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In the 1980s and 1990s, the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta was a hotbed for criminal activity. Heroin use was rife and users flocked to the area looking for their next fix. As was to be expected, the drug epidemic resulted in an increase in violent crime, including gangs, home invasions, robberies, extortions, kidnappings, and worse. --- Research for this episode by Victoria Dieffenbacher. Co-written by Victoria Dieffenbacher and the Anonymous Host. For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-40-john-newman
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It is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country. the largest percentage of residents are vietnamese, followed by chinese Thais, Cambodians and many other nationalities in the light, Eightys and Ninetys Camera matter was a hotbed for chrome, Heroin was wroth throughout the supper. Compromise. Our railway station was known as the junkie express with you it's pouring in from all over looking for their fix and where there is a huge drug problem. There is crawling violent gangs. I invasions robberies, bashing, extortions, kidnappings and murder. The.
John nomenclature was born in nineteen forty sheikh in Austria. He moved to a strategy with his parents when you is for, and they settled in Cabra matter JANET, candid camera him primary school and delight of Liverpool Boys high school. In nineteen. Sixteen on at the age of twenty three, he became one of New South Wales. Youngest trade union organise it. In nineteen, seventy two junction these name by date, Paul to John Newman, and you know, TAT seventy three he got married to his wife. Mary Two years later they had a son David in nineteen. Seventy seven Jones political career officially began as an argument for Fairfield Council, which covered cavern motto Only a few weeks before Christmas, in seventy seven Johns, What Mary in this son David were killed in a car crash, Mary was handing out pamphlets for the upcoming Fairfield cancel elections.
She was also pregnant at the time with their second child, After this tragedy, John threw himself completely into politics, he worked day and night. Was re elected as an ornament for Fairfield Cancel in nineteen eighty and again in nineteen eighty, three, He nodded Matey five. He became Fairfield Deputy Mayor in the ninety six, he was the acting man. The first of February, the same Ye John ran for preselection. So then you shall flow states, eighth of cabramatta, and he was elected so John was now a member of the new Shap, whilst parliament and in pay representing the state of copper metal, is part of the Labour Party He's close friend can Chapman became his electoral officer from the moment John entered compromise states say he fought relentlessly against the increasing presence of drugs gangs and crime. That was tat, Over the entire suburb
The most notorious gang in Cabramatta at the time was five Tate Five t evolved out of the vietnamese prison gangs in California the gangs there were, nine is forty. Each member had a gothic top of title on their arms on the back of their necks, and I The prisoners who committed felony offenses were worthy enough to become part of the gang. Before I've taken, was started by mainly troubled youths. The children written amazing against who made their way to a stranger. After the Vietnam WAR, five taste, As for five made worse with the main, he's the love, money, prison crime and revenge or death. Five day, also means childhood without love that later of the gang was training train. In nineteen. Eighty nine train, who was only fourteen use out stab the main to death, hail with two other gang members were charged, but the child. This will lead to reduced to mean.
The two other gang members played guilty, but trade in train pleaded not guilty. After a trial in the children's court. He was acquitted and set free and with that tree believed he was unstoppable I'll. You started selling heroin in the Straits of Khyber Mehta. The purity was so good that they attracted cost As from all I was sitting and I ve, further away. One heroin shot from cover matter was said to be three times stronger than one boarding: the Centre of Sydney which meant death. From overdoses were commonplace. It was not an unusual sought to say unconscious people lying in the straits of cover night out with syringes or Levitagram. apart from the side of drugs, fought a Notorious for extortions and home invasions. extortions extortion done on business owners in the area that had to pay for hundred dollars. Every week protection money found
Payment, the business would be destroyed by the gang and anyone inside would be assaulted. As we are also expected to Cape Heroin hidden inside. Whenever I try to do so Well. Team members would have drugs inside fruit, vegetables, fashion items hardware and pretty much anything else. You can think of. Forty would also be restaurants if the owner ask them to pay the response from the it would be to assault the patrons and employees and trash the place The sun is new. If I ever called the police, Face severe retribution. As for the home invasions Language is a wealthy person for a rifle drug dealer and I'd followed them time. Then they kicking the doors Smash windows and run so had brandishing knives and guns and assault the occupants. and steal whatever they could, as they left they want. Whoever was inside not to report it to the police or they'd, come back and kill.
Many members of the vietnamese community had a severe distrust of people in uniform anyway, give them what they had experienced in Vietnam so they were reluctant to talk to the police. Forte used fear to create an even bigger wall of silence between the public and place There wasn't much police could do against again. For starters, only about one third of home, invasions and extortions were reported and reported those that were reported. No one was willing to actually give evidence and testify against again thought they continued to grow and get more powerful. by ninety ninety three faulty had forty members and two hundred associates those two hundred and forty people actually out numbered the policing, copper meadow on the occasions that a member happened, the Bayer rested there were instantly provide with a hot poised, loyal and always seem to be able to get out on bail. Over and over again it would happen.
the gang, always celebrated the release of a member. By going to a local restaurant, it was important for them to show their faces in public and to show off that the police couldn't stop them. the charges would usually full over before they got to court anyway, Any witnesses the place did have wouldn't turn up. Are we going The hiding or worse, nobody take a stand against forty. It was John Newman who pointed out repeatedly that the reason behind the gang banks I successful with fear The fee that were injecting into the community under the title, lack of fear of the gang members This is John Human speaking in nineteen. Eighty nine. The asian gangs involved is just one thing and its possible report. I should like to the jungles that's where they live alone.
In September. Nineteen nineteen on John right to their knees hath, whilst police minister warning him of a lack of police resources in cover matter and pleaded with him to place deal with the problem. It wasn't until nineteen ninety three that John really started upping the ante publicly. On the twenty fourth of March, he wrote an article about the home invasions, titled urban terrorism, in which he warned asian families to lock their doors, because people are not just hold up a terror, whilst in the worst possible way with the threat of In return visit the same month, he declared for every I'm hold up reported. There are two which I saw him. On the twenty eighth of April John spoke to the New South Wales, parliament, where he said there had been thirty four reported home invasions in Cabramatta in the last twelve months. And the only answer provided by the parliament so far had been to send out a minister to cover matter to meet with members of the community.
John pointed out to the parliament that this minister met with the wrong people. One was, sustained I've is one was linked to drugs. The other was linked to the illegal sex trade, quite obviously these people were part of the problem, not potter the community members being terrorised journal, so I for the for the deportation of gang members back to Vietnam. If they were convicted of an offense, he was he is racist by many, because of this. He was successful in starting Task Force Oak, a specialized Please operation, looking into asian gang crime in Cabramatta. Also, the New South, while the government re classified home invasion, They created a specific offense, cold, aggravated break and, and they You used a harsher penalty for those convicted. However, the home invasions continued in September nineteen? Ninety three, there were three particularly violent. Three invasions committed in three days in response
John. He ended up painfully to cover matters main street with instructions as to how to protect yourself and your family, he encouraged residents to trust police and to report what they saw. In December, nineteen thousand ninety three Jones car was vandalized and he died Phase adviser I received two letters that threatened Johns was John didn't. take it too seriously and in it Article he described the attacks of cowardly, occupational hazard and something that above all, would not to turn from continuing the sixth of January Norte. Ninety four genres, The message on his electoral office answering machine. It said hello, Newman, you die first, we paint your car. Then we take your time. Knows you d, two days later Jones Car had paint thrown all over. It was how, in the driveway of his home at the time, John
response to the threat was the handing out more pamphlets and compromises main street warning. Presidents to place, take care. He also right to the New South Wales, speaker of the legislative assembly, asking him looking to security measures for local electoral offices, particularly went through It's a violence had been made to starve. On the twenty fourth of March, he write another letter to the New South Wales, police minister plating, to do something about the home, invasions that were still commonplace and terrorizing, the camber community. He also requested an increase in the sentence from ten to fifteen years for those convicted of the offense He gave a speech at the new parliament where he talked about the threats he had received later. aren't you he was interviewed on Ebay, radio and when, asked about the threats he said quote: but I think they are at the serious extent. Yet of actually wanting to kill me think they threatening me on cutting off their supply.
but I'm not the asian mode of thinking, and unless I personally sort of hurt these people, too shore face serious. They could be I mean what do is worried every time she hates me on the radio. She says: look back off, it's not worth it. on Monday, the fifth of September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four John, was in his electoral office with his fiance Lucy Wine and he's friend and officer KEN Chapman, that would, fundraising money from an event they held on the weekend. At eight p dot m Joan drive to the cabramatta biggest club for a monthly meeting, but you report, Light matters concerning the Labour party he spoke At different issues, including gang Crime- and you talk about a trip he'd taken previously to LOS Angeles, where he'd taken it's about the actions may dare to combat gangs. The maiden finished it. No one, ten p m and no one twenty nine Pm John Arrive time. People
these car in the driveway and started putting a car cover over his fiance. at Lucy saw him and walked outside to help him put the car cover around. As I was doing so I who did wearing an army style jacket appeared out of the dock. Well I'd forgotten shots at John two of them him one heed the roof of the tar and one hit the port area of the house, the hooded man, ran and jumped in the backseat of a wedding car which then sped off. She sprang toward chasing after the car, but it was quickly out of sight. Lucy then ran back to the house and called triple.
Already calling your boy number Derek had actually called triple zero. Twenty seconds before Lucy had I've gone shots coming from John TAT. He wore, I saw it and saw a car driving past The car didn't have the headlights on but he recognized that is a there are four next day or afford exceed. He also The color was either a dark, blue or grain, but geez,
in the darkness in the street, he was unable to give any other information. Back inside his and in triple zero. After that, he ran to John's house and saw John lying on his back? He took the fall not Lucy, to finish her call then attempted to resign. the tight John until help arrived John, was dead The time paramedics arrived in fact, paramedics believed. He's death in vain instant because of the wounds. One, Bullet had entered the upper left side of his torso and the other he's his upper right side Buzz need water, Logan's, number of police soon arrived. the crime scene was established and the street was cordoned off abroad. Ass was released just minutes after the shooting, with a description of the car that are looking for, based on what their could say and anything Take long for journalists and film crews to turn up and cover the story. When Jones mother Helen arrived, she broke off
from the police who were trying to hold back, and she ran to John. Jumped on his body and hugged him peacefully to the office. play surprise. Her now started bleeding uncontrollably. it's believed that was mice Lockley a result with a blood pressure? Reading The thing that haunts the police are on. Scene was Lucy, who was sitting on the those doorstep of the house screaming and crying, A few hours after the murder, a senior police officer, gave a press conference where he gave limited details about the murder, but he did state where it happened and who the victim was. It was at this moment that John's murder was recognized as a strategy. First ever political assassination. Meanwhile, Take these concentrated on getting witnesses to talk, I wanted to add, while the events were still fresh on people's knowing also given Nature of the assassination and the possible gang involvement.
They didn't want those same witnesses lighter choosing to keep their mouths shut. I acted immediately and took them to cover night police station for questioning. all of the witnesses gave different accounts. Some believed four shots of his three and others fall off was determined early on in the investigation that there were four shots as full cartridge. were found. In the same. a neighbor who lived in John Straight Hiker Light was Can you study, at nine thirty p, dot talking to his flat MI The gunshot and by paying these flat might rain outside Could he screaming coming from Jones House and he saw a medium sized. What's the deal with its head lots of driving towards a hike Did the car and made a mental note to remember the registration plate the witness was John's friend KEN Chapman. He was working at home. At the time of the murder-
Forty five minutes later, a member of the Cabramatta branch of the Australian Labor Party, believe the next door to John Cold him to let him know. can drive to John's house and was stopped at the place cordon. He ended up going to the neighbor's house and called other senior members of the Australian Labor Party to notify them about John's death at one point, he came out of the house and saw John's body. He said that was a moment. He'd never forget. Eventually, one of the detectives asked him to go to the playstation for an interview. Can did a finger at one person without hesitation. He said politically, the person most to gain by John's death would be full no phone I was born on the ninth of July, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight in Avilla Janiyah Sargon, Vietnam, the school inside gone and once he finished, he studied dots with a major in French
in nineteen. Seventy five, the Communist North Vietnamese amazed took over gone, putting in to the Vietnam WAR, Many of the residents were sent to re education camps, but that could be held for years suffering, mental and physical harm phone no was sent to these camps both saw and in Vung Environmental, a port city, almost one hundred kilometers south who made several escape. Attempts the one of his attempts. He ended up in another camp in care. Now, almost full kilometers share of tail he remained there for sixteen months and with his brother Trung trunk, my twelve attempts to escape by boat. They were eventually successful and went to Malaysia where they stayed at a refugee camp. After spent Some time their form and his brow, The trunk made their way to Sydney Estrada
tunies phone arrived, he joined at the Vmas Youth Group, which operated in hostels for racing immigrants. he volunteered as a broadcaster at a local radio station, where he read vietnamese poetry to After a robbing in Sydney, he became an ethnic adviser at Canonbury Council. In nineteen eighty seven, he moved to Queensland where he worked for different vietnamese groups, such as the vietnamese Catholic Community and the vietnamese community organization. He also And he had once again for local radio ignored Ninety nine, he moved back to see me and settled in cover matter. As he had done before from joined, various local groups, including the camera at a community center, Fairfield migrant Resource Center Cabernet skillshare, the cavern but I can send a committee and the Vietnam WAR Memorial Committee. He became so prominent in the suburb that he know ninety nine. He became the deputy mayor of Fairfield Council and it was at this time
He met John Newman. in nineteen. Ninety, the New South Wales, Ethnic Affairs Commission appointed form is the full time. Commissioner, and considering cover matter is formed by a lot of vietnamese residents, dismayed form extremely affluent within the community I started to different businesses. A realist, a company and a vietnamese newspaper. He aspirational to go further in politics and he joined the New South Wales Liberal Party he didn't get pre selected for a liberal site, so we know to ninety one. He nominal. It himself and ran as an independent for the new south. Whilst I save of cabramatta is competing directly against to Newman, he should press releases and announced they would bring changes and he would to the people if he was elected.
He launched a campaign in a local bar which was known as a hanging out for five tee and their associations, as well as other known chrome figures in the area. There was a controversial move. However, the film received full support from Nick who was then the mayor of Fairfield and is today play compromise. Member of parliament. She didn't going folks favor, he rainbows, and both the liberal candidate and John who was the light. candidate, John won the election easily securing three times the amount of votes. In order to three phone changed sides and joined the Australian Labor Party Jones Party while each once again fully supported for note and stated. I believe the membership of the party would be greatly enhanced by the presence of Mr Nut. John wasn't so convinced
he had been keeping his eye on full since the previous year, as I suspect that he was involved in business with treatment train the fact. the gang leader John, Again, following funds, every step very closely. songs, beginning in the Labour Party, was extremely successful. He raised fifty thousand dollars in one night- and recruited many new members, He even reopened one branch of the Labour Party that had been previously closed. The branch of Key while the suburban next, the camera matter. In less than a year, he had more than one hundred members most have In vietnamese of the breach meetings were actually hold. It came. The vital that there were well the the Mekong Club. Jamaican Club opened on sixth of July, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, the opening was appreciated, but bill hiding the governor general of Australia, John Hume and refused to attend the opening as a matter of principle as
place was filled with poker machines. He can see it to be nothing, but a gambling den boom was the Mekong Club's honorary President phone said that gambling was simply a fact of life and since it was exist in any way, they should use the money to help you out. The residence of Cavanaugh DO. We fought days after the make club opened full, stop, it withdraw money from the club to himself in the forum, of cash advances and loans, in cash advances alone. He withdrew. Seventy eight thousand six hundred and forty one dollars booms official title was honorary. President of the club. But he did far more. He managed the Cubs born, including negotiating the loans that finance the club as well as acted as the club's representative, another funny children's financial transactions. He did this without the approval of the law. Since court of New South Wales so hard and manage the stocks renewed
castration and all the gaming and liquor operations. Food the entire club spawning until records and registers inside his office and he's off This wasn't even at the club, nobody else was aware to look at the clubs books the Mekong Club paid for phones, mobile phone power bills, jewelry his car David like the when I didn't, have a lawn to mow, from the questionable financial control form was exerting at the club, John Hume and had heard the forty gang were regular visited That was said to be holding meetings there without discuss crop plants extortions I'm invasions and heroin distribution. At this point, the John asked for inspections on the may come come when form heard about this. He placed Marian lie. It was essentially he's right hand as the honorary president.
She was interviewed on the radio and stated there was absolutely nothing criminal happening inside the club. And they were only being targeted because there were reasons in December nineteen. Ninety three, there were various assaults me. The Mekong Club Johnny Your press release pushing for fair, feel council to investigate and monitor the club The council did send an inspector to check out security, but the inspector went during the day all the trouble was happening. It still food was an older man, Fairfield City Council and the fact that security checks, obeying asked on the club, hey represented, didn't look good for him, a random This time form was also arranging for he sent you city, a city. Do I want to be is the city of Fairfield. Sister cities are in agreement between two cities to promote cultural and commercial talks.
Fairfield me Nick Language endorsed forms pushed to have his enshiu city as assist the city. It was a very complicated matter. Taiwan was going through its independence from China in China was, wanting to remain as one. The australian government was actually supportive of China. So if the arrangement with the city from till I wanna cut the quick at a big political problem between China and Australia on the think of February naughty Naughty for the taiwanese director General sent a letter to fool stating he wanted to visit Fairfield in June to finalize the sister city arrangement. He also insisted that he wanted his Hsinchu city to be official. Refer to to Hsinchu City Taiwan, Republic of China? This created an issue because the only ones authorized to be referred to as the Republic of China with the People's Republic of China.
Attached to the letter, the director general send a check for one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars. John, wasn't having it Fairfield saliva cancel has received a letter from the cover matters state electoral council in July. Ninety four, sign the arrangement was made without any consultation with the cabramatta of chinese community. and it was also a breach of the federal labor government policy on the designated total for taught. In other words, The arrangement wasn't happening. It was how to blow for food delivered by John Newman. another public bar. It was when he launched the media debate about legalizing sex. Where can you sell flowers Jones once. The phone was through. The media quote The solution is not simply the legalization of the industry, but more say how you control the Associated crime. cancel it no has no idea of the difficulties involved in should come. In trade on the real issues of local government, such
cabinet is parking, cleaning and public amenities. Ken Chapman gave a statement to police highlighting the various details of the complicated relationship between food and John. And he wasn't the only one to mention full. Hi CHI Lites the witness who lived in John Straight and made a mental note of the registration plate of the car that passed him Rico, play. It was very similar to forms toy to carry. The registration plate, hike, remembered, was D. Hate queue for five. Six forms registration plate was the s. Take you not for six on top that Hake said the car was a day sedan. we had a Camry was in date, what detective check the roads and traffic authority computer to search for the registration number Hico gave them. There was no exact match the Kampala least of all similar registrations that match the Watts dean in camera matter? There were several,
but they kept in mind that films was one of them. two other witnesses a married couple known only as MR and MRS L came forward and said that no one, forty four p m on September third, two days, before John's murder. They were written, Winning home, which is close to John's house, the EL sore means standing mixed or parked once again Mr Ehler mediately recognise the man is full none. He too, appear on tv and newspapers, as well as at restaurants, community functions and walking around the streets of cabramatta Mr L was surprised to see such a public figure there when he'd never seen him in the area before. Mrs El didn't recognize him at first, since it was dark, but I ended up driving directly passed him and were only a major away and she could they. It was full note by that time.
Another witness who also lived close said that at three p dot on September. Third, she saw a white Camry sedan parked on bad and straight close to John Street. There was only one person in the car: the witness couldn't check out who it was The we drove off after about five minutes three more witnesses or sisters living in a house on banning straight said that between Non thirty and eleven p m on September third, a green It was parked near their home. one of the sisters described the car in detail as a giant grain Ford Feline, said Jane she saw the car from her bedroom window estate. with the engine running for five minutes before it was turned off. The car remain talked for about an ala. She wasn't able to say who was inside as it was too dark, Interested detectives about this was that a car parked outside this is this house would have a clear view of Jones House,
But it wasn't close enough. The Jones has to rice suspicion. It was a great place to do so. Violent. Television and radio ran out tights on Jones MOTA entailed the investigation was progressing. Many journalists, television, reporters and media personalities wearing cover matter covering the event. one journalist said it was one of the biggest news events this country has ever seen this I Prime Minister, at the time was poor. Katy he was in Japan when the murder occurred. When interviewed grow up as a friend and simply said he was lost for words He sat Wiles Premier John Fay said that he couldn't comprehend what happened. It seemed too surreal detect kept knocking on doors to see if they could uncover any more information, This was an old I, several witnesses had spoken and one eight and nine the possible suspect they still wasn. To go boy in terms of actual evidence.
All of the witnesses were shine vehicle identification books in order to give a positive identification of the cause they saw in Every witness pointed at a different model. Cop Lucy, it was the closest one to the killer. Didn't get a good look at him. This programme is a skinny kind of person wearing baggy clothes, a yellowish go greenish army jacket and something covering his head. A ballistics expert identified dinner for the spent cartridges is coming from a thirty two caliber gun. They had money things from what appeared to be a flat firing. King, the police, expert had never seen such markings before so it was real. He was unable to locate any weapon in a struggle that could match on sixth of September police searched Jones Electoral Office inside Documents, the pointed at Lucy by detailed and a fear she had. While she was withdrawn. This point but it's speculation, mainly
for the media to look at Lucy and wonder if it might have been her old lover who killed John. They also found a number of documents that gave a detailed account of foods activities, and it shows clearly image John had investigated him. Play, decided to pay for a visit, but he had left the country. He left two days after the murder on a trip to Taiwan representing Fairfield, cancel He returned on the fourteenth of September. Detectives were waiting for him at the airport They took him to Cabramatta police Station for Recorded interview From denied any involvement or knowledge of the murder he also denied boy or having any knowledge about a gun. For said that, on the day of the murder September, fifth, he went to, the buddhist monk at the Buddhist church at six hundred and thirty p dot m, then Went to the Mekong Club arriving eight fifteen p m. He stayed for m. Staff meeting and afterwards for dinner.
Between nine thirty and ten pm. He left the club and went to his office where he stayed for about an hour at ten thirty or eleven p m, he returned to the may come club and stayed until closing time, which was me doing. During the night he claimed he received two phone calls one was at his office from Nikolai Leech to inform him that a politician and been shot In coal was received at the club from Lily to again to inform him Was John Neumann who have been shot when full The club of closing he was escorted to his car, which was parked at its usual spot. He said had the case, the entire, not so there was no the chance someone else could have used it. He drive home where he was met by his nephew and a friend. The detective said he had formed to leave the station after this interview, The media was waiting for him. Do you have any clue who killed? Mr Newman is not up to me to make speculation, and if I know that I will talk to the police, there was a
speed as to whether or not John should receive a state funeral. We usually reserved for Prime Minister's premiers and other distinguished deck servicemen. If I ended up, the sorting John should be given a state funeral since he died whilst in public office, and it was the first Political assassination in the country, Nearly all political figures attended together, If both Sides- parliament, family and friends,. The New South Wales, parliament, had a joint sitting of both houses to honour John The premier fire gave a speech, part of which said quote. It is with regret that I'll move this condolence motion to mark the passing of John Newman honourable member, for copper matter, and to offer them staples sympathy of this house to his family and fiance. all members of the parliament would deeply shocked by John Newman's death and but horrible circumstances in which it occurred. The shooting of a member of parliament has also rightly outraged all of Estrella it's too early to speculate about the motive
if John Newman's murder was a political act, it wasn't it. Tack on every member of this house and on each of his constituents. Wayne australian products sold on the fact that community leaders, including at politicians, should be able to serve the communities without fearing for their own personal safety, John Humans, It has caused us to reappraise dispute. for twenty four hours. Parliament suspended all activity as a measure of respect. Active, continue to focus on phone and he's activities on September. Third, when he was seeing you John's House and September fifth, when John was murdered. detectives interviewed two, a full employees at the may come club. The first was David thin. Who gave a statement on October 18th, He was working. The entwined north of September fifth- and he did Didn't hear about the mud or until the next day.
This same odd. Since almost everyone in Cabramatta had heard about the murder the night, it happened. On December third, I ain't formerly question that the police station he's shooting- was recorded this time then said that he had heard about the murder. The nodded happened was working at the club. Savings are in bloom attack me we're talking four times reward points with your hat me, for you asked for the specially mark tags on participating items throughout the store and redeem. Your acme rewards for free grocery islands or save up to dollar per gallon on gas are participating, Exxon or Mobile station, where your savings in Bloom bonus reward points. Only ad hoc me valid now through April. Twenty eight other restrictions that explosions apply, download the Acme Aff or visit acme markets, dot com for more details, acme fresh foods, local flavors. The other worker interviewed was quite Dale, the I have a green Ford sedan First interviewed on September, nor
Described himself as a good friend of form, Did he didn't watch on human as John had blocked these membership to the Labour Party. On September fifth, he said he was at the Mekong Club. He left the club once it not thirty p m to drive to his house and pick up his children. He said he took phones, what Camry, without phones permission and Return returned the car ten or fifteen minutes later he said. parted in the same spot, so full wouldn't know he had taken it. On December same he was interviewed again and he said he had only actually left the club for minutes. Title no longer. On December. Fourteenth phone was interviewed again and this time either not with a voice. It was electrons We recorded and gay the same version as before. The detectives asked him to explain the discrepancy between he's version and deals version. Cynical, there. He take Funds, what can we do in the north and according to fool he had
case to the car, the entire time and he said was no way anyone could have taken it who minted that he was mistaken in his previous interview, and he didn't actually have these caves with him. The until I told him, so it was possible, claim death to his car, when asked about being seen on September? Third me Jones here spot witnesses, MR and MRS L formed not being there, he said. He didn't even know the streets but then he changed his position and said he actually used to visit a friend that lived in that area. In the meantime, people informs Camp started speculating that John had corrupt connections with criminals. In one hour, a journalist, said Jones fought against crime, was nothing but a facade to hide his own dark motives. Marion light appeared on a navy, say television channel four corners. said that John had a dark past he associated with mafia members and that he had set himself up for his own murder to happen.
another person who is considered a suspect was trained. in train later for taking, I hate himself was shot dead in August. Ninety five, his closest associate in the five day gang was also shot dead. In that attack, it was that closely, but eventually ruled out as having any involvement in John Newman's model. of training train change things around real, too without his leadership members the five key branch, the informed there own gangs gangs. in increased for a period of time, since there were more gangs to compete against each other. On the eleventh of September nineteen. Ninety five These made a request to the New South Wales Chrome Commission to investigate certain aspects of Jones. assistance of the current commission was sought by the Tec Peeps because they student have any hard evidence. and the commission had the power to oblige witnesses to cooperate. Otherwise I'd legal penalty could be imposed
including a jail sentence because the current commission have this paler. What witnesses sight to the confirmation is not admissible in a criminal court, as witnesses are essentially forced to cooperate. However, it can Don't help investigate this advance with a case. The commission called in a number of witnesses to Kent Street Sydney the building was located. and some of the witnesses where I able to help, fill in the halls of what happened on the fifth of September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. after hearing this information detective sent a brief of evidence to the director of public prosecutions twice The brief was rejected on both occasions. Fuck. You too said they simply wasn't enough evidence to charge anybody. close to four years passed before a coronial inquest was held on the second February, naughty naughty and took place
Wes made coroners court and the deputy state coroner Jane Stevenson led the inquest the Koran inquest tends to be sorted out when all lawns of inquiry have been exhausted and the case- remains unsolved. The big Prince between the car in his in the criminal court, He said evidence is allowed in the coroner's court where's he say. Evidence is generally not admissible in a criminal court, although there are some exceptions. witnesses also have to appear before the coroner. If they accord, however, that can decline to answer. questions. If the answer may incriminate them as you hurry case that ain't, the family, local natives,. For persons of interest when aimed at the inquest from no end rabies, employees at the may come club. Quite deal in David team who have already spoken about and the fourth employ a twin track. the first witness called at the inquest was Lucy.
She gave evidence of a meeting that John had with a man who donated money to fund election campaign. But now actually knew what happened to the money He also said. John had been looking into the murder of a seventeen year old boy where there was, allegations that the five take gang was responsible. Some witnesses had told John. They wanted to talk, but they were afraid of going to the place last we Lisi emphasised the turn John used repeatedly when talking about full. He said He was a crook. The second witness was the forensic pathologist, who said The first shot was probably the one that entered John's left side of the chest, and that was the final one the bullet spending around one hundred and ninety degrees and when the second bullet was shot, it entered his role just area. and witness was a police ballistics expert who said the murder weapon could be one of three one of the She specified was a Beretta thirty, two caliber pistol. The fourth
in this way can chat men who once again pointed at full the fifth witness ten new one said form had previously, showing him a photograph of John Human and asked him. Can you killed this mean? For me Imola Dale, the separated wife of COIN deal gave. of conversations Inv amazed that her husband and father had before the matter Shakespeare. prior to Jones Murder, she heard that jerk Newman we're going to shoot. Him will kill him. when she separated from quaint dal she threatened to go to the police and tell them about what had been said quietly and her forcibly by the shirt and said if, if you tell anyone about what filming I said about Newman I'll, get a gun and shoot. You will get nothing, no house, no kids, nothing! You just keep your mouth shut Former secretary of the may come Club, Robert Service said that after the murder, David Dean,
he had to have a lot more cash and he spent great deal of it in the poke in the shins, though he said he saw two and train appear one day carrying a silver pistol apart From that service noticed that full seemed to have full control of the other three persons of interest in the case to entrench David, din and quaint down I was almost like that were under his spell last. Full had instructed service that, if police come to the club and asked to speak to any employees and service had to immediately call a lawyer into the club would pay the bill, Charlie Chia was another person to take the stand. J, how, as a security contractor testified that he'd been contacted by ten. You won the man who test Flood foam, showed him a photograph of John Human and asked him if he could kill him. She has a new and asking the same question. Such aid. Our approach, these cousin shining Jones, pitcher and told him someone wanted to put the heavy word on it.
His cousin took one look at the photo recognized John and said it was too hot for him. Another security contractor who worked with Jane said that too in train bought two guns from him and paying with cash taken from the make on club safe train came back to him later and ask him to feed us all insulting to one of the guns, described as an old thirty two caliber pistol each. but but the silencer couldn't be fitted. Another witness said phone asked him to collect. One hundred and thirty thousand dollars from a couple of vietnamese jewelers elected the money and gave it to fool the the no I this was an extortion. Soon, after that, the same witness went back to see seafoam in his office to collect money that phone to him when he walked in the witness said he saw a train in train the forty again later he immediately left. Without asking for the money I to him, because he, waveform had the Forte guarding his back and
This was simply to afraid. The four persons of interest were called to the stand on the fourteenth of March All four of them declined to give evidence. It tells to find records were produced at the inquest form had to mobile phones. It belonged to the Mekong Club and the other. Which belonged to the Fairfield Council, he used by funds, but mostly carried the council phone on the night of the murder find tat was called the signal of forms fine in detail. beats were able to put him in certain places, different away. He said he was in his police interviews. Fine records show that he was in fact closed the Jonesy our sense of timber. Third, when he was saying by MR and MRS El. They also showed he was house on September fifth around on the matter. He made two courts, the first it on forty two p m and that this in that non. Forty four p m.
These records led detectives to trace a path. They believed form had driven off the Jones murder they had him hitting through the suburbs of Liverpool WAR, Bank and Hammond Phil was the Georges River Voyager Point very Different to what he had told the police, which was he was at the May, come club. Then it is obvious, then back to make on club. Then home. The sixteenth of March- was supposed to be the last day of the inquest which had never been running for six weeks. Instead, I entered the coroner's court police arrested. Foam Two in train with murder and so said the matter they also. Was the coin Dale for murder and conspiracy to commit murder David It was the only person of interest who was not arrested. That day Aren't Jane Stevenson congratulated the detectives on their work and finished with a statement to all those who loved
I can only say something that has been running through my head in recent times. Truth is the daughter of torn and I hope it so proves Hopefully the cancel assisting the car, and I made a suggestion to detectives until The searching the Georges River for the murder weapon as that's where fine records. Looked like he had been headed, plus That was the area of whom lived when he first arrived in Australia. Detectives organised for police daughters to search the Georges River, the river, self is ninety six kilometres long, but they fight is the reckless on the area covered by the Telstra Taylor. Wasteful was detected. in this area. There were two bridges crossing the river. A few kilometers away from each other one breach ended in a motorway and the US a foot bridge over the real need for your point, the net. If you've been the sword at the search below the footbridge first, since it was more accessible. This spot is
point, four kilometres away from John's house or five miles. on the ninth of June naughty naughty. I stop is went into the river and off the searching for twenty minutes. That day, one of the two of his like a gun. It was twenty may the wife from the show Lon and former movies date. The ballistics that concluded it was a Beretta one thousand nine hundred and thirty five model. Thirty two caliber pistol the gun, deeply corroded, but he was still I want to remove the foreign pin and place it into a sorry, get Barrette a pistol to test for it. The marks were rare just like the ones left, the Johns crime scene. the gun was then shined to a firearms dealer. He also can ended up with a Beretta one thousand, nine hundred and thirty four model. Thirty two caliber pistol He also provided the answer as to why the ballistics expert in the beginning was unable to identify the gun these gun had never been marketed in Australia,
second ballistics expert. We shine the gal and after examining the cartridges found at the Seine they concluded that will NICE Lockley fought from a Beretta one thousand nine hundred and thirty Ford model. Thirty two caliber pistol. Lee a german ballistics expert soul, the original firing pin and he went one step further. He actually linked the gun to the murder he stated, It was highly likely that the marks produced by the firing pin were the same he missed the ones found in the car judges at the same time, trials of full, no queen dal and to entrench beginning in July, nineteen nineteen on. This trial had to be aborted after eight weeks due to a legal technicality. Second trial was scheduled for six months late on and it was while waiting for that second trial, but to Kay witnesses, came forward and wanted to cooperate with police. One of them was. One of the accused to one. to entertain, nor I led me to his involvement in the murder, but alone,
with the other witness nine. Only as Mr N, they gave the full story of what happened. The following is the story. Alleged bought two in train and Mr Rehn. At the end of nineteen naughty three both to in train and Mr Rehn were asked to get weapons by phone. trembled a twenty two caliber shortened raffle for two hundred dollars. Mr ran bought the Beretta, the thirty two caliber pistol for fifteen hundred dollars September. Fifth, wasn't the end meet Aunt Leia tried to type John sloth. There was Bro previous planned attacks. the first was in April. Ninety four John was dining at a restaurant in camera, metal two entry and MR end waiting on the first floor of a nearby car park. They MR rushed down the stairs when John left the restaurant and shoot him before he entities come. The problem was the when John left, the restaurant. He didn't live alone,
And a political function and left the place five or six other people Being Fairfield Me Nick Language train Mr Rehn rushed down the stairs as they had planned, but upon saying the others with, and lights, they backed off and avoided the killing. Mister in particular was worried that neat glitch would be able to identify him. They went to the Mekong Club informed, demanded tonight. What I had filed. one week later, another plan was put into place. I would draw Mr Rehn and two untrained Jones House while coin waited in the car. Mr Rand, TRAIN would widen Johns John's front yard for John to come home then shoot him when arrived at John's House train and Mr Rehn jumped the small brick fence that separated the house and he'd under the electricity box. I stay if it twenty minutes before John got home the problem,
this time was that it was raining heavily and when John arrived, he left his car in a rush and ran in sought to avoid getting wet in this very short stretch of time that train and Mr Rehn had to shoot John, they got cold feet. And we're unable to go through with it. again they returned to the make on club and told form they had failed asked to try to go to the head of security at the May, come club and ask him if he could help get rid of someone the security asked for Fighter Goff said such a job would cost between ten to twenty thousand dollars. This arrangement True, as well. Four men conducted in a view to finding a killer- and there was this- that the men who testified at the Colonel inquest new. in China. We contacted. Once they saw John Hume was the target, nobody wanted the job. so form in vast. With another attempt on Jones off. He was at all function in the club,
To entertain, Mr Rehn and quiet down went to the function with the intention of killing him, but Place, was so full of people they there was no way that would be able to do it without being seen. The next attempt would be the final one. at seven hundred and thirty p dot m on the fifth of September. One thousand nine hundred and ninety four full The staff meeting at the may come club. After that we done talkin, fully involved that he started on at the club and sometime around eight p dot m fullness to entrants to make sure that David Dean, who is that working at he's bright before non paying train obliged and someone filled in fifteen. David Dean and Kleindale left. The club together Dean was wearing a green stall. Ami jacket, minutes later to train her to mobile phone ringing, the manager's office? And when you went to answer it, he realized that wasn't the Mekong Club phone it was phones, if you cancel mobile phone,
TRAIN Incident and it was fun. Phone tall train, he'd switch, finds accidentally and asked if training could bring him the cancel fine. train, obliged and walked down stairs. Yes, what the club, expecting to say phone there waiting for you. He wasn't Train conform to see where he was form said he had already left Intel trying to bring the council find to his house. so train drive to forms house When he arrived, he saw fun standing by his white Camry, to acquaint gales bring forward was there as well. He handed the council find to form and full asked him if you'd like to play cards after it was done with work too Train grade they for between to drive his car back home and four quaint dare to picking him up there and dropping back to the making club so train and car home. Glendale followed. He picked him up. trains, or that David deem was in the car as well
Instead of going back to the maker club low They drive to John's House stop down the road. Turn the engine off straight It took out a set of clubs and put them on. Then he put it The Beretta thirty two caliber pistol. Then they waited ten minutes later a mobile phone rang right, indian incident after spoken briefly. He handed to it was He simply said that full assignment at nine twenty nine p M John Arrive time in part this car in the driveway. Dean exited the calm down How did the engine and drive closer to the house for a quick getaway after dinner, shot John. He ran back into the car and they sped off. phone was there with some watching, for me, is what Cameron as a leaving from Possum.
David Dean made call with the club's mobile phone and asked him where he was I stopped at the service station and didn't hand it from the bag that contained the gun, gloves and Amie jacket. playing down the drive to train and David did back to the make on club. That continued working as if nothing happened drive to Voyager Point where he tossed the thirty two caliber pistol into the Georges River, He returned to the Mekong Club after that and stayed until closing to him. He Mr Rehn, on the shoulder and said to him. We did it. On the eleventh of August, nineteen nineteen on David did was arrested and charged with murder. I have two in train and Mr Rehn were granted immunity from prosecution service phone cawing, Dal and David who were standing trial with Mr Rehn and tuna the star witnesses. The second trial started in February, two thousand and rain until May
The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in his trial, Eleven jurors said guilty said innocent. This law has now been changed in New South Wales. Serve that decision had been reached in a trawl today they would have been found guilty, but Calm jury decisions had to be unanimous The trial started on the seventh of March two thousand and one The place in the New South, while Supreme Court in rainfall, fifteen wakes and of the troll the jury, retired to reach a verdict. Climbed down not guilty David Dean not guilty for no. Guilty quaint down and David Team were released from custody and were free men from I was found guilty of planning and organizing Jones murder, yet that is
into a quick came down and David DIN meant there was no shooter Getaway driver, So the courtroom John's mother said she was happy that caught the big fish and that now dont can rest in peace. On the 14th of November two thousand and one full moon throwback to the New South Wales Supreme Court for sentencing the judge said quote:. consistent with these play of not guilty, there has been no expression of remorse or regret for for the murder of John Human or sentence you to imprisonment for life many supporters immediately launched an appeal, deal with this mist on the third of April. Two thousand and three, So far made a second appeal to the high court of a stranger. His appeal was also dismissed. In two thousand a night. The ivy CS, four corners program aired a new episode on the John Newman case, where they questioned phones, guilt.
Made a big point of the reliability of the evidence of two and train, and Mr Rehn and said tested them. I have fabricated. The stories for their own benefit. Queen down and David DIN actually appeared on camera and said the entire story was in fact, fabricated. Quaid. They all cried and said quote absolutely for sure that phone is not involved in that murder. He also alleged that too and train had sent him a letter. After the confession saying he was terribly sorry for telling the story he did but he had to do it because his mother had threatened to kill herself off the same human child. David dean said everything had been taken on the word of Mr Rehn and to train and there was actual evidence against him. Both Can you too strongly the nor any involvement in the Motor of John Newman. also in that episode. The corrosion expert who testified at the trial question corrosion on the motor weapon and
I said the fact that the weapon was found in only twenty minutes seemed unbelievable. The sixth of June two thousand the night there was any on the special inquiry, would take place examining folks conviction. It was called the patent inquiry. The first thing I looked at was the murder weapon. there were doubts who is actually the murder weapon and the fact that was found. So fast, a point of been raised by Paypal is being suspicious. The truth was actually searched the river, the diaper full that found the weapon. Es I found it in twenty minutes, but it was the sick I have searching further Xtesto shy. That is indeed a most the matter weapon So I looked at the mobile fine Taylor records the confessions of two and Tran and Miss Duran and a number of other points. Including an alleged confession made by somebody who dislodge job this Ledged confession was recorded in secret by Marian lie, but after looking at it. It was found not to be confession at all.
The inquiry also looked at the fact from never gave evidence in his third trawl He also never gave an accurate account of his whereabouts on September third, naughty naughty for that What he was saying need Jones he asked by MR and MRS El. He did give a story that he was at the cinema, however, find record. proved otherwise. Phone had been more than one law and was considered to be unreliable. The patent inquiry cost seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars and at the end of it they determined that the conviction of was the correct decision. Thumb was first sent along by jail to serve his time. However, during the Chinese New year, he organized an exclusive restaurant to cater a party at the prison where he invited Fairfield's, counselors and other colleagues, when the you got hold of a story in the public was outraged as a result. Whom was transferred to lift our job.
but in June two thousand and three correctional officers found evidence that film had been the mastermind of a prison gang called W two k, which Good for willing to kill I also received credible information. The gang was planning an escape I marked phone as extremely dangerous and a third transfer was arranged this time, the goblin maximum security prison supermax. The worst of the worst I held the states. The notorious prisoners. It is I secure prison in New South Wales. In twenty ten to attain full moon. Another appeal against his conviction. It didn't get very far. She had already been given east last appeal. Ten years earlier,. today. Form remains in strict oscillation at Goeben Supermax, and these papers is still marked, never to be released. John Newman's biggest aspiration, while representing the slight save cover Mehta, was getting rid of the gangs that dominated the area.
a major police operation was launched in the year two thousand, targeting the gangs Many members were put behind bars and gang activity was heavily disrupted. Ever since then, things have greatly improved camera. but today is the throbbing multicultural hub, John expected and hoped for today.
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