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Case 192: The Sodder Children

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On Christmas Eve 1945, while most citizens of the town of Fayetteville, West Virginia celebrated the end of World War Two, Italian immigrants - George and Jennie Sodder watched their house go up in flames... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: ShipStation – Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Noom – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today The Jordan Harbinger Show – Learn the stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most brilliant and interesting people For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-192-the-sodder-children
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still with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel at any time, you need support. Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place said the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode involves a crime against children. It may not be suitable for all listeners. There was excitement in the air has Marian sought are returned home following her shifted. The logo dollar store on Christmas Eve, nineteen, forty five, seventy in your own Marian handed out gifts. She had bought from work to her youngest siblings, who persuaded their parents to George and Jenny to let them open a few early. The family of twelve had an extra reason to celebrate Christmas that year,
World war two had ended only three months prior, it wouldn't be long before the Saudis. Second, Oda, Son Joey, who had been serving in the? U S: Army returned home to fire, Ville West Virginia. as the not war on two of the Oda Sawdust Sons, John George Junior retired to bed, they had spent a day help no father with work and retired to repair headed up into the attic which was used as a space for the many solar children to sleep. The attic was divided into two rooms and accessible virus set of stairs. George Senior also went to bed at this time in the master beds. On the main floor, he's waffle. I'd shortly thereafter, at around ten thirty p M, taking their three
you're, all daughter, Sylvia with the other solar children Morris, Martha Louis Jenny and Betty continue to play within you toys, Marian lay on the couch keeping an eye on the youngsters who ranged from five to fourteen years old at about twelve thirty, I am Jenny work The sound of the telephone ringing in her husband study next to the master bedroom. She got up My answer and was met on the lawn by a woman whose voice she didn't recognize. In the background for the sounds of laughing and chatter, and of glass clinking the cold. aroused for someone who didn't reside at this sort. Our residents, when Janni too, her. She had the wrong number. The woman loft strangely before hanging up.
As she left this study, Jenny realised the lights were still long in the Emily room where the children had been playing the front Door was also unlocked Surely the job of the lost family members to go to bed? Jenny walked past Marian, who was sleeping on the sofa and locked the door and turned off the lights assuming all her other children, were asleep in the attic Jenny went back to bed. A lot sleigh by Jenny was disrupted. Again, thirty minutes later at around one, I am on Christmas morning. What sounded law? a hard rub. A bull landed on the tar and would roof of the families cottage rolled down the roof. Then there was silence exists.
Stood Jenny, ignored the noise rolling over and going back to sleep. thirty minutes later at one thirty, I am Jenny work to the smell of smoke. She followed the tree. Oil and found it was coming from Georgia's study, which was on fire. She raced back to her room and roused to George
Hagen turn woke Marian, who was still sleeping on the sofa shade took three year old Sylvia outside to safety. Jenny yelled frantically at the bottom of the attic stairs for the seven children about Love to come down, the fire was moving quickly and was already starting to take hold of the stairs after what seemed an eternity John and George Junior made their way down their hair was seemed from the flames. Meanwhile, George Senior attempted to call the local fire department only to find the fun line to the Slaughter house was dead, Marian sprinted for their closest neighbour, who also tried to call, but the phone went on he answered by the operator and other neighbour
who was still awake, saw the sought a house going up in flames and also attempted to find the fire department. But again there was no operator response. George Senior was forced to retreat from the house when the flames and smoked became too intense for these children and his wife was safe, fails side in the phrasing winter night, but he's five children who had been up Light playing with their toys, remained in the attic attempts to control the file with ward off from the outside rain Barrow proved fruitless. It was first and solid Instead, George Senior realized he might be able to climb up to the exterior attic window. He ran around to the side of the house where he always kept he's trusty lotta. It was gone.
George had another idea he jumped into one of his to cull trucks, thinking he could reverse it up to the house and climb on top to reach the attic window He inserted the key into the ignition, but the truck wouldn't start. He trod he second call truck it, wouldn't stop either both had been working perfectly fine. The previous day. meanwhile one of the neighbors frustrated and not being able to reach an operator drove into the town of fire veil and attracted down F J Morris, the fire chafe.
Hey alerted he's volunteer fire attain using a commonplace practice at the time. One firemen would call another who would in turn call another until a team was assembled. Unfortunately, many of the volunteer fire fighters had yet to return from war. The department was severely under starve Although the fire station was just at the two miles from the sort of family home fire, Chafe, F, J, Mars, who did not attend alone, as he couldn't drove the fire truck.
The georgian Jenny soda could do nothing more than watch the inferno helplessly within forty five minutes. The roof crashed down to the basement level there has was completely destroyed as daylight broke on Christmas day. Nineteen forty five, all that was left of this saga Ass was ashen ruins the fight vilified department arrived at eight. I am six and a half hours after the fire started long after anything could be done to rescue the children or salvage the property. George sought a senior was treated at the local hospital for lacerations to his arm. Sustained Walter owing to re cheese, trapped children
marshals into local police came to the wreckage Fern Ella fire, Chafe, F, J Morris and he's tame failed to. bond. Any human remains explaining to do which and Jenny that their children's bones must have completely disintegrated from the hate and intensity of the fire newspapers throughout the United States reported on their tragedy The fire veal, canny prosecutor, announced there would be an investigation into the depths of fourteen year old Marice twelve year old, Martha you're out of Louis eight year old, Jenny and five year old Betty. a car is jury was assembled, who concluded the cause of the fire to be faulty electrical wiring.
Likely originating in the home study at the rear of the house, strong winds were blamed for causing the quick acceleration of the fire on December thirty. Nineteen foot five George and Jenny Soda. Where issued five death certificates for each of the deceased children they cause of death was listed, as quote death by suffocation of fire which completely destroyed the home in which they were slain. As no remains had been found: the fight, veal, candy prosecutor, assured disorders, a more thorough investigation would be completed in the new year once the festive season had ended, awake laid off and against the wishes of authorities, George went to work to cover the side of their former home
able to look at the wreckage any longer using a bulldozer. George emptied phosphate of dirt. On top of the ashes to fill. What once was the basement. The Saudis then created a memorial god and enshrine had sought George built another house on these property, but in a new location, disavow. think sought is tried to move on with their lives. However, as the shock wore off Georgian Jenny were left with an uneasy feeling. They were certain that the fire that destroyed their house and killed their children was not an accident there were others in the community who felt that way too
such person was a local bus driver. He described what hey cold balls of fire bang thrown by a group of people that this saga house, whether or not these laid, was followed up by authorities he's not known a few months after the blaze, the snow blanketed the raging began to Thor three year old Sylvia was playing neither side of her former home when she found something that had previously banking he'll by this now about the size of a baseball and made of dark green hard robber, the object was hollow with screw cap. Sylvia showed it to her parents, George thought he recognized the object and took it to a military official to confirm his belief. The object was a top of grenade, sometimes referred to as a point of order.
George was certain. This was the noise Jenny heard on the roof just before the fire broke out. He also concluded that the unknown woman who found the slaughter house earlier that gnawed was calling to make sure they were home before the fire was alive. Adding to George and Jenny speculation that the file was a deliberate act was the ladder was always kept by the side of the house. It was light found thrown down an embankment. Approximately eighty fade away seemingly discarded by someone, so it couldn't be found on the night of the fire, but before it was said, a man had been witnessed. Stealing a block intact from Georgia shed on the property George used,
the items as a police system to work on these contracts. Hey speculated that he's trucks might have been tampered with by the man causing them not to work. During the blaze No investigation was conducted on the tracks to see if they had been tampered with or if it was simply the cold night air that caused them not to start, however, the thief: a look a man named Lonnie Johnson was I'd or arrested and charged for the theft of the block and tackle while being questioned about police, a also admitted to cutting the Saudis electric light. Despite the claims by George and Jenny, Saddam who said the electricity was on. As the house burn down. Jenny later said,
we would never have gotten out of their alive if the lot said bank card after the fire that telephone repairman was called out to attend to a hanging telephone line, they informed the Saudis that the food nine had been caught explaining why George and Jenny couldn't call for the fire department during the blaze to cause this damage. Someone had declined. The telegraph Paul, which was over fourteen fate. High disorders, believed that Loney Johnson had cut the phone lines by accident thinking. Her was the electric line Johnson pleaded guilty to cutting the line but denied stealing the block and tackle. Nevertheless, he was fond twenty five
because, even though the Saudis were convinced their house was intentionally set alight, they were runs burden as to who might be responsible as far they were aware that middle class family was well respected within their close knit community Both the Georgian Jenny were italian immigrants who wound up in five ville where they met and fell in love. They had their first child John. He nineteen the three before going on to have another nine children, George was an intelligent man on afraid of a hot. Days. Work From the moment he arrived in the. U S said age: thirteen he labored to build his iron american dream. He worked. Pennsylvania on the railway before full to West Virginia, where he began his own tracking business moving too
other construction materials around the various sides. He said Odin fight will join by its large population of italian immigrants,. Although there was a happy life, this sort of family still faced difficulties. This led them to question if anyone around them might have reason to hurt them waste before the fire on a cool full day, George Soda was suddenly disrupted by the sound of knocking that was coming from the front Add he's doorstep was a young man. He didn't recognize the stranger ass. If there was any work going at Georgia's co, trucking business George, regretfully told him no, instead
of relieving demand meandered towards the rear of this sort, is Farmhouse George, followed close behind keeping an eye on him. The man then stopped whether buildings to fuse boxes were located George had just had a new wiring installed to fit and electric stow for his family, the local power company had recently given that set up the once. Telling him the warring was installed correctly and functioning properly. The man turned to George and said this is going to cause a fire one day without offering any further explanation. In the stranger went Tony's way. In retrospect, George
consider. This unknown man could bade the arsonists seeking revenge for not being given work But this was not the only strange encounter the Saudis House prior to the fire a short time after this Sudan. Another man showed up on this sort of doorstep named arms author long Junior. He was trying the cell family life insurance. When George declined to take out a policy. Long junior became furious yelling at George, Your goddamn house is going up in smoke and your child. And are going to be destroyed. You were going to pay for the dirty remarks you of being making about Mussolini. This comment talk, George by surprise, but he's views on the italian fascist later Benito Mussolini work,
nine throughout the italian community in fire, veal Oh Mussolini was admired by some George sought out when Out of his way to make known he's view that hey despised the former dictator, who had and executed nor months before the fire. It was a subject divided? His name and joy I was sure at made him some local enemies. Arms Russia Long Junior, the man who had threatened to George latest served The coroner's jury, who determine the cause of the fire to be faulty wiring, hey. was never investigated. As a sauce backed, nor was his appearance on the jury with two of his closer quaint answers regarded as a conflict of interest. In addition, in the weeks prior to Christmas, as the school age children finished up for the year, they approach.
The Georgian Jenny with a concern. They had seen a man watching them intently from his car that was pulled up alongside the highway as they got off the school boss and walked to their home initially dismissing their children. The disorders now wondered if this had anything to do with the fire. One issue that lingered in the minds of this sort of parents was the lack of here. And remains on covered in the aftermath of the fire one day in June. sought out was reading a newspaper when she came across the nautical detailing the deaths of a local family of seven in a house via all skeletons had been recovered, including that of a three month old baby.
according to the Sunday Gazette NEO Jenny Soda began to experiment. She wanted to see if a fire could completely disintegrate bones ass. She had been told by the fire chafe following her own tragedy. Jenny took leftovers from Dinnah chicken bones, pork, chops bones and beef joints and placed them in a wood burning stove to see what would happen after each time she was left with. A paw of burnt, but still visibly intact. Bones Jenny visited crematorium to discuss her findings, an employee. I told her that even after burning a human body for two hours set two thousand degrees scheme Little remains were still present, the fire that consumed the soda house
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fifty miles north of fire fill in the town of Charleston. A woman was raiding the local newspaper when she saw nautical detailing the fire that killed the sort of children accompanying the pace with photographs of the five deceased children, the when recognised four of the five children immediately. Having seen them. hotel where she worked awake off, the fire she contacted. Hardee's and assigned enough at David, which read the children, were accompanied by two women and two men all italian extraction I do not remember the exact date, however, the entire party, did register at the hotel and stayed in a large room with several beds day registered about midnight. I tried to talk
and the children in a friendly manner, but the men appeared hostile and refused to allow me to talk to these children. One of the men looked at me in a hostile manner. He turned around and and to begin talking rapidly in Italian immediately. The whole party stopped talking to me. Thence that always being frozen out, and so I said nothing more. They left early. The next morning, This was not the only alleged sodding that made its way back to George and Jenny. Sought are enough woman came forward to say she served their children breakfast at a tourist stop outside of fire bill on the morning of the fire. She also notice. The car with Florida license plates parked outside these coins,
I did with a lighted citing in the commercial Fishing Village of Cortez Florida, the local police followed up the Lades, but they didn't get far in nineteen forty seven disorders, certain that their children had been kidnapped and a fire late to cover their tracks, wrote to the They are, they received a reply from Director J Edgar Hoover in the letter Told the sodas he would like to be of assistance, but it seemed like local matter, not within the jurisdiction of the FBI. However, they agreed to help permission to investigate was received from the fire, Vill police and fire departments, for reasons unknown. The police and fire departments refused to cooperate,
George sawed off, followed up the alleged sightings of his children travelling to the various locations where they were reportedly spotted, but he returned time each time no closer to finding them. In nineteen forty nine, he travelled to Manhattan in New York City. After seeing a photograph of some schoolchildren in the local newspaper, he became convinced that one of them was he's missing. Dawdle Betty George tracked down the family, but they, feast to talk again in order to help achieve shop, leads George hired private investigator, say, say: teens League Leslie interviewed members of the fire. Veal community, upon speaking, local minister, a strain story emerged. The minister reported that the fire chafe F J Morris
Investigated the ruins of the saudi House on Christmas morning had visited him with a confession Morris said. He had found the remains of a human heart in the ashes that morning, but instead of notifying anyone. He took the hot placed it inside a box and married. Underneath the rubble of the former sought, a house say, say: tensely. Confronted the fire chief, who admitted burying the box. Together, they went to the sane and dug around until they located it. Tensely sent the box and its contents to a mortician hey examined This specimen and sent a letter summarizing he's findings to George sought. Are it wasn't a human hard, but a pace of beef live on. It had an even vein in a fire.
the findings added more confusion to the case Any soda revealed that the family hadn't been eating beef, Laval, nor was Any in the house on the night of the file tensely returned to fire chief F J Morris and told him of the findings he confessed to burying deliver in the hope that it would be found and put to rest. The sort of families concerns that their children. still alive somewhere. When word of the bizarre act, gaudy out, others speculated that he buried the organ to put a stop to the investigation. The specimen was never sent back to the Saudis and disappeared, presumably discarded. So no further testing was the completed why he buried the liver in a box was never ascertained via chief,
J Marice maintained that other human remains were found on the morning of the fire. However, the disorders refuted this claim telling the media that they were informed, that nothing was found. Rada Stacy reported on her website that eldest son, John, allegedly tall police, in a statement that hatred to rouse the missing soda children. He initially claims were asleep in the attic when the fire to a code However, Georgian Jenny Saudi later disputed this assertion, saying that John reported, this add of guilt for running down the attic stairs to escape the blaze without alerting he siblings. As the three year anniversary of the blaze approached the raw.
We register printed an article about the sort of children and their possible disappearance. Titled, mysterious fate of five children pounded at listed the residents that their children might still They alive evidence included a girl who came forward to say she had seen one of the supposedly dead children looking out a car window, while the fire was in progress, another private detective high. By the Saudis named George Swain theorized in the article that their children might have been lowered from the house under the pretence of attending a Christmas party. They were then kidnapped for sale on the black market. He added that he had interviewed witnesses
we're out the file on whether they smell the burning flesh or heard screams coming from the house, all those hey interviewed said they hadn't. However, the strong winds that not may have accounted for this. The article ended with a quote from the editor. It is the truth, not sympathy that MR and MRS soda sake They want to know whether their children are living or dead. The parents shall believe lost ones are alive until proven dead. This story is published in the hope that somewhere, somehow
bring forth information that will end the agonizing doubts for the parents, either through a happy reunion with their children or definite establishment that the children did make death in the fire. After three years, working on the soda case, private investigator George Swain, announced in September nineteen forty nine that he was stepping down from the case he told the Beckley Post Harold that he had nowhere left attorney. He said my three years. Work on this mystery leaves the matter unsolved. In spite of the fact all worked diligently in probing. Every nine laid in the face of utter frustration met at every turn. Many mysterious circumstances boot puzzle me forever.
My efforts in large measure were prompted by sympathy for the bereaved parents and our. Grant that all was unable to bring them even a crumb of solace in the bereavement. My heart goes out to the sort of family. I have been guided by advice from some of Nations most noted experts on asked him pathologists and criminologists and I feel that many of the mystery surrounding the fire never will be solved. I believe, if it is utterly foolish to spend any more money on a search that he's bound to prove fruitless. As I say it now, the question is not whether the children perished in the flames, but what became of the bones following the fire
Despite the resignation of the lady investigator on their case, the Saudis refused to give up searching for their children on September eleven nineteen fifty three nearly eight he's after the fire. Georgian Jenny put up a billboard on their property, which was visible to those drawn along the highway route. Sixteen adorning the billboard with a black and white photos of Morris, Martha Louis Jenny and Betty Saddam. Above the five five days in large capitals was the question: what was their fight kidnapped, murdered or are they still alive? Alongside? Was the enhancement of a five thousand dollar reward? In addition, disorders printed out flies with the children's photos and information hoping to see
circulate the images as far as possible, the billboard made local news with the Beckley Post, Harold reporting, sawdust. He could not understand the lack of interest shown by authorities in their case he has had to pay for and push what investigating has been done. However, the family has pledged all in its power to solve this mystery The family is not particularly interested in punishing anyone if there was fair play they state, I would be glad to waive charges were to sign any kind of release asked for if they could only regain their children or learn what happened to them. over the years. The billboard was carefully maintained by George and Jenny, soda and re painted with new
sieges now and again, each time pleading for information on their children. One Tipp came in from a woman in Houston. Texas, who sent a letter to the Saudis, According to medium dot com, she maintained an acquaintance of hers had confessed to being Louis Soda, and told her he was living with these brother Morris, both of whom were listed as deceased and fire George travelled to area but was unable to locate the woman who sent the letter. Local police managed to help George find the man who confessed to being Louis but Hey denied ever making the confession. One day in nineteen sixty eight twenty two years after the fire Jenny sought, I went to collect her mayo.
Rummaging through the various letters one envelope caught her eye. It had her name on it. But no return address a postmark river, that had been sent from central City Kentucky. When Janni opened the letter she realize that had already been opened and re seal, similar to previous letters she had received in the past inside a single black and white photograph, showing the. A body and face of a man in his like twenties to early thirties on the back, someone had squirreled Louis sought are. I love brother, Frankie, L, L, I L boys, I ain't, Goin Euro, one three, two or thirty, five. The cryptic message meant nothing,
the Saudis, and there was no child named Frankie in their family. However, from the moment they laid eyes on the photo. Georgian. Jenny were convinced that they were looking at their son Louis who was nine years old at the time of the fire. He bore a striking similarity to the fund of Louis as a child that was still situated on the billboard, the Saudis made a copy of the photograph to add onto the billboard and another which they framed and hung in pride of place in their home They hired a private investigator to follow the lead to central city Kentucky paying him up front for he services. Georgian Jenny never heard from him again at nineteen. Sixty eight drew to a close
the Saudis had spent over fifteen thousand dollars of their own money to chase up late pay, private investigators and promote their children's disappearance. They increased the reward for information to ten thousand dollars. George told the Sunday is dead, it's hard, sometimes to get to sleep at night, just wondering about them. After all, if someone wanted to get me, why did they get my feet? only two, but as long as we live, we will dig into it to come out with an explanation on what really happened twenty three years ago in that fire.
George Soda died a year later on August. Sixteen nineteen sixty nine at age. Seventy three after his death and Jenny continued to display the billboard at the sort of property over the years have became weather and run down Jenny who had worn black exclusive. Ever since the fire ass, the son of morning to her five children became more reclusive, as reported in the Smithsonian magazine, she began to have more and more rooms build on the existing sought, a house in an attempt to distance ourselves further from the outside world. Jenny, tended the memorial garden planted at the side of their former home, ensuring that the flowers thrived.
Jenny Sawder died in nineteen, eighty nine at the age of eighty five, she was buried next to stage large. At high long memorial parking, Fayette Canny George sought is headstone raids, who believed in justice for everyone, but was denied justice by the law. When he's five children were kidnapped, Christmas Eve, nineteen, forty five at Fight Ville West Virginia In the years following their mothers death, the remaining soda children continue to follow. Our lead send promote the story of the fire that changed their lives forever. Some developed the theory that the fire was orchestrated by the Hell, yeah Mafia, who was supportive of Benito Mussolini or that the low
go mafia had tried to recruit George and he had declined, prompting them to seek revenge according to this myth Zonia magazine. Another theory was that the five missing sort of children had been kidnapped by someone they knew who told them of the fire and offered to take them somewhere. Safe They speculated that perhaps they were alive and had not contacted their siblings in order to protect them. Sylvia soda, the young surviving sought a child is now in her light seventies. is the only known soda child still alive according to medium dot com, Sylvia Research, that her siblings did not perish in the fire. She still browsers online blogs dedicated to finding out what happened to her family in the hope of getting some answers before she passes.
Although Sylvia was only three at the time of the fire, she can still remember her father. Blazing arm. She has also never forgotten the screams of those who escaped the infernal watching, helplessly as it destroyed their lives forever. One event: they came the closest to solving the mystery of what happened to the sort of children I could. In August, nineteen forty nine new four years after the fire in desperation to find any evidence that would prove to him that he's children perished in the blaze. George soda, hired, a small crew and excavated the saw it he had previously filled over with watching as George removed the soil with a bulldozer was a Washington DC pathologist named Oscar Bay Junta, whom the soda said
I had for his expert opinion as printed in the rally register. Hey Toll, George, that had the children perished in the fire he expected their skulls would be like hated no fate. Vill county officials attended the same aside from a deputy sheriff who watched on and didn't participate excavating to a depth of five fate. The crew combed through the dirt and rubble to find human remains. They found several coins that had been burned but was still recognisable at damage to dictionary bits of roofing and other smaller Jack's that had not been impacted by the blaze, then they uncovered some bones. The skeletal remains, which appear to be vertebrae, was sent to the Smithsonian Institute for Analysis
The report which was sent to the sought is concluded. The human bones consist of full lumber, vertebrae belonging to one individual. Since, transverse recesses of fused, the age of these. The vigilant death should have bain. Sixteen seventeen years. The top limit of age should be about twenty two, since the central, which normally fuse at twenty three, a still on visas, The oldest soda child determined to have perished in the fire, was fourteen year old Morris The report continued on this basis. The bone show greater Scully tool maturation than one would expect for fourteen years. Boy d, debris showed no evidence that they had been exposed to file ended.
is very strange that no other bones were found in the lead. Thirdly, careful excavation of the basement of the House One would expect to find the full skeletons of the five children. Rather that only four vertebrae This was a sentiment echoed by many professionals who were called upon to give their opinion over the years following the fire in a fifteen year anniversary article printed in the Beckley Post, Harold on Christmas day. Nor take sixty a pathologist said, I wouldn't say it's impossible, but its highly improbable. I have seen about one hundred and twenty burning deaths and there will always some remains left. Another pathology, I too wished to remain anonymous, was quoted as saying
no ordinary hast file could completely conceal five bodies. The findings. prompted to hearings about the sort of case in the West, Virginia and Capital of Charleston. However, the governor and state police superintendent closed the case due to lack of evidence, The vertebrae, when not returned to the Saudis and their report conclude, that the bones the likely came from the dirt that George Soda used to cover over rubble of the fire. as the remains have long since disappeared raises another question that will forever they unanswered. If the bones word from the sort of children, then, who did that, belong to,
when Janni Solid died in nineteen eighty neuron, her remaining children took down the billboard she and George had erected in an effort to find out what exactly had happened to forty in your old marice twelve year old, Martha nine year out a Louis a year out Jenny. And five year old Betty, he had read On Christmas Eve, nineteen forty five now home was set on fire and five of our children. I just five through fourteen kid that the official was blamed defective warring, although lots was still burning after the fire started. The affair. she'll report stated that their children died in the fire. However, no bones were found in the residue ended. There was no smell of burning flesh during or after the fire
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