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Case 159: James Craig Anderson

2020-10-10 | 🔗
When 47-year-old Mississippi resident James Craig Anderson realised he’d locked his keys in his car in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 26 2011, he was thankful when a vehicle pulled up offering to help. But it soon became clear that the occupants were anything but good samaritans.  --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd Written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-159-james-craig-anderson
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Who support place. The shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website in the early hours of Sunday June, twenty six two thousand and eleven James Anderson who went by. He's middle name of Craig found him. off in a predicament, he had locked these caves in Saudis car was a setback. They're happy go lucky. Forty seven year old african american man was unprepared for Craig, had gone out alone the previous evening. As he's husband of eighteen years, James was rusted to work and night shift over the weekend, I was James, had fun and Craig to remind him to stop packing for their upcoming trip to Chicago in celebration of Craigs forty eight birthday in five days time their coal. when did with the men telling one another. I love you
Craigs Orange Chevy avalanche was parked in a lot of the Metro win a budget tell in his home city of Jackson, Mississippi alike. I did indeed the intersection of highway. Eighty in the cities west. The lot was relative, lay small with around two dozen angle, to parking spot split into two new. Raven rose a Wendy's, fast food rush, Braun was located on its northern border. Winding on and off France for the interstate twenty highway to the south. The lot was partially framed small tree line, nature strips and could be accessed to the Yale device, Fronty dried and to the west, from the big our affair. Aviles Avenue shortly after four. Forty five. I am as Craig assess these options. A what David, Turkey s you ve, carrying for occupants entered. The parking lot
two young caucasian man got out of the vehicle and approached Craig who explained he's dilemma here. Ass the pair. If they had a coat hang, he could use to try and Jimmy the lock in his car door, Man moved back and forth between their jape and Craig Car. Engaging Craig in conversation. Seemingly looking for an item that could be of assistance staying minutes later, a dark green food f to fifty pickup truck carrying three occupants drove into the car. before leaving via the Ella seven you exit the two men who were helping Craig go back into their jape and followed the Ford moments later, both vehicles returned and stopped in close vicinity to where Craig was waiting by his car.
Two men who had assisted Craig earlier on from their job and joined by the driver of the Ford a young. What blunt add blue white male. He called Craig a racist, slower and yelled get away from my truck. Suddenly one of the men from that jape punched, Craig in the face, knocking him to the ground. The driver of the forward then straddled Craig and proceeded to hit him repeatedly around the head. While casting and adding racial abuse, their remit being passengers of the groups to vehicles watched on as the assailant spent the next three and a half minutes baiting Craig afterwards, he stood crags mobile phone wallet and wedding ring before jumping back into the draw this side of the forward as the gene drive away. One of you. Passengers Yoda what pale
in response the driver of the Ford raise these faced in the air and he yelled back what power as the full pulled out of the parking lot. That's headlights illuminated Craig stumbling along the edge of Alice Avenue just to the right of the eggs in the DRC, thus the towards him mounted the and ran him over the forwards Your parents yield more racial abuse out of the window as the vehicle sped away.
The state of Mississippi is located in America's Deep South Board. By Louisiana Alabama and dark and saw during the eighteen hundred's black slaves were used to tend to the farming. land that was signed by Mississippi's what citizens and by eighteen sixty they slaves accounted for. Fifty five percent of the state's population The state was so heavily invested in slavery. That rice became a dominant theme of Mississippi's politics. On January nine, eighteen sixty one Mississippi declared secession from U S union and became and of America's original confederate states in the declaration, slavery was referred to, as quote
the greatest material interest of the world in April that same ye. The ongoing controversy between the southern and northern states over the enslavement of black people, gave rise, to the American Civil war ivory. Two thousand Mississippi henceforward in the war, many of whom were motivated by fear of losing what supremacy. During this time, The majority of Mississippi's black population wearing slave tender living on plantations. Many had been forced that Bush moreover, land via the domestic slave trade in eighteen, sixty five, when the confederacy was the faded and the civil war. Ended. Slavery was abolished by the thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, with Mississippi being one of the few states that voted against the amendment.
five years later, Mississippi rejoined the? U S union, but the state continued to face intense interracial conflict and was centre stage during the civil rights movement of the mid twentieth century. This was most evident in the states, capital city Jackson, known as the city with Sol Jackson is renowned for its music architecture, museums, historic Cultural did tricks performing arts and vibrant. Not laugh, however, like the rest of Mississippi. The city has a dark and complex history when it comes to racial inequality. Between one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven and one thousand nine hundred and fifty twenty two people were lynched in Jackson's, Hines
de more than anywhere else in the state in nineteen, fifty four, the federal government's force tend to segregation. Resulted in Jackson becoming more racially diverse. This prompted many want people to move away from the city, rendering some neighbourhoods of Jackson almost exclusively black one of the most infamous hate crimes that occurred in Mississippi was the nineteen. Fifty five murder of fourteen year old am at till a black Tina yah but were allegedly wolf. Whistled had a white woman in retaliation for this perceived slot to what men kidnapped and killed. I met before dumping he's body into the teller hatchie River. I know why jury acquitted, the man, even though. They later admitted to the murder. Another rice fuelled incident occurred in nineteen sixty four,
when two nineteen year old, black men, Charles more and Henry Day, women, did by members of the White supremacist Tight group, the coup clocks, clan in the Mississippi town of Roxy. Charles and Henry would talk to a tree, Baden and then dumped in the Mississippi river to drown that same year, a gang of coup clocks, clansmen that included several police officers, abducted and murdered one black man, James Cheney, and to what jewish men Andrew Goodman and mark Shhh were not in the show that county, because they were trying to help black people register to vote.
Bring the nineteen sixties. Several serious crimes were committed against civil rights activists. By what supremacist and racist aggression was constant. In nineteen, sixty three civil rights activist Mega Revers was shot out. Saudis. High By a member of the coup clocks plan, which caused the national outrage and was pivotal to the passing of the Civil Rights ACT, the following year. From nineteen? Eighty to ninety ninety Jackson's: what population dropped to forty three percent and by two thousand, what Paypal accounted for just over a quarter of the city's population Although that number showed a slight increase by two thousand and eleven racially mode they crimes committed by what people against the city's black citizens remained prevalent.
Craig Anderson had lived in Jackson. Mississippi, for most of these are all live here, originally from homes county and primarily raised by his mother. After his father died, Craig was one of four children. With an older sister and two younger brothers. He grew up to become a comment and courteous person who was particularly caring towards children and the elderly. He's defining feature was what he system, Barbara Cold. He's grand piano, smile, ass, a young man, Craig moved seventy miles south to Jackson wearing ninety. Ninety, three: at the age of thirty he was introduced to James another african Mary Can man James, lighter told, journalist, Albert Summah, aha from buzz, fade news that, by the end of their first day, the pair had fallen for one another
the cautious and organise the James kept Craig in Czech, while Craig. Warm and daisy going personality allowed a James to loosen up a little. a number of occasions. James surprised, Craig with trips to cities, luck Chicago knew all lanes and Miami there. The couple were more comfortable being affectionate in public, unlike in Jackson, where members of the algae bay take, you walk immunity, often faced discrimination. five years into their relationship. James and Craig Border House in Jackson, Jane wasn't initially came on the property ass. He thought it was ugly that Craig Swords Potential and spent the next few years is turning it into a home. He put in
new flooring painted the walls renovated the kitchen and planted a god and full of flowers. Craig also picked out all of the furniture and decorated the house with plush green carpet and paintings of tigers. The couple were active church goers had the first Todd Park Missionary Baptist Church, where Craig saying as tenor in the car by two thousand for Craig into James had been together for eleven years and now They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together at the time Mississippi didn't recognize same sex marriage said they hold
private ceremony in New Orleans, where they exchange of ours and rings month, Slider Craig, was offered a job as a production. Technician had a niece in vehicle manufacturing plant. In Canton, roughly twenty miles, north of Jackson, Craig was thrilled as the position was higher paid than his previous job and a job things like told a buzz, fade news that he'd reacted by quite jumping around smiling like it was the best day of his life. The couple celebrated with a trip to Memphis Tennessee. In two thousand and seven. The situation arose within James is extended family that result. In a relative needing to re home, then new born baby boy James was eager to adopt the crap
I wasn't sure that were ready for the responsibility they decided to proceed with the adoption. Craig immediately embraced the role of a divided father. He loved spoiling their adopted son with chocolates and Toys James. The latest stated Those were the years when we were like this. Is it we're going to lock live. We both got good jobs, we were living real comfortable. We had everything we wanted, we go to church, we go to work, we pay our taxes, and come home to our family. That's all you can ask for. In the early hours of Sunday June, twenty six two thousand and eleven nano One were saved a call from a woman at Jackson's Metro win just off
why eighty she had just witnessed a dark Green Ford, pickup truck run over a black man in the motels parking Lot perpetrators, who were identified as being young and what were so heard. Hurling racial abuse at the victim police arrived at the metro when they found several, lie right. People gathered around as severely injured and unresponsive, Craig Andersson on the curb avail seven you just outside the car Park, Craig was rushed. Hospital, but he's injuries were severe and the situation Dyer here attack is were divided between two vehicles, the Ford used in the hit and run and a white J Bessie. They both cars were witness the driver,
past the log immediately after the attack, while their passengers pointed and laughed police bed onto the Interstate twenty, whether Ford was lost sight of travelling Asian and caught up to the vehicle, as they pulled up beside one officer locked on with the driver, a young. What man with the blonde hair and the blue eyes, the officer noted he handed this blank stare about him. It was chilling like a cold hearted. Look I'll, never forget that! Look The driver was ordered to pull over and provide these driver's licence, which identified him nineteen year old, Darrell dead men, there were two female passengers in east rock seventeen year old shall be rigid and eighteen year old. Sarah graves all three times
Exacted luck. They had no idea what the police had pulled. The move on with the dead man's demeanor akin to one on their way home after a nun eventful day. She'll be rigid, seem too. the Hall LAW deal was a jug while Sarah graves appeared. Uncomfortable though she was part of something she didn't want to be involved with the police inspected, the forwards, exterior and fair
the blood and brain matter on the right side of the front. Bumper later that morning, James returned to the home. He shared with Craig Anderson. After finishing his graveyard shifted the airplane parts factory where he worked, he quickly discovered that he's husband was unkind and the next thing he knew police officers were knocking at the door. They revealed that Craig had been in an accident overnight and when James asked to go see him the office is informed him that it wouldn't be possible
As Craig had been killed, Darrell dead men shall be rigid, send Sarah graves were taken into custody and interviewed separately dead men tell police that Craig Anderson had jumped in front of his truck while Richards, who was dead man's girlfriend laughed when she was brought into the interview room. In contrast, Sarah graves appeared in shock and was crying once she had settled. She data that laid up to the incident on the nod of set at a June twenty five graves and said road? Does another youths was celebrating a birthday in a field, neither village of pocket around thirty miles, South EAST of Jackson, dying, gay,
dean underage drinking around a bonfire until the party reached its conclusion that for fifteen I am. Ten potty gowers then made a plan to made up at a gas station in Brandon a predominantly white neighbour, word on the outskirts of Jackson, where the major Already of the youths lived at the gas station, the group discussed going to Jackson, which was a short Dr West,. Three party Gowers Cold at a nod and went home while the remaining seven committed to their trip. twenty three year old, William Montgomery Dr Eighteen year, old John Ross and John Blaylock, and twenty year Old Dylan bought law in he's what Jape Cherokee? Yes, you ve Darrell dead men took Sarah graves and shall be rigid. Seen he's green afford f to fifty
Stop truck during their drive into Jackson, dead man and the girls were saved a coal from their jape occupants, informing them that they were packed in the law next to the metro. We now know a seven year. Sarah graves lamed that when they arrived Ross and Blaylock were talking to a black man in the moon, tells car park dead. Men, then confronted the man and the pair got into a physical Walter occasion. After the fight in dead men returned to the Ford and referred to the man using racist terminology.
Graves told detectives we started pulling out and the guy was walking towards us and dead men just stepped on it, the guy slipped under the car and then I freaked out and all went into like a shock I couldn't breathe. I couldn't say anything I didn't know what to do. I was scared off the woods dead men cold among gum,
a to brag about what he had done. The two groups then rake in vain did a nearby Mcdonald's restaurant, where dead men laughed ass. He surveyed the front bumper of east car after sixty hours that the police station Sarah Graves was released without charge, as was shall be rigid. Graves was picked up by her mother Mary, who later described her daughter, the seeming scared to death. She had Sarah had admitted into hospital believing that she was suicidal. In the meantime, a remorseless Darrell dead men was formally charged with Craig Andersen's murder. He posted the required fifteen percent of these fifty thousand dollar bond. Securing.
replace pending trial police obtained Cctv, footage from a security camera tat overlooked the other seven new entrants to the car park. Both offenders vehicles were filmed entering lot, though only the Ford remained in view. Although the physical assault on Craig The sun occurred off camera, multiple figures could be seen me being in an out of frame between the fire and the two cars before leaving. One figure believed to be Darrell dead. Men was captured, punching a fixed in the air and was ever heard by security, God yelling. Why? pale, even though a trade partly obscure the area where Craig was run over deadlines. Food could be saying steering up onto the curb and behind the tree,
before rising up over something and back down again one officer said it sent chills just watching the say say too couldn't believe it. They ran Craig Anderson down like a dog Active soon learned that the assault was instigated by teenager John Ross after arriving at the car Park Ross and fellows passenger John Blaylock had approached Craig. Has he tried to access he's locked car? They pretended to hope only to turn on Craig. Once Darrell dead men arrived rice, Blaylock and dead men than confronted Craig together,
Dead men referred to Craig using a racial slur and yelled get away from my truck Ross through the first punch before dead men continue, the attack. As a result, John Ross was also charged with Craig murder. Discharge was Ultimately, reduced to simple assault after rice attorney successfully argued that he's client had left in a jape before the fatal hit and run took place right paid his five thousand dollar bond and it was released. The apparent rice based the motive for Craigs murder developed further. As the investigation continued, Sarah graves had told detectives,
That Darrell dead men was a racist ass. She had heard him one say that he can't stand black Paypal. Furthermore, witnesses had over her. Dead men and others yelling racial abuse at Craig refer to him in it. Rugged tree manner and chant the racist slogan. What pale immediately after the attack. However, the youths involved remained taught lived when questioned about their interact: ends with Craig and to their reasons for being in Jackson. That noise, John rises attorney claimed that the group had gone to Jackson to buy alcohol and did not harass or a solid anyone, despite these assertions investigators sought to present the case as I hate crime, but there wasn't enough evidence for the district attorney to proceed down that path.
news of Craig Anderson's murder outrage to Jackson's black community, prompting them to reach out the civil rights. Any Jody outlines the second Owens worked for this. Than poverty law, Santa a not for profit. dog organization, known for taking legal action against the watts, supremacists and other extremist groups. In an effort to establish that there I'm was racially motivated, Owens hired a private investigator to conduct an independent inquiry into crags death. A middle aged white male was tactically chosen for the task, as he would be able to circulate easily within the community's, where the suspects lived The pay I discovered that the seven youths present for crags murder, along with several others.
Visited Jackson on multiple occasions to conduct what they had called hunting The process involved searching the city for vulnerable black Paypal to harass and attack. The investigator also discovered that Darrell dead men had relatives who belonged to what supremacist groups Gee idea once shared the findings with the FBI and five days their crags murder, they opened investigation of their own? They found out that a few weeks prior to crags death, Darrell dead men had been robbed by a black man. This supported the ballet
that the hidden run had been unintentional, lacked by dead men. Luckily motivated by revenge, Craig Anderson's funeral was held six days after his death had he's all my parish. The first Todd part Baptist Church, as requested by the Andersson family. This thus focused on celebrating Craigs Life, rather than the brutal nature of his death and was no mention of hate or anger. Craig sister Barbara spoke of her brothers love a cooking, he sense of fashion and he's humor. She called his death and timely and chose not to speak out against those responsible, pastor, Brian Richardson Anti Seventeen Year old Son, Joel
with two of the few, what people in attendance Jordan, attended, Brandon High School with Darrell dead men and had enjoyed two years of violent bullying and his hands, partly because he had black friends Earlier that year, dead men had been arrested and convict of misdemeanor harassment against Jordan and was on probation at the time of Craigs murder Angela six two thousand and eleven Darrell dead men was cold back to port, for a bond revocation hearing the prosecution when now confidently calling the murder of Craig Anderson, I hate crime. After present the evidence that supported that position. The prosecution put forward that dead men had left
The party in the early hours of June, twenty six, with the intention of going in search of a black person to attack dead man's attorney rejected these allegations. But the judge was satisfied with the evidence presented and dead. Men's bond was increased from fifty thousand dollars to white hundred thousand dollars. Unable to secure the payment dead, men was placed in police custody to a white trial, By this stage, the Cctv footage from the metro in parking lot had been late to the press and broadcast on televised news reports throughout the country. As a result, dead men was also did in jail for his own safety. Meanwhile, the assistant police chief tone, Cnn report is that Craigs death was an ice.
Did incident, and to that the attack was part of a biggest story. Cnn also spoke with the Jordan rigid. Then the teenager dead men had been previously convicted of harassing Jordan said that dead men always had a look. no conscience and carried around this backpack of hatred, Jordan's father passed, o Brien, Richardson, told CNN, Hey had warned he saw about dead men's volatility and had been worried that dead men might go as far as to kill Jordan, Pasta, Richardson had told the police that was painfully clear that dead men was going to win just someone. So You ve all possibly kill someone other Brandon Hall School students told sand and that dead men and his friends bullied. What classmates, who had black friends and to use the right
since the language in real life and online Hey had protested at school member Obama was elected America's first african american president and referred to him using racist insults, social media. According to the students. school administrators, mostly looked the other way as the racial hatred and bullying intensified. When CNN com Acted Brandon, high administrators, a spokesperson, told them that the school took bullying very seriously and no record of any incidents involving dead men, a former French revealed that dead man and his group were referred to as the Brandon Boys and one nine foregoing out at night to target black individual.
Can Johnson the manager of a service station in Brandon were dead, man and his friends often hung out told sand and that's it like every word that came out of their mouth was. The F word can once told the group to mind their behaviour. after he had heard them say that black people were taking over their town can told CNN Men made it well nine that he didn't like a gay whole black Paypal. He talked about Jackson being a predominantly black city and said he's parents grew up and moved away because of all these black people. Many Brandon locals were outraged that their tat was being accused of racism and told reporters that they didn't view Craig Anderson's death as a high crime.
while they agreed that dead men had violated the law, they didn't believe he had targeted Craig because of ease rice, a white senior from Brandon High told the Jackson Free Press that the residents of brand And were very down to work and that she was worried. Crags death would reflect poorly on them quote. Brandon is one of the top places to live in the country. There is nothing bad about Brandon, it's a shame. The crime happened, dead man's younger
sister told the New York Times wedges country and whoever comes here. We welcome every body. This whole thing is getting blown out of proportion dead. Men Sancho described his nephew as a good boy from a happy go lucky family who got involved with the wrong crowd. A relative of John rise dead man's cow accused took their facebook, decide that rice wasn't a murderer that had fallen victim to trial by media and was suffering from quote: reverse racism. Another facebook user echoed this sentiment riding If this was the other way around and a black guy ran over a white boy. It would not be a high crime baseless,
rumours spread around Brandon that crags death was drug, related, prompting mock old tastily. The what president of Jackson State Universities chapter of the National Association for the advancement of colored people to speak out. Michael who was a reformed racist himself, stated, etc, Cesare for ranking canny to blame. The black man then take responsibility for this crime. Right now the problem is in their churches, homes and schools. This doesn't have anything to do with a drug deal gone bad. They are looking for an excuse to make themselves feel better. Gerald rose, founder of the You oughta national Human Rights Organization, said that the situation could be used to provoke a level headed discussions about rice relations, quiet
When I saw the video I shed tears, TAT could have Bay may or could have Bay my son's. We want to call for a healing process and at the same time we are aware racism is still alive. I can't believe stuff like this is going on in the year two thousand and eleven on August, fourteen two thousand eleven more than five hundred people, including clergyman elected, a fish, Yours and supporters of all races gathered at the New HORIZON church in Jackson to March against racial injustice, tee shirts were distributed amongst the protesters printed with the slogan, not in my city. They marched through Jackson, singing we shall I the calm, and
This little lot of mine before gathering in the Metro Wing Car Park for a candle light vigil. Rabbi Valerie Cowan told the ten days we are here a unified and to teach ourselves and our children and everyone out there. That love is Better way to live, we are here to get beyond hatred, Craigs Husband, Amy was in too much emotional paying to attend the visual he told about. is fading news that, following the murder he had purchased a gun in fear that crags attack is would also come for him. He blamed himself for not being with Craig on the night he was killed. saying I should have been there. I always protected him. That was my job.
James lost his faith and stop going to church and to work. Instead, spending he's days crying in bed with the lights off and the curtains drawn the result. The couples four year old adopted son went to live with the James as mother. James avoided the news, as he didn't want to say, the Cctv footage of Craigs death. One afternoon James was driving he's adopted son to his mother's house. When he said you can't go that way. That's where dead men killed. Craig Stunned James looked around and realised that they were passing the Metro Wing Car park. He asked his son how he knew what happened there, to which the child responded.
I saw it on tv almost. Months after Craig Anderson's death there dead man's murder charge was upgraded to capital murder undiminished see be law, But all murder charge arises where the circumstances of an unlawful killing includes one of the prescribed at least a vague. Reviving fact is. The relevant aggravating factor in the cry again to sing case was the Craig. being killed during the commission of a robbery. As dead men had stolen his phone. wallet and wedding ring if can fit of capital murder. There was the possibility that dead men would face the death penalty
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Interviewing over two hundred and fifty people and using grand jury, subpoenas and social media to obtain information, the F B, I discovered a culture of racism and a pattern of hate crimes committed by Darrell, dead men, Andy's friends in the weeks leading up to Craig Anderson's death, Since April, two thousand and eleven the youth had made multiple trips into Jackson or what they refer to as Jeffrey, GA I racially derogatory portmanteau combining Jackson and Africa while there they harass the blackened vigils, whom they perceived to be harmless or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as they believe. Today's targets would be less likely to resist all report. Their attacks to police. investigators uncovered for separate incidents involving some of the youths present during Craig Anderson's attack on
one occasion, Darrell dead men, John Ross, and John Blaylock William Gunnery John Ross, his brother, twenty you're out Robert Ross and when two year old, Jonathan Gas Camp Drive into Jackson, armed with a hand gone, the group and in intoxicated black man alone, near a golf course and bade him until he begged fairies loss gas camp also threatened to shoot. The man On another occasion, dead, men, Blaylock, Montgomery and the Ross brothers were driving through Jackson when they spotted blackmail, pedestrian near a gas station. Robert Rice, who was driving Montgomery's jade, accelerated in the direction of the man and nearly
send him down. Witnesses said that if the man hadn't moved, he would have been hit by now. That's all I'm Blalack Montgomery the Ross Brothers and Shelby Richards Fluid a black man into believing they wanted to buy drugs, but instead Blalack punched him in the face The fourth incident involved blackened Montgomery, along with the Dylan Butler, who was also at present on the night of Craigs Nada tool one year old, Joseph Dominic and an unnamed fifth person together, though, how to be bottles at black pedestrians cause one man to fall to the ground. They also stopped at a sporting goods, store and purchased the slingshot. Then took turns shooting metal bull. Bearing said any black people dying, counted, including those
were visibly impaired and a teenage boy riding a bicycle. The FBI also re interviewed Sarah graves. The teenage girls. Who had been riding in Darrell Deadlines for at the time of Craig Anderson's murder graves had previously provided the police with a summary of events leading up to the killing thought made it to the FBI that she had been lying about her role on the nod and had withheld information. She now admitted to being one of the main driving forces behind recruiting potty gallows to take the hunting trip into Jackson that not Shea, along with the Darrell dead men shall be rigid and John Blaylock had encouraged others to join them for a trip into Jaffrey Car to quote fuck with some black
able Blaylock also gathered up empty glass bottles from the party to use as projectiles the F B. I concluded that, although the seven individual who went into Jackson in the early hours of Sunday June. Twenty six might not have had a specific plan to kill that. Definitely in time did to harm or harass long. Gunnar he had driven the jape into the city, while Black Butler the John Ross through bottles of black pedestrians when they spotted Craig Anderson stranded by he's locked car, they perceived him as being drunk after phoning dead man's group.
tell them to come to the parking lot. Blalack and Ross approached Craig Honda, the gods of offering assistance they conversed with Craig. You know what that's a stool, the situation until Dedman Graves and Richards arrived in the Ford Richardson courage to a boyfriend. and to assault Craig Ross through the initial paunch before dead man continued the assault which left Craig severely batted but alive dead men then got back in his car and drive the crime while hay and his girlfriend shouted racial abuse out the window. It remained unclear which of the youths in that Jape first YO doubt what power, but it was dead men who repeated that Chad the
I also discovered that the racial violence carried out by the young offenders was well known in Brandon, in fact, dozens of war, change from the area, knew about the group's actions, but did nothing to stop them. On September, six, two thousand eleven Craig Innocent family filed a civil wrongful death suit against Darrell dead men, John Rice, Sarah graves shall be rigid. William, Montgomery, Dylan bought Lot and John Blaylock this
alleged that, while low seven of the youths went directly responsible for assaulting and killing Craig, they were all negligent because they didn't try to stop the attack, provide any assistance to Craig or call the police, Craigs, mother and siblings. Who would listed as plaintiffs stated, they would forever be deprived of crags comfort, services, financial support and companionship, given that Mississippi didn't acknowledge same sex marriage at the time, James was unable to join the family civil claim, as hey wasn't considered, to have any legal standing in the matter while awaiting trial, Darrell dead men Panda letter to his youngest sister in it he could. and that he had committed himself to Jesus and warned her. To stay away from trouble,
He blamed these actions on alcohol and he's friendship group riding My so called friends got me in here as dead man's capital. Motor arraignment approached Craigs, the Barbara, wrote a letter to the district attorney on behalf of her family requested that the death penalty be taken off the table. She explained that the Anderson's were opposed to capital punishment in part because of their christian beliefs and because of its. Starck Association against the people of color, the letter stated. Those were Bond for Craigs death not only ended the loss of a talented and a wonderful man, They also have caused their family unspeakable pain and grave But our loss will not be lessened by the state taking the life of another as current US
king stated in explaining her opposition to the death penalty, a name to is not redeemed by Naval Dade of retaliation. Executing Craigs killers will not help balance the scales on September Wendy one. Two thousand and eleven dead men entered a plea of not guilty and was ordered two remaining custody until he's trial commenced early the following year. In the months late up the event. A dispute began over whether dead, Ben should be tried in Jackson. The prosecution wanted the trial to be held where the crime occurred, as the jury pool would be predominantly black but dead.
Men's lawyers wanted to move it to another jurisdiction with a larger what population that debate came to an abrupt end when, on March twenty one, two thousand twelve Darrell dead men played the guilty to the charge of capital, murder, Hey delivered a pre prepared statement in which he up the jaws to the innocent family and asked for their forgiveness quote Take full responsibility for my actions on that. Not a a very malicious thing for no reason dead men told the king, that he was a changed man who had found religion since his arrest and said I was young and dumb ignorant and full of hatred, chose to go down the wrong path. Craig system
Barbara, delivered a statement to the court on behalf of her family that Red days Last few months have been very difficult. We cried. We were We reminisce about our beloved brother, Craig Olaf's stuck in not even explain I was a big hearted person, one who loved his fellow man, caring family oriented and a big sense of humour. My brother, Craig would give you the shared offer. These back. We, the Edison family, a praying for rice. reconciliation, not only in Mississippi but all love, this land and country, we are praying that the defendant dead man and his family fond pace on the Mississippi LAW a defendant can be given both sentence if their actions are found to be a high crime,
presiding, George, you Jeff, we'll did exactly that sentence. Darrell dead men. The two life sentences to be served concurrently, judge, we'll stated MR dead men. Having heard your admissions, the very walls this court house cry out for justice. You have admitted killing a man simply because of he's rice, your project. this has brought shame upon you and placed the great stain on the state of Mississippi Whatever excuse you may offer for what you have done forget that there is no excuse. You can offer the family of Mr Andersson or to your fellow Mississippi and who have to try to reconcile the horrible damage you of course, all the hard work we have done to move fast date forward has been stained,
Are you a stain which will take years to fade addressing the Andersson family directly, judge. We'll then said No that mrs Europeans think about this senseless crime. The way you think about it. With all her troubled past, the state of Mississippi stands with you today and condemns this despicable Braun and says there is no excuse for this. After the sentencing, the district attorney of Jackson said he expected further charges to be placed against the dead men with more arrests to calm quote this is just the beginning.
That same day, Darrell Dead, men, John Ross and Dylan bought law were all charged with one can of conspiracy and one of committing hate crimes in violation of the federal high crimes, Prevention ACT of two thousand and nine. These charges were in relation to their history of racially motivated. Crime include The murder of Craig Anderson, old. Ray young men denied being racist, being raised, to have a hatred of african Americans, regardless The next day of March, twenty two two thousand twelve- they age played a guilty marking the first time that the Hate Crimes Prevention ACT had ever been used. In a case where the defendants actions resulted in a victim's death, they appeared in court for sentencing in February two thousand fifteen three years and seven
months after Craig Anderson's murder, judge carbon raves, the second black federal Judging Mississippi's history presided James Prepared statement, to be read on his behalf during proceedings, as hey still couldn't bear to spake publicly about he's, husbands, murder, it read, You don't have a clue what you have really done to my family in committing this terrible crime. James Craig Anderson was a great man. and he was a man who loved his family and was a great provider to our sun and may we had a great life and we missed him so much since his death now lives have been turned upside down.
James spoke of the detrimental impact Craig's murder had on his own mental health. His inability to work and at the challenges he had since face does a single parent quote. My heart gets so heavy at times, because I feel like a failure, because I couldn't keep a the things cried did for us. We were always, therefore, each other we supported each other and we can find it in each other. I wish none of you whatever say daylight again,. There is no room on earth for people like you. Judge Carlton raves, though but a long and powerful sentencing stage that touched on the states. Troubled passed with lynchings and racial injustice quote on June. Twenty seeks to do
eleven Bordeaux short of these forty nine birthday, the blood of James Craig Anderson, was added to Mississippi soil. New generations have attempted to pull Mississippi from the abyss of moral depravity in which, at once so proudly floundered in despite much progress and the of the new generations. These three defendants above before me today. They and their coke and spirit is ripped off the sky above the healing scars of Mississippi, causing her to bleed again. There is Absolutely no doubt that in the view of the court, the victims were targeted because of their race. The simple fact is that what Today's children into criminal defendants was their joint decision to whack Racial hatred.
In the eyes of these defendants and their co conspirators the victims were doomed at birth. Their genetic make up made them targets. On top of the two life sentences, Darrell dead men had received for the state, Capitol murder charge, Judge raves, sentenced him to an additional fifty years in prison for he's federal hate crimes, dead men would first serve his fifty year sentence in a federal prison and then be moved to a state facility to serve out he's too life sentences. John Ross, who at instigated the unprovoked attack on Craig, was given eighteen years and for months imprisonment. Dylan Butler, who was present but didn't participate, was sentenced to seven years,
Acting assistant attorney General Vanessa Gupta said that day sentences proved that the Department of Justice would vigorously pursue individuals who committed racially motivated assaults, and would quite cast a broad and to ensure that all who commit such acts are brought to justice. William Montgomery, who had driven the dream on the night of Craig Anderson's murder and had also participating in other hunting expeditions was also charged with one can of conspiracy to commit a high crime and one can of committing a height Kron hay was sentenced, the waiter knees and nine months in prison, Jonathan Gas Cab who participated in the Of course, attack and made threats to kill was also
Charged with one can of conspiracy and one can of committing hate crimes, he was sentenced to four years. Hay was one of three people charged for their participation in the racist gang thought who was not present for Craig Anderson's murder, another who was not present for Craigs murder. Joseph Dominic struck a deal to waive the grand jury in thought. Men and in return, pleaded guilty till one can't of conspiracy to commit a height. for a was sentenced to four years. Judge Carlton raves acknowledged the court's belief that, if it wasn't for Craig Anderson's death, the youths who would have returned to Jackson taken ten year, their mission to harm. The remaining members of the racist gang enjoy.
Blaylock shall be rigid and Sarah graves where each charged with committing a high crime against Craig Anderson, which carried a possible life sentence, They, along with the John ROS, were also charged with wilfully conspiring to cause bodily harm to african Americans. In Jackson, black Black and Robert raw source. I received the charges for the attacks leading up to Craigs MOTA, including for carrying a firearm, shall be Richards and Sarah graves. the additional charges for enlisting others to commit hate crimes and, in the case of graves following to the FBI to conceal the fact that the crime was. racially motivated by
lack Robert Ross, wretched, send graves sided drunken judgment, youthful foolishness and peer pressure from Darrell dead men for their participation in the attacks. The age pleaded not guilty and were released on a one hundred thousand dollar unsecured bond pending trial. However, several months later, all four changed their plays to guilty per two sentencing. Sarah graves as mother Mary wrote to the court asking for leniency saying that she didn't raise her daughter to bear racist, Benign to marry Sarah already written to the court to say that her racist abuse had formed during her childhood as her mother frequently used tight, full racist language at home. Mary, was questioned in cord about the content of her daughters ladder
she remained in denial, insisting she raised her children, raw judge, and right. Wingate said that graves couldn't make the excuse that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, because she was in that place. She wanted the bay being the person she wanted debate, but just didn't want to get caught Craig System, Barbara addressed the graves and Richards, you set watched, encouraged and rallied around. As my brother was Baden you'll thirst for the blood. In unison african American caused you to pull more fuel on the fire. Craigs husband, a James who had mostly stayed silent during the court proceedings, told the young women you text
everyone that not, but you couldn't call nine while one yours much to blame as if you'd been behind the wheel, you'll babies yourselves, but I feel sorry for you. You knew what you were doing shall be. Richards was sentenced to eight years and Sarah graves would serve five speaking outside of cord graves. His mother Mary said she believed that presiding judge. Henry Wingate was racist and should be taken off. The bench Graves is attorney agreed, saying. I was dealing with a black judge who was showing racial hatred towards what defendants hey was being a racist, everybody's racist unconvinced of that. Sometimes they know it. Sometimes they don't know it.
in response judge, Wingate commented to the New York Times. Quite This notion of reverse discrimination is one that has play duration, progress The term usually signifies apathy for their rights bestowed upon African Americans right already enjoyed by most the whites. During John Blaylock sentencing hearing pass the brine Richardson testify on his behalf, telling the core that Blaylock lacked a great deal of self esteem and wanted to feed. In pasta, Richardson claimed that Blaylock Had been bullied by the group and a daily joined them in order to survive, adding that at least three attains had taken their own lives off the being bullied by the group. Blaylock reddest statement directed at cry.
game, distance family saying that he wanted to make a man seen anyway. He could and asked for their forgiveness. Judge Wingate wasn't convinced that Blaylock Hatch any real remorse and fully expected that he'd alone himself, with the racist groups once in prison He urged the Blaylock to prove his sincerity by re building his character before sentencing him to twenty years. Eight days later, Robert Ross, who was not present on the not Craig, was murdered but had participated in the other attacks was sentenced to ten years. In addition to the wrongful death sued filed by Craigs Family, the civil rights, the vision of the Justice Department,
and prosecuted restitution case against the seven defendants, the full most prominent members of the group Darrell dead men, John ROS, John bought law the William Montgomery were ordered to pay. A collective amount of eight hundred and forty thousand dollars in restitution to Craigslist. I d a man, was based on an estimate of Craigs lost future earnings and was intended to ease the fight. natural bird on his family, the outcome of the families, civil law suit, his unknown. On June, dirty two thousand fifteen on what would have Bang crags fifty second birthday Jackson, City Council, paused, a high crimes, ordinance requiring training and adequate resources to help local law enforcement. Accurately report and document hate crimes committed in this city.
The ordinance also required that an annual report be provided to the city council regarding the occurrence of hate crimes in Jackson, DIY Jackson's annual report stated there were thirty six high groups operating in Mississippi. The metro wind was in an area of Jackson, troubled by drug use and sex work, and there was speculation that the mode so may have played a role in Crags Attack, Metro Windsor, not avail. Patel said the media had unfairly characterized he's business. He told the Jackson Free Press that he's motel provided a service to low income families who had trouble finding affordable housing in the area metro. Wind was the first business coming off the interstate twenty, the highway used by Darrell dead men,
William Montgomery, to draw from Brandon to Jackson the District attorney Jackson theorized that Craig would have been the the vulnerable black person that dead men and he's group came across that was purely and opportunistic attack and had Craig Bain elsewhere. The group would have targeted someone else. Val Patel, denied rumours that hey had solved the say, say tv footage of Craigs Murder, the CNN that said that without it, There would have been no evidence that it was a racially motivated hate crime. Quite. I firmly believe in the right course, and there is not one penny that was involved
other than the money that is killed me from a business point of view? A local council men called for the Mattel to be permanently closed, labeling at a public nuisance? unable to recover from the negative publicity. The metro win permanently closed in two thousand seventeen on June. Thirty two thousand twenty on what would have bang crags. Fifty seventh birthday, Mississippi pop the law to remove the confederate emblem from the state flag. It was the last state in the U S to retain the confederate emblem, a populist simple amongst the white supremacist that represents the war to wipe out slavery The commission is developing a new flag design. That includes the phrase in God. We trust with Mississippi scheduled to
on the new design in November two thousand twenty, since he's husbands, murder James, has worked to break the deep rooted bigotry that incited the Koran by teaching their adoptive son, not to judge people based on the color of their skin Foma victim of Darrell dead men, Jordan Richardson told the Jackson Free Press that he didn't want the actions of east form of bully to bolster racial stereotypes and tensions in he's community, quite the stereo top that anyway, you going Jackson, you better be looking at me. your shoulder and in brand in any way you go. You are going to find a rednecks D.
only way that can happen he's through a response of love for one community to the other of those convicted for the Jackson. Rice attacks very few have spoken publicly about their crimes. John Ross was willing to provide a comment. The buzz vague news for a price Joseph Dominic told the publication right now in society, wherein the most diverse at all times with racism, but I've changed. It's been a different experience, imprison most The black guys in here know what I mean for, but they still love me.
William, Montgomery refused to take any personal responsibility for Craig Andersen's death and only felt sorry for himself quote on lost my freedom, family and everything else for a crime I didn't commit. As of July, two thousand twenty Dylan bottler Joseph Dominic Jonathan Gas Camp and Sarah graves have served their time and obtained released from prison while the others remained behind bars. Darrell dead men is the only one of the ten people involved in their Jackson, rice attacks, who was never expect to be released when sentencing dead men in two thousand and fifty in Judge Carton. Raved said,
hate comes in all shapes sizes colours, and from this case we know it comes in different sexes and age is a toxic makes of alcohol. relation ass and done. Adulterated hatred caused today's young people to resurrect The nightmarish spectre of lynchings and Lynch mobs from the Mississippi we longed to forget they proud They came ready to heard they used dangerous weapons. They targeted the weak. They were who did and encouraged others to join in the coordinated chaos, and they boasted. out there shameful activity like a lynching four days. Fuck, going out to Jeff Regard was like a carnival outing. It was funny to them an excursion which culminated in the death of innocent african American James, Craig Anderson
on June twenty six to them. and eleven the fun ended what is so disturbing so shocking. So numbing is that these HANS were perpetrated by our children Students who live among us, educated in our public schools in our private academies, students who played football lined up on the same side of the screw me into line with black teammates very students and honour students, kids, who work during school went in the sum is kids, who now had full time jobs and some and where Raven Unemployed, were pursuing higher education and the court believes that H had dreams to pursue,
These children were from to parent times and some of whom were the children of divorced parent and yet ass, some even raised by a single parent, no deal They all had a loving parents and loving families. What could try? its form, these young adults into the violent creatures their victim saw. It was nothing there.
Then, why did they were not championing any course, political, social, economic, nothing? They did not a wolf whistle, not a supposed crime, nothing. They did
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