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Case 141: Natalee Holloway

2020-04-11 | 🔗
18-year-old Natalee Holloway had been looking forward to her senior class trip to Aruba all year. The tropical vacation was a rite of passage for students at Mountain Brook High School, who celebrated their newfound freedom with five days of sightseeing, swimming and bottomless booze in the idyllic Caribbean location.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-141-natalee-holloway
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four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website Thursday may twenty six two thousand five was an exciting day for one hundred and twenty four of the three hundred senior students from men and broke school. Having. You waited two days earlier. The classmates left there, hometown of Birmingham Alabama to spend five days holiday in Aruba, that tropical island in the southern Caribbean, say the senior class trip, had become somewhat of a right of passage for fresh graduates from mountain broker, providing one fund. bonding experience before they parted ways for college and other endeavours. Aruba was the ideal destination for the students to one wind. After a year of intense study,
located eighteen miles. North of Venezuela. Aruba is a constituent country of the kingdom of the Netherlands and, along with us, Nearby islands like the Bonn, AIR and Curacao, and makes up part of the dutch Caribbean as the island, lies below the Atlantic Hurricane Bell at boasts. Warm sunny, weather all year round ensuring the students could make the most of the golden sandy beaches. Turquoise borders and throbbing not laugh Not only was the destination easily raged virus short flight from the United States given that Americans accounted for seventy two percent of visitors to the island, the students, also expect all the comforts of high, including familiar fast food restaurant, and international hotel chains. Robot was also relatively easy to navigate spanning just twenty miles
Long and six miles wide, with a population of approximately one hundred thousand inhabitants. although most Reuben spoke DOT shore happy a mental, a creole language that blends portuguese, spanish, dutch and several west african dialects many also English to cater to american visit is the one hundred and two before students and their seven chaperones arrived at their Rubin capital of a run. You start in the islands northwest. It was only a few. day minute draw from the airport to palm page to check into the holiday Inn resort locate, directly on the ocean from it was one of the many major hotels that lined the palm fringed age. In addition, to the more opulent Marriott Radisson and Wyndham Debate,
studded with some languages and taking bars and also how's, the small collection of concrete fishermen HANS where locals, could store their equipment downtown a run, you start with just a ten minute drive away, provide. Easy access to the city so awfully bars and did not clubs and was a stop off poor visiting cruise ships. The mountain broken trip was all inclusive, meaning all food and down How was already paid for unlocked the United States The legal drinking age was twenty one, the loosely was the minimum drinking aging. Aruba was eighteen for many of them. visiting students. It was the first experience with the liquor and that, first time I've essays the job of the chaperones was merely to conduct a roll call once a day and to be available with any
shoes arise, leaving the students free to enjoy their time. However, they pleased. Eighteen year out, not only Holloway had been looking forward to the senior trip for months, her divorced pair initially had conflicting views on whether she should attend, but they avenged We agree that she had ended Natalie had always being responsible, trustworthy and dependable. She was a dedicated student who grew
You waited with honors in Maths and spanish and participated in several extracurricular activities, including the Babo Club and danced team. She volunteered for several charity organisations, including habitat for humanity, the humane society and the American Kansas society. Her efforts at around a fool. I e scholarship to the University of Alabama School of medicine, where she intended to become a doctor Natalie step brother had taken the senior trip to a robot use prior and remembered at fondly and two of her step. Cousins were also attending, but the class of two thousand five Although these competent her mother, Beth Twitty, she wanted what ought to be extra cautious during how Tom on the island and two never let her goddamn Natalie was,
slim with long blonde, hair blue eyes and best felt she might be taken advantage of Natalie, reassured her mother that she was aware of the potential dangers and promised to be careful saying she would always be surrounded by her large group of friends in a. About. Natalie was assigned to a grand flow hotel room with three of her close friends, Bruce Lee and Catherine. The girls the first days of their tripled tonight. Their time between the hotel pool and the beige, while taking advantage of Fraid drinks, They had never been much of a drink up the she embrace turn you found freedom, her drink. Choice was a combination of diet, Coke and Bacardi, one plus one, the porter breakin rum within alcohol content of seventy five percent in the evenings. Dimension broke. Students typically went out for dinner,
and then parties at the local bars into nor clubs until the early hours of the morning, on Sunday may, twenty nine Natalie joined it report, snorkeling venture to say the Antilles shipwreck, the largest. break side in the car ban. That evening she went bar hopping with her classmates and had a too much to drink at five foot Four and weighing one hundred and ten pounds, Natalie tolerance forever How wasn't a strong is some of the others and one of her friends had to walk back to the hotel the next day of Sunday. My thirty was the fall. the day of the trip. Natalie woke up early and had her first cocktail. Almost throw away prompting one her classmates to warn her to take it easy, so she didn't have a repeat of the night before
she, and her friends spent most of the day on the page returning to their hotel room around six p m, to get ready but their lost, not err after not. Natalie intergroup went to the Excelsior Casino, the case on the second floor of the holiday Inn. They said the black Jack table, where Natalie's friend Ruth struck up a com the with the young caucasian man who introduced himself as your on it. approximately six foot four inches tall with an athletic build and short sandy colored hair. He spoke English with a dark Jackson and said he was a nineteen year old student on vacation from HOLLAND, Bruce Deadlock the sum of money gambling at the casino over the past few days, and I to Europe to give her some pointers to help her with some back, they play for a while with Natalie and the others watching on until
was up one hundred dollars and decided to quit. While she was ahead around nine forty five p M Europe joined the Americans, while they ordered drinks from the poolside bar He had to leave five minutes late on, but the mountain Girls told him to meet them later, a colossal Charlie's, a franchise restaurant and bar chain aimed at young american potty gallows by day venue served american and mexican caribbean cuisine in a relaxed the Indians, but by deny it became a popular hotspot for drinking and dancing, it had become a thought. favorite with the Alabama students and again of around sixty of them had arranged to meet there for one last. Hurrah the Dutchman hesitated telling The venue would likely be quiet, given it was Sunday night,
Hey eventually agreed to do his best to catch up with them later on. After ten p m Natalie And her roommates attempted to board Abbas into a run. You start main hob thought they had drinks with them and the driver refuse to let the morn they called attacks against arriving in town. Ten minutes later, when I headed into Carlos Charlie's too, made up with the rest of their classmates demand. And students accounted for a majority of Carlos in Charlie's clientele that not and crowded onto the dance floor. at around midnight. You're arrived this time, accompanied by two friends. Eventually started dancing with Natalie and the two drank together at the bar. Carlos and Charlie's closed at one I am, Pays his american crowd, the
J ended the not with the song Sweet Home Alabama by: U S rock band linen skin it. Allie was nowhere to be seen so her friend, Lee walked to another popular Bonnie by cold, choose a name assuming she might have gone there with some of their other friends. There will be TWAIN. Seventy and one hundred men and broke students milling about on the streets, but lay couldn't say Natalie among them. She returned. And to the holiday Inn and set up The lobby until around three I am before retiring to bed expect not only to make her white back with the others
at eight. I am on Monday May thirty Lee and Ruth woke up and realised that Natalie wasn't in their hotel room. Her bed was still fully made and had obviously not been slept in many of the students. Its walked rooms during the trip said the girls ashamed. She must have slept in another room. They inquired with some of their classmates but no one knew where not only was the last time anyone had seen her was outside of Carlos in Charlie's. Shortly after closing time, Natalie had told several classmates that she was going for a ride with the orange and his two friends and would made them back at the holiday Inn later on
some others had seen her get into a silver Honda, civic with the three men, but as not all cabs were clearly marked in a rhubarb they assumed their car was a taxi. At one point, the Junta Civic had pulled up along not a group of net alleys friend and she had lain down at the rear window and enthusiastically yelled out Aruba,
chaperones had rounded up the students from choose and aim at around two. I am, but their role as supervises didn't, require them to keep tabs on each individual. A majority of the students had been drinking heavily by these points, and no one was monitoring one another's activity. One student had been sitting outside by the holiday Inn Pool until around five. I am and said she saw several classmates return in the early morning hours, but Natalie hadn't been among them. Her passport and belongings were run touched in her hotel room, as was done my ball. Fine, we
She had intentionally left behind as it didn't get coverage on the island. The students were scheduled to fly home to L a banner at three p m, but as the hours passed, there was still no sign of Natalie when the time came to depart for the airport. She still had in China on shore of what to do. One of the chaperone decided to stay behind until Natalie was located. Another was tasked with calling Natalie parents in Alabama to deliver the news that the border was missing.
Best Tweety was returning from a weekend away when she received the call and immediately turn to a car around and drove to the Birmingham airport. She was pulled over for speeding along the way, but when she explains the reason why she was driving so fast to the office, I he gave her the number for one of these contacts in the FBI and to let her off at a ticket, while Natalie family frantically put plans in place to travel to Aruba. A chaperone went to one of the four police stations on the island to report Natalie disappearance. They informed the officer on duty that she had lost by saying driving away from Carlos in Charlie's around midnight in the company of a Dutch tourists name your on. Do you Reuben police advised that they couldn't launch an official missing person investigation unless Natalie was missing for twenty four hours
that reassured. She was likely off having fun and would re surface again soon. It was common for young Americans visiting the island to extend this day at the last minute or to lose track of time said the police word overly concerned. Given the dutch caravans, proximity to Venezuela, Aruba was often used to transport, not colleagues between South America and the United States, which meant the island was no stranger to criminal activity, an agent for the United States, drug enforcement agency, who was stationed in the nearby dutch Caribbean Island of key You're a sale was in Aruba for the weekend and heard about Natalie Holloway disappearance from one of the shop arrives, pay a great to help with the search and to use these contacts notified the F B. I, on behalf of her family, best
twenty was able to charter a private jet and arrived in Aruba at ten p m, along with her husband, George jogged Twitty, a prominent Alabama businessmen and several of their friends. Pre arranged escorts, helped them to get through customs quickly and provided them with a van and driver degree. checked into the holiday Inn where the mountain Brook High, Chaparral and told them that Natalie had a lot being seen in the company of a dutch tourist name that you're on Beth asked the hotels, not many job. If there were any guests checked in by that name and many jobs knew who knew was she was talking about, however, urine wasn't aghast at the hotel, nor was he a tourist
hey lived in Aruba, having emigrated with these family from the Netherlands as a child and was nine to frequent the casinos and poker rooms on the island where he locked the gamble and heat on foreign women, Beth and job went to the Excelsior Casino and requested to say the surveillance footage taken from the black jack table where the girls and Europe had met once they spotted the Dutchman. They took note of his physical characteristics and, with the help of their escorts, walked around PA. page offering money to anyone who knew the young man, a local teenager, accepted one hundred dollars to give them your arms full name and address, He was your on Van DE slowed and he wasn't. Nineteen luck. He had told the girls, but a seventeen year old, high school student, Beth and her entourage went to the police station with this information, but the office
has remained hesitant about checking out the they were used to young Americans partying too hard on the island and wish or not it was like police leaping off a hangover somewhere had taken drugs or had decided to extend her holiday. Beth insisted this wasn't possible, saying her daughter, wasn't a big drinker and would never narcotics. Natalie was also travelling with a limited amount of cash and had left her credit card in the United States. So she didn't have the funds to travel one woods.
Police suggested she might have intentionally run away and didn't want to be found. The possibility that Beth strongly rejected. At too I am, the police reluctantly agreed to accompany Beth Inter Crew to the Van dislike residents to check whether Natalie was their Europe lived in a detached department at the rear of his family home. His two younger brothers aged ten and fourteen resided in the main house, along with their school teacher, mother, Anita and their Father palace and the slow. A lawyer for the arriving government, who was in training to become a judge palace was the only at all time at the time as his wife was in HOLLAND, visiting relatives and Europe was out with friends, pay insisted, he hadn't seen a blonde american girl on their property but cold. He sons, mobile phone and insisted he returned
the you're on arrived shortly after he was joined by his friend twenty one year old of date count the serene amaze National who had been with him at Carlos in Charlie's the previous evening. Emotions were running Ha Beth Inter Group, and they became aggressive foreign confronting the two young men you're on denied knowing Natalie but eventually admitted that the two had been floating at Carlos Charlie's, the not prior and had the lighter kissed He said and naturally wanted to say shocks before she departed the following day, so hay in these France had driven her to the California Log House on our Rashid age, a populist snorkeling spot on the north, western Tipp of the island At around two I am, they dropped her. Ah, but the holiday Inn and hadn't seen her since day pack confirmed this
story and hay and you're on a great to accompany the group to the hotel to show them where they had dropped. Natalie off your arm pointed to a spot outside the lobby. And said that when they arrived Natalie so intoxicated that she fell over and hid her head while getting out of the car a security guard. Dressed in black, had come over to help her day back and backed up this version of events? Adding Security- God was carrying a walkie. Talkie best was convinced. The young men were lying, Natalie friend Lee had waited in the hotel lobby until around three. I am that nod and didn't say not lay during that time. Additionally hotel employees, war, green pants with great shirts, and none had reported saying
One drop off in intoxicated woman to the lobby. In the early hours, the police told Beth that a detective would be sent out to visit her the following morning that she and jobs stayed in Natalie's hotel room, leaving the lamp on in the hopes she would return. Beth lightest stated that's what parents. Do you leave your lot on and white into your child? Come time the following morning of Tuesday, made thirty one neuron Vander slowed, was taken to the police station to provide Bishop statement, he said that on the afternoon of Sunday may twenty nine he had been participating in a poker tournament with his father had the Excelsior casino Although Europe was under rage
father, allowed him to playing that ornaments that didn't require a financial buying palace had delayed the tournament early to take care of your answer to younger brothers and agreed to return to pick your on up whenever he was ready to go.
after the tournament your arm decided to stick around for a while longer he sat down to play around of black jack when an american girl asked him for gaming advice. She later invited him to join her friends that not he was hesitant adverse because he had exams at school the following day, but eventually agreed knowing he could get away with a light. Not with these mother out of town. He left the casino to get something to wait from a nearby Mcdonald and then called his father to come and get him at home. He called several friends to save. Anyone wanted to join him too made up with the american girls several declined, but data can help her
great. He laid a pig to your honour in his silver Honda, Civic, along with his brother, a ten year out cetacean Calpers. The trail arrived Carlos in Charlie's at around twelve thirty. I am when ITALY immediately board your on over to the bar. Afterwards they drank what Described as a yard of whisky, colour together urine said he didn't take drugs and didn't think Natalie did either. when Carlos in Charlie's, closed Natalie asked if she could with your own and his friends. They got into day pacts on the civic and she requested that I drove past that France, so she could wave at them You're on and Natalie then started making out in the back seat. He told her. They couldn't get back to his place, so she asked if they could go to the coast to see the shocks.
you are on told Natalie. There were no shocks, but she insisted day pack a drive towards the California Lighthouse, which was approximately twenty minutes away from Iranian stop but Natalie changed her mind on the way and told them to take her back to the hotel. Instead, boys claim that Natalie was highly intoxicated and allegedly made. Several racist remarks include, in that her mother was related to adult headlong. They arrive I did the holiday Inn around too. I am when Natalie drunk and late fell out of the car and was helped up by the security God who was dressed in black day pack, incitations kelp, I provide
its statements that, back to your arms version of events entirely day pack said that when Natalie Entities car he told her to get out, she was drunk and he didn't want any trouble. But Natalie insisted on going for a ride to the light ass after she ended your case for awhile Natalie fell asleep on the drive, and I had to wake her up to ask her which hotel she was staying at, When I arrived at the holiday Inn, a dark skinned man with a walkie talkie approach to Natalie once she entered the lobby after providing that statements, you around a pack and satish, ro afraid to go. You Reuben police, distributed missing person, posters to the local media, telling Natalie family. That many young
People on the island to cod, drugs and Natalie could be off partying with them. Although this saint implausible, junk Twitty and he's and located a known drug houses in the area and went searching fanatically dissatisfied with the hesitancy of local police to launch an official invested, I should family recruited american experts to assist in finding her Beth distributed posters that appeal to Natalie directly. Using her daughters, nickname she wrote. Please call me hooty, I miss you and love Mommy's here on a robot, and I really want to talk to you. Please call me on my local cell to some levels, this poster implied that Natalie had run away and didn't want to be found. It was quickly replaced with an attention grabbing poster
featuring to smiling images of Natalie headline with the word kidnapped, empowered red taxed. On Wednesday June, one Natalie disappearance made the front page of local newspaper Aruba. Today, The papers, editor Julia Renfrewshire, helped organise a search of the island and encourage the locals to assist with a series of radio announcements, also calling for volunteers after some complications regarding flights, Natalie Father Dave, Holloway, his wife, Robin and other family members arrived on the island to help them. Hired a car and headed straight to the closest police station. Eventual. visiting all for police stations on the island. According to dives book Aruba the tragic untold story of Natalie Holloway and corruption in Paradise, two of them
or stations were unaware of Natalie disappearance when He told one detective who he was and why he was there. The detective allegedly responded by asking how much money Dave had he told the distressed father, not to worry, because so many other young visitors to Aruba Natalie He was likely just swept up in a holiday romance Dave and his family went to Carlos Charlie's and saw for themselves just how lacks the security was with teenagers drinking openly at the bar within us. Of two hours. They were accosted multiple times by local drug dealers, The hallways asked around and were told there was a strict rule against drug peddling, committing crimes against foreigners the island, relied so heavily on tourism, and they couldn't risk negatively, impacting the industry
In the meantime, a ribbon police retrieved and viewed the surveillance footage from the holiday Inn Day pack who's on the civic was not captured, pulling up to the establishment at any time. Nor was Natalie sane entering the lobby. The footage confirmed your on day pack in Citys were lying. Police had also noticed a few other discrepancies in the trio statements, in addition to them, income actually describing the hotel. Stop is being dressed in black. All three had specified a slightly different location where they had. Supposedly dropped Nedda way off security guard at the California Log House, where the boys allegedly took Natalie prior to the hotel, was also question Haste that the night of Natalie disappearance was extremely quiet throughout the not he had seen
than ten cars in the area, none of which had been a grey Honda. Civic, your on day pack, incitations officially became sauce backs in Natalie disappearance, But the police didn't feel there was enough evidence to warrant and arrest. Instead, they requested access to the trio's. Mobile phone records insult permission to place listening devices on their fines, but those day June to the story was making headlines across the United States intensifying the pressure for a reuben, more enforcement to arrest the sauce backs Natalie's vainly continued.
urging the island on foot and by car with the hope of locals and started handing out money in exchange for any information regarding her whereabouts. This prompted many unfounded delayed with one local coming forward to claim that Natalie had been kidnapped by a couple who operate at a local drug chaos, Dave Holloway launched a grand search of the area surrounding the California Lighthouse, which angered Reuben officials, The log house was a major tourist attraction and they felt that Dave's actions would generate. Negative media attention and deter visitors. The search went ahead regardless, but the efforts were hindered by the harsh landscape that consisted of cacti and jacket: a Rock Formations Beth focused on conducting interviews with local and foreign media, while also visiting schools
A twenty thousand dollar reward for information was announced by the iranian government and tourism boards. national contributions from Natalie's family and several a ribbon businesses and individuals quickly, boosted the reward to fifty thousand dollars on fraud. Aging, three staff at the Aruba today newspaper received the tip off that a blonde american woman matching Natalie Description had been witness that an atm in IRAN you stop before taking off. In a case Sudan, several Carla of newspapers, staff and volunteers drive around ten searching for the vehicle
the case was eventually sided and followed to a house not far from the Aruba today had borders. A member of the search party approached the car and found to women and men in sod. Smoking cannabis with a baby. In the back say, the blonde woman was Oregon, but had a slightly heavy build two Natalie Holloway decay, I drive off and the crew trial owed it to another house by the occupants, remained in the cause of forty minutes, the drive out then got up and started swinging, a baseball bat, the police were cold and they took the driver blonde famous passenger into custody,
officer announced over the police radio that she was. Ninety eight percent sure the woman was Natalie, Holloway Beth than job was summoned to the station, but their hopes were immediately crashed when they realise that the woman was a stranger. According to the book, the Holloway files secrets from the police archives by wind been to and Vincent Van a reuben lore enforcement were working diligently on their case, though, what bought, from speaking to me. The air about their efforts. In any capacity. This gave the impression that there were doing little to find Natalie. Investigators viewed you're on the back and the teachers obvious suspects, but were also try.
To avoid focusing exclusively on them. They remained open to all possibilities, including that Natalie may have accidentally drowned or had run away Supporting this theory was an end, treating her high school yearbook in which Natalie had waited the lyrics upper limits in it, some thought old free, but that when I leave here tomorrow. Would you still remember me, for I must be travelling on now cause there's too many places. I've got to say The police spoke to local, who said there were several vagrants referred to as quite page bombs who frequented the palm beach area surrounding the holiday Inn. Some known to sleep on the hotel, Sunland, preserving, not police,
question no nine by H, bomb and thief named Marlon seller, who said he had been on the beach near the holiday Inn on the night of Natalie disappearance. Here. crossed paths with a dark skinned security God he knew only is Marty who worked at the night bring Allegro Hotel Marty had been wearing black clothing and carrying a walkie talkie, as described by your on day pack and cetacean Marla seller, said he watched Marty, walk into the holiday Inn and approach a group of american women who were gathered by the pool A friend of Marty soon joined them and started chatting with a blunt caucasian woman. Molly knew this man only as market another dark skinned security, God from the Allegro hotel model.
statement was backed by a holiday in employee who had also seem to security guards from the Allegro hotel milling about the pool area. On the nod of Sunday may twenty nine hateful the least that one of the security guards often frequented their establishment to heat on female tourists. Another DAS member tall police that he had seen a dark skinned man wearing black. Talking to a blunt woman who resembled a Natalie Holloway, the two, Heading Brised and then walked towards the entrance to the Excelsior casino a holiday insecurity. God said that in the early morning hours he had heard barking on the beach and when you down to investigate. He saw two dogs gained man dressed in black. LE grow hotel security guards who Marlon seller knew was Marty and market where our dinner, What is Abraham Jones, whose nickname was Magua
and Antonius Mickey John Police checks that work records and confirm that nature of the men had been working on the nod of May twenty. Nine. In the early morning, hours of Sunday June, five Abraham and Antonius were placed under arrest and questioned in Rome? action to Marlon sellers assertions, Antonius TOP the least that he had gone to the holiday Inn alone. The blonde when he was witnessed, speaking to wasn't Natalie, but an amount again. Woman from Boston named join the two had met previous years and had organised two made at the hotel pool that night and only has had to work early the following morning, so he left the holiday Inn at around eleven thirty p M hidden, I'd ever mating, Natalie Holloway and said he would never do anything to harm the tourist as they leave Donna but for a decade and understood how important the tourist
industry was to the island hastily said that Marlon seller may be trying to implicate him and should be the On viewed with suspicion, Abraham giants denied going to the holiday. You know it all on the night of May twenty nine, but admitted Antonia John frequented, the hotel to flirt with tourists. The pears work uniform consisted of a pair of Navy pants with a white t, shirt and dark Colored window bridges of their choice. Antonia said. There were two other dark skinned security guards working at the Allegro Hotel on the nod of NATO disappearance who wore Doc clothing and carried walkie talkie ease they security guards. Were question and tall police. They had run into Marlon seller and another white man on the beach on the nod in question and had worn, the holiday insecurity gods of their presence. As against
Did you want of the Netherlands, Aruba, operates under dutch law, which specifies that suspects can be held in costs. That he for up to one hundred and sixteen days, while the investigation continues during this term on a judge, must grant permission for the suspects to remain in custody, had certain intervals, play the police interviews, hadn't generated anything incriminating against Abraham joins or Antonius John. A judge ruled there was sufficient evidence to hold both men in custody, while the police contain. You'd pursuing other leads Monday June, seeks marked one wake since Natalie had disappeared four thousand officials and Seven hundred volunteers, from both Aruba and the United States, when now involved in the search they were asleep
did by a helicopter, sniffer dogs, police, daughters and dutch moraines. He used their rough. Sixteen aircraft to scan the island within four red cameras- a blood soaked mattress- was found in a shack on the beige, but testing of the blood review that too became on back in Birmingham Alabama. A sermon was at a jewish temple where several of Natalie friends were members. Rabbi Jonathan Miller told his congregation, We have learned that when things become the darkest daddy's, when we are called upon to envision the line, we have land that, when everything has gone wrong, that is when we have to believe that things can be made right again. That is the message of hope. We must never abandon hope. We must never let darkness extinct
the lie: the Holloway and Twitty families organize the public press service, while Beth continue to take advantage of every opportunity to keep this story in the news. Media crews from twenty two countries had descended on the island the F B. I launched a hotline for anyone who had any information relating to the case now. so no to bear the Prime minister of a robot met with Natalie family and reassured them. He would do everything in his power to help find their daughter, older. local law enforcement resisted handing the case over to the FBI. They were unprepared and ill equipped for an investigation of this size. The aruban police chief lightest stated we wanted to investigate,
the possibilities with an open mind. Yet a growing portion of the public you reviewed, Huron Vander, slowed and the Kelpie Brothers says the obvious sauce bags. at one point: Natalie's missing person, posters, we're ready to raid kidnapped by your Van Vander, slow. This led to the van the slide family receiving an onslaught of negative media attention and the posters were changed to raid missing instead of kidnapped behind the same the european police were hunting in on your arm. D pack and cetacean investigators checked that, Riyos phone and internet records and confirmed that had been ongoing communication between Europe and Japan throughout Monday, made thirty day after Natalie, disappeared
They were also suspicious of the fact the two had met up that evening, despite being out light the night before your on had attended school, and when to the Aruba Racquet Club in the afternoon before going gambling at the Wyndham Casino, with a friend Hayden to Deepak, spoke on the phone on three separate occasions throughout the not around six hundred and eleven and one thousand one hundred and thirty. Date back then drive to make your own at the reticent hotel around midnight city. Should they now unable to join them as hey had overslept that day and missed school completely angering his parents. Witnesses said a and date back seemed agitated and we're both drinking. They were at the casino, when they received the two, I am phone call from neurons Father Palace, who explained that
utterly Allah ways. Family had arrived at their house with the police. Investigators theorized whether the purpose of your own and day packs meeting that not was so they could get their stories straight or perhaps destroy evidence. Early on the morning of Thursday June, on on day pack in Citys were taken in for questioning under suspicion of murder, homemade slaughter and unlawful detention prior to being taken into custody. Neurons father told the young man that if there was no body weapon or other physical evidence, investigators would be honoured
go to hold a case against them day. Pack maintained his original lie about dropping Natalie at the holiday Inn, adding that a customer at the internet cafe where he worked, had witnessed this incident and could confirm he story. His brother cetacean refuse to provide a second statement and instead chose to remain silent. Your own also stop by his original state. But added several new details, including that Natalie allegedly asked him if they back in Citys were his slaves. Your are on stated quite to her black people, less slaves. You're was transferred to a different police station, while the Kelpie brothers were detained in same centre as Allegro Hotel Security, God Antonius John, who was also bang.
Hold in relation to Natalie Disappearance Day pack allegedly told Antonio. that the trio had lied about dropping Natalie at her hotel entered the brother had really dropped her at the beach. With your on Antonia Mediately relate this information to the prison guards who took it with a grain of salt. Your own, questioned multiple times over the course of the day during which the police encouraged him to talk by threatening the possibility of a life in prison. They also reiterated that the cap brothers would largely remain loyal to one another which could have dire consequences, be you're on Do you justice system forbade the offering of play, deals, meaning investigators,
Didn't offer any of the suspects, immunity or less severe criminal charge in exchange for information. One detective resorted to lying to your on saying that the brothers had made incriminating statements again still there was enough to scale Europe into requesting a loyal ended, admitting that he hadn't been truthful on fraud. I June and you're on made another official statement this time, telling detectives that he had not been with date back and cetacean when they dropped Natalie at the holiday Inn. He said the brothers had dropped him home first at around one forty. I am prior to his departure, hey into Natalie, exchanged, email addresses and shed one lost keys at three. I am he could Day pack on he's mobile phone, who told him they had
dropped, Natalie off at her hotel, the following, not when they receive The word that Natalie family were looking for the day pact told your on would be best if he said he was with him and his brother when they dropped a narrowly at the hotel. He also suggested they added the false detail about her falling over it, in her head, you're on told investigators that date back typically Cathy's car? warehouse at the airport and that, if anything had happened to Natalie, that was largely the brothers had taken her. There cetacean chose to break his silence and provide a second statement in which he revealed that always he's job to wash his brothers car weekly, which was kept at a warehouse in the airport,
The last time he had washed it was on May twenty nine before Natalie entered the vehicle when asked. If he would make incriminating statements against his brother cetacean responded. I would do everything for my brother, even if it costs me. My freedom investigators, told the cow brothers that Europe had provided a new statement incriminating them in Natalie disappearance, which prompted a revised statement from day pack. He said that when they reached the lighthouse urine and did not only busy making out so he kept driving they reached O J Smith Boulevard need the Marriott hotel at around one. Forty five I am and Huron asked
saying he would walk in that alley back to the holiday Inn by the beach and then find his own way home, but his hotels were on the same beachfront approximately point six miles apart and to the walk between the two only took around ten to fifteen minutes. Sometime between two hundred and forty five and three hundred and fifteen a dot m. IRAN cold to date back to let him know he was on his way home. This was something the friends always did to make sure everyone was safe, neurons, hey and did not only had gone for a swim, but she then fell asleep on the beach, so he decided to leave her there and walk home alone. He had left his snake is on the beach and was annoyed because he was barefoot after dyin to their phone. Call your on sent day pack a text message to say he would go online,
the chat as soon as he got home a little while later date back received an online message from your on thanking him, a whiting up and the two agreed to made again the following evening deep. I said he had the text message to prove your on was lying about the brothers dropping him home before taking Natalie to the hotel. He also retracted his previous statement about Natalie being highly intoxicated And said she seemed quite reasonably with it: he denied that Natalie had made any racist comments to the brothers, but that Europe had told them of her alleged remarks days later date. Back said, he thought your on had lied to distract attention from himself and to cover up the fact that he
right, not only cetacean, so made a new statement in which he back today packs up data diversion of offence, including that Natalie hadn't seen two very drunk when they dropped her and your on at the beach. There was only one discrepancy between the brothers statements day. Pack said that one point he had pulled over to unite on the side of the road nearer rashly badge. While cetacean had no recollection of this ever happening. The police questioned hurons best friend and neighbour, Freddy's Dan Pay said that on Monday, my thirty day off that Natalie disappeared, you're on told him that he had picked up and american woman and taken her to the lighthouse before dropping her back at the holiday Inn. This was of significance to the police, as Natalie
disappearance wasn't known at this time, so your on had no valid reason to lie to his friend unless he was already attempting to cover his tracks. The Lowing day of Tuesday made thirty one you're on told Freddy, that Natalie was missing and admitted the store about dropping her at the hotel was a lie. He said that he and the camp brothers had taken her to a beach. Neither Marriott hotel thought she had been so drunk that she fell asleep. They decided to leave her there because they didn't know what else to do. Your own also mentioned that he had left a pair of snake is on the beach that he would need to replace urine had purchased. The trinity case, waste brain pair of blue and white shoes from the United States, and they were coveted amongst teenagers in Aruba,
if he had simply left to them on the sand, neither Marriott Hotel, it would have been an easy task, but him to retrain them. He should have been motivated to do so as the walk home would take him. Forty five minutes ago rough terrain. He also lot to police about his shoe size, saying the snake is where a sauce Boyton when he actually war assize. Ten. This lead I'm too dear eyes that Europe had disposed of issues because there were stained with Natalie blood and then fabricated. The story about the getting them on the page to it. Why there were no longer in his possession. It would also come in handy If matching shoeprints were later found in an incriminating location. However, the story also worked against him, if he hadn't mentioned, leaving his shoes on the beach, the police, would never have known that a pair of EAST natures were missing.
Interviewing several of your on other friends and former girlfriends, the police learned that he had a history of trading females poorly. There were taught that you're on the rocks pleasure from using girls for sex and then boasting about what he had done after having sex with one girl friend, he allegedly gave her chair. And for the boss and then chased her out of these high at the time of Natalie disappearance. He had it oh friend, as well as another girl, he was saying whom one friend said he treated like a doormat, He also had a violent tendencies and was easily aggravated often getting into physical flies. especially when he was under the influence of alcohol over the past few years. is. He had gotten into trouble at school and time and whiskey
Then lying to and stealing from his parents, they had become so concerned that I sent him to say a psychologist, though it did little to curb these behaviour on Monday June. Thirteen, the Allegro Hotel Security guards Abraham Jones and Antonius John were released from custody after their alibis checked out, fearing that they help our brothers were incriminating him. First you're on Van dislike elaborated on his previous statement. He admitted that the camp, our brothers had dropped him and not only at the beach and that his intention was to have sex with her along the walk back to the holiday Inn. He shoes had seemed in them, so he took them off.
Neither Marriott hotel hey into Natalie than lay down neither fishermen's heart at ten minutes, walk from the holiday Inn and started making out your on, didn't, have a condom, so Natalie refused to have sex with you Day engaged in other sexual activity and at around three I am your on told Natalie. It was time to go home, but she wanted to stay on the beach When she refused to leave, he tried to carry her. She wouldn't let him and eventually fell asleep on the sand. You're on then called the date back to come and pick him up, and he arrived shortly after with
who dogs in time when he saw that not only was asleep date back allegedly said, don't fuck with that bitch and told your on that someone would take care of her the next day, you're on told the police. He believed that after day pact dropped him home, he must have returned to ripe Natalie and had probably buried her body next to the fishermen hearts up. Until this point only day pack and said TAT, she had spoken of Natalie falling asleep on the beach now that you're on had repeated the same story. This possibility gained credibility. However, no other witnesses had reported saying they packed with two dogs on the beige, nor did they pack ever mention this data. In addition, the police authority thoroughly searched that area, including
raining a nearby mangroves swamp and found nothing. These factors indicated Europe still wasn't telling the whole truth day. Pack continued to insist that hey Incitations went straight home after dropping urine and not only at the badge. As his car was fitted with the jewel exhaust, he said the loud noise would have no doubt woken his mother who could vouch for their return home. The Calpers mother was questioned but said she was a hit sleigh bar and hadn't stood at any point throughout the evening that Natalie went missing. Mobile phone records confirmed that it to twenty six. I am on the night of Natalie disappearance. You're on had placed the night minute phone call. The day pack, shortly after day, back sent your on a text message which read
I'll wait until you get home and then I'll go to sleep. Give me a minute cool. When you arrive at K date, tax computer records found he locked into an online chat room around this time. At trade thirteen. I am your on message today, pact to say: hey thanks, may trust always well on home, the location, the suspects wherein when this bone activity occurred, was unable to be determined, but the records corroborated day, packs version of events and further proved that Europe was lying. He had claimed day pack had come to pick him up. Often Natalie fell asleep on the beach. If that were true, it didn't make sense why he would then said
The date text message to say he was home safe when confronted with this discrepancy. Neuron on was unable to provide an explanation. The next day he said he had made a mistake and a wizard take shoe. It picked him up not day pack. The last confirmed the siting of Natalie occurred around one fifteen. I am phone and computer records proved. A Europe was home by three fifteen, regardless of how, was telling the truth that only laughed the to our window, where the tree I could have harmed Natalie and raised all evidence of a crime given this was such a short time frame. The police considered the possibility that more people were involved in ITALY's disappearance ones, Each person was Dave Crows, a dj who worked in a party both called the tattoo. The
was moored at the holiday Inn and talk young tourists here to say at sunset, where they could drink and dance until the early hours. Steve was a regular customer at the internet cafe where they packed work. early in the investigation involuntarily gone to the police station and validated the trio claims telling the police they had seen a great vehicle drop, a blonde intoxicated woman at the holiday Inn in the early hours of my thirty, when police ass. If some one had cut worst him to make this statement, stave insisted was the truth, given police, already knew this story was a lie. There was no valid reason why Steve would make such a claim unless you was helping Europe and the kelp our brothers, create a false alibi
for other witnesses had also placed stave, cursing call us and Charlie. At the same time, Natalie and other mountain broker students were their celebrating that follow not on the island. He did or became a person of interest and was taken into police custody, but further questioning on Saturday June. Eighteen stave crows, It admitted he had lied about, witnessing the holiday Inn incident. reason other than he had ever heard date back story at the internet cafe and believed it was true. He said he didn't even know date backs name and had never met your honor cetacean before he denied having anything to do with Natalie disappearance and claimed to have baino work on the night she went missing. This was disproved by his employer, who told place. The tattoo party by didn't operate on Sunday night
Two days later, Steve provided another statement calling he's ass, a lawyer. He said he had picked up friend journey up at eleven thirty p m on Sunday may twenty and to the two taken, a motorized fiberglass dinghy out to the tattoo to check on things. The two men had only state on the boat for ten minutes before it Turning to shore in spending the next few weeks, Always bar hopping, but he couldn't recall if they went to Carlos Charlie's, after the boss closed at one. I am M in Germany, went back onto the tattoo and stay there until four thirty. I am. the staff at Carlos in Charlie's. He knew stave from his work as a Dj J, tell police they had arrived at the bar alone at around one thousand and thirty p, DOT M note. After one thousand one hundred and thirty with the Jeremy, as he recalled,
additionally, neither he nor Jeremy could be accounted for between the hours of one and four thirty. I am this left at three and a half hour window. West Dave claimed they were out on the tattoo potty by it wasn't in operation at the time? This Police, the dear rise that stave either alone or with the help of his friend, had not only on the beach and used the dingy to take her out to the tattoo where they could have killed her and burn her body into the sea forensic investigators, searched the dingy and the tattoo, but nothing of interest was uncovered. State was held in custody for ten days before the magistrate deigned there wasn't enough evidence to hold him any longer. He was. Released and subsequently fired from the tattoo which went out of this. shortly after
you're on answer. The palace invent. A slow was also considered a person of interest net. These family had been suspicious of him from the star, knowing that he's position as a lawyer, and judging training meant he had expert knowledge of the Reuben legal system. He was also well connected with authorities and could use days relationships to he's advantage. Furthermore, when Natalie's mother Beth arrived in a robot twenty four hours after her daughter vanished, she visited Havana, slight residents to question Neuron palace answered the boy and allegedly told her that he had picked Natalie Hindu, your on up from Donalds the night before and dropped her safely. To her, I tell light IRAN once palaces. Wife, Anita, had returned from her trip to HOLLAND. Beth had sat down with the couple to ask them.
Questions. She noted palace had sweated profusely, despite the room being quite cool at the time she had given him a hope, financially bracelet, To obtain worn in support of her daughter and saw that his hands were shaking ass, he accepted it police initially begun surveillance, neurons phone calls they recorded The showing on June sees in which palace encouraged carriage t to stick with a story about dropping Nedda lay off at the holiday Inn and quote nothing more. Prior to the arrest of his son and thick help. Our brothers palace had explained to them exactly how criminal investigations work and had provided a level of legal advice that went beyond the role of parental cancel. This led to the opinion that he had luckily played a part.
helping the tree. I create their false statements and had therefore interfered with the investigation, Tell us. It admitted to the police that Europe was a bad Eliah thought that it was yet of carrot, but he saw to leave a young girl alone on the beach. He side denied as telling Nedda lease family that he had dropped her at the holiday Inn. Clarifying that he's comments related to when he picked a neuron up from Donald earlier in the evening police agreed. This may have been a misunderstanding. Wednesday June fifteen Divan Dislike was searched and too vague was belonging to your arms parents were confiscated and processed for forensic evidence. Nothing was found, but bodies point headed being six days since their sons or rest and two weeks since Natalie went missing
on Thursday June twenty three palace This light was arrested on suspicion of complicity in murder, manslaughter and kidnapping, resulting in death. Chief prosecutor. Karen yards described these actions as disturbing and obstructive. His wife and Neda held a press conference in the Van DE slides backyard. calling her husband's arrest ridiculous. She accused american media of hijacking dear Reuben Justice system, saying this, note about Natalie any more,
About enormous pressure from the states and the media, I believe in my husband I believe, and my son Palace was released from custody two days later, due to a lack of evidence justifying holding him any longer. He released the statement calling his arrest utterly ridiculous and absurd that many continued to view him with suspicion. Three fisherman came forward to confirm they had been on palm page in the early morning. Hours of Monday. My thirty and I didn't notice, great on this subject in the area, nor had they say Natalie, your on the Kelpie brother or anyone else on the beach the only vehicle they witnessed all night was Suzuki Jane, which Putin around one Forty five: I am and stayed for approximately forty five minutes,
human heard, the voices of male and female coming from the Jake, both of whom spoke with english accents, but neither sounded like that were in trouble, her distress of any kind. The page front was narrow and it had been a calm quiet, not with good visibility. The fishermen remained there until four thirty. I am and stated that would have been impossible for them. Not to not only and your on. If the pair had been on the shore. One stated: if someone says that he came there with the girl he's telling lies All three fishermen recalled that the weather was still contradicting your on statement that it had been difficult. The heat they on the fire because it had been a windy. Nine you're on also hadn't mentioned, seeing as the Uk Jape in the area. At any point,
on Thursday drink dirty you're on day pack and Citys were transferred between police stations together in the same beagle granting them contact for the first time since their arrests. Almost three exactly a covert audio device recorded that conversation during which urine confronted day pack with several questions, including why are you saying that we drive to the lighthouse while we absolutely did not do that date? Back responded that I did go to the Lighthouse you're on also brought up an instance in which date back had allegedly told him that he wanted to write, a girl data responded who's going to believe you know You lie so much in, to guide us remains convinced that the trio were covering up something, but
Monday July for two thousand five, the count their brothers were released after a magistrate, the term and there were no serious justifications to hold them any longer. You're. On So it is to be held for an additional sixty days. No travel restrictions were given to the counter others prompting Natalie's mother Beth, to tell the media my greatest fee. Is that will leave rhubarb. These criminals are now free to walk among the tourists of. While I have not seen my beautiful daughter in thirty six day, I am asking all nations not to offer them a safe haven. She may criticized the decision to release day packing cetacean remarking to suspects were
waste yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my daughter. As the brothers hadn't been charged with any crime, and there was no conclusive proof that they were involved in Natalie disappearance. Bets comments, spurred backlash against her. family, a rubens accused her of disrespecting local laws, whilst it This is called her remarks, prejudicial inflammatory libelous. and totally outrageous and threatened to take legal action on behalf of these clients while low, who support had been strong in the early stages of Nedda disappearance. Things were starting to turn.
on Tuesday July five over two hundred, the locals, gathered outside the courthouse in support of the arabian judiciary system, with some holding signs saying innocent until proven guilty and respect their laws or go home An angry businessman who told a journalist for Vanity Fair magazine. This is just a concerted attack on a robot, a terrorist attack. What Blame the whole island a whole country, but something that is out of our control. Beth Twitty attacks our justice system. What about yours, John Bernay was that of a solved Michael Jackson, he gets off OJ That's american justice and to the woman is criticising us.
Days later, Beth released a statement apologizing for her comments, saying I would like to apologise to the iranian people and to the room authorities. If I or my family offended you in any way. I realise that the European legal system abides by the presumption of innocence and all to reassure everyone that are due respect the aruban legal system. In MID July, a park ranger searching on the North EAST coast of Aruba came across the pace of doctype. With several blunt has attached. The tape was sent to the Netherlands for forensic testing, but it was determined the has didn't belong to Natalie Then, on Monday July, eighteen divers found it arrow in the ocean, need Marriott Hotel, Specula
She arose that it could contain Natalie's body, but it turned out to be full of concrete. A homeless man came forward, claiming he had been at the dumb three days after Natalie went missing and had witnessed someone Beria Object that looked like a human body. he was able to describe the exact location. The item had been buried, but, as several weeks had passed by the time he made his report, a significant amount of garbage had been piled on the alleged sought police officers, cadaver dogs, FBI agents and volunteers search, tat, kind of a landfill using backers and machinery. The cadaver dogs, reacted to several specific areas, but they had only identified medical waste after awake of searching in unpleasant conditions. The search was called off with no trace of Natalie found.
A fisherman also came forward to report that on the night of Natalie disappearance, the fishermen heart said being robbed and a north and a lobster cage had been stolen. He didn't thing to report that after the time, but now wondered whether it could be linked to the Holloway investigation, as the cage was large enough to feed a human body. According to dive hallways book, he received an anonymous say now, claiming that Natalie's body had been put in the cage and dumped two miles off. Shore invent to guide is ultimately ruled out delayed, as other witness statements had failed to play. Natalie or your on the page need a fisherman hearts in the first place. On Friday July. Twenty two handymen and gardener named Carlos Panada, came forward to police to provide a statement
in the early hours of Monday May thirty Karlov was enabled us as it was hot and he's apartment didn't have air conditioning. He does Started to drive to his buses house where it was coola and so. Time between two dirty and three. I am. He took a short cut, Deanna Dirt neither Marriott Hotel and came across a grey the civic with a large part the nearby he said it's lit up the car and he saw the face of your own van dislike and data package in the front seat and settees Calpers in the Back Carlos, refused to sign he statement saying he wanted nothing more to do with the case and then left the to go. When a hollow upon his return to the island. In early August, Carlos Panada spoke to the police. Again
explaining that he hadn't come forward sooner, but these information, as he was nervous, was aware of the two innocent security guards who had been taken into custody in relation to the investigation and was hesitant to draw any attention to himself. His employer had also advised him to white before speaking with authorities due to the MT of media attention. The case was getting when it initially broke, based on Carlos as assertions a large guy. Search of the area surrounding the Marriott hotel was carried out. Infrared technology detected a hate source in a pond near the ocean, but it turned out to be a decomposing. Shellfish, On Monday, Auguste Day, Beth Twitty confronted deeper calpers in the internet, CAFE where he worked. She was
company, by a film crew from American Cable Channel Emma S and they say She stood over him silently for several minutes before asking him a string of questions, including weather, he was involved in that always disappearance or if he had tried to help her ass off at him, a choice between the reward, money or locked in prison. They pack responded that he's loyal had advised him to remain so I'll Police suspected that you best friend and neighbour Freddy's Dan, knew more than he was letting on. It had been brought. for their attention that Friday had allegedly take an explicit photographs of an under age teenager, which he had then posted to he's website where he referred to himself as the local man pin. On Friday August. Twenty six police arrested,
De on suspicion of committing a sex offence in the hopes that would compel him to reveal more information about what happened to Natalie, Freddy denied knowing any further details and lawyer argued the images on his website when nothing more than a teenager wearing a bikini. Freddy's charges were dropped and he was released the same day. Also on August twenty six, the police took a risk by re arresting day pack, incitations, copper you're on had claimed that Natalie had passed out several times. While he was touching her an act that could be considered. Sex without consent police tried to scare the Kelpie brothers into talking by threatening that they could be considered accessories to this crime by virtue of being in the same car. But neither of revealed any new information and were afraid to guide,
On Saturday September, three a magistrate determined there wasn't enough evidence to hold your on van dislike for a further thirty days and he was released. Two days later, he left a robot and re located to his home town of volume in the Netherlands, where he moved in the relative and in routing college, to study international business management he's gambling happening crazed and to support his addiction. He accepted payment from various media outlets to speak about the Holloway case when reflecting he's involvement to Dutch Television NEWS Programme, a current affairs you're on stated. I should just stay home, and this wouldn't have happened to me. I just tried to look that always in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe even with the wrong people, and I just hope that the truth comes out.
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Holloway had been missing for three months and not a single piece of physical evidence had emerged to indicate her whereabouts had her body being dumped at say it would have. Luckily, what up on shore by now, all being discovered during one of the various searches they believe her remains had been destroyed by marine life. Some items, so scraps of clothing would have likely surface despite investigators holding great fees, but the missing eighteen year old. This still wasn't a shred of evidence to indicate that a crime had occurred. The reward for information was increased to one million dollars, with a separate reward of one hundred thousand dollars to available for the recovery of Natalie remains. Dear Mary, in media continue to follow Natalie case making it the most reported Events in the United States in two thousand five
an article in vanity, fair, toddled, missing white female claim did Natalie disappearance received the same amount of media coverage. Has the Iraq war. It was those a critical of the attention, as it detracted from other missing person cases, especially those with less public appeal. The article stated Quote Natalie story has all the elements that justice shows a door and innocent victim missing Massimo mode. Avenging loved ones and a handsome white male suspect throwing a gag rule of luckless cops and colorful mana characters. At all in an island paradise and you have the car of a real life, mystery that capes Americans glued to their seats. Dave Holloway lighter said in his book Though some my view Natalie as just another blonde, what american girl
to whom the media tends to pay more attention than minorities, people of every right sent. Religion have come forward to extend to us, compassion and understanding. the media are allowed her into everyone's high and everyone's heart. This tragedy could have happened to anyone, Stroud Black, what rich, poor Christian, jewish most whatever there are no lines to be drawn when it comes to apparent losing a child. Hopefully the media has brought that home to the world after four, sooner Aruba searching for her daughter, Beth Twitty, returned to the United States. She told report as it was idealistic to expect that Americans would receive the same kind of justice. I beseech that I did at high stating where
Americans leave the United States. We should be prepared to leave behind to all of those expectations. In early October, Beth perceived a voice. My one have found from a private number. The message can and a female voice. Saying mom help me. The FBI analyzed the voice mail against a genuine recordings of Natalie's voice and, ultimately rule it out as a hoax accusations that the european Police Force was purposely thwarting. The investigation as part of some kind of cover up, ran rife in the U S in spawns a ribbon. Officials accused mad alleys family of hindering their efforts, climbing the pressure they put upon Loring Force to prematurely arrest here, Van De Slow and the count our brothers ruin to chances of gathering the evidence required to fund their daughter
a Reuben deputy police chief girl did dumping, told the media they brought out. There be guns on the very first day and they started shooting They didn't understand the way things are done in our system. They didn't want to understand, they act blocked. I came from a world where you can just crush Paypal. It was very harmful to our investigation. feeling let down by a ribbon law enforcement and the locals who no longer supported her best for Americans to boycott the island. She believed That would encourage anyone who had information but was too scared to spake to come forward best. Appeared on various major television networks to promote the boycott, alleging that Reuben police want doing that jobs and that they were Used to hand over a single piece of information regarding their case to the FBI,
a spokesperson for the FBI. Disputed disclaim telling Television NEWS Channel CNN that the Ruby police had supplied them with all relevant information, and the Prime Minister had fully supported american authorities? Participation in the investigation, bets husband, junk Twitty was well connected with it. American Republican Party and they used these connections to get various politicians involved. Beth tone vanity fair that she intended to strike against the robot and dont Tuesday November write the governor, Alabama Bob Riley held a press conference to words. All Americans to boycott Aruba and cold all other states to follow his laid quote. Until their lack of law enforcement practices can be evaluated and till. They offer some resolution in Natalie case tourists are not safe. In Aruba, already dutch territories
Ribbon, Prime Minister, Nelson Oda, bad cold, the boycott preposterous and irresponsible, telling the media investigators have done their best to solve the mystery and to the entire island doesn't deserve to be punished. We are not guerrillas, we're not terrorists. A few other american states, including George, and dark and so called for a boycott, but they received no support from the federal government. In response members, The roof is tourism, hospitality and public relations industries formed a taskforce. To speak out against the negative portrayal of the island, Natalie Dave was against the boycott. Although He was disappointed with many elements of the investigation. He didn't want the actions of a small group of officials to negatively impact the whole island yet
local support financially family in Aruba had since dwindled exacerbated by reports that the mountain broken students were poorly behaved throughout their visit in May. As a result, the holiday Inn had told the school that their senior class was not welcome to return the following year. and a ribbon business men who had previously been alive and ITALY's family thought of Vanity fair, the killing of rhubarb that girl Natalie by wish its daytime, I hope he's found alive there. it is just not worth all this trouble. This heart ache is not only worth it is. She
american psychologist turned television housed, doktor film, a girl had been outspoken in he supportive Natalie Holloway family, having sent his own investigative team to search a robot and speak to witnesses. He advocated for the boycott of the island and on Wednesday November, to appeared on american light. Not talk, show the tonight show with Leonard, where he stated he had into Believe, Natalie was still alive and being held as a sex life after the segment Ed Day, Holloway away received a phone call from a woman who claimed shit and across the street from the holiday Inn on the night. Natalie went missing. She swords
a man whom she believed to be some kind of royalty trying to grow worse, a young blonde, hair woman to join them. The witness didn't think anything of it at the time and left the room by the following morning. She then put the dots together off the same. Doktor fills a light, not interview A Sadie prince was on the island to the night, Natalie disappeared, but nothing further came from the laid. a private, investigator and polygraph expert named Jamie Skaters, was hired by doktor feel to travel to a robot. Seeing a hidden camera, hey interviewed date, back care who called Natalie a slot based on the way she dressed spoke and because she chose to go driving with three strange men, quiet and her mother, claiming her to be the goody to choose enough with decent bs
ready portions of the hidden camera interview were red on the doktor feel show, with the footage showing day pack respond to the question Has the weather Natalie had sex with your own cetacean himself? By saying she did you'd, be surprised how simple it was. He was also shown saying before. I knew the body is, I would tell them a long time ago. Let them start the trial and get this over with. I don't care. After the snippets of the interview where a Reuben officials accused the doktor fills produces of editing the footage to fit their agenda in
part of this claim they release than uncut version of the type which showed a day pack shaking his head and saying. No. When asked, if not only had sex with your on cetacean himself, the answer date back again saying you'd be surprised how simple it was was actually in response to another question in December, two thousand five The Kelpie Brothers suit the doktor feel shy for defamation with the lawsuit alleging that the interview was altered to create all statements incriminating them. He Natalie disappearance lawyers for doktor, fill and say they ass. The television network that add the show disputed the allegations. The case was ultimately dismissed after a long legal
Also, in December two thousand five, an american woman named Tracy Ellen, contacted Natalie's family ass. She had been holiday in Aruba in May two thousand five Nine days before Natalie went missing, Tracy took a morning straw at six thirty, along a quiet stretch of page, neither Marriott Hotel ass. She approached the fishermen hearts. A man who was naked from the waist down, ran out and launched an attack. He threatened Tracy with a stone grabbed her by the arm and attempted to pull her into his vehicle, which was waiting nearby with the engine running Tracy, resisted and Yoda out for help attracting the attention of some local fishermen and prompting the attack had to flee. She had reported the incident to a Reuben police at the time, but nothing further came of it.
She never wondered whether the same person who attacked her could have something to do with Natalie disappearance, Tracy, provided an official statement to the FBI and worked with a police sketch out as to create a composite image of her attacker. she described in his being around twenty five years old, with a dark complexion round, head almond shaped, dies, dark, hair, a moustache and wearing octagonal meadow framed glasses. The suspect sketch was circulated throughout Aruba, but no identifications were made a few weeks later, the FBI presented Tracy with a photographic align up. She identified her assailant immediately saying she was one hundred percent positive. That was the right man. In a bizarre coincidence, at the time Tracy identified him. This aspect
was already being held in custody in Aruba, foreign expire, visa, lace who were holding him were unaware of his alleged involvement in the attack on Tracy Alan and that he was a potential person of interest. In the not Holloway investigation before you S, authorities could question him. The suspect was released. He immediately fled to Colombia. The theory that Natalie had been solved into the sex trade was a popular one with many suspecting neuron and the Campo brothers or an unidentified. Kid nabob had facilitated the transaction,
There was stories of similar looking women who had been drugged in Aruba, insult to traffickers who transported them to Colombia, Venezuela and surrounding caribbean islands to work in Brussels. This theory was bolstered by a report released by the: U S, department of State they claimed a robot was commonly used to traffic women and children for sexual exploitation. According to the report, approximately five hundred foreign women, some of whom had been unwillingly traffic but currently engaged in sex work in a robot, and they knew by Ireland of Curacao and a ribbon woman reported. She was talking on the phone one night when her line became crossed with a conversation between two men. One of the men had legibly told the other. He had seen a woman resembling Natalie Holloway at a brothel in the colombian capital city of by God. He won't
the two reports deciding to the FBI, but couldn't a fee he's vainly, would find out. He had visited a brothel. The cool itself could not be verified. Another theory was that Natalie had being recruited or trafficked into the pornography industry investigators cost this suspicion on pulled bay in american expert who operated a sex tourism. Business In Aruba, under the pseudonym, Mr Pink pull bay offered a ruddy toys in which he would take foreign visitors to the red Light District to find a woman who fit their personal preferences. He's website touted prostitution she is one hundred percent legal in Aruba and from personal experience Tell you that you will find the safest and most passionate women in the world here,
we ensure that you will get unbelievable sex pull They also ran a photography studio in Aruba and had been seeking models to pose for him by running adds. Asking women to quote. Join the party. it was also discovered that he had returned to the United States shortly after Natalie Holloway disappearance pull he's a ribbon. Businesses were registered to a post office box in Florida, said the F B. I obtained he's fine records and kept a close eye on in which, New lage or breakthroughs nodded Holloway slowly faded from the headlines and her case eventually, when cold. A year later in December, two thousand six Beth than junk Twitty followed for divorce. After six years of marriage,
resulting in Natalie's untouched the bedroom being packed up and cleared out decorated in shades of purple and green, the room was adorned with photos of Natalie, Inter friends, certificates of her achievements and the collection of memorabilia from her favorite movie, the wizard of OZ, A graduation robe and several new outfit she had bought to take to college still hung in the closet, as best described in her book, loving Natalie, a mother's testament of hope and faith Natalie loved it in here it was her place to work and to a place of solace. It's where she giggled with friends.
Studied for tests, that's where she dressed for the prom, its Natalie design space and everything in it represents her. She was a hard working young lady, full of life, smart Gatty, determined and very dependable. She had always been that way in two thousand: seven dutch investigators reopened the case and forensic analysts examined.
computers that had been confiscated from your on day pack and cetacean. Following their initial arrest on June, nine, two thousand five advances in forensic technology now allowed investigators to recover their online chat. History revealing some disturbing habits amongst the sauce backs in a circle of friends, the group appeared to have an obsession with picking up girls and taking them back to hotel rooms to photograph full video them engaging in sexual lax in their online interactions. The young men encouraged each other to commit Lou Dax
referring to themselves as pimps, and today, a group as the Kampala GI crew. A rumour had also circulated around Hurons Hospital that hey it sparked Natalie's drink and she had died of an accidental life had eyes. Based on this new information. Investigators believed that the three suspects did not taken not only to the beach is thy alleged me if they intended to fill their encounter with the young woman for the pimps ology crew. The bait wouldn't have provided adequate privacy or Lahti. It seemed much more likely that Natalie had been taken back to your answer. Detached apartment at the
rear of these families high, as these parents sometimes allowed him to have goes. I've on computer analysis also revealed that, when you are on return time on the night of Natalie disappearance, he had visited various pornographic websites that specialised in women having sex with men in the back seat of costs and passes. It also downloaded to pornographic films from a website called nasty dollars. Dot com, which was owned by an american production company, called reality kings reality kings was registered to an office in Florida near the Post office box belonging to sex tourism operator, pull bay. They K. I, Mr Pink investigators, considered the possibility that pull Bay had been supplying videos to reality.
some of which may have featured Natalie, but there was no evidence to support this theory. Pulled Bay was ultimately ruled out, as a suspect He was later interviewed by Dutch. Investigate is for the book the Holloway files, during which he explained that, while he ain't to bear content, producer he'd never actually produce the single pornography video. He blamed his sudden departure from Aruba on the negative impact the Holloway case had on tourism. The pornography link was ultimately Rodya based on their online chat history. It still Saint plausible that your on hand to the camp, I brothers had intended to capture footage of Natalie. She may have been killed by accident or died from a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. On Wednesday November, twenty one two thousand seven Huron was re.
Stayed in the Netherlands and transported to Aruba this time on suspicion of main Slota and causing serious bodily harm day pack. Incitations Cowper were also arrested for the same offences. Prosecutors put forward that the online chat transcripts provided new evidence against the tray ire but lawyers for the accused argued there was nothing amongst them to confirm that Natalie Holloway had died or that their clients were involved. An attorney for the camp. I brothers said it's like trying to say the Loch Ness monster exists. The judge your great there wasn't enough evidence to hold this aspects in custody day pack in cetacean were released on November thirty, while Europe was held for an additional wake before he was like go on December, said
Almost three years after Natalie disappeared, her case heat headlines. Once again when dutch crime report are paid a race clientele had a video of your own van dislike confessing to her murder and would soon be broadcasting at on Dutch Television, review for the segment showed dutch prosecutors reading a transcript of the alleged confession and remarking this is very impressive. We have thought to ourselves that this was a very probable chain of events. But until now we lack sufficient evidence. Clearly is the first time that he's confessed to somebody this is he's coming out The footage aired on Sunday February, three, two thousand eight seven million dutch citizens- almost half the population tuned in to watch
it featured a sting that obtain orchestrated by the race and a friend of your answer named Patrick Van Dhahran Patch, I contacted the report on months earlier to say he didn't believe your own story about what happened to Natalie and agreed to take part in it thing operation in exchange for thirty five thousand dollars. The very since those three hidden cameras in Patrick's car and captured, twenty hours of foot each over a five day period as hey and your drive around chatting and smoking cannabis The conversation eventually turned to the subject of Natalie Holloway You're on confessed that hey and Natalie had been having sex on the beach when she suddenly had a seizure and died, he had used to pay fines to call a friend named Dory who
a and helped him take Natalie body out to say afterwards. He wore time alone, you're on told Patrick she's, dead, of course, I think I'll never get caught for this. I had absolutely no bad feelings about it. I have not lost one not of sleep over it. I think that I am incredibly lucky that she has never been fanned because If she had been found, I would be in deep shit after the footage add your on time, dot report is that he had been lying to Patrick in a bid to impress him Patrick, was a a criminal turned successful business men who had so the time in prison for dealing drugs and your own claimed. He thought the story was what Patrick wanted to hear Your aunt did have a friend named Adoree who was tracked down that hatred.
not having anything to do with Natalie's death telling investigators he wasn't it Banana Aruba, at the time, Then prosecutors attempted to use the video confession to have your around re arrested, but the request was the not by a judge account of of are on alleging. He made the whole story. regardless Natalie's mother, who had seen reverted to her first married name of Beth Holloway, was up. Opinion that the alleged confession was likely true. She believed the person who had helped dispose of her daughter S. Body was not Dorie, but you're on palace fanned a slow. That also stated that if the story was true, Natalie might have still been alive if Europe had soared help. Once again, Europe was facing intense public skirt
He told his parents. He needed a fresh start when nobody knew his name, so he flew to Australia according to book portrait of a monster by LISA Pulitzer and called Thompson, he was refused entry and decided to made a friend in Thailand. Instead, He enrolled in a university roughly twenty miles, north of the bustling capital of Bangkok,. In November. Two thousand I you're on reached out to him. And journalists Gretta Vance Austrian, who had covered Natalie case extensively over the years for her
some use. Current affairs show, on the record your on said that for the process of twenty five thousand dollars, he was ready to confess the truth and had evidence to prove his climbs gretta, Inter production crew by dubious, but they paid him instalment and troubled the Bangkok to conduct an interview when the cameras were rolling. Urine stated that he sought Natalie Holloway into sex slavery and had finally decided to come clean, because there was a chance. She could still be alive according to your on, he was in a Reuben casino in February, two thousand and five, when a man aged in his thirties offered him ten thousand dollars to supply him. A blunt woman, the man didn't specify what he wanted. The woman for and your on didn't give it much more thought. Until three months later,
when he met Natalie, he told the man he had found a suitable girl and was ordered to bring her to the beach outside the Mariette hotel light at that not and to call him once they arrived urine claimed that he did not intend to go through with the plan until Natalie started heating on him at Carlos in Charlie's at one I am in front of Natalie. He called the buyer and spoke in Dutch to tell him to meet them on page in one hour, your untold Natalie that were going to the beach, so he could take her out for a boat ride when the boat arrived at. Once. until she was on board that she realized he wouldn't be joining her and began to panic the boat
sped away with not only on it and your on then called the date back to come and pick him up day. Pack was busy chatting with these girlfriend online, so he sent cetaceans dead. You're on then gave age of the count, though brothers, one thousand dollars for their assistance. You're on clay and his father later found out about the sale and said that Lee had been shipped to Venezuela. He insisted that he had a wire transfer receipt, proving that ten thousand dollar transaction took place in addition to a second didactic, all payment which the by a wired to him to encourage. He saw at once. He also had three audiotape implicating he's father into a Reuben police officers in the cover up, he provided days items to the production team who pass them on to relevant experts, but they're all fantasy,
he was unable to be verified soon. After the on the record tame returned to the United States, urine sent grid Advance Austrian, a text message saying that everything he had told her was a lie. He had fabricated the entire story for the money and to get back at her for relentlessly pursuing him during the two thousand five, investigation. Regardless the interview was ed. Four months later, garnering high writings. you're, an american attorney, Joe campaigner, appeared on the show and accused the journalist of exploding. He's client for harangue gains. Quiet If you offered, you are on ten thousand dollars tomorrow and asked him to tell a story, he would do it clearly he's a sick kid. No one
tax. Anyone to believe anything, this kid has to say any more. Quite frankly, he's on the verge of sociopath. Dodge Chrome report. I painted the phrase received reports that the real raising neuron had moved to. Thailand was that a friend had told him. There was the potential to one lots of money by trafficking time, women to the Netherlands to work in the sex trade. According to news website the daily based your unspent, easy. Thanks posing as a modeling agent named Murphy Jenkins, who was looking, exotic dances to working high and strict clubs in HOLLAND. Going so far. Having a faggot business card created in reality, upon their arrival to Europe. The unsuspecting women would be forced into sex work after his first,
wakes in Bangkok, you're on allegedly game out friends back home and bragged that he had already recruited a dozen women earning I find this of thirty thousand dollars for each one. He invites that is money in a local coffee shop. That became a popular hanging out. The students providing an Z, hunting ground for him to find new recruits painted a race and his team travelled to Bangkok and set up a hidden camera inside a hotel room capturing your. telling a group of underage women that good and fifteen thousand dollars a day in the Netherlands to quote check your ass, the women handed over one thousand euros to secure the required travel documentation in November. Two thousand I diverge. Said the footage. But this time the journals
was accused of hiring the women face to pose this potential recruits to set up your on and the footage with dangerous tabloids them. It is being report the dutch authorities launched an investigation into your own for human trafficking, but did not uncover enough evidence to place any charges, In two thousand and nine you're on continued to spend his time travelling throughout Asia to compete in various poker tournaments struggling for money. He to an interview with the yacht pan. As a dutch reality, tv star, turned host of the shop value Television Show Tara, Jaap He agreed to undergo a polygraph test during way she claimed to have taken Natalie, two friends house where they snorted coquet. She had fallen to her death from a balcony and you're on than disposed of her body in a swamp. The polygraph test indicated
He was lying, prompting your onto storm dramatically of the stage. In February, two thousand ten Hurons Father Palace Ban Dislike was playing tennis when he suffered a fatal heart attack and died. You're on so he's Bangkok, CAFE and returned to a robot to support his mother my flight off in March, two thousand ten best hollow eyes. Loya jirga, Kelly, we're so The name now from the now twenty two year out, your on Van dislike, claiming His had run into financial difficulty following his father's death and he was ready to come clean about what happened to Natalie fatigue. hundred and fifty thousand dollars urine said he would disclosed the local
As you Natalie remains and provide specific details about how she died, he requested an initial payment of twenty five thousand dollars, with the remainder to be paid after he had provided deeds nation, recognising it as an opportunity to have your on arrested for why a fraud and extortion Kelly contacted the FBI who help to set up a steam on Monday, mate and an undercover agent arranged to make your own in Aruba, where a hidden video camera captured him handing over ten thousand dollars in cash. remaining. Fifty thousand dollars was wide to a bank account in your answer, name with the pain
in his possession. Your aunt took Kelly to a single story: ass, approximately five miles from the Marriott hotel he claimed the house had been under construction in May two thousand five and his father had buried Natalie underneath the foundations. This information lacked any credibility. As the House, Europe was referencing was just a vacant block of the land in May two thousand and five. You're on Saint Kelly, another re mile admitting every He had said was a lie here. Todd Dutch Newspaper, the telegraph. I wanted get back at Natalie Stanley. Her parents have been making molotov before these when they but the pay for the girls location. I thought why not
four days later, while the F b I prepared to charge you are on with extortion, he used the twenty five thousand dollars extortion money to flee the country. He left these mother, I know saying he had been invited to participate in a poker tournament in Peru. on Sunday may thirty, one two thousand ten. Fifty eight year out, Ricardo Flores awoke in his home in chalk area, an affluent neighborhood in the circle district of Lima, Peru,. as a prominent businessman, race, car driver and former president of the revision or an ideal club Ricardo I enjoyed a comfortable upper class livestock in a country.
Where much of their population was impacted by poverty, he had been able to put all five of these children through private school, take them on overseas vacations and provide them with money and anything else they needed as report it in the book portrait of a monster Ricardo. Twenty one year old, daughter, Stephanie Flores recently asked for one thousand dollars to buy new laptop, which she needed for the business administration degree. She was studying at the University of Lima. Ricardo had obliged able He had growing concerns that Stephanie was developing a problematic gambling habit and would use the money at the casino. The or his family had always enjoyed playing poker against one another. But Stephanie had started frequenting various casinos throughout Lena and expressing a desire to become a professional poker player.
Although she was incredibly smart and excelled at most things, Ricardo believed gambling with dangerous. As these Georgia had a very competitive side and couldn't stand to lose. Stephanie had spent the previous now with new friends from college and when Ricardo looked into her bedroom, he was shot the say she wasn't there. He called her mobile phones several times, but it went straight to Voice Mile.
by midmorning hay and his wife, Maria Lana, were panic stricken and called everyone they knew, but no one had seen their daughter by the afternoon. They reported Stephanie to be missing. As they didn't know, many of her friends. They were unable to ascertain who she had spent the night with all her last known, whereabouts Stephanie was closed with her family and to lift a happy life, making it unlikely that she had run away kidnapping for ransom common in Peru, with tourists and affluent families, often targeted at one p m. On Monday afternoon, a police officer located Stephanie Black Jape in a poor crime, written neighbourhood.
The only obvious thing missing was an intended way. Video game consult that Stephanie had with her when she left her house on Saturday, but there were no signs of fair play. Stephanie spying provider next tell was unable to provide J activity from her fine they were able to provide a list of the most recent outgoing coals, Ricardo, Flores, cold days numbers and got hold of Stephanie friend Corolla, who confirmed she had spent the day and night of Saturday with Stephanie The two: how to launch at a restaurant visited a carnival play video games and and went out to a bar with another fame? Our friend from college Stephanie had dropped age of the women home at around two I am sending corral. Are Message around now laid out to let her know she had arrived time safely. Corolla said that Stephanie had been
in possession of a large sum of money which she claimed to have one at the casino days. Prior Stephanie was nine to frequent the Atlantic casino in Europe. Flores, an upscale casino owned by a friend of the Flora s family. The casino surveillance tags were reviewed, revealing she had an actually returned time after her night out with friends, but instead headed straight to the poker table. The footage captured her in the presence of a toll caucasian man whom she appeared to be somewhat familiar
with TAT five fifteen, I am on the morning of Sunday made thirty one surveillance cameras in the parking lot captured the pair dropping off together in Stephanie, Jape casino stuff, confirmed the young man seen with Stephanie, had won a small prize in a ruffled draw and had ended his name and passport number on the winning ticket. They retrieved the receipt revealing him to be twenty two year old, you're on vandals the concerns of local authorities, where that Europe had been kidnapped along with Stephanie and was also a missing person,
They not only Holloway case had never made headlines in Peru and does he had never been charged for any crime authorities and customs officials were unaware of his history. But when peruvian investigators, Google, to your own name, they was shocked to discover he was linked to the disappearance of another young woman, whom he had also met in a casino. What, nor the day he was laughing with. Stephanie marked the five year anniversary of Natalie disappearance, a hunt cannon. To find your on and the police prepared to release easy managed to the media. Meanwhile, a coal came in from the hotel tag a budget hotel on the outskirts of mere afloat. a receptionist hadn't, seen the occupant of room. Three hundred nine in several days and he's bill was two days have Ado:
She remembered to your own van de slow clearly as these fair complexion and tore stature stood out amongst the other, peruvian travellers use spare k she entities room and was hit with a foul stanch there. was in disarray with no items scattered throughout and the tv blaring that tennis racket was tangled amongst the bed sheets, which were bundled up on the floor to the right of the bed, play the blood soaked, Fanta badly decomposed body of Stephanie Flores, her wallet septa. So I had empty of its credit cards and cash news of Stephanie mood. I hit the media and in International Mannheim, the Huron Van Displode slowed ensued, immigration,
immense, were checked and it was soon revealed that Europe had crossed over the border into Chile, along with two peruvian nationals. The Peruvians were tracked down, and data and you're on had offered them five hundred. U S dollars to drive him from Asia. A peruvian ten, one hundred and fifty miles south of labour to Arica a small. Lion Town, just across the border, the drive took approximately fifteen hours once they had crossed into Chile, your own client, the atm wooden accept these international debit card and finally, provided he's drivers with a portion of the promised payment to compensate. He handed he's escorts several personal items. including he's watch cell phone, digital camera, a bottle of cologne, appalled, I shared and foot powder
Your orange image was distributed by the chilean media and citizens were told today on high. I learn on first the June three two thousand ten, I tell booth attendant outside of this a part, a tunnel west of the city of cure, a covey sore at all. Occasion, man attempting to look in conspicuous in the back seat of a taxi, although he had slightly different head than the image of Europe circulating in the press, the attendant recognised the Dutchman and notified the police within minutes. every police cars, descended on the highway and placed him under arrest without incident. He had since Shea peace and God he's remaining hair orange you're on was taken were police station. Indian town Santiago, where he may no comment and looked com as you
dashed into the station as gathering hordes of press the owed, his name. you're on initially told the police that two armed men posing as policemen had broken into his hotel room, demanding cash fearing that he's alive he had escaped leaving Stephanie behind he drove her car away from the same dont did a few blocks away from the hotel and then fled the country. He claimed he only learned about Stepanida death upon his arrival in Chile when he saw an article about it in the news he soon admitted that he had met Stephanie at the Atlantic has sent out a few days before her death after she one close the ten days,
dollars in a poker tournament. On May thirty, she told your on. She wasn't interested in men that asked him to help home her poker skills. Your on was intoxicated, have been consumed, approximately ten alcoholic beverages and smoked cannabis. When Hay and Stephanie decided to go back to his hotel room to play online poker. While Stephanie was playing on your on computer, a facebook message popped up that red going to kill you you little mongoloid you're on explained the threat was in relation to the disappearance of Natalie all away Stephanie Google How do we all away and then panicked and started? Last hang out at your on allegedly punching him on the left side of his head you're on retaliated telling the police. I did
I want to do it. The girl intruded in my private life. She had no right. She was frightened, we argued and she wanted to get away. I grabbed her by the neck and hit her and said he struck Stephanie in the face with these right elbow, rendering her semi unconscious was blood everywhere, which caused him to panic and to lose control. He grabbed Stephanie by the neck and started strangling her before removing he's blood start a show it and using it to suffocate her until she stopped breathing you're on quote
I lost control of my actions. I remember what always doing, but not the motive, but was an impulsive act after receiving a blow to the head. After I responded with hitting her, I feared that she would go to the police. I think I'll wanted to kill her, because I wasn't Thinking following the murder you are left oh tell room to purchase coffee and a cake. He returned to his room where he ideas meal was deafening, lifeless body lay on the floor. Afterwards, he took his laptop and some cash and fled to Chile. You're on tried the butter a deal with investigators offering to speak truthfully about
The Natalie Holloway case in exchange for being extradited back to Aruba, an autopsy of Stephanie body, revealed that much of your own confession was a a car and found her injuries were consistent with having being beaten to death. While the toxicology report report confirmed that Europe had not taken any drugs at the time of the vicious attack he's claimed that he was high on cannabis, was viewed as strategic as perpetrators of serious crimes in Peru, a given leniency if they committed the act while under the influence of drugs. You're on Van Dislike was held in lame. Is Miguel Castro prison to a white trial. On Friday November, twelve two thousand and ten, an american couple vacationing in Aruba,
were walking along the beach, neither Phoenix Hotel, approximately one miles south from the holiday Inn when they found what appeared to be a human jawbone with a single tooth attached. The bone was determined to have originated from a young female. It was sent to the Netherlands for further analysis when the attack, tooth was identified as a wisdom tooth Natalie Holloway Dental records, confirmed she had already had all of her wisdom, teeth, removed, ruling out the possibility that the jewel guy belonged to her, it was checked against the roof, is other missing. Some records that exposure to harsh elements made it impossible to determine the owners identity. Given that an intense hurricanes Asian had stood up the surrounding oceans, but was speculated that the bank could have washed up from Curacao of Venezuela.
In June. Two thousand and eleven. if Holloway followed a petition to have these daughter declared legally dead in order to settle Harris Day David The judge he believed Natalie was no longer alive and wanted to stop payments on her medical insurance and use her two thousand dollar College fund to help her younger brother,
best Holloway, initially opposed the petition, citing a lack of evidence to indicate Natalie was deceased. The changed her mind once she understood Dave's, intend that probate George signed the Oda officially declaring Natalie Holloway legally dead. That's released the statement explaining that Dave wanted to say the order through, but she would quote always hope and pray for Natalie safe Return, Dave told reporters. Hopefully this meeting today will provide some closure. We ve still got a long way to go to get. You
This in MID September, two thousand and eleven Beth Holloway and dutch journalist painted a phrase flew to Peru to visit your on Van dislike in prison. There was the first time Beth and Huron had met face to face since the day after Natalie disappearance, but he remained tight, lipped saying that any requests for a meeting must go through his lawyer, Beth than De Vries were accused of trying to film. The interaction for television which bets Loya John Kelly, denied explaining. I just think she wanted him to know she wasn't going away. This has nothing to do with the case. There was a trying to bring her daughter, the President of Peru,
Alan Garcia Perez stated that Europe would have to stand trial in Peru before any request for extradition would Bacon seated. An attempt to delay legal proceedings you're on tried to enter a play of temporary insanity But on January eleven, two thousand twelve. He eventually pleaded guilty to Stephanie Flores, as murder He's lawyer requested a lenient sentence on the grounds that he's client had been under a significant amount of stress. On that day the murder occurred as it marked the file year anniversary of Natalie Holloway disappearance quoth. He was pointed out and persecuted. The world had been against him, but five years
two days later on fraud, I genuinely thirteen you're on Van Dislike- was sentenced to serve twenty eight years in a maximum security prison north of delay, mom and ordered to pay approximately seventy four thousand. U S! Dollars to the floor as family, a lawyer for the family, who had chosen not to speak to the media. Throughout their ordeal, told the press, these individual is a psychopath and a psychopath cannot be freed Peruvian authorities agreed to extradite your onto the United States to face charges, bergs devotion and why a fraud, but not until he's twenty, I e sentence, was complete prior to his conviction RON's mother, Anita Van and explode, told dutch reporters.
I believe in comma. I believe that if you do things that you shouldn't do that a lot of shit happens to you he didn't want to listen to his parents. He didn't listen to me this last time. I try to do my best. I don't think I could have done more. all in prison you're on Van De Slide, beginner relationship with twenty four year out train a content, lady figure, along whom he met She was visiting and incarcerated. Relative injured Two thousand fourteen the two were married and a lady soon gave birth to that first child when he allegedly threatened to kill the prison warden. Europe was transferred to the notoriously rough and unsanitary China Palco prison pie in the
Indeed, the lady figure Allah spoke to the daily mail newspaper about the conditions he was forced to endure, adding that Europe had since bound to God and was seeking forgiveness for the evil he had committed in the past In two thousand and six Dame Day, Paul away hired a private investigator named T J Ward to go over all the evidence relating to his daughter s, disappearance during which a new laid a man.
A man named Gabriel told Ward that he's pull my roommate. An American named John Ludwig, had been a close friend of your arms in two thousand five and claimed to know what happened to Natalie Gabriel agreed to participate in hidden camera conversations with the Ludwig capturing him confessing to helping dispose of Natalie Body luxury.
Was then interviewed by ward, during which he claimed that, on the night of NATO s disappearance your on least her drink with the Jihad Bay, a dangerous potty drug that produces feelings of euphoria and relaxation, as well as increased social and sexual urges according to Ludwig Natalie, had subsequently overdosed and choked to death. On her own format, Europe had called her father who helped in very Natalie's body behind a house near the holiday Inn. Ludwig claimed that in two thousand and ten, your on feed that investing
That is what closing in on him and offered him one thousand five hundred dollars to move the buddy, hey and you are on dugout Natalie'S- remains and attempted to crush your bones to the point that they would be unrecognizable. They also said her skull on fire in a bid to destroy any hair father's Ludwick then combined. Her remains with those of a deceased the dog and took them to a crematorium where he told the workout. They belong to his beloved pet and dollars to let him permit the body afterwards hay and your own borrowed abode and headed out to say where they scattered the ashes. In collaboration with Dave, Holloway and T J Board, a production company decided to document the saga. First, six pot. Many series Twod owed Disappearance of Natalie Holloway, an excavation
alleged burial saw it was commissioned during which all bone fragments were recovered. The bones were sent for forensic analysis with Beth agreeing to provide saliva sample to assist with the dna testing Old, though she wasn't informed that the process. Was being filmed for television series aired on the oxygen channel on fraud. I almost nineteen, two thousand six Dane forensic scientist, Doktor Jason Calamity, appeared on the show to present his findings, concluding that only one of the four bone samples tested positive for human body, contrary old dna meaning, but was the only one that was human, yet it wasn't a match. For now
we Doktor Calais, ASCII explained. We don't know how walled that person is. We don't know how long that person has been dead. It was later revealed that John Ludwig had knowingly obtained all four bones for There remains of a wild boar divide that tested positive for you, in my country a day and I had a likely done so because it had been handled by law. The wig. The producers of the show allegedly knew that binds what he met before the segment was built never relate the truth, the Beth Holloway in February, of two thousand eighteen Beth filed a federal law suit against the producers of the show alleging that day,
appearance of not only Holloway was a fake scripted documentary. The subjected her two weeks of agony and uncertainty has she waited for the results of the burning testing. She alleged the show was quite pre, planned boss, calculated to give the impression of real time events and that many of its participants, including John Ludwig, were paid for their involved. when she saw it. Twenty million dollars in compensatory damages and thirty in dollars in punitive damages for their actions, which the lawsuit claimed completely and utterly destroyed, the case is scheduled for trial. In September, two thousand twenty one month after bets lawsuit was filed. John Lennon Wicked I to kidnap a female form, a roommate for whom he had on reciprocated romantic feelings. Twenty three
you're all Emily was getting out of her car just before seven, I am when Ludwig appeared held a knife to her throat and ordered her into her vehicle struggling shewed and Emily managed to grab the knife and stabbed week several times in self defense bleeding profusely. He fled the scene on foot but later died from his wound. A spokesperson for the North Point Police Department said Emily wooden face any charges explaining she was a victim in this case. This gentleman had some ill intentions. She wasn't going quietly and it ended very bad for him. On Monday April, sixteen Emily appeared on the doktor feel shy, claiming that Ludwig had previously
told her that Natalie Holloway died on the beach after having a seizure, and the palace Van Dislike had help these son you're on dispose of her body. a week claimed he later retrieved and burnt. Natalie's remains so her body could never be found. As far as the european Public prosecutor's office is concerned, the narrow Holloway case has never been closed and will continue to be re investigated. Any time. New information services prosecutor, HANS Clodagh, told ABC News that the cases instead you're on Van dislike and they kept our brothers have been dismissed, and that quote, only new facts and circumstances unknown at the moment of the dismissal can lead to re opening their cases today,
day. Natalie's unsolved disappearance maintains an ongoing level of public interest. Her story has been copied in several books and movies, with both of her parents releasing their own accounts of the experience in Dave, Holloway book. He writes. I cannot tell you how much it hurts to lose a child. There are no words to describe the feelings that choke a parent who out leaves a daughter. He did never supposed to happen this way. I was never prepared for this kind of paying this type of emptiness. My house, has an insurmountable void that used to be filled with Natalie presents over the years. Paul away has helped fund several non profit organisations, including and not only Holloway, restore centre which provide support for the families of missing persons and the safe trouble,
We found Dacians, which provides education services. The young travellers, her two thousand seven book, loving, Natalie, another's testament of hope and faith made it to the New York odds best seller list and provided the inspiration for two subsequent films on the lifetime movie network some going commitment to exposing the truth about what happened to her daughter in addition to her advocacy for other missing persons position as the host of a lifetime shy of cold vanished with Beth Holloway, which focused on empathy adequately telling the truth stories of abductions, disappearances and other crimes Did she ran for once asian and covered Natalie story, well, as others previously covered by case law, including case fifty nine amiable and gradually and case three. Laura Bottle and actually ferryman
in loving Natalie best wrote that the main course people ask his hat. She manages to keep going on her journey to find her daughter, she explained My answer is always hope. In time or another. We ve all experienced time that in bull empowerment that enables us to move successfully from challenge to resolution with courage, guarantee that there's a light at the end of whatever tunnel, why trying to find our way through that's more than just a feeling more than wishful thinking? But let me tell you that's easy to lose faith when your face with bitter tragedy. It's easy to give in to pain and to let go of hope. I learn today. First hand when Natalie disappeared
I've learned a lot of things about hope since then, and now a best Viens affirmation, air husband, brags bad. He recorded two hundred. and steps in the last month. But you your at level three thousand eight hundred thirty two on best fiends, deserves that bragging. Right now, with over seven thousand brain, boosting challenging levels bragging, never felt so easy, so download best fiends.
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