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Case 38: The Pikuls

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Indiana born Diane Whitmore always dreamed of making it big in New York City. When she met Wall Street securities analyst Joseph Pikul, she thought she was on the way to the perfect life. But her marriage to Joseph Pikul wasn’t perfect. In fact, it was far from it... --- Victoria Dieffenbacher researched and co-wrote this episode. For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/the-pikuls
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He met wool straight, stop Burka Joseph Papa. She thought she was on. The way to the perfect law should always drink. But her marriage to Joe wasn't perfect far from it. Doyon Whitmore was born in the small city of South Bend Indiana on the 20th of May one thousand. Nine hundred and forty three the parents would gone Whitmore in We moved from a young age, Diane suffered from asthma and was restricted to bed a lot. So she read a lot of books. Her favorite novels with a Nancy drew collection in which a teenage girl would solve crime,
it's. What attracted Diana most to Nancy Drew was that her character was strong, sophisticated and a prodigy in many aspects. At the age of twelve doyen moved with her parents to Birmingham a suburb of Detroit. They spent two years there during which doyen felt extremely uncomfortable as if she didn't belong. It was a Europe will of her childhood. In fifty seven, the family moved to North Plainfield. New Jersey, doyen Fit Roddy in there and was much happier she finished school is one of the top students in her class. Doyen transferred to University Mary Washington in Virginia before transferring to me at college in Massachusetts where she studied English
she met Doug Johnston in nineteen sixty four, it was a student from the aisle that quickly became engaged, but do a cat off the following. You that shiny she finished college and went to work at a bank in San Francisco for the summer before moving to New York. Where she had always dreamed of living, doing graduated from college with recommendations so had a problem in getting a job as the secretary to Elinor graves. One of the editors at last magazine, Diane, first lived in an apartment in Upper EAST, saw it with three other women she'd met through a roommate service in nineteen. Sixty seven going and became a heavy and started dating a string of wrong men. They include with a drug dealer, a gang leader and a married man in They know I'm doin, left New York and went on to her with her cousin Tommy, who had a band called Tommy send the shambles she travelled to many different places and took our jobs.
before ending up back in New York in nineteen. Seventy in seventy one doing got a job at the New York Parks department. As an administrative assistance to the commissioner that same year, he entered into a relationship with Ralph Sharon, Berg, a photo journalist, she'd met while working at Life magazine Diana so I started to drink alcohol heavily thoroughly Kinship with the Ralph was tourbillon in seventy five Saint Ralph, a letter out wish expressed she wanted them. Both dead fish scared Ralph. However, he still decided to marry her, the marriage occurred on the twenty ninth of June. Seventy five. one week into the marriage. Ref saw doyen opening letters addressed to him. Ralph said: if you do that again or push you out, the window Diane was terrified. She called her father dawning, tease, who sent her money to the in a Norman in early. Seventy eight Diane decided to do something about her drinking problem.
added alcoholics anonymous and that's where she met Joseph Parker. Joseph Parker was born in where a small town in the Hampshire County of Massachusetts in nineteen thirty four his family, was both very poor and very religious. That said, that had so few toys for Joseph and his sister Janice that they had to play with buttons from their mothers selling books. Joe's father was alcoholic and use Joe as his personal punching bag. He was also allegedly a Nazi follow up. After finishing school Joseph two jobs, he was a construction worker by day and a grave digger by not after one year and with the help of a scholarship he was able to he's writing to Northeastern University in Boston where he shared an apartment with a friend and Resource Co. and you have twenty. He had a blind date with a girl named Sandra Jonathan Sanderson
I was very driven had three jobs at the time and one her over bobbing funny, charming and smart. She knew It was going to be successful. They started a relationship and had a lot of fun together. However, When Signor organised a holiday with her friends, joy made a saying he showcase possessive controlling behavior change. His parents didn't work They thought he was someone who always got his own way and considered him to be somewhat of a dreamer. He had big plans of financial success which Sanders parents thought were unrealistic. In nineteen. Fifty nine jive graduated second in his university class and got a scholarship offer for the NBA programmes at Columbia and Wharton universities. Joy rejected. the scholarships and paid his own way into Harvard during the summer. He married Sandra at a catholic church in Boston. It was a small ceremony changes. Parents didn't attend.
They had a short honeymooning Q Back Canada and return soon. After said, Joe could studies classes at Harvard. What do you like? Our joy suffered a bad name dreary and he stopped the recommended taking one year off said Joe had to leave Harvard. he found a job, managing higher risk funds and started to drink heavily. Joe and Sandra then open to their own security analysis firm, called Argent. They traveled all over the country, looking for potential clients and in the late sixties that were here doing eighty million dollars in assets that received a commission at ten percent reset success that were able to start living comfortably. They rented a duplex penthouse in Greenwich. Each New York and border Country House in Massachusetts, their financial partnership, was flourishing. However, their the actual relationship was crumbling,
When Joe drank, he had a tendency for violence and would damage property the next day he boy Sandra flowers and acts, wait like nothing. It up, In the beginning, these is outbursts, went targeted at Sandra However, over time Joe started to throw things at her and then threatened to kill her shanger spend a weekend at the country, contrary to return home early and walked in on J having sex with another woman. When senior had a gallop, how about his affair. He hit her in the back of the head with a sculpture, seigneur fell to the full bleeding joy left her there and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened, Sandra lost consciousness and when she woke up she drive to parents house she had to stop several times along the way to throw up when she was seen by doktor. He didn't believe Joe had hit her. The doktor said come on. You fell off a horse. Didn't you
By nineteen seventy Sandra couldn't take anymore and moved out. She rented a house in message She, she tell Joe she wanted a divorce which resolved. In her trying to get a restraining order due to its threats. They kill. Her joy state was getting worse and worse. He was near doing cocaine and amphetamines, kept several guns in his office and continued to repeatedly threatened Sandra's loft. Joe had several limousine drivers who shared stories with each other, one of. Who said Joe had asked to be driven to a desolate area and once they keep in the picture of seeing her against the tree and shut up until there wasn't any, left another job said Joe good into easily my would Sandra they got driven to a desolate area and once their joy dug a grave and Tal Teen draw that's where he put her a third drove us any picked a job
from his office one night when she got in the window, he pointed a gun at the driver and accused him of having an affair with Sandra. He forced him to write a letter stating he had been having an affair and he was now ready to commit suicide. The driver managed to escape this ordeal, and did you get a hospital as Joe had watched him over the head with a gun repeatedly, he made a complaint to the police. However, the charges were lighted dropped as he refused to testify. The divorce between gyro and Sandra became faunal on the second of January, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. Joe, was arrested for day. You are drugs industry, Gone were also found in his car after their divorce. Joe and Sanders company agent was closed them. Joe started to heavily abused alcohol and, by the end of nineteen, seventy five he had lost it all. He had no money and was practically living homeless.
He decided he needed help and aunt alcoholics anonymous, and So I got an entry level job at a wall straight racist phone August, armoury rule, for I remember this is not to form any new romances will make any I just lost decisions in the first year of sobriety. Joe had already been in ai for two years. When he met Diane Whitmore, it was her first meeting. He was forty three. She was thirty. Four. The first day was in the early seventies. I had the first argument. On the second day, Joe Sparrow by entering this argument, even though she considered him crazy. Diane was fascinated by Chai She thought he was someone who had endless potential and she continued the same. a few months into their relationship? Doin Phil pregnant, her friends thought Wasn't such a good idea to have a baby with a man she had just met, but doyen didn't take their advice,
she started making marriage plans. They rented. apartment in Greenwich Village for six hundred dollars a month at least Tom Joad was making fifty thousand dollars a year. and doing with the working at the New York past apartment Jody. locked away working now and he asked her to quit. She d and in June, when J met doins farther down for the first time he told him You don't have to work anymore I'll, be out at eye care of her. Don't look too dry, for that Both Hay and Diane not only believe Joe. They also thought it wouldn't be until he was extremely successful, Joe and Diane married on the 14th of July, one thousand nine hundred and seventy I soon after I went into a rage and smashed all of the China belong to documents, mother who had since passed away. He also accused her cheating on him throughout her entire pregnancy.
Baby baby daughter, Claudia, was born on the first of February, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine off the bus at August for better paying one at a wall, Street Investment Bank and fund management come in October. Seventy nine. Do I send a letter to a friend which said she was thinking about leaving Joe because of his tantrums the next amount she sent another letter to the same friend saying forget what she's said things were getting by nineteen, eighty, both of them had dropped out of aid and rumours started. The job was bathing doing. add berries, Tom's, Drywood white dot in up in the middle of the not tell her. She was a face of shit and that should never be anything sometimes you'll say threaten to lock her in the bathroom for the until I know it. In the winter of eighty one Doins Father Don visited them during these visit going and said.
Joe's always blowing up at me. He insults me, he mistreats me. I don't think it's ever going to get any better, I'm thinking of leaving him Don responded, though, and stick with it. If you can't you've got a young child, you don't just run and get a divorce at the spur of the moment. Besides he's beginning to make money That will probably make him treat you better in the summer of eighty they bought go to and against it. In the Hamptons Long Island Eighty two Joe, was starting to have increasing success on Wall Street. By saying the potential in small scandinavian stocks. Joe enjoying return to a enjoy became the treasurer. He also became the sponsor to several New started. Joe was ought to be a noise person and dying was viewed as elegant and strong, noble
he knew what happened behind closed doors in the summer of eighty two dying fell pregnant again, just like the previous pregnancy J became extremely jealous and accused playing of cheating on him. On one occasion, the husband of one of Dorian's friends visited to return a book. home while he was there and heard his voice in the background, Jerry Light turned up at his apartment and threatened him with a gun. He only left when I said that were calling the police after that incident, Dorian's friends backed off and kept a distance when doyen was seven months pregnant. Her and into an argument. Joe ended. Pushing going in and out of the car and then sped off
An hidden hotel for three days but eventually told joy where she was he came for her, bought her presence and they pretended like nothing happened. Their second child was born on the twenty eighth of December. Eighty two I had a son Blake To help out with the children Diane hired a nanny First, one didn't last long and warned the second I to watch out for job the second nanny Karina said she never saw It I, but they did argue a lot. most of the arguing was caused by Jay's bad temper, but sometimes, though, would provoke him also said quite I noticed right away that Joe and Diana had a strange relationship I think they really loved each other, but I never saw them kiss or hold hands or hug each other, and I never saw them sit down and talk. Maybe they did it in bed before they went to sleep. The worst fought Karina witnessed was
a trip to Boston in the spring of eighty three Joe and was shopping. Everything was calm. But suddenly an argument broke out into that kill each other with umbrellas. It was around this time that Joe started going through a perfectionist face. He would do things. You like Mcdonald, in on his clothes repeatedly as he was never happy. He always found some small fault. They also hide a boy to appear at four, a dot m and clean up any garbage that appeared around he's front door, so hate. have to say by the meat Ids Joe was making eight hundred thousand dollars a year. Tell Diane almost every diet that if she left him she'd have nothing going inside, but it's for her kids and for the fear of losing everything she had anointing. Eighty five she wanted to get a job at ashen was rotting. She can tell the difference,
to write for a living and asked what it was like doing was very insecure about her own writing and she didn't want joy to ever say anything. She wrote because he tear down When Dorian tell Josh, she wanted to get a job, he destroyed her contact lenses or stepping on them furiously. In the spring of eighty, six Diane was going through jars, break ice and found a woman's Kinks are extremely large and she couldn't really imagine any woman wearing them curious. She went into the attic where she was banned. Only Joe was, I lay out in the attic and peaches and vdi types. Emjay wearing women's underwear dancing and touching himself for the fourth of July weekend. Eighty six, they went to the Hamptons and spent the night on the beach watching fireworks with other friends. It was one of the rare times when it had been a memorable not for a good reason.
Days later, one of Goya's friends told her Joey. So great doyen responded, you don't know him. A few weeks later, don't told another friend I want to divorce jar, but I can't leave him because, if I do, he will kill me. Doing right to another friend in Vail Colorado and asked her if the children could stay with her if needed, she also specified All communication had to be made via letter, so Joe couldn't trace any find bills doing, Got three suitcases ready and took them to another friend's house, but in had almost no money to leave the joint account. You have Joy was almost always left empty on purpose. Two days later, the housekeeper quit because Joe had mistaken her for Diane and was extremely verbally abusive towards The next week, Joe enjoying had another huge for doing so
Take it any longer and called a divorce lawyer. Rail fell down. She first met with filled out in August. Eighty sheets photo proposed getting an order protection, which essentially was a restraining order with the addition of a private detective. The body gotta though I am wanted to know if this would really protect us from job Felda said it was only a piece of paper. But if Joey was a rational man, it would be enough to keep him a. Don't you thought I was anything but rational, so she didn't get it. She gave filled the pitches and the bigger types of giant resting women's underwear, Diane friends were relate, she was finally laving Helen. When Joe got the initial divorce papers, he showered Dianne with flowers and apologies and made promises to change. They started couples. Counseling and Diane taught filled out. She had changed her mind. She didn't want the divorce anymore, Diane retrieved, the three suitcases she'd left at a friend's house
she also mentioned she had to do a physical exam, because Joe wanted to take out a one million dollar wife insurance on her doins friends didn't think this was a good thing in September. Eighty six, they nanny Karina and a friend moved into gel and Diane's apartment to take care of while they went on an overseas business trip visited Amsterdam, Oslo, Tokyo and other places, don't write letters sang. She couldn't believe she now had this life and that it couldn't get any better than this. When they returned in October. Diane began actively looking for a job in February seven she enrolled in a writing workshop at the university school of continuing education in New York, but Diane, was becoming increasingly pessimistic. She told a friend what difference does it make if I found a great job and become a RADA and Labour
I'll just end up with another man like him. I don't know how to break the cycle. In April, eighty seven don't go to job as an assistant to the publisher at Hafiz magazine Joe hated the fact that Diane now had a job and they send you a private investigator is too full of it Going into the second drawing workshop and laughed off Giles reaction at first but then Man who was following her started to really unnerved her, and she had suspicions that the calls at the house would now being monitored. She. These concerns to her lawyer, filter and hasten a private detective to check the house here, attending the cold we're being recorded by joy from the attic doyen, told the private detective not to remove the recording device and to leave everything exactly as it was, because she was terrified of how Jai would react. Diane decided that she knew had delayed joy and when she brought
the divorce off again with him. He said he wanted to do further couples counselling, but Diane refused Joe moved his things to another apartment. In August, eighty seven Joe called from overseas hotels while away on business and threatened to end after every call he'd stay on the lawn just so that Diane couldn't make any other calls. Once a friend of Diane's wanted to use the phone, but when she picked it up, all she could hear was heavy breathing on the other sword. In September, eighty seven Felder requested a statement of Jio's net worth, but Joe refused. employ Joe said: Diane could have the children, but no money Felda wanted to use the types and peaches of Joe dressed in women's underwear to make comply, but Diane refused. She only wanted to use those as a last resort. On Saturday, the seventh eighth of October, eighty seven doyen right of five,
Page memo to Felder, saying it was time to end at once and for all. She could no longer take Joe's mood swings or his violent erratic behavior. She wrote or phoned my planes continually sabotaged along with my peace of mind after in the workplace for nearly ten years with a history of alcoholism, myself and asthma, I am struggling to build a career, go to school and arise normal happy children, in a confusing environment in which the threat of abuse and violence of one kind or another is constant. The closing lines of Diane's memo way. Please help to resolve these horrible situation as quickly as possible for all of our sights. It is a time I fear for the World war. Three you promised me we would have, if necessary,. A Monday, the 19th of October, eighty seven do an enter the office at hop, is magazine and sort out her closest friend, a Linda Mcnamara.
Linda, knew about all of the issues and offered to help dying pack. Doin said she thought you'd probably take cleaner up on her offer. Diane told her that Joe had proposed to go to their house in and against it that Friday to spend a last weekend together as a family and also to avoid the furniture up and prepare the house for sight. Doyen was tempted to go not for the weekend as a family, but for the prospect of actually getting the house ready cell and sorting the property up later that morning, doyen made an appointment with a real time to look at a house available for rent. She used her maiden name doyen. Whittemore too, might be appointment on Tuesday. The twentieth
doing cold. They many Corina and asked her to go to him again said with the family that wakened Corina said she think about it. On Wednesday, the twenty first Doin spoke to an stone. These distant editor of hop is magazine. Doyen started sobbing, while talking about the divorce, she said it so hot so tired. I don't know if I can do it in, had come out of a nasty divorce herself and responded you can before leaving going insane. I just want to be alone with my children in the country. That's the only time off your pistol. Karina, received a message on her answering machine from Joe
her to join them on their way came trip to Anna gains. It which I thought was really strange. Joe had never ever asked her to join them before. On Thursday, the twenty second Sandridge Dominant Joys Ex wife arrived in New York, they had been divorced for thirty knees in senior was still requesting that joy pay her out, staining alimony twenty eight thousand dollars, plus ten thousand dollars in interest and illegal face Joe had invited senior to New York the launch during their meeting, he promised to settle the alimony. He also third, a sign that should become the label guardian of Claudia and Blake in the event of his and Diane's death. Signor found that proposal to be ridiculous and refused. Joe had to return to work, but he sent Signor out with these draw about to do some shopping with his money. Senior couldn't be pictures Bank traded Siwell by her ex husband. This would have been unthinkable without married
Lighter than evening Joe introduced Sandra Claudia Blake, Senor left New York shortly after this meeting and Joe again requested that she would soon to become clear and blights legal Gaudian if Hand Diane with a dollar senior told him. It was a bad idea, That same day, tyrannical dying to tell her. She wouldn't be able to make it on the wakened triple way. On Friday, the twenty third joy left for and against an early he took Claudia and black with him. Diana had decided. He wasn't going but then later changed her mind. She didn't want to leave the kids alone with joy or wakened. Diane didn't lay for and against it until after ten p m, arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning, the twenty fourth of October nineteen, eighty seven. When Kuliah woke up early that morning, she found her dad asleep on the lounge.
We need to know where the money was J told her. Diane had run out of the house after they had an argument. Blake wake up soon after enjoy put both kids in the base. It is room to watch tv, He told them he had to get some things ready to take to the dump they left the no one. Thirty, I am they driving doyen station wagon to the dumb Joe, I drive to a hardware store where he bought a shovel wheelbarrow plastic on bags, fishing gloves a flashlight and a robe he charged at all. To his credit. What then bought twelve bags of ice. Drew back to the house and made a series of calls. First, he called her security service and changed the houses alarm security guides. Second, he called the local dentist for an emergency appointment. There was no answer, so he left a message
answering machine. You gotta call back from the dental office manager soon after joy. I that he's wife Diane and walked out on him after he confronted her about, another means condom under their bed. He called Henry so Oscar he's old roommate from northeastern University. They hadn't Spokane. You know enjoy launched into a rant about finding another man's condoms under his bed and dying walking out on him when he confronted her Joe also said he was doin. He asked Henry if he could draw to his house and leave Claudia and Blake with him for the weekend Henry Grade and invited the threat. for dinner. Henry lived about a four hour drive away, Forty four, I am Jai, received a call. It was from Marshall. One Garden Marshall and his wife. Barbara, were friends with Joe and Diane.
Diane and Barbara had made plans to have story Ella that day at the library with the children, Marshall was calling to confirm. Joy, told Marshall. It wouldn't be possible because Diane had disappeared, He said Diana arrived at the house about one I him when he asked. But why she arrives, I light she got mad and stormed off and she still haven't returned Marshall asked if the union had taken her car Joe said she hadn't Marshall County Sade, since it wasn't easy getting anyway, we had a car in that area. I then told Marshall the story of the condoms and the beast. One TAT. He found them in the living room, not in the bedroom Marshall. Wasn't it If I used by the condom story, he suggested but they could have belonged to the boy friend of one of the baby. Sit it Joe, was fast to say no and had to be because doing with trading on it.
He added that he had just gotten an awful diagnosis from his doctor and everything was falling apart for him, so he was taking the children upstate to a friend's house, Marshall said John, the kids will welcome it he's place. So was grateful and said he would get back to him. Barbara wasn't home during this call, but when she did arrived home Marshall instantly told her about it. He said he was worth because when talking about Diane Joe had used, the word disappeared. The barbershop did off and said Doyin always use that word to describe Joe Joe disappeared with the kids and sell them. So she probably just picked it up from off the lunch.
Accordia in Blythe in front of the table again and tell them he had to duck out. But he would be right back when you arrive time. He packed clothes or shocked on a north and the toys for the kids. He left the Henry's house between four hundred and thirty and four p dot m on the way Josh stopped in my tackle from a phone booth. the Ex wife Sandra Javelin, and he told her. He had something to hide and asked if he could be haunted at her house. Changes said yes.
Joe and the kids arrived to Henry's house at nine thirty Pm Joe left, the kids with Henry and was back on the road at ten twenty pm driving to Norwell Massachusetts. Where Sandra lived at three thirty, am he called Chandra asking for directions to her house at four? Am he called again saying he couldn't find it? She went out to look for him and when she found him Joe, followed her back to her house, but he remained at a distance. They arrived at Sandra's at four. Thirty am when Joe walked inside. He said: where can I bury barrier Sandra hadn't asked what it was Joe wanted to haul it up until this point, so she replied Barry what DJI just repeated himself, where can a barrier Sandra thought that it must have had something to do with some financial deal that had gone
I continued having a fair that conversation off the waitress and Rotelle Joe Property. Wasn't a good place, but she made some other suggestions: lucking you bought park and another property with I used to spend weekends when I was still together. She also offered to put Joe in touch with the Vinny Federico Aloia At four thirty I am Joe left Sandra's house. Exchanger remained sitting in the same spot for an in shock. She then got dressed and drive to the police station, but turned around and drive home because she realized she really didn't, have anything to tell Jake Old Shandra several times throughout the day. Wanting to know if she got in touch with the lawyer Federica Sanders and left her house to visit her mother. She had two men.
It's from joy on her answering machine when she arrived time in the first one he said he was in where his home town and he couldn't leave the package there, because it was too close to the road. In the second message, he said who is in a different town, but he couldn't do anything there, because it was hunting season and people were walking around Sandra arise. The both messages. At no one thirty, I am on Monday the twenty six October, Joe Cold hearted,. Magazine and told the receptionist in a stuttering voice that Diane had disappeared over the weekend, The receptionist knew about going situation and suspected the worst. A few minutes later Joe called again as the ended billions friend, Linda Mcnamara, walk into the office. The receptionist told her about the strange calls from Diane's husband,
When the editors assistant and stern arrived at ten, am they decided to call the police? They called to police departments? The yeast Hampton Department Way Diane's weekend House was located. and the New York City Police Department, where Joe Diane usually resulted in stone the one who made the coals and said it wasn't. What's going on to just not shall ought to work without any notice and that she wouldn't walk out on her children. Both departments said there was nothing. I could do a light arrival to work didn't classify as a missing person case joke, calling hop is every twenty minutes changing story at first he was asking: where is she then he was saying she had run off with a boyfriend, then that progress too we had fought they got out of hand. Then he made a reference that alarmed window. He said something about doing in rolling over.
Linda and an wanted to know where Blake and Claudia were they call it all doing friends, all of them suspected straight away that doing had been murdered. When I got in touch with Korea the nanny she thought the Joe might locked Diane in the basement of the em against the tried to call friends in the hamptons to go and check. But nobody answered. Karina tried calling Jays office to find out where Claudia and Blake were, but all she was told was that Joe wasn't in in the main two on Joe stopped at Stewart Auto car wash in uber to have the station wagon cleaned as soon as he gets the case to the manager. He started talking about his wife running off with another ME and how he found his condoms under the bed, the manager This was a very worrying them and we'd conversation James The point of asking for the trunk to be thoroughly cleaned, as it was very Cindy,
moved over to a nearby dumpster and started, throwing out a number of different origins to you men who worked at the car wash thought. This was strange. Joy then took out the shot down from the car. He offered it to the manager for twenty five dollars. The manager thought this was a bargain, so he bought it, Before leaving the car wash joy called Sandra and left a message on her answering machine. The package's down. As the manager went into the nearby wits to test out the shock on the two young men who saint Joseph throwing things into the dumpster, went to say what was in there, beyond the credit cards in the names of doing impartial and Doin Whittemore as Was a north and a large rubber gloves. They informed the manager's wife, who is the cashier, and she told her husband inspected the Adams and the two young men told him, there was also women's clothes in the dumpster at three.
that off and Joe arrived time with cold and black. on the way he called Federico, who a great to represent. And the night arranged for the boy had accompanied York, Steiner, hotel it joys, expense and discuss the case. I join the kids entered home, one of diamonds, friends called Joe said. He couldn't talk right now, but he call her right back. He went back so I too, maybe car and while he was outside Claudia grabbed, the fine and cold habits, Doins boss, really wanna answered and Claudia Do you know where my mummies rainy told her where your friends and we're trying to find your mommy dying Father Don? Suspected the worst Dones new, W Brechin CALL Joe and I Where do I am was Joyce said he couldn't talk right near dawn called Joe himself Joe said,
what business of yours is it where my wife went. Don't call the EAST Hampton police and said: look: I've got a hunch. He killed her out by the side of the house in the shed where they take the box. You've got to go to that shit. An officer visited the house, but the shed was padlocked legally able to remove it at three thirty p M Corina finally got in touch with joy, Joe was aware, she'd been calling his office all die and wanted to know what said she was simply worried for the kids. and she asked him if he knew wait. Diane was Trevor, feted the story of the boyfriend in the condoms, Karina, didn't believe it. She asked if you'd like her to my dinner for the kids and put them to bed.
I said no later, that afternoon, Marshall and Barbara, along with another couple from the Hamptons called Joe to offer their support and Joe told them you're the only people who are being nice to me and who aren't accusing me of anything at five, thirty pm Corinne a cold Joe again, and this time he said she could come and save the children in Newburgh a police officer stopped by The order Kalisz, the officer was friends with the manager so the manage it gave him the credit cards the north and the gods, the author, also went to the dumpster to check out the women's clothes he made it They call to other offices to help the three of them fear. Women's clothes, jury, shoes and under way one of the office is made the comment that has got to be a body that guy's with this. They took everything I found the station in Canada. Total of fifty.
Five items they eliminated the possibility of a robbery, since the credit cards tended to be discarded separately. They search The owner of the cards on the police system and learn Diane was of a smaller build, but the clothes I can't seem to be. from an extremely large woman. The clouds also appear to be really cheap, but I found cards in the damp stuff, a very expensive upmarket fashion. It the brows, were all of different cup sizes and the shoes. Extremely large, they also found small wallet sized peaches of a blonde, the boy in pajamas. They couldn't understand why anyone with try these peaches, yet none of it made a lot of sense to them. They loaded they sergeant who alerted detectives. meanwhile and stern, who had been calling the police all day finally got to talk to a detective detective bill. Glyn hate.
But the calm down and explain to her that there were a lot of possible scenarios that didn't, involve and being murdered, but an insisted so much that glean started to take a claim seriously back at the Newburgh Police Department. Detective John Smith called Joe. He posed as a regular citizen, gave a fake name and said he had just found a whole heap of credit cards belonging to Diane Joe panicked and dropped the phone. When Smith heard this, she thought something was definitely wrong, so he quickly made a signal to have the conversation. corded Joe picked define back up and said he would Cindy's driver to collect the cart and also hand over a cash reward. great to meet at the auto car wash at nine thirty pm. I then decided to call the police himself
called the New York City police and got detective Glyn, who had just been speaking to an stone. Joe said, my name is Joseph possible and I want to report my wife me I got your name from someone at Harper's magazine I don't really know why I'm calling I've never done this before I'll, explain the situation, and you can go me from that. Joy then told clean this story about doyen running off with a boyfriend and condoms clean, believe that check this out for the most part with what he had told him. He made an appointment to say Joe at eleven p m that not at Josh's apartment. He would then make an official report as a hung up the phone, detective John Smith, from the Newberg police Department cold. He wanted
Now, if I had anything on choice of partial, the officer who answered this call started taking notes this office, I just happened to be sitting next to detect a clean when the officer left the tabled again and check the police system green, looked over and saw she had written Jos name on a note bad. He picked up the fine and spoke to Smith to find out what was going on. Smith explained the items that I'd found in the dumpster and the meeting night made with Joey drive off and on thirty that no one explained he saw inside hate, arranged the meeting with gyro at eleven p dot m. They both came to the same conclusion. It was time to include the long island police in the investigation, since the and against it I swear doyen was lost. Scene was like I did in major sticking. they got in touch with long allowance, most singing investigator from the major unit, Donald Delaney.
It's decided that Delaney would join detective clean on the eleven pay him interview with Joe at seven thirty that not Karena got to the plot goes home. She saw Joe looked nervous and was constantly making calls Corrina asked Claudia, had awakened and Bain, and she simply said she had a good time Desain don't agree huh, as I hear I'll call you. I was usually extremely talkative: Claudia's hair, looking very dirty and when Karina asked her about her Mommy Cody or just shrugged her shoulders Karina noticed that Joe missing a tooth joy told her. It had become loose and he had accidentally swallowed. It.
In the middle of the dinner joy said he was leaving with these drawbacks and that he'd be disconnecting the phone he instructed Corina, not to re connected Corina put the kids to bed like cities. Father had told him. He take them away if Mummy left, Corina Tall Blake she'll come back She didn't really believe it Joe had been ringing the Newberg police repeatedly. He didn't know it was the Newberg police. They thought it was the citizen who had run him up about finding Dorians cards, detective John Smith, set by the phone. You didn't answer it, but he noticed a patent. Joe would ring ten times. Hang up white forty seconds then ring again. It was constant when he left the apartment. Joe, was driven to mate, Federico the first one he paid the lawyer four thousand dollars off the dropping gel off with Federico the draw Vacanti
We want a new book to meet the citizen who supposedly had diamonds credit cards. He go to the Otay wash at nine forty p m and office. I was posing as the Kashi The plan was for no one to make with the driver I just wanted to following the driver, approached the cashier and asked if any one else was there. The cashier said there was a man who had been waiting around for a while, but he had just left the driver said these cod, a white for a further half an hour. The cashier called Detective Smith. to a robbed in an unmarked car to white and say they drove his next move. To draw the walk a bit to a hotel across the ride which had a phone booth events printed back and forth between the hotel and the car. While making calls to Joe. He then returned to the old I washed to continue whiting at one thousand and fifty p dot m the cashier approached him and said he could sipoc if you wanted, but I will close.
and it would get really dark the drive and decided to leave and smooth, followed him. He got up to the New York State through way shelf entrance, but then stop Easter is here and the Easter baskets are out there and their filled to the brim with goodies from marshals. Jen got a fantastic price that use their bunnies outdone yourself this year. There's Gore may chocolate lush choice, bunny, ear, spokes hauled up bubbles, we have bubbles, we do- and I must say the kids are loving these baskets, how you feel it Bobby Goodness that a better myself Bobby Fabulous brands feel good prices every day and our shells he ordered for little I'm stuck in the wood I wash to be retrieved for a more thorough inspection. At eleven p M detective Glyn Detective Delaney and a third officer arrived at Joys house,
They were invited inside and sat down and started with small talk about stocks to relax guy. Then I asked him to walk them through the disappearance of Diane. Guy said he had an argument off the doyen arrived at one hundred and thirty. I am then he went to sleep, the next morning, while he was taking a shower, she left a bit later. He changed dispersion and said Diana had storm D out during the nor the detectives asking me for car had come to pick her up, and he said no. she walked. However, he changed his version again and said he wasn't sure, though he had walked. Maybe she had been driven. They asked him about four supposed lover, Joe said, he didn't really know anything about a man. They asked for permission to search the em against the House and Joe Saunders to toilet. When I asked for a photo of Diane, he suddenly got jittery, they request
an article of clothing. Joy, went to the bedroom and came out with a pair of attaining saying she wore them jogging and I haven't been washed. The dogs will get a good sense of her. electives left the apartment and as our walking out each one made a different remark. In highlighting how many times Joe had changed his story. The other officer present said he was surprised that joy didn't seem to give you. It had all about finding Doyen Delaney said Diana was dead and Joe was the killer At three I am Joe got another knock at the door to other officers from the New York City Police Department Being briefed about the eleven Pm Interview and they wanted to take Joey in for questioning Joe requested to reschedule for later that day, but there was a fee that Joe would leave the city and possibly even try to leave the country side. I insisted that he go with them now
Joy finally, a great joy began this new interview by saying he knew the man who called him about funding. Doins cards had been a police officer. He also said he it At the weekend, travelling between Massachusetts and New York. But in the eleven p M interview he had told detectives, he had just stated Henry so ask his house after leaving am against it. Eventually, he mentioned having a second apartment, where he'd move, when hey enjoying had split up the detectives asked, if I could say it, Joe replied, don't be surprised by what you find me. but I found was women's clothes which gel admitted having a liking for Joe. The doyen, knew about this. She had videotaped him and then tried to blackmail him. After the check of the second department, the detectives took Joey out for breakfast and dropped him back home
At eight thirty, I am that morning Delaney went with a long Delaney wanting to search the against house. They immediately Fionn it stains on the kitchen floor, which type of wave to be blood Delaney, put a stop to the search left, an officer a has two got it and applied for a search warrant to test with blood his and father's Vistalite, the search until six p dot m. When I returned a forensic scientist cut out the pace of floor where the signs were and conducted a test for blood, The test was positive. Then they found a set of knots, the north that had been found in a dumpster in Newburgh matched this set. on top of the bedroom dresser, they found a job missing tooth Delaney concluded
who was standing over Diane, trying to kill her in an effort to free herself. She stuck in oboe or a blunt object into his face and broke his teeth. They also found the condoms which were indeed under the bed. Locked. I had said, but the lining you that joy is conducting market research in Scandinavia on this particular brand. He believed Joe had planted in there. in a Mazda car that was parked at the house. They found at the back seat full of seed under the car. There was mud, page cross and more seemed toy, attracts repeating the nearby potato field, but they didn't match with the car. They used police dogs to go through the area, but they didn't come up with anything. There was a symmetry next to the house and in it they found a freshly Doug grave, but the permit to dig up the gray would take too long
to get said Delaney considered only as a last option. He kept the has secured in case they needed further evidence patrol. He then left, while the search was happening cleaning. spot Nicole Jos driver. They told him they had information that he'd been upstate, trying to retreat property belonging to die in Portugal. The draw the confirmed this is said. No one had showed up to the mating green asked him to come into the station. the drama showed up and when asked about Diane, he said he believed she left watch. I had told him. They allowed the job to leave, but they arranged for a detective to follow him gleam then, when The hop is through trade Dorians paperwork among it. He found a joint financial statement which. I was able to eventually get the dying. Glean saw it. Joe, had hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden away in both Mexico and Switzerland. This may
maybe more worried that joy might be planning to lead the country. The detector following the drive. I reported that he picked someone up from the airport and then dropped that person at a hotel they found. Yet this person was Federico Joe's lawyer, I sent some officers to the hotel and one of them posed as a billboard to check. If Federico was in the room on his own, he was. Corina and a friend then turned out the joys apartment and offered to take closer in black hair for dinner. The plane was the actually take the kids to detect a gleam so take a question them alone. Jo Whiley on Karina to type them during the Dana Glean Question Klaudia since blight was too young, but she closed off and he wasn't able to get anything out of it. At eleven p M East Hampton police found a freshly dug grave under a chaos at the beach where Joe Diane.
Had spent fourth of July nineteen. Eighty six. What was one of the few happy memories? They dug the grave but found nothing that used. I knew there was a big storm in the two forty four p m, the next day, Wednesday, the twenty eighth of October, a New York state. Through I authority, opera was inspecting the drainage he found Diane's body wrapped wrapped and covered in plastic at a spot. That was about a five minute drive away from the car wash at Newburgh. Officer Car Hill was at the Yemen gains at house when he heard about doins body being found. He took some tales from the house to see if they match the ones Diane's body was wrapped in they match the tales were brazilian imports sold only at very few stores. On the EAST Coast, Alan Joseph, a district attorney from Orange County New York, was assigned
the case to prosecute job. He believed the rarity of the tales proved nobody, but Joe could have wrapped Diane's body. Guy with no way to be Champs, Cloutier and Blake were at home being babysat by Jose NICE. police did what is known as an emergency removal of the kids and took them to the station where child protection services were called child protection services, wouldn't allow detectives to question Claudia or Blake. They said they had nothing to say. Please leave them alone. Detective Glen asked for permission to Cape, Claudia and Blake at his house for the night, He knew child protective services where a mess and the kids would probably end up sleeping uncomfortably somewhere. Child protection refused Claudia like ended up sleeping in wooden chairs at the agency centre.
Meanwhile, the forensic scientists was performing the autopsy on going in and he found the cause of death was strangulation. She had marks on the skin fractures on the bones of the neck and build up a fluids in her lungs The conclusion was that the killer had used his hands and gripped for more than thirty seconds, and then a cord was used for a second strangulation. She also had ten points of impact on her head with a killer had delivered blows. Two offices, with checking all of the calls Joe had made they found the was that he had made to his Ex wife Sandra and thy arranged for her to be interviewed on Say the twenty north, the main priority of the investigation was still to like hike jar, the ranch exit, the airport, hotels and rejoice family members, At two p m that afternoon I question the Jos via Federico. He was reluctant
To give information at first but eventually said Joe, had fought him over lunch that day Joe had hired to new ways, and he was currently meeting with them at three or five Madison Avenue. Suede, thirty, no one! The office is there to get him I got two giants location. There were eight elevators, all of them, mean down at the same time they decided to White and save Joe, would emerge from one of them he did. He was arrested for Dianne's murder, They told her they wanted to get information on geopolitical Sandra asked if he was in trouble. they told her. He was a suspect in the murder of his wife died in Sandra said. Lucky it wasn't me, I knew that someday. What was going to get the best of him. She spoke about their divorce, about Joe explained that she visited New York recently to see him about the alimony money she
yet the part which I asked her to Bay he's children's guardian. She said she hadn't spoken to Joe since so New York visit They asked her about the coals she had received from Joe since that trip Sandra said she had miss them and Joe had left a few messages on her shame, just saying how she was thought she had seen. Cerise those men just changer revealed. She was in a relationship with Joe's lawyer. Federico then she didn't know Joe had been using. He services. They asked her to call you. She remembered anything else. While Joe was being transported to the police station. He said he loved Claudia and in the day when the best part of him He began to cry and talk about Diane and complain. She was a bad mother, extremely inattentive, hard at different babysitter every noise, and suddenly he came out with that's why I did it. She such
Bitch she deserved it. I never did anything wrong before my love. Well, I can't change it now. How much will Bio Bay since that our best wasn't provoked? The office is believed that statement could be admissible When I got to the station Joe continued talking about Diane at one point he said She was an evil and malicious person. She tried to kill me not physically, but mentally. She tried to bright me down. I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't care if you guys gimme, ten or twenty years, and I care what penalty I have to pay. I think everybody
it's better off without her an officer ready him. His Miranda rights filled out an arrest report and Jay began complaining about his new lawyers. He said, he'd paid them two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the least they could do was be there with him. But then he smirked and said he'd stopped the payment on the check, so they wouldn't get any money anyway. Joe then said, there's a hook to this case and asked where Diane was He wanted to know if an autopsy was performed and if she had been checked for eight. The bad diagnosis Joe had received from his doctor that he talked about earlier with him testing positive I'd doyen suspected that he had it. delighted made the comment. My only hope is debate. This thing on a technicality I killed her for no particular reason this began to go back in July He went on saying doyen had mentioned the divorce. She tried the blackmail him and she bit
Eighteen by telling everyone he was a cross dresser, offers near live here anyway. He then asked for someone to shooting. At eleven fifteen p m, he requested to say Doins body. These words were, let's go see the stiff. They did. I came to say doyen in, and he made a remark about her, not wearing makeup. He said she'd be very upset if she You knew we were looking at her like this. At one thousand. Two hundred and thirty, I am dry, was back at the station and he started asking about his children where they were and what would happen to them. he also wanted to know what exactly his charge was and when. The rain and would be. detective Joe tripled. I took this opportunity to try and question him. Toronto asked him how'd you do it Joe Joe told him he knew already Tripathi said he didn't, and after some back and forth, banter Joe took both hands to his neck and simulated, a choke,
At two hundred and fifteen, a dot m. The judge was in the courtroom in ready to a rain. I told Joe to take off his clothes, so they could give him new ones before entering the court. Joe begged to get changed in the bathroom in privacy, but it wasn't a way out. After taking off his shirt campaign is revealed a bra and panty hose. We also had a large scratch going from his stomach area to his back Joe explained, he'd gotten a scratch, while playing with the kids he's via was set at three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. is motor, appeared on the front page of the New York Post, one of the papal to say it was pull culland a corporate securities well in the teacher of trial advocacy, who would met Joe once on Sunday, the first of November and Ronald Bekoff went to Sajar. Beckhoff was friends with kurland and
I profile criminal lawyer who recommended to Joe. during funeral was held on the fifth of November afterwards. And other members of her family held a meeting to discuss what would happen to Claudia and Blake. Diana had mentioned two of Jos nephews in her will as possible guardians and in addition, Billions cousin, Cathy again offered to take them if neither of Jos nephews were able Dont then called Doyle filled up to check if there was a retainer left from her Felder initially said no but light a cold dawn and said. I have good news for you. I checked and these ten thousand. was left I'll do whatever fighting. I have to do to make sure that those children had taken care of properly the tool and was sent to Washington to live with. One of the guys nephews who doyen had mentioned in her will add to police key. On the north of November. James
a bio about paying one hundred and ninety thousand dollars of his own money and getting investor friends to make the other one hundred and seventy thousand. The first thing he said when he got out was, I want to say more kids. The mother of one of Claudius classmates, her joy might get the children again. She was concerned and raised her concerns with the school headmaster. The headmaster responded. I've talked to Joe and he's cheerful is rational. He says everything was a dreadful mistake and will be cleared up. The mother decided to turn to her friend, who is the editor of New York magazine. They both go to I remain happens. District attorney the day is it Distant merrier Donoghue worked for the child abuse unit and shake your personal care of the case Kurland advised Joe, not to meet up with the children at home or at the Hamptons is press would be waiting so jailer range to meet them at a hotel
Hey. I don't owe you found out about these plans and cold the special services, the child abuse hotline, to report that two children, whom I have witnessed their father mode- their mother would nail with the father, A Sullivan Candy child abuse case worker reported back to marry. The children were with a father that was safe and well, and there was nothing do because there was no evidence of neglect, abuse or immediate danger, Mary Captaincy Do you know, and at one thirty I am on the funding from November three state troopers and they caseworker into Jos Apartment to take the children into protected custody for the norm On the fifteenth of November, there was a hearing in the Solomon Candy Family court to decide if Joe could have the children for the weekend. The judge decided he could, because there was no funding of child abuse. Ronald back off said that you could say: joy lived for these kids and it was very touching.
So at this stage it was ruled that Joe could have the kids on the weekends in New York. Tell her that during the weight that would stay with these nephew and Pulaski in Washington, but in the first week of December, Ed Polaski said he couldn't take care of the children anymore. So he sent them back to live full time with jar. On the fourteenth of December Doins cousin coffee again and her husband, a mock followed for custody of Claudia Blight through Doins lawyer, filled up in a statement. They said We wish to God it was it necessary to do so. We are not seeking to pass judgment on Joseph possible, nor do we assert All we have heard and read is entirely true Cuz it be, I love to Diane L great. for the immediate safety of the children and the are. On the that we can provide a safe, loving and more family environment. For the children were asking for custody.
File mentioned Dorians MOTO should be considered an extraordinary circumstance. The petitions were met, It is Supreme Court, Judge, Kristen, Booth, Glenn, who accepted Diane's. as an extraordinary circumstance. She scheduled the first custody hearing for the seventeenth of December. Felt it would be representing Kathy and Mark again in the pole. Colon would be representing Judd During the hearing Judge Glenn had an id. She believed that The children had witnessed something or not. If they gave testimony, then the info Asian would be out in the open and the danger against them would disappear. She discussed the possibility of recording testimony bought Claudia since Blake was considered to young. With Alan Joseph Orange Candies day. I who would prosecute Joe in the criminal trawl Alan Joseph said that it wouldn't be possible
since both parties wouldn't agree to do it impartially. Judge Glenn then decided to question Claudia herself alone. Aligning the room, Glenn came out, saying the kids adore their father miss their father and she saw them sleeping in Joe's arms. Gwen asked to have access. the jazz, lost, therapist cool and deny that access Glenn analyze, the falls that had been completed by the child abuse casework case workers and concluded, though, no evidence of abuse or neglect to the children. Claudia blight to stay with joy for the weekend, stating in some ways going and a voice from beyond and her willingness to leave the children in that household for well over a year after attaining missed. The photo indicates to me that these children are not in any great danger from this man than any charges from any parent in the city. At this time,
Filled her with the outrage and threatened to contact the media, but Glenn said this wouldn't be good for the children's best interest quote the fact that the lunatic God gave the kids to the homicidal maniac, but I think that is a good thing for the kids folded. Didn't end up contacting the media. On Monday, the twenty first of December, the hearing continued Filter Eating court with the five page men are doing had given him in which he specified the children went safe with job. In one part, she wrote After hearing the nature of your current home off, my therapist urged me to ask you to make some intervention on the basis of such a logical abuse of the children. This is a sin. the way in which their baby cities are subjected to extreme anger or dismissal them. There is, but little and denigrated by Heaven. no ability to predict that schedule or whereabouts no constants
the inhuman relationships. Just a constant round of limousine pick ups lady Alice junk food and present however, since doyen wasn't there to give evidence her memory, wasn't admitted neither was a statement from her sponsor who described Joe as dangerous when Joe the stand he denied everything he denied Valen, doing drugs or enemies trading his children or do an He was the one who insisted dyin to cancelling and haste did Diane verbally abused. The children hearing was adjourned over the Christmas and new year period. The judge well, that Joe could take custody of the children until the hearing re commenced. On the sixth of January, eighty eight is friends, organized the protest. This decision, one of them, get a permit to pick it in front of the Supreme Court.
Many didn't join in is that is your new Joe, we're afraid he'd recognize them and go off to their children, so it would scare the picketing would backfire on them. Since John Glenn didn't log press, they said it was a bad od. felt a found it difficult to get witnesses to testify the custody hearing, because there were all scared of Joe today, before the custody hearing Rey to Monday, the fourth of January. Eighty eight Joe was indicted in Orange County for the second degree murder of when the custody Hearing recommenced the first person cold, the testify was a psychiatrist. Glenn had appointed during the holidays, break. He was asked to examine John the children into evaluative. Joe was a danger to them. He testified what he saw the love and devotion from the kids to their father and a healthy relationship between the three of them filter. Asking if Mr Paul,
who retained custody. Do you have maybe an eighty beady worry that something could happen to the kids, the psychiatrist report? This think this is an open possibility, Judge Glenn, then step did is it your opinion that there could be harm to the children from number one. Being a children from his custody and the number two Does that not why, in your view, the open possibility there's something could happen to them in his custody, the psychological Stansted indeed, or do because as far as the children are concerned, their father is innocent of any criminal charges he's dead, daddy and I loving the subconscious didn't believe Joe was a flight risk. He believed suicide would be a much more likely outcome, given that he had aids and it was believed to be terminal. Judge Glenn asked him. Joy might take clear and Blake's logs along with his own. In this event, the psychiatrist responded. He had no information to conclude that
at the end of the day, Glenn again granted Joe temporary custody Felda ended up going to the media, then you'll post raining. Go with the headline lawyer says. Judging waft kill case is playing russian roulette with kids lives. There were several more days. Spending court arguing the custody one child psychologist, rebounded previous testing she said children love us for all kinds of ways that we have. We can be loved, my crew. We can be loved, we bade them I have known children who begged to be returned to circulate mothers children who have no trouble loving, a father who whips them or always that Mother Mela Seifert How to say I love my daddy is not something we should take at face value. Another psychology took the view that, since Joe would most likely be to prison for a long time. That meant he should be able to spend as much time as he could with the kids
I was then put forward that Joe wouldn't lose his rights, but would share them with a family member. In this case, I would be sharing custody with Cathy and market again judge going. Said she would consider this proposal. In late April, eighty eight Glenn returned with her decision. She said, but cannot find. That petition is have met the heavy burden which would be necessary, took the projects of pocket custody of his children. The testimony should give importance to was that of Mary Bang. was the mother of Jennifer, one of Claudia's classmates her and her husband, Stephen invited Joan Claudia over for a play day after the play. Diet, Mary said Joe was not the horrible person the newspapers were saying after that,
First play date: Claudia started calling Mary every day asking to talk to Jennifer Mary in turn got to know Joe better. She said he was gentle funny charming and had charisma by early February, Mary's husband, Stephen said Mary was hardly ever home anymore. Mary testified and described as a wonderful man who'd. She left her own daughter with she also offered to adopt clear and Blake if Joe was sent to jail. by only April, Mary had separated from her husband, Stephen and was in a relationship with joy. it wasn't long before Joe was talking about marrying Mary. His lawyer run on back off, said to Joe look you're going to church author killing a wharf in a small, close knit conservative community, if you turn into what within you often your arm immortal antagonize people, don't think have the decency to wait until he was cleared of the charge. Some of
nay, even think she was your motive for motoring. Diane J still decided to go through with it And on the second of July, they married in a secret ceremony twenty seventh into law, Cathy and market again decided to stop trying to get custody of Claudia Blake Bag. Is it at them and saw the kids call Mary mommy? They believed that if there are happy and had a second mother now, then I didn't want to be responsible for taking that away on the fourth of August Mary Bang read a sworn statement saying she wanted custody of Claudia and Blake no matter the outcome of the criminal trial. As information. She wrote her parents had an unused house in Brooklyn that I could live in and they chose. It could remain in the same school when Kathy,
Mike. I again found out about the sworn statement. They decided to forfeit custody again this time it was Joe who requested a custody hearing. He wanted to block the gains from getting custody. The new hearing took place on the fourteenth of September and it started with a re cap of all of the previous testimony and evident Then an explosive piece of information Mary buying had been going to cancelling ass. She was experiencing marital problems with joy, but been married for two months During one of these cancelling sessions, she described the fallen incident that happened in front of Claudia Blake as the children were involved. The terms of confidentiality didn't apply said these information came here. Mary was called to the stand reminded she was still under oath and was asked about this particular issue.
Mary described getting home late one day Joe, was furious. With her and cut the dress she was wearing with a hunting. North Mary ran from the house and joy, case to marry heated and navies house until gel approached the next day and said he wasn't mad any longer. Claudia blight witnessed this incident. Kurland immediately resigned, as Judge lawyer, Joe withdrew his custody petition. Glenn gave a media custody of Claudia and blind to the kings and placed them along with the lawyers and Mary buying under protective custody from job. I request was made to hold Joe until the again got the children, but Judge Glenn refused finding it unnecessary. as soon as the Ardennes and Blake three hundred and thirteen hr and rice to get to them first, but the police go to Claudia and Blake and place them in protective custody before Joe and Mary could fall in them.
Judge Glenn Elliott Joe to make not the phone call to his kids only two days later Joe. Blake and he's not. We call tonight I'm going to come through the window and take you away A security guard was placed with the Ardennes at naught and he was told by the tech thieves. If he's maniac comes through a window, do what you're going to do, because if he has an opportunity, he'll kill you next day, Joe crush these car into his house. A neighbor came out to see what had happened, joy, forcing the changes toil. and then started blubbering about going to the border of Canada or Mexico. He then said his first wife had been bad. His second one was dead and the third one was good. He ended with. He can't kill them all. The following day, the against left with the children to go to a friend's house that not Claudia Blake, spoke to John the phone.
go asked how long the drive was from the again to where they were now and instructed them to look at First street name and the number of the house He told them not to tell anyone and he pulled back the next night. MIKE again was listening in on this call. The Means TAT filled up and a custodial interference motion was put forward, filled a plan for protection from the children from the homicidal lunatic. Judge blend suspended Joe's, not like cause as well as barring him. From the area where the against lived, despite her damaging testimony. Joe stayed with Mary and deny appeared on a car and affair together, Mary blamed herself a losing custody of the kids saying it was her fault for getting cancelling. Instead of giving the marriage a period
adjustment Orange County newspapers posted regular stories about Joe and airports and borders heading picture and profile. The psychologist, who testified at the custody hearing that judge, should spend as much time as possible with the children before he goes to jail with nail. Blythe and Chloe thereupon, he recommended that you should be able to have these occasions. These were granted every Sunday Ass, he carried a God, was always present in search joy before his visits J P, did not guilty to murder and the cricket. Floetrol trawl, officially started on the thirty first of January nineteen. Eighty nine, the jury was formed by eleven men and one woman. Sandra Jarvis was the first witness called to the stand. Her lawyer had since contacted the police informing them that she knew more information.
But wanted immunity from prosecution. The police a great and placed their into protective custody. Signor testified that Joe had confessed to killing, I am and wanted to bury her body in her yard. She refused but it made making suggestions of other locations where he could buried him. She said she only did this for her own safety and to get Joe out of her house next Doins best friend Maggie Gary newest cold. She identified the brazilian tails that have been wrapped around going in body. Then everyone who came into contact with Joe after the murder was called the store. I know You saw it in the US. They employ
yet the hardware store the dental assistant, the people at the old I wash enjoys friend Henry so Oscar was called. Then the detectives who worked the case Joe, took a stand on the twenty seventh of February. Eighty nine, He was going with self defense. He gave a more elaborate story of what had been saying since the night of the murder. He said Diana had boyfriend that she was cheating on him with. And she didn't enjoy being with the kids. Then, on the night she was killed fronted her ass, she rose to the house in said he'd winning the divorce battle going and became furious and charged adding when the north Cunningham on the soil. but this is how he says he really got his scratch, the one that was saying the naughty took his clothes off at the playstation that night he said he got it from playing with the kids. Now he changed the story during the attack Joe said he couldn't
control doyen, and it ended up becoming a battle of law for death during which he had to kill her in order to protect himself Joe Who is painted a pitcher of doing in running off with other men, all the time and being a bad mother? He It believable to at least some of the jurors, as one of them the other. Let's face it. She was nothing but a pig and a whore. But the jury didn't buy, Jose Self Defense, Dory on the 16th of March. That returns with a verdict guilty. On the idea of April, with our backing court for sentencing, it was announced that Mary Bain had found a new evidence. a type where Joe and doyenne had a fought and doyen called him a faggot and a bully amongst other names and also threatened to stab him. Joe's lawyer asked for a postponement on the sentencing until the evidence could be presented in the form of a petition to set aside the guilty verdict and ask for a new trial.
the judge. A brake on the second of June, Joe, was secretly transferred from the Orange County jail to the nearby, Arden Hill Hospital. He's health had been deteriorating rapidly, And he do I die only a few hours later. He was buried in the cemetery next to the emigrants at the house. He murdered Dian six months out that he's death. His conviction was vacated because he thought before he had the chance to appeal. So technically he died an innocent man. In naughty ninety, the adoption of Claudia and implied by the again became form. These later Kathy again stated. It's not clear to us from what the children have taught us that, I did not wake up that, not all that they were unaware of a fought or unusual activity, and it's clear to us.
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