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Case 143: Leigh Leigh

2020-04-25 | 🔗
Teenagers in the New South Wales town of Stockton Beach were excited as they gathered at the North Stockton Surf Club to celebrate the sixteenth birthday of a schoolmate. 14-year-old  Leigh Leigh promised her parents she’d be waiting at their designated meeting spot in four hours time. When she didn’t arrive, they immediately knew something was wrong. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Eileen Ormsby Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-143-leigh-leigh
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download free, Arab besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, the centre, four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shine nights for this episode on Europe or an hour website. This step aside. Figures, violence, sexual crimes against the minor at white be suitable for rule which denies. Lay lays double barrow. The name was a happy accident. She was born Lyra Lee is me on July, twenty four nineteen. Seventy five to parents, Robin and a rabbit there,
was a tumultuous marriage that only persisted due to their mutual love of their daughter but ultimately entered into force when Lee was seven years old. After her birth parents separated His mother entered into a de facto relationship with a man who surname was lay the couple headed Order in nineteen eighty three, whom they named Jesse lay wanted to share her youngest sister surname and laughed at the fact that it would give her a duplicate name, she liked her. You name names so much. She kept it after her mother ended that relationship Rob was close to her eldest daughter and took lay aged ten on a two month. Holler to Sri Lanka to experience a familiar heritage by nineteen. Eighty six, Robin and her two daughters had moved to a house on Fullerton straight inferred by a word
in class suburb in the Hunter region of New South Wales, just South affirmed by was Stockton Technical, a suburb of the city of Newcastle. It lay across the hall, the mouth of the Hunter River, meaning Anyone wanting to get there from Newcastle would aid have to take a five minute fairy ride a half hour, drive it's nice from the city, gave stopped and more of a provincial atmosphere within each yellow and close knit community. The township was characterized by low incomes and high unemployment, it was while living infirm by their robin met. Local man Brad a shaman. He became lay. And Jesse stepfather Lee was popular and outgoing, go and made friends easily at both Stockton Primary School and later at Newcastle High by age.
Or she had, aspirations to become a veterinarian and was well behaved at school but exhibited a rebellious straight with her mom and step dead. In these moments it was please she had inherited her mothers, strength of character and her biological fathers single mom, the determination. Nevertheless, mother and grandmother regarded delay as a typical teenager who cared deeply for her family. It was a warm spring evening. On Friday November, three nineteen, eighty nine and delay late was excited was going to her first light, not party to celebrate the Sixtyth birthday of one of the local boys, Jason Robertson. More than fifty years would be in attendance. nicely, he attend students from Newcastle High, but some Girls had received an invitation to Lee was one of them
even though she was only fourteen years out any near. I dismay, Her feel important and mature is only a handful of, girls. Her age had been invited, body was being held at the Old North Stockton Serve Club, a popular venue for such events, The one story- red brick building was position on a large patch of open lawn with its rear facing the Stockton Waterfront, a short walk away by lays mother and stepfather we're apprehensive. As the invitation said body, was an all night affair from so P m until dawn. It also stipulated bring your own, which suggested there would be alcohol present. Lee had been persuasive and convince them that the not could be viewed as a test if she behaved herself and was ready to be picked up at the surf club.
Exactly eleven p m. She would be given more freedom to attend other parties and social events. If sheep wasn't waiting at the allotted time. She would be granted into banned from going to the upcoming dance at Newcastle High, which late desperately wanted to attend. There wasn't a lot to do for teens in the area as the discos that used to be held, but the Messina coal had come to an end and the local movie House said shut down, there were the occasional gatherings at the surf club on a Friday night with. I would like into the local band practice, while drinking beer or cask wine acquired by an old, a sibling or friend, Otherwise they would all hang out at Roberta is paid by which had arcade games to play Lay social life until then consisted of gum to the movies in Newcastle Rollin guiding. and hanging out with friends.
Jason Robertson, Sixtyth birthday was her first real party and she was going with a couple of girlfriends. she was secretly thrilled to be saying the boy she had a crush on who would be playing in cardinal sin: the local band that was the Knights entertainment She assured her mother that adult supervision had been arranged for the event and She knew most of the kids at the party at seven p m. Robin dropped. Her daughter off that Roberta is paid about where lay had planned to make her fellow party going friends Three girls would then walk the two kilometres to the surf club Robin Wave Delay good, bye and remind
It has to be ready to be picked up by her stepfather four hours later at the agreed mating spot, or there would be consequences. Just before eleven o clock that not brought shame and less time to go and pick up, he stepped off from the north. Stop them serve club return diver an hour later alone and agitated selling Robin that lay had not been at the agreed mating spot.
He went out again to look for her and check the building where the party was being held. Finding drunk and drug effected, teenagers throughout and spilling onto the page They were in various states, Yvonne, dress, screaming and carrying on with some vomiting in the bushes or pass d out in the Garden he sought at around fifteen or sixteen cases of b and evidence of cannabis usage Brad, had discovered the promised at all supervision consisted of two out a male teenagers and eighteen. and a nineteen year old, who would be tat these balances, video event in exchange for a case of bee bread to the party goes about lay bitten, could offer him a coherent answer and notes. he seemed to know where she was someone suggested she might have gone home early bird.
Drive home in case she had walked or go to lift, upon realizing she hadn't He headed out again he drive around the straits before returning to the surf club, where the party was winding up, was still no sign of a laid by two. I am so he retrieved his three will. A bike. Billing him to scale the scene tracks in June. So long debates with days, yet Lee Still nowhere to be seen Brad returned time machine. he stepped out. I had gone to a friend's place to spend the night or perhaps for when asleep on the shore line somewhere, It was an unusual for parties held at the surf club to end on the beach and carry on until the next morning as as Robin was concerned. Harold daughter had failed her first party task.
Would be no dance and she had a lot of explaining to do lay still had an Iraq time by the next morning, so Brad recommenced. This while Robin rang her daughters friends to find out if she had a slave driver, Brad Return To the surf club and none If then, I am spotted, a group of able standing less than one hundred made us away. Talking Anna Thirdly, as they stared at something on the sand below Brad rushed over and realised that we're looking at lay shoe brought out on the sand naked her legs spread apart and her face almost unrecognizable. She still wearing her Dunlop Folly, shoes and pink socks, but her shorts and underwear had been pulled down and were around her right. Anko
the remainder of her alcohol. Such clothes were found nearby per se, was covered in blood. Having sustained several severe blows to the left side of her skull, bloodstained rock of concrete, weighing six kilograms was located near by there were also Bruce marks around her neck. An autopsy would later reveal injuries to her genital raging consistent with repeated violent intrusion. Talked inside, lays shorts pocket was the invitation to the six birthday party. She had attended the night before please body had been discovered by the birthday boy. Jason but then who had helped. Brad Schuman search for her the night before, but the Agnes shouting the sand dunes made it difficult for them to say anything at that time.
Jason had received a frantic call the next morning from lays mother telling him that Dude I hadn't return time. So, hey had gone looking for her along the page when the sun came up. Newcastle police arrived at the beach and declared the side. A crime saying they were are aware. That was a party at the North Stockton, Sir Club did not cry out and had carried out a routine check of the event at eight hundred and thirty p dot m. But everything seemed in order at the time Following the discovery of a early lays body, they sought to identify every person who had attended the party asking birthday boy, Jason Robinson Fur list of invitees They spoke with residents who lived in the area and today reported that the path
He had been mostly subdued, but some mentioned hearing a girl screaming and amazed swearing loudly before everything went. Quiet. Report is for the Sydney morning. Harold newspaper spoke to two girls who claimed to be lays best friends thought who had not been at the party one described delay as a very attractive girl, which tended to make her the target of a lot of boys and we used to have to bring her, as neither girl had been with lay the previous night. She added Be late thought she could protect herself. Locals were reluctant to believe their youth could do anything so heinous with the owner of a bird I painted by stating. I know these kids well they're, pretty responsible.
As in the following days, the police tried to piece together what exactly occurred. The knight of the Party of fish, retain ages were questioned in relation to the events and the pitcher began to mad shovel wild party most attended were between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. But there were a couple as young as ten, however, investigation was hampered by what the police referred to was a wall of silence from witnesses reluctant to talk about anything that could get them or their friends in trouble. As many were affected by alcohol or drugs. On the night there recollect James wearing Pad, and some invented stories of flood out lied about being there. Some witnesses gave as many as three different accounts of K advance invent
the gaieties Barroso up against the general distrust of police amongst the boys of Stockton, who live by a code of my chip. Parents of the party gowers were equally dismissive and closed ranks due to apathy or in order to protect their children. One call I found a talk back radio station and said it's on Australian to Dublin. On my head of the north raging Chrome squad homicide unit, detective sergeant, Lance Chappie told reporters on looking at sixty sauce backs, but only to parents have bothered to contact us to assist us in what their kid might have said.
Eight theorized that some parents might have felt guilty for, allowing their children to attend such an unruly event and delays, murder reflected on their inability to properly supervised them, gradually investigators were able to piece together. A timeline of events from witnesses who had been reassured that nobody would find out that day had taught to the police they were able to acid. hey that after lay was dropped off that Roberta is painted by she had met with two of her friends as planned, but also a third friend who board a bottle of bourbon Lee was inexperienced drinker and consumed half the bottle Coca cola, by the time the group arrived at the surf club, the liquor had impacted, lay significantly and she was staggering and slurring her words.
She showed a vent dancer. Eighteen year old, Matthew, Webster, her invitation, and he marked her arm with a green textile and granted her entry inside where the party was just getting started. Nine locally as fat man, due to his one hundred and ten kilograms frame, Webster told a reporter who interviewed him days after the party. The problem with Stockton is that there is nothing for. to do what not implying that when a party was on everyone, let loose one of these friends added, Everyone reckons where all bad idea he now, but where no different from tat ages in any other suburb. The murder, could have come from anywhere when the police,
I visited the event at around eight thirty p m. The party gowers heed their alcohol in the sand hills, so nothing appeared amiss birthday boy, Jason Robertson admitted there had been some drinking but maintained with minimal and most of the alcohol had been taken. By he's out of France, he said Lee had a couple of drinks, but most of us would just drinking coke. He complained that he could barely Ladys House because he felt the ten was whispering and pointing at him now. It was his party with a murder happened from the witness accounts, investigators, Zere idea in on one incident. They believed that might have been linked to the Koran. Several female a ten days. said that around nine p M Lee had left the surf club to go for a walk to the beach and might have been accompanied by a male
she returned a little while later extremely distressed, telling two of her friends that she had been right and was worried about being pregnant. They set her down at a table and attempted to comfort. Her, though, was sceptical of her claims that she was heavily intoxicated. They asked if she wanted them to call her. Parents lay declined the offer and stumbled back outside. Newspaper reports stated that investigators believed Lily had been right several times and that more than one person was involved though, there were uncertain whether the rape and murder were linked. Several printed stories about the prevalence of gang rapes in small industrial towns, such as Stockton with the boys, will be boys mentality strong in the nineteen eighty
Victims of sex crimes were seen as having deserved their treatment or perceived as having done something to bring it on themselves somewhat, Why did he not reporting their ripe and due to shame and the fear of being blind, especially if They were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At the time, lately was frank and forthright, had told her mother that shape land on being a virgin until she was sixteen years old post modem results indicated that she was a virgin before the party, but during the course of the not she had endured extreme sexual violence. Despite this locals question whether she had been right at all with one resident telling a reporter. Yes, it's a terrible thing I hear she was a bit of a sleep around lately
funeral was held on November nine. Ninety, ninety nine without biological, father, nine meares and her step bother Brad Shaman, acting as Pull bearers one of the least favoured songs. If I could turn back time by american pop sing, a sure was played to the played gathering of mourners, many of whom would leave friends, she was buried. It stopped in June Ro symmetry and there a heart shaped headstone that red within our hearts memory have you will live on forever? After lay was. Married allegations and Gossiping Stockton intensified. Everyone in town had a theory as to who was responsible for lays murder. Stop dense girls lifting fee here of a murderer around the loose, whereas boys started fighting amongst themselves,
using one another of speaking to the police. On November twelve nine die he's after lays murder, newspapers were reporting new leads. In that case, quite detectives want to try to school. Girls who fought off attack is trying to Then the night Newcastle Schoolgirl lay lay was right. Intimated police believed there. Maybe I can action between lay lays brutal murder and the attempted abduction dispute girls managed to save themselves when again tried to drag them into a car ragout. Three, I am on the morning of Saturday November for nothing came of that laid and joined the increasing Paul of lies, half truths and secrecy, the delegate, the investigation,
Meanwhile, investigators continued to work diligently to uncover the truth of what occurred at Jason, Robinson, Sixtyth Birthday Party, witnesses, alleged that event bouncer eighteen year old, Matthew, Webster, had told other boys early in the not quite we're going to get laid pissed and all go through her. A nail, a fifteen year old, attend day who copy named for legal reasons, was ever heard, saying that he was going to quote fuck for the sake of clarity, case. File will refer to the fifteen year out mail as Corey. as people were arriving to the party corps
he had asked another may lead ten day world. The bodies coming tonight. Bodies was a colloquialisms used to describe a young girls who, having yet growing pubic care, it was cool. In practice, but some of the older boys to invite underage girls as young as tend to parties for the purpose of getting them drunk, been taking advantage of them after Corey was observed. Taking lay towards the badge She returned to the serve club clobber while later crying with blood between her legs. She told her friends that Corey had writer and that she hated in way questioned by police Corey claimed that Lee had initiated the walk. They talked together as well as the sexual activity that came off the woods for informing others. What Corey had done blade headed
back outside several mail. A ten days began teasing and insulting her and several occur. Stood her for sex when she refused. She was. pushed to the ground. As a group of upwards of ten boys stood in a semicircle around her one The boys involved told police. They all had twist tops in their hands and there were pouring beer over her head and body and yelling abuse at her. Like you, stupid Bush, peaks, luck and things like that will divert to her and said get be stupid. Bitch I laughed but poor, any beer on her. other participants, implicated event, dances, Matthew, Webster and Guide Wilson QUIET, While I was standing with them overlay. I heard webs that sightings luck.
that interior slot and tight that your slot Wilson, at the same things lay just lay there the whole time she did. not say anything. But she was rolling around the group. then, click to lay around the ease quite pretty hard, though female Mallah Day claimed they. working her pretty hard, not as hard as they could have once the groups Lay slowly got up and staggered across the path and picked up an empty, be bottle. Paris silence was still laughing at her prompting later. are the bottle in their direction, though It didn't hit anyone. The answer Guy Wilson picked up the bottle and threw it back at lay hitting her the leg deity
who was witnessed by approximately forty or so you see that were milling about outside, returned to the surf club, where another thirty or so a ten days, were still inside and began vomiting the band stopped playing and why. Its members joined in the assault, spitting he's beer another boy, told police. I saw lay come into the hole and she came up to us. We were calling her a slot mall pitch and report bees either her and sped on her and dont pushed him with my hands, while was doing it. She was crying. Did she got up and walk down Last time I saw lay was around ten fifteen p m. Headed off towards the beach alive As word of lace, treatment at the party spread around town parents,
into their sons to keep their mouths shop and spun a different version of events. hence in which lay had attended the party intending to get drunk and have sex with the boys there. Those suspected of leaking information to police were bullied, attacked or ostracised The names of the young men who publicly assaulted and humiliated delay was shared around ten, with some locals, expecting them to be brought to justice for their actions. Their anger arose from the fact that at least half the party, both boys and girls, witnessed what happened to lay yet no one went to her defence and nearly all of them refused to come forward afterwards to assist the police investigation.
Yeah corroborating witness accounts enabled investigators to narrow we non three party gallows that might have had a part to play in Lay lays murder police found Corey defeat. thirteen year old alleged to have right lay outside Roberta those pizza event. Bouncer Nineteen year old Guy Wilson was he's way home from the Gladstone hotel when he was approached by police and companion. Matthew Webster was sitting on a fence at the front of her friends Police officers asked him to accompany them to clear up a few things. Neither Corey nor Guy Wilson were able to offer alibis to account for their specific actions into whereabouts. Throughout Jason, Robertson's birthday Party, Matthew, Webster, claim TAT left the event
way to go drink at a local pub before making up with friends that Roberta is paid by both hey intervals. And illegal drinking age and admitted to supplying the beer and cannabis for the party. What's this related alibi did not check here, and he admitted he was not being honest, all three youths which with various offences relating to events that took place at the party Webster into Wilson were charged with common assault pertaining to the group attack on lay with the latter also charged for supplying cannabis to two teenagers. Corey was charged with sexual intercourse with the child between the ages of ten and sixteen and also supplying cannabis. when charged in relation to lays murder Corey
being on the was released into the custody of his mother, whereas Webster and Wilson were kept in police custody over not they were bound by a magistrate the following day, but one thousand dollars and released into the care of their parents. By now many residents of Stockton, while hoping that the matter would go away viewing lay lasers, salt and murder as a tragedy that arose from a party that got out of hand other community members came too late defence with post this plastered all over town that depicted in drawing up three Mayo figures, one of whom clutched a rock standing over a cowering go across the image with the words, shame, Stockton, shame dull, but the guy
less bastards, even in an interview for sticks and stones, the killing of allay lay by the ABC stopped in local I am Parsons said the post is aims to break the code of silence that developed in it, days after lays murder by the following day. All the post is had been torn down. Just over a month after lay lays murder, Matthew, Webster pleaded guilty to assaulting the fourteen year old school girl and of supplying cannabis at the party Guy Wilson entered no play and was eventually sentence to six months. Corey the guilty to sexual intercourse with a child between the ages of ten to sixteen but maintained
that it was a lady who initiated the act. He was convicted and given a six month sentence which he appealed. At the appeal. A judge ruled that the sexual intercourse had been consensual, despite witness reports describing lay as being so intoxicated she could barely stand and her distress to state afterwards called The sentence was reduced to community service for unlawful. colonel knowledge. When you spread that a judge had ruled the sexual intercourse between Corrie and delay as consensual public opinion of the murdered tain within her home town with scathing, her morals were described as the loose and she was referred to as a good time go and
the champ back. She was even derided for ruining the lives of those who have been convicted of crimes in relation to her. So meanwhile, rumours regarding who killed a lay lay and why continued to emerge one prominent Rima implicated, her stepfather Brad Shaman with some accusing him Of being in a sexual relationship with lay they speculated that when he, came across lay on the page on the night of the party. She divulged that she had been sexually assaulted. These caused Brad explode in a violent rage that resulted in her murder. Although there was no evidence to support this theory, it was so persistent that police did view Brad as a sauce backed, however, aerial Fit
Graffiti taken by a police helicopter of the surf club and adjacent page from displayed the toy attracts made by brides motorbike. During that time he was out searching for Lay there were tracks all across the shoreline except to the area, where her body was found. Tensions remained high in the small town and on January, twenty eight nineteen. Ninety, a group of full boys, taunted Matthew Webster in the street, about lays murder, Webster grabbed one of them and reportedly quote, went off. His head smashing the boy through a car windscreen before thumping him repeatedly on the ground. He was fond. Two hundred and fifty dollars for offensive behaviour Brad shaman was charged with salt when Hey punched Guy Wilson after he said that six years
to Jesse lay, would suffer a fight similar to that of her elder sister. Bro and also enjoy the judgment and mistreatment at the hands of her local community, with some long term residents believing if the family hadn't moved into the area, nothing would have happened. Even Jesse experienced harassment from other students at the kindergarten she attended, prompting Robin to pull her out of the school. On February sixteen nineteen, ninety Matthew Webster and God, Wilson, we're again interviewed by police in relation to lay lays murder the pair were initially questioned separately, then placed together in an interview room that had been bogged with a covert listening device, however, not
the said anything that incriminated themselves or any others in the Koran there was split. once more suddenly Matthew Webster made an unexpected confession. Even though the eighteen year old was a suspect police. I did no hard evidence against him. The Tse. To come out of nowhere where, there. It admitted quite well. I did it I just couldn't believe it happened. It's just unbelievable. I went to look for me, bees and are so lay lay sitting down on the grass and among these went there somebody must have pinched them, and then I walked up to lay lay and she carried on with her normal shit and don't try. To get onto her. Then we walked down to the bushes and pulled her clothes off and upload my shorts down
I thought I was right for rude and then started, pushing me away saying died. I lost my temper and I did what I did. When asked to elaborate on his final remark, Webster said she was punching and pushing, and I grabbed her by the throat and she said, died and choked her bit. She stopped punching and our grabbed the rock and killed her. I thought she was squeal on me for trying to write her after the murder. They ran to a nearby by ran and washed his hands in a sink before sprinting home through the back streets. He met up with. Several other party gowers that Roberta is pizza by later in the night and told them he had left the party early to have a beer at the Stockton hotel. He admitted
alas, that he told the others this law to give himself an alibi. Despite them, or a fact manner in which Webster described the salting and murdering delay. He reported later so did I am just so. So sorry, I would do anything to go back in time. So I would not happen. I feel, like a count, Matthew Webster was charged with the late lays murder and sexual assault. He was right fused bail and remanded in custody, Jude The serious nature of these charges. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. This direct to consume a company.
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and ran into any of the boys who had been at the party with her daughter. They would swear and spitted her. The relentless harassment and rumours had a profound impact on lays loved ones, with her biology go farther Robert attempting suicide in September nineteen. Ninety lay step father Brad spent awaken a mental health facility, by memories of her brutalized body, and unable to cope with being viewed as a suspect in the Koran, depression became too much for him and Robin and there, both separated the town remained divided between those who blamed the mayo. Perpetrators into those who blamed lay lay herself ass. The word right wasn't included in any of the charges filed in relation to the crime it creates. Did the legal fiction that the sex acts committed against lay work in central fuel
in disbelief was the judgment that lazy outfit of jumper tank TOP shore and sneakers revealing, and to thus Inviting trouble one local girl who was the same age is delay, told Ebay, say radio. The lot of able said, lady was a slot and she deserved it. I remember my mom telling me that little to nothing, was done to pursue any others involved in the group attack on lay, but police The short her mother, that the truth would come out during Matthew, Webster's trial, however, by the top court proceedings began in October, one thousand nine hundred and ninety at the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The narrative had shifted from a violent gang assault and the right to act of violence committed by a single person on
cyber twenty two nineteen. Ninety Matthew, Webster pleaded guilty to murdering lay lay the sexual assault charge had been dropped without explanation. Psychologists offered a possible motive, stating that lay fighting off Webster's advances could have been perceived as the ultimate rejection, especially He pay was under the impression that she had sexual intercourse with someone else earlier in the evening. the psychologist stated. Webster attack to lay lay not so much because she would not let him have sex with her, but because she became the living proof that even someone he perceived to be a slot. The property of the and thought he was not good enough to have sex with her at the conclusion of two days of court proceedings. Justice
I would describe delay lays murder as totally unnecessary and totally preventable like some of the blame at the fate of the parents of those who attended the party he found. entirely reprehensible that the party took place without Adult Supervision Quote Our duty is aid to all young persons to ensure that they are protected from the inevitable peer group pressures that functions such as this those precious Eric ITALY strong. They can not be swept under the carpet. It should not have been left to the police to check on this party or to endeavour to exercise control over functions such as this police. Other valuable work to do and the care of young Teenagers cannot be delegated to them. is the responsibility of parents who organise such parties or who are
They are their children to attend, to ensure the dire appropriately supervised and that the children are properly cancelled about the dangers in the EU use of alcohol and drugs and also in relation to intimate relationships when judge, would spoke of what lay had endured he's language suggested tat. She had not been right, but rather had sexual intercourse in reference to Matthew, Webster Judge, would remarked in generally, he has a reputation issued amongst friends and family of being a gentle shy and polite young man who is somewhat lacking in self confidence on the back six of his reputation and dainty Satan's the offence would seem to be out of character. This prisoner he's
First, the fender, otherwise good character. He behaved without characteristic and impulsive ferocity whilst decent, It is by alcohol than to drugs. He sentenced Matthew Webster to twenty years in prison. With a non per hour period of fourteen ease ongoing diminishing overly sexual assault devastated her family, Robin Light, a toad they say: radio detective, Sergeant. Lance chappie said that yes, blade had been gang right and yes in he's belief that Corey did right delay, but it was Cory's word against the dead
and he told me I had no say in whether others should be charged with lace. Murder all right. He also told me this was a private conversation which he would deny publicly ever being a party. To said, there was no point mean nothing off about it to anyone. A faker article in the Sydney morning Herald a newspaper title in cold blood perpetuated. The victim blaming the attic implied that lay had instigated the sexual activity that occurred prior to the modem quote They had chosen November three. Ninety ninety nine is the day to make the move she had assured her mother was at least two years away. Also attributed blame to Robin stating Robin maintained, an open mother, daughter relationship with lay problem Lee as a result of that relationship lay developed and yet
Look on life that was older than her years. They discussed sex, often as lay moved through puberty Robin remembers that her daughter also developed quicker physically than her friends, assuming the body of a woman at age, fourteen that made her the subject of admiration among some girlfriends and the target of acute jealousy among others, It also ensured that she acquired the trial of a male admirers. The article quoted Local praised Father David Deadly, who conducted lace. Funeral has signed you don't say that many kids on the street at night now, which is a good thing. It is often said that something good often comes from the worst thing, and in this case I suppose it is. Their parents have begun to question the level of control they exercise over their children, a thing
stopped and feels that it has been made a scapegoat. First dryly in societies realisation that too much freedom can have disastrous effects. After most of the publicity had died down, Robin was left with, realisation that others who were involved in assaulting her daughter had never Bain charge. Nor did it a p data, but would Bay. She and surviving daughter Jesse would ultimately be awarded combined total of twenty nine thousand two hundred and fourteen dollars in victim compensation amounting to. hopefully inadequate by the family supporters. A year after her daughters, murder, Robin was forced to leave Stockton unable to deal with the ongoing harassment, gossip and public shining directed towards her family on a daily basis,
So many she was the embodiment of an incident that the town longed to forget. Despots stopped ends efforts to move on lake, I'm gonna the attention of various academics, including associate professor, carry Carrington. formerly of the University of Newcastle Professor Carrington, was a criminologist that it spent years examining every aspect of the case and had become an outspoken advocate of delay. Professor caring that was not the belief that more than one person was involved in ways murder and that the crime had come. but the culmination of an escalation of degradation and violence over the course of the evening
He wrote that Newcastle Culture seemed to exhibit a high level of tolerance for sexual violence among its adolescent population and was critical of the sentencing. Remarks of justice. James would add the trial of Matthew, Webster, quote justice. Woods judgement made no reference whatsoever sexual violence which the victim in Juba prior to her murder. His judgment expressed considerable concern about sexual promiscuity that occurred at the party attended by the victim and terror and the lack of parental super. Vision, justice, Woods judgment, also considerably diminished. The extent of collective violence inflicted upon lay at the party just prior to her murder, stating only a small group of men mistreated her.
She was critical of justice, woods, description of Matthew, Webster as a first offender of otherwise good character, who behaved with characteristic and impulsive ferocity, whilst this inhibited by alcohol and drugs. In contrast, Professor Carrington pointed out that lately was represented in the judges comments as a victim of parental value and a willing participant in a wild party involving sexual promiscuity and the reckless consumption of drugs and alcohol. While this reversing the attribution of guilt and innocence rendered the victim, the offender and her attacker, a victim. In January nineteen, ninety four professor Carrington received a letter that red.
I am the mother of Delay, lay for the law last four and a half years. I have been fighting for the truth of what really happened that not the way the police handled the whole case. Sickens me, I have written to anyone, I could think of who could help me that all the politicians, police ombudsman, commissioner for human rights, although no at my place for help I appreciate you standing up fillet people forget Lee was the victim, not the boys, Stockton or the kids at the party, but lay. I am praying to anyone who will listen to the truth, really happened that night, Professor Carrington would like to say it was this personal play firm Robin that spurred her deeper involvement and continuing research into the case she arranged for
the academics for justice to fund Robins appeal against her inadequate victims, compensation pay out and introduced. To a lawyer from the Newcastle Legal Centre to represent her dials. I wanted to have a lay lays case. Reopened said that there would be an official record that lay had been right Firstly, Carrington also arranged for a number of new forensic opinions on lays autopsy report and other case materials. One of the experts she consulted. Doktor Ruth Armstrong said in her affidavit As a female general practitioner, I exam normal and abnormal female genitalia on a daily basis. The injured he's described, to lay lays genitals, consistent with non consensual intercourse of an extremely violent nature
deputy director of the New South, whilst Institute of Forensic Medicine stated in their affidavit. I am, the opinion that it is much more probable that an inflexible object, such as a bee bottle was the majority of the genital injuries in. Response to this assertion prefer the Carrington developed the theory that lately was right and murdered as punishment for refusing silence invitation to have sex. Forensic scientist, professor hurry Betcha concluded that lays vital head injuries were indicative of someone having restrained her as Matthew Webster hit her questions had also been raised about Matthew, Webster's confession. Didn't, along with evidence from the crime saying Webster claimed, to have tried to play with these left him
but the bruising on her neck was consistent with a right at the top. Hiding. He wore on the night of the murder was clean. Despite the blows blows to head head, causing her blood spend on two points. I made it in one direction and one point three made in another Blood. Stained was found on the shirt worn by Webster's cohort Guy Wilson, though it was not known whether any testing had been carried out on it. Following the murder Webster, this Rob to running to a nearby boat ran to wash he's bloodstained hands. Yet would have been less conspicuous and far easier for him to read his hands in the nearby serve. Days, inconsistency led to the belief that more than one person might have been involved in the murder and that Matthew Webster,
had a great to take the fool to protect them, supporting dismal The perpetrator theory were assertions made by Professor Carrington, who stated publicly on a number of occasions that she had obtained a witness statement that verified two people were involved in the murder, She told the press that she had reached out to numerous authorities about this statement, though one was willing to take action on it in May ninety. Ninety five in what was described. Does a landmark illegal decision judge if more approved robins appeal from the decision of the victims, Compensation Tribunal They endured Jesse were awarded an additional one hundred and thirty four thousand and forty eight dollars for a total of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in compensation.
Judge more found that lay was subjected to a number of criminal assaults in the hours before her death, beginning with the right perpetrated by fifteen year old Corey, whose actions had previously been deigned, consensual by his appeal, George The second act of violence lay sustained was the group is so in which she was surrounded outside and inside the surf club by a group of young man, then spat out Kate and verbally abused. According to an article which taught owed in her She remains as the limit of this system. by lawyers and Phd student, Jonathan Moreau and University of Sydney lecturer may rest and rocky the appeal, judgment named some of the boys involved in the group is solid against delay. One participant was her killer. Matthew Webster along
fellow event dancer Guy Wilson, a number of other. party goers were also identified. Yet judgment pointed out that, The silence, and only one has been detected and charged with us all, as Matthew Webster's. Communist sold charge had been upgraded to murder, Large more was referring to Guy Wilson Third and final act of violence committed against delay, as described by George, more with sexual assault, relate to the act of murder. the judge supported claims that more than one person might have been involved in this attack and agreed that for forensic evidence had shine that Lee had sustained quite s a v violent, and resisting invasion of her body.
Judge, Moors findings, coupled with the research by Professor Carrington and other academics, forms the backbone of a three hundred page report, but the Newcastle legal Santa too heavily lays murder. Re investigated on July twenty six naughty naughty fired. The news Wiles attorney general urged the state to Minister for police, poor wieland to re open the investigation. We have been acknowledged that nobody had ever being charged with lay sexual assault and pulled the upcoming review, an opportunity to run the terrible wrongs that occurred on the night that she died in east I meant to parliament, on October, fifteen nineteen ninety six wheel and said The New South Wales Crime Commission has the pale was needed to get this job done, but it is time
but those who know what happened to come forward. It is time to stop the lies and cover ups to set the record straight, it is time that the truth to come out, as if it were run away to re open her daughters case Robin had to once again play her home after receiving death threats from her detractors one local woman all day they say radio. Think that there was more involved. But I don't whether it's too late to bring it up now, a main most people of along with their lives, its vain a niece and it's a sad thing for Matthew webs, this family furred ought to be brought up again and I think it's just being left to light really in his first ever addressed to the media following his conviction in ninety? Ninety Webster insisted he acted alone and
not covering for anyone else did South Wiles Crime Commission released their findings on March thirty, one nineteen. Ninety eight concluding that late Please murder happened exactly as Matthew Webster had described and that he sentence was adequate. While they accepted that some of the police investigation methods wherein proper they did not lead to important relative facts being admitted for the purpose of sentence proceedings they agreed that the evidence suggested other persons could have been charged with offences committed on the night of the murder, the committee, and found that police did not act in appropriately. In failing to do so, they concluded that there would be no further action taken in relation to lay lays murder in reference.
to the allegations made by Professor Carrington in her various works. On the case, the commission stated They have age being investigated, those that have not Reported on a regarded as groundless as to the rest most, but not all, are inconsistent with the commission's findings. The New South Wales, Chrome Commission only found fault in relation to the possible unlawful arrests of Matthew, Webster and Corrie, and to refer this matter to the police integrity. Commission among those cold to give evidence before the police Integrity Commission was professor carried Carrington though she was not informed why academic observers who worked alongside Professor Carrington, expressed their opinion that she had been summoned quote for this,
all purpose of attacking her credibility on issues that they had no intention of investigating and to discredit someone who had attracted considerable media attention for criticising police. Professor Carrington had centralized the book on the case I don't know who killed, lay a story of shame and made ship in an australian town which was highly critical of the way police handled. The investigation. During cross examination, Professor Carrington revealed that her views overlay lays case had since. Aged following the release of the new shout Wiles Cron Commission report. She once thought it was a common purpose Murdoch and to that, The persons were involved in a criminal. Logical sense, though now believed Matthew Webster had in a legal sense acted alone when asked to provide her current views
on her past assertions that the police deliberately excluded evidence, Professor Carrington replied in all honesty, I can say that's what I thought Time with the material lie had closer examination of the material I didn't come to that conclusion offset through six days of hearings. He I've read the Koran Commission Report and my views have changed. I held the view that there was an exclusion of material, but not that I was deliberate. The police Integrity Commission rejected. Professor carringtons claims that the full details of lay lays autopsy report, including the extent of her genitalia
Ladys were not among the brief of evidence provided to Justice James would, during the trial of Matthew Webster, the commission found that the food medical report was tended, as evidenced by the prosecution and This would hide it in his possession when handing down his sentence. They also addressed professor carringtons assertions that she had obtained a statement from a witness had observed, delays, murder and declared two people were involved in it. televised interview. In late June nineteen. Ninety five, Professor Carrington, stated that she had attempted to give the witness statements and the attorney general, but was brushed aside. Ass quote no one wants to take any responsibility for the mantle of justice. He
When questioned about the statement during the police Integrity Commission, hearing Professor Carrington can see that it was penned by someone who had overheard others talking about the crime and thus was a witness to emissions and not the actual murder. She admitted that she had never had in her possession has statement from a witness to the act Murder of lay lay. The police Integrity Commission Review was released in October two thousand. It found that the police had acted properly in their investigation into lay lays murder and reiterated that no one else would be charged in relation to the case. In one a blow to lays family. The commission's by things offered Matthew, Webster there possible avenue for appeal
there was evidence that he had been detained unlawfully when he was initially arrested and quite likely had been assaulted by police at that time. In addition, fifty you're out Corey had not been provided an opportunity to contact his parents when he was arrested, despots under rage. The review had recommended the dismissal of detective sergeant, Lance Chappie, who fronted the investigation gross dereliction of duty in relation to the arrest by all accounts. Matthew Webster's time in prison. Wasn't difficult. Potential avenue for appeal, as expressed by the police Integrity Commission, didn't go anywhere. And in two thousand and three in preparation for the Israelis Webster started Programme of day and awakened lay from prison a few months before Parole hearing he began
black release, which permitted trusted prisoners. Leave confinement to pursue employment and to report back at the end of the day. Webster's boss was pleased with he's performance and intended to retain the convicted killer as an employee. Thirty. Three year old, Matthew, Webster was granted parole in June, two thousand for after serving he's minimum term of fourteen years in prison, sixty is shy of these maximum. The new stuff whilst Parole Board stipulated that he not leaving Stockton or the larger Newcastle area for at least the next six years. Meaning he was unable to live mother's house and could only visit under strict conditions. Hey instead moved into a halfway house in Sydney, an use report at the time described, Matthew WEBS. This has quote
Relieved his crime has finally been forgiven. Now they would like it to be forgotten, within five months of he's relates Webster was charged with the sought, after all, gently breaking another man's jaw, his parole was revived and he was sent back to prison but the charges were dismissed in April two thousand five, due to lack of evidence. A devastated and dejected Robin accepted. That is the longest. She remained stonewalled by the community of Stockton. All avenues of justice for her daughter would remain closed after a day of doing all? She could Robin resigned herself to the fact that there was no the more she could do for lay in an attempt to me feel better. The police,
hold her. What became of every person who had attended Jason, Robertson, Sixtyth Birthday Party, some wherein prison. Others, drug addicts and several was stocking beauty of relationships. Hearing about their misfortune did not bring rob Any sense of justice The murder of Leyla has been the subject of many academic papers. toward in more schools throughout Australia as an Ex dream example of victim blaming in the community media and coal Her case came the basis of the play, the property of Declan later renamed. Black rock which was a fictional lies. The count concentrating on the full out of a ripe and murder at a teenage party. rock was also made into a movie. However,
faded. One major difference towards real life, inspiration. In the movie, a character named Jared witnessed the ripe and bright the code of silence COS. the murderer to end his life brother, then they arrested Jerry, is a fictional character with no real well can, though, he has been in operated as a metaphor for everyone who witness delayed being assaulted, yet did nothing as professor carry Carrington, explained, the brutal rape and murder of delay which followed it out of brutalization by a group of Stockton. Boys is of the most heinous crimes in racin, australian legal history. Yet most of
boys involved in this extremely brutal crime, have escaped prosecution completely and continue to be protected from prosecution, On the day, Matthew Webster was sentenced for the murder of her daughter. Robin was approached outside caught by a woman who often her a kiss on that chick, Robin taught the Sydney moaning harrowed quote. I D, never seen her before she she had a fourteen year old daughter, and that she felt sorry for me the same day, someone all a basket of flowers from the top of lays great
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