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Case 16: Chris & Cru Kahui

2016-04-23 | 🔗

Chris and Cru Kahui were twins, aged just three months old when they died in hospital, both suffering from traumatic brain injury. Their death was the result o a severe impact, either from direct blows or being hit, thrown or slammed against a hard surface.

Violent shaking was another possible cause, and couldn’t be ruled out. What was clear was that the twins' injuries weren’t accidental…

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That was the result of severe impact it from direct boys will being hit thrown slammed against the hard surface Violent changing was another possible cause and couldn't be rodya. What was clearly was that betweens injuries went accidental Was the result of somebody using deliberate force against them. Is determined. Injuries will most likely inflicted at the same time, but the same person between said they murdered so was responsible. Christopher Cavalry and crookedly born at the National Women's hospital or can't museum on the twentieth of March two thousand and six
The twins were later transport, a middle, more hospital, their mother was Maxine a king twenty nine years old Father was crystal every twenty one years old. I had one of the trial together already changed to delete. It was thirty months of age at the top Chris annexing his relationship was informal and brief, but it had led to the birth of three children in just over you Albert Betweens, birth was unplanned, unexpected and unwanted Life christen Maxine on were raised in abusive ersatz filled with alcohol fuelled violence. By saying his mother left after being badly beaten by Maxine his father, one on she went to hospital and never returned to the house left Maxine earners siblings, to be raised by fallen, abusive father, Maxine
away from home to escape the abuse she was taken in by foster family and eventually place back into another care. but another abandoned her for a second, too long, dropping her off at a relative's house one day and never returning Maxine is both a victim of and a witness to, physical violence, as she was growing up from the people who were supposed to care for and protect her. Chris Christian, who he was raised in a very similar household, the adults in he's love where, after hollings, more worried about putting in drinking and providing adequate care for Chris, any siblings could go days without proper food, but the adults, adults went, went without bees, Chris also copies Fisher paintings from his parents. As he was going out. There was a rough tough abuses and fallen upbringing for both
The twins, Christen crew Kahui were born eight weeks prematurely despite their premature birth. The twins condition was actually pretty, but still there had to be kept in hospital for monitoring to make sure everything was ok before being discharged that were kept in hospital for around seven weeks until the seventh of mine, the nursing nights kept in the first thirty days after betweens birth showed that the parents Maxine our increase, only visited the hospital eleven of those first thirty days, and many of those visits were only brief.
When I did visit the hospital staff would encourage them to engage with the twins, doing things such as changing nappies and assisting with fading, but according to their notes, vaccine or crease didn't show a lot of interest. Hospital staff were concerned about this, and I eventually reported these concerns on the fourth of May. A social worker visited vaccine or at the hospital Maxine gave her reasons for their lack of visits. As being that we're moving house and were trying to care for Shane said I had little torn plus, I didn't have a family car. She said she knew. The twins had the best possible care in the hospital, so she wasn't overly concerned. After this visit, Maxine Stein, with the twins for three nights and the hospital staff supervision, she demonstrated a good ability to deal with nappy changes and fading staff are actually pretty impressed. By what I saw and I allowed the twins to be discharged from hospital on the seventh of May.
The twins were taken home to twenty two Courtney present among her Aced also. Nay, with Maxine or increase. Was there on the sunshine, as well as to a king who is mixing his brother and he's partner, Mona Kekui? It was good This is that they were in a relationship together as well and had a baby daughter who also with the sun for adults and for children all live together in a three bedroom. He is at least seven follow up. Visits were conducted by healthcare staff upon the twins discharge from hospital. The reports from those visits we're all positive. The twins were flourishing and it was obvious that all being well cared for our welfare, putting on healthy. Why a moratorium looking very well Maxine. It was saying to interact with the twins, constantly picking them up, cuddling increasing, I'm etc.
Parents but open during the visits and we're not a vice. You that all the initial concerns about their lack of interest, The hospital were raised. There was no reason for concern of suspicion. on the other. The May two thousand and six Chris Giveaways mother was admitted to hospital. She was placed in intensive care suffering pneumonia. Christian who he was very concerned about his mother's health and spent considerable time with her in the hospital. Often staying ever know. It.
About one p m on Saturday, the eleventh of June, two thousand and six Maxine or increase, had a disagreement resulting in Maxine saying she needed Tonia. She took the sunshine with her and left the house laid increase to care for the tweets. Chris was unhappy and tell Maxine had to stay at home, but she left and went to assist this house where she spent the afternoon after leaving assist this house. She went decreases fathers House, William Kekui, who is also known as being she actually fell asleep their Christmas angry that Maxine I hadn't return fire light of that
Chris went out looking for her and are at his father's house. He told her to get up and get her ass home. He said he was stressed and tired and struggling to make between bottles and fade them on his own. He said he needed. Maxine is hope. Max Sr refused to return home. She told him to get his ass home, so he could look after betweens. This time, a bank for one minor and to accept or refuse to return home and Chris had little choice but to live with the other Maxine are ended up taking shape the hospital button what she was concerned about a known as he had he was checked out by doctor, and those no major concerns I ran away a few hours later. I've seen it in return home to twenty two corny present. Until about ten thirty, I am on Sunday the talk of June, but she wasn't home for long.
At midday Maxine said she was leaving again and going to spend the night with a sister Chris didn't want her to go, accusing her that she was going there to party and to get drunk an argument followed and Maxine told Chris to go and get fucked before walking out. This tell him she didn't take. Shane said Chris was looking after all three kids. The evidence suggests that the twins were healthy and normal when Maxine or left the house. Shortly after Maxine left Chris, his father being jacket, who he and Chris's cousin April Saunders and her husband, Shane Saunders visited April Saunders said that when she arrived by twins were in their cots, I gave one of them was awake. She went in to check on them and saw that crew was the one awake. Crew was making a hungry cry and there was a half finished bottle next to his car.
Chris mention that had been fainting crew anymore thought they wanted to finish the bottle I broke. It grew up and fed him she said. Everything was normal. the bottle. Normally he looked well you'll tell healthy, don't know, injuries on him at all. He finished the bottle and went straight back to sleep baby Chris remained sleep having already been fed April and shine Saunders left about two p m, and when I left there were no problems at all. About seven p m that North Chris dropped his system owner and the baby daughter offer the hospital to visit them up. He says he was gone for about twenty minutes. Sure king was at home morning. The kids- and he says chris- was gone for about ten or fifteen minutes ago
at twenty four pm. Minor returned home with a daughter and father being Jacka who he met. His intentions were to drop off. Her baby daughter then returned to the hospital to spend the night with a man. Almost immediately there was an argument between being John Chris danger. I had to go him about Maxine up and asked why she wasn't there Chris told him to shut up it, wasn't his relationship. I'm involvement as well it to a bit of a heated argument that got crease worked up about Forty p m. They already have sought for smoke Christmas, we, then he couldn't go with no back to the hospital to say they man, because he had to stay at home and look after the kids. also still agitated I'm the argument here just got after the snake Crystal back inside, he went into the twins: bedroom
He was alone in the room for a period of time, just how long this period of time is depends on who is telling the story minus says it was ten minutes. The Chris was alone in the room. Chris agreed with that at one point, but light a changed his story and said it was more like three me it's, but regardless the evidence is clear. He was in the room by himself for at least three minutes possibly longer. The next part of the story is also clear and we will probably never know exactly what happened again. It depends on who story you listen to, but Odin then Chrissy the story multiple times already.
But what is clear is that at some point, miner walked into the room with creasing the twins. She says she picked up crew to give him a cuddle before she left to get back to the hospital she said. Creased face was pile, his lips were purple and he's all eyes were rolling back in his head Christine to pay too worried. He said he gets. When he's doin but minor, realise crew wasn't breathing. She ran to get her partner. Stewart
She ran into the room into account of crude. He says the crews lips with dark purple and they'll getting Dhaka in Dhaka. He also says his body was flimsy and link. He said tree was breathing for what seemed like for ten minutes. It was this lifeless, then. Suddenly crew started the brave in short, bursts like he was trying to suck in the air. He was making a crazy sand every time he opened his eyes, but would roll back in his hands were shaking.
Stewart thought crew is dead at one stage it was a very serious incident again depending on who is telling the story and what version of the story they are telling crew may have been given CPR by Chris or Chris may have gone to attempt CPR, but crew started breathing before he had to perform eight away, crews started to breed again and increases once he had come good still, given the serious nature of what had occurred. You would think seeking medical attention would be the next step, but it wasn't. I didn't take crew to hospital, and I didn't call an ambulance. Aj may not sure where all of the opinion crews should be checked out, but Chris didn't want medical help. He said nah he's breathing again, he should be fallen now he refused to take them to hospital and refused to name
Hans instead instructed being german or not to go out and look for Maxine. He just wanted her. Your own man, who did what Chris asked they left the house to draw from Maxine, but I couldn't find a I dropped mine or at the hospital, so she could be with a man and then he returned to twenty two Courtney Christen have looked after Shane. Won't crease slept the night in the twins' room to make sure that kept breeding several doing that Christie check. He had concerns the next morning, Tuesday, the thirteenth of June, two thousand and six Chris woke up and checked on the twins. He noticed the bruise on Baby Chris's face a lifetime about no name
The twins and chain stayed at home with Stewart Maxine or all the time about no one. Thirty five I am Chris was still able to respect the Stewart. He told her about the incident the night before with crude, but she says he didn't express exactly how serious it was Maxine. I went to the twins' room to check on them. Both were asleep and both were breathing crease there, all the time. Shortly after she confronted him said what the fuck was happening. While I was going away how the hell did you boy get that new bruise on his face? What the hell happened.
Cruz's response was that he left the door to the twins' room. Open and Shane had crowed in the room and saw me I've got to the twins causing the Bruce Maxine's started yelling at crease, and his response was that Maxine should have been at home, taking care of the kids Now remember, Maxine said decrease how the hell did you boy get that new rules on his face? That's because There's recently been another bruise on his face and when she confronted Chris about that First Bruce a few days earlier, he got the exact same story. Age is given to the fresh breweries that he left the door open and shine cruelty and caused Maxine says that she saw two full bottles ready to go, but Chris told her, the twins were hungry and didn't want their fate chase up. The twins were just asleep, but looking back, she realizes that when I sparkly
conscious Maxine says she didn't immediately realise how serious they condition was or how badly they had been her. The incident with crew do not fall, wasn't probably explain to her She was of the opinion that crew momentarily stop breathing then started breeding straight away. She says as I mentioned to her in turning purple or cpr or not breathing for several minutes and death, and I mentioned from anyone that they thought crew was dead at one point, Maxine a suggested taking the twins to Nigeria Pay Doctor Naya to get checked out Christa grade, and I got in the car to head. The doc denies, but first I stopped at Mcdonald's,
Watch again came on. Maxine says she didn't realize how serious the situation was at this point increase wasn't exactly forthcoming with information to rewrite the doctors about one p m Chris destroyed the incident, the nautilus. Always cruised operating, but he failed to mention that. Neither tweeted being fed or was waiting for fear you since that time. straightaway, don't deny it said between when you're logically unwell. He actually asked Chris and Maxine get the baby's had been dropped on their heads.
He made it. We tell a finding a referral to minimal hospital. He told Christian Maxine out that between had to be taken to the hospital straightaway, Doktor notices that Christian Maxine seem to understand these instruction and the serious nature between condition that were very sick and needed to be seen in the hospital immediately say: Creasy Maxine jumped in a car with between, but Chris decided hated him I gotta hospital? They drove straight ass, a turn off for some reason: Maxine are asking to stop at the shop, so she could boy nappies and other baby supplies he stopped and she got what she needed their return time, some time before, to pay him When I got home, Chris was amped up agitated and angry Maxine. It was swearing and yelling at him saying that he needed to get a hospital with her. The Christian wanna get off
so I decided it was all too much and he left the house to go for a walk, carries Maxine his account of what happened because he wasn't the target from the doctors. He didn't want me out of the hospital stopped at countdown. We got there quickly Chris and I'll, see what he will cover. The trans went back inside the house to camp because he was gone. All pissed off started running around getting things. Then it's just a choice. They didn't see to your testimony, I need your help. She goes what's the matter run away, I need you to Britain, couldn't get us back in. She goes. But what do you want me to my cat? Do? What am I going to do when artists are lost What are the runaways? You can, you know you're, always bossing them around. You can get on the fine so long to get us asphyxia and help me to get the boys to the hospital method calling on the phone, and she goes the same thing that always annoyed lawyer. Tracy will assist the doctors
it said, get to the hospital and she goes why don't you go to those floor to cuddle? One or two cars crossed that it to come around cause. I wanted the grip jealous of chicken, so you should have just not fallen just to cares what he wanted. He should have just just yeah very hard to make that the driver, or am I going to do, turn the wheel forward. He drive from the physical that she she was a golf please.
If you could help me, this is how you can help me now bring your brother and make sure you get a thug going to go through with assault. He helped me now you healthy! These are Al Quds and you're part of it see if there's something there's a half a day and she does. She detract get a hold of cross the road that she actually drove over and went to get father. She arrived at, the house took to show me see: Deanna Christus, pissed off Mitzi that she had to get a little. The hospital was weird cause the doctors, but then Crystal cough mixed, the babies, the strokes by the choice he chose. He I push for Chris, Maxine, it did take between up at the hospital with their crews arriving there about two thirty seven p m. When tree arched, the brazen baby persists, face was modest and Santa could only get the story that she had been told that there are other sunshine and caused them,
The twins were giving category three studies that my serious is category one. So, despite having a fine refer from adopting saying the twins were suffering, your logic would damage the hospital stolen. I have category three status, which is usually around a fading away. The twins, eventually same boy, another nurse who knighted fresh bruising on both twins' faces. It was also discovered that baby crease had a broken leg and both twins had fractured ribs and all by suffering, traumatic, brain injuries. Chris and crew eventually started feeding and compulsive.
About three forty p M Mack Cenacola Brothers: do it's fine boy now christened returned home from his walk and Hay and Stuart were playing a game on the sandy polarization Maxine are asked to speak, decrease Chris, took the phone and said whatever and hung up in relation to this course through it said well, it was his turn on the game, so he played again. Chris was more interested in the sunny play station was happening up in the hospital with these twins. Maxine him at numerous more telephone calls to Stewart her sister and decreases sister to try and get someone to get through his head, how serious the situation was and to get him up to the hospital
The crease was going nowhere near the hospital. By now, hospital staff had started making accusations at MAX Sr. There was apparently injuries to the twins had been done by somebody. They accused her of child abuse Maxine started freaking here she freely admit, said behaviour. The hospital was an ideal, but she said she was panicked and didn't know what to do. She had no idea what was going on.
prison, said shine, got into the room and caused the bruise on the twins face now she was being told about fracture dreams, a broken leg, brain damage and being accused of child abuse. Meanwhile, Christmas still playing the play. Station betweens were transferred the starship hospital boy everyone's shortly after six p m Chris finally made an appearance of a hospital about ten p m. It was at this time that same says. She first heard about crew, not breathing. Four minutes his lips, turning blue and safety are being Jason. He performed
Yeah Chris said: hey perform Sophia Stew, it said he didn't say anyone perform sepia danger, lighter admitted loyal to protect crease in case something went wrong and that he didn't perform safeguard. Their stories were amiss. The injuries to betweens was so bad that nothing could be, deciding little crew God for fifty thought. I am on the idea of gene and little Chris six, forty six, forty five pm of that same day. Chris resigned to have older injuries as well fractured reaps that during the process of hearing as well as these on a fraction of the infrastructures of the rich, he also had a broken leg is cause of death was traumatic, brain injury.
Crew also had outer reproaches that are in the process of healing he's cause of death, traumatic, brain injury. It's sort of the view that between brain injuries had been caused by severe impact, rapid acceleration and the acceleration of the head, either from direct blows or being hit or thrown or slammed against a hot surface. It's also possible volant shaking was the cause of death that couldn't be ruled out. The prosecution experts were of the view that the injuries must have occurred after they lost normal fee. There's no way between would have been able to fade normally after saving nice injuries. So that's why the evidence of April Saunders this Import Schaefer, shortly after lunch time on the afternoon of the total budget
Turkey's bottle normally and went back to sleep shining. Juries could not have been at that time. I had to have occurred after April Saunders and her husband left twenty to forty Christian, which was about to ban that afternoon. The effects of betweens injuries wouldn't have immediate and obvious with a there alteration to that level of consciousness or a complete loss of consciousness, and they would have continued to remain out. No more from that point on their injuries with devastating and extensive. A police investigation was already under way before the twins, at dawn if you'd everyone who had anything to do the twins. people were interviewed, nor the watts giving multiple statements. Riskier hooey was one of those areas. But the lay some three separate occasions it was.
Important to learn exactly when the twins last that normally to try new ideas. on their injuries occur, who is in a view on the thirteenth of June, before the twins pass away again on the twenty first of doing three days after the death and then again on the third of October. In his three policing abuse Chris gave similar versions same pretty much the same thing. He says he definitely fed the twins after April FED Crew and therefore of the magazine, I had already left the house.
First interview. He said he fed the twins again around five or six o clock at night and then again around eleven o clock. He having said that, I found again the next morning area six. I am beginning to similar king in his next to an abuse showing the train of use one conducted before until conducted soon after betweens death. Chris said he at last said between the police investigation.
Exhaustive and lasted for months. They concluded only one person could have been responsible for the twins death they Father Christian, who he was charged with the murder. In light of tribal Chris was released on bail whilst awaiting trial. He was giving strict conditions not to conceal the hall and not to Marian children under twelve years of age. As its answer, those conditions were to street. It was arrested for breaching the conditions and was to be kept in jail and no he's trial. That is until the father of the current trends as one of the first people to take advantage of amendments to the dialogues which came into force yesterday, Callaway was sent to jail six weeks ago for breaching has by conditions by drinking beer and being in the presence of.
children under twelve, but the new laws mean that those sorts of breaches will no longer be. A person is automatically taken into custody. Clear, Robbie reports. Family members arrived at court to show their support for Chris Kahui. The twenty two year old spent the last forty two days in solitary confinement to bring in the crossroads two three hours. That's a long frankly. Anyone but new bail noise introduced yesterday mean he won't be there much longer The Bell amendment acts did now has to be not just a risk, but a real and substantial risk of the offender. Absconding interfering with witnesses ovary offended its aimed at getting prison numbers down. Car who is risk was deemed moderate. You gotta, look at the fact that he has no previous offending is certainly nothing of a violent nature, but bail came with tough condition
and again he's not to drink alcohol or be in the presence of children under twelve, without an adult child to just wait up and just stay out of trouble to next year next year, he'll be back in court to face charges of killing his twin three month: old sons, Chris and crew. So he breached the conditions of staying away from children. twelve and drinking alcohol, but he was released with the same bow conditions as well as a number of other conditions. He was free until his trial during the police investigation, even after crucifying charged a trial by media had already started singular. Mainly one person, the twins, mother, Maxine,.
she wore the brunt of the media and in turn the public's fury in your rage. She was turned into a monster quickly becoming New Zealand, most hated woman, now she wasn't an innocent angel by any stretch, but the fact she was the one targeted was interesting. After all, she wasn't the one that had been charged. Chris's trial commenced on the fourteenth of April two thousand and eight and ran for about six weeks. Cruz's defense, Esteem had one main strategy in mind, while the lawyer for the man accused of murdering his twin sons, is blaming the fatal injuries on the baby's mother. Twenty three year old, Chris Kahui, is on trial at the high court in Oakland over the deaths of the three month old twins, who died from severe brain damage in June of two thousand and six, is that I, both the crown and defence opened the cases Joy Reid was there and she
He had joined this now. Firstly, what are the faint zionist? This case joy will vanish I make a very brief opening statement in and in that, Mr Castaways lawyer, Lorraine, Psmith, told the court that your client didn't kill the twins. Now she says, there's no direct evidence or any one. What does proving that Chris Car? Who is the color and she's blaming the dates on Mr Car, who is Ex girlfriend whose Maxine a king who has been described in court as outspoken and visibly abusive? the defence cases- and let me put it bluntly- that most probably the mother make seen a king inflicted the injuries. you will hear that makes seen a king told the witness months after Christa Hooey was charged that she did it and Chris didn't never rains methods planning to call that witness to the stand, but also
some internationally respected, made it medical experts, one pathologist and another, a pediatrician. Her she sees will tell the court that it's impossible to town with any accuracy when the twins were injured. And that would indicate that the injuries could have been inflicted wind Maxine king was in fact a time which Miss Smith says effectively contradicts the main medical evidence of the crown, so is Crown Guy says outlined yesterday pretty reliant on the issue of timing in terms of a state It ichorous thing guilt is very, very MAX and its And yesterday Crown lawyer, Simon Morris, made it very very clear that Chris Kahui is the only person who can be at fault for his baby son's death and that his duty to timing now they say that the twins. Mother, make saying the king was not at home when the baby's could have been fatally hurt and that Chris Car home is the only one who had the chance to hand them because he was alone with the twins for about three to ten minutes.
And immediately after that, Christians, sister Mona Car, who I noticed that baby crew had in fact stop breathing and she stooped to pick this baby. She noticed tat his lips comparable his eyes were rolling back and he seemed to have stop breathing. This is the first time that there is any evidence that the twins, either of the twins, have been injured and immediately prior to Used is in the room with them, and I never family never call an ambulance, and after the baby's fell asleep They never woke up. Now, I'm one of Christianity His interviews with police, he tried to say that has one year old son had in fact injured the babies, but the crown also refutes that argument.
There is no way that the injuries to either twin alone Bice could been caused by accident, it's simply impossible. So whoever today did it deliberately never caught heard that the baby suffered from massive brain massive brain that they ve been grasped so tightly round. They chased it. They read said part and that day, been stand against the hard surface. The tiny bodies, also boy evidence of other abuse about the jury was told that no miracle treat treatment could have saved the baby's from dying that clear and all future clips. That will be played only set aside a courtesy of New Zealand. Rodya waste will be provided in the show. No, so you can check it out all that keeps in articles cover the case now. The part you just heard about my senior allegedly confessing to defend sweetness will be covered shortly
To call that alleged confession on reliable is probably going to court Maxine. I was one of the first prosecution witnesses to give evidence. The mother of a car to car hooey twins has told the court how she argued with your partner after coming home, to find who babies critically injured. Maxine a king was giving evidence at the trial of the baby's father, Christa, who he was charged with murder. the crown alleges that Mr Khaw, who he fatally injured the twins when he was alone with them and the baby's nursery back in June. Two thousand and six unapproved joy rate has been at the high court and all countries with us now joy. What else did Miss Kang have to say
well. She described the last time that she saw the babies before they were engaged and she said that when she left them, they were goods that were a white, looks normal the odds of following sound, and they were in good condition, but she never saw them that way again. Now she leaves the house for the night. The crown says the facial injuries were inflicted and when she came back the next morning, she was told to her son crew had stopped breathing during the night and she rushed into the nursery yelling at Chris and said this to the court, Well, I was gone away. How the hell did AL baby boy get that new bruise on his face and what the hell happened. And what did he say about that? it's Chris told me the it sunshine I asked him how the hell, reduce it and then, and then he taught me, it is the thought, the news, free, open and shine headquarters
Hoddan got until the moon, climbed upon the cat in head on onto the Fa Cup. Thank you, said they close car Hawaii blame her for the baby, stopping breathing and said that she should have been there taking care of the kid there. Otherwise I wouldn't have happened now as the prosecutions position. It was at the twins, didn't have their injuries when Maxine, unless the house that day they couldn't have because April FED crew off the Maxine I had left and there's no way the crew would be able to fade with the injuries he later sustained. Chris himself said that he had fed them off the APR and left as well, so that the defense tried to exploit the brief window of time when Chris was dropping minor
The hospital around seven pm. That night remember. You said he was gone for twenty minutes, Stuart King said it was more like ten to fifteen minutes, police actually lighted a test for the journey and including a stop for petrol that were there and back in seventeen minutes. so in this way, not on the defence argued that Maxine could have returned home and inflicted injuries on the tweets back senior and the prosecution of course rejected these crimes, Maxine is saying she wasn't even in Monterrey at all that noise, but a point of contention, which should never have been a point of contention, was cell phone records obtained from Maxine his sister Emily, who Maxine said she was with the entire? Not a seed of doubt was planted by Emily Cell phone records.
Thank you said she didn't returned to coordinate prison that not, in fact she said she had returned them. Hungary, at all that not but Emily cell phone records show she received a call at seven. Fifty four pay him. And the call went through the mercury cell phone Taylor. So at first glance, the cell phone records, The kite Maxine motivating Hungary that not after all and she might have been doin. What actually Happen was that MAX Sr and Emily were driving along the southwestern motorway past Monterrey, and that's when Emily got the call. That's why the Cole pinged of the monger a cell phone tail- and there was evidence to back this up- what the court heard with had the call by her say boy Emily, while her and mixing aware at twenty to forty present in Monterrey, which is what the defense was signed
then the coal wouldn't have made an end of the month retail and would have king of another tower old ago. It's a little confusing, I can say health first planes people would think now she's line the cell phone records show that she was in Monterrey but actually they weren't- that were driving past on the motorway and the cell phone records back up their story or can say how people get slipped up or that it's logical to assume that if thou are at twenty two Courtney Crescent Mung Array, then a cell phone call would ping off the Monterrey tail. But it's just one of those things it doesn't not to mention this particular call was received at seven. Fifty four pm-
Chris left the hospital at seven p m, and he said he was gone for twenty minutes so by his own evidence he was already back at home or seven. Fifty four p m and six fifty eight in which is around the town. Chris left cell phone records place Emily Maxine I in a town, twenty five kilometres away. Which is around fifteen miles. So there's no way they couldn't get there in time or Chris Vizier
have this theory using the cell phone records to support it is a stretch. Chris's defense team went off the Maxine, a hard nose upset. She certainly wasn't an angel. She did have a criminal history for fraud and stealing, and she had three children to two previous partners that were no longer in her care chain had since being removed from her increases care as well. Given what happened to the twins, the previous injuries found on the twins were obviously used against. Her people are asking: how could a loving mother not notice these previous injuries Maxine? It was pain.
it has promised, give us a voluntarily and as someone who didn't care about their children, there were even question marks raised. If Christmas, the Father betweens again making out she was sleeping around, but a paternity test ended that the by Chris was definitely the father. And then came out, but after the twins, Funeral Maxine got blind drunk made a fool of itself and it was alleged. She started hitting on a female guest at the funeral and ended up kissing increases teenage brother. The hospital staff testify to painting a bad picture of her behavior at the hospital when she was there with the twins, which she freely admits. Probably didn't. Look right. The media lapped it up. Maxine was the main target. She was being crucified Christ, St Louis.
much of the media restriction they painted a pitcher Maxine is always being a party never around for the children and being a drug user. She did a bit too drawing drunk specifically. It definitely was on a regular thing Chris himself said he didn't know. Maxine debated drug use, increases our system or not testify But Maxine I never really went out much at all. Then had gone started, surfacing saying: Maxine had secretly admitted to an ex boyfriend that she killed the twins and Chris had nothing to do with. This is the confession to the defence witness that you heard mentioned earlier. Apparently he added and take recorded the emission only problem when it came down to reduce the tape according it didn't exist and are ex boyfriend actually lighted testified. He couldn't remember exactly what Maxine had said.
Could it be mistaken? He also admitted that he wasn't very good at telling the truth, so he had zero credibility. enjoy life's precious moments with your own personal retreat. What Mama Its will you create at Wallace Landscape Associates. We provide single source. Landscape design and build services to create your perfect garden, custom pool or outdoor room to enjoy in sheer with those you love. Our designs are tailored around your imagination, your lifestyle and your ultimate enjoyment, your vision, our quality learn more at Wallace Landscape dot com? But it was just another pace used against MAC Cena in the defences mission to my curry, up to be the killer, people read the headline in the article and think it must be true. Never On that, when you look into it becomes apparent that was about is far from the truth, as you could get.
The mother of the dead Kahui twins will face a further grilling in the witness stand to die is def. The defense tries to Pinter as the baby's killer, Maxine kings, giving evidence at the trial of the twins, Father Chris Curry, who's accused of murdering the three month old babies in June of two thousand and six Maxine, a king will spend a third day in the Witness Box today reported raid is covering the trial. The defense was unrelenting in its questioning of Maxine, a king, accusing hair of being the twins. Color put it to you that you returned home and you lost it its note. I put it to you that you do. something terrible to the twins. I've never evolve not hand. My son's defence lawyer, Lorraine Smith, said Maxine a king. I told her sisters that a woman with evil spur said heard the babies and to get herself but Miss King sees that was ebb.
The lonely untrue. She also denies the allegations that she had two opportunities to enter. The babies either on the morning before they were admitted to hospital, or while Chris was out the day. She says she wasn't a time. She also denies confessing to another boyfriend fit. She was the color. you said to him. I don't know why. I done what I didn't. You do not true Did you done what man? What do you want that didn't it? He said I never mind and you also said Crisp didn't do it. Didn't you completely not true Maxine, O King also denied trying to cover up historical bruises with my cap in tv handing her, I have a son who was just three months old at the time. She also rejected claims that she tried to make the twins look cared for by washing the unconscious babies before taking them to hospital and that she threatened her brother with a bullet if he told police what happened. The defense also tried
Paint him as king as a careless mother had six children altogether. Himanshu is to a deceased. I was being taken away from your biceps. Isn't it things being removed from the older trade from two previous relationship? Sunday is there? Did you abandon those three older children? I with their fathers? Did she leave them in the best possible killed? It was best for them at the time, especially when she admitted to using the drunk pay the week before taking the babies to hospital you looked after while you was still under the influence of methane, didn't jump ship. Maxine can no longer has any contact with any of it for remaining children. She told the court Chris Car Hawaii was a loving father. Who was all?
as worried about handing the twins because they were so tiny. Her cross examination continues today and oakland from wanting report. Joy raid, many others, were called to the stand to testify. Here's Stuart King, testifying about the incident where Cruz stopped breathing. What looks like a duck brutal that kept on getting darker and darker and darker Body was saying so flimsy inside a lump. Wasn't the tunnel was a moment. How long wasn't he breeding for within four five, two minutes? miles uses by man's lifeless. And all importantly, the jury got to hear from Chris Kahui. He didn't testify at his trial
He had every right to remain silent and not testify. But his police interviews were played to the court. The jury and the child of double murder accused Chris Car hurry has today been watching police videos in which he describes how bruises started to scratch on his babies. Three months old twins, Chris and crew. Car who he died, of severe hidden injuries in June, two thousand and six hour. Porter joy rate has been in the high court in open and watching the videos today, she's with us now joy. What does Chris Car, who say and as well there about six hours of footage and title, and so far the jury's only watched about three hours of them, but any accuse first interview with police, which was only hours after that Twins were admitted to hospitals. He's got his one year old son sitting there on his knee, and it's in that interview that Chris Kehoe, he told the police officer and that baby crew had doktor breathing during the night and that his lips winds blow
As for the same thing for my into muffin, He wasn't very good the year and five percent who have been pumping the Carolina is celebrating the necklace kind of always did that was pretty freaky in his own words, but that baby crew, as I said, did come right and it wasn't until about ten The need to fight with the next morning that Chris Car, we noticed any bruises on the boys and happy somebody has to face. Tom you saw. The person came upon Chris what you think let's go. so the persons.
Sizer on as more bruises sprouted up on both those boys faces and did he explained the injuries Well, in a word, he he couldn't, and he said at one stage, though, that has sunshine who was this one year old toddler might have gone in there and and quote wax the twins, but when asked if he actually saw a shine hit, the twenty seed that he haven't hit. seen him go into the twins room, but that shine have hit the boys before by accident and win policing to take the Julian groom put to him that the injuries was so severe. That is no, why shine could have caused them? He didn't have anything to sight of it and then she sees, someone's gonna invasion, your boys, who was that increase car who said he didn't know it'd. Take Devin Graham asked him if he had got angry and he'd taken it out on the boys to which he replied have never had a kid before. I've never hit my boys and have never never hit any child.
What did he say, the n about the twins and how they usually behaved while he said they spend most of the time in the cot unless they were fading and that was every six hours or so, but he did say that Baby Chris was often Cecil's that he was the one that normally cried a lot more and he described the crying as Quisling. Now we know now that Baby Chris was actually using a broken leg during that time, and that broken leg was up to two weeks old before he was hospitalized with the fight late injuries. And what was Chris Character demeanor like, and these videos he's very quietly spoken and on the whole seemed relatively calm at one stage a police officer told him that his babies may not survive and asked him if he was concerned about this, and he said that yes, he's he's very scared. I spent much of the first interview. Cuddling has one year old, sunshine and the rest of the video footage which is without his youngest son, will be applied to more,
Thank you joy? That's our rapporteur and open joy raid. Video evidence is continued today and the car hooey case with photo sharing Chris Car Hurry, denying he had fatally injured. His twins in a fit of rage is likely to be. Only time the jury will hear directly from the accused is charged with murdering his twin boys, Chris and crew and June two thousand, and six the video and view has day also reveal the accused admitted he wanted you hand himself into police because he felt he had nothing left to live for. A portrait. Joy rate has been caught watching that for today, she's with us now joy. How else is explain that injuries and this final video interview, while he d really repeatedly says that he doesn't know that or has to whose boys were hurt.
Since active interviewing him pushed him quite hard on this, and during the interview he admitted that he was under a lot of pressure from the twins, mother, Maxine, O king, at the time that she was up seat with him for spending so much time at the hospital with a sick mother. Instead of with accurate harm, he admitted that he bottled things out that he was angry. That makes it a king, now for the night and and then to take tough sergeant. Chris very suggested to him that all these factors combined caused him to snap. with three kids in hospital. Andrews having to go and show no one else, Wrong frustration: council. The moment we lose control so now he repeatedly denied. Well sign court on the video, including those that he didn't call an ambulance when baby crews stomped breathing that night and you didn't go
to the hospital when they were first admitted to intensive care and The policeman put it to him. This was because he had caused the fatal injuries to which he said it wasn't true. How, then do they try to justify his statements about wanting to hand himself in all the court here that he told is dead and Maxine the Brothers brother, and that he felt responsible for the twins did because he'd fell to protect his sons and that now that they did he's got nothing left for the ticket markets and the in the interest of fairness. And these anything about Maxine, a king and her alleged involvement and the twins. Injuries for the defense claims that the baby's mother I've seen a king as the most likely a one to have killed the ins and fence and in this final interview with the police, Chris Car always suggests that, yes, she could be the one to
Have lost control and that she was the one to injure the twins before they went out for them before she went out for the night, with his sister buddy. It couldn't guarantee more details to back them up and couldn't go and into any more details about why she could be to blame and the jury had some medical pictures. Twins other injuries. Yesterday the court was able to say For the very first time, the extent of the twins other injuries today, and it was shown an x ray of baby Christian, had a broken leg in the six right. You could physically say that those barn had been snapped in half and the medical experts, who did the injury, was less than a seventeen days old now baby. It also had to possible raced worst fracture and a he'd fracture and baby. Also had a he'd fracture. Thank you do that proposing an orphan joy rays, and their defence had better including witnesses They called in their own expert to refute what the prosecution experts had to say.
and to draw upon their other theory, which was that, if Maxine say returned home in that brave window. On Christmas Eve on the top of gene, then she must have injured betweens either before she left all the morning that she got home fake, A medical witness for the defence in the car hooey case has today disputed. When the crown says the baby twins were fatally injured. Doktor, Terence Donald, evidence today, as they last defence witness in the trial of Chris Car hurry? Who is accused of murdering his teeth. baby boys nearly two years ago, This is now winding up with the jury expected to go out later this week to consider its verdict. Report enjoy. Rage has been at the high court in Oakland today, she's with us now enjoy fiercely. What did Dr Donald say about the timing of the twins? Injuries, all the crown's cases at the infant's injuries can be narrowed down to just before baby crews stopped breathing, which was
Immediately after the accused spend time alone in the nursery, but Doctor Donald to die, he's a child abuse expert from Australia says that it's it's too hard really to pinpoint when exactly these twins were injured. Now he says it is possible that they were hurt when the Crown since they were, but that is more likely that the baby's could have been injured and an earlier south and that those breathing episode was more likely to be a seizure and a secondary reaction to the injuries but would also features. Well with a baby who was developing secondary effects from something that have occurred some time previously, you couldn't I give you one over the other, and that would Donald says that a person it was not their main kara, including the Father of the Father. Wasn't the main keg.
may not have been aware of anything wrong with them when they had these serious injuries so wind does. He think the babies were injured. Well, doktor dolls made it pretty clear to the court today that it's hard to say in and says that if the breeding breathing episode was a secondary reaction, that it could have occurred out to six hours after primary assault, which is the primary injury now said that the only way really to accurately time when the babies were injured is to find out from an independent person when the twins were last interacting normally, as this would mean that the injuries that have happened after this, but it is in this- Christ is effectively no independent person and the only real description that you get about about how the twins reacted earlier. Early. for the crown says these injuries occurred, as is from the twins' mother, and he said that Akira is not usually classified as an independent. You think it's possible to say when, on Monday, the twelfth of June two thousand,
that's the famous contingent that depends on how reliable their mothers, accounting system manager lovers how'd. It happened after that you say mothers who rely account, isn't reliable than it could have happened before that. What I have to say about the twins- injuries! Well, I see today that their injuries Very serious, an almost identical. He also said that a belief but they would have been able said said, do basic fading but not vigorously sack, but that differ from the crown medical experts who say that the baby's would not have been able to fade much fool after sustaining such serious head. Injuries now also said that he was very surprised that no one realised how seriously ill these babies were until they were taken to the doctor Journey sit. These babies would have been in and out of court it's for many hours. They would have been unable to wag and making abnormal noises and walk, This is something we have about the autopsy when he says that a number of steps will misdoubt in this all autopsy in such. Examining the baby's eyes
that made it more difficult to try and determine how these twins were hurt now, has written a protocol for autopsies in Australia and said that this post mortem would not have meet those standards, and we are nearing the end of this year. We are dogs, Donald was the last defence witness to be called for from tomorrow. The crown will make its closing submissions nets. fact is TAT most of the day in the defence closing submissions will be on Wednesday, and the judge will probably some up and seen the jury out on Thursday to consider its verdict. Thank joy. That's our portion opens joint rate. After all, the evidence had been laid out in court. There was torn from the jury to decide the fate of Chris Kekui. But they didn't know no. In fact, I reach a verdict in record time in Hopefully they came to the decision in just minutes. Some site was only one minute, but on the site was a few minutes more than that.
But the court had already adjourned for lunch so was I vernier before the actual verdict was read me we have one of the crew or beside the accused. Nostril. Do you find Christopher Sunday Conway Guilty or not guilty on count? Two of the age of Christopher properly we find the accused not guilty, but died of acquittal was the twenty second of May two thousand. I hear- is worker who easily on the Shell Wilkinson Smith, had decide. They easing visa courtesy of Michelin Rodya. She starts by talking about how quickly the jury reach their verdict.
But it was very long trial and during the call them obviously had time to discuss some of the issues that arise. I'm so profoundly here, a lot of things that are discussed and your response when they delivered the vote. It is evil and what about your client? I think you got my society. What's he doing now he went home with a family. What did he say? You hate it very delicate. Billy's bigotry divert it. How do you think they reach that? I got an idea and we we thought that there was room for doubt in every possible area and put into the jury a great crucially. It was, the timing of the injuries is and whether it could be excluded and a battery with that Chris Guy was the only person who could possibly have liquid injuries. Now, of course, that raises the question of who did and flipped the engine
yeah, and I can't really I mean that's advance inside the courtroom quite properly. But I can't talk about that outside of the courtroom, but it was a crucial part of UK. As you pointed the finger at the Mother, I think I'm in the way the case would run was simply a response to the evidence that we head and, but it certainly not. I can't The court to corporate I'm sure, you're, aware of and maybe talk about, pay might actually done it. so in that way. There's no resolution here well I mean all the the only thing that the criminal justice system can do is work with evidence that, unfortunately, in some cases there is no absolute. You know price is the one who has done something like this and it's very very sad, but that's just the reality, because in the end you can only convict someone. If these proof beyond reasonable doubt, and if there isn't there's no justice in sending someone to prison for something they didn't do.
The criticism of the police prosecution- and this are you suggesting that Chris care who we should never have been charged I think the criticism that were tabled during the case with appropriate for the jury to hear about, because it with a certain spent your case and the question of how confident that the jury convey that they were fully praise of overseas offences. However, the police instead of the beast within the. I think, what, within the event that they have- and they present the case as they say it, and in the crown present the case as the crown stays up and the system is supposed to have said Scott, then the crown reduce the police case into the safe got there. But of course you know nobody is perfect and people do make mistakes. That's the whole reason. We have a justice system that also, as the council has been put on the other side who everybody then look at the evidence? Who can look him on the top of my work, then we have the jury here in the end of the ultimate. I've got, and I think this case really is but how the system can work,
that's a long time and of all the criticism of the way come across the run, you're not gonna, get any more impartial people in the EU. Then twelve ordinary people who did not watch over time or could be a criticism of the way the policemen investigations What do you think the price was to get it right? I mean he said the placement the way to get it right and they should never be a not guilty. Then. Basically what you're saying I need a criminal justice system the place can get. There is someone put in prison. Our whole system assumes that the place A way to get it right because they won and again unfortunately, in this case, the tragedy of these boys been kill. We don't know the answer to that end. It is a tragedy, and you know I've got three forget that found it quite difficult, even in this case, I think I think people have it's very, very sad and- and you know the verdict was great. We very relieved at the verdict, but it never takes away from the fact
They are here this know these two babies who died and again I have to point out the defence call the police investigation, design MR, which is not merely making a mistake, the ethics of it Because, if the guy from they needed, a faint vote should have been done better from the last was the word that was used in court. I didn't do that with the WWE I It's probably an issue for another forum where the defense counsel we're looking at it from our point of view and object. If we are about whether it was disastrous, not not ready for us look at in the end, we put that before the jury. We don't know how much the jury took from it. But, as you say, it's taken a toll on you this case haha, it's a long title. I think everyone involved, including the jury, is very I mean it's just sad. You know you've got photos of Paul who babies, it's very, very sad. There's no two ways about it said for Chris Kehoe. He said for the whole family and you know how he did. This he's never really been.
That's what they call blooded murder. Whoever did this absolutely said because I went typing and in I have a point preventative fire, understand it, but look at the systems are in place and how much is interference and her people out. There was little babies They don't dive crimes, potent gonna walk. Why? What would you say about the effect that this has had on on cross country? I could tell you gonna go out in the course of the strong, and I was twenty one, one that is twenty three now in the court for years, I think his hand, it was surprising, didn't say, he's been very easy to deal with and I hope that he can move on from this in my life and I hope that the sector is recognised everywhere and get out a bit too much as Michel, Wilkinson Smith
we are for Chris Car hurry. Who's been acquitted of measuring has to baby sands. Here's what detective Inspector John teams had to say after the verdict of think it's important, and I think the message needs to be made clear that everyone there was a coldly present over the weekend is considered a person event and we thoroughly investigated each person until we identified Chris Carroll. And then my dearest, there are no leads that we could follow up There is no evidence to support a charge against any other person, and that includes the mother fixing a king.
I think we should all remember that the last two years has been about Chris and crew cat hurry, the twins and nobody else, and it has not changed for the result today. This is bigger, tough investigation it, after all, The tough two years, but where I would say, is that within each all, death. Those involved with the witnesses or offenders. a normally related to the teeth. Job with this comes the problem that the family, it loyalties to each other, not always to the feed child, so that was it from the police perspective. All the evidence pointed to Chris Kekui, nobody else, but the jury acquitted him in record time.
there's nothing more like did. There was a newspaper article release shortly after the trial, which was pretty concerning actually on sites disturbing. the article he outlined that the trial was put at risk when a juror on the case was at the pub with his friends and told them several members of the jury had already said. They didn't think Chris activities twins. This was said often the first days of what was a six week trial sign up for carefully. Considering all the evidence before coming to a decision would eventually go back to the prosecutors and judge about this, but all that came of it was the judge warning the jury. They had to consider all the evidence before reaching a verdict.
Some more experts commented that it could have been grounds for me, strong after being acquitted of murder, Chris became the father of a baby girl to a different partner. Initially he was forced to leave separate from his new partner and daughter. But he was allowed to move in two years later in two thousand and ten. However, even and he wasn't aware, the Bayer lie with his daughter. As of two thousand and twelve, he still had to be supervised at all times with her child services were closely monitoring.
On the fourth of October, two thousand and ten, a career in question did between death commenced, held before coroner. Gary Evans Chris had the right to silence at his criminal Shaw, but not silent. The colonel inquest and boy now Christmas stories had changed his version of what happened when crew stop breathing was one of the parts of restoring that was no different at the inquest, the changed a couple of times. Actually he first said he gave crew safety are any came right. He laid aside. He went to perform sleepier, but he didn't have to because he came right and start a breeding before he did anything. But light is still in the inquest. He went back to his original cpr story again
The he testified that he was freaking out, really afraid and thought crew was doing, but instead of calling an ambulance and getting medical help, he outlined how he sent his sister and his dad to fallen Maxine. He was asked by the coroner that if he had a puppy and stop breathing, would you call a vet he said. Yes, he would when the coroner then asked what you call an ambulance will take root in the hospital when he stopped brightening. Chris could not for an explanation. Chris also testified TAT. He now realise how important it was to establish when the twins were last FED and appeared healthy. He said looking back there, Didn't fade when they usually would I've asked the Maxine left. He said he doesn't think Baby Chris
Cried or feathered all after Maxine left, but he couldn't say the same about crew as there was April's testimony chief adding, but it was clear what he was trying to do. Make it seem like Maxine could have injured them before she left.
I realized how important the twenties were all right and he was changing the story about the three statements he gave to police were done one before and two soon after the twins death, which was near four years ago in a statements he said that he had fed them numerous times off the maxim that left. When asked the reason for exchanging the story. Chris's defense claimed he hadn't told the truth to the police, because he was a simple boy and he didn't want the police to think he was a bad father by not having fed the twins that night at all. The coroner wasn't boring it and Chris himself conceded in cross examination when he said in his police interview,
His four years earlier would have been his best recollection of what had occurred. Not now. The coroner asked Chris to Belize toll on the line in the room with the twins just prior to increased operating the car, and I asked him what was he doing in that Chris report? I think I was picking up stuff off the ground. The coroner said it wouldn't take three minutes to pick up stuff with it. Chris said no, the coroner said so what else were you doing? Chris said I cant remember what else doing in then the coroner found. The Christmas behaviour was consistent with trying to avoid medical authorities, as he knew the twins were in a bad way. He was, he said, the behaviour of Chris Kekui in turning his back on the pressing needs of his sons for medical attention
by the way is incompatible with that of a normal father whose only concerns children's welfare. This bugged telephone call recorded by police between Chris and his father, banjo doesnt paint a great future. Greece is recorded, assign, say fuck. If we never went into the hospital that time we went and adopt this fuckin. probably never would have found their danger. I said Priscilla, the police, when they ain't. Even you know if we never had checked up, Anything and then we still probably you know if the boys, you know the coroner, also asked Chris about the period of time when Maxine first presented between civil
when she tried repeatedly to call him and get him up there, but he was too busy with the play station. The coroner asked what she worried about the Twins Health Chris said. Yes, she was colonel. And she wanted you to come to the hospital debate with her Chris, yes, Carla, because you were the Father Chris, yes Colonel well. Why did you not guy- Chris did not really want to be walking up to the hospital coroner. You did not really want to be walking up to the hospital Chris. Yes, I would have rather had come to pick me up, never mind the twins.
At the time and Maxine was up there freaking out never more, and there was another car that is in the driveway that he could have taken and never mind that the host, But all actually wasn't that far away and was well within walking. Distance. The coroner was satisfied that the injury suffered, but the tweens that led to their death wasn't non accidental in nature. The cause of death was the result of the application of force that the gains of another or others and that more than likely their injuries were inflicted at the same time, by the same person, he found that Crisco, who he knew something was wrong when the twin sister cry to be fed, and he knew that were obviously unwell. for reasons of his own. He neglected to summon medical help. I urgently needed he found self records, corroborated Maxine, King story of her whereabouts. On the north. He fail
it implausible and in direct contradiction to a lot of other evidence that Maxine could have returned home and injured the twins. In fact, he said there wasn't a scary of evidence to suggest that Maxine had anything to do with their injuries. Once all the evidence had been presented at the colonel inquest, everyone I eagerly awaited the coroner's official ruling. Coroner has found the violent deaths of the car hooey twins. Happened. While they were in the sole care of their father. Chris car hooey the three month, all twins, christened crew, diet of hidden dresen track, two thousand and six Christa who he was found not guilty of killing the baby's after a five weak criminal trial in the high court it opened in two thousand and eight. The coroner's in question to the death of the twins began in October, twenty ten and weaken,
pleaded in June last year. In a report published this morning, the coroner Gary Evans, since the twins died from brain injuries suffered while they were in the sole custody care and control of Chris Car hooey at their south orkan home. He says the twins were injured in the same manner. At the same time and at the hands of the same person, the current dismissed claims. The twins could have been injured by the mother Maxine a king or by her brother, Stuart King. What our rapporteur Samara joins me now send the coroner here basically is establishing the facts of what happened That's right, Simon them. The coroner finds that both Chris and crew died and hospital one June, the eighteenth two thousand and six, and this was ever out of injuries that happened when they were in the care of their father Chris Car hurry. Now the seventy seven page reports is Chris Car who he was resumed, followed. The fact he'd been left by his partner Maxine, a king to care for the time
In fact, it says that he was angered by her absence for the second night in a row. at the evening, the injuries were inflicted on the baby's that is doing the twelfth now the currencies. The twins were in we respect the normal and well at one p m on June, the twelve, but that it was evidence that they Father feed that afternoon or evening all the next morning. The report says he hid the fact. The twins were not buying or eating Amber Unwell and the currencies that keeping this from twins, mother and the others in the house is incompatible with the behaviour. One would reasonably expect from a normal father who had nothing to hide concerning his children's condition. Now the report says that the fact the twins but not feeding was vitally important and from information which he kept to himself and it's his after the time. One at the twins. Crews stops breathing Mr Kerr. We resisted the views of other out that an ambulance should be called all the twin should be taken to hospital. Fundamentally, the coroner
had they been taken to hospital, their lives might have been saved and, of course, we know the baby's weren't taken to hospital until the following day. So what is the evidence this finding is based? well, the coroner gives a detailed account of what happened in June two thousand and six. He outlines a list of things Mr car, who he is said both in court in during various entities with the police and other authorities, but he says there is no. Evidence to support these statements. He points out Chris Car, who we made a fundamental change to his evidence of being questions with some states. That is that the twins did not cry. of feed again after midday on doing the twelve, and this contradicts the evidence. Given and his three earlier police statements that the twins heads being fed by him again later they die. Now the current says it's likely the false account given. Mr Cot, who he was to protect himself by representing the twins, remained while, whilst in his hands- and he says he found Chris Car- who is evident seriously conflicting in nature
lacking in credibility and not to be relied upon and somewhat does the coroner say about the. Earlier criminal proceedings Simon. The coroner is only concerned with questions affects questions relating to criminal responsibility I have already been tried out and disposed of by the high court, but the question of how the twins came to meet. The data is quite different to whether Mr Carr, who he bears any responsibility in terms of the criminal law for the deaths and, of course he has been found to be in no such responsibility. But the purpose of the coroner's report is to identify the causes and circumstances of the twin stiff and again there finding is that the twins died from brain injury suffered while insult custody here and control of Chris Car hurry as you mentioned earlier, the coroner also dismisses the claims. The twins could have been killed by the mother Maxine a king or her brother steward king. The coroner says there
It's not as scared of evidence that maxing a king was at home at the time of the injuries. At the time. The injuries happened at let alone that she had a motive to kill her and children and did so and likewise the carnosine. There is not, as can teller of evidence, to support the allegation that Stuart King hurt the twins and what response has there been to the carnage? findings from Chris calculate what must occur. Hawaii and his legal representatives have declined to comment on the findings, but they have issued a statement in which MR We again denies any involvement in the twin states and I strongly reject the coroner's findings and what about the place? What have I got to say. The police have also declined to comment, but I too have issued a statement in which they say they thoroughly investigated the deaths of the car Hui twins and put all of that the boy evidence before the court for examination in judgment, the police say that stockings During the evidence heard during the coroner's increase,
and they will not be making any further comments until their analysis is completed. Thank you said that our rapporteur Samara join me in the studio now you're wondering Given the result of the current, no inquest did the police life fresh charges against. Christa, though, he's your answer. the police and south all coincide. They will not be lying further challenges over the debts of the car, hooey twins. The twins died in two thousand and six and a trial in two thousand and eight clear there. Chris copy of the murder, but the police have been reviewed the evidence. Since the coroner's report in July this year said the baby's died while in the sole care of their father, the police have declined to be interviewed, but Chris Car, who is lawyer, Lorraine Smith, joins us now good morning good morning. What does this decision
mean for your client. It means the end of the day. It is criminal trials, proceeds phenomenon, not at all surprised at the decision that was released yesterday on superintendent him. and said that, following a review of the evidence that the current is increased to see if the charges will be laid- and I was in Israel during the increase- but I understand that no substantially different evidence from the given criminal trial was the and the current hearing a talk. I understand about three weeks, whereas the jury trial, who David and thirty seven weeks it was presided over by a judge of the high, could end and the jury included a medical doctor who is familiar with the issues, the breeding on bleeding on the brain. I we it's not jewelry and the Psmith. Nevertheless, the public has heard what the coroner stop. The site surely deserve. Cloud hanging over your clients here because of the coroner's view not at all. In my view, there is.
No comparison between the coroner's inquiry- and I quote Jerry Trial- is a state and not at all surprised by this decision, but the the jury. As you mentioned, the jury, the jury decides on evidence put before it the car a kind. Take a broader view. County, not meeting the standard of criminal standard approve hidden, the same evidence. He re litigated. the the and Why were on this topic? I have no doubt that our judges again to be very concerned about reunification of cases by the coroner real the gay, should undermines the integrity of jury verdicts. Please don't use job, isn't he hadn't is doing his job? I think and went down the wrong track. Frankly, It had been a New Zealand out it, but I would have some pointed this out to him or to what it means is that if the police are happy with,
We did it. They can have another go on the contrary in the corners course an end in itself, not right, and I think you'll find that the judges, especially in the high court, are extremely concerned about the same speech, but nevertheless the Rhine, Psmith many in the public, might have rid the Karas report I think your clients to be blunt, still did it, and many of them would have followed the jury trial, which was even weeks not three and come to the conclusion that the jury got it right. The police do side, the case remain it's open, and if there is new information that comes to hand, I look at it I mean, would it be in your clients' interests to try and find new information? Well, how can he I mean he did his best to enter to to kill the everything that he knew the boat when he was interviewed. Period of many many years before the trial, and when you gave evidence at sea the inquest
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