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Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1977–1978 (Part 3)

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[Part 3 of 5] Throughout the summer of 1978, the East Area Rapist continued to stalk, attack and assault women and their families. He extended his hunting grounds, moving beyond Sacramento County to target victims in other Northern California communities. --- Researched and written by Anna Priestland Download the map of the attacks here For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-53-east-area-rapist-1977-1978-part-3
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If you decide to Kate listening, we will be releasing a map with age, have decided to help as you go along or feed to refer to afterwards. you'll, find a link to the map in the shine. I turn our website, though you should be able to access the link from the shine light in Europe. Nineteen seventy seven started off with a task force being created by the Sacramento Sheriff's office to catch the east area, rapist, detectives It said Shelby and Carol Daily made it a mission to be at every crime scene and look after every victim. They methodically. question neighbors and track down every late they could when and that happened in the Sacrament OECD limits. The investigation was taken over by the Sacramento City police, which caused the Choose when she'll be in daily one cold on the chrome saying Soma cities to during one attack. The crime lab was able to determine that the EAST area blood was taught by. Stereo ripe, has continued following his earlier Emma. Until then,
who papers made special mention of the fact he had never attacked a woman with a main present in the house. The adjusted and from that time on, he targeted couples stacked dishes on the men, while they were bound threatening to kill them if they made a sound while Nidesand was the woman into another room to riper. as the year went on and attacks grew more and more frequent. So too did the press coverage, but still There was a time when not everyone got the news. The moment had happened. While there are many people terrified of the a ripest that were it was still oblivious. There were many sightings of a suspicious male in an area leading up to an attack, trespass singing yards and checking out houses with suspicious people is also being seen But unfortunately, most of the saw were not reported until after the attack occurred and police conducted a canvas spot the east area rapist having a very specific ammo, was not released to the public. The police
when a state of panic, pennies into didn't, want a copycat. but that meant when women got hang phone calls so heavy breathing calls or when there was a break in with nothing of value. Taken strange items moved around or stolen. The community had no idea. These were related to the east area. Rapist Mid May nineteen seventy seven, the seventy seven showed everyone he rapist have been in attendance at a community meeting about him that took place towards the end of seventy six. at this meeting, a man stood up paced up, the and yelling that no man would stand boy, monies wife get right. They said it wouldn't just months later, the EAST area rapist targeted this man and his wife. During this attack tat, he would kill his next victims them. Is confusion as to what exactly he said. According to the survivor, he said he would kill two people. If you heard about the attack in the media, but sing to her husband. He said he would
To Paypal, if you didn't hear about the attack when we left part two police were deciding what to do. The. Chief deputy friend race and investigate, is discussed at length whether or not to hold a press conference studying what they knew of the Exterior ripest Andy's behaviour. Up to this point, they believed he did. In fact, what the press, the he he's message. I felt it fit his style that day in emergency press conference, went ahead. It was clear that law enforcement when no longer able to keep quiet about the ripest room Flying all over the place and the public
it had to know what the facts were. Chief deputy Fred Race issued a psychological profile of the east area rapist made, a panel of psychologists and psychiatrists in the community, the profile, This. The east area rapist dies, quote a probable paranoid, schizophrenic who feel sexually inadequate probably raised in an upper middle class home by a domineering, mother and awake father. it's probably an only child but may have a younger sister. He They have to be of greater than average intelligence, or at least a hospital graduate. You may be interested in police work or military officers. Training at some point he's probably honey. Point now: the right A stiff threatened might be violent and possibly self destructive. If court he might try. Take a hostage or stage a shoot out with his captors, but if Fronted in a non threatening situation, the ripest is probably complacent and gives no indication he's a violent criminal.
In a sexual panic because of inadequate physical in and the understanding is that, since using adequately endowed, he can establish a normal relationship with a woman and whipping his way to compensate first composite sketch of the east area. Rapist was released, but it came. The warning, The following was written. Underneath the sketch that appeared in the Sacramento Bee quote the artist's conception of the east area, rapist, based on numerous bits of information from persons who caught a glimpse of him, was released today by the Sacramento County Sheriff's department, has gotten a full face, a view of the ripest offices. Cautioned nodding That the shape of the tour tentative, It may looking Install and length also a tentative, the disagree, since applied by police works. One mile Nineteen and thirty years of age well built swim, thirty blonde! to medium Brown, hair, possibly collar life.
I brought blue Hazel scary masks ranging from needed to spoken. The sheriff's office, wouldn't confirm exactly how many offices they had on the case, but press spokes. bill. Miller said quote where, The maximum this area is densely populated, it's impossible cover an area like that, without putting a main on every block. We'd have to call weapon. National Guard. the budget had already been exhausted and countless deputies and highway patrol officers began. Volunteering, that's on deputy Fred Race, quite waivers if the great many coals and have numerous leads to check out, but so far The solution is not in sight Somebody out there must know who this man is underway find the rates that person we hope this is the answer. In four days, twenty deputies recorded three thousand tips that had been called him
estimated that fifteen percent of those tips worthwhile in an attack To quell rampant rumours that the ACE terror ripest was disfiguring women, the deputy chief confer. that he had never significantly physically injured anyone. This was beside the first on the public, heard that the exterior ripest spent long periods of time in the victim's homes as he committed repeated attacks. The city Sacramento flipped into a state of unprecedented panic. Surely the Assad couples? its leading chiefs, so someone in the house would be awake at all times. Paper, started, leaving loaded guns next to their beds. Sacramento Bay Secret, witness protection program donated fifteen thousand dollars, as a reward Dentist then up to that reward to twenty five thousand dollars. The EAST area, Rikers surveillance patrol, will the patrols patrol continued to circle the streets every night, the
This patrol, what community members who had taken it upon themselves to patrol the straights in cars would say they radios, the end of May. The sheriff's office publicly asked these patrol the stock and the sheriff Dick Philips quite, I'm not doubting, nay good interest, but they could be a hindrance instead of an assistance, drawing up and down. The street is not going to stop this guy A large number of people are in the state of me, panic, of strangers, isn't going to help that. Police were worried. That would be an accidental shooting, local dentists to donate money, for the reward was heading up a civilian patrol and haste. said they weren't prepared to stop There were several thousand people willing to join the patrols. the following day, it was confirmed that Visalia detect you had returned to work with the Sacramento Sheriff's department. That would be a second time to safe a link could be made between the bus, Alia ransack. Up from seventy two to seventy five and two,
EAST area rapist. They confirmed the psychological profile and actions between the two offenders had similarities, but the physical description was rising. Some questions where Yea EAST area rapist was described as a and athletic The boss sell your rain Seko was described as being rounder with some fat on you. There was a chance he could have lost waiting time in between, but it didn't, explain he stuck your fingers, There were also descriptions of the rain sector having a different shape, denies Lauren Forcement was still divided as to whether or not the ransacker into the Aced area rapist, where the same person. What the community realized very quickly was that the EAST area rapist, probably looked totally normal, blending into their community just like everyone else. they knew no one was safe. Following this press conference, a sheriff's department memo was sent the office which
Klute it as much as they knew about the stereo ripest somehow, and these physical appearance at also confirm some facts and assumptions. They had the following: it's taken directly from that memo that was sent around in May nineteen. Seventy seven vehicle, Humor, suspicious vehicles being checked and eliminated still, Staining is a nineteen, fifty two or nineteen, fifty three Ford or Chevrolet Bright, yellow, step side. Pickup this vehicle was seen on noble, ditch each day for three days prior to the rape on Thornwood, which was attacked number for It is assumed that the suspect troubles boy automobile on five separate occasions. Dogs have tracked the suspect or location. One would expect a vehicle to be part of this, Spec could use other means of travel There is some evidence that he travel, traveled drainage, ditches vacant fields and park, areas on foot scene of the attack
the suspect to usually attacks a single story. Single family dwelling in a middle or upper middle class. Neighborhood. The residence is usually located near drainage, Ditch Viking field, new constructional park area, or they may be a row of houses between the victim's residence and such areas Considerable research is being conducted in an attempt to find some common factor between all of the victims without success filing nice, It is believed that the suspect identifies these next victim bought, prowling and burglar, rising, burglaries, particular interest that those in which no loss or minimal loss occurs. During the rape, the suspect will frequently take small items of costume jewelry. He looked through. Rough albums and a lingerie jewels also of interest that Prowler reports, Those were the exact zigzag patent footprints are found. investigation.
as a one hundred and fifty suspicious persons, including two hundred and ninety registrants, ex convicts etc, have been investigated. Have been eliminated, but most cannot be. Completely excluded at this time Isn't there are no strong suspects? the investigators to checking all suspicious persons in vehicles with the thought that the suspect may pose a major radar insurance salesman, real estate salesman or some other. Person that has for peace to have legitimate access to the neighborhood. Investigators are also reviewing all six offences, burglaries and prowler reports for possible connections to the east area, ripest the evidence In addition to the blood sample head and pubic hair and shoe sole impressions, light and fingerprints have been recovered from every scene These since have been crossed compared without a match. This is what the memo said in Nineteen- seventy seven
We know now that the prince from a seven seemed to be the only ones, thought its value from the exterior area. Rapist. Police were still tracing out, blades and speaking to possible suspects, one of These possible suspects lived in orange, vile and drive in Austria truck around a Sacramento when shall we visited his house, the main didn't seem at all surprised the police, for there shall be so this was unusual. He told shall we had actually just find the sheriff's office requesting a description of the east area rapist. He didn't say what. this man fit the heart of the ripest, was blood By and was wearing saw no tennis shoes with a zigzag pattern on the sole. When shall we spoke with him as promised Is it seemed there were other things that didn't fit And it was never arrested. He wasn't, the only potential suspects the same promising. At that time. The tactic
That occurred May 14th. Seventy seven was the one where the couple had only recently moved in when the house it was the sale, a suspicious man who said he was a real estate agent, rocked up without an appointment, he frightened the woman who is selling the house, as he didn't appear, to be checking out the things that real estate agents usually do. He was looking at the windows and he asked the questions about the woman's husband and chalk. The half so soon after- and He stereo ripest committed attack twenty in the house soon after that. The name that suspicious man who said he was a real estate agent gave, was framed. William Dobbins Jr,. Shelby had been looking into the night when you were so the call from a sergeant at Like Tahoe Police Department, the sergeant provided Shelby with a name of someone he should look into. Coincidentally, the name Frank, William, Dublin's junior way I covered several strange suspects and occurrences that looked promising. Only
for it to be nothing more than a bizarre coincidence. He was another. Dublin's was a security guard in the Tahoe area. It the cells packed in a number of brightens where women were sometimes a solid, but not right. As far as what was known at the time, Dobbins became a suspect when it was noticed that after age breaking, he would turn up just as police arrived at the scene. He would always be out of breath. saying he had been trying to chase the suspect down. Diamonds, owned a police monitor and a three fifty seven handgun. He was Nasty guided state on the exterior ripest watch waste for a period of time, but was never arrested too. more possible suspects in a long list of promising leads that amounted to nothing. Around this time. In mid one thousand. Seventy seven there were numerous sightings of someone wearing a scary mouse growing a but it's believed Person was the east area rapist
police knew he was likely to have the bark before some of the attack, located were perfect, first gaping via or on foot. He may have even chosen to use a buck more regularly at this point as a direct result of police, specifically looking for sole male drivers of vehicles police, I received many calls from the public about these bark rider wearing a ski and one night. Detective Shelby and sergeant Owen actually saw this man for themselves Who parked right in the middle of one of the hot spots in range? I could over a means, best completely in black wearing escape mosque sped through an intersection right in front of them. This Happened as the police radio announced an attempted break in from the exact direction of where the game Ass Bach RADA had just come from, I bed around the corner to the end of the street. There was the canal perfect for it's a box through And the bark of wearing this game ask was gone
many soundings were reported, but there were also countless sightings that what many people Well, the time saw the spark writer but didn't connecting to the east area. Ripest. It was common for they pulled a cold, the sheriff's office days weeks and even months later, when they realise the bark RADA wearing this game, ask may have been relevant to the case, but by that time it was too late. it seems like there are countless stories of people saying a prayer, Allah or suspicious mile. He didn't call it in Many were simply unaware of the connection, but there are those who reported lighter than they feed if they made the call they might be next and if they, closed their curtains? Didn't talk about it anymore, just go away only he didn't. ten days at tick boy, since the last attack attack twenty one which occurred on May, seventeenth, nineteen, twenty seven press conference is being held and rest
and subsequent, I hoped the stereo ripest banks get away with the mess you ve made your attention police home, that would be a man of all as they had on the ground. He would be captured Before anyone else fell victim, enters to join. I did to the reward and who was running what was by then refer to. As the citizens Vigilance Committee had he's dentist office in South Sacramento. This next to TAT, It have been a warning to him just a few blocks away from the dentist office. The stereo ripest had his eye on a house It was on fourth parkway, just half a mile from the Florin road exit of California State Route. Ninety nine! also known as highway. Ninety nine. It was further south than he had been before, but it fit perfectly. The location was the canal. At one end and of the clutch bro many to hallway nineteen on allowed for an Asia escape.
The new one is of the house had just moved in a few weeks earlier, and the real estate saw was still uproar in the front yard It was right behind Sacramentos Water treatment, where the husband worked as a supervisor. He was also on the rain reserve. Early in the evening of May twenty, seventh nineteen, seventy seven, the woman first home with a young son, she was doing laundry in the garage which was connected to the house when she the sword door into the garage open. She the wind must have blown so she shuddered and locked it She went to bed about one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m and was asleep by the tan that husband got high in from the treatment plan. At midnight. The sun was asleep in his room, the house. and had a beer and watch television before going to bed about two I am Shortly after going to bed, he heard the sliding glass door that led from their bedroom to the patio. He turned and saw a dark figure walking through the door
The flesh lot in the east area ripest left hand shown into his eyes. In his right hand, the ripest told us forty five automatic kingdom, the thought instantly it looked like what is known as a blue steel, military taught gun the woman Why do the following words by perfectly still or I'll kill all of you? I will kill you kill her and I will kill your little boy The USA ripest Puya shoelaces from his jacket and said The woman in his distinctive whisper through clenched teeth, toward the manner a slight change from his previous attacks. He, the words the man Indicating that he didn't have enough knowledge about the couple to know he was her husband, in previous attacks. He correctly called boyfriends husbands. Now he just said the man
While the woman was tying her husband's wrists, the exterior rapist kept telling her to make it taught when EAST area rapist, and forcing women to tour their husbands or boyfriends. There was no time and lessons just laugh most of the prior attacks on couples. The Right stand up rate tying. The husband himself. He then told the woman's breasts and made sure that will both face down on the bed. He was wearing black, gloves, doc parents and adopt Bobby. Jacket, similar to a navy stall em. Sixty four of army jacket. He said mask, was red and made it with small holes for his eyes and mouth when he spoke. In that harsh whisper, his voice got more high pitched when it seemed like he was getting excited here. I began breathing in and out loudly and started some words It was something he had done before he say,
the stutter on many words that contained the letter, L after telling them he was just there for food and money. He ran at the closet. At one point, the husband lifted his face to try and get a look at the east area rapist. He swiftly got a flashlight in his eyes. If you don't keep your face down, I'll kill her and your son, the EAST area, rapist, pulled shoelaces from shoes in their closet and walked back over to the bed. He put the gun to the man's head and told him to lie still. He used the shoelaces to re, taught his wrists again. He then taught he's in the woman's ankles. They heard him rummaging in the bathroom then go out to the kitchen when he returned. He put dishes on the means back and said, as opera
West, I'm only going to get food and money and then go to morphine. I dated before he that sound I'll come back and I'll kill everyone in the house. The serial rapist, untaught the woman's fate and pushed her out into a living area. He got lotion from the bathroom then shut the bedroom door in the living room. The woman noticed he had already cut or ripped pieces of tail and left them on the floor. He blindfolded her. Then he raped her before going back to check on her husband after rummaging around in the kitchen. Again he returned to the survivor and said I'll have something for you to tell the fucking pigs. They got it mixed up. The last time I said, I would kill two people, I'm not going to kill you if this is on tv or in the paper tomorrow. I'll kill. Two people are you listening D hear me I'll have to ac my apartment and I'll be watching them. If this is on the news, I'll kill two people, then he did something he hadn't done before he started sobbing, whether or not it was an act is unknown, but while he was sobbing, he said it scares my mummy when it's on the news. It scares Mon Mummy when it's on the news he again started on the literal when he said the wood pigs. He was mad, but when he said the word mummy, he sounded like he was about to cry. He then walked to the back. Sliding door walked out into the yard and was gone after enough silence. The husband, flicked, the dishes off his back and rolled over towards the phone at the bedside he flipped, the phone from it's hold and called police patrol officers arrived followed shortly after by Shelby they found a one bottle and an open packet of sausages. On the back patio, the survivor and her husband was still banned in sought. This son had slept through the whole thing shall be called the tracking dog who tracked to the a stereo ripest across a small vacant, lot to a fence bordering highway. Ninety nine. They put the dog over the fence and it continued to track for a short distance. But then the trial ended at a set of tire tracks from a small cop, a neighborhood canvass revealed that a few neighbors had been receiving hang up phone calls, but there wasn't the spate of suspicious activity and sightings they had been leading up to previous attacks. This was also one of the attacks where the east area rapist did not cut the fine line when detectives took a step back and compared the attacks where the fine line was cut to the ones where it wasn't thy realized that he only ever seemed intent on cutting the fines when he had a fair distance to get to his getaway vehicle. If he caught the fine, it allowed him more time before police arrived. If he was parked close by or escaped on foot or bark through a nearby canal, he felt no need to cut the fine.
that same day. Police were called to a gas station in South Sacramento. That was, the exit on Interstate forty five so now, as I find, which It's parallel to highway. Ninety nine in a man's restrooms thought. What read this is a fact part of town next month us thought he a stereo ripest, There was no way to confirm whether this was in fact the scribbling of the story, a rapist, it was a way of knowing exactly when it was written, but it's the the main reason. the Sacramento obey wasted no time in reporting on the latest attack the article speculated that the new location, further south. In previous attacks was selected, to escape the heat of previous locations. police and in numerous volunteers, from these patrols was still out and about every nor the show. The parliament stated they had a further one hundred thousand dollars allocated for offices to work over time.
I also said I wanted to try and use helicopters as part of their patrols. detective she'll be lived in the north western section of ranch. I could ever the time very as to a? U shaped, abandon the American River hills. with his wife and children, his house, backed onto large park which bordered the local elementary school and On the other side of the park, there was a middle school. Shelby Alphin often work knots, and he made a point of dropping by his own house. Regularly saying is he knew they lived in a perfect taste area, rapist, hunting, ground. On noise he was working. The families german shepherd would always be inside with whomever was home. One night Shelby's youngest son, who was for crawling bed with his parents, saying he was scared. The next She'll be learned that his son, and by working up by a person wearing a mosque hanging up. but down from their roof. Looking into he's window, the main flesh,
the torch all around the room, then disappeared. There was no sign of footprints or any entry attempt that Shelby could find labour, certain neighborhoods, with sped of attacks by the EAST area rapist because of the different styles of homes built he's home and those in his immediate area had the tops of windows. You roll out would certainly a small way sliding windows which open enough to call on through after the last attack attack twenty two that occurred on May twenty Eightth, seventy seven more co. Started becoming regularly about break ins or suspicious men, people believed could have been the stereo ripest in June, A resident of say to her why, in the northern part of chemical reported that had been looking for paper work with these work schedule on it, while he was searching, he discoveries hang on which he always kept. A loaded in these noise stand had been unloaded and moved. There
In a report of a mile with thick black curly hair, seen acting suspiciously on the path directly behind this residents house. The resident never located his work schedule later. two days later, she'll be received a call from a woman who had been broken into while she was at first rate butter We would say to Hearst why, where the resident with a missing paperwork lived, his house was Just moments up the road, this woman, and her daughter had come home to find that things in Saudi House had been disturbed. Nothing. was taken, but she was sure things had been moved around. When shall be arrived to take a look. He found a footprint with his exact patent underneath one of her windows shall we you're, not some houses on her straight and found a similar story up the road A woman and her daughter told show me that on quite a few occasions, they had returned home to form their front door, unlocked and sometimes left slightly ajar.
she never found anything missing, so she had never reported it to police but she was adamant that things were often moved inside her house. She had also been receiving a lot of hang out phone calls. When she told Shelby that she kept a spare k underneath her doormat He realized she had no idea about the stereo ripest. Backyard of the house opposite. Hers especially found the tennis shoe footprints with the zig patent and a number of the same stall cigarette box Shelby at had seen before. That would get at the base of a huge tree. The clear line of thought to the woman's house. The neighbors said that awake Allah has seen a young blonde man approach that backyard. She'll be informed the woman about the dangers of leaving her k under the door mat while also warning about the stereo ripest. At some known, whether the ripest new law enforcement when they are closely watching this area or that shall we had spoken to what looked like the Bay one of these future targets, but he never appear.
Hit the surface again in that particular neighborhood back to the entire month of June, went on and no attack by the Exterior ripest was report. soon. The time between attacks grew longer than any break he had before. It was at this time. and that the reward grew to thirty thousand dollars. In July, seventy seven Shelby was going on vacation on the stay. He was scheduled off, it was notified. He was being re assigned to patrol Watch commander. It was the sought after administrative posts, but shall we felt it was to get him out of the way of Captain stand as the two budded heads on how the ace Terrier ripest investigation was being run, this re silent men shall be would no longer be actively investigating the case when July came and went without an attack and August begin some had hopes they had seen the end of the terror.
On August 16th, seventy seven, the Sacramento County Sheriff's office, received to talk to letter. This letter was never publicly released and only small parts of what it said can be taken from newspaper articles and comments by law enforcement. At the time The letter was signed off from someone calling themselves afraid it insinuated a bang written by a friend of the a stereo rapist. It included very specific information about particular crimes that police knew to be correct, which had never been made public. Which is why they didn't realize the full details of the letter. By holding this information back. There would be able to corroborate certain details if a suspect arose, The letter appeared to be written by someone with knowledge of who the exterior ripest works, or it may have been written by the ripest himself. A what The details within with short police, it was legitimate and a message was sent back to the letter. W avoid the press. The next day
Sacramento death of Elvis Presley the who was taught clue to ripest at last, press bison for the county. Sheriff's department Bill Miller said that the letter instructed detectives to indicate to the local media. If they wanted more information. So that's exactly what they were doing. Miller quote We want to speak to afraid we've been given information, possibly valuable information in a well written talk letter. It not. from a cook There is a statement in the letter or something that the letter writer is aware of that he's very Very interesting. Miller confirmed that the information could only be known by someone familiar with details of the case that are not generally known to the public. The suspect The letter rod. I knew this suspect
Miller, confirmed the letter. Rada would be guaranteed and immunity if they called him. Nothing further has ever been released from police about this letter, but some speculate. It was the east area rapist who wrote it. After all, Why would the letter ought to ask for such a public announcement? they really were afraid. But the beginning of September, seventy seven there had still been no further attacks That has now been over three months. take a sum of education was transfer. It is part of his job, if he was in the military, was he posted elsewhere. Police could when we speculate. One important thing to note is that there had been unprecedented hate on the ground in Sacramento over that summer, the the patrols and civilian groups were becoming more vocal in the press. They were place every way and there was still talk of police trying to get a helicopter to use in that patrols.
But towards the end of those three months. Without an attack things, set the one faq. the civilian groups got less vocal and dwindled police patrol I down and they are no longer full term. Stakeouts people started to wonder if it was. Finally all over. One hour south of Sacramento in the city of Stockton was enough. the class neighborhood, Lincoln Village West. If you looked at it without knowing where it was but would fit right into a Sacramento. Just off the five was pointed circle, a circle. A straight laying off a large park. It had a levy right by which, right under the eye. Five and To amaze of other escape routes. This neighborhood in Stockton had been having trouble with crale for a few weeks There was an unusual amount of dogs, barking people, being on the offences in the north and the level footprints in yards that left home confused.
A couple sodomy in wandering around the neighbourhood. When you realise that were watching him, he began to jog only he was wearing any sort of jogging ye. He seemed very out of place that same not a lot blue or grain to door. That's in or tired, with Saint driving. Slowly down pointed circle. A woman saw a white station wagon two days in a row circling slowly around and around. She described the driver as what mile twenty to twenty seven years of age, with brown hair over Easy's and a rough ruddy complexion another woman was on the fine when she heard someone trying to open her back door Her husband wasn't home so in a she crawled along the floor into a bedroom and got a handgun but who have tried to get in was unsuccessful A few people on the street received a strange phone call, but it wasn't a hang up cool when they answered the person on the other end said: go to Hell, babe.
There were quite a few new residence in the street the two houses had for sale signs in their front yards A couple who owned a local store were asleep when the sliding door that led to the bedroom from the patio opened. The EAST area rapist had a bag within the couple. Clearly recognized that does adopt this back when, drop. The bag to the floor is sanded locked there were cans inside from that moment. On events unfolded like previous a stereo ripest attacks, the whisper, the flashlight, the threats that kill everyone, the same ritual of tying and re time, using shoelaces from the house again in putting lights on the husband's back. This time he told them. He had seen the woman in the store they owned and had to have her. He also said he only lived a few blocks away and he needed things for his apartment. Tell soap utensils televisions. but then that change to just wanting food and money
There were two children asleep down the hall: When he dragged the woman from her bed, she asked for her Rio that she was naked He dragged it over her showing a hint of thoughtfulness that instilled a glimmer of hope in the couple She noticed tat. He had a very strong and unappealing body Oda, which she found hard. The pin point his low. swiss pursing put on these voice raised, go hot peach at times he drank up. I get over living room lamp to deem the lot in between writing this Ababa. He went he. for the night. This time butter and he drink Pepsi. The survivor thought he may have used a fake penis at some stage. She thought It's because she noticed that his penis was extremely small, but it's stages of the assault. It seemed like it was a different person entirely. He was standing in the whole wide with his mask still on naked from the waist down,
quietly out of one of the bedrooms. Tiptoed the couple's six year old daughter she was going to the bathroom She saw the stereo ripest and hated he was playing games with her parents asked if she wanted to help us like she ignored him and kept walking to the bathroom. Then she went back to bed she hardly remembered much of the man but lighter she was hypnotized and gave a very detailed description. What at all? No okay answer: underwear, the short sleeved shirt with a pocket and a zipper instead of buttons, black Knit gloves brown ski mask A waste bulb that had a gun holster on the left side and sword hung from the right side a belt. With two revolvers, imprinted on it that barrels cross diver a cello. A metal branded wristwatch, which was on his right waste, a tattoo
Similar to the Schlitz Malt liquor, bull on his left forearm, this bull was black with white horns. A large black ring on his right hand,. Both the survivor and her husband heard he makes it a door, but only knew he had left when they heard a car engines start up. Your sword It sounded like a volkswagen. Tell rebel to find the police because he had not cut that fine on something he and they have the same to do when you said Skype was further away. Stockton police arrived at the same, for I am between the house in the eye, for there is a large park. The lady lazy from the off walk straight to the park, which day is straight portage circle. Fed into the perfect, like listen to prayer while having your car parked far away, but then sometimes like to do on the night of the attack, he pocked much closer. I know it's not belonging to the house was found at the foot of the couple's bed.
All that was missing from the house was five dollars. Wedding and engagement rings, a toy pin cufflinks and a men's onyx ring, possibly the ring their daughter, saw during her hypnosis. Seven dollars that was in the husband wallet wasn't taken. There were shoe prints found outside, but they wanted. His exact patent Is there a ripe? Is tat new shoes converse Those does followed Miss attack the family, constant troubles with a fine final that were put to the problem. When Stockton police had to leave them a note, because I repeated attempts to call they couldn't get through when as they get through. There was lots of clicking noises, and sometimes The call would disconnect and reconnect halfway through it Like someone was messing with the phone police, put a trap on their phone, but from then on the problem stopped. Police near focus their attention on stop them
The Sacramento sheriff's department sent two detectives down to Stockton to assist the next. the local home depot sold out of deadbolts. Sacramento and Stockton police theorized? That stop was the new hunting ground. A stereo ripest was migrating self, but why while putting plans in place to prepare for more attacks. EAST area rapist headed back north, first of October saw his return to a Sacramento these next, tax would show all the hallmarks seen before the flashlight. The touring and untwine the whisper through clenched teeth the ransacking, the yating. but there were some slight changes. He talk It's a new area, it's just slightly fueled from his usual hunting g and some would not appears technical as others attack Twenty four occurred on October: first, nineteen, seventy seven, he attacked us
seventeen year old Hotel made in her twenty one year old boyfriend in the boyfriend's home in La Riviera. This location was between the eight attacks in the rancher Cordova Del Diode, comical cluster and the two taxing Glenbrook near the Water Avenue Bridge in the power plot cargo corridor. It was one Walk from the Lincoln Highway and between this house and the American River was a large park, nice attack, the woman noticed the EAST ripest had terrible breath and terrible body odor. He was With a three fifty seven revolver, the boy People didn't get aggressive towards the ripest and it was thought that dont may have met him before the boyfriend. kept a loaded, shot gun against the wall next to his bed, but he never not a chance to rate for the turned out, even He did get a chance to reach for it. He wouldn't have found it. It had been moved. There was found on the night the sofa unloaded, but the shells had been warned up, namely underneath it back in
But to do this, the stereo ripest had to abandon the Hacienda Biggest difference in this case was both the survival and her boyfriend heard a car honking outside a few. That's right out the door Bell rang they believe. that the ripest was in the kitchen. When this happened, then car home again before someone started tapping on the front window, They heard muffled voices, one of them sounding like a woman still believed the ripest was in the house, while this was happening, but shortly after he left. attack, twenty fourth October, twenty first, no two, seventy seven days is area rapist moved further north than he had before the neighbourhood afoot he'll farms in antelope was north of chemical and west of citrus hot. Just over that, What day is and how I went. beach house, with rod of the hall by exit and in between the house and the exit was a large Poc Mcclellan for space was close boys well married, come
and in a ten year old daughter, lived in the house. The east area. Ripest was back to his old habits with neighbours, reporting various songs of prowess in print calls in the three weeks leading up to the attack Coinciding with the fact that the previous attack was three weeks earlier,. The thing about these latest prank calls were that I didn't say so weak or two before, like others, had these Was continued right up to the day of the attack, in the week prior, the family had twice returned home to find doors open on the first occasion it was their carriage door, the sick, occasion that was their slaughtering internal door from the kitchen to the garage. During the I could self the surviving noted that the stereo right this same to act very gentle towards her in between outbursts of threats to kill her. She was adamant that he was circumcised, which had been point of debate for detectives up until that point when he went the kitchen to a the said. She heard him sobbing.
After returning to riper. He began sobbing again and walked away. Although she felt he was at Tom's putting on an act with these whispering voice. She did believe that the soul was genuine. She also believed that he started with genuine when he said the following in his angry whisper, my Buddy he's in the car waiting till the pigs. I will be backing easier if He started on the letter pay when he said pigs. Most children before they ten year old, daughter status, asleep and was not disturb attacked. he seeks came just eight days later October, twenty noise, He struck in the same neighborhood of Sacramentos attack fording border, car mako and just north of Arden Arcade archive attacks. Six and fourteen still appear oscillated isolated in comparison to other costs. Occasion was. This was not close to the river levies, all holidays
A nearby open field was about the only thing it had in common with other locations. The house It was a car salesman who had just come home from hospital a few days off the surgery new to their home two weeks before the house, It was the only one on the straight, not under construction. Within two days of getting their foreign installed within a number they started receiving, hang up calls. Their ordeal began at one hundred and forty five, a dot m when the husband of work to the east area rapist, topping on the bottom of his foot with a gun. Nervous and scared at first, but became much more confident after that will buy start up. They bite Scrub voice is very feminine. He said only wanted, was money and food for his van the woman the writing, a check to which he said, shut your fucking mouth. he told them. He knew that I had a gun in their, not steamed, which was true. Except a lighter. It was found at the foot of that bed, The couple had been out earlier that not while Thou area the stairs
The rapist was inside their home moving the gun. It had been unloaded and the ammunition was found in the neighbor's backyard. That neighbor was a police officer. After writing this via he went to the kitchen for food, as it usually did, but this Tommy added sobbing again. the Savanna Belated that was genuine while sobbing, he said, I'm sorry Mummy Mummy. Please help me. I don't want to do this mummy, someone on tell me the husband also heard the exterior area rapist crying and at one point five percent awaiting this. mother thought. She heard a duffel bag things if open and shut. he was wearing corduroy pants and was back wearing his three strong blue tennis shoes with by now had been identified as a shoes. Whitney Avenue was the main road one block south of this house when the Police- don't trust
be a stereo ripest. It stopped at the curb along that straight in front of two houses, one of which was vacant and societal. at four forty five. That morning, which coincides with the time the ripest fled, the house a resident on Whitney Avenue was preparing to go to work. Saw a man walk very slowly, Pastis House they made contact, instead at each other, the rest Then put an uneasy feeling and kept it The man as he continued up the road to a large tree. the resident felt the man was about to cross the road. So with the way momentarily when the resident looked back up. The man was gone. But there's no way he could have crossed the street. He didn't have enough time. The resident felt he was hiding behind the tree when it, got in his car. He drove by to see if he could see him, but he couldn't. The tray was too big.
The resident got a good look at him. Then he gave a description which became another compensate sketch of the stereo ripest. What mile fought for night to six feet? Tall twenty to twenty five years old one hundred and eighty pounds, maybe a brand name We color collar length, no facial hair, he wore shirt with several grounds drops around the chest: dark pants, but no jacket. Sergeant, Jim Balance from the sheriff's department, was canvassing that day and met with a shop on a further along Whitney Avenue. Looking at her window, she saw me and take a back out of a trial on the back of a dump truck. He was dressed in. Dark clothing and had a hood or mask over his head. He got on the bar right away. When the stereo ripest returned to Sacramento after his one attacking stopped him, he hit the law Riviera neighbourhood between ranch. I could die via inclined brook
that's when he attacked the maid and a boyfriend attack number twenty four. This was in the same cluster as attacks eleven and eighteen in gun broke new. The palate Paul on cargo and the south entrance to the one Avenue bridge at the time One joggers could be found running along the American River Levee. At all hours of the day, it was a busy neighborhood. Many residents had seen numerous prowess and received hang up calls in the Tom Lighting up. In fact, the whole YE lighting up had been busy with suspicious behavior on and off. EAST area, rapist returned to this area about three. I am on November tenth, nineteen, seventy seven, He was watching a home on La Riviera draws the American River. trials ran just behind it. Six year old woman and her thirteen year old daughter were slightly in their beds, There was no man in the house the hysteria right, wiped the mother with that blinding flashlight and beyond her, as he had always done.
He told her that all he wanted was money and no one would be harmed the woman yelled at him. What do you want with me? I'm an old lady. He left her room and went down the hall to her thirteen year old daughter, its unclear if he was aware of the girls, I your not. He shook the girl alike The girl record saying leave me alone only when she I've been to rise. Did she realized the person trying to wake? Her? Was a man in his game? Ask he held an off to her throat. This is in a jug. He tried to turn arrive at a tie, her wrists behind her back, but she pulled away and said: Nug do what I say: I'm going to stab you with a north, I'll slit your throat and what she bladed death. Such written caught her ear off, The girl and her mother had read news articles about the exterior ripest, though I knew exactly who is in their house and what he wanted when he threatened the girl again. She said I don't care.
It left the girls room and returned to her mother. He got the same type of response. Walked back to the girls room, he attempted to riper when, but he was unable That was very rare for him to give up, but he did He told her he was going to pack some groceries from the kitchen before he left He noticed the girl was cold, so he picked up a blanket from the floor and covered her with it. On the second of December, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, the EAST area rapist, was busy on the phone the first all was made to police operator. I'll said, are shocking. Another ripe. The operator felt. The voice was from a man s between twenty and thirty, with no distinct accent. He felt it was raining from something or assigning words from a page. The call was recorded, nor was it I want to be traced. Second call on December second was made to the sheriff's department, which was recorded.
Come in and I He did in fact struck again that not that was a Twenty eight December second, seventy seven, At one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m in Foothill farms in the vicinity of where attacked when he fought took place. Just to wait so Leah, the door they are sending just three us from the Mcclellan AIR Force Base, a woman and her two young children were flight. The house Husband was an army lieutenant assigned as an advisor to the National guard. He was a you haven't. I. The woman had been receiving hang up phone calls for a few weeks, but they had stopped a few days earlier. She awoke to the I for sure, choose would she licence, blindfolded and gagged. Britain to harm the children that didn't go near them. She never saw him with any weapon.
it seemed like he was intent on raping her that night, but he didn't. There was a group of noisy kids outside and he seemed distracted by them. It's shown in the past that he didn't cope well with unexpected situations. Attack 20father code, if he waits early I'll just do the one model way it coincided with the Savannah from this attack. Twenty eight returning time off the bang out with a friend The door she had left unlocked was near locked, Looked around the house, her a friend, found a jar of pickles that they moved inside the fridge she also discovered. A photo of her was missing. Some members of law enforcement with doubtful that this attack was the work of a stereo area rapist, trading. This particular case is false The reason for this was that, in the immediate laid up to this attack, there had been a number of false write reports what followed up in nature these cases, the woman confessed. She had made the whole thing up.
Apart from wasting precious time, the police were now on how I look for more false reports on fourth at least this. Above all, it was in fact telling the truth. She the brunt of what a few others it caused and is now recognized as an nice day, arrivals attack, There were the usual suspicious sightings of a problem in the area leading up to this attack, which were reported by neighbours into place, came knocking afterwards. During the canvas it was revealed. The two women who live together nearby returned home to fund their power had been switched off. They done just moved into this home and before that that we were saving prank calls at their all time during one of the coals, and I will voice wasted your next. On December later, on December, ninth nineteen and seventy seven, the Savannah twenty one verse eight that cool. At twenty. One was where the survivor and her husband had attended the school meeting, the husband And made the same only to
they become victims themselves of the east area, ripest. the attack on them occurred. Seven months after the school meeting, then seven once after the attack was when the Savanna received this call. Despite the money for the past, she knew the voice he whispered merry Christmas. It may again. the following: not the Sacramento County Sheriff's department operator received a call on guy to hit tonight what avenue. The was identified as the same individual from the previous call to the operator, but there was no attack that Noah. December 11th, the second they received a poem the No consensus is that this was written by the stereo ripest although there are some who speculate it wasn't it is, road excitements crave.
all those mortals surviving birth upon face in maturity, taking the tree of their worth to prevailing society. choosing values becomes a task once must seek satisfaction. The selected Where will unmask character when planes take action. Accepting some work to perform at fixed pay, but promise for more recognize social norm, as is the current seeking goal caving, while others lifting should be cause for deserving fame, leisure attempts. excitement seeking what's right and expected same time. Jesse James has been seen by all and the sun same has as an author, others. I feel temptations call Sacramento. should make an offer. To make a movie of my loss that will pay, for I planned exile. Now, I'd like to add the wife of a I fear Lord to my file you,
EAST area, rapist and deserving pest, see you in the press or on tv. As one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven drew to a close, it was weighing heavily on old, Laura enforcement that these predator had slipped through their fingers, Tom and Tom. Again, The opportunity may have been lost at the seven eleven store at ten seven. Eighty five Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova, active Carol, diaries husband, sergeant TED Daily, was at the time in charge of the selective enforcement detail essay day, which was the prey. I serve tonight's. What thing broached by a member of his. I say, dating with some information that needed urgent attention are not. look at the seven eleven store on Colombia. Road had reported that a suspicious customer matching, the general description of the east area ripest frequently visited the store. He normally went in around two, am and walked to the back of the store
To look at the adult magazines sergeant, they put two members of his team on the job straight away. This is This customer was nine to always wear black shiny jacket with a picture of Vietnam embroidered on the back The common jacket of the time, the issue day offices were supposed to dress entirely in civilian clothes since Diane saying so as not to tip the suspicious customer off one officer, There are so many out of the way, while the other stayed in the back utility room of the seven eleven but the officer in the utility room wasn't entirely in civilian clothes. He had uniform on underneath, which was visible. Plus you didn't stop out of sight in the utility room he kept walking in and out. Light not nor the seven eleven store phone rang, the clerk answered and the male cooler said. Let me talk to the cops in the back. There aren't any offices out the back cola thanking me that shit.
The clerk turned to the officer who was never saw him and handed him the phone. The officer said hello who's. This. There was a chapel at the other end before the law and went dead. The suspicious customer reported by the clerk was never. singing inside the store. Again after that. I offer free samples to look on the outside, but here on the inside, I am stressing over payroll from a new computer borri AOL your voice of reason popping and to say that with quick books you can run payroll and as little as five minutes, did you see five minute? Should it now? If you'll excuse me, I have a train of thought to catch. We wait before you go yes, tips on getting paid but books. You can send your first invoice in three easy steps. Now that's piece of my new business, no problem success starts within to acquit books. Five minutes I peered, based on medium term, spent by peril users. Profound must be set up private, sending an invoice.
has known. Seventy seven came to a close. The exterior ripest had been operating for eighteen months. Twenty eight attacks in the Waste from the sacrament shows Department, the Sacramento City, police and stop them. Police were no closer to catching him. He had three. and to kill his next victims. During the attacks of both twenty and twenty one had been seven attacks since then,. five resulting in right and to file gripe attempts with no attempt made to kill anyone. Was he really prepared to kill, or was it merely a threat, a further attempt to instil the greatest amount of fear. He possibly could Christmas time to college students had started telling patients with the stereo ripest composite drawing on the front and the words help us find him before he finds you They were widely criticized for making money from crimes, but I argued that would just trying to help find the ripest sovereign
tat daily, who had been in charge of the stake out of the seven eleven store leading ranch, Eichel diver with Carol Dudley as most offices did at the time you patrolled the area every chance he got early in the morning before sunrise, he was stopped at intersection when he saw a car moving suspiciously slowly, there was a want to do a datsun which has been primed for painting. This was not the first time suspicious vehicles thought to be linked to the east area. Ripest had been described as being primed so tat. He was on high I when he looked closer, it had very dim headlights and unknown, wasn't plight. The debt and turned into a straight than picked up spade The talk daily got to where he thought it should be. It had completely disappeared. There was a theory that the stereo ripest leaving the ranch. I could die the area That was where his first attack was. He hit the area four times within his first ten attacks and had he there again since.
They sought by TED Daily and the suspicious main visiting the seven eleven in ranch. I could develop strengthened this opinion. At the end of nineteen, seventy seven, the sheriff's department, in with the help of a professional investigation consultant then compiled a six page report on how the investigation might best be conducted This analysis of the report is taken directly from detective showbiz book hunting a soccer path. He was Send report stated that, because of the broad and at minimize the chance of accurate observations, as when witness reports a varied so much, it was difficult to subtract to the significant, from the insignificant details The observations arise from a variety of causes. These could be personal viewpoints. Mary or even confusion in a high stress situation. The report The following up: every Tawny laid in the stereo ripest investigation, as had been done up to this point, would be time wasting
possibly fruitless, as the new methodology, one which, what's with the end event, the attack on the victim and works backwards from there. The key feature of this approach being the formulation of a hot offices which could then be tested and data confirmed or discredited. After an in depth. Analysis of this proposed new methodology and a recommendation on best practice to work backwards from the crime itself. The report goes on to analyze the odds of what times and places the east area rapist, which struck based on averages that concluded the following? The east area rapist is most likely to stalk on a Friday or Saturday, between the hours of two hundred and forty, a dot m and four hundred and thirty. I am Geographical distribution of east area, rapist attacks show some puzzling factors, but other which might be of technical value. it's Rancho Cordova was the scene of his first attack at maybe, The prototype of his subsequent attacks,
analysis shows a tendency to return roughly regular intervals at the outset and then at longer. it's after that incident, It's not within mine cost. This may represent the beginning of new clusters of attacks the The timespan between attacks in these major groupings is about two months. however, there is little interval regularity within groups about the it can be said, is that the first incident in a new area is generally followed by another in two months or less. The report also mentioned that the exterior ripest seem to have an extensive wardrobe of informal clothing and award assortment of knives, hand, guns and flesh lot, but it's on. If he owned all of these items or if you just acquire them. The report then moved on to an analysis of the exterior ripest tomorrow. The first few cases seem to have been conducted on an individual, somewhat opportunistic basis. His attacks were confined the cases of young girls he had apparently determined to being defenceless situations later
the reform these technique and began. to attack married couples. It seemingly van tonight, but with two e's locking in which there is one hundred and fifty aisle or on the construction maybe may studied for such features as for planes, locations, talks of windows, door, locks, etc. Preferably there should be an open field, school grounds, levy or concrete lawn to teach at the rear of the development terms. The chances of being same next spend some time praying and old burglarizing the neighborhood speaking at a suitable victim, Studying her and her family's habits, further familiarizing himself with the interior of the house or houses he intends to break into. This intelligence gathering activity. He study several residences said that he may operate in the neighborhood at a later date, with a minimum of reconnaissance. The report also made mention of the numerous signings of a volkswagen in and around a stereo ripest chrome sings
A w had been you in a variety of very slightly different colors, which could be put down to the different lighting at the time it had been. Describe as doc, grain grey or silver blew, the report Polluted that, although the ACE area ripest had access to other vehicles, this fate, W I have been his personal car. The investigation took its tall on everyone involved: civil, the struggle to move on with their lives and feel that the east area ripest would return detective Carol Daley was instrumental in facilitating group canceling force of otters. Many in law enforcement filled the strain of the pressure that around under the catching fucking on these terms, Carol Daily said quote, I remember when also burnt out on working he supporting victims etc. The palace debate. Thought going back to homicide would just be more trauma for me, the the market handled death, but continue
support of the victims with no answers, for them was draining. Detective Shelby was still off the investigation, but often linked backing to help where he could, the specially in Europe. brutes, were on the case. on January. Second, nineteen. Seventy eight, a coal was received by the survival of the stereo rapists first attack, which occurred I can do ninth one thousand nine. Seventy six in Rancho Cordova the survivor of attack, one still had a trap, recording device fitted to her phone. She answered to hear the following voice: writer at random, rather at random There are serious he was referring to himself he and that these nine may actually be re. but there are some who wonder if he was in fact referring to the officer who headed up the a stereo right. This task force lieutenant bright roots.
The survivor from attack one received several hang up and prank phone calls over the next few hours before getting nice. the the then.
And I can then. January. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight service in Stockton received a phone call from someone claiming to be the east area. Rapist There is no available available, but this is the transcript. Can you help me what's the problem? I have a problem on hundred hope because I don't want to do this anymore. Do what. Well, I guess I can tell you guys, you not tracing the call. I know tracing any calls.
And they sought rapist in a field It's coming on to do this again. I don't want to do it, but then I do it. Is there anyone there? That can help me, but I want to women or their husbands anymore. You tracing this call. We not tracing this call do when a counselor, no I've been to canceling all my life, always instead in state hospital. I shouldn't tell you that, but guess I can trust you guys. Are you tracing this call? we tracing the call. You are tracing Nicole. The line then went dead. Two slash eight light off on the 20th of January. This is AVA from attack. I was in bed with her husband when the phone rang at five hundred and thirty. I am This of was still half asleep when she picked up the phone. She heard someone booing and arming she passed find her husband who heard the following.
Struck in a but Will they my next victim, I'm going to fuck you in the Bud c c. This evolve is fine, had not been fitted with a trap, nearly two months since the stereo ripest had struck but Lauren forspent knew? It was only a matter of time, the first the one thousand nineteen, seventy eight was attacked number twenty nine. It occurred on January twenty Eightth on coal. If we wait comical needy American River College. This is our foreign and fifteen had enjoyed a day out of town ski they pair. It's, but would you home before midnight, the America can revert. College was just two blocks away and there was a can field sports able, at their end of it there there was a teacher at Sacramento City College, the survey but from a tech, number writing to adjust for safe they early morning. Phone calls right away. Kolya was this:
at the same college at the time of her attack nine months earlier teenage girls went to bed in separate rooms about eleven p dot m. I thought it was the oldest east. Oh it got up to investigate she heard a sinister whisper at her bedroom door. Could all your money or I'll kill you a stereo ripest had changed it up for me, still flock entrances. This time hid keeping their front door. The fifteen year old girl gave him sixty dollars. Then he said: go wake up your sister, don't make any noise and don't look at me his visit. the description and man I did not differ from previous attacks. The binding them both he shot, one sister to the floor. Don't talk or move rock cut your throat slip away in the fog he right guys goes ransacking the house in between at one when he started sobbing and said what I wanted. Do this anymore she's making me do it.
This above his parents are right time. Just fifteen minutes after the east area, rapist had left. in the weeks leading up to this attack, someone had broken into the family's garage and stolen tools, Somebody's had also been receiving prank calls from a strange man asking for their mother. The eldest survivor was missing two earrings from her jewelry box. The earrings were made from two dorms with holes drilled in them there were also, Two photographs of the youngest of all the missing. about nine, fifteen and fifteen. On February second, nineteen. Seventy eight, a young married couple and out walking the young married couple there was a routine walk for them and their dog who was named thumper. They had moved, Area just six months earlier. Twenty one year old Brian majority was in the air force paid. Recently been stationed in Alaska While he was away his wife Katy, who is twenty, remained behind in Fresno omen.
Two hundred miles south of Sacramento, when Bro. find was transferred to Mather AIR Force base. Heading KD, move to Rancho, Cordova Brian was soon getting transferred to Jimmy. Heidi, had told friends about prank call she received while living in Fresno. She also said she felt like she was being stalked during in. The male call told her that he had right to women and she would be next the fallen when is the account of what happened during their walk on various witness statements, as described by detective rigid, shall be in his book hunting a psychopath. the main witness a ten year old boy watched from a second story window, as the incident unfolded in his backyard Brian Katy, where apparently out for an evening strong when they small what doth ran off, chasing after by into a backyard where it is possible that surprised the pre law,
in the trailer armed with a handgun gave chase to Brian and Katie. This is where the ten year old witness comes in. A strong wind had previously knocked down a section of fence in his backyard, as the young witness watched he saw Brian and Katie run through that damaged section of fence into his backyard. Immediately behind them was a gun wielding man. Bryan made it as far as the patio before being shot to death by the man with a gun having just taken one life. The main turned his attention to Katie, who was running for her life as she ran. He fired a shot off the shot, each one missing her, but striking the house he caught up with her at the gate, his view, blocked by a bush. The young witness heard a single gunshot then saw a smaller man of rising smoke. Apparently Katie's body may have been blocking the gate, leaving the killer, no other option, but to climb over which he did as the killer cleared the fence a curious next door. Neighbor was stepping out of his garage. The two came face to face: probably the only reason the sweetness was not shot was because the kilo was out of ammunition having just expanded at all. On Katie the killer first ran down. One block then switched to another direction. He changed directions, two or three times a few blocks from the motor saying. A woman was doing yard work when she saw a man walking rapidly in her direction. He was staying close to shrubbery near the front of her neighbors says he crossed the yards. When a car approached, he jumped behind a tree pressing himself as flat as he could against it. There he remained until the car had passed. Then continued on his way,
shooting his face with his jacket color, he remarked to the woman as he crossed her yard. Guess I must be trespassing. He was wearing a world war, two era bomber jacket, with the three hundred and twenty eight on group. Insignia patch A typical procedure of law enforcement when a major chrome occurs is to coordinate the area is quickly as possible, usually is accomplished. Boss, strategically positioning squad cost the block all ingress. They grace Patrol office. A petty bottler was assigned to replace another patrol officer who had the ladys position in this great as she arrived at her post shop bought butler, spotted a folded dollar bill lying near a It's a butler radio, the officer she was replacing and asked if he had noticed anything in that exact spot. other office. I had written down a description of a black eye. The Orange Fayette roadster stops with Lawson Flight number ca. I one zero bait bay that was parked at the spot where she found the money
although there is no information as the what came of the investigation into this car when the peace what run through the system years later, it was found that the car was compacted and sent to the smelter in nineteen. Ninety fourth. This incident was immediately handled by the homicide division who released nothing to anyone inside the task force. After all, this was a humus soil, not a right. Committed by the EAST area, rapist, All the public knew was that a young couple were gunned down, as they walked the dog shoelaces already formed and nodded into a loose loop had been found at the crime scene. Thumper was and caring in neighbor's yard. When Because it's catches were released in the press following the murder at stake. The police were looking for two suspects. This is because the two sketches made up from different witnesses looks different. That was similar but the age was different, leading to confusion and the thought there were two suspects. What they say,
It was the flicked away from the fact that everything about this killer resembled the exterior rightist there was no indication whatsoever as to the reason why the murders occurred, but the logical thought is that the couple running after their dog into the boy's backyard interrupted someone about to break into the house. His parents were asleep, but the boy was standing at the window because he heard noises prior to the shooting. It's plausible, that the killer was unexpectedly seen by Brian and Katie right at the moment he was about to break in leading to the killer, shooting them because they had seen his face. When the neighbour coming from his garage. So the kill a flame. He didn't have a mosque on possible He hadn't yet put his mask on when Brian and Katie approached the yard. There is other information to suggest a connection to a drug ring operating it may air force base at the Twan and that a heat And taking out on Brian and Katie. as Brian was in the military, it became a federal investigation.
In two thousand and fifteen, the FBI sent out a press release confirming that were still actively looking into the link between this double Murdoch and the EAST area rapist. referred to it as a tech, and you will say it on the map. March, sixteenth nineteen, seventy eight one month after brine and Katy were murdered. Another survive I received a telephone call them I'll call us said to her. I need someone to talk to you. While I must debate, would you be interested? The line then went dead. Two days after this phone call March, Eighteenth nineteen, seventy eight, the Stereo rapist, returned to stop them to commit attack number thirty. One the House on Meadow Avenue was only two and a half miles away from the previous Stockton Attack six months old, just Us hallway ninety nine, Behind the houses on Meadow Avenue was a wooded area which led to fought Mile Craig over the Craig with two schools
on new year's day. Seventy eight, a lawyer, Please girlfriend friend returned time to find their door locks had been damaged. This thorough saved phone calls for days. Where might call a kept asking for someone, they didn't know the coals stop the few days later outside. I didn't think any more of it in a little while, after the cold stopped, they heard a banging noisy sought. Lock, like someone had just kicked the sort of their middle air. Conditioner The natives had also been receiving, hang up calls and some had seen a prolonged. that wouldn't buy until later that police learnt a different people on the street had accounts of prowling activity. One so the pre law unified Invade Wfan. In a situation. None of their songs were enough to make anyone called the police The Saudis were put together. It's held the Familia story of the ripest.
on March sixteenth Norton. Seventy eight, the lawyer in these girlfriend noticed that the internal door from the garage to the house no longer locked, probably it was like it had been tampered with. that would be busy and didn't have time to fix it. Stop stopped the one I am on March. I date they awoke to a flashlight shining. In their eyes, the estate a rapist. I quietly let himself in through the unlocked door. Things played out like previous attacks. He got the will taught me not first, and he said he just wanted food and money, so we could live a little longer when he walked into the kitchen area, looking for the couples wallets, they heard him tearing tails, He then returned with place to put on the man's back then The woman out of the bedroom, in between writing this of water. He stopped to ransacked the kitchen and the fridge He drank two bottles of b Despite constantly telling his victims, he needed food and money, he rarely took money and he rarely ate more than a few things.
why he stopped. The aid was a hot question to answer for detectives. Some. questioned whether he had a physical condition or psychological made to it. well maybe he felt the need to address some sort of sexual motivation. The rain checking and the itself, possibly giving him sexual gratification It was widely believed that his main motivation, the thing which really drive him- was the planning and the control element of these attacks. During this attack. He found the survivors, not one penny hose in a drawer. He taught a naughty one leg and pushed a hole through the crotch. It wasn't. First time he had done, they say them off one of the times he writes this Ababa. He walked to the other side of the room. He started to sob and talk to himself blaming Mummy before he left. He stole this evolve as drivers licence and thirteen dollars in cash. One hundred and fifty dollars in quarters, dorms and nickels that were in two jars as well as earrings rings a watch and a hot school
the survivor after he was they heard the recognizable sound of a VW starting up. I ve. W was also heard, leaving the location of the previous attack that occurred in stop them. It had been almost a year since the EAST area rapist committed that single oscillated attacking South Sacramento attack number twenty two near the dentist's office. I was at the time considered that the next area right this felt a huge police presence, United Sacramento, and it committed an attack in the shop to get away from the hate. But there was another theory that it was a message to the dentist to denied to the reward fund and Did one of the civilian patrol groups the way Sacramento had been spared of further attacks since attack twenty two. It was also in South Sacramento I wear. Their graffiti was found in the gas station bathroom decor,
You need that read. This is a fact part of town next month. I thought he they stereo rapist The graffiti was six to seven miles away from the attack location, foreign after the relevance of it, didn't influence the investigation so no one had any idea what was even the stereo ripest to road, but this next attack would occur. Much closer to wear the profane was found One MI west of the off all exit where the gas station graffiti was saying a woman had lost minute plans and arranged for her to stay in your all, babysitters Amanto daughter. Babysitter arrived at nine pm to look after the woman's daughter. The woman also had all the daughters, but I ended up going to friends, houses. The babysitter's mother was a teacher at Sacramento City College. The mother of the survivors in attack. Twenty nine was also a teacher Sacramento City College, and this evolves arab attack. Dane was a student.
The babysitter had been receiving prank calls for the last few months at her house. On occasion that my uncle, I said Let me sell you out. by the end of march. The call was finding the baby sit assistance in saying I fucked your sister. she babysat often but never received any of the coals anywhere, but at home About nine hundred and thirty pay him off to the little girl she was babysitting and going to bed tonight is dope. barking. while watching tv, the baby sitter suddenly heard tulip banks. There was yea, stereo, ripest kicking in the door He ran towards her with an ice pick. He didn't have That she saw don't move, kill you don't talk or say anything, he spoke in his usual angry whisper through clenched faith. He forced that enough and put her hands behind her back He beyond her wrists, she begged him not to wife the sleeping go. He threw a blank.
Don't I head and said TAT move our study with my speak. Then, he told her. He was just going to take money and alive. He rummaged around the kitchen, then return the move that to another room where he left her again to rummage further, this twice before returning to attempt to rape her, but he didn't succeed. Then he told her he had wanted to her for the longest time. Giving The impression he had been stalking. Her the Cole sit certainly indicated he had been. But what was thought about this attack is that this Father was only there because of a last minute babysitting request. Then phone started ringing the estate. The ripest let it ring out, but then added ring again. this Tommy forces of order over to the fund. In order to answer he picked up her savor and held it up to her. When the Savanna said hello, the ripest immediately hung up the fire. The phone rang for
east area, rapist became angry and out onto the patio. Their attempt to riper Then headlights pulled into the driveway. It was this. Of his father, it driven to the has urgently when the owner of the house ranking in a penny saying this vital was unease ring the fine this of his father Yoda. This evolve a cry for help and the EAST area right. This was gone. during the investigation. It was discovered that a few nights earlier, the home and I found a man feeding the hysteria ripest description, standing on her patio. Don't appeared ass though he was talking about the baby, sitter and the homeowner Neighbours of the homeowner also had issues with a proud leading up to the attack. The Sacrament Rivet trial, was within minutes, walk at the house just off they attack a woman fishing in the river, a man jogging along the levee he fit east area rapist description with the one difference
I stopped at description, Spain that he had a mustache Deeds discovered the baby sitter had also been torn. Medical appointment cause a medical center two or three weeks prior. That's the ah monsieur, where the couple from attack number sixteen in Orange vile worked, and it's also in very close proximity to wear the envelope of cut out female Lawson's peaches was found on the odd and why. from the beginning of June to the beginning of July nineteen. Seventy eight, the EAST area rapist, went on the move. as to the waters in Stockton, and this time he went the south to the city, Modesto. At twenty four miles, south of Stockton It was here that he began among flung back and forth. Costa between Modesto ended the college town of Davis, which is fifteen miles east of Sacramento. In nineteen. Seventy eight Modesto had a population of around one hundred thousand people and was at the time on the growing city due to its reach agricultural land and the packaged food industry,
like Sacramento Modesto was growing rapidly with large scale housing developments, Where the east area rapist would commit attack number thirty, three, a who, owing to their own dry cleaning business in my destiny, had been receiving prank calls for three weeks. Sometimes The caller would hang up at times he might have seen. Suggestions and statements like I want to come on. You're lucky, after three in the morning on June fifth, nineteen, seventy eight they started to stir to a mess tap tap tap Bedroom door, but it was the brought flashlight that shone in their eyes that fully woke them. Then nice saw the north he went through as usual steps of telling them out threatening them in stacking dishes on them. Finally, they spoiling me tell the husband, I'm going to rape, your wife the husband heard the cocking of a gun, but he didn't say it.
The east area, ripest, was angry at the husband and it was almost like. The right was a way to get at the husband. This involves said she smelt beer on him by both the Tec did a hint of a mexican accent but went to shore up his real or not, and it was difficult to hear through his clenched whisper after right, the Savanna. He walked around sobbing and was breathing heavily. He left this. I can children trial. First time the stereo right, the stall, a considerable amount of money. Fifteen hundred dollars. But the couple had stashed away in the money bag has power were about to use it for their business. The second, in Turkey any sheriffs taskforce, trembled, timid s, now immediately to assist the investigation. In nineteen seventy eight, just over thirty five thousand people lived in the college town of Davis, which was fifteen miles west. Second Sacramento and about eighty eight miles north of the previous attack in Modesto play anointing minute drive. There was now June. Seventh
two days after the Modesto attack hey Stereo, ripest headed north, the Davis, where he would commit attack number thirty, four, a twenty two year old University of California Davis student was home alone. That was three I am, and she was asleep when he and down hard on her mouth in the dark, a clenched, we spent she heard collapse Anyone be hurt tat. He just wanted money and food and he would not harm her. He was wearing lot brown corduroy pants with as it fly and he's dark. Blue shirt whizzing saw tat. He was ten tennis shoes and had a non stocking ivories head, but it look. what he had a mask on underneath it the Ababa could say he had a mustache. He was armed with a screwdriver and a metal nail file which he held at her throat. He was not carrying a gun He only ever seemed to produce a gun when there was a main prison.
finished toying her as tight as he could. She screamed loudly and keep them thrashed about he held the now fall to her eye and she received a small cup shalt underwear under a mouth to gag her. She didn't kicked him in the thought. The east area rapist didn't lock it when people put up a before. He started punching her in the face and told her. She would never say her friends again. He wrote her round her stomach and You tried to lift her head up. He shoved to the floor and broke her. The civil authorities thumbs at one point during their struggle, as he took his gloves off the skin on his thumbs had colossus and was rough. He also very short fingernails. He raped. The survivor then left. Salida EAST area rapist was backs out in Modesto to commit attack number thirty five. It was June 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight It was just around the corner from his previous attacking Modesto.
the houses in the area where the recently constructed what was still under construction. The couple who both worked at the Modesto city. Hospital had only been living in their new home for two months. one thirty- I am, the a rapist prod open the sliding glass door. He Pull up or showing a torch in their eyes, he was a tee and tennis shoes and was carrying a bag with a zipper. This time he had a gun, he knew the man was home. He also armed himself with a knife from their kitchen, his whiskers saint, forced into the couple, detected a hint of a mexican accent, but it sounded fake. The actions of the stereo ripest played out the same as previous attacks. He stalled husbands, three fifty seven magnum from the noise stand and the couples wedding rings. I can draw the came forward with information after this attack the north The attack he picked up, a man at the airport at the United Airlines Terminal, the men
I asked the guy to address and when they arrived, the location was just an empty lot. The man said good enough got out and walked in the direction of the attack. The couple's house was just past the empty lot. He was carrying a plaid cloth bag with a zipper. Just over twenty four hours later, the Sarah Ripest was back north in Davis to commit attack number thirty. Six just walked the first. packing Modesto, the exterior ripest headed back north, the Davis taking me to another attack soon after the first One two days later, this time it was and they won. If you think I am June twenty fourth, a married couple my two small children were sleeping there, two story home that wasn't there first on the exterior ripest had struck a two story home, but it wasn't typical for him He preferred single story like Haitians. He appeared at their bedroom door, whispering angrily through clenched teeth. He was carrying a threat
Fifty seven revolver and an ice pick. He followed his usual routine the differences in this attack being that the survivor described the EAST rapist Menna is gentle and he referred to The boy had nickname called previous evolve as by name it was often thought he got it from male in the house. But there was nothing in this of all his house with a nickname written on it. He puffed and painted loudly as he ransacked the house. One of the children woke up and walked out of the room. The stereo is pushed the child into the bathroom. He is the door and rested a cup and saucer against it, telling the child not to touch the door I returned to the survivor and warned her that kid better stay in the bathroom or I'm going to push the sauce peek into your back. He better stay in the bathroom, I'll, kill every person in this house or shoot all your fucking heads off all. I want food and money. She described him as having big thoughts and a penis with a small circumcised. Head
The other thing she noticed was his bottom was Harry and his breath smell bad that had a sailor taught smell. The Davis police quickly use the dog to track the east, ripest attract him to the university airport, There's no information as to what happened from there inquiry were made at the airport, as for the white to the information from the cab driver on the night of attack. Thirty fourth. A neighbor found a jacket in her yard, which he turned over to the police. Detective show be quiet It was made of a heavy swag material waist length, dark blue. The coloring AFS, wouldn't it and had to gold colored stripes this. It was a dinner fought as a golden bear brand model, three hundred or three three made in California. I was only stuff. Watch Rei, stores one in Sacramento and two in San Francisco It was on the market for a year or two before being discontinued. Due to poor sales. Sales
who is the blue? Beat the Sacramento store that carried that model jacket had been destroyed in a fire. the store owner and asylum and did not remember ever selling one insane. Cisco hard on leather and a leather forever. The other two stores, that that Stalin Jacket were unable to help the Saint Francis, Go stores also carried ass, an emerging merchandise in stole store windows, the Davis today. Detective did an excellent job of running down. All possible leads on that jacket, but in the end there was a dead end. The next attack also occurred in Davis Attack, thirty seven on July Sixth, nineteen, seventy eight The thirty two year old survivors studied at Sacramento State College. She would delight with her son. only three. In the morning the savanna worked to the stereo ripest in a bedroom. He activist I am as previous attacks. There was no more so no gun.
He didn't force her from her room, nor did he wake her son would be the first time the east area rapist would be described as smelling heavily of cigarettes while he was in setting the house, he left us all as non footprint with his exact patent on a total next to the kitchen sink further matching. The prince were found outside during the ripe, He had trouble climax in, which was an unusual. He became frustrated that he put his head down on the pillow next to the summer and started sobbing. He said I hate you, I hate you. I hate you money. This was the last Davis would say a stereo rapist and he didn't return Modesto away, though It's unclear whether the sobbing were any indication of his mental and emotional state or whether It was just a red herring to throw off the police. Davis went into an unprecedented frenzy at town meeting was held and the mayor was quoted as saying the level
of paranoid is getting phenomenal. This is just raw fee. Coincidentally, the data may spoken Davis, the three fifty seven Magnum stolen from attack. Thirty five in maddest, I was found along a chameleon medicinal wrought near the house. The area had been searched previously and no gun was found. Lady some twenty one. He figures, Dariya Wright is temperate turned off of the search, the dump the gun, the good pulse. They have just being missed in the first is that this. Mental Bay reported cloak Davis police are stump, is the sacrament I police, Sacramento candy chefs deputies, Stockton, police and medicinal police in trying to identify the exterior ripest, who was terrorized women and girls in those communities. In the past two years, The Davis chief of police was quoted A pretty walked personality, but he's all pretty shrewd. Every murderer or right makes a mistake. Guy hasn't made a mistake yet detectives
convinced he does select hits ahead of Tom. He knows where he's going when he comes into town. no one knew where or when he would strike again and no police agency was any closer to catching him than the day you started there was still more to come to be continued next week.
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