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Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 3] When specialty plumbers arrived to inspect the drains at a property in the north London suburb of Muswell Hill in early February 1983, it seemed like any regular job. Upon closer inspection, they were baffled by the presence of the “porridge-like substance” that appeared to be clogging the drains underneath the house.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by Holly Boyd Episode written by Elsha McGill  Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-144-the-muswell-hill-murderer-part-1
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four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. On the morning of Saturday February, five nineteen eighty three plumber, Well, she arrived criminally gardens along wide residential straight in the north, London suburb of Moscow Hill, the name Hood, was defined by its edwardian ear, I houses, most of which were stylish semi d structures with pointed roofs and attractive well cared for gardens twenty. Ray grandly gardens stood out against its neighbouring properties. Its pile blue and white facade was grimy and the front yard was neglected and diverse grind with Wade's. Unlike most,
the other houses. On the straight number, twenty three had been divided into several separate flats in bed, seats that were laced to multiple tenants for the past few days. Its occupants had been complaining of blocked drains and toilets, necessitating the need for a plumber MIKE Welsh. Instead, Did the drain just saw the property and determined the blockage was severe enough to warrant a visit from a specialist Jim O Clock, a builder who lived in one of the ground floor. Flats called diner rod. An emergency in company that used in innovative electromechanical technique to unblock stubborn drains, on our roads. Earliest available appointment was on Monday February, seven, so Jim advised his fellow tenants that they would have to wait two more days for the problem to be fixed.
Donna Rhododendron E file failed to visit on Monday, but it six fifteen Pay on Tuesday February. I, the companies, thirty year out much Catherine to conduct an inspection, it was Odin dreary Winter evening, and the ground was covered in slate GMO cock, a guy much Catherine along the side of the house, and the main hall that led to the twelve foot David drains beneath my removed them In whole, cover and climbed down the iron wrongs to see what was causing the blockage he was instantly. hit with a revolting Oda and Yoda through the main hall, let Jim haven't been in this job, the long, but I know, This isn't shit upon claw Sir inspection mockery laws,
The drain was blocked by an eight inch thick party to lock substance that contained approximately forty paces. Avoid appeared to be grayish. What flash from various sources as he moved around more of the mysterious substance, fell from the part that stemmed from the house, though I now seven let the tenants I gathered around the main hall to see what was causing the blockage mock suspected be animal remains and suggests it was a matter for the police, thirty. Seven year old, Dennis Nilsen, who lived in the upstairs flat, remarked that it looked like Kentucky Fried Chicken cold. He supervisor Gary Wheeler to discuss these concerns, and the two men agreed to return to the property, to follow morning to carry out a more thorough inspection in the dialogue at non food.
Dane, I am on Wednesday February non Mark and. We arrived at twenty three grandly gardens as planned, mockery He entered the main hall and was surprised to see that a majority of the flesh, like substance, was no longer there. He reached a deeper into the drain and fish around until he made contact with something solid upon pulling the object dad. He realized he was holding what appeared to be a human, not go.
Dennis Andrew was born on November twenty three nineteen, forty five in Fraser Barra amid sized fishing village in the northeast of Scotland, Hey was one of three children to Betty. Had do love Nilsen, who met in nineteen forty two when you love was serving in the norwegian army had been dispatched to Scotland in anticipation the nazi invasion, military Judy's, kept him away from his family for long stay and set a time. So Betty and three children lived with her parents in there to better and flat. Who love rarely visited or saw his children and the couple divorced. nineteen forty eight Betty's errands, Lily Endanger fought, were actively
involved in raising their grandchildren. This news had a particularly strong bond with these fishermen grandfather ensue, him as he's hero and protector, he relished their long walks together across the nearby seen genes into golf courses. Were his grandfather would carry money shoulders in nineteen fifty one When Nielson was six years old, Betty He was assigned to cancel flood of her own and she and children moved out to live as a solid family unit for the first time shortly afterwards, on October, twenty one nineteen fifty one, Andrew fought was the out on a fishing job when he suffered a heart attack and died and say the three children were taken to view that grandfathers lifeless body into a tall that here gone to Heaven. The concept that I didn't understand. Consequently,
thought he was merely sleeping and would soon recover and Denis Nilsen was left. uncertain and troubled by the idea of death when adults toddy That he's grandfather had gone to a better place, Nelson believed that death was considered a positive thing in nineteen fifty four Betty married a builder named Adam Scott and the couple or more children together no sooner had never been close with his mother disk rubbing. Her is called and on loving, but he grew to admire her stepfather despotic he didn't feel that he belonged in the household and to begin to withdraw spending most of his time alone. By the age of ten. He was exhibiting some disturbing behaviour
Although he was a self destruct animal lover, he took a neighborhood cat into disuse, the bathroom time wire around its neck and strangled it to death, He was immediately disgusted by his own actions. Lightest state, I wanted to say the reality and process of killing and death. I was not excited by the act, shortly after this incident, Nelson and his family re located to a larger and more comfortable flat in the village of stricken approximately, eight miles in land from Fraser Barra around the same time Nilsen Started to recognise that he was physically attracted two miles. He explored but he sexuality by groping, he's out of brothers, painless and wrestling with the children on two occasions he pinned.
The boys to the ground and enjoyed feeling a sense of power over them This realization about his sexuality left in Nilsen, with a feeling of shame as Alzheimer's. Sexuality was illegal in Scotland. During the nineteen fifties and gay people was severely ostracised. But the time Nilsen was fifteen. He was tired of feeling rejected by his family and to the wider community, so he does to join the army on June twenty eight nineteen sixty one he passed his entrance asked and enlisted to serve as an army chef for nine years, two and a half months later, he set off for the army catering, core training barracks in older, shot, an english town. Forty, Two miles South West of London.
Dennis Nilsen arrived as a frail, introverted and self conscious at lesson, but the harsh discipline and strict retains of army loft saw him evolve into a confident young man determined to match the physical strength of his fellow recruits. He dedicated himself to cross country training and quickly achieved a high level of fitness in. One thousand nine hundred and sixty four T6 Escalade completed his recruitment course at the age of eighteen. Three months later, he was sent to his first post to work as a catering corps cook in the northwest. The german city of Not brook no, since new comrades were hard, work is but also heavy drinkers, and today introduced him to alcohol. Despite having a low tolerance. Nilsen was soon drinking daily and gained a reputation for often bang
wrong during this time. He also started being a strong sexual imagination, finding himself drawn to smooth skinned boyish looking man that the nose with larger or muscular physics, but as you Well aware of the deep homophobia that existed within the armed forces, including in his own regiment, he suppressed he sexual feelings as best as he could privately. He fantasized about one of these six starved colleagues finding him pass the out, drunk and fondling he's unconscious body Eventually, this desire became so strong that Nilsen sometimes pretended to pass out in the hope that someone would take advantage of him. on July, twenty two nineteen sixty six twenty year old Nilsen, was promoted to corporal and
some months later in January, nineteen sixty seven, he was posted to elements you're a detention centre in nodded a port city in the Republic of Yemen, Men was a military prison that held a terrorist detainees and it was frequently under attack from right is odd and was a dangerous place and soldiers often ambushed and killed, while out on petrol, with dead bodies, often littering the countryside despots days. Rats: Nelson client. He engaged in risky behaviour by going out drinking in town. Then he talking back to the barracks. On July twenty one nineteen sixty seven Nelson was deployed the truth. All thy mind: Scouts Mass in charges, a city in the Persian Gulf.
during his time there he witnessed several horrific events, including a plane crash victim being brought back to the base in paces, entered the death of a drinking companion who accidentally break he's neck after falling from a land rover. Despite days incidents Nilsen. I'm in Sharjah was generally positive. He had the advantage of a private room and began to further explore he sexuality. He placed a large horizontal mirror beside his bed and imagined that he's reflection belonged to someone else. joining the fantasy most when he lay still and appeared to be asleep or unconscious. On January 15th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight Nielsen returns to the United Kingdom and was posted to the Seton Barracks in Plymouth. A port city on England's South Coast.
one not who was watching television in his room when he heard whimpering noises and went to investigate. He discovered this several young, profits had brought a local barmaid back to the barracks and watched as they took turns raping her to his own shame. Nilsen went back to his room without intervening in separating, and no sun and a young private were drinking heavily on a long train journey when the private pasta, Nilsen carried him to the bathroom and intentionally prompt him in such a way that the jerking motion of the train cause tease unconscious head to knock against the toilet ball. He then sexually assaulted the private and considered robbing him but stopped when other passengers started banging on the door of the woods when the private regained consciousness, Nilsen pretended
nothing had ever happened in nineteen, sixty nine Nilsen was sent to Berlin. Germany ended joined his comrades in a visit to a brothel under peer pressure here aged in sexual activity with a female sex workers. though he was aroused during the encounter the experience left him depressed. He spent the next few years serving at various posts throughout Germany in Scotland, though, he never returned to visit his family in Berlin. bored and eight millimeter Maisie camera on a whim and develop. An interesting film, eventually completing a two day, projectionist COS in May nineteen. Seventy two, while posted in Scotland's Shetland dials
Nelson met an eighty year old private identified only as Terry who was naive, homesick and easily dominated by the older men with more forceful personalities Terry shared Nelson's, interesting film, so Nilsen thought him how to use the camera and the two recorded short saints together. Some of which involved Terry playing dead at not Nilsen watched the types and domestic evaded the shots of Terry lying still here. Developed and unrequited infatuation with the younger man and was possessive of him at one point: using a sergeant of trying to steal Terry away the elegant should humiliated and enraged Terry and he attacked did to strangle Nilsen in retaliation, use
was approaching twelve years of service with the army, but by his own account he decided to lay because of the inherent homophobia, in contrast to ease Klein, others asserted that he's applet Patient for extension of service was denied due to his poor person. Hi Jane and a lack of discipline. Eight the way on November, twenty two nineteen, seventy, Dennis Nilsen was officially discharged after serving eleven years and the eighty four days and awarded with it General service medal for time served devastated. By he. Separation from Terry Nilsen returned to stricken to live with his family one. not he joined his brother sister in law and another couple in watching a film that featured a gay protagonist. The group Rio,
did to the story lawn with the region and to Nilsen, took their comments. Personally, a fire broke out between him and his brother and the two never spoke again just five weeks after returning to stricken Nilsen decided Move to London in only nineteen seventy three the now too he seven year old Nilsen used his army experience to join London's metropolitan police force as part of the training hey follow, recurred, would sink into a morgue to gain exposure to the dark side of police work upon saying the deceased and dissected bodies, the a train, a vomited, Nilsen showed no reaction, instead
He saw the hand of a young cadaver floppy out in front of the military assistance. He started Venus saying about the assistant molesting, the corpse in a separate incident he had to London Take a lifesaving clauses that involve pulling a pseudo unconscious colleague from the warder. This caused them to be I'm so aroused that he stated the water to hide. His excitement know soon quickly discovered that much like the army, the police force was a homophobic environment. And this time Nilsen started: exploring London's gay, not life, saying The sexuality was day criminalized in England, in nineteen, sixty seven and the subsequent political and social movements lead to increased visibility, forgave able in the country's capital
Although english society remained predominantly hetero normative and homophobia was widespread, a throbbing subculture had developed Nilsen begin Fraid quitting the gay bars of London's, the court district and meeting other gay men during a visit to a gay drop in Santa he met a teenage boy and the tooth Then the evening drinking heavily before retreating to a cheap hotel when the boy passed out, Nilsen right in marking This is the first penetrative sex act. He performed with another mile The boy remained unconscious throughout the ripe and was seemingly unaware of the abuse that had occurred when he awoke the next morning. Nilsen sexual desires but fuelled by basing counter and by me Nineteen. Seventy three! He
currently fantasized about molesting men who were drunk drugged, a slave comatose or dead, Lol Nielsen's dismay over the homophobia that existed in the police force escalated LOL on the job he refused to arrest any man. found engaging in public sex acts together, eventually in an act of rebellion he kissed a man. He was dying in front of onlookers while wearing his police hat Nelson grew increasingly distant from his colleagues and in light nineteen, seventy three he resigned from the police force. And found a job as a security guard for the Department of Environment. during one of his security patrols, Nilsen found a book on toxicology,
contained a color photograph of a boy with the rigour mortis. The boy looked slightly along into Nilsen realized. He was aroused by the idea of someone being on the cost of Olaf's than death, while later patrolling the warehouse of the natural History museum. He attempted to act out a sexual fantasy with a stuffed guerrilla by placing the animals hands on he's naked body Bob was on bore to sustain arousal By MID February nineteen, seventy four nilsen was in a share house in North London having been evicted from his previous residence after the other tenants camp And about the number of men he was bringing home a few months. In May in May nineteen, seventy four. He quit his security guard job and went to the local job centre,
look for a new position There was an entry level Raul available within the job centre itself. For someone to place low paid, unskilled workers in restaurants, job since the nearby Soho district. Given Nilsen catering experience with the army, he was often the position and happily accepted the job mostly involved answering phone calls. It gave me so in a sense of achievement and satisfaction. He was the diligent work on and off the six months in the job he became involved in trade union politics and voluntary. As branch organised for the job Centre, Workers union he immersed Himself in the wrong soon also took on the volunteer. All of branch secretary for the workers union on yes to nineteen nineteen. Seventy five percent
a ten year old boy named David Painter, attended the job centre looking for work here, particularly vulnerable, as he with suffer from mental Health issues Nilsen light I bumped into David on the straight and invited him back to his room, where he plod him with alcohol, the two climbed into bed. Together, night and Nilsen placed an arm around David's body. David screamed and jumped from the bed running out of the room and into a glass partition injuring himself in front of some of the other tenants. He was taken to a hospital where he told the medical staff that Nilsen had tried to sexually. sought him. No sin was taken to his former police station at Wilson, green for questioning. Until I've annoyed but David and his parents declined to press charges
and he was released without charge. The following morning, sing continued to retreat further into his fantasies his sexual ritual way. following his marriage. Reflection soon took a more disturbing turn. He was No longer fantasizing about exploring and unconscious body, but rather a dead one. in MID one nineteen. Seventy five nilsen risk a letter from Norway, advising that his father who love had died of a heart attack and left him. Nine hundred pounds The letter also informed him that since divorcing his mother, who love had married three more times and father several other children, furthermore, who loved surname wasn to really Nilsen at all but mark. Shame
he had only used. The nuisance name has an alias. This news had a profound effect. Nelson and he's already fragile sense of identity. in November nineteen. Seventy five nilsen celebrate he's thirtieth birthday. But this point he was tall and slim with crooked, take that was slightly browning He wore his dark hair short and swept to one side and was in shaping a typical outfit. For no sin consisted of doctors is a pile gray, tweet, a jacket, blue shirt, Navy tie and dreamless glasses. Around this time. He was outside a pop in London's Hod Park when he saw it
Skinny blonde young man who appeared to be aged between eighteen and twenty being bothered by two older men. On intervening. Nelson learned, the young man's name was David Gulf and he was unemployed and delight being in a hostile. It was vulnerable, immature and easily lead. He agreed to occur Guinea Nilsen back to his flat and the following day. The two commenced. What would become a long term relationship using the money from his father's inheritance. Nails rented, a spacious self contained flat in the north. London district of cricket would for himself and David to move into
one hundred and ninety five will rise. Avenue was the substantial, victorian era home that had been subdivided into multiple residences and Nielson secured the ground floor flat at the back of the property it was a modest but comfortable abide with living room, bedroom, small kitchen and an unkempt rubbish, failed God. the back down to an area of wasteland knows spent the remainder of his inheritance or new furnishings and improvements to the high. He convinced the landlord to give him and David exclusive use of the shared garden and blocked off the site. To ensure no other tenants could access it. to then removed. All of the yards debris established a stone path and fish pond and planted various trees, shrubs and vegetables.
Nilsen, already had one pet, a budget A guy named Hamish, who had been taught to say piss off and David suggested, Diana Poppy, their house out no and was reluctant given level of responsibility required to care for a dog, but David insisted. They purchased a blackened. What female mixed braid naming her Blake after the sands she made during the journey home day It also found and adopted a strike hidden. Whom he named to day day content with these new domesticated love. Nilsen stopped frequenting pubs in favour of spending. He spare time at home, with David Was thrilled to finally have the life he had always wanted, but with several issues within the relationship It was emotionally passive, while nilsen
Is domineering and belittling and often complained that David was to Harry or too thin, they were really intimate as David Nelson as relatively inept and disinterested in sex. Consequently, David was frequently unfaithful and by March nineteen, seventy six just for months into their relationship. The pair barely spoke to one another in drew Nilsen developed a goal stands and suffered through two months of severe abdominal paying, while waiting to have an operation. The jury This time he grew in bracingly irritable with David and the Pair Ford, often drifting even further apart, David only visited Nilsen once during his ten day, hospitals die and by the time,
he recovered. Both men started bringing other men home today flat. Over the next year. Nilsen used alcohol and music to escape the growing turmoil in his domestic a lot, but the final straw came in May one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven after that dog had a litter of puppies. Nelson went out to purchase a bottle of rum and ass, the David to look after the dogs, but by the time he returned to of the pops had drowned in the garden pond Nilsen with fury, and started wondering how he could get David to leave but to wake slide on David. Met another man and moved there of his own accord.
without David to keep him company Nelson permitted various strangers to society time, many of whom he met at the pub some of the men became short term lovers, while others were simply drinking bodies who needed a place to crash on one occasion he invited three men back to his place for a drink once they were all a slave Nilsen lit the oil stove placed a jacket over it and watched. Has the room filled with smoke. He took a blade outside and then rushed back into the room assuming the role of here, but putting out the fire and flinging all the windows open. Another friend of nuisance recalled waking but the no rise avenue flat. One not to find TAT the room full of smoke into Nilsen hovering above him with a small knife. Nilsen claimed the guy
Haider had fallen off the wall and he was using the north to detach it completely in case of an explosion, but the friend was convinced Nilsen had intentionally started the fire himself. By the end of nineteen, seventy eight Nilsen had been working at the job sent off the three and a half years, but still had earned a promotion. Although his employers couldn't fall peace work at their core general abilities, they felt his personality, volatile and his colleagues phantom irritating. Nilsen felt demoralized and overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and self pity he sexual fantasies escalated and he retreated further into his mirror fetish using talcum powder on his skin and chop under his eyes to further enhance the lifeless appearance of he's reflection.
when later looking back on this period, he told off Brian Masters, quote We now along unbearable, paying off felt that I had achieved nothing of importance or of to anyone in my entire life. I would think that if I drink myself to death, my body would not Discovered until at least awake after. There was no one. I felt I could call upon for real help. In daily contact with so many people, but quite alone in myself, always becoming depressed and conditioned to a belief that all was impossible to live with. Nielsen's desolation reached its peak when he spent Christmas of nineteen said
the eight alone, with a blade as the new year approached, he was drinking heavily and in a state of despair. So one December thirty, he left his flat in search of company. Instead of going to one of his usual horns, Nilsen, chose the cricket would arms hotel a rough irish pop approximately a fifteen minute walk from his flat he can seem to multiple points if Guinness and engage in conversations with several people, including a Fourteen year old, named Stephen, Dane HOMES The miner had just attended a pop concert and decided to stop at the bar on his way back to his home in the Kilburn District, where he lived with these parents and system,
Stephen was refused service on account of his age and soon started chatting to Nilsen, who invited him back to his house for a drink. The two walked back to Nilsen Supply and drank heavily late into the night, eventually falling asleep in Nielsen's bed. a few hours later, as dawn was breaking Nilsen woke up and watched Stephen sleep. He caressed the teenagers body which led to him becoming aroused in a letter to water. Brian masters knows lighter record. I could feel my heart, pounding and I'll began to sweat. He was still sound, asleep looked down on the floor where our clothes lie and my eyes fixed. On my time. I remember thinking that I will
did him to stay with me over the new year, whether he wanted to or not, Nilsen picked up. The tie. and slipped. A diver Stevens had struggling he's body while pulling the tie. A struggling shewed into the two tumbled from the bed onto the floor. Knocking I've the coffee table as they fell, stay and eventually lost consciousness. But ten to brave the rest Nilsen went to the kitchen and filled a plastic pocket with water, bring it back to the bedroom. He lived, Stevens Head and dropped it into the bucket holding him down until it was clear he was dead. He then washed Stevens body in the bathtub and carried him back to Bed rocking. The shades up under his chin
Nelson noted that Stephen skin was still warm, but slightly discoloured. His eyes were half open and his lip. was slightly parted and had turned blue nuisance Considering ways to get rid of the body and decided to take a walk to clear his mind, he strong down wills than high road, approximately fifteen minutes from his flat and purchase the cooking pot and an electric knife upon returning to the flat Wilson, dressed Stevens corpse in brand new underwear socks and a tank talk. He climbed into bed and molested the body, but
These erection, when he realized the bodies temperature had started to drop instead, Nilsen placed Stevens body on the floor, covered him with an old curtain and then went to sleep light as that day, Nilsen woke up made something to wait and to watch tv. While the corpse allay on the floor, he eventually decided to conceal it beneath the floor of these flat, the count that wasn't fixed to the floor. So he pulled a back prized up the full boards and attempted to push Stevens body into the curl space below. However, rigour mortis had set in and the new stiffening body became stock, Nilsen prompt the body up against the wall and
I did until the following day to try again this time. He wrapped Stephen in a curtain and was able to work his limbs loose enough to eat him into the cruel space. He then covered the space with the floorboards and carpet and disposed of Stevens Clothing and boots in the rubbish bin. One way, Collider Nilsen was curious as to what stage of day composition the body had raged and exude Stephen from underneath the floorboards. He based the corpse the full washing himself in this same bathwater and purse did to masturbate over the naked body. Nilsen DEN suspended Stephen by his ankles from the ceiling over not master bending over him again following day he intent to dismember the courts, but instead returned
And Stephen to the curl space later explain two Brian masters. just couldn't do anything to spoil that marvelous body it was the beginning of the end of my life. As I had known it, I had stopped down the avenue of death and possession of a new kind of flat. May I take it out how the hell agitation O learn a neutral yeah the trick to a happy fulfilling life. Maybe I learned the mountaineer unleashes my inner peace and rhythm power or the whole crews. Are you- and this is my danish joy? Ok, that stays
the icon pass. Lets you do you fifty destinations worldwide from two forty nine adult drop in for next winter now and say that I can pass dot com after the murder of Stephen HOMES, Dennis Nilsen attempted to reduce alcohol intake to avoid committing another Koran, he stopped for quitting gay boss and inviting men to his time instead guessing on his work at the job Santa rather than himself in a raisin that would be better to leave a more productive and settled alive on Friday August, tenth, ten nineteen, seventy nine, just over seven months after Stevens Modem nails and decided it was time to properly disposed of. The teenagers remains in preparation here
struck, did a bonfire in the re, a garden of his flat. The fence around the yard was seven feet tall and the house next door always derelict so Nilsen was confident he wouldn't raise any suspicions. The following day he read raved Stevens body from under the floorboards and he's remains in plastic bags, he then said, the bonfire a lot and placed the bags on the burning pyres, throwing attire into the flame so that the odor of burning robber would mask the smell of burning flash. After the fire had burnt out no Did the ashes into a fine powder and write them to the ground Stevens body was gone. Nilsen regained killing of control and resumed his heavy drinking and bar hopping. Two months later,.
On October 11th one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. It was at an arcade unless the square when he met a young, join a student named Andrew Howe and invited him back to his flat Andrew agreed and the pair added to know rise avenue where injury suggested that participate in bondage. News said he wasn't interested in any form of intimacy and instead- puppet. Andrew money in exchange for these company Andrew Protein did ass. He was more interested in sexual encounter. To a pace. His request Nilsen agree to tie he fate together. He then run the top. around dangers, neck food at Todd and warned what could happen if he continued. To leave such a risky lost star. Adrian penny, started to screen prompting Nilsen to relation on the tie
Andrew through a candlestick Nilsen and ran from the flat Roughly half an hour later, the police contacted Nilsen wanting to discuss the incident hey denied that an attempted strangulation had taken place. declined to make a written statement or attend a future cold day and therefore no charges but placed. Almost two months later, on Monday December, three nineteen, seventy nine Nelson left work early and went to the princess. the ways pop in London's hoping district he struck the conversation with twenty three year old Kenneth Falcon DIN who was originally from the United Kingdom, but migrated to Canada with these family as a young teenager Kenneth was
today a welder and had saved enough money for a three month trip to England, Catch up with relatives and old friends, while also indulging he's passion for photography. He had been in the country since September It was due to fly home in just a few days, Wilson and Kenneth chatted and body a trattoria and of drinks at three p M Kenneth play The phone call to his uncle Gordon, who lived in London to say he would be stopping. By in two days time to pick up some cash that Gordon was keeping safe for him after Kenneth ended the call hey into Nilsen left the pub together to visit some of London's famous landmarks, including Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey, so that Kenneth could take some photographs These prized cannon single lens reflex, camera and telephoto lands.
as their excursion drew to an end. Nilsen suggested that go back to his flat for something to wait before heading out for another drink lighter in their not Kenneth, accepted the invitation and the two went back to know rise avenue they ate a meal of ham, eggs and chips then decided to stay in instead of going to another palm and walked to a nearby liquor store to buy rum whiskey and be They spent the rest of the evening drinking watching tv and listening Nielsen's extensive record collection at some, point between one and two o clock. In the morning. Kenneth
listening to music through Nielsen's head finds, suddenly Nilsen wrapped the headphones around Kenneth Neck and dragged him across the floor. Blake barked frantically from the kitchen, while Kenneth struggle until he eventually succumbed to the strangulation. Newton put Blake outside before returning to untangle the headphones from Kenneth Neck. He then poured himself a drink, put the headphones on and sat down to, listen to the record that Kenneth had been enjoying after a while. He stripped and bathed Kenneth Spotty laid him in bed and slept by his side.
in the morning, Nilsen stashed tenets body in a cupboard disposed of his belongings and went to work during the day he purchased the shape Polaroid camera for the purpose of taking photographs of the body. When he returned time, he removed Kenneth from the cupboard dressed him in socks, brace and a tank top, and then sat him on a chair. He paused Kenneth in various positions and took several polaroids. While speaking to him ass, though he were still alive that not no sunlight Kenneth body on top of his iron, while he watched television and later molested in eventuality, he wrapped cannot think curtain fabric and placed him under the full boards. Over the next two weeks, Nilsen retrieved, Kenneth Corpse on four separate occasions,
And set him on an arm chair while they watched television, he smashed the records, the pair had been listening to before the murder into pieces and threw them away. No sin lighter told Brian masters. I thought that he's body and skin were very beautiful, sought that almost brought me to tease after a couple of drinks. He was my friend I locked him. A lot he's music still haunted me when Kenneth fail to show what his uncle Gordon's house on Wednesday December five Gordon notified the Oxenden family in Canada. Kenneth was close with his family And had maintained regular contact with them throughout his trip to England, so it was out of character. for him not to be in touch deal,
Indians held out hope that Kenneth would return for Christmas, but after several weeks passed with no word from him, they reported him missing The London metropolitan police visited Kenneth last known place of accommodation. The central Tell on our guard straight and discovered. All of these belongings was still there, except for his London straight directory and prized camera and lands. Among his possessions was a diary that data told Kenneth movements shop until Monday December three, the day of his encounter with Nelson. Police suspected he had been missing since then, and that fair play was involved. In February nineteen eighty nine parents Audrey and can flew to London to weigh the search telling,
Press. They would stay as long as a tool to find this on missing persons, hostess by distributed throughout the city and police, asked first systems in locating Kenneth, o his camera women but no Lades emerged. During the nineties, seventies and eighties, London, saw an increase in the number of young people experiencing homelessness, unemployment rights were high and the unskilled workers who did manage to find casual employment were poorly paid secure a job and The vigil needed to provide proof of address about without enough income to make that down. Payment require to rent a room or flat many young people were chord in a vicious circle, moreover, cancel housing was scarce and available beds. Inch. Article shelters were rapidly declining, leaving
those who were unable to afford accommodation with no choice but to slay paragraph. Many of these young people were raised in foster care or a strange from their families and had no one to turn to for help to support themselves. They often turned to drugs and sex work effectively growing what was known as the rent boy trade in which take ages and young men, salt, sexual services to older men in the days before the internet, mobile phones and social media. It was if London is experiencing homelessness to disappear and become nearly impossible to track down there. Parliament of Health and Social security didn't follow up on the whereabouts of an individual if they failed to claim that welfare benefits.
no synergies of working for the job Santa meant. He was well aware of this growing problem and to the predicament faced by many young men. on May seventeen. Ninety ninety, just over five months since the murder of Kenneth Tulkington Nilsen, was returning from a work conference when he disembark the train Euston station in Central London. There he met sixteen year old, Martin Duffy, a catering student, in the town of Burke and Hare in North West England, who had just there in London, Martin had left school at the age of fifteen and after struggling to find work, he started stealing and getting into trouble with the authorities. After one incident, his parents sent him to a special.
school for maladjusted children where he received psychological treatment, his parents divorced around the same time. Martin was discharged from the school and he started frequenting J clubs and developed an addiction to I am one of Martin psychologists, helped him completed catering course and he graduated with these very I said- of chefs knives engraved with these name. Martin circumstances had recently been improving until he was questioned by police with regard to evading a train, fair. On May thirteen nineteen eighty, he packed his suitcase with these new nor set and other belongings internal, his family. He was going to live in New Broughton, a town or a half miles from Birchen head. Instead, he traveled
two hundred and fifteen miles south based to London, where he struck up a conversation with Dennis Nilsen and degrading what company him back to his mail rose avenue flat after drinking a bee. Martin became tired and went to sleep in Nelson's, bad nilsen, then straddled the teenager and strangled him while he slept once Martin lost consciousness, Nilsen carried him too the kitchen sink filled it with water and held mountains head under until he drowned. He then ran himself a bath claudine and washed. The naked
Body, while not laid on top of each time once he was finished, Nilsen carried Martens court to the bed where he molested him further off the woods he stored, Martin in a cupboard for two days before burying him beneath the floorboards. Alongside Kenneth London. Nilsen found a luggage tagging Martens Pocket and went to used in station to retrieve he's belongings. The locker contained an old suit case, which Nilsen throw away, but he kept several knives from the shafts not said inside. Three months later, in August nineteen, eighty twenty six year old, William Billy Sutherland, visited the job Santa when Nilsen worked,
Billy had been raised in Islam, stay near the city of Edinburgh in Scotland and had moved to London with these girlfriend donor, and today, young son, in the late nineteenth seventies, Donna dislike to London and Miss time, so she into their child returned to Scotland. While Billy stayed in England. Since then he had been living as somewhat transient lost all moving the London often and struggling to find steady employment. Billy's attempts to find work were hindered by the fact that he had lots of tattoos, which many people that the time has Souci. I did with care an Billy had previously been employed as a chef. So he visited the job centre, hoping to be I still similar all nilsen
and Billy struck up a conversation and decided to go on a pub crawl through the Soho area after several hours of drinking Nilsen got tired, Of walking around and decided to go home, he walked down the stairs to the less the square underground station and bore himself a train ticket. Billy Fallout and indicated he had nowhere else to go so Nilsen invited him to stay at ease flat. once they arrived at no raise avenue. Nilsen strangled Billy with these bare hands and disposed of his body underneath the floorboards. Despite Billy's trains, yet lifestyle, he regularly contact Did he's girlfriend donor and his mother back home in Scotland and the two girls concerned when he stopped calling his mother contacted
the London Metropolitan Police and the Salvation Army to report. He missing thought there were already forty other men name to Billy some, one on the missing persons register. Nilsen now had three bodies hidden under navies floorboards that he needed to get rid of those of Kenneth, Oxenden, Martin Duffy and Billy's the land one Sunday afternoon in August he retrieved all three quarters and delight them out on his kitchen floor They were in an advanced stage of day composition, competent maggots, the meeting a fair loader nilsen drank several glasses of rum and then masturbated next to his victims in what he interpreted as he's way of saying goodbye Using he sharpest kitchen, knives, Nilsen employed the butchery east.
Was he had learned in the army to dissect age of the bodies into several parts? It was a difficult and physically demanding process during which Nilsen vomited several times In order to remove the flash from the sculls, he boiled the heads of these victims in a large cooking port on the stove. He put the internal organs into plastic bags and stuffed them between that double fencing in his back yard to be eaten by insects and animals. He placed the remaining body parts in plastic bags and stuffed at them inside some out suitcases that had been left at the flat by a previous tenant. Not all of the body parts would fit so Nilsen hit a bag containing the arms and hands of one victim. Underneath the bush in he's back yard, he then took the suitcases to his garden shed and
instructed a low brick wall around them to conceal the stench he placed a few sticks of deodorant over the suitcases and covered them with bricks and stacked newspaper is has Nielsen had so use. If the garden he didn't bother to lock the shed. Over the following months, Nilsen, continued to frequent London's pubs where he met several unsuspecting men, whom he Back to his mail rose avenue flat all his memory of this period was hazy, he's victim Included in irish labour are aged between twenty seven and thirty years old. The slim man of it filipino or mexican descent. An amazing, aided, homeless man, whom he met on Charing Cross Road and along head haired hippie. He encountered in London's West end.
He done with these earlier victims. He strangled each of them and then he'd their bodies under his fellow boards. on November ten nineteen. Ninety Nelson was drinking with Some people had the golden Lion pop in Soho. When the group struck up a conversation with Douglas, do it at twenty six year old from the town of those so on. Scotland's north cause. although the golden Lion had a reputation as a gay Bah Douglas, was there because it so if these favorite Scottish, be he drank and chatted with the group until closing time. each point Nilsen suggested they continue. Their party had his flat once Douglas was out on the street. He realized. He was the only person who had taken Nilsen up when he's alpha,
He was now hesitant. He thought it would be rude if he didn't continue on said. The two headed to Nelson's flat alone, once their day He drank to points of be into Nilsen, invited Douglas to join him in bed. The Scotsman declined and instead went to sleep in an arm chair. two hours later Douglas, awoke to find that he's fate had been taught to the legs of the chair and that the next time he taken off earlier was now fastened around his throat suddenly Nilsen was, on top of him, pushing his name down hard into Douglas chest. Douglas brought back. Crouching Nilsen hard enough and the one I to draw blood and eventually pinto to the ground, Nilsen loudly shouted. Take my money. Take my money before
quietly and calmly, telling Douglas. I could kill you. the struggle, dissipated and Douglas play. I did Nilsen by apologising and helping to walk the blood from his face. He stayed for another drink then fled to the nearest telephone box to call the police. shortly after an officer arrived at Nelson's flat, but Nilsen provided a starkly different version of events. The police didn't notice the scratch below his eye and promptly left concluding. The fought had largely being nothing more than quote a lovers teeth. The next day they tried to contact Douglas to obtain a further statement are unable to locate him. No further action was taken
by December of nineteen eighty Nilsen now had the remains of seven victims on his property, the bodies of Kenneth darkened and Martin Duffy and Billy Sutherland, wherein the suitcases in it shed. Three of the unnamed victims were stored, underneath the floorboards and one was in the cupboard realising he was running out of room and needed to dispose of these victims permanently Nilsen retrieved the four on Dennis bodies and dismembered using a kitchen knife. He placed the limbs heads torsos into large plastic garbage bags, put them back under the floorboards and then dispose. Of the organs and then trials in he's back yard for animals to develop that evening. He proved
A large bonfire in the area of wasteland just beyond he's back garden. He used sections of a recently felled popular trade as the base and stacked paces of wooden furniture that had been discarded by his neighbors on top when he was finished, Structure was phosphate feet tall and had a large hall in the center Nilsen retired to bear, and resume tease playing at six hundred and forty five the following morning. While it was still dark, he retrieved the garbage bags from beneath the floorboards wrapped them inside two large carpets and attract them out to the bonfire next he fetched the suitcases from the garden shed. Those that had been stuck don't talk was still intact. Indeed,
easy to dragged into the centre of the bonfire, but the ones at the bottom had been crushed and fell to paces when he tried to lift them. bits of running flesh Scott it onto the ground which he had to pick up my hand to add to the pile when all of the garbage bags suitcases and stray paces had been thrown into the center Nilsen loaded, the fire with newspaper and through an all car tire. On top to disguise the inevitable smell of burning flash he's good at the base with a lot of fuel and set the pile a lot the fire burned throughout the day, with Nelson monitoring closely at all times, and adding extra would, as required a few children from the neighborhood stopped by to watch it but no wanted them away, but.
the time the fire eventually died down. One of these victims, skull was, was still recognisable, so Nilsen used a God and right to crush it into a fine powder, He then covered. The issue remains of the fire, with Briggs disinfected, the floor, the garden shed took a bath and held it out to the Salzburg Palm in London's West stand there. he met a young man with whom he had a one not stand. Christmas and the new year passed without incident that, during the first few months of ninety ninety one nilsen was there damn of a series of robberies his camera and projected was stolen from his flock
and he was also mugged one not while staggering I'm drunk from the pub the assailants dollar three hundred pounds, the equivalent of one month's wages to make ends meet Nilsen, had to apply to the Department of Employment Benevolent fund for an adult. and on his wages, which he was modified about me, while he's landlords were encouraging him to vacate the mill rise avenue property? Is they considered him a difficult uncooperative and obstructive tenant they told Nilsen. He would have to leave temporarily while renovations were under way, but he refused saying that he wouldn't be intimidated, into giving up these rights as a tenant
day in June nineteen. Eighty one he returned home from work to discover that he's entire flat had been vandalized he's television, record, player and MIRA was smashed to pieces and his furniture linen and clothing had obeying Smee in a town like substance, destroying everything except the suit he was wearing Nilsen. reported the incident to the police who took a statement, but the person responsible was never identified when Since colleagues that the job center found out, they pulled their money together and presented him with a cheque for eighty five pounds the equivalent about six hundred australian dollars in today's currency. that same month, Nilsen Several attempts to further his career first, submitted, a request to attend a management committee meetings as part of Asia
was a union official, but the request was denied without explanation. He then applaud Transfer to the overseas work is section of the job Santa a department which helped place foreign workers in employment Nelson's manager denied this request riding in a rejection. Let off. Your manner in relationships with your colleagues is usually outspoken and often overbearing. I am concerned that, despite run down. The desire to provide an effective service to our custom is your manner with the public on overseas. Work is section, might cause offence, news, and was furious, but continued in his current role throughout the first of nineteen eighty one, he also claimed three more victims.
One was a nineteen year old, blue wide scottish man who he met at the golden lion and in so high and challenged to a drinking competition. Another was a man in his early twenties from Belfast, who he met in the West end and to the other, was a twenty year old skinhead who was covered in tattoos, one of which was adopted the line across his neck, accompanied by the words caught here. Like the other attacks, the men were killed by strangulation and kept for several days to fulfil. Nilsen sexual desires before being dismembered in Tibet read under the floorboards at seven hundred and thirty, a dot m on Thursday September 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Nielsen was walking to work when he saw a young man slumped against a garden wall. A few houses down from his flat.
The man was twenty four year old, Malcolm Barlow, an orphan from the Yorkshire and of rather who had spent The majority of his used in foster hives and hospitals, but the mentally ill He was of allowing intelligence, epileptic and also impulsive Eliza, who often induced see Jesus in order to gain sympathy, Malcolm relied
and welfare benefits and sometimes turned to sex work to one in income. He typically slept in hostels or with people who picked him up off the street. Malcolm told a nuisance that the pills who was taking two treaties. Epilepsy had caused these legs to give way, and he was unable to walk Nilsen picked Malcolm up and help to support him ass. They walked back to his flat there. He made Malcolm a cup of coffee before going to the nearest pay phone to call an ambulance. Ten minutes later, the paramedics arrived and took Malcolm To the Park Royal Hospital, where he received treatment and was released the next day on Friday September, eighteen Nilsen time from work to find Malcolm sitting on his doorstep.
He invited him inside cooked him. A meal and the two sat down to watch television together. Nilsen started drinking but refused to give Malcolm any alcohol, in case it into feed with these medication, Malcolm insisted, one or two drinks would be fine, and the reluctantly agreed after drinking to Roman, Coax Malcolm then fell asleep on the sofa, and now I lay Nilsen tried to White Malcolm by slapping him in the face, but there was no response he contemplated whether or not to call the paramedics again but was worried that, if he did, the police might become involved.
After twenty minutes of consideration. He rubbed his hands around Malcolm's neck and strangled him to death. He then finish these drink and went to bed. The next morning, Nilsen dragged Malcolm's body into the kitchen placed him under the sink the left for work when later reflecting on the murder toward the Brian Masters is said, I'm sorry that he managed to find me again in late September, nineteen eighty one a real estate agent, acting than Nilsen landlords offered to rent him a self contained flat, roughly five miles North east of the male rise avenue property.
has an added incentive. The landlords offered to pay him one thousand pounds compensation for the difficulties he had endured over the preceding months no was driven to say the flat at twenty three criminally gardens in Moscow Hill and accepted the offer on the spot. The move was scheduled for Monday October five Nilsen spent awakened prior packing up these few belongings and disposing of the remaining bodies- on Saturday October. Three he built final bonfire in the wasteland behind his garden, using unwanted furniture and rubbish to again create a large construction with a hollow Santa
in the early morning, hours of Sunday October for Waller was still dark outside he dragged Malcolm Baldos body to the wasteland and into the centre of the fire. He then retrieved. The body parts of the three unidentified victims from underneath the floorboards and added them to the pile after sitting, the fire allied, he watched as it burned when one of these neighbours came out to ask what was going on. No responded that he was burning, he's rubbish before the big move. on Monday morning, Nilsen the remnants of the fire and noticed a large pile of ashes and small bone fragments remained using a garden raw rolla? He flattened the pile and crushed the bones into one. Recognisable paces
He then remembered he had hidden the hands and arms of one victim under a bush in he's back yard and to retrieve the bag that contained the body parts after using a shovel to break the buying into smaller fragments. He threw them over the fence into the wise to land when the removal of derived soon after Nilsen loaded, apiece belongings and he's beloved dog Blake. Has he later explained to Brian masters, quite driving away from one hundred and ninety five no rise avenue, Was a great relief
to be continued next week. As apparent no two days are ever the same care
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