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On the evening of March 18 2001, 22-year-old Sian O’Callaghan enjoyed a night out with friends in the Old Town of Swindon in South West England. The flat she shared with her boyfriend Kevin Reape was less than a kilometre away, making it an easy walk home. ---  For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-35-operation-mayan
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It has one of the lower crime rates in the country. On a color hand, was a twenty two year old woman who resided in Swindon with a boyfriend, Kevin written shop, the Bali Bubbly friendly caring and loving go instantly lockable, beautiful and considerate on the evening of the eighth of March, two thousand and eleven Sean had a naughty out with some friends in the old town area Swindon they went after dinner, before visiting toolbars, the spot and Baker Street. After which they went to suit. You not come Fifty three, I am on the ninth about shop, was captured on security footage leaving the nightclub alone. She shared a flat with her boyfriend Kevin eight hundred made away from the top, but she never made it home.
The. At three twenty four. I am M China text message to check if she was ok. He was concerned that she had an erotic yet Sean never responded. This was completely out of character. one hundred and forty five, a dot m. That morning Kevin went to the police to report. Her missing After taking the report, the wheelchair police immediately traded her disappearance as a level one missing person, investigation, A level one missing person case means police have assessed the person to be an immediate danger, or significant
They implemented a four point strategy to investigate the case. They were one locate, Sean and safeguard her from any harm to Phillip intelligence and information in order to establish her location, three utilize media opportunities in order to support those objectives for mine, an open mind in relation to potential criminal acts and seek to secure and preserve evidence. police immediately question. The Sean was out with they not for any useful information, they had no issues for real than not they will not win so dense or suspicious Paypal in the club. Sean simply the club aligned to go home, a check this. Thirty footage showed her, leaving the club two and fifty three I am she headed up trade in the direction of a flat,
The security footage of other businesses in the area was obtained said I could fall. I wish I went On these footage, they noticed the car repeatedly circling the old town area driving passed the night club, the car I drove on a few times as she was walking along the footpath finally came to a stop on horse straight, a short distance in front of Sean about two. Fifty seven, I am the. The car's headlights shone straight into the camera, essentially blocking the footage, Bitch continued walking towards the car. Until eventually you sort of her in the glare. a short light at a cop food away and started driving towards Melbourne Road Dont could no longer be saying that many of the footage meant that neither the might of the vehicle nor the registration plate could be. My dear It was a breakthrough, though. Police below It very possible that Sean had gotten into that vehicle,
The glare of the headlights, men, it was impossible to know for sure and impossible to know if she voluntarily got in or she was forced in. Investigators got to work on her cell phone records. The text message sent by Kevin at three twenty four I am pinged of it. How are the put the location of chance? Fine in the area of the seven forest? Seven. forest, is about nineteen kilometers or twelve miles away the Fear of Sean's fine could only be narrowed down to a six and a half mile radius around the cell phone. Given she left the club at two fifty three, I am This meant she had thirty one minutes to get to seven at first, the anyway he could have got there in time was by car police believed that was the car circling old town on the security footage. Only a few hours after the had been reported missing police formed
I Moyen to investigate her disappearance, detective superintendents. A full was appointed as the senior investigation officer. then experienced detective, who had had a diver fifty major investigations throughout his career, investigation was marked this category I the mercy. this category category I remains a major investigation of significant concern with any member of the public is at risk. The offend Is unknown and the invest? irrigation and securing of evidence requires the allocation of significant resources. Significant resources is what the investigation got up to one. before forty offices were involved. Search teams were immediately nivel to attend the seven forest, the forest. densely wooded area with a thick undergrowth, not an easy place to search police and dog units were Cordin. Super
it's an unfortunate had three scenarios running through his mind at this early stage of the investigation, one on leaving the nightclub Sean had been a and tossed into the vehicle or forcibly abducted into the vehicle saying on the security footage, then, driven to the seven act forest where she met with home too. She had met with an equal and going with involuntarily for reasons. Unknown has failed to make contact with friends or family three just because fine, was in the seven act. Forest didn't make Sean was mad for reasons on nine. She may have become separated from a phone and met with an accident or had harm done to her at another location. A media strategy was discussed with the police media unit and depressed It was immediately issued appealing for information regarding Sean's whereabouts.
Up to four hundred volunteers from the public, as well as members of chance family and her boyfriend Kevin joint police in them. The search of seven at first, an anonymous Dinah offered a twenty thousand dollars reward for any information that helped fly. Kite Sean he's also assisted, distributing posters appealing for information, Crest, places and appeals were also widely shared on social media sites, but after forty idea was police were no close. to discovering the whereabouts of Sean or what happened to her other than it was possible. She may be in the seven act forest area based on his cell phone records. It two days after her disappearance that a major breakthrough came specialist reviewed the security food each and was able to clear the images up. It was his opinion that a suspect vehicle on the footage was a dark turn Toyota estate manufacture.
between two thousand and three and two thousand. The night We also noted the presence of a slightly longer area on the doors of the vehicle which he thought could be stickers of some kind. Shortly after this information was discovered, a police officer in it, check of the automatic number plate recognition, records, Vinpearl. This is relatively new technology fitted to some police vehicles, It automatically reads the number plates of all the cars that it I'm a flight- has been checked against police databases. A record is kept of ol number play. Set a check on a I Npr. An officer checked all recordings of vehicles between two hundred and fifty three, a dot m and three hundred and fifteen a dot m on the 19th of March. He go to heat. Vehicle registration, Ivy Euro, seven episode, F, registered to it, green Toyota events estate caught by the
in pr travelling along mobile Road from Swindon Old town, the vehicle past, the police car heading in the opposite direction, It was registered on the Impr at two hundred and fifteen, or nine am only minutes after you, sort of shown in the glare of the headlights on the security footage. This information was to superintendent. Full cha was two p dot on the twenty second of March, police had a significant late the registered owner of the car, was Christopher, Holywell and police got to work, checking him out. Meanwhile, the search of the seven forest continued. How to play. vain and allowing so fine signal strength of the area. Through that analysis that were able to identify possible of the forest where the fine was most likely debate the hot spots away. Police to rule out large sections of the six and a half mile radius area. so they were able to narrow the search
and this time another anonymous Dona came forward and offered a further twenty thousand dollars for any information to foreign charm that doubled the reward to forty two thousand. It was at two p m on the twenty second of March, the police became aware of Christopher Hallowell by three p m that were conducting covert surveillance on him. The reason for this violence was recorded in the investigation log as follows. Sean has yet to be found and surveillance What's the best opportunity of identifying her current location should help will be prompted to wherever he had left Sean, Christopher Hallowell was a taxi driver and the police noticed. The taxi stick is on the doors of Hollywood's car in the exact spot, where the image specialist believe stick is maybe
And it wasn't long before the surveillance team reported Helliwell was displaying some strange and suspicious behavior twice within a short around five hundred and thirty p dot m Hollywood was saint clinging, repassing just say to his car with planing fluid blighted. Nor how attended the local police station he told me. The is there that he's daughter had told him. She had been right to the previous evening stop the ten p dot m that know what Hollywood was saying, winning car seat covers, headdress covers and a bottle of perfume in it being about quota pass to the next morning. twenty of March he was seen driving through the village of Walbro and not long after he had driven through police spotted some material on file on the right so I need a village superintendent. Full child was briefed on the behaviour of Hollywood, he's playing with the troika
gauge highly well through media releases, in the hope that this would encourage him to return on this violence to wherever he had left Sean. Basically, the strategy was as follows: the police would, They sustain meant that evening saying now we're getting close to finding charm. They had deployed specialist dodinas to assist the search, but the loss of daylight meant that the search had been postponed and would resume the next morning. A further tactic would be to release a press statement about the Green toy IDA vehicle of interest appealing to the public to come forward if they saw it at a round the torn Sean's disappearance. It was hoped that these press releases would increase the pressure on highly well and he respond under the cover of darkness and laid the police to wherever Sean Watts. If Hollywood didn't respond as they had planned, then they would arrest him at seven I am the next twenty fourth of March
in that it was highly unlikely. Sharm would be highly wills house and they were doing nothing that would jeopardize her love. It was hoped that their plane would risk I told him, finding her alive. That was the entire focus of the investigation and the reason for the strategies that had put in place to form Shaun alive. Meanwhile, other office is paid Hallowell. His first visit It was about midday on the twenty third of March when they knocked on his door. They obtained. Even from him where he gave an account of his movements around the Tom Sean disappeared. He statement was clearly inconsistent with what was captured on security footage, but I didn't make a big deal it by said it was just simply retained because his vehicle had been captured in the area. On the I M, the officers also took a buccal swab from you during this visit. Hollywood was close to tears and visibly shaking. He looked to be highly stressed. It was here that a risk was identified that risk
was that Hollywood may attempt to harm himself. But they decided the risk was manageable and they continued as planned office Ezra put on high alert to intervene should at any stage how they roll make attempts to harm yourself. the police were hoping Helliwell would react to the press releases, but they were disappointed. Holywell didn't respond at all was clear. The media strategy wasn't working. Later that not falter spoke to detective Sergeant Cooper. He was it five interview adviser T five is the I have little, you can get he's right I was to give advice to his fellow police officers on into the procedures, and it was he that Cooper informed future about the urging interview procedure under pace code say eleven point: one pace stands for the police and criminal evidence
nineteen, eighty four, and what that section of the act says in Plain English, is that after a suspect has been arrested. They can't be interviewed about the offense unless they are at a police station or other authorized place of detention, but there are a few actions, one of those being if the delay in getting to the station or authorize place of attention would likely laid to interference with or physical harm to someone, then police could conduct what I call an urgent issue sergeant Cooper was of the opinion that this was one of the rare occasions that an urgent interview could be justified, as they were still lack with the hope shot would be found. A lot of these six doesn't change the fact that the suspect still has to be read that rots as nice of you would know it. In England it is referred to as coarsening the suspect and goes locked. You do not have to say anything unless you wish to do so, but what you say
I be given in evidence. Basically, you have the right to remain silent, upon receiving what he considered expert advice fortune made arrangements for an urgent interview to proceed after Hallowell was arrested. He know in his report, quite when this ain't investigating officer the Rex that the arrest they affected and urging into it will be conducted because at this time I have no means of knowing whether Sean is alive or dead, and I did I disturb an emergency situation which requires measures to be taken to identify her like I should Nothing of interest was sorted by the surveillance change throughout the night of the twenty of March and into the early. Always have the twenty. Fourth, it was just. After ten, I am on the twenty. Fourth, when more suspicious behavior was observed, Hollywood was saying to play two wrappings in a waste being outside a store. He then purchased what
described as an overdose quantity of paracetamol. fearing that Hollywood was going to attempt to kill himself. A plan was put in place to arrest him. At eleven o six, a am, he was arrested in the Walmart Carpark of Swindon Shopping Center. Hollywood was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, Shanna color. You bought pace, a horn who was working with pacing mullahs. How do you say Horn Court in Telly will immediately after he's placed under arrest. He was then put into the police car soon. After that two detectives arrived Derek and Abedin. Detective sergeant Cuba had prepared a strategy for an urgent interview debate conducted with Hollywood and Hey PETE, detectives, Derek and begging to carry out the interview, as both were experienced offices Cooper provided them a copy of the provisions of the police and criminal evidence ACT which allowed the urgent of you.
Also added in these instructions quote. This investigation. Is a crime, inaction, the whereabouts, Sean Callahan unknown the sea. Yeah investigating officer, has directed that an urgent interviewed. They conducted immediately upon the arrest of Mr Hallowell to establish the whereabouts of charm, the quest he's only to establish the whereabouts of Sean and will say so The risk the Sharon safety has been averted. Any question. He will be recorded contemporaneously at the time the region of you, took place in the car park and was recorded and when as follows, there was the arrest and caution and explanation of the arrest. Derek then said The focus of the investigation is to foreign Shana Callahan. Tell me wish on its highly well, I don't know Derek. Can you help us with wish on these.
how we will, but I know where she is, but I think signing more without speaking to a solicitor Derek do you know a shiny, Saif Ali, no comment there. Can you help us know if is safe or not non will not comment. Not until I speak to a solicitor cannot go to the police station. You. As far as Derek and Bevin were concerned, the urging interview was over that day, you know how at the time was described by Derek as looking like a rabbit, quoting the headlights, Bevin, called Cooper and told him the bad news. Cooper great. There was not much more that could do, and the aging interview was I've. Cooper. Instructed two other officers who had arrived at the same to take Hallowell to the nearest police station, which was Gable cross
superintendent future was at the station Whiting pacing the floor. as the two officers were heading towards the station full was advised by Cuba that the urgent Have you had ceased and I've got nothing useful way out of it. Full two reacted. He told sought in Cuba not to bring any well back instead, instructed that he be taken to Barbara Castle. Barbara Castle, is a historical landmark in England. an iron age who, for situated me Swindon on asylum, What about twelve acres? Forty five hectares, a vast fields in the hills, She wanted to continue the urgent interviewing himself. Cuba didn't discussed this request with full job. He just did ass. He was told fulfilling the instructions of the senior officer on the case. The scooting offices got a phone call and change that cost from the station and headed to Ward's bar b que
as was they were, instructed they arrived at Call foot one thousand two hundred and eleven p dot M, Derek and Bevin have been told to make them there as well full. She said the sole purpose of his decision was for it to be a last appeal to highly well to give some indication of wish on was so as to try and save her life he chose Bobby Castle ass. He thought it was the most likely place Sharm, would Bay and taken seated at better to take Hallowell to the Mai, slightly scene of the crime. Hold your headed to the same when you, You walked along with highly well to a spot, about fifty metres away from the other office is present. The conversation went as follows: photo you going to tell me where Shawnees Hallowell I'd I'd know. Anything photo Are you going to show me where shines? What's going to happen? If you tell us what
John, is that whatever you baby trade, you would have done the right thing, however, I want to go to the station, photo He prepared to tell me where Shoney's Hallowell, you think I did it photo on. I did it hello. Can I go to the station filter you can go to the station. What will happen is that you will be vilified you tell me where shawnees you would have done the right thing. However, I want to speak to a solicitor you you're being given an opportunity to tell me where Sean is in one eye was you will be in the press Hallowell. I want to speak to a solicitor folder You speak to a solicitor, I'm giving you an opportunity to tell me where Sean by the end. The circle you'll be vilified.
Tell me where she is Hallowell. Paused looked at full time and said: have you got a car we'll go for it, Splendid, what Helliwell remained calm and subdued- according he got into the vehicle with food shop and if he, a white had been lifted off his shoulders. And in the back of the car, with Hollywood, ally will guide them directions in a quietly spoken voice. The drive took forty five minutes. Hollywood directed them to a remote area about thirty two it is a way what twenty miles a quiet rural spot in shock. Tat Holywell couldn't locate the exact point, but he gave it Information for Marcus to be set up for the sewage tanks. They lie
I did Shawn's buddy lighter that afternoon, at one twenty p, dot M food for Holywell. Well, he was going to hand you over to a police constable who would take him to the police station where he would be folks for murder. Upon hearing this Holywell said you may need to have a chat, culture arranged for how they were to be taken to another location away from the other place, how they work then said this the future on the sick fuck. Do you want another one. full ter interpreted. This is highly well, meaning that there was a second victim. However, he did not caution you. He decided today. slight Hallowell continue to speak. He didn't want to interrupt his float and risking shutting down which he thought would happen if a caution was issued. If there was a change to find a second victim, I didn't even know existed. He didn't want to
risk losing that information. This was a quote from photo buddy Consider relevant to the moment in time we were in a late. The right thing was to obtain the information we were going to get not contain it. hello food should dig concede that, if that were going on a trip to find another victim, the police and criminal at an insect required Holywell to be caution. They got into the car and Helliwell directed them to a field about forty eight kilometers away. Will city malls near the village of Eastlake in shaft cost this year when I got Hollywood pointed out an area of a forty acre field. Another quiet and remote spot police searched the area and found the remains of Rebecca
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It wasn't unusual for Becky to disappear for weeks or months at a time after conviction for stealing. In two thousand and one Becky told her mother, Karen Edwards, she couldn't I putting her through hell, so she was leaving and she wouldn't return home until she was clean. Current believed Betty had moved to Bristol She never gave up hope that Becky would return home one day. Over the years Karen was told by sources close to the family that they had seen Becky, but they were mistaken. Karen did try and track it down through the police, hospitals and other organizations working under the assumption that Becky was alive and well somewhere. Tragically, she wasn't. She was last seen in late, two thousand and two. She was murdered, some torn between then and early two thousand and three.
future asked Hallowell, a number of other questions, still all without a caution at three. Fifteen p M Hallowell was taken to the police station by he was formerly processed. Hollywood requested the assistance of a solicitor and one a rod within the hour Hollywood was then interviewed again. He was now the police station in custody. He'd been cautioned, and everything had been done by the book. Now is the chance to get everything on record in compliance with the police. And criminal evidence at full, two didn't run machine of you. It was handed over to other offices Hollywood had one response for every question that was asked of him. No comment. Photo- was surprised, annoyed and frustrated Hey shamefully well would continue to talk to the interviewing offices. In the same way, he had been speaking to him for referred to his interview with Hallowell at Barbary Castle as a
Insinuation of the original urgent interview Fulcher frankly, me too, that he deliberately didn't caution him or remind him that he was still under the. The reason he gave Doing so was because the key issue was the same chance life and that I would be thwarted if he opened up the interview by telling Hallowell. He didn't have to say anything. He considered Sean's right to life was more important than a police and criminal evidence act compliant interview. Forty said a photo the right thing to do in the circumstances I was faced with highly will was charged with both methods and he pleaded not guilty. before the case, went to trawl Hollywood defence defense put forward a submission. Questioning of highly well was inappropriate and could be considered, oppressive and persuasive, and that no caution was issued.
if all rolling all the evidence, the police got after how he was arrested in admissible. If the judge agreed Everything Hollywood had told them and pointed out to them would not be able to be used at the trial. this was argued in what is known as a flaw d, which is preliminary examination on whether or not evidence will be admissible in a trial. The body was heard before, Judge MRS Justice Cox in the Bristol Crown Court on the north of May two thousand and twelve this was her ruling and we'll find this a little bit. So it isn't exactly word for word. Viewing this entire episode. In my judgment, it is at least possible that this was questioning which, by its nature and given all the circumstances, affected the mind of this defendant and caused him to speak. when he otherwise would have stayed song For these reasons, so fondly the evidence relating to this confession and the location of that killing anybody using invisible
the korean accepts that, on the evidence, in this case, to separate urgent interviews with carried and even way code, say eleven point: one is engaged all provisions of the code continue to apply a person whom their agreements, grants to suspect of an offense must be cautious before any questions about an offensive put to them. After any breaking questioning and the the person being questioned must be made aware that they remain under caution. If there is any doubt Relevant caution should be given again in full when the interview resumes failure to caution even when the police are investigating a very serious offense, but perhaps it's a chili when it is a very serious offense amounts to a substantial and significant breach of the code, The second interview could and should have been conducted at the police station, the dove
It was just a short distance away from the Gable cross and could have been formally processed immediately instead Detective superintendent Fulcher adopted an approach which I consider was deliberately designed to ensure that the protections to which this defendant was entitled would not afford a team. His decision, not the caution, the defendant, was a deliberate one. Precisely because the defendant might have done what he would be told. He couldn't do stay sullen. His decision not to take the defendant to the police station for interview was, as he accepted, because the Custody sergeant would have ensured that the defendant was informed of these rights and removal to Bobby Castle for the purposes of a further urgent interview would not only have resulted in the placing of additional pressure upon him, but also sure he's request for solicitor could not be granted for further reasons given above are
except the prosecution submission that what happened in this case had no impact upon the defendant or caused him. No disadvantage There were indeed significant and substantial breaches of the codes in circumstance. is deliberately designed to persuade the defendant to speak the questions were asked all without coercion. During the journey to me. Circling its body Mr Billowy of this evidence would have such an adverse effect on the fairness of the proceedings that it will not be admitted. The judge ruled against the police and in favour of Hollywood. and because everything relating to the questioning and the falling of Sean's body had been ruled inadmissible. So too the questioning and the funding of Becky's body. This was massive everything the police had after Hollywood was placed under arrest, couldn't be used at all, without that,
place had no evidence in relation to the Motor of Becky. This puts forward a submission to withdraw the charge and the crown No choice but to accept Hollywood, Just bait and one of the two murder charges- and he confirmed his play of not guilty relation to challenge case that would still proceed to draw. A few months later. Detective superintendent fortune was suspended pending in independent police complaints. Commission inquiry in Sean's case The police still had a substantial amount of evidence. I could use at the trial that included so the compelling matches on the automatic number plate recognition system which showed How we will return to the seven act. Forest area where he had first left, shown a shade scattered at the area where on body was eventually found what police The media releases had worked. They had ITALY well and going to move the body, but he had done
before he was identified as a suspect. That's why he react to the media releases when he was under surveillance, you'd already moved it. The seitan and headrest covers that Hollywood was observed, putting into a being were recovered by the waste of islands, things the covers, had Sean's blood on them Holly and his defense team knew the Palais still had a strong case in October. Two thousand and twelve Polly will change these play to guilty. The trial was off, he was sent instead, the Bristol Crown Court on the nineteenth of October, two thousand and twelve, MRS Justice Cox, thirty year prison sentence, but then reduced it to twenty five years, because he played a year. In save chance, family, the pain and suffering of a trial, but that was little comfort for the family of Rebecca gotten Edwards.
I have very complicated and painful journey over the last eighteen months. Sean's family up today, cup with justice, but the murder of that beautiful daughter. However, our family's fight for justice for Becky has only just begun. Police came to pick each investigation open They knew who killed her, but I just couldn't use any of the evidence they had. That meant I had to find more food His actions effectively ended his career. The inquiry last had caught a wall at the conclusion. The independent police complaints Commission ruled he was able to keep his job and he was given a warning, but he was found guilty of gross misconduct
The damage was done. He has a few months later in May two thousand and fourteen Becky's parents, it out long ago and I shared very different views on full and the police handling of Becky's case Becky's. There was very critical. He said a context. blind to you, what they have made me feel and what they have done to me. Mentally I've got very cheaply real police. What they put me through this extra pain and suffering, Nobody has been made accountable for it, but her mother, Karen had this to say It's really going to be such a waste of an extremely experienced detective, who I know has solve simony crimes. How do you follow the guidelines, then Becky would have never been. She would have never come into the equation and Sean would have still being where he moved to. No one would have
they are shown in a million years when I found her way down to a body that would stay falters experience. Ok, he bent the rules, but he bent them for good reason. Shana Callahan Stanley were also strong supporters of a and his actions that day police continued to work. On Becky's case strategy. They adopted for the investigation was to painstakingly map Becky's. Last night movements. Becky was working as a sex worker at the time of her disappearance. They located a. and ass you worked with her and she was able to identify highly well as one of Becky's regular clients. I am Covid evidence showing Helliwell was very controlling a bickie offering her money and making demands she stopped working in the red Light district. One occasion Becky was saying arguing with Hallowell before getting into his taxi
Early January two thousand and three Hallowell visited a doctor. He had a swollen hand and it scratched face. They also much soil on tools, fanning Hallowell shed to the field where Becky's remains were found. It was painstaking work and it took a lot of time. But they were eventually able to uncover enough new over warming evidence linking Hallowell to the murder of Becky and that men they could now use his confession again. In March, two thousand and sixteen police charged Christopher Holly with the murder of Rebecca Gordon Edwards. For the second time. Holywell pleaded not guilty in the all. He gave a story that he didn't know Becky at all as it moxie Java. He used to turn a blonde to what about use. Custom is good off to
I had two men who irregularly drive around and it became clear to him that they were drug dealers, one night he picked them up. They were carrying a large sports bag which they put into the boot. He didn't ask any questions and assumed it may have been or drugs, he drive them to the field where Becky's body was found. Hollywood Says that later on, one of the men told him they had buried six worker in the field that noise, but Hollywood what he was just messing around at the time relation to his confession, which was now admissible. He said deliberately gave a false confession, as he knew she maintenance fortune was bridging guidelines and he wanted to do everything it could to destroy his career. Holly well represented himself during the trial when stay functional. Called to give evidence Hawley weld Him during his cross examination
was a pleasure ruining your career. You, corrupt, bastard, futa, applaud, I'm sure Hollywood, when his father say that he had no reason to lie. He was all serving life with little hope of ever getting out what he it has shown, was unforgivable and he deserves every bit of these last sentence, but he was innocent in Becky's case After two week, trial at Bristol Crown court that only concluded last month September, two thousand and sixteen The jury reached a verdict in about three hours: We have waited over five years for this moment to stay a husband and extremely painful journey, but today we perceive that just states thus felt like an eternity coming for abuse Outback cake.
as the guilty verdict was ready at Holywell, smaller Becky's family Judge Sir John, William Griffiths had been decided during sentencing. I have concluded motors involved, the abduction of the victim and sexual conduct, and both were aggravated by the concealment of the bodies satisfied. Your offending is exceptionally odd and satisfies the criteria for a whole lifetime. Hollywood papers were marked, never to be released, how they will thank the judge before being led away after he's conviction and so might have highly wills from back in the eighties. Had this to say he used to ask me about killing. He said how many people you need to kill before you become a serial killer. He just had a thing about them. You wanna people to be.
proud of him or an area to be afraid of him. The officer in charge of the second investigation into Becky's murder, detective superintendent, Sean memory had this to say. I really open minded there's an eight year gap between Becky and charm. I would appeal to Christopher Hallowell if he wants to speak on willing to speak with you I can't really out. There are other victims he's not forensically linked to our outstanding cases. But that's not to say he hasn't committed other offenses, I'm not specific looking at any one particular offense, but I do to try and understand what is an eighty gap between these offending behavior there's a distinct possibility. They could be further offences. This policy of you with highly well is pretty telling this as well.
ways had uncovered the new evidence connecting him to the murder of Becky and our interviewing him about that book. It shows you this I found guilty lobby for fifty happen says infringes too such as long as it is. The photo this something the next few hours and other charges against me that will ripple is a bit suppressed of injury, know about various things of the past. As CO authors rankings Preseason Mercedes the Wolf clearing this up enough to stop the things I don't want to keep coming back every couple of years of different trump over
So what I'm saying is fucking throw this over the next few years. If it was difficult because of editorial gifts and to just look to the source of song is a clip, I can resolve the matter, but don't want to trumpet every twelve years or whatever it is, but it's the if it goes to go found guilty. I said looking out the window a stupid. The of it said he's trying to do a deal that if he cleans up the murder or Becky he's going for the rest of his life anyway. So we, to be enough to stop any other future investigations or charges against him. He doesn't want to keep going back every couple of years on a different charge. Every time.
Of course the police didn't take his offer, and Hollywood ended up plating nor guilty for that. You seems to suggest that Holly will think she could be linked to other crimes in the future. This estate staple thoughts There's no question from all the information I gathered when I was running this inquiry in two thousand and eleven that he is committed. Other murders. And the one thing how he well said to future during the talks that as full to second beast, is pretty chile. How we will said the police want to interview me about eight murders. Police are still working on this saying if they can link him to any other crimes. The investigation is still ongoing. Off the Hallie Wells conviction for the Motor Becky stay full show who now works as a consultant in Somalia released. This statement
Replace the current Edwards has finally Saint Justice done for her beautiful daughter, Becky, who was brutally murdered by Chris. The Holywell. She is for the very dignified battled for the past five and a half years to bring Allie will to court and she should not have had to a hug. She find some comfort this verdict. I thank her for her resilience and determination to obtain justice for her beloved daughter. Holywell is an evil and deprived violator of women. Nor will I could find and abducted girl Sean in an effort to save her life, the first duty of a place officer. I also recovered a second victim of Hollywood, MOTA Becky. Returning her to her loved ones after eight years of their misery accord a serial killer, preventing any further girls being murdered.
Halliwell had to be arrested as she was about to commit suicide as the lostines. The expectation was that I should have prioritize Telly wells right to silence and lego protection. Aubuchon's wrought I remain convinced that the action that I took in allowing Hollywood take me to the bodies about Sean and Becky was the right and moral thing to do in doing so. I felt that are correctly prioritize. The human rights of the victims and their families balanced against the rights of the perpetrator. The stance that Hollywood has taken since his confession to both murders, as demonstrated during these trawl Arbela vindicate the actions that are took. It is peace. similarly clear that, had I not acted as I did John no Becky would have ever been found and highly well would be free to adopt and kill other girls.
My actions are deemed by the police service to be acts of gross misconduct. The public will need to know how these can be and what the police will do on behalf of their loved ones, who are missing When the extraordinary facts of the case are explained, it is likely to lead to a public process of confidence in the competence and credibility of the police service. Despite everything that has happened to me, I cannot read the decisions that are took that day. Ultimately That decision ensured the return of two beautiful young women which brought comfort to their families and ensure that Hollywood has been duly convicted of both murders near the trolleys Iva over and are no longer serving police officer. I met with Put these issues into the public domain. That first time I would like to prevent any family having to The same agony that Karen Edwards has had to endure, I want to ensure
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