time he met monster, Roddy Mark was on house arrest with these movements monitored by J Gps ankle Tracker A relative informed police that another of marks games was too intentionally set off. The air bags in his car then submit a claim with these insurance agency upon receiving the settlement, he would keep the money instead of replacing the Airbus eggs. He had also stolen a truck insured waiting his brothers name and then set on fire pocketing the pair
he owed. Seventy seven thousand dollars in civil law suits and wrapped up I've a sixty thousand dollars in unpaid accounts. Three weeks before the explosion mock confided in a friend that he had lost ten thousand dollars, the casino Montserrat he's bank records revealed that she had financial trouble of her own struggling with them. One hundred and sixty thousand dollar mortgage she and her Ex husband had filed for bankruptcy in two thousand seven with monster Roddy, taking responsibility for their outstanding debts as part of their divorce agreement She had seen taking out a second movies for sixty five thousand dollars, of which she was three months: light making repayments. She had put the whole.
the short sail in two thousand and eleven, which meant that it was listed for less than what she currently out on the mortgage, and she would have to come up with the outstanding money too closely, deal, so she eventually decided not to sell and took off the market by November two thousand twelve. She was sixty three thousand dollars in credit card and still out ninety nine thousand dollars in bankruptcy repayments which she had stopped paying a court hearing. had been scheduled in July. To address this matter, but months, Roddy failed to show the off the Mark Leonard, moved in with her in late two thousand and eleven she does her home contents insurance to three hundred thousand dollars suspicions arose around monster, Roddy and mock the press requested interviews
social media ran raw with rumours about their personal lives. Monster Roddy told a local new station. I don't wish they saw no one. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up donate, but don't sleep everyone's Bain asking questions. I don't have no financial issues on devastated that all that all my neighbour lost the life that my whole neighborhood is destroyed. They need to wait till all of the investigation is done, and I don't want nobody to point a finger to no one. the couple hired a lawyer who issued a statement urging the public to ladys clients alone. It read. The two remain horrified at the tragic events, destruction and loss of lives that occurred
They wish for the coordination of this horrific and saddening tragedy to Bay determined aside. since by everyone, have had a field day at their expense. Continue to cooperate with the authorities and will with no further comments Investigators were yet to uncover any concrete physical evidence to prove monster. Roddy Shirley, Hallmark Leonard had orchestrated the November tenth explosion, gps tracking, are installed on the couples cause and their phone calls were cut, thirdly, monitored that they fail to uncover anything of significance a man named Mark Duckworth, spoke to police pay was a decade long friend, does Mark Leonard. He recalled a phone
Conversation wherein Mark mention to looking at Ferrari online with the intention of buying one when asked how he could afford it. Mark plain to that soon, Ami wins had blown out. Their fireplace, causing thou hast block and they had received a three hundred thousand dollar pay out these converse. Asian occurred eight days before the explosion, Duckworth statement indicated mark into monster. Roddy had been quoting a scheme for some time initial belief was that day had conspired with Mark Brother Bob to enact and alive insurance game having him visit the property to release the gas and set the microwave time on while they were establishing their alibi. Had the Hollywood casino, then, on November thirty in employee, for gas many citizens, energy group notified police that Hey
into the Leonard Brothers, at a bar on the evening before the explosion, as he was already acquainted with the pair. The three struck up a conversation mark and ball boss about natural gas inquiring. How much was needed to fill up the house, the employee compared to blowing up a balloon, telling them that at a certain point there was nothing left for it to do, but explode on December twenty, one. Two thousand twelve. Almost six weeks after the Richmond Hill explosion, Montserrat, Shirley and Mock Lenin were arrested and served with forty, nine counting diamond, which included charges for first, the gray, murder and arson, as well as conspiracy, to commit arson and insurance fraud near suspected accomplice. Bob Leonard was also arrested for murder and Dawson, but was
at the conspiracy charges given the severity of their crimes. The tree I face the death penalty. many residents abridgment hill, were left on surprised by the arrests with one remarking. There were too many circumstantial things that fell into line for it not to obtain them. While another said that it was clear from the very beginning that the explosion had not been an accident on December. Twenty four, the trio of eating cord where they ate chanted a play of not guilty, as the arrests occurred just a few days before Christmas, the Richmond he'll community came together to replace some of their possessions. Montserrat is twelve year old daughter had lost in the blast during the first few months of Mock Leonards incarceration, he was placed in a cell
with a rubber Smitty Smith, a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang and NEO Nazi Organization as the sole nights gotten. one another mark discussed the Richmond he'll explosion. He said the plan had been for his brother to start a fire by cracking aghast line while hay and a monster Roddy were away for the weekend, but Bob had broken the long completely causing the explosion. He believed the strongest pace of evidence the prosecutors had against him was marked Duckworth statement than he had been shopping for a ferrari. One wait before the incident. He was therefore convinced he stood a chance of being the charges if he could just stop Duckworth from testify.
mark rights. Media note asking if there was any way he could organise a hit on his friend. The nodes said that he didn't want mocked Doc worth to quote, show up the poor or show up at all and often a payment of fifteen thousand dollars to making disappear by staging an accident, a hand drawn map to Duckworth Chasse was included along with details about the car. He drove Smitty told mark that he knew a heap man.
Would be willing to do the job and the two made plans with mock, suggesting walking right up to Duckworth shouts and shooting him in the kitchen. While he was sitting at his computer mark, expressed hesitancy about using prison telephones to organise the plot, as he's calls were being recorded as Smitty was not subject to the same rules, he gave his personal pin number so Mark could make the goals without being recorded. Mock, phoned smiting contact a man identified as J when asked how he wanted to hear to go down. Mark said: why would take a chain and fucking pounded through his fucking growing area and hang him from a tree? He offered jail
Five thousand dollar bonus if he could force dock work, to call my my one and to retract the information he had previously given to police. By saying, I did not mean to frame mark and months erotic for their own house in Richmond Hill. He ended up asking J to make it look like Duckworth had taken his own life wanting the job done quickly with the up using any unnecessary suffering, as that would take too much time. J told him that he enjoyed torturing he's victims to which mark aloft and responded. Well, if you wanna, I'm the nice to mark he was actually conspiring the assassination with an undercover special agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. Furthermore, he so made Smitty was actually a policing foreman,
The fine conversations with the J were reported, including marks Dating he wanted another undisclosed target killed once the hidden Duckworth was complete market. That was additionally charged with conspiracy to commit murder to which he pled not guilty in August to test. thirteen months. Roddy Shirley oil documents place a majority of the blame on the Leonard Brothers saying that mark had been abusive and manipulative throughout their relationship. Two months later. Decided that the three defendants would all be tried separately outside Marian Catty to ensure and impartial jury the death. Nobody was also taken off the table and replaced with lock in prison without parallel.
To mark the one year anniversary of the rich mantilla tragedy, faculty members and students at the elementary school, where Jennifer long worth toward second grade war. Indianapolis called merchandising tribute the long worth's favorite football team and a minute's silence Richmond till residents, were undergoing counselling and still had trouble coping with loud noises. One resident reported struggling to get to sleep ass. She was haunted by images of blood, so people running from the neighborhood quote. Hard to get over. It was hard to get those images you out of my head. Many expected that at least one of the accused which struck a play do but, as the years went by this same, do less Clearly, then, in January, two thousand fifteen months erotic
Hence, lawyers approached the prosecution. Taking with an offer in exchange dropping the murder charges. They client would agree to play the guilty to the law. serious charge of conspiracy to commit arson and in return reveal the truth. Doubt the explosion and testify against her accomplices. The prosecution was, months varieties cooperation would help clarify the unexplained details of the crime and settle their suspicions, whether any other People were involved yet months. Roddy had been a key player in the plot and they wanted to see her justly punished. deputy prosecutor, Denise Robinson. Quite she was too involved. She was One who got her daughter and her cat out of the situation and to left her neighbours the situation. While we
new that monster Roddy on her right would never have caused this crowd. It could not have happened without her, eventually the prosecution, a great deal, to the disapproval of Richmond Hills Community who wanted to see. They form a neighbor given the maximum sentence of life. Without parallel, on January, twenty monster, Roddy started talking. We didn't wake civil moving into Richmond till Mock Leonard suggested months, Roddy double her home contents insurance, stating he wanted to buy expensive items and to begin renovations. He also convey her to sell her car said that he could replace it with a luxury Bam w agenda,
getting her dated for tourists instead, which costume mainly seven hundred dollars. At this point, mocks true character began to one ravel. He wasn't the hurrah. He made himself out debate after the explosion heat blast adjudicators, he owned a premium condition Cadillac entirely Davidson. Motorcycle In reality, he had a beta cadillac. He had purchased by selling stolen supplies and equipment from his construction sought and he's motorcycle was on. Drivable in early two thousand twelve marks gambling habits led him Consider committing insurance fraud by setting a small fire in the garage he's friend Gary Thompson had done the same, and gotten away with it. He had also helped another man named glenholdt carry out similar act in July. Two thousand twelve mark urged
when to convince monster Roddy how easy it was Glenn warned the pair to be careful as Haiti you someone who had been sentenced to seventy five years imprisonment for arson, monster Roddy had no criminal history or prior insurance claims Mark was confident that would get away with it, but promise to take the blame, if that would court monster, Roddy Shirley quote. I thought it was crazy. But all went along with him. Mockery, visited this game towards the end of October. Two thousand twelve Gary Thomson great to help, but they just now It wants varieties. Approval, although she was an entirely sure what the plane entire. She gave the green light on the weekend of October twenty seven. Boarded snowball that a candle sang her daughter to stay with a friend
loaded, her valuable and sentimental items into marks, man and the pair checked in to Hollywood casino. mark, had often Gary five thousand dollars to dump six large cans of gasoline inside monstrosities house, but he panicked and couldn't go through with it. He was supposed to coal market monster Roddy. When the job was done, but they never heard from him the next morning they drive to Gary's house until you lied to the Para Bout having to call the whole thing off. Fifty two being pulled over by the police on his way to Richmond Hill convinced Gary was flaking mock enlisted the help of his brother bulb, offering him ten thousand dollars to start the fire. The second attempt was scheduled for the weekend of November three in the light up, knocking the Gary block up the chimney and feel the fire play
with cardboard, they replaced the digital thermostat with a cheaper menu model and had discussions about programming the microwave in advance, with the pace of meadow inside Mark on the fireplaces gas bath and his brother ball was expected to visit the home later to tinker with the thermostat deposit to spark and start a fire, but the playing field for a second time. The Leonard brothers went to the library and researched the cause of housewives. Afterwards they went for drink at the bar, where they ran into an acquaintance who worked for citizens Energy Group and asked him about natural gas glenholdt tried to deter mark expressing the possibility he was going to be
Oh up the whole neighborhood Montserrat. He also begged him to call the whole thing off offering him the ten thousand dollars in her time and fund, but Mark was set on the six bigger insurance. I am On November non two thousand twelve, before the couple left for the Hollywood casino, they gave Bob Lenin forty dollars for a pot needed to carry out the crime. Just after eleven p m. The next day monster Roddy, received word of the explosion and returned to Richmond Hill, where her and Mark discovered the magnitude of damage, injuries and deaths it had caused police questioned forty four year out. Gary Thomson,
who admitted involvement in this game and corroborated Montserrat ease version of events. Although adamant that he was nowhere near Fieldfare way that day of the explosion, police were convinced, he said the time I run, the marker, wife consequent, On January, twenty nine two thousand fifteen Gary was arrested and faced over forty charges, including to cancer, murder, arson and conspiracy, to commit arson. Glenholdt was also interviewed by the police Hayden.
Having any recollection of the conversation in July, two thousand and twelve about sitting month, Suratis House on fire police check to Glenn's phone records, which show ten calls and text messages between himself and Dhamaka Leonard during the first two weeks of November, two thousand and twelve on April 14th, two thousand and fifteen Glen was arrested for conspiracy to commit Austin becoming the fifth arrest in the. till explosion case. On Monday, Jus night, two thousand fifteen Mark Lineage trial commenced in the county court. Here sincere Bend, Indiana he's Vince team admitted the ball. He had being part of the os and plot. He never foresaw the power of the explosion and had no intention of damaging other properties or hurting anyone they labelled as
they're, stupid and selfish insurance fraud that, when partially wrong They called monster. Roddy amassed a liar who was fully in on the plan from the outset the prosecution argued that mark and knew that the entire house would be destroyed, as he had advised monster Roddy to remove her belongings and relocate her daughter and cat. Furthermore, telling his friend Mark Duckworth that He was expecting an insurance pay out of three hundred thousand dollars indicated. He expected the house and its possessions to be a complete broad off, given that understood the potential severity of the explosion. The prosecution urged the jury to find him guilty of murder is he knew his game came with the high probability of death.
The five white trial saw the submission of other two thousand pieces of evidence, and the testimony of hundreds of witnesses include monster, Roddy Shirley, his part of her play. Do she said She went along with her boyfriend's plan because quite always, scared. I loved him so much. I would do anything to make him happy. The outside court marks defence attorney told reporters shake until the truth, just as easily as shaken tell a lie and it's hard for the jury to know the difference. during closing remarks, prosecutor Ma Callings worth said Every single victim in this case is a victim because of him, every single
Coke in Spirit and in this case, would not be charged, but for him it all comes back to mock alighted on July. Fourteen two thousand fifteen after four hours of deliberation mark when it was found guilty of all fifty three. ass, the outside core Jennifer Long, worth's, bother dawn, told reporters. The conviction was the closest thing he's vainly would ever get to justice, saying my wife always talks about what she wanted have with her daughter. You know going shopping and taking care of her kids and all of these things We won't have any of that as far
song concerned. The linen gang sentenced by family to wear to prison for the rest of our lives are grave for my daughter every day and tomorrow I will go back to the symmetry and knocked the grass of the grave block. I do every wake and get right back to business day. On long words, Father John said, the jury had made the right choice. Guiding this doesn't change anything. It means he white heard anybody else outside of prison. The day Jennifer still not with me during Mark Leonard Sentencing, hearing a month later date long words mother, a lane If an emotional statement she said, I eight that it had to be my boy who lived the next door to mark and Buncher Roddy. I hate that
When nothing but collateral damage to them, I hate like hell that more brilliant son was brought down by such foods I absolutely and completely hate that my smart, strong, curious kind, hilarious and hard working Sun God at such an absurdly young age and in such a horrible way. I hate that the ashes of my son and he swore share the space of a Silver box, not much bigger than a gallon of milk. I hate that he's tortured. Last moments come to me in Flash back Why so very much hate? It was not made that died instead of him. Upon handing down his sentence, Judge John Ah, no gas said a person. to feel safe in their own home. I know they will be natural disasters and don't
There will be burglaries and baths, unfortunately, but I think people shouldn't have to worry that someone might destroy the entire neighbourhood mark when it received to life sentences without parallel Six months later, on January, twenty one two thousand sixteen Knox brother Bob Leonard, was tried in Fort Wine Indiana with over one hundred and fifty witnesses called the The fire when Monster Roddy took the stand. She explained that, upon hearing of. Day on and Jennifer Long words that she didn't want any of the insurance money. Bob allegedly responded with indifference, saying, oh well, they died
The jury found him guilty of all fifty one charges. He was sentenced to two long terms without parallel Harry Thompsons trial was scheduled for lighted idea, but in August he agreed to play the guilty to conspiracy to commit arson. In exchange. For having all the charges against him dropped. He was subsequently sentence that thirty years in prison, with ten suspended Bob Leonard called a local television station from prison. Two voices disdain at the door saying Gary Thomson was in on this whole thing from start to finish. In late December, two thousand sixteen glenholdt saucer wanted, in agreement with the prosecution pleading duty to one count of assisting a criminal in exchange for having the conspiracy to commit
ass in charge dropped. He admitted to knowing about the awesome plop beforehand and not doing anything to stop it. He was sentenced to three years, prison for which he only served. Eighteen months. Given that monster Roddy Shirley had reached a play agreement with the prosecution she was spared trawl instead. Sentencing hearing was held where her family and defence Tame requested leniency on the basis that mark when it was emotionally abusive, leading to months varieties compliance her neighbours disputed this, arguing that she was a greedy person obsessed with portraying a wealthy image. Multiple victim impact statements were red, including one from day on long words, Father John Who said it's kind of weird to think that you're going about your life and someone has attacked
get on your back and they don't care. That's why, thing. I've never seen for many of these defendants. Much caring she protected her child and care but she showed no concern for anyone else in the neighborhood. She traded the lives of our children for her own upon delivering. sentence, judge, Sheila Carlyle said to monitor Roddy, you were a mom, you were a nurse, you were a neighbour and you were a friend in the nature of these categories. You betrayed you
Last month's Roddy Shirley was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. She will be eligible to apply a barrel in December, two thousand daddy to age. Seventy two years out, one month later, Mark limit was tried separately for his attempt to hire a hit man to kill his friend Mark Duckworth, to ensure he couldn't testify against him at trial The court found him guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and he received an additional fifty years on top of his life sentences. He lodged numerous appeals by H was rejected. In late January, two thousand and eighteen was transferred the hospital to undergo treatment, for he saw. No, I mean disease on January thirty, the Indian
department of corrections released the statement announcing that he had died of natural causes upon learning of his brothers death. Bob Leonard said although the banning trouble twice in my life and both times where he spoke, but couldn't care less- that he's dead, I don't have a bit of sympathy for that. Son of a bitch the EU following the Richmond till explosion. Residents reported experiencing ongoing trauma The families moved away from the subdivision which seeks marriages ending in divorce. You one their memory, a scholarship titled, the South West, elementary Jennifer and day on long worth, Memorial award was established in two thousand and twelve issued to one
have all my second grade. Students e g upon their eventual graduation from hospital, a press release by the school said. The scholarship would serve as a legacy for Jennifer's excellence in education and allow her Miss students to carry her love of learning quiet Jennifer had a way of reaching students lock and no other teacher students who were tough to rage. She said expectations on day one of school and she got results. She loved her kids as the long words were, passionate supporters of the Indian ATLAS called football team the teams owner GMO say, was the first person to make a donation to the fund. Day on was an enthusiastic gardner with an extensive knowledge of native wild flowers and a particular line. of sunflowers here
pride in a harboured pear tree. He planted in their yard on Fieldfare way, which continues to grow to this day.
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