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Case 23: The Frankston Serial Killer (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 2]

Donna had recently received a few prank calls and she was getting nervous. She had a young baby and didn’t like the idea of being alone at night. Her boyfriend Les worked as a pizza delivery driver, and she decided to spend the night driving around in the car with him, rather than stay home alone.

The first thing Donna saw when she returned home was her cat on the lounge room floor, dead. The words “Donna you’re dead”, were written in blood up on the wall. In the bathroom were Donna’s two kittens. Both also dead.

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The. Frankston City is a local government area in Victoria located. Forty kilometers twenty five miles, southeast of Melbourne it has a population of about one hundred and thirty. Five thousand people. Frank's density captures. Many different suburbs, including francs than francs in north, safe it lying worn and others all the places you here in this story, a part of that French than area. We begin this story include straight in the suburb of safe it February. Nineteen. Ninety three At the unit of donut, vines Dona had recently received a few prank calls and she was getting nervous. She had a young baby and didn't like the idea of being alone at night.
A boyfriend, less worked as a patriot delivery drawn and she decided to spend the night driving around in the car with him rather than state I am alone, as it turned out. Blais worked very short shift. Now get done his unit in just over an hour. It was lucky. Donna didn't stay home alone that not The first thing I saw when I walk inside was done. Is cat on the way and room floor that There was a picture of a naked woman on top of the cat, the words Donna you're dead, But written in blood up on the wall, in the bathroom would done his tea kittens, I thought I did. She having cream had been used to ride on the bathroom mirror, saying, do and Robin The unit had been ransacked, drawers pulled out, cupboards opened, the things thrown everywhere.
there, were no slush and stab marks on the walls and in the cupboards in the babies. Creep was another picture of a naked woman, the pizza in stab three with a knife resulting in the Caribbean cut as well. Some of the babies. Clothes were also slashed done. I couldn't think of anybody who would be capable of doing that to her the boyfriend friend wasn't the father of the child. But the breakup with her ex wasn't that bad It was never violent towards her. During the relationship. and she couldn't see any reason for him to start NEO police light in her ex partner and he had a solid alibi. Anyway, why anybody would draw donor and Robin also confused it. Don't I didn't know anyone by the name of Robin
extremely frightened Donna, moved out of a unit and moved in with his sister Tricia veins one of Tricia's neighbors Julia comforted donor, because Julia had experienced a similar thing when she had gone away on holidays recently, somebody had broken into her unit and slashed every fight she had in the place. The dress she wore to her engagement party was cut up as well. Just like Dona Julia, had no enemies and had no idea who could be capable of such a thing. It wouldn't have seemed like it at the time, but donor and Julia would soon come to realize how incredibly lucky they live. Eighteen year old, Elizabeth Stevens had been living in foster care in Tasmania, since she was fourteen years old,
When she turned eighteen, she decided to move to Victoria to live with her auntie radar and uncle pull a Robin in January, naughty naughty tree. and live together in Pedersen, Avenue language in the four Stan area This was quiet and shy, but was extremely friendly to anyone. She met a shit growing up in tat manner. She didn't have many friends in the area in the world They no boyfriends. She to spend her time rating in Maine in Hungary and at home this was studying at type in Frankston, for that is not familiar with type. It is similar to a community college or Technical College in other parts of the world. On Friday, the 11th of June, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three Poland, I got home from work to find a note on the kitchen bench then It was from Elisabeth saying she until the lobby at Frankfurt and time to study and should be back about eight p m.
Elizabeth, always let polling and Rita, know where she was. So when it take dive at two hundred and ten p dot m and a dot m still wasn't I'm pulling razorwhip panicked. Pull good in his car and started driving around the streets. Looking for Elizabeth Elizabeth, didn't so she got to and from type by catching the boss pulled I have two francs to entice, then drive back to cream born road where the bus, Stop is like I did that Elizabeth would have gotten off at It is then only a short walk to Poland rate his house from the bus stop. pull drive the same. Why the bus would have and vanity surgeon search three surrounding streets but he couldn't find any trace of it, though and they didn't help. It was shocking noise, heavy rain and strong wind making visibility poor The police were called and arrived just after one am
The officer who attended sergeant. Webster immediately had a feeling something wasn't right. There are the missing person reports where the kid is a bit of a troublemaker has a lot of friends might be partying with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or they might be trouble at home. Then there are the missing person reports that are completely out of character. It was reliable, well behaved and left night, letting your auntie and uncle know exactly where she was and when she would be Hannah Elizabeth didn't have a boyfriend or many friends at all. She wasn't the potty taught. The police conducted their I search without success. There is not much, That could be done at that time in The type and lobby was shot. The bus company had finished up for the noise. Those nobody to go in question report was made in instructions left for the day shift followed up. It was the next
Site that a local man wrote with Dan at Loyd Park like Tide clean, born francs than road languor we'd park is a large area containing playgrounds, barbecue facilities, a couple of sporting fields and a vast ass the area. It is we ended by scrub and trace. It is a very quiet and also lighted spot at north. Road had been sent to Lloyd Park. Boys want to find a small point, trade they could use to decorate for they media Christmas Party, I walked along one of the tracks that going through the trees and scrub trying to find a suitable trade, and it was he I, the body of Elizabeth Savings. Police were cold and set up a crime scene. Elizabeth was the victim I a frenzied north attack, multiple stab wounds and a criss. Had carved into his stomach. The killer had stomped on her face, breaking her nose.
A post mortem would reveal that Elizabeth was checked, unconscious pride of being stepped up. her being removed the bottom half The clothing was intact, there's no evidence of sexual assault. We talked was only a short walk from Elizabeth's bus. Stop. Police believed Elizabeth had caught the bus from Frankston to gotten off it at usual. Stop and that's when so tat. The boss. Someone who followed her off the boss or someone who saw her get off the bus. All in red, is has actually backed onto Lloyd Park. They could, They the flashing, lots and numerous police cars gathered about three hundred and fifty made his way over. They back fence. They knew before the place knocked on their door, that Elizabeth had been found. a forensic examination turned up nothing.
It had rained heavily all night and was still raining that day washing away any evidence they may have been. The search of the area, turned up a piece of the north blight Such was the extreme force of the attack, they kill us not broke, But no prince or other residents were found on the blight Elizabeth Spam It's in the top half of her clothing with the unnamed boy, both soaking wet and it contained no evidence, as well as they beings, euro forensic evidence. Nothing useful came out of the extensive, been of use police conducted. Now, disgruntled ex boyfriends, no troubles at home now troubles type. Every student who attended Elizabeth type was checked there. There were some names of popped up that raised. A few are based on prior criminal history, but they were eventually eliminated from the investigation police,
up a block near Elizabeth Bus. Stop they displayed It can dress very similar to what Elizabeth was wearing they also handed a painful its with information about the case appealing for witnesses to come forward. Many people did come forward and police. They get a lot of tips, but nothing that help them point to a suspect. The bus. Probably couldn't remember Elizabeth, the librarians couldn't remember. Elizabeth appeals for other passengers on the bus to come forward, didn't produce any witnesses either my forensic evidence. No witnesses, no suspects, I waited all. It was full weeks later. On Thursday, the eighth of July nineteen. Ninety three Forty one year old got off. Resultat train, safe and station. At all. was by fifty pay him. A short
Distance from the station is safe at North Reserve, nodded the guy's nearby Lloyd Park, but a sin in that area. A grass reserve, with children's playgrounds, barbecue areas in sporting fields, surrounded by Scrub entries is: it walked along railway parade. Taking The pass safe in North Reserve, she noticed a man standing next to the toilet block. She didn't think too much of it. Although it was dark, there were other people in the area. Other passengers who had gotten off the train, who were still back in the car park- and there was the odd car driving past Reza, didn't think anything was going to happen, but she was wrong. I mean she will pass quickly, ran up a haunter covered her and forced it to the ground. He dragged it from the footpath down
ass the toilet block into the grass reserved area. The attack was quick. There was dark. The train station suddenly seemed a million miles away. Nobody saw a thing, Rosa kicked and struggled and try to break free from her attacker, but she could he then press something up against a head. He told her. He would blow her head off. She didn't stop fighting, but I could tell it wasn't a gun. The object felt wouldn't. Rosa stop struggling in her attacker, relaxed thinking threat of the gun had worked
then that Rosa took her up between eighty and rain. She ran straight out onto the ride. Screaming is lavish, could protect, didn't follow. He ran off in the opposite direction through the reserve and spoiling fields, browser raining front of a car and they drove stopped and gave her a lifetime. rose's right leg was badly grazed. Clothing had been raped in summer, the had been pulled out. She describes your attacker is male eighteen. twenty years old, wearing a black jacket and a beanie. A hundred ninety say made his tall, which is just and the six feet with a region. face and blue eyes. elsewhere. That sign not unleash. What distance away in Canon or cabin you, also in sacred, with Debbie Frame.
Debbie was twenty two years old and had just given birth to a son. He was only twelve days out. Her friend Gary Blair was at work and Debbie was cooking, you know, for a long term, mutual friend of days, Russell Eyes. Russell hadn't, seen Debbie since childbirth and embarrassed was looking forward to the catch up. Debbie started preparing dinner. She was cooking an omelette and realize there was nine milk Debbie told Russell. She had to quickly drive up to the shops into a tiny begone two minutes. Her son was a slight that Tuan said. Debbie said she would leave him in time. It was seven p dot m when Debbie. Let the house. Brussels sat down and Watch TV has five minutes turned a ten and
and turned twenty Russell started getting concerned, where is Debbie? She said she would only be gone. Two minutes Russell didn't live in the area, so he wasn't sure what shop Debbie would have gone to and he couldn't leave to go. Look for her anyway. Debbie's twelve day old son was inside asleep after Neela had gone boy, he called the police and the local hospital to save. There had been any accidents in the area there hadn't been, he called Debbie's boyfriend. Gary Blair Gary arranged to leave work early. He also called one of Debbie's friends who went to the house to look after the baby. Gary and Russell then drive around trying to find Debbie or her car, which was at A Polska A builder is made for people who have that thing.
Those superpowers that make you gotta your job, the skills you bring to work and career builder. Now, as those gills make you write for other jobs to hire paying jobs with benefits, deserves you never thought of trying. Are you a people? Burthen work from home is a customer service. Rob? Are you organised in like driving, become a delivery driver? You have the skills it takes and career builder dot com has the jobs to get you hired fast visit career builder, dot com he directed Russell to the local shop where Debbie would have gone and I drive around this area ending straits. There was no trace of her. Will the car decided to drop the Frankston police station to report, her missing waiting to hear from Debbie Bull from the place with some information as to where she was but I didn't hear anything. Debbie had vanished
police visited all of the local shops in the area, but nobody could remember, serving Debbie didn't take detectives long to link the attack on Rosa Talk with It happened only an hour before Debbie Frame, disappeared, Debbie, if the right knee can train station, which is the First stations Yathrib Safe Station, where Rosa was attacked. It was only two kilometers away just Over mall.
and it was only a short drive over to Lloyd Park in the nearby suburb of languor, where Elizabeth Stephens was found, but even with the linking the other two attacks, Debbie Fringe disappearance was treated as sinister from the very start she had dinner, cooking and the guests waiting, and she left a twelve day old son and hut. A search was organised of nearby Kennel crake divers were called in to search the water in the surrounding thick Bush and scrub were also searched. Nothing was found It's and appeal to the public did reveal some important information. Several people came. Forward reporting that they saw a great pulse up the same cars Debbie's driving a radically swerving. And flashing slots at passing cars. Debbie trying to signal for help
it was the next day Friday when the Working on the case happened to drive past a grey pulsar parked outside a christian center on Madden Street safe it. Only two kilometers away from where Debbie disappeared. two checks and discovered that it was Debbie's car that I had just found. the front passenger side door was unlocked and there was a in the center of the bonnet, the damage Duration, Gary Blair, lighted confirm the car hadn't been damaged, provided Debbie's disappearance, a forensic examination was quickly arranged and traces of Debbie's blood with found inside Another thing that stood out was the driver's seat was pushed right back. Debbie was only short, so there's no, why she would have had this eight back that far
It was four days later Monday, the 12th of July, when a farmer by the name of Fred was that working on his farm on table is road. Carrum downs, Terme Di and is also part of the Frankston area. It is is sacred and is about a fifteen minute drive from way, Debbie disappeared Tyler's ride was in the middle of farmland. A very quiet Do isolated, spawn. Nothing around but paddocks Although it was part of the Frankston area, it seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. It was in the afternoon that Monday, when Fred, was driving around checking the fence law and on his farm Making sure, though, and I hollows or other damage that livestock would be able to get through, underneath of large foreign trade, leaves along his fence. Law on tailors. Road Fred saw what he thought was Paul of rubbish somebody at dumped, as you got,
I saw he started smoking, it was a mannequin one of his neighbours was playing a chicken you good one. He thought Is you got places still he froze It was only that morning that Fred had read a front page newspaper article about the disappearance of Debbie Frame Fred, He had just found it. police, arrived and set up a crime. The same it was very similar to that of Elizabeth Stephens. Debbie was the of a frenzied north attack. There were no signs of sexual assault, and this morning would reveal she had been strangled as well, Debbie had numerous defense wounds on her arms and hands and like the Elizabeth Stevens Chrome, saying not one and the forensic evidence was found.
the media was running. Walled with the story Interesting area was completely gripped by fear. The race in attacks were linked to the murders of two other women in the area. Sheriff demon who disappeared from Canada TRAIN station in naughty naughty bloodstains found next to her vehicle, as well as drag marks to this her body has never been found, however, occur has ruled she met with foul play A one million dollar reward is on offer. Any information to help solve her case. These days is not believed. Her case is linked to the franks than serial killer, but it was Print story back then Michel Brown was banned, murdered in Frank, standing, naughty naughty too. There's a few Two thousand dollar reward on offer for her case. which is now believed to be drug related and also linked to the Frankston serial killer. But again at the time
The media considered all of the cases to be linked, the whispers of a serial killer on the loose when no longer whispers the headlines, but constant to avoid confusion, a white mention the Mc Demon or on cases anymore. Just to give you an idea of what was happening at the time. What was being reported. However, the papers were still raw. There was a serial killer on the loose the murders of Elizabeth Stevens and Debbie Frame and the attack on rice. A tough but definitely the work. The same person police least women, to avoid traveling alone until going to let the alone actually at night in quiet spots detectives conducted a search for anyone with a history of violent attacks against women who lived the french scenario area.
five hundred names were spidey out of the computer. waste least was eventually narrowed. Down to thirty and thirty, the They are thoroughly but all were eventually cleat. Detective sought. The help of a fellow officer who had trained in profiling for fourteen months at the FBI Academy in Quantico they put together a price fall suggesting it was hardly likely Debbie Frame and Elizabeth Stavens who killed by the same person. This was due to the torn between the killings. The J article, like Haitian the nature of the killings and the fact that bodies were left in quiet, isolated spots, The profile suggested that the killer was mile, who acted out on a strong fantasy that had been building up for years. He was luckily unemployed, but if he was played it would be a manual job. lived in and was very familiar with the French, the area
He would be aid between eighteen and twenty four average looking and he would live alone. As you say, case with any profile. It was only a god. the plight of many people. Detectives were encouraged not to discount anybody just because they didn't fit the profile. People living in the Frankston area started changing their habits. Many didn't, century out at night and most eventually add a at all. People couldn't help it costs the suspicious. I everywhere they went just wondering is that listen to Killa, it led to some people putting their houses on the market and moving out of the area completely, but there was problem, trying to sell houses we wanted to move into the area, sales dried up and so he has remained vacant.
People started arming themselves with hockey sticks and cricket bats. Women carried oven cleaner in the handbags displaying the eyes of any attack Enrollments in self defense classes, skyrocketed wants to the public hysteria police commence The operation reassurance. The Frankston area was flooded with extra police. There was a high visibility operation designed to make the public feel safe, but also it's a joined. The tour further attacks the on Friday, the thirtieth of July, just three weeks after the murder of Debbie Frame, a postal order, It was delivering mile on her matter black, sky Road in Frankston. Score ride is only a short distance draw from the other chrome, since they were within Knight KM, kilometer radius, I'd kilometers being five miles.
About are two thirty p m M the postal work and noticed an old rusted, yellow Toyota Corona with no number plates Octopus opposite the entrance of a black track which runs up between Two golf courses on sky road check is used as a short cut to get from school road, two francs, the north. what shock was I've a grind and had a hog wire fence running dna sod growing trees and thick scrub and grass pushed up against the fence. It was a What what's the weather track visible from the road. The track was people from the golf course aid due to the trees and heavy thick scrub the postal workers or mean with a chubby face sitting in the driving seat of the toy Adam? He was wearing it. dark, colored cup and was looking beyond Scott Ride. She rode past him the end and he said as if he didn't want to be seen
given what was happening in the area, the postal worker decided to call the police she sent. Something was off She pulled into a nearby driveway and knocked on the door asking to use a phone as she turn the door. She knighted to school, go walking along sky ride, headed up towards the track. The schoolgirl girl was seventeen year old, Natalie Russell, who is in you twelve at John Paul College, a school. kind of just of scar, road. Not only finished the day with a free period, so she lives it early to go home and study for an upcoming exam only two days earlier. The principle of the school had warned the students at an assembly that it would be safer to avoid any short cuts home, maybe specific mention of the bog track on sky road. Ellie wasn't the only one to ignore the warning plenty of key We're still using it, but the cushion
left school early. She was the only one mania. It was much quicker way for her walk home to Frankston North, Natalie was being watched through a pair of binoculars that she woke up Scott wrecked realizing ratio is headed. The main stop watching her green up the box black and white in the short twang light on Natalie walked past the old Yellow Toyota. Nobody was in it. She made her way onto the track. The police It responded to the call to check out the suspicious fishy in the yellow Toyota when they arrived There was nobody in the car.
they did a or knock of nearby houses, but didn't really get anything useful but Tom School had ended for the day and their were. It's starting to appear everywhere, scattering off in all different directions. When the cool for an armed robbery came over, the radio police had the legs to respond to that a few Its ventured under the bar check that afternoon, one It is the shoe lying in the middle of the track brought next. Where there was a hole cut in the fence that led into the trees and thick scrub. Another noticed a man walking hurriedly towards him along the track. The fee that I became the child quickly passed when the man kept walking with the saying anything keeping his head down and he changed. into his pockets and ip And that not Natalie Russell's family reported a missing that cooled Frankston police station.
and needless to say, the report was traded with graduation c. Natalie was always home before dark and she always cool to to let them know where she was. She had never run off before she was a good kid. Quiet well behaved with a close circle of good friends. Police, questioned appearance and learn about the bark track of sky road. She used to walk time. A search of the track was quickly arranged. There was several halls that have been cut along the water fence. It was through the third hole that you can to the scrub and trees by Fionn Natalie's body. not only was also the victim of a frenzied, not attack. She had numerous defensive injuries. She put up. A hell of a flood knows no sign of sexual assaults.
There was no question. Her manner was related to those of Elizabeth Stevens and Debbie frame. the search of the crime scene and the forensic examination was put off until the next day. the least in one a risk losing any evidence in the poor lot and organise Flood loading in the area would increase the amount of foot traffic which is it would increase the chances of a contaminated crime scene. It was a good news because, this time they came up with them. Lot of forensic evidence. There was blood on the outline of the hall that had been cutting the fence, a small, its skin was like. I didn't. One of Natalie's wins the pay.
Skin saint foreign, although there was no way of knowing the shore until test results, came back, but the Buffalo just below the killer may have cut himself in the attack about ten small doc. Here's that did not belong to Natalie were found in her hand. She had gripped some of the killers, Harriet Two leather straps with blood on them, a also found ended the same. the the in the fence could be matched to a tool by the suspect. If one was ever identified, there was a lot to work with as the forensic examination was being conducted. The two who attended to the call to check out the suspicious mile in the toy IDA the day before on scar, road approach, detectives There was nobody in the car and the car had no number plates but there was a registration sticker attached in the police.
recorded the registration database. Did they finally have the breakthrough? They desperately needed or was it another dead end find out next week in part, two of the Frankston serial killer. Red I'll, are you ready to rock Dave's killer? Bread is the country's number one organic bread for a reason, always delivering killer, taste, killer, texture and killer nutrition? This is and bread. This is bread amplified. Twenty two year old Sean O'Callaghan goes missing. After a night out in Swindon a US acting her disappearance office to lead detective State Bullshot to her body, the South Bay
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