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Case 17: The Eriksson Twins

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On the 17th of May 2008, two motorway patrol officers attended to a call that a pedestrian had been hit by a vehicle on the M6 motorway, near the city Stoke-on-Trent, in England.

Expecting the worst, the two officers were surprised when they arrived to see two pedestrians standing calmly and uninjured on the shoulder of the motorway. It didn’t look like much was going on at all…

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respecting the worst. The two officers were surprised when I arrived on thing to say to the desperate staining calmly and are needed on the shoulder of the motorway. I didn't look like much was going on at all, but within a few minutes the seemingly com situation took a frightening twist. Hardly anything is known about the lives of twin sisters, Sabena and also our ericsson. Now, a born in Sweden on the third of November, nineteen sixty seven I have another system Mona and an older brother beyond, whilst at school, the twins were destroyed by some as a little bit out. They kept mostly to themselves, and at times I had a tendency to be born,
We know that in the year two thousand Ursula was living in the United States and surveying was living in Ireland with a partner and two children. Nothing is really known about their lives, though, from the year two thousand it s a night. It's believed this abandoned mayo, spend some some time in the United States with Ursula and that The sun even moved to the United States to live with us all of her period of time. For what reason we don't know, No evidence that Data Sabena, Ursula had been treated for mental health issues. in two thousand and eight Ursula visited Sabena Renewal and it's not nine. If this was just a catch up visit or if there was a specific reason for the visit. But what we do know is that during the visit between were absolutely inseparable. They formed an extremely tight bond.
And suddenly in the early hours of the sixteenth of May two thousand and eight without telling anyone of their intentions. nurses are left on the twins when exceed the next day. The seventh eighth of my in Liverpool, England, its believe they travelled to England from oil on the fire fairy between Scented signing in straight away station in Liverpool and Sabena reported concerns about the safety of our children. What's a binary now so I traveled to England to report this when the children and her partner were back in Ireland is anyone's guess. Liverpool police contacted the police back in Ireland who did a check on Sylvain his partner and the children. Everything was at K.
Spain is partner, told the irish police disobeying I had taken off after they had a fine or his place. It's a banner knows that could get in touch with them if they had any fees or concerns upon their return to, after leaving so straight police station the twins boarded a National express coach that was headed for London, Who did the cage shabby at eleven thirty? I am the twins. Each had a bag and refused to put them in the baggage area of the catch they insisted on holding onto the bags just after one p m the cage stopped. It kill services, which is a service station. On the six model, details of why the cage stop are sketchy. There are reports that the coach stop first schedule drama change,
Those are a sign that the only reason the cage stop was because the twins were hiding a radically in causing trouble fade away. Between got off the catch. Despite the fact that wasn't scheduled rest stop, the drama was suspicious of them. and ended up refusing to allow them back on the couch, because the twins wouldn't allow him to search their backs the job tell the employer in the service station Melissa done that he wasn't letting the twins back on and basically told her. It was her problem now she could look after. Sigh Melissa kept an eye, and the twins is well sugar, suspicious that their behaviour, the twins were holding their bags tightly today chest locked laws were dependent on not letting go. That, combined with the way talking and moving around it, looks like, though, applauding something.
their behaviour actually led militia to think that maybe the raven carrying arms in the bags same illicit called the police police did attend shortly after in Spain,. The twins, but after checking the mayor, the office's didn't think anything was wrong. They told me so the twins were going to make their way to London and there were no issues. The police left the twins with a fine numbers and the coach company said they could arrange to get on the next coach. But instead of getting on another coach between started walking along them, six motorway them six motorways covered by video cameras which monitor the highway agencies Control Centre in Birmingham about three twenty p m, the twins whisper but on the cameras walking along the central reservation of the motorway. it was a barrier on a sort of them, but it was still dangerous, not a place for pedestrians.
A. I agency patrol unit was despatched to get between of the motorway the agency offices allows there always did It will ensure there are no issues on the motorways to ensure traffic is fine freely and there are no incidents that could put anyone a risk if there is an accident that will sort out the traffic management plan, putting right box diversions things like that, but I put people ever or respecting thoughts. So how agency car was sent to get between zero, the central reservation and off the safety, but when the we saw the highway agency car they jumped out of the central reservation and onto the motorway in front of us coming traffic cause had the bright cod swerved, to avoid running between Cyber Sabena, actually got clicked by car and got knocked over. The incident was catch you nobody!
police and paramedics were immediately called to attend. The feed ban. Sabena could have serious injuries, but she didn't. She was perfectly fine her and Ursula made their way off the motorway and onto the shoulder police officers. Cope and Finlayson responded to the coal and it beside happen that I had a camera crew with them who were filming for Bay bases television, show motorway cops when I arrived at, the twins were still standing on the shoulder of the motorway that was speaking with the two hallway agency offices that first attended. Everybody was calm and there were no issues at all. if the paramedics arrived yet, but by the looks of
they wouldn't be required. Everything was calm and cool, with no sign of any body being injured office. His coat and Finlayson started talking with one of the highway agency offices to find out what was going on. The twins were a short distance away, standing next to the other hallway agency officer, everybody Still standing on the motorway shoulda, whilst the hollow agency officer was still braving the police, they said That is why, generally speaking, I speak with rage. You know you re wrong, but close enough people trying brothers was the drums.
They did you ever see a red one by the red, some roots rights, but I'm just not there. Thank you, maybe we can promote. Also, we brought bicycles as their calmly, nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all, then suddenly for no apparent reason, So I walked out onto the motorway. the hall I agency of the nearby did his best, but he only managed to get out of a jacket which she easily slipped out of SL. I ran straight on to the road and directly in a sort of a forty tonne truck the trappers straight over the top of it.
Sabena than my burmese running here And then the motorway as well, she threw herself into the path of an oncoming car. She went straight over the frame the car smashing into the windscreen denting, the bonnet and the roof before being flung up into the air and then slamming hard under the road. It's incredible for each link will be available in the shine I'd say you can save your initial response is that there is no chance. They would have supports them. By some miracle, by both did five of them lay motionless on the road knocked unconscious body impacts, but our laws the motorway was immediately shut down and police went to work trying to render aid, while still waiting for the paramedics to arrive.
Thirty two thirty three thirty miles had run out into the countries like first female has been hit by Hey Healy Line since Davison, Drake suck in Spain has been lying, like an inspection, serious casual Please running around the office if, in life in Russia, the US all good being run over by the truck, she had massive like injuries suffering compound fraction, we're police hollow words, how it's ok, it's all right Ever seen that before my what the hell are, they were only for there also
so so that no state still factor was it right. Leg Ursula then started spray me saying she wanted to place, even though it was a police officer kneeling. Next to it, she got quite aggressive and even started. Speeding include office if him, nice and calm down, found our minds very aggressive, stickeen glacier is very badly injured. Nominal come on how we are the police, we are there. Please calm down the doctors on room it's ok, founder, she appeared. She was very defer. Insights, parent.
Alex arrived shortly after they made their way first to Ursula and until Cambodia bringing her under control. name all off. His coat was with Sabena, sob it was lying calmly. Until suddenly, what what what what what status they stay? They got politicians and interesting. Right. Get going anywhere. I just kill, kill so very much like you you're a high price Why do you stay down. What the fuck,
Sabena stood Officer Coke was trying to get a delay back, Deon Theron, a comedy on Sabina started to pull away from officer code, and then she turned around and punched her in the face, knocking it to the ground. sabena than jumped over the central reservation and rain onto the other side of the motorway traffic. We still moving. She was lucky. She didn't get hit again officer Finlayson Guy, chase. Luckily the dramas could say what was going on and the traffic came to a stop office if, in life I tried to get hold of Sabina, but Sabina took off her jacket and started. Jumping up and down. She was shaping up for a fourth time that combat combat combat, though
upon the Hong Kong on DE mining, calm down, the high Now the police I the officer, cope alone with members of the public and other people. who had arrived had to assist up ass if in listen to bring some pain, are under control. It took about six people in total, But even with that, many people on earth you still resisting and putting up a bit for her strength, was described as inhuman The law don't look
My group would be always fill this fight. You stand back Why do you want What why the lace sister or La Sabena, also started calling for the place despotic. Actually was surrounded by police. you're lucky. I don't got worse and worse. Well, sort of
when she was finally restrained paramedic still when I bought a trader issues still aggressive and still trying to fought, they ended up having this data Nobody has any idea what was going on. There was such bizarre behaviour, the locks of which the police on Saint had never encountered before. They believe Ursula Sabena when I slightly off their heads on drugs. They also wondered if what I have just witnessed was the result of some sort of suicide patch between thereby. a search of their bags beyond multiple mobile phones and a passport for one twin, but no one day at all, for the other, both twins were transported. The hospital Ursula was in a critical condition.
But Sabena was only suffering minor injuries and she was released after just Father was incredibly afford. Such a trick, evaluation, wasn't conducted sure, say by police doctor a sort of and a social worker, and I ordained that there is nothing wrong with her and she was fit to be released for a future career of investigating the past. You see, lambs master of Science and forensic Medicine programme is the only one in the region developed and led by a board certified pathologist a pc alarm. Students are taught to dig deeper and discover the truth with the holistic approach. They are quite should the analytical skills needed to solve mysteries and help achieve justice for those who cannot speak for themselves. uncover more more p c o m EU once she was released from hospital police, took her into their custody and transported back to the station.
The screaming volund person throwing herself in front of traffic and fighting police was gone. Sabena was near, come no trouble at all There is not much of a change in behaviour the police transported from the hospital with their incomes. She sat in the back seat of their car com and totally unrestrained. Once I got back to the police station, Sabena even started laughing and joking around with the police. Part of what happens when processing a prisoner is the police ask a whole way to questions about the prisoners, history and their health is a duty of care. Cyclists ask if they suffer from many illnesses. If they require medication, that sort of thing they also ask if the prisoners have tried the harm themselves. When Sabena has asked this question, she said no, she had while she was
crisis. Sabena said these words, which would go on to be quite children, always excellent. Those funds more waste. I always in Sweden that an accident really comes alive, usually at least one nor follows. Perhaps too. Sabena was charged with trespassing on a motorway and with the sounding a police officer. She had no previous criminal record at no time during the process. Did Sabena ass carefully. Is the what's she didn't mention her at all? She was very common, casual about the whole thing. It was almost as if nothing had happened. There were no drugs found on Sabena or in her back saying, with us alone,
There was no evidence of drug use at all, as a seller is in a critical condition. Hospital a blood sample was taken from her sure that something would show up. Medical staff and police were surprised to find zero alcohol and zero traces of drugs in her system. A blood sample wasn't taken from Sabena suffering only minor injury. Medical staff didn't have to take any. And only being charged with trespassing, an assault. The police had no power to order the medical staff to take a black table. But given the negative result of Ursula's test, it's assumed surveying this test also would have come back negative. She was kept in custody and appeared at the Fenton Magistrates court. Two days later, the nineteenth of May two thousand that night she pled guilty to both charges. She was sentenced to one day in custody, which he had already served,
so she was released on that evening of Spain is release the nineteenth of May two thousand and eight Sabena crossed paths. With fifty for your own Glenn Helen said and his friend Peter They were walking home after having a few bees at the local pop Glenn also had his dope with him I were walking along Cross Church Street in Fenton when they noticed Sabina standing on the other side of the road pages, says Sabina stuck out like a sore thumb. She seemed stressed and worried and gave them person she was lost. She was carrying her belongings in a plastic bags. Sabena shattered across the road going. Paid are saying it was ass, though they had given him. They made their way over and struck up a conversation with a survey, mention to them that a system was in hospital and that she was trying to find her. There,
Besides, she went on a little further before Sabena said she needed to find a bed and breakfast to stay. Glenn told her. There was really no, where around the area where she could stay, but she is welcome to go back to his house. He said he would give us something to eight, and then I could draw look at where sister the was and then they could organise somewhere for her to stay. Haiti says this resisting glens character. He was a good Samaritan, unlocked the help, people night. It was a very warm and friendly talk. First, Sabena accepted the offer. insane to open up a bit more and become warmer and friendlier. They got back to glance house and sat down and had a few drinks together. We're, gonna pay to ask to be ass. A baby sister, her demeanour, would change
there would either be an awkward silence or she would quickly change the subject. Sabina also started to display some odd paranoid behavior that would be sitting down talking and then she would get up and walk over to the window, pull the shades up, stare up and down the straight before snapping the shades back and sitting down again. She did this a few times as if she was paranoid somebody was watching, then she got out, cigarettes and ask Lenin Pater if they wanted one, they both accepted as well. Both have yet to laugh. It up Savannah quickly, snatched the cigarettes back of them and said they might be poisoned. You can't have them despite the fact of had been smoking from this particular packet of cigarettes. All knowing Peter was starting to feel very uneasy. It could tell something wasn't quite right:
Sabena Glenn, on the other hand, didn't seem concerned at all, there was kicking back, relaxed and comfortable. He kept telling paid are not to worry saying. Sabena was just to be quickly nothing to be concerned about I paid a couldn't get out of there soon enough. He left the house and went home, leaving Sabena and gone. They bought himself, perhaps what we Most intriguing is that, despite being run over by car flung up into the air and sea, under the road to heavy impacts knocking her unconscious. Only two days before It wasn't complaining of any pain at all. She seemed completely unaffected. Around lunch time. The next day going wrong. These problem pull who worked at the local hospital he was trying to
Yet some more information on Ursula Paul said Glenn was his usual chief herself no alarm bells at all. He could he surveyed his voice in the background Glenn explained to his brother. What had happened and said now just stop that any information they could get About seven forty p m that evening Glenn walk the earth. and ass, the night about Frank booth, if he had any spare t bags, Frank was yet side watching his vehicle and toppling that when he finished up it would going and grab some Glenn thanked him and walked back inside his house, but only one in that light out. He was back outside staggering suffering from wounds, including one including the heart, the Frank he said the frank of me tat. She stopped me even collapsed telegram
frank, immediately dolled emergency services, which is triple nor in the UK, as this was happening glass, frank to look after his dog. He then passed away Meanwhile, Sabena left a glance yes and ran up the street carrying a hammer choosing a completely the range states heating itself over the head with a hammer. This call the attention of a passing murderous Joshua. You saw what she was doing and saw that I hear was met with blood. She also had blood over the front of the jacket, Joshua Goody enemies, car and tried to wrestle the hammer from Sabena. Sabena struggling and seemed to be an absolute right. Sabena got the better. oh sure, by hitting him in the back of the head with a broken pace of rooftop that she was carrying in her pocket. Sabena got away Joshua so,
two paramedic beagles drawing after they had obviously responded to the coal and driven across the Bay Sabena continued running, trying to get away from the paramedics she ran to a breach Heron cross above the fifty roadway Sabena, climbed the railing and jumped straight off onto the right below the full was about thirty fate, which is about ten metres. She brought by the very ankles and fractured skull, but again she survived. She was transported the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, police examined the crossing points house. It looked as though I was in the process of preparing a meal. We need banks that Spain is DNA Profile was found on the kitchen north used to stab Glenn a bloodstained jacket and a ring she was wearing contained matching dna from
Sabena remaining hospital until September upon being discharged from hospital. She was charged with the murder of Gwendolen, said. Priscilla was also discharge from hospital in September, but she was in charge with any offence it. She was allowed to return to sway. Sabena refused to answer any questions at all.
Every question that was asked of her. She replied no comment, so we have no idea exactly what happened England's yes, that day or even though not before asked Peter had left. Sabena pleaded not guilty. The murder in the troll date was set four February, two thousand and nine, but it was postponed due to issues getting subpoenas medical records. The trial was rescheduled four September, two thousand and one, but the case never ended up going to trawl. Instead, she was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Prior to the trial. Sabena was assessed by two forensic psychiatrists, one acting for the defense. And the other one acting for the prosecution they both reached. The same conclusion: Sabena was mentally ill at the time she killed Gwendolen said, but they had different opinions on what the mental illness was.
The defence diagnosed Sabena with induced delusional disorder. A basic meaning is madness into Paypal. So what I was saying is that one person suffers from Socrates, psychotic illness and then the second person becomes effective boy, and I end up taking on the South Caucasus as well. For example. Ursula runs yet under the maid away into the path of a truck, say. Sabena follows both conditions. Where extremely rare and guns family wanted to know was. Sabena was released from hospitals I soon and allowed to get free after the meadow. I incident issue suffering from what was now determined to base our colleague episode.
Prior to the baby is released from hospital laughter, the motorway incident, your same by police surgeon, a psychologist and a social worker days on police officers, that medical professionals and I came to the conclusion that Sabena, despite now I'll, be a sign of any mental or psychological illness. They all conclude issue is feeding, but to be released, they didn't have the benefit of saying the footage. When I came to the conclusion that I would have, detailed accounts from the officers who were there of what went on its pretty amazing that they did come to that conclusion. A couple of explanations are being thrown up. If you was in fact suffering from us of madness, then this awkward behaviour can come and go quickly. What may have been gone momentarily at the time she was assessed.
Another theory is that maybe the sedation she was given on the motorway was still having a bit of a calming effect on her at the time she was assessed. A the way the system filed. murder? Charge was dropped and Sabena was allowed to interplay of duty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The judge accepting that subpoena had suffered from a rare and temporary form of insanity at the time of the motor during the whole process. Sabena maintain The silence about what had happened, she didn't utter a single word about the murder of blank Allan's or the motorway incident. No one had any idea what the twins were I've doing in England in the first place they have, given a raising. The judge had a difficult time determining exactly what diagnosis of Sabena was the correct one as a strong case could be made for them.
It was made more difficult by the fact that neither of the forensic psychiatrists had assessed. I saw maybe she had a vain assess that could have gotten some piece of information that couldn't should a bit more lot on things. Another issue raised with the case when by the defence and the prosecution, a great battle, I suppose it was mentally ill at the time of the murder. She had now made a full recovery. So what that man was that the judge couldn't send her to a secure mental health hospital, because she was no longer mentally ill. So instead he wanted to give a banner a sentence with no fixed release date to make sure she would only be frayed when it was safe to do so. But he could only do that if Sabina was considered a risk to the public and by the defense and the prosecution psychiatrists agreed that I conceded to beignets are only be a low risk with that
the judge said his hands were taught given choose determined to be low risk by law. The judge had to give her a fixed term prison sentence with no supervision or monitoring requirements. After their release, he sent instead to the years John Job Family, vainly considered surveying his diagnosis to be a pretty convenient one.
A quick and easy way to deal with the case, because really no one had any idea. What was going on it was so bizarre. Here is what the judge, Justice Saunders had decided sentencing. I understand that the sentence will seem entirely inadequate to the relatives of the deceased. Ella VA sentenced on the basis that the reason for the killing was the mental illness and therefore the culpability of the defendant was alone, and therefore the sentence of the past is designed to protect the public. It is not designed to reflect the grief their relatives have suffered or to measure the value of Mr Hollinshead Slough, no sentence that aquaponics could do that. It is a sentence which are hype fairly measures, a truly tragic event. Sabina only serves
the two and a half years of his sentence and then she was released and she was allowed to return to sweet just like her last before they see incidents very little is known about Sabina. Since her release, we have the condition she was thought to be suffering from. There is a possibility. Sabina could relapse into another episode of insanity in the future.
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