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Case 152: Cindy & Mona Lisa Smith

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Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this episode contains the names of people who have passed away. The families of Cindy and Mona Lisa Smith have given Casefile permission to air this content. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-152-cindy-mona-lisa-smith
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Yeah. arab. Besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence for support, placing the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. Aboriginal entire stride, all under Paypal's should be aware that this episode contains the names of people who have passed away. The families of sea and the Mona LISA Smith have given case ball permission to wear this content. cousins, Jacinto arose and Mona LISA Smith had been inseparable since childhood. The two girls
we're just one year, a part in age and grew up close to one another. In the small town of Burke located in central and northern New South wives, Jacinto who was the younger of the two was better known by her nickname of Cindy. Was born on October, twenty three nineteen, seventy two and what The youngest of seven children with four brothers and two sisters. Cindy lived with her mother, I don't Smith and her siblings. In a house on the east side of town, she was often looked after by her brother, Lloyd, who was seven years. Her senior Mona Laces family resided on an Aboriginal reserve named the ALA, said woods: village, which was located about two. the half kilometers west of Burke, known by local says, the reserve, the yellow, said woods. Village consisted of twenty cottages, which
were run down and overcrowded was entirely populated by indigenous Australians, from two families, the Ed Woods and the Smiths, siblings, cousins and other extended family members lived side by side and the close community provided a sense of safety and belonging to what's wrong. since nine at LISA was born on November 29th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one to parents, the June Smith, and to Dougie shillings. What on the night she was born that father had walked to Burke Hospital to visit June. On singing napkin call Song Mona LISA the entire way. This led the couple to name them. Baby girl after the famous some day, so had another door Fiona and for sons. Doggie
held a big dreams for all of these children, hoping that they would have good jobs and delayed successful lives. The close knit family spent their evenings together Dan seeing and singing, but when Mona LISA was just six years old doggie suffered a heart attack and passed away Cindy and Mona attended primary school together before enrolling at the same high school. They were both happy, go lucky popular conned and well locked Cindy was the nurturing top taking on babysitting duties and caring for her younger cousins when needed Mona role so baby sat by her cousins and was sporty play regularly in a net bowl tame. When seen,
he was in her early teens. She left high school and Mona, followed suit at the end of nineteen. Eighty seven, when she was sixteen years old Cindy who was now fifteen, often travelled the short distance to the reserve. To spend time with me. and her family. The two girls occasionally got up to mischief together, but they were well behaved and widely regarded as good kids. Because there wasn't a lot to do in back with. was a remote outback town. There would spend their time hanging out with friends, visiting parks and swimming and Fishing at the nearby Darling River on Saturday December five, nineteen, eighty Evan Cindy and Mona spent the day together and accompanied, of guarantees to a nearby park.
At the time a fell, the two of them had decided to go into town. Burke was a small town with a population of just three thousand four hundred people. It was originally home to the number Paypal, but when Watts Well as arrived in the area during the MID eighteen hundred days too, national land holders. What dispossessed like. Indigenous people across the stronger the number paypal
bad Oda loss of land and culture were hit hard by european disease and experienced conflict with colonists by the late nineteenth century. Their population had dwindled whilst some contain need to leave a traditional lifestyle in the region surrounding Burke others. Band employment, on nearby cattle stations in the nineteen forties Burke's indigenous population grew again when displaced people from other regions, Arrived the majority of these indigenous settlers, well, one camara people from the Far North West of New South Wales and today included some of Cindy Smith's relatives. By the light nineteen eighties Burke was to a mix of indigenous and why destroy lands, as well as itinerant workers who worked on the cotton
in the surrounding area. Aberration. people in the community were often subjected to racism and discrimination, and the town had a high crime right with significant levels of alcohol and drug abuse. Despite this Mona Smith system, Fiona told case fall a generally felt like a safe place, to live not Cindy nor Mona had ever travelled far from their home town. The furthest away they had Bain was the and of NGO Nea located ninety seven com amateurs north of Burke both we were well known in their community and had a number of friends and acquaintances. Around town. on the evening of set at eight December five. They headed into Burke at around seven thirty p M, as it was early summer,
There was still daylight when they arrived Cindy, who was the smaller of the two, was wearing a blue, yellow and watch stroked t shirt, black track suit, pants and blue and white runners. Mona was dressed in black track soup since a Navy blue hoodie, with the words parish, a valley on the hood white and blue football socks with red trim and a pair of foreigners. the two girls went to the home of man, is causing. ten year old, Daniel Booth, then hung out me his house for a little while around nine p m. They was seen walking back To the reserve. at. I am on the morning of Sunday December six three farm work.
Send to their wives, left the farm north of Burke to drive to a small town over the state border in southern coins land. It was still dark outside when the six of them piled into two separate full. Drives and made their way to the nearby Mitchell Highway, which is a k road link connecting New South Wales with Queensland Locals, referred to the stretch of highway between Burke and the nearest town today, north and go near as the NGO Nea Road? The rule Two lane roadway measures about six made as wide and these boarded by red, dirt and sparse patches of scrub with told a trace growing slightly further away after
travelling for about thirty minutes along in Ghana, road, the driver of the first to be cool bomb, Boreman Text, Johnson spotted a horrific saying, a watch. Nineteen, eighty five toy IDA, high locks, you sat racked by the side of the highway With its job is sought, roof Smash dean and its windscreen lying on the ground near by a law. The shoulder of the road was a body lying face down tax, told his wife Adele to stay in the car, while hey good out to inspect the crash. He approached the body and saw that it belonged to another lesson: Aboriginal go, she had seemingly been tossed from the car, then roll
into a hollow dude area by the side of the road that function as a drawing the girl had sustained severe injuries and was deceased. She was wearing black tracks. Your pants and a Navy blue hoodie this same outfit that Burke, Tain, Mona, LISA Smith, had been wearing the previous day Adele than cold out of the car window that she could say to more bodies need some scrub by the side of the road. By this time, the second four wheel drive had arrived and poured over. It was being driven by taxes, brother, shame body who had also got now to survey the same.
Tax approached the bodies that his wife had noticed. They were lying alongside one another on a shade of top Poland that looked ass, though it had been neatly lay down on the ground. One of the bodies was that of aboriginal go dressed in a climate of Mona Laces Cousin Cindy, a blue allow and to watch striped teacher and black track suit pants, while hotel shirt Then her torso went up a legs. Her pants and underwear were both dead around her ankles, a middle aged white man lay next to her. His left arm draped across her chest on one corner of the top hole and set a half empty bottle of be shamed, checked the girl for a pulse but found none.
As the two brothers assessed the same, the man lying alongside the girl stirred and came to appearing groggy, but on injured. Shining formed the man that the two teenage girls in his company, what both the safest and referred to them using a racial slur. The man looked up and insisted chain, was wrong. Explaining that the two girls had too much. to drink. He then lay down again resuming his. regional position. Next to the deceased, teenager Shane got back into his vehicle and drove to Wayne to report the crash. While everyone else stayed behind that the same tax again attempted to inform the man that the girls were both dead, but hey became abusive in response telling tax to fuck off
Eventually, tax the other bomb hand and the women decided to follow Shane Tango NEA, which was thirty four kilometers north of their location. it was Barb. I am one Shane arrived at Angola and eluded the police, constables Kevin Hoppa and can Mackenzie set out immediately arriving at the scene of the crash at five. Forty five. They saw Mona LISA Smith's body lying body shoulder of the roadway and a man standing by the damaged Toy IDA high locks near the top Poland, where Cindy Smith lie. The office, has noticed that Cindy T was up around her neck, revealing her breasts, and her left leg was bent the name
lying at an angle to the rest of her body and exposing her genitals upon approaching the man, the two officers saw, he appeared to be heavily intoxicated and confused. He was dirty and dishevelled, dressed in a coffee should matching pants and work boots. He spake was slurred, as he told the two policemen that he had been in the crash and was driving the youth at the time comes The boy Mackenzie went to cover Cindy's naked body with an excess portion of the top and ass. He did so. The man asked their only a slight on thy constable,
Kenzie replied angrily that both girls went dead, but the man continued to insist. They would merely sleeping the office's, asked the man to explain what had happened and where he had been travelling to have responded that he didn't know what occurred but hey had been driving from book to North Burke, which was, Other ten kilometers distance, he was surprised to learn. He was actually sixty three kilometres from Burke. Suddenly he pointed at Mona and told the office is quite she was driving
the man was identified as forty year old Alexander Gran, who explained that he D been drinking the previous day at several pubs in Burke. He didn't know the names of the two girls, but they had asked him for a lift to the North Burke Hotel to the offices. It appeared that grant was still very intoxicated. He's eyes were blood shot he's page was occasionally incoherent and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol. At times he seemed to struggle to stand up broad and supported himself by leaning against the police car constant Mackenzie inspected. The man's toy, Idaho locks and a note
There was extensive damage to the roof, the front passenger panels and the drivers sod. All of the ties appeared to be in good condition, but the real passenger side room was could the windscreen was lying on the ground as where a number of tools and pieces of equipment it was a manual vehicle and only had two doors, both of which were James shot. Constable Mackenzie reached through the drive as window to check the steering wheel and saw that the case what missing from the ignition the road itself was about six made as wide and the sealed bitumen was in good condition with what
table drain on both sides of the road. This page limit on the highway was one hundred kilometres per hour. At six, I am two ambulances arrive from back grants of Otto signs were checked and found to be normal when grant over her. Constable Mckenzie telling an ambulance officer that he had been driving the vehicle he shut it out. No, she was the driver and again pointed at Mona. The paramedics can fund the bus goes what does ceased before transferring grant a hospital for a more thorough examination has who was being driven to the hospital grant asked if they could stop you,
at the caravan park where he lived, so he could tell his wife what had happened, but the ambulance officer refused a second ambulance transported the girls bodies to book to be autopsy While a tow truck took the toy too high locks to angoniland police station Seven hundred and thirty- I am a detective from book named to pay. The resman had arrived at the crash thought detective Esmond examined at the Seine, and I noticed a SEC, empty bottle of be in addition to the one on the top Poland that was half consumed as well as an almost empty bottle of rum inside the vehicle. Constable Mackenzie drew a daytime sketch of the site colluding measurements of the road. The proximity of the bodies to the vehicle and skid marks left by the ties.
He later surmised how the crash had unfolded in a statement, quite as the equal travelled along a strike portion of roadway about two hundred and sixty made is off the book. Sixty three kilometer market peg, the driver has lost control of the vehicle, and the vehicle has left the left side of the roadway and troubled with the Nissan wheels. In the gravel bird distance of approximately thirty, two It is. The vehicle has then vade to the centre of the right way in a curve for a distance of about thirty six May days before. veering too, they need side of the roadway again. The vehicle has again left
the right way on the western side and travelled a distance of thirty five made is, in a left hand, broadside and then rode over the vehicle road once and came to rest on its wheels again neither side of the beach men and to then rode back down the sliding bank. Men of the roadway showed up and stopped on the edge of the law Scrub, the vehicle is expected to be a total rod off as a result of the accident Alexander grant was examined at the hospital where it was confirmed that he had I, sustained and knocked to his head and gray still bows testing review He had a blood alcohol content of point, one five, nine more than three times legal limit in Australia Grant was thirty years old and
grown up in Hamilton, New Zealand after finishing school. He took up intermittent work on farms and construction sites by nineteen. Seventy he'd been married and divorced, and he moved to a strictly out in nineteen seventy seven. At the age of thirty, he had dark hair that he combed back over his head and a thin face and build and was by fate ten inches toll for a time grant resided in the northern New South Wiles ten of more re where he worked. Various jobs in excavation. By the early ninetys nineties had a number of encounters with the police. Do too he's Patten of drinking and driving in
I don T about nineteen eighty. He was picked up, they drink driving and had his driver's license disqualified for three months the following month, he was again arrested for driving while drunk and had a blood alcohol rating of more than twice the legal limit. He had a further six months added to his license. Disqualification was placed on a good behaviour bond for three years and bond one thousand five hundred dollars. Two months later in February, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one grant was booked for speeding even though he was still disqualified from driving they charge was dismissed after no concrete proof could be offered that hey was exceeding the speed limit.
In May, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three grant was arrested for driving while disqualified and was fined eight hundred dollars and disqualified from driving until the end of November, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four In May, the nineteen eighty seven grant moved to Burke Way he resided in a caravan park and worked as an itinerant excavator driver. At the time of the crash, he was employed at a cotton gene in North Burke, where he excavated irrigation chant. Because, despite telling the ambulance Al Assad that he had a wife grain was unmarried and owned next to nothing in terms of assets.
While he was in hospital on the morning of December six, nineteen eighty seven grant provided he's first official police statement. He claimed that eyes he was making a phone call from a pub in Burke the previous. Not the two girls had approached and asked him for a lift to North Burke. I agree and they all piled into his you leaving the cat around eleven P M grant was in that drivers say Cindy was next to him in the middle and mode. Who he identified as cloud the bigger go? was on the end as they were traveling North Grant alleged that the bigger go asked if she could have a turn driving. He said he initially refused, but then agreed upon seeing
how little traffic there was no non mostly stayed under the speed limit by going between seventy and eighty kilometres per hour and was smooth. Steady driver grant claimed that at one stage she sped up to the limit of one hundred, at which point he told her to slow down and grabbed the steering wheel after she had driven for approximately thirty to forty kilometres pulled over to have a drink and a cigarette died then turned around to head back to Burke and Grant said Mona took the wheel again. Suddenly the vehicle had to feed grant had no idea. Why Hey estimated that the time of the crash Was either between one and two? I am or two
when three I am, as this meant, a minimum of two hours had passed between the three of them living Burke and the crash taking place. There was a signal can chunk of time. That grant was unable or unwilling to account for one question about the alcohol hey had consume Grand said: he'd had these first drink at around five thirty or six p m the previous day at the carry his arms hotel in book he hadn't kept can, but he believed he drunk between six and ten metres of bee h measuring two hundred and eighty five million ladys or the equivalent of one. Point one standard drinks he's lost to drink had bain at about eleven p m o midnight, which was a bottle of b. He consumed, while dropping with the two girls grant denied drinking between the two
of the crash and when the police arrived. He was released from the hospital by light morning and went to bed police station to provide another statement to detective paid. Erasmus Grant denied making sexual advances to weigh the girl that claimed that, after the crash Cindy had come onto him grant said he had crawled out through the passenger door and saw her lying back on that top pulling her clothes off and asking. Do you want me now a allegedly ignored her and instead went to check on Mona, who had seemingly being thrown from the vehicle When he asked if she was all right, she ground in response prompting him to believe she was fine.
Grant claim tee then joined Cindy on the top and decided to have a beer. The interview concluded at twelve twenty p M detective, as men too grant that he would make further enquiries about the matter and speak to him again at a later date. Adding quiet if you leave town. Let me know where I can contact. You grant replied yeah. It might be a good. Did you get away for a while I'll? Let you know where all bay.
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discovered the police had an arrested the man involved in that crash. This despair quickly turned to Angola. Recent events in the region had already led to a somewhat fraught relationship between them, indigenous community and local law enforcement. Several months earlier, on August six, nineteen eighty seven twenty seven year old aboriginal man named Lloyd, Bony, was arrested in the nearby town of Verona after breaching he's bow conditions. He was taken into custody and found dead. Just ninety five minutes late on with police, saying they had found his body suspended by the neck, with a football song, Lloyd's, friends and family, suspected that the death was not as suicide. Though this theory,
Dismissed in an official inquiry after Lloyd's funeral on August, fifteen of Ireland riots broke out between members of berwin as indigenous community and the police. Although Bernard was about one hundred kilometers east of Burke, it wasn't common for police officers in the region to work cases across the various towns. one of the officers injured in the riot detective sergeant VON Raid was assigned to investigate Cindy and Mona Smith's deaths. Alongside detective S, men. in a book about the case, titled handgun, Angoniland road author, Richard Stanton argues that the subsequent bad blood between police and the indigenous community meant that Burke police were unhappy about having to investigate the vital crash
RO months later. This view is shared by some of Cindy and Mon as family members. On the nod of December six, less than twenty four hours after Cindy undermine its debts, Alex The grand travelled to Ning in on almost two hundred kilometers southeast of Burke after Grant he was told to the police station at, was lighter, transferred back to the farm. In North Burke aware, was employed, as it actually belonged to grants, employers who had been lacing it out to him at three p m on Sunday December seeks a crime scene officer went to the property to photograph the vague
Oh, it was examined again the following day by senior constable John Lewd wig of the crime scene unit, physical evidence, section. Hey noted that the roof had been crushed the down into the top of the draw this state and to the middle of the steering wheel, saying you constable lewd wake also visited the crash sought to take further photographs detectives in Burke paste together. The events leading up to the crash grant had said: hey spent the morning of Saturday December five working at the cotton gene in North Burke. Until he's excavator brought down at twelve thirty p m, he went to the ox bed. Hotel linked,
and in search of someone who could give him a replacement parts to repair the excavator. Despite originally telling that police he didn't stop drinking until around five. Thirty p M boss doth at the ox, but I tell confirmed he drunk six bees in a two hour period from there he went The two more pubs drinking beer at age before returning to the OX bent hotel, where he had eight more over sixty hours he had consumed sixteen bees or seventeen point. Six standard drinks throughout the evening a number of witnesses had also saying Cindy and Mona. Wherein Burke, though, only two were interviewed by police. fifteen year olds, Betty Yen, Edwards and Karen Johnson provided statements that died, saints
India and Mona with Grant on the northern in question at around eight fifteen p m Betty Anne and care And had been walking in the direction of the reserve when a white man pulled over, the toy IDA high locks and offered them alive. They declined but Cindy and Mona, who was sitting near by outside the home of a friend, ran over. They asked the driver if he would take them across to a levy that marked the crossing point between Burke and their reserve Betty and described the drive off as somewhat slow when did dopey as though he was drunk when he reached across to open the car door. She saw half a cod be next to him and stubby in his head. Betty Yan believed that the man drove off with the girls, but they was
Even in the same area, about fifteen minutes later by one of Cindy's brothers who was walking home from visiting an anti at nine p m. They were also spotted by known as cousin Daniel Booth heading two, the reserve on foot, Neither of these men were interviewed by investigators after Grant was saint speaking with the girls at eight fifteen. Hey went back to the ox, but hotel to by six pack of be then went to the carry his arms hotel where he drank six glasses of bourbon and coke and food. more bees. He left at around two non thirty p m and was next saying: Hoffman our later at the review, hotel, a bomb and said that group and had entered alone, but he thought he saw
indigenous girl waiting for him by the Doorway Grant Board, half a bottle of rum, two bottles of coke and another six pack of bee in total he d drunk the equivalent of thirty standard drinks throughout the day and had half a bottle of rum and twelve studies of Bee in his possession experienced pathologist. Doktor Clive Pringle travelled more than three hundred and seventy kilometers from the city of double to perform. Cindy and monads autopsies hey concluded that Mona who was recovered. Faced.
and by the shoulder of the road had suffered, cb head injuries and internal bleeding, causing her to pass away quickly. Following the crash Cindy, who was banned on the top, Poland had deep abrasions across her face chest abdomen and back Doktor Pringle found a draw to substance on her Rina legs, which he thought could be seminal fluid. He took swabs of this substance, which would give in to a scientific officer and transferred to the Department of Forensic biology for testing syn. he had suffered a perforated liver and a large lacerations, her bladder, leading to severe hemorrhaging and at tat time. Your muscle in the lower demand that is crucial to walking Doktor Pringle
I did that, while she may not have died immediately, she would have succumbed to her injuries quickly and it was highly unlikely. She was conscious, following the crash hey concluded, that neither of the girls had been wearing say, bill The findings from the autopsies were not passed along to either of the girls families. The only official information they were given regarding Cindy and mine is death. Was a coroner's report after receiving Doktor Pringles report. detectives as men and the raid were inclined to believe that Mon I've had been driving grants year as he had cleaned
severity of her injuries, combined with the significant damage to the vehicles, drove sod and grants a lack of the wings indicated to them. That grant was telling the truth at seven p m on Tuesday December right. The two detectives trap Turning to interview grant again, he was wearing the same clothes that he'd had on during the crash and was staying at a cheap hotel grant claimed that he's wife had kicked him out for having Bain with Cindy and Mona, and the detectives noted that he appeared to be intoxicated. They informed him that they wished to discuss the crash, but Hey requested that the compensation be postponed until the following morning.
hey was exhausted. The detectives agreed and collected him early on Wednesday December Non for an interview at the police station, the offices growed grand about he's the alcohol consumption the previous Saturday, he acknowledged being pretty drunk by the time he counted Cindy and Mona, but denied drinking the bottle of rum that was found nearly empty in he's vehicle. He said that, following the crash hay and Cindy had above climbed out of the passenger saw door, then Cindy had stood and asked for a b. He gave her the bottle that was later found on the top colon
doktor drinking some. She proposition, Damn grant insisted, hey, had not placed the top Poland on the ground and that Cindy had walked over to it and to lay down of her own accord. He didn't remember much else and suggested: hey had black day out until he was awakened by the farm workers who came across this and grant again claimed Cindy undressed herself and that he'd had no sexual contact with other of the girls. He said that the one mistake he made that not was not checking whether Mona had her driver's licence. The interview concluded.
The two and a half hours it was another week before grant was officially charged rather than taking him back to Burke police made the decision to charge him in in on Wednesday December. Sixteen he appeared in the Lincoln Courthouse charged with two cats. Of wilful neglect or misconduct causing grievous bodily harm and allowing an unlicensed driver to drive he's motor vehicle in nineteen? Eighty seven there was a maximum penalty of two years in prison for each of the wolf or neglect charges. The punishment for permitting an unlicensed individual to drive was a one thousand dollar fine, and up to five hundred hours, community service Grant was awarded to
appear in Burke local court in two months time to enter a play. He was not detained in custody, It was permitted to leave the area following days. Charges police were instructed not to reveal details of the charges leaving Cindy and Mona's families uncertain as to what the exact accusations against him were. a joint funeral was held for Cindy and Mona. Had the church of the Holy Spirit in back to hers is carried the girls coffins through the town and approximately six hundred mourners gathered to pay their respects with students from the town Hall School forming a god alone.
Outside the church, the majority of the people who attended the funeral, where indigenous their cousins were laid to rest side by side in the book cemetery under matching black marble, headstones adorned with figurines rosary, Bates and flowers, Mona system Fiona would like to say that she could recall little about the service Her memory was hazy when it came to events following her sisters. Deaf some people in Burke, feared that there would be retribution from the indigenous community that not with room is spreading that businesses would be fire bombs, but this did not eventually the girls deaths. The grants involvement received almost no attention from the media
Monday December twenty one, the Sydney morning Heroin Published an article toddled two deaths and any outback silence, journalist Deborah Camp and interviewed Cindy and domain as mothers for the pace with both the women stating they had been taught. the very little about the crash, how their daughters had died, or the investigation DAWN Smith Cindy's mother shared her belief that police were withholding information because they didn't want to stir up trouble in town. but the silence had the adverse effect by creating an atmosphere of Roma and suspicion. The city morning. Harrowed made an application for information about the case. Investigators agreed to release details relating to grants Chow
judges. Only after an apparition only eyes on office off from Sidney intervened, telling them that quote their secrecy may cause more trouble than it would prevent. The head of Burke police defended the decision to charge grant in another town stating he won't come back down here, other until things quite and down. We will wait until things settled down again. We don't any trouble. Alexander grant had little money and almost no assets in January, nineteen eighty eight one of his former employees agreed to fund he's defence.
The unknown dinner body employer was described as being from old Sidney family money and had decided to pay for grants. Legal phase out of a sense of quote high christian values, leading Sidney. Barrister Anthony Queen Lovin, was hired to represent, grant at an expensive right said to bay beyond the income of mode. The average Paypal later that month Grant write a new statement about the crash, but he's illegal tame, which was re published in full, enrich. It stands book and Ghana road. Despite telling police, he had a wife grant described himself a single but otherwise stock. To many of his original claims, he stated that he Intoxication had probably contributed to him the young characteristic decision to give Cindy antimony Smith a lift and
Mona DR he's vehicle grant said that, after driving for some distance, they stopped to have a drink, a claimed that the girls poured. Some rum into the bottles of cocaine just before the decision was made to head home Mona, had been steering the vehicle steadily up until that point, but suddenly viewed off the road, possibly to avoid a kangaroo. Do you rode over then landed on its wheels grant retracted previous claims? He D made about Cindy Yonder sing herself and proposition in him stating now that he didn't recall this happening. Yet he said that he did remember checking save Mona was all right. After that point, he headed gap in his memory, and so the farm workers stumbled across the scene of the crash at four thirty. I am barrister.
Any Quinn Laverne accompanied his client to book local court. On Monday February fifteen, where Green entered a play of not guilty to all three charges against him. Although farm employ a shame, daddy had been one of the first people to discover the crash. Sought. Police didn't speak with him until three months after the incident. The rigid Stanton has theorized that this may have been because shame was a seasonal workers and investigate It is were unable to tracking down earlier on much nineteen. Eighty eight Shane provided a sworn statement at debt and police station located about six hundred and eighty kilometers southwest of Burke shines. Description of the same fate should some striking do
France's to the one described by responding police and Danby Allowance offices. The offices has noted that Cindy's paints had been pulled down and her tat. She was the dark, exposing almost her entire body, while her right leg was stretched out straight in front of her. Her left leg was bent the nay and had fallen outwards, When Shane had encountered the same more than an hour earlier, Cindy's pants Underwear were around her ankles, but her teacher was pulled down, concealing her chest and torso Shane, also noted that both of Cindy's legs had been lying straight out, saw it Side to investigate is these discrepancies indicated that grant must have into feed with Cindy's clothing and body. After them, farm workers departed for Angola to alert police of the crash. They also meant
These statements regarding the events had been at least partially false the case she the direction again the following month. When a new office sob, again reviewing their charges against grant. Sergeant, Raymond God can work for the North West Accident Investigation Squad in the New South, while city of Paramatta he's job was to review indomitable matters before the courts. after reviewing their case of Cindy and Mona Smith's debts, he became concerned that the charges against grant were not truly representative of what had occurred. That not sergeant God can noticed that when police officers had first arrived at the same granted said that he D been driving shortly afterwards. He had changed his story and told them Mona was the driver. I claim he had stuck to address,
James Sergeant Goggins spoke with Mon his family to determine whether she could actually drive a car mon. His brother dog stir did that she had only tried to drive a car wants several months before the crash a friend had brought their blue Ford Sudan to the Reserve and Mona had set behind the wheel for less than five minutes. She slowly maneuvered the car down a dirt road before getting out the vehicle was an automatic, unlike Alexander grants. Four wheel drive, which was a manual dump stated I am sure that she has never driven any other car. If someone told me
no Dr Emmanuel car. I wouldn't believe them because she just doesn't know how to drive. Doug statement was supported by known as cousin, Daniel Booth and her mother June, who both witnessed hub if drive in the Sudan June added that Mona had accidentally reversed into a steel pall, at which point do immediately told her to get out of the car Cindy's mother. dawn. How delighted I heard about the incident and stated we are a very close community, and if Mona was driving at any time, then I would hear about it. Anybody Who said that Mona was driving, the full will drive that was involved in the accident would be lying because she just couldn't draws it Several days after interviewing mon, his relatives, sergeant God
And arrange to speak with Alexander Grant on May 11th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight grant initially declined to speak. Without his lawyer present, but when sergeant God can asked whether there was anything he wanted to say in their absence, he remarked well of thought about it and a lot of stuff. I told the detective sees not rod in some of the things I said is really oh shit. He discussed the night of December five nineteen eighty seven openly admitting that he had been far more drunk than he told the detectives Grant maintained that Cindy and Mona had approached him asking for a lift and Mona had driven the vehicle for a good portion of the journey. Adding quote she drove
any good and handled at real. Well really good on the gaze. Hey claimed that when the vehicle crashed Mona had gone through the windscreen while hay and Cindy remained stuck inside was sitting next to the passenger door, and Cindy was in the middle, so he opened the door claimed it out and Cindy out after him once and God can asked if grant recalled, telling the detectives that Cindy had in walking around after the crash, he replied. from what I have heard since about her injuries that can't be wrought block, I said a lot of the things I ve said: isn't right, Hey claimed that her clothing must have been pulled down accidently when he dragged her from the vehicle. Sergeant, God can re reiterated grants extreme
ha blood alcohol level of point one: five: nine, when tested air was after the crash, then stated. It is my view that you, what the driver of the vehicle it is me, the intention to charge you with two counts of culpable driving and also with the driving with the prescribed concentration of alcohol, is there anything else? You would like to tell me about this matter. Grant replied. I can't. Think of anything other than to say that no, why was I driving on now, I did the wrong thing letting her DR without a licence. on. Saturday may, fourteen sergeant
Can a ranged for physical evidence collected from the Koran investigation unit to re, examine grants toy out a high locks. Although the vehicle was significantly damage grants, employees had sold it to a man named Paita, HO whom great new and was friendly with and paid. I had spent some time attempting to repair it. he D noted that when he received the vehicle, the passenger saw door was open and its lock had been damaged in a way that was consistent with having being forced open with a crowbar the physical evidence collected, photographed the toy, Idaho locks and tested the inside a cabin for traces of blood Hey immediately noticed that the steering wheel was missing and asked where it was paid has said that he had removed that and shifted to grant the previous die at grants. Request investigators
Spected paid a whole had told grant that police what planning to inspect the vehicle which had caused grant to panic and ask for the steering wheel without it offices were unable to dust it for fingerprints to confirm who Dane driving nothing relating to the steering wheel was ever heard off again In re examining the case sergeant, God can also took the step of speaking with the detectives involved and the first responders tat the crash sought. After doing so, he was so in that Cindy's body had been undressed and re, arranged after being discovered by the farm. Work is. Although multiple swabs had been taken from Cindy's body during her raw topsy, including a sample of what was believed to be seminal, fluid
these whenever tested for unknown raisins. Consequently, there was no forensic evidence confirming whether she had been sexually assaulted. However, the eyewitnesses ass, provided enough evidence to charge Alexander Grant within decently, interfering with the dead body which carried the maximum penalty of two years in prison on May twenty four nineteen. Eighty eight grant was officially charged with this offence, as well as two counts of culpable driving, causing death off the sergeant. God can concluded that Mona would have been incapable of driving a manual full will drive. He was so charged with high range proscribed concentration of alcohol, a charge given to individual
those who drive a motor vehicle on a public road with a blood alcohol concentration of point, one five or above as the counts of culpable driving, can. It did with grants original charge of allowing an unlicensed drive out to take control of ease vehicle. The decision, was made to hold a committee hearing in order to determine which of the charges grant would ultimately face The committee hearing was held almost six months later November right nineteen, Idea it was a hot day making the bird courthouse bill, particularly stuffy and unpleasant. Magistrate rosemary, Katy Smith, presided. the hearing, while police prosecutor sergeant Rollin to die presented, but the prosecution
Alexander Graham, was represented by his hot Pross barrister, Anthony Quinn, Levin and so bill how's. The process You shouldn't primary aim was to disprove grants assertion that Mona Smith had been driving he's vehicle defence pointed to the significant damage sustained to the draw this side of the? U and argued that grant was too large to have escaped essentially unscathed if he had been driving As Mona had suffered extreme injuries, they positive that it was far more likely she had been behind the wheel. The first witness called to the stand was sergeant. Raymond God can whose work on that. I had resulted in culpable driving charges being laid against grant Cindy and domain, as mothers dawn and two June Smith also testified.
speaking about their relationships with their daughters and both girls. The lack of dropping experience that ants attempted to undermine the evidence of both women under cross examination, suggesting That Mona might have had more experience driving than her fan I was aware of while and two June Smith. Both spoke of how close knit that community was barrister. Anthony Quinlan then tried to discredit this by telling the court that the girls were nine to drink on occasion and spend time unsupervised. Constable can Mackenzie the first officer to arrive on the same also testified though,
he appeared and nervous the prosecution portrayed. Constable Mackenzie has a reliable officer with considerable crime scene experience, but the defence implied he's value to bring his official police no boat to the same reflected poorly constable. Mackenzie confirmed that grant had been slurring he's words when questioned about responding officers, prompting Quinn, Levanter Query whether Mackenzie had possibly misunderstood, he's initial claim that he had been driving the. U constable Mackenzie stood firm, noting that grant had definitely stated. I was in response to the question of who had been driving Doktor Clive Pringle. The forensic pathologist, who conducted see
de and monads autopsies told the court that both girls would have died within an hour of the crash. He further stated that Cindy would have been in extreme pain and unable to sit up and had to locally full and unconscious. Immediately following the crash due to shock and injury, However, under cross examination from Quinn, Levin Doktor Pringle acknowledged that it wouldn't be quote totally extraordinary. If Cindy had managed to survive for up to two hours, witnesses, shame body and Tax Johnson spoke of how they stumbled across the crash saying. Shame insisted that both girls were the same when they arrived, but the defence argued It was not in a position to confirm this, as you
Had no medical experience by trying to extend the period of time Cindy could have survived for grants, legal tame were trying taken in the magistrate that Cindy could have still been alive after her body was undressed and adjusted, thus absolving gram of having indecently into feed with a dead body. In summing up the case, magistrate My caters Smith noted that, although there was evidence suggesting that Mona Smith had driven a vehicle, at least once before the crash, she did not have very extensive experience in driving. She also stated that grant had clearly being dishonest when speaking with Paul.
Ice and that it seems highly out of character for him to lend he's vehicle to attain a job whom he D just met, ultimately judge Katy Smith, meant that the original charges relating to Mona driving the vehicle would be dropped and to grant would face two counts of culpable driving with regards to the charge of indecently interfering with a dead body, Judge Katy Smith and noted that Cindy would have Quickly and dismissed the notion that she had removed her own clothing, noting that grant was discovered with these arm dragged across Cindy's chest indicating interference of a sexual nature had been committed. Judge Katy Smith said that this third charge would also stand.
Grant was committed for trial but was not held on remand. He was scolded from the courthouse to a car waiting outside some of Cindy and Mon family and friends ran after the car as it drive away shouting and shaking that faced with several making our contact with grant as they did so, Grant had re located to Sydney following the crash and returned there to a white he's trial more than six months IDA in June nineteen, eighty nine, the charge of, my range prescribed concentration of alcohol was adjourned for unknown raisins. It was the Only charge against grant that judge, Katy Smith didn't addressed during the conclusion of the committee hearing.
Trial was scheduled for January twenty nine. Ninety ninety, in the main time grants defence Tame requested that the new half the wiles attorney general issue and no bill to the charge of indecent interference with a body. they charge was given a no bill. It would essentially go away and not be brought But during a trial grants defence argued that there was no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Cindy was deceased at five, a dot m, the approximate time that her shirt was removed. They also stated the grandstand events to level of intoxication meant. There was a question as to whether he was in a state to voluntarily Undertale Such an action, the attorney general agreed with these arguments
and on January, twenty four nineteen. Ninety, the defence tame received a letter from the director of public prosecutions advising that the charge would be withdrawn. No one. Charge was introduced relating to the possible sexual assault of Cindy, and the only charges grant would be tried for what the two counts of culpable driving. Cindy and known as families were not informed that the charge of interference with the court said being dropped until the trial commenced. On Thursday February one in the book district court upon hearing the news they became furious and destroyed, as the jury were required to weggs that the court, whenever and relating to interference with Cindy's corpse, was raised. They were entirely unaware of the matter or the withdrawal in charge.
The original jury had included to aboriginal women that grants defence has challenged bearing clues by arguing that day would be under pressure from their communities to convict and quote in those circumstances, grant probably wouldn't get a fair trial Consequently, the to indigenous jury members were replaced, resulting in an oh. What jury. The onus was on the prosecution to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Alexander Grant had been driving the vehicle when it crashed. Their argument was hindered by what grants barrister lighter, called the fabulous physical evidence of the Youth Roof Bank smashed in down to the steering wheel on the job, as saw
Quite anybody sitting in that same was gone on and my guy didn't have a scratch. On Thursday February I one week after the trial began, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty prompting the court. A wrapped in anger when the it was read aloud. Don't Smith removed one of her shoes and threw it at the jury. The latest spoke of her anger at the funding to journalists, the Rosemary Neil, who wrote an article about the case toddled the long shadow of a twin tragedy for the weekend australian newspaper. Dawn, remarked of course,
was shot June, added that if a police officer had been standing near her, she would have grabbed the gun and shock Grant in retaliation. She recalled that to police officers also seemed bitterly disappointed by grants. Acquittal. In the same article, J Smith, told Rosemary Neil, that day was the worst of her life quite to hear what happened today's girls and he walked free. If it had been too little white girls, it would have been a different matter, and if it was a black man with two white girls, he being locked up there and then thrown away the case still in jail today,.
Due to the angry reaction from those in the public gallery, grants, barrister and solicitor were given a police s gone out of the courthouse. They were instructed by police to leave this Sidney immediately and not stop until they reach two Bathurst at tat. Sixty hours, Why, by car four days later, on February, twelve grant was arrested in Sydney off the severely assaulting another individual and was charged with a solid occasioning actual bodily harm. Many people in book were outraged and disgusted by the trials outcome, feeling that justice had not been served. In the years that followed, the inconclusive nature of the case prompted alternate theories as to what
really happened, don't Anggurnya road on the noahide of December five, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. They have been fuelled in part by a police statement made in May one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven bus thirteen year old, cousin of Cindy and Mona named, Sharon told police that on the evening of fraud I December for the night before the crash she had been walking through Burke towards the reserve with another cousin named Julie. When a what or will drive shape, believed was a toy Oda pulled over the driver was a white man, who's she later identified as Alexander Grand hey Smell of b and asked if the girls New where the nearby rodeo was the girls. great to show you the way and got into his vehicle upon. It
arriving at the show grounds where the radio was hosted. The girl started drinking with Grand soon Sharon noticed that Cindy was also there at some stage. Sharon Julie, Cindy and Grand headed towards Antonia to visit Julie's brother. During their Dr Grant requested that Sharon's D, the vehicle as hay was extremely drunk as she did so grant begin rubbing the legs of all three girls. The group spent some time in Angola before heading back towards book. When they arrived back at the show grounds, they encountered five more of Sharon's cousins who wool wanted a lift. They piled into the rear cargo area of the you'd and before that were dropped off
they stole a number of work tools that had been stored, their Sharon's said she then dropped Cindy off at the reserve, leaving her hand holy alone with grand hay was extremely drunk at this point, and pro. position that the young girls offering them money in exchange for sex they refused and good out of the vehicle at which point grant drive away. Some people in Burke believed that Cindy and moaning deaths. The following nod were deliberately orchestrated by Gran as revenge but being wrong. and that hey mistook Kimono for Julie, there are rumours that Julie had stolen drugs and a substantial amount of cash which grant had stashed under one of the vehicles sites.
When Grant came into tat. The following day, supposedly looking for someone to help him repair his excavator, he was actually looking for Sharon, Julie and Cindy after discovering he D been robbed. Those this scrub to this theory believed that several aboriginal men, who had been in full different cause, assisted grant in brutally attacking the girls in exchange for money, the girls Were attacked on Indonesia, road where Thou have found and the scene was subsequently staged to resemble a car crash. On witness has reported to moan is family that they were present for the attack and saw a grand wielding enacts over Mon, his head ass. He said. Where's my money, Julie, Smith,. Mona replied on not Julie
on Mona LISA. Another witness has claimed to have driven past. The crash saw the following morning, while detectives whereat the same. The witness noticed a man sitting by the side of the road where A shirt covered in blood, it is being said that this man lighter confessed to being present during the attack and claimed he had tried to help Mona. However, police reports, contain no mention of any such man being present. At the same. many years after the girls deaths Mon, his mother June and sister Fiona, visited a male cousin after another family member accused him of being involved in the incident. The two women asked where the cousin had been on the nod in question, and he replied
that hey and their anti had been travelling to bahrwan amongst for car loads of people. The cousins admission to being in a convoy of full vehicles, led some to believe he was one of the men who helped to grant attack. The two girls basis backed. He merely said he was in Verona to cover he's tracks and was actually present at the crash thought it has been alleged that the cousin participated in the murders in exchange for money from grand. But those who believe this alternative theory, it explains why It was so little blood inside the vehicle. How they use ties were inflated and undamaged. Why a top Poland appeared to have been neatly, lay down on the ground and how Gran walked away unharmed.
Some of Cindy into mine as family members are also certain that the girls would never get into a vehicle driven by a white stranger unless they, someone else who was with the driver author, Rigid Stanton, who wrote. Book Antonia Road has proposed Another explanation for why Grant might have escaped with so few injuries if he was driving The theory is that grant bright suddenly, which led to Mona Bang trains through the windscreen, as the vehicle slowed down Cindy was also thrown from the vehicle Grand was then tossed aside ways into Cindy's now empty, say before the roof was crushed in
he was able to climb out of the now empty windscreen when the vehicle came to a stop, stand and believes. This would also explain how grant exited the vehicle, as responding offices found, that both doors were jammed shot according to stand after the trial, several experts conceded that this was a plausible scenario. Cindy and Moon is family. Members are torn as to what exactly happened to the girls on the nod of December five, nineteen, eighty seven with much of their confusion stemming from the fact that they receive so little communication from the police carry Cindy Smith. Sister has criticized in ass, the guidance but not properly interviewing the aboriginal community in the immediate aftermath of the girls deaths as many
had been out in Burke that not and could have provided evidence in two thousand eighteen June, Smee Tal journalist Rosemary Neil quote. We didn't know nothing. The police never came and spoke with us. They all sort of kept away. That the worst part sitting and waiting and knowing Alexander grants. Defence barrister, Anthony Quinn, Levin also spoke with. The job Alice Derisory Neil, although he maintained that justice was done, he admitted to having some misgivings about the trials, the outcome and described it as one of the most exceptional events that happened to me in forty years of being a lawyer.
As Cindy was fifteen years old, queen living queried? Why the prosecution did an attempt to prosecute grand within decency against the minor instead of indecently interfering with a corpse. White rearranging her clothing. Obviously he did that blind Friday could say he must have done that he was probably doing something despicable at that point, it was difficult to say why it was that the police or the crown authorities did not work out that they might have had a stronger Kay
if they had charged him with some active indecency against the minor under the age of sixteen. The inferences seem very powerful in that regard. Quinn, Levin acknowledged that he's form a client had clearly told Biff based the laws throughout these interviews and court proceedings. Adding my fellow was very for to walk away a free man. Rosemary Neil also contacted the New South Wales police for her article and today supplied the following statement. The case is gone through court proceedings over thirty years ago. And police have no further comment on matters that are already on public record
Aren't relationship between New South Wales, police and all members of the book and born communities is co, hasty event respectful and continues to develop in two thousand Seventeen Alexander Grant died at the age of seventy in Sydney prior to his death. He had lived in a nursing home where he required constant care after a stroke had left him with difficulty. Speaking Fiona Mona Smith System told case file that she experienced mixed emotions when grant Dodd, because is she was deeply saddened that he did never be brought to justice for Cindy and minors. Death said, I Fiona, still lives in Burke and works with local indigenous youths by teaching
about their ancestors and providing a means for young people to get involved in their community shape. If that Cindy and moaning spirits are unable to rest due to the traumatic nature of their deaths. Cindy's Nava DAWN works for the book Aboriginal legal service, providing professional and culturally appropriate legal services for average renewal and tar astride all under Paypal. She says that she doesn't want to die before justice is done, Cindy sister carry now lives in Melbourne and believes Cindy Spirit has followed her. There is chaise unable to rest without justice.
although grant died in two thousand seventeen, the girls families have been petitioning for an inquest into their deaths in the hopes they might finally received the answers. I have sought for more than thirty ease in two thousand eighteen legal advocacy group. The national Justice project issued a formal complaint about the mishandling of the case to the new stuff wiles law enforcement conduct, The mission, the project's principle, solicitor argued that there was evidence. Alexander grant was a sexual predator, nine for attempting to pray,
aboriginal girls. The statement provided by the girls cousin Sharon's Smith, who said she'd had an encounter with grant, but not before the crash was cited in the submission. The submission also pointed out that the police value to retrieve the steering wheel from grants vehicle was quote fatal to the prosecution charges, as they could not proof who was driving in June, two thousand nineteen Cindy and mine. His family's met with New South Wales police for a formal
Maybe I should session about the case. Be honest Smith told the weekend destroying newspaper that the experience was draining yet positive and she was hopeful thy will one step closer to achieving their Gauls in an exclusive interview with the wake and destroying the magistrate who committed grant disdained trawl rosemary K. Dismay also spoke out in favour of an inquest. She described the original investigation as incompetent and labelled grants. Of events, as totally. unbelievable lies. Quite I do certainly think some questions should be asked and the matter better exposed. I think this should happen.
In fairness to their families and their relationship with the aboriginal community, who feel that all interests have not been looked after with some reason. in June, two thousand twenty Cindy into Mon. His family's received notice from the deputy director of New South Wales public prosecutions that an inquest was unlikely to go ahead. The decision to drop the charge of indecent interference with Cindy's corpse was defended, though the office of the director of public prosecutions, apologized for not notifying Cindy's family of this development prior to the truth
I'll do New South Wales, police, commissioner, had also revealed that two independent inquiries had found the police handling of the case to be adequate. The girls families were extremely disappointed by these developments with Vienna Smith, telling the weekend Austrian, quite that's like their docking, and why giving and no one wants to take responsibility. My mama loses her Spock when things like this happen, I saw her sink a bit more. Cindy and moaned, as mothers are still fighting for an inquest to be granted during the making of this episode. they issued an open letter to case file that raids. We, the mothers
Cindy and Mona LISA Smith want an inquest into our daughters deaths, which happened on December six. Nineteen eighty. Seven on the angoniland road, it is being thirty. For years now, since we lost them, and nothing has been done to help us find out the truth about what happened to our goals if they were to walk, go ass the killers would have been jailed by now, but they were black girls and everything is swept under the rug. So we IE. Is there one law for want Paypal and a separate law, the black people? We have been through a lot days past thirty, three years things about what happened and whether we will ever get justice, various girls or not all the stress and pain. We are going through now wondering if we will ever get justice for our daughters,
yours, the struggle, IONA, don't Smith and Jean Smith. Angie's west is now Angie your home for everything home with Angie. You could cross your next project off here to do list before this add is over just tell us what you need and we'll handle the rest, sending a top pro get it done or browse reviews compare quotes from froze and connect instantly all for free for ever from routine maintenance to a dream remodel, because, however, you want your project done, we'll get it done down
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