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Case 56: Anita Cobby

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On the morning of February 4 1986, a dairy farmer in the outer Sydney suburb of Prospect noticed his cows had been behaving strangely. For hours, they had stood gathered at one particular spot in his paddock. The farmer went to see what they were doing and found the brutalised body of 26-year-old nurse Anita Cobby. ---  Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher For all credits and sources please visit casefilepodcast.com/case-56-anita-cobby
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Today's episode contains information about murder and sexual offences. Committed And spurred humans and animals. And while we did not focus on it, it is mentioned and why be suitable for all this. Bucktown is a large local government area in Western Sydney Seven kilometers inland from Sydney Central Business District Congress is a group of suburbs, including the suburb, also called black town, and Suburb of prospect prospect sits on the outskirts. And the prospect reservoir in nature reserve. In the nineteen eighties. The area was speckled with acreage and open land, which was used mostly for farming. Many of the roads were still the another, was on the verge of Sydney, suburban housing estate billion and had a sense of the country, but him. is no stranger to crime. In nineteen eighties drugs,
crime and high levels of unemployment were a major issue in the area. According to the New South Wales Police annual report for nineteen, eighty six and eighty seven, there were ninety eight murders recorded across the entire state of New South Wales, of which sixty nine was solved. Fifty five of those solved murders were classified as domestic killings, in that were committed by offenders unknown to the victim. Violence was an escalating problem and then you, that, whilst governments or a need for growing the dangers of specialist police courts that focused on violent crime. although the community was used to crime in early contain eighty six, a crime would drop back there. That would change things forever Tuesday February. Fourth, one ninety six hundred and Farmer in prospect noticed something strange or more He's cows have been gathered in the same spot at a place. He called the boiler Patrick. He first noticed thirty Ein. Molly was leading the has to go Keto sale when you return
Two hours later, the cows were still standing in the same spot. Something he hadn't seen before, so he decided to check it out. What he found was the body of a woman naked lying on his stomach. The farmer ran to his motorcycle fast, as he could spread to his house to call the police it didn't take long for the first offices from black ten police station to arrive. They questioned the dairy farmer and asked me heard anything unusual, he said he had.
He couldn't remember if it was set at. I owe Sunday not that he was woken from a deep sleep by lad, screams, the screams come from the direction of rain road, which was like I did neither farm at property. Brain ride was actually named after his family, who will respect the dairy farmers in prospect hidden, investigate the screams of call the police, because it wasn't anything unusual. Railroad was a narrow, desolated line surrounded by trees. When visited by young couples and groups of teenagers, especially on weekends, the phone, I believe the screams came from young people who were partying. He went back to sleep, Didn't think any more of it until now,. The area was cordoned off with police tape and forensic police started. Examining the same detective, don't Graham Rosetta was on leave. When he's fine rang, it was his boss who, in full Sing that the body of a young woman had been found and he had to drop everything and drove straight to the crime scene.
Rose at his patent and picked him up and the both of them fetched a medical examiner to further analyze the body. Rosa would work the case with detective sergeant ain't Kennedy from the Homicide Squad Kennedy, To become the lady investigator in the investigation. Grows at a notice that the victim was long. Seventy made us from the paddocks fence and the green appeared well trodden what stock within most when the victims, eyes, detective Rosetta Court, The look in the girls eyes, I will never forget those dead eyes, you could say she had gone through hell. You could say it. It was obvious to everyone present that the victim had suffered greatly. The only item I found the same was the victim's wedding ring it didn't like a regular ring, it was a russian wedding, ring with three interlocking bands one made of white gold. One made of God and one. Eight of yellow gold.
Kennedy believed it would help identify the victim because of its rarity, and he placed it in an exhibit back. The Thing Kennedy did upon returning to block the police station was the check the missing person reports. They didn take long for him to find a report made by a man named Gary Lynch he'd report. when he's twenty six year old, daughter missing since Sunday February. Second, and he left the photograph of her. in it he knew it was her name- was a native copy. Kennedy cold Gary Lynch and arrange to meet with him. He grabbed the exhibit I containing the wedding ring and, together with another detective, they made their way to the winches hung when they, his parents. I am Grace Lynch and her sister Catherine Lynch through them detective I got to know more about a. a NATO was born on November. Second, nineteen, fifty nine. She was there
the thought of Gary and Grace Lynch until younger sister, I'd always considered an eighth. Her role model They were very close knit family and a had always shown corners, generosity and to get a wholesome spirit. her favorite activities. She loves shopping with Catherine into drawing. She could lose yourself drawing for hours She attended Evans High School in black ops, shooting Eight hundred and seventy nine to put it in a beauty pageant to become Miss western suburbs. She wanted Hygiene and could have continued on that path and became a model, but she cried something else she caring for people, so she decided they become a nurse like another mother. Grace had been before her. she started: training that same year at Sydney Hospital and moved to the nurses quarters in Winston Lodge located in Plunkett Street a short distance from the hospital in Central Sydney. It was there
but she met John Cubby. John was three years older than Anita: some ways. They were a contrast, but another one, is. There were similar don't spend his younger in the eastern suburbs of Sydney much about school or is education, but it always got an acceptable great once it was done with, so he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, but A thing was nowhere near he's right all the time. he spent a year travelling around the struggle with these girlfriend. At the time he worked on, jobs but most of his time staffing The travelling around the strata he returned to Sydney then follow. his family naughty kilometers north to the central coast. He spent three big sunning point until he found a job in the Laundry Department Gospel Hospital. It wasn't until he grew tired of that, so we apply to become a woodsman the manager told him he wasn't big enough, but he did say he had good enough grades. to become a train, a nurse a vacancy opened up,
a few days later and John took it once he started training don't feel very genuinely love denouncing. However, after an argument with the superior he decided to leave and for two years he went travelling and working on jobs while serving after that, he thought of becoming a nurse again and they applauded sitting hospital. He was accepted. the nurses quarters in Winston Lodge it was there and age twenty three that he first or NATO. It was twenty at the time. John remember, the first time you laid eyes on her. Quite just ringlets of hair everywhere God, she was beautiful- and I thought far too good for me the natives sixth awake is a provisional train, a nursing student and every time I saw her, he believes should never be interested in a guy like him he's done. Asking around about her and found out that she'd been miss western suburbs, with that snippet of information. Jones hopes plummeted even further
He truly believed she would never give a second glance at him, but one day If I started talking and Anita seemed interested in continuing the conversation, John plucked up courage and asked, and out yes and Sundays. Light on John took her to a lebanese restaurants. Sorry, hills called the profit It was only a few kilometers away from the hospital. After that, first day, there turned to the profit again the following night, and soon I became regulars haven entering the kid in the Sahel out and the staff there And as far as mating and becoming friends with the owner of the restaurant Mako, salary. Sorry thought I nadir in John same smitten with one another The long before NATO and John became so close that I spent most of their free time. Together they try the relationship between themselves, but everyone at the nurses quotas need our together. A little every year into the relationship I just wanted to get married, but set the date for March 27th and one thousand seven hundred and ninety two
The excitement was even bigger when a native break the news that she was pregnant, John, was happy at the prospect of becoming a father and a NATO was simply ecstatic. However, a few weeks later, they lost their baby that were both devastated, strongly believe that would have the chance to become parents again John describe their wedding is a typical australian wedding, with nothing pretentious about it. Just to people in love. They didn't go on a honeymoon and decided instead to use their savings to rent a house in the rock area. In Seattle, Sydney close to Johnson can we home an aid had a very good relationship with John sister Ghana and his mother, Terry Socio. Often job. Why there has to visit, said without John. I need a continued working at Sidney Hospital where she was building a reputation as a gentle, reliable and caring nurse who took the trouble to get to know the people she traded. John working different hospitals doing temporary
It doesn't because it paid better. he continued and I maintained a routine of sorts. They worked when at the restaurants in concert, and since John had always wanted to turn a yacht. They bought a twenty four for shortened sailing boat. and it was very much into silent, but she enjoyed sitting on the deck with the two dogs Diane. The routine they built came to an end in nineteen. Eighty four, when I both felt I needed to try something new Jonathan wise wanted to train horses, and he had a cousin in Coffs Harbour who could help him out cuffs where's, five hundred and thirty kilometers north of Sydney, the proposal of moving there and a NATO a great in Kosovo. John worked as a nurse by night and by day he drank three horses. He owed Nader also got work as a nurse. There. There was one year after they moved north when thou about the rice is with Marco sorry, the owner of the prophet restaurant, where they had their first date John placed a bet on one of these horses and it came first winning need him. Ten thousand dollars
don't believe it was a native chance to choose what she wanted to do and she chose traveling. They visited the United States First LOS Angeles, the New York before going to ITALY. At one point. They ran out of money and asked their families back home. For a said, I could continue traveling. when that money ran out, they had no other option but to return home. It was made known tat. Ninety five, when I got back to see me and I returned to their old routine, more John was happy with it. I need you felt restless and wanted to travel again. Don't want to start a family, but a NATO wanted to continue, exploring and trying new things It will point where it was clear that our different stages in their laws- and I wanted different things for that reason, They decided to take a break from each other and say how things went John
back to live with his mother and sister in the chef Sydney suburb of reptile in the native returns to live with her parents in blocked him. Six weeks after that, separation on Sunday February and nineteen eighty six and eight. I woke up early and had breakfast with another grace I need to should be home like that, not as after work. She was out for dinner in red, faced with two friends from the hospital, but the next morning price check the natives rape and she wasn't there. Discussing it with an eighth is Father Gary by Phil, Danae and probably just fucked. Over at one of her friend's house is up to do know. It was something she often did. They put their minds a days with that belief. Until I got a call from seeming hospital that afternoon, it was a native superior. She wanted to know. If I had any idea where it made, it was since you hadn't turned out for a one hundred and thirty p. Dot M shift disappear, and it's strange because innate it was always reliable when punctual
Gary Engrais Gray, started to worry. It was very unlocking NATO not to tell anyone where she was they. Both I felt something had happened to her because They couldn't be any other explanation, not with their daughter at six thirty Pm M Monday February. Third Gary went to camp police station carrying a picture of a NATO and reported her is a missing person. In the meantime, Christ made phone calls to one slash, eight as friends to find every friend she had the number of, but none of them could tell that Byron. Ada was at eight p dot m price. Might the lost by cool? It was to Joe cubby. She called him at his mother's placing Rocco, and it was his mother Terry, who answered the fine Chrysostom. If Anita, is withdrawn and Terry told she had no idea, but she knew by John. What's so, she call him and tell him to call the back John's monetary hung up and immediately called the profit I need and Jones favorite restaurant.
the owner of the restaurant and friend of NATO and John Mako. Sorry, he answered the coal John. Was having dinner with his father and a friend. Jerry, put Joan on the phone and Tarrytown told Gracie Code asking if a was with him John thought that was unusual and immediately made the coal to one eight, his parents, He told them that Anita wasn't with him and the last time he'd spoken to It was the day before Sunday February. Second, they told him, fine during the morning since they said stayed in daily contact after their separation John asked. Mater should like to spend some time together after work, but an eighth of the corn Shield We had dinner plans and had promised to Should be home after dinner, John didn't protest, and that was the last time he had spoken to her once The phone down John, was deeply worried. He knew as well as most that one slash wasn't to talk to just disappear and not tell anyone wish you was. He went
to the table and told his father and his friend that he was very sorry, but he had to go his father. A complicated relationship with John started, arguing but John explained that NATO is missing and he had to go John First, Dr Forty minutes south to Lily Billy, where he dropped his friend time from He made the one hour and twenty minute journey northwest the black blacktown stopping at a shop to buy Scotch on the way when here. He poured a Scots for himself and forgetting John wasted I taught masking Gary, where they searched for NATO who that coal and if they contacted it was the safe. Perhaps she was hurt Gary didn't have the best relationship with John and didn't take the man of questions calmly. He thought a sand about done with ischemic, doing everything I could to phone. That daughter. While they were talking, grace was pacing around the house. Nervously enjoy in Seinfeld. He was unwelcome. He didn't want to start a fire.
with Father in law, and he didn't want to create a disturbance in an already stressful situation. So he decided to leave the next day. John woke up and did exactly what he had planned to do will wake arranged with a native guy to Shelly Beach, the central coast about one hundred format is north of Sydney. He ceased again. I had rented a half day to celebrate her birthday. John hoped that a NATO would bear the house with Ghana when he got there with some explanation as to where she had been, and then they could spend some quality time away together, like they had planned on the draw the Shelly bade? She was listening to the radio and thinking about a NATO, he, remembered how that would sing along to the songs played on the right, especially to Madonna and cold chisel, it was while he was listening and lost in his thoughts that suddenly the music was interrupted by a news broadcast John. Add the following words: coming out of the speakers that Naked
body of a young woman has been found in a petticoat prospect in Western Sydney. Police are yet to identify. Her John immediately thought of a NATO going with talk of a NATO sitting with his sister Ghana, cutting away at the house in Shelly Badge, Bully, could think of the young, the young woman, found in prospect, petticoat prospect could be her an emergency fine jumped out of the car and quickly called the operator asking to be connected with grace and Gary The wall for the operator to put him through as John, was yelling and wasn't very coherent events.
he was connected and the fine was answered by a boy's. He didn't recognize. It was a woman's voice. Cuz. I totally knew the words you've got to get back to you, John, and he never heard anything else. He jumps back in his car to the username and drive straight to one. Slash. Eight is Jaime blocked him when he arrived, he walked to the back door and suddenly it all became too much. He stopped and said on the stairs and started to cry. When it was done, he stood back up and entered the house in front of him. He found Gary Grace and they desisted Catherine Catherine's, husband and two detectives Before John arrived, the detail You said already shine. The russian wedding ring to an eight his family when Catherine sort. She said it looked like a natives, but this one had rushed on it, so it couldn't be hers. Detective eying Kennedy had to correct her what she thought was rust
was actually blood. Now that John was there, he was shine. The wedding ring as well. He recognized it was definitely unaided. Kennedy separated John from the rest of the natives family and asked him if he would be willing to go to the more towards antiphon. Her body John said. No, he simply couldn't bring himself to say his wife like that Kennedy needed someone to formally identifier and the one who offered was Gryce Sheet Kennedy that she was a nurse and she'd same hundreds of bodies, so she could do it. The Kennedy refused He didn't want to need his mother to see her the only Other option was Gary, who accepted Catherine's husband went with him for support. The detectives DR carried a west made hospital,
play into the morgue. In the moment the shape was removed, Gary's native barcode, and he felt the two detectives were quick to catching him that I told him until he felt strong enough to stand on his own when he was able to speak. He said all wish. I could say it's someone else's daughter, but it's not. Is it after the identification Kennedy, Dr Gary, that came to block town on the way. Kennedy trying to be as honest as possible. He talk I that what they just done was probably the shortest step in the entire investigation. Long guys would white head when I tried to figure out what exactly it to an on top of that the case We get a lot of media attention from the first, Kennedy sore Neda, he knew that due to the brutality of the murder, that would Jenny right. A lot of media Kennedy asked carried to talk to report as much He could tell them who were NATO was in order to solve it.
I see that would need as much help as they could get said. Kennedy. more than open to using the media to inform the public in the hope that it would generate tips Kennedy tell Gary. That is part of the investigation that would need to question everyone who is close to an eight zero. It was simple procedure and Terry said he understood. The first person that was questioned was Joan Colby as soon as maybe got back the black tea on after the identification. He told John to come with him to the station John Wayne not really knowing what to expect. When I got to the station, John was asked to sit in a small interview, room. Kennedy started by asking simple questions for how long illuminated known each other and how long they married. Then he asked about the separation and soon he got the data questions. He asked where John had been on the Sunday. Not Anita, went missing and the day after.
Johnny answered that on Sunday not he was at home and on Monday, nor he was a dinner with his father and his friend and that's when he first heard a NATO is missing. And he asked if the relationship between a nadir in him was rocky they'll, going through a separation. After all,. Johnny and said that they were trying to patch up and get together again. Kennedy pushed the separation with John. Before asking did you kill her John felt hazy? the questions kept coming and it was suddenly not answering them. The next thing I knew who is being pushed into a wall thing. Here's the glittering a NATO is incident, was. An anonymous call had been made to police earlier that day suggesting that detectives looking to John Copy, also The two nurses who Anita went to dinner with the night she disappeared were interviewed, win Bradshaw and Elaine bright. They stated that ever since the separate,
John had been repeatedly calling a NATO at work and he seemed visibly devastated by the fact that they were a pot according to them. He was trying to get it back at all costs. In addition, they stated, there was a chance that NATO might have been saying another nurse from the hospital. A Macintosh Mcintosh Anne had known John for several years, but a diamond I recently met and become friendly with Anita. This information had gotten the attention of detectives. And John was high on the suspect list. but after reading the autopsy report detectives were sure of two things. one of them was that a native murder happened somewhere between Sunday night into the early hours of Monday morning, and the second was that there was probably more than one killer,.
although John Kobe was a suspect and even said, he must have done it while being pressured in that first interview, it didn't look like a crime of passion, so detectives continued to investigate all of the possibilities that, with twenty detectives working the case on that first day of the investigation, They looked at the natives movements on the day she went missing Kate arrived at work at seven. Am she worked? The same She does Lynn Bradshaw, underlined bright, who she off to dinner. With after work that shift ended at three thirty p m afterwards. They stayed in the visitors room of the hospital drinking coffee and chatting until about quarter past five change data they uniforms and went to the restaurant had dinner along with two bottles of wine and left the restaurant. At eight thirty p m set to draw Veneta to Central railway station, which is about eight hundred meters from the restaurant, and then they they were grade.
We left the NATO at the Yeti Avenue Entrance to the railway station about nine pm and before that parted ways. They said they say each other. The next day it was the last time. Anyone saw NATO that same night when woke from a nightmare in a cold, sweat dreamt about leaving a NATO at the railway station, but this time when she called him, should see her the following day. Anita responded. No I'm Doin, Lynn. Then with sullen settled, whether not me that she checked all the doors and windows to save that were locked and aid. The body was found two days later Tuesday February. Fourth, When link found out what happened, she believed the north It was an omen that was two minutes after midnight, the very early hours of Wednesday February. Fifth, when one officer made the first big breakthrough of the case, he was a rookie actually going to school with NATO. He was also the
A cigar first spoke to when he went to block the police station to report a native missing. Now the rocky officer was working, hard find anything that could help delay to the killer of the woman he had known from school while he was checking this. patient message, AIDS, which had nights from all the calls made from the public to the police station. He saw one particular message that goodies attention. It was a call from a boy who, along with a sister, had heard screams coming from outside. It When they both looked the other window, they sold The woman was being forced into a car. The boy and he said, still lived in youth and road, which was located between They made his house and Blacktown Railway station old detective knew for certain. so far with NATO had been dropped off at Sidney Central Railway station. They didn't know for certain if taking the train from Central Sydney to Bucktown, but if she had its luckily she'd been abducted after getting off the train, neglecting the
It's the message shape stated that the call from the boy was made on Sunday night offices did respond, a patrol at the time of the goal, but found nothing when the The officer saw the notes on the message shape he notified detectives and they all went. Newton Road to find out more. They knocked on the boys house, where the coal came from the boy, and he said studies of saw the woman being forced into the car both at the door. the boy John was thirty and his sister Linda with sporting Pindaric, blind that on the Sunday not she was in the living room. When she heard screams from a woman coming from the strait jacket, see out the window and noticed that a dark, haired woman was being dragged into a cop. I mean he was screaming and trying to break free. Lindore immediately called out to her brother John, he ran to the window and saw what was happening as well. John rang out the front stop the woman from being taken, but it was too late. She was already in the car and it was speeding off.
John hurried inside and called the police minutes later. There Brought the pool and he's girlfriend Lorraine arrived TAT, Jonah and a told them what had happened, All them to wait for police and hay in Lorraine rain in the direction John and Linda had saying the car going blended brought the car is at thirty watt car jaundice. If is a white Holden sedan, that The gray undercut the direct in which Poland, Lorraine went at Sunday night took. in Terrain road in prospect. They believed that since place with a nine rhombus line. The gomata bank typed in there I got to reign rose, they sought to different cause. One was a red city, and the other was a white Holden sedan with a grey undercoat a car, exactly we locked John, had described. Poland, to arraign, approached the heart and finally, injecting saw it. They saw nothing suspicious, so they decided to return home.
The police patrol car, responding to the call from John, also Salida, patrolled through rain road, but saw nothing The speaking to John, Linda and Paul detectives discovered further witnesses in Newson Road. Just across the street from their house, a minute. A sixteen year old Son, Stephen heard the screams as well They were watching television in the living room when it no one hundred and forty five p dot m Sunday North there viewing was interrupted by screams coming from the strait Stephen Rainier, saw it his pajamas and sword a dirty white car, speeding off with it's lights off, he looked across the street and saw Jaune who said to him. The girl is just being picked up by two guys in that car. Stephen asked if he was talking about the car that just left the one with the lots off John said. Yes, that was the one. Steven reign to his next door, neighbor, who daily just the right time and together like start tiling the car, but I couldn't find it.
Another neighbourhood, the screams and when she looked outside, she saw not to but three men taking a woman by force, however, detectives couldn't prove the woman was a. It was two kilometers. From Blacktown railway station to neighbor's house on most nights, Anita would we have found a Gary to pick her up, but the Tec. These discover that on Sunday night, all the telephones at the station, twelve in total, had been vandalized so NATO couldn't call Gary. The next option was a taxi. Detectives focused on interviewing and checking the records at taxi drivers. I said a NATO would never have taken a taxi Sunday It had been a pleasant. Some annoying said Jerry. No doubt a NATO would have woken detectives, kept their minds open and looked at every single possibility. Wednesday February fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, became the headline of every newspaper and media outlet in Sydney
All Sydney was shocked to the core by the crime and was the God by every single person who knew her as a living angel. No one had a bad word to say about her. Poles floated into blocked him police station with Paypal, giving different names and suggestions as to who could be the killer. This led the police. In different directions, including checking every sex offender in blacktown but it'll all went nowhere. As well as John Cubby. sitting of another early suspect. He made his way onto the suspect list. Just forty five minutes. After a night, his body was found and was sitting in his car right next to the crime scene. Police approached him and searched his car, but I found a sheet for a kitchen north hedge cutters, the tomahawk and despite the man, was taken to blocked him police station for questioning. They explained that had been
struck at his job that day, so he decided to park and stay in his car, because if he went home, his wife would get mad at him for not being at work. Detectives looked into his story and it all checked out He was eventually eliminated. at noon. I am on fraud, I February seventh, on the popular to J Bay. Radio station radio. The John AT decided to write something no one was ever expecting to hear publicly and they just don't report. upon hearing the disturbing details of the autopsy Leeson is flooded the station with calls that were outraged both at the information being read which they found out away disrespectful to and her family, and also outraged that the case itself fawning hard to believe that such horror was possible, but most outrage. The ball was the investigating saying this, actually John Avery, the New South Wales police. Commissioner, at the time he couldn't understand, and had the autopsy report was light and sent to the radio and internal
Investigation was launched, but it was never determined who's liked. The report These public rating of the autopsy report the place the native case into the national sphere since John laws with so popular throughout the country, the prince. Arif New South Wales at the Tong never ran that actually met an eight or in person. You know I'm saying seventy nine. When she won the Miss western suburbs, beauty pageant. They took an active interest in the investigation from Taiwan and requested the daily briefing from police. when he was first sent the autopsy report, he was only able to read the first page. He found it too disturbing and said quote: these acts are so despicable. They are not the acts of a human being. Permian nipple ran off and a fifty thousand dollars reward for any information. Given that help catch the killer, he doubled the reward. Just a few days later, it was the highest for It in any case after such a short amount of time, and this combined with
most rating of the autopsy made a native case, one of the most well known in a strategy, a crime that shocked the nation. Detectives were feeling the pressure to solve it. Not only was the premier of New South Wales pushing them, but now all of astronomy was as well Although they had no positive evidence, placing a NATO on the train to block the railway station or placing our Newton Road, they decided at had the bay her who the witnesses had same being forced into a car, detective decided to do a rain account. They got Debbie Wallace the probation, replace officer to play a NATO choosing the same age and looked similar to a NATO detectives. Ranged four walls to go shopping with a line break one of innate his friends who should being at the dinner with the night. She was murdered. from store to store until they found clothes that were exactly like the ones and NATO had been wearing that noise. Since no clothes were found at the crossing. The
if you had the rely on memory of how a native looked that night, the reenactment place on Sunday February North one week after Anita was murdered. it began at Central Railway station at nine p M report as The fuller Wallace during the entire reenactment police believe. The more publicity the case got, the faster they'd be able to catch the killer. At no one twelve p m Wallace got onto the train beyond for black town, other detectives walk through the carriages in the train, asking all passengers on board if I'd taken the same train, the previous wake and if they did if they had seen anything suspicious or if they say no I do choosing the non Twelve p M trying to board, was based on Lynne Bradshaw, a statement that she believed that was non pay him when she dropped a Nader at the train station. Nine twelve was the first available trying to blacktown. On the walk from Blacktown railway station to an itis time. What was stated quote, it was
Andy walking in her footsteps towards what we knew. When I slightly her last moments, there was not a nice feeling. The reenactments saturated the media for days you ve, didn't get any leads pointing them towards the killer, but what they A pond was that an ADA hadn't taken the non twelve p dot m trained black tune I can only I forty eight p m train The train right from central to block down railway station was approximately forty five minutes and the walk in Blacktown railway station to Newton Road was about twelve minutes. According to the witnesses or Newton Road, NATO had been adopted at nine forty five p m: So if a NATO had taken the nine twelve train, she would. I have been at Newton Road until about ten or nine, but the eight forty began train would have her Newton Road ride on and forty five p m. The exact time witnesses heard the screams.
The day after the rain x, Monday February tenth was a native funeral. It was held upon Grove Cemetery, Lots of reporters and on locust, attended nurses from sitting hospital carried her coffin inside the church. when the Reverend spoke about Anita. He mentioned how much she loved her family. How dedicated she'd been to other people during their lifetime. And had during the last year of her life, she had found a passion in painting. She'd been drawing from a young age, but right up to her death. She kept on trying and loving new things Grace remained composed throughout the service, but I notice husband, John Copy was unable to John turned to alcohol and drugs after an aid is death up until that point, John had found drugs repulsive, but now he didn't care about anything. He confessed that We wanted was to feel her into door, but he never had the guts to kill himself.
He entered the church surrounded by family and friends. His father Emma brought all through the service, since he was too said, data to stand on its own in the middle The service Johnny interrupted by screaming out, don't take her away from me. Please don't take her away. He fell down in his father and a friend had to carry me. I saw it At this point, Jonah being cleared from the investigation, his alibis checked it out with several people confirming his whereabouts asked the potential motive of jealousy that detectives had considered had fallen apart. sing. Bradshaw and Elaine. Bryant had stated that innate, it was possibly saying another nurse a Macintosh, but this relationship proved to be strictly platonic. Take these when they are well and truly heading in another direction, and it was the after a native funeral that a major breakthrough occurred,
On February 11th, detective, Graham Rosetta got delayed that changed it all. He was in full where the car that looked very similar to the one witnesses had seen on Newton Road, the dirty war homes again with a grey and a code had been stolen on son, play February. Second, the diary of a his murder resin I was told that the men responsible for stealing the car with John Travellers, Mako Murdoch and Leslie Murphy John Trump. His name had been mentioned before an anonymous tip holding in the first days of the investigation, telling police to look into him John Travers, was identities out and lived in doing sword. A suburb right next to Blacktown town been wrapping poor conditions and had a history of physical abuse, drug use and violence towards others too. struck detectives about Travis, one of them was Travis being wanted in less than a shyly for a number of offences, including the right of a man during the Right Travis
The north against the man's throat, the second thing, What's a story that was going around about Travis, it was said on travellers, I think birthday. He not only right to shape, but Walter he's doing it. He slipped the shapes throat when it was done, he caught the shape and ate it. his history of violent, disturbing behaviour and the fact he had been named as being responsible for stealing a car that match the description of the vehicle of interest in Newton Road, caught the attention of investigators, Covers was known as a ring later. He it mostly with the two young men named in the stolen car, with him. Mako Murdoch and Leslie Murphy local murder was idea in his old and wherever was was cabbage, pleasant, if he was twenty two years old and usually wasn't too far away from Travis and murder either he was play dining Travis sister Cutters, Modok's into Menifee
try to party on Sunday night February. Second, and today disappeared from the party for a long time. When I returned that you told a difference, where is the way they had been. The entire taskforce was one The secrecy regarding the new light of Trevor's model can Murphy they knew given the major saturation of an a this case. If the three suspects do you have some involvement that would be taking their heads low and it wouldn't be easy to fall on them. Travellers? Moroccan Murphy didn't really follow a daily routine. There were constantly on the streets catch if in spending I stood there drinking and doing drugs most of what did was financed through burglary and similar crimes, detect trying to blend in as best I could close to nine hangouts and haunts of the three suspects they work with informants to try and track them down. Under undercover officers at troubles family home to safe. If he would show up there, but there is no, don't have any of them for a few days, not until Les Murphy.
he appeared at Trevor's family home. It was And this time they also got a late on the whereabouts of Travis and no doubt they were apparently staying at Travis, uncles, home. At six am on Friday February, twenty first nineteen. Ninety six, the task force assembled the operation room, a buck town police station. They broke into two groups: then was led by detective grammars ETA and the other was led by detective ain't Kennedy. And was for each group to write a different time at the same time, along with the texts from the task force, age group was also accompanied by officers from the technical work, Conscript, who are used in high risk operations before the to Tame separated Kennedy. like to everyone involved in the right. Given the brutal nature of the Chron emotions community, did he pleaded with everyone to Cape Control is high.
Does he knew what would be the last thing that needed by allegations of police brutality, putting a cloud over the investigation. Once everyone was ready. The team split up same, went to trump his family home in dune toward the tactical response group, forced entry with a sledgehammer and found a less Murphy hoarding and sword Murphy didn't resist and didn't ask for a lawyer They did find a stolen car on the property, but it wasn't this. Car used in the abduction of NATO. At the same time, residue in his tamer travers, uncles home in Wentworth feel fifteen Kilometers South EAST of doing side when they kicked in the front door by far how to say a large fish tank in the main hole and it broke into pieces. They found the Tribez sleeping in Same bed as Modok Now, for any resistance and didn't ask for a lawyer. during a search of the house. They found a bloodstained north covered
The shape hundred eight, the bed Travis and Motor was sleeping in the north was taken into evidence. Once the three suspects were black Tampa lay station, the plane was the question them regarding the theft of the car. First then, connect the car to the motor light on. Murphy admitted that he was involved in the thick for the car, but the not any knowledge or involvement in a native modal murder. Give me the tea was involved in the theft of the car as well and agreed to go with the police to the place they stole it from Fucking Menifee. He said he wasn't involved. Nor did he know anything about a native modem. After signing, statements about their involvement in the theft of the car Murphy Mode, awkward charged and granted conditional bile by police said, afraid life. This was all part of the plane. Because, as soon as they left the station that will put on the surveillance and every step they made was being watched. Police were involved in the murder, yet,
And I still had travellers in custody. Who is the main target date? They pay was the ring later and the others followed him during. Quite guinea. Travis also admit it he's involvement in the Caucasus region then put out the nor feed founded the house on the night, the bed and ask him how the blood got their Travis locally. called them and responded. I didn't slit that slot's throat. I was I, since he hadn't made any reference any reference, her an yet it and being mentioned Travers at all. Up to this point, Travis continued explaining that but blood actually belong to a shape. Presentable tended he'd, never heard of the story about the shape and he asked him to elaborate. Travers response was again called into the point. He shrugged his shoulders and said you gotta eight, but cut its throat throughout the questioning. Travis picked at a finger with a paperclip
He drew blood and sucked it didn't admit to anything further and rise. It ended the interview, Travis Saunders statement about his involvement in the coffee. If he was charged, he also had to give Blood sample in relation to the right allegation and other alleged attacks in western Australia, given Kinda state matters were still outstanding, Travis wasn't released, he was kept in the cells. That wasn't long before Travers asked to call these anti to bring him cigarettes. He's Anti was his uncle's girlfriend Travers had a close relationship with them and often stayed at their house. Several nights awake, it's where he was when he was arrested. One of this then you detectives on a case detective round. I was made aware of Trevor's request and he decided to allow it. I will refer to Travis Anti is Jennifer. That's not a real name.
The call was made to Jennifer at four p m. There was detected ral respect, her not Travis. Jennifer remained silent for a few moments and when she finally spoke, she started sobbing uncontrollably. She said I need to talk to you on it. Talk about John, it's about his behavior towards women. She turned round that if he hadn't coal, she would have coal Palacio self sooner or later, because the two ways she'd been unable to sleep. She needed to speak to them about John travellers and asked if she could make them somewhere. Rail a grade and their arranged tomato Wentworth, Phil Legs Club detective detective Rosetta and another detective Iraq that went Wayfield Lakes Club at six p dot m a few minutes later. I never looking. Woman appeared to be on the lookout for someone glancing around in different directions inside the club. Rough approached her and told her. He was he asked if she was Jennifer and she nodded
her discomfort regulatory outside into an unmarked police car. Once inside the car Jennifer opened up. She said that Travis confided in her and had told her about crimes he committed. he said that he derived both men and women in different places, and he always Sorry to know, if we came everywhere, we went There had been feeling uneasy ever since she heard about the innate a copy murder. She couldn't help but think that, They had something to do with it. She couldn't prove it you haven't told her anything about it, but with age asking day she had the net, I'm feeling that he was responsible for Send to everything Jennifer had to say, and when she was done, he told her. He get back to it as soon Jennifer exited the car and walked back home and the detectives returned to back down police station. They called detective Vain Kennedy to join them and they discussed what to do next. They just that would get Jennifer to visit travellers in the cells and give him cigarettes.
I have a regular chat to save Travis confided in her about a native mota. Lucky had confided in her about other crimes. He had committed. on the morning of Saturday February, twenty second nineteen. Ninety six Jennifer attended The employer station detective relics. Blind that he wanted her to talk to Travis. Normally he mentioned. That a car had been stolen by Travis, Michael Murdoch and delays Murphy and they suspected that site. Stolen car was used to doktor native copy, so he believed that, because Travis had been brought to the station in the first place due to the stolen car, he might mention that to her. But still the main instruction rail gave her was to simply listen. There was no said or prepared questions. She'd have to ask, The idea was for the conversation debased natural as possible, so Travis wouldn't suspect. There was anything off about it.
on the way to Travis, so real reassured Jennifer that she was doing the right thing and they wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. Go to the sales real, let another officer, school Jennifer, if Travis saw anything suspicious, he wouldn't say a meeting and if he got a hint that Jennifer was helping the techies, he could even send someone to kill her morale was watching from a distance and was concerned. He could say that Jennifer's legs were shaking uncontrolled. Oh boy, she was speaking the traverse through the gap in the sole that allows food to be passed through, but he thought, if he could say it from a distance. Travis could most likely say it from his. So, but if Travis did notice anything, he didn't Chelan Jennifer passed him. The pack of cigarettes- and I spoke for about twenty min After the conversation detective round that Jennifer, through a saw a door into a courtyard, she mediately broke down in ts and said he did he killed
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He then asked Jennifer to go to his house and get a north one that had a brown wooden handle in the north too, when Jennifer asked, if it was, the North Sea and used to kill Anita Trevor said. Yes, it's my best north. Travers also asked Jennifer to get rid of other evidence. Instructed her to. A pair of genes which were really find it and had blot on them. He also. Instead, it heard to go less Murphy to tell him to get rid of the stolen car. The stolen car that are been used to abduct Neda, still haven't been recovered by police. Travis, told Jennifer that it hadn't Jospin him Mako Murdoch and less Murphy who adopted a NATO the world I too more men involved. There were less as older brothers Gary if who is twenty eight and Marco Murphy, who was thirty three by Gary and more, who had extensive criminal records Marco had actually escaped from jail and was a fugitive at the tone. Travis
No five had adopted a NATO when he was telling JANET but what they did he started laughing Jennifer had to tell him to stop, because it wasn't funny Travis Finish but telling Jennifer that we're all saying do your thing. The thing Travis was referring to was the splitting of the sharp lucky had done. The shape before Jennifer Detail the conversation in his own statement round and asked her to go a step further Although the statement was extremely hopeful It's been an issue in court. It was Jennifer's word against Travers. He say. Travis could easily take the stand and the nor he said any of it. On top of that, Jennifer had a checkered past herself. She had a criminal record and was a former heroin addict something defense. Lawyers could use against her while to diminish our credibility. For this reason, rail asked
Then, if you should be willing to speak. The truth is again, but this time with a tape recorder. Jennifer consider for a moment and inevitably a great round prepared, a warrant request definition, permission to record Travis while waiting for the warrant to be authorised, detectives visited Travis Uncle to get him on side. They realized Jennifer was taking a big risk and try uncle- may not be supportive of the fact that she was helping police in a case against these nephew. However, when It filled him in on everything. He reassured Jennifer that she was doing the right thing of his uncle even help police as well detective, Follow through on the instructions given by travesty Jennifer about getting rid of the car, though a home by passing, Travis message on to less Murphy. He would lead them right to the stolen car that there were still searching for. Travis Uncle and Jennifer, delivered the message to less Murphy, but Murphy stayed where he was. He never went to the car
When Travis Uncle, when Jennifer returned the black town police station, the judge had authorize the warrant to record Travis detectives had some major concerns. Surveillance recording in nineteen. Eighty six consisted of a fairly large real to reel tape recorder that had several wise and the, and had to be as close to the subject as possible: They were concerned that travellers would notice the wires or microphone, but it was the only option I had lucky done during the first confession: Groundwater Jennifer down to the cells and reassured her that everything would bear Kay he again allowed another officer to a school her to Travis, so as they watched from a distance as soon as tribe is so Jennifer. He asked her if she took care of the north in the James Jennifer answered that she took care of the genes pushing never fear and off. She asked if maybe he had already gotten rid of it and forgotten to which he replied. Now it's me best north or want to keep it. If you find it.
As the conversation continued, Jennifer asked why I killed a NATO Travis answered that it was because she had seen them sheets in their faces, so we had to do it. Then he changed the subject and gave her a news. set instructions, Travis is new idea was to escape from prison, mainly because As an if you didn't think that police had anything on him in a native case, they still had his blood sample connecting to the previous rights he committed in western. Australia, so he knew he wasn't getting out any time soon. Travis idea was the day train, so it would and crumble the walls of the police station, allowing him Skype is black town, railway She was almost next to the police station, but, as he explained, these when even hey realised how far fetched and difficult it saying so decided on a new point. He said to Jennifer quote tone: carrying mcmurphy to be at the back of the police station. He with a couple of Shorty's between three and three hundred and thirty. In the morning before I got to court
Skeleton crew. At that time, the oldest bloke has got the case, that don't choke on me when the sun comes up just during the night that four. Jennifer Todd Chavez? Should we deliver the message to the two nephew brothers before picking him football at the technical team removed recorder and detectives Her enraged showed her once more that she done the right thing. How it wasn't the last time they needed her help the following day. Sunday February, twenty third, they asked her why her up again this time. The person I needed her to record a conversation with was mocking Murdoch police. Kept where's my field marshal modal countersurveillance ever since that were released from the police station but the names of less as our brothers Gary and Marco Murphy, rightly new in the investigation circulation. Why do you wear? They were the plane. Detective side was the scent Jennifer revisit Mako Murdoch Cinema, new Jennifer. Well, they hoped the moon
What would Billy scouts there and also hoped he would lead them to the whereabouts of Gary and Michael Murphy? you didn't go according to plan. When Jennifer visited Murdoch at his mother's house, she told him that she knew everything that Travis had told her, but Chuck was a lot way area than Travis. He was hesitant to share any information simply stated that he might be leaving to go somewhere else soon, but that was all Jennifer left the house and met up with undercover officers who were waiting for her down the street They have time for police to keep that promise to Jennifer. They promised I would protect her and I stayed true to their word from that moment on chanted the witness protection program along with Travis Uncle and their children. She was as during the investigation then moved on to the next plane arresting call. Palmetto invites Massey for the motor. If I need a Kobe they didn't need me again. They split up into two groups, one of
groups, went to Marco no Docks mother's house where he was still saying just like before he didn't resist Are the group went to Granville Suburb, seventeen calamitous South Eastern Bloc town? They forced them. Three in families, Murphy in bed with two women, he didn't resist. Next detectives included a search warrant, Jon John Travis, family home and conducted a thorough, search throughout the entire house. They found Body, James Travis, the night of the murder and several noise that were sent for examination, in the meantime Mako Murdoch unless Murphy were questioned again. But I buy, said Travis was the sole person responsible, in fact, according American less Murphy. They didn't even say the modem, even though they admitted to being made there cancer somewhat similar, but did have some variations
when they ring of use were concluded, detectives disorder taking a view travers again, there was for thirty. I am. Detective Rosetta what tribe up and told him that I had new information on the United Public case and it all pointed at him. Travis was quick to get up he looked rosetta in the eyes and said who gave us up. Rosetta didn't answer and instead opened the cell to take him to the interview Room Travis. Take too long to be out front and say exactly what happened on the night of Sunday February. Second, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. He said that hey Michael Murdock, Gary had Mako Murphy we're all driving in the stolen car three Newton Road in Blacktown, when I saw Neda, walking straight on her right. Travis Murdoch were the ones to get out of the car and her they forced her into the car
They may be ripped clothes off for the continued driving after a while. They stopped at a service station to put more petrol in the car in order for the petrol they stole money from a native purse. While they at the service, They I donated Dan in the car, so nobody would be able to see her. The getting petrol that continue drawing terrain road in prospect. They pushed her out of the car and dragged her the two deserted area. Travis gave a full and detailed confession about what they did to NATO, and admitted he was the one who killed her when our finished Travis Song that confession In total, the interview lasted three hours in fifteen minutes. They had travellers, Murdoch and delays Murphy in custody I needed the find Gary and Marco Murphy detective. Kennedy visited and ate his parents gracing Gary. He wanted My show then you'll be arrested before it made the news as soon as
Gary opened the door Kennedy said we got the three of them Gary, but there's another two Why not? I am on Monday February. Twenty fourth all understand it was aware that three of the five men who killed Anita Colby were in custody, the public reacted to it. Fiercely where's, Murdock and Murphy had to be taken for their first court appearance. The court was next to blacktown police station. and that morning a large crowd was waiting. They all wanted. Citing the travelers Moroccan Murphy to hang. The crowd hung a dummy from a building near the police station and I carried songs, some of which said, hang the bastards killed them and are refused to pay taxes to keep these mangoes in jail. Hang them, but flogged them first When the crown gonna glimpse of the three use that shouted death threats towards him, the three
replacing cars to get them to the courthouse, so they didn't have to walk through the monk. To this day. Detective Kennedy remembers that moment, quite is unbelievable and something I've never seen in Australia before or since the crowds were rocking the His car trying to get them, we would going through them slyly with the mob completely surrounding the car. Reading of the charges in court only lasted five minutes. There were charged with car fifth rape and murder. They all remained silent. Afterwards, there were taken back to the police station. The crayons died out, so I didn't Widi all available offices had to be used to guard the station. In the meantime, detectives focused on finding the other two offenders Gary and Marco Murphy Peril Speeches of them to the media calls plotted the station with tip offs about different sightings and police right.
the number of different times in the dyes the polite, but I didn't find them. It was through a trustworthy informant that detectives are safe and positive tip off on Wednesday February, Both brothers were hiding in a house in Glenville a suburb like I did thirty two kilometers south blocked him at ten in more than fifty heavily armed offices surrounded the house and the police helicopter was flying nearby. Just in case the tactical response Group office, smashed, the with a sledgehammer and police rushed in Michael Murphy, sat on a sofa with a woman and a baby Murray He was standing behind them into the back yard and Michael was about to follow the Kennedy GO to Moscow. First, he pointed a shot gun in his face and told him to get on the ground. Gary Murphy made it to the back fence, but it soon. He touched, the fence, several offices grabbed His head ended up going through the fence to stop his escape bleeding a big. a shooting with blood guerrillas.
he also what himself peaches taken of the raid, which later appeared in the news an officer who was there was glad about the fact that Gary what himself club That will lock saying that inside the other and I will say it is the cow at ease in a way be pretty for me. Back inside the house, Detective Kennedy had Mako Murphy hence the ground with his boot on his head, holding him down and the shock never far removed from his face Kennedy. Started lighter that there was a woman and a charging saw the room and he wasn't. time to let anything happen to anyone. Quite Murphy was a hard and criminal convicted of Moreover, how up send an escape? He was dangerous and I wasn't going to take any chances. Marco and Gary Murphy were placed different police cars, Michael Murphy style, talking almost immediately. He told the detect,
He was in the car that he had been at a native motor, but he never participated in anything. You never touched her and it was travellers who killed her the detectives. Listen to begin. comment. The formal confession had to be recorded at the police station. Otherwise it wouldn't hold up in court. When I got to the police station, it was Detective Kennedy who led the interview of Morocco, Murphy. Michael Murphy began by saying that I started the night at the Doon hotel, then Travis post to go potty in Windsor, the town in twenty three km north of doing so hard they drive to the party in the stolen Halden sedan, then If the party and drive back to doing so passing through blocked him, it was there that I spotted Anita This was the one who wanted to go after to Murphy quote he said that a NATO walking down the street always driving. He said good,
then on to grub up, and he said to Macmurdo you're going to help me make said yes. We drove past and pulled up as she walked past. I jumped out of the car and grabbed there and started dragging her in he said to me: kill MC, jumped out of the car and helped drag her in. While I drove off the door still open John said to her shut up and you won't get hurt said boy you're doing this are married. Again, John told her to shut up then started, giving directions, and I didn't know where to go. So I tell Gary to drive. The cow is still going and we swapped places just like I was going to kind of this kind of heal the Costo. I think we're going to run out of petrol. We started Cargan John and make pushed the girl before and told her to be quiet. It was at that moment that the group arrived at the service station install fifteen dollars from a native to pay for petrol, then
can you dont say why until they reached ring road in prospect Murphy continued. Quite said. There's a car parked in front so mix said. Take her into the panic those offence make went through the fence John grabbed hold of her and started pushing it to the fence. did not the wire, so she could get through ass. She was going through me, grandpa. but of a hair and said, keep your head down, and I look at anyone. Margo Murphy climbed he was the only one who didn't write the NATO has. He couldn't get an erection like us. And when I saw the headlights of an approaching car, they forced the native. Further the paddock said I wouldn't be saying he claims they left the naked and unconscious and started to run, except for John Travis Markel Murphy QUIET John sang out come back I'll, look back.
a Saint John had hold of her arm or think he was trying to drag her The car went straight ahead, so we started walking back up. She looked unconscious John said I'm gonna cut throat. I said now: let's leave her John said now. She seen us, I said no come on later. She has had dinner labour. Michael Murphy climbs he has two brothers and Murdoch or kept walking. The travellers remained, times, Trevor's light caught up to them with blood all over him telling them. What he'd done Murdoch asked him. What it felt like Travis said, look nothing. Uncle Murphy continued by saying I drive back to Travis House in doing so, and they burn their clothes in a fire in the backyard. The universe
you didn't bonus. Clothes was travellers knock em? If he doesn't know more Mako movie saw his confession. His account was the one most similar to Travis, but still locked the others. He trotted, play his own involvement. and the one major difference to Travis Account is the actual killing Travis. The other four was standing around encouraging him, which is quite different to what Marco Murphy said happened. In the interviews of Murdoch, Murphy and Gary Murphy, they remembered in part said they couldn't Remember other parts and also and they had a minimal role and were crushed by the others present to participate Detective Kennedy Quite They all said others did it. They were and are the ultimate cowards which I suppose to be expected. throughout the rest of nineteen. Ninety six wolf off
Mcnemar's court appearances in preparation for the troll Heidi's family remain strong and continued facing the major. I ever tell him that good, but I wouldn't stop until they spot man, but behind the bus are good, but one person who continued crumbling was an Adis husband, John Kobe,. After a night, his funeral, his family, decided. The best thing to do was to send him away. They did, well, I've been in astronomy would do any good theme with a heavy media coverage and every corner. He turned being a reminder of a NATO John. A friend who lived in Michigan in the U S and Johns family asked, can that would be. I came together since I was no longer suspect Kennedy approved is rumoured that Kennedy in a way had protected John coming from the media. Can it he had a good relationship with many reporters, and he had told them we've Jonah line, he knew that John State of mind was a mess local.
Detectives in the case, Kennedy proceeded with respect, first and foremost,. when John had told Kennedy in his interview that he must have done it. He must have killed a NATO. He truly belated. not because he had any recollection of doing something specific, but for the simple fact that he wasn't there to protect her and if he had been it would have never happened John's friend in Michigan was a psychologist and he tried to help the John pennies His drinking heavily snorting cocaine and doing heroin when Travers Murdoch and the three Murphy brothers were arrested for. This murder Jones friend wanted to let him know so good for some place of mine. but when you begin telling him John Didn hear it. I didn't want to know anything about whoever heard NATO Johns friend here. him himself into the psychiatric Ward of Pontiac Hospital in Michigan
and there until the shared beds with cutting self and the blood fell on top of John face. He saw himself of the hospital immediately horrified by what he thinks he got back to him. And he s and manage to get a job as a nurse treasure, which was mainly We could earn money to buy more drugs. When he wasn't working or using, he went running for hours until every muscle in his body hurt All could think about was Anita and he continuously called himself a coward for not being there for not protecting her. One day he sat down and write a letter to Catherine unaided system it. It was very sorry that he wasn't there to help out the family, but he had to leave he had to get away from everything that reminded him of the NATO he's dying me. again came to an end when a journalist appeared at ease doorstep asking for an if you will get a NATO John had no, Why do you have the journalist found him as it was supposed to be sacred
So his family arrange for him to stay at another friends apartment in San Francisco in San Francisco. He continued doing drugs and alcohol until he ended up in hospital with a broken foot and no recollection of what had happened. He felt Disgusted with himself and believed he was too far away from the person he wanted debate. He decided to return to Sydney and in May he was stepping off a plane at Sydney Airport for the next month. He was slowly stopped doing drugs. Although we couldn't work, he fell too broken to do anything still He felt he was slowly healing It all came on June twenty. Third, this was the date of the committal proceedings for a native case, The story was alive in the media. Again John felt one that everywhere he went, he could hear the name. I need a copy He couldn't go anywhere without being reminded of a NATO and what had happened. So he decided to leave again he seldom
racehorse and went to London where he made out with Julianna T. The only was a nurse John indicted before he started dating a NATO. She worked Sidney Hospital, when lived at the nurses quotas with John had been too the four year and a half before John started dating a NATO at the time, and he decided to move out of the nicest course because she had fallen in love with John and it was to her for the same sum in love with the NATO cheating. same again until a few weeks into joining the native separation when they ran into a Other arises you left a guy who say soon after that, and it was play a few weeks later that her friend Cota to tell her about one slash, murder,. We only call John to check up on him, and I spoke very briefly. They promised to communicate again soon when John was in Michigan. He sent letters to reality and she answered they also what I shall every once in a while. When John was back Sidney Hindus thinking of leaving again, we only told him
visit. Her in London. When John got to London, they slowly began a relationship of sorts, but one that was played by guilt from reality. Depression and paranoia from John John felt depressed and parents because he couldn't let in his memory card and the way I need. And her feelings with the following words quote throughout: I'll Thomson tearing of innate his death and being with John, I experienced very strong feelings of guilt on. John, but I was only there because of what had happened to her. Are you sitting golf in a bit more things that those men did to her. She was in my head all the time too a lot of dreams about her as well. It took long time to rid myself of those obsessive thoughts. Sometimes, though, we only and John manage to be happy together and at one point, John got a job doing what he loved training courses. After a wall,
don't sort of returning to Sydney which Liani, but instead he ended up buying tickets to go to Bali, a place where he's gone several times with a Nadeau. But when I got to Bali John thought it was wrong to be there with reality. whose paranoid about what others would think on seeing him with another woman. He told Leone he should go back to Sydney on his own. They had no money solely on. He asked her family to borrow some and she paid for John's ticket. She said he boarded the plane back to Sydney. It was the last time that were together John started working in psychiatric nursing, And on January, twenty third Nineteen- Nine seven- he did the only thing that he thought could making forget a. He changed his name at the Department of Births, deaths and marriages. filled out a form giving up the name, John Cubby, to become John Francis.
The trial against Trevor's Murdoch's, hence the Murphy Round, this came not long after it was It ought to begin on March, sixteenth nineteen, eighty seven and court five darling her school since the a black sea outrage throughout the entire investigation and being so fees. Security was strengthened there were temporary metal detectors, middle detectives, the courtroom doors, as well as a heavy police presence. Everyone was searched before entering the courtroom. There an increasing concern that an eight his father Gary would try something Back in the early days of the investigation, Gary had told Kennedy the given the chance. That would only take him a second to snap and neck Kennedy had told him that it was natural for him to feel that way, but not to stoop to the level of the killers. The Gary remained calm throughout the entire trawl and never attempted anything. Not the same could be said for members of the public. There was still outrage.
The fear that someone would try and kill one of the defendants was very real the first time, the troll. Something happened that no one expected John Travis pleaded guilty to all charges was, into the cells and didn't returned a court until it was sentenced months later next to his jury selection for the other for defendants. This had been another concern, especially for defence lawyers. The case was infamous, the media coverage was extensive and the defendants were hated defence lawyers, so little hope of a fair trial. Still the jury selection took place, and by that afternoon there were twelve jurors, eight men and for women once the jury was.
Stated: the prosecutor gave his opening statement. He picked up a office and said quite there will be no doubt from the evidence given to you that she was brutally and seventy murdered and you would be less than human if you were not horrified about what you will hear in this case,. The first witness called was an aide, his father Gary Lynch. The conduct of the trial started with another surprise. A newspaper article was published the stated that Morocco Murphy was a prison escapee at the time of innate as murder There was a common known fact anyway, but since it was published right after the beginning of the troll and again, the jury, the opportunity to read it. The judge room Show me straw the neutral Started the following Monday: this meant that Gary Lynch would have to testify again and when asked about his feelings on it, he said quote my wife- and I was strong, is wiles. Lions and elephants.
When the trial begin again on Monday March 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, the media focused on another defendant, Gary Menifee and most Play the relationship he had with his lawyer lay Johnson. They Johnson had actually requested a separate trawl, forgetting Murphy, since a client who has never even met the murder. he gave a new on sworn statement stating he left the group before the abduction and murder of a NATO. This new once one statement contradicted what he had an issue: tell the police and being on swift, It meant he couldn't be cross examined on it. Gary Murphy's lawyer Les Johnson said that his initial statement to police had been given under duress as police and fractured his jaw places during the arrest. The fact that lay Jones Goodbye Gary Menifee. It was a woman around his eyes. Age lets her room is in the press that I Involved in a romantic relationship. Lay Johnson had this to say quote always committed no matter what I thought of him.
I have and always will be. People didn't lock that and I think, resented before it caught on fairly. None of the defendants were likeable that had extensive criminal records and would not attractive to look at. In fact, the opposite, while the media focused on Gary Murphy and Delay Johnson inside the courtroom, the defence thing focused on building a defence based on police brutality, while the prosecution had closed the forty weaknesses and based its case on extensive evidence, including sound confessions and a type recorded confession from travel. The defense team had a different agenda. The lawyers knew that, due to the strength of the prosecution case, there is no chance of the bank found innocent. So what I went for was trying to reduce the murder charge to manslaughter, which would mean a much reduced sentence In order to do this, the defense claims that the confession motor can the Murphy brothers would they not of them by police. Given up extreme duress that
and also focused on the point that it was John travellers and only John travellers who used the north. Oh for defendants gave new statements all on swarm, meaning that could Be cross examined. It's got a new versions and different accounts. Reducing their involvement and putting the blame on others. Margo said in his statement, quote all wasn't there. If I was it was for sex and not for murder let's move it cried while giving his new ones? One statement Michael Murdoch admitted he was there. They said he was forced to be. The defence same cross examined police regarding their allegations of brutality in debating confessions, head of the defendants, take. The Kennedy was asked how Mako Murphy had gotten a mark when he's check after the arrest Kennedy answered quite probably when I had my boot on his head, as he lay on the floor.
The fence we're unable to pin brutality on the detectives involved in the case, their action proven to be justified in the circumstances they used to. While the trawl was still running detective Kennedy. entered the courtroom and so full little Easter eggs placed on the defendant's table the only other purse. inside the courtroom was Les Johnson Gary Murphy's lawyer. So he asked who the four Easter eggs before She told him that it was a little gesture for the defendants, since it was a star Kennedy, smash the eggs breaking them into little pieces. He said the eggs were a security risk couldn't happen. He threw them away, but some crumbs were left on the table when the defendants, Can the court they saw the chocolate crumbs and ate them from the table won't be going at each other and in sexually laughed, often throughout the troll, the biggest boy for that same came when the last prosecution witness was coke mistakes travels tribe is on Jennifer.
She had already appeared in the communal proceedings and their John Travis attempted to jump for me, Satan Longeth her, but he was stopped by detectives. There was a fee, Your amongst detectives that that incident would scare her out of appearing at the trial to give evidence, but it didn't Jennifer appeared and became the star witness Testimony she spoke about her visit to John Travellers and the tight recordings replied which clearly pointed to all for defendants. Bang guilty. closing arguments were given on Tuesday June ninth nineteen. Ninety seven you left the court at lunch time to reach a verdict. Most observers thought the verdict would be reached within minutes, but. no one pay him. There was still nothing journal today, Cruz, detectives, friends, relatives and crowds of onlookers all left for home, the jury, taken to a nearby motel.
When Gary and grace linked arrived home that night, they didn't know what to think. They really believed that the deliberations in the jury room would be fast and they would fall in the fog men guilty without a doubt, but now There were worried and what the very good bye they couldn't sleep at night. John Kobe didn't attend the trial. With changing. His name had showed his head to become unrecognizable. He kept I a recurring dream that the courtroom wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying two guns with them. He killed all four, the men that killed a NATO. The next morning, Wednesday June tenth nineteen, eighty seven at ten twenty. I am the jury reached the verdict, Wesley Murphy, Gary Murphy, Mako, Murphy and Marco Murdoch we're all found guilty. Everyone inside the courtroom saying to let out a saw of her life, many cried
Including Gary and Grace Lynch journalists, Into the door to get their stories in. Tuesday June 16th. One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Travers Murdock into the Murphy brothers in front of the judge, has already sentenced to them. Justice Maxwell quote: The crown firstly alleged that, after having assaulted and robbed the deceased and sexually assaulted her, there were conscious of the fact that she could recognize them and I therefore great amongst themselves that she should be killed. All the others knew that Travis was on with a north, completed the Travis would use the north or more use than off shoes, lying face down when the prisoner inflicted the fatal wines, The medical evidence established that she was both alive and conscious before the wounds were inflicted one in that establish precisely the length of time that she was subjected to the attacks, giving rise to the injuries as described but
The open on the evidence to conclude that it was upwards of at least an hour and a half. There is no doubt that, apart from the humiliation, degradation and terror inflicted upon this young woman, she was the victim of a prolonged and sadistic physical and sexual assault. What animals are given to pack a and sultan killings? How about I do so for the purpose of survival and not as a result of the degrading animal passion not are these prisoners they assaulted in a pack for the purpose of satisfying their lost and killed For the prevention of identification, indeed Frequently they were observed to be laughing one with the other and frequently it would seem to be snickering behind their hands the crime is exacerbated by the fact that the victim almost certainly was made aware in the end of her pending death. This was calculating killing gun in cold blood. Therefore, I impose the following sentences: John Raymond Travers
lack of James Murdoch play Joseph Murphy, Patrick Murphy, and Gary Stephen Murphy, First Cannon murder. I sentence you to penal servitude for life. the papers were and never to be released into. Indeed, I called courtroom clock loudly. Not long after the trawl detectives, Kennedy Rosetta and around all received commendations from police. Commissioner John Avery for their work on the case from that moment on the Unita Cobby case was seen as one of the best conduct investigations in a struggle. The fact that the detectives never stop searching even when there was no evidence and John Cobby had told them he did it made them stand out the entire investigation took twenty two days and alone these three detectives were the ones who got commendations, they all said
but the commendation should be given to the entire team, since every person that was part of the task force gave everything they had all in all, though stated that the biggest wish was that day and being a crime to begin with, to give commendations for. After the trial, Travers Murdoch and the Murphy brothers filling out with one another, although set up reminder loyal to Travis. We brothers all hated him because he pled guilty and he was caught on tape, confession Travers, who, Murphy and Marco Murphy. We're all sent the Goblin prison like I did you under Communist Southwest West of Sydney, In nineteen, ninety six Travis find an illness, and while he was being transported to hospital in a vain, he tried to hack or his way out. However, he was caught and taken back to golden Throughout his torn there he's being in various parts, both we following might as well as prison officials Travers. We Murphy and Marco Murphy are held in golf supermax prison
they are being from having anything to do with each other and that they are being from having any interaction with other hot per falling, such as as often Mallette. Gary Murphy and Michael murder, canoes between prisons every six months or so to prevent them from building up what prison officials call a kingdom murder became a divided Christian while in prison and for a long time he was classified as a medium security prisoner until the Sydney down telegraph newspaper launched a campaign in two thousand and fifteen, and it was reclassified to a maximum security prison on to this day. Others Murdoch and the Murphy Brothers a threatened constantly by other prisoners. Are often held in isolation for months at a time for their own safety. Stop the being convicted of a native murder he had. The re appear darling US court in relation to his prison, escape which he was still on the run for a term of modal. During this code appearance, he was unable to sit down.
He'd been assaulted by other inmates who held him, the grand inserted a piece of plastic tubing up his anus and pushed Bagua through it. Then I removed the plastic tubing and left the Bob Wiring Saudis body. Michael Murphy's, the most isolated of the five and very little is known about his time in prison. After the trial ended a as I was established, called the victims Compensation Tribunal. Family members of murder victims had the possibility to climb up to fifty thousand dollars in compensation for their grief, Gary and gracefully If considering applying for it asking the twenty thousand dollars for each other in ten thousand dollars. For John, John really didn't want any compensation to him sounded like blood money. advantage of a native metal. Thirty six, hi on him, applying for it and applying. Open ten thousand dollars,
Brothers, grave and suffering was worth a lot more than that ended up, applying and and went to say, forensic psychologist, the forensic psychologist. Jonas someone deeply disturbed and he was granted twenty five thousand dollars in compensation. John also re married, he made a visit his future, was at any use party. Nineteen. Eighty seven she was friends with his sister Ghana, John crossed that's with Elizabeth again, a few months later and from there on, they started a relationship which ended up marriage on December, sixteenth, nineteen, ninety nine they had two children together. John visited. An aid is great for the first time in nineteen, only seven more than ten years since she had been buried. That same me, John started working in long by jail as a nurse he remain in that job. Until two thousand and three Long by jail had been way. Travis was held in custody during the trial, but he had since being moved a golden Joe
When John was asked, if the reason he got the job, there was in the hope it find a native killers he denied it. However, he ceased to gain. I did She knew John better than anyone and was short. but her brother gonna a job in the prison to try and find a native killers, so he could kill them. in two thousand and four of John and Elizabeth divorced John, children found out about Anita when they were John had kept at a safe until one day, a special programme on an eight hour appeared on tv, while John was with his son, Daniel John, let out a sob and Daniel didn't understand the emotional response from his father. Until John, send him and he started down and explained that he was John Cubby, the former husband of Anita. Two thousand and fourteen John wanted to start working long by job again, but it was talked out of it. In two thousand and fifteen was memorial, held for a NATO John didn't attend.
Choosing to stay at home and get drunk instead at one point, he checked the facebook site dedicated to the memorial and he read all the posts that express how sorry everyone felt for what happened. John felt moved by the fact that so many people remembered a NATO and he posted photograph of himself and her after that. He felt more ready to start sharing he sort of story and need to the book. The book called remembering a NATO copy in April two thousand and sixteen John together with some Daniel, went back to the department of Births. Debts emerges and changed his name back to John Copy. The day before his son, Daniel posted the following message on Facebook, quite. Most of you know me, as Dan Francis I wanted to let you know that tomorrow, my father and I trying changing named back to copy nothing can train.
what happened to an eight hour almost thirty years ago, the tomorrow we are taking a big step in the right there Reaction to having a life with a touch of her life, this is a huge step individually and as a family. I couldn't be better like that. And what is it? Shaved? Top honest. I lost the tough people do John is the guy not kept the last named cubby even after she married unaided parents Gary and Grace Lynch stayed in contact and became close friends with several of the detectives involved. In the case, they were why is deeply thankful to them for having such determination? In finding the killers of their daughter, in nineteen. Ninety three Gary and started a support group. the homicide victim support group, which ain't Comfort, all those in grief, they worked tireless play for the group until they passing Gary two thousand and two night and Christ in two thousand until it rain today, crisis places being.
The trauma recovery center for children and young people and their families to assist engraving the death of a loved one through homicide, it will include twelve bedrooms for twelve children to be accompanied by twelve. At all crisis play It will offer a home away from home, which include a meeting room, a music room, a playroom room, the quiet area, a garden and canceling, and therapeutic programs that will last for periods of ten weeks it will be located in doing so it it's nine the grace Lynch and the woman who follows crisis footsteps today said this quote. That was my wish. That the centre be named in her honour because she was Inspirational, when Listen fathers met gryce, they failed to show it's about the murder of a NATO and the horrible why she was killed. They felt bacon. cope with the murder of their children. This was the First Tom Grace was described in this way Detective Kennedy,
stated that although Gary tended to be the face of the couple and would front report as every day price was standing right behind him holding his hand And remaining strong, sometimes for the two of them. There were times when Gary filled, you couldn't continue anymore and grace told him. We have to do it for NATO. Grace's place is due to be completed by September two thousand and eighteen, and when explained But the synergies in a Nutshell spokeswoman said it's all about what we can do to me If you believe the world is a good place. During the investigation of the natives murder. Many women in blacktown stopped leaving the house fearing would be next table that, if that could happen to a young nurse on her way home from work, it could happen to anyone, and became extremely alert and men would go with their wives. Thought is a mother's everywhere. They carried baseball bat
boss, hammers and even guns anything they could get their hands on because they felt nothing was safe anymore. A black down resident of the time said quote: you could feel taste and smell the fear in the air when the word got out of the brutality of the crime. Some say a copy story still use to this day as a cautionary tale from mothers to daughters. To be careful, I need a Kobe is remembered as a console, a free spirited woman, the fringe. A penny was a favorite flower. holding back the years by simply red was a favorite song she had plans of learning spanish and plans to look for a new apartment to move back in with John again in Sydney Hospital. There is a plot dedicated to her great in fond memory of a NATO Lorraine Cubby, whose life. and tragically on February second nineteen. Eighty nine, a friend ninety
collate to the nursing staff light, showing forever.
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