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Case 43: Keith Warren

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The summer of 1986 was a busy one for 19-year-old Silver Spring resident, Keith Warren. Having recently graduated from John F. Kennedy High School, Keith worked two jobs to save money for college. Popular and sociable, he spent his spare time hanging out with friends and was excited about what the future held. --- For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-43-keith-warren
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Is also only about a twenty minute drove nor from the nations Capital, Washington, D, c Sugar, spring was the home of nineteen year old case. Worn case was tall, handsome brought sociable and extremely laudable. It was the summer of nineteen. Eighty six case had just graduated from Kennedy High School and was looking forward to starting college in North Carolina He was spending the summer enjoying time with friends and working two jobs, Keith made friends quickly and easily, and in those first few months of the summer he had made friends with some. Reputable people, some of whom were remit to have involvement with drugs.
Kayce Warren was born on the ninth of April. One thousand nine hundred and sixty seven in Kansas is parents were Mary and clay. I worn a few months off that case birth, the Warren family moved to Durham North Carolina in August, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven. in clay. I divorced in seventy nine Mary moved to Silver Spring Maryland with case Andy's youngest sister, sherry Mary lighter remarried becoming Mary Kui on the cheap, The twenty ninth of July nineteen eighty cheeks case was at home at thirty eight ten to remain terrace silver Spring Kate still lived with his sisters, sherry and his mother, Mary Kui. However, he was preparing to move back the darn to attend the North Carolina Central University.
Cakes father clay I still resided in darn, where he was a major in the Dark Police Department case hoped to amend these relations with his father, but had suffered since the divorce almost ten years earlier. That cheese day case received a focal after which he left home. hang out with some friends when he hadn't returned time. The next day, Mary started making some calls around ten, but she struck out. No one had heard from case knew where it was. Mary called the weight and Glenmont Station of the Montgomery County police She didn't have any luck there either. They said they couldn't take a report until the case had been missing for forty eight hours on Thursday, the thirty first of July nineteen, eighty six, two days after the case, had gone missing and tais and paramedics from the Kensington Fire, and Eustachian responded to a nine hundred and the call was made by Claudia Lawson, who said that had been
So in the basement of forty six, fifty five torn weak DR silver spring. Besides it is only about three hundred and twenty made his west of cakes ass. The occupant of forty six, fifty five tom we drove was cheap, win, he's girlfriend was the Kola Claudia Loosen, and there was a second mile president, the house with them paramedics knocked on the door, but it took a wall before anyone needs it. Chip, Claudia and the other male were having a discussion amongst themselves when they, eventually Utah paramedics requested to be taken down to the victim. Cheap courtier and the other Myles said the victim wasn't in the basement. He was in the woods at the back of the house and they showed distance away. So pyramids requested to be shine where exactly the victim was in the woods, but chip in the other mayo, the client they told Claudia together as Claudia, escorted, the pyramids
she explained that she had been walking her dolls through the woods and that's when she came upon the victim hanging from a tree when they got to the same. They discovered the body of case one. There was nothing the paramedics could Davy had already passed away. They stayed back to preserve the same and awaited the arrival of police officer Luther Lever it from the Waiting Glenmont Station of the Monk Gomrade, can't he police arrived on saying. not long after arriving, he said what would these have to happen among lunch break detective, basely attended the same and the medical examiner Doktor John Rogers was also notified. After a quick look at the scene and taking a few federalist, detective, basically and office, a lever ruled the death is a suicide. The many to examine adult the rug is a great. The following is what office of Levirate wrote in his report of the incident and I'm reading his report. What for what he.
investigation by the rider office, elaborate revealed that the complainant, Claudia Lawson, while walking her dog, discovered the victim hanging from a tree. The complainant returned time and summoned police. The rider arrived on the scene and observed the body of a young black male hanging Viral wrote with his feet on the ground in a sitting. Posture The investigation was notified along with the candy coroner, the ticking basely and Doktor Rogers arrived on the scene. People who was conducted by the right aren't detective paisley and ideas. is made by Rodney, lay Kendall, thirty, eight forty five to remain terrace, a fellow classmate, an attempt to notify the next of kin at the residence was negative. The next door neighbor Barbara Nicholls, thirty, eight twelve to remain terrace wishing to pit the victim and already saying a word number for the mother was obtained in the Neighbour Nicholls Cold and spoke with a mother and left a message to contact the royal.
Examination of the same by doctor, Rogers Detective basically and the writer showed no evidence of foul play. victim had in his pants pocket a picture or add a school bus with the name K sworn the victim to add the right to the base of a trade and made several. The other end of the rope was looped around the smaller tree and was thrown between the fork at the top and the noose was made victim apparently use the load to jump off, and these body weight completed his intent or leave office elaborates report. Therefore, Neil no read the rest later in the year beside next, let's hear the account of delicately Dallas lip was a firefighter with the Montgomery County and was also trained as an emergency medical technician, a t he had previously been
for fighter in the United States AIR Force, he was assigned to Medic Kensington Station on the thirty first of July, nineteen. Ninety six and was among the first responders on St Croix to police around the following is Dallas sleeps account taken directly from his affidavit. I was assigned to Medic seven at Kensington Station twenty five My unit was dispatched to an area in Silver Spring Maryland. To respond to a call reporting a possible attempted suicide by hanging When we arrived at the address, given there was no one waiting to go out us to the victim. When we knocked on the door, there was a law pause before anyone entered the occupants too. It and a female carried on Sunday. fashion among themselves about whether any of them had cold and then told us the victim was back in the woods.
one of them, reluctantly, escorted us to the sought. As we approached the sought, we determined from the appearance of the body that it was too late to assist the victim, as the color of the skin in the facial features, indicated that the victim had been dead for some time. The paramedic went alone to investigate further, while the rest of the team stayed back in order not to disturb sought out training, as rescue workers taught us to be aware of potential criminal activity and preserved. The sought for police investigation. I was standing approximately twenty feet away from the body from where I could carefully observe the same while awaiting the arrival of police.
more training as an a m t included training with respect to attempted hanging. It struck me that this was not the typical scene of a suicide by hanging. First, the body was hung from a small tree about four to six inches in diameter, hardly sufficient to support the white of the body, as the tray had bent over to the point that the victim's knees were flexed to approximately a forty five degree angle. Second, there was nothing at the scene for the beep, to stand on or from which he could have jumped. Finally, the rope was fastened to the tree in an unusual manner. running from the victim's neck through a fork in the tree that would have been about eight to ten feet off the ground, had the trait being erect down to the base of the tree, where it wrapped around the tray a few times. And then it went horizontally about one foot off the ground running across to a larger tree, approximately twenty fade away from the tree that suspended the victim. The
I appeal to me to be arranged in a way more conducive to wasting a heavy load than for an attempted suicide. In fact, more impression at the time was that this looked like a lynching when the police arrived, the officer in charge of the fire rescue response spoke to the police officer, explaining what we found our actions to that point. In the union or delegations in case for the follow up was required, I was surprised that we heard nothing further. We will leave dollar sleeps affidavit there. No autopsy or toxicology tests were before There was no crime scene examination witnesses report that the area wasn't even write off. People were milling about and walking directly through the sought, and they want.
This will like headed in the vicinity, but I went taken as evidence. There is no mention of them. In the place reported all case, car was fanned parked in the car park of the georgian colonies, clubhouse silver spoon where the community Center Swimming Pool and tennis courts are located. The walk from the com has, through the trees, about five hundred made his northwest police theorize that case parties caught. The clubhouse then walked to the trade. With the forty foot long rope he's backpack with some cassette tapes and the one where he then killed himself in case you're wondering yes, there were many places spots. The poppies car is your average suburban neighborhood. Reason why he decided the park where he did has never been able to be explained: police organized Kate's body to be removed from the scene and sent to Collins Funeral home in silver spring. Their protocol was to send the body to the closest funeral,
However, the closest funeral home we're going to be delayed getting to the same so they contacted Collins, which is the next closest case, faintly state that the police gave instructions to Collins Funeral Home to have cates body embalmed made If this is denied by the Montgomery Police they state, they did not order Kate's body to be embalmed and that the embalming was not done until permission was given by Kate's family. This is the night by Kate's family who state they never gave. Permission for environment case family had never made notified of his death. At this point they had no idea what had happened. They wanted I fought two hours later up, meaning is the art of preserving human remains by trading them with chemicals to prevent their composition. Mary Kui was at work and she did receive a call from the neighbor who office elaborate spoke to Barbara Naples. Mary worked as a pathologists up Walter Rate Army medical center
Barbara was upset on the phone, but wouldn't tell Mary was all she was size that Mary had the contact office. Eleven Mary made to call yeah, but she was telling Leverett was busy on another job and wouldn't be available for at least two hours. That was two hours lighter now about five thousand title. Since Cates body was found that office elaborate, visited, marry at work informed. Her case is committed to it and asked if there were any reasons why he would want to end his life Mary was destroyed. She couldn't think of any reason for case to commit suicide.
He had never displayed any signs of suicidal behavior. He had never harmed or attempted to harm himself, he'd, never even threatened to harm himself. He didn't suffer from depression. He was a happy teenager. Looking forward to college in her distraught state Mary tried to search for a reason and thought back to any disagreements. They may have been office. Elaborate placed the same information in his report, which all right best of Neil again. This is word for word. Dr Rogers released the body to Collins Funeral Home address five hundred University Boulevard Silver Spring. No autopsy was ordered. All evidence indicated to us On July, twenty ninth eighty six, the father Cold and told the son that he would be in Maryland on July thirty first to take the car back That was the last day anyone in the family saw or heard from the sun. The victim felt that,
Father showed no love towards him and that his father was very demanding. His father nearing one year ago, the sun had a nervous breakdown and spent four days in the hospital. The mother, went to North Carolina and picked up his son and brought him back to Maryland. Shortly thereafter, the father bought the son, a covert which the mother fees gave the son a new temptation in life, friends, girls, etc. The sun lost his job on the twenty first of this month. The car insurance was due in nine days. That's the end of office, elaborate report case family spoke to his employer. Kate hadn't been for he voluntarily left because he had secured another job. It's on nowhere leverage got the information that Kate had been fired from. As he was leaving lever, handed marry a business card from Collins Funeral home and told her to contact them afternoon. I am the next day miracle. the brother who lived in North Carolina
He made the trip to the spring and arrived at the funeral home about one. I am. They annoyed him. Entry. Hey Mary may two more attempts to getting and say case. However, they continue to be denied access. A note in the police ball from the technique, basely states that he called the funeral home at ten. I am the next day the first of all this when he was informed. The body had been processed Marian case Sancho. One allowed him to say case until later Good afternoon, the first of August, the bombing of case body, had already been completed by then requested case closed However, the funeral home informed her until they destroyed the clothes he was wearing at the time of his death, as buddy body was severely, can post and had deteriorated his clothes case uncle than met with ever left handed him a brown bag containing the forty foot long rope. Although the police kept, the news is evident.
They also gave him the empty Wong clueless. A pair of brown boots that Lever said Keith was wearing these jacket and a backpack containing some of his favorite to set types. case. Shirt, paints and underwear were not handed over the police confirming what the funeral home had said. They had to be thrown out due to being destroyed by severe day composition. Doktor John Rogers, the candy medical examiner, also completed a report about case death. He listed the time of death as too I five p m on the thirtieth of July. The day before eight respect, therefore says he was first notified by police communication set to ten p m. The thirty first of July and Kate was pronounced dead boy of the lever at three pay him, the thirty first to one cause of death, as fixation as a consequence of hanging, the body of easier,
Port states- and this is what for what the deceased was depressed last he this spring, he graduated from high school. He she decided. She hadn't seen him for about one week. This afternoon he was found by a person walking through the woods hanging by the neck, with a half saws. from a tree police relation. Darwin I'd afford and responded. He had a lot of green. I further round him, but only a few small maggots in the mouth and probably had been dead since last, and that was the full and complete report of the county, medical examiner, Doktor John Rogers case. Only sister sherry was not contacted by Doktor Rogers and did not speak to the place of the time and she was away. Wanna plus she was out of sight when Kate thought, sherry, lighter inquired held up. The road
This was able to write in his report that she said she hadn't seen Kate for about one week when she in fact had spoken to anyone. Sherry was told that this information came from an undocumented third party Liver had written in his report that Kate had been hospital laws the previous year and Doktor Rogers touched on it very briefly. He's report mentioning Kate was depressed lost. He, the incident they were referring to occurred in July nineteen. Ninety fourth, one year prior to Kate's death Keith, was hospitalized at Duke University Medical center. He had returned to North Carolina to visit father. They became involved in an argument over issues relating to the family breakdown which left Kate, extremely destroyed, stressed and struggling to cope with the family issues, so he was hospitalized for a few days. Nowhere in these hospital discharge papers does it mention the word: the pay,
also a sort of the trading doktor right that he had traded Kate for adjustment disorder, resulting from severe faintly discord involving he's near divorced, biological parents, tastes didn't leave a suicide note. You'd never talked about suicide. Who made a previous attempt. His friends and family said he was happy in the time leading up to his death that he loved the law. and was looking for. The college. Chrome same is not examined, and now will talk to you is conducted. So is this previous incident at the hospital the fact case adjust lost the job and a two thousand dollars car insurance payment was leaning, which you couldn't pay and the fact case father was threatening to take his car off in that place and the medical examiner used to justify their ruling of suicide. The fact These job is in dispute. Boy's family, the Police- didn't receive this information until they had already ruled the death a suicide and sank case body to the funeral home. Although
no facilitates notes that caged family obtained from the police fall use light. There is the following. Written note made at the same by lever. Basically knew of mental problems from one year ago, saying no mention as the source of info on mental background at ST. its unknown. He had to take the basely, knew this information or where he got it from as case family were told that neither lever nor basely had any prior interaction with case this information didn't make leverage report, the police told Mary Kui Cates death was an open and shut case. He had hung himself One month after cakes, death, his anti and grandmother wished to be taken to the sort of Cape suicide in order to pray. Rod me Kendall knew the slight well he'd gone too
go with case, and you heard his name mentioned in leverage report earlier as making identification of Kate's body, he actually went to the sot, while Kate was still in the tray to make that one day, so he took case auntie and grandmother the Swat, so they could pray only when they arrived. Rodney fan to the tree was no longer there. Mary Kui immediately contacted the police and spoke with detective. Basically, he told her because the treaty and we are holding it for evidence. Mary, wanted to know what the trade and cut them for evidence. If the case was an open and shut suicide and was now closed. She wasn't given any answer other than was evidence they take their basely confirmed. The case was closed and would not be re opened He told Mary she needed to stop worrying about raising the only child she had left. Mary always had a hard time. Believing case had killed himself.
the following years. She raised her concerns repeatedly to Montgomery County Police, in particular detective. The refused the re open or to re, examine the case. Mary was tall. If you had been a better mother. This wouldn't have happened. Another comment I'd about Mary was she's them emotionally distraught mother who cannot come to terms with her son's death. Mary wasn't alone, though, fell asleep. The AMC, who was one of the first on the scene, said in his affidavit that he was convinced that wasn't a suicide. The same just didn't, look right: team I had been taken of the same, but no one was allowed to see them as they were classified to the Monk gunnery candy police fight. I walk out. Eventually, Mary reluctantly accepted case death was a suicide and tried to move on as best she could stick. She is lighter on what would have been case. 25Th birthday, the ninth of April, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two
you're right home from work. There was a Manila envelope addressed to her on the front porch. There was no return address Mary opened the folder and was shocked to find five chrome, Saint fighters showing case hanging from the trade, After getting over the initial trauma saying the peaches Mary noticed several things that unsettled her one She didn't recognize any of the clothes cave was wearing. She had never seen him. Wearing them before and she had never come across them while doing his washing to Keith was not wearing the brown boots officer. Levert had given the case uncle at the station after his death, he was wearing what running shoes. Three Mary had not spoken to Dallas sleep at this point and only had leverage can, but it looked like. Keith had jumped off a log and his body white completed his intent. As stated in leverage report, Mary was surprised to see Kate's fate
the grand almost in a sitting position with the trade ban and the complicated rope set up she form the same view as Dallas lit it looked like he had being hoisted when Mary went to the police with the photos that was shocked to see them. That was supposed to be classified. They went the original fat eyes of a copies, but I couldn't explain how or why that were delivered to marries porch the Montgomery Canny police refused to reopen the investigation against stating it was an open and shut case. However, the fighters convinced Mary something wasn't right, she requested to say the train taken from the same the police took as evidence. She was told that wouldn't be possible. Several reasons have been given. Ivy ease. One was that the trade was destroyed in a fire. The other was that it had been lost However, detective, basically the noise, the tree was even cut them. They told the Washington Post years later, quite a.
They the notch on the tree where the rope had been thrown over. I kept it for two years and disposed of it. Rodney Kendall, candle, encase family are adamant. The entire trade was cut their within one month of Kate's death. We can't tell today it's a completely different sought house. the main build up when the trays once were the photos. Weren't the only thing delivered to Mary that day there was also an I have to go with him. The note said that Mark Findlay and Laurent Berman would be next Mary recognize these names that were friends of Keith Mark Findlay, found out about the threatening note. He contacted Mary and left a message on her answering machine. He said I will be bought to say you are need to unload S. Progressive presents forest metaphors about bundling your whole model and other vehicles.
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circulating that mark had allegedly being bragging that hey put cakes body up on the trade mark, never d get round to see Mary in full. pawn shop of the photos and note appeared on Mary's porch mark delayed was dead, killed team. What was called a freak bike accident, his bicycle hit the the and he fell Wolf dog it occurred in the early hours of the morning. No one else involved, no one at fault, no witnesses Perry. What a paramedic called to the scene of section and is of the opinion that the injury suffered by mark and the damage to his black with much too great for him to a simply fallen off ass, though, when I rushed bans on his hands common from people who fall of black as I try to break their full perry was of the opinion that market being hit by a car, but the death was officially route. A freak accident and no war topsy was performed by order of the states
Medical Examiner Office, Baltimore Maryland after a saving the fight, icing, naughty naughty to marry, continued to lobby the Montgomery Candy place very selected officials, and even the FBI to reopen the investigation indicates death every time. Her requests were denied the FBI. Put back to the county police as there were no violations of federal law. Local Idiot took a renewed interest in the case, and it was even hatred on the television show unsolved mysteries the Montgomery County, magic crimes, division, lieutenants, a man said to the media. We have seen nothing that indicates the death was anything other than the suicide. If MRS Kooy brings us some new evidence, we would gladly. He went on to say that Montgomery Police had conducted three internal reviews of the case. A review, determined Cates death, the base or suicide
I found no evidence case had been wasted and stated that cater wouldn't have needed to jump off anything as the manner in which someone can kill themselves by hanging he's a limitless Mary Kui responded, saying they never traded by sons. Death is a crime scene, they treated it The sword share of the same defied eyes left on marries Porch case father, clear, a police officer twenty one years at the time in Dark North Carolina. Offered a five thousand dollar reward for any information about Kate's death. The office of the state's chief medical examiner is in Baltimore and John was don't performing the, although he wasn't in the role at the time of death, both with the media that Maryland LAW gives the state medical examiner discretion in deciding when an autopsy should be performed. However, since
he had taken over, he decided that autopsies are now required in all cases of suicides involving teenagers and young adults. Regarding case specific case, doctor Malek said an autopsy would not have eliminated all questions in this case, but it would have placed eliminated. The criticisms about one not having been done. A spokesman for Montgomery Police said that and was conducting an internal review as they have. The photos came to be placed on marries porch. He said it was a puzzle when the mystery and admitted the fight I live had sloppy record keeping convene something was seriously wrong with a sons case, Mary Kui, so distance of a social group. They became interested in case case and hoped rice. I need to have Cates buddy achieved from his North Carolina grave. They hiding independent pathologist thickened up an autopsy that independent pathologists,
Was doctor also do have may hillock, as the autopsy was conducted on the twenty six of May nineteen? Ninety four, I ease off the cape death at Lehigh Valley Hospital Center in Allentown Pennsylvania, It had been the medical examiner for Warren County Pennsylvania for eight years at that point He would go on to remaining that role for another seventeen years, testify that a number of high profile cases, including that of serial killer Charles Cullen, He was now boys, colleagues as extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. His findings were as follows, and this is taken directly from parts of his report. The autopsy findings on an atomic basis showed a body hanging from a trailing with fate
touching the ground and the knees bent. There is nothing in the autopsy findings which would distinguish whether he was alive or dead. When the hanging occurred. The clinical history is in contention between the investigators and the family. Jane Investigation and the handling of the body immediately off the wood was inappropriate and not in accordance with excepted standards of a good medical legal investigation system. Subsequent toxicological findings off the exhumation, and complete autopsy of the body, as well as preliminary literature review, indicate the presence of substances which would not expected to be found in a body that has been buried even taking into consideration the east that it was inter such substances are not normal constituents of embalming, fluids or day compositional effect. The sun
since that most stands out is truck Laura with I also found was declared a thing Ethel Benzene Tsar, laying in tell you we talk, Laura thing is commonly found in degrees, is dry cleaning agents glue in the paint removes Ethel Benzene darling and tell you in our, confound together in gasoline the level of truck Claro a thing founding capes, blood and liver were at a fatal level. The level of DOT Claro Clara thing was at a toxic level based on the levels noted I do not believe he would have had the ability to hang himself and for that matter He will in all likelihood not even have the ability to make a decision about hanging himself. impossible that he may have been dead and subsequently hung by others to make it look like a suicide It may also they need death unconscious and hung by others. If he did it to himself, then
I think that the utensils used in terms of canisters, rags, etc, would have been noted. Body That's the guy is when I arrived at the same by this scenario, one would presuppose that he put the news about his neck in the manner which was found and then used the suspect substances until he passed out at which point the hanging would cause his death under the circus. This is in a good medical legal investigation system. A case such as Kate warns must be considered and investigated as a homicide until proven, otherwise, the funeral director handling the case was quick. Made representatives of the family and the noise having infused the body with anything other than embalming fluid the substances recovered from pathos found in various solvents paints, lackeys, dinners and similar substances The possibility of groundwater contamination was entertained.
Far as we know, there is no such contamination of the cemetery, the Vulcan casket, was sealed, and personally, I do not believe that the distribution levels would have been as found on the case. Unfortunately, the casket broke in the process of the exhumation and cave was placed in a new casket and transported to Allentown Nick there are no fractures or dislocations or haemorrhages the tongue larynx larynx colleges I went by and self tissues at the neck, as well as the circle vertebral column visually. without knowing there are no undue hemorrhages in the the ligature groove no haemorrhages noted about the neck. Cause of death is undetermined. In spite of the Satan found hanging from trailing with fate. Touching the grand and name bent it is on the term.
because toxicological findings are incompatible with the autopsy findings and, in fact, do not support a hanging diagnosis. We will lay the autopsy report. That said, the substances found in Kate's body bothered The mayor locks. Further investigation was conducted by him to ascertain if those chemicals could have come from the bombing fluids thought the Mason that toxic colleges informed doktor may have, as these chemicals were highly unlikely to be found in it. Bombing forward. He had never encountered them before from embalming fluids during his career, preliminary check, Threem bombing chemical companies, were canvassed owing to Chemical Company Dodge Chemical Company and go to bond company H said no. Those chemicals fanning case that form part of in bombing
and even if I did, it would be very remote that would getting to the blood and Lila. Case was at Collins. Funeral home inquiry he's with them revealed that he one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. That way you bombing flu is produced by peace, royal bond company and Dodge Chemical company. Both companies provided affidavits, declaring their embalming fluids, do not contain any of the substances panting cates body the Mason also confirmed that higher levels of truck Claro ethane were found in Kate's brain at levels three times higher than the and in his liver and blood as the truck Clark The thing was widely distributed through Kate's body, his brain, liver and blood. Dr Mason is of the belief that chemicals were in his body before Kate's death,
a quiet from doktor may allow is the presence of these substances. They have no business being there. They are not products if they composition and a thoroughly distributed throughout the body. The possibility exists that this young man was incapable of hanging tough. You need to put the district. Turning on notice of these things, after the results of the autopsy were released, Mary Kui told the Monk Gunnery Journal I always wondered how he got on the tree and why he was wearing someone else's clothes. I would hope that this case would be looked at again, at Montgomery County Police Chief, Clarence Edwards, said a new investigation would not be granted. However, he did say he would pass the full autopsy report onto the major crimes. Division for review.
A spokeswoman for the department told the morning call newspaper that a copy of the autopsy report would also be sent to the state medical Examiner Office for review. Doctors smiling and if he felt there was some discrepancy between the autopsy and the outcome of the police. Investigation than the case would be re opened. Top is more like a big review. The autopsy report at this, medical examiner's office in Baltimore in January, noisy ninety five. He released these findings case. Warren committed suicide contradict the findings of Doktor may hilarious, topped the smaller ruled that the chemicals were injected indicates body after his death. He said in his report quote: it is my opinion that the toxicological findings are consistent with the effects of the involving, and
What the preparation process! The absence of any physical injury on the body supports the conclusion that Keith Warren's hanging was a self inflicted act dubbed the smaller specifically mentioned San Vino, a solvent that is applied to the skin, to decontaminate bodies as being the source of the chemicals. Although Mary Kui said a representative from Saint Vein, I told her that their product does not and never has contained the chemicals phantom capes body, Mary didn't believe: Cates death was necessarily a homicide, shake she accepted. It was possible. He could have Dentley's I've advised we thought that teens, who then panicked and staged the suicide to avoid any trouble with the law. Mary hide an attorney to fall, a civil action, more suit against Montgomery, candy, sorting police negligence and violations of by furs and cates civil rights. Unfortunately, the attorney she hired followed the suit three months after the statute of limitations on civil rights violations had passed
The lawsuit was dismissed in ninety. Ninety nine Mary petitioned, the Montgomery Canny States attorney Douglas gains locked to look into the case after spending two years going over the case, documents and tracking down all witnesses. There are great to reopen the case, albeit it was left as inactive salt wasn't bain. Look that buddy further information came to light. Then it would be investigated. Gainesville said it seemed to me. There were a lot of open ends, loose ends regarding the investigation. Clearly, circumstances surrounding caged there had not been fully investigated. We still don't know definitively what happened on that day in February, two thousand and three gains Lucinda, let out, in response to a request for an update on Kate's case I'll raid from that. Let it now.
In coordination with the sheriff's office for Montgomery County Maryland, a very sorry investigation was conducted unsolved play Helkay flooring, DOT on Gillot said he want one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, as we previously discussed. Many witnesses will put before the grand jury in regards to miss the warrens death. Given the confidential nature of grand jury proceedings, we are not able to share specific details with you. However, I want to reassure you that the case remains open, albeit in an inactive status. And if any new late materialise, we will pursue them so and Douglas gains lot on state's attorney. The grand jury was news to Cates family they they had never notified. They to attend to give evidence at the grand jury. As the letter says, the person Innings of a grand jury are confidential, so we have
Now I d who was cold and what evidence was given. In interview. Gainesville has said we re open the case. We use the grand jury. We examined all the leads. We talked to all possible witnesses and came to a conclusion of inclusiveness. There are very strong arguments. Having looked at everything in this case the Kate Warren died of suicide, but there are equally strong arguments to suggest that he did not die of suicide, that he was killed or thought accidentally and then was put on the tray afterwards, then he was ass. If it was his opinion that police watch the case he replied under today's guidelines and procedures. This would have been botched still. The Montgomery can't he police maintained that were happy with their investigation and their determination that keeps death was a suicide cates family requested that the cause of cakes death on these two ticket at least be changed. The undetermined
out of the state medical examiner's office refused thought. This was not longer this tight, strict medical examiner. He died of a heart attack in two thousand and one Tate's family continued their fought in February, the US and in twelve of them a hundred alley alibi. Eighty, a toxic colleges and pathologist conducted an investigation into case warns. Death He has over twenty five years, experience in buy field and has served as an ex witness witnessing many medical legal cases his published over fifty The articles in medical and scientific journals, after Waiting a thorough investigation of all of the evidence he wrote in his report, the following case had a lethal level of truck Laura website and toxic level of dark flora thing in his blood, brain, liver, kidney and muscles.
the concentrations and the pattern of the chemical distribution in tissues indicate case received these chemicals about one to two hours prior to his death via ingestion and now a likely mixed with alcoholic drinks. The ingestion of high doses of these chemicals, let the vomiting door, we central nervous system, depression and aspiration pneumonia If you want cooler, bottles were found in a densely would an area where capers found hanging from a tree alcohol. Crisis, the absorption of Troy clarifying and talk far away from the gastro intestinal tract, which explains the presence of high concentrations of these chemicals in case tissues. Both chemicals are very soluble in alcohol. Autopsies at ease of suicide hanging cases have shown injuries to the neck. Soft tissues, bones and organs. In the majority of cases,
and the blading in the soft tissues of the neck. In all cases, the autopsy showed no hemorrhages soft tissue, injury dislocation or fractures. In case neck the lack of bleeding and injury in case neck can be explained by the following medical evidence case, though, as a result of ingesting a lethal dose of chemicals, capes body was lifted and putting a hanging position a few hours after his death when the muscles of the neck became stiff due to wriggle motives in ninety. Ninety two cates mother received five constant fad, showing Kate was hanging from a tree. She noticed tat. Kate was not wearing he's on clothing, which indicates thick. Information for the investigation which missed it is likely that Kate's body was washed off the death and his clothes were changed because they became dirty with vomit and possibly with faecal materials. Due to the lethal doses of chemicals, mixed with alcohol that cave in
in bombing cage body also interfered with a collection of important medical evidence, the police and the courts. At a medical examiner, MR the cause of death in caged case, because they did not conduct the required standard medical legal investigation. In his case, we will end the doctor's report there. Despite these findings, nothing has changed. The state medical examiner's office still refused to change the cause of death on Kate's certificate. Montgomery county police are still happy with their investigation and determination of suicide
and will not re investigating officer, Leverett retired, from the Montgomery County police in March, two thousand after pleading guilty to assaulting his girlfriend second degree assault beat her choked her and banged her head against the wall. During an argument, as reported by the Washington Post, he was subsequently charged with violating a protective order. He was immediately suspended by Montgomery County police before retiring chip when his dead from a drug overdose. He was the boyfriend of Claudia Lawson, who made the normal One call cheap lived in the house case was found Point Claudia Lawson and the second male present in the house that they are still alive, learned
Burma, the other middle named along with my family. In the note, the livid, with Kate Chrome, save her eyes to marry he's still alive. The news was never given to Cates family Montgomery Police actually meet and has been lost, possibly Schriner Mary Kui passed away in two thousand and. Currently, Mary's daughter, Sherry Warren is still trying to have the cause of death. Changed, don't cakes that certificate. she'll be happy to be met halfway and have the cause of death changed to undetermined the.
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