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Case 148: The Miyazawa Family

2020-07-04 | 🔗
The Miyazawa’s were a seemingly normal family who lived in a semi-detached, three-storey house in Setagaya’s Kamisoshigaya district. But when their bodies are found brutally slaughtered in their own home, questions begin to emerge as to whether the family could be hiding any secrets. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd Written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-148-the-miyazawa-family
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the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode contain descriptions of violence against the family, including children. It won't be suitable for all listeners. Japan's capital city of Tokyo is made up of twenty three special wards, each of which is the self governing municipality with several districts. Located on the western side of tat year. This set a guy award is the second largest and most densely populated it is a residential leafy area with a reputation for being family friendly while offering easy access to the city, Members may, as our family lived in a semi detached three story house in set a guys. Me so she guy a district two hundred.
similar homes were originally built in the area, but when the may is always moved in ninety ninety most of these had been demolished to make way for socially Gaia Park. A public recreation space consisting of play areas, tennis, courts and grassy loans By the year two thousand, the may is always property was one of only for remaining has is that were essentially located inside the park. Lance so She guy a park was situated along the east and south side of the house with the same care river to the west directly behind and simple I did only by offence, was escape park and playground The area was typically quiet and safe, but the addition of the sky park had introduced a hive of activity and to lots of noise. There were also sightings of suspicious individuals in the area which led to see
safety concerns for the May as our family the coming. So she Gaia District had once been overseen by a neighborhood watch programme, but with A few houses remaining security become an issue as The government was offering a by backs game to allow the further expansion of the park lands the may is always had decided to take advantage of the offer and deplore to be re located The family was made up of parents Medio Andrea soon, and there too young children, door Nina and Sun Grey. Media India. Sucre had met at a self development seminar during the nineteen eighties eventual Going on to marry in December of nineteen, eighty six forty four year out of media was a creative man with a love for animation. He's childhood was
Ben participating in puppetry and other theatrical productions at school. After graduating from university. He will does inanimate off and question develop off a quiz programmes, He eventually secured a position at into brand a lunch, based marketing company, with over twenty officers worldwide. Past clients included here, profile brands such as Neeson, Microsoft and Xerox me he worked in their Tokyo branch device. Being corporate identity for major corporations, he's colleagues described him as a congenial man who got on well with everyone, Forty one year on year, Sucre was a kind patient and intelligent woman who ran what was known as a crime school from the families high cold. do cool in Japanese, a cramps
is a private school that office supplementary classes for students wanting. extra help preparing for K, academic admission, exams, Dumay is always plans to move what complicated, by the fact that there, six year old son hurry. learning disabilities and dispatch impediment that requires special attention. Ray attended a public kindergarten and set a gaia, but he's parents was seeking prefer no help before enrolling him in primary school as they wanted give him the best possible start in life. He system Eight year old Nina was abroad, intelligent girl who would skip degraded school. She was very active with a passion for Sarka piano and a ballet and would show off her dance moves to her extended family. media and yeah Sucre adored their children and kept the record of their physical growth
periodically mocking their hearts on their living room Ball given the unique situation that the main Zoloft family faced. The government gave them permission to remain in their common social guy, a property until they found it. location suited to raise needs. In light to them. And they may is always found a suitable plot of land to build them. You moron the intention that yes, suit goes. Mother Rico, sister ran and husband here Yuki would join M as neighbours. The three currently live next door to the May, as always on the other side of this semi detached time in coming. So she Gaia, and they were I got to stay together they were rolled you to move out in March of two thousand one meaning they only had to put up with the rowdy crowds at this gate park for a few more months
On the morning of Sunday December thirty, one how Rico tried to found her daughter ass, she did most mornings, but the coal wouldn't get it through. ten, I am how Rico still hadn't, seen or heard from Ya Sucre or the rest of the family and she began to worry There was no internal connection between the two homes, so she went outside and knocked on the meds. I was front door when there was no response. She let herself inside The May, as always house was split across three stories. The entrance opened to a reception room which Give me his ally used as a study, so
lords at the rear of the room was a short flight of stairs that led to the measure name level which hosted array and a name is shared bedroom, a small bathroom and a separate toilet after the flight of stairs, led to the second floor, where the kitchen, living room and laundry were located. On the mezzanine level a pull down lighter granted access to the third floor, attic, which contained media and your suitcase bedroom at the back. The grand floor stairs have ruined discovered the blood soaked body of her son in law meteor. She continued up There too, the mezzanine level, where on the landing she found The bodies of her daughter, yeah sucre and granddaughter Nina they two what lying in pools of blood
look at. It touched them to check if there were still alive, but both were called in a state of shock. She rushed out of the house and called the police attending This is found the body of re may as allies in the bunk bed. He shared with his sister. investigators pieced together, a probable series of events based on the presentation of the crime scene peat is, though, the killer had climbed the fence at the rear of the property and Sky Oda to the mezzanine level. Escort They covered the bathroom window had been removed, indicating the kid had done this to enter the house after strain. Billing six year old re in his bedroom. The killer then came across me and launched an attack as media
was the only member of the household and not dressed for bed. It was later. He was working in his study when he heard the disturbance and went upstairs to investigate pay then came face to face with the intruder. Few brandished at thirty four centre made a long north with a twenty one. Centimeter blade that was typically used for prepare brings to show me a japanese delicacy of rule fish and made media was stabbed upwards of ten times a day that fell always pushed down the stairs said. The killers blade was lodged in one of meteors wounds having broken off the during the frenzied attack main wall
Anna had climbed the ladder to her parents bedroom to alert her mother. An open birthday kid was found in the bedroom, along with bloodstained bandages on one of the few Tom Beds. Name is blood was found on some of the item. It was believed the eight year out had sustained injuries in her initial confrontation with beyond the intruder which yes, You had tended to the pair then venture Down to the mezzanine level, perhaps anticipating that The perpetrator had left, however, the killer, still inside the house and had replaced his broken. No. With a larger one from the kitchen The violence inflicted on ya, Sucre and Nina was described by investigators as over Kill news of the quadroon
homicide left. The me as I was friends and relatives horrified with meagre his mother passing out from shock when she was informed police chief turkish issue, Cheetah lady, said when I think about the brutality I just wonder how could a sane person carry out such an extreme koran? He slashed them from above the chest to the face ass. If he tormented, then, it was extremely brutal and the way he finished Often the very end was so horrific. We couldn't so those gas to the devastated victims. Families There are no other cases in which the victims have been caught up like this.
The me as I was fine line had been disconnected and their house had Bain rain sacked personal documents such as diaries identification, cod utility bills, receipts and bank statements was spread across the dining room table and the so far on the second floor in the bathtub police found some of meteors work documents, receipts yeah, sucrose, cream, school paperwork, sanitary items tells us brain rapids and the random contents of a draw that had been emptied stolen from the home was the two wishing Faye paid by one of the suit our students, which amounted to approximately two hundred thousand again. The equivocal
a around three thousand australian dollars. At the time, media and yeah sucrose wallets were fanned empty and based on the documents that had been spread out on the table it appeared as though the killer had been trying to figure out the pin, but Mickey Bank cards. The theory that arose that the crime was motivated by robbery. However, cash pos books thank cards and jury had been left behind meteors documents. Fiji Kaji one of three japanese alphabet, along with terror, Ghana and cut O Connor Kaji, is regarded as the most complex of three. It is made up of more than two thousand chinese characters and is taught to students, during the nine years of compulsory childhood education, as the killer had ruffled
seemingly read through meteors paperwork police believed he was able to rage kanji and was likely raised in Japan. A bloodstained, Ragland Stall sweatshirt was found on the second floor as it didn't contain. Any slash marks that was presumed to have belonged to the killer. Other foreign clothing items and accessories were also found followed it, namely at the scene, presumably
by the killer. These included a gray had a black a jacket, a green chequered, scarf a grey and black hit bag. A pair of black gloves and two black handkerchief. Multiple footprints were also found throughout the property, including need a bunk bed in the children's room on the stairs and outside the house. Underneath the bathroom window, the foot prints on the stairs switched position halfway up from the wall sought to the hand right side A unique stepping Patten consistent with military training. The footprints outside suggested that the killer used the bathroom window to weggs at their house rather than enter it, as was initially thought.
A large amount of foreign blood was found in the attic bedroom and throughout the rest of the house, including on discarded bandages tales and sanitary pads testing, confirmed it wasn't from any of the victims, meaning The killers the killer was a male with blood type. I toxic Ology results showed there were no drugs any system he was a non smoker. A bandage covered in the killers blood was found stuck to the back of a note book in the living room which led investigator to conclude that the killer must have injured, he's right hand during one of the attacks and attended to his wounds with the families. First, I kid.
As he then ransacked the house, one of the bandages largely peeled off and came to be stock on the notebook due to the brutality of the crime, the abundant forensic evidence and the level of destruction within the house. Police initially suspected multiple perpetrators were involved. However, the footprints and done in a fight blood had come from one person. There was also evident that the killer had remained in the house for some Time off to the murders it appeared, he had slept or rested on the living room so far and also consumed. food and drinks belonging to the May as our family, including melon, full bottles of Bali, Tee and four ice cream. One of the ice cream Rapid was very
in the bathtub another, was in the living room and two. What beside the computer? On the first floor. Furthermore, unflushed faces were found in one of the toilets. The victims were estimated to have been to have been murdered at approximately eleven thirty p m on Saturday December thirty. According The media is computer records. The killer had used the device to access the internet One hundred and eighteen a dot m on Sunday December thirty one he had visited the websites of Mickey onto Zucco's employers and also browse to the website of a theatrical group in Tokyo, attempting to use Mikoto's bank card to book tickets for an upcoming
Mickey computer log also showed that it was used again at approximately ten. I am moments before the bodies were discovered. It appears, The killer had remained in the house until then need ten hours after the murders then fled when how Rico arrived on the same. How and her daughter in area who lived next door said the walls between the two homes had been sand proved to enable both families to live side by side in peace. tell whether they did recall hearing a loud thud from the mayor's. I was fast at approximately one thousand one hundred and thirty, the not open that is. To figure out what the noise could have Bain police conducted at test, whether
down the ladder that led to make you and your suit goes attic, bedroom, Rico and Dan confirmed that this had been what date heard. and said she went to bed at around one. I am but didn't he any other notable sands and was generally considered to be a safe country, but the birth of the real estate bub during the early Ninetys nineties had prompted a man Your recession, this lead to high unemployment rates are decreasing asset value sore. In debt large scale on legal immigration and a shift, in traditional values, recovery was slow and Japan Once a low chrome right had steadily risen throughout the decade in the year, two thousand
and the riding crazed by twelve and a half percent compared to the previous ii, as described by the New York Times, the japanese police, the once had a globally ravine reputation for their Han morals, ethics and devotion to duty, they were considered virtually incorruptible and highly efficient in solving crimes. However, in two thousand there had been a series of police scandals across the country involving corruption, negligence, drug abuse, extortion, bribery, hazing, a fella offices cover ups
and sexual assault. The japanese police force faced heavy criticism that they were losing the fight against crime, as reported by the New York Times. A public opinion poll conducted in early two thousand revealed that sixty percent of japanese citizens said their trust in police was declining, while forty five percent, no long, Trusted the police at all the May, as our family matters, elevated the public's growing concerns and the pressure was on the police to make a quick arrest in an unprecedented that highlighted the shocking nature of the crime superintendent, general of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. take care. She attend
the May, as our crime scene in person telling detectives. This is an extremely brutal crime. Do whatever you can to arrest the culprit. Investigators worked to paste together the families last nine movements using witness statements and technological Dada data. meant that during the day of Saturday December thirty debate, Tsar was went shopping in an arcade need chateau, say: Caribou Yama Railway Station, approximately one point six kilometers north of their home at around see. P m, there was seen at another shopping center niece. I e g got Coup and Maya Railway station. One point: eight kilometers, south of their home.
the mayor's dollars arrived time. Just before seven p m yeah sucre used the home, telephoned to call her mother before the family ate dinner, together at nine, the eight p M Ninos computer was used to watch a television show online and at ten forty five p m media logged on to his computer to read he's working miles. This was the last recorded action of any family member with the murders occurring shortly after. The families, friends and relatives were questioned in a bid to establish whether they have
any known enemies or had reported anything suspicious in the lead up to their deaths. Meek, egos colleagues told police that hey hadn't been working on anything particularly sensitive, a controversial ruling out the possibility that the murders were connected to he's work, media kept a detailed diary of his daily activities and expenses and investigate is found nothing within to suggest anything. Troubling was happening he's alive, however, in the weeks leading up to the murders, make here had admonished a group of teenagers who were hanging out at the sky Park behind their house, telling them off for being loud around the same time he had also confronted a group of young members of the buses Zircon motorcycle gang who were causing nuisance in the area.
Bosses to accrue members had a reputation for being violent and dangerous and were known to carry weapons. Five days before the murders, yeah Sucre had complained to her father that someone had been repeatedly parking outside her home. even though there were plenty of other parking spaces available in the area two days later, on December twenty seven, A witness cited a middle aged man walking around the perimeter of the May. As I was home as though he was studying it. on December, twenty nine, a young man wearing clothes similar to that the left behind by the killer was seen it said, Joe Ghak and Maya Railway Station, which was the located next to one of the shop
centres that the as always visited the following day that same day as the shaming north matching, the murder weapon was purchased that the shopping center. This particular nor was one of fifteen hundred manufactured in Japan, spooky prefecture in the year two thousand. The next day, the day of the murders, the same young male suspect, was seen at San Galva Railway station. Just the one point five what matters from the mayor's always house locals. Report that between June and December of two thousand stray cats around. So she guy a part had been found mutilated with their tails cut off, or this in stripped. These appear to be a promising laid, but the person responsible for the animal abuse
the light determined to be a bank Clark who was ruled out in connection with the mayor's our family murders investigators, soon learned of three suspicious incidents that have occurred in the early morning, hours of Sunday December thirty, one shot Lee after the murders, just after midnight. Actually driver had picked up. Three men need social guy a park and drove them to a nearby railway station when the men left the cab that actually drove. I noticed several bloodstains on the back seat. Debate of which was approximately ninety millimetres in diameter, police, the disdains
And determined they would show club in a separate incident. At dawn, a woman had been driving passed, so she guy a park when a man jumped in front of her car lightly, brushing it she stopped and got out to check on the man and a notice the blood on the back of his left hand, Another suspicious incident had occurred at five twenty five. I am on December thirty, one. a man aged in his thirties walked into a medical office located at Tobin Nikko Railway station. Approximately one hundred Twenty kilometers north of the May, as always house seeking treatment fur northward and on his hand, that was so deep. The bone was exposed. Medical staff treated the injury, but didn't ask her what was sustained and the man left without leaving he's
as the investigation into the brutal murder continued a funeral was held for for members of the May, as our family, meteors mother said, Sucre was so traumatized that she was unable to walk and had to be carried inside Yes, suit goes mother and sister had become so afraid of the house. They shared with the slain family that date set a guy altogether This situation had left her Rico with a feeling of shame and to aim was plagued by thoughts of suicide. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department established a special task force to focus, excuse Finally, on the mood is given that the killer had, behind an abundance of genetic material expectation,
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the killer had left numerous fingerprints throughout the May as always house. His thumb print had a distinctive swell with two lines at the centre. That was luck and to a pig's knows, police ran the prince through the japanese criminal database, but didn't find a match. They also tested them against those obtained from local residents with no success the unflushed faces in the toilet. What compared to this the contents of the mass, our family members, all of whom had eaten the same booed at that final meal, as that faces differed from the stomach contents. It was clear it belonged to the killer. His stool consisted of green beans with sesame dressing, as this was a popular japanese dish
that is often made it didn't, provide any leads based on his footprints. Had the same the killer had been wearing a pair of slightly warning slugs in your brain tennis, so basketball, shoes, the shoes were manufactured in South Korea between October nineteen, ninety ninety eight and November two thousand and one of four thousand five hundred and thirty pairs made, They were the equivalent to size, twenty seven and a half in Japan or not in a sizing which were run ever available to purchase on the south korean market and had never been sold in Japan. the issue was likely white with a grey white or blue Sol. The killers hat was known as a stall hat and now
derived from the way that such hats could essentially be crushed Dan too, when he saw us without being damaged, making them easy to feed into backpacks or luggage. It was made of grey Wolf. With a black being around the room and the label indicated it was sold after September twenty one nineteen. Ninety nine most three and a half thousand hats matching. This description was solved in Japan between July nineteen thousand nine and ninety eight and November two thousand, with Rachel value of around nineteen hundred again or thirty. Australian dollars was predominantly solved by Re Tyler Merou, through cooperation with primary site, occurring in the county region of Japan. They kill green chequered, scarf was thirty centimetres wide. One hundred and
these centimetres long and made of low quality acrylic fabric. It didn't have a tag label so polite reached out to the public, urging anyone who recognise that to come forward. Several people reported that they had received an identical scarf as it shape prize so promotional item. One person had saved it from a junior high school, uniform rate Tyler another from an arcade cool machine and another from petrol station. The killers blue, large white jacket was identified as a unique arose. Brand attack jacket in Size Lodge in the two months prior to the murders, a total of eighty two thousand jackets. If this thought was sound nationwide in Japan, with the just over ten thousand sites, In Tokyo alone, did you
its rate out between thirty nine hundred and fifty nine hundred yen, the equivalent to between sixty and ninety Estrella in dollars at the time and was solved exclusively by unique era at their ratings was online and by a mail order. The jacket pocket contained grains of sand that had originated from them E Europe Peninsula Coast located south of Tokyo. There were also traces of pollen that came made an and ornamental japanese pomegranate Plan or Brazil. The trade and deciduous space. These belonging to the old family dead, leaves for me There is no Kova. Whole willow tree were also found, as were traces of bird droppings, though it to have come from a sparrow. In addition, soil particles were detected and traced to the province that surrounds South Korea's capital city
of saw the killers, Ragland style, sweat shirt was the size large with a pale great body and to light purple slaves. It had been solved between August and December. two thousand by the maroon through cooperation. The same rate highlight that solved the killers, crusher hat and was proud that approximately nineteen hundred yen or thirty six million dollars. At the time. Only one hundred and thirty Ragland sweatshirts of that variety wherever solved throughout Japan at that the murders. It was stopped at four stores in Tokyo and only ten had been purchased in the city. Police appealed for anyone who had bought the sweat should at one of these four stores to contact them to rule themselves. Out of the investigation
but they were only able to track down one owner urging others to come forward. The police lighter released a statement that red you may be a fool aid of reporting this to the police, thinking that, if you have the sweat, or remember having built one. You may. Be traded as a criminal. There is no. need to worry about such a thing. The perpetrator took off peace sweatshirt and left it at the crime scene. Being the same. Sweat should now would therefore prove that you are not the perpetrator like Adding the whereabouts of nor another sweatshirts would die equally laid us to identify the perpetrator. We need your coat. Operation on this, The killer had also left behind a pair of adjustable Edwin Brand black leather, gloves saws. Thirty, six centimetres
Given that the mood as occurred in the middle of winter and the killers fingerprints were found throughout the house,. it seemed likely he had been wearing them for Wolf. Rather than to avoid leaving prints ten thousand seven hundred and fifty five pairs of days gloves had been sold between ninety ninety eight and the year, two thousand at two primary stores, one of which was the Merou through cooperation, where the crush a hat and raglan sweatshirt had also been purchased too plain black handkerchiefs looking to the killer, appeared to have been recently washed and die, and over the previous five years, a total of sixty six thousand five hundred matching handkerchiefs had been you're back should insult by japanese retail company movie, which so The variety of household and consumer goods, one of their handkerchiefs left at the crime scene, had been
folded into a triangular shape and had squeezed edges as though the killer warrant as a vice mosque, The other was unfolded and had a threat. centimeter Hall, caught near at Santa fillet suspected this one was used The killer has a makeshift patch, but he's not to protect himself against injury. method, was known to be used by employees at fish processing facilities to protect themselves and allow for a firm grip when cleaning scaling and filling fish. Finally, there was the blackened gray hit back the left behind by the killer, known as a bum bag in Australia or funny pack in the United States. It was When he won send a made as wide twenty three and a half centimetres high
and nine and a half centimetres Dave. Wish your pointed to the approximate size of a bay five notebook the belt secured to the bag was eighty three centimetres long But had been adjusted to fit a wise to measuring between seventy and seventy five centimetres. The bag was old and worn and also with a shoulder straps, so it could be used as a satchel it was manufactured in Osaka between one thousand nine hundred and ninety five and one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. With two thousand hundred and fifty so that this can stores throughout Japan. Two strands of black hair believed to belong to the killer, were found And in the bag they had been intentionally caught. Roy other than having fallen out, naturally, with the one measuring tuna. centimetres entered the other one and a half millimetres.
Also inside was stains from a fluorescent red tie that illuminated, when highlighted with a you, ve lied. Palais said and a similar fluorescent agent inside the May, as families garage. Yet the garage was locked on the night of the murders, with no the occasion that the killer had gone inside this raised the possibility that the killer had been to the house on a previous occasion, yet the dies with it and to be unrelated with the dye inside the bag identified is having come from a popular highlight, a pen that could be put. is that most station restores lock the killers jacket pocket they hit back also contained granules of sand. Some of these
contained board with a similar composition to desert sand found near the city of a LAS Vegas in the United States, several also contained radioactive Manas. I believed to originate from the. U S. State of California include We need the Edwards AIR Force Base in the south Western, my hobby Desert other grinds were traced to Japan It's me european, inshallah, similar to the sand in the jacket. Further eminence found in the hit back we're on our laws to reveal Tawny, glasses fees of barium, taught and eight powder, which is used by Skype borders as a form of crypt type to prevent their fate from slipping off the board. All and compounds that I come from a perfume or aftershave were lifted from both the hit bag and handkerchiefs by compiling this
civic combination of elements, forensic experts were able to determine that the killer had at one point. been wearing drachen. No, ah the moderately pride Order twilight, fragrance was manufactured by friends. Fashion brand G Laroche and had been solved in Japan since nineteen eighty, two based on the clothing and forensic evidence obtained from the crime scene, the perpetrator Was likely between fifteen and thirty five years of age around one hundred and have any centimetres toll of slim, build with black bull blackish brown hair and was right handed. He also had to be a jolly enough to have exit at the house and via the bathroom window. Police believed that lived alone or with family who wouldn't be suspicious. If he was out late at night, it was also pass bull that he struggled with the money and that
The crime was financially motivated based on several factors, including the traces of grip type fanned in the hit bag. The police, dear Ized that the killer could have been part of the group of Skype borders that media confronted in the wake leading up to his death? both California hand to them. A Euro peninsula had a lively, skateboarding, subculture and drunk on the walk alone had been popular with professional Skype borders throughout the nineteen eighties The time of the murders, Glenn shirts and hit bags were also commonly worn by skateboard is due to the vast amount of physical and forensic evidence available. It was expected that this aspect would be promptly identified but wakes pass through.
Doubt any major breakthroughs, neighbours and associates of media and yeah Sucre were questioned as to whether they had recently travelled, to both California hand them a european each hillah, but none had. on Monday I brought nine two thousand one three months after the murders Oh Jesus in statue was found on the side of the road that ran along, saw this Sancho, our river West that May as our family home. This type of statue, Is known to represent Jizo, but is that far a Buddhist in Latin being regarded as guardian of unborn aborted or stillborn babies, and of children who die prematurely. The statue was made of heavy what granite and depicted a choice. The monk preying on a pedestal. It was fifty nine centimetres tool
and away to nineteen and a half kilograms on the bottom of the pedestal was an inscription. Resembling the chinese character for the number six investigators believed the statue was significant and that it had left by the river on either the evening of April. I owe the morning of paranoid. They were unsure whether it had been placed at that location by someone with good intentions or the killer, or someone close to him was responsible forensic examination of the statue uncovered nothing of significance, police distributed. Thirty thousand posters of the state you appealing for anyone with knowledge about it to come forward and made an additional requests for information about the inscription on the bottom. Despite these efforts,
No definite link was drawn between the statue and the crimes by. June two thousand one six months had passed since the murders and one hundred and fifty police officers continued to work exclusively on the case during that time had total of twenty one thousand offices had been involved in some form or another and had covered two thousand seven hundred potential lades, but the killer was no closer to being identified. The case languished for years, despite the amount of time and resources dedicated to solving it ended. The murderer remained on known along with these true motive. In two thousand three family friends and supporters of the slain family hosted a foothold The exhibition majoring images of the May as ours that were returned from police earlier that ye, among them
election, was a photo of Nina cuddling. Her newborn baby brother Ray and another of the family gathered happily around a birthday cake to celebrate, raise second birthday one, the exhibitions organizes said we want people not to just think about how heinous the crime was, but also how happy the family was in life. Given that the killers sneakers was sold exclusively in South Korea and the soil particles from his jacket, Pocket Barroso traced back to the same country, japanese investigators, Rico Did that south korean authorities run the killers fingerprints through their own national database, they agreed, but no matches were made in two thousand and six
advanced. A dna testing allowed forensic experts to determine the killers racial profile through anthropological analysis of the bloodstained sweatshirt found at the same. The dna didn't match any of the profiles in the japanese police database, but an and sectoral analysis did reveal that the killers Father had a one in thirteen chance of being Japanese, a one in ten chance of being chinese and a one in three chance of being korean the killers Mitochondrial Dan, I sequence revealed the ancestry on his mother's side was adriatic and Mediterranean South European. the majority of interracial marriages between japanese and european individuals had only occurred within the past couple of generations. Experts believed that the killer more likely to be continental asian than japanese.
that the interracial conception had only occurred in his mother or grandmothers generation by December, two thousand and six Six years after the murder and total of one hundred and forty thousand police officers had been involved in the investigation in some capacity. Ninety eight individuals was still under investigation with police, focusing on people who may have been financially motivated to commit the crime as well as those who may have held a grudge against a member of the family. One former investigator was convinced that the killer had a particular. Interesting eight year old, Nina may as Allah as highlighted by the extent of her injuries,
it was reported that a young man who frequented the locations when Niner attended, ballet and piano lessons had been known to watch her intently and Kate Track of her movements? Additionally, he's genetic ancestry fit the killers dna profile as Hey had a japanese father and Southern you, pay and mother. The former investigator interviewed this aspect and went as far as searching he's home and collecting he's fingerprints, but the prince didn't match the killers. Also in two thousand and six freely, journalist, Torah Sarajevo, published a book, titled set a guy family murder case confessions of intruders claiming she had uncovered the truth about the May, as our family, murders and the identity of they kill off the book, attracted Sid
criticism from the media and investigated as it was filled with glaring inconsistency including falsified quotes from family members. In response to the book police chief, turkish, she should shade or stay Did the contents of fundamentally different from the facts in general for The intrusion to the killing method, criminal zone, medical treatment, personal computer operation escape method, victims, behaviour, belongings, fingerprints, Et Cetera. Everything is different. from the fact there is a concern that it will have an adverse effect in December to death and seven. Yes, sucre
as I was system, an area published her own book about the murders toddled. If you can understand the meaning of this sad ass, the set a guy a case, the story of a loss and re birth. That same month, Japan's National Police Agency announced that a reward of three million yen, the equivalent of thirty thousand australian dollars at the time was available for information. Regarding the May, as our family case in the following year, it was reported that japanese police. and ass. The authorities in China, the United States and some western countries to provide fingerprint records to compare against their sauce back not. It is unclear what progress if any, was made. At the time the murders were committed, Japan had a fit, they need statute of limitations.
On murder charges due to the belief that evidence could be lost to dissipate over that witnesses memories can fade and The demands for harsh penalties can wine as the feelings of surviving loved ones, diminish. In two thousand and nine, the statute of limitations, was increased from fifteen to twenty five years. That big the May, our family murders occurred before that time. The new limitations did not apply to their case. This meant that if their killer was not court by two thousand and fifteen, he could not be prosecuted for the murders. In February of two thousand nine meteors, Two year out bother Yoshi Yuki may, as our and your suit goes. Sister in area together with a group of fifteen other families whose loved ones were victims of unsolved murders
Established stably association called the sore on no car to help support others in their situation. Loosely trains. I did so on. No car means infinite. Time allude to the ongoing grief and uncertainty, the bereaved family members were forced to endure the purpose of this sort are no car was to persuade the japanese government to abolish the statute of limitations on murder. Our role, together with a statement on the groups, a website rating. The feelings of the bereaved have never faded in fifteen or twenty five years.
The organization also highlighted that modern improvements in forensic and investigative technology, including advanced the dna testing, meant that evidence didn't necessarily dissipate over time and that it had become Asia to prove cases in court. Even after many years past. Also supporting the end to the statute of limitations was a group called the national crime, victims, association and public support for the cause began to increase. on June twelve, the sore I know Kai, gave the Minister of Justice a petition containing forty five thousand signatures with the number soon growing to over seventy eight thousand, their efforts paid off and in April, two thousand and ten Japan abolished the statute of limitations on murder, with immediate effect, including
all existing unsolved cases where the statute of limitations had not yet expired. Two and a half years later, on September, six, two thousand twelve meteors. Eighty four year old, Father, Yoshi Yuki, passed away in hospital after month spent battling pneumonia up until his death. He or she you. He worked tirelessly to find answers to the questions surrounding the murder of his sons, family. Prior to his death, he commented. The culprit may not be arrested while I'm alive, but why did four people have to be killed? I really want to ask the culprit, but the real reason. The truth. all my police, chafed Turkish, she should shade on who helped established the sore no car. With your she yogi told reporters. He was remorseful
but the case remained unresolved and expressed his desire, but progress in late December, two thousand fourteen the reward for information was increased to twenty million again the equivalent to around two hundred and seven thousand australian dollars at the time that same month, japanese television network, saw he had a programme about the May as our family murders, in which your rapporteur and former member of the F b I used Krim, behavioral profiling to uncover clues as to the killers identity. They deduced that the person. responsible was an acquaintance who held a grudge against the family and implied that yeah Sucre, sister Anne supported their opinion after the programme ed,
and climbed the show, use the various production and editing methods to create the illusion that she agreed with their conclusion when she did not. She lodged a formal complaint that Europeans broadcasting at the Accent programme improvement Organisation known as the Bay YO, alleging that the programme misrepresented her in a subsequent press conference and said my belt, the one I had built was destroyed by this programme. It is regrettable, as I have accepted every kind of media interview, hoping it will lead to the case being solved.
These saw. He network declined to an request for an apology stating that it was simply a difference in opinions. The Bay p o determined that, while the tv programme did not damage the social reputation of an old the bereaved family or violate their human rights, the content, blacked, Venice and proper consideration of broke casting ethics and was pleased that the committee legitimize her concerns and the asylum network agreed. They would take the baby s face back into consideration in the future. from the onset of the investigation. Meteors computer records had led the police to believe
that the killer had remained inside the families home until around ten o clock the morning after the murders. However, in early two thousand fifteen, it was announced that the ten I am computer activity had likely being triggered by the devices mass falling onto the floor rather than someone actively accessing it. Yes, soup goes mother, a Rico who discovered the bodies agreed that it was possible. She could Not the mass of meteors desk death when she moved through the house, although she couldn't remember whether or not this had happened. He's down clear whether police knew these information earlier on and chose to withhold it from the public, but regardless at meant that
potential, so I didn't so suspicious movement in the neighborhood during the early hours of that morning, games significance to mock the 15th anniversary of the murders on December 30th, two thousand and fifteen investigators gathered at the front of the May, as I was home to life flowers and told a silent prayer by these point, almost two hundred and fifty thousand law enforcement officers had worked on that case and police had received a total of twelve thousand five hundred and forty five pieces of information relating to it leads continued to come in with three hundred and twenty four new pace is of information gathered in two thousand fifteen alone, and investigate is renewed. Their vow to find the killer
coincide with the anniversary one of Japan's, most famous investigative journalists use The pen name boom ici Ashy released a book toddled. This set a guy, a family man case fifteen years on the new facts. Ici has she said. several years researching the book during which he concluded that the killer was a almost south korean soldier turned kill off a higher identified by the pseudonym Lee in. In an was recruited into the south korean military at a young age and was bullied by his superiors, which caused the ship. then he's behaviour. He was trained in self defence and talk one day and had been. The taking combat and shooting training at a mercenary school when he met it, japanese man identified as missed
they cannot are according to each. He has she missed it. Cannot. I was the former head of a religious group in Tokyo who used the mercenary school to recruit young men into he's. Criminal law isolation. Cannot I had lost a large amount of money due to fail to businesses and began working with the dodgy real estate brokers, whose specialised in buying homes said discounted right and then selling the land to develop is irrelevant profits These brokers had reached out to the May, as always requesting they sell their home to them. Instead of receiving the com, insufficient money. There were road from the government as a result of losing their has to the expansion of social guy a park. The May, as always had refused, prompting MR cannot
to hire Lee in to intimidate them into accepting the deal to gain access to the family an allegedly pose this. An associate of MR cannot is who could provide of learning and speech therapy support to six year old array ye may as Allah. He then next stated here. What is by brutally murdering the whole family and attempting to steal that compensation money in his book, look each has she claimed that in two thousand three hey secretly collected or leanings, fingerprints and unofficially compared them too prince identified at the May, as our crime saying reveal a match, flight depart and immigration records. Also showed that the day after the murders in an flew to time on from her Nedda Airport located twenty kilometers South Asia,
Of the May, as always house hey had also previously travelled to California, which could account for the sand found in the killers clothing after them, it is in an and to Mr Canada, allegedly had a falling out and in an began working as an assassin in South Korea and the United States. before eventually working in armed groups in the Philippines and then acting as a free assassin. In response, the Ici, how she's claims a police chief, turkish. She stood Cheetah said its one hundred percent nonsense. If the book was true, the criminal would obtain court. It's ok. If it was a fictional novel, but I have strong doubts calling at nonfiction in his book Ici Hash criticized the media
drip fading information to the public over the years, rather than releasing need details as they came to light, which he believed made it even more difficult but the truth to be exposed. He also severely critical, police handling of the case saying they made several assumptions early on that hinder the investigation. He claimed the number of fingerprints and forensic evidence that the Seine led to complacency, as the police assumed the killer would be quickly identified. Moreover, the brutality of the crimes had led them to assume the killer must have been suffering from. Mental illness saw personality disorder. Consequently, they had
Oh Christ, on patients who had been recently discharged from psychiatric hospitals, which Ici has she believed, was a red Herring Ici hash. He thought that the police focused on one possibility at a time of bull. Moving on to the next. Rather than conduct, a wide scale. Investigation that examined the range of possibilities simultaneously. For example, He has she believed that, because the killer had eaten a typical japanese dish before committing the murders and was able to raid kanji police had tunnel Jane about he's nationality and failed to consider that he may not be japanese. Following the publication of these book. Each hashish, gave an interview to one line newspaper Japan today, in which he stated unless there's a miracle and the criminal surrendered himself or he's fingerprints, matched to another cry.
I believe there is no chance he will be arrested. Of December. Two thousand nineteen nineteen ten years since the mayor's our family were murdered. Thirty five members of Tokyo Metropolitan Police force was still assigned exclusively to the case. Of the one hundred and thirty Ragland Sweatshirt sold throughout Japan that matched the one belonging to the killer, police have only been about to track down and rule out twelve owners. Dick This remains one of Japan's longest running and most mysterious unsolved crimes with the straits of Ceta, Gaia, still featuring signs appealing for information The twenty million yen reward money is still available making at the highest cash robe.
Would ever referred in Japan. Although former police chief text, you should check out retired in two thousand and eight he still works on the case. In an unofficial capacity, the nineteenth anniversary of the crimes he told strongly in news broadcaster. The bay say when I think about the feelings of the victims, families who have lost their loved ones. All of a sudden. I just couldn't pass on this case to my successes of the working as an officer of forty one years, When I think about the brutality in the way he murdered before, I just wonder how could a sane person carry out such an extreme crime. Said she D said he remained in close contact with me. Gears mother said Sucre paying her. Regular visits preparing. meals and praying.
At the shrine she had set up, but her family. the mere zol. Our investigation now sits in the hands of superintendent, Mangaboo EDA, who remain confident that the killer will be cord superintendent, ADA stated it is our mission to arrest the criminal who murdered for innocent people, including two young children, and make him atone for his crime. it's an atrocious case, rarely seen in Japan's criminal history and wait. Think solving this case will help prevent similar crimes happening in the future. The former home of the May, as our family remained standing on land that now belongs to the Tokyo metropolitan government. Since the murders the house has been set checked to a preservation order bought on December twenty six, two thousand nineteen
the police issued. A demolition notice, as the house is at risk of collapsing. Investigators, stated their belief that all possible evidence has been. Preserved and there would be no impact on the case if the house was demolished. Yes, sucre and disagreed and filed a submission, the police, to withdraw their notice of demolition. She told reporters for Germany's daily newspaper. Thea saw he Shem born. There definitely are things that can be felt only at the crime. Saint Aubert, black people get a sense of how the mayor's our family lived their lives. That sense could lead to a break in that case, to gain support and decided to open the house the public. The families belongings remained stuck inside cardboard boxes, laving little rooms,
move around the small House mean and the re use height. Measurements were still marked on the living room wall, the last of which was recorded in August of two thousand, and ten report is that the size of the high meant there was very little room for the family to flee from the perpetrator which she believes would have. Finally, added to their terror quote. The family lived humbly and worked hard. It is hot wrenching to be in this house. I am still deeply sorry that I could not save them. Roughly a year after the murders and channel Her grief into something positive by creating a picture book told the story of misuse cod, the bare always connected.
Using her book, she began running support seminars across Japan for grieving families, who were dealing with the loss of a loved one due to crime and said that she had change from being someone who needed help from others into one who assisted those grabbing through their pain. She eventually became a member of this set. A guy award great support, study Committee and Depart Tom lecturer. Serbia, university grief, Research Institute, media is mother, said to go still keeps a shrine to meet gear. Sucre Nina and RE had her home displaying photographs of the family, along with the display captain full of Nina and raise toys. She praise for the family often and hopes that the killer will one day be brought to justice,
In an interview with the aid they say in December of two thousand nineteen said Sancho said she was deeply saddened by the fact that her husband had passed away before the case was solved. Commenting that troubled asked the most now that he's gone, I feel I have to do that work myself, reflecting on the murders she lamented
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