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Case 157: The Strip Search Scam

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** Warning: This episode contains descriptions of sexual violence *** The evening of April 9, 2004, started as a regular, uneventful shift for employees at a McDonald’s restaurant in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Until 4:56 PM, when the phone rang and the man on the other line introduced himself as Officer Scott.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-157-the-strip-search-scam
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centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website due to the nature of this. Braun case file has elected to change. The names of several individuals featured in this episode in April of two thousand Four teenager Laura Fletcher had recently celebrated her writings birthday. She would in the final months of her senior year of high school and was set to graduate is one of the top ten students in her claws and never the painter and photographer Laura took advance dot. Lessons took further her creative gills, but her main ambition was to study, pray mad at the University of LAW of all in her home state of Kentucky. So she got a lighter attend to medical school.
is reputation for being responsible and well behaved extended outside of school hours. She attended church regularly and had previously been a girl scale. When her mothers health issues led to her losing her job Laura offered to help support her family. In January, two thousand, for she go to part time job at a local Mcdonald's. Fast food, restaurant near her home in Mount Washington earning six dollars and thirty five cents a nail. Laura was a reliable employer who was always willing to help out by taking on extra shifts at around full forty five p M on Friday April Non Laura was prepared. during the head home after finishing an afternoon shift before she left her manager asked if she could stay a little longer to cover for another employee who had just called in sick fraud
evenings were always busy and to the restaurant couldn't afford to be understaffed Laura would only have to stay until someone else could be found to work. The entire shift happy. Help and data for the chance to earn a little extra money, Laura agreed to continue working, Mcdonald's employees who work the double shift were given a meal to taught them.
So Laura took a short break away before returning behind the counter. Also working that night was fifty one year out. Donna some is one of the restaurants assistant manages like Laura summers was relatively new to the franchise. She Diana been working there for about eight months. just as Laura returned to serving customers the restaurants phone rang at full. Fifty six, a m some his answer, on the other end was a man who identified himself as a police officer named offices, Scott Offices, Scott explained that Hey had made an old corporate on another line, as well as the laser Siddons. This was manager. He was calling
because a child who had been in the restaurant earlier had her coin purse stolen. The culprit was believed to be one of some as employees hey, provided a physical description of the suspect young. What and female, with a petition build and dark hair. She was wearing a Mcdonald's, uniform officer. Scott also described the time that the suspect was wearing Some is immediately thought of Laura Fletcher, even though Her work record was exemplary sheet, fit the suspects description perfectly. while leaving office this got waiting on the phone. Some is bound to Laura and asked her to accompany her to the manages office. At the back of the restaurant, the small print room had a tiled floor with a desk and account,
the top running against opposing wolves, their services were crowded with a computer and various items of stationary filing cabinet set to one side and boxes were stacked beneath the bench Tom perched up high in the ceiling say: camera some as lead Laura into the manages office before locking the door behind them She then informed Laura that a police officer had accused her of robbing a customer Shaw Laura immediately protested, her innocence,
her manager. Donna I've never done anything wrong. I could never steal. Some has responded that a police officer had described Laura as the person responsible offices, God was still waiting on the fine. Some is switched between speaking to him and Laura Offices, Scott informed summers that Laura had two choices she could do to submit to a search for the stolen purse, the ban and they're all she could wait until then The sun came to arrest her and underground search at the police station upon Cloning of her options, Laura started to cry and begged to be taken to the police station said the matter could be cleared up. There summers handed the phone to Laura, who spoke to offices got herself. After doing so,
Laura great to be searched on the spot offices got issued instruction. The summer's who, in turn re led them to Laura. First Laura was asked to empty her pocket. She did so without complying after handing over her case and herself, fine, Laura revealed. There was no stolen purse in her pocket officers got suspected that deal could be hidden underneath Laura's clothing and ordered her to one dress by this time. Their assistant manager named came Doggery arrived to start work came, was set to replace some, as for the evening shift
upon discovering what was happening in the manages office, came ass to what was going on. Some is refused to say, had offices, Scots Command, ass summers and. Came, looked on, Laura reluctantly removed her Mcdonald's uniform one pace at a time until she stood in nothing but- her underwear she covered her face and cried while summers inspected h, garment closely and shook each of them out there was no sign of the stolen purse in lorries clothing. She was then instructed to run If her underwear and surrender that as well Laura was now, Platelet naked as summit, queried the validity of the accusation against the Laura officer, Scott made a startling statement. He told
some as that Laura, was also being investigated for using and to dealing drugs police officers. What currently Searching her family home in nearby Tyler's Ville, consequently, Laura's club, send. Other belongings were considered evidence in their drug investigation Office got told some as to place. more inside a bag and leave them in her car so that he could collect them shortly. Some, as did ass, she was told, came down Curry hugged Laura and tried to comfort her stating if this happening to my daughter, I'd be pissed She handed Laura an apron said that she could cover herself as the restaurant was experiencing its pay. Gala king returned to the restaurant floor.
Summers told officers got that she also needed to get back to work. He requested She found a male employer to watch over Laura until police arrived. Some is summoned Jason Bradley at twenty seven year out cook. She left him in the office with Laura and that telephone. While she went back to her managerial duties in the restaurant, Laura held the apron against the front of a body as Jason, faced away from her and spoke to Officer Scott upon learning that Laura was wearing nothing but an apron officer, Scott TOAD Jason, to remove it and describe her body to him. This may dejection angry. After speaking with the office up for several minutes, he stone dead of the office and told some as the entire matter was a lot of bad.
He flatly told her that he wanted no part of it before resuming his work in the kitchen. Summers didn't understand what Jason was upset. about. So she regime to control of the fine. Boy. Now it had been forty minutes since she had answered office, the Scots call some Essex, ain't that there was nobody else available to keep watch over Laura in Response office. Scott asked: are you married some as giggled and informed the officer that she was actually engaged when asked if she trusted her fiance? Some is said she did office a Scot queried, whether some as free on say, would be able to come to the restaurant to keep an eye on Laura some, as agreed to call him and
ask Walter. Next Junior was a forty two year old Father of two who worked as an external NATO, a church going man who coach to youth baseball tames. He was concerned. An upstanding member of the community, hay and donors. Um had only recently gotten engaged shortly before six p m. Some, as used her cell, find too cold, makes sure Explained that an employer was being investigated for theft and dealing drugs when asked if he could help by keeping watch over until police, arrived niecks agreed, hey arrived at the Mcdonald's soon off the Woods summit. Bullshit. Her fiance to the manages office then left him alone
with Laura and to the office. Fine Laura was crying. She couldn't leave the office despite her desire to do so. Her only escape would be to run naked through the busy restaurant floor. She also fell physically intimidated by niecks, who was afoot taller than her and wait? Two hundred and thirty pounds Laura stood with her back against one of their counters. Niecks sat on a nearby swivel chair and spoke to offices, God who want Dennis find himself as the text hey requested. That makes remove Laura's apron and describe her body on law. I could Jason earlier. Nix did as asked also began. Re lying other directions, law
was made to stand on a chair and a desk said that she could be examined closely, then she was ordered to perform stuff jobs to shake loose any items she might be concealing in or on her body. She was forced to run on the spot until she worked up a sweat officer. Scott said that this would help determine what kind of drugs she had taken. He also had her bend over said that Nix could perform a cavity search engine now and then Nix would and Laura the phone, so she could speak to officers got herself the opposite Laura that if she wanted to keep her job, then she needed to cooperate
occasionally Donna summers so came Doggery entered the office. Nix alluded offices got whenever they could be heard. Returning in turn, he would tell next to stop what he was doing. Nix would throw the apron back at Laura and instruct her to be quiet. Laura did not Some as about the things she was being forced to do, but each time she saw many job. She begged to be like guy by six. Fifty am Laura, had been in the office with Nix Verona, in our offices, Scots demand HANS were becoming increasingly distressing when Laura failed to address him ass, sir, and continued to ask questions. Nix was awarded to spank her as punishment
while sated Nix made Laura Life based Dan across his thighs and slapped her bodyguard forcefully for almost ten minutes, large red worlds appeared on her skin throughout debating Laura begged dynamics to. top. She told him tat. The orders were ridiculous. I certainly resulted in Naples hitting more violently the baby concluded that about seven hundred five p m several
minutes later donor summers returned to the office, Nix was seated and Laura was standing with her back to the corner nearest the computer. She had the apron covering her when some as moved closer to get something Laura quite late bagged. Please get me out of here Dona please, please. I didn't do anything wrong. Please believe me. She asked some as to call the police directly, but was told that they were still waiting for an officer. to our summers then left the office needs into Laura were left alone once more Officer Scott regime, his instructions
he told you need to have Laura sit on his lap and give him a kiss said that he could smell anything that might be on her breath. Or I went numb and felt ass, though her soul left her body. just before seven thirty p M offices, Scott demand, that Laura, remove nix his pants and perform oral sex on him. She cried and played with her capta, stating no idea do anything wrong. This is Dicky s neck threatened to heed her again. If she didn't do was offices got ordered Consequently, Laura was sexually assaulted. Yet again, job start at ten minutes later at seven. Fifty two p m,
Donna summers. Re entered the office to fetch some gift certificates, Laura was again caring in the corner and techniques standing at offers the Scots direction he handed the phone back to summarize Nix then left the rush drawn and good in his car He drives the few short blocks to his home. Once inside, he called a friend telling him I have done something terribly bad wall. Donna summers was following offices gods directive to find someone to replace in X in the managers office. She selected fifty you're out of maintenance. Worker Thomas seems: hey wasn. Rested on that day and had just stopped by the restaurant, the have coffee and deserve
Some as asked Thomas to accompany her to the back office. Laura Fletcher was the inside attempting tickets, Her naked body with a small labour and shocked Thomas, took the fine and summers left him alone with Laura Officer Scott, then would did Thomas to remove Laura's apron and describe her body He also asked repeatedly what Laura was doing with her hands. Thomas refused to comply, and instead left to find some is he told her. What the kola was asking him to do and stated something, is not right about this Thomas them.
did that Loris Clyde's Big returned to her and that someone called the police, stunned by what Thomas had told her some as cold the store. Many job losses, Siddons office. Us God had been claiming that lay saw was on the other line for the entire duration of he's cool LISA answered the fine sounding tired she had no idea what summers was referring to and explained that she had been in bed sleeping summers became distraught and began begging, Laura a S confused and concerned LISA, did to the rush strong. Once some has realized, she had been duped, the kola pretending to be office, Us God, hung up.
Laura Fletcher deal had gone on for almost three hours: freezing, cold and trembling in shock she asked, but that she would still need to work her shift the next day, assistant manager Kim Dockery reassured Laura that she could take as much I'm off, but she needed. She was given her clothes and allowed to dress. Meanwhile, LISA Siddons and some of the rush drawn saw their employees arrived at the saying the penny too Mcdonalds is gathered in the manages office. After discussing the matter amongst themselves, they called the alas, said around nine p m. As the man Washington, lay station was only a quarter of a mile away.
Says arrived within five minutes in two thousand for men, Washington had a population of about eight thousand five hundred Paypal. Consequently, the local police department was small with the just sixteen officers on staff these dump was the departments are only detective. He had only been on the job for several weeks when the coal came through from the nearby Mcdonald's aid was the first of his colleagues to arrive at the restaurant and listened in disbelief ass. He was told what had and there they say say tv cameras in the manages office captured Laura Fletchers entire raw deal, the
de Jean raged detectives, dumb pay suspected the prank call was made from a pipeline within sight of them are done old building so that the perpetrator could watch the full lack of these sick joke the following day, the man Washington Police Chief, decided to taught the words Mcdonald Strip Search into Google teased detective stumps surprise. The search resulted in hundreds of hits. Similar phone calls have been made throughout the United States in all of the incidents a mediocre. Love would claim to be either a police officer or another kind of authority figure then ask a store many job to assist with an investigation there.
requests always involve the ordering a strip search be carried out on a young woman. Often a teenager, most of the goals were made to fast food restaurants. The grocery stores had also received a few. The cold- I repeat, the bay deliberately targeting small town communities- he had been active for twelve years with these earlier calls dating back to nineteen. Ninety two. There was a sudden spock in reports throughout the late nineteenth and early too, Thousands demand Washington incident wasn't the first time he had target at a store in Kentucky on November thirty, two thousand, a famous manager. I D, Mcdonald's in Litchfield, received a call from a man claiming to be a police officer, hey suspected one of their customers.
Inside. The restaurant was a sex offender and persuaded the manager to remove her clothing in an attempt to bite this aspect into committing sexual assault. Hate promise that undercover offices were monitoring the situation and would rushing to protect her before an assault could actually you take place by the end of the year, two thousand more than a dozen Never they scan coals had been reported when two thousand three drew to a close. There had been almost sixty similar incidents. Police department struggled to determine what actual crime had been committed or has had. The shoe. The Koala, this led to the reported phone calls often being filed under miscellaneous as
I went on the perpetrators demands grew increasingly aggressive in February two thousand and three, the perpetrator, called a Mcdonald's in HANS Bill, Georgia, pretending to be a police officer. He can Did the restaurant manager to strip search of female employees in the women's bathroom. He then convinced to bring in a mild in play and had him carry out a cavity search on the victim by two thousand and four. There had been seventy of these hoaxes perpetrated across thirty two american states. In February he targeted for separate Wendy's, fast food restaurants in several nights
the Hood South of Boston Massachusetts investigate. Is there an equally believed? It was a local, madam, but after looking online, they discovered the true extent of the offending a multi jurisdictional task force was established to investigate the crimes led by detective sergeant, Victor Flower D, just the wakes. Four Laura Fletcher was assaulted. A seventeen year old female customer had a I Bell in Maricopa, County Arizona was stripped searched. Many jobs while he was on the phone with the supposed police officer like Laura, the girl was made to book star jobs and ensure a cavity search on this occasion. The local law enforcement, was aware of the wider Patten and the task force established in Massachusetts.
America, that candy sheriff gave an interview on CNN warning the public about the nationwide trend. He called it a very dangerous situation. By the time Laura Fletcher was assaulted. At least seventeen Mcdonald's manages had been duped by the Kola more than a dozen employees were charged with the various crimes as a result, but the perpetrator remained a mystery. Those who had taken his calls described him as having a calm and authoritative manner here, The stations, what peppered with police jargon, adding an element of authenticity here. new, the names of restaurant manages, will local police officers and used today to sound more credible, sir.
Manages carried out the coal as orders with enthusiasm, but others cried while doing as they were told one in debate Who assaulted an employees on the coal, as orders latest stated? I didn't want to be doing it, but it was like he was watching me. Upon learning of the scheme is extensive history, detective buddy, stump made it he's, go to identify and capture him once and for all after the offender had hung up on these coal to the at Washington, Mcdonald's in employing had the presence of mind to dial star six. Nine Its function allowed a coal made to a landline to be returned. The employee age
Beyond this game is number, but that was listed to one nonexistent phone. Despite this detective stomp was able determine that a pre paid calling card from telecommunications company eighty and tea was used to make the call. This discovery had also been made by other police departments, but they struggle to find any further information. Detective stump was able to trace the use of the cod to pay a fine located outside a supermarket in Panama City, a coastal City in Florida, more than six hundred miles away after calling. hey, Anti directly detective stump learned that the largest seller of their fine cards in I'm a city was Walmart Sure why the chain of discount department stores there was
three Walmart seem Panama City, detective stump, contacted Panama City police, who put him in touch with detective victim. Already the investigator leading the Massachusetts based Task force investigating district search gamma. The Active flirty had already linked the Boston scam, calls to an eighteen t, prepaid calling cod sold at a Panama city, Walmart Hey had I been isolated at this specific store where it had been purchased, however, The store only had say, say, tv cameras covering its entrances and exits. As there was no surveys same place around its cash register. Is there was no footage of the suspect actually buying the cod? Nevertheless,
detective. Flirty made a note of individuals filmed entering the store at the approximate time at the card was so detectives, stump and flowery joined forces and to begin trying to find out when and where the calling card used in the man Washington case was purchased day source. That's personal identification number and determined it had been sold at another Panama city Walmart. On Friday April, nine at three o two p. I am less than two hours before the caller initiated Laura Fletchers assault. The card was purchased with cash. Though there was no paper a trial, yet this particular Walmart had surveillance cameras, filming its registers, footage taken at the exact time. The card was
old revealed that the buyer was a white man aged between thirty five and forty. He had doc slipped back here and I lost. Is he wore a pair of pants with a blue struck down the side? and a black jacket with small what lettering detective fired, recognised them. and as one of the individuals hey had a knighted entering the other Panama city Walmart. At the time the calling used in the Boston scams was born. June. Twenty eight detective flow the arrived in Panama City to speak with local detectives, Wench The wool might tv footage of the suspect, the Panama City, detectives and media, they recognized his clothing. It was the uniform worn by officers employed at Bay, Correctional facility
a private prison in the area, detective Flirty went to the prison and to the warder. Not then, the woman Sha KA as thirty eight year old David Stewart Hey was a god who had worked the prison swing shift for the past eleven months. Stewart was married with five children. He'd previously worked as a truck driver and more secure. God. He had also volunteered as an auxiliary sheriffs, deputy detective Flirty paid steward a visit and after introducing himself asked why would a sergeant from Massachusetts becoming Dionne? He told tee stewardship odd that he had no idea detective Flirty then queried
whether he had ever round are calling card. At that moment, it appeared to detective clarity that Stuart began shaking and sweating profusely. He young lived the time he was wearing and asked whether anyone had been hurt. Detective clarity: said that no one had been physically harmed. He was sure there would be ongoing mental traumas. what then remarked a man that's over article ways that Asia is way to make your space look beautiful. This direct taken she met company combines declaration of a boot, take furniture
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miles. North of Panama City offices pulled into the road that lead tissue. What's my ball high. They had been issued a warrant to search the premises inside the trailer they found to multiple guns and house. Those hundreds of law enforcement magazines were scattered about. There were also dozens of applications for jobs, that police departments a single pray I'd calling card was recovered. It wasn't the one used to call the Mount Washington Mcdonald's, but it was Kennedy did to gnaw. Another scam calls made during the summer of two thousand and three the targets in those calls included Wendy's into Burger king restroom.
I see no other home and Oklahoma. The first of David Stewards charges was handed down by man, Washington police. They charged him with soliciting for sodomy which, a felony crime. He was placed under arrest and extradited to Kentucky. He was Sir charged with impersonating a police officer as well. was the misdemeanours of soliciting sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment shoe. It pleaded not guilty and was released on bail, for one hundred thousand dollars he's trial was slighted to take place at the end of the year. The other individuals involved in Laura Fletchers assault were facing ramifications of their own Walter Nix was charged with sodomy and assault. Hey maintained that Hate
was a victim, as hey genuinely believed, he was following the orders of a police officer, Even when those orders turned violence and sexual he's, fiance Donna Summers had been shine: Cctv footage of Nick sexually assaulted. Laura and promptly ended their relationship. Summers was initially suspended from her assistant manager position at Mcdonald's and lighter fired in dismissing her Mcdonald sought advice. I should have company policy specifically bringing unknown employee behind the stores. Count is summers, those charged with one misdemeanor count of unlawful imprisonment. The other issues then manage our own Judy that not came dockers was transferred to another restaurant. Laura Fletcher never returned to her job
Donald. The ordeal left, her suffering from panic, attacks, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and she was TAT rise by not mess of a man attacking Laura. Did graduate hospital the month after her attack, but was too traumatized towing role that the unit a city of law of all she had planned in a court document filed for that year. She stated: I can't trust anyone. I push people out of my life because I don't want them to know what happened. Laura Fletcher filed a civil law suit against Mcdonald's, alleging that day had fun failed to warn employees of the Strip search Ghana, who was targeting fast food outlets. In response Mcdonald stated in court documents that Laura herself was partially to blame for her
so they asserted that she should have realised that the kola was a real police officer, the company's reaction upset, Laura and Plato odd. In her approving a play bargain for Walter Niecks. She wanted an apology and for her Ain T Bay, absolved he's charges of sodomy and assault together carried a maximum of twenty years in prison
They were negotiated down to one can of unlawful imprisonment and one of sexual misconduct. Niecks had agreed to say sorry to Laura in court and explain that she wasn't to blame. In October two thousand five. It was announced that niecks would only receive probation despite previously agreeing to a one year time. The prosecuting attorney said that Hey a great two privation, because Nix didn't have a criminal history and he story of being duped by experience. Toga would likely bake impelling to a jury. He did know, however, that it was troubling that somebody
but believe performing a sexual act would form part of any criminal investigation quiet. There had to be a point where he realised that this wasn't right, Nick centred and now fully to play which allowed him to maintain he's innocence while acknowledging that there, was enough evidence to convict taken when Laura discuss, that this deal aloud and makes two technically deny any wrong doing and would prevent him from having to register as a sex offender. She felt a trade he had again her lawyer explained that her opposition stemmed from Nixon claim that he'd Demille Bain following orders. Quite that is the defence.
made by Germans at Nuremberg. You could be fooled into some of the things he did, but not sodomy. On November, to Two thousand five mixes Loya argued in court that he's Alfred play. They allowed to stand. She pointed to her clients, remorse and he's below average aw queue of eighty three stating he does feel terribly ashamed. He's heard his family and himself and Laura Nick Self. It up public apology to Laura saying I had no intention of hurting anyone. Nevertheless,
Judge Tom Wala rejected the play. Agreement, hey had view this violence, footage of the attack and was deeply troubled. By what had occurred. Pay said a trial died for the following month at around the same time that Nixon court proceedings were being negotiated, Laura Great to speak to the ABC News programme. Prime time about a raw deal. She explained how she had trusted Dunna summers, but leaving her role as assistant manager meant she would take care of her staff, Laura teed up as she described how she had felt during the strip search. Stating always scared. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to do all was petrified. She said that she,
desperately wanted to escape the office, but couldn't bear the added humiliation of running naked through the busy restaurant law. His parents had raised her to do ass. She was told without arguing- and she said this made it difficult for her to refuse the order So banal odor at all the showing deleted comments from a clinical psychologist who confirmed that lorries description of feeling as though she had left her own body during the assault was common among survivors of sexual abuse. Donna son has also agreed to participate in the programme lock her fiance, some, as was adamant that she had believed the individual on the fine, was a police officer throughout the interview. Summers version of events directly contradicted the cctv footage shown of the
Attack she said: Laura had not cried old begged for the strip search to stop, but the video evidence showed her openly sobbing and pleading with her manages when asked why she left the naked teenager alone with her fiance. Some has repeatedly stated that Laura had always been covered up, yet the interview I pointed out that The apron given to Laura was small and only partially concealed the front of her body. some is denied ever saying Laura without her apron. While Nix was supervising her the interview I attempted to show some as a portion of the surveillance video that showed her entering the office. While Laura was completely naked
Some as interrupted from off camera to prevent her clients from offering an explanation, Walter Nix, his trial date was delayed, that Hake should undergo a mental health evaluation, eventually he's lawyers negotiated. Another play deal in February, two thousand six nix pleaded guilty to charges of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment in exchange for a five year. Prison sentence when asked if she agreed to the deal Laura confirmed that she did this new arrangement required next to serve time register as a sex offender and testify, as a witness at them pending trial of the alleged scammer David Stuart. Three weeks later,
Donna Summers entered and Alfred play to her misdemeanor charge of unlawful imprisonment. She had initially intended to play did not guilty, but an agreement was struck to prevent Laura from having to testify. Summers was sentenced to one knees, probation. The prosecutor had argued in favour of some as being sent to prison state. It didn't matter whether some as thought she was dealing with police or not. If the president of the United States said to take that child's Clyde's away. and detain her in that room, there was no excuse for, however, leniency was granted. Hafta Laura said that that she believed her former manager had been genuinely Jude and was another victim of their crime. Some is left. The court has seen tease
She told the media that she never would have detained and stripped. Laura is Mcdonald's, had warned her about the other scam phone calls. David stewards trial commenced on October, twenty four two thousand and six at the bullet Canopy Circuit court. It had been too half a year since Laura Fletchers, the soul. The delay in court proceedings was to allow for the charges against the Knicks and some is to be addressed first, so they could appear as witnesses against Stewart in their opening address. The prosecution warned the jury They would be hearing testimony so bizarre that it would be difficult to believe yet
The court was assured that phone records and surveillance video would prove the defendant guilt. Stewards attorney insisted that the allegations, what for does, and there was no evidence to support the hay, claimed that police should I charge these client because they were desperate to make an arrest Walter next to the stand and told the court that, within minutes of speaking to the individual calling himself off, the Scott he felt as though the man had control of these mind makes described himself ass. A You going and amenable to following authority figures. He discussed the tasks that offers us got, wanted Laura to perform and explained how he had conveyed them on the offices. Behalf under cross examination by stewards Attorney Nix, was ass to whether
He had eventual. He realized that the things he was doing had nothing to do with a police investigation. Nixy insisted that he had simply done as instructed and described the kola as smooth toga Donna, some, as also testified shaken and she had spoken to three separate people on the fine with the main individual, being offices, Scott. In the background she heard the study of police radios summers. That that offices Scott had denying the names of several of her employees as well. the name of a customer in the restaurant he'd, claimed that he had those, many job losses. Siddons Hon the line summers they ve been thought she'd heard laces voice in the background to during the coal.
under cross examination. Summers was asked whether she thought the It could have been made from an outdoor pay phone as the prosecution was alleging. She said that wasn't possible. Mt Washington, investigator, detective buddy storm was asked how the skin could have known employee and customer names or presented himself has three separate individuals. He replied that he didn't know As investigators were never able to verify those assertions, Laura Fletcher, who was now twenty years old, testified on the second day of the trial. Summers had claimed that she gave Laura their choice to be searched at the restaurant or be taken into police custody and that Laura Haddock
tis Diet, Mcdonald's, Laura refuted days, saying that she had begged to be taken to the police station in the hopes that the matter could be sorted out. There. when the prosecutor ass the, why she never tried to leave the office Laura explained that she felt she couldn't as she was naked and feed makes might hurt her. Moreover, she depended on the job to support her family and was terrified of losing it. Ass, her father was an air force, a veteran she had been raised to respect them obey her elders and authority figures law, said she had pleaded for some as to help her on multiple occasions, but was ignored. While relating details of her Odile to that court, Laura noted, though again
seen her memory ass. She had quote blank down some aspects of the assault. Detective Victor Flirty tell the court that shoe had made the cryptic Roma amen. Heads over during their initial conversation, stewards attorney insisted that the common was made at the end of an interrogation and was an expression of relief that it was over the offence attempted to cost by pointing out that no one had seen steward at the pay phone, where the three our call to the amount Washington Mcdonald's was made from. They also pointed out, that old, though, a pre paid calling card linked to several scam coals was banned in Stuart time. It was not the one used to contact them Mount Washington, Mcdonald's Thomas, seems them
nuns worker who had put a stop to lorries ordeal testified that Laura had stated. She was going to get a big check as a result of what she had been through. Thomas admitted that he'd never told the police about this remark and only repeated two Mcdonald's corporate officials who had interviewed him light IRAN, Stewards legal, Tang used. This testimony dear ROZ, that Laura had orchestrated the attack as a scam too. tying a large sum of money law His attorney told the media that the accusation that her client was involved in her own assault was quite a ridiculous and desperate suggestion.
In his closing argument, Stewards Loya told the jury that he's client was nothing more than a full guy for police stating they came to a conclusion then went about looking for facts to support it on Tuesday October thirty, one the jury of six men and six women retired to consider their verdict. they returned to court less than two hours later, David Stuart closed his eyes and bowed his head as a not guilty verdict
was read aloud. The jury had acquitted him of all charges when he was permitted to leave the courtroom Stuart left in silence with his family. He refused to speak with the Whiting Press, stewards, attorney, celebrated the acquittal and tell journalists. There was the result of what evidence the prosecution had prosecution prosecute on market. and said he was certain police had found the right person. He pointed out that there had been no further strip search, scam call since Stewart was arrested too. The happy is earlier lore enforced,
The agencies in other jurisdictions across the country had been waiting to see how the trawl against Jus at pan doubt for many of the scam calls that occurred prior to Laura Fletchers assault. The only crimes do it could have been charged with was a misdemeanor. Extradition from another state would not have been permitted under days circumstances after the jury in Bullet County Kentucky found the steward not guilty. There were none the charges brought against him than any of the other cases throughout the United States, of which there were more than seventy, Laura Fletcher. Taking more than two hundred million dollars in damages from Mcdonald's she was soon
the then fifty nine billion dollar cooperation, first, salt battery sexual harassment and failure to train her attorneys alleged that Mcdonald's filed to protect Laura by neglecting to warn staff about the ongoing How is the company had been aware of the issue for at least two years? Price to her ordeal? There had been a bit thirty. Others game calls to Mcdonald's restaurants throughout the country that involve the girls and young women being assaulted and forced to strip in front of others. Twelve of these incidents resulted in the cooperation being taken to court. In four different states- settlements head raged in all of these cases, Laura's was the first to perceive the trial.
In addition to suing Mcdonald's Laura's suit, named assistant, manages Donna Summers and came Doggery as well as David Stewart. Stewart responded with a letter that red in part saved your notice, but I mean way responsible. I feel bad for your loss because I, a victim as well. I lost my job, my home and my car. All I is something I did not do. Low avaux newspaper the courier Journal revealed that Florida property records indicated steward had not lost the trial.
Where he resided, but he had dated it to his wife, but one hundred dollars done us some, as filed across complaint against Mcdonald's for fifty million dollars. She claimed that they had failed to warn store, manages about the hope saw her case would be presented alongside of Lord Is in response, Mcdonald's asserted that Laura was the victim of a malicious hoax by individuals and not representing Mcdonald's. They blamed summers and Walter Nix, but the incident as well as Laura herself Mcdonald's insisted that all
three should have realised the coal was a scam. They also stated that strip searches had been against the company policy since two thousand, and one and some is- should have nine this, as was mentioned in the store manual after a lengthy discovery period in which fifty seven depositions were obtained from more than forty witnesses. The trial commenced in the bullet candy Circuit Court on September, ten, two thousand and seven Donald had withheld sixteen boxes of evidence regarding prior hoaxes from the plaintiffs on the grounds that handing them over would violate attorney client privilege. I judge forced them to surrender material the evening before the trial began, the case had received the national attention, and consequently it was difficult to find a job.
Those who were run familiar with it. out of one hundred and ten potential jurors less than a dozen had never heard of that case before adventure de the pool was narrow down to fifteen, including three alternate. The first witness for the plaintiffs was Mcdonald's you? U S. Security manager, who testified via video link about the other scam calls the company received between ninety. Ninety four And two thousand for he said that the company realized tat. There was a problem in two thousand and one after franchises began reporting the incidents at top attorney for make Donalds conceded that the warning about the coals was united
what they said. Employees once told about this game calls, because the cooperation didn't want to discourage them from cooperating with the genuine law enforcement officers. Expert witness bury Collins, who was a social psychologist from the University of California, told the call that all of the coals were likely may by a single perpetrator as they all shared and identical method and signature. He said that the perpetrator As someone who quote angel, being in control and ruining people's lives, and the some sexual pleasure from his exploits professor Collins explained that manages who felt
this game calls were won over gradually. The kola would dishes, compliments and commendation to encourage the managers and assure them that I would doing the right thing. He's trip Your requests slowly escalated to more outrageous demands. Collins testified that if Mcdonald's had being serious about putting a stop to the incidents, then they could have done so as they had, Intensive training programmes set up on a range of other matters. A psychiatrist, who had examined Laura testified that she would suffer post, traumatic stress disorder, but the rest of her life. She was also be full of strangers and struggled with intimacy on Thursday September. Twenty
Laura Fletcher began what would end up being six hours of testimony she broke down in tee says she discussed the assault and its long standing impact on her, including her struggle to conceal her pain, shame and humiliation from friends and family. When ass to where she thought responsibility for the incident lie, she replied Mcdonald's when it was time for donor summers, take the stand. She wept and admitted that she had considered taking her own life due to one going feelings of guilt. Summers said she prayed for Laura Daily, but acknowledged that she had an honest enough questions when this gamma code Shane System that Mcdonald's had never trained her on the matter or made it clear that strip searches were
Violation of company policy went on the why she left her fiance alone with a naked teenager. Some is said she had believed Nix was kind and gentle and said she would have trust. Did him with her own daughter in their opening statement, Mcdonald's blamed Donna some As for the assault by saying that, if she hadn't violated company policy by bringing nix into that manages office, then at wouldn't have happened. The company, denied the assertion that they had not sufficiently warned staff about this gamma a few days before Laura's assault on April non two thousand for a voice message about the coals was sent to Mcdonald's, manages all over the country
One of the companies human resources executives testified that Donna some is exercised. The poor judgement over a long period of time and no did that she didn't have authority to remove Laura's, clothing or indeed, unknown. Employee aid to the back of their rest drawn a psychotic less than psychologist to pay this expert witnesses by Mcdonald's contradicted the plaintive psychiatry s by saying that lorries trauma was not permanent. One even suggested that she had grown. Roma as a result of her stall defence, So I did that Laura now had a happy life with a long term boyfriend and a well paid job but illegal, firm laces.
And the amount Washington Mcdonald's manager appeared on behalf of the defence. She said she had received the company's voicemail about this gamma that hadn't pass that on to her assistant manages because she didn't think it was important. She also, why did quote Anyone dumb enough to full forward shouldn't, be a manager at Mcdonalds. On cross examination. Laser accepted that the boy smile had been vague at me. Philly referred to a cola asking for employees to be detained and demand and nothing about strip searches. When asked if she would have traded the voice smile more seriously, had she known what sorts of abuses the kola was demanding. Lay sir answered yes and burst into tears, lay seven
worked for Mcdonald since nineteen eighty one but said she was unfamiliar with its policy, barring strip searches and consequently, couldn't have told her subordinates about it at a murder. that the company had never trained anybody on the policy that was, of many listed in a one thousand page manual. Their trial concluded after full weight The jury of eight women and for men, but given thirty one pages of instructions and twelve possible verdicts to consider. After deliberating for thirteen hours, the Jew we found in favour of lorries suit Diasorin assigned half of the blame for her assaulted, scammer and the other half to Mcdonalds. Laura was awarded a total of six point. One million dollars this included, why
in point, one million dollars in compensation for damages and five million in punitive damages. The jury attached a note to their verdict, imploring Mcdonald's to offer more employee training on sexual harassment and scam calls it was later review. that the jury had taken so long deliberating because they had been unable to agree on how much money Laura should receive. wonder I wanted to award her one hundred million dollars while another wanted to give her just the one dollar Jury also awarded one point: one million dollars to donor some is came Doggery, the other Assistant manager, who had been on duty at the time of lorries, assault, was exonerated of any responsibility. Laura burst into tears. Upon hearing them
and hugged her mother and grandparents. She also embrace to donor summers and the to express their happiness for each other. Laura lighted told the press that she planned to use the money to go to law school has her original college plans had being derived. Held by her. I saw her lawyer described the verdict as a complete rejection of Mcdonald's claim that they bore no responsibility to Laura or other employees who have been victims of this trip search scams. Donna summers told the media. It was never about the money. It was about getting The truth about that Mcdonald's knew all along what was going on. This was a complete vindication.
Mcdonald's issued a statement that they would be considering whether or not to appeal the funding and denoted quote. As we ve stated previously, this malicious hoax was perpetrated by individuals who do not represent our brand. What happened Laura Fletcher was wrong and should never happened to anyone. Mcdonald soon lodged an appeal, more than two years later, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled that they were upholding the jury's decision. The three judge panel found that Mcdonald's legal department had been fully aware of this gamma, but made a conscious decision
Not the train or worn employees bore manages about the coals. Despite upholding the decision, the judges deemed that the jury, some awarded to Donna Summers, had been excessive pay out, was reduced from one point one million dollars to five hundred thousand dollars next Nods was also ordered to pay a further two point. Four million dollars in attorney phase by Laura Laura, who has since become a mother, did not attend the appeal in person. Instead, one of her. Lawyers spoke to the media on her behalf, stating that she was thrilled to learn of the verdict, Donalds then decided to appeal the decision that Kentucky Supreme Court in two thousand ten, while this petition was still pending, Laura settled
with the company for an undisclosed, a man and Mcdonald's withdrew their second appeal. The case is drawn comparisons. What famous experiment conducted in the early nineteenth sixties YO, all university Social, psychologist Stanley, Milgram been the experiment. Professor Milgram told he subjects that he was researching. Learning He was really studying. Was people's willingness to obey authority participants were asked to administer electric shocks at an ever increasing voltage to another individual. Whenever that person answered a question, correctly the individuals on the receiving end of the shocks where, in fact, act is who would not harm that all the experiment found that the majority of participants
and were willing to administer the electric shocks, even if they felt extremely upset about having to do so in nineteen. Seventy one Stanford University, Professor Phil, Zimbabwe carried out a similar study, which came to be known as the Stanford prison experiment. He's college student participants was split into two words and were rather assigned the role of a prison God or an inmate prevent says, embodies AIM was to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, the students embraced their roles and the gods and became authoritative and alarmingly abusive towards the inmates. The experiment was abandoned after just six days
Professors embody was lighter, hired as a consultant by one of the fast food chains that was targeted by the Strip search, gamma, hey suspected that the person responses had read up on milligrams work and described him as very skilled in human psychology since May. Two thousand, for there have been no further reports of a self by Dana fine police officer calling fast food restaurants to demand employees, strip searches,
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