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Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)

2023-11-18 | 🔗
*** Content warning: Extreme sexual violence, captivity *** [Part 1 of 2] When Colleen Stan’s family received an unexpected phone call from Colleen in June 1980, they were stunned. No one had seen or spoken to Colleen since she hitched a ride to California from her home in Oregon three years earlier. Colleen assured her family that all was well, but they could tell something wasn’t right. What exactly was Colleen Stan trying to hide? --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Milly Raso Research – Jessica Forsayeth Creative direction – Milly Raso Production and music – Mike Migas Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn Sign up for Casefile Premium: For all credits and sources, please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-268-colleen-stan-part-1
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This is like a no story you ve ever heard before, the entire bakersfield three series is available. Now, listen, all fifteen episodes of the bank has filled three wherever you get. Your pop I turned to the end of today's episode to hear the trailer. Our episodes deal with serious and often distressing incidents. If you feel any time you need support, place contact your go crosses centre for suggested. numbers for confidential support and for a more day, Tab list of content warnings, place The show notes for this episode on Europe or on air.
Website on the afternoon of fraud, a gene, six, nineteen, eighty, the telephone rang at the southern california, home of jack Martin, o connor. By trade jack was at work, said the colonel was answered by his teenage daughter. Bonnie, not immediately recognising the female voice. On the other end of the line bunny asked. Who is this. The kola responded bunny. It's your sister, its calling. bunny was in shock. Her older sister Colleen Stan had inexplicably disappeared three years earlier and her family hadn't spoken to her since on the phone calling sounded shaky and hurried
She reassured her youngest sister that she was fine and staying up north with some friends she an elaborate and was evasive. When bunny asked for more information, but the cold, sparked. A lot of emotion. Bringing Sisters to tears. Colleen asked bunny how each member of their family was doing. Bonnie breakdown, use that their art was dying of cancer in the time calling had been away. The stepmother had also given birth. Calling had a three year old, half sister she had never met the long awaited, chat, barely lasted five minutes before calling interrupted, bonnie stating that she had to go right away, bunny pleaded with calling To call back later that night, when their father would be home, Colleen replied quickly, Tell everyone that our love and miss them
hanging up. Prior to this call, the last contact anyone had with calling stand was on thursday may nineteen nineteen. Seventy seven and twenty year old, lifting eugene oregon and spent the night at her boyfriend. Marks house. Early that morning market, DR calling back to her apartment, coal, had a close friend named Linda, who lived into stayed in westwood California. it was Linda's birthday, and in that way, can she was having a party at her home. The
policies and free spirited colleen wanted to surprise her friend by showing up at the party out of the blue mark, His trepidation, he felt it six and a half hour journey to westwood was too far for calling to travel alone though, Colleen understood her boyfriend concerns. She was here. Strong and independent and couldn't be dissuaded. She assured mark that should be backed by sunday in time for get together. His family was having. That same morning calling told her roommates about her plan. There Just one problem call means car was unreliable and she didn't have enough money for public transportation. She had. therefore decided to hitchhike at the time. Shocking was a common means for cash strapped to use to get around Colleen,
each derives around eugene many times with the ADI incident There was even how she met mark although she d never hitched as far as westward Colleen was confident she could get there by nightfall without any issues. she asked her remains if they could give her a lift to into state five. A long stretch of highway curved southward into california and marked the first, the leg of collins. Four hundred mile journey. Like me. Collins. Roommates were apprehensive, call wayne told them My mind is made up thanks for your concerns, but on going Calling stuffed some spare clothes into her sleeping bag and grabbed her purse. Made reluctantly driver to into state five all the way urging her to re think her plan, but calling couldn't be swayed.
Certain she'd be safe. She got out at the shoulder of the highway, bid her roommates goodbye. On sunday calling failed to show us that marks family get together. there had been no word from her, since she spontaneously left for california three days earlier, wings friends, soon learned that she never even reached westwood, nor had she contacted the birthday, go Linda, wayne's family in riverside, which was a further ten hours south hadn't from her radar, missing persons report was swiftly filed. There were no clues along collins intended route to indicate where she might have gone She didn't have any known ties between eugene and westward that might have diverted her. Having left hence about her current whereabouts. It was as
calling stand simply vanished into thin air. The situation was grossly out of character for calling a happy the caring young woman who always stayed in touch with her friends and family, colleagues was particularly close to her father jack three ways: after her disappearance fathers it came and went with no contact from calling further. Escalating concerns for her well being by this point. The place, had failed to uncover any lage in their search for the twenty year old, all the while collins, loved ones agonized over the enduring mystery on sure what to think cs began to pass collins. Loved ones wondered whether she had fallen victim to one of the many coats prevalent in a foreign year, the time or some other group that restricted her contact with the outside world. Perhaps
he had broken the law and was on the run. If she had voluntarily runaway there was little, the police could do Calling was an adult and free to do whenever she pleased It was three years into collins disappearance that she suddenly called home and spoke with her youngest sister Bonnie Bonnie rushed to her fathers work, saw it and gave him the good news jack. Martin, was thrilled to learn. Colleen had finally reached out. He finished early and went home eagerly waiting for calling to call back, but the night passed with no further contact from her The telephone company traced callings call to pay phone at a gas station in chico californian city, just forty miles south east from jack's residents in riverside homes, california, state university chico, was possible
weighted by many young people. But as far as collins. Family were aware, calling had no connection to the area. They could think of any reason. Why she would be there after the coal call means family began, receiving hand, written letters from calling with the trigger postmarks o a brief and scant in data. nearly saying she was living with a family and taking care of their children In one letter calling detailed her new, interesting gardening shakespeare I ain't that she'd taken up caning fruit as a hobby, even included a few recipes. However, she never provided a return address or any other means for her family to get in touch. On christmas eve of nineteen eighty jack, and received another phone call from calling again she kept the conversation.
In brief and non specific. When jack asked for her phone number, so they could speak again, calling hesitantly, replied This is not my phone, I would the t some other time. John gasped when she'd be coming home, calling replied soon beforehand, The call. not long after a box arrived at jack time, it was a chris as president from calling for her newborn half sister a handmade blanket Three months later, on the night of friday, on march twenty nineteen, eighty one, there was enough good jack martens front door outside stood the now twenty four year old calling stand alone with now.
thing, but a small suit case that hold a few items of clothing and some handmaid gifts for her family callings physic Appearance was a shocking as her unexpected arrival. The last I'm her family had seen her she'd being healthy and glowing. Now she looked tired with dogs goes around her sunken eyes, her skin was pale and her So long, thick, blonde hair was short, dull and thin homemade lloyd song from her gaunt frame, first time in almost four years, jack poured calling into a long awaited warm embrace. He couldn't help but notice how bony she was. the home was soon bars with family members who rushed over to reconnect with calling, including her Other stepmother sisters and step siblings. bombarded calling with hogs and kisses welfare.
Her reign on everything she missed were cautious not to interrogate her mindful that whatever had Tat calling from them might be something she wasn't ready to address. All couldn't speak about at all if they pushed him too soon. She might disappear, Here again, instead they made colleagues feel as loved and cared for as possible. While why impatiently for her to broach the topic herself, but two revealed nothing that not calling stayed up until two. I am reminiscing with her now twenty one year old system, bonnie. within the safety of their system, a bond and away from the others bony. Began seriously pressing calling about why she, too, suddenly ceased contact Calling hesitated before, explaining that she couldn't afford to make calls and had been too busy. Working and baby sitting.
This answer further solidified bonnie suspicion that Colleen had become involved with the nefarious, called that forced her to surrender all her money and prevented her from contacting anyone outside their circle. the following morning, Colleen was given freshly island clothes, so she could attend a church with her grandmother who had been praying if I safe, return afterwards collins family took her to a nearby town to visit, her cancer stricken art, and then they all went out for lunch. when they later returned to the family home in riverside the phone rang. Colleen answered. She The cooler Yes, sir, before hanging up there It was now samba, minutes later there was a knock at the front door standing
there was a tall gaunt man who looked a little older than calling had gracie light brown, hair combed to one side with sideburns I mean he's face and a pair the aviator stall raining glasses perched on his nose, he produced himself as MIKE and announced that come to pick up calling my qatar Colleagues, family, that the pair had met several months earlier and were now engaged to be married. He explained into that? He was in the computer business and had been attending a seminar nearby enabled Calling to dropping to save her family but now they needed to get back on the road wanes family. I asked for a phone number, so they could keep in touch study ring somewhat mark said that didn't have one as they were the process of moving to oregon haitian
the group had provide a number once they settled bony with dubious. From the moment, MIKE entered the room, the spark, collins eyes faded. In the past, Asked Colleen was always very affectionate towards her boyfriend's around MIKE she was and distant. in another room, benito her stepmother, I'm not going I like calling leave until I find out what's going on, I will block the door my body, if I have to her that mother urged her to settle down Warren danny antagonistic display would push calling away for good, prior to leaving calling posed for several photos with her family before it was suggested. She take one with MIKE dropped her arms around her fiance rested. Her on his shoulder, smiled for the camera. She then,
to a fairly good by telling them she loved them. seven p m, barely two eighty four hours after she'd, reappeared calling stan was gone again, despite the whirlwind visit calling The family were delighted to have finally seen her yet when remained uneasy through their conversations. Bonnie had sensed that calling wanted to tell her something, ever was had remained on said. For years earlier, calling stand began her solo hitchhiked to california within five minutes of waiting. Alongside into state five in oregon, she got her ride college student driving a sports car was willing to take her ass, far ass. He could, with
was a little way south to college grove. It barely shaved twenty miles off of collins long journey, but it was pretty. ass, none the less from they're calling was quickly picked up again this time and by a semi truck driver. He agreed to take her to red bluff. California city, a few hours south as I drive along the truck driver attempted to grope calling she pushed him away and shouted for him to leave her alone success putting an end to his unwanted advance. It, was around four p m by the time she raged red bluff having travelled for a little over five hours, a fund oh destination, was less than one hundred miles east, She was on track to rate westward before dies end just ass. She had hoped
a lean stood on the side of the highway. Thirty six overpass above into stay five, with her thumb out soon a car full of if you like, young man stopped alongside her Lanes, god was up after her in canada, with this city truck driver. She carefully assessed the situation concluded that it wasn't smart for her to be alone in a car with five men. She thanked them the full remarking, not today the car sped off its later. A second car put up with a young couple inside though Colleen felt safer in their presence. They could We take her a short distance down the highway, so she d, onto their offer to. The next cod stock was a co bout blue to door. Nineteen. Seventy one dodge coat with a young man behind the wheel in the
since you say, was a young woman with a baby girl cradled in her arms. The woman wound down her window to ask Colleen where she was going westwood calling replied the driver said that they were heading that way and offered to take calling with them once again colleen assess the situation. Couple were an unremarkable working class pair, the man today in his early twenties and judging by his outfit, he was likely a manual labor. I've had spent the day, toiling. He's drain shirt and due to a dirty he's blonde hair, crazy and he smote of sweat. Both the man and woman war eyeglasses, but the woman was a few years younger. She had along black hair and was dressed casually in short invitation. A little girl in her lap was a little under a year old, her press,
reassured calling whose squeezed In behind the passenger said thanking the couple for their kindness. as they drive on their surroundings, became more remote, Colleen glimpse the drive his eyes ass. He kept staring back at her in the review marrow asked why she was heading two westwood calling blind was to surprise a friend for her birthday. She doesn't know you are coming, the man asked something call lane to respond now. It will be a complete surprise. He began peppering her with questions asking. If she he talked often and whether she was married, calling He was tired and quickly grew weary of his interest in her personal laugh, but she did want to be rude, so she answered age question briefly. Despite Breathing the couple learned about calling they didn't
tell her a single fact about themselves. Drove for less than half an hour before the man announced they needed to stop the gas. He poured into a station in paint craig acquaint rest stop among farmlands, Colleen headed to the bathroom to freshen up, while spain sing herself with cool water. She was suddenly overwhelmed by an instinct to run and never looked back. Colleagues, attention was drawn to a small window that lead outside her. In no no voice urged her to crawl out of it, and IRAN. Calling didn't know what to make of these disturbing feelings. She left the restroom and was immediately met by the smiling couple who offered her some candy. These quell the peculiar feeling of dread bubbling away inside of her westward was
less than an hour away all We could think about was getting there before nightfall The group got back into the car and draw vaste would but thing. Odd, drew Collins attention the same next to her was a wooden cube, shaped box that she hadn't noticed before. It measured about a foot on each side and featured several metal hinges and a leather reinforcement. Straps having no idea what it was all I could be used for. Colleen disregarded it beyond panes, craig, the sparsely populated farming landscape, transformed into dense, uninhabited point forest that lou diver the now isolated stretch of highway them and said. There were some ice caves nearby that he'd heard about here.
ass. If it would be all right if they stopped for a bit to check them out. It was now approaching five p m. Which was concerned, they wouldn't make it too westward before dark, but the couple of They would not wanting to be on grateful. She really gently accepted their new plan headed down an unmarked dirt road and about a quarter of a mile into the forest before the man stopped. The car. calling haven't, seen any signs indicating the direction of the os caves but trusted. The couple where they were going. not wanting to prolong the visit. She opted to stir behind the couple got out with their baby and headed towards a nearby craig. The next, time, calling look dob only a woman and baby were standing there, the man had vanished
only the man leaped into the back seat and press the butchers NAFTA collins throat ordering to put her hands above her head. First, in fear calling and believe what was happening within seconds her hands were handcuffed behind her back the man asked: are you do. As I tell you a drink, one pumping colleen, It's too overwhelmed to speak and could only nod want followed, was placed over her eyes before something was harnessed tightly around her head, the secured a wide leather strap across her mouth. Get her Her ankles were then tied together with robe everything the man did was so swift, precise and purposeful. Calling sands had been planning and practising it for some time
the object that fell like it white about twenty pounds, was forced over collins, head contoured to the exact show. of her skull She realised that was the strange wooden box from the back seat. the inside was lined with phone rubber and carpet blocking out loud sound and dare creating a suffocating sensation. The boy snapped shot and was locked so tightly around collins neck that she felt like she was being strangled. as she lay completely restrained in the back seat, her sleeping bag. It was then spread out on top of her sweltering under the sleeping bag and inside the stifling head box? Calling did she die of aids, drugs from The muffled sounds around her calling deduced that the woman and her daughter what back inside the car and
national white was placed on top of collins body. It was the baby Colleen felt the car take on after a short bumpy ride. They re emerged on the highway and wound along the mountainous rude in time. Colleen heard the barely audible sands of passing traffic and tat life. They were, back amongst civilization, ah sped viewed and circling many directions before finally coming to a stop the slave bag was lifted off calling and, finally, the wooden box was removed from her head. The round. Of cool air was exhilarating, calling blonde followed and other restrains were kept on and she was forced to sit up her cup. we're waiting, hamburgers and fries, which
Colleen ashamed must have come from a drive through restaurant. While she had no real comprehension of where they were, she knew what had to be somewhere private for the council to be bold enough to consume a meal without concern so by their nonchalance. Colleen began and plodding an escape. She barely had time to consider anything worthwhile before she was forced to lie back down the wooden box was clan to back over her head, removing any possibility of a get away for now. they drive for a while before stopping again this time the man removed, the wooden box and the road from around collins ankles, but kept the handcuffs, blindfold the gagging place, sit up. He ordered He asked if she would do ass. She was told.
Calling gave a muffled yes from behind her gag. She was how to get out of the car. Through a slight gap in her blindfold. She could tell it was night time the man rich, calling shoulders and pushed her up a set of ports. Steps to what she figured was the back door of a house. inside the glimpse of a stove indicated. She was in a kitchen. calling was taken through another door and dan estate flood of fourteen wouldn't stairs into a code dusty basement he was tormented by the question. What are these people going to do to me. Case file we'll be back shortly. Thank you for supporting ass by listening to this episode. Sponsors too,
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Colleen was left alone with the man who ordered her to stand on top of an ice box. Collins handcuffs within replaced with stiff leather straps, which were attached to something above she could feel her kept his hand shaking with excitement. Is he removed her shoes and stripped off her clothes through the slate in her blindfold calling say that the concrete basement was dimly lighted by a single light bulb with two small windows high up on an adjacent war, the those were covered in black plastic. This base was around fourteen feet. Long and twenty three feet wide Colleen was attached to a wooden beam that ran across the ceiling. items hung from nails on one of the walls, but call couldn't make out what they were. She said but a magazine opened on a wooden table before her the page
his face it. An image of a naked woman strung up in the exact manner as Colleen The man began running his hands over collins, naked body. without warning. He then came to the us a way causing call lane to drop into dangle in a why shape, the weight of her hanging body caused immediate searing, paying in her shoulders and wrists tears saved into collins blindfold. Was she violently thrashed her legs in a desperate, fruitless search for something to stand on naked, king and trembling calling, sobbed ass. She thought why, may god realisation dawned that no one in westward was expecting her and therefore, and be instigating a search com. Lane feared that by the time anyone figured out something was amiss. She would be dead
The man went upstairs only to return a moment later with his female companion. They took off their clothes, and then having sex on the table in front of calling sickened the full limp of her ordeal began to sink in his. She struggled to comprehend exactly what sort of people she was now at the mercy of then a sudden, she heard a crack. She was rock by a sharp excruciating pain across her back. It happened again. this time against her stomach. She was being wept over and over lane realised the unidentified all items she'd saying earlier on the wall, where a collection of webs h, rock produced two unbearable pain. Unlike anything calling had ever experienced, it as though she was being assaulted right down to her soul.
She flailed, as the man barked at her to stop kicking saying it'll, be Thus, sooner with I'd agony, Colleen made herself go limp, bringing the assault to stop a small box was placed under her fate enough for her to stand awkwardly on her tiptoes and provide some much needed relief. The couple resumed having sex They were finished. The woman headed back upstairs lady colleen alone with the man he try these fingers over the world. The whip had left on my body as though admiring his work. Suddenly the man kicked the boy, eggs from under calling away reigniting the fiery pain in her limbs there with several flashes of light, calling realized. She was being photographed the awesome, I was then returned under her fate and the leather straw
were removed from her wrists, allowing her to get down lanes hands were completely numb. The man to face first into a cried near the stairs It was long enough for her to stretch her legs out, but too small for her to stand rankles and wrists were changed to the craig and the wood sand proved. A box was once again secured around her head. Colleen was instantly consumed by the feeling of choking claustrophobia and began to hot ventilate. She screamed to fought desperately against their chains to what each breath felt like. Good day. Her last. After an indistinguishable amount of time, collins distress was interrupted by the sensation of someone touching her winded back sheet
And does the head box was opened, it was her capta. What's wrong here, He's his voice, irritated and angry chase ain't that she couldn't breathe and begged for her bruised wrists to be released. He replied If you don't shut up I'll cut your vocal chords of done it before and I ll do it again. The head box was then re sealed send call leaned back into the oppressive stifling darkness. Colleen had no way of knowing whether she was ever left alone, but has Not war on, she occasionally felt the man's touch her wrist range, prevented her from changing positions and soon. All her limbs went numb her lungs bird from struggling to breathe the
Relenting discomfort prevented her from falling asleep by morning. The basement was cold and calling was exhausted the man removed the chains and head box, but kept the blind, followed and gagging place stand up. He commanded Collins struggled to her fate. The man grass, her by the shoulders and pushed her against the table where he and his partner had sex the night before climb up. He said too tired. Five calling got up on the table. Asking When will you let me go soon. He replied as he positioned her to lie, face up. The man referred to the wooden table was the rack. It measured eight feet long three feet wide and three feet: high
allowing him access to calling body without having to bend over. Colleen was restrained to the table, spread a golden an x shape, with her wrists chained to the top corners and her. ngos to the bottom, the sand proof box, Was then secured onto her head calling waited nervously, but nothing happened finally found herself drifting off to sleep, but at the time. Colleen woke she had no concept of time She occupied her mind by reminiscing about her friends and a boyfriend until the thoughts were interrupted, by their head box being opened, sit up. Her captain demanded. It had been well over twenty four hours since Colleen had drank eaten, who used the bathroom.
the man guided her to a plastic chair with a bed pan under at the top, he used in hospitals, when she finished using it, Colleen asked when will I get to go home yet again he replied soon. Collins gag was removed her. She was offered her first meal since her ordeal began a plate of cooked potatoes, and of a water after she ate she was strapped to back up to the ceiling and left to dangle. Calling accepted there was no use trying to fight, and instead Ghost on ensuring the pain After a short, while she was let down and made to lie on the rack, while, where the head box. She was left in complete isolation, twenty three Excruciating hours passed Mona
from pain and discomfort, calling finally felt box on latch. It was the woman this time, I'm cold calling said The woman light a blanket over her naked body, Colleen was baffled by this act of kindness, but eventually fell asleep. She was lighter woken by the man who released her and took her to the bed pan. He. and offered her to egg solid sandwiches and a glass of water Colleen. was desperately thirsty after spending their day in the stuffy head box, but had lost her the tide entirely. She thanked the man while telling. him, I'm not very hungry, angered here I snatched the sandwiches away and scolded calling for being ungrateful. He struck to back up the ceiling with all of the gag sent restrained in place than with
two calling in what felt like an active vengeance. Eventually, she passed out from The unbearable pain she regained consciousness. The os box was pushed underneath her car I didn't have the strength to pull herself onto it and the mere effort caused her the blackout again when she into this time the os box was gone. She began yelling for help and begging for mercy demand I told her to shut up and relax, reiterating that it would be over soon after another torture session. He asked sarcastically now, are you going to eat your sandwich? Colleen forced the food down. Then she was locked to the rack. With the head box on
lane determined. There was just one k to survival obey. Colleen soon found herself in an ongoing routine. Twenty three hours a day. She was chained naked to the rack, while wearing the head box In the remaining hour, she was released to use the bed pan drink a glass of water and data. Basic meal, which was usually a sandwich or leftovers. Then she was forced to endure another round of sadistic punishment which her capita would photograph. days into collins captivity. The woman came down to the basement. Again she told Colleen I want you to know. You are here to take the pain from me, but don't worry there won't be any sacks. He asked Colin what she would do if she was released with a hint
sarcasm, Colleen replied altogether. the police and tell them I d, been kidnapped. Stupid said the woman she then lodged the head buckshot again calling to agonize over the thought that she d just mr chance to escape by Choosing her answer more carefully. Awakened her captivity, Colleen heard the sound of someone soaring wood and hammering nails in the basement. Then is filled her with anxiety, and she knew whatever was being built was likely something to enhance her misery. Days later, culling aid One in daily meal before a single chain was wrapped around her neck and secured with a large padlock the room. Under the chain went down the length of her body and was secured around her ankles with a second padlock step in the man. Commanded.
Colin was forced into another box this one coffin, in design and shape it was made. Of particle board, which age tend to left splinters in calling skin the box fitted into a second to lodge a box which provided a dish. No sound proving Colleen no longer had to wear the coveted head box all the time, but the effect was the same. She was ordered to lie down before a lid was placed on top and padlocked shot completely. killing her inside. The man had the foresight to include anyhow. This certainly filled it in the basement. Sickly, mouldy, oda. Collins laugh returned to the same miserable routine. day long stretches of isolation only to be released for wiping her kept as well
of choice, varied from single long paces of leather to whip with multiple strips Struck her rollover with a single blow. Based on the warm temperature throughout the day calling concluded that. The man visited her in the early evening when it was cool. she had no way of keeping track of the days and soon lost count all together as the temple. just started to drop calling for yet summer had given way to him. It had in spring. When she left Oregon, she'd being imprisoned for months gabe seemed impossible, Colleen was kept blindfolded and gagged at all times. The brief out with her captain was the only time she was moved between restrains but hey. ten inches taller full of rage and not
come on calling could easily fight in her wakened state even if she managed to get to the basement door. She knew what was likely locked the off chance that it was open. She still, had no idea where she was what, if she was in the middle of nowhere with no one else around four miles, If there was a vicious dog or a tall fence, she couldn't climb the thought of being up cross the collins mind many times, but she did it have the means she, Contained hope but lived incomes, I feel that at any moment she could be killed by her capta with low Allow me to do she forgets survival standing her capta might bade the K she continent did his motives and one what strategy she could use to keep him com. Most importantly, how could you,
make him see her as a person over time, calling adapted her behaviour to control her circumstances as best she could. She learned That begging, pleading, crying fight more struggling, only aroused her capita and feud he sadistic rage they sent. prolonged her torture. So called trained herself to suppress all physical and emotional reactions. This dissipated her captors desire, as he had no fun baiting a lamp body. Preventing him from seeing her is weak and vulnerable also gave a sense of power Only time she permitted herself to cry was when she was alone in the box, the man, rarely spoke except to baulk, orders, flock, stand gimme your wrists,
turn around. calling learned the hard way that she had to keep quiet to once when desperately needed to use the bed. Pan Colleen retold, her chains and he owed for attention the man rushed down into the basement, pool calling out of the box and immediately strong her up the ceiling he violently with her bag and remarked This is for making so much noise From then on, she said silent. Elaine's capta was inspired by images of bondage he found in pornographic magazines. He used, calling as a model to copy the ones who locked com stella moving between the box, the rack, and hanging from the ceiling. Some arms Colleen would be hung upside down by the ankles. other times. She was choked until she black dad.
The small I box was applied often. during one particularly harrowing ordeal calling soiled herself fury, ass, the man rubbed collins, knows in her own waste. Sometimes When Colleen was lying in the box, she could The man and woman having sex on top of it every once in a while Collins captors provided her with an unexpected gift. The woman once brought her recalled glass of lemonade and she was occasionally fed. Something special like pancakes, french, toast or jelly months into captivity. Colleen was finally given a toothbrush to clean her teeth. These random acts of kindness were rare and done without explanation call. Complicated the couple in the hopes of increasing her privileges, yet
She never found a way to diminish or prevent the assaults. The straw Took a tall one collins body and she stopped him straining and one day while she was in the box her period suddenly returned collins cap, was furious. He hit carter and led her up the basement stairs into a bathroom to come, in surprise for the first time since her roared deal began, she was permitted to take a bath, blindfolded gags were kept in place, but her hand were removed, so she could wash our woman, attempted to brush wash and condition collins mattered and filthy hair, but nothing could on angle, there not not even cooking oil. Eventually the woman took a pair of scissors and hacked collins beloved to waist logs to show to hide.
The mutilation left Colleen broken hearted after her boss. collins, hands and feet were hung tied behind her back. The two I was her head was dumped in and out of the water never Colleen felt on the brink of death. The man pull her out by the hair, so she could grab one desperate breath before her head was submerged again all the I'll call. You saw the familiar flash of a camera with her lungs burning. Colleen was eventually take him back into the basement, secured down on the rack and assaulted Lane was then sued in the box for another day alain thought about all the small everyday freedoms that others were taking for granted. Breakfast clothes shopping television she kept her mind busy by reflecting on fond memories planning
giving dinners for when she was re united with her family fantasizing about a future with a beautiful home and a child of her own, but thoughts could only stretch so far and eventual she raised a mental blanc tunnel slowed with every minute feeling like an hour as days slipped away When Colleen finally drifted after slave, she was plagued by nightmares went on wake Colleen was gripped by loneliness, Try to fill the void by speaking to god, in childhood, had involved going to church, though she wasn't strongly religious. But now alain felt. God was the only one who could hear rare, somewhat lessened the feeling of isolation and allowed calling to feel connected to her loved ones, whom she knew would be praying for her. It
so provided positive affirmations in the midst of her nightmares, calling once had a vision that her box was opened by angels, hooray, Shorter that everything would be all right in another calling shared some regrets with her deceased grandfather, who stood her hair and said it's all right. Colleen, These visions provided her with the warmth and security. She was longing for money. the continued to pass with calling still restrained and blindfolded she was unable to scratch herself for stress True, raking limbs ass above the basement, felt a hundred miles away and to the world beyond. That was like an entirely different planet per capita the shared no information nor news couple with the total sensory deprivation Colleen
was mentally starving yet once month, Colleen was allowed to take a bath She eventually earned the right to bathe alone. Despite this we still couldn't entertain the thought of escaping lack of certainty was just too much effort tend to filed what punishment which have to endure, then the woman had once warned Colleen. If you walk out the back door You might as well put a shot gun to your head and pull the trigger. Although death offered an escape, Colleen was overcome by a will to live the woman rarely spoke to calling and mostly stayed out of the basement. But she did occasionally participated in the abuse by binding weeping and poking calling with sharp objects called
Once heard, the man refer to the woman as jean. She knew never to reveal this as having Such information could prove fatal. Calling wondered if Jan participated in the abuse, because she wanted to or because the man forced her the possibility that gene could also be a victim was yet another unanswered questions that occupied her mind. One day a blindfolded. Colleen was ordered to sit on the concrete floor in the center of the basement. her rank or change were secured to something to prevent her from moving around the and then directed callings hands until they came into contact with a piece of wood. He handed her some sandpaper and demanded that she sand the would all night until its surface was smooth any questions he asked
she shook her head on The box was then latched onto collins head this. One was at least ten pounds heavier than the previous one, and calling Couldn't hold her head up. the man had anticipated this. He d rectify by attaching strings to the box, which were then loot diver a pipe on the ceiling and connected to several containers of water that hung as a counterbalance. Awkward and unpleasant enable we call on to get the project on over several nights. Meda ass. She lay in the coffin large box. Colleen heard some construction work taking place in the basement continued every night for several weeks, leaving calling to wonder what fresh horrors light in store, one, not demand led to calling to his new creation, a small create room under the timber stairs lit
by a single light bulb they're here strange calling into a chair? Then he laughed. from behind the door. The man instructed calling to remove her blindfold. It was. the first time, she'd taken it off in six months. Blinding white light immediately burnt arise, as vision, adjusted. She saw a bird A sackful of wool knots lying at her fate. The man said when I come back tomorrow morning. I expect each one to be shelved and placed in the empty ball. From that point on a new retain emerged, calling Still spend her days trapped in the box and was released in the evenings to eat, used the bed pan and in Juba, yet another torture session by he was then locked overnight in the makeshift. A workshop to complete an array of tasks from
shelling not to crochet and macro may projects each morning for being returned to the box. She was to reapply, her blindfold. So she wouldn't say her kept his face. Colleen ascertained that she was making items for her captors to sell. Oh still miserable. She was grateful. to have something to keep her occupied. this new routine. Wasn't always guaranteed sums I'm the man would leave calling in the workshop all day without explanation other times be left in the box over night without being put to work at all It is, though, her captives were intentionally making her life unpredictable to reinforce their control. The onset of winter marked the seventh month of collins captivity, although she still had no concept of the date or time she
You lost a significant amount of weight and she remained completely naked. The cold was unbearable. In one of their rare acts of compassion, her captors guy or a jacket and nightgown. The first items clothing calling had worn since entering the basement the drop in temperature indicated christmas was approaching, but the diets of came and went without anything to mark the occasion. the same, went for collins, twenty first birthday, which fell on december, thirty one and then new year's day nineteen. Seventy eight commenced the selection, Colleen felt was profound on Wednesday january twenty five, something unexpected happened. Colleen was in the workshop busy with her latest project. When suddenly, the particle board door swung open with
no warning to put her blonde fall back on calling saw her cat is for the first time since the day of her abduction. When, she locked eyes with the man she felt it was like looking into the eyes of the devil. A smart appeared on his face as genes stood behind him. Colleen was frozen in shock and fear. There who handed calling a piece of paper and a pen and told her to practice riding her name. sure where this was leading colleen, did ass. She was told. She repeatedly began scrolling the words Colleen stan the man, and told her They know you're here. Case file will be back shortly. Thank you for supporting us
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Collins mind raised as a glimmer of hope ignited within who were they the police, her family The man then said that someone from the company was waiting upstairs. Adding we keep the man waiting. Collins hope was promptly extinguished. Her captor explained that the company, He had discovered calling was being held captive. The cup who were being forced to pay a sixteen hundred dollar Faye and had to register calling immediately to make her legal before calling could make any sense of what he was saying. He handed her be of a newspaper titled inside news, which was dated. sunday january, one nineteen, seventy eight calling Attention was drawn to an article with the headline
they sell themselves body and soul when they signed the slave contract. The article began. just out of sight of the general public young girls Women are being adopted and sold into slavery in san francisco to wealthy and a powerful men, the company a vast The grand syndicate administers the contracts and controls the market. According to the article once the transactions were sealed with a contract. The women legally became the property of the masters, who bought them were given a slave name and made to permanently, where a collar to identify their position. Any woman who resisted was sent to the companies remedial training facility in san francisco. place known as rent a dungeon company also had headquarters in sacramento cut we began to shake
she never knew such a business existed and couldn't believe what she was rating. Article explain tell a fair market value was determined for each slave and how the purchasing power such work and even featured a sample of one of the legally binding slave contracts, calling captcha handed her a piece of paper which he ordered her to read and sign Then he reiterated we can't keep the company man waiting, type written on a high quality piece of paper, with an ornate heading printed at the top and an official looking seal at the bottom. The contract open with the words Indenture made the twenty fifth day of january. In the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight between calling stan hereafter known as slave and michael powers here
after known as master it can t you'd by detailing how Colleen referred to slave would humbly. Submit the entirety of herself to her master, her body. Her will and her soul would all belong to him. There were. More specific points that calling had to promise to quote one She shall immediately diligently and enthusiastically comply with and submit her food being to any and all directions or desires of master or he's a signs which he or they may express by word, signal action or any other means to She shall at all times, afford a master, absolute respect, challenge. Him only a sir or master shells asian herself in a physical position subordinate to his whenever possible and shells,
two or otherwise distract him. Only when granted he's permission three, she shall constantly maintain her female body parts in such circumstances as will demonstrate and ensure that they are fully open to him. In particular, She shall never cross her legs in his presence shall where no undergarments at any time and cover no part of her body with apparel or material of any description, except when the in doing so and design of the item are expressly approved by him for She shall preserve her female body parts for the exclusive use of him and he's a signs which use shall be the sole source of his pleasures, and she shall engage in no self gratification or any physical contact with any other
the contract and noted that Colleen had become sullied by her interactions with others prior to coming into her masters possession. She was required to confess to this and request that the master free her from any bad habits via quote retraining with corporal punishment the contract, can who did with the words in nice whereof slay has here and to set her hand and my that has designed to sue these presence by permanently fixing his collar about her neck on the date first above written signed by slave, whose color, sealed and who was dead, That unto master on the date above mentioned in the presence of. Wherever slave colleen stan Master Michael powers, witness janet powers,
Colleen burst into tears, could no longer maintain her stoicism exclaiming. This is the work of satan. cole angrily demanded that Colleen just signed the contract. She asked what, if I died through gritted teeth, he responded I will make you wish. You had. Colleen tried to calm down, but she explore. And that she couldn't sign away her soul, as that belonged to god. Oh right, Michael, a grade now sign. Next to the words forever slave calling stand shakily tried to distort her signature in a desperate attempt to make it clear. She'd been forced to sign against her will both more go and janet then sign the document will janet, took them contract upstairs mark old tom Colleen
Me tell you about my wife. He exe land that JANET was once a slave to she'd escape her previous owner and flagged down a police officer. Realising that he too was a member of the company. She was again to rent a dungeon for remedial training where she was born, be punished as an example to other slaves across was then play the round her neck This signified that for ten thousand dollars, JANET could be purchased for the purpose of being tortured to death. Michael explained that over the years he turned thousands of dollars of credit by helping the company tracked down runaway slaves when he saw janet's cross. He felt sorry for her. He used his crew to buy janet and take her home in my told Colleen that the company was a sacred organization run by powerful men who, in
slaved trained transported sold women, while the group Was completely unknown to the average citizen it had grown into a powerful, influential and financial empire members. A powerful and wealthy individuals, including politicians, judges doctors And members of law enforcement, Cool explained that for an annual fee of sixteen hundred dollars, they're coming They provided him with twenty four hour home security, including me during his house and telephone line, If colleagues tried to escape the company woods but nothing to find her even humming. family if they had to. Colleagues would then spend five days being violently punished by the company. she survived They re sold to the highest bidder. Michael already knew of at least one dangerous man who was eager to buy Colleen.
A lane was told that her contract was permanent and unbreakable everything. Often her obedience would be tested with especial punishment according Michael he had no, control over the company's demands, all he knew, was that Colleen would remain. He slightly for life. Michael laid out. The new rules for calling, as Slave, she must address him as master or sir and he's why if, as men We must only speak when spoken to or when absolutely necessary. in doing so, she had to kneel down cape around that sides and her eyes focused on the floor. Colleen was fed. and from crossing her legs or wearing clothing. Unless permitted to do so, Michael told her. The girl previously known as calling stan he's gone.
lane would henceforth be known by her slave name, kay. A metal collar adorned with a gold leaf was locked around her neck. Michael ass to calling if she understood called replied. Yes, master. weeks later, Colleen was handed eliminated, cod featuring the company's official seal. This was proof of her official registration as a slave alive, and it was put on Splay above the workshop door more continued filling Collins head with horrifying stories about what happened to slaves, who escaped and slaves mother was tortured for information. When the slave was eventually found, her arms and legs were surgically removed without anesthesia her tongue, was cut out and her eyes with solid shot. She was there
hung by the hair from a hawk above her masters bed and kept alive until she eventually died after a year of suffering. The captured slave was put alive into a glass box that was filled with the toxic preservative formaldehyde. This gradually turned her remains into what mako described as a human people. Her body along with those of other slaves who tried to escape we're on display in the company's museum calling struggled to comprehend what she was hearing have seen any other circumstances. She would have been skeptical of Michael's assertions. after enduring months of being physically emotionally mentally and spiritually degraded Colleen was incurred. A blue, vulnerable though her mind lingered with doubt she was plagued by
nightmares of what could happen to her or her family. If the company was indeed real and calling cross to them more ghost stories caused Colleen to fear the company even more than her to captors. Yet. registration as a slave delayed till one major and welcomed change for short at a time. Colleen was allowed to go upstairs into the house and do chores. Whenever this happened? The doors were kept, locked and window shades drawn Didn't wanna naked woman moving around the house so called was allowed to wear a nightgown. Her blindfolded, gag were also removed, but she was ordered to but eyes cast a downward, and only spain give spoken to. one searchers were complete, calling had to kneel before her captors and ask. Is there anything
No, she wished for me to do if not to was returned to the basement where she was a good place to back in her box or should into the workshop for more craft projects. Meanwhile, torture continued, Michael when degenerate house was quaint, but clouded can lead to a small dawning space where an arched doorway then opened to a living room when Michael yelled at tension, Colleen the strip naked and stand under the arch on her tiptoes, with her hands stretched toward above her. If market was unsatisfied with collins work in any way. She was repeatedly wit. she had to stay in this position until he called out at ease During her lashings, Michael, sometimes ass, to calling questions about her past life such as well, she was a college student. If call
clean, answered honestly with yes, she'd be struck again further into the house was the bathroom there was also a small bedroom occupied by her captors young daughter, who had only been a baby when Colleen was abducted by the I'm calling saw her again, she was a toddler walking, but not talking. Inside Michael and JANET's bedroom was awarded, bed on a large pedestal in the closet, a wooden panel could be removed from the floor, allowing a directive view into the basement below one While she claimed the house calling came about so let us it was addressed, two cameron into janis hooker. That was the moment, calling realised that she'd being misled by her captors with fake names it so included their address eleven forty
straight in red, bluff, california, one february evening, Colleen was led upstairs and onto the couples. Waterbed com, anne and generous lie on the side of her and began kissing up until this point Colleen, had endured varying degrees of sexual assault, but had never been forced to have intercourse that all changed that night As cameron began, raping Colin generous the room laying could hear her crying and vomiting cameron start salt and went to check on her after them. add. Colleen was returned to her box in the basement, Although she was relieved that the ripe was short lived, molly knew it was an over from that point. On,
Jonas hooker traded, calling with increased cruelty, stone cameron story about janis being a former slave calling had viewed as another victim of their company, yet in dead of being an ally calling realised that jenna saw her as a threat to her relationship with cameroon. Immense anger and hatred for generous began to bubble away inside of colin months later, in April, a blindfolded hank Calling was once again lead upstairs, but she was then taken into the bedroom. Instead, for the first time, Almost a year, she was met with the coup fresh air of night. collins, mind flooded with questions but shame better than to spake. Her captors led her to the front seat of a pickup truck where she was made to lay her head on genesis, lab
cameron started driving. they only being on the road for about fifteen minutes. When the car stopped Colleen was led out of the truck and into a mobile home once inside a blind, followed and restraints, were removed, this ice was unfamiliar, but she ignores though hookers water bed, with its black vano frame and. Steps that led up from the pedestal. She'd no anywhere to animals are being removed from the foot of the bed, revealing the dock space inside the pedestal that the mattress sat on get in cameroon ordered Calling lay on her stomach and worked away into the narrow space under the bed. It was just a longer than the length of her body. She managed to turn herself under her back. There was the two inches of space on either side of her and if sheep,
and her elbows her fingertips touched. The top of the box. Abed pan was already inside, but there barely enough space for heard a roll over all maneuver it under today left of collins had a small Well had been drawn into the floor of the mobile home with another at her fate. This allowed a little air to filter in through a hose box was initiated by the frame of the water bed. Muffling any sounds came in or out. Within moments of crawling inside collins, captors pushed the stairs back up against the base of the pit. Install, locking her in and hiding The panel that lead to her new prison. If the box in the base and had felt like a coffin than this. One felt like a tomb.
Once again, Colleen was kept in the box for twenty three hours, a day alone, with her thoughts and prayers. with minimal ventilation. She had to be mindful about, went to use the bed pan as the stench. unbearable, every evening. She was allowed to show me how to empty is a basic meal, and drink some water, like before This was then followed by a torture session. although Colleen no longer had the workshop to keep her busy and provide some rest by the hookers sometimes allowed her to complete chores around the trailer. It was sixty four feet. Long and twelve feet wide a combination, living dining and kitchen space there the two bedrooms, the main one where Colleen was kept and another down the narrow whole way that belonged to the hookahs young daughter,
calling could sometimes hear the sound of large tracks in the distance leading hurt conclude. She was likely on the outskirts of town not far. a highway In the summer, Colleen was granted a pair of shorts a single and some used tennis shoes and for the first time cameron allowed her to go outside. Calling relish the feel of the sun on her pale skin has she took in the unfamiliar surroundings, the trailer Part at the end of a gravel road, one of several that dotted the surrounding remote landscape. The club this trial. I sat around two hundred feet to the east with a highway one hundred and fifty yards to the west cameron, escorted calling behind the trailer she saw an open tranche made to facilitate utility connections to the home
Red handed calling a shovel and ordered that she fill it with dirt. Hey also I got to work as well. The two work side by side all day, but this way I sent the taste of freedom calling had desperately longed for being captain, a new mobile state, had trained her body of strength and hurling eight from the laborious task. The cat Fournier son, also burned her delicate skin. Bringing what pain. Yet lane soldiers on without complained that. out of nowhere serious man approached
to be continued next week. The first to go missing was mica are noted. Your mom drive to my house, there's a woman that will not stop coming near my house. That is your name, my name, but you might get your mind ch two weeks After his disappearance, his James was murdered. He was scared because he knew you shot him in two weeks, through that door, bailey seemingly vanished. She is legitimately messing like gone off the face of this earth. History. People knew each other and they're all either at this point, dead are missing. There are three mothers began connecting the dots we had. No proof of anything we just knew. They were gone,
god this is bigger than we thought it was what uncovered was more devastating than anyone could have ever imagined thought of arrogance, normal american couple, not knowing the type of undergo, world that they were living in and the things that they Doing they come off, as very polite, in well mannered, but don't cut your throat. Are you and drinking? It's one of the few times in my crew, where I've been warned hey. You dont want to dig too deep on this one: kidnap, torture and, ultimately dismemberment in a very great neighbourhood, beautiful homes, nice people, that kind of stuff doesn't happen here. Oh yes, it does better talk connected to the ground. Of guns and re everything else. There is something big about about. What's going on, there's something something
breezy about this case, I wouldn't chomp up a friend of mine. I might put a bullet this flag. I need to do everything that he tells me to do, and I need to do it now and I need to do it fast, because we don't I'm next, I'm trying to beat a good person. Okay, I want to get the girl. I should get a good percentage of contrast all but then ask to come clean about the everything just some money, tell me who they are and we will go get them all. Good, too, William dick and I will find them- I can't find it older one last time, if it is just her bones. This is the story of the baker skilled three. Selling a little or a lot shop. If I helped you dear thing how every teaching shop a fire is, the global commerce bought format helps you sell at every
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