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Case 180: Bill Payne & Billie-Jean Hayworth

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“This is going to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. This is going to be the craziest thing you’ve ever heard. There is nothing in your lives or background that has prepared you to understand the Potter family. You have never seen anybody like them.” --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Eileen Ormsby Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-180-bill-payne-billie-jean-hayworth
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with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place. They the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. Welcome to mountain city, a friendly home town, this mess it's written in bold. What text on a bright red, sun, great travellers approaching the? U S, town of Mountain City in the Northeast corner of Tennessee, as the local population has never paid to beyond two thousand and six hundred people. Mountains, city residents remain close, knit daily, the slow, pace to lost all among the mountains, valleys and forests, the sun
as a warm, the winter, so short called and wet, and its partly cloudy o ye around. There is no public too. Sport. So everybody has a calm, and tobacco he's more often than not a pickup truck most. As events on again many people own several around six thirty. On the morning of January thirty, one two thousand twelve Brad Osborne was making his usual drive to pick up his friend and coworker do pain. The two men were at the park. Thou mills textile plan and often carpool to work bill was staying in his father's white single story, whether board housing, men city. He lived there with these partner, Billy, Jane Hayworth and their infant son as well as bills. Father,
Billy right, pain, better known around town, has pull bill when brow Osborne arrived at the pain house, pull bill, How do I do you left for work about an hour earlier, Brad pulled into the driveway and remained in his car usually deal with a match from the House when Brett arrived, they started work at seven, a dot m, but the drive to the factory wasn't far the sun had yet to rise and abroad could say a lot emanating from bills. Bedroom window, the There was no movement within broad suited. horn and waited, but Bill did an appear. He tried calling bill. Cellphone but was unable to get through minutes past and Brad became increasingly concerned about bang light for work,
He got out of his car and walked over to the house to hurry he's friend alone, knowing that it was rarely locked, broad headed to us. Odd glass door at the rear of the house. When he's an ox went on, he answered broad, let himself in an alarm clock was going off in one of the bedrooms. Brad picked up land line in the living room and cold bill cell again, but he couldn't hear ring then broad heard something had sounded like the quiet whimper of a baby not feel uncomfortable with going into the bedrooms where Billy, Jane and her baby might be sleeping brow. Cold out once more. He was with silence and took. This is his cue to leave broad, DR alone, to the textile plan. Only too
discover the bill was not there and did not turn up as the morning war on later that morning, at around ten another visit, I pulled up to the pain house. Roy Stevens arrived to pick up his mail which had been sent to poor bills, place he's wife, Linda stating that while Roy let himself in via the real sliding glass door. Roy holiday are sure that somebody behind after receiving no response, he ventured down the whole way towards the bedrooms ass. He approached the first room
Roy saw what looked like blood? Neither doorway Roy opened the door into the bedroom bill shared with Billy, Jane, hey, spotted, eighty six year old bill face up on the bed. He's fine Ass was badly Baden and blood coagulated around his neck Roy rushed to Bill Gregg his arms and shook him hoping to get a response when he got none, he writes, Sod yelling for Linda, Linda
trained in say pay. Are she tried to find a pulse in bills and neck before realizing that his throat had been caught? ass. His wife called nine one. One Roy heard something coming from another part of the house. He made his way down the whole way to a second bedroom inside twenty Ray you're out Billy, Jane Hayworth was lying in a pool of blood on the floor of her sons, nursery in her arms was her baby boy. He didn't stir his face, was blotchy and read, and blood Katy sleigh pursued in the back of his head it was clear. Billy Jane was the safest, The royal relief her baby was still breathing
all of the blood around him belonged to his mother. The baby himself was unhurt, Linda broke down. Has she described that can do of the little boy to the normal one operator quote the babe kind of to me as a parent looks like maybe it's been crying for a while and probably cried till. He came cry no more. Both ill and Billy Jane had been shot in the head. There were also deep, slash wings across bills. Although it was unclear whether they were sustained, pre whole post mortem. Neither victim had defensive, wanes, suggesting that had been taken by surprise, With bill in his underwear and Billy, Jane in pajamas, appeared as though the couple had been confronted, while thou was still in bed or shortly after waking,
everything was a normal when poor bill left for work at around five thirty, the pair webpage mostly dead by the time brought Osborne had arrived to pick up bill an hour later Tennessee Bureau of investigation agents. Scott lot arrived on the same day. With several firearms at the residents, but the shot guns and a twenty two caliber pistol he located when not the murder weapons. The bullets fired upon the victims, come from its thirty eight caliber or nine millimeter hand, gun murder. Suicide was swiftly, ruled out. The gun no I've used in the crime when missing. Nothing was found at the house that hinted at the perpetrators, identity neighbour,
described bill, pain and Billy. Jane Hayworth does a nice young couple. They didn't hear anything suspicious the morning of the murders, usually pull bills. Dogwood Bach, if strangest came to the house, which made the investigators Wanda was the killer, someone none into the family, perhaps save and welcome the inside A search of the pain residence uncovered. A small quantity of drugs, including methamphetamine police, also recovered a mess pot and some prescription medication. Mountain city was going through a drug cross at the time that nobody in the pain household, was on the police radar as being part of any large scale. Dealing Billy Jaynes best friend, a woman named Linsey Thomas, had been at the pain home that day before them.
Is Billy Jane, mentioned, receiving a fresh batch of pills for her and the bill to sell the couple apparently carried out some low level drug dealing to make extra cash to buy things for their baby Lindsey wondered if a boy I was supposed to meet bill before he left for work and things turned a deadly. This same, even more likely given that methamphetamine was not found in either of the victim systems, but was sitting out on a plate with a stroll beside it, as though some one has recently taken a hit bills cell phone records showed the numbers of those who had called him prior to his death. They lead to two of these friends who admitted that they occasionally bought pills from him,
It was no major drug operation, however bills sometimes Sodor swapped his prescription medication, with a small group of contacts. He's friends had intended to pick some up the night before he was killed, but bill had sent them a text at one thousand, one hundred and thirty saying that he was tired and was not going to make them. The double homicide was the biggest incident Johnson County had seen in a very long time, everybody in men. City knew the couple who members of their families theories about, especially on law and on local forums, members of Billy James Family, fronted, the media and begged her killer to come forward. Her mother questioned how anyone could leave her infant grandson
an orphan. She explained how much Billy Jane and Bill loved being parents adding, I didn't know us all that didn't lock them Jamie Kurd lived in a trailer at the end of a muddy driveway up a steep hill with its outdoors, laundry tub and so far on the porch. It was a typical dwelling of those who were doing at toughest in Johnson Canny. Jamie had dropped out of school to work at the park. Dial mills textile plan where he labored through twelve hours, shifts, but he was able to work alongside he's cousin do pain. The two were close. Despite their differences bill was popular and charismatic, with lots of interests and home
is he was a coin collector who enjoyed NASCAR trips, the LAS Vegas and had a reputation as a bit of a player. He embraced the life and had a tendency to blow he's paycheck as soon as he got. Jamie, on the other hand, was the sort of person that people didn't notice much if they did, they thought him pleasant, harmless and quiet a follower not allayed up at the five years out. He had never had a proper girlfriend. He also had a stammer, as as a condition that meant he needed to wear doc glosses over time, even inside. in late two thousand nine billion. In Hayworth, was hired at the textile plan where Jamie Kurd and Bill paint word. The two Billy's clicked immediately.
They had many shared interests both being out Dorsey tops who enjoyed fishing lacking, camping and running. They also locked to visit flee markets yachts. I will send auctions. Bill spoke of falling head over heels in love when Billy Jane discovered she was pregnant. Bill was overjoyed. The future for the soon to be parents looked abroad bill had had he share of running with the law but cleaned himself up after meeting Billy Jane, he drank less quit. Partying had eyes only for her enrolled in a clinic to kick he's drug dependence and to the surprise Of those who knew him paving gave up smoking
Yet not everyone Saint happy for the young couple, not long after they went public with their pregnancy. Anonymous nasty comments about the pair appeared on line even Billy James, closest to friends, flimsy Thomas and tar Osborne, when not immune to the criticism, it started with some on calling himself that product Matt vilify. the three women on the mountains City topics forum? A community new saw that was incredibly popular in town someone named Kelly White in and supporters match accusations as Another user, going by the name day and wide together day, accused the women of promiscuity spreading sexually transmitted diseases, drug taking
The litany of other transgressions, while calling them vile names, others chimed in to the posts, were vicious and disturbing. One comment directed at Billy, Jane, ended fuck then I hope they die die die and that Baby bill in the aftermath of Bill and Billy James murders, several townsfolk name dropped. Jamie. Could two investigators, according to report, hey recently had a falling out with his cousin J, He explained that this was because bill had been ranting at him about something posted online Jamie. Said he wasn't on social media, so didn't know anything about it here,
denied knowing anything about the murders. Yet the investigation kept circling back to Jamie and he agreed to take a polygraph test. Although such tests are unreliable and inadmissible, we could pull find them useful, win interrogations to discover how people One lying the test told them that Jane. He was not being honest, particularly when ass. They pay knew who killed bill and Billy Jane interrogator, told Jamie, he's, polygraph results and Shorty aim not looking to crucify anybody. We just want the truth. We're looking for food pulled the trigger, that's all You, the top of man, who could shoot a woman, probably begging for her life her baby in her arms
Jamie, responded, no appealing to Jamie's, better nature. The interrogator told him how good you feel if he told the truth, After about an hour and a half sensing that Jamie was beginning to crack the interrogator pressed him who shot him. Who had the gun? Jamie responded, hey did they kept pushing? He who stick is covering the back. We showed of Buddy Potter's truck made it clear that hey staunchly supported the second amendment as well as the National Rifle Association owned, many guns, two of which he carried at all times
one in a shoulder harness and one on his ankle. Sometimes he wore a holster around his hips old West gunslingers style. buddy was the nickname of local man. Marvin potter Junior said used earlier in two thousand for the pot of family consisting of Marvin he's wife, Barbara and at daughter, Juno moved from Pennsylvania, two men city, like many small towns. Most The locals had lived there for generations and could be slow to warm to outsiders. It didn't help that the pot of family kept to themselves and quickly develop the reputation of being honoured. Buddy Potter, told anyone who d listen about he's military history, including he's experiences fighting the Vietnam WAR he spoke of being confirmed
and in a prisoner of war camp and rescuing fur, low, injured moraines. For this he was awarded the Navy Cross metal. The second high. the military award for Valla. He added it to his three Silva stars: bronze, star metal, purple, hot metal, airborne wings and scuba badge. He proudly displayed photographs of himself in uniform, with he's decorations after attending jump, diving survival Drake on schools. He said he was assigned to Marine Force Reconnaissance Especial operations force tasked with military intelligence missions. He then worked with this central intelligence agency, which handled a national security. Everything that happened there was classified he couldn't and wouldn't talk about it to Wendy.
body Jamie Kurd became known to body. When the pot of family computer started having issues Amy had a reputation as a computer tinkerer who could fix basic tacky shoes and was quick to offer the parties he's assistance, upon arriving at their house. He was taken to the troublesome divorce. It was located in a common area of the home, where it primarily used by everyone, but body who seemed to have no interest in it. Jamie returned to the plot, a house several times to clean up and re format, their hard drive buddy and by rapporteur accepted his help and tolerated him being around, despite not locking him that much one day by
Rapporteur noticed her daughter in possession of a pre paid cell phone. She had never seen before, while examining it Barbara discovered it contained messages from Jamie Kurd he had supplied it did. You know said they could speak in private. With the new I q of seventy two twenty seven year old Juno function that around a fourth grade level, her entire school life was spent in special education and by the time she graduated general didn't have. skills to get all hold onto a job or drive a car with a slew of health problems, including type one diabetes and partial deafness. She was put onto a social security disability payment and lived with her parents who took care of all her name.
It's as such, both Buddy and Barbara, were highly protective of Juno, and, with this pleased that Jamie with he's drinking and drug taking habit, was showing interest in their native and vulnerable daughter. Upon realizing that Jamie Kurd had been covertly pursuing her daughter, Barbara Potter, texted that she was onto him and confiscated defying. He had given Juno She had no idea that Jamie Supply Juno with another, then in February two thousand and ten, the police called the potter- After finding Juno wandering the dark straits alone,.
she was under the impression that she was going to a lower with the Jamie that not which was his birthday. Jamie, however, had spent the evening drinking and had passed out the next morning, buddy Da Cold, Jamie and thunder down the line for him to stay away from his daughter. When he was in terror, guided in relation to the murders of bill, pain and Billy, Jane Hayworth, Jamie implicated, buddy pod. Ah, he then ass a bizarre question. is the CIA he When asked for the meaning. Behind these strange query, Jamie explained that was because Buddy Porthos had told him he was with the CIA. He remarked I was hoping they say. I had my back Jane.
He told you, investigators, hey, participated in the murders because he was afraid of body. Hey, never wanted to kill anyone and hadn't done anything violent before he said he felt horrible bill was the lock a brother to him. Agent lot asked the Jamie to coal body and ask what happened to the gun and not used in the murders by Rapporteur answer the phone and spoke with the Jamie for a few minutes. She was aware that Jamie had been arrested and asked if he had taken a lie, detected tests and whether he had passed it. He said yes to both questions. When body came to the phone Jamie muttered. Well, there pointing fingers body responded.
Oh jiminey Christmas Buddy told Jamie. There was no reason for anyone to suspect him, because the homicides looked like a drug deal gone bad, as instructed by the cops Jamie asked you got rid of everything that was from bills. Wrought. Ah body responded, it was quite a confession, but it was enough police descended on a pot residents and arrested body who was armed even at three thirty. I am offices, then moved through the house searching for evidence at one stage
Bob reporter who had been sitting on a catch in the living room. Beside her daughter reached over picked up a stack of papers and ripped them in half of these did was bring attention. The documents Barbara was ordered to hand them over. They consisted of printed Emma Correspondence and included a candid photos of Billy, Jane Hayworth and her best friend, Lindsey Thomas. The images had been taken from the women's social media pages the emails had subject lines lock, Billy Hole for Billy, Jane and paint face for Lindsey,
This wasn't the only interesting paper detectives found in the back of bodies truck with three large garbage bags full of shredded paper, bundled up ready to be disposed of office has seized upon his computer, an external hard drive and a green spiral notebook next to the monitor They also took what detectives were delayed, a call and ass. No thirty, two firearms, including rifles, semi, automatics hand, guns and a K. Forty seven and shot guns along with a huge supply of ammunition. The gun used. It as to bill pain and Billy, Jane Hayworth was not among them. Buddy Porter was led into the same interrogation. Room Jamie could had sardine earlier. He was asked:
You know why you're here brought buddy responded someone's told you that, on the one that killed somebody, the parties had made a big impression on mountains. in the short amount of time they had resided there. When inquiry, These were on their way into the murders of bill, pain and Billy. Jane Hayworth, the potter name, kept cropping up enough to The family on agent lots priority list, he paid them a visit when agent lot told the people is that he was investigating a double homicide. Buddy responded.
everybody always points the finger at us for something it was nice, sacret that the pot of family had severe grievances with other townsfolk bill pain and Billy. Jane Hayworth, especially their conflict, had arisen from an online dispute that had turned intensely vitriolic, Buddy admitted to visiting the pain ass many times in relation to the feud, though, Denied involvement in the murders agent lot asked if the this new of anybody who would want to hurt the victims they didn't, but general spoke of a party at the Pain house that had made her uncomfortable
there had been drinking and drug use weapons including- and I pay forty seven were present as she didn't want to involve herself in that lost stall. General didn't attend. Any more parties. Shake quickly fell out with the two Billy's and their circle of friends. Typical of the town. News of the broken friendship became a hot tub, Gone online, particularly on topics where uses took sides, despite having no involvement in the dispute, some defended Juno nodding her sweet nature and innocent mindset that you did the other women to leave her alone, others stood by Bill and Billy Jane and their friends the online bickering.
Mostly fuelled by random community members sore anonymous posters only served to increase hostilities between the Ex friends. general social media accounts were hacked and fake pages had been created using her photo. Her father had to deal with the baseless accusations of being a drug dealer. Efforts to quash the animosity were futile against the aggressive, cruel and degrading comments shared Mine, the pot of family accused Billy, Jane Hayworth and her friends of instigating, continuing and amplifying the harassment but felt do pain was also a driving factor. General explained that bill was always trying to push someone's buttons and that anyone who came into contact with the couple had trouble
them. Barbara potter informed agent lot that sugar had been poured into the potter's gas tanks that buddies truck was scratched, their garage door was broken and the rocks were thrown at the house. Since your nails, bedroom window. Despite all the issues they had with the victims, but should a giant lot that he would never wish murder upon any body following body part. As a rest, he was asked whether he was a cold hearted killer or he's families. Protector buddy responded, I'm a protector of my family to start with, but I did not do this. He was told that Jamie Kurt
Already implicated him in the murders to which body replied he's throwing me under the boss has The air was war on body became emotional. He reveal the extent if the harassment he's family had received since their regime the rose with Bill and Billy Jane. He said there was a three thousand dollar bianti on each member of his family. Adding ever since all these crap started, I've had my lost threatened. My wife has been threatened, they threatened to. I dunno caught her head off catcher in a restroom and murder, her right because she's, a virgin and just so much bullshit body broke down and started sobbing.
He was then asked, do you know and Barbara know what you did. He responded with a firm no after the interview body called his wife. The conversation was covertly recorded body opened with Barbara before you find out from somebody else. I want you to know. I was involved in it. I did it. I didn't want me to be afraid. No more, rather than sound, shot. Barbara responded
calmly, that he could not have committed the murders because he was at home with her the whole time body taught Barbara. I love you, I did it to protect you, but Barbara wasn't having it. She said: you're not guilty because you were he'd. You have to say that. you were here. I saw you, you haven't had no rest and you don't have your oxygen. You're not yourself right now,. before concluding the coal, Barbara repeated, don't worry! You were right here. I saw you right here. Detectives were mystified
Was this a loving wife trying to provide an alibi for her husband? All was Buddy potter, innocent Barbara Matera were delighted criticized the police for interviewing body for hours without allowing him access to the oxygen that he needed to function properly. She accuse them of coercing a confession when denied oxygen. Her husband often said straight enjoy and untrue things. A doctor latest stated that wall buddies history of hypoxia could have contributed to an impasse state of mind, there were no known cases of hypoxia, causing a patient to lie both buddy Hoddan hinder Jamie Kurd were charged with first, a great murder with bombs set at one point.
five million dollars age, neither made by the investigation then took a massive head when Jamie suddenly recanted he's confession regardless, detectives, remained certain that Jamie and body carried out the murders and worked quickly on gathering evidence to prove it. One agent was tasked with pacing together the paper in the garbage bags found in bodies truck shred by shred. It was a painstaking slow process, but it was believed that they held a key that would break open, hey the agent did an astonishing job. She managed to
construct around one hundred pages. They proved to be both enlightening hand. Confounding many of them were printouts of online correspondence between Barbara Powder and a mysterious man named Chris. The message is dated from two thousand and eleven to two thousand twelve Barbara referred to create, says Sun and signed messages to him as mom. In turn he ended he's with. I love you all your son, Chris, the police were not aware of the pot as having some Barbara nicely spoke to Chris about the harassment her family had received following their move to men
City, they shed a mutual hatred for bill, Pain, Billy, Jane Hayworth and Billy Janes friends for feeling their ongoing grave. Many of the messages included some sort threat or desire for violence, harm or death to the group. Barber and Chris Weapon take your lovely worried for general, who bore the brunt of the group's maliciousness Christs referred to her as he's a little system has he had known her since high school. reading. These messages, agent locked felt that the put his computer would hold more clues. Fortunately, the green spiral notebook seized from the pot, his home, contained a list of username and password to the family, social media and email accounts, but as they suspected that many of the
communications there might have been delayed, investigators also obtained subpoenas for record from the families. A mile and internet providers. Agent lot received that David Day containing twenty thousand to something's dude out among them. In MID January, Barbara had sent herself to links And God forgive a murderer and questions about forgiveness and murder. I would Barbara Broad be wondering about whether God could forgive murderers. Two weeks before Bill and Billy Jane what killed it was important for investigators to uncover who the mysterious Chris was that Bob Robin
each daily one year before the murders Chris aim out Barbara. For the first time. Writing I Barbara how. Are you I hope you are well yes, this is Chris. I k I Cody, so sorry to hear all of that is going on, I wish there were. The way to help you all, hey, revealed that had been on the mountains City topics forum and had seen the disdain towards the pot. Is he admitted to commenting on the pages in their defence as decided ministry, with doing nothing about that too. Society, hey assured Barbara. He had taken care of it, but rather than stop things escalated.
One day, Juno showed her mother and email she had received from Billy Jaynes friend, Linsey Thomas. It read. Europe is mine, you're, fucking, bitch. Remember that I can get you and will your daddy can't do shit to me. I'm above the law, dumb fucking bitch. following this. The porters became regular visitors to the local police station where they lodged complaints about those targeting Juno police were also called to the potter residence after Iraq had been thrown at the house. It had Billy pain. Written on one side, Billy Jane on another, and the quote- I'm your huckleberry, the police didn't take them- you'd seriously, and nothing was done to replicate the parties. When Barbara expressed
irritation at the lack of police action to Chris Virus Mile. He called Johnson Canny law enforcement, dumb and untrustworthy. he knew the names of many local offices and dainty them. Incompetent and in effect, is Chris promised Barbara that if anyone harmed you know that he would do what he was trained to do. It was clear from the past discussions that Chris worked for the CIA and through them had connections to body pardon, he mentioned shooting people in the line of duty and claimed here gotten rid of people in Russia and in New York, he told Barbara. I knew what was I saw them so I had to kill. But I love to shoot now and killing does not bother me at all Barbara Lead
now, as long as you are doing the right thing for mankind then you will not be judged badly. You are held, in others. By getting rid of the bad Chris expressed the desire to kill the mountain city residents that caused the pot his grave, including Johnson Canny, Sheriff Mark a race for he's inaction. However, There will always raisins he couldn't carry out the slayings himself, hey guaranteed that if body took matters into his own hands, he they protected by the CIA. These encouraged Barbara into thinking that violent action should be taken against her foes. Has her family would be safe from repercussions she begged
should create to talk to his superiors to have bodies CIA identification re issued so that he could get access to say. I guns barber explained that body was fed up, and ready and although a very patient man had been pushed too hard for too long as body didn't use, a computer, Barbara would printout any important information from Chris Pass. It on then destroy the paper One day body was handed yet another printout of an email from Chris. He had written that if body decided to do anything, he should get Bill pain first, because quiet he's really mean and an asshole. The emails confused investigated.
On the one hand, they was certain that Chris was not a law enforcement, operative, extremely unlikely, a CIA agents would wrought things, luck, Going to run into whore slot face ugly as a mud face bitch and her fucker of a boyfriend. Or would take an interest in such an ordinary families as the parties and the petty in the drama that surrounded them all scenario seeing doff, however, Chris a very real person, GINO What is the introduction on her online Myspace page included the paragraph. Then I have Chris. I have Known him for a very long long time he's a cop in Pennsylvania, he's a good guy and a true friend and almost like a brother to me.
and married to a wonderful girl named Megan. I wish nothing but the best for you both. Investigators were able to find photos of crease he's dog and his friends among the parties. Emails one from barbers account had the subject line peak of Chris S son and contained a text that read this
Chris jaded back at youth can withdrew now eight eighty, nor so it was accompanied with a blurry photograph of two people wearing what appeared to be military fatigues in one of her private facebook messages. Barbara had written to a friend that Crystal Jane had helped to Juno fought bullies in school, Barbara Cold Chris, her adopted son and said that the family loved him, but didn't get to see him often enough. So if Chris Jaded really existed just how involved was hay in the murders of bill, pain and Billy, Jane Hayworth investigators want answers. It was time to contact the man himself and find out what was going on Christopher jaded.
Was a certified constable. When Delaware and had previously worked for the cities Police Department, he revealed that he had attended high school with Juno powder, but he's recollections didn't align with him. Seeing her has a system. He recalled You know as being very strange. She was known to throw tantrums, have problems with classmates and getting trouble a lot like most people. Chris kept his distance. He had to classes with journal and spoke to her occasionally, but they weren't part of the same friendship group. If he was not to her,
she would sometimes hang around, but he would extricate himself politely. That was the extent of their interactions. She once sent him a friend request on Facebook, but hey declined. It Chris had not had contact with the genetic syn graduating from high school in two thousand. He had never met any of the other parties or anyone else from mountain city. This raised the question I would Barbara Port of call a man. She had never met her son. Although he worked in law enforcement, Chris had never served Then the CIA Chris looked at the photographs of him in the pot as possession. Some were road profile pitches that had been lifted from me, social media accounts, hey, didn't recognize
the rest. Some were of men who looked like him or blurry Third, I seem which demand featured could passes him. he had never sent the family or anyone else involved with the pot is pitches of himself. It didn't take law. Agent lot to rule out the real love Chris jaded as having any part to play in the pain, Hayworth, murders. The revelation didn't come as a surprise, die and only served to confirm suspicions. The email that the phoney Chris sent his messages from gave a very good indication as to his true identity. What is the key to a successful marriage? Was a deadly secret? Hulu presents deep water stirring
and athletic and honour day Armas. As people around them begin to mysteriously disappear question. rise and the marriage is put to the brink when VIC becomes the prime suspect in the death of one of his wife's lovers, What do you believe in a game of love depot? her premiers. Only on Hulu, this Friday raided are like so many socially. Awkward, young people? The internet was Juno Potter's lifeline in one post. Road of her move Tennessee, I loved the friends that I have gone. He they swayed and wonderful people Truth journal had been struggling to build any your authentic and reciprocal relationship since arriving in mountain city, the locals we're on the book by her lack of social awareness why she acted overly familiar with them. Sometimes she
nineteen for an unwelcome hug. She tower of other women standing at over six feet tall, but had a high pitched child, lock, a voice that didn't align with her large frame that didn't stop Juno from adding everyone. She knew as well as people she didn't t her facebook page on mine. She does God to herself ass, a loving and caring person who had been told she was to noise and so swayed bought shaken stated. I do take things too hot and to let things get to me I try not to, but it's very hard. This was a bundle. a clear when she met bill, Pain, Billy, Jane Hayworth and her friends. Initially, things were Claudio between and thought. When Juno started bombarding her new found friends with messages, they were quickly fed up aid.
and if they appear offline, genetic still flooded therein boxes when her messages, went on red shoes cool. When the text than this Kennedy was off pudding and as a result, they unfriended, you know on Facebook. This would seem like a petty dispute that would, quickly become a non drama once those involved went their separate ways, however, your nose, lack of maturity, insured shade took it very seriously. She vented on social media and the dispute caused. Quite Reaction on the mountain city topics form. She relished in her new found victim status, though many townsfolk unnoticed that what they were witnessing didn't matched the potter's version of events in real life.
Billy, Jane and her friends, Lindsey Thomas in Tahrir Osborne based upwards of twenty calls that day from the pot, his home phone number when night answer Juno The brave full screen down the line they were forced to take their phones off the hook, could just for a reprieve. Lindsey Thomas followed a phone harassment charge against. You know her affidavit, stating this all started, because I deleted her off my facebook. However, the case was Smith, as Linsey, was not able to satisfy the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt that the coals were coming from. You know, said body and Barbara pot off the court resolve proved their daughter was the innocent party and to torment is what lies?
Juno vehemently denied harassing any of her former friends whom she took to referring as the main goals. She maintained that she was the victim with the harassment also occurring offline and in broiling her entire family. She shared cut. of messages allegedly centre her by her aggressors to her parents. One warned bill he's going to kill you. He is said that- and I hope he d Because none of us want you around nor living you're wasting and time on everyone. You nothing. Juno informed the main girls that she had spoken to the police, and that quote the. You know that I'm not doing a thing. It was
through that the parties had visited the police station to report the main girls they spoke of living in fear convinced There were many people in town who would harm journal, their accused told a different story. They claimed that Juno was harassing them and denied altering the threatening messages. She said she received from them sheriff marker race, didn't know how to respond. When Buddy Potter made a formal complaint about locals on friend, he's daughter on Facebook, the sheriff just told him that on funding, someone was not illegal. When Iraq was thrown at the pot, his house, with Bill pain and Bill Jane Hayworth names written on it, police were sceptical, do spot, but and barbarous, genuine fear that their daughter was in danger. The police didn't believe that view
those would sign their names on evidence of their crime. Things continued to escalate, but mostly from the porters sod. one afternoon in MID, two thousand Levin Genetic and her mother confronted Billy Jane had a gas station. They screamed. that she was quote what trash he did not deserve today a mother, Billy told concerned onlooker this won't stop that Follow me everywhere. They constantly threatening me while visiting a grocery store. Buddy Pado told a staff member that if he had a chance, he was going to put a bullet through bill pangs ed throughout the duration of the feud. Barbara Matera was communicating with long time, namely and then the CIA Agents Chris, the pair went back and forth.
sharing their hatred of journals. Rivals while compelling each other to do something drastic about it. Barbara had never met creating real love, but now him well enough through Juno to consider him a son. She didn't find it at all suspicious that all the communication since she received from Chris, but coming from her daughter, personally Mile Chris said this was to ensure he's CIA credentials wouldn't be compromised. Barbara accepted this explanation. When Jamie Kurd first met Juno Potter, there was an remarkable experience the pair had been set up in part by Jamie's cousin bill pain, since she had met bill through mutual friends. Many suspected that you know how to crush on him. Hey kid
things platonic. Both the Jamie and you know, were mountains, cities, lonely, misfits and bill thought they'd make a good match. Instead, despite are lacking ass. Their introduction, Juno lost, FED, Jamie's phone number and a relationship quickly, blossomed no cold Janey, often but the cat There were no more than forty five seconds. They had to be brief because she didn't want her parents to know that we're talking Buddy and Barbara pot. I didn't like Jamie, they felt he was beneath And a bad influence, while Janey wanted to prove himself worthy. That was the first time he had a girlfriend, so he respected generals desire to Cape thing, sacred,
When you know mentioned she was having computer problems, Jamie Sore and opportunity to getting saw the pot our residents to see her. when body and Barbara deduced that Jamie had feelings for their daughter, they were not pleased. He was good enough for their beloved, you know and they would never permit the path to date. Jamie purchased Janeiro cellphone said I could speak behind her parents back when I discovered this fine Jamie good. You know another after five or six Hans, Jamie and General began to talk about a loping, Juno Snuff. Out of her home one night to wed Jamie, but he got drunk and failed to meet up with her body was furious when he learned of what
Pierre had planned an chewed Jamie out over the phone saying that he's Dada didn't love him. He then passed the fine too. You know who confirmed what her father had said. Although Jamie agreed to stop talking to you know she called him days later, she said she loved him and wanted to keep their sacred relationship going. They went back to their old ways. when Jamie's mother passed away in May two thousand and eleven he were saved a coal from Barbara Potter, expressing her condolences. Jamie was his mother's caregiver and the loss hit him hard for the first time Barbara showed you Me compassion and told him to call her if he ever needed anything. She also voided him around for dinner. The parties can t,
new to show Jamie Kindness hosting him on holidays and allowing him to visit it had taken years, but Jamie Kurd had finally been accepted by body and Barbara Potter he took him out, shooting and Barbara traded him to homemade cake, though Things were never at the point where Jamie could openly date. You know he never pressed the matter in feed. They would show him again and he wouldn't be able. Say Janelle at all his design. To see her insured, he remained loyal to the family and did everything I asked. Barbara Jeanette brought Jamie up the spade on the hassles they were having with the main goals. They believed they targeting Juno due to jealousy over how pretty she was.
Jamie wasn't on Facebook and didn't care much for social media, so Juno forward at him. The threatening messages, her enemy centre, Jamie were shocked at the nasty abuse being held at you know, especially as you know, was such an innocent and gentle person, he was still working with bill by tensions were rising between the two Janey was deeply in love with you know, and took the pot his side of the few against his cousin it bad enough that their employer had to assign them two different shifts. Now that she had accepted him as a family friend, Barbara began to rot long rambling emails to Jamie. they will always about how her family was being targeted for attack.
The email sometimes ran over ten pages long. Jamie began visiting the potter residents more frequently each time, Bob would monopolize the conversation with Rance about the main goals. no remained silent. During these discussions. Jamie noted that when she spoke to him on the phone you know, Opinionated but arenas, her parents, she acted needy and child lock, Barbara characterized. The few does the lock a war, for had often come home in tears, with tiles of plots to harm, kidnap and rape her and to hurt her family Barbara demanded to know what Jamie and body were going to do about it.
Despite buddy, being the armed to the teeth, Ex CIA agents, Jamie was more afraid of Barbara. Hey walk on eggshells around her in fear, he's hast visits would be revoked. He listened to her tirades and nodded and their grade hoping. I would urge him an invitation to dinner or raven a family outing. Soon Jamie began receiving a mouse from Chris Hey expressed concern that Juno would be hospital laws that, due to the stress and feed she was suicidal Jamie responded. I think that if it wasn't for ass, she might have thought about it. I can tell she Just taken all she can take from those mother Phocas, they won't let up and that crazy hell
I don't know why they have to do this. Jamie was led to believe. He too was in grave danger. Chris warned him that the CIA had since discovered that Billy Jane was urging bill to kill Jamie because Hey sided with the parties should Jamie defend himself. Chris assured him. I've got your back Jamie, Lock, barber and body never questioned why all the correspondence Hey had with Chris was through what counts, owned, you know when you know let it slip to Jamie that she was going to have to stop calling Linsey Thomas again she got real defensive and wouldn't say anything else about it. The remark
fell by the wayside, and no one pressed her for the truth of the matter by then the parties had reached breaking point Barbara Right to Jamie they are trying to kill. You know little by little button. Doc says that at this rate it could happen any time with a heart attack or stroke. Distress has to stop. She said the attacks would not end until were rolled dead all gone and that Chris had told her. The cops are behind Billy Jane. More than anyone bill pain was sick of the drama. Hey continued. Try and smooth things over with the parties. He told them that No was lying to them as well as the rest of the world, but they were having none of it.
Leave us alone, Barbara Yoda Bill. If you call here again, I'm going to do something about it as COBRA Chris Body and Jamie talked about what needed to be done. It became clear. That there was only one solution. The group believed journals torment, It is one never going to stop unless they were made to stop. It was getting light on January thirty, two thousand twelve. When Jamie Kurds phone rang, it was Barbara powder. She had a bill that needed to be paid on line by mid not and claimed her computer was looking up and preventing them from doing so. Jamie headed to the potter House to help out body.
He entered the computer room while Jamie was in there alone here Jamie to do him. A favor buddy asked the Jamie to take him down next to poor bills. House Let me go down the road and come back and pick him up. He didn't say when Button Jamie agreed. not long after Jamie got back home. John L called him to tell him body needed he's help to do something. He then got a text message from you know that red. I would not take your so fine with you. in the morning, Jamie replied: I'm not going to the text messages Phineas, With two now writing I love you. My husband. In the early hours of the following morning, Jamie's
fine rang it stopped before he could reach it. Call the right day showed that the coal had come from the potter residents. He tried to call back. There was no answer. It was four hundred and twenty five a dot m, but you know was a white. She sent Jamie a text instructing him to call back buddy answered and asked if it Jamie could do that. favor for him that morning, Jamie a grade and moments later genetic sent him several messages in rapid succession saying her father was leaving and telling Jamie to text as soon as he got back the sun hadn't yet risen when bodies Black Ford F to fifty poor dog Jamie left. He so behind TAT Juno had instructed and climb
into the vehicle the two men drove to a parking lot across the field from Paul Bill's house. They waited until they saw the headlights of a pickup truck caught through the darkness, signifying that poor bill had two left for work, but he motioned for Jamie to follow him and start. across the field on Floyd, and I hid behind the shed out the back of the house, where Jaime told a buddy that, if bill saw them all hell's going to break loose, Buddy handed Jamie a gun while taping another for himself Jamie looked at the weapon.
He'll running down his spawn, I couldn't kill no one. He told the aldermen body responded that he just pinnated Jamie to stand at that door. Jamie had never seen body like this for it was as if he say I training had kicked in and he was a man on a mission. The pair entered through the real sliding glass door, which was as usual on long Jane. stood guard as ordered, while body straight down the hallway and entered the first bedroom Jamie heard, cousin ATA the last words he would ever say what the hell Billy Jane, fled from the room
as a gunshot rang out moments later body emerged and looked at Jamie. Jamie pointed down the whole way where Billy Jane had run to body took off in, direction: Jamie Lefties post to look inside the first bedroom and saw his cousin lying on the bed. Blood pooling around him, when Janni heard another gun shot. He ran from the house back to bodies. Truck body was not far behind Jamie returned he's gone to him before body dropped him off at the end of each driveway wedge. Amy promptly threw up a short while later Jamie received a text From CIA agents Chris, that said, the problem was over.
A year and a half after the murders of bill, pain and Billy, Jane Hayworth agent, Scott Lot arrived at Johnston. Memorial Hospital in Virginia Barbara Powder was inside She was looking after daughter, you know who had been hospitalized for one of her many ailments offices charged Barbara with two camps at first, the great murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder in it. Waste that many saw coming. Juno was charged with the same offences. But Jamie Kurd and Body and Barbara Powder playing a pod investigators headed little doubt that generic products was the masterminds behind the double homicide. Cat fishing refers to a form of deception wherein up
and creates a fake persona online. In order to form a relationship with another person motive, she's very and include financial gain to compromise or upset the victim in some way all wish fulfilment. Usually they catfish odd, doesn't know the person they are falling outside the internet, Other times it is someone well known to the clue, ass victim. They spoke of CIA agent, Chris Jamie, Barbara and body, did so believing
He was a very real person who was exactly as he portrayed himself to bay. The trio trusted Chris certain he was an old friend of journals, despite never having met him themselves decrease. They knew, however, was a catfish several factors Could have contributed to them not seeing through the deception whether it was their level of education, then I Haven T day inability to think critically or just tunnel vision with the feud. At no point did anyone who spoke on line with Chris had a question he's identity. No one noticed that crisis, spelling, grandma and punctuation was similar to someone they spoke to daily for years.
There were some differences, Chris would read and curse and wish pain and death Juno, on the other hand, hated cursing and her writing was always swayed and loving, with no threats of violence. Yet it was clear as day two investigators examining their pages upon pages of communications published by Chris Hay, was Juno Potter General had invented the online persona of Chris masquerading as him. She was able to manipulate her mother to convince her gullible father and a boyfriend to murder. Her enemies as Chris Juno pressured her parents to act. Chris wrote to Barbara that bill pain was spreading rumours that body was involved in drug dealing and had plans to killed. You know, others include
the generals. Foes failed to convince the pot is that their data was lying about what was really going on Bill pain once provided Buddy Potter, a two inch thick folder of documents that proved Juno was the aggressor. General social media had never been hacked and that there was no bianti on the pot his head bill even tried to impress upon Jamie that you know was and many of the usernames fuelling the online hostilities Haven doubted that Chris was a real person. Despite this Jamie, Barbara and body wouldn't allow themselves to think of Juno as anything else, but an innocent and swayed person it
to almost a year, but generals incessant Ain hours and messages had the intended effect, her mother, Father and friend were role, willing to kill them and they did. She had washed her hands of her involvement. There was plenty of evidence of Chris explicitly expressing a desire to killed. You know. rivals, but there was no evidence of her ever making such requests, but her deception didn't stop there, she also warfare. In many of the abusive social media messages into emails, she claimed were from her harasses Jenny.
It was nothing if not prolific in her riding she orchestrated and intricate web of deceit to paint herself as a victim and illicit sympathy. Most other people who observed the online bickering noticed the patterns in the post By those who jumped into defended you Now- and it was obvious they were all one person. It was only after He had committed murder for the woman. He loved that Jane, he was embarrassed and ashamed to admit that he had been played. Hey, wondered if you know had ever loved him at all or if she simply saw him as a means to get what she wanted. Buddy powder was tried alone in October, two thousand and thirteen the prosecution described team as someone who was cold enough calculate.
Enough and trained enough to be able to conduct murders like that before saying at least he thinks he is, he looks to tell people he's the kind of person he locks for his family. To think he's that kind of person The truth was that buddy powder was never a part of the CIA, though he managed to convince he's. Fine My mother was he also. Lied about being in the military, the parties had left their previous tanning shame after body was convicted of stolen Valla. Although dozens of firearms had been seized from the potter household, the gun used to kill the victims hadn't been found. However, an expert testified that loose unspent rounds found in bodies track matched the rounds found
the crime saying. The jury also got to listen to recorded phone calls between body and Barbara, including one in which Barbara said. I got rid of it all. I got rid of the junk after three hours of deliberating the jury found Marvin body. potter Junior guilty of two of of murder. In the first degree, body remained stoic as the verdict was read, just as he had bain throughout the trial as Tennessee LAW requires a murder. One conviction to automatically carry one life sentence per can't body would have to serve to life sentences afterwards, the prosecution queried de Jure is about what they thought of their testimony and importantly,
how they felt about the culpability of Barbara in general. Pardon the feedback day. God was that the women were every bit as guilty as body, even if they didn't pull the trigger Juno, Jamie and Barbara was set to face trial on two counts of first, the gray, murder and conspiracy to commit first, the gray, murder Barbara also face the charge of tampering with evidence thanks. her ill fated attempt to shreds the eight miles and photos. The three would be tried together. Then, in early two thousand fifteen assistant district attorney Dennis Brooks received a call from Jamie's attorney. Jamie was prepared to cooperate with the state if it meant having a shot at frayed,
hey, provided a full confession detailing from the moment body asked him to do him. A favour to wind Jamie was dropped off home after buddy executed, Bill pain and Billy, Jane Hayworth. In return for agreeing to testify against the potter women, Janey was tried separately, with the lesser charge of facilitation of first the gray murder. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twenty five years, with the possibility of applying for peril in seven and a half is ass. He had already served over half of that he's. First parole hearing occurred in November, two thousand fifteen, the victims, families all opposed peril with assistant district attorney Dennis Brooks saying it would be a slap in the face of justice for Jamie could be released so early
He sentence for all was denied with Jamie eligible to try again at a later date. In May two thousand fifteen the potter women went to trial gray head Barbara entered cord each day in a wheelchair, while her daughter, dressed demurely assistant district attorney, Dennis Brooks opened with the statement. This is going to bathers. It is thinking you ve ever heard. This is going to be the craziest thing you ve ever heard. There is nothing in your lives or background that has prepared you to understand the pot of family. You have never seen anybody locked them. Even with the Jamie near the prosecution star, witness, there was no smoking gun. In the pages upon
ages of online correspondence. Neither Barbara no, you know outright demanded that body and Jamie go out and kill. The defence argued that Jamie who had the know how and access to the port is computer, was behind the murders and online Poseidon. Is the defence maintained that Jamie was upset because he D lost he's drinking body when Bill pain became involved with Billy Jane Hayworth and that he wanted journals parents out of the way? So he could have you know to himself. The defence pointed out that Jamie had every opportunity to stop the murders, but he did in generals at Tourney Cold the states, argument smoke and mirrors and told
the jury. The state will have you believe that you know Porta coerced Jamie Kurd a man eight to ten years older than her to complete these acts. Some day when you know potter, operated on the level of an eight or nine year old. He also caution the jury, to remember that it's not a legal dispute height and a victory all over the internet in an appeal. An admission that he's client had done, just that the witness who offered the most inside into do no powder was her a strange to older sister Christie. Christy's childhood was relatively normal, but you know, with all her difficulties, received the bulk of their parents. Attention Christie noted that her parents coddled her little sister, always taking care of any issue she faced, including those
whereof, her own, making general sword attention by making false health claims, such as that she had cancer at other times. she would collapse dramatically in the whole ways waiting for people to notice and make a fuss over her. generals. Inability to reason meant that she was unable to understand when other kids were joking. She took things too seriously and in ways the other party did not intend. As a result, Juno had trouble making friends and would often getting to disagreements and cornflakes her parents would step in and EVA smooth things over or threaten the other party
until they back to down in middle school. A dispute between Juno and another girl went all the way to core genetic claimed. The girl had punched her because general was too pretty body and Barbara John Dene did you know how different she was and gushed that this made her special and better than other kids. over time, Christie came to believe that her little sisters, disabilities were quote not as bad Does everybody else said they were? She felt pushed to the sidelines as her parents were consumed with loving and protecting their favorite Dada GINO She mostly attributed her troubled childhood and strained familiar relationships with her mother Christie, eventually moved out and severed toys with her family. She felt that Juno manipulate
didn't deceived other people for her own ends, especially their parents. A psychologist told the jury. The allegation that you know is in some way among the mind or manipulator or a planner. I think, really flies in the face of the facts which go back and say that she's functioning, basically as a fourth grade, are when, prosecution then asked, can annoying nine all old, Ebay, manipulative the psychologist responded: nine year old, manipulate their parents all the time. Our broad and do no powder were found guilty on all charges. Both women were sentenced to two life sentences, one for each can
first, the gray murder, unlike body who had remained impassive when he sentence was read out, Brewer in Genoa erupted into dramatic tease, Barbara at sixty four would die in prison. You know Thirty five would be in her ideas before being eligible for per all the The tv of Bill and Billy Jane were even more emotional this time than they were when body had been convicted. Everyone in town knew what a menace general was and how she had been the cause of so much drama hatred and anxious to over the years few had been confident
she would be made to pay for her crimes, let alone a murder conviction. The relief was overwhelming bill. Pains mother, told the press were still hurting, will always be hurting. You know bill couldn't call me on my this day. She also had a parting shot for Barbara Potter referencing one of the animals that had been ready, outing cord. She said Barbara. You wanted to know if you go to Hell, yeah you're going to Hell, and if I have to forgive any of you to stay out of hell I'll see you there.
Shortly after the trials television programme, twenty twenty did a show about the case. Cold unfriended, both Barbara and you know, who was serving their sentences in the same prison, were interviewed on camera. They continue to deny any involvement in the murders Barbara said Jamie Kurd had offered all the damning emails using her name, I'm not that kind of person. She insisted, I'm not evil She believed that she would go to Heaven with a clear conscience. Janeiro used a tactic that had always served her well with her parents when the interviewer confronted with evidence that she was Chris solved loudly and cried. No. No. No
tell her lawyer ended the interview agent. Scott law was also interviewed and was at pains to distance the case from the narrative that it was all about social media. Hey believe how much more common motive was. The true answer, Juno powder had an unrequited crash on Bill pain and was furious that it hadn't been reciprocated. Hey said it wasn't defending on Facebook. That was a jealousy issue and someone with too much time on her hands
The sentiment in men city is that the potter women had manipulated the impressionable, desperate and lonely Jamie could to do something he would never normally do before making the pot is Jamie, had no prior history of violence and no criminal history in his book. On the case too, pretty to live assistant district attorney Dennis Brooks expressed some sympathy for the man who had become the pawn of a jealous, controlling and vindictive girl and her. has protective parents a road had the pot is not coming into Jamie's laugh, he would have gone he's grave without a single incident as a violent criminal. I truly believe that online.
No part, often road about her love for her parents. She put them down as her. He arose. Adding the best Mamma and daddy in the world. They have We been there me and they are great people, I'm so lucky. I am blessed with them.
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