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Case 162: Lawrence Haggart

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In 1995, 15-year-old Scottish schoolboy Lawrence Haggart’s dreams came true when he was signed to join Celtic, an elite Scottish football club. The future looked bright for young Lawrence, until one night in March 1996 when his brother John Haggart awoke to the smell of something burning. He discovered Lawrence downstairs, beaten and set on fire. --- Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Milly Raso, Elsha McGill & Erin Munro Written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-162-lawrence-haggart
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four suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. In the early hours of Saturday March 16th one thousand nine hundred and ninety six John Hagee. I don't work to be accurate. Odor of something burning. It was around one twenty I am, and the seventeen year old had only been a slave for a couple of hours. John was at home with these two younger brothers, fifteen, old alarms and twelve year old Dennis the boys mother JANET had gone out the previous evening to celebrate a relatives birthday, De Outing was a rare, treat vagina, a single. Mother who spent most of her time caring for her sons as the oldest of e siblings, Joe. Was in charge until her return as job
a word. He saw heavy curtains of smoke wafting through his bedroom. He scrambled out of bed and rushed out the door I was rising up the staircase from the ground floor below it was a cop the need to buy a noise that sounded like heavy breathing or snoring John head. downstairs and followed the smoke to its origin point. The living room he entered darkened room and saw his fifteen year old brother Lawrence lying on the floor. In he's underwear he's here. It was bruised and bleeding, as was he shoulda learns stir, but John Could he his brothers labour breaths a fire crack Oda Lawrence his fate and was
setting up these two legs John tried to drag Lawrence out of the room, but he's unconscious body was too heavy. He meant to pull learns far enough away from the fire, then rushed to get a bucket of water he pointed out. I've Lawrence is burning, fade dancing the flames, as he ten the two he's badly injured. Brother John noticed the front door of the house was open. He could say after this
great, but no one was around John sprinted back upstairs and scented. The bedroom that Lauren shared with their youngest brother twelve year out had Dennis the room was filled with smoke. But Dennis appeared. Sound asleep in his bed John, aroused him and told him that Lawrence was her downstairs around this time. Genet haggard returned home after her no doubt upon it, covering Lawrence is bloody, tend to burnt body. She let out a deafening shriek and began wailing gladly John had defined tripled nine emergency from the bathroom so that the operator could he him over his mother's distress, paramedic send the police arrived at the Hague at home within minutes Lawrence.
was still alive, but unresponsive. He was rushed to hospital the brutal attack was an inexplicable as it was shocking. Lawrence was popular and well locked and go on well with him brothers and mother. The family, a fool. in a small town of lava in the full could cancel area of Scotland their home was one of dozens of matching two story: semi detached houses. On going Betty, Dr Cramped and box lock. The house What packed in a large state characterized by narrow roads, enclosed re, gardens and front doors, of being made is away from the straight Lawrence was named after his father, who went by them. name. Larry boy nineteen. Ninety six June, and a haggard had been separated for three years, while the couples
sons lived with their mother, they remained close to their father. Larry lived full miles west of the law that, in the village of death the place where he worked as a painter and decorator. He stayed need bodies, boys and men. And a close relationship with them Lawrence inherited more than just his father's name, I shared his passion and skill for football. Osaka ease I am Larry. Haggard had played for the semi professional football club Allah rough, letting it was from a young age that Lawrence would follow. In his father S, footsteps in Scotland, professional football clubs off its schoolboy, forms to pay missing young players between the ages of nine and sixteen. In boys received special training with a chance to play for their respective
clubs like IRAN, down the track. nineteen. Ninety five Lawrence, strain came true when he saw and schoolboy forms for celtic and late Scottish Football club. The placement meant a lot to the tame he's bright uncle had played facility and it was, the tame Lauren said, supported his entire life. It was expected that he would soon professional forms with the club in December. Ninety ninety six Give him one step closer to a career. As a start, footballer Lawrence was talented that he was selected for Scotland's International under fifteen squad three days before he was attacked in his hand. He D made his own field day. Do against Belgium, he's Taiwan
although it was anticipated that Lawrence would go on to achieve glory on the football field. He had a backup plan in case things didn't work out they would pursue his passion for sport, but coming of physical education. Teacher. as the Lawrence Underwent went, locked saving surgery he's home was cordon off as a crime. Stayin attending police officers were quickly joined. By forensic scientists and members of Central Scotland's fire brigade, Chow our colleague was divisional officer with the fire brigade. Hey examined. Charred remnants of the pie that had been lit by Lawrence his fate in the living room. It was made from a pile of Clyde's at checked, should a pair of James and to boot,
it appeared as though learn says attacker had dragged his body to the spot after the initial attack, the carpet underneath featured a scourge mark in the shape of a semicircle officer, Collyer could tell led had been deliberately lid but couldn't find any trace of an accelerated A second fire had also spread from a nearby couch adieu. Vey was crumpled. On top of it. It appeared as though a lotta was hold up to it, after which flames had fanned up woods. This file also looked deliberate. the arsonists had a likely hoped that aid, the fire, would take hold and rapidly destroyed their house consuming the victim and any evidence linking them to their crime.
there was no sign of forced entry into the house, John Haggard claimed that the front door was open when he entered the living room and found a large, hey, didn't see anyone fleeing police suspected that the culprit either not the front door was already inside before launching their attack. A search of their property failed to uncover the weapon used to inflict Lawrence his injuries Neither thirty miles South days developed that thirty six out. Larry hug arrived at Edinburgh, Western General hospital he'd received Cole, notifying him that he second eldest son had been in an accident. He arrived quickly. but no one was able to give him a clear explanation
Oh, he was told was that learn sustained blunt force trauma to the head, It had resulted in brain damage and a massive skull fracture that extended to the right side of his face. Lawrence underwent emergency surgery and was placed on life support I rejoined degenerate at their son sod, whether pair kept a vigil into the following morning of Sunday March. Seventeen The brutal attack made of local news, though law, and identity was withheld, as some of these relatives had yet the bane formed an
article in the Sunday Mayo newspaper dimension, that arising Celtic star was fighting for he's alive cell. Take Eu Tain Boss, Willie Mixed, I told the paper, let's just hope to God, he pulls through light. At that day, it was determined that Lawrence would not recover from his injuries. Upraised arrived at the hospital and gave the fifteen year out he's a lost raw, learn, says: ventilator was turned off and he quietly passed away. He's death, rocked Scotland's football and community celtic manager, Tommy Burns told the local press that the club was shocked. He expressed his condolences,
the haggard family. The coach of Scotland's International under fifteen squad ECHO today sentiments telling report is Lawrence had great pace and vision. He was just at the beginning of what would certainly have Bain a top class career. Because the Lorens had undergone significant surgery, it was impossible the determined exactly how many times he was struck to the head, but it was clear that the attack had been extremely violent and carried out with a heavy object. It had caused the skull anxious similar to those sustained by road accident victims who ve been throwing through the windscreen of a car He's legs. Andy's fate was severely bird. Exposing the tissue underneath the souls of both fade were charred black
there were no defensive. Injury saw wounds consistent with a fine. It appeared as though Lawrence was taken by surprise. either by an individual or multiple offenders, detained had also been mutilated, Numbers one. One. Zero had been gouged into one of the Lawrence, his shoulders most likely with a K. Both of these palms had the same number of written on them in ink. Police resources at the time of Lawrence is murder was limited as it occurred just a day. he's after an unrelated national tragedy at thirty. I am on Wednesday March. Thirteen afford three year old man entered a dumb, Blaine Primary School near the city of sterling armed with,
for legally and hand guns, he opened fire on a class of twenty eight students. sixteen children aged between five and six years old. What killed? As was there forty five year old teacher, a further fifteen children were injured The gunman then took his own life. The attack would come to be known. has the dumb blind massacre and remains the deadliest mass shooting in british history March of Scotland. Police resources which an into investigating the major incident learns hag. Its case was relegated to Central Scotland Police,
they had jurisdiction over the council, areas of full Kirk Sterling and clock men and shot. The high profile case was in HANS sought a lot for the small force to handle The haggard homicide investigation was led by detective superintendent, Jim Winning, and he second in Command detective Inspector, John Bunyan. learn says final hours is what paste together based on the statements of those he interacted with the jury. That time. Hours before he was attacked. Lawrence had gone out with friends too under age, not club code disease in the nearby town of Denny, a neighbor observed him leaving home. He was dressed in cream colored Jaynes away
tat shed. A dark blue went to watch, striped top a crane bomber jacket and brown boots. He met up with friends, and the group went as ease parents. Wasn't the talk this day out later than allowed, so he left the club just before ten together with a friend. He a taxi outside the lion and Dragon Pub, which was local did in a narrow, alleyway cold church walk when they reached the small village of Bonnie Bridge Lawrence, his friend to exit the vehicle Barnes, continue dawn in the taxi alone. For another three miles he got out at the village of come along south of a witness
let him walking towards the full Kirk Sheriff Court building. He walked the remaining two miles. Hon. John was a lying in the living room watching television when Lawrence walked through the door at one thousand and thirty p, DOT M Dennis was still out, but time is short. While later learned spoke briefly to his brothers, then settled on the sofa and read a newspaper John and Denis went to their respective beds. after a little while Dennis got up to fetch some crisps from the kitchen from us. Stairs John heard. His two younger brothers talking entered the sound of a kitchen cupboard. Closing hey, then fell asleep. Dennis went back to bed.
shortly afterwards he thought he heard Lauren centre their bedroom pick up, he's do vey, then guy down stairs. Investigators were unable to establish a clear motive. They briefly consider the possibility that it was sexual Lawrence was found in nothing else. Buddies underwear, most of the clothing had worn to the club, was used to start the fire had his fate on convicted sex offender was initially of interest to police, but was quickly ruled out. the providing an alibi room is spread, the murder was motivated by learn, says affiliation with Celtic Football club. The club had a historic assent
ca with irish immigrants who move to Glasgow and Scots of irish virus designed this man at also had strong ties to the catholic church. Of which Lawrence was a member. Some speculated that the attack was the result of the anti catholic prejudice. Lawrence his mother, JANET, was to destroy it by her sons, murder to speak about the matter publicly, so his father Larry, took on the role of family spokesperson, Larry expressed he's down that he son had been killed due to anti catholic priests. It is on Tuesday March nineteen police officially dismissed this theory. Superintendent, Jim Winning, said.
There has been talk of a sectarian motive, but let me say that there is nothing so far in this inquiry to suggest that we have no suspects at the moment and dog Say that this is a seemingly motive for less attack, police were quick to take possession of the haggard family home engendered haggard and her sons were unable to return to the house. While the initial investigation was on the way there. Restrictions- men too little to JANET who avoided, property permanently following Lawrence is attack. Brought a March twenty two detective sergeant, Robert Beverage, attended the house to collect club Think for the get family here
so being tone of the tension leash you with the properties, electricity and needed to check whether a power cord was needed. While detective beverage was in the kitchen, he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner. visa lying along the side of the kitchen table was a hammer detective. Beverage pulled on a lighter ex glove, he then picked up the tool and noticed what appeared to be a human hair stock to it. The detective confiscated. The item has evidence. Lawrence his funeral was held on Saturday April twenty approximately Five hundred mourners packed into the Saint Alexander Roman Catholic Church in sterling to farewell.
the young suck a star, the celtic football clubs, entire first squad, attended dressed in the teams. Green and black track suits day, were joined by the clubs, EU teams and top ranking officials. The officiating praised address to Lawrence's unknown killer or killers, stating if you can live with yourselves tapes, silent but if you have any compassion, come forward Lawrence was laid to rest that the hills of that done. He pay symmetry in full Kirk. Just five minutes from his father's high Larry visited he sons grave daily to deliver fresh flowers and clean the head Stein
a one thousand pound reward for information leading to the identification of alarms is killer, went on climbed the local community feed the violent killer was hiding amongst them and lived in constant anxiety, worried they struck again at any moment. In contrast, investigators were growing increasingly convinced, that the perpetrator was closer to home. They were primarily struck by the fact that there was no, sign up for stand tree in the Haggard House Dennis Highgate was only twelve years old, but he was big for his age and physically strong. Despite being the youngest of the three,
how good boys he appeared capable of overpowering both these brothers in a fine from the outset of their investigation, Central Scotland Police, I D Dennis with suspicion. They believed he had been jealous of allowances. Success on the football field and these feelings came to a head. on Friday March fifteen, it was theorized that Dennis confronted allowance that not before lashing out in a fit of deadly rage, detective superintendent, Jim winning Hand, detective inspector, John Bunyan, questioned Dennis Hey maintained that he was out of brothers football talents- and it wasn't at all when vs they also I turn to the eldest haggard son, seventeen year old, John, hey denied that is
two younger brothers had argued the evening before the attack. Yet in another interview days later, John mentioned something he hadn't before. The finding Lawrence is burning body in the living room. He rushed up stairs to Allah Dennis dennis- was usually a deep sleigh boss who took a while to arouse that not Dennis, woke up immediately investigators continued to press both the John and Dennis. And two weeks after the murder John revealed another run known detail to police. Hey admitted that Dennis intolerance had a disagreement shortly before the attack.
He recalled Lawrence arriving home by his curfew that that not, but Dennis, had stadia laid out than he was supposed to when Dennis walked through the door. After ten thirty John was upset, he shouted and accused Dennis of taking the Mickey Lauren sided with the John and a great debt Dennis should go to bed. These sang it Dennis. He told them to fuck off and retreated to the bedroom, hay and alarm and shared Lawrence went into the drew him not long after June. No, the herd Dennis Tell learns to fuck off a second time the conflict likely prompted alarmed to sleep on the couch he collected, the due value from his bed and headed back down stairs to the living room, a short while laid out in John
I've heard Dennis go down to the kitchen to get a snack. He heard alone. its rebuke came again, stating you're supposed to They in your bed from the police is respective Jones admissions proved that were right to suspect. Dennis clearly bain some animosity between him and Lawrence on the night of the attack over the following months, but the John and Denis were interviewed several times in order to get to the truth of the matter. On one occasion Dennis was held for six hours without a rest under the terms of the criminal justice. Sacked. The interview was recorded on time, but he didn't implicate himself in the Koran and maintained his innocence about two months after the murder,
John Haggard shared. Another piece of information with investigate is the police submitted a report to the country's crown office, in which said there was circumstantial evidence tying Dennis Highgate Tolerances murder. It also suggested that John might have also been involved. Invested. It is told Larry Hagman that they had enough evidence to what laced prove Dennis is killed. They asked him to speak with the sun and get him thick and fast, but Larry refused the suspicion around Dennis send a John had remained throughout much of now. Tat. Ninety six, the public were not informed that the brothers were being traded as suspects, but those within
had a family were well aware. Privately Larry Hag was furious. He hadn't heard from investigating since July and was left with the impression that they had abandoned their case in favour of blaming. And siblings. In an interview with the Sunday mail in September, I gave Larry rebuilding plans to hire a private investigator to get to the truth of the matter. Quote it over two months, since I heard from the police, while they didn't say the case was closed. They left me leaving that their investigation is over, they may come down on me like a ton of breaks for going it alone, but I have a duty to my dead son to get some sort of conclusion
The Sunday mile Sworder rebuttal from the investigating offices. Indian command, detective inspect that John Bunyan said the pole Required more information before and arrest could be made haste I did six months down the road we need to know if anyone has been speaking about the case since the union. a flurry of publicity, We know most of licences movements up to his death. We need to know What happened in the final moments several months passed with no further developments in that case, then towards the end of nineteen. Ninety six that was announced that lady investigator Detective superintendent, Jim Winning, was being replaced as the head of the Kremlin.
investigation, division at Central Scotland, police, consequently, he would no longer being charge of the lorens how murder investigation hay was replaced by sea. were intended Joe Odin and he second in command. Detective Gordon Monroe as the one year anniversary of large is murder drew near the crime mercy. to renewed attention when it was featured on an episode of the Uk Television Programme, crime watch how it was in favour of the move, as he hoped that the publicity might help jog someone's memory, yet no lades emerge urged the highlighting the possibility that those responsible, when not hiding ad in the community, but where remaining taught lived, now get home.
to ninety seven. A memorial mass was held at Lawrence is high. School in the lead up. Larry Haggard spoke of his continued struggle with grief. He called Lawrence his best friend and said he it it he's light sons, grave every day quote people say yeah gets Asia that every day Is this hard, as the first today. What business needs most is creativity, so, let's create new possibilities from intelligent automation to cloud management that requires, unless management, let's create something that changes everything I began. Let's create learn more at IBM dot com by ninety. Ninety seven
the relationship between the habits and the police was, for all the family, firmly believed in Dennis into Johns innocence, while the police were certain of their guilt by the time superintendent, JIVE Hoddan had detective. Gordon Monroe took a fresh look at the case. The investing Asian, had reached an impasse. As far as the original case detectives were concerned, Dennis into John Haggard were concealing the truth of what happened on March. Sixteen nineteen, ninety six, no other possible sauce, backed had raised their suspicions as much as the haggard boys. The haggard said that they only ever heard from investigators when they came to collect a dinosaur John for questioning detectives.
In and Monroe understood that nothing was being gained by keeping the haggard at a distance. As such, they set about establishing a positive relationship with the family. After months of being kept in the dark, the habits were now speaking, regularly with police and receive weekly updates. On their case, the initial investigators had presented a convincing set of circumstances to support the theory that the haggard brothers were involved in Lawrence. His death, especially Dennis, even though data active, harden and Monroe were willing to explore other scenarios, they still had to rule out the possibility that someone in the household had committed the crime. Now and English criminal psychologist Adrian West was brought in to interview Dennis Centre John Hack, it, after speaking with the pair,
concluded that there was no way either had killed, Alarums Superman, and and Hoddan felt vindicated by this, finding hate being dubious about the brothers involvement since first looking at their case to he's thinking, the crime was simply to bizarre and to brutal for either to have done it. He lighted told the Scotsman newspaper. We just had a got feeling that the circumcised It is of the Koran, the mutilation of Lawrence, his shoulder the motive that weight felt was they thus sadistic or sexual could not be laid at the fate of Dennis who was twelve at the time or John no brother could have done. What was done to large then tortured him before going upstairs to his bedroom to.
With the denizens of John had ruled out other suspects name in the original investigation were re examined. One was the thirty one year out. Convicted sex offender named Brian baby baby was the youngest of full brothers raised in the village of vat in the full could cancel area. as a child. He had attended a number of list today, schools, a term for scottish schools that were under the control of go social work departments. He's parents eventually separated when his mother, issued a relationship with another man. She moved to the ten of red car in England, where she got a job as a basque and Doktor Detain age to baby, followed his mother to red car where he began catching the same bosses that she worked
baby, observed the travelling habits of local pensioners and would break into their properties. When he new! They would be out as Alice stealing any valuables. He found he started. Fires in some of the residences. he was arrested in nineteen eighty four and charged with for cancer, burglary and two counts of arson. While on remand, baby set fire to he's prison. So he also attempted suicide by lighting himself on fire baby pleading guilty to all charges. He was labeled, a fire risk and a danger to the public. The judge contemplating giving him a life sentence, but instead send
asked to seven years baby was released on parole four years later in nineteen, eighty eight and moved back to Scotland. By November of TAT year he had started a new series of crimes. Baby would start, how's this around his home town a bath. This time he took a note of where at a lesson boys lived here, first target was a house in the town of Stand House Muir Light one nine baby broke into the property and entered the bedroom of a fourteen year old boy, baby tried to sexually assaulted, attain but fled when he's victim fought back more than eighteen months later in August, nineteen. Ninety,
baby broke into a house in full under the cover of darkness and attacked a seventeen year old Mile, the victim woke to find baby pressing a pair of scissors against his stomach. He was ordered to turn over and lie face down. Baby covered his head with a pillow. When do they while threatening to kill him? If he looked at his face, he then sexually assaulted the boy before running. From the same. Three weeks later, at twenty one year, old mail was asleep in his family's home. Instead, ask me when he woke to find eighty holding a knife to his stomach.
These other hands was pressed against the victims, genitals. He threatened to slash the young man if he moved, but the victim pushed him off and chased him from the room in October of nineteen ninety baby target at a house in law, but that and where Laurens Haggard lived, he threatened a nineteen year old Mayo resident with a screwdriver before sexually assaulted in within five days, baby struck again he broke into a house belonging to a form of It football star and assaulted. He's fourteen year old, son baby, was eventually arrested for he string of attacks but was released on bail. Six days later, He assaulted a twenty one year. Old man had he's home in full Kirk.
in February nineteen. Ninety one baby and ninety Edinburgh high court, charged with multiple counts of assault. He was sentenced to just eighteen months in prison. Within eight months he had been granted parole three days after he's, your lace baby was lost to on a residential straight. Instead house, music in the early hours of the morning, He silently entered a nearby house and made his way to the bedroom the sixteen year old boy who lived there. The team was fast, asleep baby covered the boys head with a blanket and detailed answer. He warned him that he had a knife before tying. The boys rests with a shirt and a wire for the first time ever.
eighty ordered his victim out of their house. He was going to carry out the assault elsewhere at his own pace and under his full control. Yet the boy manage to pull the covering from his head and saw his attack is face. Baby fled, but was soon apprehended again. This time he was sent, the five years in prison in September nineteen. Ninety four he was once again released early on parole. He lived in Edinburgh for several months then returned to the full Kirk area. Brian baby was questioned by police to die If Thou learns, how get was attacked, he provided an alibi saying that he
was at his brothers home until nine thirty p m on March fifth day. He then drive to wed umbrella and parked in the grass market, the historic market area in the cities, old town, He walked to one and a half miles to a straight cold royal terrorists. A night using area. A gay man Eighty said he arrived there by about eleven p M and in the area, fur, an error and a half. During that time He met a man and had oral sex within the men. potted ways. After about fifteen minutes, without sharing names or any other personal information, baby said he arrived home by two I am when asked. If he'd Bain Need learns, how gets house he replied on positive,
By wasn't in that area lost not at all investigators at the time didn't believe the crime was sexually motivated babies, alibi was accepted and he wasn't pissed any further as a soft, the scorched carpet and catch from the crime saying had been discarded during the initial investigation, neither item underwent a detailed forensic examination, this left investing that is Riggs Eminem that case with a little in the way of physical evidence. Old I had was a series of photographs taken at the same and a pubic recovered from Lawrence as underwear, yet there There wasn't any value testing confirmed. It belonged to Lawrence, investigate disorders.
distance from the national crime facility think tank at the Palais Staff College in Brands, Hill England, they d meant that baby was the only known criminal whose profile fit. The circumstances surrounding Laurens High gets mad. I pay exclusively targeted adolescent boys and young men in their home. So at night his attack had occurred in nor around the full Kirk area. He had a history of committing arson to cover up his crimes. and in March over ninety ninety six baby had lived in a car Instead, he asked me are just a few miles from the Hague at home by nineteen. Ninety seven Brian babies still lived in full Kirk on fraud. I August twenty two police officers it is high time and placed him under arrest for wilful fire raising.
The charge related to an incident that had occurred six months earlier in February and allowed police to hold baby for questioning for an extended period the following day: a search of babies, resin and was carried out draws in his bedroom contained two video tags, both what pornographic films that had been recorded from a german satellite channel, one was toddled redemption. The abduction series parts ray it depicted fantasy scenarios in which young men were kidnapped from their homes, then used as sexual slaves. Some of them It showed the men, bang wit and tied up with strips of cloth. Baby was questioned by detectives multiple times over the weekend learns Haggard
murder was discussed, the baby maintain tat. He had nothing to do with it towards the and of wanting to view. However, he suddenly broke down in tease. He then began shaking wailing and sobbing. Detective Gordon Monroe, I thought he looked like a child trapped in adults, body baby it, Made that he had quote judges that disgusted in the to view concluded there. During another interview in which baby was crying and distressed detective Joe, hold and asked him if he had killed, alarms, hag baby nodded his head firmly about six times: How inquired does that mean? Yes, Brian
baby reply that I did then said he wanted to speak about it with these brother, the police fetch the baby brother, but when the pass bouck baby Ray said he's innocence. After this incident, baby pointedly, told police. He would confess, on the condition that he wasn't recorded into viewing office disagreed and instead took a detailed notes in a police notebook as you Back according to Detective Monroe Baby explained, and that he was outside the haggard family home on the nod of March. Sixteen nineteen. Ninety six some neighbours across the road while having a party and a taxi arrived to weigh the pick up. Poor drop off aghast lady approached the haggard house and enter
de via the front door, which was apparently unlocked. He walked too. What's the living room door, which was shot baby paid through its glass AIDS and the sole Lawrence lying on the couch with the debate whole blanket poohed, I've again open opened the door and entered the room upon the stranger Lauren got up and spoke baby recall what he said. Baby then hit Barnes Told investigators quote: I can remember his face. I will never forget it, he fell back on the couch and are hit him again. Ok remembering the fee in his face baby,
Said he couldn't recall how many times he struck learns. He insisted head not taken a weapon with him, but was so he must have used. One as these hand, bore no injuries the following day. The next He said he remembered, was running away down the street baby then returned to his caravan, where he quickly fell asleep He rose early the next morning and to allay by near a highway to burn he's clothing. He claim indeed buried. Some articles of allowances, clothing that he had taken with them baby allegedly offered to take offices to the locations. as well as along the route he'd, walked from he's caravan to the haggard ass. Nothing in the confession.
And referred to, the mutilation of allowances shoulda or the numbers written name ink on his hands. baby dear eyes that he'd committed the crime because he had been dish. Draw about the recent mass shooting at Dublin Primary School. According the police notes. Baby also said, he felt bad about the fact that Lawrence his brothers had been considered sauce backs in the mood. I quote. I felt guilty because I knew they never done it. You will maybe find it hard to believe, but I want to go and say to the brothers than to his mom and dad that all was sorry for oils I wanted to go to the grave to say sorry to him ass. If he would hear me wanted to tell his mom and dad who done it so there
Would you know he was at peace now when light it presented with the transfer of two notes of his confession: baby refused to sign them. Hey, remained on remand, face fire rising charge as the haggard investigation continued Seconds of police officers searched the full Kirk countryside, but the evidence that baby had allegedly burned following Lawrence as Madame, yet nothing of significance was found get family was privately informed that there was a suspect in custody, but. News didn't break in the media until three months later in October, Larry Hagman told the daily record that the police in charge of their case would doing a great job, but he was reluctant,
to get his hopes up until this aspect was charge for Lawrence is murder. He does bribed the earlier speculation about Dennis into Jones involvement in the crime. As a disgrace, adding it was shocking what my son's went through knowing the person responsible was still at large met. My family have not had the chance to grieve properly. Then November, seven nineteen ninety seven three year out, Brian baby was formally charged with Lawrence High gets murder and fight rising in the Hague at home. Brian baby entered a plea of not guilty. His trial began six months later in April. Nineteen. Ninety eight at Edinburgh, high cod,
John Hag, it took the stand and wept ass. He data how he had discovered his brothers beaten and burning body, then desperately trying to save he's alive During cross examination, John, admitted emitted that he withheld knowledge of allowances. Argument with the Dennis for two weeks before coming clean to investigators is John described that fought not as hellish and said he kept the five sacred because he could tell the police suspected Dennis. John had wanted to protect the only brother he had left, hey conceded, that he found Dennis physically intimidating and had been briefly suspicious of him.
However, when the prosecution ass to whether he thought Dennis was capable of the crime. John replied, not really if it was justified or something you could understand And but what actually happened to Lawrence no way. Dennis Highgate was now fourteen years old before he began his testimony. The judge cautioned him that he wasn't required to answer any questions that might encourage canadian following prodding from the defence Dennis described a fought that he'd had with Lawrence several weeks before the murder.
On that occasion, Lawrence had thrown a dart at ease, younger brothers leg, which pasty skin the defence suggested Dennis murdered Lawrence in revenge quote you would not the same kind of star at football, and that was why you burn diesel legs, because you were jealous and angry Dennis was adamant that he hadn't telling a court than he had been proud of Lawrence detective Gordon Monroe told the cord of Brian babies, confession, which the defense was firmly rejecting. The document had been penned by police while baby was in custody and he'd refused. Saw in it, they maintained that their client was in Adam brought from about eleven p m. To too I am the nod of alarms, haggard murder. However,
a man who lived in the caravan next to babies contradicted this claim. He said that he'd heard baby return home. These costs between ten and eleven that not and didn't he They cause engine again when he went outside at one thirty, I am to dispose of some rubbish. The vehicle was seen as usual parking spot. Brian baby told the call that the police had concocted he's entire confession: hey a lead that they had Baden him and he used his nephews as the leverage by threatening to put them into care and allege that baby was molesting them He said that he never admitted to the murder and had refused to sign the transcribed and fashion, because that
entirely false when the prosecution Cross examined baby day accused him of having fantasies about abducting young man. Hey denied this Baby said that he had only watched between five to fifteen minutes of the polar Graphic video fanned in his home before switching off because he didn't like it during his testimony. Baby began to sob when asked why he was crying. He said, because I am accused of this murder. I am not guilty in summing up the defence, told the jury that the police had fabricated babies confession because they were desperate. To close the case, he's Loya told the cod.
the police were determined to get their man. They made up their minds that were going to solve this crime. If police could not solve the murder fairly, then they would do it unfairly. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the defence calls the police lies. They pointed out that the interview in which baby allegedly can fast had not been recorded, as others had bang the prosecution stated that if the police had indeed fabricated, they confession the night was such talented act is that they should be members of the Royal Shakespeare company. They asserted that baby had broken down on the stand, because he was haunted by his guilt. Before the jury was dismissed for deliberations,
Judge Lord Thomas Dawson made it clear to them that their verdict hinge on babies. Alleged confession. He said: Did the police officers are lying? All the accused, these not telling us the truth The jury returned with a verdict that same day they found Brian baby guilty of them. Or of Lawrence Haggard and of fire. Rising The court room erupted in cheese and applause in addressed in baby judge doors, described his unprovoked attack, brutal and ferocious. He added that babies. Criminal history was a very serious and he was extreme danger to the public. Judge Dawson sentence. The baby to life in prison with a minimum of fifteen years
His sentence for fire rising would run concurrently with his sentence for murder Larry. How was grateful to those who conducted the renewed investigation into his sons, modem, yet remained angry that it had taken more than two years to identify and convey tolerances killer. Hey accused Scotland, police of breaching the investigation by failing to verify babies, alibi and financing, killing him out as the likely sauce backed based on he's criminal history We also stated that, by focusing on Dennis as the perpetrator, the police had given baby a plan of defence. in the aftermath of the trial. The haggard family lodged a civil complaint against the Central Scotland, the police,
it addressed to the investigation teams mishandling of the case and to their poor conduct towards the Hague. Its, including the persistent and baseless pursuit of Dennis, says the Ella Dennis Centre, John Highgate were awarded twenty thousand pounds in compensation. The police shoot a public apology stating that the van I should have received a much better performance. They were assured that the force had rectified its approach so that the same mistakes wouldn't be repeated. Larry, Highgate, told baby, Say Scotland, that Hey welcomed the apology, but he wanted the officers involved sack Quote the mayhem they caused to the family, especially the two boys. To me. They ve got off too lightly
In mid the nineteen ninety eight and in dependence inquiry was held to determine what exactly went wrong in Central Scotland polices. Initial investigation into Lawrence haggard murder conducting the inquiry was assistant chief constable James. My car of the Thai saw it police. He's. Findings were published three months slide on in a document dubbed The Mccarthy report the details in the outcome of their report, what withheld from the public, including the haggard family,. Journalists. Russell Finlay had covered their case extensively for the Sunday mail, and it was in trade. Does too why the report had been suppressed, but there was no avenue for him or any one else to gain access to it. So ten years later in two thousand five british Prime minister, Tony
Blair pass to the UK is freedom of Information ACT. This allow the members of the public to request access to information held by public authorities. Russell Finlay later wrote in his book acid attack journalists, war with organised crime. I decided to seek a copy of the Haug report, so I approached Lawrence his dad Larry and said did and application on his behalf. One had arrived at made. My blood run cold The report revealed that in nineteen ninety four, while serving time for adopting a teenage boy, Brian Baby said he wished he killed his victim so that he could have escaped the rest. Social work is warned that baby was at high risk of re offending, but he was.
Released only on parole by nineteen. Ninety six. He had faded back into the full curve. Community them he was questioned in relation to the Lawrence Haggard case. The police accepted his alibi and he was promptly ruled out. The Mccarthy report confirmed that no weather, made to verify babies whereabouts on the nod of Lawrence is attack. Additionally, babies, criminal, I called wasn't accessed by investigators until almost a year later. It also noted that they didn't consider that the crime could have been sexually motivated. Furthermore, two officers had searched babies, car and caravan following the attack.
They discovered a hammer and petrol container, but disregarded them in one of babies. Previous attacks, he had struck a victim over the head with a glass bottle, a glass bottle was found in their heads kitchen, but wasn't flagged as significant. Another potential weapon went missing when a pace of growing metal was collected from the home. but never love, does evidence. The report detailed how far investigators had examined the living room for ninety minutes immediately after the attack this before the area was secured and examined for crucial evidence. Such his finger will footprints. Then there was the discovery that, Tat gives had begged the diary entries in relation to their investigation, the frauds
when entries works both by the authors habit of referring to learn, says the deceased prior to his actual death. The report also addressed confusions rounding the discovery of a hammer in their habits. Kitchen, one officer who inspected the property with a team of experts two days after the attack, stated that if the hammer was on the kitchen table at the time, they would have seen it. The haggard here was searched nine times before detective sergeant, Robert Beverage said he'd stumbled across the item by chance during a visit one week after the attack, the Mccarthy report concluded
that sergeant beverage was lying and had planted the hammer himself. According to assistant chief constable, my car, the corrupt actions of investigating officers, were intended to pin the crime on twelve year old. Dennis Highgate sections of the report were not released. Two journalists Russell Finlay days, included portions dealing with a criminal pride against the officers involved in the original investigation. Only a few receive Danny disciplinary action, the cases second in Command detective Inspector John Bunyan, was suspended in August of nineteen. Ninety eight hey faced five charges, including to cancel this credible conduct and three charges of neglect of duty. The latter three charges were dropped. After a lengthy
disciplinary hearing inspector Bunyan was only found guilty of the two lesser offences of discreditable conduct. Detective sergeant, Robert Beverage, the officer who planted the hammer in the haggard kitchen was transferred out of the Criminal Investigation Department as well. another sergeant their cases for my lady investigator Detective superintendent, Jim Winning, avoided discipline by retiring from the fourth age. Jeannie's forties, winning sided health reasons for his early departure. Central Scotland police had attempted to block he's retirement
but were unsuccessful. Larry Hagman voice, tease, families, disappointment telling the press. We have been fighting to get a bit of justice for a family for years. I just feel we
I haven't got it. There is somebody answerable to the way we were traded and as far as I'm concerned, nobody has come up with the answer. Yet, in two thousand three Brian baby lost an appeal against his conviction. He was denied Perrault in two thousand twelve and remains incarcerated, as if the release of this episode in October to death and fifteen one of babies, nappies came forward to accuses uncle of molesting him. Michael, not he's real name, told the sun. That baby started a beating him in nineteen. Ninety four: when Michael was thirteen years old, he would serve Michael sugary alcohol
beverages known as the alcove pops. Then rape in mock old told the sun quote. It was so traumatic blocked it out. It was her refit. There were hundreds of incidents over a spell of three years I would regularly wake up some days with no clothes on and him lying next to me, there were times where I'd be upset doing my homework and he just coming, to my room and start doing stuff to me. Michael, was scared that if he fought back baby might start abusing he's brothers instead after learns how it was murdered. In March nineteen, ninety six baby took mako for a walk past. The haggard house
he told his nephew that Hey had killed Lawrence and defer Michael ever told anyone. Then he would kill him as well according to Michael Baby threatened he's law. On multiple occasions. He once held a razor to Marco's Throwed. Another time he claimed to have a gun hidden under a bridge that he would use to kill him after Lady was convicted for murder. He sent Michael a letter in it. He said he had a naked photos of Michael. A blackmailed, Michael into staying silent by threatening to release the images to his friends and family Michael became a royal logistics core soldier, but struggled with post, traumatic, stress, disorder, anxiety and maintaining employment as a consequence of the abuse
Yes, he's personal relationships also suffered, he told the sun, his turned me into a nervous person. I've made bad decisions and pushed away. My family My worry is now that he gets here. I think he'll trying to kill me I'm trying to move on with my life, but it so difficult in March two thousand and sixteen A football tournament was held in honour of alarms high get me his home town more than one hundred players tote pod at you Already auction was also held in conjunction with the event to raise funds for a local battling cancer. Learns is brother. Dennis gave an interview to the Scotsman newspaper about the event quote.
The response has been phenomenal. Thanks to so Romania, we have heard from Paypal. My brother played with more than twenty years ago, we ve been overwhelmed by messages of support people I just delighted to say Lawrence being remembered in this way off the Lawrence his father Larry continued to be involved in football by helping to culture, youth pain, told the Herald, Scotland that doing so helped with his mental health. When things got to do He he would re watch home movies of Lawrence playing this board. Larry, often paused the videos at moments that reminded him of happy memories, with his son quote
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