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Case 223: The Kuřim Case

2022-09-17 | 🔗
*** Warning: This case involves a child victim *** When Czech Republic man Eduard Trdý inadvertently intercepted the video feed of his neighbour’s security camera in May 2007, he was so alarmed by the footage that he contacted the police... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Holly Boyd Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: This episode's sponsors: NextEvo Naturals – Get 25% off your first order of $40 or more with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ Allbirds – Discover your perfect pair of sneakers SimpliSafe – Claim a FREE indoor security camera and 20% off with interactive monitoring Noom Weight – The last weight loss program you’ll need. Start your trial today BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist ButcherBox – Get FREE 2lb of free-range organic chicken breasts in every order for a whole year with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-223-the-kurim-case

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