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Case 23: The Frankston Serial Killer (Part 2)

2016-06-25 | 🔗

[Part 2 of 2]

Part 2 of the Frankston Serial Killer. At the end of part 1 police had found out who owned the suspicious vehicle parked on Skye Road at the time of Natalie Russell's murder. Will it get them anywhere though?

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play. Russell was found. The third victim of the Frankston serial killer and police had the registered on his date isles of a suspicious vehicle that was sane on scar. Road at the time of Natalie's murder. Detectives are in a check and found that the vehicle belong to a man by the name of pull Charles with Danielle. They show pull. Wendy's car had been checked out before two. He had recently been spiking to populate sitting in his car alone and not in any Boyka park.
Pull Daniel was born on the 14th of April, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two making am twenty one years old of the toy one. He had four brothers and one sister pull was the middle drawer. pull, was average looking I've a white with a baby, face clean cut and was quietly spoken. He basically look the title opposite of what you would expect. A serial killer that look like his parents were Anthony and Marine Daniel? They moved to Australia from the United Kingdom in nineteen sixty five. Sydney and at allied before settling in Melbourne, didn't mix well with the other kids at school. He struggled academically had low self esteem and other kids tended to stay away from him. Leading him also
from a young age, he displayed a complete lack of emotion about pretty much everything. When he was eleven years old, he cut the throat of a cyst is teddybear when confronted about it. He just smoked around that Tuan. The family's cat was found hanging in a tree with it strike, cut full blame the neighbors, but he's older brother noticed the blood impose. Polka was at thirteen. He was arrested for stealing a car. He ended up getting a caution for that because he was a juvenile at fifteen. He was charged with assault on a fellow student, He was also caught staring through the window at one of these brothers girlfriends, who was undressing pull worked a number of manual jobs. He was sacked from all of them. For a that dishonesty or for being lazy, he had an interest.
wives, and he liked out on long walks by himself. In the middle of the night he met his girlfriend Sharon Johnson, while working at a grocery store, one of the seven jobs he was sacked from Sharon was described as being very controlling demanding to know where, was at all times, pull to be well and truly and assurance thumb. Sharon was opinionated and often rude and yet spoken Paul was generally more reserved and softly spoke. He had very few friends, it was just Sharon and his family that he mainly associated with. pull a part to join the police force in the early one thousand nine hundred and ninety three he filed the physical Judah being at Hawaii
he knew the franks than area will having lived. There needs to be sought. He spent a lot of time in these teenagers. Smoking marijuana with these brothers advice, Lloyd Park, where Elisabeth Stevens was found and along Tyler's road, where Debbie Frame is banned, detectives paid pull a visit, eddies francs, the North unit in the afternoon of the thirty first of July, nineteen. Ninety three that I often Natalie Russell was killed. Pull was at home with these girlfriend sharing dying did the detectives inside they small, messy and Bailey Furnished unit. They asked all the usual background. Questions then got down to business, asking pull what he had done and where he had been the day before
pull explained that he woke up about seven thirty. I am he drive. Sharon to work then went to an atm in seafood and withdrew forty dollars. He then drive around to a few car wreck is the Trump on despair will freeze all Toyota. You found one return time work when he talked for a bit then went to a different car, is to try and find a new state cable. He called in to visit his mother while he was yet, but she wasn't high, so we had a coffee with her boyfriend, while he was yet on this journey, he's car I hated so he had to pull over. He taught the water up and went for quick warp, while waiting for the Radiological Dan sound of the car, but a short distance light out and I've hated again. Kipu on scar, right, checked under the bonnet and noticed a hose come loose. He needed a screwdriver. So I closed the bonnet and walked out.
Get one also feeling he's water bottles up, so we could top up the radiator again. That was his explanation. Being on scholar, road Electives wanted to know why he didn't knock on one of the doors of the nearby houses to say if he could borrow a screwdriver and use their water, replied. I don't like going into other people's houses. They did it gives 'em wanted to know why he didn't go to the nearby golf course. Paul replied. I didn't think of that pool then explained the numerous scratches and the lodge at David cuts on the middle. Finger and thumb were caused by all the work he was doing on his car the day before
Take these unwanted and I will pull was doing three weeks earlier. The night to be framed, disappeared, pull surprised them when he remembered specifically that it was the first I know it and when he put himself it cannot train station. Just around the corner from Wade, Debbie Frame, disappeared, foliage is placed himself at the scene of too much Instead of questioning detectives and being suspicious, is the water all day asking him all these questions he set back casually in the into the mole almost as if he was enjoying what was going on. He was calm and relaxed Bailey Beddinginn or lead pull the grade to go to the police station. For more formal interview, it was taken to Frankston Police station where he was interviewed by Sargent Road Wilson and saying you constable knock Wolf from the home. I saw it squad the interview commenced at nine hundred and twenty p dot m
on Saturday, the thirty first of July, it was recorded on video, they advised didn't, have to say anything and that he also had the right to speak to a lawyer. Paul said he didn't want to exercise a the rod. He was happy to talk, do continuing, I must inform you that I you know that belongs to sign. You will do anything, but he's in your style do baby. Do I stand understand that what is it indicted earth twenty one years old homes fall on the fourteenth of April nine. Seventy two UK are you going to strike It is a new currently employed. Now. we to do is if you could just run through starting with yesterday morning. there. Twenty two it won't like this wires they painstakingly
back over the story he had given them back easing the techniques whenever every detail. They were contradictions in times when matching the explanation he was giving fries injuries wasn't making much sense it has three will drive. You noticed cabbage again. Go to high? pull over in sport dry idea, it's golf course so I pulled out the unchecked. kind of body JANET highest come loose. I saw an ad in your flat this afternoon. I noticed a number of cuts on your Is he just to put your hands just up here, Is he is alone as part of a car just lying
Well, you got that injury that injury. I got it yesterday and also work on your side. It could well fan spins this way, the same found her fears beings, thereby the alternating say, his warriors rain down the knife on his writing. Radiator has wild talk, What did I just recently from investment? I must put my hand down. They are called fame awards. You have it running. Yeah, like I said when you were taking on pass detectives, asked him more questions about Debbie Frame, pull stuck with the story, putting himself at Kennedy TRAIN station roughly at the same time, and just around the corner from where Debbie went missing, not only that it was
one? North pole fell to piggy's girlfriend Sharon? Up from what amazingly on the North Elizabeth Stephens was Maine added, he told detectives he was out walking in the rain. He woke from his place to his mom's place then to Sharon's mum's place. He says he was looking for a spit cop. I treat the area he was walking the lane Warren Rodney Lloyd Park, instead of giving himself in Alibaba all was doing, was placing himself at the scene of a murder. opposite the location, with a body of Natalie Russell was found on the naughty Debbie frame disappeared, we'll our station, MR trying to back you
In very close proximity Loyd Park on your way to pick up these battery. Do you think, failing college in Norway, all the circumstances. possible for the deaths of any of these women when they asked him space He cleared at Natalie, Russell's murder pulled but having anything to do with it but He was aware of what happened because he drove past the scene are you aware that to in fact a new driving satellite. First become aware of that. Well I saw cars and everything when I was driving up Scarborough this morning and said so you saw Ach where there's no light in sky ride What type why? Journeys will make the asteroid us all
and that was what were you doing when you saw that raise I then asked if he knew anything about the victims personally or hear my dog pool report. Yeah Elizabeth Stevens had a throat cut and the other girl Debbie Frame had multiple stab wounds or something to her body and upper body up. He Paul pointed to the exact spot where Debbie's wounds were Detective Wilson pounced. Why did you indicate the exact area I was just pointing? That's all. But why did you point that it was just a lucky guess we can tell you exactly why Bombas socks, T, shirts and underwear are so comfortable talk about our soft fabrics or how we donate one item for every item you buy, but we
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during the brakes. Pull went to the toilet, turn my luck on call soul that I Lachlan was wearing a cross and he started to ask him about religion. The conversation then moved to day and night. Cole wanted to know why they wanted is blood in here. Had they found something at the same and if they had tell long would it take to match. I look said he couldn't answer any of those questions he would have to check with detective Wilson. All was silent for a short period of time before, looking at I Laughlin and saying, okay or killed all three of them,
a Laughlin immediately alerted Detective Wilson and the interview was started again. On my walk on setting on the interview as pull sing to take a liking to him some of the audio clips you're about to hear a taken from the interview and some are taken from a walk through of the crime scenes that was done after the interview. First, they talked about the murder of Elizabeth Stevens He spoke hundred and to two. I tonight off here and we were told to take to have a look and that you were responsible for the murders of the three straight women? Is that correct just tell us in your own words, bull what happened in relation to the death over Elizabeth statements
the I walked up behind us. polish funny I can't believe I started checking the flames she passed in and out Nor do I swear the branches. Can you tell me why You were tattoo on that not just to send to send. with? What sort of feeling can you put somebody when you had this feeling just wanted just wanted to kill, just wanted to kill.
The gun he describes wasn't a real gun. It was a fake pretend gun he had made himself at home. pull also admitted to the attack on rice, a toss. The detective said: what did you plan to do with Rosa Pull said? I was just going to drag her in the park and kill her. That's all. He went on the site that when riser in a way he caught the train from Seaford to Kennewick and not long after getting off the train, you saw Debbie frame getting out of a car at the shop like I can decide to tell us what happened to you, The Congress sitting over there is a Debbie pulse. Walking down this road here. Sorry
jump out of the car, I'll jump in the back seat of the car I was directly across the ride safe and saw what caused you to select is in that time That feeling sorry And she came out I was cracks down here for footsteps coming close to the when she hopped in the car. When she didn't see me in the back, she went to delete and straight into this war, pulled them describes, killing frame before day telling what happened asked. The trees places. Long against the says
Two branches of the US trade. well the county, just to say to the national why she was on the message boards in Memphis listen to place wasn't from home he buried Any frames purse along the bark track, lighter text later attacked, Natalie Russell. He purse the purse of detectives when they did the walk through the crime scenes later around when asked why he killed Debbie frame. His reply was, I just wanted to pull then details. The murder of Natalie Also? What can you tell me about this when, at the early in day cover homes machines
What did you use stood here and last cover up holes in kitchen? Why did behind the Tracy until I saw won't pass here heading that way? when she got about ten miles down the track here can never things as we walk you home here. You still maintaining. This is behind I getting closer each time on the grass or this like a sand. So you would be a we place. love, the sandals what was it? Fedex tracking
I grabbed her around last. Your left hand, while this a dragged through here the silence before now listen, How to kill since I was there for him after the murder, he walked back down the track towards his car and he actually saw the police there checking there he casually made his way out of the track and walked down a road away from the police. I would that close. As you can hear from the interviews, pull displayed, zero notion and zero remorse that never changed. He simply said he always wanted to kill and was just waiting for the rod
Eternity the as the interview was taking place. Other police were searching his flat. They found a hat with blood on it, a large homemade north and a long cord with two knots taught at each end. The call it looked like it had hair on it. In his card I found the fight gun he had made. Another lodge north and pair of poise. Hp replies leaves a distinctive mark, much luck, the fingerprint and now were able to light a match. The pair applause they found in polls car as being the ones used to cut the hole in the fence at the crime scene of Natalie Russell. remember back at the start of the story. Donna veins had a place breaking into and take cats were killed. A death rate was written in blood on her warm
she, they moved to assist atrocious place and neighbour neighbor. Had also experienced a terrifying breaking by her throat was cut in all of her photos and her engagement, dress was slashed, They were comforted boy, my own neighbor, who said whoever did I was a seek out and he would go care for them. Will that was pulled Daniel? He lived next door to Tricia veins aid needed to committing both of those breaking. He freely said that he went to done his place at not with the sole intention of killing but she wasn't home, so he killed a cat's instead, the reason he gave he hated donor and Trisha. It was through Tricia, his neva that he
and learn that she was home a line by that's why targeted targeted the reason why I hated them wasn't given Donna was. I feel that she moved out of a unit not realizing. She moved next door to the person responsible, the feelings of slate wouldn't mutual because after pulls arrest, this is what you should had to say. He was the nicest and most considerate person I ever met. I could not believe it I heard the news, I still find it difficult to accept. It was cool, calm and collected he hissing, quiet and subdued and often kept to himself. another one of those neighbors had this to say, or just can't believe that the charges have been laid against him. He seemed the nicest of people pulled in. There was charged with three murders: Elizabeth Stavens,
be frame and not only Russell. He was also charged with the abduction of rice. A tough pull played guilty, never join D fought the charges, while awaiting sentencing he was visited by many doctors and psychologists trying to find the answers. What they found was the Pull Dania was a rare, brave serial killer, murdering his victims at random, without motive simply because he had always wanted to getaways felt like killing, and he could no longer suppress these images. He was able to describe his crimes without a flicker of an aisin that she and him to be extremely emotionally disturbed, but not legally insane He was diagnosed as having a sadistic personality disorder demonstrated why study patent of cruel, demeaning and aggressive behavior since early at all?
He appeared amused by the psychological and physical suffering inflicted on his victims. It was in an interview with a psychologist that Daniel mention these favorite movie was a horror movie called the step farther and that's where he got the idea to slash he's victims throats because at Saint defective Then you did John claim that one of his out o brothers had sexually abused him when he was younger, but this claim was, Strongly denied by the brother and boys in toy family, Daniel was sentenced in Melbourne Supreme Court on the 20th of December, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. He was given three lost sentences with no parole. The judge saying he was a danger to society, for which nothing could be done. Then you showed no remorse and design may regret appeared to be the fact he was arrested.
eleven days later Daniel. An appeal against the sentence on the grounds that it was excessive and that the sentencing judge should have given him a minimum term of imprisonment the appeal was heard in the Supreme Court in July, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four three judges for the appeal, and they came to a majority verdict to twenty one, overruling the trial judge's decision that green to Denia a non parole period of thirty years, meaning he could be released in seventy. On when he is fifty one years old. When giving he's non pearl period. Dania said I will become a better person and I will not re offend. That's my promise to God, as well as to the people of Melvin, but he soon ever said sorry for what he had done or showed a shred of remorse
The Dania identifies as a woman Daniel I applaud to have gender reassignment surgery. That request was rejected. Denmark has also applied to wear makeup and other beauty products in prison. That request was also rejected,
years later den you're right this in a letter from prison? A put the pieces together like this, I born feeling, like the other six. They growing up interested in female things say fearing at all would, as a mile day having to suppress my feelings. They committing these crimes to try to destroy those feelings s living now with the acceptance of those feelings. Daniel continues a committed those disgusting crimes, not because I ever hated woman content, but because I never really felt that always mile. Unfortunately, for me, I use the word height when police innovating
because height was the only emotion or thought, could correctly identify with more confused identity in two thousand and twelve Daniel was interviewed by police in relation to full prison rapes that had occurred on fellow in night, no charges ever fallen from what I've been able to find then had experienced the urge to kill from a young age just fourteen years old and had been following women around for years, just waiting for the right time.
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