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Case 220: Hannah Witheridge & David Miller

2022-08-27 | 🔗
When the bodies of British tourists 23-year-old Hannah Witheridge and 24-year-old David Miller were found brutally murdered on the remote Thai island of Koh Tao, the police immediately concluded that the killer had to be a foreigner, as a Thai person couldn’t be capable of such brutality. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Elsha McGill Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn This episode's sponsors: DashPass by DoorDash – Save money, access members-only offers, and get 50% off your first order up to $15 value with promo code ‘CASEFILE2022’ when you spend $12 or more Best Fiends – Download Best Fiends for free BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist SimpliSafe – Claim a FREE indoor security camera and 20% off with interactive monitoring Article – Get $50 off your first order of $100 or more For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-220-hannah-witheridge-david-miller
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Please contact your local cross, a centre for suggested phone numbers for confidential support place. They the shine aids for this episode on Europe or on our website, as the sun slowly began to rise over cattle on Monday september. Fifteen two thousand fourteen had promised to be another beautiful day on the remote tropical island. located on the western shore of the gulf of thailand. Qatar was the smallest of three islands making up the tomb pon archipelago accessible only by boat and with only two thousand a permanent residence. The island spans twenty one square, kilometers of postcard, worthy landscapes, cocoanut trays bound with the men jungle giving way to pristine golden sandy beaches. Impasse
using granite, boulders jody out from the turquoise borders, which are home. coral reefs and marine life ones. the slate the island inhabited mostly by fishermen, but two thousand fourteen qatar had become the mecca. Scuba, diving, in south east asia tray. lighted in english to total island half a million tourists flocked. Their aid He to enjoy its natural beauty, affordable prices and a light back lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of back home westerners could spend their days. Diving exploring was sunbathing with a cocktail hand before trading themselves to a tie, massage and heading out, so one of the many bars the talk, the shorelines as doin approach, That, monday morning, a beach cleaner was cut the sands of sorry badge, the main tourist top that help
The majority of the islands bars dives shops and accommodation, as I need the re felt side of the ocean view bungalows. They noticed, sir. Thing among the rocky alcove on the shore line the we have a wide blonde. Female was lying on blood site sand. In the water approximately twelve metres away was the body of a what may or floating in the shallow tide, the surrounding water was red with blood.
The when twenty three year old Hannah with the region asked her plans to travel to thailand from her home in norfolk, england. Her parents were apprehensive. They perceived the foreign country to be a dangerous place for a young woman. Sue with rage tried to talk her daughter out of it, urging Hannah cannot survive the australian role europe instead that hunters and was made up. Her last few years had revolved around study and she was eager for a break having completed a degree in education at the university of east anglia, Hannah had begun a postgraduate coursing speech in the language therapy. She looked forward to a career centred around helping others, but she also craved some much needed downtime and adventure.
so when the possibility of visiting thailand with a close group of her friends arose Hannah jumped at the chance, although she promised to contact her parents ever day. They remained anxious as she began her journey through the bustling foreign country. When hungary, I could tell one september twelve, two thousand fourteen her parents break this. sigh of relief they could finally, relax. Knowing the island opposed little threat as their daughter be doing little beside sunbathing and swimming hunter and her friend checked into the ocean view bungalows ancyra badge a no frills, Tell offering basic facilities within walking distance to a selection of bars and restaurants. The force him hadn't been their long when they met a pair of fellow british backpack is david and Chris, who
staying in an adjacent room like Hannah twenty four year old David Miller was dedicated to he, studies having just completed a degree in civil and structural engineering. At lades university David left, his home town of jersey Britain's channel islands to spend six wakes undertaking a work placement at a morning. company in australia deciding to spend some, so I am travelling around southeast asia before returning home to complete these masters degree David ventured to thailand with these close friend Chris, where two made up with some other friends on cattle. David and Hannah and their friends quickly hit it off on the night of Sunday september. Fourteen the group headed out to chop is a busy sports bar just off sorry badge. As they chatted and aloft over drinks
The owner snapped a photo of the young travellers to promote these venue on social media. It captured a smile hannah wearing a pink top with her long blonde hair flowing down, while her friends pulled faces behind her. her mobile phone and small handbag rested on the table in front of her david sat between. these friends on the other side of the table wearing agree Natasha with these brown hair combed to the side and a big smile on his face. Just after midnight, Hannah and her girlfriends made their way to the eye say by a lively beachfront venue. Popular with experts and backpack, is. David increase joined them shortly after two. I am at sea Point in the early hours of the morning had r and d,
It left via the ball back entrance and walked towards their hotel into the darkness. The following morning, police was summoned to the bay shots. the ocean view bungalows eyes. land is a deeply religious country, and the area where police were cold was surrounded by temples. When they saw what had taken place there. The officers were shaken, spiritually, the first officer who arrived on the same, lighter remarked, I hope a god will punish the person who committed this crime. Hannah with rage and David Miller's bodies was sprawled on the page, both having been victims of a brutal attack. Hannah was lying in the sand by a looming rocky wall. She
Ben bludgeoned, numerous times with a blunt object, causing her death david jagged wounds, were all over her face and head Her upper and lower jaw forehead and by thought sockets were broken. She was Naked from the waist down her white skirt pushed up over her to her. She had been right and there were bite marks knee her wrought. Nipple David Miller was. floating in the shallow water nearby naked, except for a single black sock, he had also sustained multiple headwinds he's up. A joy was broken as where he's also get and chick berries, defensible on his hands showed that a struggle had taken place, however,
what are found in his lungs indicated. He had been alive when he was thrown into the sea and that he had ultimately died from drowning Hannah and its clothing was strewn about on the blood strict beige with footprints pressed into the sand around them. Underneath the fallen log me by was bloodstained garden HO typically used, fatiguing bait saw sought, fi appeared, the whole belonged to a local man who would actually found it before the police and taken back to he's gotta only returning at once. He realized that significance. The pole this also collected three ellen. Damn brand cigarette bots, a black flip flop shoe and are used condom. The condom contained Hannah's dna, but according to police, it was to contaminated to recover anyone else's. How
Ah, Siemens dining on hand. His body was viable for dna testing day. Nay was also lifted from the cigarette botz. At the time, there were only six police officers stationed on cattle and therein experience with major murder investigations quickly became evident. Firstly, they didn't put a star two boats coming and going from the island, giving the perpetrator who perpetrate is the opportunity to flee. Secondly, their failure to properly secured the crime scene led to curious tourists and locals contaminate. In the same as they gathered around to see what was going on, some members of the public even took photos with their mobile phones and quit They posted them to social media. The full along graphic images of
Erin David's, mutilated bodies were circulating online, much to the horror of the victims, loved ones who were grappling to come to terms with the news back home Although a motive for the murders wasn't immediately obvious police didn't think it was a random attack, given the extent of hunter and David's injuries, they believed it was a crime of passion sparked by jealousy or anger. They questioned david's travel campaign increase where it was highly distressed and unable to shed any light on the tragedy. Police was suspicious Chris had an injury on his right hand, which he insisted was the result of a prior accident. He said: hey and David had been due to live cattle the day after the murders and that man, did no enemies during that time. On the island, hey couldn't think of any reason why someone would want to her david,
who was widely adored by those who knew him likewise, and his friends had no information that could help with the investigation. With no evidence to link Hannah road David's friends to the crime police gave them permission, leave. The island Helen They soon realized. This was a mistake for. and take examination of hand, his body revealed fragments of blonde hair. In her hand, this was significant, given that chris was blonde, whereas David's hair was brown s. Subsequent inspection of the hotel room, David increases add also revealed. There was dried blood on a pair of david's, pants police. began to wonder whether David and Chris could have been involved in some kind of love triangle that, when violently awry
two days after hunter and David's bodies were found Chris, where and his elder brother James was stopped for further questioning. Had thanks, international airport, as they attempted to leave their country James, had spent time with david increase cattle but had left the island the night before the murders had occurred. Regard us police ordered the brothers to stay in thailand until the results of dna testing came back. News of the murders made international headlines, creating a public relations. Nightmare for thailand, where tourism accounts for ten percent of the economy roughly twenty million tourists visit the country each year, but those numbers had recently been under threat in may, Two thousand fourteen a military coup had overthrowing the
but critically elected government and thailand had seen spain the martial law, the police, cool instability, combined with the fact that most travel insurance companies excluded cover for destinations where martial law is implies meant the number of foreigners visiting thailand had been decreasing with a brutal killer. Who'll killers targeting holiday makers. Now on the loose, the pressure was on fur authority. to make an arrest and fast, adding to the pressure the fact that the neighbouring island of Coppin Yang had developed and unsavory reputation that threatened to tarnish could tell standing as a peaceful relaxing tourist destination famous for its month full moon parties, which attracted upwards of thirty three and young revellers cop Yang had become notorious for drugs. Sexual assaults and robberies.
many locals believed the same criminals who preyed on tourists on coppin yang would taking advantage of cartels. Growing party saying thailand self appointed prime minister army chief general pray. You ten or shot appeared on television to dressed the issue of tourist safety. Commenting tourists think how countries beautiful unsafe said they can do whatever they want. They can wear, became ease and the walk rywhere. He then added that only tourists who were quote not beautiful should feel safe in became is a comment spock to international outrage and required, the general to issue a public apology within days, sixty police off mrs had descended on could to expedite the investigation upon inspecting the crime scene,
the islands, most senior police officer concluded one thing: there was way the murders were committed by a tie person. He believed ties. Simply capable of carrying out such a horrendous act of violence. Instead, police focus their attention on foreigners. Yet the seamen staining found on Hannah whither ridges body was determined to have come from to asian males the day. in any of these, men was also found on the l m cigarette thoughts, along with the dna of a third asian mayo. As a result, the where brother were officially cleared from the investigation and free to return to the uk thought The lace were now forced to look inwards for potential sauce backs.
de I say bar where hunter and David were last seen, was known to be frequented by groups of aggressive drunken men, and it was theorized that Hannah might have had a confrontation with one who then followed her and David as they walked back to the hotel, another possibility was that fishermen could have swam ashore from their boat to commit the crimes then fled by sea without anyone and knowing they were in the area of police began focusing on the large migrant burmese community that dominated the island, but the roughly two thousand permanent residence on cattle. There were approximately five thousand burmese workers who flocked from their neighbouring country of man MA looking for employment, given They were willing to work for less money than the ties burma he's made up a majority of the islands, the labour force many
iran documented and often exploited and treated disrespectfully by toys who considered them to be of a lower social standing. maize workers who lived all worked within the vicinity of the crime scene were rounded up on mass and required to provide dna samples and footprints to compare to thy eyes left in the sand at the murder saying document hey was also checked. To identify those who were working in the country illegally raids would die. on several homes, and five burmese men were put under the spotlight after bloodstains were found on some of their clothes, lab over two hundred dna samples were collected, but none were matched to the crime saying
twenty five year old. Scottish musician, shorn mckenna had been living on qatar for some time and was a friend of David Miller's from back home cross to hear what had happened sean deeply regretted not going to the I say, bar with David on the night, he was killed in the day. following the murders he heard me Rumours circulating around the island, including that to tie men had attempted to molest Hannah and David, had stepped in prompting the ties to kill the pair Drowning he's woes at a local by a group of local time. Man approached sean and started asking him questions about his friend feeling tipsy shorn answered them. Before one of the men allegedly said it was you who killed. Then you ve got to people's deaths on your hands.
You are going to hang yourself tonight. We are going to watch, you hang you die tonight. Terrified sure got up and ran He sprinted into a nearby supermarket, but two of the men followed him inside thinking quickly about how to protect himself show On logged into facebook on his phone and posted a photo of the men, along with the message time, latvia trying to kill me. Please help me. the police eventually escorted, shorn back to his hotel, but fearing for he's alive. He fled into the jungle where he hid over not before boarding the first bout of cattle in the morning, Then met up with their report off, but the daily telegraph to tell he story saying he believed the men who approached him knew who had killed hunter and David and when looking for escape, god
They wanted sean to take his eye life so that it would fit with their narrative that the killer was a western. Ah. When the video of sean talking about this in canada circulated online, some astute viewers notice that he The two cinema along wound on his right, forearm that looked remarkably similar, to one on David, Miller's, shoulda, further is also circulated on social media reassurance, guitar, which he had left on cattle, and it appeared to be splendid with blood Suspicions arose that sean could have been involved in the murders. Possibly in conjunction with some of his tie friends and had created the story about being threatened in order to detract attention from himself. Sean strongly disputed these allegations explained
that the injuries and blood had come from a buck accident days before the murders, hey left the country and went off the grid. Unlike other parts of the world in thailand, the term Fear doesn't necessarily relate to organised crime, but to the influence your families that hold a monopoly over certain areas. could tell initially served as a political prison, with its first permanent in evidence arriving in the nineteen thirty's long for any authorities wealth Intel had since been resettled into a tourist haven, these families. he'll dominated the island, owning a majority of the land and businesses they held, great power and were generally considered the unofficial ladys of the island, the go to paypal when any problems arose.
The richest and most influential family on qatar was the dough which he and family feed by many They are in the majority of the businesses on sorry badge, including the I say, bar and resort when David and Hannah well last sane alive at the head of the family was war upon dough, which has been followed closely by his brother monetary wad, better known as moron, Man had been the first person to arrive at the crime scene after debate. lena, led him to the discovery of the bodies. When foot from the scene was broadcast on the news, etc. Many is odd that man was alive. To join the police in the court and off area, he was ain't freely, walking around the crime saying, which sceptics believe gave him the opportunity. To contaminate any evidence while providing
A valid explanation as to why any of his dna might be found suspicion and immediately arose that the thai mafia were involved in the murders and were working in conjunction with the police to make the problem go away. Some toy police had a reputation for corruption and were often accused used of accepting bribes and protecting those in positions of power. Both. in these theories was the fact that mondo, which he and was one of the men that shorn mckenna had photographed after they followed him into the supermarket, urging him to take his own life. The other was a police officer. As accusations of a cover up and gather momentum, the police it's a they wouldn't be swayed by any local influence and that the mafia would be looked into like anyone else.
Just over a week after the double homicide police finance that mondo, which he and had been taken into custody for questioning after he was captured in cctv booty age in the vicinity of the crime scene. Around the time the murders took place. They also sought to arrest the moans nephew. Twenty two year old nome saw the dough which you in He bore resemblance to another figure, captured in the footage and was reported to have fled the island shortly after the murders. Rumours swelled that no sod had hired a spade boat in the early hours of september fifteen, and it was saint stating too, towards the mainland leaving his family to cover again. no side was eventually located, but hey claimed he hadn't bain on catawheel at the time the murders at all he said, he'd been over
four hundred kilometers away at university in Bangkok and even had still taken from cctv footage to prove it. Concluding this to be a solid alibi norm. Sod was publicly cleared from the investigation as was his uncle mon. Mom lighter explained on the tunnel for documentary murder in Paradise that the real reason he traced sure my cannot into the supermarket was because he wanted to question him about the blood on his guitar By now, online sleuths had become fixated on the case and they remained convened that the mafia were involved in hunter and David's murders. Examining the cctv stills of norms saw, though, which he unimpassioned cock. They notice that the footage hadn't come from the EU. firstly at all, but from
Lobby of norms- sods Bangkok, apartment next door. It was time stand non fifteen. I am on September fifteen several hours. was, after the murders, were thought to have taken place. Some online sleuth speculated that the look of the lobby was out dated indicating the footage had been captured some time ago. But there was no evidence to support this. allegations arose that this stills were fake and concern. and citizens called for cctv footage from the university itself to be released regardless police closed the book on the dough which he and family frustrated by the accusations against his family cartel headman, whereupon, though, which in another The bizarre challenge, if anyone could prove it,
he's family were involved in Halloran David's murders, he'd pay them one million bob the equivalent to around forty thousand australian dollars two weeks passed without any significant breakthroughs. In the case, the police came under criticism I'm from the british press for chasing the wrong leads publicly naming suspects who were lighted cleared four, wrongly jumping from once us back to the next. Without fully complete, Each line of inquiry toy police rejected an offer of assistance from the british embassy saying they were content. that an arrest would soon be made one. They say, journalist, remarked watching the toy police struggled to answer this mystery, but the oars
The world on them has felt like being part of a sometimes farcical performance in which we, the media, are the audience. There were roughly three hundred cctv cameras around saw re badge, but only one hundred, and six of them were working on the night that Hannah with rage and David Miller were killed, sir, Parity cameras at the I say, bar didn't face towards the bait side exit, so it couldn't be d and exactly when hunter and David had left the venue, given that day, it had entered around to our work. I am in the pears bodies, had been found around five. I am the murders had occurred somewhere within that time frame cctv each captured in the area within those hours revealed three young asian males travelling on a motorcycle with a guitar entire. After stop
at a seven eleven convenience store to buy beer and cigarettes Tree I made their way towards the beach and disappeared from view. Ada at around three forty five. I am a secure camera that health restaurant, neither crime same captured an asian man running short, less down the street, although he soon disappeared from view he shadow be seen entering a short cut that led to a nearby bungalow on october, one just over two weeks after the murders police have visited the bungalow and found that a young, burma's migrant, named a mall resided there when asked about He's whereabouts on the night of the murder is more more said. He'd gone. Answer sorry badge with two of these friends: Zoah Lynn. The way p o to play the guitar dates
on a fallen log candidate, the pine tree sharing cigarettes and having a few drinks more than ride. The motorcycle, too he's girlfriends house when he returned I saw a lion and away p o where they're asleep. he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Nor was there any strange about their behaviour in the days following Palais saw did more to take them to the homes of zoah, lynn and away p o the further questioning. At one. I am on october to the team of police swarmed their house The men lived with six other workers.
Twenty two year old zoah lion had grown up, poor and uneducated in a remote village in me and mars, reclined state that had no electricity or running water he's family grew just enough crops and rise to just enough livestock to get by. After his father passed away, his all alene crossed the border into thailand, looking for better paying work and secured a job at a bar. run, ancyra badge, o thou, it didn't pay well, it was more. then he could make in myanmar and he worked hard to say. And as much money as he could to his mother back home police saw the seas orleans passport, but he couldn't provide one said they play team under arrest for illegally entering the country. As for twenty two year old way, p o hay was nowhere to be found,
like is online way p o also came from a poor, remote village in me, and mars reclined state with very limited resources and had come to a town to take advantage of the employment opportunities He'd recently been offered a new job on the mainland and was currently travelling on an overnight boat that was due to arrive in the city of supra tawny had six. I am when the boy put in offices found way. P, o hiding on board and placed him under arrest when he was unable to provide a passport or valid work permit in custody. They were questioned as potential witnesses to the murder of hanner and David. Both
Men signed written forms consenting to have their dna collected way. P o was taken back to curtail for questioning and it didn't take along the him to crack within hours way. P o confessed to everything. Case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode, sponsor is it was a night, like any other for case, fall team member Jess she ate dinner with her family talk to the kids about school and then suddenly she was gone off to play best veins in her bedroom. If you have been playing best feigns, it's no secret. Why you sneak off
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well to the western concept of reputation losing face is something that time people avoid at all costs and a public reenactment of one's crimes serves as the ultimate degradation on october. Three hordes of press and curious onlookers gathered around a sigh re page as zoah lynn and away p o what led to the crime scene in handcuffs wearing bulletproof, vests and helmets for their protection. The two men used to dust pan in place of the garden ho as instructed by the police, the zulu lion and away p o reenacted their movements from the early hours of the morning. On september, fifteen complaint with the guitar. According to the official pole, Please report it all started after their friend momo left to visit his girlfriend
Zaw land and away p o remained sitting on a fallen log playing the guitar and smoking cigarettes when, through the darkness They saw hunter and David kissing in a conservative country where public affection is frowned upon and rarely saying the side aroused them overcome with sexual jim. Let's see they decided to knock David out so that they could write panel depend found the garden hose near by and snuck up behind the couple striking david on their head several times. Realizing he was dead. They dragged his body into say they then used the home to inflict several blows. Tat hung his head. Render her unconscious, at which point they took turns raping her afterwards. They knew they had to kill her not to conceal what I done so they hid her in the head with the whole. Several more times
way, p o then stall, David sunglasses. Until I found he broke the sunglasses and threw them away, they gave the iphone to a friend named ran officers, went to rennes high and found the smashed broken. I found in the back yard back of it. Serial number with british authorities confirmed that it belonged to David Miller, armed with the confession the authority these were able to place a rush on the dna testing and soon revealed that the seamen on his body had come from both zoah lynn and wipe yo dead. And I was also found on the murder weapon and on cigarette bots recovered from the crime saying, xo alene underway p o were both formally charged with five offences. Premeditated murder, killing to conceal a criminal offence,
illegal entry into thailand and staying in the country without permission. Many members of the public had believed it was just a matter of time before the crimes were blamed on a migrant and when news hit that the burmese- Workers had been arrested for the murders scepticism ran rife. commentary in the Bangkok post explained that the skepticism didn't just stem from the poor handling of the police investigation, but quote the police's long standing notoriety for arresting poor and powerless skype guides to save reach criminals who can afford to buy their innocence. The public outrage became so strong that police threatened to charge. Anyone who questioned their findings, then general police chief described the investigation as a perfect job, but for the critics there were several
taos about zoo lynn and wipe. He owes alleged involvement that raised serious questions. First of all, when the two men were taken into police custody, they were rightly questioned as witnesses not sauce backs. It was. therefore suspicious that they would both involuntarily confessed to such serious crimes. In the absence of any incriminating evidence, there was talk that the police might have offered the two burma's men money in exchange for a confession, which they ignore: lay a great too without realising the seriousness of the consequences. During the re enactment of the murders, some noted That's all in and away p o had to be guided every step of the way as though they. had no idea what was expected of them as described
I, author, suzanne buchanan in her book, titled the curse of the turtle, the true story of thailand's backpack and that is, The accused were often manhandled into position by the police, and if they pointed in one direction, the police would correct them and they then point the opposite way. Suzanne remarked. saw a lion and away P. O visibly had no clue what they were meant to be doing. They had to be physically prompted at every turn by the police, who were obviously choreographing. The entire thing. The two tiny men looked like puppets on. A string Critics also questioned zero lynn and away pianos supposed motive when Anne. Dancing. The arrests police initially said that the killers had been aroused upon saying hunter and David quote, making love. But this explanation
didn't add up for one. david dna wasn't found on hand his body, meaning the pair hadn't, had sex. Secondly, to say: that the killers had been spontaneously motivated by sexual desire contrasted scientific studies about what drives the men to rape, women. A majority of psychologists believed that ripe, isn't driven by lost but he's usually inactive premeditated violence driven by the desire for power and control for some Police misunderstanding served is further proof that they were creating a narrative against the two accused in the absence of any real motive. There was also the question of whether solely in and way p o physically capable of I've repairing to victims, both of them Maize men were very slide in stature. Only stay being around five foot tall, whereas there
The miller was roughly six point two with an athletic build strike. David in the head, overpowering him and dragging he's body into the water while simultaneously restrain. Hannah would have been no lazy fate for two men of the accused size. Furthermore, twenty days had passed between. The mood is taking place and saw a lion and away p o being arrested. Yet the pair had, I did no attempt to flee the island reports. I did that way. P o was arrested when trying to escape when a boat to sue, right, tawny, but way p, o claimed here, simply being visiting the mainland to start a new job. If the to Burma Migrants were responsible for the murders and made sense that they would have left the and as soon as possible to escape not just the authorities but also local mafia, they Details aside somewhere,
so suspicious about the police, handling of the evidence, David's body and clothing belonging to both him and tat. had been moved to shortly after offices. First arrived at the crime scene, potentially disturbing evidence, police explain and they did this to avoid the items being washed away by the tide, but the tide had already gone out for the day, and it was therefore unlikely that the items would be dragged away by the current. human rights groups had been following hunter and David's case and what concerns. That is all a lion and away p o had been treated unfairly from the gecko. It was clear that police didn't want to kill, ought to be tie not, only had one of delayed investigators said. There was no way a toy person could be capable of such a crime. The sub district head of cattle commented if,
The foreigner killed hunter and David. Then the damage for us, one be too bad. If it's something else, they could really heard our reputation Wednesday, lynn and way p o were arrested. The dna and sent forms and statements they signed. What both written in tie, however, needs or of the burmese men could speak. All red tie, I'd been provided with a burmese translator, but hey wasn visual cord appointed translator, hey was a burmese pancake vendor who spoke neither time nor was all in and wipe he owes native recline dialect. The pancake Then door was also part of an ethnic minority that had a long history of conflict with me and mars. Recline state which is where I saw a lion and away P. O came from the
We are also concerned that the public reenact men, which human rights groups are viewed as antiquated, would harm the accused right to a fair trial Officials from me and my embassy visited zoah win and away p o in jail alone. With members of thailand, national human rights commission, the lawyers counts of thailand and the migrant. work has rights network. They determined that both men when naive, uneducated and easily co worst, along with the force, the dna testing and questionable translated. the accused hadn't, been appointed a lawyer or told of their rights, they didn't seem to understand the full weight of the crimes they been accused of, nor the fact that they, wouldn't be released anytime soon enough.
A detail that couldn't be overlooked was the fact that the two young men appeared to be supporting several bruises. Solely in and way p o told these organizations that what really happened on the night of the murder is was that they met at moors workplace, which was part of arrest. I end by the door which he and family they waited around for more to finish and the trio than purchase some beer and cigarettes from seven Levin, before riding a motorbike down to sigh re badge at all and two, I am, they sat on a fallen log playing a guitar that solely and had brought with him. It was dark and they could say more than roughly five made in front of them. This roughly and now, I'm playing the guitar while passing the bees and cigarettes between them. More then left for a while, at which point zero alene
way p, I made another quick trip to the convenience store to bar two more bottles of be shortly after they returned to the beach more rejoined. Them, but he didn't stay long before heading off to visit his girlfriend thought I too lightly rain. So solar, wind and wave p o decided to call it a night as that made their way along the beach zoo, alene decided to take a quick dip in the sea in the hopes of curbing a nagging head ache. He placed the guitar down and jumped into the ward off fully closed. Why p decided to join him, taking off his shoes, ensure and piling them onto the shore. They swam for around fifteen minutes and when I got here. Rapiers shoes, shirt and a guitar were missing. There was a group
of about twenty people watching a fire twirling show outside the I say bar but other than that. haven't seen anyone pass by at no point did they say Hannah whither aid should David Miller. The two men walked around looking for their belongings, but couldn't find them so they decided to make the short walk back to moors bungalow. Take A short cut down a nearby lame. Why movement was still at his girlfriend's house, so so Lin and away p o let themselves inside XO. lean hung his wet clothes out to dry and went to bed but way p o couldn't relax. The missing sure he'd been wearing belonged to more and he wanted to return it plus. He needed he shoes for work. The next day
Way, p, I returned to the beach on his own distill. Couldn't find the missing items admitting to fade. He walked two moor house finding an iphone Air of sunglasses along the way which he decided to cave he got two moors bungalow around, for I am with mama Returning from he's girlfriends, shortly after. The next morning, Zoah Lin, and way pr returned to the village where they buys lived. Why p o showed. The I found to his friend ran way. Pr try to. The phone on, but it required a pass code. So he plugged into rennes charges and left at their before heading off for work. When ran lighter, heard about hunter and David's murders, hey panicked real
housing, that way p o had found the iphone right near the crime scene, wren smashed the phone to pieces and hid behind he's house out of fear that he'd be implicated in the crime. the two accused claimed. This was the same version of events that they'd given when they were first taken in for questioning, but the police didn't believe them instead, had they taken dna samples without solar, wind and away pianos consent and force them to santa immense written in tie, which they didn't understand when solely in denied committing the murders. The burmese translator attacked him, threatening that he'd be killed and threatened to say, The translator urged him to confess saying he died. They get four or five years in prison as opposed to certain death, but
men claimed that police tortured them by stripping them naked and leaving them in heavily air conditioned rooms with blindfolds in handcuffs on a plastic bag was Stiva Zoah leans head in an attempt to suffocate in way p o, was beaten and had he's testicles electrocuted. one point: the police allegedly said that other burmese workers had been burned to death on the island and warned those who don't have passports don't have rights if they disappear. Nobody would notice humiliated terrified and in agony solely in and way piano eventual. I couldn't take it anymore. Both men reluctantly confessed to the crime at no point where they informed of the charges against them or of their rights to a lawyer,
wednesday, Zaw and way p o whisked off to sorry badge to stage a reenactment the next day they claim the burmese translator dictated there. Every move, instructing them what to do and say A legal team from the lawyers council of thailand too great to take on the case pro bono and almost two months after hunter and David's murders, zoo lion and away p, o formerly retracted their earlier statements and both declared that I'd be plating not guilty to the crime. myanmar officials warned that unfair treatment of zero land and away p, I could harm the relationship between the two countries but type police. Staunchly denied the allegations of torture
Maintained that their interrogations had been done by the book and both of the accused had confessed that their own volition, the public, prosecutor stated that the retracted confessions wouldn't have any impact on the case due to the strength of the forensic evidence, the family. Hannah with rage and David Miller slammed the reports that zol lane and way Pierre had been used as scapegoats and express confidence in the investigation. The miller's said from what we have seen. The suspects have a difficult case to answer The evidence against them appears to be powerful and convincing. four supporters of solely in and way p o the dna Evidence that supposedly linked to them to the crime scene was also dubious. The author,
These had never provided that detailed dna test results which should include statistical, die, our analysis and a probability ratio. Instead, merely presented a one page report that contained hand written alterations to the dates and no staff to confirm that the dna had been test. That in a laboratory that complied with internationally accepted standards, there was no documented chain of custody or case nights, as would be required in any western country. Furthermore, dna testing is a complex process that can take a significant amount of time bomb, in saw a and way pianos case investigators were able to bridge. Use a result in around twenty four hours. These discrepancies prompted accusations that the dna evidence I ever being planted or manipulated to frame the accused.
Jane taupin, an australian expert on dna profiling, who looked at the evidence, said. Crime scenes are notoriously difficult to gather quality dna samples from cases like the one on cattell, which deal with mixed samples fraught with danger. Complex Then sometimes unreliable statistical calculations must be carried out to determine the probability that someone other than the accused could match their recovered sample. Torpid challenged the police's statement that the dna was confirmed to have come from the accused, explaining dna
Profiling is predicated on statistics. That's the whole point, you don't just say it's a match, its, not fingerprinting. You need to give significance to that match. for the sceptics, one major question remained a zoo, a lion and white p, o didn't, kill hunter and David. Then, who did. Cattle was advertised as a safe destination, and it was widely reported. A westerner hadn't fallen victim to a homicide on the island for over a decade. Some believed this was isn't necessarily the case. Prior The hunter and david's murder a couple of incidents had occurred that had people talking in august, two thousand and twelve
Thirty two year old, pretty shy taken salt and Ben Harrington was holiday on so I re beige with these brother and a friend when he ventured. On a motorbike to get a beer at a nearby bob shortly after that, Lifeless body was found on the side of a quiet road police determine that he had accidentally written the black into a cement. Electricity Paul fatally breaking his neck to the point that it was twice the back one hundred and eighty degrees bends family wasn't convinced Ty authorities were eager to remain Ben's body straight after his death, but the Harrington's refused and fought hard to have. Bans remains repatriated for a post mortem when his body was returned, his wallet and cash were missing waiting the harringtons to suspect that ban might have been robbed and then killed to cover it up.
an autopsy performed in the u k revealed that there were no marks on bans neck, nor his neck, broken. A coronal inquest was unable to determine whether Ben had indeed died of an accident, but confirmed his death was jude Who are ruptured? I oughta caused by some sort of collision fish. Months later, the full member peace in family travelled ticket touts from their home in the english city of dhabi to ring in the new year together. On new year's eve, they celebrated with dinner had a sigh re restaurant before retiring to the nearby hillside resort at around one thirty, I am twenty five year old nick appears
Had injured he's knee a few days prior and required help from his father to hobble too he's bungalow, but other than that he was in good spirits. The next morning, when next family went to check on him, the door to his room was locked, but nick was an inside Shortly after scuba, diving traversing the waters in front of the hillside resort found next body floating in the sea. He was still work. bring the same clothes that he'd want to bed police determined that he drowned after likely falling fifty fate from these bungalow above, but for the peace and family. This did not opt for one nick hadn't sustained single, broken bone. The cliff side was also full of imposing boulders, and, if nick had fallen, one of their rocks would have likely claudia fool, who he's body would be badly injured.
Police considered at an open and shot case, but the peace in family suspected fair play. Rumours circulating that nick could have gotten on the wrong side of local softer, taking a locking till one of their girlfriends the day before his death. When the peace and started making their own inquiries, they will want to leave catawheel, as there were powerful people who lived on the island, nix body was returned. To the uk, where a coroner was unable to exclude the possibility that he had been assaulted prior to his death and recorded and open, verdict, when mixed parents heard about the murders of Hannah with rage and David Miller, mixed mother Tracy told reporters
the mirror. We don't believe the men they've arrested for killing Hannah and David have anything to do with it. It's just a plan to show the police have acted said. They don't put tourists off As soon as I saw the news about hunter and David, I cried for them and their parents, because I know how hard it is to get the truth on that island. For twenty three year old, sam venting. His two thousand and thirteen holiday to cattell seemed like a distant memory, but when he saw the news about the double murders on sa re beige, it all came. Rushing back the location where the crime took place was all too familiar. Horror wash deva sam has he realized it could have a Silly bade me in that body, bag.
Fifteen months earlier, SAM had been drinking at a cartel law with twenty year old canadian backpacker call a bottle when the new closed the pair had a dance The southern end of sorry, beach, sitting on a wall need the exact spot that David and Hannah had been murdered. Adding in the dark they sudden I heard a motorbike pull up followed by the scuffle of flip flops. Split seconds later to masked men, appeared, karla instantly got up and ran screaming for help before seen could fully comprehend what was happening. He felt something hard struck the side of his head. He fell backwards, The sand beneath breaking his full when he came to moments later blood was dripping down his face men had disappeared, but collars hysteria
go screams still echoed through the night. Collar and SAM had no idea what motivated the attack, but they believed that perpetrators had been scared off by Carla's screams. They didn't report the incident choosing to forget and move on board. After hunter and David, were murdered. They wondered whether they might have narrowly escaped a similar fate. collar and sam didn't get a good look of their attack is through the dark, but they did notice. One thing. The men were of every child and build not short lived. So a lion and wipe he logging. This information could be vital to the whither ridge miller, investigation, both collar Sam contacted the relevant thai authorities wanting to provide a statement.
Neither of them ever heard another word. Whilst all lin and away Pierre way to trial controversy continued to haunt cartel on new year's eve of two thousand fourteen twenty nine year old frenchman, Dmitri pauvres welcomed the new year by partying all night with a group of friends. Dmitri had been living on cartel That around eleven I am on new year's day. He headed home alone to his rented bungalow was lighter. He's lifeless body was found hanging from the rafters. If he's front balcony. Police arrived and found a note near by concluding at an open and shot case of suicide, but when Those circulated online. Others were sceptical. The news.
It was noticeably loose had been fashioned from a pair of shoelaces and totally though no significant marks around the may trees. Neck he's lie. And were tied behind his back word on the island was that he'd bain romantically interested in a woman who was involved with the when two may trees body was found, his hands were tied behind his back. Word on the island was that he'd bain romantically interested in a woman who was involved with the local mafia. Just Three weeks later, the parents of twenty three year old, christina annesley, became worried when they hadn't heard from their daughter. In several days chris, anna had recently travelled sallow took detail from england and had told her parents that she'd come down with a painful chest infection.
at six. I am on January twenty one, two thousand fifteen, a cleaner found, christina disaze tin, her sorry ray bay hotel room. She was lying Face down with a bloody knows, police determined that she died from natural causes, softer lethally, mixing alcohol with antibiotics and painkillers. Both Which she bought over the counter at a nearby pharmacy christine as parents, were convinced. They heard the allegations of police cover ups in thailand and requested that their daughters body they returned to the. U k for an autopsy.
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save tourists on qatar tensions escalated. Has the trial of Zeus lean and way p o drew knee reports continued to circulate that the police were covering for the mafia and that locals who knew the truth about who killed china with rage and David Miller had fled the island out of concern for their own safety. Lawyers for the defense were coming up against hurdle after hurdle nodded. only were they denied access to a nine hundred page police report that formed the basis of the prosecution's case witnesses from the burmese community, one willing to testify because they are too afraid to come forward, their defence team were forced to bid their case by relying heavily on media speculation. After being Granted several extensions the trial finally commenced in the costs amoy proven
sure chord. In July, two thousand fifteen David Miller's parents and brother travelled to thailand to be there for the proceedings. stopping at the scene of the crime to lay mementoes in David, Jonah, David's father and said they had come with an open mind. Acknowledging the speculation that was running rampant online and said we are here for David because of his tragic death, we'll go with the flow as much we can we won't come in on the trial process, will be dignified for David. a crowd, funding appeal organised by hunter with the regis system, laura help to cover the costs for his family to attend the trial. But the family clarified they wouldn't be making any public comments.
In thailand. Criminal trials are overseen by a panel of three judges with no jury present. In this instance, press weren't allowed into the court room and the public were forbidden from taking notes. The proceedings were hold entirely in time, although its translators, were present so that the victims families could stay abreast of what was happening. the days were long and exhausting with some courts. Friends running for over ten hours. According to the book, the curse of the turtle, the true story of thailand's backpacker. Nowadays, the public prosecutor and one of the judges, often fell asleep, while the leading george sometimes got up in the middle of proceedings and left the court room. The defence argued that the police investigation was botched and inadequate and that tunnel vision
and on solely in and way p yo had prevented police from chasing any other lades. The accused, status as illegal migrants, made them vulnerable and convenient scapegoats. Lady. to one lawful treatment, while in police custody the prosecution stood by the forensic evidence as proof of the defendants guild yet because solely in and way p o didn't know what they were consenting to when they signed a dna consent form that offence argued that the day and I ever dance should be inadmissible. their request was denied, testifying for the defense was doktor. Coon gene pool One of thailand leading forensic pathologist according to doktor pointed day
nay, testing in thailand, is incorrect. In sixty percent of cases, she expressed her doubts about the accuracy of the dna taken from the sorry, bates crime, sane and the way they samples were handled. The police had reported The dna from the accused had been found on the murder weapon. Doktor pointy had tested the murder weapon in her laboratory and fans. dna from David mill off and an unknown asian mail, but none from zero lynn or why? Pr? Although, when questioned by the prosecution, she conceded that this could be explained by the accused having worn, gloves or washing the weapon. The process Sure were run deterred by this testimony as they believed this. and found on hand his body indisputably linked the accused to the crime. The defence therefore
question that the dna, from the same in samples be independently re, tested, arguing that, evidence wasn't collected, tested, well analyzed properly. Their request was denied by police on the grounds that Sample had been used up and was now longer viable. The trial continued sporadically over the course of several months until the verdict was handed down on December. Twenty four two thousand fifteen families of both the victims and the accused They d outside the courtroom, along with members of the press. Saw a lean and wipe p o. Well, let inside wearing shackles and orange prison jumpsuits the mother,
Of the accused had been brought in from me in march and began wailing hysterically when they saw their sons way. Pianos mother pleaded please release my son, my son did not do this. My son is not that kind of person please. I beg for justice inside the judges declared zoah lie and away p o guilty for all charges and sentenced. The both men to death. They were also ordered to pay David Miller's family, for he stolen phone and turn the murder weapon to its rightful owner the mob. of the two men were led whiling from the courtroom, family weren't present for the verdicts but released a statement saying the pot
de has served as an unimaginably impossible time for our family. We have found the trial process extremely difficult, and our troops out to thailand to attend court made for particularly distressing experiences. we found a listening to proceedings very challenging and we have had When you are a lot of painful and confusing information. We now need time as a family to digest the outcome of the trial and figure out the most appropriate way to tell our story outside court. David Miller's brother, Michael told reporters We believe the result today represents justice for David and Hannah. It is our opinion that the evidence against way p o. When does your lean, is absolutely overwhelming. Thy right, too, as far as selfish desires and murder, to cover up that fact
They have shown no remorse during the trial. We believe that, after a difficult start, the royal type police can. After the methodical and thorough investigation. We hope the camp is who have relentlessly promoted this case will respect the process of law and the decision of the court, the verdict prompted widespread backlash, sparking protests on the thailand me and my border and the thai embassy in me, and my in support of solely in and way p o the so government attempted to distance itself from the controversy sang the accused had the right to appeal and that the verdict needed to be respected. From prison. Zoah, wind and wave yo released a statement. That said, we are in
sent and we are not involved in this horrific crime. We didn't kill. We want freedom. On january, three support for the burmese. Do I grew after thirty seven minute long video appeared online from the international activist group Anonymous known for workers. Writing cyber attacks against the various government organizations and corporations anonymous had been conducting its own investigations into the allegations of police corruption in thailand. Citing similar instances of wrongful convictions and bungled investigations, the group concluded that migrant workers were often skype guided to ensure tourists want discouraged from visiting their country amassed spokesman for Anonymous said we do not like the facts in this racing cartel case and we do
I believe that talk court has convicted the actual murderers of this crime. Anonymous calls for this case be re investigated with credible forensic specialists, though it also encouraged people to re, consider travelling to thailand and sole toy police, improved the wide thy handled, ripened murder cases involving foreigners and shit More respect for victims in a bid to apply pressure to the authorities Anonymous hacked into the websites. Fourteen toy police organizations replacing the website text with an image of the iconic anonymous mars along with the message, I ordered law. We want justice, hashtag boycott thailand. Days later, on Friday january, eight two thousand sixteen a cartel security god was pitch,
Calling a sorry bates resort when he found the body of twenty six year old, british bricklayer, luke miller floating at the bottom of a swimming pool. Luke had travelled to thailand in late december, with two friends and according to a post on his facebook page, he had spent the past two weeks living the drain police concluded that Was intoxicated when he decided to show off to a group of party gallows by jumping into the pool from the nearby dj booth? He says I ain't a head injury in the process and a dream and as a result. However, this explanation didn't seem to add up. If we had been showing off, why Whether no witnesses to the incident- and why had nobody calls for help also It would have been very out of character for luke, who was known to be afraid of water.
when luke's travel companions went to identify, he's body, they noticed hand shaped ruses on his arms rumours began to spread that luke had been assaulted, the not before his death taxation of a cover up immediately began, circulating adding further fuel to the controversial verde ten. The hunter whither ridge and David miller case. two days after Luke miller's death and his sister laura became in san stuff. Someone. She knew made a comment about thailand being the most beautiful place in the world. She made a school. post on have facebook page remarking aesthetically on a postcard or photograph. Maybe, however, I have to disagree. Lots of things like
beautiful. You only have to consider a lion or tiger beautiful to look at. Yes, they get too close and they will tell you what part and fade you today young. My point being that ask that he could beauty can lower you into a very dangerous trap. Expressing her disappointment in the handling of her sisters, murder, investigation, laura accused, taught police of being corrupt and covering up the killings she claimed to have received death threats from thai people and that ties up and her family money to keep quiet about the murders law. whereas allegations made the news and, in response time authorities announced that they were considering legal action against her lighted at you, Britain's channel for released. A documentary about the case toddled murdering, paradise the man
of cartel told the filmmakers foreign who come to thailand. They lived the lifestyle they want. Without realizing, it is not their country they are not allowed to do as they wish. There is a difference between the outcome and their culture. It all depends on fight. This string of suspicious deaths and disappearances hadn't gone on no is by the international press who was soon dubbing could tell death, island and warning travellers of the dangers that lurked on this so called Paradise. Online message, boards and social media sides became peppered with people who share their own horror stories about the island and some maven speculate, that a serial killer was on the loose on cattle. zog lean and way. P o appealed deck conviction, and on march one too, and seventeen the result
swear announced the court determined that trial had been adequate and reliable and therefore the guilty verdict and death sentence would be upheld, but could How was far from being out of the spotlight, Thirty year old lace della main had spent to use backpacking around asia and australia when she called her mother or April. Seventeen, two thousand seventeen to say she was ready to return home to belgium. I lay said been staying at a yo guarantee, tetra trade on coping Yang and she booked a fairy to the mainland four april. Nineteen. From there, she would continue on to Bangkok. However, when that day came a lace unexpectedly disembarked from the fairy on cartel She left her luggage on board taking on
A small backpack before checking into a budget hotel near the fairy terminal For reasons unknown, she used a fake surname and refuse to provide her passport number. On the evening of her arrival, Elise was forced to switch hotels when bungalow. She was staying in court fire. She then walked. two and a half kilometers through the jungle and checked into Hotel onto nor by where, where she booked another ticket to Bangkok, due do to depart on April, twenty four elise never boarded the fairy Several days after her arrival, long cartel locals noted so that a monitor lizard was acting. Strangely, they follow That into the jungle and found a laces decomposing remains ravaged by wildlife. The police,
declared laces death, a suicide saying that it hung herself from a tree, but a lesson mother said that her daughter showed no signs of suicidal thoughts and had been. Rational during their last conversation. Lace. Hadn't left a suicide note and it didn't make sense that she would bother to pay for a true palm if she never intended to take it. Confirmed report speculated that a laces body had been partially burned and that a gas can had been found? near her remains police, swear accused of covering something up to avoid further damaging the island's reputation. the mounting pressure. Police were forced to reopen the investigation into a lace della means death, but after re examining the evidence. They came to the same conclusion that
was an open and shot case of suicide The families of those young people who lost their lives and could tell the answers given by toy police have been completely unsatisfactory. Banding together, they formed a support group, cold graving. Together we want justice. Christina annesley father told the somewhat times when it The world going to wake up to the fact among girls in thailand getting away with murdering our kids while two innocent burmese fight losing their lives from it, as I believe, were committed by it. By mafia thug, while the toy police stand by and do nothing. the mother of Ben Harrington, the ought taken consultant who allegedly died from, I D, sancho collision on cattle said
As long as I can breathe, I will keep trying to find answers in late june Two thousand eighteen, an eighteen year old, british woman and her mayo friend, were drinking in a bar on sorry beige when they suddenly became woozy. They stumbled outside and passed out on the sand when the woman came to her friend was gone and a stranger hovering over her, but quickly fled. Realising her underwear had been removed and her cash and credit cards were missing dawned on the woman that she'd bang drugged, robbed and right terrified. She quickly left go tell and reported the incident to police on neighbouring coppin yang. She even had a hesitation that potentially contained the perpetrators dna. However, the officer alleged
They refused to accept the ripe report, nor did they offer any kind of medical assistance. woman returned to the uk, where her concerned mother contacted suzanne Buchanan a british exe that who ran the someway times online newspaper so and was a vocal supporter of solely in and wiping out and had widely rep ordered on the suspicious deaths and alleged cover ups occurring on cartel. She'd recently moved back to the uk. After fearing it was no longer safe for her to live in thailand. Suzanne broke the story about the alleged drugging and right, but the eighteen year old and in turn, the tide police issued a warrant for her arrest on the grounds that she was publishing. False information and misleading the public too.
of other individuals who posted about the ripe on social media were also arrested. The case going to the attention of the human rights watch, who urged the thai police to drop the charges and accuse them of quote. Using computer related crime charges against anyone who questions there, shoddy investigation of the cattle island ripe case, a spokesperson for the organization said The thai police should recognise their reputation is better served by solving crimes than prosecuting their critics. Zella lynn and way p o were transferred to bonn kwan central prison in Bangkok, which is and a reputation as one of the harshest penitentiaries in the world. So king to a journalist for bangkok, and you saw it costs saudi english XO alliance
that they were being traded well because other inmates and gods believed in their innocence, expressing his gratitude for their support is. He said I miss home too much sometimes I got a crazy. Why am I here? I think about that. All the time. In august, two thousand nineteen thailand supreme court, review their case and upheld the death sentence, marking an end to their appeals process Their only remaining hope alive in a royal pardon in thailand, the kings birthday is considered a particularly auspicious occasion and to celebrate royal pardons, are often granted to convicted criminals The following year July, twenty eight twenty twenty was king.
Ah, he raw longhorns sixty eight birthday to commemorate the event and illustrate the kings, clemency, Zoah lean and wipe he owes death sentences were reduced to life imprisonment way pianos brother told report is, I can't find words to express how thankful we are the truth about what happened to Hannah David and the other tourist sancho tat is a subject that will likely remained shrouded in mystery and he say speculation about cover ups and corruption on cattle continues to run raw phone line, which the of the island, whereupon dull, which he and said, has ruined his family standing. After online sleuth splain t son no side for the murders and accused he's family of concealing their crimes,
whereupon slammed the media for inaccurate reporting. He called the allegations baseless, saying the speculation had left his family in ruins. He told cost saw the english This is not how things should be immense. And if you have a son you will the stand. My pain. australia, loya and ya would runs a facebook and youtube account toddled cartel death island. He believes that as many as twenty one foreigners have died under suspicious sore avoidable circumstances on cattle since the year two thousand alone here been sharing the suspicious deaths and survival stories online to raise awareness remarking both then, and hell can be found on cattle, but
the tourism industry only once people to learn of the bright side days after hunter and David. What killed an article by day basis, southeast asia, correspondent, Jonathan head, explored cartels, underbelly and questioned whether thailand is a safe place to visit, hey concluded for the most part? Yes, but do not be fooled by the small. send the glossy posters put out by the tourism authority. The reality behind them is an unequal profit driven economy, much of it a legal and police force, which has shown time and again it's incapacity for controlling crime. Despite all the negative publicity tourists haven't being deterred from visiting, could tell, which is now considered. One of thailand
most popular destinations westerners, are advised to exercise common sense. Respect the local culture and boyd walking alone, and not just like that. would anywhere else in the world Vast majority of people who go there have an enjoyable memorable holiday and remain blissfully unaware of the islands dark side, but for the family Hannah. Whither ridge and david miller detail I'll always be synonymous with death speaking outside the trial of Zaw, Lin and Wei p David's brother Michael said, our lives have been changed forever. Nothing brings David home, no loss, tugs, no goodbyes. but whatever I'll anguish, the love we have. The David can never be taken away. Twenty four years of memory sent he's baby
smile will always be cherished. Weeks after solely in and way p, o second appeal was rejected. Tragedy struck the whither ridge family for a second time when Hannah's, Thirty year old, sister, laura passed away suddenly from complications. Added to a rare nerve condition. she was non wakes pregnant at the time at us subsequent inquest Dolores mother wept ass. She said. you lose one daughter, you don't say, act to lose another hand. I will always be remembered by her loved ones as an intelligent and loving young woman who poured a joy Into the lives of all, he knew her speaking of the grave they endured after the murders and his mother said.
wasn't a bad bone in his body. She achieved so much and had so much more ahead of her family is broken and will never be the same again it will never make any sense. The fact that she is not here affects us every day.
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