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Case 200: The Zodiac (Part 1)

2022-02-05 | 🔗
[Part 1 of 4] During the 1960s, California saw a wave of senseless, unsolved slayings. Cab driver Ray Davis was murdered in cold blood after an anonymous killer warned of his intentions. Two young couples – Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, and Johnny and Joyce Swindle – were gunned down in separate yet similar attacks. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Jess Forsayeth and Milly Raso Writing – Elsha McGill, Erin Munro, Milly Raso and Jess Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: Crime Interrupted – New podcast from Casefile Presents  Scribd – Get your two first months of Scribd’s unlimited number of full-length books, audiobooks, and other content for only $0.99 a month BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist SimpliSafe – Get a free indoor security camera and save 20% on the security system when you sign up for the interactive monitoring service Allbirds – Discover your perfect pair of sneakers ShipStation – Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-200-the-zodiac-part-1

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