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Case 193: Suesan Knorr & Sheila Sanders

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On July 17, 1984, a deceased female was located in a deserted area near Lake Tahoe, California. Investigators were stumped as to her identity or her killer, who had horrifically murdered her by setting her alight... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Daily Harvest – Get up to $40 off your first box with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist Shudder – Try Shudder FREE for 30 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Truebill – Take control of your finances and save money For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-193-suesan-knorr-sheila-sanders
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If you feel at any time, you need support, please contact your local cross, the centre Four suggested phone numbers for confidential support, placing the shy nights for this episode on Europe or on our website. This episode involves a crime against children. It may not. suitable for all listeners His cross walked up the draft of the EAST Salt Lake City home and rang. The doorbell who is counting on the job in a view to go well and addressed, to impress. Her clothes and make up were immaculate and her blonde week was styled innately after difficult life This was her chance at a new beginning. She was and about to blow it Missis. cross was responding to an advertisement in the local paper for qualified and nurses reside. There
in candidate would provide round the clock, care and companionship to Alice Sullivan, notably women, suffering from Parkinson's disease. Missis, cross, came with glowing references thorough knowledge of medications and a war. of experience, Allister's, son and daughter believed her to be the right person to assist variety. Six year old mother they weren't wrong, after moving into a spare room in Alice, Sullivan's, Home Missus Crawley became the best. The libyan nurse, the elderly woman, ever had Kind, hearted and caring sheen short Alice, never went with there. Even buying her clothing and gifts out of her own pay packet, Despite gentle probing, MRS Crew Never discussed her personal law for history.
Was clear that she was deeply religious as she spent her spare time locked in her bedroom rating. The book of Mormon in a random omen of vulnerability. On Christmas day in nineteen ninety two she revealed that she had two sons, one of whom had died in a car accident. That day she put it Spencer presents for Alice's granddaughters under the Christmas tree, explain that she never had any daughters of her own to spoil. Mrs Cross was a loyal companion. She never no time off and told the Sullivan's that she considered them family still There was something odd about the woman. The Sullivan's couldn't shake the feeling that MRS Cross
hiding something from them. Nearly thirty years earlier, on July, six nineteen sixty four click Its standards and he's eighteen year old, wife Tereza stood for seeing one another in the lounge of their cramped low set home in the car. If city of gold city in the corner of the room was the couples eleven months old, Son Howard playing with these toys. He was
used to the shouting matches between his parents and had learned to cape to himself when they fled up, but this time with different meaning slide off the door Bell Rang, had go deputy sheriff, Fried amaze house two hundred feet. On the road. Teresa Sanders was outside cradling, Baby Howard. She t fully expire and that her husband had come at her with an old model. Hunting raffle intending to bade her with the body end, to managed to pry the firearm away from her husband, causing it to discharge. Deputy May headed to the sea, his house, while Tereza remained behind clutching Howard and rocking back and forth. she asked over and over if Clifford was going to be, ok, hoping that, He had just grazed his hand,
and deputy May entered the sand lounge, he spotted Clifford lifeless body face up on the floor. Surrounded by a pool of blood, a single Let had shouted the twenty three year old left, wrist entities, chest and penance right in his heart. already were well aware of the domestic situation in the sand is household too Wake solely on had appeared deputy sheriff amaze house, with bruises around her wrists and neck cliff it had come home drunk, but can a window and can his anger out on his wife, who was expect In their second child Clifford headache used. Tereza ravine fidelity before baiting index give her. Teresa opted not to press charges and tensions between Their couple escalated until then final fight, all confrontation.
Teresa learned of her husbands, fight on route to the local police station piecing, devastated screams were The boy straight sought onlookers issue. driven away in September nineteen sixty four, this pregnant Tereza Sanders faced trial for first the gray, murder Her lawyer spoke of the violence she had enjoyed throughout her marriage include being repeatedly punched kicked and burned. With cigarettes an acquaintance recalled the time Tereza had appeared on her doorstep needing a place to stay after escaping from her enraged, husband haven. With its sister, didn't want to raise Tereza to end up in prison but acquitted she could get home and take care of her children.
On the stand to razor emotional way described how she had fought, but her husband's rifle in fever herself, her son her unborn child, a quota point did psychologist described as an anxious, remorseful and frightened woman who posed no danger to herself or anyone else, after nine days of proceedings, Tereza hold her hands to her mouth and visibly trembled. As the jury delivered their verdict, they ruled that Tereza had, did in self defence and acquitted her of Cliffs Madame De your approach to the jury in tears and thanked them. While sharing a warm embrace with the female members, Lloyd, told reporters outside cod Tereza only had one thing to say: quite
all I want to do is go home and take care of my baby. In March, nineteen sixty five terrain I gave birth to her deceased husbands, child a girl named Sheila Sand, not long after she met and married eighteen year old, Robert nor the CUP, went on to have three children in quick succession. A girl named Susan and two boys, William. And Robert Junior. Tereza stayed at home to look after the five kids, while her husband took up a work with the Navy which led him, to being a way for long periods of time. Then, in June nineteen sixty nine Tereza foiled the divorce. Revealing she had once again found herself in an abusive relationship her filings. She described
The daily threats and acts of great physical violence that Robert nor Senior had committed against her judge granted to raised at the divorce on the grounds of extreme cruelty. she was awarded full custody of her children with the job Citing her fitness as the sole parent as a reason for his decision, The second time in her life to raise found herself without a husband, She was also pregnant again here. August nineteen, seventy twenty- four year old Tereza welcomes another child into the world. The little girl resembled her mother from the minute she was born so Teresa named after herself Tereza, nor, though was more commonly known as Terry
wakes after her twenty fifth birthday, Tereza married railway worker run polio. Although wrong wasn't physically violent Teresa ok pistol to our friends house for safe keeping after he threatened to kill her this third marriage was also short lived. By nineteen, seventy two Tereza went back to being a single mother. When her older children, wherein school Tereza would take their youngest siblings to dawn, is since spoiled them with ice cream sundays what family outings to the drive in theater and a long road trips into the Sierra mountains. when money wasn't Todd, Tereza showered her kids with gifts and design clothes, she kept their home in orange, vile California, immaculate inside and out, and all
Her children were always polite and well mannered in public. It was approaching midnight on July. Sixteen nineteen, eighty four one Carload of people travel down into state. Eighty out of Sacramento City did I thus sat alone in the front of the vehicle scale the rolling California landscape beyond the windshield. They eventually spotted a quiet, deserted spot within the Sierra Foothills known as Squaw Craig. It was perfect. nestled between to passengers in the back seat was a young woman. She was I am conscious and her hands and math were banned with duct tape Since the car rolled to stop the woman was removed from the back of their car
he was laid on a blanket along with her possessions, clothing, a toothbrush perfume calories. and several pieces of expensive jury a copy. Of their Jules Verne novel, twenty thousand leagues under their say, and a romance novel were also placed with their, as was it. get of infant got is one of which was soiled. gasoline was then poured over her body and belongings. The drawer about told their two companions. I'm going to run back and stop the car you lied a match and you just drop it and run Once the fight to call the others raced back to the car. When the driver was waiting, You ever tell anybody about this. They warned you owing to be next.
At around four for the following morning, a passing motorists to notice the flames arising from Squaw Craig and contacted local fire department a shirt, sergeant arrived in the area and observed a small fire from the highway thinking. it had been caused by lightening strike. He radio dispatch saying it would likely burn itself out who could white too big? stinguished delighted that morning, this urgent, went on his way and go but no further thought. an hour later attractive, I never was heading down highway. Eighty nine, when a woman ran from the surrounding woods to flag down his vehicle She too had observed the minor fire at Squaw, Craig and being a local that was familiar with Bush fires. She knew something wasn't right
the occurring smoke and didn't smell like burning wood, Truck driver retrieved, his fire extinguisher and discarded the woman to the fires, location, was contained in the easily snuffed out has the smoke cleared. The woman examined the remains It looks like a mannequin. She said, why Craig was soon swarming with police the charred, remains in the burn. Pile didn't belong to a mannequin. It was The body of a blonde hair blue eyed young woman wearing brought yellow hooded sweater aged between fourteen and seventeen? She was less than five feet tall and weighed about one hundred and fifteen pounds. She
sustained third, the great burns to ninety one percent of her body with the fire itself, causing a death superfluous, Your stab wounds to her back and body eggs indicated that she had been tortured. Though what was unclear when nor how these injuries occurred, one of a kind to antique wedding ring, was secured around her finger. although the area where the victim had been found was an editorial dumping ground for bodies, the brutality You have heard are horrified detectives, they examined, missing persons, dental and fingerprint records, were unable to ascertain her identity. he was given. The status of the Jane DOE apply, soda name used by authorities when the true name of a person is unknown the local sheriff called Jaynes murder. One
The saddest and most vicious killings in recent history, a description of the items found at the crime saying was publicly released to help identification efforts most concerning where the infant diet is with detectives, fear, during that Jane DOE was the mother of a young child who might be danger. Yet one came forward, having recognised any of her things and tests rendering of Jane depicting smiling young woman with a chip top up front tooth. Also for how to generate valuable late. Eleven months past, ended detectives when no closer to formally identifying Jane, DOE or Killer.
On June twenty four nineteen. Eighty five, the driver was once again behind the wheel. Travelling towards squawk Craig, like Last time it was, approaching midnight they were joined by two accomplices. There was one notable day, friends their latest Damn was already deceased. The way in a cardboard box in the trunk. It was plan Dowd They weren't going to start a fire like that had previously, as they didn't want the two crime stains linked. The driver accidently missed the turn off to squawk Craig and decided continue onwards. Looking For another suitable place. they eventually came to a stop just outside the ten of Turkey on the cap, phone Nevada State Border debts,
were accomplices emerged from the back, say and color? data shovel age from the trunk, as they say, digging nearby APOLLO car happened to pull up behind them. They raised back to the car and hid the shovels. Just as an officer, approached carrying a flashlight. They cause. Three occupants with certain they had just being caught red handed the smell of day composition, emanated from the trunk and would no doubt Ray suspicions that something was awry. The officer ass to what they were doing. The group informed him that Had poured over to your night, he then good the vehicle, while shining he's flashlight I've, read speaking directly to the driver. He ordered them to move along and get on the highway.
Officer had failed to notice the rancid smell the shovels or the killer before them. They returned to their patrol car. drive off. The new minister rattled, the trio who reformulated Their plan D thy headed south, where they can across the deserted road near alike in the middle of bushy mountain land. There report over retrain today, shovels and wasted. Time in digging a hall, cardboard box was discovered the following morning and modest Craig Campground by a caretaker clearing trash in the area. Was positioned in a clump of weeping. Willow trays by the lake. Curiosity got the better of the caretaker who tour the silver doctype that sealed the box when, He opened it.
Human arm sprung out. The body of a young woman was tightly packed inside in the fatal position. Naked aside from a pair of underwear and white socks. She approximately twenty years old, five foot, four inches tall, one hundred and five to one hundred and twenty pounds with brown hair. The level of day composition made it impossible to determine much else, including fashion features or a cause of death, so Poles of the victims, taste, hair and skin what compared to records on file to know out. There were no missing person reports that could be linked to the Victor Meda. She too, who was formerly listed as a Jane DOE, though rocky locals, knew her as the body in the cardboard box.
Killer had gotten lucky. this same medical examiner, who conducted this autopsy, also carried out the one on their Jane DOE found burnt alive at Squaw Craig almost a year prior, the different there is between the two crime Sainz insured, the examiner failed to determine a connection. John like the investigation into the first Jane DOE case, the lady inevitably never doubly white Coat Four months later, on October, fourteen nineteen, eighty five gale Smith arrived at a rest. Stop, but just outside of the city of Fort Worth in Texas. The twenty year old had been given a rod there by her step brother, but that's as far as he could take her. Gale had a three hundred and forty miles journey ahead of her to visit her mother in the city of Amarillo.
as she was short on funds guy, we chose to do what she had done many times in the past. He talk to her Destination she proof excepting rods from long distance truck is issued. come to trust them. The most gales, step, rather watched from his car as gale approached a male troika with the red hair and blue eyes after a bit, if conversation she hoped in the passenger say of these cherry red tractor trailer gay or failed to arrive at her mothers and was promptly reported missing. But her fate had ready, Bang, sealed. The morning after gale had left the fort worth rest stop her body Found poorly concealed in a thicket of Bush land me the Canadian River about Fourteen miles from my her And were banned by doctype and she
Had been taped tightly into the fatal position. She had been hit over the head with a blunt object right and And strangled to death with a man's necktie. Although gale step rather hadn't written down the license plate of the truck that Gale had hitched her final Roddy in he did room All the make of the vehicle, as well as a description of its driver. Most importantly here Hold two words: emblazoned on the drivers: side door, Juliet Scott. do Scott was a tracking fan based in Oklahoma, Company examined their records and provide the name of the only employer who had been in the fort worth area. At the time, a Gale Smith had gotten a ride.
Forty two year out. Benjamin boil better known as Herbert. Had a violent criminal history. six years earlier in nineteen. Seventy nine he tried to doktor woman. By forcing her into his car boy, you guilty for attempted, kidnap and sentenced to five years privation at the time I'm a Gale Smith's murder. He was on the run from a ripe that he had committed in Colorado Boil who introduced himself has missed a Whipple two women. He was attracted to had said he would allowed load earlier that morning and was headed to a town sixty miles north of Houston, detective sped down highway. Fifty nine and caught up the boy was truck. Boil admitted to giving Gale Smith a ride, but said He had dropped her off at a truck stop in which a fool's two hundred and
Fifty miles short of her destination yet case against her, but Boil was sealed almost immediately he's try contained some of gales possessions and, Blood and hair were found in the vehicles Cab Carpet father, from the trucks interior matched to those found on gales remains finally boils finger, France were lifted from the doctype used to restrain gale with the role let's self, discuss In his truck. In early November, nineteen, eighty five heard the boy was indicted for the aggravated sexual assault and capital murder of Gale Smith. Give he's criminal history and transient job data gives re examined, other unsolved, and that is to say whether they could be linked to boil one
pace that drew their attention involved, a young woman known only is Jane DOE found The buried in a cardboard box, a modest Craig campground. Her murder bore striking similarities to that of Gale Smith Both women were found off a highway and new water. There, band with silver doctype placed in the. your position and what, SK in a state of undress. by delving into her but boils trouble logbook receipts and maps was discovered that he had been in the truck area at the time of Jane Doze murder,. Additionally, a far fiber on James Body, match the blanket from boys have seen Oklahoma. there was also a rope fibers found that the crime saying that match the length of rope in boils truck.
Herbert Boil only faced trial for Gale Smith's murder in court. He depicted as main and on lockable, with perverted sexual urges he's I've been expressed their concerns that boil would harm them if he should be found not guilty. His daughter told the cod. I'm very scared of the man right now and I, vain for some time. After deliberating for twenty minutes the jury He found the boy all guilty of the ripe kidnapping. And murder of Gale Smith he was sentenced to death. Although the body in the cardboard box case never went to trial due to a lack of evidence, thirties safely, assumed that her, but Boil was responsible for her murder, also
they were wrong. nearly twenty years earlier, on July, six, nineteen sixty four, ten year old Tereza Sanders watch. Does her husband, Clifford moved around their house packing a suitcase. an exceedingly jealous woman, Tereza Constant, The accused Clifford of having an affair and had taken to controlling many facets of he's alive. She had imposed strict curfew on him, drive him to and from work and hand all of their finances. Cliff it was afforded just fifty cents for lunch, so he wouldn't be able to make other women had expensive restaurants. It all became too much Clifford stay in hotels for days. At a time with He suitcase Pact Clifford headed
For the door then took one last look at ease pregnant wife, and there are eleven months old Son Howard minutes later Sir Razor arrived at Deputy Sheriff Fred amaze house down the road she claimed that cliff. It had attempted debate her with a rifle wall She confessed to shooting hymn sheet, And it was an accident stating I did Not think it would do that much damage, I didn't that all gone would hurt him that bad. To racist, said she had wrestled with a weapon from her husband, causing it to discharge the rifle which was kept in the couples. Bedroom was a the loaded, however. safety was also always on this and the user had to click the safety off caught the hammer, TAT came and pull that
rigour to fire off a shot it was an elaborate maneuver and Teresa. Story did an account for it. Nor did it account for how cumbersome the rifle was in length and shape you towards along barrel. There had to be some distance between the shooter and their target to ensure a hit. The fan, no bullet that had penetrated Clifford Chest passed through his wrist first meaning hey, had attempted to shoot himself with these hand prior to being shot at the, implied that the gun was aimed at him before it was fired. With many aspects of her story, not adding up Teresa Sanders was tried for her husband's. Madame Clifford sit. Tat did saying corps that she wanted to raise it to acquitted, so she could look after her slain brothers, children. However,
She also added I believe with all my heart that Tereza Sand is planned to kill my brother shape, cold a time whence a pointed out, a bullet hole in the floor of her home, while pre Oddly admitting that she had tried to shoot Clifford but missed, on another occasion to raise Said that she would kill cliff it before any other woman could have him. The jury overlooked. This information instead viewing the petite pretty and have he pregnant Tereza. As some who wouldn't hurt a fly detailed in the book, whatever mother says by Winslow clocks. In days the being acquitted of her husbands, murder to raise, I visited the office of the prosecuting district attorney. She Had one request, the raw
for that had been used to kill Clifford. she wanted a back neither of tourism next to husbands, Robert nor senior or Orono Napoleon met with fair play, Both marriages ended after two raises. Controlling nature became too much to bear fruit. as her second thousand nineteen. Seventy two, became somewhat of a religious fanatic, obsessive play pouring over the Bible. While constantly quieting scripture to her children, they quickly grew to be afraid of their mother. ranging from three to ten years old Tereza physically diesel and two children harshly over the smallest of incidents cheapest. leave to any slight has an intentional act of defiance like when they, Accidently spilled crumbs of food. The abyss
says delighted as the children got Oda day. Ellie, beatings or whippings were common action, Extreme punishments, Tereza her children to take a bath. Sir bruises, wouldn't be noticed at school. although she abused all her children, two raises daughters, Susan. Sheila and Terry, who bore the brunt of their mothers fury Chet. Harris met Tereza in August nineteen, seventy six after crossing paths with her in a bar Chet was an edit off, but the Sacramento Union newspaper at Fifty nine years old he was done, to raise his age He was also and base five times for say with the two package smoking habit, and in it action to pornography and alcohol still caught to raises. I ended
pay married within three days of their first encounter. Chet made no attempt to hide the fact that he didn't like to raise raises children They didn't like him much either. Theo exception, was Susan nor to raises, the eldest extremely intelligent and voracious radar. Ten year, old Susan formed a special bond with Chad who engage stirring conversations about politics and mythology, of beatings had made Susan reserved and frightened, but with Chad, she found out, she could confide in there business angered Tereza, who was. That come with bitter jealousy whenever Chet showered Susan with attention resentment towards her husband, continue to fester as time went by one
Other Tereza most was chats fascination with the witchcraft and they are called while These practices were against her own religious beliefs Tereza drew issue with how church interest in them had rubbed off on her daughter, Susan than three months into their marriage, Tereza filed the divorce. The departure of Chet Harris in November nineteen. Seventy six did little to ease the tensions escalating Inter raises household by this point. Survey petrified her children. She slept Miss Day came home even a minute after curfew. If they talked back, they were hit. The plank of wood Tereza called the Board of education. She even ordered her children to punish one another with the young.
The boys made to hold down the girls so that eldest son Howard could beat them. Teresa herself became a recluse and refused to let anyone but her children into their house. She gained white barely bathed, though it changed her clothes in the Brief moments where she was thinking clearly show We try to make amends for her behaviour by trading her children to trips and trades. But these moments were rare. despite having ended their marriage to raise his mind, often wondered back to Chet Harris who she now believed was a demon assent to her by another one of her former husbands Robert, nor senior who she claimed also practice to witchcraft she, ran about him to her children.
while the Oda kids largely ignored her day. Youngest siblings were terrified by her delusions and listened intently. Tereza, never Godiva, Susan's connection to chat and when He found out that they were making up behind her back. Teresa was furious. She pulled Susan out of school, so she could keep an eye on her at all times I've at home with her mother, became especially hard, but Susan when Tereza started, accusing her of being a witch Fifteen years old Susan tried running away, but was quickly detain and temporarily place dinner receiving home. She begged not to be sent back home. Getting her life there to a concentration camp. after a number of meetings with Tereza, in which
she was given the all clear as a competent parent Susan was returned to her custody. Teresa reassured councillors that her daughters stories were all lies and she would be safe when I got home the razor instructed all of her children to punch Susan in the stomach. If they do and do it hard enough. They had done On chair again,. from then on the region. Kept Susan handcuffed to her bed not worried. She would Nick out to perform witchcraft on her. If she wasn't restrained. Susan was also kept sedated with medications. Her mother had stolen during her time as a hospice worker used earlier. During meals, she was tired who had chair and often left to their fate hours at a time the constant abuse
took its tall on Susan again, mumbling nonsensical statements that, cemented her mothers belief that she was which, for that Damon had entered her body. among the many raisins Teresa had grown to resent Susan, was her slim figure. And teenage youthfulness one day Sheikh used the demon of taking fat off of Susan's body and putting it on her own. In turn, she began Boss, fading Susan, to make her gain wide Tereza the spoon into Susan's closed mouth with such force at chips, her front up a tooth Some time in nineteen eighty one fifteen years Susan, was walking down the whole way when Tereza cornered her He screamed into her daughters, stomach, asking
the demon why she had put on more white, sir, that Susan was making her fat and ugly on purpose. Surveys ordered her son Robert to restrain he's out system, He did ass, he was told and pushed Susan into the bathroom when They were suddenly interrupted by the e splitting crack of a gunshot using clutched the left side of her chest and fell back its into the bathtub the gun wielding Tereza snapped out of her murderous rage and rushed to her injured, Dada sheep. Her finger into the bleeding hallway Susan's chest and felt the bullet Lodged in her back just below Her left shoulder blade in an characteristic moment of tenderness, she said I'm so sorry
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itself healed and she made a miraculous recovery. They need the experience didn't prompt. Any change in Tereza who was We are convinced that Susan was possessed by a demon. She moved her family to an apartment in North Sacramento, where Susan's ordeal continued. from her early teens Susan, had been forced by her mother to engage in sex work to support the family and all of her earnings were taken by Tereza the moment she returned time, despite Susan found herself enjoying the work as it enabled her to leave the house her brow, those didn't share. The same concerns terror. He's still afforded them more freedom than their female siblings. Allowing them to deal cannabis and take on small jobs. Still
They were also forced to hand over their pay to their mother. When Susan was home, she was handcuffed, so the dining table and forced to sleep on a blanket on the floor with now lab had taught her White plummeted Teresa. kicker ass. She walked past. Then in July nineteen, eighty four to raise a grasped, a pair of scissors, lucky dot and threw them into Susan's back. The blades he is Susan skin, but she was so emotionally detached at this point that she didn't even flinch. Although Tereza said Susan provoked the insight, And led to a compassionate shift in her behaviour. Susan noticed the change and sore as an opportunity. Hours later, mother
daughter was sitting together on a sofa in the lounge Tereza had been drinking alcohol on smoking cannabis and was in the best mood she had been in four weeks. Susan plucked up there courage and asked for a one way ticket to Alaska to start a new life explaining That Tereza would never see or hear from her again. Susan waited nervously as her mother considered the proposition she then said the word Susan had been longing to here. Yes she would let her go to Alaska on condition Teresa retrieved, a bottle of anti psychotic medication, she had pocketed from her all job and gay a handful of capitals to Susan who washed Them down with a quart of whisky, sir,
and then life face down on a blanket in the dining room and passed out. in a few minutes to raise checked. She was unconscious before commence. The operation. The only way she would allow Susan's alive was if the bullet lodged in her back was removed that There would be no evidence of her abusive Susan ever decided to speak of it. Susan's younger Brother Robert, who was fifteen, at the time performed. the surgery under two raises orders. He cut into the skin and master will just under Susan's left shoulder belied with an exact our north and spotted the bullet. Sticking his fingers deep into the wound, Robert Pre It out and was Prize by the lack of blood.
He's a mother stated. It was because the demon had possessed Susan's body and made her on dead. Susan woke from the procedure at daylight off, and it was immediately clear. Something was very wrong. She alternated between gradually murmuring and Screaming in pain to re Upon too full of antibiotics and pain killers, but soon Susan was overcome with favor He began hallucinating and spoke of watching her life as a movie before her eyes. when Susan's eyes, yellowed from joint is and the skin on her back turned black terrain claimed it was the devil revealing itself and refused to take. to a hospital. She made Susan, where infant daughters, when she could no longer go to the bathroom Sheeler, Inter
He kept a vigil, let their tilings sisters side as she deteriorated on the floor. Every I'm Susan went still and silent. Terry Jim lay shook her awake to make sure she was still alive soon. and would babble at her incoherently in response. Then, one day, the race told her other children. We ve got to go rid of Susan she's gone to die on us when going to have to kill her. on July sixteen nineteen, eighty four she collect. All the photographs she had of Susan and burnt them in their backyard. Then she waited for nightfall. as midnight approached to raise drive down into state eighty with sons, William and Robert, who were forced Who accompany her
I sat in the back say with the conscious and banned Susan sandwiched between them. Inside The trunk of the car was Susan's belongings, including close jewelry and box. The dough is she had been wearing what Baghdad as well up reaching the secluded squawk Craig area Tereza stopped their car, And had William and Robert retrieved Susan, the were horrified but didn't dare decide they their mother light Susan on a blanket with her possessions. Sixty you're out William zipped up her who did sweat are concerned, that he's older sister might get cold. Tereza then ordered Robert to get a tank of gasoline from the trunk of the car poured over Susan, and Her allied.
The trio drive home in silence until a bird smacked into the wind showed. Tereza screamed in fraud turn to William and Robert and said. That bird was the sacrifice. God things we did a good thing. Upon returning home to raise ordered her eldest daughter, Sheila, to scrub the floor where Susan had spent her final days. like her youngest sister Sheila had endured a heavily controlled alive at the hands of her mother S. From running the odd errand she was kept at the my home and less forced into tax work to line her mothers pockets with losing gone. Sheila was terrified that she would become her mothers next target.
Wouldn't be long before her fears were realized. In the winter of nineteen, eighty four contain you're out. Sheila Sanders was riding her back to pick up a pack of cigarettes for her mother when she was hit by a car off Recovering from her minor injuries. Sheila filled a noticeable shift within her family. Tereza had told her other children that Sheila had died and a demon taken over her body, suddenly Sheila found herself cowering from an increasing in. When Tereza was convinced, she had poured a sexually transmitted disease from Sheila after the pair shared the same toilet, Sate she punished her daughter, By hand covering her to the dining table. History was repeating itself, though, in out of Susan being forced FED it.
Sheila as detailed in the book. Whatever mother says, Sheila once confided in her mother that she was depressed. Tereza retrieved her gun and handed it to her daughter remarking. If you so depressed kill yourself. With a shaking hand, Sheila place to them our old to her temple and squeezed the trigger. There was a gentle click. the gun. Wasn't loaded. On a hot day, in June nineteen, eighty five shield snapped after being slapped by her mother for refusing to wait. She tolerated by kicking Tereza in the leg. A few. Various Tereza screened that her she was broken then fell quiet.
Later that not sure code on her sons, William and Robert These are ordered them to restrain Sheila and locked in the linen closet struggle with all her might show was no match for her burly brothers once Fact, inside the to buy for foot space she play to be led out too, stuffed Taos against the door to muffle. Her daughters cries and it turned out the television. the neighbors didn't hear a thing. Days later, Tereza made a rare treat out to the store. and were at work, leaving fourteen year old, Terry alone in the house, with the improved And Sheila king her chance to help her sister, Terry
opened the linen closet door, causing Sheila to fall out onto her side with her restrained behind her back and wearing nothing but underpants and socks Sheila was drenched in sweat and pleaded for a drink. Forbidden by her mother to give Sheila Food or Water Terry Retrieved a b and held the liquid to her sisters, lips. Then she heard the sound of a car door slammed other was home against, was protests. Terry pushed her back into the stifling hot closet and shut the door While the decision to do so would haunt Terry for life, she understood that was a Thou shut, the door or one up in the closet, with Sheila.
Terry later heard hallucinating Sheila sigh. There is a light above me, I think it's a hall I'm gonna climb towards it. A series of thumps followed, then breathing white, quiet. Teresa ignored her toward his body in the closet for three days, then on June twenty four nineteen, eighty five. She was compelled to act when the smell of day composition began to permeate through the apartment you dont, some rubber, gloves, sat on her bed and carefully picked off every. Here. She could see on a set of pink pillow cases. She then lined the inside of a cardboard box with the pillar cases for ordering William and Robert to retrieve Sheila's body.
Sheila was placed into the cardboard box which Then loaded into the trunk of tourism car for this second time in their life Rob and William what tasked with helping dispose of one of their sisters. Bodies, Terry, was forced, To stay behind and clean up as she scrubbed away at the dark fail liquids that had saved into the closet floor Terry's mind raised as that, last remaining daughter, would she bade the next to die that now, Teresa watched as William and Robert Duggar Gray, FISH Sheila outside the town of Turkey. All of a sudden, a police crews are pulled up behind them. William was certain they had been cod and relieved to think that they're, not man would finally be over by
Pure chance, neither officer picked up on what was going on soon laughed. Two raises the lock continued when Sheila's body was found a thought It is incorrectly linked. Termer dots are her that boil the killer, Of Gale Smith, at this point but Sheila and Susan had been named, Jane doze as there isolated life insured and no one could identify. There remains as hours, Tereza was concerned. She Gotten away with everything. just after three, I am on September twenty nine nineteen. Eighty six c staying year out Terry nor emptied three cans of woloda fluid throughout her families. North Sacramento apartment checking once more that her escape path was clear.
She laid a match with shaking hands. She slowly lowered it to the floor. The I too call much quicker than Terry anticipated. Leaped out a window justice flying began climbing the walls while running from the same text, he passed several fire engines on their way to tackle the inferno she rage, the hotel room, where her mother was waiting. The fire had been too raises idea. She Grown paranoid over a lasting staying in the linen closet, fearing would a link to Sheila's murder. She had convinced Terry to start the blaze promising only remaining daughter that she could move out if she went through with it
we accepted the offer. As her son said since left her of their own accord, Tereza relocated to SALT Lake City knew TAT way. She underwent a complete mercosur. She became a mormon and kept herself well presented with expensive clothes and make up she. so caught her long, dark, hair and begin. Sporting, a blonde wig. with the remainder of her children, hey that literally whole metaphorically dead to her. It was time but Tereza system a new life, Susan, nor and Sheila Sanders were the only two of tourism six children to be murdered, yet the Roma in four Howard William Robert and Terry, would struck
from the abuses they had endured at her hands for the rest of their lives: eldest I would was the first time I've heard and did so before the murders took place. One day How would read a newspaper article about the Jane DOE found burned to death at squawk? Craig? certain it was his sister Susan, he asked mother, where she was Tereza said Susan had run away and claim Sheila had to. Although Hell with didn't believe her, he fee She would kill him as well, so he press the matter. over the years, how it Struggled to hold their work for the addiction had several running with the law and he's marriage ended in divorce. At seventeen William, nor was the next to me, they're leaving
between the murders of Susan and Sheila. He was summoned back home to help with disposing of Sheila's body. did so out of fear of his mother. Drugs and alcohol dulled the recurring nightmares William experienced enough to Opium, maintain a marriage and job. Despite his troubles, He was a friendly into amiable man working hard to get his life on track in the book. Can mother's day by Dennis Macdougall, William Rep elected on his family saying I never wanted to see any of them again When I left hall was lock on out. I was out And I was staying out. Robert nor remained living with these mother. Until her move to salt Lake City, where HALO after soon after long Keys brothers, he saw
pray from his childhood memories through the use of drugs and alcohol after string of arrest, he was jailed the burglary and took the opportune it is to earn his high school equivalency diploma to expand his employment problem. Ex upon he's relates, however, His new found freedom didn't last long. twenty two year old Robert was sentenced to a further fifteen years in prison for the second degree, murder of a bartender shot dead during a robbery. He narrowly avoided a murder conviction and the death penalty by cutting Deal with the prosecution to testify against these cal accused. Tereza kept her word with the youngest daughter, Terry after she had started the fire that consumed today, North Sacramento apartment Terry, was finally free to leave, live harangue life
experiences from then on woods mirrored those of her siblings, adding her turmoil was the discovery that she was unlikely to conceive the children she desperately wanted. Due to the severe baiting she suffered throughout her youth Terry had also enjoyed a childhood sexual abuse in nineteen ninety three, her eldest, Brother Howard admitted to authorities that he had a molested Terry when she was six and he was thirteen Howard face to no repercussions for these actions over the years. Terry finding friends about her childhood colluding the murders of her sisters view Lived her and those that do, encourage her to speak to police who Walter they dismissed. Her story has far fetched
One occasion the sheriff took an interest in Terry's allegations and interviewed her a detective voice then assigned to investigate whether any unsolved homicides could be linked to Tereza. Nor taken who did there were none Terry was once again brushed off. more than once carriage to end her pain by taking her own life. Then one not hurry outlook changed. in the last week of October nineteen. Ninety three twins, three year old, Terry, nor sat on a sofa, blinking back tease. She Just had an argument with her husband who accused of lying once again about her sisters, murders he's tension was drawn to the television screen before her, whereas suited man spoke solemnly towards the camera.
was John Walsh. The whole Of America's most wanted, this These reported on unsolved crime so wanted fugitives, while Request view to offer their tapes and insights via a free phone number, Terry, he watched intently and me The decision she grabbed telephone and die This shows Tipp line. A woman on the other line- listen tis. Terry re visited the story of her sisters, motives to her disappointment Terry was told there was nothing that show could do for her exhausted by the lack of help and support from all lands. Terry broke down sobbing Unlike others, the woman who answered the cold didn't dismiss Terry entirely.
She suggested that Terry Contact, the county authorities where the murders took place. Sergeant John Fitzgerald, had the Plaza canny Sheriff Sub Station in Tahoe City took Terry's coal. while detailing Susan's murder, Terry, for instance, the intake wedding ring her sister had been wearing. When said, a lot at squawk Craig sought Fitzgerald interest was already paid, but the ring mention really drew his attention should, Dealing with emotion, Terry, explore In tat, no one believed her story about her mother. Not even her husband, so Don't Fitzgerald responded. Young lady. If it's a consolation to you. You can Tell your husband to this.
I found a seventeen year old female burning need squawk, Craig. On July seventeen nineteen eighty four the late she was your sister. ten days after Terry's call sergeant John Fitzgerald arrived on the doorstep of a modest, too low, said home in EAST Salt Lake City. An old lady named MRS Cross answer the door Was the living care offer the homes owner unknown, a woman named Alice Sullivan sergeant gerald looked at the photograph in his hands of Tereza. Nor then I did the haggard and pale woman standing before him. She invited them inside search for Tereza, nor had not been an easy one? gone by many surnames throughout her alive Missis
Cross was initially reluctant to admit to anything. But eventually revealed that she was going by her maiden name, Our actual name was Tereza nor. Tereza remained calm when showing the warrant for her arrest. The then contacted Alice's Sun and informed him tat. She was being arrested. knowing his mother's nurse is nothing but a kind hearted and generous individual. He was stunned at the news and asked why. Teresa said she didn't know. When it came time to take Tereza nor into custody sergeant, Its Gerald found her trying to escape via array door of the house feel lucky sacrificial land being led to the slaughter she told in.
Investigators soon arrived at two raises former North Sacramento apartment luck. For them. The arson Terry committed these prior didn't do as much damage has Tereza had hoped, inside offices. Across the small closet in the whole way so in Fitzgerald. Stomach churned a code. To tarry Sheila had been locked inside their close it, but the door Front of him didn't have a lock sorry, Fitzgerald began to worry. Terry lied to him. He found her to clarify State detailed in the book, whatever mother says Terry explained, The smaller closet, just outside the bathroom closer had been spotted by investigators, but they had
Mr. Does the one used to imprison Sheila is there Couldn't imagine anyone being kept inside such a small space, mining found in the closet came back positive for human blood, mainly All police had arrived at William Noise Workplace in Sacramento and placed him under arrest Robert who was already in prison, was say charged in relation to his sisters, murders. Ass, a candy sheriff told the Sacramento Bay Newspaper that the case was one of them, It's and unbelievably sad family situations. Anyone could ever imagine why someone would do something. This vicious is beyond comprehension and when, at your own mother and brothers, it's over unbelievable.
As the horror of what Tereza nor had done to her own children came to light who knew her has Tereza Cross, were left in shock. They couldn't Mary up the two personalities of the one woman destitute, Dick and jealous murderer verses. compassionate and gentle nurses, aid. some believe that detectives had made a mistake and arrested the wrong person. Others thought was taking the full for her sons, actions. Even those who suspected something was odd about the family, never imagined. The truth was far more heinous. a former neighbours told the Sacramento Bay on you. Staple people were did but I didn't, know how we'd it's just wild. It scares me
and it makes me leary of making friends. Teresa, nor was charged with two counts of murder to account conspiracy to commit murder and too Special circumstances: charges double murder and murder by torture. When Spain King of two sons prosecutes John. I Mara made an extraordinary play for mercy haste That all of tourism children had been subjected to a family situation that not even, Stephen king could imagine and agree that their role in the murders was made. A guided by the abuse date suffered at the hands of their mother. Eldest Son Howard told the Fresno Bay are one people to understand that it's not my brother's, followed they, children at the time and to shape.
total control over them shape, crazy but shame the adult as at play, deal nor a great to testify against his mother in return for a reduced charge of being an accessory after the fact. He was sentenced to three years to be so two concurrently with his sentence for the fatal armed robbery. This serious charges against William, nor were also dropped with these attacks. stating that he's client was raised in a cage and tortured by the Zoo K Bar. William, were saved. A three year suspended sentence was placed on five, Privation and all to continue therapy. He had been receiving the post, traumatic stress disorder here,
said he bore no animosity towards his mother and when asked what he believed should be her sentence, William replied what the court decides is fine. three mental health professionals examined Tereza, nor to establish whether she was competent to stand trial wallet couldn't be ascertained what exact mental health issues Tereza faced when she murdered Susan and Sheila Her remaining children agreed that she suffered from paranoia and delusions. I remembered an episode when he was fourteen where terrain Disappeared for four days straight upon return she spoke of having and some pennies he had throwing them away, but then they turned back up at them. tell where she was staying.
She said that, no matter what she did with the pennies they kept re appearing. Howard, lighter remarked. I didn't understand it at the time, but looking Back on it, I mean basically they were paranoid. Delusions. The children learn to anticipate these episodes as that often occurred after Tereza had consumed a lot of alcohol. When drunk she was also known to have explosive angry outbursts, prompting Children to hide from her when they saw a drinking her hand, reports suggest that having her another die in her arms from a heart attack when she was twelve might have trick. Two raises the lifelong mental health problems. Yet Sadistic and violent behaviour seemed to running her family half brother had a history of cruelty to animals. Violence
Sod burglary, and armed robbery. This before Libya, culminated in a double homicide, so brutal that knife mark things were left in the wooden floor underneath the two victims. the professionals examining Tereza, raged different conclusions. she believed she was faking mental illness while the other felt she was suffering from multiple personality disorder. The report proves for the judge slanted towards the majority opinion he read. when Tereza was asked about the two daughters she's accused of murdering hurry Action betrayed a preposterous and transparent attempt to feign men. He'll illness. as a result, Tereza was ruled competent to stand trial, the prison, adding judge said any day,
bending capable of such a performance would also be able to work with their attorney in preparing a rational defence by her attempt to my, I believe, Tereza has rather clearly revealed that she understands precisely what is going on. When she found out that her son was going to testify against her Teresa, changed her play and asked by the judge if she was plating guilty, because she was in fact a guilty Teresa hesitated and then replied I believe it would be found guilty. In return for tourism, co operation, the process commission requested she be spared the death penalty a more than likely sentence should the case go to trial
tuning voice, then shouted no in the courtroom. Was Robert nor Seigneur, the Father Susan, Robert, William and Terry yelled to his ex wife. The pew burn in Hell for what you did to my kids outside Robert saying you told a report off for the Sacramento Bay that Tereza should fry hiding My daughter is in her grave and we'll be there. forever. should she be allowed to live out the rest of her life. Teresa was sentenced in October. Ninety ninety five, a victim impact. statement written by her son rub it nor Junior was read out to the courtroom. It read in part.
My mother cruelly and calculating lay tortured her victims, both physically and mentally, over the course of the years killing in every way possible over and over again, We have all been sentenced to life without parallel re living, our own private, not mass in the early hours imprisoned, in our memories. Two attorney made an impassioned plea for concurrent sentences yeah argued that Shea quote Never had a fair chance in life. She was raising. These kids is best she could when she was still a child herself. The price secured a snap to back, saying Two raises crimes were unspeakable ended tiled, the profound affect her actions had on her surviving children quote
she's, saddled them with so much emotional baggage. Diane they're going to come out of this hall. In summing up presiding judge, described to raised his actions as callousness beyond belief,. He sentenced her the two consecutive for life sentences raise our shocking her seat as her outcome was revealed in it. The parallel. When twenty nineteen failed, her this will be reviewed again in twenty twenty four one. Tereza will be in her light. Seventies. following the revelation that her mothers Kara was a killer Alice Sullivan's daughter began clearing out this spare room, the woman she knew, as MRS Cross had occupied.
She came across a number of carefully wrapped presents. Tereza was planning on handing out at Christmas, The detailed in whatever mother says she said. it was so sad. I took them to the basement, close to tease, I still I do not believe that a good person like Tereza could be sponsible for the crimes she's accused of. In hindsight, it's possible to raise his children would have been spared their horrific ordeal had she, convicted for the shooting murder of her first husband, Clifford Sand is in nineteen sixty four. Prosecutor at the trial district attorney. Donald outdoorsman was certain: hey, had a solid case against Tereza and was stunned She was acquainted Heath
The jury would be fooled by the young, pregnant and seemingly innocent woman before them and played with them too. and her guilty. So she could go on to harm anyone else. He told them. not. Every murderer looks like the witch and snow white would be Asia if they did, following the positive identification of this squawk Craig too modest Craig can't ground to Jane. Does their unmarked graves were updated. The burst now faces the name Susan, nor with any age of a bull candidates, a tree paying homepage Two Susan's love of reading the second Carries the name Sheila Sanders alongside a blossoming flower, but loved system is written. Above the message
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