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Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 2)

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[Part 2 of 3] By the time Dennis Nilsen moved out of his flat at 195 Melrose Avenue in Cricklewood, he had already taken the lives of twelve victims. Eager to start afresh, he set himself up on the top floor at 23 Cranley Gardens in Muswell Hill and focused on putting the past behind him. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by Holly Boyd Episode written by Elsha McGill  Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-144-the-muswell-hill-murderer-part-2
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Four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website, when Dennis Nielsen moved out of his flat at one hundred and ninety five now rise avenue in cricket, would he adored taken the lives of twelve victims by Monday November twenty three nineteen eighty one he had been living in his new flat, had twenty three criminally gardens in Moscow Hill for seven weeks and was to put the past behind him and start afresh she's thirty sixth birthday, and to sell a bright. He took the day off work and headed out to the palm as his new home was only five miles from his old address. He continue to frequent many of his usual drinking horns
at one thirty p m Nilsen was drinking in the golden Lion pop on danish trade. In so how, when he struck up a conversation with poor knobs a nineteen year old undergrad who was studying slavonic and taste in european studies at the University of London. Pull was Opposed to be attending a lecture, but decided to take the afternoon off to blossom books. I was impressed by poles intelligence and the two chatted for an hour until pull announced that he needed to go to the bookstore Austin, accompanied him there and invited pull back to his flat for dinner off the woods. Pollux did the invitation and they stopped at a nearby supermarket to purchase some chops into liquor. Arriving back Twenty three grandly gardens at around five five p m.
The three story: residence was once a single family home, but it seemed Spain's late into a multi tenant, building that so not Laval inside. Instead, harming the services of local real estate agency, Ellison Cow, to manage the property and its tenants. In addition to Dennis Nilsen, there were four other and living in the building and floor was divided into two flat, one of which was shocked. Pod by a Buddha named GMO Cock and he's bartender girlfriend Vienna bridges. The thou was laced to two young women. Dental nurse from these Yolanda named Vivian next day and a youth work, from HOLLAND named minivan router the first floor. was unoccupied. Nelson lived on the top floor in a small
squalid attics base that was access via to flights of stairs it's from opened to a small Grammy whole way that served as a kitchen with small covered Gaston and sink to the left as well as I do. that led directly to a grubby bathroom to them brought up. The whole way were two doors, one that and onto a living room containing wardrobes to arm chairs and to attain chest and another led to Nielsen's disorganized bedroom Adam bed side in the middle of the room with small so far towards ride, along with The television stereo several pop plants and other roads and dance aid room, had sloping ceilings and dull brown, carpets. That was simply light on top of the floor instead of fitted into place.
when Nelson and pull knobs arrived at the flat Nilsen cooked them dinner, and the two sat down to drink and watch television whole called his mother to let her know he'd be home shortly, but he then started feeling sick from all the alcohol and found her back to say, He would be spending the gnawed at a friend's place the two men eventually undressed, into Nielsen's bed and started kissing, but they were both tired and soon fell asleep. At two. I am pull a cop feeling noisy. I did with a throbbing headache. He went to the kitchen port himself, a glass of water and set on their catch for awhile Nilsen. got up to check on him and they both went back to bed
at six. I am pull woke again and went back to the kitchen which had a mirror above the sink upon catching a glimpse of his reflection. Pull realised that his face was red and bruised and his eyes what bloodshot he's and was shagging uncontrollably his throat, and there was a deep red democracies neck. when Newsome saw Paul, he remarked God either go and decision. that that he say a doctor. He then right down his address and tall pull that he hoped they would see one another again all staggered away from Nielsen's flat and made his way to the University of London for his scheduled classes. One of these
You just noticed that he looked incredibly unwell and immediately booked human appointment at the University College Hospital around the corner from the campus at the clinic all hands shook so badly that he knocked over a cup of coffee and was unable to load a cigarette, the doktor gay He met tranquilizer, commies nerves and, after conducting a check on deemed that. whole symptoms were consistent with having been strangled.
Although pull knobs realised that Dennis Nilsen must have attacked him in his slave and then acted as though nothing had ever happened. He decided not to report. The incident to the police explain the mark that remained visible across his neck for the next three months, told others that he had been attacked during a mugging pulse but no sooner at the golden lion about a year after the incident, but avoid speaking to him in March nineteen. Eighty to form soft. The attack on pole, Knobs Nilsen was drinking at the souls Bree on Saint Mountains, Lane London's pre eminent gay bar when he ran into twenty eight year old, John Howlett, whom Nilsen New as John the guardsmen
the two had met at another pop a couple of months earlier, where John had boasted of being an Ex Grena DE guardsmen, and they had shuddered over drinks. For a couple of hours John had lived a troubled alive at the age of thirteen. He was kicked out of his family home and spent he's adolescence living in group residences, where he was constantly in trouble with the police as not all John had served time in prison for theft and maidens made by working in travelling fair grounds. The Salzburg John recognised Nelson and joined for a drink at the bar. This service was slow, which frustrated Nelson and hey, suggested that guy too he's flat to drink. Instead,
An agreed and the pair walked to a liquor store to stock up on alcohol before catching the tube back to twenty three criminally gardens their nose, and to dinner and the two settled into drink and watch television in the living room. As midnight approached John Ass. If he could rest his head for a wall, Nelson agreed and continued watching tv, while John left to lie down in the bedroom, at around one one. I am Nilsen, went to the bedroom and found to John lying half naked and asleep in his bed. He, again and commented I thought you were getting your head down. No, you were moving in No, sir, I offered to call John a taxi, but John said he didn't feel like getting up this
frustrated Nilsen as he didn't find into attractive and no longer wanted him in his flat He poured himself another glass of rum and sat on the edge of the bed contemplating what to do. Next. eventually Nilsen retrieved a strap of material from underneath an arm chair, straddled Johns body and taught the material around his neck remarking. It's about time, you went furious, struggling shewed during which Nilsen struck at Johns head against the edge of the headrest drawing blood. John continued to fight back, but soon fell off the bed and lost consciousness some Totten to the material around Johns knack until he was sure he was dead,
Nelson's? Dog Blake was barking frantically in the next room, so he went to comfort her when he returned to the bedroom a few minutes later he discovered that John was still breathing Nelson strangled him again then dragged him into the bathroom filled, the tub with water and health Johns head down until he was no longer breathing Nielsen left him. There has changed the shades on his bed and then went to sleep with Blake Code up by his fate, the following morning, Nilsen he'd Johns body in he's wardrobe Three days later, he covered he's bathroom flow with garbage bags, retrieved the body and again dismembering it Dispose of the organs be caught them into pieces and flushed them down the toilet
this proved to be a time consuming process, so here did to speed things up, but boiling the flesh and organs into a soup like consistency that was Asia to flash once the bones of the hands. Fate in dribs were free of flesh. He broke them apart and placed them in his regular rubbish being to be tossed out with the rest of his household waste Nilsen. Packed the big it binds, including the skull, arms legs and pelvis into several garbage bags, along with salt and patting installed at them. In the tea chest in the corner of the living, room Two months later, in May nineteen. Eighty two nilsen was drinking at a gay by encamped and cold. The black cap, when he know stay young blonde man drinking align them.
And had several red marks on his face and Nilsen approach. just to ask about his injuries. The man introduced himself, is twenty one year old calls thought I and explain, and that he had just escaped from an abusive boyfriend. He spatial wounds were carpet bag, from the most recent attack and he was drinking to distract himself. Nelson smiled and reassured car that he was still attractive despite his injuries. call was struck by Nielsen's kindness and the two began chatting thing over the shared I I fell from their families when the black cap Closed Nilsen invited call back to his flat, he accepted and they caught a cab holding hands throughout the ride Nelson didn't approve of the rout the driver chose to take them home and
came unusually angry retaliating by paying with the smallest change possible. Once they arrived at twenty three Cranleigh gardens. The two men drank heavily while listening to music at one point no insisted cow, listen to his favorite song using headphones and stood behind him They did so watching in Secondly, they become a affectionate it but call told Nilsen. He didn't feel like having sex all eventually had too much to drink and felt ill said. They decide to go to bed, Nilsen get out that the sleeping bag on his bed had a loose zipper and warned call to be careful not to get caught in it about an hour later call work
suddenly, when he felt a sharp pain and sense of tightness around his neck, Nilsen was behind him pulling on sleeping bag warning call I still thinking was called in this debate and that Nilsen was trying to help him out cow straw, to set himself free but soon lost consciousness when he came to he could hear water running and folding Chris boy called quote: on you. I was in the water and he was trying to drag me he can to pushing me into the water. The third, am, I came out, I said no more, please no more. and he pushed me under again. I just What I was doing, I thought this me and was killing me and all
dying. I thought you were drowning. This what it feels like to die. I feel, very relaxed and passed out. couldn't find any more. Assuming that call was now dead knows and carried him out of the box and placed him on the living room floor? He's Doug, Bleep thence dotted licking calls vice, which alluded Nilsen to the fact that he was still alive, say the changing his mind about murdering call he spent the next fuel hours. Attempting to revive him and warming him up a eventually regained consciousness, but was day can disoriented and had to But remembering what had happened, he saw his reflection and realized
there was a deep red mark around his neck and broken blood vessels. All over his face, and in his eyes, Nilsen. Find that call had been caught in a sleeping bags, zipper and lost consciousness and that he had splashed ward, onto calls face to wake him up state of shock call I dunno, who spent the morning comforting him when TK. started to feel slightly better Nilsen war. Into a nearby cheap station and again Give him his name and address in case you. wanted to remain in contact. Call made his way to the royal Fray Hospital in Hampstead. Roughly, three miles from Nielsen's flat and told her DE there that he'd been coordinate zipper. The doktor was adamant the calls injuries were consistent with having been strangled and concluded. This
on one may have tried to kill him but call still a state of shock, was on certain what to believe. Around the time of the attack on call stored on Nilsen apply for another promotion at the job Santa but was once again and denied he wrote a letter to his personal many job, saying that he felt victimized and asked what was preventing him from moving up the ladder. no was subsequently invited to appeal that decision and succeeded after eight years of service, he was finally promoted to the role of executive officer On June twenty eight nineteen, eighty two nilsen, was re assigned to the can teach town job sent a branch located.
Proximately three and a half miles from his flat in Muslim Hill. He's major was a woman named JANET Layman and the two formed a club professional relationship. That was the happy Dr Nielsen's Working Korea, despite these positive changes he continued to drink heavily and within a couple of months resumed his out patterns in September evening, Nilsen. returned to his flat with twenty seven year old, Graham Alan Graham, was the Scottish born heroin at it with a troubled past who would move to London in nineteen? Seventy one under the false ilusha of Asia, employment since then He had spent years squatting in abandoned buildings, funding he's drug addiction through a mix of government unemployment, benefits, pain, handling and petty theft.
throughout the light nineteen seventies and early eighties. He spent time in both rehab and prison and when released, he escalated to rubbing pharmacies Graham was engaged in a long running affair with a woman named Leslie, who was that a friend of a well known local criminal and the two had a young son together one night in September, nineteen. Eighty two, Graham and Leslie, had a frenzy document Graham was drunk and demanded that Leslie giving money to buy heroin when she refused. He proceeded to punch himself in the face fearful of he's increasingly violent behaviour, Leslie locked, Graham out of her house, telling him to go away and never back.
it some key where Graham and nuisance men- oh hell, Graham ended up at Nelson's flat, but once they were, there Graham requested something to wait. Some didn't have much food in the house except for a carton of eggs, so he may Grandma Lodge Omelette when Graham, was about three quarters of the way through waiting at. He suddenly fell asleep, while passed out with a large piece of the omelet hanging out of his mouth I couldn't tell whether Graham was still breathing or not, but he leaned forward and proceeded to strangle him He later recalled. If Yom LE killed him- I don't know, but anyway, in going forward, I intended to kill him. An omelet doesn't leave red marks on a neck us pose, it must have been, May
the next day, Nilsen filled the bathtub with water and placed the grams body inside it before going to work. As usual, he kept the body in the tub for three days changing the bathwater. On occasion, on the fourth day, He dismembered, Graham's body boiled several of the body parts and then fly the organs and some of the flesh down the toilet. He play the rest of their remains into black plastic bags and stuff. to them into the tea chest. Alongside the remains of John Howard, Graham's girlfriend Leslie was used to him disappearing for long periods of time, but he away wrote her letters during his absence after she
to hear from him for several months, Leslie continued to hope that Graham was alive but fear daddy had actually passed away from Nova. Does he was never reported missing on Wednesday December twenty two nineteen eighty two nilsen was drinking in so hope pop when he met When two year old, Travis Simpson, who had ass being released from prison after serving a six month sentence for college. The to begin talking and after a few drinks no son, invited travel back to his flat Trevor accepted and the two went to twenty three grandly gardens When Nilsen told Trevor. He was welcome to sleep in one of the arm chairs in he's living room the next morning he extended the offer and travel
day for several more days. Although he was happy to have a place to stay at the Christmas Travis, became frustrated with Nelson who continue Wesley, bombarded him with the left wing political rhetoric. He also noticed an awful Oda that seemed to emanate from the flat, but wasn't it and to search for the source of the smell. By Monday December, twenty seven Trevor had said. The flat the five days Nilsen made them astute away, but became irritated when Trevor made a rude remark about the taste Does that not nilsen drunkenly muttered, something about needing to consult with the professor about. there are not travel, could stay any longer. Trevor went to bed shortly afterwards, but away
get one. I am to find the living room filled with smoke. He ran to the kitchen where he found a Nielsen calmly drinking a glass of water. The smoke was determined to becoming from a pair James on the living room floor, which Nilsen said was largely caused by Trevor. Dropping a lit cigarette. The fire was extinguished with them, further incident and traversed stayed for one more not before moving on with Nilsen saying. He was welcome to return any time. A few days later, at around a lunch time, on Friday December thirty, one nilsen, visited upon down the street from his flat, he returned in time at eight p m and knocked on the door. If he's down stairs neighbours Vivian next day and been Lake Van Router to ask if they wanted to what
television with him. Upstairs the meant declined as they were in the middle of cooking dinner and could also tell them Nilsen, was very drunk. he seemed annoyed by their refusal, but in vain, them to join him at the local pub lighted that not to celebrate the new year then went back upstairs. At around eleven p M Nilsen walked to the nearby green man pop where he met a young japanese chef named touching me to Osama the pub closed just after midnight and the two saw to return to know flat once Lawrence Todd Nilsen calmly, urged touching me too, with the nectar pulled shortly between his outstretched arms at first touching, miss. You thought Nilsen was joking, but when knows
repeated the action again touching me You realized Nilsen, with serious terrified touching meets. Kick to know sing in the growing and fled from the flat run Down the stairs and into the NY danced as neighbours Vivian and Magnetic heard arguing followed by banging and the sound of someone sobbing. they ventured outside to see what was going on only to find the highly intoxicated nilsen on the stairs. touching meteor reported. The incident took place but felt it was too much trouble to follow through with a complaint and subsequently withdrew it
less than full wakes light on Wednesday January twenty six nineteen, eighty three Nilsen was walking through London's West end when he started chatting with a twenty year old named Stephen Sinclair Stephen, who had been born in Scotland and was adopted, had to lift a hard life through out his childhood, Struggled with severe personality problems was afoot did by regular bed wedding and often self harmed at the age of twelve, he was diagnosed with psychomotor epilepsy, a disorder that impacts the brains, temporal lobe and impairs an individual's awareness to their surroundings. Stephen was subsequently institutional lost and placed into foster care and the time he was eighteen, he was
addicted to amphetamines and had contracted Hepatitis b. He made, To London, where he lived in hospitals or squatted in derelict houses and spent most these Tom loitering around less the square. He was well known to social workers and police in the area and had been imprisoned multiple times although he was generally regarded as a social outcast, Stephen had accumulated many friends on the streets of London and it was known to have a sensitive and friendly sod Nielsen's sympathized with the troubled young man and offered to buy him a meal from Mcdonald's. Some of Stephen's friend saw them walk off together, but didn't mean to vein in case they even was planning to rob Nelson, which you would to do
the two? I then stopped at a liquor store before deciding to head to Nielsen's flat. They caught the tube back to Moscow Hill arriving at times the three criminally gardens at around Nine p m The men drank chatted, listen the music and to watch tv together at I'm point. During the evening Stephen went to the bathroom to inject to inject himself with what Nilsen achieved to be Spade the early hours of the morning. He had dozed off One of the arm chairs Nelson shook staving to save. He was awake and when there was no response, he went into the kitchen and cut up an old necktie, which he talks with some string to fashion a ligature bleep, followed
in back into the living room, wagging her tile into Nilsen, patted her before ordering her into the bedroom. He Then proceeded to strangle Stephen Hughes slipped into unconsciousness without a struggle when stop the breathing Nilsen said Stephen didn't hurt at all nothing touchy. Now. He later recalled I remember wishing he could stay in place like that forever the feeling of the easing he's burden with my strength, felt relieved that he's trouble. Were now over. Nielsen removed Stevens clothing and carried him to the bathroom where he bade him in the tub
with lukewarm water and lemon scented dishwashing liquid afterwards, he dried him and carried him to the bedroom, where he laid him down on the bed and the one large mirror at the end of the bed and one by sod, no said undressed and delay naked next. The statements body covering both of them with talcum powder so that their skin was a similar color. He lighted author Brian Masters I spoke to him ass if he were still alive was telling him how lucky he was to be out of it. All. I thought here Beautiful he looked and help me two full. I logged he looked. Sexy, but I had no erection he just looked fabulous Another account he recalled
I wanted to talk to instruct him, but did not I lay naked beside him, but only looked at the two bodies in the mirror, just the light there and a great pace came over me. I felt that this was the meaning of life death. Every thing, no fear, no pain, no guilt, I could only caress and fondled the image in the mirror. I never looked at him, no sex, just a feeling of oneness the next morning Nelson dressed staving some of his eye. Clean clothes placed these body in the living room, wardrobe drive and went to work, one way collider. On Thursday February three danced
tenant GMO Cock noticed that one of the toilets on the ground floor of twenty three grandly gardens was blocked. He attend two on it using an acid solution and prodding sticks, but tonight while the next morning, Jim's girlfriend Fiona Bridges Bonteen to dinner, Nelson and ass if he was having any trouble with the toilet in his flat, into Nilsen. Replied that he wasn't Jim found. The buildings are state Agency, Ellison, CO, to notify them of the issue and to ask for the number of a plumber at four if they pay Vienna Cold Diploma buddy. Wasn't available socially If the message with the details Nilsen. Had spent the afternoon of fraud. I February for drinking at the pub to prepare himself for the person
of disposing of staving Sinclair's body in the evening he returned. to his flat blind the bathroom flow. With garbage bags into retrieved Stevens body From the wardrobe use, topping north. He dismembered the body and removed the organs. Employing the same technique he had used when disposing of John, how glad he boy The various body parts to soften the tissue say that would be Asia to flush down the toilet at this point and had an record to Nelson that the blocked toilets he's downstairs neighbors were experiencing could be called. the by his actions. Half way through the task. He took a break to walk Blake to a nearby supermarket where he purchased cigarettes the bottle of rum
upon returning home. He listened to ethical, music and drank heavily while the body similarly on the stove by midnight. He was too drunk ticking he knew what the disposal, so he went to bed with Stevens Room And still in the living room and his head in a pot the next day I said I February five Nilsen work with us. over and spent most of the morning in bed, unbeknownst to him. Plumb. On Mark Welsh, arrived at around midday to inspect the drains from outside the property unable to clean. the blockage himself marked determined was a job for specialist plumbing company, diner rod and detect mission was booked for the the available appointment on Monday, that afternoon,
Nilsen was leaving the house when he's downstairs neighbour, Fiona informed him of the plumbing situation and recommended that he avoid using the toilet in his flat until the dawn. I rode technicians visit in two days time only there, did it dawned on him that he's flushing of body? down. The toilet had likely caused the blockage. He went to the supermarket to purchase cleaning products, India, fresheners and returned to the flat to finish display. Using have Stevens remains. Later this evening. Nielsen's along Tom friend Martin Hunter Craig paid him an unexpected visit Nelson only held the door open are fraction untold Martin, He couldn't come in because he was with. Another visit are Martin noticed that nuisance same dodger, tied into that he's face, was ghostly, pile
There was also a stranger format like Oda emanating from the flat at this point, the lake unnoticed, the door was partially open and renew. sod and down the stairs knows and instructed Martin to hold the door but warned him not to go inside and then Christ. After he's dog, he returned with Blake. Shortly after and Ass for reassurance that Martin had an entities flat Martin assured and Nielson that he had an. Martin assumed that Nilsen had been drinking and didn't wanting to go inside, because there was some on their whom he was having sex with. So he left the property Nelson then spent the rest of Saturday not watching too a vision,
The following morning of Sunday February six knows divided Stevens, dismembered body parts and organs into multiple plastic bags and then place today. Seen two large garbage bags, which he story, these wardrobe and under an upturn to draw in he's bathroom. He How did the bags in he's wardrobe with newspapers, stuffed several sticks of diet and inside and then law the war, Dr Doors on Monday February, seven Nilsen, to work as usual, but spent the day on edge knowing the dawn I run technician was scheduled to visit and he wouldn't
equally return home to find the Palais studies door. He was curve and irritable with these colleagues and apologised to one phase behaviour explaining that he was under pressure when he arrived at home. He was relieved to find that the dawn I run technician had never China. On Tuesday February I Nilsen went to work again that evening Doin, I rode employing mock Catherine had tended the property, had approximately six fifteen p m, by which time not had fallen,
Nelson Joint Downstairs Tenant GMO cock outside to watches mark allowing himself into the main hall to inspect the drains mock, discovered the floating paces of flesh and porridge, lock substance and determined. The blockage must have been caused by animal remains. He asked in if he had been flushing dog food down, the toilet to which Nelson responded. No. Instead, remarking that the flesh looked like pieces of Kentucky, Fried chicken mark included that something untoward was going on find his manager Gary Wheeler The two men agreed to attend the property the next day, so they could conduct a clearer inspection in dialogue. when Nilsen returned to his flat. He wrote a letter to the buildings Management Company, Ellison Co Tv,
playing about the state of the drains he spent. the rest of the evening drinking heavily in debt around midnight. He ventured outside and headed down into the main hall.
He proceeded to clear as much of the flesh from the train as he could throwing the remains over the hedge into the back garden. In order to discuss the remainder of the drains contents, he decided he would boss in Kentucky Fried Chicken in the morning and throw away into the mix danced dares. Tenants, Jim and Fiona were awake and heard footsteps on the stairs followed by the sounds of someone walking in the back garden entered the manhole cover being removed. They also heard the repeated flushing of the toilet, located on the landing GMO harmed himself with Paul and went out to investigate catching Nilsen as he was returning to his flat. He should slaves rolled up and a torch in his hand when Jim asked his neighbor what he was doing. No sin explained that he had gone out sod to urinate the next morning of Wednesday November. Nine no sun left for work at around eight thirty. I am forty five minutes later doin. I run technician MIKE Catherine and his boss. Gary Wheeler arrived at twenty three criminally gardens Mark climbed down into the man hall for the second time and was surprised to see that most of the flesh, like substance, was gone. Fiona breaches, who was the only tenant at home, told MIKE and Gary about the noises she and Jim heard the night before and how they had caught nilsen sneaking around outside in the early hours MIKE continues to fishery. I didn't drain until he poured out what appeared to be a human not go along with more cases of flesh and bone horrified. At the discovery, Fiona immediately called the police.
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more binds with a knock already chant. They say J personally took the remains too Charing Cross Hospital for examination by David Darwin, a professor of forensic medicine at the University of London who also work. As a consultant pathologist per faster Balin, declared that the small bones into knocking had come from the hand of a human mail and that the flesh, was human neck tissue. The flash also displayed a key ligature mark leading profess about to conclude that the victim had been strangled. As nuisance worked, I drew to an end. He tried to behave normally he knew and arrest was imminent and he would Likely never return to the office again before he.
After he wrote a note urging his colleagues not to believe any reports that might emerge claiming he had taken his own life in jail, he talked note inside it draw tied at his desk and set it evil goodbye to his work night. Some noticed he was wearing a blue and white football scarf, which was out of character as a chicken. They wore drab doc clothing, Dua be revealed that the scarf had belonged to his last victim. Staving Sinclair at first forty p m Nilsen arrive time to find three detectives: detective chief inspector painted J. Detective inspectors in my car, Scott and detective constable Jeffrey bottler, waiting the front door of the building see I J introduced himself and explained that they were there
to investigate the items found in the block two drains. Nilsen feigned surprise ass if the other two detectives, where health inspectors they see. I J explained that they were all police officers and wanted to ask in some questions. Nilsen led the three men upstairs to his flat and once that Inside they see, I J revealed that some of the objects in the train had been identified as human remains. He then asked Nilsen where's the rest of the body. Without Hesitation Nilsen Emily replied into plastic eggs in the wardrobe next door. I'll show you. He led the offices into the living room intended in that case, to unlock the wardrobe saying he wanted to tell them everything
They see I J ready, Nilsen he's rots, then team under arrest on suspicion of murder, although still had no idea who the victim was they lead to Nilsen to the police car and, as they do I've towards Hornsey Police station. One of these, This is all too nilsen whether that would dealing with one body or two. He replied Dane or sixteen since nineteen. Seventy eight I'll tell you, everything it's a relief to get it off my mind. No son initially declined to hire a lawyer and was held in custody while the police conducted a thorough search of these flat. covering the remains of John Howlett and Graham Alan from the tea chest and Stephen in clear from the drawer in the bathroom two days later at ten forty
Father I am on Friday February. Eleven the police conducted debt first official interview with Nilsen. He committed to the murders of the three men whose remains were found at twenty three cranley gardens and to a further twelve. But his former residence on Mailros Avenue in Creakle would he's talking Nielson to the mill rise Avenue flat where he showed them the two locations in the re garden and surrounding wasteland where he had burned the bodies, if he's other victims he'll. Second, fast to as many as seven other attempted murders. Police had a difficult task ahead of trying to formally identify the victims. Nelson remembered few of their names and could recall enough specific details about each individual to provide an immediate identification.
as it was nineteen eighty three, the United Tests didn't yet exist and say, say, debated knowledge he was still in its infancy, said the police, had to rely on fingerprints, dental records and the victims personal items this meant that I also had no choice but to depend on the assistance of Dennis Nilsen himself. Stephen Sinclair was the first to be identified at the time of his death. The twenty year old, was wanted by police for some minor offences and his finger And were already on file ferrets investigators, fanned fingerprints on Stevens Leather jacket. I used syringe and tobacco gene pool of waste were founded, Nelson's, flat and tested I am against the prints on file to confirm that match at five forty five p m on February Eleven nuisance.
Officially charged with Stevens murder under further advice from law enforcement, Nilsen retained the services of Verona MOSS, a middle aged solicitor who had experienced dealing with a low profile, murder cases during The first meeting Nilsen took an immediate lacking to MOSS Moss. bound to Nilsen to be calm and rational and agreed to accept it as a client. tabloid press had already been tipped off about the grim discovery at twenty three criminally gardens by donor rod. Plumber MIKE Catherine and was We are calling for further information, so they could run a story within an hour of the full moon charge being made report is managed to locate Nielsen's mother Betty in Aberdeen Chalk, Scotland and requested photographs of her son
Betty, obliged on the basis that would be returned to her, but she I found out the photographs was solved for large sums of money and she never got them back. That evening since friend, modern Hunter Craig was watching television when in use report revealed that buddy cots had been discovered in the drains of an apartment building in Moscow Hill. The name of the cap was withheld, but when the road what showed any image of twenty three clearly gardens. Martin realised that Nilsen must be responsible. He was shot to think that He had been at the property just days earlier. by Sunday February twelve, the story was making headlines across England and overseas, although the full extent of the murders hadn't yet being revealed report
had already dubbed the Moselle Hill Property, the House of horrors and were referring to the killer as the Moscow Hill murderer Pillar They were still working around the clock to identify the remaining victims and had relate the very minor details to the media, but journalists we're working overtime in an attempt to get the best scoop. Members press surrounded the Hornsey police station with some something to Riga, microphone outside of daisy. I Jays first floor window to obtain inside information a joke the name news: crew even position to themselves in a house opposite the station and used highly sophisticated sand equipment to try to eavesdrop on police interviews with Nilsen. At ten. I am Nilsen made his first appearance in the magistrates court where
The judge ruled that he be reminded in custody for three more days of questioning before further legal proceedings. Afterwards, when he was being escorted out of the courthouse and back to the Whiting police, car Nilsen elected The walk out in full view of the press. He later explained that didn't want to hide away by covering his face like a common criminal. No, since mother participated in a television interview in which she stated. I just don't understand how this could go on and nobody, knowing anything a main I don't know anything about the last ten years of his life and I can't see what was happening to him. Something must have happened to him. because it's not my Dennis, that's doing it the boy. I knew that's doing these things here why is my son and Why? I want him to know where all concerned about him and
just type he'll get some help to cope with the situation he's in. The police continued to question Nilsen with detectives, conscious, trying to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in order to keep him talking. Although there were horrified and occasionally physically seek from their details. He divulged they feed that he would clear mark if he felt he was under attack. Nelson was unusually cooperative, offering data about h, murder, descriptions of the techniques used and helping to identify the victims. As the author Brian Masters, described in his book, killing for company quote. Not only did Nilsen making no hinderance, but he positively swamp the detectives with information faster than they could seek it. He barely required questioning he's
in an almost unbroken broken autobiographical monologue. As if to purge he's conscience of a bird which he could no longer bear alone. Yet There were no irrelevant details, no. aggressions into personal life, no place for comfort or understanding. He admitted that he was astonished. He had no tease for the people who had died at his hands, it it became clear to the detectives that the number of poor, people who visited Nelson's flat without incident far out I doubt who came under attack or what killed Nilsen rejected the suggestion that he intentionally saudi out victims claim daddy only about twenty out in search of company and the attacks, whenever planned quote. When our voluntarily go out to drink. I do not have the
tension at that time. To do these things, I seek company first and hope Everything will be all right now inclined to be relieved that he'd finally bank card, as he would have kept killing otherwise, and the detectives were convinced he never would have given himself out of his own accord later interview for the television programme, Britain's most Davis Serial Killers Daisy J, recalled. No son said if you hadn't of court me now, it wouldn't have Bain fifteen. would have been one hundred and fifty, and I think he might have been right. when the formal interviews were finally complete. Nilsen solicitor. Ronald MOSS asked him why he had committed crimes. Meals Responded quote.
I am hoping you will tell me that. while the police and prosecution continued together, residence for trial, Nilsen, was how's the bricks in prison in the inner south of London. upon his arrival, he was required to change into the standard prison issued uniform of brown trousers and the blue stropped shirt and I sent a psychiatrists recommendation. He was placed in the prisons hospital wing for his own safety, Nelson was only allowed out of his cell to participate in supervised exercise for half an hour each day and it was forbidden from socio with other prisoners. He was able to category a prisoner, which meant he posed the highest threat to police and the public and was moved between cell was every couple of days. No,
And was also banned from attending the chapel, which upset him No, he was an atheist frustrated that the chaplain didn't stand up to the prison Gov. Now on his behalf, he labelled them christian hypocrites who were worse than cockroaches with news, incarcerated. His beloved dog Blake was taken in by an animal rescue shoulda in South West London to be re hind, but within Wake of her arrival. She became ill and passed away death left Nilsen heartbroken, and he later Explained to water Brian masters, I am ashamed that her last today's should be so painful. she had always forgiven me everything and nothing. But may could ever break her heart never. Let me down
but in a moment of her greatest crosses, I was not there. In prison, Nilsen soon became infatuated with a fellow inmate named David Martin, a small at feminine Korea, criminal, who had spent his whole life in and out of jail was serving time first, spray of burglaries, which resulted in him shooting a police officer and later escaping from the magistrates court using pins he stored in his long hair, Summit Mountain barely spent any time together and only saw reach other occasionally in the exercise. Yard Nilsen became upset when Martin was re located to a different prison a few months later in Attempt to maintain a semblance of a connection with Martin Nilsen contacted Martin solicitor. Ralph high aims to
if he would consider representing him as a client, I ain't had a reputation for successfully defending notorious clients so soon We also saw this is a technical decision on Nelson's Behalf felt that his unusual solicitor, Ronald MOSS, was failing to help him stand up against the prison regime that he believed was working to bully him and he had dismissed and re I'd MOSS. Three times, during those periods when Nelson had no legal representation he had on successfully attempted to represent himself the aims agreed to take a new on as a client, but those embodied heads Nilsen used tire names of working to closely with the press. Yet willing to use these opportunities to tell the public how poorly Nilsen was being traded in prison. Despite their disagreements,
hey Aims- was able to convince Nilsen against plating guilty toll charges this. He believed he could use the defence of diminished responsibility. Do too mental disorder To pass the time in prison, Nilsen but most of these days riding he starts, working on an autobiographical, manuscript, toddled history. The drowning boy, and also established a professional relationship with Brian masters and all the best tonight, he's histories of the british aristocracy Masters developed an interest in the extremities of human behaviour, I wrote a letter to Nilsen asking if he would be opened The cooperating on a book project on mine thirty nineteen, eighty three nilsen right to accept masters invitation,
Opening the letter by saying quiet I passed the burden of my past actions onto your shoulders. The two began exchanging. The letters with me There is also a visiting bricks them prison twice awake to stake with his subject: Nilsen didn't hold back, providing comprehensive and in depth a can of his childhood here time in the army, Korea problems sexual fantasies. why should she pastry, and each of them murders. in an early letter to masters. Nilsen road, I The letter strange laugh so far: schoolboy soldier, chef, projectionist policemen, clerical officer, executive officer, drunk sexual est, male and female.
Murderer, animal lover, Independent Trade Union officer, the beta chain The aim of social causes do gooder dissect, of murder victims grew and busy, and probably life ought if there is a God, he must have a weed and jumbled sense of priorities. Job Fonda Peace campaigner, amateur filmmaker mine of useless information. the strata pen pusher detained prisoner, solitary rape are killed. The innocent onward most full reformed character, Enigma now rapidly becoming a national receptacle into which all the nation will urinate walked, monster. Mad man ungodly call, would alone.
Nelson told masters, about one incident in particular that had a profound impact on his life Nineteen sixty seven when he station that our main Sceura Detention Centre in Yemen. He had been Drinking heavily in town entitled a taxi to take him back to the base during the drive he dozed off in the back seat and delayed awoke with a sharp pain in the back of his head. He realized he was naked and had been struck over the head and placed into the boot of their car knows an attempted to break free from the vehicle which was still driven by was on able to open the boot after short drive. The car stopped and Nelson decided, that is best chance to escape, would be to play dead Taxi driver got out, opened the boot and started touching nilsen.
He tried to look as limp and lifeless as possible, Driver attempted to lift Nilsen out, at which point notions hand, touched idle, and he realized there was a carjack handle close to him. He grabbed tone, that and delivered a hard blow to the taxi drivers head a maid, lay knocking him unconscious. Nilsen, climbed out of the boot and strong the driver twice more in the skull he's that the car was parked in an isolated spot amidst the class the revolt buildings. So he walked the Jackie Angel claim and put it back in the boot along with the driver, then he quickly put his clothes on and walked to. The detention centre through the darkness He was reprimanded for being delinquent, but never a word to anyone about he's ordeal, Nilsen
told masters that the next morning he was filled with horror over the incident, and started having nightmares about being tortured, right, murder and mutilated. A psychologist delighted determined that Nilsen had fabricated. This entire event, if that was the case mass this ballade, if that further proved just how powerful Nielsen's fantasies were. However, if the didn't was true. Masters has pointed out that it demonstrated how successfully Nilsen was able to compartmentalize a horrific memory while outwardly appearing unaffected. Investigators continued the difficult task of identifying Nielsen's victims Then they human remains found that the Muslim Hill flat there was little. physical evidence to go on Sunday,
had to rely on Nilsen recollections and missing person. Reports to join the dots. An operation room was set up and decked out with bulletin board into blackboards, as well as the size pieces of paper dedicated to wage victim on each poster investigators listed as many details about the individual as possible, including their physical. Description lost, whereabouts. The date that will last seen and the debt, Nelson claimed. They were murdered. In addition to Stephen Sinclair Police, eventually able to identify a total of seven other victims, the twin the eight year old, who Nilsen knew only as John. The guardsmen was identified, During a painstaking process in which police located every man, with the name of John in the local area, used
a strip of muscle, retrieved from Nielsen's flat, they determined at the victims, blood taught and used these too narrow down the list of unaccounted for Johns that matched the description, Nilsen provided. Finally, then a him as John Howlett Duffy, staying you're out catering student, who Nilsen murdered in his Mailros Avenue Flat was I A fine using the chefs knives that Nilsen had kept, which had name engraved on them. Kenneth welcomed in the twenty three you're out to to Nilsen had killed just days before, he's expected returned to Canada was identified, Nelson was shown a photograph and recognised the young man Kenneth The strict directory was found amongst Nielsen's belongings and forensic investigators were able to locate a partial fingerprint and match it against Prince recover.
From the belongings Kenneth had left behind in his hotel room family of twenty six year old, Billy Sutherland, who had reported him missing in nineteen. Eighty contacted police Soft sing news about the murders and wondering The Billy could have been a victim. Wilson was shown a photograph of Billy and recognise TIM as one of the men had killed in he's Mailros Avenue flat Human remains were found under the floorboards in Nelson's, old, flat and forensic in That's the guy were able to confirm Billy's identity from false teeth and the pace of skin with he's tadeusz on it Also identified was twenty four year old, Malcolm Barlow, who knows Strangled in his mail rise Avenue flat die after Malcolm, was discharged from hospital pull. No,
the nineteen year Old University student, who Nilsen attempted to strangling he slave soon after moving into the criminally gardens flat, was as far as the survivor, as was twice the six year old, Scotsmen Douglas Stuart, who had fought often attack. It no raised avenue on November ten nineteen eighty may twenty six nineteen, eighty three nilsen Committal hearing commenced in the old Bailey descent, a criminal court of England and Wales.
The judge determined the prosecution had enough evidence to put Nilsen to trial for the murders of Stephen Sinclair John Howard, Billy, Sutherland, Martin Duffy, Kenneth, Falcon DIN and American Barlow, and for the attempted murder of poor, knobs and Douglas Stuart. The trial was scheduled to commence in October nineteen. Eighty three from the beginning of Nielsen's timing custody. He was required to where the standard issue prison uniform this enraged him as he had yet been convicted of a crime. He protested against it by walking around his cell naked. In response, the gods restricted him from leaving his cell entirely, which meant he was unable to Wednesday's toilet bucket on August, one when Nelson's bucket was full to the brim. He yelled stained clear and proceeded to throw its contents through the bars of a cell and onto the landing several gods were hit with the Mass and Nielson was beaten in retaliation and given fifty six days in solitary confinement as Nelson's Tom on remand went by, he began to express regret for committing the crimes. In a letter he scented detectives thanking them for their professionalism when unravelling the case Nilsen Road. My remorse is of a deep and personal kind which will lead away inside me for the rest of my life. I am a tragically private person not given to public tease. The enormity of these acts has left me in permanent shock. The evil was short lived and it cannot leave or break for long inside the conscience. I have slain my own dragon, as surely as the press and the letter of the law will slay me to Bay continued next week.
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