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Case 155: Danniella Vian

2020-09-05 | 🔗
It wasn’t unusual for 25-year-old Danniella Vian to lose her phone. So when her mother-in-law Julie received a phone call from a stranger saying he had Danniella’s mobile, this wasn’t a cause for concern. The previous day, Danniella had made a highly anticipated car purchase and spent the night out celebrating with friends. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Eileen Ormsby Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-155-danniella-vian
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Today, what business needs most is creativity, so, let's create new possibilities from intelligent automation to cloud management that requires less management. Let's create something that changes everything IBM, let's create, learn more at IBM Dot, com. Arab besides deal with serious and often distressing incidents, If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidence. who support place the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. At approximately seven thirty. I am on Wednesday July eighteen, two thousand and eighteen be Alabama resident, Julie, Dogs, Thomas received a phone call
from an unfamiliar number. a man on the other line said he had found a mode I'll phone that contained photos of a baby, and he is The owner would want it back. Julie, soon established that the phoning question belonged to her sons. Twenty five years, girlfriend Daniela Diane Julie thanked the man and asked if he could go The phone off that Daniele is workplace. The asian themed restaurant chain pay a change in mobiles, Land more Julie, He wasn't alarmed by the call. And yellow had purchased a new car that day prior in June, he thought she must have gone out to celebrate and had lost her phone at some point during the evening this war, then unusual for Daniela ass. She had lost other funds in the past.
Julie assumed it would only be a matter of time before dawn, yellow, showed up and would be relieved to know. Her phone had been found. At nine I am Julie, cold, the building manager of Daniela Apartment, complex and asked them have Daniela returned her coal The building manager said that Daniela wasn't at home, Julie asked that they live in on her door, saying that Julie knew who had her phone later that day fonder of Daniela phone Cold Julie again this time offering to meet her in person two handed over Julie, paid her request that he drop at Pay F, Channing's, where the stuff would cable safe until Daniela arrived for her next shift by four p m. Julie, still haven't heard from Daniela. She went
to her apartment. Only to find the note, building manager had pinned to the front door, was still there done. allow wasn't at home further support in Julie's theory that she must be recovering from the not before at a friends House Julie with certain. She would aid the coal at some point ass. She knew Julie's phone number by heart or would turn up the following day. Daniele is year old daughter, Cora had been visiting. Relatives for the past week and to Julie, knew that there was no way. Daniela would make her little girls home coming the next morning, Of Thursday July nineteen, the man Van de Daniela, spying, cold, again Julie was growing, irritated and a little confused as to why he kept calling her. Instead of dropping, the phone at Daniela were clock, she'd requested as he seemed to relax
and to do so Julie, told him hold on to the fire, and she would. let him know as soon as Daniela, yellow goading touch. The man asked if they should be concerned to which jewel I assured him that there was nothing to worry about struck. Julie is odd that this strange was showing so much concern. Daniela call violin was born in Roswell New Mexico on March eight. Ninety, ninety three to mother, joy and biological.
She never knew when She was very young, her stepfather bills. I am legally adopted her and she took on his surname. Bill was in the military and the family the Randolph Dolphin growing up, yellow, had a reasonable report with her stepfather her relationship with her mother was reportedly tumultuous. As a result, Daniela spent much of her adolescence cow shopping and staying with friends. The viands were stationed at the Fort Riley military Base in North Central Kansas. Daniela later adopted the Instagram username at former straight kid in reference to her teenage years. Although. Its unclear whether she was kicked out of time. Always Transient by choice.
Fort dryly, he's one of the largest and oldest military installations in the United States and is high too many families of service, men and women. It was there that and yellow met. Julie, Son Tyler show Thomas who was a couple of ease. Her senior. The two had a lot in common, both had gone. not in America's Bible belt raging in military families, who believed, in God, guns and patriotism, their military upbringing had required them to move from base to base, which meant constant disruptions and a loss of friendship toss as such. They both developed and necessary resilience and ability to adapt like Daniel tal- I never knew his biological father and had been adopted by he stepped Father, Patrick Toiler, as a baby. Although
The military subculture brought them together. There was no immediate romantic connection between taller and Daniela. When Tyler was eighteen he married another girl, but it didn't. Last long soon after Tyler followed, he stepped fathers footsteps and signed up for them a tree taking on a communications wrong. He was deployed to both on Iraq and Afghanistan, where he used social media, to keep in touch with these old circle of friends particular. lay Daniela the to fail, That had other things in common besides military life, such as an interesting tattoos, and what both artistically talented when Tyler returned to the United States hastily graded he's parents at their home in Mobile Alabama before making the three our trip to Is it eighteen year old Daniela? They re kindled friendship, quick,
we grew into a relationship and did I officially started dating Tyler returned to the military where he spent six months before being discharged as soon as he was finished, he asked to Daniel ought to move with him to my bill. Now be always pod of America's Babo Bell and informal raging in the countries South EAST that encompasses more than a dozen states with a conservative culture, The overall chrome right is one hundred and twenty six percent higher than the national average, with violent crimes such as rape, homicide and aggravated assault trending upwards over the past ten years. It has close to the highest chrome right of anywhere in Alabama and almost double the national. Leverage, murder right. In my view,
Individuals have a one in seventeen chance of becoming a victim of any crime. One in one hundred and thirty two chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. No bill has a history of economic swings with much of its income, derived from a robust domestic and international shipping industry through the mobile ports The western neighborhoods, where Tyler Thomas's family lived, were characterized by Poland pay, payday lines, dollar stores, fast food chains and billboards. The tossing, no win, no fate. Personal injury boy is the most pop their activities in the area. Besides, hunting all typically involved to ward off with the residents taking advice,
The age of a mobile by the Mobile River Delta ended the nearby Gulf of Mexico to take part in sailing fishing kayaking swimming. Diving or just hanging out on the beach. Angela volume didn't hesitate to move to know bill with Tyler, but as the cup I had no money, they moved in with Tyler's parents, Julie and Patrick and he's brother pay J. From that moment on Daniel only had sporadic contact with her own family, preferring the blending with the Thomas family. Instead from the outset, Tyler into Daniel relationship. Was rocky Tyler hadn't been the same since leaving the military he suffered from post, traumatic, stress disorder and didn't respond well to conventional treatment. Instead, he self medication,
with the drugs which culminated in a heroine habit. Globe, was no stranger to the police and was arrested for various felony and misdemeanor offences. Daniela earned Tyler loved each other. They both designed tattoos and the time Daniela required several, including a man dollar style flower on her left. Shoulder a grey outline of an elephant on her right raised. An outlaw of a hot, a Buddha and an american flag with a unicorn where the stars should bay on her inside right, thigh.
On her left collarbone, she had a matching tattoo to toil, which was the image of two graveyard headstones sitting side by side inside the tombstones, where the words to die by your side. In early two thousand and thirteen Daniela and toil, I discovered that they were going to be parents determined to provide a good life for their new born got their own apartment in mobile and prepared to become a family, their doors Cora was born in late, two thousand and thirteen, but for the first month she was placed into the custody of her grandparents, Julie and Patrick Daniel aren't taller tried to make things work, but it soon became evident that their own house
Wasn't a healthy environment in which to raise their daughter though Daniela yearned today, a good mother. She felt the only way to do so was to let chorus diet tireless parents house most of the time. Toddlers heroin addiction continued to be a major issue resulting in Several arrests, unstinting rehab, the couple fought, constantly accused One another of infidelity and their arguments sometimes turned into physical altercations. Daniela bounced around a number of different jobs in restaurants and bars around my bill. She made friends easily enough, but Jude her busy work schedule. Her friends tended to be workmates in order to sustain herself through double shifts. She sometimes tend to live at a prescription amphetamine used to try
idea hedge day, similar to the better known at all, as well as increasing alertness and decreasing appetite via Van can cause the user to become jittery and anxious. It is tightly controlled, as it can easily be abused and caused dependence. Daniela didn't have a prescription, but so the drug via rather methods on March. Twenty five, two thousand and fifteen during one of the many rough patches in the couples relationship Tyler filed a petition against Daniela the custody of Cora. In it he roared. I have been the sole provided, a core us since she was born I am the only parent with a driver's license and Vienna parents with a steady work history I have gathered
dense of done using drugs around Cora and evidence of her being unfit As a mother, I have been doing everything in my power to have contact with my daughter, and it has denied. I do not plan on keeping Cora from her mother. I simply a way back into. My daughter's alive that case came up in family corps in October, Tyler failed to appear, and the judge dismissed the application blood point Cora was living with the Julian Patrick, who started to discuss taking on full custody. Although Daniela missed having Cora with her all the time. She knew this stability that Julie and Patrick could provide was in core, is best interests.
Toilers Heroin addiction continued to worsen and dinner Ali two thousand. Sixteen he went to jail for breaking and entering during his incarceration Daniela started dating other people, but she and tall re united after he's relays, despite the toxic nature of their relationship. She told her concerned friends that Tyler wasn't just her boyfriend and the father of her child. Child, but had also been her best friend for seven years. He continued to And time in and out of jail living Daniela in their apartment whenever he was released, even when a word romantically involve towards the end of two thousand. Seventeen Tyler was having time for filing a drug test. That was a condition of peace, privation,
He was then moved into rehab where he was allowed to spend one day away. Gap with Daniela upon his release, Daniela announced that she was pregnant Allah was I've a joy and vowed to stay claim after they visited the doktor and established the time of conception. However, it became clear that Tyler couldn't bade the father. Nevertheless, he told Daniela he would support her throughout the pregnancy until she gave the child up for. Adoption by December Daniela had started to show, and Thailand dad in anger and humiliation that being faced with proof of her infidelity. This situation became untenable for Daniela and she decided to try and reconnect with her mother joy who was living in North Carolina.
Daniel. I wanted to go back to college and work towards some sort of future for herself Cora and perhaps the new baby. She also wanted to get away from my Beale and put some distance between herself and Tyler. Cora stayed behind with the Jew. Leland Patrick while Daniela travelled to North Carolina, but the move was short, lived, Daniela missed, Cora and Tyler. So she soon returned to my bill upon her return. Daniela started working at Pay F change where one of her fellow servers Jockobinski took her under her wing when Daniela told her. She didn't have a car, because Tyler had erected some time earlier. Hannah her a ride home and the two
what delighted to discover they leave just minutes away from one another. They struck up. Friendship and from then on Hannah. I've done, yellow lift to and from paying Channing's nil. Every shift. Even if Hannah herself wasn't working. the two women were similar in many ways and when Hannah started attending cosmetology school Daniela was only too happy to help out. She led Had I try out here collars and styles on her a shame. Enjoy the changing her style, often at various times Daniela had blonde brown red Blue Green and they in multi, colored, hair. Daniela worked almost every single day and often pooled double shifts in a bid to save money
she needed enough to fund her upcoming maternity leave and also hoped to buy a car which would give her freedom and the ability to see Cora whenever she wanted the vote Mother of Daniella's, unborn baby had no interest in raising his child, but offered financial support if she wanted to bring the child up herself. Daniela decided to proceed with an open adoption, which meant she was able to make potential adoptive parents of the screening through Apple patients, Daniela decided on a married couple from my Beale. A teacher and a police officer on June seeks two thousand team. Daniela gave birth to a baby boy, the adoptive parents, its joined her during the birth and she let them caught the umbilical cord, hoping
help form and a media bond for the new family they adopted parents were willing for their child to know who Daniela was, but she didn't think that was a good idea. under Alabama law, the birth mother can Change your mind for up to five days after the adoption, but Daniela and her sons, adoptive parents, established in agreement that she would have up to six months on the day of the birth Tyler Rivah done heroin in his car, but an ambulance resuscitated him with knocking which immediately not guided the effects of the drug Tyler proceeded to the hospital. Though, nothing had happened, and it was there to support Daniela through the birth of her little boy. Afterwards, he turned himself even to be put back in jail for once again violating their conditions of use.
wrong on the evening of the birth Daniela sent a text message to Julie, to say she was saw, but I came and that she hadn't yet In her baby and wasn't sure if she wanted to. She wrote a letter for her son, which she gave to he's adoptive parents to give to him on his eighteenth birthday. She then left the hospital without holding her baby boy.
Despite reassuring Julie that she was in good, health Daniela had experienced complications during labour that continued after she left the hospital. She was in a great deal of pain and was bleeding heavily, but three days after the birth Daniela returned to work determined to save money. She pushed herself hard and didn't give her self time to heal. Instead, she relied on Norka a strong proscription painkiller, similar to the better known advocate in which can cause drowsiness. Uses a worn to never to mix nor co with alcohol with the birth and adoption can play. and two taller back in jail. Daniele us, two more motivated than ever to work towards a better life for herself and Cora.
Main priority was buying a car as she didn't like being reliant on friends and tireless family to drive her around on June seventeen less than two weeks after giving birth Daniela Right a list of girls in her journal using fancy riding And illustrating the page with tattoo stall peaches, she had successfully saved up enough money to place a down payment on a car and was taking the necessary steps to secure the one she wanted, her dreams and gulls for what came now extra lighted, mostly to Cora and Yellow wrote that she wanted to get core is bedroom together, take her to school every day, get her involved with sport or dance and have Cora sleep over eighty percent of the time.
The other girls related to getting her finances under control by paying down her bank overdraft and credit card she'll So I wanted to start school and focus on being more positive at the top of the page, Age, Daniela Road. We need to say what the world could bay, not what it is. On Monday July, sixteen two thousand nineteen Daniela went the Poem motor Car dealership to purchase a dark blue. Two thousand fourteen chef relate crews. Oh motors was by he pay heed dealership, which men at special laws in old. I used cars with high mileage, the clients with a bad credit history. By he pay heed deal is often provide on sought financing options for those who are unable to get credit elsewhere, offering loan
with higher interest rates, own comes directly from the dealer, who will love and stipulate that the rate payments have to be made in person in cash. The car Daniela wanted was worth around ten thousand dollars, which required a down payment of fifteen hundred dollars. Oh motors agreed to let her pay one thousand dollars of the down payment in cash with the remaining five hundred to be paid by the end of the month. However, she had to pay the hurry insurance via a bank transfer, which was a problem as Daniele as bank account was overdrawn. She didn't have enough money to pay the full amount owed to her overdrawn account as well. Her insurance, so she decided to deposit their cash into Julie's. They can from which the insurance would then be paid.
Pull notice required. A number of documents from Daniela include In a letter of recommendation from her landlord stating shoe reliable in paying rent. She borrowed Julie's car and spent the day going back and forth. Getting all of the paper work together said that she could pick up the car the next day. When she finally got everything sordid. She returned the car to Julie's house in the afternoon. It was just six weeks since she had given birth and she was exhausted and Billing pain, Daniela, lay down on the couch and took her pain killers. She was dead. At Julie's that not Julie's husband, Patrick son, Pay, J and little Cora wear away visiting Patrick System in Selma about a three dr North. They had been
Away for almost awake, and would you back no bill on Thursday July nineteen. Julie and Daniela discussed their upcoming plans. The following day: Julie intended to draw Daniela to the bank and then to co modal. To pick up her car. once Daniela had their car? She wanted to go shopping for some school supplies for Cora, including a tide, died a backpack Oh girl had previously admired, after that Daniela planned to made up with some friends and go out for a celebratory drink on Thursday, when Cora and the rest the family. Would you back? Daniela would return to Julie's to surprise her daughter with the backpack back and stay overnight said they could cut a lump together as they discussed there
Hands Daniela, barely move. She apologized to Julie. For being so tired, saying This medicine just makes me really slavey. On the morning of Tuesday July, seventeen two thousand atm eighteen Daniela rose early. All the paperwork required to finalize her copper chest was in a large envelope that she shoved into her large such old type hand, bag Julie, then Dr Daniela to the bank has planned, so she could deposit cash into Julie's account to pay for her car insurance. just after eleven. I am Julie Dry the dun yellow rough, but pull motors and waded out the front. Has she signed the paperwork and picked up the case? Ten May
its later Daniela finally said in her shabby crews and got the final run down on its pages is Polluted a global positioning system or J P S that would be attached to the car. Track all of Daniela movements and told the car had been paid off. This was designed. A great possession of their car Asia if a by a failed to make their re payments the gps plugged into port under the steering column. and would ping the cars location every four minutes when it was in motion endeavour Four hours when the vehicle wasn't in use, if it became disconnected The company would receive an alert and would go in search of the car.
Daniela had signed an acknowledgement that the J P S was there and that she would do not attempt to remove it. At eleven thirty five, I am Jewel He waved Daniela raw for she left the car yard from there done: Yellow drove the twenty four minute journey to her home at the seven I won South apartments complex on university boulevard. She And been going out lightly, but was determined to celebrate her new purchase. although it was a Tuesday and Yellow, was optimistic. She would find someone willing to go out for a few drinks, as most of her friends worked in the hospitality industry. In addition, the Idee North Major League Baseball all star game, was on that not and would be televised alive, make it more likely that people would be out in a bad mood.
bill was a baseball mad city. Having produce the more baseball hall of Fame is than any other city in the. U S outside of New York and Chicago. Daniela remained at home for several hours and in the the noon she started making plans for the evening. Just before for twenty p m, she texted her friend and coworker Hannah too ass. If she was at work as done, yellow was thinking of heading over to the more why pay have changed was located to buy chorus. School supplies Hannah responded that she would be starting work at five o clock minutes later, Daniela sent a facebook message to reindeer caps of alma coworker. She used to work with and a bar code, Hurricane Grill and wings as the body,
was in the same area. Has her errands Daniela, considered stopping by for a drink. Randy responded that he was indeed working that not He now work that heroes, sports bar and grill, where she would be welcome to come by Daniela risk, On that, but I don't like going to a place of never been before hurricanes is just along the way of whatever responsible things I have to get done. So I can stop by and drink me to build, paying reindeer reply. Ella Well Bahia. Well, I'm here Not like you, don't know anyone at five twenty. I am Daniela left her apartment dressed casually in black leggings, a dark color
Shirt with a mellow mushroom pizza chain, logo on the pocket and black high top converse snake is. her rather changing hair was currently dark. Brown with red tape, surrounded the fringe and she wore it up in a ponytail. She also wore a pink baseball cap that had a cartoon do not soon on the from the top favoured by cartoon character. The Simpson Daniela stopped at a small strip. Mall on university drive before continuing to the shops, at Bel AIR at five. Fifty p m a shopping center, offering a mix of department stores, specially shops, cafes and restaurants. Pay F, Channing's, sits on the outside of the more just to the right of the main entrance At the mall Daniela bumped into a coworker entered the two had a brief exchange with Daniela
and how relieved she was to finally have a car. She couldn't stop the chat, long because she was on a mission to buy Cora Backpack for school. After she was done, shopping Daniela made the eighteen minutes journey to heroes, sports barn, girl. Well former colleague Randy was on Judy behind the bar at thirty by these out Randy Ten years older than Daniela, he had a check and paused with previous arrests for drug possession, possession of stolen property and driving under the influence just the six thirty p m Daniela settled in at the bar, where she could check the Randy between him serving drinks here,
rose, was a large sports bar with multiple televisions, screening, various sporting events, the two chatted and before long to more of Randy's friends entered the bar and sat near by they were dense and why? Who was a? In his early fortys and Mallory Miller, KEN worthy who was in her maid authorities, debt send Mallory had terrain d, o played on the same self bolting. There was supposed to be a game that non, but it had been called off. To the rain so Mallory and dense, and had decided to go to heroes to watch the all stars. Gay dancing. Larry and Daniela sat together watching the game and chatting to Randy while they worked behind the bar, it was Daniele as first time
mating dancer, but she and Mallory had met before as they had friends in the same social circles. Mallory had a new born baby and law. Daniela. That was her first night out since giving birth six weeks earlier density. Had just returned from a work trip away and had driven the heroes in he's rental car he worked for eight p m terminals at the mobile ports. A busy doc were twelve hundred chew. Being containers went in and day out on an average day dense was a deal maker who had received. any honours for the business. He broke internet bill at seven fourteen- I am Daniela responded to a text from Julie, rigour adding some local gossip one
later at seven fifteen. She messaged her friend and colleague Hannah to say she hadn't seen her car need pay have changed when she stopped at the mall. Hannah responded that she was indeed working that evening at seven thirty, six p m yellow message. Tanner again saying. On drinking happily at a sports bar to which Hanner replied Hell, yes, taking advantage of the freedom. Daniela Mallory handed dense and made plans to move on to Dublin pop and daydream. Just half a mile Hold down the road. it was an irish thing. Debar that had opened two months earlier with love music and a lot more atmosphere than he arrives.
They agreed to meet Randy at a third by all these Mediterranean grill when he finished work later that not all these was another form of workplace have done yellows and was closer to her apartment. Randy expected finish work around eleven p M and said he would text When he was leaving at eight twenty five p m Daniela sent a text to Hannah that Red Ok, I'm going to drive now, but should I I don't know she had consumed a few drinks wallet heroes but didn't appear to be drunk However, it's possible that she may have taken a couple of her nor go painkillers which could result in serious side effects when mixed with alcohol and I
Fifty seven p m Daniela ran the dense and became Facebook friends and density send Danielle or an invitation to a party at his house. That was to behold a couple of weeks later at nine twelve pay am Daniela, hugged, reindeer good, bye and Shea Dancing and Mallory left heroes for their next destination. As soon as Daniela was outside, she sent to Facebook messages, terrain d, but hey, didn't respond to weigh thou at nine sixteen pay em. She attempted to call Hannah who was still working and didn't answer. at nine. Forty six p m Daniela sent her a short video via the messaging app snapchat of sitting alone in their job is said of her car. The clip contain
nothing out of the ordinary, although Honey Did you notice that Daniela appeared to be a little intoxicated, as is the case with snapshot messages? The video player once before, being automatically dilated Hannah the cold Daniela shortly afterwards, but there was no whatcha according to that Ps Records in Daniela car. She left the Heroes car park at ten point. Five p m nearly one hour after exiting the bar, it isn't and whether she stayed in the car park by herself. The entire time or quota lift today blondes earlier with dense in old Mallory before returning for her car lighter.
At ten o white p M Daniel is car pulled into Dublin's, where she continued socializing, with Dancin and Mallory At some point, Mallory announced that she was going to a pool whole cold runway bar to catch up with friends, and would Meda With Daniela, yellow, Dancin and Randy, Da Dolly's, however, dense and said he had decided to go home instead of continuing on at ten. Forty four p m Randy sent Daniela Facebook message to let her know he was about to finish work and would head straight to Wally's. one minute later at ten, forty five p m, Daniela, Jensen and Mallory. H, left Dublin's in their separate vehicles
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your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. The drive from Dublin to all was only two point: nine miles and required a left turn out of the car park. Densities house was in the opposite direction and required a right turn. According to the J P S daughter from Daniela Car upon leaving the car park, she also took a right turn. Which was odd, given she knew the area are incredibly well and was fully aware. that Ali's was in the opposite direction. Mallory Sir, This manoeuvre and noted it is strange that continued. to the runway bar to made her friends without giving it much thought.
Dense and lady, said: hey, wasn't aware that Daniela was following him until fifteen minutes later, when thou passing through a quiet industrial area and she flushed her lots to indicate she wanted him to pull over although there were open gas station, sent a waffle house near by at eleven o five p m. The two cars poured into a dark close to show gas station at thirty five The government boulevard in mobile once they stopped Daniel, I told a dense and that she had lost her mobile phone at eleven, a M seven p M the gps in her Ah made its final location call. The gps is Old by Paul motive was plugged securely into an outlet underneath the steering wheel, and highly unlikely to come out accidentally. The fact that it made its final signal lead
Levin, o seven p M indicated it had the bane unplugged or that a fuse headline ADA, coincidentally, or because it had been tampered with. After this, it stopped sending locations back to the base. Dense and then called Dan phone via Facebook MESSENGER, it is, unclear why he did this instead of darling, her number, but the most likely raising is that Daniela had a habit of losing and changing fines and heading yet memorized her own number, it would they now even more difficult for her to remember if she was under the influence. Meanwhile, Mallory had arrived at Ali's after a short stop at the runway by and was sitting with, Randy waiting for Daniela to arrive at eleven. seventeen pay em dancing. Old Randy explaining
Daniela had lost her phone and he was going back to Dublin to look forward. At one thousand. Twenty four p m, both Danielle and dense car drove out of the show gas station and turned towards Dublin's Daniela Folly. Dense and for a while, before making a turn towards a more populated part of town. Just over ten minutes later, a dollar thirty. Seven p m Dancin sent Mallory a text message from Dublin's that contained a selfie of him standing at the bar underneath the photo he rode getting phone just go back here, but somehow lost the. a server Dublin's had found a phone on firing on the back of a car and placed it behind the bar for safe keeping, dense and retrieved it from the one hundred and fifty two p dot m
called Daniela fire Facebook MESSENGER its unclear. Why he tried to do so. Consider. ring. Hey, had her phone and shape, presumably He had no way of answering the coal. When there was no answer dense and Daniela, are Facebook message that Red call me blood had your phone at approximately midnight dancing, Drive to Wally's where Randy and Mallory told him that Daniela hadn't shown up at twelve. I full and then again twelve thirty three! I am a dense and attend data, video calling Daniela via Facebook, messenger. When there was no response. He asked the Randy what to do with the fine Randy adjusted the dense and take it to pay. I've changed the next day, where Daniela could re united with it on her next shift density,
grade and left the Dublin's taking Daniel US find with him at seven thirty the next morning of Wednesday July eighteen per cent, a text message asking if she was ok. Assuming her friend had had a big, no idea, and I didn't expect to receive a response right away and after sending the text she went about her die At the same time, Julie Thomas received a phone call from dense and decide he had found. Daniele is fine. gave no indication that hate new Daniela personally all had been with her the previous gnawed jewel He was under the impression that he was a complete stranger. She told Denton to drop the phone off at Daniel Workplace, but he didn't follow this suggestion. Instead, he called Julie twice more throughout the course of the day.
She eventually told him to just hang onto the phone into that: Daniele would be in touch once she re appeared on Thursday July. Nineteen Julie's husband, Patrick Pay J and granddaughter Cora, returned time from their wake long visit to say, Patrick's family over lunch, Cora told Julie all about the trip away as they are The noon war Julie, anticipate Why did would walk through the door at any moment though Daniela was often light for her visits. Julia expected that she would have turned up in time to welcome, Cora, home after awake away and couldn't help but be annoyed her tardiness when those not road around, and there were Still no word from Daniela Julie started to worry
Cora had been talked safely in bed with the other good, not case from her mother. Which was highly unusual despite any other issues going on in Daniela life. She was love. Being and reliable when it came to her daughter Julie, tried privately messaging Daniela on Facebook, which was Daniela, bird method of contact she kept checking. Say whether there was a response, but the message had in viewed and Facebook indicated it had been to day since Daniela was lost. Active on sure what else to do Julie. Is a message but Daniela on her public facebook fade asking her to get in touch. When Daniele s friend Hannah arrived at work that evening, one of her colleagues ass. If she had spoken to Daniela as no, one had been able to get a hold of her.
And I realized she had never received a response to the text message she'd sent to Daniela the previous morning. She texted her again via phone and Facebook MESSENGER, but received no response sensing. Something was wrong. Hannah message, mutual friends to say. If anyone had heard from Daniela one person, responded that on Tuesday not Daniela had mentioned, she was going to heroes, sports bar and girl, Hannah Cold Heroes and asked the many job to check the car park. Fer a dark blue, shabby crews, but there was no car there matching that. description, the manager offered to check who had been working on Tuesday night to see. If anyone recalled saying Daniela. He could Hannah back shortly after to say that the bartender on Judy Reindeer cabs confirmed that Daniela,
had been at heroes and had been hanging out with dense and wide and mellow. Miller can worthy Hannah didn't know dancing but was able to tracking down three facebook At nine seventeen p m on Thursday July nineteen, she sent him a facebook message. That said. Hey on Daniel friend. We haven't heard from her since Tuesday not, and we are all very concerned if you know where she could be at or have any information place message me back later, that not dancing Cold Hannah to say that he had insane Daniela since Tuesday, not, but he had her phone and had been trying to return it to her afterwards. Hannah drive to Daniela Apartment but found no sign of her there. She sent
Another message to Daniela on Facebook that said: hey what's up everybody's worried. The next morning of fraud, age, a lie: twenty Hannah drove Daniel as apartment on her way to cosmetology school, but it was clear, she hadn't been home, and Yellow was scheduled to work at ten. A m shift that p dot chains, so Hannah dropped by the restaurant. To say if she had shown up real I she hadn't Hannah, cold Julie and then message Dancin to let them know that their, still no sign of Daniela Julie, Hannah and dense and exchanged a flurry of coals and text messages and decided. It was time to report Daniela missing
though, what was an unusual for the fun loving twenty five year old to be out of contact for a day or two? The fact she had missed the work and haven't shown up two great her daughter, what both the major red flags, Julie and dense and arranged to made at the police station on airport Boulevard and doors wide Julie the file, a missing persons report and dancing good hand over the phone and to make a statement once there they were instructed to go to the office on of men straight whether missing persons liaison unit was located. on the way. Julie Hannah to ask if she knew the six digit number two one lock. Daniele is fine Our advised that, Daniela employing number, and she gave this number two Julie. Once Julie had unlocked the fine. She read through all of the text Messages Daniel,
I had sent and received during the past awake and also listened to her voice. By the time Julie arrived at the missing persons Liaison unit Jensen had provided he statement to the police. Hannah role so arrived to make a statement about how out of character. It was for Daniela to be out of contact for so long and not to show the her shift when she needed money the most jewel Provided as much information as she could and surrendered, Daniele US find to the police and office a lighter, accompanied her to Daniela Apartment where a crime saying office, I met them to conduct an assessment, but nothing seemed Be missing or out of the ordinary. When Julie Return time. She logged on to her computer, where Daniela
had saved the logging details for her various social media accounts. She saw And into Daniela Facebook account where she noticed several missed calls from dense and why. at one thousand. One hundred and eleven p dot m on the not Daniela was lost, saying just two minutes after the Jps on her copying to for the lost time Jensen's, Facebook account had two left a voice message to Daniella's account He too have been left by accident and featured rustling. Noise is accompanied by a female voice, believed They done yellows warning sign Listen I may find the following audio clip distressing.
bringing have doubled. hi. A minute later another Seemingly accidental voice message was left from denizens Facebook account to dine yellows featuring. My if the same rustling noises as well: was a muffled may or voice speaking to the female and instruct her not to touch something
Julie, called the police to tell them about the boys messages, and I advised her not to log back into Daniela. Is based, Book a cat in case it tainted evidence when Julie enquired about Cctv, footage that may have been captured at the various locations Daniela had visited. The police told her. No such put each had been found. Julie was therefore shocked when I knew
doubtless outlet reporting on Daniel disappearance, faded cctv, footage from the show gas station where the lost confirmed, citing of had taken place. The footage was dark and grainy. With Paul visibility, but it showed a car pulling in at the show at one thousand. One hundred and five p dot m S, light off another cop pulled in basalt the first. A couple of minutes later second car left and then immediately after another one pulled in given the poor quality, it was impossible to tell whether the second car had left tender returned or, if a different third vehicle driving after the second cod departed. No people were visible in the footage due to it.
Poor quality Julie called the police demanding to know why the footage was being add on television when she was told that no footage existed rather than responding law enforcement officials contacted the new station and demanded the footage Bay Raiment the news outlet complied, but no further explanation was given for the police action. On Tuesday July, twenty four less one week after Daniela was last seen Julie. and her husband, Patrick attended court to finalize custody arrangements for Cora this process. Already been going on for several months prior to Daniela disappearance with Daniele as full co operation,
and a majority of the paper work had already being signed and filed. The plan bain that Daniela would give Julian Patrick full custody of Cora until she could get her life in order. It was clear, from Daniela Journal entries about organizing core is bedroom and having her sleep over eighty percent of the time that she hoped to re Gang Custody sooner rather than later. Daniela had always planned to attend the court hearing. But as she, and show up Julie and Pack, freak were awarded custody of Cora. The following day, Tyler released from jail and returned to the apartment he shed with Daniela immediately took the few items of value that Daniel around, including her view gaming system and television and Poland them. When
newly found out she bought the items. Back that same day, the mobile police confirmed that the case had been handed over to the homicide squad. They also released a statement clarifying that, while homicide detectives were involved, there was any evidence to suggest that a homicide had occurred as the Jew, PS device was no longer functioning on Daniel Car Pearl mode, I haven't been able to track its location and there had been no reported sightings of this shabby crews, anywhere in The gate is, were monitoring Daniela Bank account activity and were alluded that her visa Debit card had been used at a gas station. However, this was linked, backed a toilet who had found the debit card when he had gone through. The apartment Hannah had been a frequent visitor.
Daniel as apartment and on fraud, age July law. Twenty seven tall. I gave her a k and asked if she Noticed anything unusual or out of place Hannah noted that all of Daniel possessions were still there, including her make up clothes and her phone charger was not the saying of someone who had chosen to run away. The police also searched the apartment Daniela kept a White board with a record of her gown and to the amount Of money she had saved so that she could keep track of her pro grass based on the figures on the board, Daniel. Had around twelve hundred dollars cash left in savings, but if that it was in the apartment. There is no Official record of it being found. Tyler was unable to maintain the apartments rental payments and was soon a vague did.
The building manager wouldn't allow Julian to collect Daniela possessions instead dumping. unceremoniously on the pavement outside and delay Julie, no, she could come and collect them Molly went directly over to pick up everything Daniela around then shade. Tyler examine dole of the items, but they found no clues as to where, Daniela my bay on Friday September, fourteen almost two months since Daniela disappearance, mobile police, responded to a complaint. Unlawful imprisonment and sexual abuse at home. In the town of Theodore Ten miles south of maybe three people when it and and a man named, the Jason Corey docks was arrested, on charges of domestic violence strangled
Shouldn't assault and unlawful imprisonment, Jason, who was Julie, Dogs, Thomas's nephew, was a key Of locking up all my girlfriend in a room where he bade and write her according to multiple sources, the alleged victims claimed that Jason had said something threatening about Daniela Diane. However arrayed. If the property turned up nothing Of interest in their via an investigation and police determined that Jason's alleged crimes were unrelated to Daniela disappearance Allegations were lighter proven to be false, and Jason was clear, of all charges and They as a person of interest in done investigation and yellow loved ones were frustrated by the lack of progress in their case, Julie set up
go fund may campaign to raise money which she used to print out flies that were handed out and into letter boxes in the area. She also had billboards mounted that major Daniela photo and details about her disappearance. Just before Christmas, a frustrated left the one star review on their mobile police departments, Facebook, page riding. Daniela volume has been missing for five months five months, her baby girl, hasn't seen her mom five months. and yellow, hasn't gotten to hold her daughter. Five months, her family has had sit around and one day when we will get answers. The moon. Bill Police Department knows who she was with lost, but thy sight I have run out of elites it's crazy
no bill police will post about robberies, stolen property and post surveillance. Video is asking for help, but not the dialogue they pose about awards. Police officers are receiving, but can't post one may in picture of done. Should handout awards to police officers that find missing people, not stolen property. Done: Yellow was stolen, a person was stolen, not some groceries. A person have lost all faith in the Mobile police department I have heard that some way or another Daniela and all the missing girls from our deal will be found. But why be from there All of them know Bill Police department. They swayed the mission. Under the rug
nl as friends and family, maintain pressure on the police to ensure they continued. The search several vigil said being held since Daniela disappearance and on me Eight two thousand nineteen, twenty of Daniela love once gathered in Medal of Honor Park to commemorate what would have been her twenty sixth birthday Julie purpose. Billy kept Cora. Why is she didn't? Want the young girl to associate birthdays with sadness, although All the local news outlets were informed. Only one member of the media are attended. A prayer was said and thanks those what led on cupcakes has done. Yellows friend and family sang happy birthday months.
We need to go by without any reported sidings. Daniela whole her car and no further clues emerged. Tyler realized how important it was that core I received as much support as possible and stepped up. His role as parent. He stopped using drugs and focused on getting a job, so he could provide for his daughter with these love. The Cora motivating him to make better decisions made. Theories were put forth by those who knew Daniela and by internet sleuths, who became obsessed with the unresolved case The theories ranged from Daniela running away to start a new life to accidentally driving her car into a body of water to ending harangue live. The more sinister theory suggested she was the victim of a botched car jacking that she went to school drugs and was attacked in
process all was deliberately targeted to settle a dead. One of the more extreme theories was that she fell victim to the sex trafficking trade. No evidence emerged to support any of these one of Most astonishing details of their case was that Daniela. Had it been spotted It had only been purchased on the day of her disappearance. It didn't yet have permanent license plates and still board that deal attacks, while this would have made Asia to spot and also may have made the car and attractive target for thieves. Who could give it a new one? identity in a chop shop. The individuals who were last seen with Daniela Dense and why
Mallory Miller, can worthy and rainy caps O cooperated with the police but elected not to provide any statements to the media. One day Julie entered the new five year old Cora were driving in the car when Cora suddenly asked, has Mummy passed on Julie was surprised, and asked core out where she heard such a thing called I replied. Been having dreams about mummy I'll, have the dreams bout. Her all the time Mummy said that she's passed on, but she still come to see me all the time. Julie said she was unable to answer the question, but reassured Cora that they would keep looking for
Angola, no matter what, although Cora seemed content with understanding that her mother wasn't coming home. Julie was determined to get answers for the young girl, so she didn't spend her whole life trying to find out the truth of what happened. Last went on with it. Julie, continuing her efforts to find a Daniela by searching online and contacting media outlets, including case file case file, became involved in the story in December. Two thousand and ten and had ongoing Contact with several of Daniele as family members, friends and associates, who provided information that led to the creation of this episode.
In the last week of April, two thousand nineteen nine and a half months after Daniela went missing enough. Judy sergeant for the Mobile Police Department die Tame was mapping out areas for training exercises that the boy you Sarah River, in Sarah Land, approximately. Seventeen miles north of shale gas station, where Daniela was last seen the are you. Sarah is the long white and gentle strain that expands yeah from them no bill River, the main access point to the river is via the boy you, Sarah Boat launch a public park in a quiet residential area. That's popular with locals for fishing boating swimming and other water activities. The park is surrounded by tall trees, shrubbery and grass with along.
Wooden footbridge extending along the banks of the ward off towards the drop off of the boy. You, Sarah Public, Launch where the water raged between twenty and thirty fate Day, the sergeant noticed something unusual, marked the spot using a J p S, recognising it The training opportunity for the dive tain to investigate further. on Thursday may, to two thousand nineteen, the sergeant returned to the area, along with the dawn of time and additional equipment. They quickly identify the submerged eyed him to be a vehicle and notified the police department that I had located what was most likely a stolen car upon further inspection. It was determined that the vehicle was a dark blue, shabby crews with PO motive
tags and that there were human remains inside. Do too, Sensitive nature of the crime saying the vehicle and about We were left under water as investigators consulted experts to determine the best plan of action to retrain them, while preserving evidence. In the meantime, the mobile police them meant stated they would be trading their case as a homicide. Until an autopsy could confirm that certain. On Friday, my three: the vehicle was retrieved from the murky water and drained on side. There was damage to the front panels on both sides, but other than that the vehicle was in relatively good condition the car and remains would then transferred to a secure facility to be thoroughly examined in a press conference mode.
Your police tray for Lawrence but taste revealed that the vehicle belonged Daniel of, but that, due to the level of composition, it could be weeks before the body was formerly identified. He did confirmed that the body belonged to one eyed female, I couldn't say how long the beagle had been in the water or whether it had been pushed or driven in went off, If the body was in the drivers, Sate chafed, the taste said he couldn't confirm. The exact position was found in. A added that, given the amount of time the car had spent on water. It was unlikely that investigators would be able to determine where the body was originally position when it entered the river invest,
the guiding had scale with other bodies of water during previous searches for dialogue, but never in Sarah Land CASE file spoke to Daniel as brand Shanna Hayden, who had been involved in the search from the outset. China, said there was absolutely no reason for Daniela to Bay in the Sarah Land Area, and she was therefore convinced fair play was involved. And I said, Daniela wouldn't have driven that far without her fire ass. She was familiar with the area. She believed someone had They driven Daniela car out there all right, In the vehicle with her, another theory is that her car could have been told to that location. When, speaking to the press, China said I
and think Daniela drive her car twenty some odd miles north of mobile and drive into a boat launch. She loves Cora and never would have done that. That's not plausible. Even though it does bring some closure. Just kind of brings up this whole other box of what Ifs and house and whose we are content with. Knowing what has happened, and now we just need to find out who did it. It will only be a matter of time before the truth does come out. Co worker of Daniel is named Christie Meissner, told the press that Daniel I viewed the purchase of her new car as the start of her new life, but that quite at Random bang.
Which is really hard for a lot of us, the rap out brains around the person who did this is not going to get away with it. We won't stop just as hard as we were searching for her. They will come down. It will happen A resident of the boy you, Sarah area voiced her opinion to local needs station and they say fifteen that, given the amount of boat traffic, fishing and swimming that occurred in there about. There was no way the vehicle had been there undetected forever nine months. She said that locally, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and that no Skidmore, so tired tracks were ever reported on the boat ramp. On Sunday may five Julie, Dogs, Thomas told the press.
Although the family were still waiting for the results of dna testing, she believed the body found in the car. was Daniela. She stated. It's just a numbing realisation that she's really gone. That's what you ve been working for for so long and striving for and begging for and praying for when you finally get that it's not closure, On the evening of fraud, I may ten one week after the vehicle was found, a candle lit vigil was held at the boy you, Sarah Boat launch for members of the community to light flowers and pay their condolences to Daniele as friends and family. A friend
a tall, those gathered everyone. He has pride for this and granted it's not the outcome that we wanted. It was the our prayers and they are pushing that got us. He help us figure out what happened so we can get justice and shaken rest peacefully. I dont think that her car only lab seventeen I am glad that you think they would opt for the latter. Can your car and either drive down the other day or tried to town to a whole other town or suburbs theory of mobile and then go back with its white paper heard? You know over track making the code without the political battle
We can accept this neighbourhood. It not marry that she's right off the road that you'd know absolutely drive into the kind of have to know where you're going to get there, not another rule publicized area that gets gets a lot of attention and a lot of people know about it, but it's just gonna one of those like hidden spot cut away. Now you, though, other because you grew up there were too many took their whatever it, but it's not a place that you just get your car and accidently drives. You
Just that night, over all I'm old, I do think that it is possible that there was an accident but happened that night, but I dont think that I'm a calm and bring up the water miles from where she would were known to be back for them and also you know. I don't know if other people who were really understand it but fairly- and here is like one of those places, but you you don't drive through if you messed up to others what you should try what you're drunk, but you know how their places that you just go to avoid if you're doing something wrong anywhere, you're drinking or whatever it baby fairly. The caravan those places like they have that kind of police force that it doesn't really it's gonna take my shit so that that kind of the other thing with us, if you know not only to have driven from the show to the lounge, but to have driven through fairyland,
In the shape that we on the audio and having a path of destruction or anything from from eight b is nothing it can happen, but it should really mean you think that something what had happened up until then neither shoot I put the guy will car or you know another box or whatever for somebody jarred, especially on that road with back to watch, because it would make me you come off of forty three. You go over some railroad tracks with links to the rather with a bit like the left. You go straight for a minute and then you think back to the right, a fork in the road, because three different ways, you know what I mean and one of those who died in the other two it's just that. I think you have to take a lead. You gotta watch, so they just lock. You mean you're going to have another road on my fourteen mobile police confirmed the body belonged
the twenty five year old, Daniela Diane and announced that the evidence indicated her death was the result of an accident. Their early investigation had revealed that certain manipulations to the inside of the vehicle index I did that Daniela had been alive when her car entered the river. The vehicle was in part which they believe done, yellow, had done in a panic when her car hit the water. Daniel family were told that she was banned in the driver's seat with no safe boat on according to sources. The case was still in the ignition, but the car was not turned on the emergency break with set all the doors were locked and there Window when they draw the sod was down about two inches buttons that he now but the driver to allow any one of the vehicles
windows were located on the drivers side door with a button to one lock all the doors located in the center of the dashboard. This raised the question that it Daniela was in their drivers, sate and conscious that the time her vehicle entered the warder, why hadn't she attempted to one lock the doors or open her window. Preliminary autopsy results and didn't reveal any trauma to her body given the level of day composition and amount of time she had spent in the water. The official cause of death was unable to Bay determined. Similarly, the results of toxicology testing later came back, inconclusive Police chief alarms, but taste toad and bay, say fifteen. This is still an active investigation, but
We think that we have banned to this point, indicate to us or appears to us to be an accidental incident. He Clara, odd that the people of my bill had nothing to worry about and that the police quote are not looking someone who is going around abducting women s statement released by Daniela biological mother joy, said: Daniela Father and I still have hope in the homicide division due to the fact that they have not closed their case It's still long going. Done. Yellows, Chevy crews was lighter, auctioned off, presumably by the relevant insurance company and was shipped to the Ukraine to be used for ports. The auction notes mentioned that the vehicle had sustained flood damage and that it came without
Haze photos included with the auction documentation showed that the back passenger seat Belt completely removed investigators I've, never made any mention of this, the mode, The police department has been reluctant to publicly release any further details about Daniele as death. They have confirmed to the family that Investigation is open, but not being actively worked on. many of Daniela loved ones, believe that her death was not an accident. As many unanswered questions and inconsistency, remain in the months followed the discovery of Daniela Viands body, those close to her distributed signs
red mobile, demanding justice that Daniela around the start of twenty twenty. Several of the signs began disappearing. Julie and shown I continue to seek answers and hope that those who may know something of importance will come forward.
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