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Case 39: Janelle Patton

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After a string of failed relationships and other disappointments, Janelle Patton made the decision to relocate from Australia to Norfolk Island in search of a fresh start. With a population of around 2000 people, the small South Pacific island was considered a safe and friendly place, with no major crimes having occurred there in over a century. ---  Victoria Dieffenbacher researched and co-wrote this episode. For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-39-janelle-patton
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The total area of the island is thirty. Four km squared will fit a ten model. Squid with a population of only around two thousand people. Nova call, and is it taught me community with a unique and complex web friendships, friendships and relationships? All It was discovered by Captain James Cook in seventeen seventy four and it was first is this: a jail for the worst convicts from their striving colony The island is a self governing territory of a strategy with its own laws, including strict customs and immigration regulations too, from all over the world flock to Norfolk, for it's unique history and its reputation for being a paradise. It's considered a safe and friendly place somebody's always willing to give you a helping hand. Doors and windows are left unlocked at night. Alan crime almost doesn't exist
It hadn't been a murder on Norfolk Island since eighteen. Ninety three, the. Run and Carolyn Patton married in nineteen. Sixty eight in Spain, A honeymoon no nor vocal and they never system did that thirty one years later, they don't you know, would make the island her home. General Patton was born in pennant hills, a suburb of Sydney on the 30th of June, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. She was a girl who loves me. She played the piano, the clarinet and performed in the school band at the
and you fought for parents were saved her report card with a message from a teacher that stop with the movie the ease. You has settled in quite well and he's academically above average There is, however, a social problem to know ten. The tech guy best friends, Perceptions and her play sessions, this, can be rectified a fee. Her husband will be solely henpecked. Both RON and Carol agreed. That Juno was above all the perfectionist. after finishing hostile to know, started a university causing author paintings. The quick during the first year she stopped work is a settlements clerk at West Back Bank, where she stayed for four years. She moves The foreign exchange Bank is trust and went on to worked for a number of other different banks over the next four weeks. Throughout these years to know had several relationships, one of Was to a navy same it, he asked
I to quit her job in Sydney and move to Adelaide with him. Janelle didn't like the news hell that continued to say in when he was back in cheating. The relationship ended with the Navy seaman facing a charge of assault. Everyone believed he broke too knows jaw. Despite her claims shit Poland eyes. I run a danger for. This relationship left to know so scarred emotionally and physically that she never fully recovered from the experience. you know started. A new relationship with a man named taught. She wanted to settle down with Todd, however, he didn't I the same light they broke up and also, first day, when spiralling gambled, she began drinking heavily and taking antidepressants in October, One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine windshield twenty seven years old. what'd. She needed to get away. She took a job as a housemaid at the chef Pacific Hotel on Norfolk. Five
one thousand six hundred and seventy three km away from Sydney one thousand miles. When she broke the news to her parents, Carol told her I think it's really your. You know it's very quiet, two, no thought otherwise and responded. Maybe that's what on aid. it wasn't until March two thousand and two that running Carol sorting out again. They visited her for the first time over the ace. The there Well, I've, the oil on Saturday, the thirtieth of March RON run. Are all, and you know, spent at evening a genoese new workplace. The cast away her till she was In charge of the dining room Janelle seems like she was on top of the world. She looks healthy for a burn. It was very excited about her parents visit no one, p M, Juno, say good night and run. And Carol went to the room they booked at the panorama garden apartments,
arrange to meet them at that room. The next day around one p m after she took her daily walk. At seven am the next morning, Easter Sunday, the thirty first of March, two thousand and two, you know who was twenty nine years old entered ass the white I tell and performed her morning work retain. She said the tables hopes of the food and chatted with the guest. Juno finished work at eleven ten. I am from the castle I have to she made her way to Foodland Supermarket. Located in the shopping mall on the center of the island that was captured on security footage walking to the checkout counter at the supermarket at one thousand one hundred and sixteen a dot m. As she was leaving to know bumped into her landlady Ruth Mccoy. I had bought Easter eggs for Ruth and have him she gave her the eggs and wished her a happy Easter.
Dunno lived in a small cottage at the back of reach us she was seen by Ruth's husband, pulling up to the cottage at eleven. Thirty am a few minutes later I walked out of her coat each wearing sports gear and headed off. I had daily walk. She always walk the same path, Dan Ready who rode to Queen Elizabeth look here. Marie Forsyth lived in the last house before Rating Queen Elizabeth look here. She saw do no talking with one or two people sitting inside a car, a mother. He was driving around trying to get her child to fall asleep. Did you know walking? Neither look at the mother. circled around and drive the same way about ten minutes. Later but there was no longer any sort of Juno at all. Am forty five. I am two men were having a cup of tea inside a house on radio road. They heard a noise they described as being similar to a child's widely
one of the main issues that must have been his brother arriving with these children. He walked outside the great them. However, to his surprise, As there was no one, there. It took a look around the saw, nothing and heard nothing else suspicious. If I go and golf club located, just down the road from Queen Elizabeth Lookout, two men inside the clubhouse hood heard a out the another I mean playing the six tall, also heard the scream. but I didn't say anything suspicious and heard nothing else. Janel failed to show up to RON and Carol's room at two hundred and thirty p. Dot M running Carol called a cottage but didn't get a they seemed she was eight on her way or perhaps something had come up. The maid to stop somewhere else so they decided to enjoy the day. While I could
They stuck a note on the front door of their room, letting you know, and I wish you could form They then went to Emily by a popular swimming spot. after spending over an hour there, they returned to their rooms to saved you know had arrived. She hadn't, the note was still stuck on. there was no sign of her anyway. In the meantime, a couple and their two children visited the cockpit waterfall reserve a popular, Traction on the other side of the also If he in the thoughts they realised they had left their camera in the car. The couple and a fourteen year old son back to the car to Fitchett, ponies, I he ran past the black plastic shape that looked like it was covering a person. Boy thought it was probably just somebody sleeping, so you didn't mention it to his parents. afternoon, there had been a significant heavy downpour of rain on the island. This for
Traffic conditions to slide down the hill at the cockpit waterfall reserve on Bodyboards. at three hundred and fifty seven p dot m full boy. Right down the hill on the boards laughing and yeah buoy. They were recording themselves on video camera on a few of the frames that black, She is visible in the background as they slow down the hill. at four thirty Pm Ron and Carol tried calling Jenelle again still, I got no answer. I started to worry and decided to visit her cottage. The first thing I saw was a cop the job, as we know, is down and those the bordering saw a due to the terrestrial rain the door to Janelle's cottage was unlocked, which wasn't unusual. It was coming practice on the island I had to look around and saw it but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Twenty minutes later, a friend of do no stop by the visit run care.
It was still at the college, and I share the concerns with her generals friend, Hold the castaway hotel to safety no had returned to work, but she wasn't me. A friend you about an old daily walks and the exact part she took so they completed that walk but found a nice one to know. roman Carol returned to the panorama, apartments and told the manager about their concerns. The manager made some calls to different places around the island. But nobody had seen or heard from dunno since she had finished work. running Carol returned to generals, cottage, still Ruth Mccoy Rhythmic coined husband. they learnt Ruth bumped into do not leaving the supermarket and her, Open Encino lading for the leaving for her walk at eleven thirty Ruth the husband thought they'd, better call. The police call to the police was made by the patents at seven. Fifty and fifty pan that were ostiguy
Play station right away. When they entered the station, the first person I saw was a doctor with a stethoscope around his neck, a chill instant. he came over the patents. They didn't feel this. What's a good that taken into a room and a detective asked run and count sit down before saying A belated daughter is missing: can you describe her Carol guide the description Take me then said Before we go any further, I've got to tell you there's been an incident. the body of a young woman, has just been located. We need to know whether it's your daughter or not She knows. Body was officially found that six thirty pan born usually woman on holiday or walking through called. What a fool reserve she saw, the black plastic shape. She a closer look to say what is underneath
and then immediately called the police. A detective was on scene within ten minutes I fully suspect that Geno was dead. He felt for a pulse to make sure she was cold and the army touched with. if she was lying feisty and into shorts and underwear were cut and pulled down the first impression that detective had was that you know had been sexually assaulted. Rubbery didn't seem to be a motive of any sort. Since still wearing a lot of jewelry. He looked for any weapons or any other evidence nearby, but came up empty. Other offices, soon arrived and lauding was put up. So the crime scene could be processed GINO. What was formerly pronounced dead at seven fifty six pm only these minutes after genoese parents called the police to report. I missing. generals. Landlady brief Mccoy formerly identified a boy
By mid evening, half of the Orleans already knew about to nose death news trouble quickly. Ginnos body was taken to the mold, where it's tied on Tosh until Tuesday, the second of April, when it's it came and an apologist arrived from camera Norfolk. as part of a strategy is commonwealth General murder was the first on the island for over one hundred years. The local police didn't have the experience or the resources to properly investigate sources. since we sort from the australian federal police and I took charge of the investigation. The forensic pathologist in charge of the post mortem was doktor. Alan Cobb General had five day cuts on her legs, purple bruising on her right leg and bruising on her left, like an odd dem shaped bruise on her thigh
and a dislocated ankle. Three of her ribs were broken and pelvis was fractured. She'd suffered multiple stab. There were several major lacerations on her face as well. many smaller wins, including cuts to her neck. The skull was fractured It and in her head, small pieces of green glass were located, There were incisions on her fingers. Described is textbook defensive wounds and from trying to fend off the north attack. The wounds led up the collar to believe you know, had fought with every when she had a microscope Inspection of generals, body and clothes was performed and Friends, excite is found particles of growing colored, pint in genetics here beneath her fingernails and on the short she was wearing. They determined the paint was a rare one in due to it. composition, the origin was found, the killer would be found.
On Wednesday, the third of April, the late detective from the australian federal police, arrived detective Bob paid it. The case was given the codename operation Dunedin. on Sunday, the seventh of April Carol. went to GINO's cottage to collect her belongings, the dory underneath the pillow, it's taking it into police duty. in the strict customs and immigration laws of Norfolk Island? It wasn't long before police had a complete list of every single person who was on the island. The died, you know was moving around The two thousand five hundred people in total include permanent residents tourists and visit it in every person over the age of ten who was on the island, that day was sent a survey to complain. The survey asked what they did: the diet, the murder- if I knew you know personally, If I'd seen her and
any other information that would like to add anything, What percent of the visitors and tourists completed it, but only fifty six percent of the residents did. Many said they weren't involved and you nothing so that's will not raise them to complete it. Or as an invasion of privacy, the place one step, and organize the nest fingerprinting of every person between the ages of fifteen and seventy. It was on the island. The dive Dominica. Fingerprints had been found on the black plastic sheet covering generals body and the police were looking for a match There were a few different sets of prints on the shape, not just from one person a match, didn't necessarily mean they had the killer, but they still made it to intensify the prince. both were set up in a community center, the A minister of Norfolk HOLLAND was one of the first people to approach the boots and provide he's prints. To those who had since left the Orland place,
some to make an appointment with that lug police station to have a prince titan like weed before they don't until the investigation thing. Seventy seven percent of the people on the island that day eventually came forward and provided it Prince voluntarily. The investigation caused some people to turn against one another. The specious. All eyes were cast all over the world. and everywhere you went we whispers about who did it could be hurt in May two thousand and four Two years have passed since generals motor and Bob is was nowhere near to finding the killer. Parties decided to hold an inquest. If an examination of the circumstances surrounding the death, the magistrate for the australian capital territory was old, so I know if I call in Sprint simple car not take. From camera to preside over the inquest was a difficult investigation. For many reasons.
not only had the heavy rain washed away any chance change, footprints, toy marks and dna evidence the small talk, Population of Norfolk, parliament, with its content hated Weber, friendships and relationships. presented unique challenges detective. While pages had this to say about it. Quite but I think anyone for me I saw it could give you a good assessment of what Norfolk calling these really about. After a couple of these aims, after a number of years It's a fairly unique sort of a place. In some regards it's a little bit like a small rural community, but they and by oceans ocean with no right It's going in Austria during the inquest Bob Pages revealed publicly for the first time that hey come up with a list of sixteen people. He considered persons of interest. the first two, when no surprise Ron and Carol.
Most people emitted by somebody. They know and run and Carol arrived on north. I call and any twenty four hours before you know was killed. How the running Carol will more than cooperative with the investigation by vote clearly provided fingerprints and fully cooperated with every other police request. They actively canvas the media, the gum, authorities and the police to ensure but the investigation into their daughters, Mighta received every possible support in mind. momentum. There was nothing linking them to the motor and did I I considered high on the list of persons of interest. Still the police wouldn't have been doing their job if they didn't consider the possibility. Susan fields was next on the list, Susan, Imagine knowing nineteen ninety nine, not long after genoa. First arrived on North Oakland, Susan helped to know a place changes these two to a neighbour Charles, mean giddy, who had Spare room in his house.
this living arrangement didn't last long did you know confronted Susan about having an affair with Charles Susan was married with a ten year old son Susan engineer got into a fought over her accusation and, as a result, Juno was kicked out of Charles home. After only want wake. The bat blood continued between Janelle and Susan in August. Two thousand into a nasty fart in a box which resulted in Susan being charged with assault. Naturally, Susan was looked at as a suspect On the Uno's murder de cancer, but whereabouts, what contradicting Susan said she didn't leave home until about one thirty pm to go to the gym, however, husband insisted it was closer to eleven. I am that she left This report, it saying Susan drawing near ready, who rode close blight away it was walking.
After weighing up all of the information. Bob pages stated at the inquest that, although Susan and know clearly didn't like each other There was no evidence of direct contact between them on the thirty first of March, two thousand and two and although they had a physical fought previously, the lever violence was now. I need that used in genoa, murder plus soon, and happily provided a fingerprints which day don't match those beyond on the black plastic covering Ginnos buddy Ozma Getty was the fourth person on the list Susan's neighbor who'd, you know lived with for one week, Charles He kicked you no way out after only awake, because she was stopped drinking until the early hours of the morning and plainly add music. She would like to him about his diet and read these enhance it from the wall because he received too many early morning calls he said dunno prove too difficult to live with, so we, so too late
Place received several tips about Charles in the days off the generals boat There were reports of a fire in his on the night of the murder. Four days after the murder, one of his friends reported that Charles said to him. If the cops You about me tell them all. drinking with you last Sunday, but I probably why not ask. Another tape came from an anonymous cola who said in early two thousand, and two Charles allegedly walked up to do no pulled her hair and threatened stopping. shit or I'll sort. You out enough to do no murder Charles Book, the flight of the island, because the active investigation. He did tell police, he was leaving and would be returned soon All of this raised a few eyebrows and on the twelfth of April. lay search Charles House in these cause. He was I formerly interviewed by police, but nothing came out of it I couldn't find anything not linked Charles to Juno's murder,.
When Janelle was asked to let Charles Place, she ended up moving in with his brother Pullman Kitty, also known as Jap Jap these new partner Robin Murdoch with a fifth and sixth persons of interest tonight. Jack was a fifty year old widower with four children. he maintained a romantic relationship with Genoa. While she lived with him. This lasted about nine months before job thought Best for her to leave left and moved into another place for a short period of time before settling in the cottage at Rhythmic Mccoy's house, where she remained until her death. Despot moving out. continue continued to say each other Two or three times a week chap would visit you know she read we are facing Canada's Dorie assent. But which rates may north two thousand and one jobs to me up for Tee June thirteenth, two thousand and one.
Jeff over Fatigue told me a few home truths about where or feeding four days later, she wrote, Jackie, I'm fatigue and spat on me in August two thousand and one Jack break up with Janelle for good in Boston, He was saying Robyn, Murdoch The chief executive of the Norfolk call and administration the ministrations warehouse I worked on nor taint Juno. Writing a diary spoke, the Jap fuck wit. found out he's been reading Robin and his bane since Kurt's birthday, or thereabouts, told me my first enemy in Norfolk after this Juno appeared at Robins House on three separate occasions: working hard on the door and the windows she also appeared. Jobs, house and handed up threatening to call, The police on it dunno continued to call them by frequently display
at least there was no evidence that Jackal Robin ever retaliated. But place awake off that you know it's not at all. They said no good Bay, possessive complicated to live with, and please sort of person who was just making torn hey, explore and the encouraged her to go back to Sydney the last one, spoke with six weeks before there were, whispered that Robin had been saying driving along greedy, who rode in the afternoon denotes murder, but this was no I'd by Robin and was never proven, but and Robin, provided they fingerprints and was names to those found at the crime scene The seventh person of interest was dynamite, Getty jobs, oldest daughter. and you know, moved into Jobs House Diana was sixteen years old in finishing school in prison, After school Dinah returned to leap permanently with her father
and she instantly disliked and rejected the idea of dunno being that they fall frequently and you know, made several Dorie entries expressing her dislike for Dinah, Diana was questioned by police and she freely admitted that she sometimes felt luck heaving jail, but she never did, she provided have fingerprints and again those nine match and the police Nothing Dinah did you know on the day of the matter, the eighth person on the list was Laurens. Quintal Hey, you know, had a relationship while she was still saying Jap on and off Florence and Genoa relationship was a volunteer in January, two thousand and two they had a fought and Geno was left with bruises on her neck chest and arms. Aren't you poligized but bade her again? A few weeks later, the last time he saw it. You know was three days before him: Oda. Our both at the aerosol club and defined
Started between Lawrence and another Me Raymond, Diego this. Was because Lawrence accused Raymond to visiting Janelle's cottage. Police found a note Janelle had written to Lawrence. That said, he's Lawrence's, nickname. I'm saw reached big time. devastated by everything you said and did to me last night. On top of that, he'd been also bitching behind my back, and I never thought a friend would do that. He made it clear your opinion of me. So let's just leave it at that. the gun. You sorry Lawrence had an alibi, he was at work at the time of the modal hell police to search his house and his car without a warrant he agreed to be interviewed and freely gave these fingerprints without question. Just luck with the others. There was no evidence to link him to the murder.
Raymond, Diego was the next person on the list. The main lawrence had fought with in the days before generals murder Bob has noticed Raymond off the rating, an entry in Juno's dory from December two thousand and one, but she right after off the going out to different bars, she crushed that race and it was no six. and reportedly made up several more times since then. The inconsistency in Raymond story as to where he was and what it is doing at the time of the murder, the after the murder. He was ever heard. Talking about it and say I know a lot of details, what interest, The police, the most, was that Raymond visited a travel agent shortly after Juno's motor and asked about virgin flights to Sydney with a connecting fought to Perth. He did actually both these flights and laid the island. The moment he got to Perth place we're looking vein, he gave them permission to search his home and truck and
to be examined in Perth Way frame a guy he's fingerprints investigations revealed that he's trip to Perth had actually been talked about. Prior to Janelle's, Minotaur in his child and former partner. However, the time police considered it to be cause for alarm Raymond's finger, didn't match and nothing Also of interest was located. The pointed towards him. Michael Prentice was next on the list. He appeared in Genoa story after Coffee Day, an employer the castaways Hotel also came forward and said Michael had been ringing, the hotel constantly prior to do no death the employee, We actually want to note to stay away from Moscow as according to her it not know the meaning of the word no being Spoke pages said: he'd received information, suggesting there was a romantic relationship between Marco and you. However, he never got to confirm it.
There is no proof that had any contact on the diagnosed murder and model alibi, plus he's prince, didn't match. Kim friend was the eleventh person named. He was spotted Driving to Reedy Hill Road at one thousand one hundred and forty five- I am the diet, Benno's murder, a woman, spotted in his car and a witness thought. It may have been to know Second man was also I spotted in the car plus Kim had been saying with scratches on his arms and wrists after the murder. However, he an alibi. He was into a guy to a couple that day in that insane in his vehicle busy please occurred after working with barbed wire. His finger, prints didn't match into this Saint couple were located and confirmed his story. the twelve person on the least was saving Cochrane. He was
one of many who voluntarily provided his fingerprints to police he's prince, actually matched one of the sets of prints found on the blackshape they covet. Juneau search warrants were immediately issued for his house and his truck He had already completed the community survey about his movements on March thirty first and when asked at the police station, he repaid them He was at home until eleven thirty. I am until a couple of friends picked him up. They then drive to meet up with a group of other people, and they all spent the rest of the afternoon together. The rock solid alibi there were all of people who are voting? This David was with them. The entire day when asked about the fingerprints staving explained he handled black plastic sheets on a regular basis as a carpenter, enjoyable. savings alibi with solid and clean couldn't link him to Janelle at all.
He said he had never met her and there was no evidence suggesting on was plus. It was still on the sets of prints on the plastic shade, yet to be identified. Andrew row was the thirteenth person night here the temporary resident, could come from New Zealand and seemed to have very few friends on the island. Nobody knew much about him. He was considered a line. They were also reports. He was a peeping Tom, several residents reported seeing him in the area around the time of genoa, disappearance acting strangely a state and a sick. You have carpet was missing from his car it was questioned and he insisted he didn't know. You know and had never seen her before in his life. He said the site had been taken out of his car for repairs and the section of but was missing because it needed cleaning he couldn't clearly remember what his movements were on the diet. The murder
his house in car with thoroughly search and he's fingerprints were taken in October, two thousand and three he was stopped at the April. He was found. to be carrying a north. It was if and sent for testing to save it could have inflicted the injuries onto know, but there was match his prince didn't match AVA no forensic evidence would like headed in his household car. Next on the list with Terrance Jug it's. You know the month before her death records, show they exchanged. Eighty one calls in the weeks prior to the death, Get Terrence was one of the very few people on the Orleans who didn't attend. Juneau's memorial service, which support the detectives given their frequent contact prior to her After the murder, a woman came with a disturbing report? allegedly, she woke up one night to find parents standing over her bed
This petrified and didn't know what to do. Reports came in the Terran to threaten to assault Janelle's phone apartment. Lawrence quintal in quest. Bob pages said he had active concerns about, turns, but he's fingerprints didn't match those fair than the black plastic shape. Next was Rodney Menzies, who reportedly approached Janelle several times, while she was sunbathing and had asked area out for a cup of coffee. Janelle repeatedly refused his advances in On occasion, it's alleged Rodney tried to follow her back to her cottage, There are several room is across the online that brought me had stopped. Other women previously, however, was never confirmed, the story he gave of his whereabouts. At the time of the murder was contradicted by others. He also said he hadn't spoken to you know for three months prior to the murder.
however, a witness said, Diet Saint run into no talking just three nights before him: he's Fink the prince didn't match and no other evidence was fan. That could link him to the moto.
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and faunal person named as a person of interest that the inquest was Greg. Magri. Juno's closest friend on Norfolk, island. He became part of the investigation of the one person reported, seeing him drawing a long greedy who rode between eleven forty five, a dot m and one thousand two hundred and fifteen p dot m on the diagnosis, murder. He was seen with a woman who looked latino. Strongly to know this and guy vanilla boy the questioning about baddies movements that they change slightly, It also didn't completely match with what others were saying: to take these went shore. If these, which is more inconsistency, is or if there actually a gap in Gregg story. Detectives asked him about his relationship with do know, and he said now. I just good friends and at times It act as a mediator between her and her boyfriend.
Greg said that, despite not having a good relationship with several people on the island, dunno never worried about safety. The last time he saw her was three days before her murder. She said Happy and he suggested they catch up again soon,. But he never saw her again. There were others. Only Ireland who had a different version about how that meeting when one room ordered that Gregg looked bothered by something while talking to you know another that you know said: Greg had threatened to burn her with a cigarette during that meeting and she looked very upset while talking to him Peters, told the inquest to I have no factual offerings, governance to connect, Gregory Magri to the death of two no patent bullet disposal of his buddy, a cockpit Waterful reserve on Sunday, the 31st March, two thousand and two. It was no ordinary investigation. That was a lot of people.
connected to Janelle. It was a highly unusual step for Bob Pages to release the names of all those persons of interest, some had motive somewhere, For it to be saying new where'd, you know disappeared from some display strange behaviour after the murder sum this up, Play strange behavior before the Minato, I've been physically violent towards her. some had a combination of many of those things. At the conclusion of the inquest police still not class at two arresting the Killa old. It was clearly was that a lot of people could have done it but I didn't have to wait long for a major breakthrough. the main slyly reviewing every single piece of evidence in the police force. As part of this review, every single fingerprint sample on record was looked up, not just please give voluntarily during the murder. Investigation.
And it was during this review, the police founded the fingerprints of Glenn Macneil. Macneil was a chef originally from Nelson New Zealand. He moved in Norfolk went in June two thousand with his girlfriend Alicia Tyler They married in January, two thousand and two. Macneil had provided is fingerprints not voluntarily because of the murder investigation. because of an investigation into a more break into a tourist shop. For this reason, Mcneil fingerprints remained in a separate fall and one discovered until two thousand and four, when the Review of all fingerprints on record took place. Police rain Macneil Prince against the prince, found on the black plastic shape that was covering two knows body. He was prince, matched to the prince found on that shape. I looked further into Macneil that found that a what Honda Motor vehicle was registered team this but the attention of police as a what
It had been reported as being seen around the crime scene. Macneil had since left in Norfolk, HOLLAND and return to New Zealand hits split up from his wife Alicia and was now living with a new partner. If I call and put put out an alert requesting Paypal Paypal looking for ignores what Honda, take long for seventy year old, Dudley. Hudson to respond Dudley had found a what wonder: abandoned Tony's property. He had reported it yet, but winning Heard police were looking for what White he called straightaway. Checks on that Honda revealed, it was Macneil. Car, policed, the forensic examination they also examined Macneil form. A house on the island both his car and his My house police found grain gloss, like the glass found. In knows here,
Was garden they found a black plastic shape aim is the one that cupboard. Juno's body aspires tell us determine. There was a high degree of probability that the glass funded Macneil House in his car and Anja no, but from the same melt. meaning that had been produced at the same time for the same use I also feel that twenty section of paper from a one level stopped to one of the fragments so that bill Take the bottle of wine could have been used in the attack. Along with the glass I found a sample of hair in the boot and make new car Fortunately, the hair was found without root. In regular dna analysis. The Hebrides what's examined so Had to try something different here too, a laboratory in Pennsylvania, USA, but I modern modicon of analysis. Essentially in this type of analysis was examined. Is the mitochondria,
can produce a match to the maternal cells. The use the identity of the person so samples of journalists parents were sent along with a hay found in which knows boot to try and get a match. This is not as strong as regular day and a analysis, and for that reason it doesn't always hold up in court. It took a long time to get the results back. The report's didn come back until early two thousand and six They said you know and her maternal relatives couldn't be excluded. It has sought, as at the hair, It wasn't a positive identification, but it still Indicated Neil could have been involved in the killing or disposal to nose body. Glenn Macneil wasn't just name. Does another person of interest on board pages list. He went straight to prompt suspect, on Wednesday, the first of February two thousand and six.
Has met with two New Zealand police officers and handed them. The arrest warrant for Glenn Macneil Mcneil was back living in Nelson New Zealand. when they knocked on the door. Macneil opened he was wearing his black and white chest trousers with no shirt and nice shoes The detectives from New Zealand informed him. He was under arrest for the murder of two. No He was response was to invite them inside techniques informing Neil of these rights for asking him to put on his shirt and choose I also a passport Then they handcuffed him. all of this happened in front of his new partner, who was dumbfounded, ITALY understanding what was happening At five hundred and thirty p dot m and I walked out of meal time in my day, why to Nelson Police station on the way the detectives purposefully made small talk and spike about anything, but the case.
They didn't want, Macneil, saying anything about it. Until I got back to the police station When they arrived, they took kneel to an interview. Room They showed him the knights they made in relation to these arrests and asked him to confirm their accuracy. Then they introduced him to the late detective Bob Pages. It is explained the forensic evidence they'd found the fingerprints match, the glass fragments in fragmenting renewals car. the hair found in his car. The danish result, which suggests that the his hand in a bit of the car belong to you know He told me he didn't have deciding, but anyhow, he did say would be used as evidence. He was across the detective spot instantly confessing. He was driving that morning. Under the influence of marijuana. That's one He bent down to pick up a packet of cigarettes. While doing this with his eyes off the road that he accidentally hit, you know he stopped and
the body underneath his car. Paytas wasn't expecting such a quick confession and the that camera wasn't actually turned on you Asked one of the New Zealand detectives to write the on everything meat meal had just set pages, then back to Mc Neill, who it was accurate and then place. These, signature on each page, is ass Macneil if he was willing to answer further questions, and he now without agreement. Fishing continued for just under any allow. This time was all recorded. I stopped to change vdi types, and it was at this point that Mcneil off to call his lawyer. I did call However, the lawyer wasn't available. They often macneil the services of a different loya. However, he declined he said as long as his lawyer was there for him at court the next morning. That's all he wanted. He said he was happy, continue the interview. The interview continued make
who gave the following version. after he, you know underneath his car. He thought she was dead, so he placed her in the boot drive, he's place where he remained for an hour or two. I grinding noises coming from the boot he realized you Know- was still alive but thought Gone too far to take her to the hospital for treatment, so we go at the fifteen fish filling north open the boot. Instead. He sent her repeatedly to make sure she was dead, But couldn't remember exactly how many times. once he was sure she was dead. He found the black plastic shape and rapped Juno's body in. He then drive to copy waterfall reserve where he placed to know I need the barbecue area. He returned home feeling, nervous and agitated and aware that he needed to remove any evidence left in his car. If,
a spray bottle with water and clean the boot once done. He went winning, saw and played video games on his playstation. After that he That is why Felicia from work in it. Said anything to her about what he'd done the following: deities through the north in the ocean and went to take a look at the crime scene with Alicia by then had been sued off and there were police media and onlookers is everywhere. To finish off his confession, Mcneil said everything that day of felt what I've done it makes me sick inside I only wish it had never happened and I kept my. Was on the road Karla the forensic pathologist when over the transcript them Niels, confession and didn't believe it It was positive, Juno wasn't run either by a car. Her injuries were consistent with being run over at all,
The car that Macneil Island was too low for general to get stuck on the nice for her. does it go under the car make new? would have had to have been driving at an extremely slow spade twenty. Images per hour or less any. I would would have resulted two, no being scooped up going over the front into the windscreen. And it happened she would have ended up going over the roof or after the sword. never underneath the car, and if she had ended up underneath the car, her body would have been covered in dirt or grease, but it wasn't There was also no hair skin tissue, clothing, fathers or any other evidence underneath meals, com. the position in which Macneil said you know was lying when he stopped her didn't correlate with the wings com concluded. There was no possible white. Mcneil could have inflicted the stab wounds in the manner in which he described also, There was absolutely no blood found in his car.
With the injuries Janelle suffered, there would have been considerable bleeding and a spray pan. Lastly, when paid is asking me, if you know, fought or showed any resistance, Macneil said no That's why I don't understand with a cop you assigned then she went to. wasn't holding their hands up or anything. Who had extensive defensive injuries. it was clear. Macneil was lying The belated he killed, you know, but not in a way which he said it happened. He was the employees actions pages said to him. I think that a lot more happened between you and you know, while she was still alive and conscious. After the interview, Macneil was escorted to resell where he spent his first, not behind bars.
In meantime, they strolling federal police began extradition proceedings so that Macneil could be flown to nor forgot where he could be formally charged with two no patents motor the next. morning, Macneil appeared in the Nelson District Court for the first stage of the court proceedings. The judge granted the extradition. The following day was flying to know if when they landed on the island offices provided Macneil hooded jacket to cover his face, since there was a lot of media whitey, but he declined. in mind, face being shown, formally charged with murder on Thursday, the ninth of February two thousand and six. Mcneil was then flying to Sydney where he was holding Silver Silverwood, a prison hills I am back to the Orland for pretrial hearings which commenced on the seventh of August two thousand and six. I knew pleaded not guilty. He retracted
his confession and said he was in a terrible mental state at the time and would have admitted to anything the police questioned him a bill. He denied having anything to do with Genos model. On the second day of the preacher hearing Catherine Lee a forensic biologist with the astronomy and federal police force. the blood that she had found, an unidentified it day and night pro fall on the shorts of didn't know, she'd be wearing when she was killed the day and I pray for belong to a woman from this day and I pray fall was found underneath Janelle's fingernails and it's Brett found at the crime scene close to the body contained awake dna profile of a woman that wasn't you know that there was another development friend the Janelle's Tracy Wilkinson approached Bob Pages The last time she had spoken to do no was awake or two before her. Madame.
Tracy was working behind the bar in a hotel and you know visited her I lost her. She worked with somebody named Alicia. Tracy said yes, elation did work, they do asked her, what she was luck and if she also knew her husband, Glenn Macneil,. Tracy explain that Ale she was really nice, but they were room is Mcneil with sleeping around Tracy asked you know what you wanted to know, but didn't respond and change the subject. Tracy also gave an incredible story that on it, I have the murder. She was working at the hotel when she heard a loud scream. She walked Back to investigate and sore elation who looked like the swapping in a downward motion at someone behind a bush. She but he had to allay shop. He turned and walked towards her with what appeared to be blood. in a sweatshirt. Tracy said Alicia.
You're bleeding relations said no. It's paint, she looked strangely red in the face. But Tracy didn't go any further with it to returned inside. after hearing this story paid is warned Tracy about the consequences of being untruthful he told her she'd be prosecuted if she was lying. it was nearly four years after the murder, when asked why she didn't bring up any of this information before Tracy explain she thought the murder hadn't happened. The hotel she thought of what she had witnessed was just a marital dispute between a laser and Glenn Macneil. Tracy also said she was burnt out from working three jobs at the time until and was elsewhere. Bob pages wasn't sure whether to put Tracy on the stand or not, but in And he decided to do so. Testified on Friday. The last day of the pretrial hearing
Alicia had already testified on the Wednesday. No questions were asked of her at all. In relation to what Tracy says she witnessed a laser denied any knowledge of the crime, and after it The fine was allowed to return back to New Zealand wishing lived as well. After hearing all of the evidence at the pre trial hearing, the judge ordered there was enough to proceed with a full trial I started on the first two February, two thousand and seven summit, That should have been held on your phone call and, as it were, impossible to run. A fair trial However, the law made it clear that there was no other possibility the trial had to be held there. In the trial. The prosecution said. The autopsy wasn't the only thing that didn't correspond with Macneil story. as the wage earners closer being left implored. They could have been a sexual motive to the crime. Two no clothes had been cut with a north from the inside out.
indicated, it was very deliberate. The spot Why the climbing was left there was no sexual assault the defense argued because there was no sexual assault. The person responsible for the kill had to be a woman who wanted to make it look There was a sexual element to the case She was called back to the states to testify the trial she denied having any knowledge of the murder or any knowledge about the disposal of the body, she said there is nothing unusual about big news behaviour that day and she didn't say any blood on him or his clothes or anywhere else at the house. She will? Consent was not called as a witness at the trial they were. pretty day outside of the story. She gave a better laces behavior, the diet, the MOTO. they are being watched. Tracy waited for years to come forward and said She testified at the a pretrial. It had changed. she now believed to know, was the victim of a satanic cult, killing and was but it was six other people Tracy.
they to be an unreliable witness. Mcneil was allowed to read a non statement at the trial. This If statement permits the defendant to speak without going to the witness stand to face cross examination. He said. my name, is Glenn Mcneil, twenty nine years of age. Before I was arrested, I lived with my partner Shelly and they two children in Nelson New Zealand. You know I'll leave, don't know if I call in for a couple of years with my Venn wife Alicia I enjoyed living and working here. by the laser indoor shop that food lanes and I would frequently use the white honda- fit shopping trips on Easter start two thousand and two I was home in the morning but been sick. Later was at work. time between one thousand one hundred and thirty, a dot m and two hundred and twelve p dot m Asbesto, Kendrick Cole, I'm not too sure
I made a toasted sandwich for relations lunch before the lunch luncheon Russia started. I suppose it took me A couple of minutes to get ready and five minutes so sorry to make it I don't got into the car and drive down to Hillcrest. I sat with a laser as she ate assemblies drink. A break I what we talked about as best Can recall I was there for about twenty minutes. I then drive home Call a telephone delay show once or twice in the afternoon, because it was forty years ago, I can't what was said. I stayed at home that afternoon Watch tv or plied playstation until a dot m when I later arrived home from work I didn't say you know that day. I didn't drive along greedy hill road. That day I didn't Dot or murder, you know patent that day. Alicia and DORA went for a long drawers. We drive along
it's Philip drive as well as many other roads on the island. I recall that when you know patents body was found. There was a lot of publicity going around the island people. and all sorts of theories and talk about details of the case. I recalled that it was said she was found on the black plastic could cook it. That should being run over in a hidden run and that she had been stand. It was impossible to go anywhere on the island. Without hearing talk about what had occurred. I was booked Return to New Zealand in May two thousand and two to attend my brother's wedding. While I was there, there are took up the offer of a job by a friend. Like with a laser about it, and we agreed that all should take it rather than to return to Norfolk Island. Add a couple more months to work on her contract and would return later in the year I took the job in New Zealand, we spoke regularly, But their relationship was rocky at the time.
September, two thousand and ten to something happened, which I didn't plan or expect on met Shelly my partner, Neil and I fell in love with her, From this time my watch started to get complicated I had the stress of trying to resolve my relationship difficulties, I started having employment difficulties and periods of unemployment, I became in debt The people were demanding payments from me. Shelley and I had two children adding two more responsibilities. My lifestyle- but the spinning out of control from then on drug taking got worse as the pressure in Christ. It all came to a head in November. Two thousand and five, when I cut my wrists while off Hopeless and no longer and my control I'll go. Looking for a drug and alcohol treatment clinic in February two thousand and six. I was dark and numb I was running on or pilot This period of my life is just a blow to me
the rested on my first day back at work or spoke with the police, I don't recall now what I told them I would have admitted to anything due to my mental health problems at the time. I've seen the type and say what I tol police was complete rubbish. It seems, It's like it was what I thought they wanted to hear. I'm shocked, But what I said I didn't kill, you know patent. I didn't have doctor. I've been told about glass in the mood of the Junta. Are you this called the type Robbie's to guided the chick. It was dirty not much more than a wreck when I got it and it had no cop whatsoever. It was just a cheap vehicle. And I was not worried about the rubbish leaking in the boot. I've, also been told about fingerprints on the black plastic. I do not know how they got onto it. I, the black plastic, when I was on the. If I call and at some time I am not too sure I feel very sorry for the patent family They lost his enormous, but
didn't murder. You know Patton. Thank you. Listening to me. At two thirty p m on Friday, the ninth of March, two thousand and seven the jury reached a verdict guilty Mcneil was sentenced to twenty four years in prison, Over the years, Macneil change the story again here all these partners Shelly, he didn't kill you know, but he knew they did a drug doing couple left the body for him to dispose, and the voluntary harm by him and a laser if he didn't. Mcneil says he stole this couple's cannabis plants they found out and the price he had to pay was disposing too body for them. Since the trial there has been room that drug dealers could have killed. You know, since she was actively against them and many sis did she was an informant for the place. In June two thousand and eleven there was talk. The case could be
reopened because of these allegations. One of the jurors. On the case also allegedly said we know he didn't do it, but knows who did it? tell us so we did, but at the. On the twenty third of July, two thousand and eleven, the australian federal police stated they refused to reopen the case. I had given them the names of the drug dealing couple and the exact Like Haitian of light Ex gloves, he said he used to move to nose body the gloves, never found in the police we said there was no new evidence to re up in the case. they may day, and I found under no short and underneath the nails has never been identified. In a test has never been run on elation, Bob paid, said it was unnecessary, given how unreliable tri turned out to be as a witness. Macneil his name to the drug dealing couple. But there is no information to say whether or not a dna test was carried out on the woman.
Even though Macneil has been convicted, the cat, still has a lot of unanswered questions. We still don't know, watch you was killed or the exact circumstances of his death and once the frame our dna and how did it get there. Kyw Newsradio and the Bora Heart and Lung center discuss the signs and symptoms for patients in every stage of heart failure. Here is Rasa K.
Can't pump oxygenated blood through the body. Other systems are impacted. Cardiologists doktor, Cynthia costs explains how heart failure can lead to kidney failure. The kidney also fails to do its job, which is to get rid of fluid out of the body, so people more and more congested, because you have the kidney failure happening and then, in addition to the fact that the heart can't squeeze the blood forward, it was the kidneys, then you have backup of blood flow into the lungs, the abdomen, causing a no bloating, it's the law it's causing leg swelling, so it really becomes a congestive disease, where you have symptoms because of that congestion, learn more Edinburgh, Debora Health report, dot com, new sees only heart, long and vascular, specialty hospital, Deborah Heart and Lung center It's your heart demand Evora,.
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