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Case 21: Pamela Lawrence

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On Monday the 23rd of May 1994, a violent storm hit the city of Perth, Western Australia. Peter Lawrence was starting to become concerned.

It was getting late and his wife Pamela Lawrence hadn’t gotten home from work yet. He called her at 6:15 pm, when he didn’t get an answer he decided he had better go down and check on her….

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it was getting late and he's walked. Kamala learns hadn't gotten home from work, yet he called her store at six. A dot m When he didn't get an answer, he decided he had better goddamn and check on that. Andrew Millard was born on the 16th of August, no name. Sixty two he's parents were Roy and Grace Melo. Andrew was born in England, where his father Roy had a long career in the army. The Allies were hard, working, well respected and law abiding family in We also had analyses the Jackie. It was ten years. What are they?
the millage left England in nineteen sixty seven and moved to Perth in Western Australia. Andrew had difficulty fitting into his new country. He was exceptionally tall for his age and that, combined with these english accent was good enough to make him a target for bullies. Kids would mimic mimicries accent, calling lots of colorful names, and someone is far as to attack him physically. Andrew never felt like he belonged was even worse, Andrew being the kid that bullies could feel safe in because they knew but you wouldn't get back. Andrew left school at sixteen, with no plans for career path in mind When he turned Irene Andrew started heating, not club, saying it was now a six point. Six inch pull out. He definitely stood out in Korea,
It was the nor club saying that introduced him to marijuana and he was soon smoking it regularly his parents didn't approve of where Andrew was heading in the it was broke, unemployed and living at home, so he decided to do something he thought would impress them enlisted in the army, but he wasn't cut out for it. He never made it through training instead being offered a medical discharge due to a mild sleeping disorder, injure returned back. The person got back to his old, not copying and dug smoking why's he felt lost in off without them. convinced didn't belong in he Bologna in the boy back to England, but he didn't much good. Ever there either and it wasn't long before his parents were paying for an affair to get him back home to purse, At this stage, Andrew was on the verge of a complete breakdown.
He couldn't guy. I saw it because he started suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. His father Roy, sending to a psychologist who we met with every wait for a few months. A really helped them start to get back on track. Andrew stop smoking pot and he felt like he was ready to move out and face the world again. He moved into Shared accommodation, placing your buddies new field stop. The museum was short lived when he was unsuccessful at a number of joking and beats. When one of us might slit up a joint injury couldn't resist these out. Have it within a few months he was broken. I'm wondering the Straits of Perth in may not only for injury met a girl named Michel. He was instantly attract the debtor. the feeling was mutual, but
It did allow Andrew to sleep on a lounge. He couldn't believe he's lock an attractive woman was taking him. She lived in a flat just off glide straight in Moseley Park it took listen awake for for Andrew to outsiders. Welcome that whenever Michelle Started hinting at might be time for him to move on and did whatever he could do. On this matter. One Michel loved the smoke and when she was stoned the talk about him moving, it stopped Michel didn't even know injuries real name. She believed The injury was in English Backpacker named Andre. We just needed some way to crash while he waited for some money to be transferred from England. That story didn't last long, because Michel found a copy of his Reza. My knees backpack But the injury wasn't about to tell his real story. he said he was really an agent from Interpol working to break in organized crime. Syndicate in premiums
His real name was Michael Faraday. The money for Andrew Mallard was part of his cup, apparently Michelle bought the story. Andrew was in the middle of a manic episodic. He was spiralling out of control. He had been coming under the attention of local police. Judo is ever increasing erratic behavior. In the night of Sunday, the twenty second of May nineteen, ninety four- he took things up a notch. Andrew Michelle's place and went to a nearby uniblock, where former boyfriend of Michelle's leaked A passing down the door of the care take his unit, demanding that the caretaker led him into the unit of the old boyfriend. He story, he was a drug squat detective and you just received information that would drugs destinies you. When the caretaker told the injury she didn't have a key, he broke
these door. It was actually there to look for some autumn's that Michel claimed her own boyfriend had stolen from her. It was basically just trying to impress it Andrew didn't form the stolen autumn's in his unit, but he did steal his guitar and a few jackets. I didn't take long for the out boyfriend to put it all together and very suing. The police came looking for Andrew. He was arrested the next day Monday, the 23rd of May one thousand nine hundred and ninety four Molly was back at the police station. He was left on attended at a desk for a period of time, so we helped himself to a police talking and a badge. He thought they would come in handy to help. So he story to Michel and impressive even more. It was at the station until about
Three hundred and forty five p dot m when he was released. He waited around for a while before eventually phoning it taxi he jumping and instructed the driver to head to Moseman Poc. He got there. I ran fought pant On that afternoon, Perth was hit by a massive freight storm or gale force, winds, lightning, thunder and heavy rain. The top of storm that knocked down power, poles and black tailed traffic bullets. Camel allowance was working in her jewelry store called flora. Metallica it wasn't, a traditional top of jewelry store came. what the deep everyday items in the various medals in her own unique style. Jewelry The kind of in the God Straight shopping area in Muslim pond me Michel, Zena, came was didn't ask before deciding on the create change.
It had been lovingly married to paid alliance, but twenty three years- and I had two daughters, Amy and Katy pen- was a friendly bubbly person who could lot upper room Mazemen park is a mostly affluent suburb of Perth. Kilometers or roughly four miles south Western disobey day with the Indian Ocean to the west and the Swan River to the east. It has its fair share of green expensive gases and well to do. and although it did have a chair of government has in units were a lot of the rest, That's what less desirable tops most were unemployed and addicted to drugs. Turning to crawl to fuel their habits, the shops around Glock straight had been the targets of several, some brightens flora, Metallica hadn't, been breaking into, but somebody had thrown a break through the front window. The racing criminal activity led pain to instruct his staff members that if anyone
Writing or tried to rob them, although there just to hand out- Whatever they wanted, money and material objects were worth getting hurt over. Came, did have a staff member working with her that day, Jackie Boston, but she finished at three p m after that came with boys of still on that same afternoon, the twenty third of my thirteen year old Catherine Boston had been picked up from schoolboy. Her grandmother, Catherine, the. Order of Jackie Boston, who worked at Florida Metallica with pin in order to get home, Katherine's grandmother had the drug directly past a store they actually got stopped at traffic lights directly outside Catherine got a shock when she looked inside the shop from the car. source. Strange caucasian means standing behind the counter she described him being said.
it is eighty five years out, maybe and build a slot. Orange bead six feet tall and it looked like he was wearing a been down. Catherine. staring at me and he eventually made contact with her, after which he immediately crouched down behind the counter. Catherine had never seen the main in the shop before she thought it was strange and made sure to look at the clock in the car. The time was two minutes past forth. She told him I'm Jackie when she got home, Jackie Sawdust and it's strange, so she picked up the phone to call PAM to make sure she was at chi. But then she changed him on the sorting. It was probably nothing. Play the Lawrence was at home with one of his daughters. It was concerned that he's walked and hadn't returned time from work. He called the store at quarter past, seeks to say when she planned on getting home.
One came didn't answer, he decided he had better, go down and check on it six, thirty, nine, a m a call was made to emergency services. when had been attacked. An ambulance was requested to the floor. A Metallica jewelry store at Muslin Park. I said walking to the store to find p dot m lying in a pool of blood with severe head wounds. Haider was covered in blood himself, as it was kneeling down. Next to his worth, trying to help her when he billions and police aroused came, had lost ladys of blood. She was barely braving. They put her on a stretcher and run. The hospital on the way to the hospital, abrading, breathing stopped performed, say CPR and did everything they could, but it was too light. Came, was dead on arrival. A later autopsy would reveal that pain died as a result of her severe headwinds.
Was it. The wounds was an unknown blunt for subject. There were no defensive injuries. In pains wings. The forensic pathologist found little specks of an unknown blue material. It was believed that material came from the murder weapon, detect these from the major Kramskoy recording the late detective of the investigation was detective, sergeant, shovel, assisted by detective cable and the whole team of other detectives little was done that not in the way of a forensic investigation. The jewelry store was locked and guarded until the following day, when a thorough examination could take place. A search was conducted, the transform the murder weapon, but I turned up nothing pay alone. Pointed out that no money had been stolen from the register and no jewelry had been taken. But pains purse was missing.
It was the next day Tuesday. The twenty fourth of my when police first learnt about the suspicious mean Catherine Boston had singing the start there, as other information to consider two reports that are now. People were seen in the area acting suspiciously around the time of the murder. Other reports of some of the nine Lego junkies hanging around too, And what about some of the undesirable characters that leaving the government asking flats nearby or the mental health patient that lives there? Maybe it's related to the break ins or the brief that was throwing through the window of the store not that long ago, Many names were added to a list of possible suspects. But none of them were very solid. At that stage, the least ended up containing over a hundred night. The main concern for detectives was finding out who the suspicious man in the store was that Catherine Boston. It say
any keep drawing was made up of the main based on Catherine Description and it was sent out to the media. The forensic pathologist concluded that four p m when she saw the main fit the time frame of the attack as paying could have remained a was that long, Naturally, pay to was a suspect in his wife's murder, but nothing to cast suspicion on paid other than the fact he found his body there were no reports of once or any other issues in the house. There was still very much in love. His daughters had no idea that he was innocent, it was Thursday, Ray days after the murder, when the name of thirty one year old, Andrey Maillard, was first mention two police as well The investigation police did an extensive door knock of surrounding residence. One of the people they spoke to was Michelle the GO
who had let Andrew sleep on a lounge. It was detective, cable and spoke with her and highlight all about Michel strange. He asked me with these we'd stories and unpredictable erratic behaviour. In a for the break in on the morning of the murder and Sure you didn't get home until about six. Thirty p m that night, drew wasn't home to be questioned by he had already attended call for the break in charge And the judge recommended that he be sent a greatly in psychiatric hospital for twenty eight day: mental health assessment that got detective Cape Horn even more interesting people and went to the hospital to speak the angel. He thought to himself that sort of looked like the identity, a picture that was my
the main Catherine boss than soaring the store he lit ain't. You know he was investigating the murder of camel, alarms and asked where he was at the time of the murder. Andrew. Let capable know that after he got released from the police station, he called a taxi back to misuse unity, muslim pop, getting in there rem fault that that didn't fit with what type. And been told by Michelle. She said it was more like six thirty p m when you got. People and also found out the danger used the way been done it, although we said he stopped wearing them several months earlier. Paypal named paid a visit to the taxi company. He found the drama you picked up the injury. The draw didn't have any trouble remembering him, because he said he was a rock star from England
and he didn't drop him off at Michelle's unit block. It was a completely different unit block nearby, but definitely not Michelle's. Andrew told the driver, he was just going in to get some friends and he would be right back. It was four p m. but Andrew never returned, but twenty past If the driver realized he had done the run running the cable and returned back to the hospital the next day, a good question and job This new information he wanted to know more about this missing ninety minutes between four p dot m when he got out of the taxi and six hundred and thirty p dot m. When Michelle says you got home. It was during the second shot that Andrew came coin he admitted running off with their aim for the taxi, and he says he got dropped off at that particular unit block because he knew people who we could go dope off in there.
Andrea gave numerous names of people he was with or spoke to detectives canvassed the unit block, trying to verify his story, but they could no one remembered being with injury during that time, cable and go to Warren and took Andrews clothing for forensic testing. He's right, shoe, tested positive, these are two different by groups. One was undetermined. The second was from blood group Bay. The same blood group of payment alarms that was found in only four percent of the population. Inconsistent stories now A boy and admitted drug user, is displaying such bizarre behaviour that led him to being sent to a psychiatric hospital one a court order, and now there was the blood capon was convinced tat. These me he briefed the rest of the detectives on it.
nice? What are you done, Covid and on Friday, the third of June, the full result of the day- and I test was revealed the moment born and been waiting for was a payment was blood. On the injury shoot note, the initial tests were incorrect. It was actually Andrew's born It was the following fraud. I, the tenth of June on full pay danger, was released from hospital. who was diagnosed with manic, depression and bipolar disorder, but he didn't have to stay there any longer he can do. it was manageable so long as he agreed to Kate regular appointments for treatment.
Andrew had to re PE before a judge who ruled that he was officially free to get detective cable and was waiting for him in the courtroom. He approached Andrew and asked if he was prepared to go back to the station and answer a few more questions if he agreed Capel and would give him his clothes and shoes back once go to the police station? They went straight into an interview room. They went back to the injury story when he did and Harry was on the day of payment, as motor injury gave the same version. He was released from the police station called attack. She did the runner trod. The boss, Amar Wanna, then returned to Michel's flat. he also inform Cape Horn that he had been inside Flora Metallica in the days before the murder. He was trying to sell some of these jury, but he was told they weren't that type of store. Andrew was an under arrest. Officially, he was there
resign free will, having a chat and to get his clients back. So he's rights were read to. They started poking holes in housing story about the missing. Ninety minutes. It would give a name of someone who we thought he had spoken to in that time and the detectives would not be damned sorry. We spoken to him and it was actually. They did not before the murder that you were together. How come you can't remember where you were or what you were doing laundry why you lying injured. What are you trying to hide injury? Just make it easier on yourself tell us the truth. What really happened? We can help you, the detectives also, and you will be at the talking and police Badge Andrew had stolen to impress.
Show when asked about those autumn's. He said a friend of giving them to him, but I had serial numbers. The detectives knew it was long after about six. Then I was in the interview Andrew started, giving an account locker hop ethical account. What he believed happened as if he was a psychic saying that he could get into the killers head and radio movement and say what happened. He started saying. He thought the person responsible was evil and scared, and he just kept heating pan and couldn't stop this good cape horn attention he ready Andrew, is rots Andrew continued, giving his theory. I think he was just looking to steal something. He went in through the back door.
She was still in the shop locking up and saw him. He got scared. So I kept on heating her and couldn't stop. He hit her on the head repeatedly with the wrench. Then he saw the girl in the car looking at him. He got scared and had to get here. So we move the body dragged her that at the door she was making gurgling noises, so he hit her again then Rainier. Where was the wrench? The detectives asked Andrew said the killer caught a train to North Fremantle and threw it in the ocean. Andrew was trying to place the detectives and tell them what they wanted to hear. So he can get out of the interview. cable and took the injures. Third person can as a confession when the take these wanted to go back through a story again and get to the bottom of how you will that information? If you didn't do it Andrey lost it and started yelling, and so.
Bearing annoying. He was responsible protesting his innocence. Andrew's aggression led to a physical altercation and he ended up him. Cable. The interview was over and they charged him with assaulting. Police officer, but he wasn't held in custody. He was released. He never got clothes or shoes. Back, though,. None of that first interview was recorded. The detectives made nights of what was said, but they weren't signed by injury. Well, that any of you is being conducted paint allowance was on the phone to detecting shovel. He told him that he thought a tinge seed, Chrome Wrench was missing from the back of King George Shop. The reason injury was away at the guy was so they could run an undercover reparation. I didn't have enough evidence
Have any of it and Tralee had was Andrews, unrecorded ramblings of a third person a camp of how he thought the motor happened needed more. So Andrew was about to made a new friend. There were hoping he would confess and labour The cover office after the murder, weapon and pains purse. Andrew had nowhere to go, Michelle wasn't Bring back and he didn't want to go back home to his parents, so he was forced to sleep in a park. It was only a few days later, while Andrew was hanging in the park that he met Gary. He instantly he rode off with Harry and was impressed when you driving around the score some day it was even more impressed. One I shall do a couple of in a hotel room. Gary said he was writing a book and penal is murder and he wanted the injuries help
Gary wanted to know all about the injuries theory of what happened so You're, giving the same story he gave to the detectives. Gary then started mentioning weapons and when, what injuries thoughts were Gary even brought up wrenches, specifically making mention of seed crime wrenches. He asked the injury what he thought could that be the murder weapon He also asked if you thought there would have been a lot of blood what the killer would have done with these Clyde's, where the killer would have got the weapon and where the killer would have disposed of. The weapon Andrew was only too happy to speculate by, when he drew his answers, Gary's report with light array that the motive of the motorways, robbery, the motorway and was a wrench. The wrench had been thrown off a bridge into the Swan River and the killer watched the blood of his clothes using the salt water in the rear
In Andrews words, that would fuck with the forensics. again Andrew hadn't confessed directly, but the police believed what he was saying was information only the killer would know, and he was giving his confession in some sort of speculative third person. Why? Andrew was unwell between their in depth. Discussions about Keynes murder, he was smoking a heap of pot and these behaviour was getting more erratic. He started talking about how he had passed through several dimensions and he saw could enter different bodies. He also mentioned that he was really a Viking warrior that common led Gary to encourage Andrew to participate in a maker.
Gary Boyd him a pair of boots and army jacket and killed at a second key install. Then he took him to get his head partly shaved. They go injury. He looked much more like a Viking worry and now. Gary started to fear for his safety, believing Andrew was a murderer and seeing his behavior more and more erratic. The undercover operation was called off No admissions were made and I never got went to the murder weapon or to Pimm's purse. Andrew failed to attend court said the assault police charge. So a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was, rested, bought detective random. It was also working on PM's case. He was taken back to the police station and put back into the same mean of your room that he was in before detective Brandon wanted in the answer. Some more questions about Keynes Modem Andrew went back to his third
some theories about what he thought had happened this to him. He added in a description of the team's injuries Andrew was able to describe them he says she was trying fight all of them. In the first interview. The Hindu danger, a piece of paper. They told The draw the wrench that a believes the killer used Andrew As he was told write. The word seek crime on the rich, remembering what Gary had told him Andrew was interviewed for over eleven hours, the second time round, of which only thirty minutes was recorded. On video, a record of the rest of the interview was completed by the detectives, making unsigned notes. Just like the first interview when the tape was turned on. They went back over the story now asking him questions based on all the information Andrew had given them, mostly in the third person, but he also.
Like in the first person. At times I have told you that you don't have to be. undergo the Dakota River, the news a threat. He told me that and what your responsibilities don't want to be video recorded so that I can be cleared. I can't The girl was growing up and we had a conversation in relation to say PAMELA Lawrence at Marlton Pike. Do you agree with that? During those discussions he two dice things: Why? You said that you needed money and that something you went in the rear, went in through the rear of the shop for Metallica that what you told us- I'm just going to go through that the archive, what you told us
I stay at lights on gosh, he told us he went on front on Bloor Street and that you were looking back and you saw that for Metallica. The door was shot this and that useful it was close, so decided to do a break. Is that what you told us is correct? I can't If you describe the steps to us, he described the rear door and the floor. Do you have something to go if PAMELA was loving. The store up. My when she came, through the back. Why. Flies and the front door was a result the king of in a back door. That's why regime's stress what you did here until use money gas through gown? What you told us earlier, I can't before we go into anything else, happy with that. He told us that she became hysterical and started screaming fits rise. High. You said that you didn't name.
Is that going. This is difficult, because this is what you said I didn't mean to. He didn't mean to cause a further injury, because it it pending panicked and the time, but the rules on state aid rules that maybe not either You said initially that you aren't meant to North Korea. That's what I can was the she was dressed in what I What's the going thing on the tastes used the couch and she would have had to be more, I, Let us get like this one, Georgia, and the fact is that The fact is that you taught us all these things and you know I decided that that was a complete packet loss that all that things you thought I'd say that my my station, my conjecture of a single quo. Letter that you
How does he went in through the rear of the shop at flora? Metallica? I told you that. now. You said you went into the shed. Yes, you told us you could have wrench. Is that correct? A wrench from the toolbox You said to her that you were going to rub her. This is what you told us. This is what I imagine this person would say. Okay, what I'm saying is this is what you told us, and you said to us: he hit her. How many times I would say, six to twelve at the MAX the autopsy report said twelve twelve was a good answer and and on the questions when even though the detectives maintained only the killer could know this information. That Andrew was giving a lot of it.
Is actually incorrect. He's description of PAM's purse and handbag. What realm is description of the car, Katherine Bailess in was in was wrong. His description of what p dot m was wearing was Rome, his description at the back of the shop and what was stored. There was also wrong after the interview ended Andrew Still had to face court over the assault police charge, the judge sent him back to Grayland suck Uk Hospital for another assessment.
Two days later, detective shovel and cape horn met with top prosecutor John Mckechnie. They presented their case to him, which is basically just the injuries, mostly third person, confessions Mckechnie said that without the video than they definitely wasn't enough. For a case, I couldn't just go with the unrecorded unsigned notes that the detectives might, but the video was the clincher. He gave the detectives the go ahead, the next day, the nor ninth of July nineteen. Ninety four Andrew was released from hospital into the custody of detectives. It was charged with murder of camel alliance. He wasn't sent back to the hospital he was sent to prison
The first step in the court process was a preliminary hearing to say if the prosecution had enough evidence to send the case to a trial and to say what evidence would be allowed into the draw The judge ruled that the unstoned records of the injuries confessions would be admissible and that the prosecution had enough evidence to proceed. A trial date was set for the second of November, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, Andrew had no money, so he was rapporteur And I bought Lego light some. Be more familiar with the term public defender. He wasn't convinced that these public defender was up to the task, so he requested a barrister, the public defender actually brain with him, and he applied for funding to get a barrister onto the case. But it was left to light. So in order to make that happen, they would need an adjournment.
The judge didn't allow them what the trial was to proceed as scheduled. The case was prosecuted, but can bite They presented it to the jury in his opening statement as a robbery gone wrong, Andrew went to jewelry store with the intention of breaking in thinking. No one was there, he was surprised to say: Pml is still working light. He panicked and bludgeoned her to death with a wrench. He stole a purse but left before he could steal anything else. Duty is pending state, During the trial, the thirty minute video was presented by described it as a confession: intricately nature with details, only the killer, although the video did start and end with the injury protesting his innocence, Capel and took the stand, and it took several days for him to give his evidence
He went through the first idea review interview. The notes that were written down, but not so under recorded on media bites, didn't call Gary as a witness In fact, the undercover operation wasn't mentioned at the trial at all Andrew the stand and gave evidence, he did not everything. The prosecution was alleging. At one point haven looked paid, alarms and said: I did not kill your wife Mister Lawrence. I had nothing to do with it. He also denied saying he had killed, came with a wrench saying it was his theory. That's what the killer used. The trial lasted for two. wakes. I didn't take the jury long to reach their verdict guilty
He was sentenced on the twenty first of December nineteen. Ninety five, the judge had this to say: You showed no sign of remorse during your trial or now at trawl. You displayed confident thirty behavior and displayed clear evidence. You're a manipulative individual prepared to lie, cheat steal and defraud. If the need arose. You went to the shop thirdly, but when you realise that you would be identified, you panicked and struck Kamal Alliance repeatedly with a heavy wrench Andrew stood up and screened. What did not the job?
Continued the blows were delivered until you are satisfied. She was dead. Your sentence will be twenty years of strict security life imprisonment Andrew continued to scream and protest his innocence as it was dragged away. The twenty years that was mentioned was the nonpareil A period saw was possible that Andrew would never be released, especially when a big factor in parole he's remorse Andrew purely sentence, And it was heard at the Court of criminal appeal in June nineteen. Ninety six, three Supreme Court judges sit on the appeal. Andrew is now being represented by barrister. He's barrister, attack. confessions, labeling them unreliable, because only thirty minutes was recorded out of no any hours of total interview time.
And a video camera, was available in the room, the entire time he also heavily attacked the accuracies of Andrews Injuries confession the descriptions of the purse. The car Catherine was in the shop and what game was wearing fact that there was no forensic evidence, no positive both day and night mode weapon were all raised, as was the tormey. It was Leon Lockley Andrew, would have been able to get out of the taxi at four p. Dot M then run to floor Metallica to be same, but Catherine, Boston. Two minutes later. The prosecution relied on what they called the fifteen things in injuries confession that only the killer could not But, as you heard, some of those details would given to injury locked the seed crime ranch
I couldn't even prove a wrench was the murder weapon. They certainly hadn't found the murder weapon. Yet it formed one of the fifteen points in Andrew's confession that only the killer could have none of the three appeal. Judges listened to both sides and retired to reach their verdict, which came three months later, and it was unanimous Andrew's appeal. dismissed, conviction upheld, although the ruling did come with a warning to police, unrecorded confessions will no longer be allowed, but the trolls Result in Andrews case wouldn't be altered, schooling did state. There was some unsatisfactory aspects of injuries case, but now a happy. there was no miscarriage of justice.
The ruling meant that there was one court left to go the high court, but you couldn't just take any old case to the high court. He first had to convince three judges that the appeal had grants to be heard in the article sort of luck implications process generally. The hot cord is only interested in Seville, miscarriages of justice. All matters of national importance. Andrews barrister failed to convince them. That case wouldn't be heard in the hard core it was done. Andrew was imprisoned for life.
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I started to believe everyone was in on it. The real murderer, the police, the lawyers, the judges, the prison guards, everyone, The long interviews he had were actually brainwashing sessions designed to convince him. He was responsible. He even went to the prison library trying to find anything you could about brainwashing and he convinced this must be the answer. The idea continue to grow in his head. He started to say prison has a brainwashing facility. The lots were actually cameras. Recording is every move, the law of fate of which was being sent back to detecting cable.
The distress alarm in the cell was a speaker way. Messages were whispered to him in his sleep he saw the other prisoners as actors. This was their job to come. He and convince him. He was in prison when really they were part of the brainwashing conspiracy. He became obsessed with the Audi refusing to speak to any other prisoners and even cutting off all visits from his family He put up a song me, so my name is Andrew Mock Maillard. I will not speak to any police or member of the justice system, prisons, department or any other authority without proper legal representation. I have nothing to say, Despite his delusional state Andrew was known as a passive, well behaved prisoner, Andrews Parents, Roy and Grace and assisted Jackie were convinced he was innocent,
Roy dedicated himself to studying court transcripts, witness accounts and law books to try and find a hole in the case He was certain. The story didn't add up. Something was wrong while obsessing over Andrew's case Roy started to experience pain in his stomach, a trip to the doctors revealed, it was cancer and he wasn't given long to leave. Roy, told Grice, not to tell injury concern that he was already in a terrible mental state with these brainwashing conspiracy theories. He didn't want to give him something else to worry about grace a great Roy God. Less than full weight slider having cut off or visits Andrew hadn't seen his family for years. When his mother bright been used to him of his father's death Andrew Didn't believe her, he was still running with these conspiracy theory.
He believed I they now got to his family that it was a story designed to finally break him. He said, don't worry mom, now you've been taught. The service told that oh now he's all right. Don't worry about me. Okay, he sister couldn't convince him either his dad was the strongest man he knew. He was in great health know why he was dead. Andrew was upset, they had gone to his family, but he would. Let them break him. Grace Maillard, never wavered from her belief that her son was innocent. She spoke to anyone who would listen or be case. One of those people was calling Aegon who was working for today to naught at the time a kind of his news program on Channel seven. Colleen was an interested in the story fitted I to not, but she was interested in it. Personally.
What caught her attention was a letter that it will not embarrass Malcolm the Costco? I had written It used to be a court reporter, so she knew who is who, in the legal circles, casket was well respected, and he had written. That Andrews case was very unsettling, but there was nothing it could be done unless they came up with fresh evidence that, if presented to a jury, may change the outcome. That was enough to interest calling to take a look at the court transcripts, after which she was convinced in vain given a raw deal when grace Jackie, went to tell Andrew that a reporter was interested in helping them. Andrew was far from impressed convinced this was just another part of the conspiracy. He refused to talk and said he didn't want any help. Color advice, grace and Jackie than I should first worry about getting Andrey suck at your help before thy word about fighting the case.
The prison was initially reluctant to force Andrea into any treatment. Sure is, Heidi was odd, but he wasn't violent and he wasn't causing trouble, but eventually they changed their stance and he was sent for a psychiatric assessment. It was being placed in a hospital environment that same to stop the injury back to reality. Here Was there was no, why he's fella patients were acted? They will do to my patience. He was in a real hospital at suddenly became clear Andrey. This was real. It wasn't a conspiracy, he wasn't in the brainwashing facility. The switch was fleet angel.
I started to come back gone where he's delusional ramblings Andrew wanted to cooperate with the psychiatrist and prove he was innocent. After a few months of treatment, his condition had greatly improved and he was sent back to prison Andrew apologize to his mum into his sister saying that conspiracy, brainwashing theory, was the only way he could rationalize what had happened to him, Jackie, We call lane and told her. The good news Andrew was ready. It was a long process calling worked on the case for four years with the help of injuries, barista and many others, but I couldn't find what they needed. I hadn't uncovered any fresh evidence, so there was not for a new appeal calling this. Wanted to approach an unlikely ally.
John Quigley was a well known and who spent twenty five years working with the police union, defending police officers accused of wrongdoing. He rarely lost a case. His reputation was exceptional, known as one of the best lawyers you could get It was also a big personality. He loved a the light and love to the camera calendar. This from her crime reporting dies, but Quigley had recently quit law and had taken up politics becoming a I have a party back venture. during the four years should be been working on the case. Colleen had changed jobs, it just so happened She was now working for a newspaper covering politics. Quickly knew everything there was to know about police procedures and practices as what made him such a good person to approach, but it was risky. Twenty five years of defending police officers had developed some solid relations
Contacts, he was the only non police officer to be given a loft membership of the police union. sing approached him and let him know she strongly believed there was an innocent man behind bars. What better way to start a career in politics. Hoping getting innocent man out of prison Quigley didn't make any promises, but he told coloring. You would have a look at the case and get back to her. It didn't take him long to find a problem. Is what happened after the first interview when Andrew was charged with assaulting police Andrew homeless? the time. It was very unusual for somebody to be released on bail if they had no way to go. He compared this fact with the evidence of Detective Brandon, who were arrested in drew on the warrant await, lighter and conducted the second interview brain himself. He was just driving around and bought change happened to say,
Andrew in the park, so he arrested on the warrant. Quickly was able to put it together, pretty quickly. Who was. The injury was released because that we're running an undercover operation and Brandon didn't just happen to drop pasta in the pot that I knew where he was being taught on. It was unusual that there was an undercover operation and it wasn't mentioned. In the trial at all the approached the Quigley had paid off. These were things this today after him that the others just didn't say And quickly assumed that there was probably more that had been him. He decided to make personally with the forensic pathologist stop a cook quickly asked him how it came to be that a wrench was determined to be the motor with
book said he had no idea. He told quickly the same thing. He says he told the detectives in charge of the case and the prosecutor I find it hard to believe a wrench could have caused those injuries quickly. Shady miss get the danger had drawn up a sheet crime. Wrench. Not the cook had never seen it before. This was enough for the bold start, rolling Quigley used his political connections to be given the prosecution for had at that point. With the court transcripts it surprised them to say that tests have been done back, They know needful to say Windsor wrench made on a pig's head. The wounds with different to the wind suffered by paying this test was never disclosed to the defence or brought up in the trial. The pro
The commission for also confirmed what Quigley had already worked out anyway, that there was an undercover operation. Several YE said now passed since the troll the prosecutor can bites, who was in one of his first top profile cases was now a highly respected prosecutor with a good reputation. John Mckechnie, who is the top prosecutor in the state at the time and who gave the detectives that Galahad the charge was now a serving Supreme Court judge. Detective shovel and cape Horn were now assistant, police commissioners, detective random, who arrested Andrew and conducted. The second interview was now a superintendent
surprisingly, there was resistance to what quickly was saying headlines read that quickly was trying to get a vicious murderer off the hook on a non disclosure technicality offices in charge of the case and the prosecutor's office. Maintain that the case against the injury was strong. He had made a solid confession: energy was convinced be under reasonable deal, he was the killer, but enough had now been uncovered for the case to be referred back to the court of criminal appeal. The prosecution was determined to fought the appeal that conceded that, yes, they should have disclosed all of the infinite. But I might tying. It was just an oversight and it wouldn't have affected the outcome of the trial.
Loner embarrassed American. The CASA, whose let it go Colleen interested in the case, was near defending Andrew and because the case was back before the court of criminal appeal and full disclosure had been made. There were a few more issues that came up. Michel the girl Andrew, was living with at the time of the murder, was made to give several different statements to police h. Slightly different, adding or taking out little details to benefit the theory that Andrew was responsible only her last statement was given to the defense. Katherine Boston, the thirteen year old, witness who saw the suspicious being in the shop, also made a sketch of the man she saw as soon as she got home and she wrote a statement yet herself different to what was later presented at court. Catherine had also failed to pick Andrew out of a fight I lawn up and she didn't identify him in court as the man she saw
it was found that a forensic report had also been amended. Amended version was the one supplied to the defense and presented as evidence at the trial It was amended to remove the part. That said, there was no trace of salt water on injuries clothing. If you Remember back to Andrews theory on the crime. He said that the killer watch these clients in the salt water, because it fucks with the forensics As they were, relying on his third person reigns as a confession. I didn't look good it's no blood and no traces of salt water on his clouds. But if there was no mention of the salt, water not being present bites could still give that theory to the jury. Adrian wash these clothes in the river. That's why there was no blood.
Sarah Andrew's defense team are arguing that evidence was withheld and statements were changed in order to make the case look a whole lot stronger than what it was. The case was heard in the court of criminal appeal before three Supreme Court judges on the third of December, two thousand and three they made a ruling which was again unanimous, appeal, dismissed conviction upheld to keep it simple. Basically, they agreed with the prosecution. Yes, they were clearly non disclosure issues.
But no those non displeasures wouldn't have affected the outcome of the troll, nay, the shovel or cape horn record as witnesses by the prosecution in the appeal meaning net offence could not cross examined. The twenty seventh of October, two thousand and four Andrews Defense team, presented their case to the high court again. It was initially lock in application process. This time they were successful. The judges granted special lay for the HAWK court to heed the appeal, but there is still a long road ahead. All that man was that they got their foot in the door, It would be another year before the case was actually heard, but they die in the high costs finally came and five judges sat on the panel to hear the appeal:
After considering all the evidence and all the issues around the case, they reached a decision and again it was unanimous. conviction. Quashed array trial was ordered now believed there had been a miscarriage of justice. Shortly after the high court ruling, the corruption and Crime Commission started investigating allegations of misconduct by the late detectives and the prosecutor. The process. mission initially didn't back down declaring that has every intention of pursuing the rate trawl button. attitude changed when a judge ruled that those unrecorded unsigned confessions wouldn't be admissible in the second troll. With that information in mind the prosecution elected not to pursue a Rachel, they took
Fighting shop saying, then, the reason they won't be showing a case is because bottle evidence was ruled inadmissible and that injure remained there problem suspect I agreed saying. The case would remain closed angel. who is they mean, but he had just being let off on a technicality after being locked up for twelve ease. Andrew is free. Just after Andrews Release, a blood spot expert was a testifying in an unrelated trawl, Hey studied the fight eyes of bloody. I think that had been taken off the panes murder based on those photos. He formed an opinion on who killed, pain. His report wasn't good news for PAM's husband, eight alarms, despite the police saying the case, would remain closed, public pressure mounted and are forced to reopen it and have another look.
They formed a squad to re, examine every piece of evidence in the case. Need technology was now available that didn't exist twelve years earlier, and it was hoped that this new technology might help uncover new information and did a partial palm print was fed through the computer system and quickly produced a match. In July, nineteen, only for just seven weeks off the Panes Meda in English backpacker Solomon Rockford, was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend rejected dickens. Solomon had been imperfect six months of the time. Regina was a local. We met when he arrived in. The cause of her death was traumatic. Brain injury Solomon bludgeoned, her to death with a weapon he made himself using an old white and an old handle.
Solomon had spent a whole heap of laws to Brigida about who we really was and what he was doing. He gave green tiles of being rich and successful. When really he was a criminal who had I been tourist visa. Rejected our eventual cord onto his laws and confronted him. She threatened to reporting to immigration, but Solomon couldn't have that. He was the problem, suspect first dubbing motor back in England. Solomon done to body in the boot of a car and left them weapon there to the. Weapon that he made himself, which he had painted blue. The wounds on Birgitta were the same as paints. The unknown pieces of blue material in came swedes a perfect match to the paint from Solomon's murder weapon. Finally, pains killer was known.
Andrew actually remembers Simon from prison. He thought it was strange. He would always stare at him, but never say a word. some of the prisoners even got their cases mixed up. They would citing Andrew you're in here, for that Bell in the bootloader. Aren't you Andrew would reply? No, that's the other God. I'm innocent of marker on. Solomon made full admissions to police when he was arrested, but he kept the truth about came murder to himself. Solomons interview was actually conducted by detective brain them, the same detective, who had only just conducted injuries. Second interview a month earlier Solomon,
the sentence to life in prison with a non per hour period of fifteen ease Fabio less than Andrew Brigades. Autopsy was conducted by the same forensic pathologist who conducted pimps. Some of the same detectives were involved in both cases. The wounds with the same. The crimes happen close together, but now I'm on my side would have linked the cases at the Tong aspects of that blood. Splatter report, dining payday Lawrence would light a critter sauced. Clearly it was wrong had nothing to do with these watts murder. The real killer was now known. The corruption and crime commission lighter came to a conclusion as well. They report stated the commission satisfied. that detectives, Cape Horn and travel, who were together involved in the process and the boy persistent and repeated questioning
what about deliberately rising doubts in the witnesses minds until they became confused, uncertain or possibly open to suggestion were instrumental in causing the witnesses to change their statements, but weighing less particular as the clothing and headway. Color said that more general descriptions could apply to Mr Milan. The process demonstrates a pattern which the commission is satisfied cannot have been accidental or coincidence. They found that the detectives were blinded by tunnel vision. They thought the injury was the killer said that changed aspects of the case to make it fit better. They ruled that shovel and cape horn. If you remember when Ally System Commission is commissioners disciplined for misconduct,
and that there are reasonable grounds for termination of their employment prosecuted bites, but the same recommendation. Despite the findings in the corruption and Crime Commission report, The police, commissioner, couldn't mused eyes findings as a basis. The sack the offices involve bottle. He had to conduct designing quarry. Before that happened, shovel resigned with full benefits and chi. own resigned and took up another Gutmann job prosecuted bites resigned and received a pile The judge is involved in the trial and the appeals process carried on with the agrees. Andrew received a three point: two five million dollar pay out from the government. He left the strata and returned to England eager to find a wharf and to have
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