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Case 151: Dan O’Connell & James Ellison

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Residents of Hudson, Wisconsin are left rattled when funeral director Dan O’Connell and his trainee James Ellison are found shot to death in The O’Connell Family Funeral Home. The two were hardworking men with no known enemies and nothing about their murders seem to add up. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-151-dan-oconnell-james-ellison
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Our numbers for confidential support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website the city of Sidney's nestled in Far West Wisconsin State Famous But being America's dairy land due to its products, chase milk and ice cream. Separated from the state of Minnesota by the same Croy River. Hudson, small scenic city character by historic architecture, leafy parks and I'd offering of the door attractions, including. Walking tracks water, sports, rock, climbing and keeping by the year two thousand to the sea, was home to a close knit community of around six thousand residents, and it was regarded as a safe place to live violent crime,
Was well below the national average and a murder hadn't been committed in the area for twenty four years, only funeral home in Hudson was a sprawling single story break into whether board, building owned by local residents. Tommy. Colonel, whose family lived in the area for generations. Tom's uncle had owned and undertaking business in town prior to world war to ending contain eighty five Tom decided to rate which, the family business here. opened the o Connell vainly Funeral home at five. Twenty eleventh straight, a choir. Trade law, road close to the downtown district, two of these sons Mark and Dan avenged. They began working alongside him. And had initially trying does an emergency medical technician, but was happy to follow when his father s footsteps by switching to occur.
rearing mortuary. Science in nineteen. Ninety eight, he quit his aim they work to concentrate on the family business full time was a dedicated work are known the pudding than AIDS, others ahead of design and Or always, taking the time to comfort the graving relatives who attended the funeral, I'm married with two young children, Dan had a reputation as a dedicated family man who was eager to give back to his community spent tirelessly hours working to better his home town by serving on several local committees and raise funds for various organizations. As a result, Dan Well, known and alike, to by other Hudson logos, D, O Connell Family funeral home also off the train, eight positions to more Teresa students who were completing their studies, ones.
Such training was twenty two year old, James Ellison, who would quickly proved himself to be a vote able to employ a Jew James had grown up with these parents and to siblings in the rural town of Baron located about sixty eight miles northeast of Hudson. Hey was friendly and well locked with a range of interests that included Gulf music and church activities. During high school, James had played in the school band and was active in not. profit youth organization for page Later in rolled to study mortuary science at the University of Minnesota, where he Turkey's career path very seriously friendly polite and organised James took great pride in his train. A work on one o k in remarking on so proud that I can help people in the worst time.
Their lives Aims was due to graduate from university in May of two thousand and two, and it was anticipated. The economist would then offer him a full time job in the early afternoon of Tuesday February five, two thousand to Saint Croix County, medical officer, Mahdi Shanklin, headed over to the yoke, an old family funeral home to conduct a routine visit in June. To the requirements of these job. He was well acquainted with YO colonels and on this occasion he needed Dan to sign a death certificate. Marty arrived that one forty p m and made ITALY made his way to dance office which was located towards the back of the building upon answering it was me
by a horrifying saying. Marty Shanklin saw that thirty nine year out, Dana Colonel, was seated lifeless eddies desk, with what appeared to be a bullet wound to their head need by the deceased body of twenty two year old train, a James Ellison, was slumped ever chair close to the door. realising that the two men had been killed and fearful that the culprit might still be inside the building Marty
carried out of the funeral home to call the police shortly after A number of officers from the Hudson Police Department arrived at the same along with members from Saint Croy Candies emergency response unit, mindful that the killer might still be on the premises. The office has entered the front door of the funeral home with their guns drew they found no one inside, except for the bodies of the two victims? As Marty had described, Dean had been killed at his desk wallet. Peat is, though James had been shot ass. He entered the room most likely to investigate the sound of the gunshot that it killed is boss. Both men appeared to have suffered point blank gunshots to the head, with several bullet casings found on the floor.
outside of dance office. The funeral home appeared to be imperfect order with no signs of a disturbance, sore struggle, offices initially one day if they were dealing with a murder suicide, but no gun was found at the same, and this theory was quickly ruled out. as Dan was known to be a practising Catholic. The office is called the need by Saint Patrick Church, to request that a price to come and bless the funeral home. Meanwhile, the nearby straits work Bored and doth and offices began searching the area the clues and door knocking. Neighboring houses to say if anyone had, Heard anything suspicious by two twenty seven p m the crime scene had been secured in the office is based the difficult task of notifying the victims, families.
Dance widow, Jenny and their two children nor your old Kyle and seven year old Caitlin would devastated budding ease. The family had been planning to celebrate. Coils tenth birthday together the following day, but we're now left completely Greg stricken relatives. friends rallied around them, including their local, perish praised. While the Rhine, Eriksson, who told them he had blessed the funeral home while dance body, was still inside, had five that afternoon, Father Ericsson visited dance home to embrace Jenny Enterprise with her Dance parents, Tom and JANET O Connell we're on holiday in Florida when they were saved at the news that their son had been killed into. They returned to with constant immediately. James Allisons family, who, whatever
Lutherans were rake, Willie, shouted They knew how hot James had been working until March. Being looking forward to the future. Just the day price. To his death hay and his girlfriend had discussed getting engaged, James is younger Brother Jordan Alison the media quote. We Imagine why someone would do this. We think James was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He never really had any iranian, so things like that. That would cost this. It is hard we understand why demurred is also rocked the tight Knit Hudson community, where news of the crime spread quickly. No one could imagine why someone would want to kill the two beloved upstanding citizens. One of Dan's neighbours Kevin also
recalled how Dan had helped him out the previous year, despite the fact that they bear a knew one. Another Kevin stated I was out shovelling snow one day and he came over with snow blow up when he was done. He said Now you go inside and spend some time with that. Little girl of yours, that's just the top of guy. He was mayor of Hudson Jack abroad. Code Kevin's thoughts telling the media quote. Dan was an outstanding citizen. Just the kind of are you not only lived, but you love, he was just the most wonderful person. You would never want to mate shocked that such a crime could have been committed in Hudson may abroad, tat it. We are a small community, every
He knows everybody. This doesn't happen, though tasked with solving the double homicide were equally as baffled. Hadn't been a murder in Hudson, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and doctor speaking with the families of both the victims at Lang's investigators. What struggling to come up with a motive after conducting inquire, is, it was determined that Tuesday February five had started out as an ordinary day for DNA Conall In the morning he had left his family home to attend a work. The in the nearby village of Baldwin Roughly twenty two miles east of Hudson, he left the meeting at around nine forty five. I am explaining
that he had an appointment with someone backing Hudson from there. He had driven to work. Dan's worth Jenny He said there was nothing out of the ordinary that morning. Jenny recalled that Dan had mentioned, having a meeting scheduled at he's office at two p m, but she didn't know HU. The meeting was with or whatever regarding. day had also started well. The James Ellison, Hey had told his parents that he was particularly looking forward to going to work is hay and day and planned to sit down together to discuss. James is future in the business that morning James had attended university classes. Across the border in Minnesota. being at around eleven. I am to make that thirty minute drive to the economy. my funeral, I'm like a Dan. No one
had noted anything out of the ordinary about James. That day, on Wednesday February seeks the day after the murders, autopsies confirmed that both men had died from a single execution style. Gunshot wound to the head, though Headshot sir, and effective way to kill someone. They can be difficult to carry out due to head being a small moving target. These lead police to believe that the killer must have considerable experience with firearms to preserve their investigation? Investigators opted to withhold details of how the men, what killed from the public over the passed month. A number of funeral homes in the nearby Minnesota City of Saint Paul had been burgled and finance, her heart had been stolen from their premises.
now too, hard is often used as an embalming fluid, but it can also strengthen the potency of cannabis, prompting some drug dealers to seek it out, Theorizing, whether the murders could have been motivated by staffed investigators carried out a third Infantry of the O'Connell family Funeral home in an attempt to ascertain whether anything had been stolen. However, everything appeared to bayonets play this ruling out burglary as the perpetrators motive. There We are also no signs of a break in which indicated the killer had simply entered via the front door. The crime scene was thoroughly examined, but no further evidence was found. Phone records revealed that at one hour, White pay an data
colonel had made an outgoing call from his office land line. Fifteen minutes later at one twenty three p m, all was placed to James Ellison Cell, find that went on. He hinted at one thirty, six p m a call to the funeral home also rang out. Consequently, police believed the murders must have I'm committed between one hundred and eight and one hundred and twenty three p dot m. Looking for other possible lathe investigators considered whether escaped criminal Steven Dwayne Neal could be responsible for the murders. Neil was a fugitive from Arkansas who was wanted for a triple homicide. A month earlier, he's too accomplices had been arrested outside an apartment building in Hudson, but Neil was
still on the run police theorized. That Neil could have also led to Hudson where he killed Dan and James, but there was nothing tying him to the murders. and no sightings of him had been reported in the area. police, also looked into the unsolved homicide of a retired mortician named boy did northern job you had murdered in his eyes were hired by these. Earlier, however, Only similarity between Boyd, Dan and James was that they had all work. In the same field and police soon abandoned this line of investigation, That you shoot an appeal to the public, asking anyone information to come forward, especially if they had seen any vehicles part Did the funeral home on the day of the shooting
Saturday February nine four days, The murders Dana Connell's funeral was held at Saint Patrick Catholic Church, where had been married visa earlier and usually attended mass with these family, a crowd of more than two thousand morn is gathered to pay their respects, making it the largest funeral in Hudson's history, with extra chairs having to be brought in to accommodate everyone, Dance Father Tom and his brother MIKE had prepared to our service that paid tribute to dance and the shining example. He had said, as both a colleague and
a family member may brawled delivered one of the eulogies Father, Rhine Ericsson, read a verse of scripture and the Saint Patrick Choir provided music after the service Danes coffin was driven to the Saint Patrick Catholic Cemetery, escorted by a procession of sixty one police via, and ambulance vehicles, James Alison's funeral, was held two days later on Monday February. Eleven in his home town of Baron James was then buried at wayside. Cemetery in a family plot, where his parents could be laid to rest alongside him upon their eventual past, changes parents set up an annual scholarship in their son's name, but more true science, students at the University of Minnesota, where the faculty a great alleged
James Graduate posthumously, alongside he's classmates in May two thousand two main law. The investigation into the murders continued and on Tuesday February twelve police up a roadblock outside the economy, Connell Late Funeral Home, where they pulled over every passing com over two hours, approximately three hundred motorists, whereas, whether they recalled saying anything unusual on the day of the shootings. When this file They generate any useful, laid Hudson police called the Federal Bureau of Investigation to say if they could offer any assistance and the department was provided with an FBI spokesperson.
A possible later merged, when it was discovered that a Wisconsin based religious group called the rest of Jesus administrate, had sent more than four hundred threatening letters to various more trees over the previous year, including the O Connell family funeral. I'm, the group was opposed to the embalming techniques employed by politicians, as they believed that it desecrated the human body. Instead, the rest of Jesus Ministry felt the deceased should simply be wrapped in a linen cloth prior to burial. De Group's later was a woman named Catherine PA. He lived in the city, Avaux Clare, a proxy. at least sixty seven miles east of Hudson on Tuesday beware of twelve but the threatening letters she had been circulating
a data was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and stalking. but they are denied any responsibility for the murder of DNA. Conall Wendy James Ellison Remarking- I am a may or man for God, and I am not an assassin for the devil. The charges against per day were eventually dropped, on the condition that she say sending letters the funeral hives and with no direct evidence tying They are all her. Followers to the murders displayed also went code. On Friday February 15th Hudson police launched a website where people could submit tips relating to the double homicide, reassuring public that they could remain anonymous if they wished to weeks slide.
The grieving members of the O Connell family appeared at a press conference alongside investigators, where Hudson Police Chief, Richard Trendy revealed that police which I sing up a number of lades regarding vehicle scene in the area. On the dying question, hey stated, it will take time. Unfortunately, it's not like the sick coms, you say on tv dance bother Tom thanked the community for their ongoing support and urged them to pray for the killer, stating where praying for them, because they must be very sick. Justice will take place, but where praying for them.
On Tuesday April thirty, almost three months after the murders, the Hudson Police Department announced a one hundred thousand dollar reward was available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Dan and James is Kilo device. had been dominated by the citizens of Hudson, who were concerned that the person responsible still hadn't, been apprehended that same day, play Sousa, released a description of a man who was saying neither funeral home between one and one hundred and thirty p dot m on the day of the murders he was described. As between five hundred and forty eight and six point, one with a splenda to media build and had been wearing a short slaved light, colored t shirt, light blue pants and a baseball cap,
witness had seen him enter a what mid sized that that was eight they knew or very clean and had. The lighter reported deciding to police investigated stressed that the man wasn't a sauce back and that they simply wanted to know if they had seen or heard anything that could be useful to therein the geisha and, despite the enhancement of the reward and the description of a person of interest months passed without any significant developments. In that case, investigators continued to be shoe every laid that emerge, but none seemed to be connected to the crime by the end of two thousand to a team of officers led by sergeant pull Lawson and Detective Jeff Knox were working on their case bull time, but the first anniversary
the mood is approached with no breakthroughs in the lead up to the anniversary delayed. It Le Graham newspaper published an article about their case in which police chief Trendy reiterated his departments commitment to solving it. The colonel and Ellison family speculated that the murderer had a likely only planned to kill one of the men but ultimately decided to kill them both to avoid having a witness, they weren't sure whether Dan or James had been the target, or why, with the James, is mother Sally remarking it's going to be a stupid selfish. reason. There is no reason that will justify what happened And I'm not sure knowing or make it a better
Families drew on their religious beliefs to support them through their grave Dan's. Mother. Janet said that hogs. press from well wishes had helped sustain her, while James is Father, Karsten noted we do have by and if we didn't have that it would be too hard. What bothers ass is the unfairness of it. On Wednesday February, five, two thousand and three to mark. the one year anniversary of the deaths, a quiet Member ants, but Dan and James was held out, saw the o family funeral home three hundred people letter did the twenty minutes ceremony, which began at one p m the approximate time the two men had been killed a year prior Dance was the journey told the crowd quiet. We
The community have rallied together, searching and praying for answers. I truly but I believe they will be answered each one of you has done something special for me. whether it was a hug or a kiss, a thought or a prayer or just the smile. It has never gone unnoticed. I feel your strength feel your love. James, his mother Sally Reference, the verse from the Bible saying Joyce in the world, always rejoice Rejoice in the lives they lived a while they were here and rejoice, They reside with the Lord now. although sergeant Lawson and detective knobs, was still working on them
ass, the geisha full time another year passed by with no further developments in that case in early two thousand for that were joined by detective shy, petty who had known Dana Conall since they were both children and had promised to dance, walk the Jenny that he wouldn't rest. till her husband's murder was solved one day, while reviewing some files. Detective knobs came across something that court he's attention A year earlier in March, two thousand three May. and who was delighted given the pseudonym Thomas Smith had gone to Hell Go police station in the city of Bismarck North Dakota to report some months I believe that had occurred when he was an adolescent living in Wisconsin. In nineteen. Ninety nine, then fifteen year old, Thomas
training to be an altar boy. At Saint AIDS perish in the Wisconsin town of Somerset there he admitted twenty six year olds, Mary in turn named Ryan Ericsson, bespectacled, baby faced man with the dark hair, A year later, Father Eriksson, became an ordained praised and was assigned to Saint Patrick Church. In Hudson. Sixteen Old Thomas got into some minor trouble with the law and was a community service to be completed and of bother Erikson's supervision. The rhetoric and lived at the house is Jason to Saint Patrick Church, known as the rectory. According to Thomas, when he visited Directory Father Ericsson would apply him with beer until GA which he stored in a model globe. The pan would pay
Drinking games that required Thomas to drink a shot every time he lost over the course of two years, Thomas s them did he consumed around twelve hundred bees and twelve hundred shots in Father, Erikson's presence. The drinking occasionally caused him to vomit or passed out at which point Father, Ericsson would say old college kids going to laugh at you. you need to how'd. You only get better when speaking to the Bismarck allays Thomas, also he did that there had been some other inappropriate behaviour from Father Ericsson, but the issue of underage drinking was the primary focus of he's report. On April eight, two thousand and three. The report was forwarded to the Hudson Police Department, but because it simply
Pierre, to involve someone serving alcohol to minors. It had gone unnoticed when detective. I read the report in early two thousand, for he decided to get in touch with Thomas Smith to discuss the issue. Further on April Non Thomas was interviewed about the times he spent with bother Ericsson. He claims that during their drinking sessions the pair, often live side by side in bed, dressed only in boxes. Shorts, discussing subjects such as masturbation The rhetoric son also revealed that hey often got drunk and participated in orgies. Hey disliked the fact that Thomas had a girlfriend and tried to convince
the teenage to join the priesthood. Instead, according to Thomas on approximately ten occasions, Father Ericsson had grown, tease, genitals and attempted to into Twond their legs together, while these assaults never escalated to intercourse. Thomas said he was often so dry that he couldn't remember what had happened. The next morning round this time he became prime Two mood swings and delighted struggled The alcoholism and physical intimacy with these girlfriend Tommy hadn't realised that he's experience with Father send was wrong until he took a psychology causing college that described why predators groom their victims. It was only then that have reported father, Eriksson inappropriate behaviour to the Bismarck Police for detective
jobs. The conversation with Thomas led to the crucial discovery that there was some who'd been living in Hudson at the time of day no conall and James Alison's murder, who might have something to hide. Father Ryan Ericsson had arrived at Saint Patrick Church in Hudson, shortly after being ordained in June. Two thousand. He be and working alongside the church, pasta, father paid a shilling ski, Who was almost immediately taken aback by the young priests, extremely conservative views and approach to spiritual gardens, while the other priests war suits to church? Father Ericsson preferred to wear a traditional full length cassock. he also locked to speak a Latin when offering mass Even though he's latin skills were poor and the
strain Catholic Church had ceased conducting latin services during the early nineteenth sixties, father. Extend sermons predominantly fixated on sexual scenes, he often cried and solve. Does he preached from the pulpit or spoke to members of these congregation? denouncing those whom hey deigned to be lukewarm, Catholics. An elderly parishioner name to Jean Richie, eventually grew so irritated by Father, Erikson's, constant, tease that shaken fronted him during one of these outbursts asking aren't you ever doing it a bit? Can't you quit crying to Jane surprise was able to stop sobbing instantly. While the more moderate Catholics who attended mass at Saint Patrick's found Father Ericsson off putting the conservative worshippers applauded him
with one describing him as the ultimate praised, who was extremely faithful to his religion. There was a school associated with the church and Father Ericsson was responsible for teaching sex education to students. Hey lectured them on the evils of contraception, abortion and masturbation, and often forced them to confess there seems to him. Conservative parents, appreciated Father Erikson's approach and wanted him to take on a larger role at the school. But other parents and the school principle were upset by the things he was telling. Their children. Father Ericsson also preached against masturbation in a weekly newsletter that he email to his congregation. He criticised the sum of the women who attended Saint Patrick's riding.
Avian Sunday mass is not safe from the modest dress of some devils. They come to raid, give out holy communion, Et Cetera, looking like an advertisement very modest address, says to all present Maisie, please go home and mass debate to my beautiful body. The sad thing is that some do. Father Ericsson, became particularly close to the conservative members of his congregation and sometimes stayed at their houses. As he was known, to have a passion for firearms, one family, did him and nine millimeter semi automatic pistol, which he took to wear underneath his classic one day the church past the father. Sheila Schinosky became extremely unwell, was admitted to hospital Father Eriksson
how'd. He congregation that the past was sick because he had a demon inside him and added that he thought. A sure change, gay died. He hoped to be promoted to pasta, eventually, some The Parisian has complained about Father Ericsson to Bishop hereafter, Yo Fleece, who governed the diocese that Saint Patrick fell on die in response. Bishop fleece met with Father Eriksson and instructed him to tone down he's behaviour, though Father Ericsson complained to he supporters that some congregants whereat to get him nothing else came of the matter He remained at Saint Patrick until September, two thousand three, just over a year and a half after the murders of Dana Conall and James Ellison, at which point he was re assigned to serve
the lady of sorrows perish in the small city of a lady Smith, located approximately one hundred and seven miles northeast of Hudson. In November, two thousand for investigators working on the double homicide, decided it was time to speak with Father Ericsson directly. By this point was thirty one years old and had moved to Saint marries church in the Wisconsin City of Hurley? on Thursday November. Eleven detectives petty and do not travel to Hurley, explaining to Father Ericsson that they wanted to speak to him purely because he had been the priest of the church that Dana Conall attended at the time of the murders. Father Ericsson welcomed the two detectives into the wreck: three, where he lay
Hey explained that the last time he had seen Dan was on January thirty, two thousand to about a week before his murder the pair had been driving together to attend a burial at the cemetery in had mentioned that he planned to attend confession soon and was all hoping to have his house blast, which Father Ericsson said he would be happy to do any time, pay theorized to the detectives that the mafia could be responsible but the double homicide. His hey had heard rumours that dance father had been associated with the organised crime syndicate until the group had turned against him. When asked about he's wearing on the day of the murders, Father Ericsson, said he'd been out buying cigars when he. Turned to the church at around three p m. He secretary informed him what had happened. He instructed
The secretary to coal and ask if they needed to visit the saying to perform the victims lost rods before taking it upon himself to go to the economy, family, funeral home police. The same had denied him entry, so he had gone to Council Dan's, wife, Jenny at her residence instead, Father Ericsson explained quite I just wanted her to know that I was there always new at this. You know I never had with anybody dying from a tragedy before blinded that evening, he had conducted a mass in which he asked his congregation to pray for Danes family during the cost of the interview, Father Ericsson, explained that hey was inhabit a gun collected and hunter and that he planned to go de hunting soon.
he said, he mainly used single shot, shot guns for hunting, because quote my grandfather used to say, if you can't hit it with the one you shouldn't be out, there shoot He also showed the detectives his extensive hand, gone collection, described he's Aruba red hawk. Forty four caliber Magnum Revolver, as being quote like a two dollar hole, the detectives, those I noticed the model globe filled with bottles of liquor that Thomas Smith had discussed In his original report roughly an hour into the interview. Father Ericsson began, speculating as too Dana Conall and James Alison's bodies had been found remarking. If I had to say what took place, say James was at the door and Dan was at the desk. He also stated his belief
Each man was only shot once these com. and some mediately alarmed detectives, petty and not as police had been consistently tight, lipped about the crime scene and had never released. They stay tiles. When I asked Father Ericsson how he knew this information hey explained that he data being told by far they James debris the priest who had gone to annoy the victims bodies or by one of Danes, siblings, detectives pits. and not what troubled by Father Erikson's revelations. After the interview, they asked for his permission, to take his hand guns in for examination which he agreed to A forensic examination determined that none of the firearms had been used to commit the double homicide, but investing
it has remained suspicious father De Bruce and today in siblings, older nod, provided father Ericsson, with information as to how the bodies of Dean and James, what found, moreover, the person of interest who was witnessed. Entering a white MID saw as the vehicle. Neither funeral home on the day of the murders shared the same, build as Father Ericsson. At the time he owned a pay or Silver Buick Regal, which was amid saw a car that could easily be mistaken as wide. The detectives requested, a search warrant for Father Erikson's rectory and then asked him to attend a follow up into view at the Rusk chaotic sheriffs department in the city of Lady Smith, Father Ericsson agreed and on Tuesday December seven, two thousand and four
He arrived at the station without a lawyer this time when the detectives asked how he knew where the bodies of Dan and James had been found. Father Ericsson said that, while he wasn't. Entirely sure he believed he heard the details from that the media or gossip in their church office. One of the detectives responded quote in the course of this investigation, never once as anybody from the Hudson Police Department ever mentioned, where the bodies were nor, in the course of this Investigation through nineteen hundred some people has anybody ever brought up a speculation, a probability, a possibility or anything like that. As far as where the bodies were If that hasn't been brought up in nineteen hundred and some interviews,
Why do you know that Father Ericsson simply repeated that he'd overheard the information somewhere Wendy active raised, the subject of him, having behaved in appropriately with minors, Father Ericsson, appeared, visibly shocked and began to noticeably aspire. Hake and stated that he had served alcohol to at least for minors and had also laid in bed fully clothed alongside one of the teenage boys. but the nod ever having sexual contact with any child or at all Father Ericsson described. His behaviour has foolish and acknowledged that. In O Connell wouldn't have approved of such actions. Had he known about them stating Dan was an outstanding member of the community.
As the interview went on, it was obvious that Father Ericsson was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. He claimed that there was a group of five women in Hudson who loved him and he suspected they were making trouble for him when the detectives ass to whether he would tell them who killed Dan and James. If Hey had daddy information, Father Ericsson replied. If I knew, and it was the outside the sacrament of reconciliation, I would tell you hey, admitted that the fact that he was being considered a sauce back to made him nervous and reminded the detectives that hey unwillingly, cooperated by submitting he's guns, fair examination, Father Ericsson stated, if I did it and I've been living with it for this long and you guys had made cornered here, I break. I tell you
I know why would I think the gil would be overwhelming? I really do he admitted to having suicidal thought in the past and said that he would be having knows thoughts again if he had committed the murders. The detectives were concerned that he might be at risk of harming himself and offered to take Father Ericsson to a hospital for treatment, thought he infallibly denied being suicidal. Father Ericsson agreed to want to gallop polygraph test and an appointment was scheduled for the following week On Monday December, thirteen as state public defender called the Hudson Police Department to inform them that they would be representing Father Ericsson from thereon in and their client would not be taking. The polygraph
test three days later, a warrant was granted for police to search father. Erikson's rectory inside investigators discovered a number of posts. It notes squirrel, with brave messages Although they were signed with Father Erikson's, first name of Ryan, they weren't written in his hand, writing one read Try me on the size on upstairs come up when you're through another said I'm up in my room. Some of the knights finished with the exile exiled to the detectives. The notes suggested. Father Ericsson may be having an intimate relationship with another individual which violated the law of celibacy, that catholic priests were required to it. He too
We also found a white paper bag that had a poem written on it in Father, Erikson's handwriting. The poem consisted of four stanzas and repeatedly feature to racial slurs against the Black Americans detailing how they would be massacred by quite fighting white boys from the four corners of the United States. When the detective switched on Father, Erikson's, personal computer I found a document that appeared to Bay he's lost, will untested men. It had been written a month earlier on November fifteen, just four days after his first police interview and was then modified the day after he. Second interview
The will had been written in the past tense and contained statements such as I tried to make a difference which sparked concerns that Father Ericsson may be suicidal once again. Investigators confiscated he's gone collection, giving them The church or taken for safe keeping day also saved twenty two other items of interest for further examination, including father, Erikson's, Babo and bite he's, and he secretaries, computers. Article is the easiest way to make your space look beautiful, this direct to consume. Penny combines declaration of a boot, take furniture store with the comfort and simplicity, of shopping online articles,
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Father Ericsson told reach it that the police had been quite aggressive in their questioning of him. He said did they had ass to whether he'd had any sexual affairs with data men or women, which left him feeling violated. He adamantly deny too rigid that hey had anything to do with the murders of Dan and James. That evening the three friends went out. The dinner Richard and Tom noticed that, while Father Ericsson was obviously upset, he didn't seem D draw he remarked that he's law had Bang lived to a fuller extent than men.
Daddy year olds, which struck Richard and Tom as odd, but they didn't press the matter after their meal, they tree, I returned to the rectory and watched to films before retiring to their respective beds. The next morning rigid got up just after seven. I am and degraded father Eriksson before spending some time getting ready for mass a short while later he went to saw to please him snow from his truck that had fallen over nine but stopped suddenly hanging from the roof of the external walkway. That connected directory to the church was a body with a rope wrapped around its neck.
Richard raised to the rectory door and rang the bell before spreading their churches, maintenance work are clearing some snow outside rigid, called out to him. Father Ryan has killed self, but the employer assured him and must be a mannequin. His father Ericsson was prone to playing practical jokes blockaded. Rigid went back to his truck to remove this snow before going inside. To tell his friends to take the manikin down
He found Tom, but Father Ericsson was nowhere to be seen. Rigid and Tom went back outside and noticed that there was frost on one of the many conceives thinking. It was unlikely that frost would form on a mannequin. They raced into the rectory. Where lying on a table. They discovered three letters and a ring they had given Father Ericsson to use. Only our police were called to the sane and confirm that was father, Erikson's body that was hanging in the rectory hallway. Within minutes. A television news, camera crew also arrived, but can play coincidence that,
it alone and of the investigation into vodka Eriksson and had planned to interview him about the abuse allegations. Hurley police chief, Daniel, a spammer who had attended Father Erikson's church fronted the media to explain that the priests death was being investigated and an autopsy would be conducted chief, a spammer later revealed that he had spoken to Father Ericsson in the afternoon prior to his death and had appeared to be doing well. Elaborating further chief, a spammer stated under Wisconsin law. I could have detained him if I thought he was a danger to himself or others, but when I talked to him, he assured me he was fine. He had an attorney, he had friends, he had support and he was fine.
Early media reports about the priests death stated that police were refusing ticket. furthermore, deny whether there was a connection to the two thousand two murders of DNA Conall and James Ellison on Tuesday December twenty one. A spokesperson for the catholic dialysis of superior stay did that. I didn't know of any evidence linking Father Ericsson to the crime. A taken from Saint marries Church told the daily Globe that Ericsson had nothing to do with the murders stating we do not believe he did it because of his personality was not within him. That is how we feel from our hearts. Father, Erikson's friend, Tom Birds, described him to the Associated Press. Does a man's man who loved hunting fishing and the act out. John Wayne, Tom added quote.
There is no doubt in my mind that Ericsson had this sexual problem. I believe that's true. There is also no doubt in my mind that he didn't murder anyone that didn't happen. The three letters rigid and Tom had found in Father, Erikson's home turned out to be suicide. Tonight's one was addressed to them, Another was by his parents and one wasn't directed at anyone. In particular the general letter. Father Ericsson addressed the allegations of he sexual misconduct riding. Ultimately, I have grown tired of this weary world and of all the Evil that has unleashed in the last one hundred years on extremely tired and disappointed with myself and all of the evil was, I have all too often performed. I do
no, why I did what I did believe me. I have often thought and prayed about it. Why was I say, lost four? Was I why it that way too easy an excuse chose Bay it in the head of passion to do things I did play believe me when I say that all was always sorry for my actions after I performed them. I did not, however, kill Dan O Connell or James or anyone, but that Madame none my guns, matched no dna of mine was found. No one saw me leaving the funeral parlor on Thursday December. Twenty three
chief, a spammer, released the coroner's report confirming that Father Ericsson had Dodd by suicide. Father Ericsson was given a catholic funeral service, said Saint Matthew, church in his home town of candles, port Wisconsin, with five religious leaders, officiating Meanwhile, the investigation into his possible involvement in the murders of DNA Conall and James Ellison, continued Father, Erikson's friends, were angry uncooperative and resented investigators. Attempts to question them with Tom Burns telling one officer quote. I want to tell your fucking head off, but then to get arrested. In early January, several of his friends was painted to give evidence as part of the ongoing investigation. Slowly
more details about Father Erikson's life began to trick allowed, though many Scroll to him as a jovial person who enjoyed playing pranks and having a laugh, those he attended high school with remembered as a violent bully with a bad temper who paid dont. Smaller children hey being polite and deferential, went around adults, but around friends he swore drank and told crude jobs He had also exhibited extreme cruelty towards animals with some old friends saying that he would pull water. Down goes the halls then hit the animals with a golf club when they emerged on one occasion and Father Ericsson had made a small electric chair to execute a gopher wrong and he was known
the burning animal remains and crucifying them on stags he's Kalis treatment of animals continued well into adulthood. When he adopted a rescue dog named debased witnesses often saw Father Ericsson, baiting that dog and who was known to stamp out his cigar. On based sees multiple witnesses, also reported having seen Ericsson point, a baby gun who pretend to weigh Morocco out of directory window at the Parisian, as he disliked has diy exit at the church car park. He also harboured extremely racist views, which he concealed from others. when Ericsson was in his final year of LAW school, his father, who was a corrections officer, was transferred to another town. More two hundred miles away, while the
The family re located Ericsson had gone to live with a crazed said that he could continue what he school and graduate with these classmates during this time the religious convictions he had held since he was a young child wave and stronger after graduating. In May of ninety. Ninety two at the age of eighteen, he entered the immaculate harder Mary Seminary in the city of one owner Minnesota that summer Ericsson went camping in northern with concern and met a fourteen year old boy who was staying at the same camp ground one night. He invited the boy to visit the trailer where he was dying and after telling him scary stories about the devil he rested. The boys head in
he's a lap and started massaging he's back the boy eventually removed his clothes and Ericsson. Fondled he's general tools before offering to perform oral sex on him. The boy refused and returned to his own try law where he reported the incident to his mother, who in turn phoned the police. The case was investigated, but as the fourteen year old had a history of depression and was receiving therapy for emotional trauma, investigate is ultimately concluded that he wasn't a reliable witness and that it would be difficult to prove the allegations, though the county district at Ernie suspected there had been some impropriety on Erikson's part. He gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided not to file charges. Ericsson continued with Israel
Major studies and was eventually ordained tone June for two thousand. It was surely, after this that he was sent to Saint Patrick Perishing, Hudson, where he spent the next two years: grooming and assaulting Thomas Smith. the teenager, who later reported the abuse to Bismarck police in two thousand three one of Thomas's friends who was given the pseudonym Edward Giants, was also present for a number of Father Erikson's drinking sessions at the rectory. Edward was fourteen when he first started spending time with the appraised not three years later, he realised that he was being groomed. For quote, more than being a good Christian in
The greatest soon learned that Father Erikson's preference for the company of young boys had been noticed by some parishioners at Saint Patrick. On one occasion, a church gala had observed in swimming with a group of boys that a rule retreat and noticed that he was rubbing mud on the boys backs. Another parishioner had once sane Father Ericsson share an intimate embrace with a young man outside Directory analysis of Father Erikson's personal computer uncovered a hidden, followed off containing more than forty explicit images of prey: Pew Besson, teenage miles engaged in sexual lax in a file path labelled my peaches, slash boys police also found photographs of boys sleeping at the last two rectories whereby the Ericsson had resided.
In addition to gathering evidence that Father Ericsson had groomed and abused the detectives also, received several statements relating to the murders of Dana Conall and James Ellison. A local journalist who was one of the first to arrive at the funeral home on the day of the shooting, claimed that at around two thirty p m, she had noticed the baby based praised dressed in a classic standing near by this description, matched Father Ericsson, although police couldn't recall seeing him there, nor could Father DE breezy the priest who had gone to annoy the victims, bodies Located several blocks, north west of the Colonel family Funeral home was the common. Monastery one of the nuns that resided their sister Gemma reported that between two thirty and to forty five
yeah, I'm on the day of the murders, Father Ericsson had visited and told her that day O Conall and his assistant had both been shot. He claimed to have gone to annoy the bodies but had been turned away. this was an interesting day tile, because at that point the police hadn't yet notified the public about the murders and Father Eric's, and it wasn't at St Patrick's when they called to request appraised that, for that posed the question of how he could have known about the crime unless he had some involvement, then about three.
Wakes off their father Ericsson, suicide. The police received a letter from Deacon Russell Lundgren of Saint marries church in Hurley, although he had previously told the media that hate didn't believe bother, Ericsson could have committed the murders taken. Lundgren revealed that Father Ericsson had met with him on November. Twelve, two thousand for the day after his first police interview he had been visibly upset and stared out. The window has taken five that he was being investigated by the unsolved double homicide in Hudson. As the conversation progressed the ericsson became angrier and angrier eventually declaring to dig in Lundgren quote I done it and did they going to catch me
Do you know what they do with young guys in prison, especially priests, fur investigators? These confession was proof that they had been correct to suspect Father Ericsson. Yet they still didn't, have a clear explanation as to why he would target a funeral home director and he's trainee Thus, the geisha continued for the following two months during which they uncovered some fascinating details in March two thousand. Five Hudson resident Mary Pagel, who also drive the Saint Patrick School boss, contacted the police to make a report on the morning of February five, two thousand to the day of the murders, Mary Hagen had run into Dana Colonel of the Hudson woman and the pair decided to have a coffee together as they chatted,
Dan asked Mary if she had ever seen. Father Ericsson touch her child in an inappropriate manner when she replied that she hadn't Dan then inquired if she'd, notice, the weather, the praise, the mainly spend time with boys and girls. Mary Ann said that The Ericsson mostly ignored the girls than seemed to associate more with boys. Dandy Revealed that Hey had a meeting with Father Ericsson scheduled for light at that day, during which he planned to confront the press, regarding an allegation that he'd sexually assaulted, a boy Mary, was concerned and had warned Dan to be careful. She suggested he consult police before Spain. to Father Ericsson by day and assure her that he could take care of himself after her coffee, with Dan Mary had driven to Saint Patrick Church, where she saw Father Ericsson, leave directory in here,
Hilda Buick Regal at eleven fifteen. I am that then wearing his usual cassock. He was dressed in Jaynes and a light colored t shirt in. Days following the murders Mary met with Danes, family and told them about their coffee thy shared, but she neglected dimension. What Dan had said about father, Eriksson. It was only after father, Ericsson, suicide that it occurred to her that the murders could be linked to dance plan to confront the priest. A report was also made by Hudson Resident Marcos. One b he recalled an interesting conversation with Father Ericsson, several months after and and James what killed. Although Father Ericsson had told police that the last time he'd Saint Dan was awake before his death, he got drunk untold Marco. That he'd had an argument with Dan the night before them,
it is. He didn't mention what the argument had been about, but investigators deduce did had the likely related to he's inappropriate behaviour with children. with the reports for Mary, Pagel and Mako swampy detectives finally had evidence connecting Father Eric and two Dana Conall and clean motive for the crime. They d aroused that the priest a new day intended to take action against him and had killed him to prevent these crimes. From being, exposed when James Ellison unexpectedly witnessed the murder father Ericsson killed him as well. The fact that he'd, worn civilian clothes, which he thought would beneath him, suggested the crime was planned in advance and he was attempting to avoid detection.
altogether: investigators compiled seven hundred interviews and eighteen boxes of evidence relating to the matters on August, twenty four two thousand fought: Hudson police Richard Trendy, submitted all investigative material to the Saint Croix County District attorney Eric Johnson, said that he could determine what the next step would bay. The available options included a car and, as inquest known John DOE hearing further investigation or leaving the case as it stood. Before announcing his decision, Mister Johnson met with Dana. Oh and James Alison's, loved ones to break them on the evidence that had been accumulated. both. Families were adamant that the evidence be hurting cord, so Mister Johnson concluded that a John DOE. hearing beheld in response an attorney.
Presenting Father Erikson's parents released the statement on their behalf, claiming That the evidence was weak and would never be enough or a jury to convict their son. If he was still alive, Dana Connell's Father Tom had a different reaction. Telling the media that the entire case made sense to him. Now that he'd view the evidence, pay stated, I am sure justice will come. It is For anyone to look at the fact that there is a priest involved. The John DOE hearing commenced in the Saint Croix County court on Monday October, three two thousand five and was present.
A diver by Judge Eric along dough. It was closed to the public, but fifteen members of Dan into James his family were able to attend, as were several report, is a two page biography of Father. Erikson's life was presented to the court detailing he's history of anti social and at times criminal behaviour. It was revealed that Father Ericsson not only exhibited a pattern of sexual misconduct from an early age, but that the church had been aware of this before he was ordained. While studying at the immaculate heart of Mary Seminary, Ericsson had to openly admitted that he's first sexual encounter occurred when he was just sixties. And had involved a full year out, Mayo Cousin Nineteen ninety four, while their extent, was still attending the seminary diocese of Soup.
Area was also informed of the incident at the camp ground where Ericsson had assaulted. The fourteen your own boy to used earlier. These lead to Bishop Raphael Fleece, to remove Ericsson from old duties that had him associating with young people. and referred him. First, psychiatric evaluation focused on he sexual interests. A psychiatrist named Doktor George Plan ASCII met with Eriksson and concluded that Hey had no significant reservations regarding him joining the priesthood. Father Ericsson was consequently moved to the Saint Paul Seminary in Minnesota, but the admissions committee were concerned about his history and to refer him to psychologist.
the doktor mark handsome for another evaluation. Doktor Hanson was troubled by Erikson's failure to reflect clearly on these past incidents and reported having serious reservations about him as desponding conflicted with Doktor planets Geese assessment. The seminary requested a third evaluation bay conducted by another psychologist this time, Doktor Jane Mcnamara, concluded that Erikson's behaviour was within normal limits and that he didn't exhibit predatory, o manipulative trades. De Mcnamara added that he's only concern was that quite Eriksson
might be vulnerable to women who would make romantic or affectionate initiatives with him. Thomas Smith, the boy who Father Ericsson had abused during his time at Saint Patrick Parish also gave evidence at the hearing about he's experiences with the praised the court heard how, prior to he suicide Father Ericsson had give. detectives, inconsistent answers and was unable to provide a clear alibi for the time of the murders he had claimed that he left Saint Patrick Church at one thirty p m to bar cigars, but Church gala named Betty Caruso gave evidence that contradicted this claim. Betty lived across the street from Saint Patrick's and Father Ericsson sometimes visited her house to escape the frequent phone calls made.
directory at around one thousand. One hundred and fifteen a dot m on the day of the murders. Father Eriksson had asked Betty if he could a nap on her couch that afternoon, which she agreed to she lighter, went out returning home at approximately one. The five p m to bond Father Ericsson seeming lay asleep on her couch, dressed in his usual priestly Gob Mary Paco, the bus driver who had met with the day no economy. On the day of his murder, told the court what day had said to her and also described having same father, Ericsson lived, there
three at about eleven fifteen. I am wearing jeans and a t shirt taken. Russell Lundgren also testified that Father Ericsson had confessed to committing the murders shortly after police began, investigating him throughout the course of the hearing physical evidence supporting their case was submitted. Although investigators had previously examined Father Erikson's firearm collection, they never banned the gun that killed Dan and James. It only took one day for judge along Del to rule that Father, Rhine Ericsson had most likely committed to cancel first degree, intentional homicide as well as felony sexual assault. He told the cord on a scale of one to ten. I would consider it at ten. It is a very strong case of circumstantial
the dense Father Erikson's parents remained convinced that the case against their son was wake and Delighted claimed that he had been framed. But the families of the victims were pleased with the findings. Throughout the hearing, James Allisons mother Sally had been Crochet a baby blanket for her expected grandson, whose due date was the same as James is birthday. At the end of the day, she remarked. There are so many emotions at a time like this way, just glad this is done and we can move on. It will never go away because we think about James all the time when asked how she felt about the fact that praise was responsible for her sons, MOTA Sally replied, only God is without seeing hey he's, not gone.
hey, he's, a human being, Dana Connell's wife, Jenny who Father Ericsson had visited, and confidence on the. Afternoon of the murders admitted that her catholic faith had been destroyed by the crime. She was particularly destroy that Father Ericsson had officiated Danes funeral and at a church event for her son, noting that she felt that trade and invaded by the praised His brother mark insisted that Father Ericsson didn't represent the church. Has a hall stating, I think, It is a sad as everyone today, within four eyes of the hearings. Conclusion three more in vigils contact that police claiming they had been sexually assaulted by Father Ericsson, one survive
had been on the high school wrestling team with Eriksson and was aged fifteen. When Ericsson was seventeen years old. One day, Eriksson, invited the younger boy to his home, where they drank alcohol and watched pornography together before falling asleep. the boy light awoke to Ericsson, griping he's genitals, he left them. Immediately, and they never spoke again. although the motor investigation was closed, Hudson Police chief, rigid trendy said hey and his team Welcome to any new information and would refer the sexual assault reports to the relevant jurisdictions the issue of child sexual abuse by catholic priests was first publicized in nice. They ninety five before receiving further, attention around the world throughout the nineteen nineteen in two thousand and two
The same year, the DEN O Connell under James Ellison were murdered. The Boston Globe Newspaper published a series of articles, exposing hundreds of K. says of abuse within the church. There Research indicated that more than eight hundred people had accused two hundred and forty eight crazed based within the Boston archdiocese of abusing them as children. When these allegations were made public members The community were outraged to learn that many of the accused was still practicing as priests There was also evidence to indicate that the church high Rocky had concealed these crimes by failing to refer reports of abuse to law enforcement, when offenders were reported by a victim or their pets,
since bishops often didn't remove them from the priesthood, but instead move to them to new parishes where that would have access to other children. In the wake of the Boston glowed Ex post. I do U S. Conference of Catholic bishops adopted a policy, acquiring old guys. This is to establish boards separate from the church administration to review judges of clergy, sexual misconduct, when the point things from the hearing into the murders of DEN O Connell under James Ellison. One night public survivors of clergy abuse expressed their dismay that bother Ericsson had been ordained. This what church officials in you about him
or isley. The MID west coordinator of this, above is network of those abused by priests, said they case, raised serious questions about the churches supposed to reforms, paid harassed, Where was the review board that was supposed to investigate reports of sexual abuse by priests? Why Didn't they review this vile pages. Broad, Dana Conall. As a hero stating hey, tried to help people like us. He needs to be honoured. Cleaning up what is going on. In response, several church representatives released statements. Deming Father Ericsson, as a troubled individual who had concealed his true nature, Reverend Jim Brink men who had supervised Ericsson that Minnesota's
Saint Paul Seminary between ninety ninety six and two thousand said Eriksson, was a smart man who knew how to conceal the secrets of his life and control. Here. others perceived him? Bishop Raphael fleece who govern the die says that all of bother, Erikson's churches, Falander, was accused of Miss handling allegations of clergy, sexual abuse. They had known of the accusations against Father Ericsson prior to his being ordained. and was also alleged to have helped conceal the crop of another praised who abused up to two hundred deaf children at a boarding school in Milwaukee. in the wake of the John DOE hearing into Dan and James is murders. Bishop bliss released a statement that red in part, quiet.
I know that ultimate responsibility for much of what has taken place rests upon my shoulders. While I am truly sorry for not doing more to find out what happened, I must apologise to the entire He also and family, and the people of Northern Wisconsin that these tragedies I know the Lord is willing to forgive. I hope you will, Find it in your heart to do the same. Bishop fleece promised Rachel today into James is loved ones, but made no attempt to contact the aid. The family on then one two thousand and five, the fund Lack Commonwealth report. A newspaper revealed that boat The economy and and Ellison families had retained an attorney who was known for representing victims of sexual abuse in lawsuits against religious organisations. The
families told the newspaper that they believed the murders could have been prevented. Had the catholic church properly disciplined Ericsson when they first learned of him abusing minors. They wanted church leaders to be held accountable for their values and called for further reforms to prevent future sexual abuse cases that afternoon Bishop place was filmed, but the television news says he read a statement to the parishioners of Saint Mary, Jeanne Hurley. He told the congregation that he should have paid more attention to the red flags raised by Bother Erikson's conduct and apologized for not listening to those who were questioned. Erikson's priesthood when he divided the Catholic Community of Hudson
The colonel family were unhappy with this response. The following day, Dan sister Cathy said, Bishop Rafale Fleeces purported apology delivered last, not not to us personally or directly, but only to a t. V. Camera was way too little way to light. In fact, it was a joy and a slap in the face. Dan's mother Jenna requested a meeting with Bishop Place, stressing that action was needed. She stated, I don't expect an apology. I expect a confession. I want to know what Bishop Voice did and why he did it if he knew what we think he knew, he should be reprimanded for what he did and if he slips away that's
He's contents. Two weeks later, members of the colonel and Ellison Families flew to Washington D C, where the? U S, conference of Catholic bishops, were holding their annual meeting in an effort to speak with church leaders, family members stood outside the hotel where the conference was taking place, holding photographs of and James Sally Ellison told her report off from the Washington Post QUIET because of. Their negligence. My son is dead. My think, that's a pretty good reason for them to listen to me. Don't you, the bishops refused to meet with the families prompting their attorney. Jeff Anderson took men. There are over two hundred bishops in there and they can't point one to listen to us.
On January fifth day in two thousand and six just over three months after the John DOE hearing, Bishop Bliss finally addressed the congregation night, Saint Patrick Church, in Hudson, seven hundred pay pull attended with the O Conall and Ellison families sitting in the front, pews Bishop Fleece, apologized and promised systemic changes in the way the church handled sexual abuse case is including better evaluation of priests and improved communication with parishes. When one parishioner ass to why their concerns about Father Erikson's conduct as appraise the one taken seriously Bishop Place replied. And I got more letters praising him than condemning him face, noted that he should have appointed a group to look into the matter more closely
The following month, the common Family met Bishop Fliss to discuss a five point plan and I had drafted for the church to reform its handling of sexual abuse. They described the meeting as a good first step, but the spot that hot hugs no further action was taken in August, two thousand and six Connell's filed a civil war suit against the one hundred and ninety four bishops throughout the country seeking that is closure of names and two locations of clergy members accused of molesting children. By doing so, JANET O Connell said that the family was finishing. A job idea started her husband Tom clarified, the maid. Quite were not looking for money. We're looking for people.
the yellow than family declined to join this suit, on account of not being catholic and thus feeling like they lacked credibility in the matter. However, in December two thousand six, they followed a wrongful death lawsuit against the dice is seeking an unspecified. out of damages which they hoped to use to start a foundation in James's name. They are planned for the foundation was to fund programmes to prevent child sexual abuse and provide support to survive. One year later, on December, twenty eight two thousand seven Judge Eugene Harrington throughout the Connell's civil law, suit, hey, ruled that the dice couldn't be
forced through reveal information about how the church dealt with sexual abuse by praised as it violated the first amendment and had no basis under which constant law Dan's brother Tom, expressed his disappointment at the decision asking where does church and state the first amendment, protect them are less star. Nine months later on September, twenty three to designate the yellow since wrongful death law suit was also dismissed. Judge pull Lance Dane did too remote that the dioxin would have had reason to believe that Father Ericsson would murder someone Even if I'd known about he's violent tendencies and possession of child abuse material judge Lens concluded, the diocese couldn't have foreseen that murder,
would follow as a result, over the years that followed James, his parents Sally and cost and did their best to move forward with their lives approximately nine years after their sons, murder. They took a trip to Ireland and participated in a catholic mass which they banned to be especially healing They also shared their story with great support groups and other organizations. Just after the tenth anniversary of changes, death Sally told her report off from the late, a telegram quote: There will always be a hall where James should be in our lives, but you can't shoot yourself off
learned over the years that we have been able to help others deal with tragedies, Dan's, wife, Jenny and the couples to children had left the catholic church following the murders and Jenny Lighter started working as a clerk for the Hudson. Lace Department, though the pain of Danes lost, stayed with her. She took comfort in the fact that her husband made such a positive impact on he's. Community quote. Our children are proud of who they are, and they like that people Remember that father so well, and mother, JANET passed away in two thousand seventeen followed by his father Tom in two thousand and nineteen. Dance brother mark still operates the o family funeral home in Hudson, where a permanent
God and Memorial to dance, has been planted it out. The front Ann Arbor marxist Entrance and a Celtic cross surrounded by flowers lies at its centre. But those who knew Dan, the memorial provides some comfort with one friend telling the Connell's. It is not To drive by the fear, no home and smile rather than cry, trellises, crafted by day loved ones, form a border round the garden and the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi he's engraved on a Stein wrong. The prayer raids in pod Where there is hatred, let me so love
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