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Case 235: House of Horrors (Part 1)

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[Part 1 of 3] In early 1969, 15-year-old Rose Letts was waiting alone at a bus stop in the English town of Cheltenham when she was approached by a much older man.  27-year-old Fred West was poorly dressed, dirty, and had a mouthful of green, chipped teeth from years of neglect. While Rose found Fred repulsive, something about him excited her.  From this chance encounter, the pair initiated an intense relationship that culminated in their marriage three years later. Mr and Mrs West then settled into their ideal family home in the city of Gloucester - 25 Cromwell Street. --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn This episode's sponsors: ShipStation – Try ShipStation FREE for 60 days with promo code ‘CASEFILE’ BetterHelp – Get 10% off your first month of professional counselling with a licensed therapist DoorDash – Get 50% off up to $20 value and free delivery on your first order with promo code ‘CASEFILEPOD’ Rocket Money – Find and cancel subscriptions you no longer use Hello Fresh – Use code ‘CASEFILE21’ for 21 free meals including FREE shipping *USA only* For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-235-house-of-horrors-part-1
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This episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse at won't be suitable for all recent eyes. Well rose: that's your birthday on twenty nine november nineteen! Ninety four and you will be forty one and still beautiful and still lovely, and I love we will always be in love, the most Wonderful thing in my life was when I met you, our love is special to us. So love keep your promises to me. You know what they are where we put together Reverend ever is up to you you will always be mrs west all over the world that is important to me and to you I haven't got you at present, but all I have
It is my life. I will give it to you, my darling, when you are ready come to me will be waiting for you. The birth of frederick west, on the morning of september, twenty nine nineteen forty one brought his mother daisy, immense joy, frederick fred, as he came to be known, was daisy.
second child. Her first had been a premature daughter who died just days after being born. Having experienced this loss. Daisy considered baby fred With these thick curly hair and striking blue eyes, especially precious, is also the sun. Her husband, Walter had always wanted. The west's lived in a century old college in the english village of much marco, which was home to just a few hundred residents. There was no running water, electricity or gas. More time. Rationing coupled with walter's mega farm hand, earnings meant the fear they relied on the land much mercosur countries,
was defined by acres of green pastures, fruit orchards and crop fields. The west's spent a lot of time outdoors, picking, furred, rolling, hey battles and hunting rabbits. They moved from one fund to the next, yet hardship and scarcity followed wherever they went over the next decade. Daisy and one Had six more children, three girls and three boys, one of their sons died from heart defect when he was a month old, daisy west was a doting and attentive mother, but her oldest fred was by far her favorite none of her other children, nor her husband could compete with them she's, a love for fred when conflict arose between Fred and he siblings. Daisy always sided with fred, even when he was already
Silly lying he reciprocated he's mothers unconditional love, but doing everything she asked of him by most accounts. Fred west was an ordinary boy, though shaky and somewhat mouthy. Whenever he stepped out of line freds father flogged him with these a leather bowed Daisy wasn't averse to doling out corporal punishment either and once struck fred with a shovel to fred. His mother was a formidable woman, equal parts, natural provider and protector. One day, eight year old fred revealed that he was being regularly caned at school daisy. was outraged. She went to the school and publicly by freds teacher freds classmates ridiculed him for being a quote: mummies boy, Fred.
Didn't stand up for himself. He was known to have a really long views and wasn't easily provoked, He was also sensitive after accidently, killing a bird with an air rifle. He showed genuine remarks, freds poor. jane, isolated him. Further from these peas. In time, he's teeth grew, discoloured and he's dead, curly hair became an unruly mass friend, the came to rely on he siblings, VA companionship. Loyalty among the seeks west children was fostered by their secluded rule upbringing. However, the preferential treatment fred received from there mother field some animosity between them. He did manage to form a bond
With these brother John, who was one year younger by age, fifteen fred west was done with the education system, He left school with the rating and riding comprehension of a seven year old fred made up he shortcomings by having Magnifica in neuro linguistic skills. He had natural charm and was a gifted smooth. Talker people were captivated. and delighted by he's amusing stories. As friend he p de and developed an interesting girls. He stuck putting more effort into his appearance. He began wearing clean clothes and combing his hair, regardless most young women found Fred west crude and unpleasant he'd grab and fondle dumb, but
They expressed interest in him or not it didn't matter if they had a boyfriend data fred. The enjoyed rolling out by the young man with these boorish behaviour. Whenever fourteen shewed bread stood back and let his younger brother, John, defend him on his seventeenth birthday. Fried gifted himself are one to five say, say: James motorcycle. It quickly became his most eyes, possession granting freedom from his oscillated home. the following year. In november nineteen fifty eight fred was right. He's motorbike home one not done a dark, porthole ridden road. He called with a young girl who was travelling on a bicycle in the opposite direction. She says
deigned minor injuries, Fred, hadn't been wearing a home and he was found unconscious and bloody. It took awake for him to re gang consciousness, at which point he felt he had come back from the dead. A steel plight had been inserted in freds head to hold. He shouted skull together as scar spanned. The bridge of these broken is one of these arms was permanently damaged. He's broken leg healed shorter than the other, resulting in a distinct lamp also formed a lifelong aversion to hospitals. Fred was taunted and taste for this. If way he now walked and for the first time in his life, began, responding to he's bullies with aggression. Years later in nineteen sixty fred attended a social.
and had a local youth club. He was standing on the steps of the buildings first floor, fire escape when he attempted to grope a girl. The girl heat fred Forcing him to lose balance, he tunnel over the railing and fell ten fate landing head. First, on the concrete below the impact once again rendered fred unconscious and bloody. He was the hospital where he woke up twenty four hours later,. fred seemingly recovered from the second severe head injury as well, but others Not to notice that he'd become markedly irritable and short tempered
In april of nineteen, sixty one fred had his first brush with the law. He was called shoplifting, a gold watch strap and to cigarette cases in court. Fred was fond four pounds, ploss costs. This was more than a week's worth of these wages, but fred didn't seem to care a few months later. Thirteen year out, kitty west discovered she was pregnant, She revealed that her brother Fred west, who was six ease, her senior, had writer on multiple occasions over a six month period. When questioned about kiddies accusations, fred same done, phased, he can really confessed, that he'd been molesting young girl, since his early teens, he thought This was normal asking. Well
Everyone do it Fred tell police that sexual abuse was common in his household. He implied that had been introduced to say, ex by his own mother when he was twelve years old, for add, also accused his father walter of abusing he sisters. Fred said Walter west had Given him the impression that incest was normal, he claimed that he's father Ford and encouraged him to perform illicit acts with animals as well. the alleged rape of his sister Fred west was charged with lawful, carnal knowledge of a child for the first time I'm in his life, he earned his mother's content. Daisy. west was disgusted with her beloved son and sent him to with a nod: freds first taste,
motherly. Rejection was extremely bit off in the space of a day. He gone from golden child to black shape. He queries farm work today since himself from his family and took up various construction jobs. While awaiting he's dying cord ten year old fred groomed a fourteen year old girl, even off bring her an engagement ring. She said that fred raped her twice. after one of the assaults, hey suffered some kind. Of seizure, like attack In november nineteen sixty one the me when two year old, Fred west faced trial for the ripe. If he system. the west family doctor testified in his defence, saying that fred had likely sister in the brain damage from his previous head injuries and might be epileptic. These could
explain. He suddenly volatile behaviour daisy west put her personal feelings aside to appear as a witness on her sons. Behalf kitty west had since had an abortion. When it came time for her to testify, she refused to name fred. Is her abuser or give evidence against him? The case collapsed and fred left cord. A free man he didn't face any further disciplinary measures or monitoring for the following year: tensions between fred and his parents cool and he eventually moved back to the family farm where they present a united front yet. Its relationships with several of his siblings, remained tarnished kitty west had been
Tom waits drawn, and it was never the same, During his light, teens fred attended a dance where he met a sixteen year old, scottish girl named Catherine costello. better known as arena. She was staying with relatives in the area. Raina grew up in a broken overcrowded heine and had been in my Trouble with the law from an early age, she was described. by those who knew her best as a lovable. Rogue Her upbringing made her tough, headstrong and independent Rina was also at risk of being manipulated. She, wanted more out of life and hoped to make something of herself I'm impressed raina by exaggerating the story of his motorcycle accident. He said that
He died on the operating table and when he's body touched them all,. called marble slab his heart miraculously re started. Rina was captivated by Fred, they began in intense relationship having h those names title. On their arms, but when Fred displayed a jealous strike, their romance, ended and rain. I returned to scotland with friends, family and core dramas behind him. He became re acquainted with arena. Costello. It had been two years since they had broken up and raina returned to england and was working as a white dress. She was also present By another man whom she was now longer involved with Fred pushed arena to let him perform an abortion. Rina could
get the procedure done any other way, as abortions were illegal at the time. Fred and arena, headed into nearby woodlands, to carry out the operation but had to stop prematurely. when he was caught in the act. Fred and re not devised. A new plan they would get married Fred would raise. Rain is child as his own when Fred turned twenty one. The pair wedding secret, believing he's mother, would never approve the only guest present at the registry office was freds closest sibling john, when Fred broke the news to his parents, Walter west was indifferent Daisy was upset by the secrecy but ultimately accepted her sons, marriage. She allowed the newlyweds to move in with them, but the west's modest homestead was too crowded
Fred and terrain. Are they Relocated to scotland and settled in small flat in the inland town of co bridge near the city of Glasgow,. it was where raina was born and raised and allowed her to be close to her sisters and friends. Fred didn't take well to his new industrial surroundings and urban lifestyle. It was difficult for him to adapt or feed in he's west country access. Illiteracy earned him the nickname country bumpkin at home. Freds marriage quickly grew strained. Whenever he was unhappy with arena, he resorted violence. He bade her if she was light serving him dinner or if she refused he's advances.
Fred demanded sex every day and an inappropriate times, sex with fred, often left arena in tears. He's pleasure was all that matter to him. He v it into acts of sadism hurting rain for his own gratification. Hey sought to push boundaries, but rina was frightened and wouldn't let in. In march nineteen sixty three brain I gave birth to a baby Go she named charmaine shut. fines, biological far outweighs asian and she inherited he's alive, skin and dark eyes it was obvious to others that she wasn't fred, west's daughter rain.
family. One happy that Shaw main appeared makes to rice. Sensing freds family would react similarly, fred and re not told the west's that raina had miscarried their child. They had adopted. I quote little colored ago as a reply. Meant. Freds dislike of charlemagne was clear from the outset here. He had to resent having to raise another man's child, sometimes it walk out on raina as though ending their marriage for good He always returned. Eventually, it is believed that Fred father at least two children to different women. During this time, however, he's name didn't appear. On average I'll, do birth certificate and he didn't feature march in their lives.
Rina was aware of freds infidelity. In turn, she started an affair with boss, drive out named John mclaughlin rain revengefully had the tattoo of freds name on her arm across the out and replaced with Johns fred was furious hey lashed out at rain on with John later saying, rina bruises everywhere. It was sadism one night greener and John, wherein, upon together, when Fred, suddenly appeared from the darkness He ordered re not to go home, then punched, her the John hit fred in retaliation, whose slashed John stomach with a knife, the john punched fred again when it was clear that John wasn't backing down fred, stop to sorting him
John then realised that Fred west, with someone who only attack to those who couldn't or wooden fight back In July, nineteen sixty four rina gave birth to a second georgia name to Anna Marie fred was the father. He traded the baby currently as she was his flesh and blood, but he continued his cruelty to show main whenever Fred was home. Charmaine had to go to her slots had been secured across the bottom half of a bunk bed, creating a makeshift a jail. Charmaine was kept there alone for hours at a time when spain, to his family. In england, Fred painted a different picture. He bragged about being an important man who earned a fortune through organised crime
In reality, Fred drive an ice cream truck through his work He encountered many young women and girls, some of whom he offered rides to. In the first half of nineteen. Sixty five fred was driving. He saw a crank truck when he struck and killed a four year old boy police concluded. The death was accidental and fred, wasn't charged indignant locals, accused fred of careless driving. This hostility was exacerbated by rumours that fred was a pedophile when the twelve year old. sister of a local gang member accused fred of sexual assault would spread that anyone who did fred in would be rewarded at one
stage. Young men wielding knives raises breaks and hatchets chased freds ice cream truck through the straits. Realizing that danger he faced in Glasgow fred returned to england and re settled in much marco rain. I eventually joined him and they move to this. Or family into a caravan in the village of sand, harassed, Fred found driving a lorry for an abattoir, he's marriage remained rocky thing re not to retreat to scotland whenever she needed space in scotland, rain West was friends with a young woman named eyes. I make neil eyes. I had previously worked for the west's as a full time, leaving nanny Rain aroused are to move to england and stay with the family once again, eyes are agreed.
She brought along her best friend, attainable your name to anaemic fool. Anna had been going through some personal crises and welcomed a new start in england. She and I are shared a couch in the west's caravan unable to find work The two women spend a lot of time with the west and witnessed freds abusive behaviour first hand. He's moods were unpredictable when happy fred got a kick out of being volga at ease worst hit attack raina eyes. I tried to protect her friend but fred threatened to kill iser. If she didn't get of these. Why, before he left for work each morning, Fred warned rain ought not to go anywhere. During the day.
I believed fred was paranoid, that his wife was going to leave in one day. Raina reached out to her former boyfriend to John Mclaughlin. He drove over from scotland to help her. in our and the others escape he arrived at the sand. Hearst caravan park at dawn after Fred had already left for work as the women. What packing there things fred reappeared when he saw it John he began. Screening furiously Raina was Adam, then, about leaving she headed into the caravan to get her code fred, followed and slapped her several times. Rina went back outside ass. She went to rescue her two children, fred degree
to charmaine rina struggled to pry her young daughter from freds grasp john punched fred in the stomach, but still he refused to let charmaine go. He yelled at raina oak hell you, if you have a show your face again, neighbours called the police John quickly returned. The car with the rain I rent eyes and macneil inside as they drive off raina sobbed about having to leave her daughters behind with fred. While all this was happening, anaemic full stood to one side calmly, watching the chaos on followed Rina had urged her to come with them, but I said she want at this stage and bay, freds nanny.
This came as little surprise terrain erin dies I, while thou will plunge to get away from fred. They know to Anna had been growing friendly with him. They suspected that had alerted fred to their escape plan. Truth why was Anna had fallen in love with Fred west. She had endured a troubled upbringing and was morning the race and unexpected death of her boyfriend fred promised her a better life. letters to her mother in scotland and us wound the prospect of marrying fred, she wrote about freds financial success and how he moved her into a beauty full house. In reality,.
Was raising charmaine and anna re in freds caravan. They were baileys. Griping by at sixteen years old. Was eight years younger than fred. Her young age, coupled with her lack of child rearing experience led on auto struggle in taking care of the west girls. Friends Sided to surrender them to social services and they were placed into foster care. He drinks If the pair every so often only do so. Them back when he no longer wanted them around display This no alarm was ever raised within the social well, system regarding charmaine and anima raise treatment. The authority These never identified the west children as vulnerable, nor.
Was their home environment routinely checked to determine if it was safe. rina. West was miserable without her children in nineteen sixty six. She returned to england for her daughters,. Rina successfully rate claimed charmaine and Anna Marie, but she wasn't done with Fred west The two resumed their tumultuous relationship. Fred was still saying anaemic, for though she had since moved around caravan in another park. I was delighted when she found out she was pregnant. She began pressing fred to divorce raina, but hey wouldn't go through with it.
And then, in July, nineteen sixty seven just a few weeks before anaemic full was due to give birth. She vanished. When friends and family in scotland abruptly stop tearing from anna, they assumed she was focusing on her new life in england. As such, no on reported her missing. his mother died a short time later,. Anna was a no show what her funeral, while this I used some concerns that wasn't enough to compel anyone to investigate and as whereabouts with anaemic full gone fred. West's behavior changed.
he moved to a new caravan park in the village of bishops cleave, where he kept to himself and seems perpetually lost in thought. Neighbours described in a strange ancient tents. Ass though he were in a dream world. greener, eventually moved back in with him, along with her Two daughters this time, around fred seemed less jealous and controlling. Although things were better river role, the couple continue to argue about finances. Fred began working as a laborer for a flower into animal feed manufacturer. As he worked, the night shift reynaud took on sex work, Fred welcomed the Strict cash and wasn't bothered by how it was made
Seemingly enjoyed the idea of his wife giving and receiving sexual gratification from other men, and he was far from approved, openly told wild fabricated stories about he sexual history, to anyone who to listen. He would show off pornographic pictures of his wife and locked to discuss obscene subjects. Fred also bragged that he was proficient had performing abortions, he shed blood and what photos he had allegedly taken of women made procedure, one Friend was alarmed enough by friends assertions that he informed the police fred was questioned, but the photo didn't I picked anything illegal and nor was it illegal for fried to have them. he was released without charge.
In February nineteen sixty eight freds mother daisy west was hospitalized following complications from goldstone surgery Fred was the only one of his siblings who didn't visit her some specula did that he still resented daisy for abandoning him years earlier after he confessed to molesting girls, daisy west, He died on February six at the age of forty four. Shortly afterwards, Fred was fired after being accused of stealing money He then bounced between jobs before settling into the role of delivery, drove off for a bakery and gathering ten, a small village north of bishops clave. He spent here. spare time visiting bars in an attempt to pick up young women but Clia and a reputation as a crazy like that.
Time. He drive an ice cream truck being it Livery driver gave fred away to mate and shut up girls. Sometimes he'd stop he's vehicle just to accost someone who had caught his eye. Age was no barrier with fresh ones. Taking entry In a ten year old, then one day he notably nineteen, sixty nine. He noticed The brown haired teenage girl sitting alone at a bus, stop in the town of Cheltenham. Case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us by listening to this episode sponsors. This show is sponsored by better help.
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A fifty percent off up to a twenty dollar value and zero delivery phase with door dash subject to change term supply. Bill lads had served in the english navy in his younger years. He was regarded as polite if somewhat stiff but at last war on bill became unstable living with bill was described as hell. He developed obsessive, compulsive disorder and expected his home to be pristine and free of charge. And bills, wife and children worked fastidiously to maintain his extreme standard of cleanliness. If he's expert, Patients were not mad. Bill made He's family claim the house again the place com
Thirdly, rate of blake. prone to paranoia bill would accuse you family of being against him. He d shout violently striking his children with a copper stick throwing, them down the stairs and banging their heads against a brick walls. He also punched them locked them in sheds and force them dislike outside Sometimes he threatened them with knives and taxes when bills, wife easy tried to intervene. He bade her and poured boiling water on her throughout all this bill, harvard a sacred he'd been diagnosed. Disputes are franek, but never Saw a treatment, daisy and the children were unaware that he was experiencing full blown psychotic episodes.
daisy. Let's became highly anxious, depressed and unable to cope. She had hallmarks of post to nato depression, though diagnosis of this condition didn't exist at the time daisy scene. Philip, the fear of leaving her house known as agro phobia. she eventually had a complaint. Mental breakdown heard oppressed, And was considered so severe that doctors suggested a treatment, cold, electra, convulsive therapy or a see tee. The saint to re addressed the chemicals in the brain that govern mood Daisy was restrained and drugged with moscow relax sense, as electrodes were attached to her freshly shaved. Scalp, a path Electrical current was then administered to her brain. The treatment caused a daisy
experiences. Your luck, convulsions and blackouts. She was Left feeling exhausted, but no less depressed after two of these treatments, a psychiatrist today sees case is more serious than initially thought and prescribed another Six rounds of ac day daisy was pregnant with her faith child at the time. Shortly after her last session in november, nineteen fifty three she gave birth to a baby girl named rosemary. According to daisy baby rose was as good as gold Yet there were signs from early on that something was amiss. rose, alas, was an unusually quiet baby, who rarely cried she
so had a habit of violently and incessantly rocking back and forth closing her prayers to roll across the floor. This take faded, as rose developed until it only effect her head, she'd swing it around and round, as though in a hypnotic trance and wouldn't react when spoken to at night, she kept her siblings, awake ass. She rhythmically hit her head against her cot. Sometimes she would just stand still staring vacantly through her big dark dull, like eyes, Absent minded and unable to absorb information rose. Family, nicknamed her dozy rosy. no matter. Her age rose always preferred to play with children younger than her in school. She struggled to grasp the most basic teachings and was held back a year,
While bill, let's tormented the rest of his family rose, avoided his wrath, she was quiet and obedient that she often went unnoticed. Are you ready seemed to indeed her to her tyrannical father as such should I away with more than her siblings could ever dream of. She avoided. It her choice by complaining endlessly until someone else did them for her bill had no Problem with roses, passive and wanting attitude when he flew into his. I'll enrages rose turkey's side. Although one of her brothers attributed this too self preservation, it was clear that rose was her fathers favour it. her siblings bonded over there miss treatment rose, often left on the outer her father,
became her only ally. Although no official accusations have been levelled against him. Word started circulating that bill lads took an inappropriate, interesting children Some had even noticed the disconcerting. Why that bill, cuddled and fondled his own daughters, death, brought to outrun these rumours bill, constantly opportunities, family leaving his wife and kids. At the mercy of he's unpredictable and brash decision making the let's moved across the country, I'd before settling in bishops, clave rose Let's was alone. I read her new school. She was Digital liar, who didn't have the social skills to make friends easily, she was so taste for being overweight rose, began hitting chilled
and who upset her once her too meant is realized. She would fought back. They backed off emboldened by this rose became this. School bully and was even more despised. Meanwhile, off at home, was growing increasingly unstable. Sex was a taboo topic in the latch household and neither parent disgusted with their children, spot? This secrecy rose began openly flaunting some unusual. Sexual behaviour is cheap right it around the house naked and bathed with the door opened, so others could say by the time she turned thirteen. She was sexually abusing her younger brothers. She frank: this is normal, leading the boy We too believe the abuse was quite sisterly. Love
In nineteen, sixty nine daisy lads reached breaking point with her husband bill. She moved out Taking the remaining children who still lived at home, including fifteen, you're out rose by this point rose. Worked in a mobile snack bar. It was. fishing on the side of a road and was frequented by. lorry drivers, salesman and other passes by. As boys, her own age hadn't, shown any romantic interest. relish to the attention her oda mayo. Customers gave her. It made her feel mature. She often went off with them turning laid out with her clothes dishevelled. Other staff. We are fully aware of what must have taken place: police
questioned one thirty year old man for initiating an illicit relationship with the underwrite rose, but they never charged in. Daisy, let settled her family on a chicken farm in the village of taunton, not long After the move rose announced that she was returning to live with her father While I was no sacred, that rose was bills favoured child. Her siblings was still shocked by her decision. They couldn't understand why she would choose to live with he's a volatile unpredictability over their dose. All mother. Even though rose had avoided their fathers scorn. She still had issues within one time. She contacted social services to report that her father was being restrictive A social work I visited the last time and spoke with bill and rose, but
They were unable to identify the issue that has prompted roses complained, while I didn't expect march of rose. He did pusher, they get a proper job. She found work at a bread shopping cheltenham, a five mile bus ride away after shift one nod road. was waiting to catch your boss home when she was approved. To buy an older man. He too, to make a move but rose made it clear. Is she was an interested? The man then went to grab her. rose, fled into a nearby park and found herself cornered against the padlock to guide according to rose, the man quote smashed the padlock With these fists, he said he had been in the army and was very strong.
Then dragged her among some trees. Alongside a lake and writer wasn't the first time rose said she had been sexually assaulted. She had previous they told others that she had been right by men who had given her a ride home from a party, though two new rose well, what wary of her claims that she was occur Liar when giving her the benefit of the doubt. Her extraordinary stew. Worry about a man punching open, padlock led them to suspect. She was embellishing. history without a man also, let others to assume she wasn't a victim. Whatever the truth rose, decided to start catching the boss from the central station in Cheltenham ass. She felt it was far safer. It was at this bus
that fifteen year old rose was approached by an older man. He was short, poorly dressed and walked with a limp he's doc. Curly hair was a mass. Thick sideburns, framed a weathered face, marked by tired blue eyes and uneven stubble. He was dirty old. Over and he's war scott hands indicated he was a laborer. You come out with me tonight darling. He asked. rose, considered the man holly unattractive and proceeded to ignore him. Yet he persisted. Talkative and charming. He loved rose with compliments, none of it worked. and the man gave arose a raw smile. It exposed his teeth. Chipped into green color from years of neglect. While
He found the man repulsive something about him excited her. His name was fred west aged twenty seven. He was twelve is older than rose. He does a delivery driver for bakery and also lived in bishops, clave a short walk from This house fred offered to ride the boss with rose. during the drive he regarded her with farfetched stories about he's alive. He asked rosy out three times, but she lay rebuffed him. The next time rose so afraid west was at the bread shop where she worked. She found herself inexplicably drawn to him when he asked her to meet him at a pub light on roads, a grade on this date
fred gifted rosa, lay stress and fur coat. She refused to accept them, but Fred insisted. Then he probed arose with questions. in a bid to figure out if she was sexually active before making advance is on her ass. He had those in the past, Fred pressed rose to keep their interactions are sacred. Whenever they met up from then on friday gave arose A few shillings, so her parents would think who was carrying out cleaning work instead of say an older man again at this point fred and rain or west were going through a period of separation. fred admitted to rose that he was married, but may doubt that he'd been abandoned by he sex work, a wife who left him with two young daughters.
Fred portray himself as a caring and doting father and spoke of wanting more children. He was a spell: really fond of these biological dada anima re to fred. She was dad's go and he said they were attain Rose didn't mind that Fred had children, her infantile disposition helped her relate to them. She visited freds caravan off to play with six year old, charmaine and five year oh diana Moray, the filthy care Van was far from the pristine condition of roses home a by product of letters hours a day More rose got to know Fred west timor.
He realized he was the inverse of her father, and that was a good thing. By now, freds interesting sacks had reached extreme levels of sadism He derived pleasure from giving and receiving brutal aggressive punishments. Rina had refused to indulge the darkest if he's fantasies but rose willingly participated in whatever Fred one. He used her limitless submission as an opportunity to explore. A range of fetish is some Astley more depraved than others and has he had with Irena he. Rose into sex work. Knowing there was a market, the young, seemingly virginal women, he wanted to exploit it from began to enjoy a resume the act of what
others engaged in sexual activity. This, along with bondage, became integrity to he. Sexual gratification. Boy now, daisy lads had re united with her husband. Tat is struggling to provide for their children on her own bill and daisy suspected that their daughter was spending. Time with an older man, but when rose finally introduced them to fry the west, they would genuine I shot him looked far older than he's twenty seven years and was unimpressive and strange fred told them that he was wealthy answer excess for, boasting that he owned multiple properties, a hotel and flayed device. Crane bans. While I was obvious he was lying, he spoke with such enthusiasm.
that he didn't seem to notice that no one was falling for he's, ruse, Fred allied to the lads about everything. In reference to a scar on these knows from the motorcycle accident. Fred said he'd been chased by Woman wielding a chain row was silent. While he told his fanciful stories after the couple laughed bill and a daisy lads admitted that mutual dislike of fred west bill port at the illicit relationship to social services. The author, It is recommended that rose be placed in care and kept away from fred. By the end of nineteen sixty nine rose was moved in HU, a house for troubled teenagers. She lived under strict conditions that included a curfew, rose was miserable saying she fell like she was imprisoned
During her three months die, no one in family came to visit. She couldn't call them as they didn't own. A telephone rose, felt, forgotten and reject did she relied on freds companionship and trod more actively to see him. She escaped the bay with him and spent awakened by his side that was meant to bay with fear mighty in letters to Fred rose, expressed her fear that he would find someone to replace her she road. I love you, fred, but if anything goes wrong, it will be the end of both of us, a good when bill lads, discover fred was still saying he's underwrite daughter. He confronted fred face to face.
working himself up into our rage bill warned that he would cut fred up into little paces. If it, didn't, leave rose alone, fred the listened impassively rosewood Be turning sixteen and the authorities would have no legal grounds to detain her, but just eleven days before roses birthday fred was taken to jail after failing to produce documents for his car, It also accumulated a series of unpaid finds him. Only behind bars but thirty days, but fred hated. The experience. As he was neither a strong nor intimidating figure, he was targeted Other inmates, meanwhile, rose, turned sixteen and was released from care
Her father gave her an ultimatum stay away from Fred west, or I will disown you. Several weeks later rose went to her parents without bags pact fred had been released from jail, and she was now prepared to spend the rest of her life with him. when rose laughed bill, find the police requesting their assistance to retrieve he's daughter, but he soon found out, that rose was pregnant with friends baby. She refused to terminate the pregnancy so big, Let's make good on his ultimatum, he a fish. lay designed rose rose was task. With looking after charmaine and Anna Marie, while awaiting the arrival of her own child fred, who did the girls to call rose mom, but neither of them wanted to.
and in the re, lighter road in her book out of this Shadows Knows, day saw viewed, rose is little more than a schoolgirl besotted, with my dad and unable to cope with the role of step mother to two difficult children. At least she regularly told us. We were difficult. And I don't suppose someone who was little more than a child herself found us you to manage by this point Reds marriage terrain ah was effectively over fred and Oh, is re located charmaine and anna maria to this small city of gloucester in england, southwest they Moved into one of many semi detached multistory flats, that field middle and road. Fred and arose laced the ground floor of number twenty five, which consisted of us living room, a bathroom kitchen and two bedrooms for
started, working as attire feeder and later as a handymen, the load, I wasn't enough to support is growing family and he started committing petty thefts to get by. In october, nineteen seventy rose gave birth to a Oh, they named heather. At the time, teenage mothers were supposed to be monitored by government health services, which conducted well checks but roses circumstances whenever reported by midwifery staff and no such checks ever took place. Rose was in coping with the demands of rising to young children and a new born. She
Saved a little help from Fred who firmly believed that women were responsible for role, child rearing duties shortly after heather was born, Fred was cord stealing car tyres and a vehicle tax disk. He played a guilty in court saying he committed the crimes to support these children after he's estranged, wife, deserted them. Given his history of offending the court, viewed freds excuse with a degree of scepticism. He was sentenced to ten months in prison months after bill. Let's disowned his daughter, he put his feeling aside and visited rose with his wife daisy. He was noticeably thin on can't and living in squalor. Her home was scattered with rubbish, dirty nappies and use the dishes. A layer of dirt had formed across the floor that baby
the crowd across rose herself, had few possessions and hardly any furniture. Her eyes were red as though she'd been crying moments prior, she didn't tell her parents why she was sad but admitted that she'd hit charmaine for wedding. The bed. with fred behind bars, rose spiraled our main and anna maria. He offered her no love or respect like she had in the past. rose, relied on anger, bullying and violence to assert our authority at her worst She would go into a blinding rage during which her face turned blank and froth appeared in her mouth. Anything could trigger this reaction from a misplaced detail to the white potatoes
mashed rose grabbed whatever item she could from brooms to knives and used it to strike the goes when she had these men. Blackouts. It almost seemed luck. She didn't know what she was doing once Moreover, she would sometimes tell the girl said: was their fucking followed other times she would worthlessly carry on with what she was doing as if nothing had happened. To avoid roses, fury anna Maria laid low and try to bay compliant bought straw. Willed, charmaine faced roses, brutality head on. there were only ten years between her and rose this, coupled with as is intellectual immaturity, the charmaine didn't see her as an authority figure. Matter. How hard rose tried, charmaine never gave in or showed feed
ray light. I said. It was in charmaine to nature to rebel and part of her stoic character was to accept her punishment. A friend of charmaine, once barged into the west home to find charmaine standing on a chair, her hands tied behind her back with a leather belt rose, stood before her holding a wooden spoon. It was clear, rose, had been baiting charmaine, with the spirit. Animal re, was needed by with a blank expression on her face. The friend told. mother. What she'd saying, who in turn asked about it rose, was blunt and unapologetic is punishing charmaine for naughty behaviour. said she was waiting fishermen's biological mother to come and get her
It had enough of the child and was quote at the end of her tether. Rose wrote to Fred imprison, saying. I think charmaine likes to be handled rough, but dollar Why do I have to be the one to do it? I would keep her for her own sake if it wasn't for the rest of the children. You can see charmaine coming out in animal re now and I hate it. Rose expressed her resolve to let god guide her actions from thereon out at the top of the ladder she drew a hard and road. from now until forever. She signed it your rather worshipping wife. Likewise Fred He's letters to rose with your arrival where shipping husband
the only ever had one rule for her to follow quote make sure you hit them where it doesn't show. On Sunday march, twenty eight nineteen seventy one six days, does charmaine west turned a eight years old. She arrived at the The sheer royal hospital with rose Our main had a nasty puncture on her left angle that resembled a knife wound: the spot dean three bang sustained at home the hospital at least with social services, and the I was never investigated on a separate, asian anima re received stitches for a head wound, which hospital staff were told, was the result of a fool. In reality, rose had smashed applied on animal raise head because she took too long to wash off after breakfast.
Roses. Violence was growing, boundless and indiscriminate, and nothing was being done to protect their children rose, would restrain the goes often, while that, when naked with items ranging from strips of shade to plastic wash. the line being tied up was generally a relief for the goals as it was. A moment they were left alone one day animal he entered the room to find charmaine naked and bound to a bed lying on a waterproof, shade. Charmaine looked frightened and for the first time ever she looked as though she had been crying days before Fred was due to be released from prison. Anima re when it's school alone. She returned home too. I find that charmaine wasn't, there rose expire, ain't that charmaine had gone to live with the girls, biological, mother, raina.
He said, charmaine and raina were headed for the city of bristol. Almost forty miles off the west. I m a re at a learned not to question her stepmother ploss charmaine. privately confided to her that she hoped to their mother would rescue her. Anna Maria was glad her sisters wish had apparently been fulfilled. Speaking The absence to a neighbour rose sad and bloody good riddance. When others quizzed arose about charmaine whereabouts. She repeated the bristol story. the government wasn't obligated to follow up on these claims and charmaine school documentation was simply marked, moved away. Anna maria found herself missing heroded half system, although they had baint different and where, at times, pitted against each other,
anna Maria considered charmaine, her rightly ally one wintry, not when Fred and rose, went around anima ray and charmaine had huddled together. Under the same blanket they'd been frightened by the howling wind. There rattled. The window above the bed show me Total dinah, Marie the witches are trying to get in there going to get us. reflecting on that memory. Later anima re said I can see us now in that bear little room to what I might frightened of the witches outside and
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having served to just under seven months of these ten month sentence soon after this rose appeared on her fathers, doorstep With baby heather in her arms, she said she was done with fred and wanted to come home lighter that day, Fred arise that the lads house saying, Come on rosy, you know what we ve got between us. He gave her ten minutes to return to. otherwise he threatened to find another woman to share his bed with rose faced her parents You don't know him. She said, there's nothing. He wouldn't do Even murder,. Rose then left with fred. although bill and a daisy, let's agreed that roses comment was strange. They knew
was highly strong. Ultimately, they d MR as an off hand, remark in august to that Twenty seven year old, raina west arrived at her in laws farm in much marco shut. I was not with her. She wanted to speak with freds father Walter west, although she did and explain why It was an odd request and she didn't know him very well. Walter was in the Fields bringing in corn sir raina No to see him. It's on known what exactly they discussed shortly afterwards, rina paid fred a visit in person he took her to apply and proceeded to get her extremely drunk after that raina. Asked, wasn't saying again.
Given that raina had lived a relatively transient lifestyle and was incarcerated for sex work in the past, nobody reported There is missing. She was rarely spoken about again in the west household Marie was under strict instruction to never mentioned her mother's name as it might upset rose. fred reassured on a moray you're all right. You ve got your dad. Your dad loves you. Elizabeth, the juice lived next door to the west's residence at twenty five middle android lack rose She was a young mother with a baby one day, a list
was struggling to push babies pram up the steps to her flat when Fred west appeared and offered to help. He seemed friendly and asked a lot of questions about Elizabeth family. She explore and that her husband was hundreds of miles away in Malta and she had few relic if, in the area soon Elizabeth had befriended fred rose and came to rely on them to curb her loneliness, she visited their home almost daily. Sometimes Fred was gone Nine, he once told Elizabeth there was because he wanted to see what he could find to bring home Elizabeth, didn't think much of the remark one evening She agreed to baby sit fred and roses children while they went out for the night Elizabeth, had noticed. The west girls were badly neglected. Heather
is often left in soil, nappies. Fred and rose didn't return until the early hours, far laid out than expected. When Elizabeth asked, where they bain for said they had driven the highways all the way into london. It was six hour round trip. They had been Looking for young girls on route to the city, Fred suspected, they girls would be runaways desperate for money and might be virgins who he could force into sex work He'd brought along rose, who was aware of his intentions. Fred believed. Else, would be more inclined to get any car if one was already inside. Elizabeth juice, couldn't believe what she was being told, because Fred was always laughing and joking. She suspected he was making it up to get a reaction months later,
Elizabeth fair doubt rose was a sex work out that freds behest. Rose also revealed that Fred inconspicuously watched her with clients through a hole in the wall and in time Elizabeth realized fred was trying the seduce her. He didn't his intentions from rose, who actually encouraged him Elizabeth, a new then that the pair were unconventional way close and hid nothing from one another elizabeth, husband finally returned from overseas dismayed fred angry as having yet given into he's advances the jury one visit he snapped a pair of handcuffs on Elizabeth yelling. Now I'll fuckin got you
Rose intervened, pulled fred away and afraid her neighbor, not long afterwards, Elizabeth returned to the west time and drank a cup of tea. She was offered soon. She felt drowsy. The next thing she remembered was waking up in bed with fred and rose. All of them were naked. Elizabeth was tall that Fred had right her. While she was unconscious ass. She was then dressed and sent home. in january nineteen seventy two fred and rose taught the not. He was thirty years old. She was eighteen and pregnant with their second child, like freds, first wedding it was a secretive ceremony held at a registry office. This too no one else, was invited for
delisted himself as a bachelor on the marriage certificate, even though, had an officially divorced arena. As MR and MRS west fred and run, I looked for a larger home where they could raise their family. They. Would a fix a robber that bread of good, renovate and modify said that road could also conductor sex work there. They found the perfect place just A few yards from their current residents in gloucester on aside road across from the adjacent park, lands twenty five cromwell straight. Sixteen year old carolina, one stood alone by a grassy field, opposite a pub in the town of tewkesbury, situated ten miles from gloucester. It was a cold cept.
The nineteen nineteen. Seventy two and caroline was trying, did he to ride home. She had, he talked successfully from the same spot. In the past, A lot of young women she knew did it here Shocking was an easy way to travel when none of them drove. Caroline was mindful of potential dangers and always took precautions. As caroline waited a grey colored to door for the popular passed by minutes later,. the great car returned and rolled to stop before her. There were two people inside thinking that were both men, Airline felt slightly uneasy, but the passenger window rolled down. She was relieved to see a man and a woman inside Woman's presents eased carolines concerns and when she
ed carolina, lift the teenager gladly scrambled into the back said. The couple introduced themselves as fred and rose, asked. While rose was only a year or two older than caroline fred looked old enough to be her father, she was surprised to learn that the pair were married quote. I felt rose, could have done a lot better for herself, but they seemed happy and Fred was quite charming in a roguish kind of way. Throughout the journey the west squeezed caroline about her life. She spoke of her crowded home with you lived with her mother step farther and seven siblings I should shape with her. Stepfather was rocky as he was abusive at times.
Caroline was looking for a place of her own having left school at fifteen. Her options were limited, but she hoped a decent job would come her way, fred and rose exchanged. A look then said: added. They were looking for a living nanny to help out with housework and childcare I have recently given birth to a baby girl named may. The couple also had to other daughter is a total. I named tether. An eight year old, aunt em array. The west could pay caroline three pounds: awake, ploss, free board. as caroline had been thinking about becoming a nanny. The job sounded perfect. She just needed to check with her mother. First Fred and rose met with carolines mother two ways. Any concerns fred did most of the talking explore.
In that he worked all hours and that's why those needed help around the house. He promised to, Paper fatherly eye on caroline stating that She would be all right living with them. airline accepted the job. The west. Leave lived just south of gloucester city centre, cromwell straight was lined with toll, neglected, terrace himes that were crammed together wall to wall that front gardens where, the overgrown and strewn with rubbish or sued and re purposed into parking spaces, petty cash, was common with police sirens forming the sound of track to everyday life. Residents mostly kept themselves to us trouble eliminating any sense of community. He bought the neighbour. With cheaper rant and property prices, drew in young working class families like that west's who had
De in around nine months earlier. when carolina ones arrived at twenty five cromwell stray. She was disappointed. The house was clouded and dated and in poor condition, despite being a spacious, multi level home the west. Primarily lived down stairs. They had turned the upstairs rooms into a bed said flat to help pay off their seven thousand pound mortgage. Meanwhile, the seller below was always locked ticket. Aligns dismay. She was made to share a bedroom with the west's oda stored off animal ray. While she hadn't received the personal space she desired, caroline, find Anna maria cute and affectionate. Yet Never fragile rose where around Anima re withdrew.
A little girl always did what she was told and spoke in a manner. Caroline omens found it difficult to befriend rose west, despite the pair being so close in age carol. I was a typical teenager. She travelled partied, listened to pop music and had boyfriends, in contrast, rose, was a housewife rising several children with no social life. Caroline followed the latest fashions while road, Is dressed in a daddy middle aged style, she kept her cash short and wore a large degree. Rimmed spectacles that age her significantly.
the way she ain't to please her husband, also saint old fashioned, while Fred was physically affectionate with rose to the point of making carolina comfortable, he would just as easily wine to rob cow was he's nickname for her if she didn't do what he wanted, he called her a bad wife Whenever caroline stood up for rose, Fred, told her to mind her own business, for the most part rose, took what fred dished out, but sometimes fred around her up so badly that she snapped Of the pair rose was more likely to lash out violently, despite the occasional teeth roses. Dedication to Fred was a full time job. She.
Say, guy and willing to submit to his control. She gave caroline advise telling her how him Coordinate was to give a man a good meal after a hard day's work. airline didn't know what rose sore and fred. She found him highly on likeable he's and most of the day at work in a factory, but when he was home he talked about sex incessantly He had no inhibitions and was constantly joking about people's genitals, as time war on he became even more crude and disturbing he brag about operating on women to give them more pleasure from sacks once he told caroline I've performed abortions on girls before, and
turn around and they're, so grateful that they just have sex with me straight after unimpressed. Caroline thought, Fred was being forsake this using he's brash now at all attitude to mask he's inadequacies she pitied him and all I found herself dreading their conversations, then one day, Fred utterly repulsed, caroline after revealing that he's eight year old, daughter, anima ray, had already lost her virginity upon seeing carolines, appalled reaction, fred quickly, backtracked it was an accident, he clarified,
The result of Anna maria sitting down on her bicycle without realising that say, had come off unconvinced. Caroline suspected abuse was taking place at cromwell straight. She notified the authorities but never received a response. At any given time, they could be upwards of thirty people at the west's home with a steady flow of new faces coming and going at all hours. the lodges upstairs where re there on low incomes or welfare and were mostly delinquent transient or vulnerable youth with nowhere else to go They never stuck around alone and were quickly replaced. Rose also had dozens of men who came to visit
they rang a second special doorbell to allowed her to their arrival rose tom, our line. She was a misuse and these were her clients. She conducted her work from a room. The front of the house known as roses room. It was kept locked and carol. I never went in at night the west's sometimes hosted impromptu Bodies with girls as young as fourteen in attendance match, who says what light out across the floor for guests to crash on drugs, alcohol, Sacks were all readily available, so logic the party Gowers Fred west was a broad minded man with a
free and easy attitude toward sex. He encouraged his wife to sleep with other men and women and she left the door open. So Fred could watch for rose. Sex was a performance for her husband, enjoyment. Fred urged her to be allowed. If road was with anyone. While Fred was at work. She had to give him all the sort of details when he returned. Any concerns that Fred might have an adverse reactions to his wife's infidelity were raised by the big proving green. He gave her lovers. Caroline, no one's wanted nothing to do with any of it. At one point fred and rose puts so pressure on de caroline to join their quote sex circle that she was reduced to tease. It became
clear. That rose was sexually attracted to caroline, but the feeling wasn't mutual rose, which Carolines hair touch her legs and make personal comments about her. there were no locks on any of the bathroom doors and rose bog. non caroline. Whenever she was bathing between friends, distasteful, converse. Stations and roses unwanted advances. Caroline rage to breaking point, after only six weeks of being the west's nanny, she quit A month later, on Wednesday December six nineteen, seventy two caroline was back in tewksbury visiting her boyfriend. That evening she was walking along bought and straight.
In the town centre, when she saw a familiar gray, colored ford popular dr past Fred west was behind the wheel and rose was sitting beside him. Caroline suspected the couple were out cruising and didn't think they had seen her at ten thirty p m. She was waiting at her usual. He talks Spot for a ride home, suddenly fred and rise west pulled up alongside her who's got out of the car and told caroline We really must do the children really missed. You. From behind the wheel, Fred added. I'm sorry, you left on bad feelings, I'm sorry We had a ral. Although caroline had no intentions of befriending the couple again, she accepted their offer of a ride home.
Ro said she wanted to have a girl's, chat and climbed into the back seat with caroline the conversation started. Normally that, as they drive on things, took it fred and rose began talking about sex once again, despite caroline obvious discomfort. The couple persisted. Rose slung an arm around caroline and smiled at her in a manner that caroline described as maniacal. She then started. Fondling caroline has fred watched through the review mira. Egging her on rose cackled. She tried to kiss caroline who rescued her away. It then the wound on caroline, that she wasn't being driven towards her home fred.
These car to a stop on a grass verge against the wooden gate, overlooking a muddy field, rose continued to gripe, caroline, kept pushing her away in increasing panic. Bros then looked at caroline with a knost, the expression fred turned to the pair in the back seat and cold carolina bitch. He reached over and punched her head several times, causing her to black out. When caroline regained consciousness, she was still in the west's car. Her hands were tied behind her back with her scarf. Rose was holding her down? Has fred wound brown adhesive type around carolines face to cover her eyes, ears and mouth? The couple laughed as they threatened
Caroline and told her to shut off fred and then got back behind the wheel and continue to driving, while rose set on top of caroline, to keep her pinned down and out of sight. Caroline. Where does she struggled debris through her nose? The car finally stopped outside twenty five cromwell straight caroline was full I simply let inside the house and into a room that she'd never been in before rose's room. It contained a sofa, a double bed and a mattress on the floor. Fred produced a knife and held it to caroline's face. He ordered her to keep quiet
If she was good, he said he would remove that type. He used the knife to cut the type around carolines face in the process. He nicht caroline skin. fred apologized rose gave caroline a cup of tea, which made her woozy fred and rose than script caroline naked. Once again, she was restrained, blonde folded and gagged fred. Then bait carolines genitals, with about which the lighted arose. He then stood back and took pleasure in watching his young wife, sexually assault caroline before june. In himself in a dish into being right carla
I enjoyed what she described as a clinic, illogical examination. Afterwards rose and fred fell asleep. Caroline quietly, maneuvered herself to the window outside cromwell straight was dark and quiet, but with her arm still time, behind her bag. Caroline was unable to open the window. At around six, I am, there was a knock at the west's front door, fred addressed and left the room to great the visitor caroline heard the person approach it was a man she yoda out to alert him of her captivity. Prompting rose to grub up here,
when smother carolines face on the verge of losing consciousness, caroline stopped fighting and play dead. Certain that rose was trying to kill her when the pillow was removed. Caroline, and came face to face with infuriated fred the is it. I had left and fred snow that caroline ok, view in the cellar and to let my friends have you and when we're finished will kill, you and bury you under the paving stones of gloucester. There are hundreds of girls they're, the police haven't found them and they will find you. Rose left the room to check on the children, leaving fred and care Line alone together, Fred, then right, caroline,
it lasted barely a minute before Fred withdrew prematurely. He begged a not to tell rose ass, she would be angry at him. He told her that it was roses idea that I quote get her. He said carroll I was there for roses: pleasure not he's adding if you promise not to tell anybody what happened tend to come. Back on. No. What will make rose happy. caroline could see that fred was crying. He asked her to forgive them and resume. working as their nanny, convinced that the couple would kill her if she declined caroline pretended to agree to friends, offer She promised not to tell anyone what had happened and would return to the house for more.
Airlines spent the rest of the morning helping the west's she claimed that house played with the children and took several bath. Sir freds insistence, Caroline then accompanied the family to the laundromat fred couldn't find a parking spot. he let rose caroline and the children out as hey dr own woods. Caroline realised this was her chance to escape told rose. She had to get home to collect her belongings, but would be back shortly. Caroline then walked off not daring to look back in case Fred passed by Caroline returned home and spent days in bed in a depressive stayed. She You don't think anyone would believe what she'd been through and if they did, she worried
she'd be blamed for accepting a lift from them. In the first place and her mother noticed that bruising on carolines face caroline refused to tell the truth. She knew the descriptions of her old deal would upset her mom. But in time she eventually opened up about what fred and rose west had done. The police, when notified and fred was arrested. Hey denied assaulting caroline claiming the sex had been consensual. He said that he to caroline out afterwards, because, He no longer wanted her in his house and that she was making up the right accusation to get back at them. Detectives visited twenty five cromwell straight where there were greeted by belligerent rose west diagnostic,
the accusations made against her by carolina ones were true rose. Retorted, don't be fucking daft. What do you think I am when asked if they could carry out a search rose, responded, please, your bloody self in so freds forward popular detectives found a button that had come off carolina ones, code inside the house. A partially used role of brown, adhesive type. Rose was arrested, but was reluctant to talk explaining that her husband had warned her not to say a thing. When she to eventually admitted to performing sex acts with caroline denied that they were forced.
Investigators informed caroline omens that if the right case proceeded to trial, she would be cross examined in the witness box. The thought terrified, caroline. When she had been questioned in the aftermath of herself. A police officer asked. you were now innocent. You were in today's. You just complained: you lock your sex, don't you don't tell me you want loving it. She suspected that the authorities viewed raza quote slot and she feared She would be treated in court in front of her family and the public. Deciding she couldn't cope with it carol. An elected not to pursue the right charge. Instead, Bread and rose a great to play the guilty to the lesser offence of indecent assault causing actual bodily harm. Their case went to.
In january nineteen. Seventy three. at thirty one years of age, Fred was well accustomed to the legal system. Bought for nineteen year old rose, this was the first mark against her name, the West's defense worked to undermine caroline calling her a friend of the couple they suggested she had passed Thirdly, cooperated in everything that happened to her declined The door to the room where caroline was cat was unlocked and that she made no attempt to call for help or get away admitting that for had a knife. They said he only intended to use it to cut the type from carol. Its mouth and she was wrong to perceive it as a weapon. The west's were portrayed as a sympathetic couple with several children to care for the index
did. That rose was seeking psychiatric treatment for her lesbian tendencies, which wasn't true despite fred west having a criminal history that included allegedly raping he sister. The magistrate Ultimately decided that he's previous offences were a relevant to the carolina ones case they felt fred was, though, saw a man who did not look capable of violence. The police who handled he's arrest the grade. As for rose, she had no history of offending. It was also revealed that she was pregnant with her third child upon returning to call the magistrates announced to the west's. We do not think that sending you to prison will do you any good.
Both fred and rose were fined just fifty pounds each and advised to receive psychiatric help. Neither did Caroline, I once was bitterly disappointed, saying it felt like they got away with it. It may feel, like I wasn't worth anything. She occasionally spotted the west's around gloucester carrying on their lives with their children in tow. Meanwhile, caroline required medication and struggled to trust others, especially women. She lighter attempted to take her own life. Then there were the nightmares. She was plagued by visions of being buried under the pavement of gloucester straw, wait. She screamed and clawed upwards desperately trying to alert passes by above, but
continued on, unable to hear oblivious to the fact. Caroline lay hidden beneath the slabs below their fate survey continued next week.
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